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  King St., Kingston, April 2007

Frontenac Co., 1909

 birth place is given before residence (if it was on the registration)


009937-09 William John ALBERTSON, 23, farmer, Kingston twp s/o John ALBERTSON (farmer) & Rhoda EMMONS married Gloria Etna WALLACE, 29, lady, Portland twp d/o William WALLACE (tollgate keeper) & Margaret SIMMONS wtn: Edward GRAHAM of Portsmouth & Josephine ALBERTSON of Cataraqui, 24 May 1909 at Cataraqui 10946-10 Israel ALCIS, 25, merchant, of Kingston, s/o Lewis ALCIS, merchant, & Dora CAPRINSKY, married Rebecca HANDLER, 23, cigar maker, of KIngston, d/o Ber HANDLER, cheese maker & Annie POMERANTZ, witn: S. SUGARMAN of 30 Ellis St. & K. NIERENSTEIN of 18 York St., 1 Aug 1909 at Kingston [Jewish]
010242-09 Fred M. AMEY, 22, lawyer, Verona, s/o Adam AMEY & Mary Ann GIBBS married Jane Ann GRIFFITH, 23, Verona, d/o Timothy GRIFFITH & Sarah Ann BOTTING wtn: Catherine LIDSTONE & Elizabeth CONNELL both of Harrowsmith, 2 June 1909 at Harrowsmith 009943-09 William George ANDERSON, 37, widower, high school teacher, Kingston s/o James ANDERSON (farmer) & Eliza JOHNSTON married Ethel Miriam SPROULE, 24, farmer's daughter, Westbrook twp d/o James A. SPROULE (farmer) & Hester A. CLOAKEY wtn: (none given), 24 September 1909 at Westbrook
009936-09 Walter Scott BARCLAY, 24, policeman, Toronto s/o James L. BARCLAY & Isabella POGUE married Edith Edna IRWIN, 23, lady, Elginburg, d/o John IRWIN (farmer) & Catherine PURDY wtn: Will J. IRWIN of Elginburg & Elizabeth Jane BARCLAY of Sydenham, 28 April 1909 at Elginburg 010243-09 Frederick W. BARNETT, 53, widower, school teacher, Sydenham, s/o Rev William BARNETT (clergyman) & Emma BRADLEY married Henrietta WOOD, 39, trained nurse, Harrowsmith, d/o Daniel WOOD (farmer) & Annie KERR wtn: John TRUSCOTT & Georgina WOOD both of Harrowsmith, 7 August 1909 at Harrowsmith
009930-09 Rusle Leonard Charles BARTON, 23, farmer, Clarendon s/o Samuel BARTON (farmer) & Mary KING married Mary Elizabeth WATSON, 20, farmer's daughter, Palmerston d/o Andrew (farmer) & Mary Elizabeth LENOX wtn: Otto LEMKE & Annie BARTON of Plevna, 5 May 1909 at Clarendon 009925-09 Nelson BEDORE, 25, farmer, Bedford, Sharbot Lake s/o Simon BEDORE & Mary L. COTTIE (Cote?), married Norah BEDARD, 23, farmer, Bedford, Tichburne, d/o Lewis BEDARD & Jane FRAWLEY wtn: Mrs James MURPHY & Mrs BURKETT both of Sangster, 14 September 1909 at Sacred Heart in Bedford
#010173-09 (Frontenac Co): James George BILLINGS, 22, woodworker, of Brockville, s/o Henry BILLINGS & Laura S. BERKINSALE, married Pearl Ethel WARREN, 17, of Kingston, d/o George H. WARREN & Sarah Laura HODGKIN, witnesses were Fred W. & Alice H. SPARKS of Kingston, Dec 8, 1909 at Kingston 10917-10 William Burstall BILLINGSBY, 29, of Sydenham, s/o Frederic BILLINGSBY & Ann JONSMUIR?, married Georgiana TIMMERMAN, 18, of Sydenham, d/o George TIMMERMAN & Charlotte Ann BABCOCK, witn: F. KINNEAR & W.R. GRAHAM, both of Kingston, 6 Nov 1909 at Kingston
