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Frontenac Co., 1925

birth place is given before residence


10541-25 Robert Ernest ABRAMS, 23, miller, Leeds Co., Gananoque, s/o Osborne ABRAMS (b. Canada) & Mary LEAKEY, married Grace Edith MOORE, 21, Leeds Co., Gananoque, d/o Elgin MOORE (b. Canada) & Bertha KEYES, witn: Robert LEAKEY & Mary L. ABRAMS both of Gananoque on Nov. 21, 1925 at Sydenham.

10551-25, Timothy Joseph AHERN, 44, Manufacturers Agent, St Catharines, Toronto, s/o John Daniel AHERN & Bridget CARROLL, married Margaret Elizabeth WAGER, 43, nurse, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John WAGER & Catherine KEHOE, wit John D AHERN, Toronto & Agnes Griffin, Kingston, on June 10, 1925 at Kingston

10543-25 Frank ALBERTSON, 65, farmer, Verona, Moscow, s/o Jarvis ALBERTSON (b. Kingston) & Nancy EMMONS, married Emma BENN, 52, widow, Moscow, same, d/o Charles CLARK (b. Camden) & Martha VANVOLKENBURG, witn: Alma ALBERTSON of Hartington & Mrs. W. B. LINDSAY of 651 Princess St. Kingston on May 27, 1925 at Kingston

10547-25, John Howard ALLINSON, 31, laborer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o W L ALLINSON (b England) & Mary King, married Annabelle ROGERS, 25, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Thomas ROGERS (b Canada) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, wit Mrs Grant PYKE of Kingston & Garnet ROGERS of Wolfe Island, on January 12, 1925 at Kingston

10545-25 Robert Wilton ALLISON, 31, farmer, Inverary, same, s/o Robert ALLISON (b. Amherst Island) & Isabel GORDON, married Mary Walker STRACHAN, 25, Scotland, Cataraqui, d/o James STRACHAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret HARROWER, witn: Caryl J. CURTIS & Ella RICKY both of Kingston on Feb. 5, 1925 at Kingston.

10544-25 Elroy ALLISON, 29, farmer, Latimer, Portsmouth, s/o James Robert ALLISON (b. Amherst Island) & Isabel GORDON, married Clara Alexander DIXON, 22, Sunbury Storrington Tp., same, d/o James DIXON (b. Sunbury) & Elizabeth RYDER, witn: Jethro GRAHAM & Florence M. SMITH both of Portsmouth on April 8, 1925 at Portsmouth.

10536-25, Howard Cecil AMEY, 26, butcher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o William A AMEY (b Ontario) & Violet O'HARA, married Bertha Elizabeth LEVER, 20, waitress, Carleton Place, Kingston, d/o William H Lever (b Carleton Place) & Susan TORRANCE, wit J S CALDBACK, & Margaret POWLESS both of Kingston, on December 19, 1925 at Cataraqui


10546-25 Alexander Gordon ANDERSON, 27, engineer, Buckingham Que., Montreal Que., s/o Alexander Oliver ANDERSON (b. Russel) & Annie Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Margaret Rachel TAYLOR, 25, New Mills? Scotland, Kingston, d/o A. Bruce TAYLOR (b. Cardross Scotland) & Harriet McKENDRICK, witn: Lois A. TAYLOR of Kingston & W. C. G. WINDEYER of Toronto on Jan. 31, 1925 at Kingston.

10539-25 Elias Francis ANDERSON, 27, sailor, Newfoundland, Kingston, s/o John ANDERSON & Amelia BARTEN, married Ivy Doris CULVERWELL, 26, widow, England, Kingston, d/o James BRADLEY & Esther Ann TURPIN, witn: William Albert & Esther LOVETT both of Kingston on Dec. 10, 1925 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston

10548-25 Joseph ANDRE, 57, musical director, widower, Antwerp, Kingston, s/o Hernnan ANDRE (b. Antwerp Belgium) & Helen BREWER, married Winifred Alice SECKER, 19, South Africa, Kingston, d/o Henry James SECKER (b. Norfolk England) & Emily Mary TAYLOR, witn: Caryl J. CURTIS & Irene S. SECKER both of Kingston on Jan. 10, 1925 at Kingston

10550-25, James William ANSON, 23, Soldier, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Frederick Anson & Annie CAREY, married Mary Catherine LEDFORD (Tedford?), 21, typist, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George LEDFORD & Annie MAHONEY, wit Michael McCORMICK & Inez COX both of Kingston, on April 21, 1925 at Kingston

10540-25 Trevor Clayton ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Russell Cumberland Tp., same, s/o Charles ARMSTRONG (b. Vars Ontario) & Hannah SANDERSON, married Carmaletta Maud DARLING, 22, teacher, Portland, Moscow, d/o Fred DARLING (b. Ontario) & Mary JUDGE, witn: Mary A. & Fred DARLING both of Moscow on Nov. 25, 1925 at Moscow

10537-25 Marshall James ARMSTRONG, 50, sergeant police court, widower, Frontenac Co., Kingston, s/o John Young ARMSTRONG (b. Ireland) & Anne ATCHESON, married Florence CAMPBELL, 41, widow, Newton, Kingston, Henry CLARKE (b. Canada) & Jane MARTIN, witn: Brice & Florence KENNEDY both of Kingston on Dec. 7, 1925 at Kingston

10538-25 John Alfred ASSELSTINE, 19, farming, Odessa, Perth Road, s/o Alfred ASSELSTINE (b. Canada) & Frances LLOYD, married Gertrude Agnes AMEY, 17, Kingston, Perth Road, d/o Asa AMEY (b. Canada) & Bertha GIBSON, witn: William & Mable WOLSEY both of Elginburg on Dec. 24, 1925 at Sydenham

10542-25 James ASTOLFO, 30, musician, Italy, Kingston, s/o Salvatore ASTOLFO (b. Italy) & Gratia LALA, married Ada HUGHES, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Jack HUGHES (b. Kingston) & Phyllis HUNTER, witn: Dorothy & Frederick James HUGHES both of Kingston on June 21, 1925 at Kingston

10549-26 Charles Henry AYLESWORTH, 58, C.P.R. section man, widower, New Jersey USA, Godfrey, s/o John AYLESWORTH (b. Canada) & Sarah ANTHONY, married Gertrude KNOX, 48, widow, Portland, Harrowsmith, d/o Miles BABCOCK (b. Canada) & Sarah SNIDER, witn: Mrs. G. HARPER of Godfrey & Mrs. T. BATTING of Harrowsmith on Jan. 14, 1925 at Kingston

10561-25 Archie Edmund BABCOCK, 27, farmer, Clarendon Tp., Harrowsmith, s/o Ephraim (b. Bedford) & Emma Gerdie, married Winifred Marion SNIDER, 21, Godfrey, Harrowsmith, d/o Byard A. (b. Verona) & Mary Ann, witn: Leona Eldora BABCOCK & William John SHILLINGTON both of Harrowsmith on Aug. 12, 1925 at Free Methodist Parsonage Harrowsmith

10571-25 Dean Harold BABCOCK, 24, millwright, Odessa, same, s/o John Herbert BABCOCK & Effie May BUCK, married Laura Lurena LLOYD, 22, Plevna Ont., Kingston, d/o Norman LLOYD & Mary VILLNEFF, witn: Howard & Lena HUFFMAN both of 8 Rideau St. Kingston on July 7, 1925 at St. George Cathedral Kingston

10553-25 Dorval BABCOCK, 19, farmer, Godfrey, same, s/o Chester BABCOCK (b. Godfrey) & Margaret SALISBURY, married Martha Jane WAGAR, 20, Echo Lake, same, d/o Allan (b. Echo Lake) & Martha, witn: Elsie BEARANCE of 63 York St. & Annie E. BALL of 91 Colborne St. both of Kingston on Nov. 10, 1925 at Kingston.

10580-25 Christopher Moffat BAIDEN, 34, commercial traveler, Portsmouth, same, s/o Richard John BAIDEN & Mary Elizabeth BEAUPRE?, married Evelyn Florence May MILLS, 27, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas MILLS & Maria Mountstephen HONEY, witn: George W. MILLS & Frances H. ELDER both of Kingston on May 9, 1925 at St. George Cathedral Kingston

10562-25 Reginald William BALL, 21, tinsmith, San Francisco USA, Wellington, s/o William H. BALL (b. England) & Sarah Ann RAWLEY, married Edith Amelia FOX, 20, Uxbridge England, Kingston, d/o Joseph FOX (b. England) & Elizabeth LONG, witn: Ernest W. & Martha G. GUESS both of Kingston on Dec. 25, 1925 at Kingston

10555-25 Virgil Vincent BARKER, 23, farmer, Kennebec Tp., Olden Tp., s/o John W. BARKER (b. Canada) & Annie SHERMAN, married Idarena SNIDER, 18, Sheffield Tp., Camden Tp., d/o Levi SNIDER (b. Canada) & Ethel ODERKIRK, witn: Leona SNIDER of Enterprise & Bruce BARKER of Mountain Grove on Dec. 15, 1925 at Kingston

10566-25 Clifford Earl BARR, 23, farmer, Inverary, same, s/o Charles BARR (b. Inverary) & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Mamie DOBBS, 22, Athens, Inverary, d/o William DOBBS (b. Athens) & Caroline SANDS, witn: Thelma B. BARR & A. M. ENGLAND both of Inverary on April 9, 1925 at Inverary

10556-25 Charles Albert BARRY, 75, labourer, widower, USA, Kingston, s/o James BARRY & Silvia WOODMAN, married Lillie FOGARTY, 65, charwoman, widow, England, Kingston, d/o Josiah WOODMAN & Emma HARRIS, witn: Edward H. BECK jr. & Stanley FRASER, both of Kingston on Oct. 1, 1925 at Kingston.

10581-25 George William BATES, 50, driver, widower, Oxfordshire England, Kingston, s/o Robert BATES (b. England) & Sarah DALE, married Annie HOALT, 50, widow, Verona, Kingston, d/o Walter WAYMAN (b. England) & Sarah CONWAY, witn: Miss Edna and Fred JUDGE both of 38 Concession St. Kingston on Jan. 19, 1925 at Kingston

10557-25 Arden Douglas BATTING, 28, teamster, Sydenham, Kingston, s/o Peter BATTING & Matilda THOMPSON, married Kathleen SAVAGE, 28, widow, Kingston, same, d/o William McILROY & E. WALKER, witn: Stan & Martha FRASER both of Kingston on Sept. 3, 1925 at St. George's Church Kingston.

10576-25 Albert Joseph BEARE, 22, rivet heater, Kingston, same, s/o Samuel BEARE (b. Norfolk Co.) & Mary McDONALD, married Margaret HAMPTON, 21, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o Allan HAMPTON (b. Leeds Co.) & Ada MALLORY, witn: Leonard Joseph MATHEWSON & Annie S. CURTIS both of Kingston on April 9, 1925 at Kingston.

10582-25, Francis O'Gorman BEAUBIEN (Beaulieu?), 23, Gananoque, Kingston, s/o Francis BEAUBIEN & Rosanna SAUVE married Mary Maria MURRAY, 22, Nurse, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Terrance MURRAY & Teresa O'CONNOR, wit Gerald BLOOD of Gananoque & Christine MURRAY of Kingston, on June 16, 1925 at Kingston

10583-25 Leonard Francis BEDORE, 23, mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o Charles BEDORE & Mary Ann HEARST, married Myrtle Agnes LIDDY, 20, stenographer, Brewers Mills, Kingston, d/o Patrick LIDDY & Ethel Bernice MUCKLE (Meikle?), witn: Beatrice & Paul BEDORE both of Kingston on Nov. 9, 1925 at Kingston

10574-25 William Edward BELL, 27, trainman, Mountain Grove, same, s/o Edward Wallace BELL (b. Canada) & May Elizabeth SHIED, married Jewel PARKER, 24, Bellrock, Mountain Grove, d/o Alexander PARKER (b. Canada) & Edith Jane WEEKS, witn: Mrs. E. S. BROWN of Kingston & Miss Margaret BROWN of Glendale USA on June 2, 1925 at Kingston.

10559-25 James Howard BENNETT, 30, farmer, Spencerville, same, s/o James BENNETT (b. Spencerville) & Sophia DANGERFIELD, married Edna Winnifred DERBYSHIRE, 30, teacher, Westport Leeds Co., Kingston, d/o Herbert A. DERBYSHIRE (b. Plum Hollow - Leeds Co.) & Mary Winnifred ADAMS, witn: Mrs Mary W. & H. A. DERBYSHIRE both of Kingston on Sept. 10, 1925 at Kingston

10567-25 Myrton Vern BERRY, 23, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, s/o James BERRY (b. Canada) & Frances LEEDER, married Evelyn May GILMOUR, 22, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o William GILMOUR (b. Canada) & Margaret RANDALL, witn: Russell Victor GILMOUR of Kingston & Violet May WILLIAMS of Watertown New York USA on Aug. 29, 1925 at Kingston

10577-25 John BISHOP, 21, labourer, Cloyne, same, s/o George BISHOP (b. Germany) & Hester WISE, married Louisa Anna Selma WARLICH, 23, Denbigh, same, d/o William WARLICH (b. Cloyne) & Edna PELSALL, witn: Cadwell & Lavina LLOYD both of Plevna on Feb. 25, 1925 at Plevna.

10579-25 William Austin BOOMHOWER, 23, farmer, Bordenwood Kennebec Tp., same, s/o Paul BOOMHOWER (b. Kennebec Tp.) & Eliza SCOTT, married Florence VANESS, 18, Kennebec Tp., Northbrook, d/o Henry VANESS (b. Kennebec Tp.) & Sarah PARKS, witn: Mabel WOODCOX of Northbrook & Herbert BOOMHOWER of Bordenwood on Jan. 12, 1925 at Arden.

10570-25 Stanley BOSWELL, 26, electrician, Bexley Heath England, 42 Durham St. Kingston, s/o Edward BOSWELL (b. England) & Ann HOARE, married Elsie Louise PECOR, 23, saleslady, Gananoque, 41 Clergy St. West Kingston, d/o Charles PECOR deceased (b. Gananoque) & Mary GOODELL, witn: Maitland REES of 236 Earl St. & Evelyn HUDSON of 41 Clergy St. West both of Kingston on Dec. 30, 1925 at Kingston

10569-25 Stewart Sangster BOYLE, 29, clergyman, Scotland, 322 Jay St. Brooklyn N.Y. USA, s/o A. G. BOYLE (b. Scotland) & Mary R. REITH, married Hazel Olivia ASHLEY, 24, secretary, Pittsburgh Tp., Kingston, d/o John ASHLEY (b. Canada) & Ann Elizabeth VANHOUR, witn: Guy E. ASHLEY of 28 Livingstone Ave. & Euphemia V. GERMAIN of 324 Jay St. Brooklyn N.Y. USA on Dec. 31, 1925 at Kingston.

