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Frontenac Co, 1923, part 1

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11593-23 Ezra BABCOCK, 20, Echo Lake, Tichborne, s/o Harvey BABCOCK & Ida COX, married Leta Pearl HARRIS, 18, Sharbot Lake, Parham, d/o Raymond HARRIS (b. Picton) & Lucinda May COMMODORE, witn: E. K. NEADOW (Nealon?) & Lucinda May HARRIS, both of Parham, 16 March 1923 at Parham 11597-23 Byron Macomb BATES, 37, Cape Vincent NY, same, s/o Joseph BATES (b. Cape Vincent NY) & Magdalene GRAY, married Kathryn CONNOLLY, 40, stenographer, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James CONNOLLY (b. Wolfe Island) & Frances SMITH, witn: Raymond & Anna CONNOLLY of Wolfe Island, 12 Feb 1923 at Kingston
11599-23 Albert George BELL, 24, farmer, England, Mountain Grove, s/o John Thomas BELL (b. England) & Grace DAVEY, married May WAGER, 19, Mountain Grove, same, d/o Milford WAGER (b. Canada) & Priscilla WELLS, witn: James Wesley & Orpha YOUNG of Mountain Grove, 5 Jan 1923 at Mountain Grove 11592-23 James BERRY, 52, insurance agent, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Richard BERRY (b. Scotland) & Jane FAWCETT, married Gladys JONES, 36, widow, house keeper, London England, Storrington twp., d/o F. MACKINTOSH (b. England) & Martha LONG, witn: C. J. FITZGERALD & G. LANGSFORD, both of Kingston, 29 March 1923 at Kingston
11594-23 Kenneth Judson BIGFORD, 26, upholsterer, Mallorytown, Oshawa, s/o William Henry BIGFORD (b. Junetown Ont) & Theresia McDONALD, married Annie Grace Pearl LEWIS, 28, widow, Kingston, same, d/o William JAMIESON (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth BOWDEN, witn: Helen & John HEPTON of Kingston, 26 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11605-23 Frederick George BILL, 21, clerk, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Frederick M. BILL (b. England) & Mary SHAIL, married Mary Gladys FLINT, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Charles FLINT (b. Canada) & Angeline WALSH, witn: Agnes & Bernard MELLON of Kingston, 23 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11596-23 Milton Bradley BURNS, 26, farmer, Lansdowne twp., same, s/o Thomas Edward BURNS (b. Lansdowne twp) & Alma BRADLEY, married Helen Agnes MOORE, 22, Leeds twp., same, d/o Elgin Israel MOORE (b. Leeds twp) & Bertha May KEYES, witn: Grace Edith MOORE of Gananoque & George Taylor BURNS of Lansdowne twp., 20 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11595-23 Arthur Thomas BUSTARD, 25, railroad man, Wolfe Island, Collins Bay, s/o William BUSTARD (b. Wolfe Island) & Jennie PHAIR, married Delloraine PERO, 18, Godfrey, same, d/o Wesley PERO (b. Canada) & Margaret BABCOCK, witn: Raymond Cartwright BUSTARD of Collins Bay & Ellen PERO of Godfrey, 21 Feb 1923 at Cataraqui
11598-23 Howard Joseph BYRON, 22, Kingston, same, s/o James BYRON (b. Canada) & Mary McDONALD, married Etta BURNSIDE, 17, Toronto, Kingston, d/o Egerton BURNSIDE (b. Canada) & Mary MARKS, witn: Ken McMASTER & Grace LANGSTON, both of Kingston, 5 Jan 1923 at Kingston  
  11677-23 Roswell John GURNSEY, 21, farmer, Dead Creek, same, s/o Frank GURNSEY (b. Hammond Ont) & Mary ARVEY?, married Violet Bella GARROW, 19, house work, Sudbury, Dead Creek, d/o Arthur GARROW (b. Sturgeon) & Martha HALL, witn: Kathleen STEELE & Ida B. STOCKER, both of Arden, 14 May 1923 at Arden [divorced 18 Feb 1935 at Kingston]
11702-23 James Joseph HALPIN, 20, stationary engineer, Portsmouth, same, s/o James HALPIN (b. Portsmouth) & Annie McDONALD, married Jennie Adaline Mary LEE, 20, Cartier Ont., North Bay, d/o Robert LEE (b. Kingston) & Rachel TAYLOR, witn: Sarah McDONALD & Agnes KENNEDY, both of Kingston, 12 March 1923 at Kingston 11700-23 Lafayette Clarke HAMNER, 28, Toronto, Rochester NY, s/o Lewis Clarke HAMNER (b. Newmarket Ont) & Rose MANNING, married Lulu Louise TISDALE, 30, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o Louis TISDALE (b. Canada), & Annie ELLIOT, witn: H. LESSLIE of 36 Rundle Park - Rochester & Mrs. Pearl McCONNELL of 1958 Jefferson East in Detroit, 19 June 1923 at Kingston
11709-23 Michael Raymond HANNA, 42, haberdasher, Stuart Iowa, Omaha, s/o Patrick [HANNA] & Bridget O'DONNELL, married Gertrude Cecilia MORAN, 36, Pittsburg, same, d/o James [MORAN] & Rose McGURN, witn: Bernard & Alice MORAN of Pittsburg Ont., 1 Sept 1923 at Kingston Mills 11704-23 Oscar Eugene HANSON, 23, soldier, Fredericton NB, Kingston, s/o Herbert H. HANSON (b. Canada), & Clara Velma ORSER, married Marjorie Helen DESROSIERS, 17, Kingston, same, d/o William DESROSIERS (b. Canada) & Gertrude McKANE, witn: Ernest & Phoebe STURGESS of Kingston, 15 March 1923 at Kingston
11689-23 George Levi HAWLEY, 28, Barrie twp., same, s/o Ebenezer P. HAWLEY (b. Canada) & Sarah ROGERS, married Effa Mabel ROBINSON, 19, housemaid, Bedford twp., same, d/o John ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Sarah LUNN, witn: F. BAILEY & J. BRIGHTMAN, both of Kingston, 26 Sept 1923 of Kingston 11706-23 John Eldon HENDERSON, 26, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Robert HENDERSON & Margaret McKANE, married Ella May TISDALE, 25, assistant, Kingston, same, d/o John F. TISDALE & Emily BARRETT, witn: Albert TISDALE of Barriefield & Mrs. J. LAPERN? of Kingston, 24 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11701-23 Robert John HEPBURN, 20, drop forger, Kingston, same, s/o William Spencer HEPBURN & Margaret Victoria SWAIN, married Violet BARRADALE, 18, textile worker, Leicester England, Kingston, d/o Charles BARDALE (sic) (b. England) & Sarah MARSH, witn: William DAVIS & Dorothy NEWTON, both of Kingston, 23 April 1923 at Kingston 11710-23 Thomas HICKEY, 23, farmer, Clarendon, Bobs Lake, s/o James HICKEY & Amelia CONWAY, married Viola BAIN, 19, Crow Lake, same, d/o Joseph BAIN & Vina BEDOUR, witn: J. E. & Mrs. J. E. O’CONNOR of Sangster, 19 Sept 1923 at Sacred Heart Church, Bedford
11707-23 James Noah HILTS (Hills?) , 31, London England, Toronto, s/o Louis Joseph HILTS & Eliza HATTON, married Alice Lillian CATTERMOLE, 20, Middlesex England, Toronto, d/o William Henry CATTERMOLE & Gena Alice SAVARY, witn: Thomas Richard HILTS of 1578 Queen St. West in Toronto & Edith May CATTERMOLE of Kingston, 20 June 1923 at Kingston 11696-23 Edward HIPSON, 38, fitter, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph HIPSON (b. Canada) & Sarah MARSHALL, married Katherine LAWLESS, 45, widow, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Patrick KENNY (b. Ireland) & Mary FITZGERALD, witn: James & Mary Ellen LAWLESS of Kingston, 21 Nov 1923 at Kingston
  11705-23 James Edward HOLLINGSWORTH, 33, section foreman, Escott Ont., Kingston, s/o Thomas J. HOLLINGSWORTH (b. Escott) & Ellen STENNETT, married Annie Myrtle CONBOY, 29, cook, Oso, same, d/o William CONBOY (b. Oso twp) & Susan CHARLTON, witn: Hellen & Kathleen BELL of Kingston, 17 Jan 1923 at Kingston
11703-23 Francis HORN, 46, clothing, Syracuse NY, Kingston, s/o William HORN (b. Wurtemburg) & Frances NEIF, married Betty May CRAWFORD, 41, widow, Tyendinaga, Kingston, d/o William WRIGHT (b. Scotland) & Mary ALLEN, witn: Kenneth Carter PIPE & illegible DIACK, both of Kingston, 4 April 1923 at Kingston 11708-23 Derius James HUNT, 36, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o John HUNT & Johanna MILLAN, married Loretta Esther TUSHETT (Turkett?), 32, Kingston, same, d/o John TUSHETT & Julia BURKE, witn: Dr. B. V. HUNT of Wolfe Island & Miss Kathleen ANDERSON of Kingston, 14 Aug 1923 at Kingston
11711-23 Frederick John IRWIN, 22, soldier, Drayton Ont., Kingston, s/o W.H. IRWIN & Theresa COLLINS, married Jean MARSHALL, 23, Dumfries Scotland, Kingston, d/o John MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Mary CHARTERS, witn: C. WATTS & M. BURTCH, both of Kingston, 19 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11712-23 Orval Waldon IRWIN, 19, furniture employee, Lyndhurst Ont., Gananoque, s/o Robert IRWIN (b. Leeds Co) & Jessie Teresa CAINE, married Beatrice Agnes REID, 19, Tyendinaga twp, illegible res, d/o Alexander REID (b. Scotland) & Agnes YOUNG, witn: F. W. DOBBS & H. S. PACKEN, both of Kingston, 12 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11714-23 Erwin JACKSON, 21, gardener, Cataraqui, same, s/o Walter Henry JACKSON & Clare SHARP, married Muriel BURKE, 20, Cataraqui, same, d/o Thomas BURKE & Catherine GALLAGHER, witn: Kathleen & John BURKE of Cataraqui, 25 Sept 1923 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston 11718-23 Edward William JACKSON, 63, widower, Leeds twp., Pittsburg twp, s/o Henry JACKSON (b. Pittsburg twp) & Maria RYAN, married Hannah McCALPIN, 47, dress maker, Leeds twp., Gananoque, d/o William McCALPIN (b. Leeds Ont) & Mary Ann McCORMACK, witn: James & Annie E. SELBY of Kingston, 7 July 1923 at Kingston