009948-09 James Allan BOYD, 24, minister, Arundel s/o John Brown BOYD (farmer) & Elizabeth CLIFFORD married Edith Evalina THOMPSON, 17, Harlowe d/o William James THOMPSON (farmer) & Alice HILLIER wtn: George W. DAVIS & Miss Ethel RULE both of Kingston, 23 November 1909 at Kingston 009946-09 Charles BROTHERS, 24, horse artillery, Kingston s/o Charles BROTHERS (labourer) & Emma JOLY, married Florence GUNN, 19, clerk, Kingston d/o James GUNN (labourer) & Mary WOODLAND wtn: Samuel MURRAY & Sarah GUNN both of Kingston, 7 January 1909 at Kingston
010249-09 John Wesley BURNS, 28, farmer, Cushendall s/o William BURNS (farmer) & Elizabeth SMITH married Gladys Isabel WEIR, 19, young lady, Cushendall d/o John WEIR (farmer) & Addie SUTTON wtn: Walter W. TONER of Washburn & Mary E. SHANNON of Sunbury, 6 January 1909 at Cushendall 009927-09 James Edward COX, 26, farmer, Clarendon s/o James COX (farmer) & (not given) married Rebecca LAPOINT, 19, farmer's daughter, Parham d/o John LAPOINT (farmer) & Jane HANNAH wtn: George HARTWICK of Ardoch & Helena LYONS of Plevna, 10 February 1909 at Plevna
009941-09 William Morrison DAVY, 20, farmer, Fernleigh s/o Jacob Morrison DAVY (farmer) & Margaret McCAUSLAND married Annie Lottie WESTON, 20, school teacher, Cataraqui d/o Thomas WESTON (gardener) & Stella HOOPER wtn: William WESTON & Stella BOYD both of Cataraqui, 14 April 1909 at Cataraqui 009928-09 James Daniel DERNE, 17, farmer, Clarendon s/o James DERNE (farmer) & Margaret GEDDES married Elsie Maud SULTS, 16, farmer's daughter, Clarendon d/o James SULTS (farmer) & Rachel BABCOCK wtn: Charles HUYCK & Ethel SULTS of Plevna, 10 June 1909 at Clarendon
010247-09 Edmond GIBSON, 24, farmer, Westport s/o Robert GIBSON & Charlotte KENNEDY married Martha A. SEARS, 18, servant, Kingston d/o William SEARS & Catherine FOWLEY wtn: Herman WARREN of Newboro & Roda THOMPSON of Kaladar, 20 October 1909 at Verona 10884-10 James Kenneth GORSELINE, 2, butcher, of Bedford Mills, s/o Alexander BROWN (sic), farmer & Chloe YATES, married Hester Cecil BROWN, 18, of Bedford, d/o James GORSELINE (sic), farmer, & Ionia ALFRED, witn: Roland BROWN of Bedford Mills & Effie DENBY of Lyndhurst, 29 Dec 1909 at Bedford Mills
010246-09 George HAGERMAN, 35, labourer, Sydenham s/o Abram HAGERMAN (labourer) & Mary Ann BRAWLEY married Ella Maud BURLEY, 20, domestic servant, Sydenham d/o George BURLEY & Elvida RUTTAN wtn: Fred JEFFERY of Hartington & Etta HOGAN of Sydenham, 28 September 1909 at Harrowsmith 010245-09 John Albert HENDERSON, 23, farmer, Murvale, s/o Orton B. HENDERSON (farmer) & Ada WINTER married Leita Merle DAVEY, 21, Wilton, d/o James DAVEY (farmer) & Alice GALLAGHER wtn: Bruce HENDERSON of Murvale & Myrtle GALLAGHER of Harrowsmith, 8 September 1909 at Wilton
