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Essex Co., 1895, part 3

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3936-95 Isaac H. ABERNATHY, 39, butcher, New York, Detroit, s/o Robert ABERNATHY & Ann FARR, married Frances Morrison ROBERTS, 34, New York, Detroit, d/o Abner & Priscilla, 8 Oct. 1895 at Windsor 3830-95 Fred ADAMS, 33, widower, horse trainer, Farrington Mich., Detroit, s/o Sandford ADAMS & Melissa INGERSOL, married Myra SUTHERLAND, 26, Linden Mich., Detroit, d/o D. J. SUTHERLAND & Alle RHODES, witn: C. A. & Millie T. SUTHERLAND of Detroit, 14 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3511-95 Christopher C. ALLAN, 22, lightship man, Amherstburg Ont., Grosse Isle Mich., s/o James ALLAN & Mary TURNER, married Nettie ILES, 18, Amherstburg, Trenton Mich., d/o Thomas ILES & Mary HILLYARD, witn: M. F. TOLMIE & G. R. HENDERSON, both of Windsor, 15 April 1895 at Windsor 3402-95 John ANTHONY, 32, clerk, Berlin Germany, Detroit, s/o John ANTHONY & Mary KATZER, married Mary RUTTEN, 29, Ireland, Detroit, d/o John RUTTEN & Cath NELLIGAN, 26 Nov 1895 at Sandwich
3441-95 James ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William & Ann, married Marvilla HARRIS, 22, Mersea twp., same, d/o Thomas & Agnes, witn: Maggie LEE? & Edith BOYES, both of Leamington, 21 May 1895 at Leamington 3918-95 William ASPLER (Aepler?), 21, florist, Detroit, same, s/o August & Lena, married Emma HUBNER, 20, Detroit, same, d/o George & blank, witn: Mrs. A. MINTO & Mrs. R. STOKES, both of Windsor, 14 Oct. 1895 at Windsor
3483-95 Henry BANWELL, 34, general agent, Sandwich West, Windsor, s/o Augustus BANWELL & Mary Ann McKELLAR, married Margaret M. RIVERS, 28, Bruce Co., Walkerville, d/o Joseph RIVERS & Margaret HARPER, witn: John MOFFATT & Tiges? BANWELL, both of Windsor, 13 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3931-95 Charles Loughead BARTLET, 23, book keeper, Battle Creek, same, s/o Charles Edward BARTLET & Mary LOUGHEAD, married Lilian Maud SOROLE?, 26?, Angola Ind., same, d/o Leander M. SOROLE & Lazella CROCKETT, 14 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3421-95 Sylvester BATCHELOR, 33, clerk, Wheatley Ont., Leamington, s/o Thomas & Amanda, married Cloea A. BRANDON (Bronton?), 24, St. Thomas, Leamington, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Ella B. & Fred B. BRANDON of Leamington, 25 Sept 1895 at Leamington 3491-95 Fred D. BATES, 23, fisherman, Hamilton, Lakeport Mich., s/o Philo D. BATES & Annie WHITMORE, married Thurza McDONALD, 20, Ontario, Lakeport, d/o David McDONALD & Matilda BEATTY, 8 March 1895 at Windsor
3513-95 Charles W. BAUER, 21, printer, Detroit, Springwells Mich., s/o August BAUER & Louise HYSLOP, married Mabel A. CLIXBY, 18, Springwells, same, d/o J. H. CLIXBY & Hattie (Katie?) F. ABEL, witn: Mrs. A. McCONNELL & Vict. ROTHWELL, both of Windsor, 17 April 1985 at Windsor 3857-95 John Wesley BEATTIE, 26, farmer, Huron Co., Seaforth, s/o John & A.S., married Annie BUTTON, 23, Huron Co., Hullet twp., d/o John & Janet, witn: William Henry BEATTIE of Petersburg Mich. & Jane E. BEATTIE of Seaforth, 4 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3512-95 William F. BECKMAN, 48, widower, painter & decorator, NY state, Windsor, s/o J. W. BECKMAN & Elizabeth BARTLET, married Jane E. VALLIERE, 39, widow, Rockford Illinois, Detroit, d/o Samuel EVISON & Rachel KNIGHT, witn: G. R. HENDERSON & Vict. ROTHWELL, both of Windsor, 16 April 1895 at Windsor 3840-95 Joseph E. BELL, 21, butcher, Toronto, Windsor, s/o John & Isabel, married Rhoda MISNER, 19, Goderich, Windsor, d/o Wesley MISNER & Maggie McDONALD, witn: Fred DESROCHER & Florence McKENZIE, both of Detroit, 21 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3827-95 Archie H. BERRY, 25, widower, laborer, New York, Oakfield NY, s/o Charles BERRY & Sarah KING, married Ruth Isabella WEBB, 25, widow, Colchester, same, d/o Noah WEBB & Isabella JAMIESON, witn: J.H. & N. WEBB of Windsor, 29 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3849-95 Frank S. BIXBY, 32, collector, Macomb Co. Mich., Detroit, s/o M. G. BIXBY & Olive VIFFEN, married Lena ROWE, 25, Waterloo Co., Detroit, d/o Jacob ROWE & Mary BERTRAND?, 25 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3917-95 James BLEURRAN? (Bleureau?), 32, locomotive engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o James CURRAN (sic) & Elizabeth MONAGHAN, married Marian LOWE, 36, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Frederick LOWE & Lucey BROWE, witn: Mrs. Dora MONCREIF & James B. PHILPOTT, both of Windsor, 30 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3476-95 Henry J. BOSTON, 22, bridge & dock builder, Detroit, same, s/o Charles BOSTON & Mary LESPERANCE, married Elsie SNETSINGER, 20, Sand Beach Mich., Applegate Mich., d/o Alex SNETSINGER & Jane ROSS, witn: C. ENGLAND of Windsor, 4 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3429-95 Luther J. BRAND, 29, carriage builder, Exeter village Ont., same, s/o Digory? & Margaret, married Apha G. H. ESSERY, 21, Exeter village, same, d/o John & Grace, witn: Pere ROLLINS of Exeter & Luie RUSSELL of Leamington, 9 Jan 1895 at Leamington 3942-95 John BREEN, 36, farmer, Ireland, Tilbury Essex, s/o William BREEN & Annie McCANN, married Mina WALLACE, 23, Perth Co., Tilbury Essex, d/o William WALLACE & Jessie McCARTNEY, witn: James PENNINGTON of Windsor, 23 Oct. 1895 at Windsor
3910-95 Ernest E. BRIDGE, 31, widower, inspector, Burford Ont., Detroit, s/o Amos & Mary J., married Lilly TAGGART, 26, Brantford, Detroit, d/o Jacob & Orillia, 25 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3839-95 James BRIGHT, 22, clerk, Chatham, Detroit, s/o James BRIGHT & Helen PIKE, married Christina KEATS, 23, Chatham, Detroit, d/o James KEATS & Martha HEARD, witn: Wallace & Julia KEATS of Detroit, 20 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3890-95 Andrew J. BRODIE, 20, railroader, Edinburgh Scotland, Detroit, s/o William BRODIE & Susan JACK, married Annie POKONEY, 18, Detroit, same, d/o James POKONEY & Emma DRAHOZEL, 5 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3938-95 Joseph BROOKS, 21, compositor, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph BROOKS & Ella PROCHASKA, married Edith Ellen CLOWES, 20, Pittsburg, Detroit, d/o Frederick CLOWES & Elizabeth RODGERS, witn: Maud RIGGS & Constance HINCKS, both of Windsor, 14 Oct. 185 at Windsor
3472-95 William Richard BROWN, 21, barber, Vanwert O., same, s/o D.H. BROWN & Kate LAUGHLIN, married Bertha TRAUB, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Louis TRAUB & Barbara NEWMAN, 28 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3507-95 Samuel BROWN, 26, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Samuel BROWN & Catherine FINN, married Lille KREUTER, 29, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o Morris CHRISTINCK & Mary SHELBECK, 8 April 1895 at Windsor
3380-95 Henry BROWNSCOMB?, 20, motorman, Sandusky Ohio, same, s/o Frank G. BROWNSCOMB & Elizabeth SMITH, married Edith PETERSON, 17, Sandusky Ohio, same, d/o John & Katherine, witn: A. HIND of Sandwich, 13 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3487-95 Fred BUCKBINDER, 24, paper ruler, Detroit, same, s/o Adolph BUCKBINDER & Martha EARNEST, married Minnie BERNARD, 22, Amherstburg, Detroit, d/o Mark BERNARD & Loa SUMMERVILLE, witn: O. C. BUCKBINDER of Detroit & Mrs. J. McKEE of Windsor, 24 Feb. 1895 at Windsor