10558-25 John Kerr BOYLE, 31, engineer, Ashdene Auchinoch Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Hugh BOYLE (b. New Cumnock Scotland) & Agnes STEVENSON, married Marion Darrick McFADYEN, 23, Nagpur India, Kingston, d/o Joseph McFADYEN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jessie B. BROWN, witn: Jean McFADYEN of 18 Alice St. Kingston & James McFADYEN of 63 Williamson Rd. Toronto on Sept. 12, 1925 at Kingston

10554-25 Percy James BRADDON, 21, soldier, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Percy J. BRADDON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Margaret JOHNSON, married Isabella SMITH, 25, winder at cotton mill, Scotland, Kingston, d/o William SMITH (b. Ireland) & Catherine MADDEN, witn: William HEATINGS of Kingston & Rose SMITH of Toronto on Dec. 18, 1925 at Kingston

10573-25 William Henry BRADLEY, 21, candy maker, England, Kingston, s/o James BRADLEY (b. London England) & Esther Ann TURPIN, married Ada Edith BROOKS, 29, widow, England, Kingston. d/o Frank Cecil SIMPSON (?) (b. England & Emily unknown (sic), witn: William Harry & Esther Martha LOVETT both of 86 Ontario St. Kingston on July 1, 1925 at Kingston

10568-25 William Earnest Benton BRADLEY, 32, farmer, Olden Tp., same, s/o William James BRADLEY (b. Lansdowne Ontario) & Emeline GODFREY, married Mable MOSIER, 19, Kennebec Tp., same, d/o Gideon MOSIER (b. Arden Ont.) & Omemee CARD, witn: R. & Isobel BRADLEY both of 154 Burrows Ave. Winnipeg on July 7, 1925 at Mountain Grove

10575-25, Roy Churchill BRADLEY, 22, laborer, Bedford, Collins Bay, s/o William BRADLEY (b Bedford) & Lena HANSEN, married Edith Laura KEMP, 23, Wolfe Island, Westbrook, d/o William KEMP (b Wolfe Island) & Emma BOYD, wit Alina BRUNDAGE of 105 York St & Edith BURGESS of 106 Pine St, on May 20, 1925 at Kingston

10552-25 Victor Cyril BRIGHTMAN, 28, fireman, widower, Bedfordshire England, Kingston, s/o Edward BRIGHTMAN (b. England) & Agnes BROWN, married Kathleen Myrtle RICHARDS, 24, nurse, Elginburg, Kingston, d/o Samuel RICHARDS (b. Ontario) & Artilla HORNING, witn: Beatrice Geraldine GRAHAM & Daisy BIRD both of Kingston on Nov. 18, 1925 at Kingston

10572-25 Harvey William BROWN, 31, engineer, Bickford Ont, 11 Albion St. Belleville, s/o William BROWN (b. England) & Annie KERR, married Grace SHEPPARD, 28, Picton, 266 Frontenac St. Kingston, d/o William Bartley SHEPPARD (b. Picton) & Maud Annie ASHLEY, witn: H. SHEPPARD of 266 Frontenac St. & Hyacinth SMITH of 637 Princess St. both of Kingston on June 30, 1925 at Kingston.

10578-25 Thomas John BROWNLEE, 22, railway employee, Mountain Grove, 166 Lower Bagot Kingston, s/o Richard BROWNLEE (b. Ireland) & Frances PRESTON, married Bertha Louise LOVELACE, 16, Verona, Kingston, d/o Jeremiah LOVELACE (b. Canada) & Jane SNYDER?, witn: Hubert LOVELACE & Dollie LING both of Kingston on Feb. 4, 1925 at Kingston

10564-25 Hansel Rueben BURKE, 23, farmer, Clyde Forks, Mountain Grove, s/o John Gilbert BURKE (b. Oso) & Lucy Annie THOMPSON, married Carrie Emily RAYMOND, 16, Olden Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o Charles Walter RAYMOND (b. Sharps Corners) & Amelia SHORTT, witn: Mr & Mrs Percy Jerome SHORTT both of Mountain Grove on Dec. 2, 1925 at Mountain Grove.

10565-25 James Patrick BURNS, 24, soldier, West Canada, 174 Rideau St. Kingston, s/o Lawrence BURNS (b. West Osgoode) & Bridget McCABE, married Marie Reine Ralida LAURIN, 22, weaver, Buckingham Que., 254 Rideau St. Kingston, d/o Felix LAURIN (b. Buckingham Ont.) & Marguerite BRISEBOIS, witn: Charles Fannon LAURIN & Roy LAWLER both of Kingston on Dec. 28, 1925 at Kingston.

10560-25 John Michael BURNS, 23, mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas BURNS (b. Kingston) & Catherine HUGHES, married Gertrude COYLE, 20, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, d/o John COYLE (b. Kingston) deceased & Mary HAMMOND, witn: Patrick Joseph BURNS & Helen COYLE both of Kingston on Aug. 10, 1925 at Kingston.

10563-25 Ernest Amos BUSH, 23, farmer, Godfrey, same, s/o Nicholas BUSH (b. Canada) & Rhoda M. EMBURY, married Ellen Jane PERO, 18, Mountain Grove, Godfrey, d/o Wesley PERO (b. Canada) & Marge Emma BABCOCK, witn: George RUTTON of Hartington & Inez PERO of Verona on Dec. 5, 1925 at Kingston.

10594-25 John Augustine CALLAGHAN, 31, machinist, Arthur, Guelph, s/o John D. CALLAGHAN (b. Canada) & Sarah CONNELLY, married Elizabeth TYO, 31, Kingston, same, d/o Stephen TYO (b. Kingston) & Rose Anne McFADDEN, witn: Mrs Fred PERK of 102 Raglan Road & Helen TYO of 123 Raglan Road both of Kingston on Aug. 5, 1925 at Kingston

10586-25 William McKinley CAMERON, 23, electrician, Oro Tp. Simcoe Co., 447 Albert St. Kingston, s/o John CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Christine RUSKE, married Lucinda Rilla JEFFREY, 23, Portland Tp. Frontenac Co., Glenvale, s/o George F. JEFFREY (b. Ontario) & Ella HASTWAY, witn: Caryl J. CURTIS of Kingston & Mrs. George JEFFREY of Glenvale on Nov. 9, 1925 at Kingston

10592-25 Frederick William Carl CANNON, 25, Delco Light dealer, Sharbot Lake, Kingston, s/o William Young CANNON (b. Peterboro) & Caroline Harriet DAILY, married Mildred Eleanor NEWMAN, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph Alexander NEWMAN (b. Kingston) & Emma Victoria PERRY, witn: H. B. TROTTER of 94 Division St. & Marjorie Newman REID of 97 William St. West both of Kingston on Aug. 27, 1925 at Kingston

010598-25 Cyril Oliver CHAMBERLAIN, 22, physical director YMCA, Toronto, YMCA Kingston s/o Arthur CHAMBERLAIN (b. Canada) & Charlotte PONSFORD married Myrtle Rhoda PRYCE, 23, stenographer, Rock Springs Ontario, Kingston d/o Charles PRYCE (b. Canada) & Christina McKENZIE wtn: Nellie M. BELL & Kay BELL both of Kingston, 4 March 1925 at Kingston  

10591-25, Irvine James CHAPMAN, 18, cabinet maker, Collins Bay, Napanee, s/o James CHAPMAN (b Ontario) & Florence Gertrude RIDLEY? married Mildred Kathleen CUMMINGS, 17, Enterprise, Napanee, d/o Edward Corie CUMMINGS (b Ontario) & Ethel Clement, wit Mrs E C CUMMINGS & Mrs Florence G CHAPMAN, both of Napanee, on August 29, 1925 at Kingston.

10588-25 Francis Herbert CHAPMAN, 23, student, Leighton Buzzard England, 25 Front Street Kingston, s/o Henry CHAPMAN (b. Bedford England) & Constance MILLS, married Jean MacLaren MacFARLANE, 29, teacher, Ottawa, 184 Queen St. Kingston, d/o Joseph D. E. MacFARLANE (b. Bristol Quebec) & Catherine N. MacLAREN, witn: Gwen AUSTIN & Edna CHAPMAN both of Kingston on Nov. 30, 1925 at Kingston

  10602-25, Arnold CLANCY, 24, Railway employee, Peterboro, Peterboro, s/o Simon CLANCY & Emma O'BRIEN, married Helen Gertrude MURPHY, 24, farmers daughter, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Jeremiah MURPHY & Clara MORGAN, wit Howard MURPHY of Wolfe Island & Marion CLANCY of Peterboro, on October 28, 1925 at Wolfe Island.

 10584-25 Clifton Charles CLARK, 24, farmer, Glenvale, R.R. 1 Westbrook, s/o George A. B. CLARKE (b. Glenvale) & Ellen GRAHAM, married Mildred Maud ORSER, 30, Westbrook, same, d/o Herbert Clifton ORSER (b. Glenvale) & Margaret Maud ELLERBECK, witn: Helen Jeanne DONNELLY of 213 Division St. & Samuel James KEARNS of 6 Chestnut St. both of Kingston on Nov. 11, 1925 at 446 Frontenac St. Kingston

010603-25 Robert William CLARK, 30, painter, Kingston, 56 Thomas Ave in Kingston s/o Francis Henry CLARK & Mary Hannah BROWN married Victoria May CAVERLY, 17, at home, Cataraqui, 66 Quebec St in Kingston d/o John Wesley CAVERLY & Mary McLEAN wtn: Earl Charles CLARK & Dorothy L. CAVERLY both of Kingston, 25 December 1925 at Kingston
010599-25 Raymond Joseph CLEMENT, 26, farmer, South Fredericksburg, Bath s/o Joseph Daniel CLEMENT (b. Canada) & Sarah Louise LAIRD married Ruth Evelyn HAMILTON, 22, Verona, Westbrook d/o James L. HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Annie E. BUCHANAN wtn: Membray A.L. SOLES & Florence PAYNE both of Kingston, 11 February 1925 at Kingston 10601-25, George Silas CLENAHAN, 43, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Thomas Henry CLENAHAN (b Canada) & Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, married Clara Jane SMITH, 37, tailoress, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o Thomas SMITH (b Canada) & Mary Ann BEAUBIEN, wit William H CLENAHAN & Tillie SMITH, both of Kingston, on February 2, 1925 at Kingston.

10595-25 David John COATES, 39, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o Charles COATES (b. London England) & Jane GIBSON, married Ellen KING, 39, widow, Tilsonburg, Kingston, d/o Edward VYSE (b. Canada) & Amanda PROCUNIER, witn: Mrs. E. M. & A. T. ROLFE both of 393 Division St. Kingston on May 4, 1923 at Kingston

10596-25 Melville Michael COLLINS, 21, driver, Kingston, same, s/o Peter COLLINS (b. Kingston) & Mary McDONALD, married Rhoda Agnes ANDRE, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Charles ANDRE (b. Kingston) & Sarah GOUGH, witn: David LASALLE & Mrs. Margaret LEIGHTON, both of Kingston on March 21, 1925 at Kingston

10523-25, Charlemagne Roland COMPEAU, 25, laborer, Garden Island, Kingston, s/o Evangelist COMPEAU (b Howe Island) & Mary MARLOW, married Mary Agnes GARRAGH, 25, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o Joseph GARRAGH (b Howe Island) & Mary Anne McALLISTER, wit Stella GARRAGH of Tweed & Olive McALLISTER of Kingston, on July 14, 1925 at Kingston

10604-25, Oliver William COMPEAU, 22, laborer, Garden Island, Buffalo, s/o Telesphore COMPEAU & Adelaine Potter married Marjorie RAWLEY, 23, housekeeper, Garden Island, Kingston d/o George RAWLEY & Josephine LALONDE, wit Mrs J RAWLEY of Kingston, on November 9, 1925 at Kingston.

10589-25 Walter Alexander CONNELL, 22, teacher, New York City USA, British West Indies, s/o John A. (b. Angus Scotland) & Lillian Walter, married Winnifred Louise RAWSON, 21, Market Harborough Leistershire England, Kingston, d/o Arthur RAWSON (b. Braunston? England) & Ethel Maud DUNKLEY, witn: Mrs. E. RAWSON of 177 Clergy St. & Margaret McMASTER of 148 Elora (?) St. both of Kingston on Sept. 2, 1925 at Kingston.

010600-25 Peter Franklin CONVERY, 19, farmer, Leland, Leland s/o Peter CONVERY (b. Leland) & Margaret Florella DUERST married Ida May STOAKES, 18, at home, Opinicon, Leland d/o Claud SKELTON (New York NY) & Maggie STOAKES wtn: Doris CAIRD of Kingston & Delbert CAIRD of Leland, 4 February 1925 at Leland

010597-25 Glynn Ralph CONWAY, 20, labourer, Kingston, Collins Bay s/o Fred CONWAY (b. Fredericksburg twp) & Mary MOORE married Myrtle CHASE, 23, Lyndhurst, Woodburn d/o Abel CHASE (b. Lyndhurst twp) & Jennie McALISTER wtn: Claud CHASE of Joyceville & Miss Irene CHASE of Lyndhurst, 14 March 1925 at Kingston 10585-25 Samuel James COOPER, 32, engineer, Friedon?, Northamptonshire England, Kingston, s/o Samuel James COOPER & Zilpah RIGBY, married Frances Lillian HAYNES, 30, tailoress, Northamptonshire England, 246 Barrie St. Kingston, d/o William John HAYNES & Frances Matilda TALLON, witn: Frederick Henry SMEAD--? of Detroit Michigan USA & Vera A. POWELL of Portsmouth on Nov. 7, 1925 at Kingston

10590-25 William Garnet COULTER, 20, labourer, Olden Tp., same, s/o William Roland Stuart COULTER (b. Olden Tp.) & Margaret Victoria COX, married Marjorie McKNIGHT, 22, Hinchinbrooke Tp., same, d/o Robert McKNIGHT (b. Hinchinbrooke Tp.) & Mary Elizabeth COULTER, witn: Ernest & Margaret GODFREY both of Mountain Grove on Sept. 6, 1925 at Mountain Grove

10587-25 Thomas COWDY, 57, carpenter, widower, Portland Tp., Harrowsmith, s/o Samuel COWDY (b. Harrowsmith) & Margaret BRADFORD, married Eliza WOODRUFF, 59, widow, Camden Tp., Colebrook, d/o John GARRISON (b. Colebrook) & Sarah DUNBAR, witn: Frank & Mabel PATTERSON both of Harrowsmith on Sept. 5, 1925 at Harrowsmith

