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Frontenac Co, 1912

birth place is given before residence


8194-12, James Donald BERRY, 37, farmer, of Wolfe Island, s/o Robert BERRY, fireman & Margaret McLAREN, married Ann Gertrude O'SHEA, 29, -, Wolfe Island, d/o Michael O'SHEA, sailor & Mary BOWES, Witn John O'SHEA & Hazel Ellen BAKER both of Wolfe Island, on 4 September 1912 at Sacred Heart of Mary Church Wolfe Island.

8171-12, Ernest James BUCK, 23, -, Bath ON, Buffalo NY, s/o Wilson BUCK, Blacksmith & Ida McLAUGHLIN, married Agnes Gold Wilson, 20, Scotland, Kingston, d/o William WILSON, deceased & Margaret McCAFFORETY (McCafferty?), wit Morley P BUCK of Bath & Helen WILSON of Kingston, on 22 May 1912 at Kingston

8210- 12, Henry CHERBONNEAU (Charbonneau?), 23, of Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o James CHERBONNEAU, carpenter & Cary LOSES?, married Margaret LAFRANCE, 18, Sydenham, Kingston, d/o James LAFRANCE, labourer & Mary WHALEY, witn T WATSON Edit PELOW both of Kingston, on 11 March 1912 at Kingston.


8245-12, John Francis DOCTEUR, 47, of Cape Vincent, Cape Vincent NY, s/o Charles A DOCTEUR, farmer & Elizabeth CONSTANCE, married Margaret Ann HOGAN, 36, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Peter HOGAN, farmer & Sarah PAYNE, witn Francis Edward DOCTEUR of Rosiere NY & Stella Jane HOGAN of Central PO - Wolfe Island, on 26 June 1912 at Marysville Wolfe Island

8254-12, John Ferguson DOYLE, 27, Medical Student, of Kingston, s/o Patrick DOYLE, ship Carpenter & Ellen FERGUSON, married Harriet Ann McLAREN, 27, of Wolfe Island, d/o Hugh Alexander McLAREN, Hotel Keeper & Mary McDONELL, witn John Ferguson BAKER of Wolfe Island & Ida Mary SHAW of Kingston, on 10 September 1912 at Marysville Wolfe Island.

8271-12 Robert John ELLIOTT, 46, widower, Kingston, same, s/o John ELLIOTT, steward on boat, & Mary A. GASKIN, married Julia Isabell SMITH, 34, Violet Ont., Kingston, d/o Joseph SMITH, farmer, & Lichal? WOLFE, witn: H?. J. GARBUTT of 247 Johnston St. & Mrs. G. ACTON of 137 Colborne St., 1 Aug 1912 at Kingston

8273-12, Wilson Mark ELLIS, 24, Railway station agent, Fenelon Falls, Twp of Pittsburgh, s/o John Edward ELLIS. Farmer, & Effie McKINNON, married Cora Lily DAVIS, 22, Wolfe Island, Twp of Pittsburgh, d/o Harry DAVS, farmer, & Susan Ann McCAUL, wit Wilfred WILSON of Willetsholme, and Marnie ELLIS of Fenelon Falls, on 28 October 1912 at residence of Mr DAVIS.

8264-12, Richard EVES, 21, Simcoe Island, Simcoe Island, s/o George EVES, farmer & Mary Laura CADOTTE, married Mabel Adela WOODMAN, 22, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o William Harrison WOODMAN, farmer & Elizabeth MICHEA, witness George A WOODMAN of St Lawrence Ont & Mary J EVES of Simcoe Island on 24 January 1912 at Wolfe Island. 8288-12 Willard Harold FARRELL, 22, machinist, Arnprior, Renfrew, s/o Thomas FARRELL & Hester MacLEAN, married Lucie WIGGINS, 21, Arnprior, Kingston, d/o Robert WIGGINS & Mary SPARLING, witn: Mrs. M. & J. M. CAINES both of Kingston on Dec. 31, 1912 at Kingston

