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Frontenac Co., 1900, part 1

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#006370-00 - Joseph B. ABRAMSON, 24, peddler, Russia, Kingston, s/o Moses & Rebeckeh, married Fanny IZENSTAL, 22, Russia, Kingston, d/o Akibah & Bertha, witn: L. & Jos. ABRAMSON of Kingston, 6 Feb. 1900 at Kingston (Jewish) 663?-00 - David ADAIR, 47, widower, laborer, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o Joseph ADAIR & Sharlot HANNAH, married Catherine KELLY, 36, widow, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Patrick KELLY & Eliz. PENROSE, witn: Edward KELLY & Loretta GREENWOOD, both of Wolfe Island, 17 Sept 1900 at Wolfe Island
6502-00 - Roderick K. ALEXANDER, 27, maltster, Bath Ont., Portsmouth, s/o Philip ALEXANDER & Hannah PERRY, married Kate CLOVER, 22, servant, Larton? Notts. England, Kingston, d/o Benjamin CLOVER & Sarah ROSE, witn: Cornelius G. BAIDEN of Portsmouth & Mary ADAMS of Kingston, 28 Nov 1900 at Portsmouth (also 6603-00) #006590-00 - William Herbert ALEXANDER, 23, laborer, Trenton Ont.., Kingston, s/o Archibald Edwin ALEXANDER & Calista Catherine FORBES, married Eleanor Maud SMITH, 21, Jones Falls, Pittsburgh, d/o James Wesley SMITH, farmer, & Mary Eliz. ROCKWOOD, witn: George RANDALL of Seeleys Bay & Lilly Gertrude SMITH of Pittsburgh, 11 April 1900 at Pittsburgh
6506-00 - Charles John Mal. ALLEN, 23, batter?, Trenton, same, s/o John ALLEN & Jane MAITLAND, married Lizzie SPENCE, 25, Petrolia, Kingston, d/o David SPENCE & Katherine JOHNSON, witn: Charles A. & Mrs. C.A. CUNNINGHAM of 215 Montreal St., 5 Dec 1900 at Kingston #006356-00 - Napolean AMOS, 29, widower, laborer, Cape Vincent USA, Kingston, s/o Joseph AMOS & Mary LA ROCHE, married Mary Jane CLARKE, 19, Hinchenbrooke, Kingston, d/o Henry CLARKE & Clisty SCHULTZ, witn: Thomas DONNEY of 245 Earl St. & Madeline CLARKE of 142 Pine St., 15 Jan 1900 at 142 Pine St., Kingston
6511-00 - Robert ANDERSON, 21, mill operator, London England, Kingston, s/o Robert ANDERSON & Elizabeth MOSS, married Ellen CLARK, 19, Kingston, same, d/o William John CLARK & Sarah DUFFY, witn: Charles D. FLINT & Angeline G. WALSH, both of Kingston, 20 Dec 1900 at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston 6512-00 - Robert APPLETON, 23, carpenter, Ontario, Kingston, s/o John Charles APPLETON & Sarah Ann CLAXTON, married Mary KELLY, 22, Ontario, Kingston twp., d/o John KELLY & Elizabeth GALAN, witn: William James CAMPBELL & Christopher KELSO, both of Kingston, 22 Dec 1900 at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston
6584-00 - Nelson ARCAND, 23, farmer, Palmerston, same, s/o Peter ARCAND & Sophia TREMBLAY, married Jane PAYEA, 18, Palmerston, same, d/o George PAYEA & Seraphinee DENNIE, witn: Joseph MANNIAN? & Elizabeth ARCAND, both of Palmerston, 14 June 1900 at Ompah (Rom Cath) #006613-00 - George F. ARMSTRONG, 22, mica cleaner, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Ann BAIN, married Annie MARTIN, 22, domestic, Ardock, same, d/o Garnet MARTIN & Hannah ASHLY, witn: Elida PERLY of Harrowsmith & Myrtle LEE of Sydenham, 1 Nov 1900 at Harrowsmith
6309-00 - Luke Mortimer ARNEY, 23, farmer, Kennebec twp., same, s/o Joseph ARNEY & Caroline NEWTON, married Elsie May WART, 18, Sandy Creek USA, Kennebec twp., d/o James K. WART & Annie GAYLORD, witn Anne V. LEIGH & Mrs. George DELINE, both of Cloyne, 8 April 1900 at Meth. Parsonage, Cloyne 6340-00 Henry ASSSELTINE, 25, farmer, Olden twp., same, s/o Peter & Millie, married Mary Maud WOOD, 21, Olden twp., Kennebec twp., d/o Ebenezer WOOD & Julia BOOMHOUR, witn: Arthur WOOD & Violet HUGHES, both of Kennebec, 19 March 1900 at Kennebec
#006607-00 - Barnet W.H. BABCOCK, 21, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Henry BABCOCK & Hannah MEDCALF, married Bertha A. SCALES, 18, domestic, Portland, same, d/o William H. SCALES & P.C. EMBURY, witn: J. MOORHOUSE & M. STAFFORD, both of Verona, 8 March 1900 at Verona 6521-00 - John Thomas BAIN, 28, shoemaker, Bath, Kingston, s/o Thomas BAIN & Margaret O'HERON, married Harriet TURCOTTE, 26, Kingston, same, d/o LeBarr TURCOTTE & Anne QUIGLEY, witn: William BAIN & Edith MCFADDEN, both of Kingston, 25 July 1900 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
6310-00 - James BARKER, 24, farmer, Kennebec, same, s/o Henry & not given, married Malda FLYNN, 24, Olden, same, d/o Robert & not given, witn: Nathaniel KELLAR & Hannah BARKER, both of Kennebec twp., 17 Sept 1900 at Cloyne 6335-00 - Robert BEAUBICK, 31, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Peter BEAUBICK & Sarah ECKWOOD, married Katie GOODFRIEND, 21, Howe Island, same, d/o John GOODFRIEND & Jane WISEMAN, witn: Thomas DILLON & Agnes TROY, both of Gananoque, 16 July 1900 at Howe Island (Rom Cath)
6334-00 - Francis BEAUBIN, 27, farmer, Howe Island, same, d/o Peter BEAUBIN & Sarah AURKFORD?, married Agnes MARSHALL, 21, Howe Island, same, d/o Alexander MARSHALL & Mary McMAHON, witn: Alexander MARSHALL & Adelin BAILEY, both of Howe Island, 4 June 1900 at Gananoque (Rom Cath) 6490-00 George Charles BERBECK, 23, soldier, Aldershot England, Kingston, s/o George BERBECK & Louisa LINSELL, married Ann HAMILTON, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Francis HAMILTON & Margaret HULL, witn: John Joseph ALDCROFT of A Battery in Kingston & Lilly GILMOUR of Kingston, 1 Nov 1900 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
6498-00 - John Wald BEWS, 23, mason, Kingston, Colborne St. in Kingston, s/o James BEWS & Ellen GRAHAM, married Margaret Eliz. SMITH, 20, house maid, London England, Kingston, d/o William SMITH & Christena RICKER, witn: Emily J. PECOR of Gananoque & William H. HASTINGS of Grand illegible Hotel, 14 Nov 1900 at Kingston 6545-00 William James BLACKLEY, 37, painter, Cape Vincent NY, Collinsby, s/o William BLACKLEY & Ann GOSLING, married Bella LOSSEE, 35, Collinsby, same, d/o John LOSSEE & Cordelia HESS, witn: Thomas H. & Laura KEOUGH of Toronto, 30 Oct 1900 at Cataraqui
663?-00 - Hyacinth BLANCHETTE, 70, widower, laborer, St. Martin Quebec, Garden Island, s/o Jean BLANCHETTE & Catherine GIREAUX, married Catherine PILEAR, 68, widow, The Cedars Quebec, Gananoque, d/o Hyacinthe PILEAR & Sophie SAUND?, witn: Jer. DALEY & Josephine RAWLEY, both of Wolfe Island, 17 Nov 1900 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)  
6509-00 - George Anthony BOOMER, 34,, barrister, St. Catharines, 63 Mackray? St. in Toronto, s/o Anthony illegible (Nicol?) BOOMER & Charlotte Maria LAMBRICK, married Louisa Alberta MOORE, 37, Guelph, 139 William St. Kingston, d/o Robert Morton MOORE, deceased, & Louise De Moll BERCZY, witn: Joseph KILGOUR of Queens Hotel Toronto & Catherine Helen MOORE of 139 William St., 19 Dec 1900 at Kingston 6544-00 Richard BOYD, 28, electrical contractor, Kingston, same, s/o Richard BOYD & Alma B. BARBAR, married Mary Addie LOWRY, 25, Millford Ont., Kingston twp., d/o Peter LOWRY & Emma LLOYD, witn: Robert M. ALLEN & Agnes Mary BOYD, both of Kingston, 3 Oct 1900 at Kingston twp
663?-00 - Robert James BOYD, 55, widower, farmer, Kingston twp., Wolfe Island, s/o Andrew BOYD & Margaret McCOMBE, married Phoebe LANG, 38, Hewly? Twp., Wolfe Island, d/o William LANG & Agnes NEILSON, witn: Herbert LEAKEY & Gertie BOYD, both of Wolfe Island, 14 March 1900 at Wolfe Island #006578-00 - John H. BOYLAN, 22, engineer, Richmond, Sharbot Lake, s/o James Edward BOYLAN & Annie FOLEY, married Myrtena YOUNG, 22, Zealand, same, d/o James YOUNG & Eliza McMEANS, witn: John H. MARTIN & Annie YOUNG, both of Sharbot Lake, 12 Sept 1900 at Zealand
