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Frontenac Co., 1906


8937-06 John ABRAMS, 20, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o John ABRAMS & Angelina McCOLLING?, married Georgina ALBERTSON, 19, Portland, same, d/o Edward ALBERTSON & Sip??me BABCOCK. Witn Eli BADOUR? (Bauder?) & Ethel BADOUR, both of Bedford, on 10 Oct., 1906, at Harrowsmith. 8648-06 (Frontenac Co): James Thomas ALLAN, 24, farmer, Clarendon, Miller, s/o Edward ALLAN & Jennet LOVE, married Mattie KING, 23, Barrie twp., same, d/o Wilson & Martha, witn: William SALMON & Ida WOOD, both of Barrie twp., 4 July 1906 at Barrie twp
8864-06 Wilson John ALESANDER, 34, Prison Guard, Kingston Tp., Sharpton, s/o Wilson William ALESANDER & Lydia DAVIS, married Maggie Mercy MAXWELL, 27, Tp. Kingston, Sharpton, d/o Robert MAXWELL & Hannah Rosetta LOUKS. Witn Percy MAXWELL & Eunice Jane MAXWELL, both of Sharpton, on 04 July, 1906, at Sharpton. [Alexander?] 8874-06 Wilkie Ward AYKROYD, 19, Farmer, Loughborough Tp., Storrington Tp., s/o George AYKROYD & Althea SPAFFORD, married Mary Ellen THOMPSON, 18, Storrington Tp., same, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Annie SHEPPARD. Witn Ethelbert LAKE & Lottie LAKE, both of Inverary , on 19 May, 1906, at Loughborough.
8881-06 Charles Nelson BARKER, 20, Tp. Kennebec, Arden, s/o Joseph BARKER & Mary Ann HARDWICK, married Minnie BARR, 19, Farmers Daughter, Tp. Olden, same, d/o William BARR & Ann HAWLEY. Witn Percy BARR of Tp. Olden & Ona BARKER of Arden, on 14 Mar., 1906, at Mountain Grove. 8652-06 (Frontenac Co): Thomas Brown Lester BATEMAN, 31, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Henry BATEMAN & Alice BROWN, married Susannah B. GOODFELLOW, 20, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Daniel GOODFELLOW & Margaret DREW, witn: Thomas G. BLACK & Henerietta GOODFELLOW, both of Parham, 5 Dec 1906 at Parham
8872-06 David A. BRAWLEY, 29, Carpenter, Loughborough Tp., same, s/o James BRAWLEY & Hannah SILVER, married Jennie L. BOWER, 26, Storrington Tp., Loughborough Tp., d/o William BOWER & Ann GILMOUR. Witn William H. BOWER & Bertha F. BOWER, both of Loughborough Tp., on 27 Feb., 1906, at Loughborough Tp. 8647-06 (Frontenac Co): John Michael? (Marshal?) BRISCO, 24, farmer, Matawatchan, same, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Bertha McDOUGAL, 19, Palmerston, same, d/o Charles McDOUGAL & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: Bryan BRISCO of Matawatchen & Ella JOHNSON of Sharbot Lake, 27 June 1906 at Palmerston
8866-06 Sperry Welbian ? BURT, 24, Farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Thomas Anderson BURT & Samantha HARTMAN, married Estella GATES, 24, Tp. Kingston, same, d/o A. T. GATES & Rebecca MATHEWS. Witn Pearl L.? BURT of Ernestown & Aluss ? STILLWELL of Cataraqui, on 29 Aug., 1906, at Cataraqui.  