11713-23 Wesley Albert JACKSON, 38, motorman, Sunbury Ont., Kingston, s/o Andrew JACKSON (b. Canada) & Sarah HITCHCOCK, married Annie BOWKER, 45, widow, Chester England, Kingston, d/o John BULL (b. England) & Annie HEATH, witn: MR. & Mrs. John McBRIDE of Kingston, 28 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11723-23 Leonard Ernest JACKSON, 21, mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o Calvin JACKSON (b. Moscow Ont) & Lena PHILLIPS, married Evelyn Mary SAUNDERS, 18, England, Kingston, d/o Herbert Thomas SAUNDERS (b. England) & Annie Matilda COLES, witn: Harold James & Dorothy Louise SUDDEN of 114 Ordinance St. in Kingston, 4 Dec 1923 at 30 Colborne St. in Kingston
  11720-23 Thomas Minto JACOB, 23, teamster, Kingston, 40 Colborne in Kingston, s/o William JACOB (b. Canada) & Nellie EEBELS (Eckels?), married Nancy CONWAY, 24, widow, weaver, of 51 Cataraqui St. in Kingston, d/o Neils NEILSON (b. Norway) & Sophia BJAICO, witn: Omer & Maria? GRIFFIN of 131 Queen St. in Kingston, 16 May 1923 at Georges Cathedral, Kingston
11725-23 Joseph Vincent JACOBS, 27, clerk, Toronto, Chicago, s/o John JACOBS & Catherine AIKEN, married Mary Rose EVES, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Daniel EVES & Mary McFADDEN, witn: Henry & Celia EVES of Kingston, 18 June 1923 at Kingston 11719-23 Fred Albert JEFFREY, 27, railroad, Portland twp., Camden twp., s/o George JEFFREY (b. Godfrey) & Frankie AMEY, married Gertrude IRISH, 18, Camden twp., same, d/o Marula IRISH (b. Yarker) & Mary E. BABCOCK, witn: Russell N. IRISH & Verna CARD, both of Yarker, 23 June 1923 at Harrowsmith
11722-23 William Morrison JOHNSTON, 31, civil engineer, Stamford Ont., Hamilton, s/o James JOHNSTON (b. Stamford) & Marg A. MORRISON, married Norma Alberta ELMER, 29, Kingston, same, d/o R. H. ELMER (b. Kingston) & Katherine SHEPHERD, witn: Richard & Mrs. R. H. ELMER of Kingston, 3 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11715-23 William Roy JOHNSTON, 26, traffic officer, Napanee, same, s/o William Benjamin JOHNSTON (b. Napanee) & Amey WALKER, married Nellie Blanche BURNETT, 23, Odessa, same, d/o Herbert BURNETT (b. Odessa) & Melissa LOCKWOOD, witn: Louise McINTOSH of 450 Johnston St. & E. M. C. FORSTER of 303 Collingwood St., 5 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11716-23 Herbert Gordon JONES, 35, painter, Toronto, 514 Lake Ave in Rochester NY, s/o William P. JONES (b. Wales) & Polly COULTER, married Mabel Julia FARRELL, 37, widow, Buffalo NY, 514 Lake Ave in Rochester NY, d/o Thomas J. FARRELL (b. NY City) & Julia CHAMPION, witn: Jeannette N. JOHNSTON of 110 Alb--? Ave in Toronto & Elenor A. JOHNSTON of Toronto, 16 Aug 1923 at Kingston 11717-23 Albert Edward JONES, 77, retired, Berlin NY, Watertown NY, s/o Silas JONES (b. USA) & Sarah BARTLEY, married Margaret ABBOTT, 54, Kingston, 288 Wellington St. in Kingston, d/o James ABBOTT (b. Kingston) & Mary WRIGHT, witn: Arthur PURDY of Kingston & Agnes SMITH of Watertown NY, 28 July 1923 at Kingston
11724-23 William Henry JONES, 32, miner, Ireland, Bedford twp., s/o Joseph BADOUR (sic) (b. Belfast Ireland) & Elizabeth ATKINS, married Nellie May BADOUR, 20, Bedford twp., same, d/o John Joseph BADOUR (b. Bedford twp) & Mary Elizabeth LEWIS, witn: Hattie SHAW of Bolingbroke & R. BADOUR of Crow Lake, 17 Oct 1923 at Bobs Lake 11721-23 William Henry JUDGE, 24, brakeman, Hinchinbrooke, same, s/o James Wellington JUDGE (b. Hinchinbrooke twp) & Hannah SHELLINGTON, married Eva Pearl MOON, 18, Godfrey, same, d/o George H. MOON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CRAIG, witn: Eliza Mattie JUDGE of Cole Lake & Ralph James MOON of Godfrey, 2 May 1923 at Godfrey
11731-23 Gordon Llewellyn KELLOW, 21, student, England, Toronto, s/o Robert Stephen KELLOW (b. England) & Emeline THORN, married Olive Irene GARRETT, 18, Tichborne, same, d/o Newton GARRETT (b. Canada) & Annie BURLEY, witn: W. C. BYRON & Helen R. STEPHEN, both of Kingston, 14 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11726-23 John KELLY, 30, soldier, Ireland, Kingston, s/o William KELLY (b. England) & Martha HAMELL, married Martha CROMIEN, 29, widow, Kingston, same, d/o Mark LAMBERT (b. Canada) & Mary Eliz. REID, witn: Francis & Irene LAMBERT of Kingston, 4 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11728-23 Clarence Everett KENNEDY, 28, mariner, Garden Island, Kingston, s/o John KENNEDY (b. Canada) & Arminta RAGNEY?, married Margaret Annastasia MOHAN, 26, Kingston twp., Kingston, d/o Peter MOHAN (b. Canada) & Margaret McKOEN, witn: Vincent & Mary Agnes MOHAN of Kingston, 4 June 1923 at Kingston 11729-23 Allan Oswald Taylor KEYES, 23, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o George KEYES (b. Ireland) & Maria ARMSTRONG, married Inda Jane Millard ARTHUR, 23, Latimer Ont., Kingston, d/o William Henry ARTHUR (b. Storrington twp) & Annie QUAIL, witn: Lula Beryl ARTHUR of 23 Stanley St. in Kingston & George Stanley PIXLEY of Harrowsmith, 22 May 1923 at Kingston
11733-23 Thomas Joseph KILLEEN, 21, picture framer, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas KILLEEN (b. Kingston) & Alice NOLAN, married William WILSON (b. London England) & Julia CASE, witn: Leo HOULIHAN & Ellen KILLEEN, both of Kingston, 20 Oct 1923 at Kingston 11732-23 Thomas Tillison KILLINGBECK, 29, mill owner, Barrie twp., Plevna, s/o William KILLINGBECK (b. Lansdowne Ont) & Alice VANNESS, married Alberta Mary VAN MEER, 24, Elzevir, same, d/o Robert VAN MEER (b. Tyendinaga Ont) & Margaret McGEACHY, witn: Frances M. & Eva C. CANTRELL of Sharbot Lake, 3 Jan 1923 at Sharbot Lake
11734-23 John Fleming KILPATRICK, 30, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Robert KILPATRICK (b. Ontario) & Margaret CROLEY, married Annie Estella McKEE, 22, Amherst Island, same, d/o James McKEE (b. Ireland) & Sarah McCORMICK, witn: Ethel M. BRIGGS of 371 Division St. & Edith F. BURGESS of 106 Pine St., 29 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11730-23 Edward Charles KIRKHAM, 22, farmer, Bathurst Ont., Wagarville, s/o James KIRKHAM (b. Canada) & Nellie EWINGS, married Mabel Pearl McCUMBER, 22, Wagarville, same, d/o Eli McCUMBER (b. Canada) & Sarah PALMATEER, witn: W. S. GRAHAM & E. KNIGHT, both of Kingston, 4 April 1923 at Kingston
11727-23 Stanley Alexander KNOX, 25, cigar maker, Kingston, same, s/o William KNOX (b. Kingston) & Frances GRIMSON, married Mildred Irene JACKSON, 21, Harrowsmith, Kingston, d/o Augustus JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Jemima CARD, witn: Edith F. BURGESS of 106 Pine St. & Sam KNOX of Outer Station in Kingston, 4 Sept 1923 at Kingston  
11740-23 Peter LA FEST, 38, farmer, Lynhurst, Mount Chesney, s/o Andrew LA FEST (b. Ottawa) & Betsy BAY, married Elizabeth DINGMAN, 27, works for farmer, Gananoque, Mount Chesney, d/o Jad DINGMAN (b. Alexandra Bay Ont) & Viola MASSEY, witn: Helen R. & Hugh M. STEPHENS of Kingston, 16 July 1923 at Kingston 11748-23 Sherman Stanley LAKE, 30, hatter, Connecticut, Brockville, s/o Frederick Stanley LAKE (b. USA) & Louise COMSTOCK, married Mary Edna Victoria TOWE, 17, Mallorytown, Brockville, d/o John (b. Canada) & Emmeline, witn: Reginald CO--D? of Kingston & Mrs. Emmeline TOWE of Brockville
11747-23 Joseph George LALONDE, 22, sailor, Kingston, same, s/o William LALONDE (b. Canada) & Laura PARADIS, married Lillian Marion KELLY, 19, Wolfe Island, Kingston, d/o William KELLY (b. Canada) & Gertrude TODD, witn: George KELLY & K. THOMPSON, both of Kingston, 26 Dec 1923 at Kingston 11738-23 James Wellington LANE, 27, mechanic, Gananoque, Kingston, s/o Joseph LANE (b. Gananoque) & Lucy McMASTER, married Annie KEMP, 21, Kingston, same, d/o James M. KEMP (b. Kingston) & Eva Henrietta BOULTON, witn: Bessie LANE of Gananoque & Melville J. KEMP of Kingston, 28 Aug 1923 at Kingston
11749-23 Ambrose Bernard LAWLER, 28, physician & Surgeon, Kingston, same, s/o James LAWLER (b. Kingston) & Esther McILQUON?, married Gertrude Mary MARTIN, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Charles MARTIN (b. Kingston) & Mary Ann LOYLE? (Loyde?) , witn: Fred MARTIN of Montreal & Agnes SLOAN of Cornwall, 16 Oct 1923 at Kingston 11735-23 Herbert James LEACH, 21, sailor, Perth Ont., Kingston, s/o George LEACH & Mary Ann HALL, married Hazel Marie BAUGH, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Donald BAUGH & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: Eugene & Eleanor GILMORE of Kingston, 1 Oct 1923 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
11743-23 Melville George LEE, 24, Murvale, Colebrook, s/o James D. LEE (b. Odessa) & Gretta SMITH, married Elma Florence O'NEIL, 19, Moscow Ont., Odessa , d/o John O'NEIL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Jane McGARVEY, witn: Thelma & Roy PETERS of Wilton, 7 June 1923 at Kingston 11744-23 Lawrence Henry LEGGETT, 24, house surgeon, Newboro Ont., Kingston, s/o Robert LEGGETT (b. Newboro) & Ida E. PINKERTON, married Florence Marseline REID, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Samuel F. REID (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth J. REID, witn: S. F. REID of Kingston & J. E. LEGGETT of Newboro, 16 June 1923 at Kingston
  11741-23 Karl Edward LEISHMAN, 24, accountant, Clayton Ont., Kingston, s/o Robert LEISHMAN (b. Almonte Ont) & Margaret MACKINTOSH, married Vada Elizabeth POLK, 24, teacher, Westport, Kingston, d/o Robert POLK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LYONS, witn: Sanford POLK & Myrtle LEISHMAN, both of Kingston, 30 June 1923 at Kingston