6331-00 - Benjamin Alfred BRASH, 37, farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Benjamin BRASH & Lucy Ann BOTTING, married Mary Ann GOOD, 17, Bedford, same, d/o George GOOD, farmer, & not given CORNWALL, witn: Francis & Lucy Ann GOOD of Bedford, 6 June 1900 at Parham, Hinchenbrook twp 6546-00 Norman BRIGDEN, 29, brakesman, Bedford twp., Kingston, s/o Thomas BRIGDEN & Eliza Jane HOOPER, married Maud MIDDLETON, 21, Scotland, Kingston, d/o Robert MIDDLETON & Eliza GORDON, witn: W. J. BRIGDEN of Parham & Mary DANIELS of Kingston, 29 Dec 1900 at Cataraqui
6504-00 - Reginald Walter BROCK, 26, geologist, Perth Ont., Ottawa, s/o Thomas BROCK & Marion JENKINS, married Millie Gertrude BRITTON, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Byron M. BRITTON & Mary E. HOLTON, witn: Charles A. MOSS of Toronto & Elizabeth BRITTON of Kingston, 28 Nov 1900 at Kingston 6552-00 - Francis H. BROOKS, 21, miner, Loughboro, same, s/o George L. BROOKS & Mary Ann FORUZE, married Hattie A. MCLOWAN (McCowan?), 21, Loughboro, same, d/o John MCLOWAN, & Mary LEATHERLAND, witn: Healy RICE & Jessie BROOKS, both of Loughboro, 24 Jan 1900 at Sydenham
  #006629-00 - Damon BUCK, 25, harness maker, Centerville, Gananoque, s/o Danford E. BUCK & Mary V. WESTBROOK, married Mary Jane LYON, 23, Storrington, same, d/o Robert LYON & Harriet HUGHSON, witn: Erney BUCK of Harrowsmith & Lydia LONEY of Kingston, 5 Sept 1900 at Storrington
6557-00 - Herbert George BUCK, 23, farmer, Ont, Loughboro, s/o Harvey BUCK & Elizabeth LAWRENCE, married Jettie(Jessie?) L. MCROY (McRay?), 21, Ont, Loughboro, d/o John MCROY & Miriane WOOD, witn: Herbert MCROY & Silah BUCK, both of Loughboro, 19 June 1900 at Loughboro 6528-00 - Albert BUCKINGHAM, blank age, soldier, of Kingston, s/o Albert BUCKINGHAM & blank, married Margaret MCKEGNEY, blank age, of Kingston, d/o Patrick MCKEGNEY & Ann MCCAIN, witn: Wm Francis TAYLOR & Mary GALLAGHER, both of Kingston, 29 Oct 1900 at Archbishop's Palace Kingston
6317-00 - William James BURNES, 32, mechanic, Manotick, Perth, s/o William BURNES & Margaret JOHNSON, married Mary A. KENNEDY, 21, Bedford, same, d/o Samuel KENNEDY & Margaret BERTRAM, witn E.J. FRASER of Toronto & Jennie KENNEDY of Bedford, 17 Oct 1900 at Tichburn 663?-00 - Robert John BUSTER, 24, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Arthur BUSTER & Matilda BASTED?, married Edith Emma FAWCETT, 19, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William FAWCETT & Edith MONTGOMERY, witn: R. Wesley VANDEWATER & Louisa YOUNG, both of Wolfe Island, 19 Sept 1900 at Wolfe Island
#006626-00 - Samuel Henry CAIRD, 23, farmer, California Ont., Battersea, s/o Sidney CAIRD & Rachel RANCIER, married Sarah Elizabeth HOGLE, 18, Kingston, Battersea, d/o James HOGLE & Isabella BOWER, witn: Isaac LAKE & Mrs. T. MEREDITH, both of Battersea, 11 Oct 1900 at Battersea 6499-00 - Edward E. CAMPION, 24, clerk, Bath, Kingston, s/o Richard CAMPION & Alice FLETCHER, married Eva WILSON, 20, Ernestown, Bloomfield, d/o John WILSON & Ann SWITZER, witn: George & Sarah WILSON of Kingston, 16 Nov 1900
#006619-00 - Lorenzo CAREY, 27, laborer, St. Regis, Storrington, s/o Lorenzo CAREY & Gertrude SABATTIES, married Mary Elizabeth HOWES, 16, Storrington, same, d/o George HOWES, farmer, & Eliza WILLIAMS, witn: Gailand & Eliza HISQUIN of Storrington, 8 Jan 1900 at Battersea 6531-00 - Alexander I. CAREY, blank age, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o William CAREY & Margaret TRACEY, married Catherine A. MOLONEY, blank age, seamstress, Kingston, same, d/o Patrick & Ellen MOLONEY, witn: Francis & Mary E. MOLONEY, both of Kingston, 20 Nov 1900 at Archbishop's Palace Kingston
#006582-00 - Edward John CASSELL, 29, farmer, Goulborne twp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah HENDERSON, 22, Quebec City, Oso twp., d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Alex DOHERTY & Caroline CASSELL, both of Goulborne, 28 Nov 1900 at Sharbot Lake  
6518-00 - James CHERON, 24, printer, Kingston, same, s/o Adolphus CHERON & Sophia GARAPPI, married Martha McCAIG, 23, seamstress, Kingston, same, d/o Neil McCAIG & Henrietta JOHNSON, witn: T.J. SPRATT of Wolfe Island & V. GAUTHIER of Kingston, 26 June 1900 at Kingston 6555-00 - Wiles Walter CLARK, 26, yeoman, Jefferson Co N.Y., Buffalo, s/o Chas W. CLARK & Euline REEVES, married Gertrude R. WOODRUFF, 25, Loughboro, Odessa, d/o Daniel WOODRUFF & Mary SMITH, witn: Daniel & Florence WOODRUFF, both of Sydenham, 16 Jan 1900 at Sydenham
#006605-00 - Hedley CLARK, 27, miner, Loughboro, same, s/o Robert CLARK & Jane BRAWLEY, married Maggie MARKS, 18, domestic, spinster, Loughboro, same, d/o Harry COE & Sarah BOND, witn: Mary KELLY & Margaret SINCLAIR, both of Harrowsmith, 2 Jan 1900 at Harrowsmith #006616-00 - Frank CLARK, 22, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Alex CLARK & Charlotte GOSGAGE, married Emily BABCOCK, 20, Verona, Hinchenbrook, d/o Charles BABCOCK & Clysta DRADER, witn: Fred CLARK of Portland & Minnie BABCOCK of Picton, 15 Nov 1900 at Portland twp
6540-00 - Wellington CLARK, 19, mail carrier, Ernestown twp., Odessa, s/o Charles Edward & Minerva, married Margaret Idella BAILEY, 20, Ernestown twp., Odessa, d/o James & Marinda, witn: Mattie & Sarah E. ROBESON of Cataraqui, 25 April 1900 at Cataraqui #006625-00 - George E. CLARK, 35, widower, farmer, Keelerville, same, s/o Edwin CLARK & Mary Ann ADAMS, married Sophia Jane LOUCKS, 26, Keelerville, same, d/o George H. LOUCKS & Ann Jane HURLEY, witn: Robert SHANNON of Sunbury & Nancy LOUCKS of Keelerville, 10 Oct 1900 at Keelerville
6536-00 - Albert CLEMENT, 46, widower, farmer, illegible Ont., illegible twp., s/o Cornelius & H--? illegible, married Charlotte McDONALD, 46, widow, Sydenham, Collinsby, d/o Richard WILSON & Elizabeth PAICE, witn: Sarah & Ladie ROBESON of Cataraqui, 15 March 1900 at Collinsby (s/b Collins Bay?) 663?-00 - Aylsworth COLE, 24, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Simon A. COLE & Letitia BOUTTER (or Bontler or Boutler), married Nellie KEYS, 24, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Thomas KEYS & Lucy BULLIS, witn: John A. LOWRY of Kingston & Katie KEYS of Wolfe Island, 11 Dec 1900 at Wolfe Island
6493-00 George Henry COLLOP, 52, farmer, widower, Essex Co - England, Folger Station Ont, s/o William COLLOP & Mary A. MARRIOTT, married Hattie BERRY, no age given, widow, Ohio USA, Sugar Grove Ohio, d/o Henry EVERETT & Charlotte BALLARD, witn: Mary & Martha SMITH of Kingston, 17 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6480-00 Walter T. CONNELL, 27, physician, Spencerville, Kingston, s/o Martin CONNELL & Sarah BENNETT, married Florence FORD, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Robert FORD & Lavinia BARKER, witn: Gordon W. MYLKS & Mabel FORD, both of Kingston, 19 Sept 1900 at Kingston
