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Frontenac Co., 1905

birth place is given before residence


8938-06 Clarence AMEY, 32, Farmer, Loughborough Tp., same, s/o Adam AMEY & Mercy SWITZER, married Lottie M. SHIBLEY, 27, Portland, same, d/o James B. SHIBLEY & Margaret DONNELY. Witn Clifford RUTLEGE of Sydenham & Anna SHIBLEY of Harrowsmith, on 26 Oct., 1905, at Harrowsmith. 8923-05 Richard ARTHUR, 34, farmer, Battersea, Inverary, s/o John ARTHUR & Eliza HERN, married Annetta MORELAND, 27, Sunbury, same, d/o James MORELAND & Jane REID, witn: A.E. FREEMAN of Inverary & Jessie L. REID of Kingston, 13 Dec 1905 at Sunbury
8684-05 Francis Alexander ATKINS, 23, army service corps, Kingston, same, s/o William H. ATKINS & Mary REILLY, married Evelyne RICHARDSON, 20, Wilbur, same (may have been crossed out), d/o Jonathan RICHARDSON & Jessie MACK, witn: Victor ATKINS & Mary MACDONALD, both of Kingston, 26 April 1905 at Kingston 8626-05 Thomas ATKINSON, no age, Farmer, Perth Lanark Co., Palmerston Tp., s/o (blank), married Rebecca ELLIOT, no age, Palmerston, same, d/o (blank). Witn Otto GORR & Mrs. A. WOOD, both of Plevna, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Plevna
8888-05 Fredrick AYLESWORTH, 21, Carpenter, Ont., Olden, s/o George AYLESWORTH & Cathrine McCRIMMON, married Georgina BERTRAM, 18, Domestic, Ont., Hinchenbrooke, d/o Alex. BERTRAM & Ella JELLY. Witn May GUNTER & Ella JELLY, both of Verona, on 27 Feb., 1905, at Verona. 8889-05 Stanley BABCOCK, 30, farmer, Ont., Holleford, s/o Benson BABCOCK & Henriett REVELL, married Susie BABCOCK, 20, Domestic, Ont., Holleford, d/o George T. BABCOCK & Mary ALPORT. Witn Fred. TROUSDALE & Minnie TAYLOR, both of Hartingdon, on 15 Apr., 1905, at Harrowsmith.
8824-05 Ernst BABCOCK, 22, Mail Carrier, Loughborough, same, s/o Cyrenus BABCOCK & Julia YOUNG, married Maggie CLAUGH (Clough?), 23, Storrington, same, d/o Fred. CLAUGH & Cath. GUTHRIE. Witn Schyler SLACK & Ella RITCHIE, both of Loughborough, on 21 June, 1905, at Loughborough. 8854-05 Edward BADOUR, 25, Farmer, Bathurst Tp., Palmerston Tp., s/o Alexander BADOUR & Margaret CODY, married Mabel EGGLESTON, 18, Syracuse N.Y., Olden, d/o Wallace EGGLESTON & Emily FISK. Witn Arthur WHITE of Clarendon Tp., & Mary HALL of Oso Tp., on 05 June, 1905, at Sharbot Lake
8855-05 Thomas F. BADOUR, 19, Labourer, Oso Tp., same, s/o Simon BADOUR & Mary CODY, married Jane COMMADORE, 21, Oso Tp., same, d/o Waldron COMMADORE & Melissa REYNOLDS. Witn Wilbert PEPPARD of Parham & Lucinda COMMADORE of Hinchenbrooke, on 29 May, 1905, at Tp. Oso. 8857-05  Alex BADOUR, 26, (blank), Tp. Clarendon, Tp. Palmerston, s/o Alexander BADOUR & Mary GODFREY, married Lottie Eliza LAICKE, 18, Tp. Clarendon, same, d/o John LAICKE & Julia LEMAY. witn Harold THOMMS (?) (Thomans?), & Mary HALL, both of Sharbot Lake, on 04 (illegible), 1905, at Sharbot Lake.
8666-05 Thomas BAILEY, 22, stoker, Kingston, same, s/o Charles BAILEY & Catherine KNIGHT, married Lena FELTZ, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Philip FELTZ & Agnes REID, witn: George BYRON & Sarah BAILEY, both of Kingston, 25 Jan 1905 at Union St. Baptist Church, Kingston 8872-05 James BARRETT, 41, Farmer, Barriefield, same, s/o Henry BARRETT & Ellen HICKEY, married Catherine KEENAN (Kunan?), 33, Tp. Kingston, same, d/o Thomas KEENAN & Anne HYDE. Witn Edward BARRETT of Barriefield & Elizabeth KUNAN of Tp. Kingston, on 22 Feb., 1905, at Kingston Mills.
8819-05 Joseph E. BARRETT, 22, Carpenter, Loughborough, same, s/o Charles BARRETT & Eva Ann BABCOCK, married Emma A. GREEN, 19, Loughborough, same, d/o George GREEN & Elizabeth SLACK. Witn S. W. BRAWLEY & Mary C. GREEN, both of Loughborough, on 04 Jan., 1905, at Sydenham 8832-05 Henry N. BEARANCE, 22, Farmer, Elginburg, same, s/o William J. BEARANCE & Emily BRIGHT, married Mary E. KENNEDY, 23, Loughborough, same, d/o Robert KENNEDY & Harriet GORENGER (Gallinger?). Witn Henry BEARANCE of Elginburg & Flossie ORR of Sydenham, on 25 Oct., 1905, at Sydenham.
8813-05 Eugene BEAUPRE, 25, (blank), Kingston, same, s/o Renigins (?) BEAUPRE & Harriet SPROLE?, mar. Emmabel Isabella MUDIE (s/b Moodey?), 30, Kingston, same, d/o John MUDIE & Elizabeth OCKLEY (Oakley?). Witn David DOWSLEY of Kingston & Evelyn STALEY of Wolfe Island, on 11 Nov., 1905, at Kingston. 8883-05 William BLAKE, 21, Sailor, Barriefield, same, s/o Francis BLAKE & Margaret CLARK, married Jennie HORNE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John HORNE & Janet WILSON. Witn Frank BLAKE of Barriefield & Mary Louisa OLSEN of Kingston, on 27 Dec., 1905, at St. Mark's Church, Barriefield.
8633-05 Harvey W. BOOMHOUR,, 28, farmer, Kennebec twp., same, s/o Andrew & Eliza nee CLARK, married Florence COX, 21, Portland twp., Kennebec twp., d/o David & Mary Ann nee TROTTER, witn: Ross COX of Kennebec & Willie GREEN of Arden, 22 March 1905 at Arden 8635-05 Wilson BOOMHOUR, 28, Farmer, Twp. Kennebec, same, s/o James BOOMHOUR & Amanda SCHOOLCRAFT, married Huldah WOOD, 18, Kennebec, same, d/o David WOOD & Mary J. KNIFF. Witn G. W. (?) THOMPSON & Mrs. G. W. THOMPSON, both of Elm Tree, on 05 July, 1905, at Elm Tree.
  009920-07 (Frontenac) John BOWER, 22, farmer, Seeleys Bay, Pittsburgh s/o John P. BOWER & A.E. STAFFORD married Elsie SUTHERLAND, 21, homework, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh d/o A.J. SUTHERLAND & Miss HARRIS wtn: W.E. BOWER & Delia SUTHERLAND both of Pittsburgh, 3 August 1905 at Seeleys Bay
8738-05 Percy Roblin BRADLEY, 26, Student, Eddistone Ont., Kingston Ont., s/o Witney BRADLEY & Sarah ROBLIN, mar. Gertrude Pearl WILLIAMS, 18, Domestic, London Eng., Kingston Ont., d/o Not Known. Witn F. D. BRADLEY & Mrs. Eva BRADLEY, both of Kingston, on 10 May, 1905, at Kingston. 8687-05 Harold BRADSHAW, 21, knitter, Queensborough - Hastings Co., Kingston, s/o Thomas BRADSHAW & Synthia Margaret DELYEA, married Mary Maude ROBINSON, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Mary Ellen MADSON?, witn: Melville ROBINSON & Pearl BRADSHAW, both of Kingston, 26 April 1905 at Kingston
8826-05 William BRAWLEY, 26, Farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o William Jas. BRAWLEY & Hannah SILVER, married Alberta JACQUETTE, 19, Delta, same, d/o William JACQUETTE & Mary SPAFFORD. Witn Mrs. H. BRAWLEY & H. BRAWLEY, both of Sydenham, on 19 July, 1905, at Sydenham. 8620-05 Patrick BREEN, 29, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Jeremiah BREEN & Mary O'CASY, married Mary LENNON, 25, Farmers Daughter, Mountain Grove, same, d/o James LENNON & Ellen HICKEY. Witn Thomas BREEN of Bedford & Sarah LENNON of Hinchenbrooke, on 01 Mar., 1905, at Sacred Heart Church, Bedford.
8927-05 David Alexander BRECKENRIDGE, 28, blacksmith, Lansdowne, Pittsburg twp., s/o Hugh BRECKENRIDGE & Jane ATHSON, married Jane Elizabeth MacDONALD, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William B. MacDONALD & Alzina RATTARY, witn: George & Gertrude MacDONALD of Wolfe Island, 16 Aug 1905 at Wolfe Island 8900-05 Richard James BROOKS, 26, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o Wellington BROOKS & Rosana DERM (s/b Dunn?), married Bertha Perl HUFFMAN, 23, Farmers Daughter, Portland, Moscow, d/o Hiram HUFFMAN & Cathrine RICHY (s/b Ritchie?). Witn W. C. BRADFORD of Portland, & Annie HUFFMAN of Moscow, on 25 July, 1905, at Harrowsmith.