3834-95 Thomas S. BUNTON?, 39, farmer, Wayne Co., Mich., Presque Isle Mich., s/o C. F. BUNTON & Hannah SPENCE, married Anna STOCK, 34, widow, Macomb Co Mich., Detroit, d/o Anthony STOCK & Mary ALT, 11 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3499-95 Wilford H. BURNS, 21, clerk, Ohio, Toledo, s/o D.M. BURNS & Ada GILBERT, married Etta WELLS, 18, Toledo, same, d/o Henry WELLS & Jane ALDER, witn: Irene BRUNSWICK of Detroit, 27 March 1895 at Windsor
3915-95 George BURRIDGE, 25, salesman, Detroit, same, s/o George & Mary, married Mary E. HANRAHAN, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Patrick HANRAHAN & Mary GRANVILLE, witn: Blanche PRINDLE & J. E. HENSON, both of Detroit, 8 Aug. 1895 at Windsor 3510-95 Thomas A. BURTON, 23, boiler maker, London England, Detroit, s/o Thomas W. BURTON & Matilda HUTSON, married Louisa M. FALK, 17, Bay City Mich., Detroit, d/o William FALK & Mary WAGGONER, 13 April 1895 at Windsor
3948-95 Herbert R. BUSH, 21, teacher, Michigan, Howell Mich., s/o H. D. BUSH & Augusta R. SAUNDERS, married Grace F. HOPPER, 21, Michigan, Howell Mich., d/o Hiram HOPPER & Francelia BALDWIN, 16 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3953-95 Francis F. BUTLER, 23, book keeper, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, s/o W.L. BUTLER & Mary CAMPBELL, married Nora Lee WILSON, 23, Rochester Minn., Detroit, d/o John P. WILSON & Margaret S. BODKIN, 3 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3473-95 Joseph CADY, 18, fireman, Detroit, same, s/o Leander CADY & Margaret PELON, married Margaret SANKER (Sauker?), 22, Wyandotte Mich., Ecorse Mich., d/o Raymond & Mary, 29 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3468-95 Alexander CAMPBELL, 38, widower, ice pedlar, Inverness Que., Detroit, s/o William CAMPBELL & Mary J. BUCHANAN, married Julia Ann St.DENIS, 27, Lawrence NY, Detroit, d/o Peter St.DENIS & Sophia MALETTE, 21 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3384-95 William R. CAMPBELL, 26, merchant, Windsor, same, s/o W. R. CAMPBELL & Julia PATERSON, married Vera Dubois BENJAMIN, 24 (26?), Detroit, same, d/o Henry Dubois BENJAMIN & Mary E. VICENNE, witn: Charles HIND of Sandwich, 18 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3852-95 Francis H. CARNEY, 29, farmer, Almonte Mich., Clinton twp Mich., s/o George CARNEY & Salinda GOFF, married Isabel FULLER, 23, Mt. Clemens Mich., Clinton twp. Mich., d/o Asa FULLER & Lovina RECTOR, 3 Aug. 1895 at Windsor
3891-95 James CARRIER, 25, sailor, Detroit, same, s/o John & Johanna, married Frances MACK, 24, Anderdon, Detroit, d/o George MACK & Mary McCALLUM, witn: Christina CRAIG & M. F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 7 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3885-95 William Henry CARTER, 27, street car conductor, Niagara Falls Ont., Detroit, s/o James CARTER & Elizabeth PELTON, married Jane HAUGH, 25, Perth Co., Windsor, d/o William HAUGH & Mary FRANCOMB, witn: Mary E. PELTON & A.J. CARTER, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3907-95 John CAVANAGH, 20, brass worker, Ireland, Detroit, s/o William & Matilda, married Annie RICHIE, 18, Bay City, Detroit, d/o Dan & Lucy, witn: J. E. & Kate GUNDY of Windsor, 23 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3835-95 William J. CHANDLER, 23, GTR fireman, Detroit, same, s/o James CHANDLER & Mary LAFORGE, married Lizzie TISCHKA, 19, Germany, Detroit, d/o Godfried TISCHKA & Mary MUGG, witn: Gusta TISCHKA of Detroit & E. VINING of Windsor, 15 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3904-95 Chauncey CHAPMAN, 25, telegrapher, Niagara Falls NY, Detroit, s/o Chauncey & Mary, married May MANSELL, 20, London Ont., Detroit, d/o John & Marie, witn: George COOK of Detroit & alice McCARTNEY of Rodney, 10 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3844-95 Earle B. CHAPMAN, 21, printer, Charlotte Mich., Detroit, s/o R. D. CHAPMAN & Millie WEST, married Pauline MONTAGUE, 20, Guelph, Detroit, d/o Bernard MONTAGUE & Margaret BARRETT, witn: R. BENNIE & E. JOHNSON, both of Windsor, 28 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3955-95 Albert CHARLTON, 23, carpenter, New York, Detroit, s/o Charles A. CHARLTON & Emma HARPER, married Delos M. FOX, 24, widow, Adrian Mich., Detroit, d/o David DUCHER & Polly BRIGES, witn: Fanny DEWSON of Windsor, 26 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3828-95 John CLAY, 25, laborer, Windsor, same, s/o Henry & blank, married Mine COATS, 24, Colchester, same, d/o Milton COATS & Fannie REYNOLDS, witn: Mrs. Lucy BLOXTON & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, both of Windsor, 13 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3923-95 Charles CLOUTIER, 22, pressman, Detroit, same, s/o Charles CLOUTIER & Judith MARCEAU?, married Bertha GEBHART, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Charles GEBHART & Mary HOLTZ, witn: John A. & Annie KEE of Detroit, 19 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3428-95 Richard CONNER, 26, farmer, NY state, Gosfield twp., s/o William CONNER & Mary SMEAD, married Margaret WAGNER, 26, Leamington, same, d/o Stephen WAGNER & Lucretia KENYON, witn: Christena DEACON & Ella DIXON, both of Leamington, 2 Jan 1895 at Leamington
3379-95 William CONNORS, 34, widower, bar tender, Sarnia, Windsor, s/o Patrick CONNORS & Ellen M. COLLARD?, married Nellie DALTON, 22, Essex Centre, Windsor, d/o Mick? SALTON & Maria McLAUGHLIN, witn: Maria DALTON of Essex, 5 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3902-95 Lewis COOK, 24, painter, Chatham, same, s/o Lewis & Emily, married Teana GILLIS, 24, Thamesville, same, d/o Leighton & Mary, witn: Charles & Minnie CUDMORE of Windsor, 5 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3494-95 Harry A. COOK, 21, waiter, Chicago, Detroit, s/o Charles COOK & Mary JONES, married Agnes O'LAUGHLIN, 20, London Ont., Detroit, d/o John O'LAUGHLIN & Lizzie GOULD, 11 March 1895 at Windsor 3461-95 Eugene H. CORBIN, 38, pilot, Jefferson Co NY, Detroit, s/o James J. CORBIN & A.N. HENRY, married Mary A. CHURCHILL, 22, Westport Ont., Detroit, d/o B.M. CHURCHILL & Mary WHALEN, witn: T. L. SMITH & Mary RUBY, both of Detroit, 6 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3886-95 Nelson J. CORNELL, 44, widower, dry goods, Dundas Ont., Detroit, s/o Daniel CORNELL & Eliza CRANER?, married Maggie SWARTS, 33, widow, Goderich, Detroit, d/o George SWARTS & Sarah BAKER, witn: Margaret PHILIP of Fergus, 21 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3486-95 William Oscar CORNER, 32, farmer, Chatham twp., Pontiac, s/o Andrew CORNER & Fanny NEVILLS, married Mary E. MOORE, 32, Ancaster Ont., Sandwich West, d/o William MOORE & Nancy SPENCE, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred HARFF of Pontiac, 21 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3482-95 Eli J. CORWIN, 24, railway fireman, Ontario Co. NY, Detroit, s/o S.A. CORWIN & Mary Jane HALL, married Emma ROBERTS, 22, Ypsilanti, same, d/o Benjamin F. ROBERTS & Lizzie PIDD, witn: Samuel HUNT of Lambeth, 12 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3398-95 John H. CRONIN, 21, driver, Detroit, same, s/o William CRONIN & Nellie COSTELLO, married Annie FARRELL, 17, Detroit, same, d/o Timothy FARRELL & Bridget O'BRIEN, witn: Nellie FARRELL of Detroit & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 12 Nov 1895 at Sandwich