010615-25 William DAVIDSON, 27, stone mason, Aberdeen Scotland, 121 King St in Kingston s/o George DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Mary THAIN married Janet DOAK, 27, table maid, Greenock Scotland, 75 Lower Union St in Kingston d/o David DOAK (b. Scotland) & Catherine CURRIE wtn: Mrs G. WILLIAMS of Newboro & Reginald PETERSON of 85 Lower Union, 4 March 1925 at Kingston 010607-25 Melzar LaRoss DAVY, 26, salesman, Elginburg Ontario, Detroit, s/o Goldsmith LaRoss DAVY (b. Portland twp) & Lillian BEARANCE married Edith Louise ALLEN, 21, at home, Kingston, Kingston d/o Robert J. ALLEN (b. Kingston) & Frances Louise GODWIN wtn: Eddy VAN ALSTYNE of 180 Barrie St in Kingston & Marion F. ALLEN of 354 Brock St in Kingston, 31 August 1925 at Sydenham Street Church, Kingston
010608-25 William John DAY, 18, plumber, England, Kingston s/o George DAY (b. England) & Mary LUCKHURST married Elsie May HAYWOOD, 21, nurse, England, Kingston d/o George William HAYWOOD (b. England) & Kathleen STOCKLEY wtn: Ernest HOWLETT & Audrey HOWLETT both of Kingston, 21 May 1925 at Kingston 010606-25 William Gordon DECREPEAU, 31, blacksmith, Shropshire? England, Kingston s/o William H. DECREPEAU (b. France) & Jane BROOM married Mary Cecelia TOONAN, 29, waitress, Armagh Ireland, Kingston d/o Daniel TOONAN (b. Ireland) & Matilda LAVELLE wtn: John WHITE & Emily STEVENSON both of Kingston, 26 January 1926 at Kingston
010610-25 Wilfred Wesley DENNIE, 21, labourer, Ardoch, Maberly s/o Irwin Henry DENNIE (b. Jones Falls) & Sylvie Maria WILLIAMS married Leafie May MILLS, 20 (b. 8 May 1905), Mississippi Ont, Wilbur d/o William John MILLS (b. Harrowsmith) & Elizabeth Victoria HICKS wtn: Harold BOSWELL & Charlotte BADOUR both of Sharbot Lake, 23 December 1925 at Sharbot Lake 010616-25 Merrill DES BRISARY, 29, barrister, Woolsley Saskatchewan, 17 Boswell Ave in Toronto s/o Albert DES BRISARY (b. New Brunswick) & Margaret PATERSON married Kate Dennistoun TORRANCE, 22, at home, Peterborough, 153 Alfred in Kingston d/o Rev Edward F. TORRANCE (b. Montreal) & Helen Grant DENNISTOUN wtn: Frederick William TORRANCE of Toronto & Jessie Dennistoun TORRANCE of Kingston, 28 January 1925 at Kingston
010609-25 John Leslie DEYO, 22, farmer, Wallaceburg Ontario, Bobburn? Saskatchewan s/o Jacob DEYO (b. Verona) & Ida May WINTERS married Hazel Luella SNIDER, 20, Verona, Harrowsmith d/o Byard SNIDER (b. Verona) & Mary A. SNIDER wtn: Archie Edmund BABCOCK & Winnifred Marion BABCOCK both of Harrowsmith, 16 December 1925 at Harrowsmith 010617-25 John DONNELLY, 23, farmer, North Crosby, Westport, s/o Thomas DONNELLY & Margaret McLEIGH married Florence FITZGERALD, 27, servant, Bedford, Bedford d/o James FITZGERALD & Susan PETERS wtn: William FITZPATRICK of Fermoy & Mary DONNELLY of Westport, 17 November 1927 at Bedford
010612-25 Henry DOWNER, 34, teacher, Lafontaine Ontario, St Thomas Ontario s/o Henry DOWNER (b. Ops twp - Victoria Co) & Emma THORPE married Muriel Viola BOYD, 25, at home, Kingston, Kingston d/o John BOYD (b. Alexandria Ontario) & Belle M. BOYD wtn: Wallace DOWNER & Onietta KINSELLA both of Toronto, 14 April 1925 at Kingston 010605-25 Richard DUMBLETON, 23, driver, Kingston, 61 Upper First St in Kingston s/o J.W. DUMBLETON (b. England) & Sarah J. ADAMS married Florence TUGWOOD, 24, at home, London England, 98L Bagot St in Kingston d/o Alfred TUGWOOD (b. England) & Sarah TAYLOR wtn: Ernest CARON & Violet TUGWOOD both of Kingston, 28 October 1925 at Kingston
010614-25 Edwin DUNFORD, 46, widower, blacksmith, England, Perth Road s/o George Beecher DUNFORD (b. Yorkshire England) & Ellen JESSOP married Charlotte Blanche AMEY, 19, Kingston, Perth Road d/o Grance AMEY (b. Frontenac Co) & Josephine YOUNG wtn: Lemiry Ellsworth SCOTT & Edna May SCOTT both of Perth Road, 23 March 1925 at Sydenham 010613-25 Arthur William DURHAM, 25, soldier, London England, Kingston s/o Herbert DURHAM (b. Durham England) & Emily CLAY married Elizabeth MURRAY, 27, cook, Dundee Scotland, Kingston d/o Alexander Brown MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Sarah HAINING wtn: George WITZELL of Barracks in Kingston & Charlotte LEONARD of 286 Barrie St in Kingston, 15 April 1925 at Kingston
010611-25 Charles Eli DUSHARME, 21, farmer, Long Lake, Long Lake s/o Seward DUSHARME (b. Long Lake) & Mandie BABCOCK married Katie Edna BAIN, 18, Crow Lake, Crow Lake d/o Joseph BAIN (b. Crow Lake) & Vina HEMPTON wtn: Edna M. EAGLESON & Melvina EAGLESON both of Sharbot Lake, 4 May 1925 at Sharbot Lake 010618-25 Stanley Harold EDGERS, 29, carpenter, Elgin Ontario, Smiths Falls s/o Eugene EDGERS (b. Morton Ontario) & Lila TOPPING married Mary Florence JOHNSTON, 25, living at home, Pittsburg twp, Pittsburgh twp d/o Henry JOHNSTON (b. Pittsburg twp) & Catherine SCOTT wtn: Lawrence EDGERS of Smiths Falls & Dorcas McCULLOUGH of Brewers Mills, 19 November 1925 at Kingston
010620-25 Herman Ellison EMMONS, 24, farmer, Glenvale Ont, Westbrook s/o Herman E. EMMONS (b. Canada) & Bertha RUTTAN married Jessie Mildred Friendship GRANT, 28, at home, Kingston, 525 Brock St in Kingston d/o Thomas GRANT (b. Canada) & Jessie FRIENDSHIP wtn: William T. GRANT & Fannie PETERS both of Kingston, 11 February 1926 at Kingston 010621-25 Desmond Joseph EMREY, 34, civil engineer, British West Indies, River Bend Quebec s/o Joseph EMREY (b. Canada) & Mary WILKIN married Annie Isobel MENNIS, 29, nurse, Kingston, Kingston d/o James MENNIS (b. Kingston) & Isobel PATTERSON wtn: James MENNIS & Isobel D. MENNIS both of Kingston, 21 January 1925 at Kingston
010622-25 William James ENNIS, 24, tradesman, Kingston, Kingston s/o William John ENNIS & Catherine NEAGLE married Lillian McINTYRE, 19, Kingston, Kingston d/o Bernard McINYTRE & Matilda LAMBERT wtn: Garret ENNIS & Margaret McINTYRE both of Kingston, 31 August 1925 at Kingston 010619-25 Ernest Roy EWING, 31, farmer, Elginburg, Elginburg s/o Charles Robert EWING (b. Canada & Mary McKINLAY married Harriett Lucinda GIBSON, 26, Inverary, Inverary d/o George Hamilton GIBSON (b. Canada) & Mary HAMSLEY wtn: George A. PUTTENHAM & Annie J. PUTTENHAM both of Elginburg, 19 May 1925 at Elginburg
010634-25 Vincent FARRELLY, 34, labourer, Pittsburg twp, Kingston s/o Bernard FARRELLY & Elizabeth WALKER married Mabel CRONK, 26, clerk, Bedford, Kingston d/o Levi CRONK & Janette McGREGOR wtn: Mr & Mrs L. BIRD of Kingston, 31 August 1925 at Kingston 010633-25 Hugh James FARRELLY, 33, farmer, Pittsburg twp, Pittsburg twp s/o Bernard FARRELLY & Elizabeth WALKER married Dorothy SULLIVAN, 18, clerk, Peterborough, Kingston d/o Leo SULLIVAN & Kathleen CONROY wtn: Vincent FARRELLY of Pittsburg twp & Loraine SULLIVAN of Kingston, 30 June 1925 at Kingston
010628-25 Oscar Gillespie FENNING, 24, steam fitter, Kingston, Kingston s/o Robert FENNING & Mary GILLESPIE married Mary Alice DOOLAN, 29, England, Kingston d/o William DOOLAN & (not given) wtn: Robert FENNING & Doris ALLAN both of Kingston, 14 April 1925 at St George's Church in Kingston 010625-25 Philip Martin FILTZ, 31, plumber, Kingston, Kingston s/o Philip FILTZ (b. Kingston) & Agnes May REID married Catharine Elizabeth MAGUIRE, 25, clerk, Kingston, Kingston d/o Frederick MAGUIRE (b. Quebec) & Sarah Anne CORRIGAN wtn: Mr & Mrs James McCORMICK of 8 Chatham St in Kingston, 25 June 1925 at Kingston
010631-25 Richard Melville FISHER, 32, soldier, Perth, Kingston s/o Samuel FISHER (b. Canada) & Annie HORNICK married Ettie May GRAHAM, 21, Perth, Perth d/o David GRAHAM (b. Canada) & Martha A. HARVEY wtn: E.E. HOWLET & Mabel WILLIAMS both of Kingston, 5 December 1925 at Kingston 010626-25 Harold Edward FRAIR, 39, Methodist minister, Prince Edward Co, Kennebec twp s/o George FRAIR (b. Prince Edward Co) & Florence D. SMITH married Margueretta HUGHES, 27, Kennebec twp, Kennebec twp d/o Thomas HUGHES (b. Frontenac Co) & Charlotte THOMPSON wtn; James Edward HUGHES of Arden & Delma PIKE of Toronto, 29 April 1925 at Arden
010629-25 Peter Stewart FRASER, 25, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Wooler, s/o Thomas FRASER & Agnes STEWART married Ellen Elizabeth MEERS, 25, at home, Birmingham England, Portsmouth, d/o William MEERS & Harriett SIMMONS?, wtn: John MEERS of Portsmouth & Beatrice CAVERLY of Ottawa, 16 April 1925 at Kingston 010630-25 Leonard Francis FREDERICK, 22, sailor, Kingston, Kingston s/o Francis FREDERICK (b. Birmingham England) & Margaret BRIGGS married Robina Buckingham PATRICK, 18, Scotland, Kingston d/o John PATRICK (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary EASTON wtn: Thomas DOOLAN of 360 Bagot St in Kingston & Mrs Ross ANDERSON of 106 York St in Kingston, 11 March 1925 at Kingston
010623-25 James Albert John FREEMAN, 28, acetylene welder, Clapham England, 365 Alfred St. in Kingston s/o George A. FREEMAN (b. England) & Mary Anne REED married Catherine Muriel MARCHAND, 24, scholar, Kingston, Tweed d/o William MARCHAND (b. Canada) & Caroline McEWEN wtn: C.J. FITZGERALD & Vera THOMPSON both of Kingston, 2 November 1925 at Kingston 010624-25 Clifford Luke FRINK, 29, farmer, Centreville, Odessa s/o David H. FRINK (b. Ernestown) & Elizabeth REID married Irene Gertrude BURT, 18, Wilton, Wilton d/o James Earl BURT (b. Odessa in Ontario) & Pearl MILLS wtn: Grace C. RANEY of Pembroke & A. Wendell RANEY of 30 Colbourne St in Kingston, 31 August 1925 at Kingston
010627-25 James William FULLER, 34, widower, machinist, England, Kingston s/o Charles Arthur FULLER (b. ?--ingbury Kent in England) & Naomi BURNETT married Hazel SMITH, 23, maid, Gananoque, Kingston d/o Norman SMITH (b. Gananoque) & Ellen Amelia DICKSON wtn: N.B. DICKSON of RR#2 Gananoque & L.A. CLARK of 72 Division St in Kingston, 5 May 1925 at Kingston 010638-25 John Rossington GAMBLE, 40, widower, farmer, Leeds twp, Leeds twp s/o James GAMBLE (b. Leeds Co) & Margaret Ann EARL married Ella Elizabeth BAXTER, 29, South Crosby, South Crosby d/o Hiram BAXTER (b. South Crosby) & Martha NORRIS wtn: W.J. ALLEN of 151 Clergy St & Mrs F.E. FINNIGAN of Barriefield, 30 September 1925 at Kingston
010644-25 Charles GARDINER, 24, farming, Finch twp, Winchester twp s/o Sydney GARDINER (b. Canada) & Ellen GLASGOW married Florence Ethel DANBY, 30, school teacher, Lyndhurst, Winchester twp, d/o Edward DANBY (b. USA) & Jane GAMBLE wtn: R.H. SWERDFEGER of Morewood & Leona J. DANBY of Kingston, 13 September 1925 at Kingston 010636-25 David Henry GARDNER, 23, machinist, Westminster BC, Port Dover Ontario s/o Harry GARDNER (b. Scotland) & Charlotte ELIS married Harriet Isabella GENGE, 23, school teacher, Godfrey, Godfrey d/o Topha? GENGE (b. Godfrey Ontario) & Ada SNYDER wtn: Burton GENGE of Godfrey & David BUCKLEY of Parham, 13 October 1925 at Verona

010637-25 Walter Carney GAREY, 27, lawyer, Elmira Heights NY, same, s/o Seymour G. GAREY (b. Lovelton - Wyoming Co PA) & Annie ORTLIEB married Helen True PRINGLE, 21, Kennebec twp, Arden d/o William W. PRINGLE & Jane CROZIER wtn: J. Dell PRINGLE of Arden & G. PRINGLE of 1128 Laurier Ave W in Montreal, 3 October 1925 at Arden

10650-25, Thomas Joseph GARRAH, 23, Ivory turner, Howe Island, Hilton NY, s/o Thomas GARRAH (b Howe Island) & Elizabeth CLARK, married Carmel Amelia DRISCOLL, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Patrick DRISCOLL (b Howe Island) & Herline ROCHEFORT, wit Clement SUCHE & Mary DRISCOLL both of Cor Queen & Ontario, on April 14, 1925 at Kingston.

010643-25 Preston GIBSON, 35, farmer, Inverary, Inverary s/o George Lewiston GIBSON (b. Canada) & Mary HANLEY married Margaret Rebecca HUGHSON, at home, Inverary, Elginburg d/o Cornelius W. HUGHSON & Mary Jane ALLISON wtn: James LAKE & Sadie LAKE both of Elginburg, 9 September 1925 at Elginburg 010639-25 Errol Manley GIBSON, 27, principal Mercer St school, Ontario, Windsor Ontario s/o George GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Nancy CURTIS married Dellerene Grace CRAIG, 30, Kingston, Iroquois Falls Ont., d/o John CRAIG (b. Ontario) & Adeline JOHNSON wtn: Gladys WARREN of 6 Thornton Ave in Ottawa & Reginald SNIDER of 438 Church St in Windsor, 29 December 1925 at Kingston
010649-15 David John GIRLING, 20, machinist, England, Kingston s/o Jesse GIRLING (b. England) & Julia STILLWELL married Ena K. CROSS, 19, weaver, Canada, Kingston d/o William CROSS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Retta DeMILLE wtn: S. HEBBERT & Mrs E. HEBBERT both of 60 Cherry St in KINGSTON, 15 May 1925 at Kingston 010645-25 Ian Andrew GOLLAN (Gallan?), 29, druggist, Hilton Manitoba, Kingston s/o Rev Kenneth Andrew GOLLAN (b. Inverness in Scotland) & Agnes MacDONALD married Margaret Myrtle LEISHMAN, 32, at home, Almonte, Kingston d/o Robert LEISHMAN (b. Lanark Co) & Maggie McINTOSH wtn: K.E. LEISHMAN of 290 Nelson Rd in Kingston & Maimie E. GOLLAN of 579 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, 9 September 1925 at Kingston
  010642-25 Ford Alexander GODKIN, 33, machinist, Clarendon twp, 77 Lower Alfred St in Kingston s/o J.B. GODKIN (b. Ontario) & Anetta HICKS married Alice GURDEN, 25, housekeeper, London in England, 442 Albert St in Kingston d/o John James GURDEN (b. London in England) & Annie LOCKYEAR wtn: Cleviss YOUNG & Dorothy YOUNG both of Kingston, 25 November 1925 at Kingston

010641-25 Alfred Edward GODMAN, 22, driver, Kingston, 18 Sixth St in Kingston s/o Daniel GODMAN (b. England) & Sarah MARSHALL married Margaret THOMPSON, 20, at home, Kingston, 19 Sixth St in Kingston d/o Harry P. THOMPSON (b. England) & Florence MURPHY wtn: W. REYNOLDS & Marion DUNPHY both of Kingston, 25 November 1925 at Kingston