8874-05 John Henry BROWN, 27, Farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Robert BROWN & Grace COLGHBURN (?), married Janet JACKSON, 22, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Robert Edward JACKSON & Ellen BOWES. Witn John Bowes JACKSON & Laura BROWN, both of Pittsburgh, on 21 June, 1905, at Pittsburgh 8655-05 Alfred Arlington Aubin BURDETTE, 20, butcher, Michigan US, Kingston, s/o John Aubin BURDETTE & Caroline E. ELMER, married Nina Belle CUMMINGS, 18, Gananoque, same, d/o Reilly CUMMINGS & Almira HOWE, witn: Susie & A. KIRKWOOD of Kingston, 12 Jan 1905 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
8916-05 William A. CAIRD, 34, farmer, Jones Falls, Battersea, s/o Sidney W. CAIRD & Rachel RANSIER, married Agnes CONVERY, 19, Storrington, same, d/o William CONVERY & Sarah Jane VANCOUGHNET, witn: Mrs. G. A. BELL & Martha HOGAN, both of Battersea, 22 Feb 1905 at Battersea 8689-05 William Franklin CARL, 27, laborer, of Glen Hollow - Leeds Co., s/o Richard CARL & Nancy MORGAN, married Jennie COATE, 22, of Frontenac Ont., d/o Oliver COATE & Maria WATSON, witn: William COATE & Nellie FOLEY, both of Kingston, 29 April 1905 at Kingston
8930-05 Stanley CASSELL, 21, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Stanley CASSELL & Susan FARGO, married Gertrude Catherine BOSWELL, 22, servant, Gloucestershire England, Wolfe Island, d/o Charles BOSWELL & Mary Louise BURDOCK, witn: David MATICE & Nina THORNE, both of Wolfe Island, 4 Dec 1905 at Wolfe Island 8898-05 Sherman CAVERLY, 29, Clerk, Muskika, Kingston, s/o George CAVERLY & Martha SPARREL (s/b Sproule ?), married Emma BURNETT, 28, Domestic, Portland, same, d/o J. M. BURNETT & Anneta GRANT. Witn Archy BRADSHAW & Rhoda BRADSHAW, both of Harrowsmith, on 06 July, 1905, at Harrowsmith.
8737-05 Perry Bloor CHOWN, 27, Merchant, Kingston Ont., same, s/o Alfred F. CHOWN & Nellie BLOOR, mar. Myrtle May NORRIS, 25, Kingston, same, d/o William Henry NORRIS & Annie DILLON. Witn James E. DILLON & Lulu E. ROBINSON, both of Kingston, on 01 Aug., 1905, at Kingston.  
8695-05 James Edward CHRISLEY, 29, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Patrick CHRISLEY & Ann ROGEY? (Bogey?), married Bertha JACKSON, 19, Battersea, same, d/o Hiram JACKSON & Mariah YEATMAN, witn: F. C. FOLLICK & G. WILSON, both of Kingston, 24 May 1905 at Kingston 8913-05 Thomas CHRISSLEY, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Patrick CHRISSLEY & Ann KEYS, married Grace WILLIAMS, 21, Battersea, same, d/o Noxon WILLIAMS & Ida VANLUVEN, witn: George BATES of Watertown NY & Mrs. G. A. BELL of Battersea, 11 Jan 1905 at Battersea
8688-05 John Edwin CLARK, 36, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o John CLARK & Clara READ, married Georgiana Mary WATTS, 31, Kingston twp., Kingston, d/o Henry & Jane WATTS, witn: James D. & Emma BREBNER of Willetsholme, 26 April 1905 at Kingston 8838-05 Wesley CLARK, 36, Widower, Railway Employee, Tp. Portland, Kingston Ont., s/o Sidney CLARK & Mary Jane WATSON, married Eliza CARR, 31, Spinster, Camden, Olden, d/o James CARR & Annie MARTIN. Witn William JOHNSTON of Olden & Debbie CARR of Portland, on 19 Apr., 1905, at Olden.
8820-05 William CLOUGH, 36, Farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Fred CLOUGH & Cath. GUTHRIE, married Jessie A. THOMPSON, 36, (blank), Loughborough, d/o James THOMPSON & Margaret BARR. Witn (off page) GUTHRIE & Tilli (?) HENSSON (?), both of Loughborough, on 11 Jan., 1905, at Loughborough. 8909-05 Henry Edward CONNOLLY, 39, Machinist, London Eng., Peterborough, s/o Henry CONNOLLY & Susannah BOSTOCK, married Sarah Mabel ARTHURS, 35, Domestic, Portsmouth, same, d/o Robert ARTHURS & Elizabeth ORR. Witn Jethro GRAHAM & Sarah FORD, both of Portsmouth, on 08 June, 1905, at Portsmouth.
8862-05 Darius COOK, 21, laborer, Clarendon, same, s/o Ira COOK & Eliza GREY, married Ella Guy HUGHES, 18, Playfair, Mississippi, d/o Patrick HUGHES & Janet SHANKS, witn: Martin McPHEE of Snow Road & Gertie HUGHES of Mississippi, 17 Jan 1905 at Mississippi 8864-05 James CORNELIUS, 27, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o John CORNELIUS & Elizabeth SHAW, married Annie McKINNON, 27, seamstress, Dalhousie, Mississippi, d/o Hugh McKINNON & Mary DICKSON, witn: Alex FLETT of Kingston & Minnie McKINNON of Mississippi, 19 June 1905 at Mississippi Station
  8935-05 James Dufferin COSGROVE, 24, agent, Railton, Wolfe Island, s/o James Thomas COSGROVE & Bridget HOGAN, married Mary Louise SPOOR, 21, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Richard J. SPOOR & Catherine BEAUPRE, witn: Leopold SPOOR of Wolfe Island & Laura COSGROVE of Railton, 18 July 1905 at Wolfe Island
8806-05 William COWAN, 22, Shovel Handler, Gananoque, same, s/o Harrison COWAN & Dorotha BROWN, mar. Minnie STEVENSON, 22, Hastings Co., Gananoque, d/o Norman (?) STEVENSON & Matilda SHIPMAN. Witn Mary LEARY & Ella MANNING, both of Kingston, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Kingston. 8842-05 J. Franklin COX, 27, Farmer, Olden, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margaret PRICE, 21, Olden, same, d/o M. W. PRICE & Annie SANDERSON. Witn William J. COX & Minnie (?) McDONALD, both of Olden, on 10 May, 1905, at Olden.
8742-05 William F. CRAWFORD, 31, Minister of the Gospel, Glasgow Scotland, Chesterville Ont., s/o Robert CRAWFORD & Elizabeth FLEMING, mar. Gertrude S. DUNBAR, 29, Kingston, same, d/o John DUNBAR & Susan STEWART. Witn W. H. MEDLEY & Maud H. DUNBAR, both of Kingston, on 23 Aug., 1905, at Kingston. 8685-05 Henry Sharpe CRUMLEY, 40, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Hugh C. CRUMLEY & Mary SHARPE, married Edna Margaret MOORE, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Edward M. MOORE & Jemima WATT, witn: Edwin MOORE & Alma E. MUNDELL, both of Kingston, 26 April 1905 at Kingston
8915-04 Orra CUMPSON, 27, farmer, Leland, Lacombe NWT, s/o John CUMPSON & Marinda KELLER, married Emma E. SMITH, 19, Kingston, Leland, d/o Ira D. SMITH & Elizabeth PATRICK, witn: Georgia CUMPSON of Kingston & John G. SMITH of Leland, 2 Feb 1905 at Leland 8907-05 Albert CURL, 23, Barber, Colebrook, Portland, s/o Edward CURL & Marry CURL, married Phebe CURL, 19, Farmers Daughter, Portland, same, d/o James CURL & Phebe CURL. Witn Lizzie CURL & Edith GRANT, both of Verona, on 04 Dec., 1905, at Verona.
8920-05 Harry A. DARLING, 27, farmer, Pittsburg, Storrington, s/o Noble DARLING & Elizabeth SPAFFORD, married Lottie M. SPOONER, 22, Storrington, same, d/o Hiram SPOONER & Elizabeth WALTERS, witn: Charley DARLING & Myrtle SPOONER, both of Storrington, 5 Sept 1905 at Latimer 8625-05 Erastus Elmer DAVY, 18, Labourer, Clarendon, same, s/o Harwell DAVY & Mary VANCOUGHNETT, married Violetta Maria WARD, 18, Servant, Clarendon, same, d/o James WARD & Amelia FLEILER. Witn Edward J. WARD & Hanna WARD, both of Clarendon, on 07 Nov., 1905, at Ardoch.
8744-05 Edward Charles DEAN, 37, Widower, Journalist, Kingston, same, s/o William DEAN & Margaret CASSIDY, mar. Marrianne BLACK, 36, Spinster, Portrush (?) Antrim Ireland, Kingston, d/o James BLACK & Mary McGRANAGHAN. Witn Mary DOUGLAS & Rebecca R. BLACK, both of Kingston, on 31 Aug., 1905, at Kingston. 8653-05 Richard George DENNISON, 22, malster, Kingston, same, s/o James DENNISON & Martha MARKS, married May Claire JENKIN, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Charles H. JENKIN & Mary V. LINDSAY, witn: A. E. KENNEDY & Edna JENKIN, both of Kingston, 9 Jan 1905 at Kingston
8747-05 Henry DERRYAW, 23, Mariner, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Chaneols (?) DARRYAW (sic) & Mary EVES, mar. Mablel ADAIR, 26, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o David ADAIR & Aloiza VANALSTINE. Witn Richard CUNNINGHAM & Ethel ADAIR, both of Kingston, on 06 Sept., 1905, at Kingston. 8871-05 Robert Alex. DONALDSON, 23, Farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o John DONALDSON & Isabella MILNE, married Ella Amanda McLEAN, 18, Farmers Daughter, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Daniel McLEAN & Grace A. M. A. RUTTAN. Witn John A. HUTTON & Ladie McLEAN, both of Pittsburgh, on 08 Feb., 1905, at Front Road, Pittsburgh.
8850-05 William Ephraim DONNELLY, 27, Farmer, Oso, Zealand, s/o John DONNELLY & Margaret GRAVES, married Mary HUGHES, 27, Oso, same, d/o James HUGHES & Barbara McDOUGAL. Witn Joseph CHAMBERS & Annie GILMOUR, both of Oso, on 01 Mar., 1905, at Sharbot Lake. 8846-05 Robert Edgar (?) DOYLE, 25, Farmer, Richmond Co. Lennox, Napanee, s/o James DOYLE & Charlotte McPHARLAND, married A. Nellie HAINES, 18, at home, Kennebec, same, d/o George HAINES & Rosie BOOMHOWER. Witn Fred. George DOYLE of Kingsford & J. Blanche HAINES of Kennebec, on 27 Sept., 1905, at Olden.
