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Frontenac Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


35804-26 Herbert Grant ALLEN, 23, farmer, Lavant, same, s/o Samuel ALLEN (b. Pittsburgh Tp.) & Mary MAINVILLE, married Lucy RIDDELL, 18, Mississippi, Lavant, d/o William RIDDELL (b. Frontenac Co.) & Charlotte CASSELL, witn: John RIDDELL of Mississippi Ontario & Helen R. STEPHEN of Kingston on March 3, 1926 at Kingston

35805-26 William Alexander ANDERSON, 34, civil engineer, Cavan, Toronto, s/o James W. ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Isabella JOHNS, married Lyla McCAMMON, 27, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o James McCAMMON (b. Canada) & Charlotte LEWIS, witn: James G. ANDERSON of Peterboro & Mildred M. McCAMMON of Kingston on July 31, 1926 at Kingston

35806-26 Harold Fryer ARMITAGE, 27, civil engineer, Lindsay, Syracuse New York USA, s/o Elias ARMITAGE (b. Oakville) & Hattie Thomasina FRYER, married Clara Isabel HAMILTON, 23, stenographer, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William E. HAMILTON (b. Kingston) & Maud HEALY, witn: William HEALY of Brampton & Amelia G. PAYNE of Kingston on Nov. 15, 1926 at Kingston

35807-26 Russell ARMSTRONG, 27, carpenter, Ontario, 135 Mavety St Toronto, s/o Samuel ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Annie ENGLAND, married Margaret Elsie CHAMBERS, 26, stenographer, Ontario, R. R. 1 Sharbot Lake, d/o Harry CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Annie BOSTON?, witn: William ENGLAND & Helen CHAMBERS both of Sharbot Lake on June 3, 1926 at Sharbot Lake

35808-26 Henry Frederick AYKROYD, 43, labourer, widower, Perth Road, same, s/o Benjamin AYKROYD (b. Loughboro Tp.) & Mary STONE, married Rhoda M. BUSH, 46, widow, Milltown, Napanee, d/o Andrew ENNERY & Lucy BABCOCK, witn: Mildred F. L. RILEY of Cataraqui & Ethel Fanny DOGGETT of Harrowsmith on Sept. 20, 1926 at Harrowsmith

35809-26 Albert Edward BABCOCK, 22, farmer, Milton, Bath Road, s/o Alberton BABCOCK (b. Ontario) & Addie FRISK, married Louise CADE, 17, England, Rochester New York USA, d/o Leonard CADE (b. England) & Ada HAZLEHURST, witn: Glen S. & Miss J. K. CURTIS both of Kingston on March 23, 1926 at Kingston

35811-26 Stanley Clarke BABCOCK, 30, farmer, Ardoch, Harrowsmith, s/o Ephraim BABCOCK & Emma GERDIE, married Irene Maud BABCOCK, 25, Hartington, Harrowsmith, d/o Barnet BABCOCK & Bertha SCALES, witn: Alice Edna BABCOCK & Floyd Appleton SNYDER both of Harrowsmith on March 10, 1926 at Harrowsmith

35810-26 James Stewart BABCOCK, not given, miner, Glenvale, Hartington, s/o father unknown & Edith BABCOCK, married Mildred HOPPINS, not given, Dessert Lake, Hartington, d/o Alexander HOPPINS (b. Hartington) & Florence GARRISON, witn: Albert & Lucretia FREEMAN both of Hartington on Sept. 18, 1926 at Hartington

35812-26 Allan Cecil BALDWIN, 33, farmer, Napanee, Napanee s/o Solomon BALDWIN (b. Canada) & Eliza RENDELL, married Lena Dell CROZIER, 32, Frontenac Co., Napanee , d/o Alexander CROZIER (b. Canada) & Barbara A. PARKS, witn: Anthony & Vera B. MOORE both of Kingston on Sept. 28, 1926 at Kingston

35813-25 Adney BALL, 68, retired farmer, Ernestown Tp., Verona, s/o Eli P. BALL (b. Everton) & Elvira GOODBERRY, married Effie KNOX, 26, Verona, same, d/o Isaac KNOX (b. Portland) & Annie SNIDER, witn: Emily GOODBERRY & Annie KNOX both of Verona on March 2, 1926 at Kingston

35814-26 William Henry George BARBER, 39, guard in Kingston Penitentiary, widower, Toronto, 177 Pine Street Kingston, s/o William Henry George BARBER (b. Beamsville) & Matilda THOMPSON, married Mabel Gertrude HUGHES, 35, clerk, Kingston, 40 Lower Union Street same, d/o Robert Henry HUGHES (b. Battersea) & Lillian CLIFFORD, witn: Edward BULLOW of 52 Rideau St & Frances McGLYNN of 230 Division Street both of Kingston on Sept. 15, 1926 at Kingston

35815-26 Bruce BEAVIS, 29, inspector of W. & M., Peterboro, Belleville, s/o Robert BEAVIS (b. Peterboro) & Annie SUCKLING, married Jane Ann RUTLEY, 39, chief operator, Osnabruck Tp., Kingston, d/o Leonard RUTLEY (b. Warrington) & Hessie Ellen ARBUTHNOTT, witn: Minnie E. BALL of 179 Division Street & Nora J. PAPST of 400 Brock Street both of Kingston on July 24, 1926 at Kingston

35816-26 Frederick Wilson BELL, 27, chauffeur, Enterprise, Kingston, s/o Nelson BELL (b. Canada) & Evelina LOCKWOOD, married Anna May CARD, 24, Yarker, Kingston, d/o Stephen CARD (b. Canada) & Esme ASSELSTINE, witn: M. L. BROWN of 181 William Street & Catherine SHARP of 133 William Street both of Kingston on March 29, 1926 at Kingston.

35817-26 Francis Leonard BENTLEY, 22, soldier, Leeds England, Kingston, s/o Samuel BENTLEY (b. England) & Emma HODGINS, married Norma Eleanor BAIRD, 21, cook, Kingston, same, d/o Robert BAIRD (b. Canada) & Bernice GREER, witn: Alfred SORLEY & Olive L. BAIRD both of Kingston on April 21?, 1926 at Kingston

35819-26 James Mansel BERRY, 19, labourer, Railton, Kingston, s/o Fred BERRY (b. Canada) & Tilly NICHOLSON, married Fanny RAWLINSON, 18, clerk, England, Kingston, d/o Fred RAWLINSON (b. England) & Alice JACKSON, witn: Mrs. V. McGUIRE & Harry SAUNDERS both of 491 Alfred Street Kingston on Jan. 11, 1926 at Kingston

35818-26 Henry Hilliard BERRY, 25, farmer, Seeleys Bay, Kingston Mills, s/o William James BERRY (b. Leeds Co.) & Eva JOHNSTON, married Kathleen Ursula SPROULE, 21, Westbrook, same, d/o James L. F. SPROULE (b. Ernestown Tp.) & Mary Alice MARSHALL, witn: John L. F. & Mary A. SPROULE both of Westbrook on July 28, 1926 at Westbrook

35820-26 Henry BIRCHALL, 23, tinsmith, England, Kingston, s/o Edward BIRCHALL (b. England) & Elizabeth HIBBERT, married May LISTER, 20, England, Kingston, d/o Herbert LISTER (b. England) & Ada CLIFTON, witn: B. F. COOPER & C. T. WRIGHT both of Kingston on July 3, 1926 at Kingston

35821-26 Leonard Moses BISHOP, 21, labourer, Gananoque, same, s/o Moses BISHOP (b. Canada) & Della MILLER, married Helen TRUESDELL, 18, Gananoque, same, d/o Allan TRUESDELL (b. Canada) & Pauline O'BRIEN, witn: E. P. NASH & C. T. WRIGHT both of Kingston on Nov. 18, 1926 at Kingston.

35822-26 Ira Johnston BLAKESLEY, 45, railroader section man, widower, Sydenham, same, s/o Albert BLAKESLEY (b. Sydenham) & Cleya? FERGUSON, married Ruby Athalia BUCK, 41, clerk, Sydenham, same, d/o S. Percy BUCK (b. Sydenham) & Harriet CALDWELL, witn: Herman A. BUCK of Sydenham & Alina H. ROBERTS of Perth Road on Feb. 17, 1926 at Sydenham


35823-26 Leonard Ralph BOUYERS, 21, baker, England, Kingston, s/o Harry Ralph BOUYERS (b. England) & Jennie HINDS, married Amelia Kate LAILEY, 17, Kingston, same, d/o John LAILEY (b. England) & Amelia Kate TALBOT, witn: Ellen & Charles T. CANE both of 256 Concession St Kingston on March 10, 1926 at Kingston.

35824-26 Russell BOYCE, 29, farmer, R. R. 1 Harrowsmith, R. R. 7 Napanee, s/o Lewis Wilson BOYCE (b. Canada) & Lucy REYNOLDS, married Ada SIGSWORTH, 29, school teacher, Harrowsmith, same, d/o John Elijah SIGSWORTH (b. Canada) & Rebecca Jane SAUL, witn: Dr. H. A. BOYCE of Deseronto & Mildred LIPSWORTH of Harrowsmith on July 15, 1926 at Harrowsmith

35825-26 William John BREEN, 24, linotype operator, Owen Sound, Kingston, s/o Wesley BREEN (b. Canada) & Amelia McLAREN, married Nellie ODERKIRK, 27, Tamworth, Kingston, d/o Frank ODERKIRK (b. Canada) & Mary CARD, witn: Philip BRIXTON of Kingston & Lilian ODERKIRK of Tamworth on June 30, 1926 at Harrowsmith

35826-26 Stanley Joseph BRENNEN, 28, mechanic, Gananoque, same, s/o William BRENNEN & Harriet Jane MERON, married Myrtle Lillian COLLINS, 24, Kingston, same, d/o Peter COLLINS & Mary McDONALD, witn: Sadie McGUIRE of Kingston & Redmond MAYLON of Gananoque on Aug. 2, 1926 at Kingston

35827-26 Reginald Charles BREWER, 26, farmer, Weymouth England, 374 King St. Kingston, s/o Samuel J. BREWER (b. England) & Amelia CADMAN, married Margaret Ann MURPHY, 20, Loughboro Tp., 374 King Street Kingston, d/o John E. MURPHY (b. Ontario) & Sarah ABRAHAM, witn: George WARREN & Lilian McGUIRE both of Kingston on Nov. 22, 1926 at Kingston

35828-26 Thomas BRIERLEY, 21, labourer, Lancashire England, 160 Montreal St. Kingston, s/o John BRIERLEY (b. Lancashire England) & Annie JACKSON, married Gladys HILL, 18, saleslady, Kingston, Johnston Street same, d/o Samuel G. HILL (b. London England) & Emma GLASSCOCK, witn: William H. & Ada BRADLEY both of 68 Quebec Street Kingston on Oct. 16, 1926 at Kingston

35829-26 Frank BROWN, 24, soldier, Manchester England, Kingston, s/o Richard BROWN & Emma ROGERS, married Inez MORLEY, 17, Rochdale England, Kingston, d/o John MORLEY & Annie TAYLOR, witn: Arthur & Mabel BOUTILLIER both of 112 Charles Street Kingston on March 13, 1926 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston

35830-26 Richard BROWNLEE, 19, labourer, Olden Tp., Kingston, s/o Richard BROWNLEE & Frances PRESTON, married Dorothy Violet LING, 23, Woolwich Kent England, Kingston, d/o Frederick Edward LING & Alice Louise TURNER, witn: John N. CALEY & Ethel LING both of Kingston on June 12, 1926 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston.

35831-26 Harold Leander BRYANT, 30, shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Wesley BRYANT (b. Kingston) & Mary Margaret HATTAN, married Gertrude Ellen CASSEL, 22 (b. 19 May 1903), furrier, Oso twp, Kingston, d/o James CASSEL (b. Canada) & Almeda BABCOCK, witn: Ellen Jane TWEEDLY of 353 Division St Kingston & Eddie CASSEL of Westbrook on Jan. 2, 1926 at Kingston

35832-26 Edward Joseph BUGGIE, 26, salesman, Rochester New York USA, same, s/o Michael BUGGIE & Johanna LACY, married Gertrude Florence McGLINN, 25, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John McGLINN & Bridget MORAN, witn: Henry McGLINN of Wolfe Island & Mary BUGGIE of Rochester New York USA on Sept. 29, 1926 at Wolfe Island

35833-26 Raymond Cartwright BUSTERD, 22, carpenter, Wolfe Island, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o William BUSTERD (b. Amherst Island) & Jennie PHAIR, married Julia Ethel SMITH, 18, Collins Bay, same, d/o William SMITH (b. Wolfe Island) & Maude E. BEAUBIEN, witn: Robert BUSTERD & Violet E. SMITH both of Collins Bay on July 6, 1926 at Collins Bay.

35834-26 William Albert BUTLIN, 28, clerk, Kingston, 17 Colborne Street same, s/o William BUTLIN (b. Canada) & Jennie ATKINSON, married Laura Mae LENNON, 28, Kingston, 249 Barrie St same, d/o James Henry LENNON & Amelia LONEY, witn: J. S. LENNON & Lilian BUTLIN both of Kingston on June 5, 1926 at Kingston

35835-26 David BYRON, 46, axle maker, Gananoque, same, s/o David BYRON (b. Toronto) & Philomen McDONALD, married Sarah FALLON, 45, Kingston, Gananoque, d/o Patrick FALLON (b. Ireland) & Catherine McEVOY, witn: H. BYRON of Gananoque & K. BRADY of Kingston on Sept. 2, 1926 at Kingston

35836-26 Elmer Clifford BYRON, 24, sailor, Kingston, Kingston Tp., s/o Joseph H. BYRON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane CLIFF, married Annabella RUSSELL, 21, Millbrook, Kingston Tp., d/o Robert A. RUSSELL (b. Canada) & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Charlie & Ruby DRAPER both of Bath Road, on Feb. 23, 1926 at Kingston

35837-26 James Leonard CAHILL, 24, toolmaker, Smith Falls, same, s/o John CAHILL (b. Lanark Co.) & M. MURPHY, married Jane Myrtle LEGGATT, 20, factory worker, Perth, same, d/o George LEGGATT (b. Lanark Co.) & A. STEACY, witn: W. S. CAHILL of Oswego NY & E. TALLON of Kingston on April 26, 1926 at Kingston

35838-26 Arthur CAIN, 21, labourer, Osler Ont, Kingston, s/o Benjamin CAIN & Bessie GREER, married Agnes Mary DAVIS, 18, Cannamore, Kingston, d/o William J. DAVIS (b. Wales Australia) & Sarah McMECHAN, witn: William DAVIS of Kingston & Pearl DAVIS of 12 Corrigan St. Kingston on March 16, 1926 at Kingston.