3383-95 John CURRIER, 30, teamster, Detroit, same, s/o John CURRIER & Jeanne DEBRIX?, married Elizabeth KERBY, 26, Detroit, same, d/o Timothy KERBY & Jane MASON, witn: G. C. WILLIAMS of Sandwich, 17 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3903-95 Charles H. DANIELS, 29, railway towerman, New York, Detroit, s/o A.B. & Phoebe E., married Nellie M. SHERLOCK, 29, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o A.J. PULLEN & E.A., 9 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3463-95 William DATSON, 23, clerk, Richmond Hill, Detroit, s/o Samuel DATSON & Jennifer SAUNDERS, married Fannie BROZO, 19, Detroit, same, d/o John BROZO & Marie DECARTE, witn: Arthur FITZPATRICK of Detroit, 9 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3947-95 John DAVEY, 23, butcher, Detroit, same, s/o John DAVEY & Sarah J. MEAD, married Minnie GREEN, 20, Detroit, same, d/o John GREEN & Mary MYERS, witn: Dora F. RIGGS of Windsor, 14 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3966-95 Hartwell DAVIDSON, 33, driver M.P.D., Prince Edward Co., Detroit, s/o Ira DAVIDSON & Phillis ELDRIDGE, married Emma ELDRIDGE, 18, Prince Edward Co., Detroit, d/o Sylvanus ELDRIDGE & Catherine WHITE, witn: Ella OLIVER of Windsor, 21 Aug 1895 at Windsor  
3495-95 Salem A. DAWSON, 32, farmer, Romney Kent, same, s/o John DAWSON & Harriet HUTKINS, married Annie L. BARRICK, 22, Walden Essex, Windsor, d/o Samuel BARRICK & Mary Jan DAINWOOD (Dansewood?), 20 March 1895 at Windsor 3961-95 George L. DAWSON, 26, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o John N. DAWSON & Marian HAMILTON, married Janet BROTHERSTONE, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas BROTHERSTONE & Margaret BARNETT, 6 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3386-95 Joseph M. DEAN, 22, conductor, Wilmington Delaware, Detroit, s/o Joseph M. DEAN & Katherine L--?, married Anna HALL, 20, Detroit, same, d/o John & blank, witn: James B--? of Sandwich, 28 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3924-95 William DERBY, 37, grocer, Oxford Co. Ont., Detroit, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Annie Blanche DEHULING, 37, widow, Detroit, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Ignace A. MORAN? & Margaret STAPLETON, 24 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3906-95 Otto DETRICH, 27, engineer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Farmey? & Nellie, married Nellie DURAND, 27, Ireland, Detroit, d/o John & Mary, 14 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3884-95 Addis G. DOYLE, 25, electrician, Massachusetts, Detroit, s/o William DOYLE & Hannah HARTIGAN, married Fanny CLARK, 20, Colchester, Detroit, d/o Henry CLARK & Harriet LADDS, 16 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3954-95 James DROUILLARD, 34, widower, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Elizabeth Ann WOODS, 29, widow, Ohio, Sandwich West, d/o Hugh DOHERTY & Sarah SANDS, witn: Ann HATHAWAY of Windsor, 12 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3390-95 Christopher DROUILLARD, 25, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Joseph DROUILLARD & E--? LESPERANCE, married Angelina LABATTE, 15, Sandwich East, same, d/o David LABATTE & Philomene BOURKE?, witn: Eugene LABATTE of Sandwich West & Julia ROBERT of Sandwich, 14 Oct 1895 at Sandwich
3848-95 Benjamin J. DYER, 23, street car conductor, Middlesex Ont., Windsor, s/o John DYER & Liza MARTIN, married Anna M. TAYLOR, 20, Wyandotte Mich., Windsor, d/o Robert TAYLOR & Janet CORNWALL, witn: Hattie BENNIE & George DYER, both of Windsor, 23 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3837-95 Harry J. DYER, 20, merchant, Ingham Co. Mich., Livingston Co. Mich., s/o J. S. DYER & Frances WOOD, married Josephine C. MASSON, 18, Livingston Co. Mich., same, d/o Milton WASSON & Carlie BULLIS, witn: E. L. STEEVES of Blenheim & Agnes VINING of Windsor, 18 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3405-95 Abraham EASTAN, 25, soldier in US army, Campbellford Ont., Detroit, s/o Abraham EASTON & Mary MAGUIRE, married Catherine BLEAKLEY, 25, Monroe Mich., Detroit, d/o Roderick BLEAKLEY & Louisa BECKER, 27 Nov 1895 at Sandwich 3883-95 Adolph W. EHRMAN, 28, banker, Detroit, same, s/o Michael EHRMAN & Mary WEINSTOCK, married Katherine L. MAHER, 26, divorced, Jackson Mich., Detroit, d/o John STINSON & Margaret HANNABERRIE?, witn: Margaret PHILIP of Fergus & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor, 16 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3378-95 George ELLIOTT, 36, turnkey, Colchester, Sandwich, s/o Oliver ELLIOTT & Hannah COATSWORTH, married Lilian? E. SPARKS, 26, Amherstburg, Sandwich, d/o William SPARKS & Ellen BUNGEY?, witn: William C. SPARKS of Sandwich & Mary COLLINS of Detroit, 4 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3467-95 James ELLIOTT, 24, brewer, Livingston Co. Mich., Hartland Mich., s/o James ELLIOTT & Margaret GARNER, married Adeline MALCHOW, 25, widow, Detroit, same, d/o William WEITZEL (Neitzel?) & Johanna GROTTE, 8 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3506-95 William EWALD, 22, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Jacob & Rheata, married Anna ROSENGARTH, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o August & Minnie, 3 April 1895 at Windsor 3481-95 Frank J. FABER, 21, grocer, Detroit, same, s/o Anthony FABER & Mary KREIGER, married Annie SMITH, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Rufus & Tillie, witn: Gertrude BREEN of Windsor, 12 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3836-95 Clarence L. FINCH, 27, clerk, Hillsdale Mich., Detroit, s/o O. D. FINCH & Sarah STRAIT, married Catherine MENARD, 30, widow, Pontiac Mich., Detroit, d/o James CONROY & Helen HAGGERTY, witn: Edith HUNT & Agnes M. VINING, both of Windsor, 15 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3392-95 Edward H. FOX, 25, foreman (fireman?) on railway, Detroit, same, s/o Michael FOX & Susan THOMPSON, married Effie MEAKER?, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Alex MEAKER & Elizabeth DIXON, witn: Charles & Agnes HIND (Hurd?) of Sandwich, 15 Oct 1895 at Sandwich
3436-95 John FRANKLIN, 21, farmer, Port Rowan Ont. Romney twp., s/o Henry FRANKLIN & Martha BURNET, married Annie GRIEVE, 20, East Tilbury, Romney twp., d/o Mark GRIEVE & Isabella BRODERICK?, 28 April 1895 at Leamington 3899-95 Harry FRYER, 23, butcher, Detroit, same, s/o Simon & Clara, married Lulu HAMILTON, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James & Julia, 23 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3967-95 George FUTRELL, 28, waiter, North Carolina, Detroit, s/o Samson & Matilda, married Alice EGBERT, 28, Detroit, same, d/o David EGBERT & Nancy EBS, witn: Joseph BAYLIS & Louisa R. EGBERT, 22 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3937-95 George Elliott GARBUTT, 23, lineman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Frederick GARBUTT & Sarah Ann SAVAGE, married Alice COOPER, 22, Jarvis Ont., Detroit, d/o William G. COOPER & Mary PARKINSON, witn: Ella FORBES of Detroit, 11 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3416-95 Colin GETTY, 21, farmer, Ontario Co, Mersea twp., s/o William & Maria, married Bell BAILEY, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Stephen & Charlotte, 14 Oct 1895 at Leamington 3939-95 Daniel E. GIEMAN, 23, miner, Chicago, Detroit, s/o John GIEMAN & Mary WALSH, married Annie COLLINS, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Dennis COLLINS & Ann HANRAHAN, 17 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3901-95 Alexander GILLEAU (Gillean?), 37, widower, insurance inspector, London, same, s/o James & Ann, married Caroline E. JOHNSTON, 44, widow, Detroit, Windsor, d/o J. D. SULLIVAN & Charlotte C., witn: John W. SULLIVAN & Frank CURRY, both of Windsor, 5 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3934-95 Horace O. GODARD, 40, widower, railway employee, England, Detroit, s/o William S. & Eliza R., married Jennie ELLIS, 40, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o Charles W. PEASE & Cornelia SMITH, 1 Oct 185 at Windsor