11750-223 Freeman LENNOX, 53, widower, retired, Augusta, Brockville, s/o James LENOX (sic) & Samantha BISHOP, married Effie McGUIRE, 46, widow, Iroquois Ont., Brockville, d/o Alexander SERVICE & Josie SEELEY, witn: Gladys Ruth & Bella LANNON of 30 Colborne St. in Kingston, 29 Oct 1923 at Kingston 11739-23 John King LENNOX, 23, inspector, Lakefield Ont., Kingston, s/o George LENNOX (b. Ontario) & Annie FOSTER, married Anita Louise COMPER, 18, Kingston, Watertown NY, d/o George COMPER (b. Portsmouth Ont) & Martha SALDRURY?, witn: Edith J. BURGESS of 106 Pine St. & Irma LENNOX of 336 Division St., 27 Aug. 1923 at Kingston
11737-23 Hugh Shibley LESLIE, 24, carpenter, Godfrey, same, s/o Norman LESLIE (b. Frontenac Co) & Ida SHIBLEY, married Gladys CRONK, 21, Enterprise, Parham, d/o Everton CRONK (b. Frontenac Co) & Annie JACKSON, witn: Everton CRONK & Beatrice HORNE, both of Parham, 27 Aug 1923 at Kingston 11745-23 Robert Joseph LITTLE, 20, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas LITTLE (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth CHRISTMAS, married Nora Zilda BOWMAN, 21, Kingston, same, d/o William BOWMAN (b. England) & Mary Ann CULHANE, witn: Oliver & Mary E. CHARLEBOIS of Kingston, 5 Feb 1923 at Kingston
11742-23 William LONEY, 30, farmer, Hastings Co., Bancroft, s/o Samuel LONEY (b. Canada) & Annie BRUCE, married Adeline CURRELL, 29, works at Dominion Textile Co., England, Kingston, d/o James William CURRELL (b. England) & Eliza SKINNER, witn: Leonard MARTELL of Cornwall & Elsie CURRELL Of 3 Quebec St. in Kingston, 14 June 1923 at Kingston 11746-23 John Harvey LONG, 24, trimmer, "Scarborough twp Oshawa", 206 Albert St. in Oshawa, s/o Thomas LONG (b. Whitevale Ont) & Eliza BENNETT, married Charlotte Luella THOMPSON, 21, Odessa, same, d/o Donald THOMPSON (b. Odessa) & Maria STORING, witn: Archie & Ruth M. SIMMONS of Odessa, 22 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11736-23 Howard Lee LYNCH, 22, soldier, Iroquois, Kingston, s/o William John LYNCH (b. Canada) & Margaret LAPIER, married Eileen Hamilton Murphy BOOTHMAN, 19, England, Kingston, d/o Stephen BOOTHMAN (b. England) & Ellen Elizabeth SMITH, witn: C. M. LYNCH of 311 Johnson St., & Florence MARKILL of 9 Wellington St., 1 Oct 1923 at Kingston 11760-23 Samuel MACHON, 23, soldier, Yorkshire Sheffield England, Kingston, s/o Samuel MACHON (b. England) & Lily MALLENDER, married Hannah KANE, 23, Portadown Ireland, Kingston, d/o Peter KANE (b. Ulster Ireland) & Letitia STANFIELD, witn: John JOHNSTON & C. J. FITZGERALD, both of Kingston, 18 April 1923 at Kingston
11759-23 Garnet Chester MACKLEM, 32, salesman, Tilbury, Belleville, s/o Albert MACKLEM (b. Canada) & Esther HILL, married Gladys Gertrude CARSON, 22, Belleville, same, d/o James CARSON (b. Canada) & Ruth TRUMPOUR, witn: Nellie M. & Kathleen BELL of Kingston, 23 April 1923 at Kingston 11754-23 Albert Thomas MADDIGAN, 27, laborer, Kingston, Sydenham, s/o Edward MADDIGAN (b. Kingston) & Emma MOORE, married Alice Matilda VANKOUGHNETT, 18, Loughboro twp., Sydenham, d/o Philip VANKOUGHNETT (b. Loughboro twp) & Alice WEHLEY (Nehley?), witn: Harold S. CAMPBELL of Sydenham & Myrtle E. WELLS of 182 Bellefair Ave in Toronto, 17 Sept 1923 at Sydenham
11768-23 Patrick Vincent MAHONEY, 28, sailor, Kingston, same, s/o James MAHONEY & Mary CLARK, married Evelyn Gertrude TURCOTTE, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Alpheus TURCOTTE & Rosilda LALONDE, witn: Russel SCRUTON & Frances TURCOTTE, both of Kingston, 5 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11763-23 Charles MARTIN, 27, farmer, Joyceville, same, s/o James MARTIN (b. Joyceville) & Catherine JOYCE, married Mildred CARON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Edward CARON (b. Montreal) & Lydia BELANGER, witn: James MARTIN of Pittsburgh twp & Edward CARON of Kingston, 2 Jan 1923 at Kingston
11762-23 Victor George MATTHEWS, 25, ship’s driller, Kingston, 121 Beverly St. in Kingston, s/o William Henry MATTHEWS (b. Devizes England) & Jennie Louse SUMERS? (Simms?), married Dorothy WHITE, 18, England, Kingston, d/o William WHITE (b. London England) & Grace YATES, witn: W. H. MATTHEWS & F. M. LORD, both of Kingston, 12 March 1923 at Kingston 11771-23 John Charles McCARTNEY, 40, contractor, Kingston, same, s/o William McCARTNEY (b. Kingston) & Ellen SMALLRIDGE, married Mary Ellen SPOONER, 30, Kingston, same, d/o Charles N. SPOONER (b. Kingston) & Mary KENNY, witn: Nancy (Harvey?) McCARTNEY of not given & Edna V. AMEY of 4828 Dorchester Ave in Chicago, 27 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11772-23 George McCASKILL, 30, laborer, Newboro Ont., Kingston, s/o John McCASKILL (b. Canada) & Mrs. McCASKILL, married Alvira Jane SAMPSON, 62, widow, Canada, Kingston, d/o James CARR (b. Canada) & Frela? STEPHENS, witn: C.J. FITZGERALD & M. ASHLEY, both of Kingston, 13 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11773-23 Henry McCUNE, 25, painter, Kingston, same, s/o Alexander McCUNE (b. Ireland) & Jane McAMMON, married Mary Ann EDWARDS, 57, widow, Kingston, same, d/o Charles SETH (b. Kingston) & Annie SETH, witn: Gordon HOOPER & Della DERRY, both of Kingston, 12 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11777-23 George Patrick McDONELL, 29, clerk, Gananoque, Detroit, s/o Michael McDONELL (b. Gananoque) & Harriet WILLIS, married Mamie Veronica LEADEN, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Frederick LEADEN (b. Scotland) & Mary BLAIR, witn: Lawrence McDONELL & Myrtle LEADEN, both of Kingston, 21 July 1923 at Kingston 11780-23 Frederick Alexander McGALL, 28, tobacconist, Kingston, same, s/o John McGALL (b. Ireland) & Mary McNAMEE, married Flora LYONS, 24, Kingston, same, d/o William Henry LYONS (b. Pembroke) & Sarah Ann JOHN--? , witn: H.H. & Ruth HARVEY of Kingston, 19 April 1923 at Kingston
11778-23 Arthur Edward McGLASHAN, 26, carpenter, England, Kingston, s/o David James McGLASHAN (b. England) & Ruth BINGLE, married Elizabeth ROGERS, 25, Kingston, same, d/o William Henry ROGERS (b. England) & Mary GRAY, witn: Alex McGLASHAN of Belleville & Wlihelmina ROGERS of Kingston, 12 June 1923 at Kingston 11776-23 William Clarence McGUIN (McGuire?), 21, widower, baker, Bath, same, s/o William Henry McGUIN (b. Bath) & Loretta BUCK, married Emma Ruth ASSELSTINE, 18, Odessa, Kingston, d/o Alfred ASSELSTINE (b. Odessa) & Frances M. LOYDE, witn: John ASSELSTINE & Mrs. J. L. C--?, both of Kingston, 8 Aug 1923 at Kingston
11775-23 Michael McGUIRK, 40, widower, fireman, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Kingston, s/o Burney McGUIRK (b. Ireland) & Bridget FALLON, married Winnifred Susan WILSON, 24, Woolwich England, Kingston, d/o Robert John WILSON (b. England) & Sarah HEATHER, witn: Sarah WILSON & Walter POWELL, both of Kingston, 4 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11769-23 William Henry McILROY, 20, soldier, Kingston, same, s/o James Herbert McILROY (b. Kingston) & Wilhelmina ANDREW, married Eva May KELLY, 17, Kingston, same, d/o James KELLY (b. England) & Edith Mary CURSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Cecil James CURSON of 383 King St. in Kingston, 3 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11781-23 Edward Neil McKEGG, 24, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Neil McKEGG & Georgina ALLPORT, married Helen Oabe? McQUAID, 22, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o William McQUAID & Ellen McMAHON, witn: A. W. GOW & Margaret M. McQUAID, both of Kingston, 18 April 1923 at Kingston 11774-23 Wellington Westel McKNIGHT, 23, railway employee, Hinchinbrooke twp., Kingston, s/o John G. McKNIGHT (b. Hinchinbrooke twp) & Sarah KNOX, married Pearl YOUNG, 25, Loughboro twp., Kingston, d/o Thomas YOUNG (b. Loughboro twp) & Mary Jane DENNIE, witn: Mrs. W.J. HALLIDAY of Portsmouth & Mrs. F. DA--? of 272 Wellington St., 12 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11770-23 Joseph Wilfred McLAUGHLIN, 22, soldier, Petewawa, Kingston, s/o James McLAUGHLIN (b. Scotland) & Sarah JAMES, married Marguerite KIRKHAM, 18, Mississippi, Kingston, d/o William KIRKHAM (b. Mississippi) & Maud Anne HUGHES, witn: William WILSON of 321 Montreal St. & Oliver G. BARTRAM of Snow Road, 7 Dec 1923 at Kingston 11779-23 Lachlan McLEAN, 29, Scotland, Odessa, s/o Charles McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret McFARLANE, married Eleanor Mildred PENNEY, 20, Torbolton Ont,. Pittsburgh twp., d/o James PENNEY (b. Canada) & Anna JAMES, witn: Reginald PENNEY & Martha McLEAN, both of Pittsburgh twp., 14 June 1923 at Pittsburgh twp
11757-23 William MELDRUM, 34, CPR baggage man, Scotland, Sharbot Lake, s/o George MELDRUM (b. Scotland) & Helen MORRISON, married Annie Viola ARMSTRONG, 27, Zealand, Sharbot Lake, d/o Samuel ARMSTRONG, farmer, (b. Canada) & Mary A. ENGLAND, witn: Harry W. DUXBURY of London England & Kathleen BELL of Kingston, 6 June 1923 at Kingston 11756-23 William Emerson MIFFLIN, 33, widower, mechanic, Merlin Ont., Kingsville Ont., s/o Darius MIFFLIN (b. Merlin) & Kathleen HARDY, married Gladys Lillian BRYANT, 29, furrier, Kingston, same, d/o John Wesley BRYANT (b. Kingston) & Mary Margaret HATTON, witn: Ruth Louse & Fletcher Wilbert BRYANT of 75 Patrick St., 28 July 1923 at Kingston