8867-05 Thomas DRISCOLL, 32, Farming (?), Howe Island, same, s/o John DRISCOLL & Margaret WISEMAN, married Frances Margaret MARSHALL, 21, House Work, South Lake, same, d/o Joseph MARSHALL & Emily DUDDOW. Witn Charles DRISCOLL of Howe Island & Aggie MARSHALL of Gananoque, on 16 Jan., 1905, at Brewers Mills. 8910-05 George Thomas EVANS, 25, Laborer, Crandall Eng., Kingston, s/o William EVANS & Caroline PERRY, married Ellen Mary JOHNSON, 21, (blank), Kingston, same, d/o O. G. JOHNSON & not given. Witn William H. HYNDS of Kingston & Cath. E. CRISP of Portsmouth, on 15 June, 1905, at Portsmouth.
8856-05 Alexander FERGUSON, 35, Farmer, Oso Tp., same, s/o Donald FERGUSON & Margaret McDONALD, married Margaret DONNALLY, 26, Tp. Oso, same, d/o John DONNALLY & Margaret GRAHAM. Witn Donald McDOUGAL of Palmerston Tp., & Alma DONNALLY of Oso Tp., on 13 June, 1905, at Oso Tp. 8784-05 Nellis Urquhart FERGUSON, 34, Civil Engineer, Kingston, same, s/o George (?) D. FERGUSON & Mary McDONALD, mar. Ida McMaster SUTHERLAND, 33, Kingston, same, d/o Malcolm (?) S. SUTHERLAND & Isabel H. FENWICK. Witn M. Stuart SUTHERLAND of Tara Ont. & Alice KING of Kingston, on 04 Oct., 1905, at Kingston.
8792-05 William Edgar FILLSON, 24, Engineer, New York City, Kingston Ont., s/o Robert FILLSON & Delilah PEARLEY, mar. Jessie Allen COLLINS, 28, (illegible), Kingston, d/o Job COLLINS & Sarah WHITCHURST. Witn Louie (?) (Lane?) KNIGHT & Ella MANNING, both of Kingston, on 19 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8823-05 John FITZMARTIN, 39, Farmer, Napanee, Deseronto, s/o Simon FITZMARTIN & Ann McMAHON, married Catharine McAULEY, 39, Loughborough, same, d/o Francis McAULEY & Rose MURPHY. Witn S. FITZMARTIN of Napanee & Mary GANGE of Sydenham, on 06 June, 1905, at Railton.
8908-05 Herbert FLOWER, 34, Attendant Asq. or Asg., Stone Stafford, Portsmouth, s/o Thomas FLOWER & Jane Taylor (?), married Martha PALMATIER, 30, Domestic, Kennebec, Kingston, d/o Jacob PALMATIER & Eliz. LARIEBY. Witn Jas. McMASTER & Mabel ARTHURS, both of Portsmouth, on 10 May, 1905, at Portsmouth. 8802-05 James FRANCIS, 21, Cheese Maker, Norfolk Eng., Kingston, s/o George FRANCIS & Elizabeth HOWLET, mar. Julia Anita CARROL, 20, South Fredericksburgh, Kingston, d/o Thomas CARROL & Lucy LLOYD. Witn Mary LEARY & Ella MANNING, both of Kingston, on 14 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8890-05 Eddie FREEMAN, 23, Farmer, Hartingdon, Clayton N.Y., s/o J. E. FREEMAN & Mary COLLINS, married Rilla WOOD, 19, Domestic, Ont., Hartingdon, d/o J. C. WOOD & Josie MORRISON. Witn Fred. TROUSDALE & Minnie TAYLOR, both of Hartingdon, on 12 Aprl, 1905, at Hartington. 8921-05 Thomas FREEMAN, 48, farmer, Battersea, same, s/o Thomas FREEMAN & E. COMMODORE, married Cornelia BURRELL, 44, Texas, same, d/o J. BURRELL & blank, witn: A. & Mrs. A. CREGO of Sunbury, 28 Oct 1905 at Sunbury
  8893-05 W. A. GARRISON, 27, Farmer, Petworth, Camden, s/o Elias GARRISON & Mary CHALLEN, married Honora SNIDER, 25, Domestic, Ont., Piccadilly, d/o Sager SNIDER & Mary HARPER. Witn Etta AYLESWORTH & Stanley SNIDER, both of Verona, on 28 June, 1905, at Verona.
8662-05 Joseph GEORGE, 83, widower, Chester Co. PA, Kingston, s/o George Washington GEORGE & Maria HUNTZ, married Abba CARSCALLEN, 51, Newburg, same, d/o Archibald CARSCALLEN & Catherine SWITZER, witn: Peter O. & Mrs. Peter HOLMES of Odessa, 5 Jan 1905 at Kingston 8791-05 John Alfred GOODEARLE, 40, Widower, S. S. Manager, Kingston, same, s/o Humphrey GOODEARLE & Isabela CARMICHAEL, mar. Nellie M. WATSON, 25, Kingston, same, d/o John WATSON & Margaret MITCHELL. Witn Harriet WATSON of Kingston & H. A. BOWIE, M. D., of Odessa, on 07 Nov., 1905, at Kingston.
8886-05 Charles James GONRIE (?) (Gonce?), 25, Cheese Maker, Selby, same, s/o James GONRIE & Cathrine FILE, married Bertha REYNOLDS , 28, Farmers Daughter, Ont., same, d/o Charles REYNOLDS & Elizabeth BABCOCK. Witn Clare MEEKS & Emma REYNOLDS, both of Bellrock, on 21 Dec., 1905, at Oak Flats. 8621-05 John Wesley GRAY, 33, Train Dispatcher, Parham, Montreal, s/o Hugh GRAY & Caroline WILLIAMS, married Emily E. BRADSHAW, 22, School Teacher, Tichborne, same, d/o William J. BRADSHAW & Jane STINSON. Witn Lawrence A. CAMERON of Kingston & Mary BRADSHAW of Tichborne, on 20 Sept., 1905, at Tichborne.
9659-07 John GREEN, 25, laborer, Canada, Loughboro, s/o John GREEN & Susan VANCOUGHNET, married Laura Mabel WHALEN, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o Alfred WHALEN & Susan KERR, witn: John & Susan BURLEY of Kingston, 7 Nov 1905 at Kingston 8831-05 William I. GREEN, 25, Miner, Loughborough, same, s/o John GREEN & Susan VANCOUGHNET, married Mary Ellen GREEN, 24, Loughborough, Bedford, d/o David GREEN & Emiline VANCOUGHNET. Witn Ed. VANCOUGHNET & Lizzie VANCOUGHNET, both of Loughborough, on 25, Oct., 1905, at Sydenham.
8892-05 John GREEN, 23, Farmer, England, Petworth, s/o Unknown, married Maggie STORMS, 19, Domestic, Verona, same, d/o Secord STORMS & Mary ALBERTSON. Witn Willie STORMS & Katie STORMS, both of Verona, on 25 May, 1905, at Verona. 8746-05 William Avery GURNSEY, 30, Widower, Hotel Keeper, Purrepont (?) Manor N. Y., same, s/o Emmet Breyton GURNSEY & Ada ALLERTON, mar. Ada BECKWITH, 30, Widow, Tenerich (?) N. Y., Watertown N. Y., d/o John BECKWITH & Martha PACKSED (?). Witn Lewis CROUSE & Georginna CROUSE, both of Chammont (?) N. Y., on 09 Aug., 1905, at Kingston
. 8794-05 George HADDON, 59 (?), Widower, Grocer, Canada, Picton, s/o George HADDON & Maria WEST, mar. Agnes WELSH, 41 or 47, Canada, Picton, d/o Joseph WELSH & Susannah KRUSE (?). Witn William WELSH of Clarkson NY, & Agnes McCLELLAND of Picton, on 21 Nov., 1905, at Kingston. 8654-05 William HALL, 24, cigar maker, Kingston, same, s/o John HALL & Elizabeth SANDS?, married Mamie BENNETT, 21, NY state, Kingston, d/o Charles BENNETT & Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Mary & Robert A. LONG of Kingston, 11 Jan 1905 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
  9657-07 Albert Edward HARPER, 24, clerk, Canada, not given, s/o Henry HARPER & Mary DONNELLY, married Mary Ann CHAPMAN, 20, widow, Canada, not given, d/o Thomas FERRIS & Laura HOYE, witn: J. S. REID of Kingston & C. T?. LANCASTER of Wolfe Island, 21 Aug 1905 at St. Pauls, Kingston
8843-05 William Herson HARTWICK, 21, Farmer, Olden, same, s/o Nillett HARTWICK & Lizzie N. BOOMHOUR, married Agusta N. KELLAR, 18, at Home, Kennebec, same, d/o Benjamin KELLAR & Mary A. BARKER. Witn Damon HARTWICK of Olden & Nettie KELLAR of Olden Mtn. Grove, on 12 July, 1905, at Olden. 8796-05 Frederick HARTWICK, 23, Electrician, Portsmouth, Kingston, s/o John HARTWICK & Rebecca HAMILTON, mar. Miriam Elizabeth SMITH, 23, Portsmouth, (blank), d/o Thomas SMITH & (blank). Witn Harry POUND & Mrs. Harry POUND of Kingston, on 27 Nov., 1905, at Kingston.
8808-05 John James HAWLEY, 23, Farmer, Storrington Tp., same, s/o Christopher HAWLEY & Mary JOHNSTON, mar. Elizabeth BOAL, 25, Storrington Tp., same, d/o Robert James BOAL & Elizabeth MORROW. Witn Barbara LAIRD & Ethel ALFORD, both of Kingston, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Kingston. 8858-05 John HAWLEY, 21, Farmer, Oso Tp., Sharbot Lake, s/o William HAWLEY & Mary McGINNIS, married Elizabeth HUFFMAN, 21, Oso Tp., Sharbot Lake, d/o Cyrenes HUFFMAN & Margarett WAGER. Witn Jaseph BARR & Lillian McGINNIS, both of Oso Tp., on 04 Oct., 1905, at Oso Tp.