3393-95 Carl GOW, 21, Detroit, same, s/o Charles GOW & Caroline LONG, married Mary WRIGHT, 19, Mooretown Ont., Detroit, d/o Joseph WRIGHT & Angelina WESTERFIELD, witn: Frank GOW & Annie KEMP--?, both of Detroit, 26 Oct. 1895 at Sandwich 3399-95 Charles GREEN, 24, teamster, Detroit, same, s/o John GREEN & Mary STOWELL, married Josie HADE, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Peter HADE & Mary PRESSMAN, 16 Nov 1895 at Sandwich
3406-95 Carl HAINES, 21, musician?, Al--? Ohio, Detroit, s/o J. C. HAINES & Geraldine JONES, married Jennie LAMBERT, 18, Detroit, same, d/o John LAMBERT & Selina BRICKYEAR?, witn: Flory & Mrs. Flory HAINES of Detroit, 8 Dec 1895 at Sandwich 3855-95 Francis HALLIDAY, 45, divorced, farmer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o William HALLADAY (sic) & Catherine LINDSAY, married Emma ARMSTRONG, 38, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Lonson SMITH & Sophia FRENCH, witn: Alex BARTLET & James McEWAN, both of Windsor, 6 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3477-95 Theodore HALPERSTADT, 27, decorator, Preston Ont., Detroit, s/o Charles HALPERSTADT & Louise CRAMER, married Hilda SEARS, 20, England, Detroit, d/o William & Elizabeth, 5 Feb 1895 at Detroit 3914-95 William HARTENSTEIN, 31, salesman, Detroit, same, s/o Pires? HARTENSTEIN & Lizetta HESAN, married Lizzie M. FERGUSON, 30, Detroit, same, d/o E. A. FERGUSON & Sarah E. GREEN, witn: J. B. PHILPOTT of Windsor & Mrs. L. S. SECORD of Detroit, 6 Aug. 1895 at Windsor
3432-95 Isaac HARTWICK, 22, farmer, Ontario, Mersea twp., s/o Isaac & Isabella, married Erana? Renetta SNYDER, 18, Ontario, Leamington, d/o John & Emilie, witn: James B. & Emilie SNYDER of Leamington, 19 Feb 1895 at Leamington 3894-95 Elmore C. HAUSNER, 29, salesman, NY state, Detroit, s/o Borden HAUSNER & Mary WOOD, married Mary CHATER, 29, Windsor, same, d/o George CHATER & Harriet HOLDEN, witn: Rose CHATER of Windsor & Clive NORMAN of Detroit, 25 Dec 1895 at Detroit
3430-95 James HAYCOCK, 48, widower, farmer, Pickering Ont., Derham (sic) Ont., s/o Abraham HAYCOCK & Justina? Jones SMITH, married Annie SALLIS, 20, London Ont., Mersea twp., d/o William SALLIS & unknown, witn: Mrs. George BEATTIE & Nettie OWEN, both of Mersea twp., 14 Jan 1895 at Leamington 3832-95 John B. HAYES, 37, widower, farmer, Simcoe, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas HAYES & Ann GREENWAY, married Edith CONKLIN, 26, Kingston Ont., Detroit, d/o David CONKLIN & Sarah CAMPBELL, 2 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3422-95 Percy Daniel (David?) HEPWORTH, 24, railroading, England, Leamington, s/o David & Maria, married Ida WIPER, 19, Canada, Mersea twp., d/o Francis & Martha Ellen, witn: James Richard HEPWORTH & Margaret B. WIPER, both of Leamington, 26 Sept 1895 at Leamington 3466-95 Charles C. HERBERT, 40, clerk, New York, Detroit, s/o Charles C. HERBERT & Frances PHILLIPS, married Elsie BROWNELL, 23, Cornwall Ont., Chicago, d/o John BROWNELL & Ellen RYAN, 1 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3401-95 Henry William HEWSON, 20, brakeman, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Hugh HEWSON & Ellen ANDERSON, married Emma Matilda TASK, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Christian TASK & Sophia BRANT, 18 Nov 1895 at Sandwich 3435-95 Mahlon Buswell HILLIER, 30, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o John HILLIER & Mary GILBERT, married Eliza YOUNG, 22, Mersea twp., same, d/o Robert YOUNG & Mary WALKER, 27 march 1895 at Leamington
3905-95 Frank HILMER, 22, brakesman, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph & Lena, married Tilly REXIN, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Fred & Carrie, witn: Franklin TAYLOR & Eva DEWAR, both of Detroit, 12 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3480-95 Harry M. HOARE, 24, traveller, Toronto, Detroit, s/o Philip E. HOARE & Frances SHIBLY, married Sadie OLMSTED, 20, Clintonville Mich., same, d/o James OLMSTED & Susan ALLENDER, 11 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3935-95 John Scott HOGG, 24, coal merchant, Galt, same, s/o George HOGG & Isabell SCOTT, married Ella Louisa SQUIRE, 24, England, Galt, d/o Charles SQUIRE & Ann HARRINGTON, witn: Thomas T. AITKIN & Rosa M. SQUIRE, both of Galt, 4 Oct. 1895 at Windsor 3409-95 Joseph Henry HOLT, 28, farmer, North D--? England, Mersea twp., s/o Edmon & Sarah, married Kate Maude TUCKWELL, 18, Hatfield England, Leamington, d/o Alfred & Phebe, witn: John & Adelaide TUCKWELL of Leamington, 1 May 1895 at Leamington
3933-95 Thomas HUNTER, 22, plasterer, Detroit, same, s/o John HUNTER & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Thekla BAUMGARTNER, 18, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o Joseph BAUMGARTNER & Mary KARMELL, 20 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3504-95 James N. HUNTER, 21, stenographer, Clinton Ont., Detroit, s/o James HUNTER & Mary A. SHARPLEY, married Kate EVELAND, 22, Sarnia, Detroit, d/o Joshua EVELAND & Catherine CONNOR, 2 April 1895 at Windsor
3952-95 Robert ILETT, 24, engineer, Toledo O., Port Huron Mich., s/o H. J. ILETT & Agnes McDONALD, married Sarah McCANN, 21, Toledo, Port Huron, d/o Thomas McCANN & Mary JACKSON, 3 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3892-95 Albert JAMES, 22, carpenter, New South Wales, Detroit, s/o Albert JAMES & Mary JOHNSON, married Jennie Augusta FAIR, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William FAIR & Agusta MARQUARDT, witn: George FAIR & Charles MARQUARDT, both of Detroit, 12 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3949-95 Arsine JOBIN, 29, stone cutter, France, Sandwich West, s/o August & F. Isabella, married Marguerite DUCRET?, 29, widow, Switzerland, Sandwich West, d/o Jacques GROSSMAN & Elizabeth GERCH, witn: C. Marguerite PARDONET & Solomon WHITE, both of Windsor, 19 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3423-95 Hans Ja--? JORGENSON, 30, farmer, Denmark, Gosfield twp., s/o Neil JORGENSON & Hanna Maria DANSON?, married Maria Kristine JENSON, 26, Denmark, Gosfield twp., d/o Ransman JENSON & Keren Maria, witn: Christian JENSON & Ronsman PETERSON, both of Gosfied twp., 4 Oct. 1895 at Leamington