11764-23 William Herbert MILLER, 23, foreman for wrecking co., England, Portsmouth, s/o William MILLER (b. England) & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Emily Jane FOUNTNEY, 19, England, Kingston, d/o Alfred FOUNTNEY (b. England) & Amelia S. NEIL, witn: Harold RIPLEY & Alice Mary VAN LUVEN, both of Kingston, 21 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11767-23 James MILLIGAN, 19, butcher, Railton Ont., Harrowsmith, s/o Japhus? MILLIGAN (b. Yarker) & Alice SMITH, married Elizabeth VINCENT, 18, Kingston, Harrowsmith, d/o Thomas VINCENT (g. England) & Mary CARROLL, witn: Mary R. W. LEACH of Mrs. Margaret DAVY, both of Sydenham, 11 Oct 1923 at St. Pauls Church, Sydenham
  11753-23 John Thomas MONTGOMERY, 27, steel worker, Durham Co. England, Kingston, s/o John Thomas MONTGOMERY (b. England) & Eleanor RHAINE, married Phyllis Mary CAINES, 32, Kingston, 177 Queen St. in Kingston, d/o James Meecham CAINES (b. England) & Maud CAMPBELL, witn: George Anthony & Rosa May TRYON of 426 Division St., 19 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11755-23 Ernest Graham MOON, 25, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o William Charles MOON (b. Kingston twp) & Eliza Ann CALDWELL, married Auleen Estella FREEMAN, 17, Inverary, Sydenham, d/o William Walter FREEMAN (b. Loughboro twp) & Minnie Jane PETERS, witn: Mrs. Seymour & Seymour FREEMAN of Sydenham, 29 Aug 1923 at Sydenham 11761-23 Stanley Percival MOON, 21, farmer, Kingston, Deseronto, s/o Robert James MOON (b. Kingston) & Mabel Gertrude LEE, married Mabel Louse POWLEY, 19, Ernestown twp., Deseronto, d/o Overton Edgar POWLEY (b. Odessa) & Orpha Elzina WOOD, witn: Susie Estellla & Arthur Loyd SMITH of Odessa, 28 March 1923 at Kingston
11766-23 William Charles MOORE, 68, widower, retired, Kingston twp., Sydenham, s/o Thomas MOORE (v. England) & Ann RUTTAN, married Minnie FREEMAN, 50, widow, Kingston twp., Sydenham, d/o George PETERS (b. Canada) & Emma BABCOCK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest G. MOORE of Sydenham, 14 Nov 1923 at Sydenham 11765-23 Denis Nelson MORRISSEY, 21, driver, Amherst Island, Kingston, s/o Joseph V. MORRISSEY (b. Canada) & Annie May JULIAN? , married Uneeta Frances CAVERLY, 21, Harrowsmith, Kingston, d/o Ellington CAVERLY (b. Canada) & Agnes McVEIGH, witn: James CAVERLY of Kingston & Helen B. BABCOCK of Harrowsmith, 31 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11752-23 John Wilfred MORTON, 26, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph MORTON & Elizabeth BOLTON, married Mary Agnes FITZGERALD, 22, Kingston, same, d/o David FITZGERALD & Mary Agnes HARTLEY, witn: E. O. SMITHIES & Eva FITZGERALD, both of Kingston, 25 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11751-23 Dennis MURPHY, 34, pensioner, Kingston, same, s/o James MURPHY (b. Halifax) & Margaret MULLEEN, married Keitha SMITH, 19, spinner, Kingston, same, d/o Charles SMITH (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth HANLEY, witn: Alfred GOODMAN & Margaret THOMPSON, both of Kingston, 1 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11758-23 Harry Packham MURRAY, 22, machinist, Kingston, same, s/o William John MURRAY (b. England) & Rebecca HOLLIWELL, married Gladys MAXAM, 23, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o Alfred MAXAM (b. Kingston) & Katherine Jane DEE--? (Bee--?), witn: Albert E. KELSO & Florence E. ROSE, both of Kingston, 2 June 1923 at Kingston 11784-23 Willard Wilson NEFF, 20, laborer, Kaladar, Wilmer, s/o Herb NEFF (b. Canada) & May STONE, married Florence Lillian GILES, 18, Keswick Ont., Sydenham, d/o William GILES (b. Canada) & Ida COLE, witn: Mrs. McMATH & Earl BABCOCK, both of Perth Road, 9 July 1923 at Perth Road
11783-23 Robert Gerald NEWMAN, 20, farmer, Peterborough, Wilton, s/o Joseph William NEWMAN (b. Ernestown) & Matilda MAHOOD, married Grace Mildred McGAUGHEY, 18, Odessa, same, d/o James McGAUGHEY (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret McCAULEY, witn: M. S. MULVANEY of Odessa (formerly of Ormstown Que) & Gertrude E. DAUGHERTY of Odessa , 4 Sept 1923 at Kingston  
11787-23 John Joe NOONAN, 35, farmer, Fermoy, same, s/o John NOONAN & Katie McNICHOL, married Margaret Ellis MURPHY, 19, Burridge, same, d/o John MURPHY & Joanna EGAN, witn: John MURPHY of Sangster & Nellie Rose NOONAN of Fermoy, 8 May 1923 at Sacred Heart Church, Bedford 11786-23 Omer Nicholas NOONAN, 25, electrician, Mallorytown, Brockville, s/o Robert NOONAN (b. Lansdowne Ont) & Lucy SHEA, married Mary Florence PYKE, 19, Dixons Landing Ont., Brockville, d/o Richard PYKE (b. Brockville) & Elizabeth CROMBIE, witn: Isaac LLOYD & Agnes KENNEDY, both of Kingston, 31 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11782-23 Claude NUGENT, 24, laborer, Ardendale, same, s/o George NUGENT & Rose LOUCK, married Florence STEELE, 19, Ardendale, same, d/o John STEELE & Caroline GODFREY, witn: A. S. DUNCAN & Mrs. S.K. LAKE, both of Kingston, 13 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11785-23 Charles George NUTTALL, 29, operator on CPR., South Lake, Montreal, s/o Thomas NUTTALL (b. South Lake Ont) & Marietta MacDONALD, married Marjorie Jean WILSON, 24, Gananoque, same, d/o Richard James WILSON (b. Kingston) & Stella STRUTHERS, witn: William Bobbington REID & Loreta REID, both of Gananoque, 12 June 1923 at Kingston
11790-23 John Joseph O’DONAGHUE, 35, solder, Ireland, Kingston, s/o John O’DONAGHUE & Jane MINAGUE, married Rachel LIVINGS, 28, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John LIVINGS & Julia FITZGERALD, witn: James J. & Mabel KETTLE of Kingston, 30 April 1923 at Kingston 11789-23 Frederick James O'DONNELL, 30, salesman, St. John NB, Kingston, s/o Peter O'DONNELL (b. St. John NB) & Sophia McPARTLAND, married Ina Teresa CAMPBELL, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Edward John CAMPBELL (b. Jones Falls Ont) & Mary Margaret LOOS?, witn: Arnold CAMPBELL & Frances SMAUGH? (Linaugh?), both of Kingston, 27 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11788-23 Wilfred James O’REILLY, 21, baker, Kingston, same, s/o Archie O’REILLY (b. Kingston) & Sarah HARDING, married Veronica Elizabeth PECOR, 21, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o Charles PECOR (b. Gananoque) & Mary GAUDETTE, witn: Annie & Margaret OLMSTEAD of Kingston, 30 April 1923 at Kingston 11800-23 Alfred Lorne PALLISTER, 23, soldier, London Ont., Kingston, s/o David PALLISTER & Martha B. HORNE, married Minnie Laura SUDDS, 20, Kingston, same, d/o George SUDDS & Louse EVES, witn: A. SUDDS & Nora MORRISON, both of Kingston, 30 April 1923 at Kingston
11803-23 John Wesley PALMER, 47, farmer, Shannonville, Portsmouth, s/o Caleb PALMER (b. unknown) & Eliza TRICKEY, married Katherine Irene REVELL, 25, Verona, same, d/o John REVELL (b. Ontario) & Louisa SWITZER, witn: Dr. James LAWSON of Verona & Maude ARMSTRONG of Harrowsmith, 7 Dec 1923 at Harrowsmith 11799-23 Ira James PARKER, 31, plumber, Alexandria Bay NY, same, s/o James Albert PARKER (b. Alexandria Bay) & Katherine DINGMAN, married Mary Annette WHITE, 27, Alexandria Bay, same, d/o Charles WHITE (b. Rockport Ont) & Carrie WRIGHT, witn: Edith M. & N. T. SERVICE of Kingston, 23 May 1923 at Kingston
11793-23 Cecil Gordon PEARN, 20, soldier, Edmonton England, Kingston, s/o William T. PEARN (b. England) & Ann PEARN, married Rose Jemma Hellen YAHUKE, 18, Pembroke, same, d/o August YAHUKE (b. Canada) & Kathleen, witn: William Thomas & Annie PEARN of Kingston, 15 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11796-23 Thomas Nelson PERKINS, 33, railway fireman, Long Lake Ont., 10 Lake Ave in Rochester NY, s/o Thomas PERKINS (b. London England) & Katherine VINCENT, married Marion Ethel BURK, 22, Maberly, same, d/o William BURK (b. Canada) & Margaret SARGENT, witn: Mrs. FITZGERALD & Mrs. J. PILGRIM, both of Kingston, 14 June 1923 at Kingston
11791-23 William John Hugh PETERS, 22, carpenter, Kingston, same, s/o John PETERS (b. Cornwall England) & Phebe FOLLEST, married Sarah Margaret AMEY, 21, Kingston, same, d/o William Jones AMEY (b. Odessa) & Lena ELLERBECK, witn: Melville J. PETERS of 44 Victoria St. & Georgina AMEY of Lower William St., 11 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11794-23 Gordon Stanley PHILLIPS, 25, car checker, Montague twp., Smith Falls, s/o George A. PHILLIPS (b. Montague twp) & Maggie BARR, married Eva May FLAHERTY, 27, South Sherbrooke twp., Wolford twp., d/o James H. FLAHERTY (b. North Burgess twp) & Elizabeth Emma THOMPSON, witn: Mary J. WILSON & Mary McLELLAND, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1893 at 151 Earl St. in Kingston