8287-12 Harry FEARN, 23, not given, Swadlincote (Derbyshire) England, Kingston, s/o Eli FEARN & Sarah DEACON, married Hilda MARTIN, 21, Swadlincote England, Kingston, d/o Arthur MARTIN & Annie JONES, witn: Emma COOK of 502 Johnston Street & Annie MARTIN of 163 Victoria Street both of Kingston on Nov. 30, 1912 at Kingston

8282 -12, George Alexander FERGUSON, 28, Stonefield Que, Montreal Que, s/o John FERGUSON, stone carver, deceased, & Sarah BENSON, married Louise Omega STALEY, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Horatio STALEY, gentleman, painter & Louise LEADBEATER, wit J Horatio STALEY & Gordon H STALEY both of Kingston on 6 August 1912 at Kingston (also 8284-12)

8285-12, John FORD, 20, Canada, Village of Portsmouth, s/o George FORD, Engineer & Ann NORMAN, married Ruby Ethel GIBSON, 18, Amherst Island, Village of Portsmouth, d/o John GIBSON, mechanic & Mary McGRATH. Wit John CHADDOCK and Helen CHADDOCK both of Kingston, on 4 September 1912 at the Village of Portsmouth. 8286-12 James William FULLER, 23, not given, Kent England, Kingston, s/o Charles Arthur FULLER, engineer & Naomi BARNETT, married Kate SAWYER, 22, Kent England, Kingston, d/o Charles William SAWYER, engineer & Annie FENTEMAN, witn: Jesse & Caroline BULL both of Kingston on Oct. 5, 1912 at Kingston
8306-12 Thomas Maxwell GALBRAITH B.A.M.D., 32, physician, Thornbury, Yarker, s/o Maxwell GALBRAITH & Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, married Annie Mary GASKIN, 25, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas GASKIN & Merinda AGNEW, witn: Laura M. & William Y. MILLS both of Kingston on Dec. 18, 1912 at Kingston. 8302-12 Wellington Williamson GIBSON, 37, none given, Atwood, Kingston, s/o Thomas E. GIBSON, farmer & Mary ATCHESON, married Louise M. CAYS, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Duncan A. CAYS, real estate broker & Emma L. DAY, witn: Helen L. BAILEY & Frederick A. CAYS M.D. both of Kingston on Nov. 18, 1912 at Kingston.
8298-12 Arthur Douglas GILBERT, 21, none given, Falmouth England, Kingston, s/o Samuel Arthur GILBERT, engineer (deceased) & Mary HAITCHEN, married Elizabeth Olive May WARRINGTON, 21, Penryn Cornwall England, Kingston, s/o James Oliver WARRINGTON & blank, witn: Henry & B. TONKIN of 98 Earl St. of Kingston on Sept. 3, 1912 at Kingston 8291-12 Thomas GIMBLETT, 26, none given, of Kingston, s/o Robert GIMBLETT, shoemaker & Mary JAMES, married Rose HAZLETT, 22, of Kingston, d/o James HAZLETT, soldier & Jane McLAUGHLIN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Walter WILSON both of Kingston on March 1, 1912 at Kingston
8297-12 John Edward GLOVER, 27, none given, London England, North Bay, s/o William GLOVER & Elizabeth CLARK, married Marion FILTZ, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Richard FILTZ & Hannah BUCK, witn: Alberta FILTZ of 344 Albert St. & William McLAUGHLIN of 204 Princess St. both of Kingston on July 23, 1912 of Kingston 8294-12 John Edmond GODFREY, 27, brakeman, of Mountain Grove, s/o John GODFREY, farmer & E. Cynthia SANDESON, married Harriet Eliza BRADSHAW, 30, school teacher, of Harrowsmith, d/o James W. BRADSHAW, county clerk & Eliza E. HAMILTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James BRADSHAW both of 131 Union St. Kingston on May 8, 1912 at Kingston.