3829-95 Frank B. JUDSON, 25, artist, Thamesville, Cincinnati, s/o William L. JUDSON & Maria BEDFORD, married Ada SCARROW?, 21, Raleigh Ont., Windsor, d/o Benjamin J. SCANRAN? & Mary J. HANDYSIDE, witn: Elizabeth SCAMAN? of Windsor & Millie GRANGER of Blenheim, 5 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3922-95 Adolph KASSNER, 32, carpenter, Germany, Detroit, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Caroline DIETRICH, 35, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o John KIRCHNER & Lizzie BECKER, 17 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3893-95 Michael KEENAN, 30, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Patrick KEENAN & Honora GALLIDAN, married Catherine O'BRIEN, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas O'BRIEN & Helen BURKE, 17 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3414-95 Robert KERNS, 24, farmer, ?--sville, Staples, s/o Andrew & Eliza, married Mary GALLENS, 18, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o James & Jennie, witn: Laura PATTERSON & Sarah McINTOSH, both of Leamington, 18 Dec 1895 at Leamington
3394-95 Albert KNAPP, 24, farmer, Hartland? twp. Ohio, same, s/o Frank KNAPP & Mary Jane WALSH, married Addie WHITE, 18, Hartland twp. Ohio, same, d/o D--? WHITE & Hattie FOX, witn: Carl WILLIAMS & Charles HAR--?, both of Sandwich, 22 Oct. 1895 at Sandwich 3950-95 J. Hewicks KREIMBOLZ, 24, athlete, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph J. KREIMBOLZ & Mary MARX, married Mabel COLLON, 21, Boston, same, d/o Michael COLLON & Catherine BEAMISH, 27 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3403-95 James LAND, 25, foreman at paper bag mill, Cambridge England, Detroit, s/o Thomas LAND & Mary Ann TAYLOR, married Lottie CLARK, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles CLARK & Annie WINEGARDEN, witn: Agnes & Charles HIND of Sandwich, 22 Nov 1895 at Sandwich 3393-95 James L. LANG (Long?), 26, farmer, Canada, Sandwich South, s/o Robert LANG & Elizabeth SMITH, married Mary JESSOP, 18, Sandwich West, same, d/o Frank JESSOP & Florence FINLAY, witn: John L. LANG & Olive JESSOP, both of Windsor, 16 Oct 1895 at Sandwich
3388-95 Jesse B. LAFEVER, 19, Detroit, same, s/o Laren? LAFEVER & Alma GLOSSER, married Rosela RYAN, 17, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas RYAN & Afrina PENCOST?, witn: G. R. M. & Minnie PENTLAND of Sandwich, 12 Oct. 1895 at Sandwich 3900-95 Harry B. LAWRENCE, 26, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W.H. & Mary E., married Stella BARTLETT, 25, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o W.J. & Jane L., witn: W.E. WILSON of Detroit, 27 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3407-95 Frederick LEDDINGTON, 24, lithographer, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Robert LEDDINGTON & Charlotte DODD, married Nelly TAYLOR, 27, Forest Hill - London England, Detroit, d/o John TAYLOR & Emily LONS--?, witn: Robert SEABERRY & Olive ROGERS, both of Detroit, 7 Dec 1895 at Sandwich 3960-95 Stephen LEDUC, 20, farmer, Walkerville Junction Ont., same, s/o Antoine LEDUC & Marcelle DUPUIS, married Dolveria MAISONVILLE, 17, Windsor, same, d/o Frank MAISONVILLE & Elizabeth DUMOUCHELLE, witn: Agnes GAWLEY of Detroit, 21 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3887-95 William Preston LEECH, 32, traveller, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o George LEECH & Helen NELSON, married Agusta H. McADOO, 19, Belleville, Montreal, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: A. W. NELSON of Windsor & Bella (Riella?) DOWNIE of Watford, 23 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3415-95 James LENARD, 25, barber, Bruce Co., Leamington, s/o John LENARD & Mary HARPER, married Jennie Eliza WILLIAMS, 20, Leamington, same, d/o Amos WILLIAMS & Eliza WEBER, witn: Eliza WEBER & Nettie CARR, 18 Nov 1895 at Leamington
3501-95 George J. LIFLER (Lefler?), 33, stone cutter, Detroit, same, s/o John C. LIFLER & Margaret MUDWICK, married Mary E. ARMSTRONG, 35, widow, German, Forestville Mich., d/o Julius BRAUHER & Henrietta STENBERG, 30 march 1895 at Windsor 3930-95 Thomas Edwin LINSCOTT, 26, book keeper, London England, Detroit, s/o Thomas B. LINSCOTT & Emily Mary ANSELL, married Adele W. VANDERHEIDE, 30, Germany, Detroit, d/o Peter VANDERHEIDE & Katherine STERNBURG, 14 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3484-95 Arthur LITOGOT, 22, collar maker, Wyandotte, Detroit, s/o Barney LITOGOT & Caroline TAYLOR, married Lenora SMITH, 20, Troy Mich., Detroit, d/o Charles SMITH & Elizabeth CREAMER, witn: Samuel HUNT of Lambeth & Douglas HENDERSON of Windsor, 14 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3895-95 James LONG, 24, medical student, Buffalo, same, s/o John LONG & Eugenie PERRIN, married Minnie KAULSKY (Kanlsky?), 21, Buffalo, same, d/o Wenzel KAULSKY & Anna STEDT, 31 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3932-95 Herbert LONG, 30, dry goods clerk, Tilsonburg, Amherstburg, s/o Alfred LONG & Mary LOVE, married Sophia BRADLEY, 31, Amherstburg, same, d/o Thomas BRADLEY & Mary BURNS, witn: Thomas BRADLEY of Windsor & Ellen O'ROURKE of Detroit, 18 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3941-95 Edward Samuel LOREYS (Longs?), 22, brass finisher, Detroit, same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Ella L. DUVALL, 18, Newport Mich., Detroit, d/o Columbus DUVALL & Mary ROBERTS, witn: Frederick BURDON & Maggie HADLEY, both of Detroit, 22 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3925-95 Albert LUCKY, 29, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Andrew & unknown, married Lottie CARVER, 29, Detroit, same, d/o Frederick & Mary, 24 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3946-95 Daniel MAHONEY, 20. butcher, Detroit, same, s/o Cain MAHONEY & Hannah BOND, married Nellie May WALLACE, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas WALLACE & Ellen GAUTHIER, witn: John & Margaret BURKE of Detroit, 12 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3424-95 William MANDVILLE, 25, laborer, Dana? Ont., Romney twp., s/o Sylvester & Melona, married Clara MASTON, 22, Brantford, Romney twp., d/o George William & Helen, witn: George A. SIMPSON of Romney & Susan MALOTT of Leamington, 28 Nov 1895 at Leamington 3464-95 Richard MARRA, 24, cigar maker, Kingston, London, s/o Richard MARRA & Mary Ann JONES, married Susan MEADOWS, 24, Woodstock, London, d/o William MEADOWS & Sarah HILLMAN, wit: C. E. NORMAN of Detroit & Ella G. OLIVER of Windsor, 1 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3847-95 Stephen J. MARTIN, 27, electrician, Detroit, same, s/o S. J. MARTIN & Mary BREEN, married Frances A. HUGUENY, 25, Monroe Mich., same, d/o Francis D. HUGUENY & Josephine LEIGEY, witn: Flora DICKSON & A.M. VINING, both of Windsor, 23 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3471-95 John MARTINDALE, 30, railway brakeman, Essex Ont., Detroit, s/o Mathew MARTINDALE & Elizabeth HOLLOWAY, married Emma DUMKE, 25, Germany, Detroit, d/o Theodore & Alevostie, witn: Isaac SMITH & Emma SCHUMACHER, both of Detroit, 24 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3926-95 Ronald MATHESON, 25, car conductor, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Roderick MATHESON & Mary McDONALD, married Sarah BAXTER, 22, Romulus Mich., Detroit, d/o William BAXTER & Jane ELEGAN, 29 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3470-95 David McARTHUR, 21, basket maker, Gibraltar Mich., same, s/o John McARTHUR & Sarah SPRINGSTEAD, married Hattie ALFRED, 25, Gibraltar Mich., same, d/o Heman ALFRED & Harriet VILES, 24 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3426-95 Robert McCLATCHY, 51, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o