11805-23 James PILGRIM, 22, London England, 9 Pine St., s/o Percy Frank STACEY (step-father) & Mary PILGRIM, married Grace LANGSFORD, 21, London England, 238 Brock St., d/o William LANGSFORD & Hope ANSEL, witn: Thomas PRIEST & Charlotte J. FITZGERALD, both of Kingston, 9 April 1923 at Kingston 11801-23 George Frederick POFFLEY, 21, soldier, Reading England, Kingston, s/o Thomas POFFLEY (b. England) & Gertrude DICKSON, married Kathleen McDERMOTT, 18, laundry maid, Co. Roscommon Ireland, Kingston, d/o Michael McDERMOTT (b. Ireland) & Catherine MAGUIRE, witn: George & Emily BARTON of Kingston, 22 March 1923 at Kingston
11797-23 Hugh Harold POLLIE, 29, fireman, Kingston, same, s/o John POLLIE (b. Canada) & Jessie HAROLD, married Phyllis Edna DEHANEY, 28, Kingston, same, d/o William DEHANEY (b. Canada) & Almana JOHNSON, witn: Wilfred MILNE & Bessie DEHANEY, both of Kingston, 4 June 1923 at Kingston 11798-23 James Alexander POLSON, 37, Kingston, Bronxville NY, s/o Neil Currie POLSON (b. Scotland) & Hannah W. McDOWALL, married Jean MacMillan CRAIG, 40, Kingston, same, d/o James CRAIG (b. Kingston) & Catherine WARTMAN, witn: J. CRAIG of Toronto & Isabel Polson DAVIS of Kingston, 2 June 1923 at Kingston
11804-23 Wilfred Casey POTTER, 29, mechanic, Camden twp., Napanee twp., s/o Wesley A. POTTER (b. Camden twp) & Carrie ASSELSTINE, married Mary Clara DARLING, 27, teacher, Portland twp., same, d/o Frederick DARLING (b. Portland twp) & Mary Ann JUDGE, witn: Acel B. POTTER of Yarker & Eloise DARLING of Moscow, 6 Oct 1923 at Portland 11806-23 Herbert William PRESTON, 24, plumber, Newbury - Berks. England, Kingston, s/o George Edmund PRESTON & Charlotte POWELL, married Bertha Rena BUTLER, 26, New Carlisle Que., Kingston, d/o William BUTLER & Carlettie TRAVERS, witn: Fred Sidney PRESTON of Windsor & Phyllis Maud WELSH of 141 George St. in Toronto, 30 June 1923 at Kingston
11795-23 Manly Clifford PRITCHARD, 46, widower, clergyman, Quebec, Lombardy Ont., s/o F. Ferguson PRITCHARD (b. Quebec) & Jane HALL, married Emily RUSSELL, 46, ordained deaconess in Holiness Movement, England, Kingston, d/o George RUSSELL (b. England) & Esther RANES, witn: J. W. CAMPBELL of Sydenham & M. C. CHAMBERS of 960 Bank St. in Ottawa, 20 June 1923 at Kingston 11802-23 Leon PRIVE, 61, widower, musician, France, Kingston, s/o Eugene PRIVE (b. France) & Ambroisine DUCHENION?, married Flora KNOTT, 53, widow, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph MANILLE (b. Canada) & Flora VERNIER, witn: Marie PRIVE & Rev. F. D. HYLAND, both of Kingston, 2 Jan 1923 at Kingston
11792-23 John Robert PURDY, 24, farmer, Napanee, Ernestown twp., s/o Wilson Robert PURDY (b. Elginburg) & Emma Jane GARRISON, married Emily Jane FINNIGAN, 22, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o William Andrew FINNIGAN (b. Amherst Island) & Ann Elz. MOORE, witn: Alma Matilda & William J. M. FINNIGAN of RR1 Kingston, 5 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11807-23 Francis Wesley QUINN, 25, farmer, Bedford twp., same, s/o Joseph QUINN (b. Canada) & Theresa ROBINSON, married Annie Vera BRASH, 21, mothers help, Bedford twp., Fermoy, d/o George BRASH (b. Canada) & Lucy BARR, witn: Kathleen M. & Nellie M> BELL of Kingston, 23 Jan 1923 at Kingston
11820-23 George Wilbert READ, 24, mechanical engineer, Dunrobin Ont., Peterborough, s/o Henry Arthur READ (b. South March Ont) & Almina May BOUCHER, married Mildred Lillian FRANCIS, 25, Kingston, same, d/o John Edward FRANCIS (b. Kingston) & Annie CHAPMAN, witn: John FRANCIS && Gertrude JENKINS, both of Kingston, 22 Oct 1923 11819-23 William Samuel REED, 57, widower, farmer, Kingston twp., Harrowsmith, s/o John REED & Lucinda MARTIN (Murten?), married Elsie MOIR, 42, Bellrock, Verona, d/o George MOIR & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Roy MOIR & Ida LAWSON, both of Verona, 3 Nov 1923 at Bellrock, Verona
11813-23 Robert Marshall REID, 31, street railway motor man, Hamilton, Portsmouth, s/o James REID (b. USA) & Lottie BRADLEY, married Frances Ann NICHOLSON, 31, widow, Matawa - Frontenac Co., Portsmouth, d/o William STRONG (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann ILAN?, witn: Robert Edmund GOODRICH of Kingston & Ida Kriska MARTIN of Sydenham, 17 May 1923 at Cataraqui 11817-23 Harold Foster RICE, 34, widower, farmer, North Crosby twp., same, s/o Amos RICE (b. Canada) & Mary J. HASKINS, married Harriet COX, 28, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, d/o Charles COX (b. Canada) & Mary BABCOCK, witn: W. L. WRIGHT & Emma KNIGHT, both of Kingston, 17 Jan 1923 at Kingston
11812-23 Russell RICHARDSON, 30, farmer, Columbus Ont., Ashburn Ont., s/o Llewellyn RICHARDSON (b. England) & Annie Frances ADAMS, married Jessie Sarah GORDON, 30, teacher, Kingston Mills, Ashburn, d/o William GORDON (b. Canada) & Ruth GORDON, witn: Mary GORDON of Kingston Mills & James WILSON of Joyceville, 1 Aug 1923 at Kingston Mills 11808-23 Archibald RIDDELL, 31, section man, North Sherbrooke, Sharbot Lake, s/o Daniel R. RIDDELL (b. N. Sherbrooke) & Catherine FERGUSON, married Nina Lillian DAVIS, 23, house maid, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o William John DAVIS (b. Bathurst Ont) & Janet FERGUSON, witn: C. ARMSTRONG of Kingston & S. FERGUSON of Sharbot Lake, 26 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11814-23 Frederick ROBERTS, 29, barrister, Toronto, 42 Dalton in Toronto, s/o Harry H. ROBERTS (b. England) & Annie A. BRUCE, married Florence Agnes STEWART, 29, grad. nurse, Ontario, 230 Bagot St. in Kingston, d/o James STEWART (b. Quebec) & Agnes Beatrice CROSSLEY, witn: Benjamin James George McBETH of Toronto & Bessie W. STEWART of Kingston, 28 April 1923 at Chalmers Church, Kingston 11811-23 William Gladstone ROBERTSON, 29, physician, Renfrew, Carp, s/o Andrew ROBERTSON & Barbara WOOD, married Hilda Mary FENNING, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Charles FENNING & Annie GILLESPIE, witn: Oscar G. FENNING & Mary COOLAN, both of Kingston, 22 Aug 1923 at Kingston
11816-23 Charles Nelson RODGERS, 23, bookkeeper, Napanee, Kingston, s/o Joseph Brinton RODGERS (b. Trenton Ont) & Annie Mary Stuart DUNN, married Jessie Viola DOREY, 20, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o Matthew DOREY (b. Cornwall Ont) & Sarah Carmichael McAULEY, witn: John Joseph LALONDE of Cornwall & Ruby Evelyn MONCRIEFFE of 78 William St. in Kingston, 15 Jan 1923 at Kingston 11815-23 Noble Earl ROGERS, 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas ROGERS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Dorothy Louse KIELL, 18, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Dexter KIELL (b. Canada) & Ida SUDDS, witn: Howard KIELL of Kingston & Annie B. ROGERS of Wolfe Island, 18 April 1923 at Kingston
  11818-23 Frederick Carmen ROUSHORN, 21, teamster, Kingston, same, s/o Wellington ROUSHORN (b. Canada) & Amelia CAMPBELL, married Florence REDDEN, 20, of Sharpton, d/o John REDDEN (b. Canada) & Effie BRETHEN, witn: E. K. CAMPBELL & Laura CONBOY, both of Kingston, 3 Nov 1923 at Kingston
11810-23 Benjamin Knapp RUTTAN, 20, guide, Battersea, same, s/o John RUTTAN (b. Toronto) & Annie KNAPP, married Ena Mary CROWE, 23, Sunbury, same, d/o Allan CROWE (b. Storrington twp) & Elizabeth SANDS, witn: Annie Opal CROWE of Sunbury & Oscar E. LAKE of Battersea, 19 Sept 1923 at Battersea 11809-23 George Wellington RUTTAN, 33, farmer, Verona, same, s/o Charles RUTTAN (b. Canada) & Clarinda PETERS, married Mildred COX, 20, domestic, Parham, same, d/o Edward COX (b. Canada) & Charlotte SCHULTZ, witn: Nellie M. BELL & Catherine E. MOFFATT, both of Kingston, 25 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11854-23 Isidore SCHANAUER, 28, carpenter, Ardoch, same, s/o Joe SCHANAUER & Francisca HERMER, married Edith Amelia FRASER, 16, servant, Harlowe Ont., Kaladar, d/o William Henry FRASER & Arvella Day LANT, witn: Jos. SCHANAUER & Mary GRAINGER, both of Ardoch, 13 Aug 1923 at Ardoch 11842-23 Archibald SCOTT, 33, farmer, Kennebec, same, s/o William H. SCOTT (b. Lennox & Addington Co) & Eliza Ellen THOMPSON, married Ada Victoria TRYON, 18, Kennebec, same, d/o William B. TRYON (b. Sheffield twp) & Alice E. BOOMHOUR, witn: William J. & Olive E. WILKES of Arden, 1 May 1923 at Arden
11853-23 Richard SEATON, 23, mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o Richard SEATON & Margaret McKIM, married Marguerite CLEARY, 21, Kingston, same, d/o John CLEARY & Alice GUIREY, witn: Kathleen BRADY of Kingston & J. DEEKS of Montreal, 12 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11849-23 Leslie Arnold SERGENT, 19, Brockville Ont., Kingston, s/o William SARGENT (b. Fairfield Ont) & Alice FIELDS, married Mary Evelyn ALLEN, 19, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o William James ALLEN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Norah Louise SEYMOUR, witn: Marjorie & William DIXON of 10 Orchard St., 1 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11836-23 George Earl SHEPHERD, 26, farmer, Storrington twp., Barriefield, s/o George SHEPHERD (b. Storrington twp) & Mary Ellen COLLINS, married Flora Lillian ORMSBEE, 27, Battersea, same, d/o William Henry ORMSBEE (b. Storrington twp) & Martha Eliz. CLARKE, witn: T. E. THOMPSON of Inverary & Ethel ORMSBEE of Battersea, 12 June 1923 at Battersea 11841-23 Wilton Jerome SHEPPARD, 27, Picton Ont., Kingston, s/o William Bartley SHEPPARD (b. Wales England) & Maud Annie ASHLEY, married Gertrude Emily PETERS, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John PETERS (b. Picton) & Phoebe FOLLEST, witn: Peter McKENZIE & Fannie PETERS, both of Kingston, 10 May 1923 at Kingston