009931-09 Edward Simmons JAMES, 38, farmer, Clarendon s/o Edward JAMES (farmer) & Annie Eliza LEECH married Margaret Jane TATE, 25, farmer's daughter, Clarendon d/o Thomas TATE (farmer) & Sarah ANDREWS wtn: William JAMES & Marran TATE of Plevna, 2 June 1909 at Clarendon  
009942-09 William John LYONS, 23, cheese maker, Portland twp s/o William John LYONS (stockman – horses) & Julia ALLEN married Myrtle Mabel BLACK, 22, dressmaker, Cataraqui d/o Andrew BLACK (labourer) & Rhoda CLARK wtn: Frank LYONS of Harrowsmith & Florence BLACK of Cataraqui, 25 August 1909 at Cataraqui 009945-09 William Thomas MARSHALL, 33, labourer, Barrie twp s/o John M. MARSHALL & Jane HARRIS married Aretta May THOMPSON, 16, Barrie twp d/o John W. THOMPSON & Caroline E. EUSTES wtn: Dolly GARRATT & Eveline ALEXANDER both of Arden, 30 October 1909 at Kennebec twp
#010171-09 (Frontenac Co): Campbell Colinerd McCALLUM, 27, driver, of Kingston, s/o Campbell McCALLUM (stone mason) & Ellen MUIR, married Lucy Jane BURGESS, 22, of Kingston, d/o Trayton BURGESS & Alice PAGE, witnesses were Lizzie R HUGHSON & Jean LANG, both of Kingston 009934-09 John Henry McFADDEN, 32. carpenter, Kingston twp s/o Thomas McFADDEN (farmer) & Charlotte TEEPELL married Maude McIVER, 21, widow, farmer's daughter, Kingston twp d/o Johnston DAY (farmer) & Eliza EMMONS wtn: Joseph BULCH & Alice BULCH both of Cataraqui, 17 Mach 1909 at Kingston twp
010250-09 Daniel Henry McLEAN, 32, farmer, Pittsburgh Ontario s/o W. John McLEAN (farmer) & Margaret NICHOL married Alice Gertrude GRANT, 28, housekeeper, Pittsburgh d/o Alex GRANT (farmer) & Eliza S. HOWES, wtn: Charles GRANT of Pittsburgh & Ethel McLEAN of Kingston, 28 October 1909 at Pittsburgh 010240-09 William J. MOIR, 36, farmer, Bellrock s/o George MOIR (deceased) & Margaret TAYLOR married Edith Emily PERO, 23, farmer's daughter, Portland twp d/o Henry PERO (farmer) & Mary Jane BABCOCK wtn: C.C. CORNELL & Elizabeth CORNELL both of Harrowsmith, 24 March 1909 at Harrowsmith
009940-09 Thomas Alfred OSTLER, 44, merchant, British Columbia s/o Frederick OSTLER & Isabel HODGSON married Ellen McMICHAEL, 33, lady, Cataraqui d/o Albert McMICHAEL (farmer) & Margaret WADDINGTON wtn: G.A. McMICHAEL & Mary McMICHAEL of Cataraqui, 29 April 1909 at Cataraqui  
010241-09 Charles B. PITCHER, 26, student, Townsend twp, s/o Frank H. PITCHER & Naomi SECORD married Gracia SMITH, 22, farmer's daughter, Portland twp, d/o George M. SMITH & Mary PATTERSON wtn: Melville SMITH & Clara M. SARGENT both of Kingston, 22 April 1909 at Portland twp 009947-09 Charles Milton QUINN, 42, widower, merchant, Lansdowne, s/o John QUINN & Mary RAMSAY married Elizabeth Blanch COOK, 34, Escott, d/o Joseph COOK & Mary WHITE wtn: Adda L. QUINN & Georgia M. QUINN both of Lansdowne, 6 January 1909 at Kingston