35839-26 John Edward CALEY, 22, leather worker, London England, 22 Montreal St Kingston, s/o John Edward CALEY (b. Manchester England) & Clara O POUNDER?, married Ethel Elizabeth LING, 22, spinner, Woolwich England, 106 Clergy St. Kingston, d/o Frederick Edward LING (b. England) & Alina TENNANT, witn: Francis Edward MATTHEWS of 15 Rideau St & Marion Olive DUMPHY of 100 Clergy St both of Kingston on Sept. 30, 1926 at Kingston

35840-26 Collamer Chipman CALVIN, 31, barrister, Ontario, 26 Dunvegan Rd. Toronto, s/o Hiram H. CALVIN (b. Ontario) & Annie Weeckam?. MARSH, married Isabel Allan MOOERS, 22, graduate nurse, Ontario, 68 Barrie St Kingston, d/o Henry F. MOOERS (b. Ontario) & Mary MACLEAN, witn: H. A. CALVIN Junior of Toronto & Grace F. MOOERS of Kingston on April 17, 1926 at Kingston

35841-26 John Franklin CAMPBELL, 51, carpenter, widower, Battersea, 73 John St Kingston, s/o Henry Van Luven CAMPBELL (b. Battersea) & Leonora BAIRD, married Louise McCHEYNE, 45, widow, Bedford Mills, 117 Raglan Rd Kingston, d/o Horace HUNT (b. Westport) & Eliza BURLEIGH, witn: W. A. RANEY of Kingston & Mrs. W. H. RANEY of 30 Colborne St Kingston on Sept. 11, 1926 at Kingston

35842-26 John W. CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Sunbury, same, s/o Maynard CAMPBELL (b. Sunbury) & Mary Ellen SCOTT, married Florence DAVY, 20, Sydenham, Sunbury, d/o Adam DAVY (b. Sydenham) & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clifford PATTERSON both of Sunbury on June 2, 1926 at Kingston

35843-26 Ernest Edward CAMPBELL, 46, farmer, widower, Godfrey, same, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Hartington) & Melissa PURDY, married Phoebe ROBINSON, 42, teacher, Hepworth, same, d/o John ROBINSON (b. illegible Grey Co) & Phoebe BUTTS, witn: Archie & Mary TIMMERMAN both of Hartington on June 30, 1926 at Parham

35844-26 Harry Gordon CARLETON, 26, physician, Roslin, Norwood, s/o John CARLETON (b. Canada) & Isabell Ellen DAFOE, married Edith Maud WALKER, 25, nurse, Brockville, Perth, d/o Walter W. WALKER (b. Canada) & Mary Eleanor WESTON, witn: John CARLETON of Detroit & Margaret J. McLEAN of Perth on Aug. 28, 1926 at Kingston

35845-26 Chester Field CARNVOSKY, 59, salesman, Kingston, Grand Rapids Michigan, s/o Robert CARNVOSKY (b. Poland) & Hannah HARKES, married Angela Grace KELLY, 42, widow, Elgin, Kingston, d/o Philip HALLADAY (b. Canada) & Harriet HOWARD, witn: Cayl J. & Mrs. J. K. COUTAY of Kingston on June 14, 1926 at Kingston

35846-26 Ernest CARON, 19, weaver, Kingston, same, s/o Edward CARON (b. Quebec) & Lydia BELANGER, married Violet May TUGWOOD, 17, spinner, Kingston, same, d/o Alfred TUGWOOD (b. England) & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: George & Nellie TUGWOOD both of Kingston on Feb. 15, 1926 at Kingston

35847-26 James Henry CARR, 21, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Erwin CARR & Catherine LAFFERTY, married Kathleen Ezetta PECOR, 22, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o Charles Albert PECOR & Mary GOODALL, witn: Mildred CARR & Charles PECOR both of Kingston on June 1, 1926 at Kingston

35848-26 Alfred Earl CHAPMAN, 30, farmer, Seeleys Bay, same, s/o Alfred Wallace CHAPMAN & Sarah VANVOLKINGBURG, married Ethel Mary SMITH, 21, teacher, Seeleys Bay, same, d/o William Delbert SMITH & Catherine Stewart BRADY, witn: Millers CHAPMAN & Alice M SMITH both of Seeleys Bay on April 10, 1926 at Kingston.

35849-26 Clarence Roderick CHATSON, 21, clergyman, Denbigh, Enterprise, s/o Oscar F. CHATSON (b. Napanee) & Ella A. YOUMANS, married Whillamena GOODBERRY, 24, Evangelist, Pallard? Tp. Ont, Verona, d/o William GOODBERRY (b. Dresden) & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Nettie DAVEY & Cecil GOODBERRY both of Verona on Sept. 20, 1926 at Verona

35850-26 Albert Joseph CHEVALIER, 26, soldier, Montreal, Kingston, s/o Joseph CHEVALIER & Zelie TREMBLAY, married Alice Winifred DE LUCRY, 24, Tay Creek New Brunswick, Kingston, d/o Richard DE LUCRY & Ellen HAWKE, witn: Margaret MURRAY & Alonzo PRUDHOMME both of Kingston on Oct. 15, 1926 at Kingston.

35851-26 Arthur William CLARK, 18, machinist, East Ashford Kent England, Kingston, s/o Arthur CLARK (b. Ashford England) & Louisa WEBB, married Mary Makita OLMSTEAD, 18, Mississippi Ont., Kingston, d/o David OLMSTEAD (b. Canada) & Margaret KIRKHAM, witn: Annie OLMSTEAD of 67 Earl St & Arthur BARRY OF 67 Raglan Rd both of Kingston on April 26, 1926 at Kingston

35852-26 Colin CLARK, 41, customs officer, Montgomeryshire Wales, Kingston, s/o James CLARK (b. Scotland) & Margaret BOTSWOOD, married Beatrice Martha JOHNSON, 35, trained nurse, Montreal, 199 Grey Ave in illegible, d/o Robert JOHNSON (b. England) & Annie MARSH, witn: Ernest W. JOHNSON of Montreal Quebec & Annie M. CLARK of Cataraqui on Aug. 16, 1926 at Cataraqui.

35853-26 Francis Henry CLARKE, 25, painter, Kingston, same, s/o Frank Henry CLARKE (b. Ontario) & Hannah Mary BROWN, married Ruby Coral HUTCHINS, 18, Moscow Ontario, 37 Wellington St Kingston, d/o Charles Maxwell HUTCHINS (b. Ontario) & Adella WARNER, witn: Mary Ann HAMER of 194 Rideau St & George Noel CLARKE of 56 Thomas St both of Kingston on Sept. 28, 1926 at Kingston  

035854-26 Leo McNeill CLEARY, 25, Pressman, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Thomas CLEARY (b. Kingston) & Mary CLARKE; married Mary Margaret BRICK, 26, Domestic, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas BRICK (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth JOHNSON; wit Thomas CLEARY & Mrs. T. CLEARY, both Kingston, 25 May 1926, Kingston

035855-26 George Herbert CLIFF, 33, Mining Engineer, Kingston Twp, Timmins, s/o Joshua CLIFF (b. England) & Emily McBRIDE; married Maude Irene QUIST (QUIRT?), 35, Stenographer, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John J. QUIST (b. Ontario) & Maria RUTHERFORD; wit Gordon D. QUIST & Mrs. Opalma CLIFFE, both Kingston, 29 Jul 1926, Kingston

035856-26 John CLIFFORD, 29, Machinist, Deseronto, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John CLIFFORD & Annie O'ROURKE; married Clara Teresa KNOWLTON, 23, Verona, Kingston, d/o Silas KNOWLTON & Bertha BENN; wit Augustus MURPHY, Kingston & Elsie LAWLESS, Portsmouth, 21 Apr 1926, Kingston

035857-26 Clifford Robinson CLOW, 21, Farmer, Parham, Parham, s/o Robert Oliver CLOW & Hester Eliza ROBINSON; married Harriet Adelaide BABCOCK, 18, Echo Lake, Tichborne, d/o Cyrus Harvey & Ida BABCOCK; wit Edna CLOW & Will LAPOINTE, both Parham, 16 Dec 1926, Oak Flats

035858-26 Joseph Patterson CLYDE, 34, Farmer, Amherst Island, Cataraqui, s/o John CLYDE (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane McLELLAND; married Annie Elizabeth WILLARD, 20, Teacher, Stella, Stella, d/o Alfred WILLARD (b. Amherst Island) & Charlotte ADAIR; wit Emily HEBERT of 5 Plum St. & Edith T. BURGESS of 106 Pine St., 30 Oct 1926, Kingston

035859-26 Edmund Stewart COLE, 39, Soldier, Birmingham England, RCHA Barracks, s/o John Henry COLE (b. Warwickshire England) & Jane MASON; married Kathleen Mary GIBBONS, 21, Waitress, Co. Cork Ireland, Kingston, d/o John GIBBONS (b. Jersey Channel Islands) & Annie COLLINS; wit Wilfred MCLAUGHLIN & C.I. MACGILLIVRAY, both Kingston, 27 Nov 1926, Kingston

035860-26 John COOK, 21, Farmer, Clarendon, Clarendon, s/o M. Samuel COOK (b. Ontario) & Sarah Cook WHITE; married Susan WHITE, 23, Wensley, Clarendon, d/o Charles WHITE (b. Napanee) & Bella JOHNSON; wit Mrs. Charles WHITE & Mr. Charles WHITE, both Lavant, 22 Sept 1926, Frontenac

035861-26 Charles Alfred CORK, 22, Baker, The Lees Chatham Kent England, Belleville, s/o Alfred CORK & Emily LEEDS; married Winifred Esther CORK, 19, Faversham Kent England, Kingston, d/o Frederick CORK & Louisa THORRINGTON; wit William ALLCORN & Stanley CORK, both Kingston, 4 Apr 1926, Kingston

035862-26 George William COTMAN, 23, Barber, Kingston, Kingston, s/o George Charles COTMAN (b. England) & Mary A. WARD; married Edna Louise JOHN, 18, England, Kingston, d/o Henry JOHN (b. Germany) & Ida FISHER; wit J. O. ELLIOTT & Lilian ELLIOTT, both Kingston, 26 Mar 1926, Kingston

035863-26 Leonard Francois CONERD, 32, Printer, St. Pierre Guernsey, Toronto, s/o Marcel CONERD (b. St. Pierre Guernsey) & Janette MORSE; married Hazel SMITH, 17, Leland, Kingston, d/o Edward SMITH (b. Leland) & Alice JOHNSTON; wit Stanley ROGERS & Eva POGUS, both Kingston, 4 Jul 1926, Kingston

035864-26 William Franklin COX, 27, Farmer, Wid, Hinchinbrooke Twp, Coxsville - Clarendon twp, s/o Edward Douglas COX (b. Hinch) & Charlotte Hellen SHULTZ; married Alice Arabella ALLAN, 26, Mississippi Twp, Coxsville, d/o William ALLEN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth S. McMULLEN; wit Mrs. Alfonzo COX, Censville? & Mrs. Gertie? LOFT, Verona, 30 Jan 1926, Verona

035865-26 William James COYLE, 26, City Editor Kingston Standard, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James J. & Mary Ann COYLE; married Irene Helen DOYLE, 28, Stenographer, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John J. DOYLE & Lucy HARRISON; wit Cotting? LYONS, Windsor & Ruth DOYLE, Kingston, 10 Aug 1926, Kingston

035866-26 Reuben Edward CURL, 67, Gentleman, Wid, Camden Twp, Camden Twp, s/o John CURL (b. Camden East) & Elizabeth BOYCE; married Margaret BOYCE, 51, Camden Twp, Portland Twp, d/o Philip FREEMAN (b. Portland Twp) & Martha WARD; wit Edith Fanny WAGGETT & Alice COWDY, both Harrowsmith, 13 Jan 1926, Harrowsmith

035867-26 Henry Leath DAVIS, 30, Sailor, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o John H. DAVIS (b. Wolfe Island) & Margaret SANDERSON; married Gladys Geraldine HOUGH, 28, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Asa HOUGH (b. Wolfe Island) & Margaret MARSH or MARCH; wit W.A. DAVIS & Mabel M. DAVIS, both Kingston, 18 Dec 1926, Kingston

035868-26 Reginald Arthur DAWDY, 26, Draughtsman, Buffalo NY, Detroit, s/o Arthur Ellis DAWDY (b. Canada) & Henrietta WING; married Olivia BAIDEN, 26, Portsmouth, Kingston, d/o Richard BAIDEN (b. Kingston) & Mary BEAUPRE; wit Mamie BAIDEN, Portsmouth & Alexander ADA, Kingston, 13 Feb 1926, Portsmouth

035869-26 Edwin Leslie DILWORTH, 24, Mechanical Engineer, Bowbells North Dakota, Montreal Quebec, s/o William J. DILWORTH (b. Ontario) & Esther STINSON; married Mildred Benham OLIVER, 22, Stenographer, Campbellton NB, Kingston, d/o Robert Kennedy OLIVER (b. Ontario) & Carrie Louise MEREDITH; wit Thelma M. HOAG & John Larkin DUNLOP, both Kingston, 30 Oct 1926, Kingston