010653-25 William Alexander GOODMAN, 27, motorman T.T.C., Toronto, 264 Claremont St in Toronto, s/o James William GOODMAN (b. Ontario) & Annie TAYLOR married Sadie Viola Jean IRWIN, 21, cashier, Saskatchewan, 2175 Dundas St W in Toronto d/o Robert Alexander IRWIN (b. Saskatchewan) & Susan Eliza May DANIELS wtn: Walter GOODMAN 370 Alfred St in Kingston & Olive IRWIN of 238 Earl St in Kingston, 2 February 1925 at Kingston
010648-25 Herbert GORDON, 24, mechanic, Maberly, Detroit s/o John GORDON (b. Maberly) & Ruth GEARY married Leyna Malinda SERGEANT, 19, house maid, Zealand, Detroit d/o Harry SARGEANT (b. Zealand) & Myrtana DONNELLY wtn: Myrtana SERGEANT & Clara L. SERGEANT both of Sharbot Lake, 3 June 1925 Sharbot Lake 010647-25 Alva Mason GORDON, 28, dairyman, Sunbury, Kingston s/o William GORDON (b. Sunbury) & Ada RULE married Leta May BABCOCK, 19, Verona, Verona d/o George BABCOCK (b. Verona) & Mary STORMS wtn: Elsie BEARANCE of 63 York St in Kingston & Annie E. BALL of 91 Colborne St in Kingston, 4 July 1925 at 91 Colborne St in Kingston
010651-25 John Francis GRAHAM, 59, widower, farmer, Newboro, Newboro s/o John GRAHAM (b. Ireland) & Jane CAMPBELL married Mary Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 58, widow, Newboro, Newboro d/o Thomas WILLIS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth EGAN wtn: Helen R. STEPHEN & Hugh M. STEPHEN both of Kingston, 25 March 1925 at Kingston 10640-25, Donald Joseph GRAHAM, 19, Stereotyper, Kingston, Detroit Mich, s/o John GRAHAM (b Kingston) & Mary O'DONNELL, married Ruby Ethel ELSON, 16, Odessa, Kingston, d/o Francis ELSON (b Napanee) & Effie WOOD, wit Agnes KENNEDY & Clara TAYLOR, both of Kingston, on November 25, 1925 at Kingston.
010654-25 Joseph Lorne GRAVELLE, 26, electrical engineer, Portsmouth, Rome NY s/o Oliver GRAVELLE & Irma O'CONNELL, married Ada Mary COOK, 28, nurse, Brantford Ontario, Portsmouth d/o William COOK & Edith LALLY wtn: Oliver GRAVELLE of Portsmouth & Col HUGHES? of Kingston, 7 September 1925 at Church of Good Things in Portsmouth 010652-25 Basil Montague GRAY, 21, farmer, Barrie twp, Harlowe s/o John Robert GRAY (b. Barrie twp) & Lucy Elizabeth SMITH married Hazel Evelyn BLACK, 21, farmer's daughter, Kennebec twp, Harlowe d/o Harry Smith BLACK (b. Madoc) & Maggie May McCAUSLAND wtn: Lyla Vivian GRAY & Wellington Harold BLACK both of Harlowe, 4 March 1925 at Arden
010635-25 Frederick John GREEN, 21, miner, Bedford Mills, Desert Lake s/o Wilton GREEN (b. Bedford Mills) & Catherine FOSTER married Alice Matilda CLEDGETT, 22, at home, Clarendon twp, Portsmouth d/o Edward CLEDGETT (b. Clarendon twp) & Ethel Gertrude WHITE wtn: Edwin James CLEDGETT & Ethel Gertrude CLEDGETT both of Portsmouth, 14 November 1925 at Portsmouth 010646-25 Donald L. GUTHRIE, 25, executive, Perth Road Ontario, Buffalo NY s/o William GUTHRIE (b. Perth Road) & Harriet BRUCE married Elma LAKE, 25, school teacher, Sydenham, Sydenham d/o Damon W. LAKE (b. Yarker) & Fanny L. IVEY wtn: W. Bruce GUTHRIE of Elgin & Ivey STANLEY of Metcalfe, 19 August 1925 at Sydenham
10667-25 Julius Edward HAESLER, 25, laborer, New Jersey, Detroit, s/o Denis HAESLER & Sarah BURNETT, married Jane BRIERLY, 28, England, Kingston, d/o John BRIERLY & Annie BROOKS, witn: Thomas BRIERLY of 326 Montreal St. in Kingston & Ila STORMS of Kingston, 3 Dec 1925 at Kingston 10675-25 Herbert HALL, 30, farmer, Lansdowne twp., Gananoque, s/o Stephen HALL, b. USA & Sarah KENNEY, married Agnes CARPENTER, 25, Leeds twp., same, d/o Alexander CARPENTER, b. Canada & Melissa SHAW, witn: Gordon & Flossie HALL of Outlet Ont., 29 April 1925 at Sydenham
10674-25 Foster Colquhoun HAMILTON, 28, physician, Iroquois, Orillia, s/o John Elgin HAMILTON, b. Iroquois Ont & Ettie Bell COLQUHOUN, married Eileen Mary COOPER, 24, nurse, Kingston, same, d/o Henry COOPER, b. Kingston & Catherine GALLWAN, witn: Dr. Richard FLYNN of Calabogie & Evelyn COOPER of Bagot St. in Kingston, 8 June 1925 at Kingston 10656-25 William James HANNA, 40, carpenter, Smith Falls, Kingston, s/o James HANNA, b. Ont & Sarah Ann ROGERS, married Helena Alberta CROZIER, 40, Emsley twp., Barriefield, d/o George CROZIER, b. Wolfe Island & Elizabeth COUTTS, witn: Helen R. & John STEPHENS of Kingston, 8 Nov 1925 at Kingston
10671-25 Herbert Daniel HARLING, 24, CNR ticket clerk, London England, Kingston, s/o Daniel Wilson HARLING, b. Leiston - Suffolk England & Laura TYE, married Doris Gwendolyn SMITH, 22, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o Norman Albert SMITH, b. Kingston & Charlotte BUSHEY, witn: P.S. OTTEN of 36 Division St. & Ethel LLOYD of 184 Alfred St., 1 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10662-25 George Frederick HARMER, 23, machinist, Sussex England, Gananoque, s/o Albert HARMER & Sarah Jane COSSLICK, married Florence May RAWLEY, 21, ironer, Kingston, Gananoque, d/o Archibald RAWLEY (sic) & Elizabeth ECCLES, witn: Sandford & Alberta RAWLEY of Kingston, 30 Sept 1925 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
10657-25 Thomas HARRIS, 28, steam fitter, Scotland, Woodstock, s/o James HARRIS, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Elizabeth Ann DAVIDSON, married Edith Josephine McIVER, 23, cashier, Kingston twp., Portsmouth, d/o Archibald McIVER, b. Rothsay Scotland & Elizabeth FORSYTH, witn: James HARRIS of 4 Couper St. & Jessie McIVER of Portsmouth, 4 Nov 1925 at Kingston 10678-25 Cecil Edward HARTWICK, 24, train man, Kennebec twp., Smith Falls, s/o David HARTWICK, b. Sheffield twp & Mary Amelia TRYON, married Edith Pearl MARSHALL, 21, Kennebec twp., Arden, d/o J. Albert MARSHALL, b. Lennox & Addington, & Jennie DELYEA, witn: Edna & Stanley DELYEA of Arden, 28 Feb 1925 at Arden
10659-25 John James HARVEY, 59, widower, millhand, Lamanche Newfoundland, Hespeler, s/o Andrew HARVEY & Annie TREGEUR, married Elsie Henderson BOWER, 41, widow, Battersea Ont., Seeleys Bay, d/o John SUTHERLAND & Laurinda HARRIS, witn: E.S. BICKFORD & Stanley FUSEE, both of Kingston, 22 Sept 1925 at Kingston 10676-25, Arthur George Abraham HAWKINS, 22, Machinist, London England, Kingston, s/o Reginald Ashton HAWKINS ( b Ashcott Somerset England) & Elizabeth HOWES married Mary Alice Anna LaROCHE, 18, Worcester Mass, Kingston, d/o Homer LaROCHE (b Quebec) & Adele La TUPPE, wit Reginald A HAWKINS & Elizabeth HAWKINS both of Kingston, on April 28, 1925 at Kingston
10666-25 Alexander HAWLEY, 24, CPR bridgeman, Sharbot Lake, same, s/o Robert HAWLEY, b. Sharbot Lake, & Christine MacPHERSON, married Beatrice Lillian DOOL, 20, Denbeigh, same, d/o Robert DOOL, b. Denbigh Ont & Clara EDWARDS, witn: Stella A. COLEMAN of Sharbot Lake & Wanda VERDER of East St. Louis Illinois, 19 Aug 1925 at Sharbot Lake 10670-25 William Douglas HAY, 35, teacher, Van Kleek Hill, 169 Stuart St. in Kingston, s/o William HAY, b. Russell Ont & Jannette McKINNON, married Edna Mabel SAUNDERS, 21, Morrisburg Ont., Brearly St. in Kingston, d/o William John SAUNDERS, b. Kingston & Rosa Elizabeth MANLEY?, witn: J. Bruce SAUNDERS of 124 Beverley St. in Kingston & Hattie HAY of Winchester, 7 July 1925 at Kingston

10677-25, Arthur Sandy HAYES, 24, farmer, Twp of Kennebec, same, s/o Edward James HAYES ( b Kennebec Twp) & Julia Parks married Eliza Lillian HAYES, 15, Twp of Kennebec, same, d/o John HAYES (b Kennebec Twp) & Carrie Thompson, wit John W HAYES & Carrie HAYES both of Elm Tree, on April 19, 1925 at Arden.

10680-25 John Avila HAYNES, 25, sailor, St. Zotique Que., 8 Ann St. in Kingston, s/o Antoine HAYNES, b. Summerstown Ont & Mary TREPANIER, married Anna May BURNS, 20, Kingston, 8 Ann St. in Kingston, d/o Thomas BURNS, b. Kingston & Catherine HUGHES, witn: John & Phyllis BURNS of Kingston, 23 Feb 1925 at Kingston

10669-25 Percival Isaac Edwin HENDERSON, 30, farmer, Odessa, Harrowsmith, s/o Orton HENDERSON, b. Odessa & Adeline WINTERS, married Marion SWERBRICK, 22, Tichborne, Harrowsmith, d/o Henry SWERBRICK, farmer, b. Harrowsmith, & Martha FRAME, witn: Helen R. STEPHENS & Mary STEVENS, both of Kingston, 14 July 1925 at Kingston 10658-25 John Archibald Hamilton HENDERSON, 30, engineer, Smith Falls, Montreal, s/o John Hatchly HENDERSON, b. Ottawa & Isabella Louise McNAUGHTON, married Norah Grant MINNES, 26, Kingston, same, d/o James MINNES, b. Kingston & Isabella PATERSON, witn: Donald KIRBY of Ottawa & Catherine MINNES of Kingston, 30 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10673-25 Ambrose Bain HENDRY, 23, advertiser, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, s/o James HENDRY, b. Scotland & Agnes LYONS, married Irene Florence BALDRY, 17, London England, Kingston, d/o Frederick BALDRY, b. England & Sarah WELTON, witn: Clarke Joseph COUTRAEL of Cleveland Ohio & Florence Irene ROSBOROUGH of Belleville, 23 June 1925 at Kingston 10668-25 Walter Harold HERRINGTON, 27, barrister, Napanee, 59 West in Kingston, s/o Walter Stephen HERRINGTON & Mary Matilda TILLEY, married Lillian Florence FAIR, 26, Halifax NS, 63 West in Kingston, d/o Alfred Hewten? FAIR & Margaret McLEAN, witn: John W. MILNE of Toronto & M. Eleanor HERRINGTON of Napanee, 15 Aug 1925 at Kingston
10664-25 William Charles HODGINS, 27, barrister, Biddulph twp., Kingston, s/o Charles HODGINS, b. Biddulph twp & Margaret M. HODGINS, married Marjorie Mae Lochhead MURRAY, 25, Kingston, same, d/o David B. MURRAY, b. Paisley Scotland & Lottie Mae MAXWELL, witn: Phillis B. COATES & J.A.B. DULMAGE, both of Kingston, 5 Sept 1925 at Kingston 10655-25 John HOFFMAN, 21, mechanic, USA, Picton, s/o Mathew HOFFMAN, b. Germany & Margaret LOW, married Audrey TIMBRELL, 19, Toronto, Picton, d/o Sidney TIMBRELL, b. Toronto & Nellie COMPTON, witn: Davis & Dorothea CLARK of Harrowsmith, 13 Nov 1925 at Sydenham

10660-25, James Edward HOGAN, 22, Teamster, Glenburnie, Kingston, s/o James HOGAN (b Canada) & Agnes MOORE?, married Mabel Marie BARRY, 18, Simcoe Island, Westbrook, d/o Stuart BARRY (b Canada) & Laura DERRYAW, wit Russel HOGAN & Florence HOGAN both of Kingston, on December 7, 1925 at Kingston

10679-25 William Arthur HOGAN, 25, guide, Seeleys Bay, same, s/o William HOGAN, b. Ont & Maggie BURK, married Ida ARTHURS, 18, Lynhurst, Seeleys Bay, d/o James ARTHURS, b. Ont & Caroline RUSSELL, witn: Clarence ARTHURS of Seeleys Bay & Clara Jean COSBY of Kingston, 23 Feb 1925 at Kingston