8624-05 Edward HAWS, 24, Farmer, Brewley Lake, same, s/o Stephen & Helen, married Myrtle Eveline THOMPSON, 18, Beech Corners, same, d/o Jeremiah & Carline. Witn Isiah Mulford THOMPSON & Rhoda Pricilla THOMPSON, both of Beech Corners, on 09 Aug., 1905, at Beech Corners.  
8614-05 George HEAD, 30, miner, Napanee, Barrie twp., s/o Henry HEAD & Harriet BONIFACE, married Isabella SALMOND, 19, Barrie twp., same, d/o William SALMOND & Mary McCAUSLAND, witn: George SALMOND of Barrie Twp & Gertrude PERRY of Reynoldston, 18 June 1905 at Cloyne 8688-05 Robert Allan HERRING, 21, agent, Costicook? Que. Montreal, s/o R. W. HERRING & Cora MOSHER, married Edith Blanch HARTMAN, 20, of Lennox Co., d/o David HARTMAN & Emily LASHER, witn: F. & William HARTMAN of Kingston, 28 April 1905 at Kingston
8859-05 Thomas HOLYWOOD, 21, Labourer, Oso Tp., same, s/o Thomas HOLYWOOD & Sarah VINKLE, married Julia Ann BADOUR, 17, Oso Tp., same, d/o Simon BADOUR & Mary E. CODY. Witn John REYNOLDS & Alice BADOUR, both of Oso Tp., on 17 Oct., 1905, at Sharbot Lake. 8904-05 Evertt HUFFMAN, 22, Farmer, Moscow, same, s/o Milo HUFFMAN & Jane HAMILTON, married Mable DOWKER (Douker?) 22, Farmers Daughter, Portland, same, d/o John DOWKER & Sabra PATTERSON. Witn Garnet HUFFMAN of Moscow & Tom PATTERSON of Camden East, on 06 Sept., 1905, at Hartington.
8851-05 Charles HUFFMAN, 26, Labourer, Portland Tp., Sharbot Lake, s/o Sirencis HUFFMAN & Margaret WAGAR, married Maggie KIMBERLEY, 18, Bathurst Tp., Sharbot Lake, d/o William KIMBERLEY & Martha ROBINSON. Witn John HAWLEY & Jennie KIMBERLEY, both of Sharbot Lake, on 19 Apr., 1905, at Sharbot Lake. 8880-05 William HYLAND, 25, Farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o William HYLAND & Mary Jane BURTON, married Elizabeth Ann WHITNEY, 20, Pittsburth, same, d/o Thompson WHITNEY & Mary Ann McLEAN. Witn Thomas HYLAND of Pittsburgh & Gladys RUTTAN of Barriefield, on 12 Sept., 1905, at Pittsburgh.
  8926-05 Byron IRVINE, 32, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Rich IRVINE & Maria M. MULLIN, married Rachel Alma NILES, 23, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John NILES & Jessie PURCIE, witn: Wallace W. NILES & Effie IRVINE, both of Wolfe Island, 8 Feb 1905 at Wolfe Island
8616-05 Thomas JACKSON, 29, Miner, England, Tp. Barrie, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Mary TAYLOR, married Leonora WOOD, 19, Tp. Kennebec, same, d/o George WOOD & Caroline PARK. Witn Lewis TURNER & Mrs. TURNER, both of Tp. Barrie, on 06 Dec., 1905, at Tp. Barrie. 8887-05 Henry JEFFREY, 61, Widower, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o James JEFFREY & Anna CHESTON, married Lorena LUDBROOK, 24, Spinster, Domestic, Verona, same, d/o Albert LUDBROOK & Ann SNIDER. Witn Victor SNIDER & Laura SNIDER, both of Verona, on 09 Feb., 1905, at Verona.
8793-05 Charles Percival JOHNS, 30 (?), Doctor, Bowmanville, Thornhill, s/o Thomas Henry JOHNS & Elizabeth Jane COLE, mar. Esther Amy SPARKS, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Robert Edward SPARKS & Esther Ann FEATHERSTONE. Witn John F. SPARKS of Kingston & Mabel LANG (?) of Toronto, on 01 Nov., 1905, at Kingston. 8750-05 Albert John JORDAN, 21, Shingle Packer, Burnt River, Lindsay, s/o John David JORDAN & Hannah Jane DODD, mar. Maggie Edith ANDREWS, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o John ANDREWS & Lois DEVAL. Witn John WALTON & Rosetta DIXON (?), both of Kingston, on 04 Sept., 1905, at Kingston.
8811-05 William John KACAG, 22, Farmer, Howe Island, Kingston, s/o Samuel KACAG & Jane KACAG, mar. Ethel SAUVE, 22, Seamstress, Howe Island, Kingston, d/o James SAUVE & Mary NAYLOR. Witn Johana NAYLOR & Katie MONAHAN, both of Kingston, on 02 Nov., 1905, at Kigston.  
8918-05 David Lyon KELLY, 22, blacksmith, Storrington, Kingston, s/o James B. KELLY & Catherine R. LYON, married Florence Luella PATTERSON, 19, Storrington, same, d/o William J. PATTERSON & Sarah J. TODD, witn: Ambrose & Ruby PATTERSON of Storrington, 26 April 1905 at Storrington 8870-05 Michael KELLY, 29, Farmer, South Lake, same, s/o Patrick KELLY & Ellen SIDLEY, married Ellen Loretta SHORTALL, 26, House Work, Brewers Mills, same, d/o James SHORTALL & Unetta FLANAGAN. Witn James KELLY of South Lake, & Etty SHORTALL of Brewers Mills, on 30 Jan., 1905, at St. Barnabys Church, Brewers Mills.
8830-05 Robert T. KENNEDY, 51, Widower, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Robert KENNEDY & Emma MOON, married Lydia A. GUESS, 49, Widow, Loughborough, same, d/o Charles DAVIS & Emeline FREEMAN. Witn Mrs. H. THOMAS & Minnie KENNEDY, both of Loughborough, on 11 Oct., 1905, at Loughborough. 8665-05 Thomas Alexander KEYES, 30, confectioner, Wolfe Island, Montreal, s/o William KEYES & Elizabeth FAWCETT, married Inez Harriet BAILEY, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Ethan B. BAILEY & Catherine GARDINER, witn: William KEYES of Toronto & Bertha BAILEY of Kingston, 30 Jan 1905 at Kingston
  8619-05 Fred. William KNIGHT, 31 (?), Labourer, Smiths Falls, Crow Lake, s/o William KNIGHT & Ophelia KNIGHT, married Hattie Ida BARKER, 19, Farmers Daughter, Bedford, Tp. Bedford, d/o Nash BARKER & Jane BARR. Witn Eli BARKER & Christianna THOMPSON, both of Bedford, on 02 Jan., 1905, at Bedford.
8911-05 Edwin A. LACKEY, 37, Painter, Alexander Bay, Watertown, s/o Moses H. LACKEY & Erzilia SIMPSON, married Janet ARNOLD, 38, (blank), Ottawa, Watertown, d/o John M. ARNOLD & Almira SHADDOCK. Witn Bert SYMONDS of Kingston & Florence McKIE of Portsmouth, on 11 Sept., 1905, at Portsmouth. 8848-05 John W. LAIDLEY, 32, Telegrapher, Olden, same, s/o Alfred LAIDLEY & Issabel GODFREY, married Maggie McKNIGHT, 23, Dress Maker, Sheffield - Addington, Olden, d/o Robert McKNIGHT & Jane EVANS. Witn W. A. McKNIGHT of Olden & Harriet LAIDLEY of Winnipeg Man., on 13 Dec., 1905, at Olden.
8905-05 Jean Baptiste LaMONTAGNE, 25, Soldier, Rimouski, Kingston, s/o Jean LaMONTAGUE & Maria St.PETER?, married Agnes M. KILANE, 24, Domestic, England, Kingston, d/o J. Joseph KILANE & Agnes CONNERS. Witn Jean MILLIGAN & Jessie MILLIGAN, both of Harrowsmith, on 08 Sept., 1905, at Harrowsmith. 9651-07 William Wallace LANDS, 33, Physician, Canada, Kingston, s/o George LANDS & Sarah McCONNELL, married Margaret J. GODKIN, 33, Kingston, same, d/o John GODKIN & Mary McALISTER. Witn R. J. GODKIN & Jean GODKIN, both of Kingston, on 03 June, 1905, at Kingston. Registered 12 July, 1907.
8814-05 Thomas LAWLOR, 20, (blank), (blank), Kingston, s/o William LAWLOR & Helen WALSHE, mar. Teresa SHORT, 20, (blank), Kingston, d/o Edward SHORT & Margaret HART. Witn William LAWLOR & Rev. Denis CULHANE (?), both of (blank), on 28 Nov., 1905, at Kingston.  
8896-05 Sidney Charles LEE, 22, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, same, s/o James LEE & Greta SMITH, married Kathe. M. CLARK, 24, Farmers Daughter, Glenvale, same, d/o John CLARK & Clara REID. Witn Sidney ALPORT & Mrs. S. ALPORT, both of Harrowsmith, on 31 May, 1905, at Harrowsmith. 8863-05 James LEE, 30, farmer, Flower, same, s/o Robert LOVE (sic) & Jane HART, married Maggie THOMSON, 24, Mt. Sherbrooke, same, d/o Robert THOMSON & Maggie McDOUGALL, witn: Henry THOMSON & Agnes McFARLANE, both of Mt. Sherbrooke, 24 May 1905 at Palmerston twp
8901-05 Adelbert L. LEEMAN, 21, Soldier, Portland, Kingston, s/o Alvin LEEMAN & Emily WELLS, married Charlotte B. GREEN, 19, Domestic, England, Barriefield, d/o W. E. H. GREEN & Alice MARKS. Witn Mrs. J. FERGUSON & Mrs. L. TRYON, both of Verona, on 02 Aug., 1905, at Verona. 8681-05 Frank Harold LEMMON, 23, painter, Battersea, Kingston, s/o Joseph LEMMON & Sarah SLEETH, married Ethel Elizabeth COMPER (Cowper?) 21, Kingston, same, d/o John COMPER & Elizabeth MAXAM, witn: J.A. LEMMON & Mary E. COMPER, both of Kingston, 1 June 1905 at Kingston
  8866-05 Francis E. LITTLE, 25, lumberman, Ireland, Palmerston, s/o John LITTLE & Hannah B. GUNNING, married Harriet CHAPEL, 22, Palmerston, same, d/o James CHAPEL & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Thomas G. BURKE & Matilda CAMPBELL, both of Palmerston, 28 June 1905 at Palmerston
8786-05 John Wesley LLOYD, 32, Widower, Farmer, Napanee Ont., Belleville, s/o George H. LLOYD & Sarah VANALSTINE, mar. Mary MORGAN, 26, Spinster, Kingston, same, d/o Gibson MORGAN & Mary DUFFIN, Witn William ROBERTSON & Jennie KINKLEY, both of Kingston, on 23 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8636-05 Robert A. LOYST, 24, Laborer, Kennebec Twp., same, s/o Samson LOYST & Emma BOOMHOUR, married Minnie PENNY, 18, Kennebec Tp., same, d/o Charles PENNY & Emily GAYLORD. Witn Simeon LOYST & Eunice (?) LOYST, both of Arden, on 03 Oct., 1905, at Arden.