8641-06 (Frontenac Co): Lawrence A. CAMERON, 23, telegrapher, Florence? Station, Kingston, s/o Robert CAMERON & Mary AVERY, married Mary A. BRADSHAW, 21, Bedford, same, d/o J.W. BRADSHAW & Jane STINSON, witn: Samuel SLEITH? Of Kingston & Jennie BRADSHAW of Kingston, 20 June 1906 at Parham 8930-06 Benjamin Harint? CAMPSAL, 23, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o Benjamin CAMPSAL & Ronlt? CAMRIN?, married Carrie M. SIGSWORTH, 24, Portland, same, d/o Thomas E. SIGSWORTH & Marg't J. HILL. Witn Frank SIGENORTH? of Portland & Maud HILL, of Godfrey, on 01 Aug., 1906, at Hartington.
8936-06 Archaloua CARD, 22 Farmer, Verona, same, s/o Sanford CARD & Sarah BALL, married Mary Elizabeth STORMS, 22, Verona, same, d/o Fin STORMS & Patience FOX. Witn Earl BOYER of Hartington & Kate STORMS of Verona, on 24 Oct., 1906, at Verona. 8880-06 William Andrew CLARK, 29, Farmer, Loughborough Tp., same, s/o John CLARK & Nancy COOKE, married Sarah J. COWAN, 29, Dress Maker, Scotland, Loughborough Tp., d/o Alex. COWAN & Jean RANEY. Witn A. CLARK of Loughborough & Sarah ROUSE of Kingston, on 26 Dec., 1906, at Loughborough.
8643-06 (Frontenac Co): Forrest Grover? CLEVELAND, 37, commercial man, Ilion? NY, Albany NY, s/o Stephen H. CLEVELAND & Betsy Matilda PALMER, married Elena S.A. BATEMAN, 26, nurse, Bedford, same, d/o Henry BATEMAN & Alice BROWN, witn: Lester B. BATEMAN of Westport & Bella BROWNE of Portland, 17 Oct 1906 at Salem Church, Bedford 8646-06 (Frontenac Co): David James COX, 19, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Clarendon, s/o George COX & Mary KISH, married Annie ALLAN, 16, Bathurst, Clarendon twp., d/o William & Lizzie, witn: William & Martha COX of Clarendon, 20 June 1906 at Clarendon
8889-06 Wellington Henry CULLEN, 30, Farmer, North Elmery? Leeds, Bathurst Tp., s/o William CULLEN & Elira ARMSTRONG, married Alice McKEAN, 29, Crosby Leeds, Perth, d/o David McKEAN & Mary Lemon. Witn Jerome THOMSON & Georgina BUELL, both of Sharbot Lake, on 19 Apr., 1906, at Sharbot Lake. 8871-06 Fred. G. DENISON, 32, Farmer, Portland Tp., Loughborough Tp., s/o David DENISON & Eliza WALLACE, married Annie COLLINS, 25, Portland Tp., Loughborough Tp., d/o James COLLINS & Eliza TRUSCOTT. Witn Chas. CLEMENT & Carrie CLEMENT, both of Kingston, on 31 Jan., 1906, at Loughborough Tp.
8891-06 Patrick DORAN, 37, Farmer, Fernley, same, s/o (blank), married Elizabeth MARTIN, (age blank), Fernley, same, d/o (blank). Witn Rhoda KILBORN & Irene LAWSON?, both of Sharbot Lake, on (blank), at Sharbot Lake. (registered on 17 June, 1906.)

8685-06 (Frontenac Co) William Joseph EMMONS, 19, farmer, Jackson Mills, Latimer, s/o Albert EMMONS & Margaret RUTTAN married Edna Pearl LYON, 17, Inverary, Latimer, d/o Robert LYON & Harriet HUGHSON, witn: Mary LEARY & Martha WELLER of Kingston, 31 March 1906, Kingston

8878-06 John FOWLER, 52, Widower, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, Loughborough Tp., s/o Michael FOWLER & Ellen SHORTALL, married Rose GRANGER, 33, Belleville, Loughborough Tp., d/o John GRANGER & Bridget SLAOIN ? (Sloane ?). Witn William McGARVEY of Glenburnie & Dolly HOWES of Godfrey, on 17 Oct., 1906, at Loughborough.