6539-00 - James McK. COOK, 42, widower, gardener, Kingston twp., same, s/o Edward COOK & Eliza ELY, married Ada M. LESNEY, 29, London England, Kingston twp., d/o George & Susan, witn: Harriet HENZIE of Kingston & Emma COOK of Cataraqui, 4 April 1900 at Cataraqui 6547-00 Samuel CRAWFORD, 35, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Anthony CRAWFORD & Martha MARSHALL, married Isabella Grant NICOL, 28, nurse, Cataraqui, same, d/o Joseph NICOL & Isabella HOGG, witn: Mrs. Joseph NICOL & Mrs. Eber CRUMMY, both of Cataraqui, 20 June 1900 at Cataraqui
#006611-00 - Alexander CURL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Verona, s/o James CURL & Phebe A. SPIKE, married Ethel G. CHARLTON, 21, Ontario, Verona, d/o James CHARLTON & Martha TRYON, witn: Frank CURL & Tilla A. HOWE, both of Verona, 22 Sept 1900 at Harrowsmith  
6341-00 Benjamin DAVEY, 60, widower, carpenter, Sheffield twp., Hinchenbrooke twp., s/o Henry DAVEY & Annie REYNOLDS, married Manerva WALTON, 45, Kennebec twp., Hinchenbrooke twp., d/o Frederick [no surname] & Catherine LYONS, witn: Minnie NEVILLE & Mrs. LOYST, both of Arden, 8 July 1900 at Arden #006361-00 - Griffiths Herbert DAVIS, 42, widower, illegible merchant, Holyhead Wales, Kingston, s/o Hugh DAVIS & Jennie JONES, married Lina Bell WHITNEY, 28, East Barre, Kingston, d/o Cyrus WHITNEY & Jane CARR, witn: J.G. PATTERSON & E.S. MACKIE, both of Kingston, 18 Jan 1900 at Kingston
6549-00 Thomas DENNEY, 21, cigar maker, England, Kingston, s/o James DENNY & Hannah illegible (Mallander?), married Adeline CLARK, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Henry CLARK & Astesia SHULTZ, witn: James GIBNOW? & Maud NICHOLSON, both of Kingston, 10 Nov 1900 at Cataraqui 6472-00 Alfred DE ROCHE, 21, sailor, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph DE ROCHE & Lucy SHORT, married Lydia HARTLEY, 27, house maid, Ogdensburg NY, Stanley St. in Kingston, d/o John HARTLEY & Charlotte LEV--H., witn: David & Mary FITZGERALD of Ontario St., 6 Sept 1900 at Kingston
  #006628-00 - James DIXON, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Alex DIXON & Sarah CURSON, married Alice SLEETH, 25, Storrington, same, d/o George SLEETH & Maggie RITCHIE, witn: Adam SLEETH of Battersea & Mary BALLS of Sunbury, 30 Oct 1900 at Battersea
6477-00 Samuel DONALDSON, 24, malster, Ireland, Portsmouth, s/o William DONALDSON & Sarah Jane SMITH, married Jessie E. LAUDER, 25, England, Kingston, d/o James LAUDER & Mary SMITH, witn: Elton STORMS & Gertrude DONALDSON, both of Kingston, no date given, at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston 6479-00 John DOW, 28, book keeper, Scotland, Montreal, s/o Peter DOW & Margaret GRACY (Tracy?), married Mabel BRICKWOOD, 20, Kingston, same, d/o James BRICKWOOD & Annie FULLER, witn: J. E. B. GALLOWAY & Bertha AINSLIE, both of Kingston, 9 Sept 1900 at Kingston
#006349-00 - Julien Victor DUPONT, 23, traveller, Syracuse NY, Kingston, s/o Alphonse August DUPONT & Maria RORVAT?, married Ada May MacDOUGALL, 19, Ompah, same, d/o Charles MacDOUGALL & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: J.M. HOWIE of Kingston, 1 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006371-00 - Albert Stuart EVANS, 25, officer of Royal Engineers, Richmond Hill Ont., Crete (Europe), s/o Louis Hamilton EVANS & Blanche ARNOLD, married Annie Amelia NASH, 28, North Adams Mass., Kingston, d/o George Richard NASH & Margery McFARLAND, witn: Louis Charles EVANS of Toronto & Mabel RICHARDSON of Ottawa, 7 Feb 1900 at St. James Church, Kingston
6510-00 - Charles illegible FLINT, 21, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Charles FLINT & Mary Ann CRAWFORD, married Angelina F. WALSH, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Robert ANDERSON & Ellen CLARK, both of Kingston, 20 Dec 1900 at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston 6556-00 - William W. FREEMAN, 36, farmer, Loughboro, Wilmur, widower, s/o J. K. FREEMAN & Elizabeth S. GUTHRIE, married Winnie PETERS, 24, Loughboro, Wilmur, d/o George PETERS & Ann BABCOCK, witn: Thomas ARTHUR, Inverary & Laura FREEMAN, Wilmur, 18 Apr 1900 at Sydenham
#006624-00 - Herbert Edison GAGE, 33, medical student, Kingston twp., Kingston, s/o Richard GAGE & Janefer EDWARDS, married Ella B. EDWARDS, 30, Storrington twp., Kingston, d/o Thomas EDWARDS & Maria IRVINE, witn: Freeman WAUGH of Kingston & Edna SMYTH of Elginburg, 1 Aug 1900 at Storrington  
#006367-00 - William GALLAGHER, 22, laborer, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o John GALLAGHER & Jane SUMMERS, married Caroline Victoria SMITH, 20, Elginburg, Kingston, d/o John SMITH & Harriet ROBINSON, witn: Mrs. K. & James SMITH of Kingston, 1 Feb 1900 at Kingston 6345-00 William F. GALLOP, 31, farmer, Richmond twp., Kennebec twp., s/o Daniel GALLUP & Claracy D--SON, married Clara MILLER, 20, Kennebec twp., same, d/o Joseph MILLER & Mary Ann COX, witn: George MILLER of Arden & Millie COX of Mountain Grove, 26 Dec 1900
#006357-00 - John Walker GALLOWAY, 25, pressman, Partick Scotland, 73 Pine St. Kingston, s/o Thomas GALLOWAY & Margaret WALKER, married Margaret McKEE, 22, tailoress, Amherst Island, 75 Pine St. Kingston, d/o John McKEE & Eliz. ROBINSON, witn: John WALKER & Mary GALLOWAY of 73 Pine St., 17 Jan 1900 at Kingston 6333-00 - Henry GARRAH, 26, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Israel GARRAH & Mary OBERMAN, married Florence Agnes TURCOTT, 20, Howe Island, same, d/o James TURCOTT & Jane GREER, witn: Israel KEYES of Gananoque & Nellie JONES of Howe Island, 18 Jan 1900 at Gananoque (Rom Cath)
#006609-00 - Fred James GATES, 28, farmer, Kingston, Kingston twp., s/o William & Jemima, married Alice ALTON, 22, Portland, same, d/o Thomas & Anna, witn: James GATES of Kingston & Saitie? ALTON of Portland, 20 June 1900 at Portland twp #006621-00 - Robert GAY, 60, widower, farmer, Frontenac Co., North Dakota USA, s/o Robert GAY & Ann SHANNON, married Elizabeth TEEPELL, no age given, widow, Storrington, same, d/o Cornelius HUGHSON & Johanna LYON, witn: John & Rebecca KELLY of Sunbury, 22 Feb 1900 at Sunbury
006591-00 - Thomas GILLESPIE, 38, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o John GILLESPIE & Euphemia SHARK, married Willemina BREBNER, 38, Pittsburgh, same, d/o John BREBNER & Sarah BOWLES, witn: Thomas & Ethel HUNTER of Pittsburgh, 18 April 1900 at Pittsburgh 6474-00 Thomas Henry GOODISON, 48, merchant, Co. Wicklow Ireland, Streetsville, s/o not given, married Elizabeth Frances REDDICK, 38, widow, Kingston, same, d/o not given, witn: H. V. & Alice A. LYONS of Kingston, 28 Aug 1900 at Kingston
#006373-00 - John Robert GOODFELLOW, 29, teacher, Piccadilla - Godfrey Ont., same, s/o James GOODFELLOW & Susanna GILCHRIST, married Ada Mary CONNER, 22, teacher, Wolfe Island, 70 Charles St., d/o John W. CONNER & Martha KEYS, witn: Henry W. CONNER of 70 Charles St. & Laura M. RYDER of Kingston, 31 Jan 1900 at 70 Charles St., Kingston  
6476-00 Victor Lyall GOODWILL, 26, physician, Australia, Charlottetown, s/o John GOODWILL & Euphemia COOPER, married Florence Mabel REID, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Paul REID & Elizabeth BECK, witn: James HARGREAVES of Spring Hill NS & Jessie REID of Kingston, 19 Sept 1900 at Kingston 6505-00 - George Alexander GRAVES, 39, farmer, Pittsburg Ont., same, s/o Henry GRAVES & Cithey VANHORN, married Elizabeth MILTON, 29, Howe Island, same, d/o Thomas MILTON & Caroline ALLAN, witn: William A. VANHORN of Pittsburg & Carville MILTON of Kingston, 12 Dec 1900 at St. James Church, Kingston