8301-12 James H. GOODBERRY, 30, stone mason, of Portland Tp., s/o Miles GOODBERRY, stone mason & Alvira REVELL, married Emily Ann KNOX, 16, of Portland Tp., d/o Isaac KNOX, labourer & Annie SNYDER, witn: Charles REVELL & Lizzie KNOX of Verona on Oct. 11, 1912 at Portland Tp. 8295-12 Louis GOODMAN, 21, none given, Montreal, Kingston, s/o Louis GOODWIN, engineer (deceased) & Reba LELONDE (Lalonde?), married Ellen NORTH, 32, widow, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o George MULLER, sexton & Eliza STEWARD, witn: Ben HARRIS of Napanee & Gertrude GRAHAM of Kingston on May 18, 1912 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston.
8304-12 Joseph Edward GORDON, 24, farmer, Sharbot Lake, same, s/o Samuel GORDON & Ellen CASSELL, married Arwilda May WAGAR, 24, Wagarville, Sharbot Lake, d/o Philip E. WAGAR & Aurora JACKSON, witn: Harry GORDON of Sharbot Lake & E. M. C. FORSTER of Kingston on Dec. 30, 1912 at Kingston. 8293-12 Charles Henry GORDON, 21, cheese maker, of Oso Tp., s/o Charles GORDON, farmer & Mary CLARK, married Maggie Ada GARRETT, 22, of Oso Tp., d/o George GARRETT, farmer & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Samuel GORDON of Elphin (Lanark Co) & Nola GARRETT of Zealand on April 23, 1912 at Oso Tp.
8303-12 Abraham GOTTER, 24, electrician, Leipzig Germany, Kingston, s/o Albert GOTTER & Liberta RYAN, married Fannie STENZLER, 18, Austria, Kingston, d/o Herschel STENZLER & Chia COLBER, witn: L. HINANESON & J. BOHEN both of Kingston on Dec. 8, 1912 at Kingston 8289-12 Egerton Ryerson GRAHAM, 27, not given, Kingston, Lloydminster Saskatchewan, s/o Robert Barrie GRAHAM, tradesman & Elizabeth COOK, married Janet Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, 23, Morton Ont., 40 Albert Street Kingston, d/o Robert Hart SOMERVILLE, carpenter & Janet HENDERSON, witn: R. H. SOMERVILLE of 440 Albert St. & Rose L. McINTOSH of 269 Brock St. both of Kingston on March 14, 1912 at Kingston.
8296-12 Percival Stewart GRAHAM, 24, non given, Kingston, same, s/o William R. GRAHAM & Madeline STEWART, married Jessie Vanorman MACKENZIE, 21, Kingston, same, d/o D. MACKENZIE & Georgina HOWIE, witn: W. T. & Gertrude GRAHAM no residences given on June 17, 1912 at Kingston 8292-12 George Ketcham GRAHAM, 22, none given, of Belleville, s/o Robert James GRAHAM, major H.C.H.G. & Grace ROBLIN, married Ellen Lenore HAMILTON, 21, of Kingston, d/o James & Mary, witn: J. H. HAMILTON of Kingston & R. J. GRAHAM of Belleville on April 17, 1912 at Kingston.
8299-12 Vernon Charles GREEN, 26, none given, London Ont., Kingston, s/o Charles GREEN, engineer & Theresa A. COONEY, married Vera Iona BUELL, 19, of Kingston, d/o Ulysses G. BUELL, piano maker & Margaret NOLAN, witn: George SARGENT of 168 Frontenac St. & Keitha B. BUELL of 132 Clarence St., both of Kingston, on Sept. 10, 1912 at Kingston. 8300-12 Robert Russell GREENLEES, 22, none given, Storrington, Pittsburgh, s/o James GREENLEES, farmer & Maggie WOOD, married Annie Pearl RYDER, 24, Pittsburgh, Kingston, d/o John RYDER, carter & Susan ROBB, witn: M. PECK & L. GREENLEES both of Cushendall Pittsburgh Tp. on Sept. 25, 1912 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston.