10665-25 John Webster HORNING, 21, mechanic, Keplar - Storrington twp., s/o Erastus HORNING, b. Keplar & Augusta WOOD, married Dora Beatrice WOOD, 20, Sydenham, same, d/o Fred WOOD, b. Sydenham & Lorraine HARKER, witn: F.R. & Lorraine WOOD of Sydenham, 3 Sept 1925 at Sydenham 10663-25, Lloyd Ira HOUGH, 21, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Ace HOUGH (b Wolfe Island) & Margaret MARSH, married Ella Maud HENDERSON, 21, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Thomas Arthur HENDERSON ( b Pittsburg Twp) & Alberta GREENIGAN, wit Bessie E HENDERSON of Wolfe Island & Leslie HENDERSON of Gananoque, on September 9, 1925 at Gananoque.
10681-25 Richard Joseph HOWES, 38, merchant, Canada, Godfrey, s/o Richard HOWES & Mary SLAVIN, married Mary KOEN, 35, Canada, Loughboro twp., d/o William KOEN & Susan COSGRIFF, witn: Hugh KOEN of Leland & Lucy KEARNEY of Westport, 16 June 1925 at St. Patricks Church, Loughboro 10661-25 James Edward HUGHES, 29, merchant, Kennebec twp., Arden, s/o Joseph HUGHES, b. Kennebec twp & Lillian Maud PALMATEER, married Minerva Dell MILLER, 31, Kennebec twp., same, d/o George Addison MILLER, b. Sheffield twp & Mary Eliza McNEILL, witn: Georgina Mae JEFFREY of Verona & George Ross MILLER of Arden, 21 Sept 1925 at Arden
10672-25 James Emanuel HUTCHINGS, 36, lineman, Kingston, same, s/o James HUTCHINGS, b. Bedford twp & Mary Ann LAWTON, married Catherine Anastasia DALEY, 36, Bedford, Kingston, d/o James DALEY, b. Bedford twp & Margaret GEAHAN, witn: Alfred HUTCHINGS & Catherine MURPHY, both of Kingston, 23 June 1925 at Kingston  
10682-25 Christopher William IRWIN, 23, farmer, Murvale, same, s/o Alex IRWIN, b. Canada & Bertha GORDON, married Mildred Luella WALROTH, 17, Verona, Harrowsmith, d/o Eli WALROTH, b. Canada & Edith SNIDER, witn: Fanny DOGGETT (Daggett?) & Fanny WHITTY, both of Harrowsmith, 13 Aug 1925 at Harrowsmith 10683-25 Roland IRWIN, 26, soldier, Northumberland England, Kingston, s/o William B. IRWIN, b. England & Emma WARE, married Almeda VANHOUSER, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Orvall VANHOUSER, b. Canada & Mary DOCKER (Dockie?), witn: B.C. & May C. SMITH of Kingston, 18 April 1925 at Kingston
10684-25 John William JACKSON, 24, Kingston, same, s/o William H. JACKSON, b. Canada & Rubena COMPER, married Marjory Annie NEWTON, 23, Buckinghamshire England, Kingston, d/o Thomas G. NEWTON, b. England & Annie CLARKE, witn: William J. HARVEY & Evelyn E. JACKSON, both of Kingston, 10 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10687-25 Thomas Patrick JAMES, 22, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas Henry JAMES, b. Canada & Minerva Anna MOSLEY, married Bertha Amelia PHILION, 19, Montreal, Kingston, d/o Maxwell PHILION, b. Canada & Amelia PARSEQUE, witn: James WISKIN & Ethel SHERMAN, both of Kingston, 5 March 1925 at Kingston
10686-25 Lyman Edward JOHNSON, 22, mechanic, Frontenac Co., Kingston, s/o George JOHNSON, b. Kingston & Marion LYNES, married Olive Irene MARTIN, 21, maid, Frontenac CO., Kingston, d/o Henry MARTIN, b. Newburgh Ont & Lucille LYNES, witn: Edgar MARTIN of Kingston & Beatrice JOHNSON of 1 York St. in Kingston, 9 May 1925 at Kingston 10684-25 Salen Greer JOHNSTON, 26, Bathurst, same, s/o John JOHNSTON, b. Olden twp & Matilda LINTON, married Elsie Mary CONBOY, 20, Oso twp., Maberly, d/o John Arthur CONBOY, b. Olden twp & Ellen FERGUSON, witn: Harold JOHNSTON of RR1 Hillier & Mildred CONBOY of RR1 Maberly, 10 June 1925 at Zealand
  19688-25 Howard Wellington JONES, 47, candy maker, Kingston, same, s/o David JONES, b. Kingston & Mary RITCHIE, married Minnie Mary MILLER, 44, Pennsylvania, Toronto, d/o Joseph MILLER, b. Pennsylvania, & Susan TREASLER, witn: Maxim & Pearl SHAPPER (Shappee?) of 3 North St. in Kingston, 30 Jan 1925 at Kingston
10693-25 Bryce KENNEDY, 21, chauffeur, Kingston, same, s/o Charles J. KENNEDY, b. Canada & Florence A. KINCAID, married Florence Alexandria CAMPBELL, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Dugald CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Florence CLARK, witn: Walter & Vera K. O'DONNELL of Kingston, 1 June 1925 at Kingston 10694-25 Harold KENNEDY, 25, farmer, Cole Lake, Godfrey, s/o William KENNEDY, b. Hinchinbrooke twp & Sarah McCONNELL, married Gertrude Irene FREEMAN, 25, Godfrey, same, d/o John Wesley FREEMAN, b. Loughboro twp & Harriet Ann ROWSON, witn: Leata & Harry FREEMAN of Godfrey, 7 May 1925 at Kingston
10696-25 Joseph Ellwood KENNEDY, 22, laborer, Godfrey, same, s/o Joseph Almer KENNEDY, b. Godfrey & Margaret Mabel KITSON, married Elizabeth REYNOLDS, 22, Verona, same, d/o Thaddeus Lewis REYNOLDS, b. Oak Flats (NW of Verona Ont), & Sarah Eliza CLARK, witn: Lena M. FAIRBAIRN of 93 Colborne & A.F. BALL of 91 Colborne, both Kingston, 24 March 1925 at Kingston 10695-25 John Francis KENNEDY, 26, farmer, Cole Lake, same, s/o Francis KENNEDY, b. Harrowsmith & Margaret GRIFFITH, married Aleda Frances WATSON, 22, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Thomas WATSON, b. Cole Lake, & Frances SCHONAUER, witn: Thomas & Frances WATSON of Harrowsmith, 8 Sept 1925 at Cataraqui
10692-25 George Douglas KERR, 26, farmer, Scotland, Mallorytown, s/o William KERR, b. Scotland & Mary McBRIDE, married Lillie Belle MORRIS, 26, Athens Ont., same, d/o Joseph MORRIS, b. Canada & Margaret FORTUNE, witn: S.O. MORRIS of Lyndhurst & C.T. WRIGHT of Kingston, 29 July 1925 at Kingston 10689-25 Clarence KILBORN, 31, moulder, Cape Vincent NY, Medina NY, s/o Trueman KILBORN, b. USA & Anna May BROWN, married Alice May WILKINSON, 30, Wolfe Island, 443 Alfred St. in Kingston, d/o John W. WILKINSON, b. Ottawa Ont & Carrie A. JOY (Jay?), witn: George W. FORD of 276 Sydenham St. & Leona C. WILKINSON of 443 Alfred St., 16 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10690-25 Thomas Charles KILLEEN, 29, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas P. KILLEEN, b. Kingston & Alice NOLAN, married Mary Black STRACHAN, 22, domestic, Scotland, Kingston, d/o John STRACHAN, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Mary A. BRECHIN, witn: Ellen KILLEEN of Bay St. & Thomas MURTAGH of Stephen St., 17 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10691-25 Walter William KING, 20, laborer, Crosby, Kingston, s/o Henry Charles KING, b. London England & Charlotte HARPER, married Marion Annie DUFFY, 22, chocolate dipper, Latimer, Kingston, d/o Michael DUFFY, b. Kingston & Ellen Catherine THIBODEAU, witn: Llewellyn DUFFY of 386 Albert St. in Kingston & Murnie McKINNON of Lavant Station Ont., 3 Aug 1925 at Kingston
10697-25 Marcus Alorne KNIGHT, 36, laborer, Ontario, Kaladar, s/o David H. KNIGHT, b. Kennebec twp & Charlotte A. WOODCOCK, married Florence TRYONS, 20, domestic, Kaladar, same, d/o Nelson TRYONS, b. Kennebec twp & Rossie HAINES, witn: S.A. & L. KNIGHT of Elm Tree, 28 Jan 1925 at Elm Tree 10714-25 Wilfred Owen LAFONTAINE, 27, mining engineer, Cobalt, Cornwall, s/o Wilfred LAFONTAINE & Margaret DIGGEN, married Mae Victoria MILLAN, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Denis MILLAN & Winifred BYRNES, witn: Kathryn MILLAN of Kingston & Ford RALPH of Toronto on Oct. 19, 1925 at Kingston.
10709-25 Oscar Edward LAKE, 44, farmer, widower, Battersea, same, s/o Richard LAKE (b. Ontario) & Mary BARR, married Annie Opal CROWE, 29, Sunbury, same, d/o Allan CROWE (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. SANDY, witn: Benjamin N. RUTTAN of Battersea & Cora Fern CROWE of Sunbury on April 8, 1925 at Kingston 10702-25 William George LALONDE, 29, laborer, St. Johns NB, Kingston, s/o John LALONDE, b. France & Mary LAROCHE, married Charlotte Ada Myrtle QUINSEY, 22, Mallorytown, Kingston, d/o Samuel J. QUINSEY, b. Canada & Mary Jane McMULLEN, witn: Mrs. B. & B. KENNEDY of 265 Johnston St., 21 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10707-26 Francis Arnold LATIMER, 22, labourer, Gananoque, same, s/o Francis LATIMER (b. Gananoque) & Catherine CORBY, married Hazel Amelia BONGARD, 20, Adolphustown, Gananoque, d/o John Overton BONGARD (b. Adolphustown) & Mary HUDSON, witn: William GRIFFIN of Gananoque & Rose BONGARD both 0f 99 Raglan Rd. Kingston on June 30, 1925 at Kingston.

10713-25 , Nicholas LAURIN, 25, Machinist, Poland, Kingston s/o Michael LAURIN & Mary BEHRNOS, married Inez GREENWOOD, 22, farmers daughter, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o John GREENWOOD & Henrietta STALEY, wit Oliver GREENWOOD & Mildred STALEY both of Wolfe Island, on June 2, 1925 at Wolfe Island.

10712-25 Albert Max LEADER, 21, soldier, Petewawa, Kingston, s/o William LEADER (b. Germany) & Amelie ZASTROW, married Kathleen BURNETTE, 18, waitress, Dischome Quebec, Kingston, d/o Joseph BRUNETTE (b. Montreal) & Ellen COROW, witn: Leon BROSSO & Elsie LEADER both of Kingston on Jan. 22, 1925 at Kingston. 10699-25 Harold Henry LEE, 24, returned soldier, Edgar Mills Ont., Portsmouth, s/o David LEE & Edith HALSBON?, married Mary Ellen MILLER, 18, Leamington, Portsmouth, d/o Arthur MILLER & Mary Jane BOYD, witn: George S. MILLER & Dorcas McLEOD, both of Portsmouth, 19 Oct 1925 at Portsmouth
10700-25 Herbert Calvin Howard LEWIS, 37, Mountain Grove, same, s/o George LEWIS, b. Maberly Ont & Margaret LAIDLEY, married Edna May WALKER, 18, Port Huron Mich., Mountain Grove, d/o Charles Wilson WALKER, b. Enterprise Ont & Sarah Elizabeth SILLS, witn: Helen Georgia WALKER & James Arthur SUMMERS, both of Mountain Grove, 27 Oct 1925 at Mountain Grove 10708-25 Horace Calvin LEWIS, 25, farmer, Ernestown twp., same, s/o George LEWIS, b. Kingston & Nancy ATTWOOD, married Loretta Kathleen CLIFFORD, 23, Bath, Ernestown twp., d/o Daniel CLIFFORD, b. Ireland, & Mary O'ROURKE, witn: Bernard CLIFFORD of Bath & Clara KNOWLTON of Kingston, 14 May 1924 at Kingston (s/b 1925)
  10701-25 John Bertram LIPSETT, 25, printer, Peterborough Ont., 44 Clergy St. in Kingston, s/o George LIPSETT, b. Peterborough Ont & Louisa REYNOLDS, married Edna Muriel JOHNSON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o James JOHNSON, b. Portsmouth Ont & Rosetta COTTMAN, witn: Frank E. BOWERMAN of Verdun Que & Edythe M. DRAKE of Arch St. in Kingston, 24 Oct. 1925 at Kingston
10705-25 George Francis LITTLE, 56, letter carrier, widower, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph LITTLE (b. England) & Charlotte HARTRICK, married Carrie FERGUSON, 54, widow, Milton, Kingston, d/o John BABCOCK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Grace DONNELLY of 157 Raglan Road & Edith F. BURGESS of 106 Pine St. both of Kingston on Sept. 5, 1925 at Kingston 10710-25 Edward LORTIER, 35, labourer, Chrysler, Kingston, s/o Andrew LORTIER (b. Valleyfield) & Mary CHAPANE, married Catherine GOSSAGE, 45, waitress, widow, Finch Tp., Kingston, d/o Appen FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Mrs. M.W. BOSKRIDGE & Miriam RITCHIE both of 464 Princess St. Kingston on Feb. 9, 1925 at Kingston
10704-25 Courtland Gerald LOVE, 28, student, Camden East, 350 Brock St. Kingston, s/o Wilbur J. LOVE (b. Camden East) & Etta WALKER, married Bertha Margaret WILSON, 21, stenographer, Kingston, 193 Brock St. Kingston, d/o George WILSON (b. Kingston) & Euphemia STEWART, witn: Charles WICKHAM & Mary WILSON both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1925 at Kingston. 10703-25 Ernest Frederick LOVELACE, 22, labourer, Verona, Kingston, s/o Jeremiah LOVELACE (b. Verona) & Edith SNIDER, married Ruby LAKINS, 18, Harrowsmith, Yarker, d/o Elwy LAKINS (b. Harrowsmith) & Margaret GREEN, witn: Herbert LAKINS of Yarker & Helen Ruby LAKINS of Harrowsmith on Nov. 26, 1925 at Harrowsmith.
10711-25 William Kenneth LOYST, 21, merchant, Mountain Grove, same, s/o Harvey LOYST (b. Mountain Grove) & Carrie YORK, married Lenore Irene MacPHERSON, 17, Oso, same, d/o James Franklin MacPHERSON (b. Oso Station) & Mabel HENDERSON, witn: James Franklin MacPHERSON & Mrs. Mabel MacPHERSON both of Oso Station on Jan. 24, 1925 at Oso. 10698-25 Alvin Campbell LUTZ, 34, fireman, Oso, Kingston, s/o Hager LUTZ, b. Moncton NB, & Anna McVEIGH, married Alma Matilda FINNIGAN, 25, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o William Andrew FINNIGAN, b. Pittsburgh twp & Ann Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Emily Jane & Jane Robert PURDY of Napanee, 21 Jan 1925 at St. Johns Manse, Pittsburgh twp
  10706-25 Gerald Stanley LYONS, 26, electrical engineer, Montreal, Kingston, d/o Alexander McCARTNEY (b. Canada) & Mary Matilda WILLIAMS, married Margaret Evelyn McCARTNEY, 27, Battersea, Kingston, d/o Alexander McCARTNEY (b. Canada) & Mary Matilda WILLIAMS, witn: Agnes T. LYONS & Alice McCARTNEY both of Kingston on Sept. 3, 1925 at Kingston.
10734-25 Charles Hugh MANGAN, 25, South Lake, same, s/o Richard MANGAN & Ellen SHORTALL, married Gertrude Elizabeth O'NEILL, 21, South Lake, same, d/o Patrick O'NEILL & Elizabeth SALMON, witn: Thomas O'NEILL & Anna May MANGAN, both of South Lake, 18 Nov 1925 at Brewers Mills 10721-25 Russell Mac MANSON, 24, farmer, Portland twp., same, s/o Alex MANSON, b. Portland twp & Margaret McMAHON, married Nettie Cora THOMPSON, 21, teacher, Slate Falls, same, d/o Theodore THOMPSON, b. Denbigh Ont & Mary ROGERS, witn: Mrs. Gertrude GORDON of Sharbot Lake & Lorne THOMPSON of Portland twp., 9 Sept 1925 at Sharbot Lake

10715-25, Leonard Stanley MARLOW, 44, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Peter MARLOW (b USA) & Mary DAWSON, married Gertrude Frances DOLLAR, 28, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Albert DOLLAR (b Canada) & Margeuretta MILHOUSE, wit Helen LOYST of Napanee & Nellie M Bell of Kingston, on April 11, 1925 at Kingston.

10716-25, Peter Earle MARLOW, 23, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Ralph MARLOW (b Canada) & Jessie GATES, married Louise Margaret DAVIS, 18, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Allan DAVIS (b Canada) & blank, wit Rem J C DIXON & W.R. GRAHAM, both of Kingston on January 22, 1925 at Kingston