035870-26 Henry Guy DINE, 27, Merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Charles Walter DINE (b. Kingston) & Jessie CHRISTMAS; married Hattie Beatrice UPTON, 25, Bookkeeper, Kepler Ont, Kingston, d/o George Augustus UPTON (b. England) & Victoria Jane CRANSTON; wit Etta Marguerite BARRETT, Toronto & Charles Walter DINE, Watertown NY, 6 Apr 1926, Kingston

035871-26 Orval Anderson DODSON, 25, Painter & Decorator, Hamilton, Kingston, s/o William A. DODSON & Margaret ANDERSON; married Marjory Clariffee Louise PAYNE, 18, Portsmouth, Kingston, d/o John A. PAYNE & Jean BRUNNING, wit Ronald H. KETTLE & Jean IRWIN, Kingston, 24 Apr 1926, Kingston

035872-26 William Francis DONALD, 26, Machinist, Oshawa, same, s/o Edward DONALD & Cecilia DOYLE; married Madeline Jeanette BLAKEY, 23, Stenographer, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alfred BLAKEY & Jessie WOOD; wit Edward DONALD & Mary DONALD, both Oshawa, 2 Aug 1926, Kingston

035873-26 Thomas DONALDSON, 23, Soldier, Kirriemuir Forfarshire Scotland, Kingston, s/o George DONALDSON (b. Scotland) & Leah DAVIES; married Hazel Maye STREEET, 23, Taylor - Leeds Co, Kingston, d/o Abraham STREET (b. South Leeds) & Mary Amelia POPE; wit Beulah M. STREET & William C. WINTER, both Kingston, 20 Aug 1926, Kingston

035874-26 James Vincent DONOHUE, 31, Farmer, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o Michael DONOHUE & Agnes COSGROVE; married Bridget Margaretta O'HEARN, 29, Domestic, Atkison, Atkison, d/o William O'HEARN & Margaret O'NEILL; wit Patrick O'HEARN, Atkison & Carmel DONOHUE, Gananoque, 14 Sept 1926, Brewer's Mills

035875-26 Michael John DRISCOLL, 30, Farmer, Howe Island, Howe Island, John DRISCOLL & Susan PICKETT; married Margaret Edith BEAUBIEN, 19, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o Joseph BEAUBIEN & Amelia SAUVE; wit Bercie BEAUBIEN & Beatrice FOLEY, both Howe Island, 18 Oct 1926, Howe Island

035876-26 Frederick Albert Wellington DRUCE, 22, Farm Work, Sharbot Lake, Seeleys Bay, s/o John Albert DRUCE (b. Bellplains Iowa USA) & Hannah Ellen WADDINGTON; married Alvareta Minnie BURTCH, 19, Sand Bay, Seeleys Bay, d/o Reuben BURTCH & Minnie Bell LAROSE; wit J.G. MOULTON, Kingston & Miss Georgie CUMASON?, Island Ont, 17 Jun 1926, Kingston

035877-26 John Albert DUCHARME, 22, Farmer, Olden Twp, Olden Twp, s/o Cavalear DUCHARME (b. Olden Twp) & Fanny VELEY; married Ellen Catherine GILLESPIE, 17, Olden Twp, Olden Twp, d/o James GILLESPIE (b. Scotland) & Martha VINKLE; wit Arthur DUCHARME, Oconto & Luella McCULLOUGH, Wagarville, 8 Dec 1926, Parham

035878-26 Llewellyn Michael DUFFEY, 24, Labourer, Latimer, Kingston, s/o Michael DUFFEY (b. Wolfe Island) & Ella TIBEDORE; married Marguerite Mary McCLEVERTY, 19, Leeds Co, Kingston, d/o Nelson McCLEVERTY (b. Smith Falls) & Mary KNAPP; wit Nelson McCLEVERTY & Myrtle Irene McCLEVERTY, both Kingston, 23 Aug 1926, Kingston

035879-26 William Thomas DUNN, 27, Truck Driver, Bristol England, Sydenham, s/o William Thomas DUNN (b. England) & Florence Emily KEPIN (Kegein?); married Georgina May SCALES, 15, Verona, Godfrey, d/o George Wesley SCALES (b. Bell Rock Ont) & Jane Ann GOODBERRY; wit Annie B. BALL, Kingston & Sarah M. SLACK, Lansdowne, 15 Dec 1926, Kingston

035880-26 Oren Alden EARL, 28, Lansdowne, Kingston, s/o John Hilliard EARL (b. Canada) & Irene HERBISON; married Recca Elena STEACY, 25, Stenographer, Lansdowne, Kingston, d/o Evan STEACY (b. Canada) & no first name SCOTT; wit Ida I. McLEAN & J.K. PATTERSON, both Kingston, 7 Sept 1926, Kingston

035881-26 John EDGAR, 64, Steward, Wid, Scotland, Portsmouth, s/o John EDGAR (b. Scotland) & Margaret JARDIN; married Mary Agnes Henderson DUNCAN, 55, Housekeeper, Wid, Scotland, Kingston, d/o Walter HENDERSON (b. Scotland) & Jane Bell MURRAY; wit Jean DANSON & George EDGAR, both Kingston, 1 Jun 1926, Kingston

035882-26 Gordon ELLERBECK, 19, Farmer, Portland Twp, Portland Twp, s/o Frederick ELLERBECK (b. Ontario) & Winifred DELINE; married Gwendolyn LAWRENCE, 17, Portland Twp, Portland Twp, d/o Eldin LAWRENCE (b. Ontario) & Helen LOYST; wit Gerald DELINE & Keitha ELLERBECK, both Portland Twp, 2 Jul 1926, Kingston

035883-26 Henry Charles EMLAW, 35, Crane Operator, Wid, Campbellford, Kingston, s/o William EMLAW (b. Canada) & Cora HUBBLE; married Lillian STEWART, 40, Housekeeper, Wid, Kingston Twp, Kingston, d/o Cumberland ASHLEY (b. Canada) & Hannah GRASS? wit George HENDERSON & Anna HENDERSON of 306 Earl St., 7 Apr 1926, Kingston

035884-26 Douglas Basil EMMONS, 20, Taxi Driver, Odessa, Kingston, s/o Charles W. EMMONS (b. Canada) & Henrietta ASSELTINE?; married Jean MONROE, 23, Aberdeen Scotland, Kingston Mills, d/o William MONROE (b. Scotland) & Jennie LYSE; wit Charles EMMONS & William B. McKANE, both Kingston, 26 Jan 1926, Kingston

035885-26 James Edwin EMMONS, 18, Soldier, Hawley, Kingston, s/o Charles William EMMONS (b. Odessa) & Ellenor Maude WILSON; married Laura YEOMANS, 16, Harrowsmith, Harrowsmith, d/o Telissier YEOMANS (b. Petworth) & Victoria WAGER; wit Harry VOWLE? & Adorathy EMMONS, both Harrowsmith, 17 Feb 1926, Kingston

035886-26 Stanley Overton EMMONS, 27, drover, Jacksons Mills, Kingston, s/o Albert O. EMMONS (b. Odessa) & Margaret RUTTAN; married Nellie BROWN, 22, Millinery, Wolfe Island, Kingston Twp, d/o James W. BROWN (b. England) & Gertrude SAUNDERS; wit Sarah A. ROBINSON & Laura RANEY, both Kingston, 11 Dec 1926, Kingston

035887-26 Aaron ETHINGTON, 28, Farmer, Mt. Vernon Indiana, Sunbury, s/o Calvin ETHINGTON (b. Louisville Ky USA) & Katherine HOSKINS; married Olive Mossaline HANLEY, 20, Sharpton, Sunbury, d/o Watson HANLEY (b. Barriefield) & Lillian SLEETH; wit Russell BALLS & Mrs. Russell BALLS, both Sunbury, 2 Sept 1926, Battersea


035888-26 Harold Dexter FAIRBANKS, 20, Driver, Kingston Twp, Kingston, s/o Isaac FAIRBANKS & Ethel HICKS; married Norma Mertine BENN, 18, Clerk, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Albert BENN & Emma RUTTAN; wit Mary CLYDE, Cataraqui & Stanley FAIRBANKS, Odessa, 23 Sept 1926, Kingston

035889-26 Thomas Vincent FANNON, 24, Electrician, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Patrick FANNON (b. Kingston) & Agnes GEEHAN; married Lillian Blanche REID, 22, Newfoundland, Kingston, d/o James REID (b. St. Johns Newfoundland) & Julia SNOW; wit Charles FANNON & Ray LAWLOR, both Kingston, 20 Sept 1926, Kingston

035890-26 Emmet Reginald FERGUSON, 20, Fireman, Trenton, Kingston, s/o Malcolm FERGUSON & Maude MIKEL; married Ellen Agnes Minia POTTER, 16, Servant, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John POTTER & Jemima SCOTT; wit Frank TRUESDALE & Mary A. POTTER, both Kingston, 12 Apr 1926, Kingston

035891-26 Alec Pogoon FLETCHER, 25, Soldier, Ashton Under Lyme - Lancs. England, Kingston, s/o Benjamin Edmund FLETCHER (b. Stanley Bridge England) & Esther ANDREW; married Irma Katharine Monica LENNOX, 19 (b. 14 Feb 1906), Lakefield, Kingston, d/o George Washington LENNOX (b. H--? twp Ontario) & Mary Ann FOSTER; wit Violet S. BATEMAN & Gladys V.M. BATEMAN, both Kingston, 12 Feb 1926, Kingston

035892-26 Benjamin FOOTE, 81, Farmer, Wid, Tyendinaga, Odessa, s/o David FOOTE (b. Tyendinaga) & Elizabeth BARTON; married Harriet PECK, 63, Wid, Pittsburg Twp, Kingston, d/o Levi LYON (b. Pittsburg Twp) & Sarah Jane LYON; wit Wilfred HAESLER & Lorena BLANCHARD, both Kingston, 17 Jun 1926, Odessa

035893-26 Francis Roy FORRESTER, 39, Farmer, Canada, Pittsburg, s/o Michael FORRESTER & Ellen LANGWITH; married Catharine LISTON, 29, Sales Lady, Canada, Storrington, d/o James LISTON & Mary HART; wit J.A. WEBB, Seeleys Bay & Marie LISTON, Inverary, 27 Sept 1926, Loughboro

035894-26 James FOWLER, 27, farmer, Mt. Chesney, Mt. Chesney, s/o James FOWLER (b. Mt. Chesney) & Margaret HUGHES; married Alma Phoebe MERRITT, 29, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Edward MERRITT (b. Kingston) & Alice BROWN; wit Isabelle McKENZIE & Lilly B. MERRITT, both Kingston, 24 Jul 1926, Kingston

035895-26 William John FRASER, 21, Labourer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Charles Edward FRASER (b. Kingston) & Annie May CAMPBELL; married Laura Mae ALBERT, 22, Plevna, Kingston, d/o Danson Charles ALBERT (b. Plevna) & Celia Adelaide KING; wit William Roy SUDDARD, Portsmouth & Laura Estella ALBERT, Plevna, 20 Nov 1926, Kingston

035896-26 Bertram John FREDERICK, 22, Druggist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Francis FREDERICK 7 Margaret BRIGGS; married Ethel Winifred LANGER, 22, Typist, Worthing Sussex England, Kingston, d/o Ernest LANGER & Florence DEAR; wit Leonard FREDERICK & William Ross ANDERSON, both Kingston, 28 Sept 1926, Kingston

035897-26 William John FULLER, 34, Bank Messenger, Ashford Kent England, Kingston, s/o Charles A. FULLER & Naomi BARNETT; married Dorothy Keller WRIGHT, 23, Bookbinder, Govan Lanark Scotland, Kingston, d/o William M. WRIGHT & Elizabeth QUIGLEY; wit William & Elizabeth McHAY (McHarg?) of Barriefield, 7 July 1926, Kingston

35898-26 Percy Stuart GALBRAITH, 40, farmer, Camden Tp., Colebrook, s/o Robert GALBRAITH (b. Canada) & Celia JACKSON, married Helen Gertrude BABCOCK, 23, music teacher, Portland Tp., Hartington, d/o Robert Edgar BABCOCK (b. Canada) & Bessie MARTIN, witn: Orpha Lilian BABCOCK of Hartington & Russel GALBRAITH of Colebrook on Dec. 15, 1926 at Portland Tp

35899-26 A. A. GARRATT, 19, farmer, Inverary, same, s/o Alfred J. GARRATT (b. Ontario) & Marietta GIBSON, married M. A. ALLISON, 22, Inverary, same, d/o Robert ALLISON (b. Ontario) & Belle GORDON, witn: Howard & Gladys CHESNEY both of Mt. Chesney on June 12, 1926 at Kingston.

35900-26 George Allan GARRETT, 42, farmer, widower, Sunbury, Loughboro Tp., s/o John Henry GARRETT (b. England) & Margerie JACKSON, married Erma BARR, 32, Burridge, same, d/o Richard James BARR (b. Bedford Tp.) & Jean Trainer THOMPSON, witn: Althea Raney STEEN & Martha RANEY both of Kingston on Feb. 17, 1926 at Kingston.

35901-26 Peter William GAUTHIER, 18, machinist, Gananoque, same, s/o William J. GAUTHIER (b. Gananoque) & Louise AURE, married Daisy Kathleen WILSON, 16, Kingston, same, d/o David WILSON (b. Wolfe Island) & Lena NORRIS, witn: Alfred PAIGE & Fred GAUTHIER both of Gananoque on July 27, 1926 at Kingston.