8305-12 Irving Henry GREGET (?), 24, bridge inspector, of Port Arthur, s/o Arnie GREGET, farmer & Mary ORTH, married Annie L. SILLS, 23, of Sydenham, d/o Edward SILLS, farmer & Emma PURDY, witn: Edward B. SILLS of Sydenham & Pearl M. SWITZER of Milton on Dec. 25, 1912 at Sydenham.

8290-12 George William GUY, 21, soldier R.C.H.G., of Kingston, s/o George W. GUY & Jane WILSON, married Sarah Jennie TUGWELL, 21, of Kingston, d/o Alfred TUGWELL & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: F. A. CARTER & Ada EASTWELL both of Kingston on March 25, 1912 at Kingston

8352-12, David KEARNEY, 26, England, Emerald - Amherst Island, s/o John KEARNEY, mechanic & Alice BETTY, married Myra McGINN, 18, Emerald, Emerald, d/o John McGINN, farmer & Eliza McCORMICK, wit John McGINN of Emerald & Rev AJ HAWLEY of Kingston, on 19 February 1912 at Kingston.

8357-12 Albert Alexander KEMTER, 35, Syracuse, 1117 Nusland Ave in Syracuse, s/o Theodore Alman KEMTER, dead, physician, & Whilemina KAN (Karr?), married Alice Amy ADAMS, 34, widow, Syracuse, 1206 South Salina St. in Syracuse, d/o Robert Anthony MOLYNEUX, retired merchant, & Nellie Zada RICE, witn: Victoria M. & Edwin E. BUSZARD of 1319 James St. in Syracuse, 8 June 1912 at Kingston

8359-12 Chester KENNEDY, 24, farmer, of Hinchinbrooke, s/o Thomas KENNEDY, post master & Joseph (sic) WILKINS, married Margaret Lauretta WILKINS, 18, of Portland, d/o Emaline McKNIGHT (sic), postmaster & Alvira GOODBERRY, witn: Edmund B. McKNIGHT of Godfrey & Mary Emma WILKINS of Verona, 26 June 1912 at Portland twp

8358-12 John Timothy KENNEDY, 32, Worcester Mass. US, same, s/o Timothy KENNEDY, merchant, & Joanna PANES?, married Helen THOMPSON, 31, Kingston, same, d/o George THOMPSON, deceased, & Emily FISHER, witn: Norman & Alice THOMPSON of Kingston, 26 June 1912 at Kingston

8363-12 John Francis KENNEDY, 32, none given, Portsmouth, Kingston, s/o Patrick KENNEDY, keeper at Kingston Penitentiary & Bridget McMANNUS (McManus?), married Margaret McCABE, 33, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o Richard McCABE, deceased & Elizabeth McKEE, witn: Michael KANE & Mrs Peter GRATTON both of Kingston on Sept. 18, 1912 at Kingston. 8361-12 Albert Ernest KENNY, 27, of Seeleys Bay Leeds Co., s/o Robert? KENNY, farmer & Rachel SMITH, married Jessie May BROWN, 24, of Atkinson Tp., d/o Daniel BROWN, farmer & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Ida GARBOT & Eveline HARRIS both of Kingston on Aug. 20 (?) 1912 at Kingston.
8364-12 (Frontenac Co) Edward Dyer KERR, 21, Oneida New York, Singleton, s/o Lucas Hammond KERR & Daisy DYER married Louise Rachel HUGHSON, 24, Opinicon, Latimer, d/o Seth Lyon HUGHSON & Elizabeth RANCIER, witn: Flora B. STEWART & Lula E. WADDELL of Harrowsmith, 25 Sept 1912, Portland

8354-12, Albert KEYES, 25, barber, Wolfe Island, s/o John KEYES & Winonna MOSIER, married Mildred Edith PYKE, 20, -, Wolfe Island, d/o Dexter PYKE & Mary WATTS, wit William GRAHAM & Evelyn HORNE both of Kingston, on 10 April 1912 at Kingston.