10718-25 William Lafayette MARSH, 45, widower, painter, Mansonville NY, Cortland NY, s/o Allan J. MARSH, b. Connellsville USA & Jennie O. KELLEY, married Sarah Margaret COOLEY, 24, divorced, Connellsville PA, Cortland NY, d/o Joseph BUTTERMORE, b. Mansonville NY & Halley HAGAN, witn: George H. ARTHURS & Dora LAING, both of Kingston, 2 Nov 1925 at Kingston 10724-25 Gilchrist Edwin MATHESON, 22, student, Sudbury, same, s/o William MATHESON, b. Brecken Ont & Annie GILCHRIST, married Clara Luella SEARS, 17, Kingston, 81 Rideau St.,. d/o William SEARS, b. Bedford Mills & Koretta YOUNG, witn: G. & Hilda B. DICKSON of 176 Bagot St., 9 April 1925 at Kingston
10727-25 George Edwin MATTHEWS, 23, railway clerk, Markdale Ont., Kingston, s/o James George MATTHEWS, b. Canada & Naomi WRIGHT, married Florence Alma CRUSE, 22, Kingston, same, d/o James George CRUSE, b. Canada & Laura Adele LANE, witn: Nellie M. & Roy BELL of Kingston, 16 May 1925 at Kingston 10743-25 John Boyle McAULEY, 25, Railton Ont., Kingston, s/o Francis X. McAULEY, b. Railton, & Justina BOYLE, married Margaret Mary McQUAID, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John McQUAID, b. Kingston & Ellen McMAHON, witn: A. KENNEDY & S. McDOWELL, both of Kingston, 26 Jan 1925 at Kingston
10738-25 Edward Charles McCONNELL, 31, bookkeeper, Quebec, 79 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, s/o William McCONNELL, b. Quebec & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Lillian PEARCE, 25, operator, England, 79 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, d/o John PEARCE, b. England & Jane PHILLIPS, witn: Arthur TRICKEY of Mowat Sanitarium & Jessie SANDERS of 7 Mack St., both Kingston, 28 July 1925 at 7 Mack St., Kingston 10747-25 Herbert Leo McCONVILLE, 30, farmer, Sunbury, Battersea, s/o Owen McCONVILLE, b. Ireland & Ellen BARTERY, married Jean A. HENDERSON, 19, Kingston, Battersea, d/o James R. HENDERSON, b. Canada & Violet HURST, witn: Ada HAMILTON of 25 Stephen St. & Nancy MORTON of 10 Russell St., 29 Dec 1925 at Kingston
10737-25 John Russell MacCRIMMON, 25, teacher, Abinger twp., same, s/o Norman MacCRIMMON, b. Isle of Skye Scotland & Synthia GARRISON, married Vera Gladys Mabel MacDONALD, 23, teacher, Olden twp., same, d/o Daniel MacDONALD, b. Mountain Grove & Nellie Jane GATES, witn: Massaline BURT of Westbrook & Eldon MacDONALD of Mountain Grove, 19 Aug 1925 at Mountain Grove 10736-25 Harry Grant McCULLOUGH, 19, farmer, Cataraqui, Westbrook, s/o Charles McCULLOUGH, b. Canada & Georgia GRANT, married Bertha Gewndolyn ORSER, 19, Glenvale Ont., Odessa, d/o Oliver ORSER, b. Canada & Almeda SAUNDERS, witn: Miss Hazel & Mrs. Almeda ORSER of Odessa, 17 Nov 1925 at Kingston twp
10742-25 Bernard McGEEIN (McGean?), 34, meat cutter, Kingston, Detroit, s/o Daniel McGEEIN, b. Portsmouth & Rose CONROY, married Alice Catherine MORAN, 29, milliner, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o Bernard MORAN, b. Pittsburgh twp & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: James MORAN of Pittsburgh & Ruth DOYLE of Kingston, 10 Jan 1925 at Kingston Mills 10740-25 Robert Finley McLAREN, 30, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Robert McLAREN, b. Bathurst twp & Elizabeth TRUELOVE, married Letitia ENGLAND, 24, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o Harry ENGLAND, b. Belfast Ireland & Charlotte Anne ARMSTRONG, witn: W.G. ENGLAND & Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Sharbot Lake, 10 March 1925 at Sharbot Lake
10739-25 Cornelius McLAUGHLIN, 44, farmer, Tyendinaga, Murvale, s/o Patrick McLAUGHLIN & Mary SULLIVAN, married Margaret VROOMAN, 42, widow, Murvale, same, d/o David FERGUSON & Sarah TAGGART, witn: Florence M. SMITH & Marion O'DAY, both of Portsmouth, 4 June 1925 at Portsmouth [note re groom: ".... loss of two fingers since school age"] 10741-25 Howard James McNALLY, 24, accountant, Frankfort NY, Westport, s/o Andrew McNALLY, b. Westport & Alice McDONALD, married Elizabeth Pearl HICKEY, 22, mother's help, Bedford twp., same, d/o James HICKEY, b. Burridge & Collis MURPHY, witn: E.V. McNALLY of Westport & Cerma? HICKEY of Burridge, 24 Feb 1925 at Sacred Heart church, Bedford
10725-25, Joseph George Ira MENARD, 31, telephone lineman, Garden Island, Kingston, s/o George MENARD (b Garden Island) & Exilda GOBIEL, married Lillian Helen CLARKE, 30, telephone operator, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James CLARKE (b Kingston) & Katherine GROVES, wit Joseph DOWNEY & Rhoda MENARD, both of Kingston, on June 16, 1925 at Kingston 10733-25 William Joseph METCALF, 42, hotel keeper, Seeleys Bay, same, s/o Oliver METCALF & Margaret DUNN, married Rosella SMITH, 32, nurse, Brewers Mills, same, d/o James SMITH & Mary FAHEY, witn: Matthew MURRAY & Etta SMITH, both of Brewers Mills, 30 June 1925 at Brewers Mills
10726-25 Albert Allan MILLAR, 23, farmer, Lanark twp., Palmerston twp., s/o Thomas H. MILLAR, b. Lanark Co Ont & Nellie LOVE, married Eva Lenora LOVE, adopted d/o James LOVE (b. Frontenac Co ) & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Ernest James MILLAR of Snow Road & Margaret Nettie URE of Maberly, 16 June 1925 at Snow Road, Palmerston twp 10729-25 Ernest David MILLAR, 22, Kingston, same, s/o William MILLARD, b. Canada & Helen INMAN, married Mildred Irene BOTTING, 20, weaver, Sydenham, Kingston, d/o Peter BOTTING, b. Canada & Matilda THOMPSON, witn: C.T. WRIGHT & Eva HOLDCROFT, both of Kingston, 8 April 1925 at Kingston
10719-25 Floyd James MOORE, 21, farmer, Clayton NY, Lansdowne, s/o James MOORE, b. Lansdowne Ont & Lena ERLEY, married Mary Ellen O'MALLEY, 22, Berwick Ont., Lansdowne, d/o James O'MALLEY, b. Berwick Ont & Mary McDONALD, witn: Hugh O'MALLEY & Mrs. Ray SUMMERS, both of Lansdowne, 14 Dec 1925 at Kingston 10731-25 George Albert Taylor MORLEY, 23, driver, England, Kingston, s/o John MORLEY & Emma TAYLOR, married Doris HARRIS, 18, works at General Hospital, England, Moscow Ont., d/o William HARRIS & Rosina STEUDERICK?, witn: W.E. & Florence Mildred KAVANAGH of 62 Arch St. in Kingston, 21 Jan 1925 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
  10728-25 Kenneth Yuale MORRISON, 25, driver, Hartington, Kingston, s/o John M. MORRISON, b. Colebrook & Victoria BOTTING, married Leah Isabella SHEPPARD, 22, Wapoose Ont., Kingston, d/o William Bartly SHEPPARD, b. Picton & Maude Anna ASHLEY, witn: Harvey W. BROWN of Belleville & Grace SHEPPARD of Kingston, 8 April 1925 at Kingston
10717-25 Frederick Paynton MOULDEY, 21, garage mechanic, Bath Road Ont., RR1 Portsmouth, s/o Benjamin MOULDEY, b. Deseronto & Jane HARKER (deceased), married Mabelle Edna BURNETT, 19, Kingston twp., RR3 Kingston, d/o Frederick BURNETT, b. Kingston twp & Gertrude SHANE, witn: John R. MOULDEY of Portsmouth & Helen BURNETT of RR3 Kingston, 7 Nov 1925 at Cataraqui 10720-25 Richard James MUCHMORE, 19, mariner, Kingston, same, s/o Richard MUCHMORE, b. Jones Falls & Mary CURRAN, married Lillian May HEYMAN, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Harry HEYMAN, b. England & Lillian CLARKE, witn: Agnes KENNEDY & Mrs. TAYLOR, both of Kingston, 17 Dec 1925 at Kingston
10722-25 Ambrose Peter MURPHY, 35, CPR trainman, Sussex NB, Smith Falls, s/o James MURPHY, b. Sussex NB & Frances BURKE, married Mary Gertrude HUDSON, 20, nurse, Perth Ont., Smith Falls, d/o Henry HUDSON, b. Perth Ont & Elizabeth HAGGERTY, witn: Phyllis BAILEY of Kingston & Jane HOGAN of Smith Falls, 20 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10723-25 Alwyn Clarence MURRAY, 28, clerk, Adolphustown, Kingston, s/o Alfred J. MURRAY, b. England & Jennie ARTHURS, married Charlotte Lillian McCAMMON, 28, Kingston, same, d/o James H. McCAMMON, b. Canada & Charlotte LEWIS, witn: Robert J. & Lyla McCAMMON of Kingston, 14 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10732-25 John MURRAY, 19, soldier, Ruthsorell? - Dumfrieshire Scotland, Kingston, s/o Alexander Brown MURRAY, b. Scotland & Sarah HAINING, married Elsie LEADER, 18 + 1 mon, Petewawa Ont., Kingston, d/o Frederick William LEADER, b. Germany & Amelia ZASTROW (Gastrow?), witn: R.A. HANNA of Artillery Park Battery & Mrs. F.V. TIMMS of 49 King St., both Kingston, 17 March 1925 at Kingston 10735-25 William MURRY, 39, farmer, Brewers Mills, same, s/o John MURRY & Rose Anne CUNNINGHAM, married Anna FORRESTER, 30, domestic, Brewers Mills, same, d/o Michael FORRESTER & Ellen LANGWITH, witn: Matthew MURRY of Brewers Mills & Teresa FORRESTER of Seeleys Bay, 29 Sept 1925 at Brewers Mills
10730-25 Gyles Wendell MUSTARD, 23, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o Pockrage MUSTARD, b. Ont & Hattie SWEET, married Janet St Jane MAXWELL, 24, Peterborough twp., res not given, d/o Robert MAXWELL, b. Ont & Mary MURPHY, witn: Caryl J. CURTY? & Edith MAXWELL, both of Kingston, 31 March 1925 at Kingston 10745-25 Jack Ernest James NEADOW, 21, blacksmith, New Liskeard Ont., Kingston, s/o William Secord NEADOW, b. Carlson Ont., & Ida May MALCOLM, married Ella May ROBERTSON, 22, domestic, Odessa Ont., Kingston, d/o Frederick John Croad ROBERTSON, b. England & Catherine RAMSAY, witn: William & Mrs. William ROBERTSON of Odessa, 17 Dec 1925 at Kingston
10749-25 Edward John NIBLETT, 28, McNab twp., Arnprior, s/o William NIBLETT, b. McNab twp & Annie Anderson McNAB, married Mary Isabella McNAB, 22, Horton twp., same, d/o John Alexander McNAB, b. Horton twp & Helen Isobel RUSSEL, witn: Jennie Frances BROMWICH of Perth Road & Muriel Mary STONE of Forfar, 18 June 1925 at Perth Road 10744-25 Wilfred Lindsay NICHOLS, 26, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o William NICHOLS, b. Sydenham & Annie LINDSAY, married Hattie Isabella McKEEVER, 21, teacher, Verona, same, d/o James McKEEVER, b. Verona & Charlotte DEARE, witn: Kenneth H. FREEMAN of Yarker & Mary E. HOLLINGSWORTH of Sydenham, 11 Nov 1925 at Sydenham
10748-25 William McAdam NICKLE, 29, barrister, Kingston, same, s/o William Folger NICKLE, b. Kingston & Agnes McAdam NICKLE, married Grace Isabel DUNLOP, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Andrew Wallace DUNLOP, b. Kingston & Isabella Armstrong DUNLOP, witn: Douglas J. NICKLE of Toronto & Amelia Grant MINNES (Winnes?) of Kingston, 20 June 1925 at Kingston 10746-25 William Henry NOLAN, 25, laborer, Smith Falls, Pittsburgh twp., s/o John NOLAN, b. Smith Falls & Jennie MATTHEWS, married Agnes Alberta WOODCOCK, 16, Millbridge, Cataraqui, d/o Nelson WOODCOCK, b. Tweed & Elizabeth HICKS, witn: Tressa KISH & Mrs. J. R. COOPER, both of Cataraqui, 24 Sept 1925 at Cataraqui [divorced 15/5/50]
10757-25 Marcel John O'BRIEN, 21, traveller, Peterborough Ont., Kingston, s/o William John O'BRIEN & Marie AUDETTE, married Bridget Mary BURKE, 21, stenographer, Portsmouth, Kingston, d/o John P. BURKE & Mary DOYLE, witn: Vincent O'BRIEN of Chicago & Helen BURKE of Kingston, 17 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10754-25 Michael Francis O'CONNELL, 19, farmer, Madoc twp., same, s/o Hugh O'CONNELL, b. Canada & Mary LEAHY, married Mary Irene MURRAY, 21, Sydenham, same, d/o Patrick MURRAY, b. Canada & Teresa O'CONNOR, witn: Mrs. D.J. BRICELAND of Watertown NY & Miss Tessie MURRAY of Sydenham, 23 Feb 1925 at Kingston
10751-25 James Horace ODELL, 30, salesman, Ottawa, Cambridge Mass., s/o Mortimer C. ODELL, b. Ottawa & Amanda M. PRATT, married Mary McKendrick TAYLOR, 27, Scotland, Kingston, d/o R. Bruce TAYLOR, b. Cardross Scotland, & Harriet Y. McKENDRICK, witn: Leslie Maud TAYLOR of Kingston & Harold B. KENNER of Stratford, 19 Sept 1925 at Kingston 10755-25 Frederick Harold ORSER, 21, farmer, Perth Road Ont., Sydenham, s/o Ira ORSER, b. Perth Road & Victoria LEES, married Verna Oneta AMEY, 18, Sydenham, same, d/o Ernest AMEY, b. Sydenham & Elinor HADLEY, witn: Ernest SMITH of Sydenham & Edith F. DOGGETT of Harrowsmith, 2 Feb 1925 at Harrowsmith
10753-25 Luke Archibald Alexander OSBORNE, 22, barber, Kennebec twp., Yarker, s/o David Andrew OSBORNE, b. Kennebec & Lois Elveratta CLARK, married Florence Mildred MARTIN, 21, Portland twp., same, d/o Charles Wesley MARTIN, b. Loughboro & Florence Lilly SCALES, witn: Alice MARTIN of Verona & Marta OSBORNE of Arden, 6 June 1925 at Verona 10752-25 George Walter OSBORNE, 27, farmer, Yonge twp., Athens, s/o G.F. OSBORNE, b. Canada & S.J. PERCIVAL, married Muriel E. KENNEY, 22, teacher, Elgin Ont., Athens, d/o W.J. KENNEY, b. Canada & Lillian ALFORD, witn: W.L. & Charlotte WRIGHT of Kingston, 15 Aug 1925 at Kingston
10756-25, John Patrick O'SHEA, 40, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Peter O'SHEA & Isabell BUCKLEY, married Frances MCKENNA, 31, farmers daughter, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o William McKENNA & Isabell Smith, wit Rodney McKENNA & Mabel McKENNA both of Wolfe Island, on June 22, 1925 at Wolfe Island 10750-25 Charles Harry OWEN, 43, widower, plumber, Worsley Lancashire England, Kingston, s/o Luke OWEN, b. England & Betsy MORRIS, married Gertrude Alice BLAKEY, 42, widow, Barrowford Lancashire England, Kingston, d/o William Henry WEBBER, b. England & Frances Emily HALL, witn: Edith & James WEBBER of Kingston, 20 Dec 1925 at Kingston


10760-25 George PAQUIN, 21, butcher, Deseronto, Kingston, s/o Nelson PAQUIN, b. Canada & Mary EASTON, married Mabel Anna ANGEL, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Frederick ANGEL, b. London England & Annie SECKER, witn: Frederick PAQUIN & Irene BOIS, both of Kingston, 14 Dec 1925 at Kingston