35902-26 Patrick GEARING, 25, labourer, Leeds Co. England, 398 Division St. in Kingston, s/o Charles GEARING (b. London England) & Nellie HART, married Mary Ellen PAFFLEY, 17, Kingston, 391 Division St. in same, d/o Thomas PAFFLEY (b. London England) & Gertrude DICKSON, witn: Agnes McLENNAN of 283 Division St & Frank DONELLY of 390 Division St both of Kingston on June 30, 1926 at Kingston

35903-26 Thomas Burton GENGE, 32, farmer, Godfrey, same, s/o Joe GENGE (b. Hinchinbrooke) & Ada SNYDER, married Beatrice BUCKLEY, 20, Parham, same, d/o Arthur BUCKLEY (b. Hinchinbrooke) & Nancy CRONK, witn: Margaret BUCKLEY of Parham & Lorne GENGE of Godfrey on June 30, 1926 at Verona.

35904-26 Sidney Charles GEORGE, 23, farmer, Glenvale, Mount Chesney, s/o John GEORGE (b. England) & Harriet Emily ALLPORTE, married Thelma Bernice BARR, 18, Inverary, same, d/o Charles BARR (b. Inverary) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: A. S. & Alice DUNCAN both of Kingston on April 15, 1926 at Kingston

35905-26 John F. GIBSON, 52, farmer, Sunbury, same, s/o William GIBSON (b. Sunbury) & Emily Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Ethel J. CLARK, 43, merchant, Battersea, Sunbury, d/o Thomas CLARK (b. Battersea) & Jane MOFFATT, witn: Thomas M. & Mrs. Thomas CLARK both of Battersea on Aug. 21, 1926 at Battersea

35906-26 Robert Stirling GIBSON, 26, physician, Kingston, Hamilton, s/o James GIBSON (b. Waterloo) & Sarah SHARPE, married Vereen Vivian KELUSKY, 23, nurse, Faraday, Hamilton, d/o John KELUSKY (b. Maynooth) & Hattie Mary HANNAH, witn: Mrs. N. H. & A. Wendell RANEY both of 30 Colborne St Kingston on Aug. 14, 1926 at Kingston

35907-26 William Delbert GILES, 30, farmer, Godfrey, same, s/o Godfrey W. GILES (b. Canada) & Margaret JUDGE, married Anna Elizabeth SINCLAIR, 24, teacher, Scotland, Kingston, d/o Peter A. SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Annie B. MacFARLANE, witn: Masie & Claire SINCLAIR both of Kingston on May 15, 1926 at Kingston

35908-26 Frederick GOMMO, 31, boiler maker, Bristol England, Albany NY, s/o John Bolter GOMMO (b. England) & Mary Francis SADLER, married Josie Lillian POTHECARY, 24, Tredegar Wales, 155 Bagot St Kingston, d/o John POTHECARY (b. England) & Mary Jane SMITH, witn: Gilbert & Gladys May POMEROY both of Kingston on Sept. 7, 1926 at Portsmouth

35909-26 George Anderson GOODFELLOW, 26, farmer, Tyendinaga Tp., same, s/o William GOODFELLOW (b. Tyendinaga Tp.) & Elizabeth CARTER, married Leitra Myrtle ROSE, 24, Thurlow Tp., same, d/o Seymore ROSE (b. Sydney Tp. Hastings Co.) & Charlotte KELLY, witn: Ada E. PETTEM & W. L. VERRETTE both of Sydenham on Oct. 18, 1926 at Sydenham.

35910-26 Patrick GORMAN, 26, attendant Rockwood Hospital, Glenboyd Scotland, Kingston, s/o Davis GORMAN (b. Ireland) & Mary CLARK, married Grace GIBB, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Kingston, d/o William GIBB (b. Scotland) & Eliza MURRAY, witn: Isaac & Mrs. Catherine LLOYD both of Kingston on May 18, 1926 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston

35911-26 Henry Ross GRAHAM, 21, clerk, Kingston, 343 Albert St same, s/o Henry A. GRAHAM (b. Collins Bay Ontario) & May DONNELLY, married Lois Loraine VALLEAU, 21, Battersea, 278 Johnston St Kingston, d/o Gordon d. VALLEAU (b. Richmond Tp.) & Annie Mary GIBSON, witn: Amanda Caroline GIBSON of Sunbury & Kirk Karl COWARD of 380 Albert St Kingston on Nov. 15, 1926 at Kingston

35912-26 James Roland Harold GRAHAM, 27, physician, Kingston, same, s/o James GRAHAM (b. Kingston) & Anna FAGG, married Marjory Winnifred FAIR, 27, teacher, Glenburnie, Kingston, d/o Robert FAIR (b. Glenburnie) & Mary LONGWITH, witn: Mary & Robert FAIR both of Kingston on Sept. 2, 1926 at Kingston. [divorced 21/6/51]

35914-26 George Arnold GRANT, 32, foreman, widower, Deseronto, Kingston, s/o George Alexander GRANT (b. Kissala Ireland) & Ellen STEWART, married Grace May WARREN, 27, Brockville, Kingston, d/o George F. WARREN (b. London England) & Sarah L. HODGKINS, witn: Sarah L. WARREN & Alice H. THOMPSON both of Kingston on April 24, 1926 at Kingston.

35915-26 Andrew Hilliard GRAY, 24, operator of motion pictures, Frontenac Co., Trenton, s/o Andrew W. GRAY (b. Morton) & Amelia ANDERSON, married Mary Kathleen ALYEA, 23, stenographer, Murray Tp., Trenton, d/o James Henry ALYEA (b. Ameliasburg Tp.) & Eliza Jane PORTER, witn: Talmadge Ross GRAY of Brockville & Isabel STEPHEN of Kingston May 24, 1926 at Kingston

35916-26 George GREEN, 34, electrician, Perth Scotland, Kingston, s/o Duncan GREEN (b. Perth Scotland) & Ellen PRENTICE, married Evelyn May FULLER, 19, employed at Ward #2 Kingston General Hospital, Harrowsmith, Kingston General Hospital Kingston, d/o Orten FULLER (b. Odessa Ont.) & Martha BENNETT, witn: Hugh KEATING of 272 Wellington St. Kingston & Frances VANLUVEN of Kingston General Hospital Kingston on Aug. 2, 1926 at Kingston


35917-26 Orville H. HAFFNER, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Glenburnie, s/o William HAFFNER (b. Kingston & Emma Jane GORDON, married Willa REID, 19, Kingston Tp., Glenburnie, d/o William REID (b. Kingston) & Sarah GEORGE, witn: Lorna CAMPBELL of Sunbury & Helen R. STEPHENS of Kingston on Nov. 6, 1926 at Kingston

35918-26 Francis Patrick HANAGHAN, 36, guard, Chichester England, Kingston, s/o Francis Patrick HANAGHAN & Harriett STEARN, married Phoebe WRIGHT, 30, nurse, Cheshire England, Kingston, d/o William WRIGHT & Mary Ellen CLARK, witn: Francis STENTCAUK? & Jessie PICKERING both of Kingston on Jan. 4, 1926 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston

35919-26 Thomas William HANSFORD, 31, clerk, Eldorado, Hungerford Tp., s/o Frank Charles HANSFORD (b. England) & Amelia Jane JARVIS, married Gertrude Viola CLARK, 27, Hungerford Tp., same, d/o George Van Buren CLARK (b. USA) & Amelia Jane FLUKE, witn: M. L. BROWN & Sue P. DEACON both of Kingston on Sept. 25, 1926 at Kingston

35920-26 James Milton HARPELL, 21, farmer, Cataraqui, same, s/o Wesley HARPELL (b. Cataraqui) & Agnes HOWIE, married Jennie May YOUNG, 16, Kingston, Cataraqui, d/o William YOUNG (b. Kingston) & Mary DAVISON (Dawson?), witn: Belle BOYD of Kingston & B. HARPELL of Cataraqui on June 2, 1926 at Kingston

35921-26 Garnet Ford HARRIS, 30, butcher, Gananoque, same, s/o William George HARRIS (b. Gananoque) & Selina Ann MONOUGHAN (Monaghan?), married Elsie Elizabeth WOODS, 24, Joyceville, same, d/o George WOODS (b. Joyceville) & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Mrs. George WOODS Sr. & Annie E. WOODS both of Joyceville on Oct. 18, 1926 at Joyceville.

35922-26 William Henry HARRIS, 24, truck driver, Toronto, Kingston, s/o John (b. England) & Jean, married Georgina Alma TODD, 18, Kingston, same, d/o George Herbert TODD (b. Wolfe Island) & Maggie SHERBINO, witn: Albert STINE of Belleville & Edith M. TODD of Kingston on Dec. 22, 1926 at Kingston

35923-26 Carman Douglas HARTLEY, 22, guide, Battersea , Battersea, s/o Wesley HARTLEY (b. Storrington Tp.) & Eliza Ann COWIE married Annie L. LAKE, 18, Battersea , Battersea, d/o Harold Clark LAKE (b. Battersea) & Emily Ada WILSON, witn: Lisle G. & Mrs. L. G. HARTLEY both of Battersea on Aug. 20, 1926 at Battersea

35924-26 Lisle G. HARTLEY, 29, farmer, Battersea, same, s/o Wesley HARTLEY (b. Storrington Tp.) & Eliza Ann COWIE, married Annie O. MILLER 18, Battersea, same, d/o Herbert Ross MILLER (b. Storrington Tp.) & Minerva KNAPP, witn: Carman Douglas Hartley & Anna Lillian LAKE both of Battersea on Feb. 24, 1926 at Battersea

35925-26 Michael Joseph HASTINGS, 49, farmer, Bedford Tp., Earlston (Earlton?) Ont., s/o John HASTINGS (b. Ireland) & Mary McNICHOLS, married Nellie TAHAN, 44, Westport, same, d/o Marcus TAHAN (b. Ireland) & Ellen GANLAN (Saulan?), witn: C. MURPHY & R. FLEMING both of Kingston on Oct. 18, 1926 at Kingston

35926-26 Wilson Edward HAYES, 23, farmer, Arden, same, s/o Edward HAYES (b. Arden) & Julia PARKS, married Laura Maud GUERNSEY, 18, Hammond, Dead Creek, d/o Frank GUERNSEY (b. Hammond) & Mary ARNEY (Amey?), witn: Philip & Jean PETERSON both of Arden on Nov. 25, 1926 at Parham


35927-26 William HELSBY, 23, machinist, West Hougston? Lancashire England, Kingston, s/o Richard HELSBY (b. England) & Annie SOUTHWORTH, married Millicent Elizabeth CHILDS, 16, Kingston, same, d/o Gabriel CHILDS (b. England) & Gertrude MARTIN, witn: Helen R. & Isabel STEPHEN both of Kingston on March 11, 1926 at Kingston

35929-26 Howard HENDERSON, 39, farmer, widower, Perth Road, Hartington, s/o Alexander HENDERSON (b. Wolfe Island) & Emiline MILLS, married Susan TIMMERMAN, 37, widow, Bedford Mills, Hartington, d/o Henry GREEN (b. Wilmer Ontario) & Melise VANCONATE (Vankoughnett?), witn: Garrett & Pearl Parson HENDERSON both of Westbrook on March 9, 1926 at Cataraqui

35928-26 Ashton HENDERSON, 24, labourer, Battersea, Westbrook, s/o Alexander HENDERSON (b. Howe Island) & Emmeline MILLS, married Grace Beatrice DONNELL, 19, Kingston, Westbrook, d/o Flanders DONNELL (b. Latimer) & Annie EVANS, witn: Garrett & Pearl HENDERSON both of Westbrook on Oct. 16, 1926 at Cataraqui

35930-26 Edmund HICKEY, 33, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o James HICKEY & Callous? MURPHY married Julia FITZGERALD, 18, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Edward FITZGERALD & Susanna HISTARD (Unstard?), witn: Catherine FITZGERALD of Tichborne & Glen HICKEY of Burridge on April 20, 1926 at Bedford

35931-26 Percy Alban HOLLER, 29, mariner, Wiarton, same, s/o Andrew HOLLER (b. Brant P.) & Augusta ERBSHOTT, married Lila Aleen SHIER, 21, Enterprise, same, d/o Richard SHIER (b. Enterprise) & Annie BOATTS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. A. BURNETT both of Odessa on Jan. 19, 1926 at Kingston.

35932-26 Joseph Gordon HOOPER, 24, contractor, Kingston, same, s/o William Joseph Albert HOOPER (b. Portsmouth Ontario) & Mary Alice Elizabeth McCUNE, married Muriel Lucille LAURENCE, 19, Garden Island, 215 Division St Kingston, d/o John James LAURENCE (b. Kingston) & Gertrude PHILLIPS, witn: A. DOUGLAS of 510 Brock St. & Mary M. HOOPER of 163 Sydenham St both of Kingston on June 14, 1926 at Kingston

35933-25 William Henry HOWARD, 29, fox farmer, Boston Mass. USA, 31 Division St Kingston, s/o Henry HOWARD (England) & Elizabeth HARDY, married Eleanor MURRAY, 22, Kingston, 32 Division St same, d/o Randall B. MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Eliza EDWARDS, witn: E. MURRAY of 31 Division St & Marie Adele LABARGE of 85 York St both of Kingston on Aug. 30, 1926 at Kingston

35934-26 George HOWIE, 50, labourer, Tamworth, Napanee, s/o John HOWIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret WHAN, married Elsie DETLOR, 50, Tamworth, same, d/o George DETLOR (b. Canada) & Mary PILLMAN, witn: Robert ORVILLE of 132 Barrie St & Mrs. W. H. RANEY of 30 Colborne St both of Kingston on Aug. 3, 1926 at Kingston

35935-26 Benjamin Alexander HOWLETT, 21, labourer, England, Kingston, s/o Albert HOWLETT (b. England) & Annie WRIGHT, married Marie Almanda RUBING, 21, Deseronto, Kingston, d/o Omer? RUBING (b. Leon Quebec) & Rosanna TAYLOR, witn: Amelia Mace MAIR & Jessie Mace MAIR both of Kingston on Dec. 27, 1926 at Kingston

35936-26 Ernest Gilbert HUDGIN, 30, manager, divorced, Prince Edward Co., Kingston, s/o Nelson HUDGIN (b. Ontario) & Emma THIBAULT, married Vera Beatrice EDMONDS, 24, Carleton Place, Napanee, d/o Norman George EDMONDS (b. Ontario) & Lydia CARR, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank SPRUNG both of Napanee on Sept. 2, 1926 at Kingston

35937-26 Melvin Ross HUMPHREY, 27, farmer, Adolphustown Tp., same, s/o John HUMPHRIES (b. Napanee) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Harriett Alice RAWLINSON, 23, London England, Fredericksburgh Tp., d/o Frederick RAWLINSON (b. Cambridgeshire England) & Alice JACKSON, witn: Roy RAWLINSON of Napanee & Mrs. M. BERRY of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1926 at Kingston

35938-26 Clifford Nelson HUNT, 22, mechanic, Springfield - Leeds Co., 120 Earl St. Kingston, s/o Delmer Charles HUNT (b. Lansdowne Ont.) & Annie May HERBISON, married Lena May REYNOLDS, 25, operator, Odessa, 120 Earl St Kingston, d/o Frederick George REYNOLDS (b. Odessa) & Nellie HARTMAN, witn: Alltra STEEN & Martha RANEY both of Kingston on March 25, 1926 at Kingston.