8353-12, William Thomas KINEHAN (Kinchan?), 21, Miner, of Verona, s/o William KINEHAN, farmer & Elizabeth ALBERTSON, married Mary Ann ALBERTSON, 18, of Carthage NY, d/o Richard ALBERTSON, farmer & Jane HICKEY, wit William ALBERTSON & Edna Blanche BAUDER, on 14 March 1912 in Kingston. 8367-12 Benjamin KISH, 51, farmer, widower, Bedford Tp., Cataraqui, s/o Benjamin KISH & Nancy STEELE, married Theresa ELY, 41, widow, Cataraqui, same, d/o Thomas BUCK & Catherine HAFFNER, witn: Thomas & Maggie L. BUCK both of Cataraqui on Dec. 10, 1912 at Cataraqui.

8366-12 Archibald KISH, 29, farmer, of Storrington, s/o John KISH, farmer & Aldora BOTTING, married Sarah Jane CLARK, 18, of Inverary, d/o William J. CLARK, labourer & Catherine HOGAN, witn: Mrs. W. J. CLARK of Storrington & Mrs. T. G. DOWDELL of Sydenham on Nov. 16, 1912 at Sydenham

8356-12 Bert William KISH, 23, Parham, Cataraqui, s/o Benjamin KISH, farmer, & Jane PEARCE, married Edith PAYNE, 21, England, Kingston, d/o J.R. PAYNE, shoe maker, & Rhoda CHURCHLEY, witn: Benjamin KISH of Cataraqui & Mrs. John McKAY Sr. of Kingston, 16 May 1912 at Kingston

8365-12 William John KNAPP, 23, labourer, Crow Lake, Westport Leeds Co., s/o Charles KNAPP, farmer & Hester RUNNELLS, married Marissa May SILVER, 19, Loughborough Tp., Sydenham, d/o Wellington SILVER, farmer & Emma SLACK, witn: Mrs, William CRAIG & Thomas H. JAMES both of Kingston on Oct. 17, 1912 at Kingston. 8362-12 Edward Stanley KNAPP, 22, none given, Sharbot Lake, Kingston, s/o Edward B. KNAPP (deceased) & Emma E. LAKE, married Josephine Monita HEPBURN, 20, Ottawa, Kingston, d/o Robert W. HEPBURN, engineer & Josephine YOUNG, witn: Doris OVERBAUGH 53 Stephen Street & F. Illegible of Princess St. both of Peterboro on Sept. 4, 1912 at Kingston
8360-12 Edward KNIGHT, 25, none given, Loborough, same, s/o John KNIGHT, labourer & Margaret MORROW, married Lillie May BURLEY, 24, Pembroke, Loborough, d/o Joseph BURLEY, farmer & Martha DEYO, witn: George GUEST of Sydenham on July 8, 1912 at Sydenham  

8355-12 William Lawrence KNOX, 22, Kingston, same, s/o William KNOX, boiler maker, & Fanny GRIMASON, married Jennie Rebecca HARKNESS, 23, Kingston, same, d/o James HARKNESS, butcher, & Annie McQUAID, witn: George N. & Mrs. George BRUCE of Kingston, 24 April 1912 at Kingston

8368-12 Samuel KNOX, 24, railroader, Kingston, same, s/o William KNOX & Florence GRIMMISON (Grimason?), married Florence Evelyn BLACK, 23, Cataraqui, same, d/o Andrew BLACK & Rhoda CLARK, witn: Colin CLARK of Cataraqui & Mrs. F. COMPTON of Collins Bay on Dec. 24, 1912 at Cataraqui.
8369-12 William Charles KRUEGER, 24, printer, Walkerton, Kingston, s/o John KRUEGER & Mary RETTLEBRON, married Kathleen ALBERTSON, 22, Bedford, Verona, d/o Thomas ALBERTSON & Catherine KINGDON, witn: Maggie HENDERSON & Ethel NEAL both of Kingston on Dec. 14, 1912 at Kingston. 8373-12, Albert Edward LAIRD, 25, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John LAIRD & Elizabeth WINTERS, married Amanda DALZELL, 22, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o Thomas DALZELL & Eunice ADSIT, wit C.D. & F.J. MacGILLIVRAY of Kingston, on 28 March 1912 at Kingston