8922-05 Robert LUCY, 32, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Anthony LUCY & Mary E. TASKER, married M. McLEAN, 25, Storrington, same, d/o John McLEAN & Rebecca BRUCE, witn: A.B. McLEAN of Storrington & Edna KNAPP of Elgin, 18 Oct 1905 at Storrington 9658-07 Daniel LYNCH, 22, broom maker, Canada, not given, s/o Daniel LYNCH & Catherine SHEA, married Emma MITCHELL, 21, Canada, not given, d/o James MITCHELL & May JONES, witn: G. McKENZIE & Emie GATES, both of Kingston, 29 Aug 1905 at 232 Brock St., Kingston
8917-05 Henry Stevenson LYNN, 30, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o David LYN & Matilda BRUCE, married Mary BALLS, 23, Storrington, Sunbury, d/o William BALLS & Rebecca RITCHIE, witn: Harrily SHANNON of Sunbury & Mary E. RITCHIE of Storrington, 8 March 1905 at Storrington 8638-05 Fredrick MAREN (Moren?), 26, Machinist, Lowville N. Y., same, s/o John MARIN & Margaret MILLS, married Mary Ann HAYES, 21, Kennebec Twp., same, d/o Edgar HAYES & Annie GONYEU. Witn Charles HAYES of Kennebec & David WOOD of Lawville, on 06 Sept., 1905, at Twp. Kennebec.
8617-05 William MARTIN, 22, Farmer, Fernleigh, same, s/o Charles MARTIN & Elizabeth LYONS, married Sarah BROWN, 20, Fernleigh, same, d/o John BROWN & Aldora JACKSON. Witn William BENNY & Mrs. BECK, both of Cloyne, on 06 Dec., 1905, at Cloyne. 8873-05 Allan Dowsley McCALPIN, 26, Farmer, South Lake, same, s/o Henry McCALPIN & Eliza Jane DOWSLEY, married Emma BELL, 27, Woodburn, same, d/o Thomas BELL & Sarah WILSON. Witn E. W. McCALPIN of South Lake, & A. M. BELL of Woodburn, on 10 May, 1905, at Woodburn.
8894-05 Thomas H. McCAMMON, 28, Clerk, Kingston, same, s/o John McCAMMON & Therese GRIMSON, married Frances M. SNIDER, 30, Dress Maker, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Henry SNIDER & Mary LOVE. Witn M. D. BEADE of New Britton & T. McCAMMON of Kingston, on 04 Oct., 1905, at New Britton, Ont. 8682-05 Thomas Shannon McCONNELL, 26, cattle buyer, Odessa, same, s/o Joseph G. McCONNELL & Amanda BOYCE, married Mary McCULLOUGH, 34, Kingston, same, d/o John McCULLOUGH & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Charles McCULLOUGH & Clara C. LAIRD, both of Kingston, 18 April 1905 at 65 Union St. in Kingston
8817-05 Francis McCORMACK, 22, (blank), Odessa, same, s/o John McCORMACK & Eliza McCORMACK, mar. Helen BOND, 19, Odessa, same, d/o Sherman BOND & Matilda SNIDER (?). Witn Kate MONAHAN & Norah WILLIAMS, both of (blank), on 27 Dec., 1905, at Kingston. 8663-05 Frank Joseph McDERMOTT, 25, bar tender, Buffalo NY, same, s/o James McDERMOTT & Mary DREW, married Susan Josephine REED, 21, New York City, same, d/o Thomas REED & Mary Louise SULLIVAN, witn: Mrs. D. PURDY & Sarah GODWIN, both of Kingston, 10 Jan 1905 at Kingston
8818-05 Richard James McDONALD, 30, (blank), Hay Bay, Collins Bay, s/o (illegible) Mc DONALD & Charlotte WILSON, mar. Myrtle CLEMENT, 21, Strathcona, Collins Bay, d/o Albert CLEMENT & Emily BRICKMAN. Witn Charles William BAILEY & J. B. HICKS, both of 9 Frontenac St., Kingston, on 25 Sept., 1905, at Kingston. 8931-05 John Alexander McDONALD, 21, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Donald Hugh McDONALD & Margaret McRAE, married Victoria Alliesta JOSLYN, 18, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Almond A. JOSLYN & Victoria Jane HERRING, witn: George McDONALD & Harriett M. JOSLYN, both of Wolfe Island, 6 Dec 1905 at Wolfe Island
8683-05 Charles Henry McDUNNEOGH, 25, banker, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o William Henry McDUNNEOUGH & Emily Maria WILSON (Nelson?), married Ethel Rebecca WILKINSON, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Henry J. WILKINSON & Emma? Pellatt McKELVEY, witn: W. P. DOUGALL of Toronto & Gertrude WILKINSON of Kingston, 24 April 1905 at Kingston 8803-05 Robert Newton McFARLANE, 39, Contractor, Pittsburgh Frontenac Co., Kingston, s/o William D. McFARLANE & S. Annie HYLAND, mar. Sarah McKEE, 27, Pittsburgh - Co. Frontenac, Kingston, d/o Joseph McKEE & Mary (?) POTTER. Witn E. M. L. McFARLANE & W. S. McFARLANE, both of 35 Winstow St. Watertown N. Y., on 12 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8739-05 Henry J. McGRATH, 35, Boiler Maker, Kingston Ont., same, s/o Patrick McGRATH & Ellen SPOONER, mar. Edith DERBYSHIRE, 22, Leeds Co., Kingston, d/o Eugene DERBYSHIRE & Melvina WEATHERHEAD. Witn Mrs. A. LAKE of Schrieber & C. H. PICKERING of Kingston, on 15 Aug., 1905, at Kingston.  
8815-05 Edward McINTYRE, 20, (blank), (blank), Kingston, s/o John McINTYRE & Rosanna GROOMS, mar. Tilley LAMBERT, 20, (blank), Kingston, d/o William LAMBERT & Margaret GALLAGHER. Witn Patrick QUIGLEY & Margaret MURPHY, both of (blank), on 29 Nov., 1905, at Kingston. 8801-05 Frederick Raymond McINTYRE, 25, Carpenter, Sodus (?), Charlotte N. Y., s/o Milton McINTYRE & Bell UNDERLUCKER, mar. Ada Frances RUTHERFORD, 22, Mallinette, Kingston, d/o James A. RUTHERFORD & Annie RITCHERSON. Witn Milton McINTYRE & James A. RUTHERFORD, both of Charlotte N. Y., on 06 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8722-05 Roger Bruce MACKINTOSH, s/o William MACKINTOSH & Mary SPENCE, married Margaret Alice WALLACE, d/o John WALLACE & Christena PELOW, witn: James NOLAN & Kate MONAGHAN, 28 June 1905 at Kingston [no other info]  
8853-05 Finlay McLEAN, 28, Merchant, Dalhousie Tp., same, s/o James McLEAN & Catharine GINN, married Annie CRAIN, 27, Oso Tp., same, d/o William CRAIN & Mary YOUNG. Witn Robert PAUL of Dalhousie Tp., & Susie YOUNG of Oso Tp., on 26 Apr., 1905, at Oso. 8798-05 James Alexander McLEAN, 32, Fisherman, Pittsburgh, Storrington, s/o Alexander McLEAN & Mary Ann HARTWELL, mar. Hattie CAIN, 25, Tp. Portland, Storrington, d/o Charles CAIN & Martha WHALEN. Witn Ada M. SPARLING & Pauline G. SPARLING, both of Kingston, on 29 Nov., 1905, at Kingston.
  8690-03 Walter Cranston McNINCH, 38, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o John McNINCH & Harriet CRANSTON, married Florence Nightingale McNEELY, 32, Storrington, same, d/o John McNEELY & Sarah Jane STINSON, witn: Florence MacGILLIVRAY & Sarah GRAHAM, both of Kingston, 16 May 1905 at Kingston
8749-05 Thomas MERCER, 29, Broom Maker, Scotland, Kingston, s/o William MERCER & Annie STUART, mar. Sarah LUCAS, 22, (blank), Kingston, d/o William John LUCAS & Wilemina. Witn Thomas DONNELLY & Jessie A. LORNERI (?), both of Kingston, on 06 Sept., 1905, at Kingston. 8925-05 James C. MERCER, 22, farmer, Scotland, Simcoe Island, s/o Thomas MERCER & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Lucinda BUSCH, 21, Simcoe Island, same, d/o Thomas BUSCH & Unessa EVES, witn: Lewis ORR & Jennetta BUSCH, both of Simcoe Island, 14 June 1905 at Simcoe Island
8615-05 Charles MILLS, 26, Miner, Tp. Barrie, same, s/o William MILLS & Mary CAMPBELL, married Sarah KING, 19, Tp. Barrie, same, d/o William KING & Martha THOMPSON. Witn Hugh L. MILLS of Flinton & Ida M. WOOD of Fernleigh, on 09 Nov., 1905, at Cloyne.  