10758-25 George Mitchell PARSONS, 26, engineer, Arnprior, Montreal, s/o Daniel W. PARSONS & Jennie McLELLAN, married Naomi Constance SALSBURY, 20, Kingston, same, d/o William SALSBURY & Lillian JAMIESON, witn: Gerald W. PARSONS of Arnprior & Lorrain LESLIE of Kingston, 22 Sept 1925 at Kingston 10767-25, Earl Cyril PAYNE, 23 years & 7 months, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Edward PAYNE & Hannah CASEY, married Henrietta Anne DAWSON, 20 yrs 3 months, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Herbert DAWSON & Alice Lacey, wit Joseph McGLYNN & Corinne FLYNN both of Wolfe Island, on October 14, 1925 at Wolfe Island
10766-25 Frederick Hiram PHILLIPS, 35, sailor, Watertown NY, Kennebec twp., s/o Peter Franklin PHILLIPS, b. Lorain NY & Martha Dora BROWN, married Annie Pearl GAYLORD, 23, Kennebec, same, d/o Percy Johnathan GAYLORD, b. Enterprise Ont & Eliza Victoria AMEY, witn: Velma M. ROWE of Riceville & Andrew CLANCY of Dead Creek, 15 Feb 1925 at Kennebec twp 10765-25 Clarence Clement PHILLIPS, 24, mechanic, Frankford Ont., Kingston, s/o George R. PHILLIPS & Mary MAGER?, married Dorothy Alice DYER, 21, milliner, Seabeau - Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, d/o George C. DYER & Mary B. WILLIAMS, witn: R.F. & Lila H. GRAHAM of Kingston, 8 Feb 1925 at Kingston
10759-25 Cecil John PLUMRIDGE, 20, Middlesex - London England, 89 Cataraqui St. in Kingston, s/o John William PLUMRIDGE, b. London England & Alice Mary PERKINS, married Lillian Janet Rose ESFORD, 18, Barriefield, 50 Stanley St. in Kingston, d/o John ESFORD & Christena BLAKE, witn: Beatrice ESFORD of 50 Stanley St. & Frederick TAYLOR of 22 Elm St., 30 Sept 1925 at St. Marks, Barriefield 10761-25 Robert John POLK, 24, dairyman, Westport, Kingston, s/o Robert POLK & Elizabeth LYONS (Lynes?), married Gertrude ROBINSON, 24, Kingston, same, d/o Alexander ROBINSON & Sophia JENIAC, witn: James & Annie McILQUHAM of Kingston, 4 Dec 1925 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
10764-25 William James POPLE, 24, laborer, England, Kingston, s/o William POPLE, b. London England & Jessie HARRIS, married Hilda Lorette JACKSON, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Calvin JACKSON, b. Moscow Ont & Lena PHILLIPS, witn: Leonard Ernest & Evelyn Mary JACKSON of 112 Bagot St., 3 March 1925 at Kingston 10763-25 Joseph POUND, 49, baker, Barriefield, Kingston, s/o John POUND, b. England & Mary Ann GERMAINE, married Edna E. NORRIS, 47, nurse, Kingston, same, d/o William Henry NORRIS, b. Canada & Annie DILLON, witn: S.J. & H.A. WILTON of Kingston, 30 April 1925 at Kingston
10762-25 Herbert James PRICE, 23, carpenter, Mountain Grove, same, s/o James PRICE, b. Mountain Grove & Ada ROGERS, married Iva Caroline BROWN, 21, Mountain Grove, same, d/o William BROWN, b. Pittsburgh twp & Margaret GARRETT, witn: Fred THOMPSON & Gertrude PRICE, both of Mountain Grove, 15 July 1925 at Mountain Grove 10772-25 Charles Reginald RALPH, 24, laborer, Lansdowne Ont., Portsmouth, s/o Thomas RALPH, b. Canada & Anastasia FORD, married Flora Belle PERCY, 18, Bell Rock Ont., Kingston, d/o Michael PERCY, b. Canada & Cynthia NIELS (Miels?), witn: Frank KENNEDY & Miss Grace ALP--?, both of Portsmouth, 4 April 1925 at Church of the Good Thief, Portsmouth
10771-25 Gordon Edgar RAYMO, 28, near Toronto, McLean, s/o Samuel RAYMO & Ann BABCOCK, married Jennie Pearl LARIO, 17, Moscow, McLean, d/o Napoleon LARIO, b. France & Ellen Sarah CHALK, witn: Elgin EDGAR of McLean & Annie McCUMBER of Wagarville, 18 June 1925 at McLean, Hinchinbrooke twp 10769-25 William Harry REID, 26, teacher, Kinmount Ont., Ormond, s/o Hugh Alexander REID, b. Leury - Middlesex Co. Ont., & Dorinda? ROCK, married Mary Charlotte CAMPBELL, 29, Portland twp., Ormond, d/o John Elgin CAMPBELL, b. Battersea Ont & Georgina Adelina Mary FAIRFIELD, witn: Reynolds REID of Vernon & M. Edna FLEMING of Stella, 23 Dec 1925 at Verona
10768-25 Edward REVELL, 68, widower, miller, Portland twp., Kingston, s/o Matthew REVELL, b. Atlantic Ocean, & Sarah VAN ORDER, married Sarah Jane SMITH, 61, widow, Storrington twp., Kingston, d/o Hugh SMITH, b. Ont & Lucy PEARCE, witn: William & Mary SMITH of Kingston, 1 July 1925 at Kingston 10773-25 Sherman Elmer RICHARDSON, 22, laborer, Wilbur, same, s/o Robert RICHARDSON & Eunice PETERS, married Minerva Amanda COX, 17, Ompah, same, d/o William COX & Martha AYLESWORTH, witn: William Clayton COX of Ompah & Norah Helen RICHARDSON of Wilbur, 1 Jan 1925 at Sharbot Lake
10774-25 Wilbert Harold ROBINSON, 26, soldier servant at RMC, Lombardy Ont., Kingston, s/o John ROBINSON & Margaret AMER?, married Elsie Margaret Constance NORMAN, 35, nurse, Yeovil Somerset England, Kingston, d/o Philip NORMAN & Georgina HAMMOND, witn: A.E. SOOLEY & Margaret FOX, both of Kingston, 22 April 1925 at Kingston 10770-25 James Evans ROBSON, 23, farmer, Ernestown twp., Napanee, s/o William ROBSON, b. Ont & Elma WALES, married Marjorie Lois STORMS, 21, Ernestown, Odessa, d/o S.C. STORMS, b. Ont & Pearl BABCOCK, witn: Karl DENYES & Hazel REID, both of Odessa, 17 June 1925 at Kingston
10775-25 James RONAN, 38, merchant, Colgan, Kenora, s/o James RONAN & Mary HESLIN, married Lulu FLEMING, 35, teacher, Amherst Island, Kingston, d/o William FLEMING & Rachel GIBSON, witn: Dr. J. O'REILLY of Lawnsdale & Tessie EGAN of Ottawa, 23 Sept 1925 at Kingston  
10792-25 John Henry St.PIERRE, 26, laborer, Crow Lake Ont., Mississippi, s/o Angus St.PIERRE, b. Quebec & Mary ALEXANDER, married Eliza Gertie KIRKHAM, 17, Mississippi, same, d/o William KIRKHAM, b. Mississippi & Maud HUGHES, witn: John Taylor RIDDELL & Esther Maude KIRKHAM, both of Mississippi, 5 Aug 1925 at Sharbot Lake 10791-25 Edward Raucon St.PIERRE, 18, laborer, Flower Station, Clarendon, s/o Angus St.PIERRE, b. Westport Ont & Mary LONG, married Sophia Dorothy BARTRAW (Bartram?), 18, Mississippi, Snow Road, d/o Alex BARTRAW, b. Quebec & Elizabeth McPHEE, witn: Edna M. EAGLESON of Sharbot Lake & Irene BARTRAW of Snow Road, 12 June 1925 at Sharbot Lake
10794-25 James Lloyd SARGENT, 26, North Sherbrooke, same, s/o David SARGENT, b. Oshawa Ont & Maria LONG, married Julia Jane MORROW, 18, Palmerston twp., same, d/o Henry MORROW, b. Snow Road & Minnie MacFARLANE, witn: Ann GILES of Perth & John MORROW of Snow Road, 23 Dec 1925 at Sharbot Lake 10801-25 Emil Karl SAUER, 28, teacher, Treblestie - Bukovina Roumania, Regina Sask., s/o Johan SAUER, b. Treblestie Roumania, & Ludovica RASCHSKA, married Eleanor QUINN, 26, teacher, Arnprior, Kingston, d/o John F. QUINN, b. Gordon? Island Ont & Ernestine DIMMELL, witn: John F. & Mrs. J.F. QUINN of 386 Albert St. in Kingston, 29 Jan 1925 at Kingston
10783-25 Herbert SCALES, 23, farmer, Verona, same, s/o William SCALES, b. Verona & Katherine EMBURY, married Ila May BALL, 15, Verona, same, d/o Zars BALL, b. Verona & Katharine STORMS, witn: Mrs. F. DAGGETT & Miss Ada SIGSWORTH, both of Harrowsmith, 3 Sept 1925 at Harrowsmith 10782-25 Francis Louis SCHAUF, 24, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o John SCHAUFF, b. Canada & Minerva VANESS, married Florence Maud ROUSHORN, 19, Bedford twp., Sydenham, d/o William ROUSHORN, b. Canada & Ameritta RUTTAN, witn: William Ira ROUSHORN & Emma SCHAUF, both of Sydenham, 2 Sept 1925 at Sydenham


10795-25, Overton SCOTT, 29, laborer, Westbrook, Picton, s/o Joseph Whiting SCOTT & Charlotte PATTERSON, married Edna Aletha SUDDS, 17, Simcoe Island, Simcoe Island, d/o Charles Victor SUDDS & Henrietta ORR, wit Wallace SUDDS & Hannah ORR, both of Simcoe Island, on April 29, 1925 at Kingston.

10800-25, Howard Franklin SEARS, 19, clerk, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, s/o Benjamin SEARS & Annie HOLLAND, married Florence Marion PRETTIE, 19, clerk, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert D PRETTIE & Maud TAYLOR, wit Samuel B TAYLOR of Trenton & Maud D PRETTIE of Kingston, on February 12, 1925 at Kingston

10789-25 George Neilson SHEFFIELD, 32, farmer, Lynhurst, Lynhurst, s/o Richard SHEFFIELD (b Lyndhurst) & Mary RODDICK, married Anna Mary GOODFRIEND, 31, nurse, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o Joseph GOODFRIEND ( b Howe Island) & Mary HEASLER, wit Vera FORSTER of Toronto & Mary A STEVENS of Kingston on June 24, 1924, at Kingston

10793-25 Robert George SHEPPARD, 32, game & fishery overseer, Lansdowne Ont., Gananoque, s/o William SHEPPARD, b. Lansdowne Ont & Emily McCULLOUGH, married Margaret Edwards TAYLOR, 22, student, Gananoque, same, d/o James Martin TAYLOR, b. Hamilton & Mary Agnes EDWARDS, witn: Jean B. WILTON of 77 Arch St. & Catherine J. SAVANY of 156 Barrie St., both Kingston, 11 June 1925 at Kingston 10802-25 John Arthur SHERMAN, 25, engineer, Latimer Ont., University Ave in Kingston, s/o James SHERMAN, b. Latimer & Theresa? DAVANS, married Ethel Agnes PHILION, Brockville, Johnston St. in Kingston, d/o John Manual PHILION, b. Quebec & Amelia PAROCQUI, witn: Frederick REASON & Lilian SCOTT, both of Kingston, 21 Jan 1925 at Kingston
10797-25 Morris Nathaniel SHILLINGTON, 21, farmer, Bobs Lake, same, s/o Nathaniel SHILLINGTON, b. Bedford twp & Hannah ANDERSON, married Ila Isabella QUINN, 19, Godfrey, same, d/o John Franklin QUINN, b. Bedford twp & Ella Maud BOWEN, witn: Lena FAIRBAIRN & Georgina STEWART, both of 93 Colborne St. in Kingston, 15 April 1925 at Kingston 10784-25 William John SHILLINGTON, 25, farmer, Parham, Harrowsmith, s/o John SHILLINGTON, b. Bedford & Bertha HAMILTON, married Leona Eldora BABCOCK, 22, Clarendon twp - Frontenac, Harrowsmith, d/o Silvester BABCOCK, b. Harrowsmith & Amelia GURDIS?, witn: Beatrice E. BABCOCK & Robert A. HILL, both of Harrowsmith, 9 Sept 1925 at Harrowsmith
10780-25 Glen Jackson SILVER, 25, machinist, Syracuse NY, same, s/o James Edward SILVER, b. Cataraqui Ont & Susan JACKSON, married Louise Janet Maud KILMINSTER, 23, Greenwich England, Kingston, d/o Edward KILMINSTER, b. Greenwich England & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Martha RANEY & Aitha? STEEN, both of Kingston, 11 Dec 1925 at Kingston  

10776-25, Edward Clarence SMITH, 33, farmer, Cambridge, Mass, Howe Island, s/o James SMITH ( b US) & Mary Ann McCARTY married Helen DUFFY, 25, Pittsburg Twp, Howe Island, d/o Francis DUFFY (b Canada) & Mary GREER, wit Helen R & John G STEPHEN'S of Kingston, on September 18, 1925 at Kingston

10777-25 George Fraser SMITH, 28, conveyancer, Arthur Ont., same, s/o Robert T. SMITH, b. Arthur twp., & Emma Fraser REID, married Frances Elma FREEMAN, 26, Newboro Ont., Kingston, d/o Francis Coleman FREEMAN, b. Colebrook Ont. & Estella ATCHESON, witn: Ralph R. SMITH of Arthur & Evelyn E. FREEMAN of Kingston, 15 Aug 1925 at Kingston