8683-06 Ernest James GALLAHER, 35, widower, locomotive fireman, Glenvale, Depot Harbor, s/o John GALLAHER & Maud LOGAN, married Ellen VOLUME, 31, Kingston, same, d/o James VOLUME & Ann LINTON, witn: Maud GALLAHER of Ottawa & Margaret VOLUME of Kingston, 22 March 1906 at Kingston

8879-06 John R. GRANT, 32, Loughborough Tp., Carthage N.Y., s/o James GRANT & Mary J. PURDY, married Flora Pearl McRARY, 25, Loughborough Tp., same, d/o John McRARY & Mirian WOOD. Witn Ross McRARY of Loughborough & Helen JOYNER of Portland Tp., on 14 Nov., 1906, at Loughborough Tp. [McRory?] 8640-06 (Frontenac Co): Edward M. GROOMS, 25, carpenter, Sydenham, same, s/o Michael GROOMS & Bridget KELLY, married Maggie HASTINGS, 22, Bedford, same, d/o John HASTINGS & Mary McNICHOLAS, witn: George HARKER of Sydenham & Libbie KELLY of Bedford, 2 May 1906 at Scared Heart, Bedford (Rom Cath)
8894-06 Arthur HARRIS, 41, Bachelor, Mining Exp., Cornwall, Tp. Oso, s/o John HARRIS & Elizabeth OPIC? (Opie?), married May BRAY, 28, Spinster, Chester, Chester Eng., d/o Harry E. BRAY & May A. SKINNER. Witn Waltham SIMMES & Edna HEALY, both of Oso, on 22 July, 1906, at Sharbot Lake. 8897-06 Arthur HARRIS, 23, Engineer, Sharbot Lake, Haileybury, s/o Joseph HARRIS & Emma BUCK?, married Maggie Edna MOHAN, 23, South Sherbrooke Tp., Tp. Oso, d/o James MOHAN & Jenie KERREY?. Witn Richard HOWES of Parham & Jenie MOHAN of Crow Lake, on 26 Dec, 1906, at Crow Lake.
9660-07 Alexander HILTON, 26, widower, draughtsman, England, Kingston, s/o John Campbell HILTON & Sarah Blest WRIGHT, married Bertha Rose ESFORD, 21, Canada, Pittsburg twp., d/o Henry ESFORD & Sarah Ann BATTEN, witn: Joseph Charles BRIDEN & Emma Maud CHERRY, 29 Jan 1906 at Kingston 8900-06 William HYLAND, 25, Farmer, (blank), Pittsburgh Tp., same, s/o William HYLAND & Mary Jane BURTON, married Eliz'th April? WHITNEY, 20, Housekeeper, (blank), Pittsburgh, d/o Thompson WHITNEY & Mary Ann McLEAN. Witn Thomas HYLAND of Cushendall P.O. Pittsburgh Ont., & Gladys RUTTAN of Barriefield Ont., on 12 Sept., 1906, at Pittsburgh.
