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St. Marys RC Cathedral, Kingston, 1862

From LDS microfilm 1298766

partial transcription only


Page 210

1. On 6 Jan 1862, Joseph WALSH, s/o Patrick WALSH & Ann JENNIFER of Howe Island, to Ann GOUGH, d/o Richard GOUGH & Catherine MORRIS of Pittsburg twp., witn: Robert GOUGH & Martha MASTERTON?

2. On 7 Jan 1862, John AHERN, s/o Michael AHERN & Julia HAYES of Kingston, married Annie McBRIDE, d/o John McBRIDE & Margaret McNEIL of Pittsburg twp., witn: David BRAINE & Catherine MORGAN?

3. On 14 Jan 1862, John WATERS, s/o deceased John WATERS & Catherine WILLIAMS of the village of Portsmouth, married Margaret McNAMARA, d/o deceased Lawrence McNAMARA & Mary SLATTERY also of the village of Portsmouth, witn: Robert McCAULEY & Mary McNAMARA

4. On 6 Jan 1862, John NOLAN, s/o blank, married Ellen DONAGHUE, d/o blank, witn: Daniel WALL & Ellen COLLINS

5. On 14 Jan 1862, William O'REILLY, widower, married Mary O'SULLIVAN, d/o Daniel O'SULLIVAN grocer & Mary O'CONNOR, both of Kingston, witn: Michael O'SULLIVAN M.D, Thomas O'SULLIVAN, Catherine DAVIS and Alice HOGAN

6. On 14 Jan 1862, [after dispensation required for mixed marriages], William HOGAN, widower of deceased Elizabeth Ann COLE, married Mary Ann BARRETT, d/o John BARRETT & Mary RICE of Kingston Mills [who] have given their mutual consent, witn: Martin HOGAN & Owen McQUAID


Page 211

7. On 21 Jan 1862, Daniel McCOY, s/o deceased Daniel McCOY & Mary CLANCEY of Kingston and Julia DOWTHIE?, d/o Timothy DOWTHIE? & Mary Ann LONNEY, witn: Patrick CURTIS & Catherine CASEY

8. On 21 Jan 1862, Thomas HEALY, s/o deceased James HEALY & Bridget FLEMMING of this city, married Honora HARRIGAN, d/o deceased Cornelius HARRIGAN & Elizabeth HILLARD also of this city, witn: John MELVILLE & Rose DORNAN?

9. On 21 Jan 1862, Thomas HARRIGAN, s/o Patrick HARRIGAN & Margaret CURRAN of the Co. Down Ireland, married Mary QUINN, d/o deceased James QUINN & Rosa SLOAN of the parish of illegible Ireland, witn: Patrick FREY (Farey?) & Bridget DONOVAN?

10. On 22 Jan 1862, Loughlin McAVOY, s/o Daniel McAVOY & Mary DELANEY of this city, married Bridget HALLIGAN, d/o deceased Richard HALLIGAN & Margaret McCORMICK of this city, witn: Richard HALLIGAN & Margaret FARRELL

11. On 28 Jan 1862, Edward O'BRIEN, widower of the deceased Catherine NORRIS? of this city, and Ellen McMANUS, d/o Hugh McMANUS & Mary Ann GIBSON of Portsmouth, witn: Patrick FLANAGAN & Bridget FLANAGAN


Page 212

12. On 28 Jan 1862, David BREEN, s/o Maurice BREEN & Mary CORCORAN, married Mary MAHONY, d/o John MAHONY & Bridget RIORDAN, of this city, witn: John GALLAVIN & Ann CURLEY

13. On 28 Jan 1862, Michael FALLON, s/o Michael FALLON & Bridget HOOF, of this city, to Johanna DRISCOLL, d/o deceased Michael DRISCOLL & Johanna SHEA, also of this city, witn: Patrick CAMPBELL, John DRISCOLL & Ellen SWEENEY

14. On 3 Feb 1862, John DALEY, s/o Patrick DALEY & Catherine SWIFT of Glenburney, married Mary CARTMILL, d/o Nathaniel CARTMILL & Ann BRANIGAN of this city, witn: John McGARVEY & Mary NOBLE

15. On 8 Feb 1862 [dispensation for mixed marriages], Isaac JASQUITH, Protestant, carriage builder, s/o Benjamin JASQUITH & Melissa LARKMAN of the village of Sydenham, married Isabella DONELLY, d/o James DONELLY & Isabella HAYNES, also of Sydenham, witn: Timothy LANE & Ellen HACKETT

16. On 20 Feb 1862, Owen McQUADE, s/o Owen McQUADE & Sarah McGRATH of this city, married Catherine FEERY, d/o deceased Patrick FEERY & Margaret SCULLY also of this city, witn: Patrick CAMPBELL & Catherine CASEY


Page 213

17. On 24 Feb 1862, William BUCKLEY, s/o Patrick BUCKLEY & Catherine CUNNLIFFE, of the township of Ernestown, married Margaret McCABE, d/o John McCABE & Alice FARLEY of Amherst Island, witn: Richard McCABE & Mary Ann McCABE

18. On 25 Feb 1862 [dispensation for mixed marriages], Andrew LILLIS Catholic, s/o John LILLIS & Mary COSTELO of Glenburney married Mary WALKER Protestant, d/o Daniel WALKER & Mary TUTTLE of Kingston twp., witn: James LILLIS, John WALKER & Mary WALKER,

19, On 3 March 1862, John AHERN, s/o deceased John AHERN & Mary FLANNERY of this city, married Bridget MACKEY, d/o deceased John MACKEY & Bridget COKERIL of Pittsburg, witn: Bernard McMORROW & Johanna MACKEY

20. On 29 March 1862, Stephen O'TOOLE, s/o deceased James O'TOOLE & Bridget MAHER, of this city, married Jane CRAWFORD, d/o deceased Philip CRAWFORD & Mary DORAN, also of this city, witn: Patrick REDMOND & Julia LOUGHLIN

21. On 29 April 1862, Edward MULHALL of the Royal Canadian Rifles, widower of deceased Julia POOLEY and s/o James MULHALL & Isabella MATTHEWS from the parish of Rosewallis Queens Co. Ireland, married Honora SULLIVAN, d/o deceased John SULLIVAN & Mary READY of Dublin, witn: William CARTER? & Mary Ann STEWART

22. On 5 May 1862, Thomas MOONEY, s/o deceased John MOONEY & Elizabeth BRUCE? of Garden Island, married Ellen O'DONNELL, d/o Timothy O'DONNELL & Margaret MULLONY of this city, witn: Anthony MALONE & Mary DOYLE