8800-05 Leslie Tyler MOFFAT, 21, Liveryman, Picton, same, s/o William MOFFAT & Minnie PHELAN (?), mar. Annie Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 21, Picton, same, d/o Peter WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BROWN. Witn C. A. PUBLOW & D. H. MARSHALL, both of Kingston, on 12 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8783-05 Peter Augustus MONCRIEFF, 22, Butcher, Kingston, same, s/o Peter Augustus MONCRIEFF & Mary BOWEN, mar. Ethel Mary WILMOT, 20, Pittsburgh Tp., Kingston, d/o Susan WHITNEY & Peter Graham WILMOT. Witn Ernest LeBland TRAHEME (?) & Eliza TIGHE, both of Kingston, on 17 Oct., 1905, at Kingston.
8878-05 Hugh J. MORELAND, 39, Widower, Farmer, Amherst Island, Sunbury, s/o James MORELAND & Jane REID, married Hattie M. TODD, 28, Spinster, School Teacher, Pittsburgh, Brewers Mills, d/o Thomas TODD & Frances NUTTALL. Witn Archie HUTTON of Pittsburgh, & Nettie MORELAND of Sunbury, on 13 Sept., 1905, at Church of England. 8787-05 Harry Sydenham MORGAN, 25, Corporal of B. Battery R. C. H. A., Birmingham Eng., Kingston, s/o Frank MORGAN & Mary KIDDER (?), mar. Nellie MARSHALL, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Henry MARSHALL & Emma FLETCHER. Witn William MARSHALL & Maybelle M. LAING, both of Kingston, on 23 Oct., 1905, at Kingston.
  8933-05 John MOSIER, 22, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Nicholas MOSIER & Margaret BIOLF?, married Catherine FARGO, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John FARGO & Ann KELLY, witn: Robert NOTT & Mary Eliza MOSIER, both of Wolfe Island, 2 June 1905 at Wolfe Island
8860-05 Alex MURDOCK, 23, Labourer, Edinburgh Scotland, Oconto, s/o (cannot give), married Mabel Ellen McGINNIS, 21, Oconto, same, d/o Robert & Angelina. Witn Alexander McGINNIS of Oconto & Grace RUTTAN of Sharbot Lake, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Oconto. 8639-05 Joseph William NORIS, 31, Farmer, Elziver, Twp. Kennebec, s/o William NORIS & Mary AMEY, married Hannah BARKER, 24, Twp. Kennebec, same, d/o Henry BARKER & Amelia THOMPSON. Witn John NORIS of Kaladar & Mary BARKER of Twp. Kennebec, on 13 Nov., 1905, at Twp. Kennebec.
8788-05 Charles H. S. NORWEBB, 31, Serg't R. C. H. A., Surrey  Eng., Kingston, s/o Elizabeth CLAYBOURN & Arthur NORWEBB, mar. Jessie Louise MacKENZIE, 24, Daywell (Drywall?) Scotland, Kingston, d/o John MacKENZIE & Catherine MacLEAN. Witn John CROWLEY & Matilda LAIRD, both of Kingston, on 24 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8743-05 Robert John NOYES, 23, Stone Cutter, Kingston, same, s/o George NOYES & Sarah CRUSE, mar. Ellen SPENCE, 23, Kingston, same, d/o John SPENCE & Annie McKEOWN. Witn Ethel B. SPENCE & Hannah M. FAIRLIE, both of Kingston, on 02 Aug., 1905, at Kingston.
8875-05 Colin John NUTTALL, 25, Farmer, South Lake, same, s/o Sam NUTTALL & Jane MELVILLE, married Etta E. CUMMINGS, 27, Farmers Daughter, Pittsburgh, same, d/o James CUMMINGS & Mary BROWN. Witn Fred. CUMMINGS of Pittsburgh, & Edna NUTTALL of South Lake, on 05 July, 1905, at St. James Church, Pittsburgh.  
8934-05 James William O'BRIEN, 47, widower, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Mich O'BRIEN & Eliz. SLACK, married Frances HENNESY, 40, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William HENNESY & Rose METHALL, witn: George & Eliz. O'BRIEN of Wolfe Island, 28 June 1905 at Wolfe Island 8829-05 John OFFORD, 40, Widower, Merchant, Kingston, Sydenham, s/o Jonathon OFFORD & Emily WALKER, married Ethel O'CONNOR, 20, Spinster, Loughborough, Sydenham, d/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Cath. McAULEY. Witn Charles O'CONNOR & Mrs. P. A. KELLY, both of Loughborough, on 20 Sept., 1905, at Railton.
8876-05 Thomas R. O'NEIL, 31, Farmer, Taylor, Lansdowne, s/o Patrick O'NEIL & Bridget KELLY, married Loretta M. DUNDON, 20, Taylor, same, d/o Michael DUNDON & Mary NOBES. Witn Michael O'NEIL & Maggie DUNDON, both of Taylor, on 21 Aug., 1905, at Brewers Mills. 8807-05 Thomas F. PAYNE, 23, Teamster, Kingston, same, s/o F. PAYNE & Maggie CLENAHAN, mar. Edith A. HOUGHTON, 25, Kingston, same, d/o T. HOUGHTON & Grace ALLEN. Witn Allen G. HOUGHTEN & Agnes KNIGHT, both of Kingston, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8789-05 Hugh McLeod PEPPARD, 22, Science Student, Pictou N. S., Kingston, s/o Lindsey PEPPARD & Elizabeth McLEOD, mar. Emily YOUNG, 21, At Home, Kingston, same, d/o George YOUNG & Mary PARRON (Parson?). Witn Belle McD. BOYD of 106 Pine St. Kingston & Perrie LAWLESS of Kingston, on 19 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8932-05 Thomas POSSIE, 26, sailor, England, Wolfe Island, s/o Thomas POSSIE & Catherine HUMPHRIES, married Edna May CASSELL, 19, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Stanley CASSELL & Susan FARGO, witn: Allen BERRY & Mary MATICE, both of Wolfe Island, 20 Feb 1905 at Wolfe Island
8891-05 John Wesley PURDY, 75, Widower, (illegible), Ont., same, s/o Hosea PURDY & Mary WARMMAN?, married Jane GAW, 59, Spinster, Maid, Ireland, same (?), d/o Samuel GAW & Elizabeth MORROW. Witn John CAMPSAL & Melisa CAMPSAL, both of Bedford, on 29 Apr., 1905, at Bedford Station. 8899-05 James Gordon RAYCRAFT, 24, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, Manitoba, s/o Matty RAYCRAFT & Rose McKECHNIE, married Florence A. GRANT, 23, Farmers Daughter, Portland, Murvale, d/o John GRANT & Emeline GRANT, Witn Sherman CAVERLY of Kingston & Emma BURNETT of Portland, on 05 July, 1905, at Murvale.
8627-05 Harold RAYMOND, 26, printer, Garden Island, Ottawa, s/o Richard RAYMOND & Elizabeth PRESTON, married Ella ASSELSTINE, 24, Kingston, Garden Island, d/o Isaac ASSELSTINE & Susan CAMPEAU, witn: Walter COMPTON of Kingston & Maud ASSELSTINE of Garden Island, 23 May 1905 at Garden Island 8841-05 Herbert Nelson RAYMOND, 20, Farmer, Lanark Co., Olden, s/o Reuben RAYMOND & Sarah RAYMOND, married Ruth LOUKS, 18, Enterprise, Hinchenbrooke, d/o William LOUKS & Dora WAGAR. Witn Marshall RAYMOND & Ruth RAYMOND, both of Olden, on 08 Feb., 1905, at Olden.
8885-05 Joseph A. REDMOND, 30, Farmer, Portland, Holleford, s/o John REDMOND & Ann DONNELY, married Mary J. MEDCALF, 26, Domestic, Parkhill, Portland, d/o J. D. MEDCALF & Eliza J. ROE. Witn J. H. MEDCALF & Anne REDMOND, both of Holleford, on 18 Jan., 1905, at Holleford.  
8797-05 Harry REID, 23, Teamster, Kingston, same, s/o (blank) REID & Annie FITZPATRICK, mar. Dorcas WISNER, 20, Lawrence? Co. N. Y., Kingston, d/o Frederick WISNER & Emma WOOLEY. Witn Ellen SHORTT & William G. SHORTT, both of Kingston, on 29 Nov., 1905, at Kingston. 8822-05 Walter RITCHIE, 23, Farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William RITCHIE & Mary GUTHRIE, married Eva FERGUSON, 23, Loughborough, same, d/o Robert FERGUSON & Jane WALKER. Witn Emma FERGUSON & A. RITCHIE, both of Loughborough, on 14 June, 1905, at Sydenham.
8877-05 Alfred George ROBBS, 26, (illegible), Kingston Ont., same, s/o James ROBBS & Hannah ROYANT, married Edna Maud STINSON, 22, Servant, Tamworth Ont., Kingston Ont., d/o John & Mary. Witn C. L. JENKINS & E. J. JENKINS, both of Kingston, on 06 Sept., 1905, at East View Park, (illegible) Ont. 8628-05 Robert J. ROBINSON, 28, book keeper, Kingston, same, s/o William ROBINSON & Matilda KELLEY, married Mary Ellen MULLIN, 26, Garden Island, same, d/o John MULLIN & Henrietta MILLIGAN, witn: William ROBINSON of Kingston & Carrie V. MULLIN of Garden Island, 19 July 1905 at Garden Island
  8828-05 Stannage William RODDENIGER, 51, Widower, Nova Scotia, Jacksonville Fla., Carpenter, s/o Andrew RODDENIGER & Mary A. MASON, married Ada B. AYKROYD, 38, Spinster, Loughborough, same, d/o Daniel AYKROYD & Martha McKNIGHT. Witn Charles MOON of Kingston & Bella AYKROYD of Loughborough, on 19 Aug., 1905, at Loughborough.
8869-05 John ROGERS, 35, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o Thomas ROGERS & Catherine FOWLEY, married Mary Elizabeth MILNE, 26, Home Work, Brewers Mills, same, d/o James MILNE & Eliza DOYLE. Witn Thomas ROGERS of Smiths Falls & Bridget MILNE of Brewers Mills, on 25 Jan., 1905, at St. Barnabys Church, Brewers Mills. 8812-05 Cyril SAUVE, 29, (blank), Howe Island, Kingston, s/o Joseph SAUVE & Adeline TRICKEY, mar. Sara CONBOY, 29, Howe Island, Kingston, d/o John CONBOY & Sarah (sic) CHARLETON. Witn Wilfred GRAVELLE of (blank), on 08 Nov., 1905, at Kingston.