10779-25 John Lake SNIDER, 36, widower, farmer, Loughboro twp., same, s/o Robert H. SNIDER, b. Verona & Annie LAKE, married Teresa Pearl McLEAN, 28, nurse, Saskatchewan, Portland twp., d/o William Archibald McLEAN, b. Harrowsmith & Hannah E. IRISH, witn: Ruby E. DAVY of Yarker & Clinton TRUSCOTT of Harrowsmith, 14 Oct 1925 at Harrowsmith 10796-25 Wellington SNYDER, 45, widower, farmer, Godfrey, Harrowsmith, s/o Cornelius SNYDER, b. Murvale & Clarinda AYLSWORTH, married Myrtle BABCOCK, 25, Fernleigh Ont., Harrowsmith, d/o Ephraim BABCOCK, b. Bedford & Emma GERDIS, witn: Gladys SNYDER & Stanley BABCOCK, both of Harrowsmith, 15 April 1925 at Harrowsmith
10786-25 Antoni Frank SOLESKY, 31, leather currier, Psemy--? Poland, Kingston, s/o Frank SOLESKY, b. Poland & Luiza? KUYDK?, married Annie MARSHALL, 28, Rochdale - Lancashire England, Kingston, d/o John MARSHALL, b. England & Margaret A. BUTTERWORTH, witn: John & Margaret GRIFFITH of Kingston, 10 Aug 1925 at Kingston 10798-25, George Arthur SPENCE (written as Spernce), 29, farmer, Prescott, Wolfe Island, s/o Weir J SPENCE (b Prescott) & Mary Ann McMARTIN, married Lena Charlotte BUSTARD, 28, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o David BUSTARD (b Wolfe Island) & Caroline ARMSTRONG, wit Garnet ROGERS & Edna BUSTARD, both of Wolfe Island, on February 17, 1925 at Kingston
10799-25 Charles Nathaniel STOKES, 42, widower, farmer, Lake Opinicon, Glenburnie, s/o Robert STOKES, b. New Brunswick, & Margaret WALKER, married Edith Alma LEHMAN, 23, Ferleigh Ont., Elginburg, s/o Francis John LEHMAN, b. Maberly & Ada KISH, witn: Edith Mary & Phoebe SMITH of Cataraqui, 19 Feb 1925 at Christ Church Rectory, Cataraqui 10781-25 Louis Harold STONE, 23, florist, Picton, Kingston, s/o Thomas STONE, b. London England & Elizabeth SHEETS, married Annie May WATTEN, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Ernest Edward WATTEN, b. England & Rebecca FRANCIS, witn: Melvin T. STONE & Clara L. WATTEN, both of Kingston, 9 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10785-25 Clarence Franklin STORMS, 26, finisher, Guelph, 490 Barrie St. in Kingston, s/o Thomas Franklin STORMS, b. Brighton Ont & Minnie FRANCIS, married Sylvia Lorraine BRUNKE, 21, Hamilton, 167 Division St. in Kingston, d/o Conrad Joseph BRUNKE, b. Hamilton & Maggie Apolina JENNINGS, witn: C. A. BRUNKE of 167 Division & Audrey STORMS of 490 Barrie, 11 Sept 1925 at Kingston 10787-25 George Harold STORMS, 21, laborer, Guelph, Barrie St. in Kingston, s/o Thomas STORMS, b. Canada & Minnie FRANCIS, married Gladys Marguerite Winnifred McBRIDE, 17, Belleville, 18 Pine St. in Kingston, d/o Andrew McBRIDE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth PETRIE, witn: Antill? BURGESS of 106 Pine St. & Mrs. Mary Ann GLENN of Barrie St., 18 Sept 1925 at Kingston
10778-25 Floyd David Byron STRINGER, 20, merchant, Lansdowne twp., Lansdowne village, s/o Byron W. STRINGER, b. Canada & Jennie McCRACKEN, married Mary LOCHEAD, 18, Newburg Ont., village of Lansdowne, d/o James R. LOCHEAD, b. Canada & Amelia MILSAP, witn: S.G. DEACON of Pembroke & Mary DENISON of Kingston, 28 Oct 1925 at Kingston 10790-25 Andrew Donald SUTHERLAND, 29, minister, Nova Scotia, Kingston, s/o Norman SUTHERLAND, b. Nova Scotia & Margaret MacLEOD, married Jessie Louise MacKENZIE, 23, clerk, Nova Scotia, Detroit, d/o Roderick MacKENZIE, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah MATHESON, witn: John William TRAVES & Martha C. CAMPBELL, both of Kingston, 25 June 1925 at Kingston
10810-25 Redvers George TATTON, 18, Kingston, same, s/o William TATTON, b. England & Mary SPEARS, married Mildred Vivian GARRISON, 18, Yarker, Kingston, d/o Herbert James GARRISON, b. Petworth & Mary Ann HUFFMAN, witn: Frederick TIMMS of 568 Frontenac St. & Agnes Catherine HAINES of 305 Bagot St., both Kingston, 4 April 1925 at Kingston 10808-25 Philip Earl TERRY, 27, teacher, Hillier, same, s/o Earnest Eugene TERRY & Mary Elizabeth DELONG, married Mary Isabell HUGHES, 25, Kingston, same, d/o William Harvey HUGHES & Emma Louise ADAMS, witn: Joseph Russell SHEA of Harrowsmith & Grace BOLLARD of Ottawa, 29 July 1925 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
10813-25 Theodore THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Barrie twp., Harlowe, s/o Thomas THOMPSON, b. Harlowe & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Mary Elizabeth DELYEA, 16, near Crosby Ont., Harlowe, d/o Charles DELYEA, b. Barrie twp & Angeline THOMPSON, witn: Francis STEELE & Mrs. Thomas FRAIR, both of Arden, 6 Jan 1925 at Arden 10809-25 Donald Orval THURSTON, 20, mechanic, Lemington? Mich. Kingston, s/o Percival THURSTON & Nina BONYARD (Bongard?), married Nellie Myrtle THURSTON, 20, Napanee, Kingston, d/o William THURSTON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Eva BROWN of 36 Charles St. & Elizabeth WRIGHT of 7 Mack St., both Kingston, 27 June 1925 at Kingston
10806-25 Norman TIMMERMAN, 25, laborer, Desert Lake, same, s/o Manly TIMMERMAN, b. Bedford && Susan TIMMERMAN, married Mona Iva BABCOCK, 15, Smiths Falls, Desert Lake, d/o James Edward BABCOCK, b. Verona & Matilda Jane BABCOCK, witn: James E. & Maitilda BABCOCK of Hartington, 22 Aug 1925 at The Home, Bedford 10814-25 James Charles TOBIN, 36, fitting inspector, Westport Ont., Oshawa, s/o John Joseph TOBIN & Elizabeth JORDAN, married Gertrude Mary BABCOCK, 25, waitress, Bedford twp., Kingston, d/o Jacob Timothy BABCOCK & Tresa Frances HICKEY, witn: William Lambet TOBIN of Westport & Rose Helen JENNINGS of Bedford twp., 27 April 1925 at Kingston
  010632-25 Carl Frederick TINGGREN, 32, paving cutter, Sweden, Escott twp s/o Carl Guestoff TINGGREN (b. Sweden) & Amanda OLSON married Annie Cron MARTIN, 19, housekeeper, Glasgow Scotland d/o John MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Jean STEWART wtn: Percy DANBY of Lansdowne & May MARTIN of Escott, 24 December 1925 at Kingston
10803-25 Carman Gillespie TRIPP, 26, operator, Melrose, Sharbot Lake, s/o Richard R. TRIPP, b. Goderich & Clara GILLESPIE, married Bessie Vivian ERWIN, 20, teacher, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o Archibald G. ERWIN, b. Oso twp & Ethel J. CAREY, witn: Marion CAREY of Omemee & Harry C. TRIPP of Belleville, 3 Oct. 1925 at Sharbot Lake 10812-25 Thomas TROUSDALE, 50, merchant, Sydenham, same, s/o John Wesley TROUSDALE, b. Frontenac Co & Mary FOLEY, married Emma ROCHE, 47, widow, Sydenham, same, d/o William Sands GUESS, b. Loughboro twp & Nancy Eleanor McMILLAN, witn: Mabel McFARLANE & Catherine J. SAVANY, both of Kingston, 11 March 1925 at Kingston
10804-25 Clifton TRUSCOTT, 20, farmer, Harrowsmith, same, s/o Fred TRUSCOTT, b. Harrowsmith & Bertha BABCOCK, married Una Isobel SNIDER, 17, Portland twp., Harrowsmith, d/o Stanley BABCOCK, b. Verona & Olive WALROTH, witn: John TRUSCOTT & Ina Mildred SNYDER, both of Harrowsmith, 2 Dec 1925 at Harrowsmith [divorced 16/8/1950] 10805-25 Reginald George TURNER, 32, manager, Oxford England, George St. in Sarnia, s/o Henry B. TURNER, b. England & Nellie DEVERELL, married Letta Grace WALROTH, 31, book keeper, Portland Frontenac, St. Thomas, d/o John E. WALROTH, b. Canada & Laura L. GERALDS, witn: Eva WALROTH & Bertha WARTMAN, both of Verona, 11 Aug 1925 at Verona
10807-25 Joseph Nelson TURPIN, 21, farmer, New Ont, Enterprise, s/o John TURPIN & Margaret, married Catherine Emily VELEY, 20, Bellrock, Parham, d/o George VELEY, b. Hinchinbrooke & Tatie?, witn: Alexander & Eva TURPIN of Enterprise, 17 July 1925 at Verona 10811-25 Alex Henry TURPIN, 26, railroad man, Bellrock, Enterprise, s/o John TURPIN, b. Canada & Margaret LAVEQUE, married Eva PERO, 18, Oak Flats, Godfrey, d/o Wesley PERO, b. Canada & Margaret BABCOCK, witn: Louis LAVEQUE & Nellie PERO, both of Verona, 20 March 1925 at Kingston
10815-25 William Harry UNDERWOOD, 25, merchandising, Uxbridge, Kingston, s/o William James UNDERWOOD & Anne Sophia CHAPMAN, married Elizabeth Ann EAGLES, 23, dept. Manager, London England, Southampton Ont., d/o William EAGLES & Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, witn: Milton W. & Jean A. HARLOW both of Kingston on Oct. 11, 1925 at Kingston 10816-25 George Herbert VEALE, 33, salesman, Kingston, same, s/o John VEALE (b. Kingston) & Mary McNAMEE, married Muriel Alta WOOD, 29, clerk, Portland Tp., Kingston, d/o Daniel WOOD (b. Camden Tp.) & Hester YORK, witn: J. N. NEALE of 360 Johnston St. & Martha RANEY both of Kingston on Oct. 22, 1925 at Kingston.
10817-25 Harry Francis VOTARY, 21, farmer, Perth Road Ont., same, s/o Frank VOTARY (b. Canada) & Gertrude DARLING, married Stella May GILES, 17, East Willenbury (sic), Sydenham, d/o William GILES (b. Canada) & Ida May COLE, witn: Bernard W. VELEY of Perth Road Ont., & Myrtle E. KELLAR of Harrowsmith on April 15, 1925 at Sydenham 10822-25 Clifford John WALKER, 19, soldier, Oxford England, Kingston, s/o John WALKER (b. Oxford England) & Bertha ELLIS, married Edith Mary BATTERSHELL, 19, Shirley Southampton England, Kingston, d/o Harry BATTERSHELL (b. England) & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: Thelma WOODCOCK & Oliver TIDMAN both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1925 at Kingston
10838-25 Ross Andrew WALLER, 20, driver, Kingston, same, s/o George WALLER (b. Pittsburgh) & Georgina JACKSON, married Agnes Lyons HENDRY, 18, Rutherglen Scotland, 470 Frontenac St. Kingston, d/o James HENDREY (b. Rutherglen Scotland) & Agnes LYONS, witn: Clifford & Mary WALLER both of Kingston on Feb. 3, 1925 at Kingston. 10818-25 Baiden Pierpont WATKINS, 23, farmer, Clarendon Tp., same, s/o J. P. WATKINS (b. Kingston) & Sara MILLER, married Mary Esca SMITH, 19, Clarendon Tp., same, d/o John Henry SMITH (b. Ardoch Clarendon Tp.) & Eliza WOODRUFF, witn: Charles WATKINS & Lola SMITH both of Ardoch on Nov. 9, 1925 at St. John's Church Ardoch.
10828 James Ernest WATSON, 24, quarryman, Kingston, same, s/o George WATSON (b. Devonshire England) & Elizabeth ARMOUR, married Annie O'GORMAN, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Patrick O'GORMAN (b. Storrington Tp.) & Matilda TUTTLE, witn: Stewart Francis FARRELL of 54 Lower Rideau St. & Minerva HOGAN of 162 University Ave. both of Kingston on May 27, 1925 at Kingston 10823-25 William Andrew WATSON, 33, student, Verona, same, s/o Wesley F. WATSON (b. Canada) & Mary E. CRAIG, married Ethel Boyd OLDHAM, 34, widow, Kingston, same, d/o John McKEE (b. Canada) & Amelia BOYD, witn: Mrs. T. W. & Miss Helen ROGERS both of Kingston on Sept. 14, 1925 at Kingston
10834-25 Roy Albert WEBB, 26, farmer, Mt. Chesney Ont., same, s/o Albert E. WEBB (b. Ontario) & Martha E. GORDON, married Florence Reta DENNEE, 26, Inverary, same, d/o Frank DENNEE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane PARKER, witn: Glenn S. & Annie CURTIS both of Kingston on March 11, 1925 at Kingston. 10828-25 Wilfred WELLS, 24, carpenter, Lancashire England, 89 Cataraqui St. Kingston, s/o William WELLS (b. England) & Margaret HELSLEY, married Gwendoline Alice PLUMRIDGE, 17, London England, 89 Cataraqui St. Kingston, d/o John William PLUMRIDGE (b. England) & Alice Mary PERKIN, witn: Cecil John PLUMRIDGE of 89 Cataraqui St. & Janette ELFORD of 84 Quebec St. both of Kingston on June 27, 1925 at Kingston.
10833-25 Walter Henry WEST, 28, guard, Hampshire England, 45 Ellerbeck St. Kingston, s/o James WEST (b. Hampshire England) & Martha SURRELL, married Phoebe Edna BURK, 30, Kingston, 140 ½ York St. same, d/o John CARPENTER-SWAIN (b. Trowbridge England) & Elizabeth GREGORY, witn: F. W. PARTRIDGE & Martha WEST both of Kingston on April 14, 1925 at Kingston 10832-25 Cecil Francis WESTLAKE, 25, guard at penitentiary, Portsmouth Ont., same, s/o William Rickle WESTLAKE (b. England) & Mary RODDY, married Pearl Stella WALSH, 22, Renfrew, 163 Sydenham St. Kingston, d/o James Edward WALSH (b. Ireland) & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: Michael Neil & Grace MORAN both of Portsmouth on April 6, 1925 at Kingston.

10824-25 William Arthur WESTON, 30, gardener, Cataraqui, same, s/o Thomas WESTON (b. Norfolk England) & Sarah Ann HOOPER, married Edith KILMINSTER, 20, Smith Falls, Cataraqui, d/o Edward KILMINSTER (b. Jersey Channel Islands) & Mary Ellen LINDSAY, witn: Howard & Ethel NORRIS both of Cataraqui on Dec. 31, 1925 at Cataraqui.

10819, John George WHYTE, 28, Cheese maker, Scotland, Pittsburgh, s/o John WHYTE ( b Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret MARTIN married Pansy Viola McALLISTER, 21, Tp Pittsburg, Tp Pittsburgh, d/o Robert James McALLISTER ( b Canada) & Sabrary McILROY, wit James & Gertrude McALLISTER of Joyceville, on November 11, 1925 at Kingston Mills.

10826-25 George WILLIAMSON, 27, painter, Ireland, Kingston, s/o John WILLIAMSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BELL, married Annie Maud MURRAY, 24, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o Alfred J. MURRAY (b. Canada) & Jennie ARTHUR, witn: Alwyn C. MURRAY & Marjorie A. HOLLAND both of Kingston on July 6, 1925 at Kingston. 10820-25 William Ford WILLS, 24, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o William WILLS (b. Leeds Co.) & Geneva HOLMES, married Jennie Frances YORK, 23, South Crosby, not given, d/o Henry YORK (b. Leeds Co.) & Maria CHARLTON, witn: Beryl YORK of Morton Leeds Co. & John E. STEPHEN of Kingston on Sept. 23, 1925 at Kingston
10836-25 James Jamieson WILSON, 25, labourer, Belfast Ireland, Kingston, s/o John WILSON (b. Ireland) & Mary CAMPBELL, married Mary PIERSON, 23, Porta Down Ireland, Kingston, d/o Absalom PIERSON (b. Ireland) & Martha RUDDELL, witn: Reginald & Elizabeth SAUNDERS both of 17 Sixth Street Kingston on July 6, 1925 at Kingston. 10825-25 Herbert E. WILSON, 23, farmer, Fredericksburg Tp., same, s/o William WILSON (b. England) & Barbara PALMER, married Blanche E. WISEMAN, 22, Watertown New York USA, Fredericksburg Tp., d/o Martin S. WISEMAN (b. Canada) & Edith L. YOUNG, witn: Walter C. WILSON of Bath & Gladys N. WISEMAN of Kingston on Dec. 23, 1925 at Kingston
10837-25 Robert John WILSON, 23, clerk, London England, 126 Stephen St. Kingston, s/o Robert John WILSON (b. London England) & Sarah HEATHER, married Ellen Viola BRYANT, 17, Port Hope, 521 Rideau Kingston, d/o Anzlo B. BRYANT (b. Kingston) & Ellen Jane DEMPSTER, witn: Anzlo B. BRYANT & Nellie M. BELL both of Kingston on March 18, 1925 at Kingston 10821-24 James Leonard WILSON, 25, chemist, Dereham Tp. Oxford Co., 308 Ashland Ave. Buffalo New York USA, s/o William WILSON (b. Canada) & Fanny BAILEY, married Merna Beatrice McRORY, 26, Portland Tp., 60 Clergy St. W. Kingston, d/o John McRORY (b. Canada) & Nettie ARTHUR, witn: E. Russell SMITH of 362 Barrie St. & Beryl ARTHUR both of Kingston on Nov. 28, 1925 at Kingston.
10838-25 Stanley Charles WILSON, 21, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o R. J. WILSON (b. Canada) & E. M. RUTHERFORD, married Ellen Daisy HARVEY, 22, England, Kingston, d/o W. J. HARVEY (b. England) & Esther SAGGS, witn: H. S. MURPHY & Miss W. J. HARVEY both of Kingston on Oct. 2, 1925 at Kingston 10827-25 Harold Arthur WOODRUFF, 19, bookkeeper, Fredericksburg, Kingston, s/o William WOODRUFF & Bertha CHARLTON, married Vera Agnes GOGUEL, 16, Halifax Nova Scotia, Kingston, d/o Charles GOGUEL & June FOSTER, witn: E. Clinton HARTMAN & June GOGUEL both of Kingston on July 11, 1925 at St. George Cathedral Kingston.
10831-25 Edward Ryan WOODS, 21, driver, Kingston, same, s/o William A. WOODS (b. Kingston) & Mary Helen HANSON, married Agnes Geneva FOX, 18, Newburgh, Kingston, d/o Morris BLAKELY (b. Kingston) & Alice Hester COX, witn: Edward James HAMMOND & Helen R. STEPHEN both of Kingston on May 5, 1925 at Kingston. 10830-25 Frederick Charles WRIGHT, 20, soldier, Woodstock, Kingston, s/o Frederick C. WRIGHT (b. New Westminster B.C.) & Julia RAMSHART married Florence Violet E. ABRAMS, 21, Desert Lake, Kingston, d/o William ABRAMS (b. Desert Lake Ont.) & Sarah KEECH, witn: John ELLIOTT & Sarah ABRAMS both of Kingston on May 20, 1925 at Kingston
10841-25 William Elwin Burton YOUNG, 24, Kingston, same, s/o William YOUNG, b. Canada & Margaret E. SIMPSON, married Dorothy Frances COMPTON, 24, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o George COMPTON, b. England & Katie ENGLAND, witn: B?. YOUNG of Toronto & Mildred COMPTON of Kingston, 10 Aug. 1925 at Kingston 10840-25 Melville YOUNG, 23, farmer, Leland , same, Lyman YOUNG (b. Storrington Tp.) & Esther PETERS, married Reta AMEY, 19, Kingston, Wilmer Village, d/o Asa AMEY (b. Loughboro Tp.) & Bertha GIBSON, witn: Doris YOUNG of Leland & M. J. CARLETON of Battersea on Sept. 26, 1925 at Battersea
10839-25 John Patterson YOUNG, 32, mechanical engineer, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o John YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Ellen STEWART, married Lyla E. SPOONER, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Charles N. SPOONER (b. Canada) & Mary KENNY, witn: Nellie E. (B.A.) & John C. McCARTNEY both of 175 Alfred St. Kingston on July 6, 1925 at Kingston