George & Clarissa?, married Martha WAGGONER, 31, Mersea twp., same, d/o Stephen & blank, witn: Nellie & Ethel GALLOWAY of Leamington, 18 Nov 1895 at Leamington 3963-95 William McCULLOCH, 34, hotel keeper, Montreal, Sarnia, s/o Patrick McCULLOCH & Ellen O'CONNOR, married Nellie McLAUGHLIN, 22, Sarnia, Winona Wis., d/o Michael McLAUGHLIN & Mary DALTON, 8 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3496-95 Alexander McDONALD, 38, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o James McDONALD & Eliza IRWIN, married Hannah STEWART, 40, widow, St. Johns NB, same, d/o Richard TAYLOR & Martha McAULAY, witn: Hannah JOHNSTON & G. R. HENDERSON, both of Windsor, 21 March 1895 at Windsor 3478-95 Albert McDONALD, 29, fisherman, Beaverton Ont., Detroit, s/o D.J. McDONALD & Elora BLACK, married Lulu BROWN, 27, Montreal, Ypsilanti Mich., d/o James BROWN & Mary BUTLER, witn: John MOFFATT of Windsor, 6 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3505-95 William McDONALD, 43, divorced, railway clerk, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James McDONALD & Margaret CAMERON, married Rebecca McDONALD, 48, divorced, Kingston Ont., Detroit, d/o Michael McLAUGHLIN & Mary WOLGER, 3 April 1895 at Windsor 3410-95 William McMULLEN, 24, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o George & Sarah J., married Olive M. BROOM, 18, London England, Mersea twp., d/o George W. & Mary A., witn: George A. RUSSELL & Ella McCUBBINS, both of Leamington, 24 June 1895 at Leamington
3440-95 Bodson? McMULLEN, 32, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o David McMULLEN & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Elizabeth STEWART, 22, Mersea twp., same, d/o Alexander STEWART & Elizabeth McLEOD, 12 June 1895 at Leamington 3920-95 John MEADER, 26, stove mounter, New York, Detroit, s/o Ernest MEADER & Barbara SPENGLER, married Annie Barbara STEINBAUER, 24, Bay City, same, d/o Michael STEINBAUER & Kate RICKART, 8 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3425-95 Lewis F. MILLER, 25, marine engineer, Perdin? Bay Island US, same, s/o Martin & Caroline, married Emma D. E. FOX, 22, Leamington, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Henry G. MILLER of Purdin? Bay Island & Bertha FOX of Leamington, 6 Nov 1895 at Leamington 3853-95 John C. MILLER, 24, spinner, Germany, Detroit, s/o Henry MILLER & Mary SCHONICE?, married Tilly RUSH, 25, Grosse Pt. Mich., Detroit, d/o Zabier (Xavier?) RUSH & Sophie WEIG, witn: Josephine RUSH of Detroit, 3 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3433-95 Burton MILLER, 21, gas works, Leamington, same, s/o James MILLER & Hanna WEBBER, married Hattie PEASE, 19, Sombra Ont., Courtwright, d/o Jesse PEASE & Carrie SUDGEN, witn: Christina & Ella DEACON of Leamington, 19 Feb 1895 at Leamington 3964-95 Frank MOORE, 23, clerk, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank MOORE & Frances HATTEN, married Louisa BARRON, 25, Windsor, same, d/o John BARRON & Sarah A. HAMILTON, 8 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3845-95 Frank L. MORPELL, 24, tailor, Bothwell Ont., Detroit, s/o Edwin MORPELL & Barbara PARKER, married Edith LOTTRIDGE, 24, Lambton Co., Detroit, d/o Melvin LOTTRIDGE & Rhoda MYERS, 11 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3929-95 Wilfred R. MORRIS, 30, book keeper, Perth Ont., Windsor, s/o W.J. MORRIS & Sarah L. RADENHURST, married Kate Ethel DENCH, 23, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Thomas DENCH & Kate FLEMMING, witn: R. F. TAYLOR & Emma A. RIGGS, both of Windsor, 11 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3921-95 Gustave MORTIN, 35, steward, Stockholm, Detroit, s/o Francis & unknown, married Emma OLSON, 21, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o Henry OLSON & Bertha ANDERSON, 10 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3831-95 Albert C. MOSIER, 21, bicycle rider, Detroit, same, s/o Edward MOSIER & Pauline BINNINGHOUSE?, married Clara WENDLENDT, 18, Germany, Detroit, d/o August WENDLENDT & Minnie POHL, witn: Edna BALFOUR of Essex & Clare NORMAN of Windsor, 18 Aug. 1895 at Windsor
3850-95 George L. MOXWELL (Maxwell?), 23, sailor, Leeds Ont., Detroit, s/o Robert MOXWELL & Sarah MUCHMORE, married Eva Mary MACKIM, 20, Leeds Ont., Detroit, d/o Samuel MACKIM & Margaret ARCHIBALD, witn: Adah McCOLL & Bessie McLAREN, both of Windsor, 31 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3898-95 Frank MURPHY, 33, railroad man, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Marion MACDONALD, 26, Petrolia, Detroit, d/o John & Jessie, 22 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3919-96 Gordon Edward NALL, 23, teamster, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Alfred & Ellen, married Sarah Elizabeth ECKFORD, 21, Cleveland Ohio, Windsor, d/o Henry & Mary E., witn: Robert BAKER & Mrs. Howard FOSTER, both of Windsor, 25 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3396-95 William NICHOLLS, 22, quarry man, Cornwall England, Pelee Island, s/o Thomas NICHOLLS & Amelia EMERY?, married Susan WARREN, 22, Cornwall England, Pelee Island, d/o William WARREN & Catherine NEIL, witn: G. ELLIS & Agnes HIND, both of Sandwich, 26 Oct 1895 at Sandwich
3391-95 William B. NICHOLS, 24, engineer, Detroit, same, s/o William NICHOLS & Hannah AIKINS, married Clara Maria VALIQUETTE, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Christopher VALIQUETTE & Louisa NILE, witn: G. D. ELLIS of Windsor, 15 Oct 1895 at Sandwich 3479-95 William James NICHOLSON, 30, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o William NICHOLSON & Maria MACK, married May VERMULEN, 26, Detroit, same, d/o Peter VERMULEN & Mary DEGALEN, 7 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3940-95 Daniel Denis O'BRIEN, 24, barrow maker, England, Detroit, s/o John O'BRIEN & Mary GIBBONS, married Maggie HARTY, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Edward HARTY & Mary MOYNAHAN, 21 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3962-95 Alfred ONKIN (Oukin?), 35, commercial traveller, Ohio, Toronto, s/o Otto & Drata, married Katherine MADDEN, 25, Kentucky, Toronto, d/o John MADDEN & Dela BRENNAN, witn: Katherine MADDEN of Toronto, 8 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3944-95 Theophut OTTEN, 39, blacksmith, Belgium, Detroit, s/o John OTTEN & Sophia TENPREND, married Mare PELOSKIE, 29, Germany, Detroit, d/o John PELOSKIE & Annie NEEVE, witn: Antoine & Augustina WILHELM of Detroit, 29 Oct. 1895 at Windsor 3439-95 George PATRICK, 38, widower, farmer, Northampton England, Tilbury, s/o William PATRICK & Charlotte BARBASE?, married Eliza PAIN, 34, widow, Walpole Ont., Leamington, d/o Edward NEBBIT & Ann ADAMS, witn: William GILBERT & Laura PAIN, both of Leamington, 13 June 1895 at Leamington
3858-95 Henry H. PERRINE, 23, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Isaac & M.L., married Mary Rilla STOLL, 22, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Catherine EVELEIGH & J. F. GUNDY, both of Windsor, 18 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3493-95 Albert W. PHIPPEN, 34, collecting agent, Brighton Ont., Windsor, s/o Henry PHIPPEN & Sarah Jane BRYANT, married Hannah RUMOHR, 30, McGillivray Ont., Windsor, d/o David RUMOHR & Lucinda WHITE, witn: E.S. WIGLE & J.H. RODD, both of Windsor, 11 March 1895 at Windsor