8939-06 Charles JACKSON, 24, Conductor, Ont., Deseronto, s/o E. N. JACKSON & Hattie? CLARK, married Pearl SCHAUF?, 21, Domestic, Portland, Loughborough, d/o John SCHAUF & Martha? RENEY. Witn Stanly LEE & Maud LEE, both of Camden Tp., on 19 Dec., 1906, at Harrowsmith. 8650-06 (Frontenac Co): Alcide JENNET, 29, farmer, Clarendon, same, s/o Amia (or Arnia) JENNETT & Maria ALUNA, married Edith E. HERMER (Henner?), 17, Clarendon, same, d/o Miries HERMER & Mary SCHWAGER, witn: Joseph HERMER & Fancy JENNETT, both of Clarendon, 25 Aug 1906 at Clarendon (Rom Cath)
8870-06 John JOYCE, 32, Labourer, England, Loughborough Tp., s/o Michael & Mary, married Rosa Ann WOOD, 19, Camden Tp., Loughborough Tp., d/o Cornelius WOOD & Isabel WAGER. Witn Noah WOOD & Cecelia J. WOOD, both of Railton, on 04 Jan., 1906, at Loughborough Tp. 8644-06 (Frontenac Co): George KELFORD, 23, farmer, Oso, Palmerston, s/o Jane KELFORD & unknown, married Mary Louisa THOMAS, 20, Braeside, Palmerston, d/o Wiman & Llewellan, witn: Otto GORR & Mrs. A.W. WOOD, both of Clarendon, 16 May 1906 at Clarendon
8898-06 William? (Wilkin?) KIMBERLY, 53, Widower, Carpenter, South Sherbrooke Tp., same, s/o John KIMBERLY & (blank) CARELL, married Elizabeth WEIR, 45, Widow, Oso, same, d/o John WARREN & Mary BUTTLER. Witn Joseph & Sarah WARREN, both of Oso, on 21 Nov., 1906, at Oso. 9661-07 Thomas Jos. LARKIN, 25, machinist, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Thomas LARKIN & Fanny GREENASH, married Florence McBRIDE, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o Joseph McBRIDE & Rachel BABCOCK, witn: Edith M. CAREY & Dorothy B. PHILLIPS, both of Kingston, 18 April 1906 at 232 Brock St., Kingston
  8638-06 (Frontenac Co): Edward John Joseph MADDEN, 31, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o John MADDEN & Catherine CAREY, married Josephine HICKEY, 19, Bedford, same, teacher, d/o James HICKEY & Colis MURPHY, witn: Edward McALISTER & Mary Ellen HICKEY, both of Bedford, 16 Jan 1906 at Sacred Heart, Bedford (Rom Cath)
8865-06 Ernest Elmer MARTIN, 34, Policeman, Kingston Tp., Watertown, s/o Samuel MARTIN & Sarah Ann SNIDOR (Snider?), married Lottia (?) Ethel WALKER, 30, Tp. Kingston, Westbrook, d/o Nelson WALKER & Charlette PHILIPS. Witn Alma STILLWELL of Cataraqui & Mary G. BIGFORD of Landsdowne, on 07 Sept., 1906, at Cataraqui. 8896-06 Albert W. McENIGALL, 33, Farmer, Flones Sta.?, same, s/o John? DONIGALL? & (blank), married Hattie BRIGNALL?, 20, Pickering, same, d/o (illegible) & Emma CLARK?. Witn George ECSTAN & Ethell McENIGALL, both of Floner Sta., on 01 Aug., 1906, at Sharll? (Sharbot?) Lake.
8899-06 George McCOY, 25, Labourer, Oso, same, s/o Arthur McCOY & Catherine TAIT, married Mary Ann BARTRAW, 21, Dalhousie Tp., same, d/o Alex BARTRAW & Mary HUGHES. Witn William & Phoebe WARRINGTON, of Tp. Bathurst, on 05 Sept., 1906, at Oso Tp. 8892-06 Duncan McCRIMMSON, 44, Bachelor, Farmer, Scotland, Sharbot Lake, s/o Donald McCRIMMSON & Isabel McLEOD, married Mary Ann HOLLOWOOD, 24, Spinster, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o Thomas J. HOLOWOOD (sic) & Sarah VINKLE. Witn Frank HOLLOWOOD & Mrs. J. HOLLOWOOD, both of Sharbot Lake, on 28 Apr., 1906, at Sharbot Lake [McCrimmon?]