35939-26 Borden HUTCHINGS, 19, farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Herbert HUTCHINGS (b. Newboro) & Alberta ATCHESON, married Florence Mary EAGLE, 22, Yarker, Bedford Mills, d/o Thomas William EAGLE (b. Melrose) & Maud McILROY, witn: Franklin Harold & Alice Mildred EAGLE both of Bedford Mills on Dec. 11, 1926 at Bedford Mills.

35940-26 Allan Edmund INSTANT, 25, sailor, Stella, same, s/o Roderick INSTANT (b. Canada) & Ida WEMP, married Thelma Blanche CHOWN, 23, Sydenham, 16 Lawrence Ave Kingston, d/o James E. CHOWN (b. Canada) & Mary E. IVEY, witn: Merton R. SHAVER of Brantford & Dorothy E. WEMP of Stella on Nov. 10, 1926 at Stella.

35941-26 Alfred JACKSON, 27, farmer, Odessa, same, s/o Byron JACKSON (b. Canada) & Nancy Marguerita SNIDER, married Luella Violet Ely SMIITH, 20, Westbrook, same, d/o Robert SMITH (b. Canada) & Annie ELY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Melville SMITH both of Kingston on June 24, 1926 at Kingston

35942-26 John Arthur JEFFREY, 20, sailor, Drysdale, Goderich, s/o Joseph JEFFREY (b. Drysdale) & Leona DENNING, married Teresa Alice ROBINSON, 20, South Mountain, 137 Colborne St Kingston, d/o Samuel Henry ROBINSON (b. Carling) & Amelia Ellen CROWDER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Cecil ROBINSON both of 137 Colborne St. Kingston on Aug. 9, 1926 at Kingston

35943-26 Vernon Chester JONES, 32, engineer, Hope North Dakota USA, Lachine Quebec, s/o William JONES (b. Jordan Ontario) & Vida Eugenie RICKER, married Leona Kathleen LOCKHART, 24, teacher, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas J. LOCKHART (b. Sydenham) & Minnie WHITE, witn: Gwendolyn AUSTEN of 416 Earl St Kingston & N. A. MORRISON of Montreal, on Aug. 11, 1926 at 133 Union St Kingston

35944-26 George JUBY, 21, labourer, Kennebec, same, s/o William JUBY (b. Flinton) & Lena PARKER, married Hazel KNIGHT, 20, Kennebec, same, d/o Samuel KNIGHT, deceased (b. Camden East Tp.) & Annie KELLAR, witn: Gerrard & Mrs. Emil KNIGHT both of Elm Hill on July 28, 1926 at Arden.

35945-26 John Joseph KEANE, 26, conductor, Fermoy - Co. Cork Ireland, Detroit, s/o Patrick KEANE & Bridget COLLINS, married Bessie DRIVER, 23, Dover Kent UK, Kingston, d/o Robert J. DRIVER & Bessie SHARPE, witn: Grace A. TYSON of Detroit & E. B. PARKER of 352 King St. Kingston on June 22, 1926 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston

35946-26 Ray Sylvester KEELER, 19, farmer, Alberta, Brewer's Mills, s/o Peter KEELER (b. Frontenac Co.) & Violet Mae KONDY? (Kosappe?), married Mabel Florence HODGMAN, 20, teacher, New Hampshire, Brewer's Mills, d/o Harry HODGMAN (b. New Hampshire) & Ella BOYNTON, witn: Peter & Violet Mae KEELER both of Brewer's Mills on May 5, 1926 at Kingston Mills

35947-26 Charles Wesley KEMP, 27, farmer, Perth Road, same, s/o Charles KEMP (b. Kingston) & Emily May BOLTON, married Vera CAMPBELL, 24, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o William James CAMPBELL (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth COCKADE, witn: John George KEMP of 609 Division St & Marjorie Mae CAMPBELL of 1512 Pine St both of Kingston on June 15, 1926 at Kingston

35948-26 James Wesley KENNEDY, 21, cheese maker, Stittsville, Portland, s/o Edward KENNEDY (b. Portland) & Mary BROOKER, married Elizabeth Luella HUNT, 21, Kingston Mills, Elginburg, d/o Horace HUNT (b. Bedford Mills) & Edith Lula BREWSTER, witn: Charlie & Mabel Irene HUNT both of Elginburg on Nov. 17, 1926 at Village of Inverary

35949-26 Patrick John Joseph James KENNEDY, 21, barber, Kingston, same, s/o Patrick KENNEDY (b. Kingston) & Teresa Jane GOLLOGHY, married Phyliss Lutheria McILROY, 18, ice cream parlour employee, Kingston, same, d/o William McILROY (b. Kingston) & Emma WALKER, witn: Leonard FREDERICK of 4 Chestnut St & James Alfred FERGUSON of 22 York St both of Kingston on Jan. 15, 1926 at Kingston

35950-26 William KINCH, 32, pressman, Kingston, same, s/o John KINCH (b. Canada) & Emily RUTHERFORD, married Beulah Elizabeth CHERRY, 26, clerk, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o William CHERRY (b. Canada) & Annie SCRIMSHAW, witn: Trueman & Nettie CHERRY both of Kingston on June 15, 1926 at Kingston

35951-26 Melville John KING, 22, farmer, Watertown NY, Elginburg, s/o William KING (b. NY State) & Eva RICE, married Lorena Myrtle FRASER, 19, Murvale, Elginburg, d/o Charles FRASER (b. Canada) & Mary Priscilla COWDY, witn: George J. CURTIS & Mrs. John K CURTIS both of Kingston on Aug. 23, 1926 at Kingston

35952-36 William KINNEAR, 39, accountant, widower, Chicago, same, s/o George KINNEAR (b. Ontario) & Margaret LEMMON, married Gertrude PERO, 30, stenographer, Verona, Kingston, d/o Allen PERO (b. Ontario) & Eliza FREEMAN, witn: Florence Mabel & Estella Mae PERO both of Newburg on Feb. 10, 1926 at Kingston.

35953-26 John Kilborn KIRKHAM, 22, farm labourer, Oso Tp., North Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas KIRKHAM (b. Oso Tp.) & Susan CONBOY, married Mary Mildred PARKS, 15, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o George Harmsworth PARKS (b. North Sherbrooke Tp.) & Sarah Jane PICKERING, witn: George CRAIN of Clarendon & Irene WILLARD of Maxville on May 26, 1926 at Sharbot Lake

35954-26 George W. KIRKPATRICK, 49, farmer, widower, Battersea Village, Battersea, s/o Archie KIRKPATRICK (b. Ireland) & Eliza BRUCE, married Florence GIBSON, 39, Sunbury , Battersea, d/o William GIBSON (b. Storrington) & Emily CAMPBELL, witn: A. S. & Alice M. DUNCAN both of Kingston on June 9, 1926 at Kingston

35955-26 James Alfred KNOX, 22, labourer, Godfrey, same, s/o Arthur KNOX (b. Verona) & Mary BABCOCK, married Nellie Ethel COUSINS, 20, Wagarville, Echo Lake, d/o William COUSINS (b. Wagarville) & Carrie CRONK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Willie SMITH both of McLean on July 15, 1926 at Verona

35956-26 Cecil Charles LAMBERT, 20, craneman, Kingston, 167 Alfred St same, s/o Mark LAMBERT (b. Brockville) & Elizabeth REED, married Helen Alberta FERGUSON, 19, R. R. 1 Brockville, same, d/o Robert (b. Kingston) & Pearl, witn: Francis D. HUGHES & George F. MARK both of Kingston on Sept. 3, 1926 at Kingston

35957-26 Arthur LAMOUR, 21, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o John LAMOUR (b. France) & M. McGUIRK, married Helen McGUIRK, 23, Kingston, same, d/o father unknown (sic) (b. Ireland) & Ruby ENGLETON, witn: Mrs. WHITEHEAD & Michael McGUIRK both of Kingston on July 31, 1926 at Kingston

35958-26 Roger Henry LE FEBVRE, 22, soldier, France, Kingston, s/o Henry LE FEBVRE (b. France) & Alphonsine JOSEPHINE, married Martha Elizabeth WHITE, 18, Clarendon, Kingston, d/o Edward WHITE (b. Ontario) & Helena DUSTIN, witn: Ernest ADAMS of Tete de Pont Barracks & Luella WHITE of 136 King St., both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1926 at Village of Portsmouth

35959-26 Remi Wilfred Tancred LEFEVRE, 23, mechanical millwright, Pointe Fortune Quebec, St Eugene, s/o Wilfred LEFEVRE (b. Quebec) & M. CONSTANEDENE married Amy TEMPLE, 26, hairdresser, Gateshead Northumberland England, 1012 Union St Kingston, d/o Joseph TEMPLE (b. England) & Mary GOLDEN, witn: Mae BROOK & Elizabeth HODGSON both of 4 College St Kingston on Oct. 14, 1926 at Kingston

35960-26 Cecil Hampton LEVY, 24, salesman, Halifax Nova Scotia, same, s/o Esers? Levy (b. Jancock Island - Lunenburg NS) & Mary Julia BOUTELIER, married Selena MORGAN, 21, Webbwood (Sudbury Dist), 19 Johnston St Kingston, d/o Peter MORGAN (b. Kingston) & Mary Jane MALLORY, witn: Frank M. SOMNER of 109 Steven St & Lillian Alberta MORGAN of 29 Johnson St both Kingston on Jan. 29, 1926 at Kingston.

35961-26 Horatio Nelson LILLICO, 25, engineer, Glenburnie, 2166 Colborne St Kingston, s/o Andrew M. & Charlotte M., married Frances Grace EVES, 24, telephone operator, Simcoe Island, 245 Colborne St Kingston, d/o George EVES (b. Canada) & Mary CADOTT, witn: Bruce ROBINSON of 29 Colborne St Kingston & Ruth EVES of Simcoe Island on Sept. 1, 1926 at Kingston

35962-26 Lloyd Orser LINDSAY, 24, farmer, Loughboro Tp., Sydenham, s/o Robert James LINDSAY (b. Storrington Tp.) & Florence ORSER, married Margaret Lorena McKEEVER, 23, teacher, Portland Tp., Verona, d/o James McKEEVER (b. Hinchinbrooke Tp.) & Charlotte A DOURE, witn: Morley C. ELLERBECK of Moscow & Hilda McKEEVER of Verona on July 3, 1926 at Verona

35963-26 Francis Charles LISTER, 22, farmer, Ottawa, North Sherbrooke, s/o James LISTER (b. Perth) & Elizabeth Jane BOLES, married Doris Mary McDOUGALD, 17, Kingston, North Sherbrooke, d/o Donald McDOUGALD (b. Clarendon) & Mary Jane CRAWFORD, witn: Violet A. McDOUGALD & James McLEAN both of Elphin on Nov., 4, 1926 at Sharbot Lake.

35964-26 Carman John LLOYD, 25, labourer, Gananoque, Flint Michigan, s/o Robert LLOYD (b. Gananoque) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Jennie Leona RUTTAN, 24, Battersea, Flint Michigan, d/o John RUTTAN (b. Toronto) & Anne KNAPP, witn: Benjamin Knapp RUTTAN & Mildred Joss CARLETON both of Battersea on Feb. 9, 1926 at Battersea

35965-26 Victor Albert LLOYD, 26, traveller, Walsall England, Kingston, s/o Herbert William LLOYD (b. England) & Thirza BEESTON, married Annie EDWARDS, 28, Liverpool England, Kingston, d/o John EDWARDS (b. England) & Annie MOULES, witn: W. H. LLOYD of 492 Johnston St & Mrs. J. EDWARDS of 99 Beverley St both of Kingston on Feb. 19, 1926 at Kingston.

35966-26 Nicholas Earl LOUCKS, 27, cheese maker, Hinchinbrooke Tp., Mountain Grove, s/o William James LOUCKS (b. Village of Newburg) & Dora WAGER, married Sidney Ethel GAMBLE, 17, Oso Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o James GAMBLE (b. Bathurst) & Sidney Ethel SNIDER, witn: Myrtle SNYDER (sic) & Harold W. SOMERS both of Mountain Grove on Dec. 15, 1926 at Mountain Grove

35967-26 Hugh Alphonsus LYNCH, 41, farmer, Escott Tp. Leeds Co., R. R. #2 Mallorytown same, s/o Hugh Charles LYNCH (b. Escott Tp.) & Jane MADIGAN, married Margaret KENNEDY, 24, Kelsha Ireland, Kingston, d/o Patrick KENNEDY (b. Ireland) & Catherine WHELAN, Isaac LLOYD of 389 Barrie St & James COLLINS of 425 Alfred St both of Kingston on Sept. 27, 1926 at Kingston

35968-26 Frederick MARTIN, 44, farmer, Loughboro Tp., Hartington, s/o Stephen MARTIN (b. Frontenac Co.) & Margaret WATSON, married Edith BAUDER, 38, widow, Hartington, same, d/o John CARSLACKE (b. England) & Margaret BABCOCK, witn: Fletcher & Edna BURNHAM both of Hartington on March 17, 1926 at Harrowsmith.