3854-95 Ewon PRICE, 19, Canada, Maidstone Essex, same, s/o Arthur PRICE & Annie FITCH, married Matilda MERO, 18, Maidstone Essex, same, d/o Charles MERO & Elizabeth WYATT, witn: Moses PRICE of Elmstead & Lottie MERO of Pike Creek, 7 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3937-95 Grant PULLEN, 26, farmer, Wayne Co. Mich., Milan Mich., s/o Jackson PULLEN & Esther HULL, married Cora SMITH, 20, New York, Columbusville Mich., d/o Warren SMITH & Sarah RICE, witn: Georgina HINCKS & Kate MULLIGAN, both of Windsor, 30 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3437-95 Arthur REID, 35, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o David REID & Isabella ARMSTRONG, married Jane REID, 23, Mersea twp., same, d/o John M. REID & Mary SETTERINGTON, witn: Elesty WICKWIRE of Leamington, 17 April 1895 at Leamington 3404-95 Nevell P. RICHARDSON, 35, traveller, Petit Cote, Windsor, s/o David RICHARDSON & Sarah MERCER, married Helen B. GORDON, 30, Plymouth England, Windsor, d/o Alex GORDON & Hephzibah GADSLEY, witn: H. GORDON & J. S. GRANTHAM, both of Sandwich, 25 Nov 1895 at Sandwich
3485-95 Harvey E. RICHMOND, 27, US government officer, Midland Mich., Windsor, s/o Edwin H. RICHMOND & Helen L. GROVER, married Elma WARREN, 23, Toledo, same, d/o David WARREN & Sarah THOMAS, witn: Mrs. H.L. VANASTINE of Windsor & Mrs. Nellie DOTY of Detroit, 17 Feb. 1895 at Windsor 3826-95 Oscar ROBINSON, 27, clerk, Lodi Mich., Detroit, s/o William ROBINSON & Bella KELLOG, married Hattie CARSON, 23, Rochester NY, Detroit, d/o John CARSON & Sarah BALEITT?, 28 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3387-95 Michael ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Robert ROBINSON & Margaret O'KEEFE, married Ellen MOORE, 28, Sandwich South, same, d/o Charles MOORE & Ann HOLSTED, witn: Charles W. & Alice MOORE of Windsor, 3 Oct 1895 at Sandwich 3833-95 Frank ROBINSON, 30, conductor, Brockville Ont., Detroit, s/o Joseph ROBINSON & Janet ORTON, married Edna CABLE, 20, Plymouth Mich., Detroit, d/o Joseph CABLE & Helen BRIGGS, 4 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3397-95 Francis Marshall ROSE, 23, teamster, Detroit, same, s/o Frank ROSE & Louisa HERROCK?, married Margaret REID, 36, widow, Kentucky, Detroit, d/o Charles LAWRENCE & Frances LIVINGSTONE, witn: J. S. GRANTHAM? & F. A. SCH--?, both of Sandwich, 2 Nov 1895 at Sandwich 3503-95 Matthew A. ROSENBERG, 25, merchant, Detroit, same, s/o David ROSENBERG & Rachel MILLER, married Anna S. BERGER, 25, Detroit, same, d/o Simon BERGER & Rachel ARFA, witn: N. E. & Mrs. N.E. SAGE of Detroit, 1 April 1895 at Windsor
3475-95 Charles M. RUCK, 23, typographer, Germany, Detroit, s/o George RUCK & Sophia GRIER, married Lena LOOMIS, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Martin J. LOOMIS & Margaret BROWN, witn: Albert E. EDGAR of Windsor, 30 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3417-95 Sylvester RUTLEDGE, 27, Salvation officer, Tryon? Quebec, Leamington, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Eunice Elizabeth McCANE, 26, Algon? Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: John McDONALD of Chatham Ont. & Nellie LEDSON of Toronto, 23 Oct 1895 at Leamington
3413-95 William Edmond RYMAL, 22, farmer, Dakota, Mersea twp., s/o Lewis & Nancy, married Jennie Steed? GAGE, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Serus? & Elizabeth, witn: Colin STOCKWELL & Elizzie GAGE, both of Mersea twp., 18 Dec 1895 at Leamington 3856-95 David William SAVORY, 41, widower, farmer, Connecticut, Fostoria Mich., s/o Jonathan & Almeda, married Emma E. HOWARD, 36, Michigan, Fostoria Mich., d/o William & Marion, 25 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3945-95 Frederick Auguste SCHLER, 22, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Fred SCHLER & Constance BRANDT, married Emma STRESKY, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Louis STRESKY & Augusta PEIPER, 5 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3841-95 William SCHULTZ, 26, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o William SCHULTZ & Mary KATES?, married Mary NEUBERT, 24, Detroit, same, d/o Fred NEUBERT & S. KEIDEL, witn: Mary E. HOBLEY of Amherstburg, 26 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3842-95 John W. SCOTT, 22, conductor on street railway, Marine City Mich. Toledo Ohio, s/o John SCOTT & Jane RIGLER, married Bertha WEST, 19, Windsor, same, d/o George WEST & Mary ROBERTSON, witn: John COATES of Toledo & Alice SCOTT of Windsor, 27 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3411-95 Alfred S. SCRATCH, 22, blacksmith, Mersea twp., same, s/o Egerton & Jane, married Lena Jane REID, 21, Mersea twp., same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: A. & A.L. SCRATCH of Leamington, 29 July 1895 at Leamington
3438-95 Andrew SETTERINGTON, 25, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William H. SETTERINGTON & Mary ROACH, married Sarah COLLISON, 25, Malden twp., Mersea twp., d/o George COLLISON & Emma MARSHALL, witn: William SIMPSON of Leamington, 11 June 1895 at Leamington 3465-95 Benjamin D. SEYMOUR, 25, telegraph operator, Marshall Mich., Detroit, s/o George SEYMOUR & Eliza E. DRAKE, married Eliza WRIGHT, 23, Colchester, Windsor, d/o Wilson WRIGHT & Mary HASKIN, witn: A. H. RANTON of Kalamazoo, 1 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3842-95 Henry SHRADER, 38, farmer, Germany, Macomb Co., Mich., s/o Fred SHRADER & Elizabeth OHINS?, married Janet GERALD, 37, widow, Macomb Co. Mich., Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o John CARD & Hannah WEDRIG, witn: C. A. VOTY of Detroit, 27 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3911-95 William SIEG, 23, pharmacist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Rudolph & Lena, married Lena PULS, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles & Mary, 29 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3889-95 Albert SPRUGLER?, 27, stone cutter, Detroit, same, s/o Charles & Catherine, married Ella MESOUL, 24, widow, Woodstock, Detroit, d/o Alex CLARK & Katherine ROSE, witn: W.H.J. FRENCH & Anny KROHN, both of Detroit, 4 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3408-95 Henry STEPHENSON, 28, coachman, Markham Ont., Detroit, s/o S. STEPHENSON & Jane ROCHE, married Elizabeth GREENLAW (Greenlow?), no age given, Belfast Ireland, Detroit, d/o R. GREENLAW & Mary J. ROANE?, witn: Charles GREENLAW & A. STEPHENSON, both of Detroit, 18 Dec 1895 at Sandwich
3427-95 Colin STOCKWELL, 20, farmer, Ontario, Mersea twp., s/o Eli & Sarah, married Lizzie GRAY, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Sarah (sic) & Elizabeth, witn: William RYMAL & Jane GRAY, both of Leamington, 24 Dec 1895 at Leamington 3916-95 George Alfred STONE, 35, coachman, Oswego NY, Detroit, s/o George T. STONE & Lucinda HINES, married Mary Rebecca CLARKE, 26, Hanover Ont., Detroit, d/o James C. CLARKE & Lydia SWITZER, witn: Mrs. Dora MONCRIEF & William SHAW, both of Windsor, 21 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3965-95 Oscar B. STRUNK, 33, widower, merchant, Detroit, same, s/o David STRUNK & Ida KIPP, married Carrie M. GOODRICH, 26, Detroit, same, d/o Chester F. GOODRICH & Stella D. PHILLIPS, 13 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3846-95 Franklin SUGDEN, 18, farmer, Commerce Mich., same, s/o Edward SUGDEN & Alice TAYLOR, married Minnie MARSON, 18, Detroit, Commerce Mich., d/o Henry MARSON & Susan MAYES, 20 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3488-95 Albert H. TEMPLETON, 35, street car conductor, Auburn NY, Detroit, s/o John G. & Mary A., married Elizabeth DICKENS, 36, widow, England, Detroit, d/o John CRICHLEY & Mary Ellen, 25 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3382-95 Frank THORNE, 21, carpenter, England, Windsor, s/o Ralph THORNE & Mary STONE, married Katherine TRISTE?, 19, Canada, Windsor, d/o John TRISTE? & Elizabeth CHAPMAN, witn: Kate BRAZIL of ii & A. HIND of Sandwich, 16 Sept 1895 at Sandwich