11832-23 Thomas SHIELS, 28, clerk, Scotland, Portsmouth, s/o Adam SHIELS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, married Ethel May HAYTER, 29, widow, England, Kingston, d/o Samuel GOOND? (b. England) & Mary SYMONS, witn: Charles F. & Catherine GRAY of Kingston, 11 July 1923 at Kingston 11843-23 William SHILLINGTON, 48, widower, Bedford, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John SHILLINGTON (b. Bedford ) & Eliza FORSYTH, married Maggie Maud PETERS, 33, Wilton, same, d/o John E. PETERS (b. Canada) & Catherine MARTIN, witn: Grace PETERS of Wilton & Wesley George SHILLINGTON of Cole Lake, 2 May 1923 at Kingston
11839-23 Norman Clarence SHIPMAN, 27, secretary treasurer, Ottawa, res given as YMCA, s/o George SHIPMAN & Sarah Maria GIBSON, married Warde Brooks FINKLE, 21 (27?), stenographer, Newburgh Ont., Kingston, d/o Hillier FINKLE & Helen May SPAFFORD, witn: Victoria Rachel SHIPMAN of 16 Tormey St. in Ottawa & Caroline FINKLE of Kingston, 6 June 1923 at Kingston 11829-23 Adam Jerold SHORTT, 22, farmer, Adolphustown, Sophiasburg twp., s/o Walter SHORTT (b. Ontario) & Estella CARNAHAN, married Gwendolen MOUNCE, 20, stenographer, London England, Picton, d/o Thomas MOUNCE (b. England) & Josephine WALL, witn: Douglas COLE of Kingston & Wilhelmina WESTLAKE of Portsmouth, 28 July 1923 at Kingston
11847-23 John Melvin SHOULDICE, 30, real estate, Quebec, 238 Windmere Rd in Walkerville, s/o Samuel SHOULDICE (b. Quebec) & Jenny O’HARA, married Leta Gertrude GREENE, 25, Ontario, Arden, d/o Charles M. GREENE (b. Ontario) & Lavina BOOMHOUR, witn: K. Clarke ALEXANDER & Lula GREEN (sic), both of Arden, 27 Dec 1923 at Arden 11835-23 Arthur Gordon SHULTZ, 20, assembler at motor works, Kingston, 43 Mechanic St. in Oshawa, s/o William Frank SCHULTZ (b. Bath Ont) & Victoria HAGGADOR, married Grace Kathleen GOW, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Neil GOW (b. Canada) & Grennettta CUDDIFORD, witn: Harold GOW of 668 Montreal St. in Kingston & Madeline MATTHEWS of Kingston, 20 June 1923 at Calvary Church, Kingston
11828-23 William John SHURTLIFF, 18, baker, Gananoque, same, s/o Edward SHURTLIFF (b. Canada) & Mary CARTWRIGHT, married Lena Pearl KNOWLTON, 18, Sydenham, same, d/o Cyrus J. KNOWLTON (b. Canada) & Mary FLETCHER, witn: Ernest KNOWLTON & Lena CURRAGH, both of Kingston, 26 Aug 1923 at Kingston 11825-23 Walter Howard SILLS, 22, salesman, North Fredericksburg, same, s/o Edward Howard SILLS (b. Canada) & Alma IRISH, married Clara VANDYCK, 22, South Fredericksburg, same, d/o Franklin Henry VAN DYCK (b. Canada) & Anna TAVERNER, witn: Wilber F. HODGSTON & Evalene P. GARRISON, both of Napanee, 14 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11840-23 Granvil Reed SINCLAIR, 28, merchant, Belleville, 261 William St. in Belleville, s/o David Volume SINCLAIR (b. Madoc Ont) & Hettie Miller REED, married Marjorie Gordon MINNES, 26, Kingston, 124 Bagot St. in Kingston, d/o James A. MINNES (b. Kingston) & Isabel PATTERSON, witn: Alfred J. WHALEN & Ruth SINCLAIR, both of Belleville and Norah MINNES of Kingston, 6 June 1923 at Kingston 11838-23 William James SMITH, 48, widower, mariner, Scotland, Kingston, s/o William James SMITH (b. Scotland) & Ann ROBERTS, married Amanda JARRELL, 40, house keeper, Storrington twp., Kingston, d/o Henry JARRELL (b. England) & Mary TUTTLE, witn: William SKAGGS & William FITZGERALD, both of Kingston, 5 June 1923 at Kingston
11851-23 Michael Orvis SMITH, 27, farmer, Long Lake, same, s/o Ira Manson SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary JUDGE, married Marjorie LORD, 22, England, Long Lake, d/o Daniel Henry LORD (b. England) & Annie Mary CHAPMAN, witn: C. & Madeline HEARD of Inverary, 17 Oct 1923 at Kingston 11821-23 John Ervin SMITH, 41, widower, farmer, Olden, Parham, s/o John SMITH (b. Olden) & Catherine HARTON, married Laura May CHALK, 18, Hungerford twp., Wagarville, d/o James CHALK (b. Newburgh) & Annie ROOT, witn: Mrs. E. M. STORMS of Parham & Nellie M. RICE of Kingston, 26 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11850-23 Ernest Oscar SMITHIES, 30, theatre manager, England, 329 Brock St. in Kingston, s/o Joseph SMITHIES (b. England) & Margaret STAMLAN, married Eva FITZGERALD, 20, sales lady, Ontario, 32 Lower Union St., d/o David FITZGERALD (b. Ontario) & Mary Agnes HARTLEY, witn: J. W. & Mary Agnes MERTON of 174 York St. in Kingston, 15 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11822-23 Courtland SNIDER, 22, farmer, Hinchinbrooke twp., Enterprise, s/o Henry SNIDER (b. Addington Co) & Amanda CRONK, married Irene DAVY, 22, Verona, same, d/o Frankland DAVY & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. E. SNYDER (sic) of 93 Colborne St. in Kingston & Margaret MILLIKEN of Kingston, 5 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11837-23 Alfred William SOLMAN, 25, musician, England, Kingston, s/o Alfred SOLMAN (b. England) & Mary WALTERS, married Bessie Gertrude WHITE, 25, England, Kingston, d/o Walter WHITE (b. England) & Lucy HAMMOND, witn: Nellie FORREST & William WHITE, both of Kingston, 7 June 1923 at Kingston 11830-23 Fenwick David SOLMES, 28, printer, Ontario, 172 Wallace Ave. [Toronto?], s/o Robert J. SOLMES (b. Ontario) & Hattie A. BURGESS, married Agnes Irene BELLEVILLE, 26, shirt maker, Ontario, Napanee, d/o Evangelist BELLEVILLE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Jeannette & Isabelle JOHNSON of 181 William St. in Kingston, 4 Aug 1923 at 181 William St., Kingston
11826-23 Walter Winfred SPENCE, 26, candy maker, Evergreen Colorado, Kingston, s/o Thomas SPENCE (b. Scotland) & Emily Gertrude WALKER, married Gladys McMAHON, 17, Kingston, same, d/o James McMAHON (b. Ontario) & Josephine BELTON, witn: Mabel McMAHON of 303 Division St. & Thomas H. HANDLEY of 47 Markland St., 5 Sept 1923  
11834-23 William SPROULE, 23, section foreman, Lavant, same, s/o R. J. SPROULE (b. Dublin Ireland) & Letitia GILGRACE, married Emily Caroline McDOUGALL, 18, Ompah, Lavant, d/o William McDOUGALL (b. Dalhousie Ont) & Emily CHEETHAM, witn: Clara M. McGILVRAY of Kingston & Florence DAVEY of Sydenham, 25 June 1923 at Kingston 11848-23 Clarence L. SPROULE, 19, farmer, Kingston twp., Portland twp., s/o Joseph SPROULE (b. Cataraqui) & Martha YOUNG, married Lois Kathleen VANKOUGHNETT, 20, Loughboro twp, same, d/o William VANKOUGHNETT, farmer, (b. Bedford twp) & Amberzina? BERKELY, witn: Manford VANKOUGHNETT of Harrowsmith & Margaret Alice JAMIESON of Battersea, 12 Dec 1923 at Harrowsmith
11852-23 Edgar Serson STANLEY, 24, farmer, Cumberland twp., Metcalfe, s/o Albert STANLEY (b. Canada) & Essie MORRISON, married Ivey Milve LAKE, 27, teacher, Sydenham Ont., Metcalfe, d/o D. W. LAKE (b. Canada) & Fannie Lake IVEY, witn: Thomas STANLEY of Metcalfe & Elma LAKE of Sydenham, 17 Oct 1923 at Sydenham 11824-23 Jay STEWART, 21, farmer, Kingston, Harrowsmith, s/o Joseph STEWART (b. Kingston twp) & Margaret ALPORT, married Mary Kathleen SCALES, 18, Verona, Harrowsmith, d/o George SCALES (b. Portland twp) & Anne Ann GOODBERRY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ezra SNIDER of Moscow, 20 Sept 1923 at Kingston [with note: "see change of name order 000429-67"]
11827-23 Israel Abraham STONE, 22, pharmacist, Poland, Lynn Mass., s/o Harry STONE (b. Russia) & Della BUCHNER, married Annie ABRAMSKY, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph ABRAMSKY (b. Poland) & Gussie ABRAMSON, witn: H. SUGARAR? & J. TURK, both of Kingston, 28 Aug 1923 at Kingston 11844-23 Okelly Charles STORMS, 22, tanner, Harrowsmith, Odessa, s/o Albert STORMS (b. Sharpton Ont) & Catherine ASSELTINE, married Anna Isabel VINKLE, 22, cook, Verona, Cobalt, d/o William VINKLE (b. Canada) & Eliza STINSON, witn: A. W. WOOD & Kathleen BAVEY, both of Kingston, 23 April 1923 at 144 Barrie St. in Kingston
11831-23 Jamie Ward STRADER, 29, teacher, Brinston Ont., Kingston, s/o Orrin STRADER (b. Brinston) & Jennie McINTOSH , married Lilian Pearl BLACK, 27, teacher, Parham, same, d/o W. David BLACK (b. Dundas Co) & Georgina GRIFFITH, witn: Eva M. STRADER of Brinston & D. Keith BLACK of Parham, 21 July 1923 at Parham 11846-23 Ernest STURGESS, 22, soldier, London England, Beamsville, s/o Harry STURGESS (b. England) & Alice PETTIFER, married Phoebe MARSHALL, 19, chocolate dipper, Dumfries Scotland, Kingston, d/o John MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Mary CHARTERS, witn: Arthur BEAULNE of Ottawa & Mabel McMAHON of Kingston, 21 Feb 1923 at Kingston
11823-23 Harold James SUDDS, 21, barber, Kingston, same, s/o George SUDDS & Louse EVES, married Dorothy Louise FRASER, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Charles FRASER & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Annie FRASER & Nora MORRISON, both of Kingston, 4 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11833-23 Donald Warren SUTHERLAND, 21, printer, St. Agnes de Dundell? Que., Kingston, s/o Hugh SUTHERLAND (b. St. Agnes Que) & Ruth Elizabeth BARTLETT, married Annie Evelyn DUNLOP, 22, stenographer, Moore Park Manitoba, Kingston, d/o John Knox DUNLOP (b. Winnipeg) & Annie Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, witn: Helen R. & Hugh M. STEPHENS of Kingston, 13 July 1923 at Kingston