35969-26 Frank James MASSEY, 22, farmer, Ompah, same, s/o William MASSEY & Eva VANKOUNET (Vankoughnet?), married SCHONAUER, 17, Chandos Tp., Ompah, d/o William & Annie, witn: T. S. BUKA & John B. SCHONAUER both of Ompah on March 22, 1926 at All Saints Church Ompah.

35970-26 Norman John MATHESON, 23, student, Belleville, Kingston, s/o Robert F. MATHESON (b. Belleville) & Mary A. SHEA, married Carmel Agnes O'REILLY, 26, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o Michael O'REILLY (b. Kingston) & Emily McKENNA, witn: Minnie BAHL & Pauline KANE both of Kingston on June 8, 1926 at Kingston

35971-26 Francis Edward MATHEWS, 22, tannery buffer, Edmonton England, 15 Rideau St Kingston, s/o Francis Thomas Henry MATHEWS (b. England) & Emily WALLACE, married Etta Agnes COTA, 18, Olden, 12 Lower James in Kingston, d/o John COTA (b. Canada) & Margaret BERTRAM, witn: Alfred BRETT of 15 Upper Rideau St & Edna COTA of 12 Lower James both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1926 at Kingston.

35984-26 James Cossar McBRIDE, 21, musician, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Donald McBRIDE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COSSAR, married Helen Isobel CHRISTMAS, 19, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o William James CHRISTMAS (b. Canada) & Mary Jane HAMILTON, witn: Thomas DONALDSON & Hazel May STREET both of 50 Lower Bagot St Kingston on May 14, 1926 at Kingston.

35985-26 James Daniel McCARTEN, 50, veterinarian, Kingston, Ameliasburgh Tp Prince Edw. Co., s/o John McCARTEN (b. Adolphustown) & Ellen McDONALD, married Florence Gertrude CHAPMAN, 42, widow, Adolphustown Tp., Napanee, d/o Norman BINKLEY (Rinkley?) (b. Adolphustown) & Alberta SHARPE, witn: O. E. BAHL & A. KENNEDY both of Kingston on Oct. 20, 1926 at Kingston.

35986-26 Daniel McCORMICK, 45, labourer, Cleveland US (or NS?), Kingston, s/o Hugh McCORMICK (b. Nova Scotia) & Mary McINTYRE, married Mary Malina COUGHLIN, 41, Eganville, Kingston, d/o Smith LOUGHLIN (b. Eganville) & Frances LATOUR, witn: Agnes KENNEDY & Ethel TALLON both of Kingston on March 26, 1926 at Kingston

35987-26 Edmond Wilfred MACDONALD, 25, professor, Boston USA, London, s/o John A. MACDONALD (b. Bredalbane PEI) & Ann SILLIKER, married Constance Margaret BLACKBURN, 21, London, same, d/o Arthur S. BLACKBURN (b. London England) & Irene HENDERSON, witn: Marion Moffatt SULIVAN of 105 Livingstone Ave Kingston & Charles Fleming O'BRIEN of 254 Metcalf Ave Westmount Quebec on Aug. 2, 1926 at Queen's University Kingston.

35988-26 Harold Clifford McDOUGALL, 23, labourer, Ompah, Kingston, s/o Charles McDOUGALL (b. Ompah) & Annie JOHNSON, married Kathleen Elizabeth BEATTY, 18, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Nixon BEATTY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane BRACKEN, witn: Helen & Isobel STEPHEN both of Kingston on July 26, 1926 at Kingston.

35989-26 Howard Charles McGILLIS, 38, accountant, Moulinette, Montreal, s/o Donald John McGILLIS & Bertha THOMPSON, married Mary Elizabeth PURVIS, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas PURVIS & Ellen VALE, witn: J. D. McGILLIS & Kathleen PURVIS no residences given on Jan. 25, 1926 at Kingston

35990-26 Donald MacINNES, 35, clergyman, Berwick Ont, Port Dover, s/o John D. MacINNES (b. Tobermorey Scotland) & Barbara MacINTYRE, married Keitha Marguerite LLOYD, 29, stenographer, Plainfield, 34 Division St Kingston, d/o John White LLOYD (b. Plainfield) & Sarah Martin LLOYD, witn: M. I. MACFARLAND of Ottawa & Eleanor M. MACFARLAND of Cornwall on Jan. 20, 1926 at Sydenham

35991-26 Edward Foster McINTOSH, 22, student, Dundela Ontario, 214 Alfred St Kingston, s/o Pember Alton McINTOSH (b. Dundas Co.) & Ethel FOSTER, married Minnie Rae McMILLAN, 21, nurse, Eganville, Kingston General Hospital Kingston, d/o James A. McMILLAN (b. Renfrew Co.) & Martha E. WEMP, witn: Amy & Gordon FERGUSON both of 496 Victoria St Kingston on March 5, 1926 at Kingston.

35992-26 Peter McKENZIE, 43, artist, Dunn Tp., Lansdowne, s/o Alexander McKENZIE (b. Dunn Tp. Haldimand) & Agnes Salina FINDLAY, married Helen Scrimgeour BARCLAY, 29, Scotland, Lansdowne, d/o William BARCLAY (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Catherine CHAPLIN, witn: Herbert Arnold & Hyacinthe SHEPARD both of Kingston on Sept. 28, 1926 at Kingston

35993-26 Kenneth Lorne MacKINNON, 33, physician, widower, Renfrew, same, s/o Murdoch MacKINNON & Mary Elizabeth EADY, married Gladys Adelia MILLER, 32, Ernestown Tp., Napanee, d/o Frederick Davis MILLER & Hester Anne BURLEIGH, witn: Mary Bertha MILLER & Clara A JOHNSTON both of Napanee on Feb. 8, 1926 at Kingston

35994-26 Harold Joseph MacLAREN, 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Daniel MacLAREN (b. Wolfe Island) & Mary MURPHY, married Rachel Elizabeth MORRISON, 24, teacher, Minto, Harriston, d/o Murdoch MORRISON (b. Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth GAMBLE, witn: A. KENNEDY & E. TALLON both of Kingston on March 10, 1926 at Kingston

35995-26 William Wallace McLEAN, 30, labourer, Kingston Tp., Belleville, s/o Thanet McLEAN (b. Collins Bay) & Elizabeth MEACHIN, married Mary Magdalen O'CONNELL, 18, Corkery, 100 Stewart St Kingston, d/o William O'CONNELL (b. Portsmouth) & Sophia M. CUBBY, witn: Anna Mary REILLY & Sophia O'CONNELL both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1926 at Kingston

35996-26 James Byrd McLEOD, 27, druggist, Kingston, same, s/o James B. McLEOD (b. Kingston) & Winnifred TODD, married Muriel Alberta MASON, 23, Woodbridge, Kingston, d/o Lucas Levi E. MASON (b. Ballinafad Ont) & Mabel Ann LAMBE, witn: Presley A. McLEOD of 293 Alfred St Kingston & Mary E. FOSTER of 108 Murray St Brantford on Sept. 7, 1926 at Kingston

35997-26 Patrick James McMATH, 54, mason, Marlbank, Watertown NY, s/o Thomas McMATH (b. Ireland) & Sarah CONROY, married Mary Whelan NAPHAN, 48, farmerette, widow, Stoco, Tyendinaga Tp., d/o John WHALEN (b. Ireland) & Annie MURPHY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ed FRASER, both of 96 Pine St Kingston on Oct. 20, 1926 at Kingston

35998-26 Thomas James MacMUNN, 30, carpenter, widower, Sharbot Lake, Mountain Grove, s/o William J. MacMUNN (b. South Sherbrooke Tp. Lanark Co.) & Jane SOLES, married Mary Lillias WATSON, 27, Lanark Co. Scotland, Kingston, d/o Morris Henry CORSTON (sic) (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Bella CUMMING, witn: Carmen TRYON of Sharbot Lake & Viola COX of Mountain Grove on Nov. 23, 1926 at Olden

35999-26 Andrew McPHEE, 20, labourer, Haileybury, 122 ½ Bogart St Kingston, s/o Andrew McPHEE & Naomi MARTIN, married Marion WOOD, 22, Murvale, 112 ½ Montreal Ave Kingston, d/o father's name not given & Ann May WOOD, witn: J. H. OSMOND & J. F. TWISS both of Kingston on Nov. 22, 1916 at Kingston

36000-26 Hugh MacPherson MacSEPHNEY, 22, shipworker, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Robert MacSEPHNEY (b. Scotland) & Annie MUIR, married Theresa Josephine WALSH, 21, stenographer, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John WALSH (b. Ireland) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Clarence PEPPIOT of 13 Colborne St & Eileen WALSH of 52 Lower Union St both of Kingston on Dec. 27, 1926 at Kingston

35972-26 Thomas Cunningham MERCER, 40, labourer, widower, Ayr Scotland, Sharbot Lake, s/o Thomas MERCER (b. Ayr Scotland) & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Margaret ENNIS, 45, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o George ENNIS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann SHARBOT, witn: Hugh M. & Helen R. S. NEPTUNE both of Kingston on Dec. 25, 1925 at Kingston

35973-26 Arthur Herbert MILLER, 58, contractor, widower, Millhaven, Link's Mills, s/o George MILLER (b. Canada) & Emma BAKER, married Eliza Jane SEXSMITH, 44, teacher, Selby, same, d/o David SEXSMITH (b. Canada) & Emma HASSARD, witn: Mary E. DAVISON & F. D. SCHOLES both of Kingston on Feb. 27, 1926 at Kingston.

35974-26 James MONTGOMERY, 65, chemical superintendent, widower, Amherst Island, Kingston, s/o James MONTGOMERY (b. Dundee Scotland) & Ellen COCHRANE, married Rose Ellen BAKER, 56, widow, Amherst Island, same, d/o Leyan BEAUBIEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BRAY, Helen R. & Isabel STEPHEN both of Kingston on Jan. 20, 1926 at Kingston

35975-26 Hugh John MORELAND, 29, farmer, Harrowsmith, same, d/o John MORELAND (b. Sunbury Ontario) & Sarah TOLAND, married Helen Beatrice WALLACE, 26, stenographer, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Frank WALLACE (b. Harrowsmith) & Victoria JOYNER, witn: Mildred MORELAND & Lloyd WALLACE both of Harrowsmith on Sept. 11, 1926 at Harrowsmith

35976-25 Leslie George MORELAND, 22, farmer, Sunbury, same, s/o William MORELAND (b. Sunbury) & Annie ARTHURS, married Mabel Elizabeth SANDS, 19, Battersea, same, d/o Fenwick SANDS (b. Battersea) & Caroline DIXON, witn: Mrs. T. J. S. FERGUSON of Kingston & Russell MORELAND of Sunbury on Feb. 6, 1926 at Kingston

35977-26 William MORELAND, 51, farmer, widower, 51, Sunbury, same, s/o James MORELAND (b. Antrim Ireland) & Jane REID, married Fannie Gertrude TAYLOR, 44, widow, Sunbury, same, d/o John ARTHUR (b. Cornwall England) & Eliza HERN, witn: Mrs. E. THOMPSON & Mrs. T. J. S. FERGUSON both of Victoria St Kingston on Jan. 20, 1926 at Kingston

35978-26 Andrew MORGAN, 22, Pastor, Newfoundland, Sunbury, s/o Edward MORGAN (b. Newfoundland) & Elizabeth FIELD, married Myrtle E. MAKIN, 19, Sunbury, same, d/o William MAKIN (b. Sunbury) & Emma JACKSON, witn: Kenneth MORGAN & Frances SNOW both of 5482 Chabot St in Montreal, on July 1, 1926 at Battersea

35979-26 Arthur Edward MORLEY, 26, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o John MORLEY (b. England) & Emma TAYLOR, married Annie Emmeline Louise SHALES, 24, Perth Road, same, d/o William SHALES (b. Perth Road) & Annie ENNIS, witn: E. S. & Alice J. SHALES both of Perth Road on March 17, 1926 at Sydenham

35980-26 John Russell MOULDY, 21, cleaner/dyer, Bath Road , same, s/o John MOULDY (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth VAN ORDER, married Helen Gertrude BURNETT, 16, Cataraqui, same, d/o Fred BURNETTE (sic) (b. Kingston Tp.) & Gertrude SHANE, witn: Mr. & Mr. Fred MOULDY both of R. R. 1 Portsmouth on Feb. 19, 1926 at Cataraqui

35981-26 Frederick MULLER, 28, machinist, Kingston, Barriefield, s/o George F. MULLER (b. Switzerland) & Elizabeth STUART, married Florence Ethel MILLARD, 24, Kingston, same, d/o William MILLARD (b. Taunton England) & Ellen INMAN, witn: Reginald GRAY of Barriefield & Emily REYNOLDS of Kingston on June 30, 1926 at St. Mark's Church Barriefield

35982-26 Philip Joseph MURPHY, 40, farmer, Canada, Elgin, s/o Philip MURPHY & Alice JOYCE, married Margaret Ann MOHAN, 37, Canada, Elginburg, d/o Arthur MOHAN & Margaret KEARNS, witn: Elizabeth MALONEY of Glenvale & Daniel JOYCE of Sydenham on Oct. 18, 1926 at St. Patrick's Church

35983-26 Archibald David MUSTARD, 47, teamster, widower, Elgin, Glenburnie, s/o John MUSTARD (b. Elgin) & Annie McGONIGLE, married Mary NICHOLSON, 46, widow, telephone operator, Somerset England, Seeleys Bay, d/o George GARRETT (b. England) & Susan PRIOR, witn: Mary & Isabel STEPHENS both of Kingston on June 16, 1926 at Kingston