8651-06 (Frontenac Co): George Edson McINTOSH, 25, doctor, Morrisburgh, McDonalds Corners, s/o John Hamilton McINTOSH & Estella MERKLE, married Luna Alice BLAIR, 22, Perth, Tichborne, d/o Robert Loyd BLAIR & Esther ROGERS, witn: Frank Blake McINTOSH of McDonalds Corners & Luna GRAY of Dorchester Mass., 22 Aug 1906 at Parham  
8933-06 William McKNIGHT, 54, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Bedford Tp., s/o George McKNIGHT & Ellen McKENNEDY?, married Cathrine Ann GOODFELLOW, 38, Spinster, Ont., Verona, d/o James GOODFELLOW & Susanna GILCRIST. Witn Dr. & Louisa GOODFELLOW, both of Godfry, on 26 Sept., 1906, at Verona. 8901-06 William John McPARLAND, 26, Machinist, of Kingston, s/o John McPARLAND & Katherine DONNELLY, married Annie L. DONOGHEW, 25, of Cushendal, d/o Timothy DONOGHEW & Julia CONWAY. Witn Patrick McKENNA & Agnes DONOGHEW, both of Kingston, on 12 Sept., 1906, at Cushendal. [Donoghue?]
8888-06 Herbert Lewis MILLS, 29, Engineer, Mountain Grove, same, s/o George MILLS & Mary F. CUNNINGHAM, married Hattie SULLIVAN, 23, Long Lake, Sharbot Lake, d/o John SULLIVAN & Rebecca DURSHARM. Witn Edward B. BUELL & Ethel SULLIVAN, both of Sharbot Lake, on 14 Mar., 1906, at Sharbot Lake. 8886-06 George Wilkinson MONCK, 35, Farmer, Newburg, Arden, s/o Edward MONCK & Margaret BAKER, married Eliza Victoria WOOD, 18, Arden, same, d/o William WOOD, & Hannah CLAPPER. Witn Hannah WOOD of Arden & Mabel SMART of Mountain Grove, on 24 Dec., 1906, at Mountain Grove.
8637-06 (Frontenac Co): Frank NEFEY, 42, farmer, Bedford, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Terrence NEFEY & Bridget LYNETT, married Rose KELLY, 42, Bedford, same, d/o James & Margaret KELLY, witn: Thomas NEFEY of Hinchinbrooke & Libbie KELLY of Bedford, 9 Jan 1906 at Sacred Heart, Bedford (Rom Cath)

8684-06 George Albert NORTHMORE, 32, widower, painter, Cataraqui, Kingston, s/o George Albert NORTHMORE & Emily DAWSON, married Nellie LANDMAN, 42, widow, Pittsburgh, Kingston, d/o John POTTER & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Kate & Irwin CARR of Kingston, 24 March 1906 at Kingston

  8869-06 David Wellington PARKS, 22, Bachelor, Farmer, Ernestown Tp., Kingston Tp., s/o Byard PARKS & Cassia CLUTE, married Iva Edna HEGADORIN, 16, Spinster, Ernestown Tp., same, d/o James LEWIS & Cathrine McCLOYD. Witn Allan PARKS & Martha HEGADORIN, both of Kingston Tp., on 14 Nov., 1906, at Cataraqui.
8636-06 (Frontenac Co): Joseph R. PERRY, 30, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o E.W. PERRY & Amelia ROGERS, married Lillie McGREGOR, 21, of Myers Cave, d/o Charles McGREGOR & Eva PERRY, witn: Daniel & Belle McGREGOR, 18 April 1906 at Myers Cave, Barrie twp 009954-07 ( Frontenac Co.) Lesslie RANDALL, 23, Inverary, Loborough, Farmer, s/o William RANDALL & Amelia SMITH, married Annie S. YOUNG, 17, Storrington, Storrington, Farmer’s Daughter, d/o Michael YOUNG & Hannah BREWER, Witn.: H.R. McCONNELL of Toronto, Lizzie GUMMER of Inverary, December 24, 1906, at Inverary
8904-06 William Henry RANKIN, 39, Laborer G.T. Reg., Jones Falls, Kingston Mills, s/o Henry RANKIN & Harriet J. MUCHMORE, married Angeline LATON, 19, Houseworker, Elivir Twp. Hastings Co., Kingston Mills, d/o Jane? LATON & Mary Josephine BAKER. Witn Martin J. FLYNN & Mrs. Myrtle Maud FLYNN, both of Kingston Mills, on 28 Aug., 1906, at Kingston Mills 8885-06 Charles Wattes? (Walter?) RAYMOND, 27, Farmer, Verona Ont., Twp. Olden, s/o Reuben & Sarah, married Amelia SHORTS, 18, Twp. Olden, Mountain Grove, d/o Wilson SHORTS & Emma HARTWICK. Witn Herbert RAYMOND & Ruth RAYMOND, both of Twp. Olden, on 05 Dec., 1906, at Mountain Grove.