11845-23 Lloyd Sterling SYLVER, 21, soldier, Kingston, same, s/o Charles SYLVER (b. Canada) & Roxania HARPELL, married Irene Minnie WHITING, 19, England, Kingston, d/o Arthur WHITING (b. England) & Mary TRIMMER, witn: Gerald & Gertrude E. PHILLIPS of Kingston, 28 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11862-23 Clifton Robert TAIT, 24, druggist, Ontario, 8 Springgrove Ave. [Toronto?], s/o John TAIT (b. Ontario) & Matilda McKAY, married Mabel Ivy DETLOR, 25, nurse, Ontario, 15 Aberdeen St. in Kingston, d/o William DETLOR (b. Ontario) & Frances KENNEDY, witn: Beatrice SHAW of Toronto & Florence L. McDONALD of Stella, 19? June 1923 at Chalmers Church, Kingston
11856-23 Joseph Patrick TANGHER (Taugher?), 22, blacksmith, Kingston, same, s/o James J. TANGHER (b. Belleville) & Catherine O’NEILL, married Alice Margaret AHEARN, 22, stenographer, d/o Daniel A’HEARN (sic) (b. Kingston) & Maria CHANEY, witn: S. McDOWELL & A. KENNEDY, both of Kingston, 25 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11871-23 Moris TEVAN, 24, merchant, Rozana Russia, Morrisburg Ont., s/o Jacob TEVAN (b. Russia Poland) & Ester GOLDMAN, married Fania (Fiona?) DUTCHZIN (or Dutchkin, spelled both ways), 20, Rozana Russia, Morrisburg, d/o Jacob D. DUTCHKIN (b. Rozana City Russia) & Nette LEVIN, witn: S. GLOVE of 197 Raglan Rd in Kingston & M--? illegible of 353 Princess St. in Kingston, 16 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11855-23 Leonard Whitney McLeod THOMPSON, 21, clerk, Montreal, Detroit, s/o William Victor THOMPSON (b. Vernonville Ont) & Susan LEBEAU, married Mildred Rose BLACK, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Frederick BLACK (b. Canada) & Rose KNIGHT, witn: Gordon & Edith BLACK of Kingston, 29 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11861-23 Frederick Abbott THOMPSON, 21, bridge builder, Mountain Grove, same, s/o Abbott THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Mary KITSON, married Elda Marguerite BROWN, 17, Mountain Grove, same, d/o William BROWN (b. Canada) & Margaret GARRETT, witn: Iva BROWN & Grace THOMPSON, both of Mountain Grove, 11 July 1923 at Kingston
11860-23 Lorne Sylvester THOMPSON, 28, farmer,, Joyceville, same, s/o William THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COLQUHOUN, married Florence May THOMSON, 20, Joyceville, same, d/o Frederick R. THOMSON, farmer, (b. Canada) & Lily Alice BELL, witn: James & Ethel THOMPSON of Joyceville, 4 July 1923 at Kingston 11870-23 Thomas Stanley THOMPSON, 21, soldier, Kingston, Chapleau, s/o Thomas S. THOMPSON (b. Dublin Ireland) & blank, married Zelpha May SNIDER, 21, stenographer, Denbigh, same, d/o Jesse SNIDER & Maria CONWAY, witn: Herbert MINOR of Burnley & Wilhelmina GOODBERRY of Verona, 31 Oct. 1923 at Kingston
11866-23 Manly THOMPSON, 23, laborer, Nipissing, Verona, s/o Wilton? THOMPSON (b. Barrie twp) & Flora MEEKS, married Mildred BAUDER, 18, Portland twp., Verona, d/o Thomas BAUDER (b. Canada) & Edith CONLEY, witn: W. G. WEAVER & Pearl HAWLEY, both of Kingston, 10 Jan 1923 at Kingston 11863-23 James Russel THOMPSON, 38, farmer, Joyceville, same, s/o William THOMPSON (b. Storrington twp) & Elizabeth COLQUHOUN, married Ethel Winnifred BALLS, 30, Sunbury, same, d/o William BALLS, farmer, (b. Canada) & Rebecca RITCHIE, witn: Lorne & Florence THOMPSON of Joyceville, 16 May 1923 at Kingston
11864-23 Silas Percy THOMPSON, 21, soldier, Tamworth Ont., Kingston, s/o W. A. THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Edith YORK, married Marion Hazel WALKER, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Albert WALKER (b. Canada) & Mary POWERS, witn: Edwin WOOD & Iona CURRAN, both of Kingston, 21 March 1923 at Kingston 11865-23 John THOMPSON, 21, railroader, Newburg Ont., Harrowsmith, s/o Charles THOMPSON (b. Strathcona Ont) & Alameda MOWERS, married Carrie WILSON, 23, house keeper, Harrowsmith, same, d/o James WILSON (b. Camden East) & Josephine MEEKS, witn: Eileen ROBINSON of 622 Princess St. & Lulu E. WADDELL of 620 Princess St., 5 March 1923 at Kingston
11869-23 Francis THOMS, 37, baggage man, Ernestown twp., Montreal, s/o Frederick THOMS (b. Ernestown twp) & Alida McLAUGHLIN, married Edith Mary LAIDLEY, 38, teacher, Ernestown twp., Kingston, d/o Frederick LAIDLEY (b. Ernestown twp) & Margaret O’CONNOR, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas WILKINSON of 236 Earl St. in Kingston, 22 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11867-23 Leon TIDMAN, 27, comm. baker, England, Kingston, s/o George TIDMAN (b. Shilton England) & Gertrude BIGRACE?, married Evelyn Pearl SMITH, 25, nurse, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas SMITH (b. Milburn Ont) & Selinah WORT, witn: Oliver TIDMAN of 491 Barrie St. & Dorothy GOODBRIDGE of 244 University Ave., 24 Oct 1923 at Salvation Army, Kingston
11857-23 William Elijah TOPLIFF, 61, widower, shoe maker, Inverary, Odessa, s/o James TOPLIFF (b. Inverary) & Martha GRAHAM, married Kathleen Evelyn KENYON, 54, milliner, Odessa, same, d/o John KENYON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DOZLEY, witn: Bernard & Mrs. B. KING of Odessa, 1 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11858-23 Charles Wesley TROTTER, 53, widower, gentleman, Pittsburg twp., Kingston, s/o Robert TROTTER (b. Ireland) & Margaret Jane FRANKLIN, married Dora M. BALL, 50, widow, Prince Edward Co., Bath, d/o Irvine CLAPP (b. Canada) & Ella COLE, witn: M. B. TRUMPOUR of Kingston & J. E. GREY of 59 Frontenac St., 24 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11868-23 Arthur TUPPER, 25, laborer, England, Kingston, s/o John TUPPER (b. England) & Ada STEPHENS, married Florence LLOYD, 25, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Thomas LLOYD (b. Napanee) & Eva FOX, witn: C. J. SAVARY & Violet E. BATEMAN, v Kingston, 22 Nov 1923 at Kingston 11872-23 Gerald TYE, 22, farmer, Lansdowne twp., same, s/o Thomas TYE (b. Ontario) & Effie BARR, married Meda MATTHEWS, 22, Leeds twp., Gananoque, d/o James Harris MATTHEWS (b. Ontario) & Minnie May McCOMBE, witn: Bernard MATTHEWS of Gananoque & Anna TONER of Joyceville, 25 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11859-23 Henry Reginald TYNER, 29, bank clerk, Dublin Ireland, Kingston, s/o Henry TYNER (b. Dublin Ireland) & Florence GOODWILLIS, married Jessie Newton Baird LESLIE, 27, widow, Kingston, same, d/o William DAVIE (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Margaret BROWN, witn: G. B. WILKINSON of 134 Bagot & B. J. DAVIE of 174 Montreal St., 9 Aug 1923 at St. Marys, Barriefield 11873-23 John Henry TYSON, 25, carpenter, Hexham England, Kingston, s/o Wilson TYSON & Jane MOSSOP, married Grace Ann DRIVER, 23, Dover England, Kingston, d/o Robert John DRIVER & Bessie SHARP, witn: Herbert William PRESTON & Bessie DRIVER, both of Kingston, 20 June 1923 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
  11874-23 Clifford Clarence VALLIER, 22, textile worker, Perth, Kingston, s/o Thomas VALLIER (b. Kingston) & Ida YOUNG, married Dora Mary BOIS, 20, Deseronto, Kingston, d/o Alex BOIS (b. Quebec) & Lucy CHARET, witn: Robert BOURDEAU & Louise CROMIER, both of Kingston, 1 Oct 1923 at Kingston
11876-23 Ammon VELEY, 21, Verona, same, s/o Oscar VELEY & Emma BELL, married Mildred SCALES, 19, Verona, same, d/o Fred SCALES & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: Helen R. & Mary STEPHENS of Kingston, 13 March 1923 at Kingston 11877-23 Irwin Robert VOTARY, 22, Newboro, Perth Road, s/o Frank VOTARY & Gertie KIBB, married Lillian McCOMISH, 21, Bedford Mills, same, d/o George McCOMISH & Susannah GREEN, witn: Edin DUNFORD of Perth Road & Rev. R. CALVERT of Inverary, 29 Nov 1923 at Inverary
11875-23 Clifford Wellington VROOMAN, 22, farmer, Odessa, same, s/o Ferdinand Hordy? VROOMAN (b. Odessa) & Frankie GILBERT, married Helen Mildred BOYCE, 19, Violet, Odessa, d/o Daly Lake BOYCE (b. Canada) & Emma Jane MOREY, witn: Aileen ROBINSON of 622 Princess St. & Lulu S. WADDELL of 620 Princess St. in Kingston, 6 June 1923 at Kingston 11882-23 Stanley Joseph WADDELL, 29, chauffeur, Belleville, 63 Pinnacle St. in Belleville, s/o Richard WADDELL (b. Canada) & Rosa KENNEDY, married Kathleen Clara DE YOUNG, 20, Chicago, Belleville, d/o Christopher DE YOUNG (b. USA) & Clara Lennia? McPHAIL, witn: George & Lillian L. STITT of 59 Dundas St. in Belleville, 23 July 1923 at Kingston
11904-23 Joseph Ernest WAFER, 24, bell boy, Quebec, Kingston, s/o William WAFER (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth CYR, married Olive Alberta BARNES, 24, chamber maid, Athens, same, d/o Samuel BARNES (b. Ontario) & Lilian McDONALD, witn: John HUGHES & Mary E. HENNESSEY, both of Kingston, 22 Oct 1913 at Kingston 11907-23 George Enoch WAIT, 27, captain RCAF, Ottawa, same, s/o F. G. WAIT & M. E. BUTTERWORTH, married Dais? Lillian BROWNE, 24, Montreal, Kingston, d/o W. B. BROWNE & Bertha L. HUBBELL, witn: W. E. illegible of Ottawa & Hazel MOLSON of Montreal, 31 March 1913 at Kingston