36001-26 William C. NEMIER, 43, farmer, Gananoque, Belleville New York USA, s/o Nelson NEMIER (b. Three Mile Bay NY) & Janie WILSON, married Dorothy Madeline YERDEN, 21, Loraine New York USA, Kingston, d/o Harvey YERDEN (b. Redfield NY) & Sarah HATCH, witn: Laura RANEY of 30 Colborne St & Daisy REVELL of 34 Colborne St both of Kingston on Oct. 3, 1926 at Kingston

36002-26 Richard Tait NEWELL, 27, labourer, Kingston, Windsor, s/o Napoleon NEWELL (b. Wolfe Island) & Margaret TAIT, married Marion Nora SHEA, 23, dental nurse, Pittsburg Tp., Kingston, d/o Cornelius SHEA (b. London England) & Julia DEMPSEY, witn: N. T. SHEA of 263 Queen St Kingston & S. SHEA of 328 Laurie Ave West Ottawa on Dec. 25, 1926 at Kingston

36003-26 William James NORRIS, 30, carpenter, widower, Pittsburg Tp., Barriefield, s/o Marshall NORRIS (b. Kingston) & Mary Ann HENRY, married Ethel Jane BRIGHTMAN, 22, England, Barriefield, d/o Thomas Edward BRIGHTMAN (b. England) & Agnes Ann BROWN, witn: Ernie MULLEN & Ethel PATTON both of Barriefield on Feb. 22, 1926 at St. Martin's Church Kingston

36004-26 William Main OBERMEYER, 27, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Philip OBERMEYER & Florence JERVIS, married Kathleen GALLIVAN, 26, school teacher, Kingston, same, d/o John GALLIVAN & Ellen LUONEY, witn: Mary BURNS of 58 Mountain Ave Hamilton & Gerald GALLIVAN of Colborne St Kingston on April 28, 1926 at Kingston

36005-26 Leo Joseph OLDFIN, 32, insurance broker, Kingston, Montreal Que., s/o John W. OLFIN & Nora O'CONNOR, married Jane Dorothy YELLAWLEY?, 27, secretary, Pittsburg Penn. USA, Kingston, d/o William YELLAWLEY & Jane ARCHIBALD, witn: Emily YELLAWLEY of Kingston & Michael James GRATTON of Montreal Quebec on Feb. 12, 1926 at Kingston

36006-26 James Edward O'ROURKE, 31, soldier, Trenton, Kingston, s/o Hugh O'ROURKE (b. Belleville) & Beatrice BROWN, married Ruby Gertrude ASHLEY, 29, divorcee, Fredericksburg Tp. L & A Co., Kingston, d/o Charles FOX (b. Camden Tp.) & Hannah HARTEN, witn: Victor H. & Elizabeth ROBERTSON both of Kingston on April 19, 1926 at Kingston

36007-26 Orris Blake ORR, 26, barber, Sydenham, same, s/o Robert J. ORR (b. Loughboro Tp.) & Mary M. BLAKE, married Helena May DAVY, 24, Loughboro Tp., Sydenham, d/o Shem DAVY (b. Portland Tp.) & Louise THOMPSON, witn: Harry & Beatrice DAVY both of Sydenham on July 6, 1926 at Sydenham

36008-26 Percival George OTTEN, 24, salesman, England, Kingston, s/o John T. OTTEN (b. England) & Alice MORRIS, married Helen Luella GUILD, 22, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, d/o Leman GUILD (b. Canada) & Laura HUGHES, witn: Roy & Marion McCORMICK both of Kingston on June 17, 1926 at Kingston


36009-26 Claude Wesley PARKS, 27, farmer, Arden, same, s/o John Silas PARKS (b. Kennebec Tp.) & Catherine BLACK, married Florence Lillian MILLS, 20, Barrie Tp., same, d/o Charles MILLS (b. Barrie Tp.) & Sarah KING, witn: Miss Charity BLACK of Harlowe & Hugh MILLS of Fernleigh on June 16, 1926 at home of the bride near Fernleigh

36010-26 Wilber Fay PARSONS, 27, chemical engineer, Fulton NY, same, s/o Russell D. PARSONS (b. Cazenova NY) & Catherine HUTCHINS, married Annie Marguerite Victoria LINDSAY, 28, nurse, North Bay, Kingston, d/o James Thomas LINDSAY (b. Rockwinch? Canada) & Margaret E. FORREST, witn: Vera W. LINDSAY of Kingston & Howard H. PARSONS of New York City on Sept. 11, 1926 at Kingston

36011-26 Joseph Edward PATTERSON, 25, farmer, South Sherbrooke Tp., Christys Lake, s/o Edward PATTERSON (b. South Sherbrooke Tp. Lanark Co.) & Sarah TYSICK, married Bertha Beatrice BURKE, 21, Oso Tp., same, d/o John Gilbert BURKE (b. Oso Tp.) & Lucy Ann THOMSON, witn: John & Mildred KIRKHAM both of Maberly on Nov. 3, 1926 at Oso Tp.

36012-26 George Ward PAYNE, 19, electrician, Portsmouth, 21 Russell St Kingston, s/o John Alexander PAYNE (b. Portsmouth) & Jean Louise BRUNNING, married Marion Gertrude WATKIN, 15, Kingston, same, d/o Ernest Edward WATKIN (b. England) & Rebecca Jane FRANCIS, witn: Clara WATKIN & Jean L. PAYNE both of Kingston on Aug. 23, 1926 at Kingston

36013-26 Ernest PETERSON, 26, labourer, Kennebec, same, s/o William PETERSON, (b. Sheffield) & Milley ALLEN, married Myrtle NEWTON, 17, Kennebec, same, d/o John NEWTON (b. Kennebec) & Jessie MEEKS, witn: Mervin ARNEY of Kennebec on July 28, 1926 at not given

36014-26 James Leslie PETERSON, 20, dairyman, Kennebec, Napanee, s/o William Andrew PETERSON (b. Ontario) & Mary M. WOOD, married Ethel May COREY, 17, weaver, Wilmur Ontario, Kingston, d/o William COREY (b. Kingston Mills) & Nancy A. WOOD, witn: Markis BOOMHOUR & Margaret HART both of Napanee on Jan. 23, 1926 at Kingston

36015-26 Alexander Henderson PHILIP, 29, plumber, Scotland, Kingston, s/o James PHILIP (b. Peterhead Scotland) & Maria LAING, married Helen MacGREGOR, 19, Scotland, Kingston, d/o Alexander MacGREGOR (b. Inverness Scotland) & Wilhelmina GRAY, witn: Alexander MacGREGOR & Maria PHILIP both of Kingston on March 20, 1926 at Kingston

36016-26 Maxwell Sweeney PHIPPS, 36, labourer, Innishannon Brandon Co. Cork Ireland, Kingston, s/o James PHIPPS (b. Co. Cork Ireland) & Elizabeth SWEENEY, married Mary SULLIVAN, 36, children's nurse, Upper Tedaugh Durrus - Co. Cork Ireland, Kingston, d/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN (b. Co. Cork Ireland) & Dianna LEVIN (Lewis?), witn: Robert Joseph GOOD of Kingston & Miss T. Austen SMITH of Cataraqui on April 15, 1926 at Christ Church Cataraqui


36017-26 Michael John PICKETT, 27, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o John PICKETT & Bridget FOLEY, married Mary Elizabeth LEAVIS, 19, Howe Island, same, d/o James LEAVIS & Grace DALZELL, witn: Lulu LEAVIS & Arthur PICKETT both of Howe Island on June 7, 1926 at Howe Island.

36018-26 Henry POPLE, 23, steel worker, Marylebone England, 134 Stephen St. Kingston, s/o William POPLE (b. England) & Jessie HARRIS, married Rhoda VANKOUGHNETT, 28, Watertown NY, 214 ½ Lower Rideau Kingston, d/o John VANKOUGHNETT (b. Canada) & Ada BARTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles VANKOUGHNETT both of 214 ½ Lower Rideau St Kingston on Oct. 22, 1926 at Kingston

36019-26 William Arthur POTTER , 21, radio dealer, Kingston, 635 Princess St same, s/o William H. POTTER (b. Kingston) & Mary T. COBB, married Arleen Alexandria POWELL, 22, stenographer, Portsmouth, same, d/o Haffel James POWELL (b. Kingston) & Ida May SEARS, witn: M. T. MacFARLAND of 153 Collingwood St Kingston & Vera A. POWELL of Portsmouth on Oct. 21, 1926 at Portsmouth

36020-26 Herbert Alexander POWELL, 21, labourer, Escott, same, s/o Fred POWELL (b. Escott) & Arlie TURCKEY, married Hazel Marie COLWELL, 16, Napanee, 4 Chatham St Kingston, d/o Marshall COLWELL (b. Adolphustown) & Emma MILLER, witn: Harold & Lena HUFFMAN both of 163 Queen St Kingston on Dec. 30, 1926 at Kingston

36021-26 Ernest Cecil PRATT, 25, labourer, Maberly, same, s/o John PRATT (b. Maberly) & Charlotte PAPPA, married Agnes Mary BALFOUR, 22, Elphin, same, d/o William BALFOUR (b. Elphin) & Mary Ellen BROWNLEE, witn: D. N. & Mary PAPPA both of 6 Chatham St Kingston on Jan. 18, 1926 at Kingston

36022-26 Thomas Joseph PRIEST, 35, musician, India, Kingston, s/o Thomas PRIEST & Mary Ann BUCKLEY, married Blanche Edna TULLEY, 35, nurse, England, Kingston, d/o William TULLEY & Harriett BEULTEN (?), witn: James Michael CASSIDY & Bertha Elizabeth BEULTEN both of Kingston on May 10, 1926 at Kingston

36023-26 Walter Henry PUTTENHAM, 25, engineer, Kemptville, Perth Road, s/o John PUTTENHAM (b. England) & Annie Jane HILTS, married Helen Maud HUGHSON, 23, Storrington Tp., Elginburg, d/o Cornelius W. HUGHSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane ALLISON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James LAKE both of Elginburg on March 3, 1926 at Kingston

36024-26 Edward QUINN, 27, farmer, Olden Tp., same, s/o Barney QUINN (b. Storrington Tp.) & Mary BURNHAM, married Bertha SLY, 27, widow, Olden Tp., same, d/o Albert VELEY (b. Olden Tp.) & Mabel BERTRIM, witn: Henry QUINN & Jennie VELEY both of Olden Tp. on Sept. 8, 1926 at Sharbot Lake

36025-26 Karl Vincent QUINN, 23, physician, Arnprior, Kingston, s/o John F. QUINN (b. Garden Island) & Christina DWINNELL, married Frances Evelyn COOPER, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Henry COOPER (b. Kingston) & Catherine GALLIVAN, witn: H. L. BRANIGAN of 231 Brock St & Mrs. Emil LAVER of 386 Alfred St both of Kingston on May 11, 1926 at Kingston

36026-26 James Alexander REA, 31, stonecutter, Kingston, same, s/o David REA (b. Kingston) & Sarah SCRUTTON, married Frances Mary LINAGH, 27, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o John LINAGH (b. Kingston) & Margaret FALLON, witn: Leo & Maud LINAGH both of Kingston on June 28, 1926 at Kingston

36027-26 Frederick Thomas REASON, 22, waiter, London England, 63 George St Kingston, s/o William Charles REASON (b. England) & Caroline FIDDLER, married Lillian Mary SCOTT, 18, servant, Kingston, 74 Wellington St same, d/o Charles SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Gertrude DENNEY, witn: James KOYLE & Vera STAFFORD both of Kingston on July 31, 1926 at Kingston

36028-26 Clifford Ollie RENFREY, 21, soldier, Belleville, Kingston, s/o Harry (b. Canada) & Lottie, married Marie Adelaide Eva SIMARD, 18, waitress, Pembroke, Kingston, d/o Alfred SIMARD (b. Canada) & Mary DUPONT, witn: Frank L. BENTLEY & C. T. WRIGHT both of Kingston on April 3, 1926 at Kingston

36029-26 Gilbert Eber REYNOLDS, 23, engineer, Crow Lake, same, s/o Richard REYNOLDS (b. Frontenac Co.) & Mary SCOTT, married Beulah Mae McEWEN, 23, postmistress, near Bolingbrook, Crow Lake, d/o James McEWEN (b. Lanark Co.) & Margaret McTAVISH, witn: F. A. SCOTT & Edna Grace KEYES both of Parham on Nov. 1, 1926 at Parham

36030-26 William Alexis RICE, 20, baker, Hastings Ont, 198 Barrie St Kingston, s/o William RICE (b. Canada) & Lily DODD, married Clara May McQUEEN, 21, book keeper?, Snow Road, 79 Elm St Kingston, d/o W. P. McQUEEN (b. Canada) & Jennie THOMPSON, witn: W. J. & Olive McCORMICK both of 79 Elm St Kingston on April 9, 1926 at Kingston

36031-26 David Joseph RICHARDS, 17, apprentice tinsmith, Cape Breton, Kingston, s/o Ernest RICHARDS (b. London England) & Marie illegiblex DESVAUX, married Mabel Edith SWAIN, 17, Watertown New York, 157 York St Kingston, d/o John SWAIN (b. Kingston) & Edith JOHNSON, witn: A. M. & A. N. BOWEN both of 167 Clergy St East Kingston on Nov. 13, 1926 at Kingston

36032-26 Henry Egleston RICHARDSON, 48, merchant, widower, Ancaster, Kingston, s/o Henry RICHARDSON & Sarah Catherine EGLESTON, married Enid Ruth MARTIN, 32, Kingston, same, d/o William MARTIN & Jennie JOHNSTON, witn: Irving & Grace MARTIN both of Kingston on April 17, 1926 at Kingston

36033-26 James Henry RICHARDSON, 25, leather splitter, Portedown Ireland, 94 Rideau St Kingston, s/o Henry RICHARDSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HALL, married Edith Myrtle SNIDER, 28, widow, Kingston, 64 Bay St same, d/o Robert LEES (b. Canada) & Etta BOTTING, witn: Samuel & Hannah MACHON both of Kingston on Sept. 3, 1926 at Kingston