6530-99 - Charles GREEN, of Kingston, s/o Henry Charles GREEN & Rebecca TURBIN, married Mary J. HICKEY, of Kingston, d/o Thomas HICKEY & Margaret CONEY, witn: Ronald MCDONALD & Ann F. HICKEY, blank, 14 Nov 1900 at Archbishop's Palace Kingston 663?-00 - John GREENWOOD, 23, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o George GREENWOOD & Sarah McGRATH, married Laura Jennette KANE, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William KANE & Marry Jane LAUGHLIN, witn: Maxime Leonard GREENWOOD & Georgina KANE, both of Wolfe Island, 26 Nov 1900 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
#007240-00 - Herbert George HANNAH, 27, farmer, Buffalo NY, Seneca, s/o William HANNAH & Maggie BARNES, married Ella Margaret GATES, 24, domestic, Wainfleet, Moulton, d/o James GATES & R. DAVIS, witn: Willoughby HANNAH (or Hannah WILLOUGHBY) of Seneca & Maryan GATES of Moulton, 26 Sept 1900 at Moulton 6343-00 Darnan HARTWICK, 22, farmer, Kennebec twp., same, s/o Millet HARTWICK & Eliza BOOMHOUR, married Martha LOUCKS, 19, Barrie twp., same, d/o Abram & Nancy, witn: W. H. & Nellie HARTWICK of Kennebec, 19 Oct 1900 at Arden
6503-00 - John Oscar HEATH, 24, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Peter HEATH & Bridget BRAY (or Cray?), married Elizabeth BEVERLY, 24, Ernestown, same, d/o John BEVERLY & Lucy ELLIOTT, witn: Annie R. BROWN & Lucy SEELEY, both of Kingston, 5 Dec 1900 at Kingston 6543-00 Robert HENDERSON, 37?, farmer, Canada, illegible, s/o Robert HENDERSON & blank McCLINTOCK, married Myra J. McKAY, 34, Canada, Kingston twp., d/o Angus McKAY & blank McGINNIS, witn: Albert? FINDLAY of Kingston & Marian HOWARD of Kingston twp., Oct 1900 at illegible
6526-00 - Thomas HENNESSEY, blank age, guard Kingston Penitentiary, Portsmouth, same, s/o Patrick HENNESSEY & Mary ROGERS, married Kathleen JASQUITH, blank age, Kingston, same, d/o Isaac JASQUITH & Isabella DONNELLY, witn: James & Mary JASQUITH, both of Kingston, 3 Oct 1900 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC #006597-00 - Henry A. HOLLAND, 25, store keeper, Kingston, same, s/o unknown, married Blanche PROVIS, 19, Kingston, same, d/o unknown, witn: Lydia HOLLAND & James GILMOUR, both of Kingston, 31 Jan 1900 at Portsmouth
6508-00 - Aberson HOPPINS, 53, widower, lumber agent, NY state, Kingston, s/o not given, married Bertha GERALDI, 32, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o not given, witn: James S. & Maria AUCHINVOLE? of Kingston, 19 Dec 1900 at Kingston 6339-00 Absalom HORNBECK, 25, farmer, Portland twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Nellie SNIDER, 19, Sheffield twp., Kennebec twp., d/o Charles SNIDER & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Ranson CLARK of Kennebec & Hattie HORNBECK of Sydenham, 30 April 1900 at Kennebec
6585-00 - William Henry HUGHES, 27, miner, Sherbrooke, Palmerston, s/o Patrick HUGHES & Annie LEGARY, married Adeline McCHESTNEY, 19, Dalhousie, Palmerston, d/o William PAUL & Janet McCHESTNEY, witn: Joseph illegible & Mary McPHEE, both of Dalhousie, 28 Nov 1900 at Snow Road, Palmerston #006592-00 - Thomas H. HUNTER, 24, blacksmith, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Richard HUNTER & Jane HAMILTON, married Ethel BREBNER, 24, Pittsburgh, same, d/o John BREBNER & Sarah BOWLES, witn: Thomas & Willemina GILLESPIE of Pittsburgh, 18 April 1900 at Pittsburgh
#006354-00 - Robert JACKSON, 25, commercial traveller, Lawrence Mass., Kingston, s/o James JACKSON & Elizabeth LOOMIS, married Mary A. KEHL, 22, Kingston, same, d/o John KEHL & Ellen DEVANE, witn: Henry J. KEHL & Helen P. DWYER, both of Kingston, 15 Jan 1900 at Kingston (Rom Cath) #006992-01 - William L. JACKSON, 20, Collins Bay, Kingston, b, iron worker, s/o George JACKSON & Jane SMITH, married Catharine J. BAILEY, 21, Kingston, same, s, d/o Charles BAILEY & Catharine J. KNIGHT, witn: W.J. DRISCOLL, Hannah DRISCOLL, both Kingston, 6 December 1900, Kingston
#006589-00 - Anderson JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Henry JOHNSTON & Mary Ann LUCY, married Ida Jane BELL, 20, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Thomas BELL & Sarah WILSON, witn: William H. LUCY & Maggie BELL, both of Pittsburgh, 21 March 1900 at Pittsburgh #007242-00 - Oscar JONES, 25, farmer, Gainsboro, Moulton, s/o George W. JONES & Mary DISHER, married Asia V. FURRY, 22, Low Banks, same, d/o. Barbara L. & W. Nelson FURRY, witn: David A. FURRY of Low Banks & Clara JONES of Moulton, 25 Dec 1900 at Low Banks
6532-00 - James R. KEATING, 26, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, s/o Patrick KEATING & Sarah O'NEILL, married Mary CAMPION, 23, seamstress, Kingston, same, William CAMPION, & Agnes WHELAN, witn: Michael LAWLESS & Susan CAMPION, both of Kingston, 26 Nov 1900 at Kingston, RC 6527-00 - John KEHOE, labourer, of Kingston, s/o John KEHOE & Mary FLANAGAN, married Ann WILLIAMS, of Kingston, d/o Samuel WILLIAMS & Eliza SCOTT, witn: William MURPHY & Eliza BURKE, both of Kingston, 4 Oct 1900 at Archbishop's Palace Kingston,
  6311-00 - Caleb KELLAR, 28, farmer, Elzever twp., same, s/o Simon & not given, married Mary McKIM, 18, Kaladar twp., same, d/o John McKIM & Maria CONNORS, witn: David & Ella HARTLEY of Cloyne, 17 Sept 1900 at Cloyne
6486-00 William George KELLEY, 26, physician, Kingston, Bay City Mich, s/o Isaac KELLEY & Susan FAWCETT, married Florence C. LANDERYON (Landeryou?), 20, Kingston, same, d/o John LANDERYON & Charlotte MATTHEWS, witn: Ambrose E. ILETT of Watertown NY & Nettie KELLEY of Kingston, 17 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6537-00 - Thomas Arthur KEMP, 32, dairy man, Kingston, Kingston twp., s/o George & Mary, married Florence Ethel BOLTON, 22, Cataraqui, Kingston twp., d/o John BOLTON & Martha BRIDGE, witn: George BOLTON of Kingston twp & illegible QUEEN of Kingston, 10 April 1900 at res of bride's father, Kingston twp
#006614-00 - Thomas A. KERR, 24, farmer, Portland, same, s/o John KERR & Sarah GALBRAITH, married Ella BRADFORD, 21, Portland, same, d/o Thomas BRADFORD, farmer, & Elizabeth WHITHY, witn: Ida KERR & E.M. PERLY, both of Portland, 21 Nov 1900 at Harrowsmith #006601-00 - Perley W. KIELL, 37, cook, Wolfe Island, Michigan, s/o Alexander & Eliza, married Jennie B. McMASTER, 36, Ireland, Collins Bay, d/o Francis & Eliza, witn: Bruce KIELL of Collins Bay & Ellen McMASTER of Kingston, 21 Aug 1900 at Portsmouth
#006579-00 - Henry LAKE, 26, laborer, Oso twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann CARDINAL, 17, Darling twp., Calabogie, d/o Israel CARDINAL & Sarah DONNER?, witn: John GRAHAM & Sarah LAKE of Oso twp., 25 Sept 1900 at Oso  
#006355-00 - Dolor LAMARCHE, 25, "telyraphist", Montreal, Kingston, s/o Baptiste LAMARCHE & Philomene CARON, married Ellen SULLIVAN, 22, dry goods clerk, Kingston, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Margaret BOGAN?, witn: George LAMARCHE of Montreal & Margaret SULLIVAN of Kingston, 15 Jan 1900 at St. James Chapel, Kingston (Rom Cath) 6516-00 - Joseph LAPAGE, 26, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Alexander LAPAGE & Eliza PATEAU, married Kate PRONOVOST, 20, seamstress, Kingston, same, d/o Hubert PROVONOST & Eliza JANS?, witn: Joseph PARADI & Joseph LALONDE, both of Kingston, 21 May 1900 at Kingston (Rom Cath)