8370-12 Harold Frederick LANGFORD, 22, none given, Portsmouth England, Kingston, s/o Frederick George LANGFORD, deceased & Amy BARROW, married Lillie E. HIGGINBOTHAM, 22, Portsmouth England, Kingston, d/o Edward John HIGGINBOTHAM & Mary Ann HARRIS, witn: Joseph ROBISON & Esther ROBINSON (sic) both of Kingston on March 8, 1912 at Kingston

8374-12 Walter Johnston LASHA, 18, mechanic, of Gananoque, s/o Walter LASHA & Sarah Jane REDMOND, married Rena May SLACK, 18, of Gananoque, d/o Amos SLACK & Matilda RUNNING, witn: Clara D. McGILLIVRAY of Kingston & Winnett E. SLACK of Gananoque., 13 April 1912 at Kingston

8372-12 Thomas Arthur LEVEQUE, 27, none given, Bell Rock, same, s/o Thomas LEVEQUE, farmer & Eliza SHORTSLEVE, married Rose E. RUTTAN, 18, Bell Rock, same, d/o Charles RUTTAN, farmer & Clara Mary PETERS, witn: George Wellington RUTTAN of Bell Rock & Ethel NEAL of Kingston on March 7, 1912 at Kingston 8371-12 Samuel Leighton LOCKWOOD, 43, farmer, of Kennebec Tp., s/o Leonard LOCKWOOD, farmer/machinist & Annie ROSE, married Mary Ann WHITMARSH, 23, of Kennebec Tp., d/o Sidney WHITMARSH, farmer & Mary BEEMON? (Bunson?), witn: Jerome THOMSON & A. W. BUELL both of Sharbot Lake on March 27, 1912 at Oso Tp.

8397-12, Bernard McKENNA, 34, farmer, -, Wolfe Island, s/o James McKENNA, farmer & Mary MULHALL, married Mary Ann MORAN, 36, -, Wolfe Island, d/o Patrick MORAN, farmer & Mary HOGAN, wit Jeramiah GREEN & Hellen Loretta MORAN both of Wolfe Island, on 19 February 1912 at Marysville Wolfe Island.

8411-12, William Alexander MENARD, 27, -, Garden Island, Garden Island, s/o George MENARD, deceased & Auxilda GOBEIL, married Catherine Margaret DRYSDALE, 23, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o Samuel DRYSDALE, farmer & Catherine ANDERSON, wit Sarah McDOWELL & Mary CONNORS of Kingston, on 28 August 1912 at Kingston.

8425- 12, Michael Edward MONAHAN, 39, City Controller, of Syracuse NY, s/o Michael MONAHAN & Catherine McGOWAN married Mary Veronica RYAN, 26, of Wolfe Island, d/o Mathew RYAN, farmer & Catherine MULVENA, wit Raymond J RYAN of Syracuse NY & Frances May MULLVENA of Barriefield, on 22 October 1912 at Marysville Wolfe Island.

8433-12, James Vincent NORRIS, 28, Howe Island, Kingston, s/o James NORRIS hotel keeper & Elizabeth O'BRIEN, married Rose Mable McCARREY, 30, Joyceville, Kingston, d/o John McCARREY farmer & Marguerite McKENTY, wit John FOLEY of Howe Island & Mary McCARREY of Joyceville, on 5 February 1912 at Brewers Mills Pittsburgh Twp.