8867-06 George Wellington REDDAN, 28, Farmer, Portland Tp., same, s/o Rusbere ? REDDAN & Ann Jane CURRAN, married Annie LILLIA, 24, Portland Tp., same, d/o Richard LILLIA & Eliza FRASTEN ?. Witn Alvia ? STILLWELL of Cataraqui & Mary BIGFORD of Landsdown, on 29 Aug., 1906, at Cataraqui. 8903-06 Saul Arthur SAUNDERS, 25, Tinsmith, Kingston, same, s/o William SAUNDERS & Letitia McMULLEN, married Daisy Louise STANTON, 23, Houseworker, Barriefield, same, d/o Nathaniel STANTON & Sarah Jane MILLER. Witn John McCARTNEY of Kingston & Ethel NORMAN of Barriefield, on 16 Aug., 1906, at Barriefield
8940-06 George SCALES, 22, Farmer, (blank), Verona, s/o Leronzo SCALES & Mary ALLARSON, married Jane Ann GOODBURY, 18, (blank), Carr?, d/o Leronzo & Mary Ellon. Witn Wellington VANEST, Ellon KENYON? & Laura GERMANS, all of Verona, on 09 Aug., 1906, at Verona. 9624-07 John SCHONAUER, 26, Farmer, Clarendon, same, s/o Joseph SCHONAUER & Mary SCHIVAGER, married Matilda HARTMAN, 20, Farmers Daughter, Clarendon, same, d/o William HARTMAN & Severy STARKER (s/b Stalker?). Witn Firdand (s/b Ferdinand?) HARTMAN & Maggie SCHONAUER, both of Clarendon, on 15 Dec., 1906, at Clarendon.
  8882-06 William J. Amis ? SHAW, 21, Farmer, Gananoque., Twp. Clarendon, s/o Thomas C. SHAW & Mary KILLINGBECK, married Harriet Elizabeth WEBB, 18, Laborers Daughter, Twp. Clarendon, Twp. Olden, d/o Joseph WEBB & Barbara Ann THOMPSON. Witn Joseph & Amos WEBB of Twp. Olden, on 23 May, 1906, at Mountain Grove.
8877-06 Daniel SHEA, 27, Farmer, Portland Tp., same, s/o George SHEA & Lucy MARTIN, married Sarah Jessie GUTHRIE, 22, Loughborough Tp., same, d/o John GUTHRIE & Maria SMITH. Witn Buck HOWARD & Nina GUTHRIE, both of Loughborough, on 05 Sept., 1906, at Loughborough. 8868-06 Walter Harry SHIBLEY, 21, Famer, Portland Tp., same, s/o Sperry SHIBLEY & Blanch STORMS, married Mabel BABCOCK, 21, Kingston Tp., same, d/o Damon BABCOCK & Ann WALKEN. Witn Clarance BABCOCK & Linda BABCOCK, both of Tp. Kingston, on 03 Sept., 1906, at Kingston Tp.