3385-95 George William TOTTEN, 24, painter, Windsor, same, s/o Perry TOTTEN & Mary BURNS, married Mary HARMAN?, 23, Windsor, same, d/o John HARMAN & Eliza KING, witn: J. B. PERRY of Windsor & William MAYCOCK of Sandwich, 26 Sept 1895 at Sandwich 3381-95 George E. TRAVERS, 35, widower, engineer, Canada, Detroit, s/o George TRAVERS & Sarah ALTHOUSE, married Kathleen SPALDING, 20, Canada, Detroit, d/o B. F. SPALDING & Katherine ZUEFLET, witn: Charles HIND of Sandwich, 14 Sept 1895 at Sandwich
3897-95 Charles T. TROLLOPE, 27, collector, Dexter Mich., Detroit, s/o John & Louise T, married Ellen A. VANALSTINE, 23, Aylmer Ont., Detroit, d/o Lambert & Sarah, 20 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3508-95 Marshall M. TURNER, 32, paper hanger, Lapeer Mich., same, s/o Charles TURNER & Mary HARMON, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 32, Eckford Ont. (Ekfrid?), Thamesville, d/o John CAMPBELL & Sarah LINDSAY, witn: A. W. GUEST of Detroit & F. M. OLIVER of Windsor, 10 April 1895 at Windsor
3943-95 Frederick S. TURNER, 24, mechanic, Florence Ont., Detroit, s/o Charles C. TURNER & Anna GAMBLE, married Gertrude Louisa JACKSON, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Albert R. JACKSON & Emma VAN, 28 Oct. 1895 at Windsor 3888-95 Gideon VIVIER, 32, farmer, Detroit, Maidstone Essex, s/o Hubert & Zoe, married Lizie PHALEN, 23, Buffalo, Maidstone, d/o Michael PHALEN & Margaret RETER, witn: William PFAHLER of Belle River & Elizabeth VIVIER of Pine River, 4 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3489-95 Henry VOODRE, 28, watch maker, Detroit, same, s/o Peter VOODRE & Margaret LADRUTE, married Carrie DAMPERT, 18, Detroit, same, d/o John DAMPERT & Susan KARRES, witn: Peter ROBILLARD & Pearl TIES, both of Detroit, 25 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3492-95 Jacob C. WADE, 33, street car conductor, NY state, Detroit, s/o Abner A. WADE & Sarah BEAN, married Alice JOYLE, 32, Quebec, Detroit, d/o Stephen JOYLE & Adeline BARNES, 11 March 1895 at Windsor
3951-95 Robert John WARD, 22, saddler, Windsor, same, s/o Abram WARD & Eliza WHATELY, married Margaret C. HATT, 20, Amherstburg, Windsor, d/o William HATT & Mary Ann McGOWAN, witn: Lennox CLUE of Windsor & Lily MANSON of Amherstburg, 2 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3498-95 Philip WEIR, 19, tinsmith, Detroit, same, s/o John WEIR & Elizabeth CROUGHERT?, married Julia VELGER, 18, Detroit, same, d/o William VELGER & Lucy BOWER, witn: William CRAFT & Lulu HOUSEMAN, both of Windsor, 25 March 1895 at Windsor
3908-95 Albert C. WELSH, 26, brush maker, Belleville Ont., Windsor, s/o John & Ellen, married Maggie F. THORPE, 23, Goderich, Windsor, d/o George & Phoebe, witn: Uriah WELSH of Cadilac & Emma THORPE of Windsor, 23 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3462-95 William WELSH, 24, tinsmith, Detroit, same, s/o Edward WELSH & Catherine MULDOON, married Ida AHLGRINNE?, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Charles AHLGRIMM? & Minnie VOTENG, witn: John DRISCOLL & Ida FORBES, both of Detroit, 9 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3434-95 Brayton? G. WESCOTT, 24, commercial traveller, Prince Edward, Leamington, s/o Alva & Sarah, married Inez G. FINCH?, 20, Leamington, same, d/o William A. & Mary, witn: Maud WESCOTT & G. E. WEIR, both of Leamington, 6 Feb 1895 at Leamington 3469-95 William C. WHITCHER, 22, clerk, Mt. Vernon O., Detroit, s/o H. c. WHITCHER & Nannie VANCE, married Alva E. FEARNLEY, 18, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o Freeman FEARNLEY & Elizabeth YOUNG, 23 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3412-95 Prince Albert WHITE, 23, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Lavenia WICKWIRE, 24, Mersea twp., same, d/o Samuel & Eliza J., no date given, at Leamington 3928-95 William Henry WHITTAKER, 23, mason, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas G. WHITTAKER & Sarah A. BAILEY, married Nellie LEWIN, 25, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Henry MANSFIELD & Mary WATKINS, witn: Alvin Watson VOOKINS? of Detroit, 7 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3431-95 Wallace WILKINSON, 20, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Roy WILKINSON & Durscilla BROWN, married Christie BUTLER, 20, Lineal? Ont., Leamington, d/o David BUTTLER (sic) & Angeline CARUTHERS, witn: Louisa JOLLIFFE & Laura May WATSON, both of Leamington 3474-95 Charles E. WILLIAMS, 23, laborer, Detroit, same, s/o John WILLIAMS & Annie PERRY, married Lilian E. VELLGER (Vellyer?), 19, Detroit, same, d/o William VELLGER & Susan BOWER, witn: Julia VELLGER of Detroit, 29 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3502-95 John Lewis WILSON, 21, railway fireman, Corunna Mich., Detroit, s/o James & Annie, married Anna McGOOGEN, 19, Windsor, Detroit, d/o John & Elizabeth, 30 March 1895 at Windsor 3968-95 David WOLFE, 23, cigar maker, Detroit, same, s/o Isadore WOLFE & Amenia MELUGG?, married Agnes SMITH, 28, Detroit, same, d/o Daniel SMITH & Isabella KAKE, witn: Alice FUTRELL of Detroit, 21 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3497-95 Charles WOLLENBERG, 23, laborer, Redford Mich., Romulus Mich., s/o Charles WOLLENBERG & Caroline SMITH, married Elizabeth SWICK, 23, New Boston, Romulus, d/o Benjamin SWICK & Elizabeth HOWLAND, 25 March 1895 at Windsor  
3896-95 Fred George WOOD, 33, merchant, Michigan, Camden Mich., s/o James D. & Flora, married Emma DAY, 25, Saginaw Mich., same, d/o William & Lottie, witn: Julia D. ALLEY of Windsor, 18 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3490-95 John Henry WOOD, 26, engineer, Carlyle O., Detroit, s/o David WOOD & Mary DRIVER, married Theresa WALDMANN, 24, Marine City Mich., Detroit, d/o Henry WALDMANN & Dora BUTLER, witn: G. R. HENDERSON & Bessie E. GUILLOT, both of Windsor, 7 March 1895 at Windsor
3509-95 Eddie W. WOOD, 26, painter, Pontiac Mich., same, s/o Webster A. WOOD & Carrie E. PORTER, married Mary L. ALLAN, 20, Prescott Ont., same, d/o Gordon ALLAN & Charlotte McINTOSH, 11 April 1895 at Windsor 3959-95 Charles L. WOOD, 21, painter, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o Sidney WOOD & Euphemia HITCHCOCK, married May RACICOT, 18, Cohoes? NY, Detroit, d/o John & Elizabeth, 7 Oct. 1895 at Windsor
3838-95 Albert YATES, 23, sailor, Windsor, Detroit, s/o John YATES & Sarah POWERS, married Maud SCOTT, 24, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o Henry SCOTT & Laura DAVIDSON, witn: Rhoda MISNER & Joseph BELL, both of Windsor, 18 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3909-95 William YATES, 27, machinist, Youngstown Ohio, London, s/o John & Christena, married Arvilda HAMMER, 20, Detroit, London, d/o Orlen & Mary, witn: Albert YATES & Mary LEWIS, both of Detroit, 24 Dec 1895 at Windsor