8445-12 James O'GORMAN, 21, none given, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas O'GORMAN & Sarah Ann JACKSON, married Rose FOX, 18, Strathcona, Kingston, d/o James FOX & Rose Ann McGARVEY, witn: J. B. & Charlotte DELPH both of 316 Barry St. Kingston on Oct. 8, 1912 at Kingston 8444-12, John Leo O'GRADY, 24, Wooler, Sudbury, s/o Thomas O'GRADY, merchant & Mary CLUNE, married Mary Loretta GRIMSHAW, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Silas GRIMSHAW, contractor & Julia TURCOTTE, wit Joseph O'GRADY of Sudbury & Bertha GRIMSHAW of Kingston, on 30 July 1912 at Kingston
8440-12 Stanley Randolph OHLKE, 24, non given, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Paul OHLKE & Maria LEELER, married Caroline M. MASSEY, 19, Cataraqui, Kingston, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Clara E. OHLKE of Kingston & T. R. OHLKE of Vaudreuil Quebec on April 9, 1912 at Kingston 8441-12 George OLIN, 29, labourer, of Altmar New York USA, s/o Francis OLIN & Roxey REESE, married Elizabeth DAWLEY, 34, of Altmar New York USA, d/o Rufus DAWLEY (real family name PITSLEY, brought up since infancy by the Dawley's) & Mary TOWSLEY, witn: Prof. J. H. FARMER of Toronto & Miss Jean KINES of Kingston on June 23, 1912 at Kingston


8439-12, Martin OLSEN, 31, Norway, Kingston, s/o Ole MARTENSEN, mechanic & Maria PETERSON, married Emma Charlotte OLSEN, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John OLSEN Blacksmith & Margaret Blake, wit John OLSEN & Mary Louise OLSEN both of Kingston, on 16 April 1912 at Kingston

8442-12 Ernest ONIONS, 33, none given, Birmingham England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph ONION & Jane SEELEY, married Laura Ada AUSTIN, 20, Birmingham England, same, d/o Arthur AUSTIN & Martha HARRISON, witn: H. C. & Mary STEELE both of Kingston on June 10, 1912 at Kingston. 8443-12 John Bernard OSWALD, 27, machinery agent, of Odessa., s/o John Joseph OSWALD, deceased & Ellen TOOMEY, married Emily Cecila McCORMICK, 29, of Sharpton, d/o Francis McCORMICK, retired farmer & Elizabeth MOHAN, witn: Eliza TOOMEY of Odessa & Linnetta McCORMICK of Kingston on July 7, 1912 at Kingston.
8446-12 Charles Wilds PECK, 23, none given, Maine USA, Montreal, s/o c. C. PECK, deceased & H. S. PATTERSON, married Gyneth Lillian MACKIE, 22, U.S.A., Belleville, d/o James M. MACKIE, brewery agent, & Lillian KEARNS, witn: L. M. HARRISON & Ethel NEAL both of Kingston on Feb. 20, 1912 at Kingston

8447-12, Robinson PETTICREW, 31, Soldier CMSC, of Kingston, s/o Robinson PETTICREW & Sarah TUGHEAU, married Kate Mary DRAPER, 20, -, Kingston, d/o William George DRAPER & Eva A TOWLER, wit J W CAMPBELL MD & Mrs DRAPER all of Kingston, on 9 March 1912 at Kingston

8488-12, William Henry SANDERSON, 30, Arden, Cranbrook BC, s/o Henry SANDERSON, farmer & Susan MARSHALL, married Margaret Emma KEELEY, 27, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Daniel KEELEY, farmer & Susan McCREADY, wit Charlotte Rose TIMMS? of 909 Princess St Kingston & Howard McCREADY of Wolfe Island, on 26 June 1912 at Wolfe Island.

8517-12, William Forsyth STRAIN, 31, farmer, Amherst Island, Amherst Island, s/o David STRAIN & Sarah Jane COOPER, married Mary Jane EVES, 23, Simcoe Island, Amherst Island, d/o John EVES & Nellie WILLARD, wit Anne McDONALD and Mary E HAGERS, on 31 December 1912 at Kingston.

8531-12, John Henry TARRANT, 27, -, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Robert TARRANT, farmer & Frances PHAIR, married Olive Lucinda PYKE, 19, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o DEXTER PYKE, sailor & May WATTS, wit R.J. RUSSELL & M.C. TARRANT both of Wolfe Island, on 25 June 1912 at Wolfe Island.