8634-06 (Frontenac Co): John Charles SMITH, 30, high school teacher, Kingston, same, s/o William SMITH & Sarah Josephine WHITELOW, married Rose CRITCHLEY, 20, nurse, Chatsworth, Harlow, d/o John CRITCHLEY & Rachel WHITLEYER, witn: Robert & Merril CUDDY of Barrie twp., 26 July 1906 at Harlow, Barrie twp 8645-06 (Frontenac Co): Charles SMITH, 27, farmer, Clarendon, same, s/o Charles SMITH & Miss TYNER, married Elizabeth GILMOUR, 18, Abinger, Clarendon, d/o John GILMOUR & Melissa SWEETMAN, witn: William MILLER & Jennet GILMOUR, both of Clarendon, 5 June 1906 at Clarendon
8875-06 Richard SMITH, 27, Miner, Millbridge Ont., Loughborough Tp., s/o Walter SMITH & Jane NICOLL, married Florence Mabel SNOOK, 30, Bedford Tp., same, d/o Oliver SNOOK & Susan CREIGHTON. Witn Walter SMITH of Millbridge, & Sarah G. SNOOK of Desert Lake, on 20 June, 1906, at Loughborough. 8931-06 Arnrel? (Arnotel?) SNIDER, 25, Laborer, Verona, same, s/o Paul & Anna, married Effie J. BURNETTE?, 18, Domestic, Portland, same, d/o John BURNETTE & Nancey ALBERTSON. Witn Weller STORMS & Bertha SNIDER, both of Verona, on 17 Sept., 1906, at Verona.
8873-06 Jhos. ? STEVENSON, 24, Miner, Loughborough Tp., same, s/o Jhos. STEVENSON & Annie CLOSS, married Cath. WHALEY, 20, Loughborough Tp., same, d/o John WHALEY & Fannie SIGSURAETTE ?. Witn Cath. SHAVER & Annie L. LAKE, both of Loughborough Tp., on 02 Apr., 1906, at Loughborough Tp. 8642-06 (Frontenac Co): William Cecil TAYLOR, 30, cheese maker, of Westport, s/o Caleb TAYLOR & Elizabeth WYCHERLEY, married Ethel Catherine STINSON, 23, of Burridge, d/o Carson STINSON & Jemima TRUELOVE, witn: John BL--? of Westport & Nellie STINSON of Burridge, 13 March 1906 at Burridge
8649-06 (Frontenac Co): Alfred George TOPPING, 21, farmer, Barrie twp., Clarendon, s/o Thomas & blank, married Effie Mary BROWN, 19, Barrie twp., same, d/o George BROWN & Ella JOHNSON, witn: John GURNEY & Mrs. Thomas TOPPING, both of Clarendon, 13 July 1906 at Clarendon 8895-06 Earnest TOWNSEND, 26, Farmer, Tp. Portland, same, s/o Thomas TOWNSEND & Jane EWART, married Phoeba BOURK, 20, Oso, same, d/o Joseph R. & Sarah. Witn Earnest HENDERSON & Phoeba P. BOURKE (sic), both of Oso, on 15 Aug., 1906, at Tp. Oso.
8902-06 Saml. Thomas TREGUNNA, 33, Farmer, Cornwall Eng., Pittsburgh Tp., s/o John TREGUNNA & Jane BEST, married Clara McGILL, 23, Houseworker, Buruley Eng., Pittsburgh Tp., d/o John McGILL & Dinah DRIVER. Witn Dinah McGILL of Burnley Eng., & Mrs. S. AUGROVE of Gananoque Ont., on 20 June, 1906, at Dufferin 8639-06 (Frontenac Co): Patrick TURNER, 32, farmer, Bedford, Westport, s/o Francis TURNER & Catherine WALSH, married Mary Ann NOONAN, 25, Bedford, same, d/o John NOON & Catherine M. NICHOLAS, witn: Edward TURNER & Maggie NOONAN, both of Bedford, 27 Feb 1906 at Sacred Heart, Bedford (Rom Cath)
8934-06 Charles A. TURNHAM, 20, Miner, England, Verona, s/o George TURNHAM & Mary BASS, married Violet May COLE, 19, Domestic, England, Harrowsmith, d/o Walter COLE & Mary IREDDENHAM?. Witn Walter? COLE & (illegible) COLE, both of Harrowsmith, on 20 Oct., 1906, at Harrowsmith.  