6524-00 - Louis LAPLANTE, weaver, s/o Louis LAPLANTE & Delina DESROCHES, married Ellen DOYLE, born in Kingston, d/o Patrick DOYLE & Mary SHEEHAN, witn: blank, blank, 15 Aug 1900 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC [no other info] 6595-00 - Michael LAPPIN, 25, farmer, Lansdown, same, s/o Patrick LAPPIN & Mary DONOVAN, married Alice O’HEARNE, 21, South Lake, same, d/o John O’HEARNE & Mary CANOY, witn: James McDONALD of Howe Island & Minnie O’HEARNE of South Lake, 18 Sept 1900 at St. Barnabys, Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)
#006580-00 - Henry LARMON, 28, farmer, Oso twp., same, s/o James LARMON & Sarah CHAMBERS, married Matilda Ann YOUNG, 25, Oso twp., same, d/o Charles YOUNG & Matilda GREEL, witn: Elijah CHAMBERS & Mary B. YOUNG, both of Zealand, 31 Oct 1900 at Zealand  
7167-01 - Judson LEACH, 32, machinist, Loughboro, same, s/o not given, married Eleanor STONESS, 27, of Loughboro, d/o not given, 4 Dec 1900 at Wilmer 6470-00 George Edward LEADER, 25, tailor, Barriefield, 288 Barrie St. Kingston, s/o Edward LEADER & Sarah BUSHEL, married Charlotte WOODS, 25, Cushendall, Pittsburg, d/o Walter WOODS & Elizabeth TONER, witn: John DERRY & Edith J. LEADER, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1900 at Kingston
6517-00 - James J. LECKIE, 24, laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o unknown, married Mary SHORT, 22, seamstress, Loughboro, Kingston, d/o Edward & Margaret, witn: Henry & Adelia SHORT of Kingston, 7 June 1900 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath) #006606-00 - John Wilson LEEMAN, 23, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Stewart & Melissa, married Annie JOHNSON, 24, domestic, Kingston, same, d/o Hugh JOHNSON & Mary KERNS, witn: W.A. REYNOLDS & E.H. SNOOK, both of Verona, 13 Jan 1900 at Verona
  6507-00 - William Thomas LEEVERS, 24, plumber Garden Island, Kingston, s/o Robert LEEVERS & Lizzie KENNEDY, married Olive WILSON, 23, Ernestown, Kingston, d/o John WILSON & Ann SWITZER, witn: E. CAMPTON of Kingston & Eva CAMPTON of 16 Main St., 12 Dec 1900 at 16 Main St., Kingston
6550-00 Andrew M. LILLIS, 28, farmer, Canada, Kingston twp., s/o Andrew LILLIS & Mary WALKER, married Charlotte SMITH, 23, Canada, Kingston twp., d/o Joseph SMITH & Jane FAIR, witn: Sherman G. & Olivia PAWLEY of Kingston, 19 Dec 1900 at Cataraqui 6553-00 - Henry LINDSAY, 26, farmer, Opinicon, same, s/o Samuel LINDSAY & Mariah JOHNSTON, married Jane SLACK, 27, Sydenham, Perth Road, d/o Wm SLACK & Jane ALTON, witn: Hattie BABCOCK, Perth Road & Albert RUTTAN, Watertown N.Y., 31 Jan 1900, Perth Road
#006576-00 - Alex LOVE, 28, laborer, Flower Station, Calabogie, s/o Robert LOVE & Jane HART, married Martha JACKSON, 21, Flower Station, same, d/o Marshall JACKSON & Agnes BOLTEN, witn: Alex WEBB of Smith Falls & Carrie JACKSON of Flower Station, 27 March 1900 at Sharbot Lake  
6342-00 Orval E. LOYST, 22, laborer, Kennebec twp., s/o Peter LOYST & Emily WOODCOCK, married Margaret ARNEY, 18, Kennebec twp., same, d/o John ARNEY & Eliza JOHNSON, witn: Minnie NEVILLE & Effie ALEXANDER, both of Arden, 26 Sept 1900 at Arden #006352-00 - James Wood MACLEAN, 34, clergyman, Inverness-shire Scotland, Kirkhill Ont., s/o Donald John MACLEAN & Ellen WOOD, married Georgina Annie HUDGINS, 32, Picton, Kingston, d/o George HUDGINS & Mary SMITH, witn: M.A. MacKINNON of Kingston & Rosamond MacDONALD of Kingston, 10 Jan 1900 at Kingston
6514-00 - Henry MACKOW, 28, miller, Ernestown, Kingston twp., s/o Jacob MACKOW & Winifred O’NEILL, married Emma DAY, 20, Kingston twp., same, d/o Johnson DAY & Eliza EAMONS, witn: Francis DONOVAN of Watertown NY & Nora SMITH of Kingston, 24 Dec 1900 at 193 Albert St., Kingston 6488-00 Uriah John MARSH, 26, engineer, Collins Bay, Cleveland Ohio, s/o George MARSH & Eliza WATERS, married Millicent Beatrice ILETT, 27, Kingston, same, d/o John ILETT & Eliza WALKER, witn: F. S. MARSH & A. RANKIN, both of Collins Bay, 25 Oct 1900 at Kingston
6469-00 Philip Harry MARSHALL, 22, farm laborer, Leeds England, Storrington twp., s/o John & unknown, married Sarah Jane BOROKER, 25, house keeper, Leeds England, Storrington twp., d/o Charles BOROKER & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs. C. L. BASS & Mrs. D. LAING, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1900 at Kingston 7209-01 - John E. MARTIN, 72, widower, farmer, Portland, Verona, s/o Elijah MARTIN & Thankful BABCOCK, married Hannah SNIDER, 62, widow, Portland, Verona, d/o Joseph HERT & Eliza CARPENTER, witn: George & Susan BENN of Verona, 9 Dec 1900 at Verona
  #006612-00 - Miles N. MARTIN, 22, farmer, Portland, Sydenham, s/o Garnet MARTIN & Hannah ASHBY, married Emma SCALES, 19, domestic, Verona, same, d/o George SCALES & Mary A. HAYMAN, witn: Charles H. & Florence MARTIN of Harrowsmith, 3 Oct 1900 at Verona
6485-00 Percy Clark MAXWELL, 24, farmer, Sharpton, same, s/o Robert MAXWELL & Hannah LOUCKS, married Gertrude KEYES, 24, Kingston, Kingston twp., d/o Andrew KEYES & Jane NICHOL, witn: Mrs. Charles LIVINGSTON & Mrs. Alex LAIRD, both of Kingston, 10 Aug 1900 at Kingston 6496-00 - Louis Herbert MAY, 29, marine insurance, Rhode Island, New York, s/o Joseph MAY & Florida MITCHEN?, married Clara Maud BRITTON, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Byron M. BRITTON & Mary HORTON, witn: George L. BOOT of Brooklyn & Elizabeth BRITTON of Kingston, 17 Oct 1900 at Kingston
6520-00 - Andrew McCONVILLE, 24, medical student, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas McCONVILLE & Ann COLLEN, married Mary B. MULLEN, 23, tailoress, Kingston, same, d/o James MULLEN & Ann GARVIN, witn: James MULLEN & Mary A. ALDERDICE, both of Kingston, 9 July 1900 at St. James Chapel, Kingston 6500-00 - Charles McCORMACK, 24, piano maker, Milburn Ont., Kingston, s/o Thomas McCORMACK & Mary SLEETH, married Emily YOUNG, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Alexander YOUNG & Jane LEAR, witn: John H. DERRY & Jennie YOUNG, both of Kingston, 24 Nov 1900 at Kingston
#006581-00 - Joseph McCOY, 28, farmer, Oso twp., same, s/o Arthur & Catherine, married Victoria Margaret McMILLEN, 28, North Augusta, Oso twp., d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Isaac McMILLEN of Bathurst & Janey McCOY of Oso twp., 9 Nov 1900 at Oso 6491-00 Francis McCULLOUGH, 22, laborer, Napanee, Kingston, s/o Charles McCULLOUGH & Martha Ann SAGER, married Winnifred Florence CASWELL, 19, domestic, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o Robert CASWELL & Margaret SMITH, witn: George McCULLOUGH & Louisa FITZGERALD, both of Kingston, 3 Nov 1900 at Kingston
663?-00 - James McDONAGH, 42, mechanic, Perth, same, s/o William McDONAGH & Margaret KANE, married Ellen MURPHY, 40, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Terence MURPHY & Mary KARNEY, witn: John MURPHY of Wolfe Island & Rose Mary O’REILLY of Railton, 21 Feb 1900 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 6314-00 - Alex McDONALD, 28, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Alex McDONALD & Ellen LAFLEUR, married Elizabeth BEDARD, 20, Bedford, same, d/o Edward BEDARD, farmer, & Ellen FRANSLEY, witn: Archibald McDONALD of Wolfe Island & Catherine BEDARD of Bedford, 26 Feb 1900 at Sacred Heart RC Church, Bedford