8634-05 George SCOTT, 29, farmer, Kennebec twp., same, s/o David & Mary A. nee HAINES, married Mary E. THOMPSON, 20, Clarendon twp., Kennebec twp., d/o Milford & Carolina nee HAINES, witn: Minor & Lena WILLIAMS of Arden, 5 April 1905 at Arden 8745-05 John Wanford SCOTT, 23, Upholsterer, Morton Leeds Co., Gananoque, s/o Heslip SCOTT & Sarah FOLEY, mar. Lillian BATTANS, 20, Hastings Co., Gananoque, d/o Samuel BATTANS & Mary WEBSTER. Witn Maybelle LAING of Kingston & Jean McBAIN of Toronto, on 05 Sept., 1905, at Kingston.
8836-05 Thomas M. SHANGRAW, 22, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o William SHANGRAW & Mary J. WALLACE, married Florence L. RUTTAN, 22, Loughborough, same, d/o John W. RUTTAN & Annie M. AMEY. Witn Fred. RUTTAN of Loughborough & Florence SHANGRAW of Portland, on 27 Dec., 1905, at Loughborough. 8687-03 Alfred James SHANNON, 44, widower, printer, Kingston, same, s/o James SHANNON & Letitia LEATHAM, married Augusta F. FERGUSON, 38, Ontario, Kingston, d/o George FERGUSON & Zilpha WILLIAMS, witn: Albert E. SHANNON & Elizabeth FERGUSON, both of Kingston, 17 May 1905 at Kingston
8879-05 Robert SIMPSON, 25, Farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Robert SIMPSON & Alice NORRIS, married Catherine MARTIN, 25, Pittsburgh, same, d/o James MARTIN & Catherine JOYCE. Witn T. JOLEY of Howe Island & Elizabeth MARTIN of Pittsburgh, on 28 Aug., 1905, at Kingston Mills. 8834-05 Schyler SLACK, 25, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o William SLACK & Jane ATTON, married Ella RITCHIE, 25, Storrington, Loughborough, d/o William RITCHIE & Mary GUTHRIE. Witn Adam RITCHIE & Maggie RITCHIE, both of Loughborough, on 27 Dec., 1905, at Sydenham.
8919-05 Edward M. SLEETH, 24, farmer, Battersea, Keelerville, s/o John SLEETH & Mary Jane WALKER, married Mary SUTHERLAND, 19, Battersea, same, d/o W.H. SUTHERLAND & Jennie PIXLEY, witn: Christie & Mr. C. LAKE of Battersea, 11 July 1905 at Sunbury  
8691-05 Ira Herbert SMITH, 19, soldier, Leeds Co., Kingston, s/o Daniel SMITH & Margaret GAMBLE, married Sadie DAVISON, 19, Merthyr? Tydi--? Wales, Kingston, d/o Charles DAVISON & Sadie DAVIS, witn: M. A. McCRIMMON & Bessie BROWN, both of Kingston, 11 May 1905 at Kingston 8785--05 Thomas Elmer SMITH, 25, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o George M. SMITH & Mary PATTERSON, mar. Minerva MELROTH, 25, Portland, same, d/o Jacob MELROTH & Isobel MacKNIGHT (?). Witn John J. McDONNELL of Kingston & Elizabeth MELROTH of Portland, on 18 Oct., 1905, at Kingston.
8903-05 William SMITH, 26, Laborer, Portland, same, s/o John SMITH & Lydie PETERS, married Martha McDONALD, 16, Domestic, Ontario, Portland, d/o W. C. McDONALD & Ida M. SHEPHERD. Witn W. C. McDONALD & Ida M. McDONALD, both of Portland, on 12 Sept., 1905, at Harrowsmith. 8686-05 Charles Edward SMITH, 36, commercial traveller, Montreal, same, s/o Valentine Whitmore? Rathbone SMITH & Anne TATE, married Mabel Hill DRENNAN, 27, trained nurse, Kingston, same, d/o William Melville DRENNAN & Mary Elizabeth MOORE, witn: W. G. SMITH of Montreal & John O'BRIEN of Kingston, 26 April 1905 at Kingston
  8906-05 Shorey SNIDER, 22, Farmer, Ont., same, s/o Aurelis SNIDER & Claronda AYLESWORTH, married Eith E. JEFFREY, 19, Domestic, Portland, same, d/o Wellington JEFFREY & Rebecca REYNOLDS. Witn Elmer FREEMAN & Emma Rebecca REYNOLDS, both of Portland, on 04 Oct., 1905, at Portland.
8882-05 Robert William SPENCE, 23, Farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Robert SPENCE & Ellen BELL, married Mary Etta WILSON, 21, Farmers daughter, Pittsburgh, same, d/o John WILSON & Maggie HYLAND. Witn Fred SPENCE of Pittsburgh & Mary C. MILLS of Belleville, on 07 Nov., 1905, at Wittelsholme. 8622-05 John SPROUL, 24, Farmer, Ireland, Palmerston Tp., s/o John SPROUL & (blank), married Liza Christina McKENZIE, 18, Palmerston, same, d/o John McKENZIE & Annie DONALDSON. Witn John McKENZIE & Annie McKENZIE, both of Palmerston, on 17 Jan., 1905, at Lavant.
8623-05 Robert SPROUL, 21, Farmers Son, Ireland, Palmerston Twp., s/o John SPROUL & (blank), married Mary Ann McKENZIE, 16, Palmerston, same, d/o John McKENZIE & Annie DONALDSON. Witn John McKENZIE & Annie McKENZIE, both of Palmerston on 17 Jan., 1905, at Lavant. 8821-05 Miles W. STAFFORD, 26, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Moses STAFFORD & Emma MOORE, married Myrtle M. SWITZER, 22 Sydenham, same, d/o John SWITZER & Rhoda PURDY. Witn (off page) M. WOODRUFF & (off page)ay DANIELS, both of Sydenham, on 01 Mar., 1905, at Sydenham.
8835-05 Robert George STONESS, 27, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o James STONESS & Mary BUCK, married Jennie May ENNIS, 18, Loughborough, same, d/o William ENNIS & Levina MAIR. Witn Henry AYKROYD & Blanch STONESS, both of Loughborough, on 27 Dec., 1905, at Sydenham. 9656-07 Robert Perry STEVENS, 27, mariner, Canada, not given, s/o William STEVENS & Mary JOLLIFF, married Florence KIDD, 19 (17?), Canada, not given, d/o Robert KIDD & Harriett JEVELL, witn: Lillian KIDD & Samuel POTTS, both of Kingston, 8 July 1905 at St. Pauls Church, Kingston
8845-05 Arthur James STEWART, 25, Baker, Frankford Ont., Belleville Ont., s/o William STEWART & Jane SMITH, married Nellie COX, 25, Servant, Olden, same, d/o David COX & Doreathea CANNING. witn Joshua N. COX of Olden Mtn. Grove, & Carrie G. GRAY of Olden, on 13 Sept., 1905, at Olden.  
8865-05 Mordy G. STORMS, 30, teacher, Wilton, Palmerston, s/o Ruggles STORMS & Margaret McEWEN, married Minnie McKINNON, 24, Dalhousie twp., Palmerston, d/o Hugh McKINNON & Mary DICKSON, witn: Duncan McKINNON & Mrs. Charles E. WARNER, both of Palmerston, 3 July 1905 at Palmerston 8741-05 Sidney James TENNANT, 29, Widower, Contractor, Bay City Mich., same, s/o James H. TENNANT & Emilie HENDERSON, mar. Edith M. LANDERYON, 20, Spinster, Kingston, same, d/o John C. LANDERYON & Charlotte A. MATTHEWS. Witn Mrs. A. TILLMAN & Grace GREAVES, both of 131 Union St. Kingston, on 16 Aug., 1905, at 131 Union St., Kingston
8630-05 Frank THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Camden, Camden twp., s/o Seth THOMPSON & Rose ASSELSTINE, married Emily G. SILLS, 24, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o George SILLS & Ellen VANVOLKENBURGH, witn: John KEECH of Sheffield & Ida SILLS of Hinchinbrooke, 29 March 1905 at Hinchinbrooke  (also 9635-07) 8629-05 Thomas THOMPSON, 27, engineer, Howe Island, same, s/o Richard THOMPSON & Matilda LACHANCE, married Agnes McDONALD, 27, Howe Island, same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Ellen PRIOR, witn: Daniel McDONALD of Cleveland & Margaret THOMPSON of Gananoque, 28 Feb 1905 at Howe Island
  8804-05 George Herbert TODD, 28, Farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o George Frederic (sic) TODD & Hannah IRONIE (Irons?), mar. Margaret May SHERBINS, 22, Glenvale, Kingston, d/o Francis Reid SHERBINS & Mary Ann HYLAND. Witn F. DARYAW & Alma SHERBINS, both of Kingston, on 13 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8895-05 John Malcolm TOWNSEND, 28, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o T. B. TOWNSEND & Jane EWART, married Rebecca PATTERSON, 27, Domestic, Quebec, Portland, d/o James PATTERSON & Rebecca SAUL (?) (Paul?). Witn David J. PATTERSON & Ruby SRYSWORTH (?), both of Portland, on 22 Feb., 1905, at Portland. 8897-05 Jml. Harry TROUSDALE, 24, Medical Student, Portland, same, s/o Thomas TROUSDALE & Olive FREEMAN, married Mary Ellen BABCOCK, 25, Portland, same, d/o Nelson BABCOCK & Elizabeth MARTIN. Witn Annie M. LEONARD of Innisfil & George TROUSDALE of Portland, on 28 June, 1905, at Hartington.
8748-05 Charles TRUDELL, 25, Engineer, Ont., same, s/o Francis TRUDELL & Isabella GRASS, mar. Eleanor Mary POTTER, 24, England, (blank), d/o Charles POTTER & Emily SKELDING. Witn John Percy POTTER & Lillian Maud POTTER, both of Kingston, on 15 Aug., 1905, at Kingston. 8740-05 John TUTTLE, 44, Widower, Engineer, Storrington, Kingston Ont., s/o Isaac TUTTLE & Mary BOLTON, mar. Annie JACKSON, 23, Spinster, Kingston, same, d/o Huyak JACKSON & Susan YACTMAN. Witn Susan C. & A. M. SHIBLEY of Kingston, on 16 Aug., 1905, at Kingston.