009938-09 Millard Stanley REDDEN, 21, blacksmith, Kingston twp s/o Jeremiah REDDEN & Carolina WEST married Estella Mary MOSIER, 22, lady, Kingston d/o John MOSIER & Mary LARKIN wtn: Florence ELLIOTT & Leta ELLIOTT both of Cataraqui, 29 May 1909 at Cataraqui #010172-09 (Frontenac Co): Duncan J. ROBERTSON, 61, bachelor, farmer, of Martintown, s/o John ROBERTSON (farmer) & Margaret MacDOUGALL, married Ida J. B. NESS, 46, lady, of Kingston, d/o Alexander NESS (banker) & Hellen WATSON, witnesses were Rev. & Mrs. Joseph ELLIOT of Cataraqui, 8 Dec 1909 at Kingston
  10918-10 Ernest SANFORD, 24, sailor of Kingston, s/o William SANFORD & Emily HIGLETON, married Maude O'ROURKE, 18, of Kingston, d/o Edward O'ROURKE & Bell HUGHES, witn: J.H. & Bella O'ROURKE of Kingston, 29 Dec 1909 at Kingston
009939-09 Thomas Wesley SANDS, 22, cigar maker, Kingston s/o Thomas SANDS (labourer) & Mary YOUNG married Maud LAKE, 22, lady, Brownville N.Y. d/o Perry LAKE & Eva KINGSBURY wtn: Fred COSBY & Mary COSBY both of Kingston, 28 May 1909 at Cataraqui 010251-09 Wilfred G. SHINER, 27, mechanic, Pittsburgh s/o George SHINER (mechanic) & Julie Jane PARKER married Sarah Ann FORD, 21. housekeeper, Portsmouth d/o George FORD (gardener) & Ann NORMAN wtn: John FORD of Portsmouth & Edith J. TRESINGER? of Toronto, 3 September 1909 at Portsmouth
009924-09 Charles SPENCER, 27, farmer, Cloyne, s/o Milton SPENCER (farmer) & Mary Jane HALL married Nancy MEEKS, 17, Cloyne, d/o Allan Ruttan MEEKS (farmer) & Annie ROSENPLOTH wtn: Walter BUDDY & Hannah CRITCHLEY both of Harlowe, 15 May 1909 at Cloyne 009933-09 John Wesley SPOONER, 34, divorced, merchant, Prescott Michigan s/o Johnston SPOONER & Emily A. ROSE married Annie Elizabeth SHEPHERD, 32, farmer's daughter, Kingston twp d/o Edward SHEPHERD (farmer) wtn: Frederick SHEPHERD & Bertha SHEPHERD both of Kingston twp, 15 March 1909 at Kingston twp
009929-09 George Alex TATE, 40, farmer, Clarendon s/o Thomas TATE (farmer) & Sarah ANDERSON married Elizabeth Jane JAMES, 34, farmer's daughter, Clarendon d/o Edward JAMES (farmer) & Eliza LEECH wtn: James EDWARD & Margaret TATE of Plevna, 28 April 1909 at Clarendon 009944-09 Carman Garrett THOMPSON, 24, labourer, Kaladar twp, Kennebec twp s/o David W. THOMPSON & Charlotte PETERSON married Florence M. ANDERSON, 28, Kaladar twp d/o Alexander FLEMMING (sic) & Jane DUNNETT wtn: Mr & Mrs George THOMPSON of Arden, 24 October 1909 at Kennebec twp
010248-09 Walter Harrington WAGAR, 21, railroader, Deseronto s/o William W. WAGAR & Eva E. SCRIMSHAW married Ethel C. RICHARDS, 20, Sydenham d/o Lewis J. RICHARDS & Martha J. CHRISTOPHER wtn: Alex F. FOWKES & Elizabeth FOWKES & William M. TROUSDALE all of Harrowsmith, 20 November 1909 at Harrowsmith 010244-09 Marle Alva WARD, 19, farmer, Harrowsmith, s/o Adam Arthur WARD (farmer) & Hannah CAW married Dorothy M. SEAWORTHY, 21, Tweed, d/o William Henry SEAWORTHY (railway employee) & Eliza PORRIFF (Porritt?), wtn: Catherine LIDSTONE of Harrowsmith & Linda BABCOCK of Wilton, 28 July 1909 at Harrowsmith