#006353-00 - Reuben McFADDEN, 39, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o William McFADDEN & Annie RATTRAY, married Mary GORDON, 19, Kirkcudbright Scotland, Kingston, d/o Robert GORDON & Jane McMICHAEL, witn: Henry HALLIDAY & Chula MILES, both of Wolfe Island, 10 Jan. 1900 at Kingston 7172-01 - A. McFADDEN, 29, farmer, Loughboro, Perth Road, s/o James McFADDEN & Ellen MADDEN, married A. FERGUSON, 23, Battersea, Inverary, d/o G.W. FERGUSON & Alice KNAPP, witn: R.J. McFADDEN of Loughboro & Florence M. FERGUSON of Inverary, 4 April 1900 at Loughboro
6495-00 - William A. McILROY, 27, clergyman, Kingston, Williamsburgh twp., s/o Wright McILROY & Ann E. BARRON, married Thora D. TRACEY, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Francis TRACEY & Annie J. JONES, witn: Thurlow FRASER & Annie J. TRACEY, both of Kingston, 9 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6538-00 - John McIVER, 25, farmer, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, s/o James McIVER & Mary Ann ANDERSON, married Sarah Jane STRACHAN, 28, Glenvale - Kingston twp, Toledo Ohio, d/o John STRACHAN & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Robert McKIVER (sic) of Hinchinbrooke & Emily STRACHAN of Toledo Ohio, 27 June 1900 at Kingston twp
6332-00 - John Isaac McMILLAN, 28, farmer, Cloyne, Wagarville, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Olivia COLE, married Catherine Maria STORMS, 20, Markham, Wagarville, d/o James Nelson STORMS & Minerva Caroline CHAMPSIDE, witn: William A. WAGAR & Margaret STORMS, both of Wagarville, 5 Sept 1900 at Wagarville #006587-00 - Charles McNAMEE, 26, laborer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Patrick R. McNAMEE & Mary Ann HYNES, married Sarah Elen BURNASH, 21, Brewers Mills, same, d/o Francis BURNASH & Mary Ann MAXWELL, witn: Richard J. MUSHMORE of Kingston & Frances McNAMEE of Lansdowne, 15 Jan 1900 at St. Barnabys RC Church, Brewers Mills
#006577-00 - John James McPHERSON, 21, yeoman, Oso twp., same, s/o Alex McPHERSON & Maggie TOMLINSON, married Clara Bell KIRKWOOD, 18, South Ca-- Quebec, Oso twp., d/o Jas. or Jos. W. KIRKWOOD & Mary Ellen BALFOUR, witn: Robert A. & Alma KIRKWOOD of Sharbot Lake, 14 Feb 1900 at Sharbot Lake 6313-00 - Robert Stewart McTAVISH, 32, farmer, Balderson – Lanark Co., same, s/o Howard & Margaret, married Emily Isabella PERRY, 30, Barrie twp., same, d/o John PERRY & Harriet CARSCALLEN, witn: Mowat PERRY of Perth & Ida MITCHELL of Barrie twp., 26 Dec 1900 at Barrie twp
6468-00 Allen J. MEIKLEJOHN, 30, teacher, Rawdon twp., St. Thomas, s/o William MEIKLEJOHN & Harriet REID, married Rose C. McCARTNEY, 29, Kingston, same, d/o John McCARTNEY & Mary MOSDELL, witn: J. A. MACDONNELL of Montreal & Gertrude ANGLIN of Kingston, 29 Aug 1900 at Kingston #006610-00 - John D. MIDDLETON, 21, farmer, Crow Lake, same, s/o Schuyler & Jane, married Sarah CORNWALL, 18, Bedford, same, d/o Daniel CORNWALL & Mary A. GORIL?, witn: John DOWDELL & Sarah MIDDLETON, both of Bedford, 2 May 1900 at Verona
6596-00 - John Henry MILLIONS, 31, farmer, Kingston twp., Pittsburgh, s/o George W. MILLIONS & Sarah A. RAYMOND, married Alice Maud BRASH, 22, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Robert BRASH & Sarah GRAVES, witn Melville MILLIONS & Emma C. BRASH, both of Pittsburgh, 5 Dec 1900 at Pittsburgh #006600-00 - James H. MITCHELL, 41, banker, unknown, Montreal, s/o William MITCHELL & Mary McKENZIE, married Florence HARVEY, 34, unknown, Kingston, d/o John HARVEY & Ann HUGHES, witn: William HARVEY of Kingston & Ellen F. CARTWRIGHT of Portsmouth, 3 July 1900 at Portsmouth
#006621-00 - J.R. MOORE, 24, merchant, Sydenham, same, s/o Joseph MOORE & Elizabeth CALDWELL, married Frances FERGUSON, 25, Inverary, same, d/o William FERGUSON & Rosilla CHILTON, witn: W.W. SANDS of Kingston & E.B. MOORE of Sydenham, 28 Feb 1900 at Inverary #006622-00 - David James MOORE, 22, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Charles MOORE & Emily JACKSON, married Eva WELCH, 23, Clear Lake, S. Crosby, d/o John WELCH & Sarah ROSSULL, witn: Charles H. MOORE of Battersea & Victoria M. EVANS of Portsmouth, 20 June 1900 at Battersea
#006365-00 - John William MULHALL, 24, knitter, Waterford NY, Peterborough, s/o James MULHALL & Hannah PURCELL, married Bertha May DOUGHERTY, 18, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Margaret McINTOSH, witn: Jean HANES? & Nellie McHANEY, both of Kingston, 27 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006588-00 - James A. MURPHY, 30, farmer, widower, Pittsburgh, Lambton Co., s/o William MURPHY & Rachel RICH, married Harriet Ann STOLIKER, 20, Pittsburgh, Frontenac, d/o Isaac STOLIKER & Hannah McCALPIN, witn: John MURPHY of Pittsburgh & Maggie TURCOT of Howe Island, 6 March 1900 at Pittsburgh
6523-00 - James J. MURPHY, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o Wilham MURPHY & Jane MAGUIRE, married Lenora BATES, blank age, Kingston, blank, d/o Daniel BATES & Mary E. DESROCHES, witn: Thomas & Sarah MURPHY, both of Kingston, 7 Aug 1900 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 6529-00 - William MURPHY, blank age, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o James MURPHY & Jane TWOMEY, married Eliza BURKE, blank age, domestic, Kingston, same, d/o Michael BURKE & Catherine FARRELL, witn: John & Ann KEHOE, both of Kingston, 29 Oct 1900 at Archbishop's Palace Kingston, RC
#006363-00 - Francis Dobbs NICHOLSON, 31, carpenter, Portsmouth, same, s/o John NICHOLSON & Mary A. HENNING (or Kenning), married Maggie Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 27, Montreal, Kingston, d/o William JOHNSTON & Margaret FORD, witn: Oliver CHORON & Mrs. Jennie ANGLIN, both of Kingston, 17 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006347-00 - Peter Norman NISSEN, 28, mining engineer, New York, Wawa - Algoma, s/o George H. NISSEN & Lavina LITCH, married Louisa Mair RICHMOND, 31, Lindsay, Kingston, d/o James RICHMOND & Jane MAIR, witn: Mary W. RICHMOND of Kingston & Julius M. NISSEN of Brooklyn, 6 Jan 1900 at Kingston
6519-00 - Joseph V. NOLAN, 32, sailor, Kingston, same, s/o Michael NOLAN & Margaret BYRNE, married Margaret HAGERTY, 26, telephone operator, Kingston, same, d/o David HAGERTY & Margaret DONOVAN, 8 July 1900 [possibly 1899] at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath) 6515-00 - Michael NOLAN, 28, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Michael NOLAN & Margaret VERDON, married Louisa TOPHAM (Tophew?), 26, 26, seamstress, Kingston, same, d/o John TOPHAM & Philomene PARENT, witn: Charles NOLAN & Susan TOPHAM, both of Kingston, 22 March 1900 at Kingston (Rom Cath)
6336-00 - Thomas NORIS, no age, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Thomas NORIS & Bridget COXE, married Mary BULGER, no age, Gananoque, same, d/o James BULGER & Jane DONOUGH, witn: Francis NORIS of Kingston & Francis BULGER of Gananoque, no date given, 1900 at no location given, probably Howe Island (Rom Cath)  
#006369-00 - Robert William NORTH, 22, painter, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, s/o Frederick NORTH & Margaret illegible (Holden? Gordon?), married Nellie MULLER, 20, Barriefield, same, d/o George MULLER & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Charles HIGGINS of Kingston & Sarah GRAHAM of Portsmouth, 5 Feb 1900 at St. James Church, Kingston 6497-00 - Michael O'BRIEN, 24, farmer, Manchester NY, same, s/o Michael O'BRIEN & Ellen ROGAN, married Ora BARRETT, 20, Manchester NY, same, d/o Carl (Pearl?) BARRETT & Arwilda BABCOCK, witn: S. M. ELLIOTT & S. TOMLINSON, both of Kingston, 1 Nov 1900 at Kingston