8833-05 Philip VANCOUGHNET, 21, Miner, Storrington, same, s/o Elijah VANCOUGHNET & Maria GREEN, married Alice WHALEY, 18, Loughborough, same, d/o John WHALEY & Fannie SIGSWORTH. Witn Sam. STEVENSON & Agnes STEVENSON, both of Loughborough, on 03 Nov., 1905, at Sydenham. 8657-05 Charles Jasper VANDEWALKER (Vandewater?), 28, machinist, Brownville - Jefferson Co NY, Kingston, s/o Daniel VANDEWALKER & Mary WARREN, married Iola Winnifred BYRON, cigar maker, Waterdown NY, Kingston, d/o William BYRON & Elizabeth McALISTER, witn: Julia D. COLEMAN of Merrickville & Annie HURN of Kingston, 19 Jan 1905 at Kingston
8861-05 Albert VAN KOUGHNET, 26, Labourer, Perth Road, same, s/o (blank) & Elizabeth VAN KOUGHNET, married Florence May REYNOLDS, 15, Verona, Sharbot Lake, d/o J. W. REYNOLDS & Mary BADOUR. Witn Edward HAMILTON & Maud REYNOLDS, both of Sharbot Lake, on 30 Dec., 1905, at Sharbot Lake. 8924-05 Arthur VINCENT, 21, farmer, Clayton NY, same, s/o Leonard VINCENT & Clara ROSS, married Marjorie HOLLIDAY, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Charles HOLLIDAY & Isabella BONNFORD, witn: F. D. SOTNAM of Clayton NY & Beatrice HOLLIDAY of Wolfe Island, 14 June 1905 at Wolfe Island
8847-05 Samuel Bismarc WAGAR, 30, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o Hiram S. WAGAR & Lydia N. KELLER, married Agnes STINSON, 27, Nurse, Ireland, Long Lake, d/o James STINSON & Eliza ROLLAND. Witn Willurd A. CRONK & Harriet STINSON, both of Olden, on 08 Nov., 1905, at Long Lake. 8631-05 Frank W. WAGAR, 21, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, same, s/o Philip WAGAR & Arora JACKSON, married Lena Maude McUMBER, 22, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o not known & Charlotte GRAHAM, witn: Frank McUMBER & Aswilda WAGAR, both of Hinchinbrooke, 17 May 1905 at Hinchinbrooke
8902-05 Fredrick WALKER, 38, Bachelor, Mill Employee, Yarker, Watertown N.Y., s/o Israel WALKER & Amelia MARQUETTE, married Kathe VANTRIM, 41, Widow, Rosina NY, Watertown NY, d/o John PERRY & Martha FANCHY?. Witn Jessie MILLIGAN & Ethel MILLIGAN, both of Harrowsmith, on 05 Aug., 1905, at Harrowsmith. 8912-05 Samuel Henry WARBURTON, 19, Brickmaker, England, Tp. Kingston, s/o S. WARBURTON & blank BANCROFT, married Emily BALMER, 19, (blank), England, Tp. Kingston, d/o John BALMER & blank ANDERSON. Witn Cyril KNOWLES of Portsmouth & Millie BENSON of Tp. Kingston, on 02 Oct., 1905, at Portsmouth.
8694-05 James William WARD, 26, machinist, Norfolk England, Kingston, s/o Walker Cooper WARD & Margaret WAGGETT, married Sarah Ann CLARKE, 27, Bedale England, same, d/o John Christian CLARKE & Elizabeth Ann WAKE, witn: Joseph GOTT & Edith BARCLAY, both of Kingston, 23 May 1905 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston 8868-05 George Hugh WARD, 34, Farmer, Pittsburgh, Alberta, s/o Geo, N.(?) WARD & M. A. SCOTT, married Annetta EATON, 34, Farmers Daughter, Leeds, Seeleys Bay, d/o Cyrus EATON & Anne COCKRILL. Witn W. F. REED of Kingston & Ethel WARD of Pittsburgh, on 01 Feb., 1905, at Pittsburgh
8928-05 Stanley Robert WENBORNE, 23, farmer, Pittsburg twp., Wolfe Island, s/o Robert WENBORNE & Mary Ann MOFFATT, married Bertha ALLINSON, 21, Kingston, Wolfe Island, d/o William Luke ALLINSON & Mary KING, witn: John MARSHALL of Kingston & Mabel ALLINSON of Wolfe Island, 18 Oct 1905 at Wolfe Island  
8840-05 Andrew WHAN, 28, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, Olden, s/o Andrew WHAN & Elizabeth BURLEY, married Ellen Eve ASSELSTINE, 19, Olden, same, d/o Miles ASSELSTINE & Anna SHULTS. Witn Wesley YOUNG & Chloe YOUNG, both of Olden, on 24 May, 1905, at Olden. 8816-05 Arthur WHELAN, 20, (blank), (blank), Kingston, s/o Patrick WHELAN & Catharine HART, mar. Mary FLEMING, 19, (blank), Kingston, d/o James FLEMING & Mary Ellen SULLIVAN. Witn Nora WILLIAMS & Katie MONAHAN, both of (blank), on 27 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8810-05 Thomas WHITE, 22, Farmer, (blank), Kingston, s/o Tho's WHITE & Mary WHITE, mar. Agnes JUDGE, 19, Bedford, Kingston, d/o Patrick JUDGE & Marian CORCORAN. Witn Edmund HARPELL & Anastasia JUDGE, both of Kingston, on 04 Oct., 1905, at Kingston. 8790-05 John WILLIAMSON, 47, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, same, s/o William WILLIAMSON & Susan WHITELOCK, mar. Mary Jane MORTON, 46 (?), Tp. Kingston, same, d/o Joseph MORTON, farmer, & Mary McCONELL. Witn Joseph MORTON of Tp. Kingston, & Lilly MORTON of Kingston, on 24 Oct., 1905, at Kingston.
8805-05 Samuel Harold WILSON, 19, Laborer, (blank), (blank), s/o Alex WILSON & Mary Abie WILMAR, mar. Louisa Amanda Lykest (?) FRASER, 23, Kingston, (blank), d/o Calvin FRASER & Mary REDMOND. Witn Mary Alice WILMER (sic) & Jessie HERMISTON, both of Kingston, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Kingston. 8827-05 William H. WILSON, 29, Labourer, Bedford, same, s/o Henry WILSON & Mary SIMPSON, married Annie VALLIER, 20, Loughborough, same, d/o Thomas VALLIER & Ida YOUNG. Witn G. H. PRICE & Alice PRICE, both of Sydenham, on 08 Aug., 1905, at Sydenham.
  8799-05 Albert Henry WOOD, 26, Driver, Gananoque, Kingston, s/o Harry WOOD & Clara Josephine OSBORNE, mar. Bertha ACTON, 18, Staffordshire Eng., Kingston, d/o George ACTON & Sarah COOPER. Witn Agnes M. MACMORINE & Ida May ACTON, both of Kingston, on 04 Dec., 1905, at Kingston.
8844-05 Lewis Russell WOOD, 24, Laborer, Kennebec, Olden, s/o charles & Rosanna, married Ida Maud PARKER, 25, Servant, Kingston, Olden, d/o John PARKER & Mrs. BURLEIGH. Witn Briton WOOD of Arden & Bertha E. WOOD of Kennebec, on 02 Aug., 1905, at Arden. 8618-05 Charles WOOD, 32, Farmer, Tp. Kennebec, same, s/o George WOOD & Caroline PARKS, married Gerlando PERRY, no age, Tp. Barrie, same, d/o Thomas S. PERRY & Elizabeth DELYEA. Witn James PERRY & Eva MITCHELL, both of Tp. Barrie, on 20 Dec., 1905, at Cloyne.
8637-05 George WOODCOCK, 30, Laborer, Kennebec Twp., same, s/o David W. WOODCOCK & Jane PETERSON, married Maggie CARD, 20, Kennebec Twp., same, d/o Lester CARD & Henrietta FILES. Witn Claud WILLIAMS of Arden & Eliza HINCHEY of Twp. Kennebec, on 03 Oct., 1905, at Twp. Kennebec. 8881-05 Thomas George WOODS, 28, Farmer, Gananoque, Pittsburgh, s/o George WOODS & Ann LAVERTY, married Jessie WHYTE, 30, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Alexander WHYTE & Ellen FRASER. Witn Robert EDGAR & Mrs. Robert EDGAR, both of Pittsburgh, on 03 Oct., 1905, at Pittsburgh Township.
8664-05 Arthur Preston WOODSIDE, 25, artist, Henbolton? - St. Lawrence NY, same, s/o John Franklin WOODSIDE & Hattie PRESTON, married Martha Frances SHERBINO, 22, Frontenac Co., Kingston, d/o Francis SHERBINO & Mary Ann HYLAND, witn: Lizzie K. & William CRUMMY of Kingston, 12 Jan 1905 at Kingston 8656-05 Francis P. YOUNG, 26, widower, laborer, Hungerford, Kingston, s/o Wellington YOUNG & Mary Jane LERONGE, married Ida Maud CHESTER, 27, Scarboro, Midland, d/o Henry CHESTER & Martha BENDS, witn: Farr (Fan?) SMITH & Maude SCOUTEN, both of Kingston, 18 Jan 1905 at Kingston
8852-05 Wesley YOUNG, 18, Labourer, Olden tp., Long Lake, s/o Vandal YOUNG & Hattie WALSOTH, married Cloria GRANT, 17, Olden Tp., Long Lake, d/o Levi GRANT & Elizabeth CLEMENT. Witn Andrew WHYNN & Ellan ASSELSTINE, both of Sharbot Lake, on 03 May, 1905, at Sharbot Lake. 8837-05 Herbert N. YOUNG, 22, Farmer, South Fredericksburgh, Olden, s/o Vandal YOUNG & Harriet A. WALROTH, married Nellie Maud BABCOCK, 20, Camden, Olden, d/o James BABCOCK & Sarah CLEMENT. Witn Andrew WHAN & Eve ASSELSTINE, both of Olden, on 17 Jan., 1905, at Olden.