8884-06 Henry Edward UINS ? (Ewens ?), 23, Carpenter, Twp. Olden, Mountain Grove, s/o John UINS & Cecilia BARR, married Beatrice Arwilda MOORE, 23, Kennebec Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o Jacob R. MOORE & Margaret MILLER. Witn Walter UINS & Olive MOORE, both of Mountain Grove, on 08 Aug., 1906, at Mountain Grove. 8941-06 Wellington VANNEST, married Elizabeth PHILIPS, on 19 Dec., 1906, at Harrowsmith. (NOTE on REGISTRY No further details given.)
8876-06 Herbert Wellington WAGAR, 28, Merchant, Tp. Camden, Edmonton Alta., s/o Joel D. WAGAR & Charlotte Marie DARIYES (?) (Daveys ?), married Elizabeth ROBERTS, 27, England, Loughborough Tp., d/o John S. ROBERTS & Susani STEPHENS. Witn Fred. Carl WAGAR of Enterprise, & Emma ROBERTS of Perth Road, on 29 Aug., 1906, at Loughborough Tp. 8932-06 Charles E. WALKER, 22, Farmer, Desert Lake, same, s/o John WALKER & Jane McKNIGHT, married Dellia ORSER, 23, Domestic, Loughborough Tp., same, d/o Charles & Cathrine. Witn John WALKER of Holleford & Lizzie CAPLAKE of Perth, on 04 Sept., 1906, at Wilmer.
8887-06 Signa Earnest WARWICK, 19, Pulp Maker, Sharbot Lake, same, s/o John WARWICK & Margaret Ellen BLAKELY, married Grace Christena May McCONNELL, 21, Maberly, Sharbot Lake, d/o John McCONNELL & Marian GRAY. Witn Ross DODDS & Mabel McCONNELL, both of Sharbot Lake, on 10 Jan., 1906, at Sharbot Lake. 8635-06 (Frontenac Co): Thomas Shirley WEESE, 26, farmer, Barrie twp., same, s/o David WEESE & Margaret BENNY, married Edna Catherine MILLER, 20, domestic servant, Kaladar twp., same, d/o John MILLER & Annie LANSING, witn: William WEESE of Barrie twp. & Matilda MILLER of Forest Mills, 19 Sept. 1906 at Cloyne
8890-06 John WEIR, 19, Farmer, Oso Tp., same, s/o William John WEIR & Elizabeth T. WARREN, married Amelia Armine BOURK, 27, Oso, same, d/o Robert BOURK & Amelia HAMILTON. Witn Louis MACARTERE? of Lanark, & Tibbitt BOURK of Oso, on 02 May, 1906, at Oso. 8864-06 John Alexander WILSON, 34, prison guard, Kingston twp., Kingston, s/o William WILSON & Lydia DAVIS, married Maggie Mercy MAXWELL, 27, Kingston twp., Kingston, d/o Robert MAXWELL & Hannah Rosetta LOUCKS, witn: Percy & Emma Jane MAXWELL of Kingston, 4 July 1906 at Kingston
8883-06 Bertton ? Arch'd WOOD, 22, Farmer, Kennebec Tp., Arden, s/o Joseph WOOD & Hulda PATERSON, married Jane Kinersa ? HAYES, 19, Kennebec Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o George W. HAYES & Rachel GONYSEA. Witn Amos WOOD & Mrs. John KELLAR, both of Mountain Grove, on 02 July, 1906, at Mountain Grove. 9662-07 Eugene Garfield WRIGHT, 25, laborer, Canada, not given, s/o Neilson WRIGHT & Catherine RIVALT, married Dora CONNOR, 19, Canada, not given, d/o Thomas CONNOR & Susan ROSE, witn: George McKENZIE of Kingston, 28 May 1906 at Kingston