#006366-00 - Alfred PARKER, 28, machine hand, Kingston, Division St. in Kingston, s/o Thomas PARKER & Elizabeth BAKER, married Fanny SMITH, 30, Sunbury, Rideau St. in Kingston, d/o James SMITH & Mary Ann SPOONER, witn: Clarence WHEELER & Margaret MURPHY, both of Kingston, 31 Jan 1900 at Rideau St., Kingston #006608-00 - Wesley PERO, 22, farmer, Portland, Verona, s/o Henry PERO & Margaret BABCOCK, married Margaret BABCOCK, 20, Hinchenbrook, same, d/o Israel BABCOCK & Aymas BRIDGEN, witn: Eli BADOIR & Mary KELLY, both of Harrowsmith, 3 March 1900 at Harrowsmith
6315-00 - George PETERS, 25, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o John PETERS & Ellen DENNIS, married Mary CONNORS, 25, Bedford, same, d/o Michael O’CONNOR, farmer, & Jane MURRAY, witn: Edward FITZGERALD & Martha O’CONNOR, both of Bedford, 24 April 1900 at Sacred Heart RC Church, Bedford #006348-00 - Henry John POLLETT, 26, soldier, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Maggie SIMONS, 23, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o Robert SIMONS & Eliza McGILL, witn: J. & Bertha SIMONS of Kingston, 3 Jan 1900 at 392 Alfred St., Kingston
#006364-00 - John POTTER, 24, butcher, Portsmouth, same, s/o Joseph POTTER & Sarah Hegg? LEE, married Mary Frances MARCHAND, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Edward MARCHAND & Elizabeth PERRY, witn: Agnes & Edith McMORINE of Kingston, 22 Jan 1900 at Kingston 6522-00 - Hubert O. PREVOST, 22, dry goods merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Zotique PREVOST & Jane GOLLETTE, married Ethel FRAYLAND, 20, tailoress, Kingston, same, d/o Bernard FRAYLAND & Teresa REEVES, witn; Ollie & Ida PREVOST, both of Kingston, 6 Aug 1900 at The Palace, Kingston
6475-00 William T. PRITTIE (Prettie?), 32, minister, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas PRITTIE & Agnes MATTHEWS, married Mary Ethel MANN, 27, Bathurst NB, blank, d/o William MANN & Margaret FALCONER, witn: William A. McILROY of N. Williamsburg & Mabel J. MANN of Kingston, 18 Sept 1900 at Kingston 6473-00 Edwin A. PUTNAM, 29, baker, Merrickville, Seeleys Bay, s/o William PUTNAM & Martha ROBESON, married Bertha SWEET, 29, Lyndhurst, same, d/o Merrell SWEET & Edith HICOCK, witn: Nellie B. & T. BROWN of 193 Albert St., 28 Aug 1900 at Kingston
#006359-00 - William John RANDALL, 27, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o George RANDALL & Maggie CAIRNS, married Louisa Ann BENNETT, 17, Storrington twp., Kingston, d/o Wilbert BENNETT & Maggie MOORE, witn: John A. AGNEW & Marion M. TARRANT?, both of Kingston, 3 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006991-01 - Foster D. REED, 20, Russell NY, Watertown NY, b, teamster, s/o Frank REED & Ella STEWART, married Stella L. JACKSON, 22, Battersea Ont, Watertown NY, s, d/o Andrew JACKSON & Maria ORR, witn: S. M. ELLIOTT, S. TOMILNSON, both Kingston, 5 December 1900, Kingston
6494-00 - Robert H. RICHEY, 23, miller, Ernestown, same, s/o Harris RICHEY & Emily CONNELL (or Cornell), married Nellie WATTS, 22, London England, Kingston, d/o William S. WATTS & Annie TAMBLIN?, witn: F.S. DYON & Lucy SEELEY, both of Kingston, 7 Nov 1900 at Kingston #006368-00 - James RICHARDSON, 33, soldier RCA, widower, Toronto, Kingston, s/o James RICHARDSON & Fanny GILL, married Julia BURKE, 36, widow, Elgin Canada, Kingston, d/o James SIMMONS & Angela WARREN, witn: Isabel FRASER & Edith SMYTHE, both of Kingston, 22 Jan 1900 at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston
6554-00 - John ROBB, 26, farmer, Ont, Loughboro, s/o James ROBB & Annie GORDON, married Grace Jane HENRY, 27, Ont, same d/o David HENRY & Emmaline FREEMAN, witn: Jos. James. ROBB, Storrington & Laura M. FREEMAN, Loughboro, 7 Feb 1900, Loughboro #006593-00 - Oliver John ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Lennox Co., Frontenac, s/o Ceylorn? ROBINSON & Harriet McMEN, married Ella E. McADOO, 25, Frontenac, same, d/o Oliver McADOO & Hannah CLARK, witn: Melvil THOMPSON & Violet GUNSTON, both of Kingston, 22 March 1900 at Pittsburgh
  #007241-00 - William H. ROCKLEY, 34, farmer, Thorold twp., Moulton, s/o Thomas ROCKLEY & Charlotte RICE, married Agnes Lisetta ALLEN, 24, Moulton, same, d/o Millard F. ALLEN & Cynthia FRANKLIN, witn: Robert CASE of Wainfleet & Clara ALLEN of Moulton, 21 Nov 1900 at Moulton
6467-000 Daniel J. SALSBURY, 52, merchant, NY state, Syracuse NY, s/o Daniel SALSBURY & Effie KEITCH, married Rosa FARRELL, 45, NY state, same, d/o Daniel FARRELL & Rosa CAWFIELD, witn: C. E. & Ada GERMAN of London, 28 Aug 1900 at Kingston 6513-00 - William John SAUNDERS, 25, teacher, Kingston, Pembroke, s/o John Orson? SAUNDERS & Mary Meecham CAINES, married Ellen Rosa Elizabeth Stamford MARSH, 28, teacher, Inverary, Kingston, d/o John William MARSH & Sarah BURGESS, witn: George H. SAUNDERS & Sarah E. MARSH, both of Kingston, 27 Dec 1900 at St. James Church, Kingston
6481-00 George SCHRODT, 43, widower, farmer, Orleans NY, Black River NY, s/o Michael SCHRODT & Mary ECKER, married Ellen LACOUFF, 42, widow, New Richmond Quebec, same, d/o Joseph LACOUFF & Mary FLAHERTY, witn: S. A. & V. D. MITCHELL of Kingston, 9 Sept 1900 at Kingston (Rom Cath) 6483-00 William Christian SCHULTZ, 22, contractor, Brantford, same, s/o Henry Albert SCHULTZ & Susan PEARCE, married Lillian E. GOWDY, 23, Kingston, same, d/o James GOWDY & Margaret GASKEN, witn: Robert J. & Margaret GASKEN of Kingston, 26 Sept 1900 at Kingston
6478-00 James SCULLION, 24, laborer, Brewers Mills, Kingston, s/o Hugh SCULLION & Elizabeth CASSIDY, married Mary Ann SPOONER, 24, Glenburnie, Kingston, d/o Daniel SPOONER & Eliza CONNERS, witn: D. J. ALBERTSON & Elizabeth A. SPOONER, both of Kingston, 24 Sept 1900 at St. James Church, Kingston #006602-00 - Thomas A. SEALE, 19, carpenter, Kingston, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Emma MITCHELL, 18, Kingston, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: M.L. MITCHELL & Charles N. WOODROW, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1900 at Portsmouth
#006346-00 - Thomas Isaiah SEYMOUR, 42, boiler maker, Portsmouth, same, s/o William SEYMOUR & Amelia BEAUPRE, married Emma J. LOSEE, 37, Collins Bay, Kingston, d/o John LOSEE & Cordelia HESS, witn: Lucy SEELEY of Kingston, 1 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006627-00 - Robert SHANNON, 26, farmer, Sunbury, same, s/o Robert SHANNON & Mary GAY, married Nancy Emily LOUCKS, 21, Keelerville, same, d/o George H. LOUCKS & Ann Jane HURLEY, witn: George E. & Mrs. George CLARK of Keelerville, 10 Oct 1900 at Keelerville
#006575-00 - William Delbert SHAW, 35, widower, yeoman, Wingham, Oso twp., s/o Frederick SHAW & Mary BARSON?, married Alice Jane LEWIS, 17, Bedford twp., same, d/o Hugh LEWIS & Harriet CAMPBELL, witn: William & Eliza CAMPBELL of Bedford, 10 June 1900 at Sharbot Lake 6548-00 George SHEPPARD, 22, yeoman, Kingston, same, s/o Edward SHEPPARD & Maggie SPOONER, married Maud SMITH, 19, Kingston twp., same, d/o James SMITH & Elenor GATES, witn: William JACKSON of Elginburg & Annie SMITH of Westbrook, 31 Dec 1900 at Kingston twp.