11884-23 Clifford WALLER, 23, machinist, Kingston, 10 Albany St. in Oshawa, s/o George W. WALLER (b. Kingston) & Georgina JACKSON, married Mary Katherine TAYLOR, 23, Kingston, 209 Alfred St. in Kingston, d/o Edward James TAYLOR (b. Kingston) & Katherine Amelia CURRIE, witn: F. GILLAN & Marjorie TAYLOR, both of Kingston, 27 June 1923 at Kingston 11906-23 Norman Livingston WALKER, 23, student, Hamilton, Kingston, s/o William WALKER (b. Scotland) & Agnes DOWNEY, married Kathleen Elizabeth EASTON, 18, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o Walter Alexander EASTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth DAVIES, wtn: Edith DAVIES of 83 Pine St. & Mary EASTON of 60 Cherry St., 15 Dec 1923 at Kingston
11878-23 Thomas Percy WALSH, 21, farmer, North Fredericksburg, same, s/o William George WALSH (v. cc) & Jane Ann MOORE (More?), married Caroline Ruth SEXSMITH, 19, Richmond Ont., Napanee, d/o Herbert Lovelace SEXSMITH (b. Canada) & Alice JORDAN, witn: A. B. SMITH & William A. B. SMITH, both of Odessa, 19 Sept 1923 at Kingston 11887-23 Fred WARD, 27, Kingston, same, s/o Henry WARD & Mary WINTERBOURNE, married Violet May PAYNE, 24, London England, Kingston, d/o Henry PAYNE & Sarah Jane WILLIS, witn: Edward V. PAYNE of 132 L. Bagot St. & Sarah BOCKING of 145 Princess St., 4 June 1923 at Kingston
11896-23 Eldon Lorne WARREN, 21, miller, Lansdowne, same, s/o Fred WARREN (b. Rockfield Ont) & Minnie FOLEY, married Vada Kathleen McDONALD, 28, Mallorytown, same, d/o Howard B. McDONALD (b. Mallorytown) & Lena TENNANT, witn: W. Douglas & Marian TERRY of Lansdowne, 21 Dec 1923 at Kingston 11888-23 Charles James WATSON, 22, teamster, Kingston, Sharbot Lake, s/o Alfred WATSON, (b. Canada), & Hannah WILSON, married Audrey Mary NIXON, 18, Soperton, Kingston, d/o Frederick NIXON, (b. Canada), & Margaret FLOOD, witn: Isaac LLOYD & Agnes KENNEDY, both of Kingston, 2 May 1923 at Kingston
11905-23 David Alexander WATTS, 51, widower, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Job WATTS (b. Canada) & Mary CRAMMOND, married Mary Marinda WILEY, 63, widow, house keeper, Battersea Ont., Wolfe Island, d/o William HOLDER (b. England) & Jane HARTLEY, witn: William & Clara HOLDER of Kingston, 16 Oct 1923 at Battersea 11901-23 Gordon Stanley WEBSTER, 35, widower, merchant, Gananoque, Kingston, s/o Francis D. WEBSTER & Jennie DOGE?, married Ida Marion PURVIS, 24, supervisor in telephone office, Kingston, same, d/o W. J. PURVIS & Ellen AULT, witn: E. PAYNE & Sybil J. PURVIS, both of Kingston, 10 Nov 1923 at Kingston
11889-23 David Ezra WEESE, 29, merchant, Camden twp., Kaladar twp., s/o Andrew WEESE (b. Camden twp) & Martha SEXSMITH, married Leila May KIRK, 23, Kennebec twp., Kaladar twp., d/o George N. KIRK (b. Prince Edward Co) & Maggie WORDS?, witn: D. D. KIRK of Arden & Florence W. WEESE of Centreville, 30 April 1923 at Arden  
11881-23 Harle Hoare WELLS, 25, railroad man, Maitland Ont., Brockville, s/o William WELLS (b. Maitland) & Ida R. ROBINS, married Lona Evelyn WATTS, 24, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o John Oliver WATTS (b. Barriefield) & Bertha La Rosa TISDALE, witn: M. L. FRAYERS? & A. Sidney DUNDAS, both of Kingston, 24 Aug 1923 at Kingston 11885-23 William George WELLS, 22, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Charles Alexander WELLS (b. Kingston) & Sarah Jane STURGESS, married Vera Emmaline WOOD, 19, Odessa, Kingston, d/o Gilbert WOOD (b. Odessa) & Harriett COLE, witn: Ross WELLS of Kingston & Alice BAKER of Cataraqui, 14 June 1923 at Kingston
11895-23 Sandy V. WHAN, 21, farmer, Oconto, Sharbot Lake, s/o John WHAN (b. Bedford) & Violet BABCOCK, married Hazel VANHOOSER, 18, Perth Road, Kingston, d/o Orval VANHOOSER (b. USA) & Mary DOCTOR, witn: P. MOFFAT & Nellie M. BELL, both of Kingston, 14 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11879-23 Maurice Beaumont WHITE, 29, bookkeeper, Reading England, Kingston, s/o Henry WHITE (b. England) & Emma WATTS, married Georgina DOUGLAS, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, d/o David DOUGLAS (b. Scotland) & Helen MARTIN, witn: Elizabeth DOUGLAS of Kingston & Eric (Erie?) O. HUDSON of Toronto, 18 Sept 1923 at Kingston
11886-23 Roy Austin WHITE, 21, farmer, Clarendon twp., same, s/o Edward WHITE (b. England) & Annie MARTIN, married Ethel Mabel GORR, 19, Miller twp., same, d/o John GORR (b. Miller twp) & Eliza ALBERT, witn: F. M. CANTRELL & Margaret E. BRULL?, both of Sharbot Lake, 6 June 1923 at St. Andrews Church, Sharbot Lake, 11902-23 William Edward WHITE, 22, florist, Elgin Ont., Kingston, s/o James Edward WHITE (b. Ontario) & not known, married Sarah MUTCH, 23, England, Kingston, d/o James MUTCH (b. England) & not known, witn: Everton WALKER of 212 King St. & Olive TALBOT of 8 St. Catherine St., 25 Nov 1923 at Kingston (both mothers died young)
11883-23 Aubrey Knight WILLIAMS, pressman, 26, Colorado, Kingston, s/o P.J. WILLIAMS (b. Ireland) & P.J. KNIGHT, married Irene Marjorie LAKE, 24, Battersea, Kingston, adopted d/o Dr. S. & Jane LAKE, witn: Elmer J. LAKE & W. KNAPP, both of Kingston, 17 July 1923 at Kingston 11897-23 Eric WILLIS, 18, hydro employee, Cathage NY, 94 Saxon Ave in Toronto, adopted s/o Samuel FORD & not given, married Gertrude CLARK, 16, Odessa, same, d/o Sydney Warren CLARK (b. Odessa) & Lena Gertrude HARTMAN, witn: Dr. John M. MUNRO of Odessa & C. J. SAVARY of Kingston, 28 Nov 1923 at Kingston
11899-23 John Moreland WILMOT, 23, farmer, RR1 Kingston, same, s/o John James WILMOT (b. Canada) & Lillian Mary MORELAND, married Grace Aliva MICHEA, 23, Wolfe Island, RR1 Kingston, d/o Robert A. MICHEA (b. Canada) & Annie McMULLEN, witn: Orrie MICHEA & Helen WILMOT, both of RR1 Kingston, 5 Dec 1923 at Kingston 11890-23 Robert James WILSON, 24, meter reader, Kingston, same, s/o Robert James WILSON (b. Shannonville) & Mary Eleanor RUTHERFORD, married Doris Evelyn FOWLER, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Alexander FOWLER (b. Kingston) & Ida Elizabeth KEATES, witn: Mary Gladys ARMSTRONG of 96 Clergy St. East & Bella LENNON of 30 Colborne St., 4 May 1923 at Kingston
11894-23 George J. WILSON, 23, carter, Lennox & Addington Co., Kingston, s/o William WILSON (b. England) & Barbara PALMER, married Alma LAFRANCE, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o James LAFRANCE (b. France) & Mary WHALEY, witn: William J. & Mary LAFRANCE of Kingston, 28 Feb 1923 at Kingston 11903-23 Stewart Victor WILSON, 26, engine watchman, Cataraqui, 193 Brock St. in Kingston, s/o George WILSON & Euphemia STEWART, married Helen Margaret Prittie DOUGLAS, 23, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Frederick DOUGLAS & Carrie FULLER, witn: Albert E. & Carrie DOUGLAS of Kingston, 15 Nov 1923 at Kingston
11891-23 Walter WILSON, 23, laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o James WILSON (b. Ireland) & Annie CAVANAGH, married Hazel Bernice SHANNON, 23, chocolate dipper, Tamworth, Kingston, d/o William James SHANNON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane BELL, witn: W. J. & Eliza WEAVER of Kingston, 25 April 1913 at St Georges Cathedral, Kingston 11900-23 Reuben Calvin WILSON, 29, physician, Palgrave Ont., Keswick, s/o John WILSON (b. Bolton Ont) & Martha Elizabeth PARR, married Ella May COOKE, 31, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph Bacon COOKE (b. Portland twp) & Mary Ann MARTIN, wtn: Mildred A. CLOW of 481 Princess St. & Ira O. WILSON of 347 Brock St., 24 Nov 1913 at Kingston
11893-23 Wilfred Reginald WISKIN, 22, spinner, Lennox Co., 266 Nelson St. in Kingston, s/o Henry WISKIN (b. London England) & Eva Blanche DAWSON, married Charlotte Winifred RANEY, 21, Ottawa, 43 Quebec St. in Kingston, d/o William James RANEY (b. Osgoode twp) & Ida Maude McCALPIN, witn: Gladys Ellen HARPELL of Kingston & John Keith HILL of Williamsville, 27 march 1913 at 266 Nelson St., Kingston 11898-23 William WOLSLEY, 28, farmer, Sydenham Ont., Elginburg, s/o Thomas WOLSEY (b. Canada) & Sarah MA--?, married Mabel WILEY, 28, London England, Elginburg, d/o Mr. WILEY (b. England) & Mrs. WILEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert WOLSEY of Harrowsmith, 20 Nov 1923 at Elginburg
11892-23 Colin Mandel Kitelman? WOODS, 23, farmer, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o Joseph J. WOODS (b. Cushendal Ont) & Nancy McALLISTER, married Kathleen Marguerite KILMINSTER, telephone operator, Smith Falls, Kingston twp., d/o Edward KILMINSTER (b. Jersey, Channel Islands) & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Clair FITZREGAN of Barriefield & Edith KILMINSTER of Cataraqui, 11 April 1923 at Cataraqui 11880-23 William McKay WRIGHT, 32, barrister, Renfrew Ont., Windsor, s/o Orange WRIGHT (b. Osgoode Ont) & Eliza Jane SMITH, married Helen Marjorie HOPKIRK, 30, Kingston, same, d/o James Ewart HOPKIRK (b. Kingston) & Isabella COLEMAN, witn: John ORANGE & Isabella HOPKRIK, both of Kingston, 12 Sept 1923 at Kingston