6487-00 Wilbert SIMPSON, 30, civil service, of Ottawa, s/o Adam Beck SIMPSON & Jenny RUSSELL, married Annie Radford DRUMMOND, 28, matron in hospital, High Bluffs Man., Ottawa, d/o John A.A. DRUMMOND & Eladie? D. FENSIDE?, witn: Harold N. & Kathleen A. DRUMMOND of Kingston, 15 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6541-00 - William Arlington SMITH, 26, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o James & Elinor, married Lydia Helen JACKSON, 29, Kingston twp., same, d/o William JACKSON & Jane SPOONER, witn: Wilbert C. JACKSON of Elginburgh & Annie SMITH of Westbrook, 18 April 1900 at Elginburgh
#006360-00 - Benjamin SMITH, 21, laborer, Pittsburg twp., Portsmouth, s/o Benjamin SMITH & Margaret McARRY, married Ruth Olive BENNETT, 15, Storrington twp., Kingston, d/o Wilbert BENNETT & Margaret MOORE, witn: William J. & Louisa Ann RANDALL of Kingston, 10 Jan 1900 at Kingston #006350-00 - Joseph SMITH, 21, cigar maker, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph SMITH & Annie LAWLESS, married Gertrude St.ANDREW, 21, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o Abraham St.ANDREW & Matilda HONSERYDER, witn: Joseph St.ANDREW of Kingston, 8 Jan 1900 at Kingston
6501-00 - Joseph T?. SOLES, 24, currier, Kingston, same, s/o Van--? SOLES & Matilda FOX, married Harriet A. HASTINGS, 21, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o William HASTINGS & Harriet HILL, witn: C.A. CHAPMAN & E. HUME, both of Kingston, 30 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6542-00 William SPOONER, 26, express clerk, Canada, Montreal, s/o Charles N. SPOONER & Mary DUFF, married Hattie E. PAPE, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o John J. PAPE & Clara DAWSON, witn: R. S. GAULETTE of Montreal & Nettie H. VEAL of Kingston, 2 Oct 1900 at Kingston twp
  6585-00 - William SPROULE, 21, yeoman, Co Donegal Ireland, Palmerston, s/o Robert SPROULE & Isabella JOHNSON, married Emma Ellen RYDER, 18, Palmerston, same, d/o J. RYDER & Christine CAMPBELL, witn: S. Hubert PILKINGTON & Rose CRITCHLEY, both of Ompah, 3 Dec 1900 at All Saints Church, Ompah
6589-00 Frank Darwin STATA, 25, barber, Ogdensburg NY, Morrisburg, illegitimate s/o Alice STATA, married Allie Mary REID, 23, Glenburnie, Kingston, d/o John REID & blank RED--?, witn: George BURDETTE of 4 Richmond Square & Nellie STATA of Kingston, 22 Oct 1900 at Kingston 6535-00 - William Henry STORMS, 42, widower, railroader, Ernestown twp., Collins Bay, s/o William STORMS & Clara REDDAN, married Martha Ann CRONK, 36, widow, Olden twp., same, d/o Jacob [no surname given] & Jane YORK, witn: Sarah & Mattie ROBESON of Cataraqui, 21 March 1900 at Cataraqui
#006351-00 - Ezra A. STRAUSSER, 28, clothing merchant, Canada, not given, s/o George & Catherine, married Emma KNOX, 27, Canada, not given, d/o Uriah & Harriet Mariah, witn: Ernest KNOX & Helen ALLEN, 1 Jan 1900 at Kingston  
6484-00 Robert D. SUTHERLAND, 26, accountant, Kingston, same, s/o Malcolm S. SUTHERLAND & Isabel FENWICK, married Edith Annie SMYTHE, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Ed H. SMYTHE & Eliza WILKINSON, witn: Ida M. SUTHERLAND of Kingston E. H. SMYTHE, 30 Sept 1900 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston 6525-00 - James TANGHER, 23, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o James TANGHER & Margaret CONLEY, married Kathleen O'NEILL, 20, Kingston, same, d/o James O'NEILL & Margaret NAYLON, witn: blank, blank, 22 Sept 1900 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
6466-00 James S. TAYLOR, 23, book keeper, NY City, Watertown, s/o Lymenus B. TAYLOR & Nattie M. PALMER, married Maude E. CARTER, 21, Lowville NY, Watertown, d/o George W. CARTER & Susan C. WATERS, witn: Susan C. SHIBLEY of Kingston, 3 Sept 1900 at Kingston 6344-00 Daniel THOMPSON, 45, widower, laborer, Sheffield twp., Kennebec twp., s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Catherine KNIFF (Kruff?), 24, Kennebec twp., same, d/o Philip KNIFF & Charity KELLER, witn: Sanford THOMPSON & Addie KNIFF, both of Kennebec, 14 Nov 1900 at Arden
6312-00 - Edward Wilson THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Kennebec twp., Barrie twp., s/o James THOMPSON & Eliza Jane WOOD, married Sinthy KING, 17, Barrie twp., same, d/o John KING & Martha THOMPSON, witn: Frank & Harriett VENNESS of Barrie twp., 27 Sept 1900 at Barrie twp #006617-00 - Franklin TROUSDALE, 24, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Thomas TROUSDALE & Olive J. FREEMAN, married Margaret H. MEDCALF, 24, Portland, same, d/o John MEDCALF & Eliza J. ROWE, witn: Fred TROUSDALE & Mary MEDCALF, both of Holliford, 25 Dec 1900 at Holliford
#006358-00 - Allen Edgar VANALSTINE, 38, widower, section foreman, Cataraqui, Kingston, s/o Isaac VANALSTINE & Jane MASON, married Maggie Jane HARPELL, 43, widow, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o John FERGUSON & Nancy Charlotte HEWSON?, witn: Robert WILSON of Welstead - Leeds Co., & Hanna FERGUSON of Inverary - Frontenac Co., 16 Jan 1900 at 422 Johnston St., Kingston #006594-00 - James VANALSTINE, 33, farmer, widower, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Marvin VANALSTINE & Sarah Ann McNEICE, married Annie SEABROOK, 20, Pittsburgh, same, d/o William SEABROOK & Eliza LEE, witn: Mrs. G. PECK & M.L. OLIVER, both of Pittsburgh, 20 June 1900 at Pittsburgh
#006623-00 - Benjamin VANHOOSER, 27, miner, Bedford, Loboro, s/o Joseph VANHOOSER & Rachel BABCOCK, married Lucretia M. MILLS, 25, Loboro, same, d/o Charles & Emaline, witn: Victor D. YORK & Charlotte CURSON, both of Battersea, 4 July 1900 at Battersea 6551-00 - Harry B. VANLUVEN, 20, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Aaron VANLUVEN & Charlotte MARTIN, married Maud KEMK?, 20, blank, blank, d/o George KEMK? & Mary SHALES, witn: Elwood LAWSON & A.G LAWLOR, both of Sydenham, 3 Jan 1900 at Sydenham
#006599-00 - Charles Nelson VEALE, 25, plumber, Kingston, same, s/o Elijah VEALE & May MAWS, married Annie PUGH, 22, Cornwall, Portsmouth, d/o Thomas PUGH & Sarah J. McMULLEN, witn: Joseph E. PUGH of Portsmouth & Emma VEALE of Kingston, 29 June 1900 at Portsmouth  
6482-00 Elias John WAGAR, 27, farmer, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, s/o Philip WAGAR & Aurora JACKSON, married Amelia McCUMBER, 18, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, d/o William McCUMBER & Mary WAGAR, witn: William REYNOLDS of Sharbot Lake & Jennie McCUMBER of Wagarville, 26 Sept 1900 at Kingston 6471-00 Alfred William WATTS, 27, market gardener, Portsmouth, same, s/o Samuel Nelson WATTS & Annie NELSON, married Minnie illegible ROBINSON, 22, Lyndhurst, Portsmouth, d/o Crylon ROBINSON & Harriet McEWEN, witn: Harvey J. MILNE & Fanny WATTS, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1900 at Kingston
#006574-00 - Alex WEBB, 21, moulder, Ompah, Smith Falls, s/o Alfred WEB & Maggie BARTRAM, married Carrie JACKSON, 24, Flower Station, same, d/o Marshall JACKSON & Agnes BOLTEN, witn: Alex LOVE & Martha JACKSON, both of Flower Station, 17 March 1900 at Sharbot Lake #006583-00 - Thomas Edward WEBSTER, 22, farmer, Newboro, Oso twp., s/o Thomas WEBSTER & Alice MARSTON, married Anastasia GRANT, 22, Oso twp., same, d/o Abraham GRANT & Louise McPHERSON, witn: Richard BURKE & Louise E. GRANT, both of Oso twp., 31 Dec 1900 at Christs Church, Oso
663?-00 - Matthew WELSH, 26, laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o John WELSH & Ellen WILMOT, married Mary HENNESY, 27, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William HENNESY & Rosetta MULVEHILL?, witn: Mich & Rosetta HENNESY of Wolfe Island, 10 Sept 1900 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 6316-00 - Freeman WHEN, 28, laborer, Bedford, Olden, s/o Andrew WHEN & Elizabeth BURLEY, married Mable BONNOR, 16, Bedford, same, d/o Mathew BONNER, farmer, & Susan WILCOX, witn: James WHEN of Sharbot Lake & Mary BONNOR of Tichburn, Aug 15, 1900 at Tichburn
6492-00 John Edwin WILMOT, 27, jeweller, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o Nathaniel WILMOT & Frances PATERSON, married Nellie M. MAHOOD, 26, Kingston, same, d/o William MAHOOD & Elizabeth ROUTLEY, witn: W. J. GRAHAM & Isabel MAHOOD, both of Kingston, 7 Nov 1900 at Kingston #006362-00 - George James WILSON, 28, soldier, St. Catharines, Springfield Mass., s/o George WILSON & Mary Ann McLEAN, married Lyla Martha GOULD, 30, Northampton Mass., same, d/o Charles C. GOULD & Mary Jane FULLER, witn: H.H. WILSON of St. Catharines & M.A. RUDD of Kingston, 10 Jan 1900 at Kingston
#006630-00 - Samuel WOODS, 38, farmer, Pittsburg, same, s/o Walter WOODS & Elizabeth TONER, married Fanny PATTERSON, 25, Storrington, same, d/o John PATTERSON & Elizabeth HANLEY, witn: Thomas PATTERSON of Sunbury & Emma WOODS of Pittsburg, 21 Nov 1900 at Battersea 6960-01 (Frontenac Co) Irwin YOUNG, 23, farmer, Richmond twp., same, s/o William & Sarah, married Minnie KELLAR, 19, Kennebec twp., same, d/o George C. KELLAR & Hannah BARKER, witn: Charles MORTON? Of Kaledar & May KELLAR of Dead Creek, 26 Dec 1900 at Arden