36034-26 William Gordon RICHARDSON, 22, student, Watford Ont, 383 Johnson St Kingston, s/o Benjamin RICHARDSON (b. Ontario) & Letitia GREER, married Kathleen Hazel May GRAHAM, 23, Kingston, 279 Alfred St same, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Kingston) & Emma FEGG, witn: Edith M. SMITH & David GRANT both of Cataraqui on Feb. 9, 1926 at Cataraqui

36035-26 Edward Harold RILEY, 24, gardener, Cataraqui, same, s/o John RILEY (b. Canada) & Annie MUNDEY, married Mildred Florence Lucille SIGSWORTH, 24, school teacher, Hartington, Harrowsmith, d/o John Elijah SIGSWORTH (b. Canada) & Rebecca Jane SAUL, witn: Elsie May RILEY of Cataraqui & Ada Luella BOYCE of Napanee on Aug. 11, 1926 at Harrowsmith

36036-26 Daniel Milton ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Madoc Tp., same, s/o Charles W. ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Ida June BROWNSON, married Margaret Alice SMITH, 24, teacher, Westbrook Village, Kingston City, d/o William A. SMITH (b. Canada) & Lydia Helen JACKSON, witn: Mary H. MARTIN of Bath Road Ont & A. P. CHASSEN of Kingston on March 6, 1926 at Kingston

36037-26 Earl ROBINSON, 23, farmer, Nova Scotia, Kingston, s/o John R. ROBINSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Edwina DUNN, married Helen Winifred LIKELY, 22, hotel employee, Kingston, same, d/o Alec YOUNG (sic) (b. Ireland) & Jennie LIKELY, witn: John BROWN of 473 Johnson St & Mary ROBINSON of 186 Barrie St both of Kingston on Jan. 18, 1926 at Kingston

36038-26 Russell Victor ROBINSON, 23, stenotyper, Windsor Ont, Detroit USA, s/o Yance ROBINSON & Maria MASTERTON, married Mary Elizabeth CHRISTINSON (?), 29, Kingston, 20 Nelson St same, d/o Henry CHRISTINSON & Barbara PEBO (Pelo?) witn: Marie SHARMAN of Rosemount Montreal & Doris SEWELL of New York N.Y., on Oct. 9, 1926 at Kingston

36039-26 Peter Clifton Mills ROGERS, 21, accountant, Toronto, 55 Eglinton Ave East in Toronto, s/o William Henry ROGERS (b. Dunnville) & Florence Evelyn BERWICK, married Marjorie DEANE, 20, stenographer, England, Belleville, d/o Richard DEANE (b. England) & Gertrude FLETCHER, witn: Mabel A. PATERSON of Belleville & James BRITTON of Toronto on May 15, 1926 at Kingston

36040-26 Clifford Vernon ROMBOUGH, 29, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, Verona, s/o Charley Malcolm ROMBOUGH (b. North Fredericksburgh) & Pearl PERRY, married Alberta May McELROY, 20, Verona, same, d/o William James McELROY (b. Portland) & Emma Jane illegible (s/b Emma Jane Ruttan?), witn: Emma & Clifford McMAHON both of Verona on Jan. 26, 1926 at Verona

36041-26 Charles David ROSE, 30, furrier, London England, 388 College St Toronto, s/o Jacob ROSE (b. Warsaw Poland) & Rebecca SIGELMAN, married Rose ROBINSON, 23, bookkeeper, Bressa Russia, 36 William St. W Kingston, d/o Joseph ROBINSON (b. Malch Russia) & Leah SIGAL, witn: A. SHIER of 230 Brock St & H. DOLSBERG of 383 Barrie St both of Kingston on Dec. 6, 1926 at Kingston

36042-26 John Maddefer ROWE, 26, farmer, Lincolnhorn Cornwall England, Ernestown Tp., s/o John Henry ROWE (b. Lincolnhorn Cornwall England) & Mary WEEKS, married Nola Gertrude Eileen HAYES, 18, Honey Locke Devonshire England, Ernestown Tp., d/o James H. HAYES (b. Wales) & Florence CROSS, witn: Harry & Mrs. Mary SPENCER both of Kingston on Aug. 7, 1926 at Kingston.

36043-26 Rudolph Daniel ROY, 20, airman, Ottawa, Camp Borden, s/o Elie ROY (b. Orleans Ont) & L. NAULT, married Mary Elizabeth GREENHALGH, 17, England, Kingston, d/o Robert GREENHALGH (b. England) & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: Miss. A. BROWN & R. BURKE both of Kingston on July 26, 1926 at Kingston.

36044-26 George RUSSELL, 33, mariner, Wolfe Island, same, s/o James RUSSELL (b. Wolfe Island) & Elizabeth STEVENSON, married Honora Agnes GREENWOOD, 34, widow, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James O'BRIEN (b. Wolfe Island) & Mary DELL, witn: Louise O'BRIEN & M. JOHNSON both of Wolfe Island on Feb. 15, 1926 at Kingston.

36045-26 William Charles RUTHERFORD, 31, salesman, Kingston, Rochester New York, s/o James Angus RUTHERFORD (b. Kingston) & Anna BROWN, married Hazel Bell DEAN, 34, Kingston, same, d/o William DEAN (b. St. Catharines Ont) & Margaret KANE, witn: William DEAN of 191 Colbourne St Kingston & Roy RUTHERFORD of Rochester New York on Aug. 4, 1926 at Kingston.

36046-26 Richard Edgar RYAN, 23, motorman, Elginburg, Syracuse New York, s/o Earl RYAN (b. Ontario) & Henrietta MOORE, married Eliza Mattie JUDGE, 22, Cole Lake, same, d/o James JUDGE (b. Ontario) & Hannah SHELLINGTON, witn: Harold RYAN of Hartington & Mamie JUDGE of Cole Lake on Nov. 23, 1926 at Kingston.

36047-27 Douglas Alford SANDERS, 21, electrician, Ottawa, 7 Mack St Kingston, s/o Frank SANDERS (b. Worcester England) & Jessie ALFORD, married Edna Jane GERALDI, 16, Rochester New York, 492 Princess St Kingston, d/o Albert GERALDI (b. Verona) & Catherine JONES, witn: Mrs. Hattie GERALDI of 492 Princess St & Jessie SANDERS of 7 Mack St both of Kingston on Oct. 30, 1926 at Kingston

36048-26 George Baden SANDS, 24, farmer, R. R. #1 Battersea, same, s/o Alfred SANDS (b. Sunbury) & Ada HOMES, married Myrtle Alena LAKE, 17, Battersea, same, d/o Frank LAKE (b. Ontario) & Jessie JARDINE, witn: Harry HARKNESS & Claire J. CURTEY? both of Kingston on Dec. 15, 1926 at Kingston

36049-26 Kenneth Delos SANDS, 25, auto mechanic, Storrington Tp., Shelburne Falls Man., s/o Martin (b. Battersea) & Norah, married Ora BOTTING, 21, teacher, Westport, same, d/o James BOTTING (b. Westbrook) & Augusta HASKINS, witn: Helen R. & Isabel SHIPTON both of Kingston on July 3, 1926 at Kingston

36050-26 William Ezra SANFORD, 21, sailor, Napanee, same, s/o William E. SANFORD (b. Napanee) & Bertha KELLY (deceased), married Lulu DILLABOUGH, 22, waitress, South Mountain, Napanee, d/o Joseph DILLABOUGH (b. Winchester Ont) & Susannah STEWART, witn: Leo MEAGHER & Marjorie SUDDARD both of 15 Russell St Kingston on Aug. 30, 1926 at 15 Russell St Kingston

36051-26 Earl Melvin SCALES, 36, farmer, widower, Verona, Godfrey, s/o William SCALES (b. Portland Tp.) & Catherine EMBURY, married Florence May SNIDER, 36, Godfrey, same, d/o Sagar SNYDER (b. Portland Tp.) & Margaret Ann HARPER, witn: Artimus McCULLOUGH of 136 Colborne St & Annie E. BALL of 91 Colborne St both of Kingston on Nov. 12, 1926 at Kingston

36052-26 John Bert Alexus SCHONAUR, 27, farmer, Ardoch, Ompah, s/o William & Annie, married Claribel MASSEY, 16, Ompah, same, d/o William MASSEY & Eva VANKOUGHNET, witn: T. S. BURKE & Frank MASSEY both of Ompah on March 22, 1926 at All Saints Church, Ompah

36053-26 Charles Edward SEATON, 28, railway baggage man, Kingston, same, s/o Richard SEATON & Mary MYERS, married Mary BAYES, 27, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o John BAYES & Ann BOUTIN?, witn: Mrs. Robert QUIGLEY & Francis ARMSTRONG both of Kingston on Sept. 1, 1926 at Kingston

36054-26 Herbert John SEWARD, 32, farmer, Devon England, Cataraqui, s/o Frederick (b. Devonshire England) & Mary Elizabeth, married Lottie Pearl EMMONS, 19, Glenvale, Westbrook, d/o Herman EMMONS (b. Kingston Tp.) & Bertha Victoria RUTTAN, witn: Herman EMMONS of Kingston Tp & Bertha Victoria EMMONS of Westbrook on Dec. 17, 1926 at Kingston Tp

36055-26 John Alexander SEXSMITH, 26, farmer, Tyendinaga Hastings Co., Wolfe Island, s/o George SEXSMITH & Jane NAILON, married Marion Agnes STALEY, 30, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Fred STALEY & Mary Agnes McDONALD, witn: Agnes SEXSMITH of Tyendinaga & Howard STALEY of Wolfe Island on June 9, 1926 at Wolfe Island.

36056-26 Francis Beforth SIGSWORTH, 42, farmer, Portland Tp., same, s/o Thomas E. SIGSWORTH (b. Hartington) & Margaret HILL, married Mary Edna FLEMING, 27, school teacher, Amherst Island, same, d/o Samuel FLEMING (b. Stella Amherst Island) & Eleanor Jane BEAUBIEN, witn: Samuel FLEMING of Stella & Caroline CAMPBELL of Hartington on Sept. 15, 1926 at Kingston.

36057-26 F. A. SILVER, 59, wood worker, Odessa, Yarker, s/o Isman SILVER (b. Kingston Tp.) & Emma BABCOCK, married Flossie LOCKWOOD, 25, Denmark Tp., Olden Tp., d/o Richard LOCKWOOD (b. Yarker Camden Tp.) & Mealia WOODHOUSE, witn: W. I. & Alma SILVER both of Yarker on Sept. 27, 1926 at Mountain Grove

36058-26 Samuel W. SMALL, 27, chemist, Wallacetown, Detroit, s/o James SMALL (b. England) & Mary J. CAMPBELL, married Pearl Vyetta CASSELLS, 24, Goulbourn Carleton Co, Kingston, d/o Ed J. CASSELLS (b. Canada) & Sarah HENDERSON, witn: C. C. SMALL of Wallacetown & V. M. HENDERSON of Deseronto on June 19, 1926 at Kingston

36059-26 Henry Floyd SMITH, 27, farmer, Perth Road, 17 Albert St Kingston, s/o William Henry SMITH (b Leland Ont) & Gertrude Matilda BABCOCK, married Emma Ray BREWSTER, 22, cook, Kingston, 5 Emily St same, d/o James Washington BREWSTER (b. Westport) & Mary CONVERY, witn: William A. SMITH of 339 Victoria St & Elizabeth L. HUNT of Royal Military College both of Kingston on May 31, 1926 at Kingston

36060-26 Wilbert Francis SNIDER, 28, farmer, Ernestown Tp., same, s/o Frank Edward SNIDER (b. Violet Ont.) & Mary Ann SMITH, married Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 26, widow, Ernestown Tp., same, d/o Walter SCOTT (b. England) & Sarah Effie BRANDON, witn: Mrs. M. CARROLL 66 Main St & J. DUNHAM? of 97 Bay St both of Kingston on Oct. 23, 1926 at 66 Main St Kingston

36061-26 Frank McCallum SOMNER, 23, labourer, Liverpool England, 109 Stephen St Kingston, s/o George Brous? SOMNER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret FAUCETT?, married Ellen Jane MORGAN, 22, Webbwood, 238 Ontario St Kingston, d/o Peter MORGAN (b. Kingston) & Mary Jane MALLORY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. H. LEVY both of 238 Ontario St Kingston on April 6, 1926 at Kingston

36062-26 George Bruno SPOOR, 31, store clerk, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Richard SPOOR & Catherine BEAUPRE, married Madeline Mary KINGSLEY, 28, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John KINGSLEY & Julia MURPHY, witn: Mildred KINGSLEY & Harold COSGROVE both of Wolfe Island on Jan. 4, 1926 at Wolfe Island

36063-26 William Stanley STABLER, 31, carpenter, Stockton-on-Tees England, 23 University Ave Kingston, s/o George Christopher STABLER (b. Stockton-on-Tees England) & Mary GARTHWAITE, married Ethel Mildred DOWSLEY, 29, nurse, South Lake, Sydenham, d/o James Jackson DOWSLEY (b. South Lake Leeds Co.) & Charlotte SMITH, witn: W. B. & Mrs. Wallace SPAFFORD both of Sydenham on Aug. 19, 1926 at Kingston

36064-26 Charles Wellington STALKER, 22, farmer, Plevna, same, s/o James STALKER (b. Chandos? or Claude?) & Rosetta VERMEER, married Cora Leta Olive GREGG, 21, Matachewan, Plevna, d/o Adam GREGG (b. Denbigh) & Margaret Jane STEPHENS, witn: James STALKER & Margaret GREGG both of Plevna on Oct. 18, 1926 at Barrie Tp

36065-26 John Wright STEPHENSON, 27, civil servant, Portsmouth, Kingston, s/o Samuel STEPHENSON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Annie EWARD, married Phyllis Ida PURVIS, 30, clerk, Kingston, same, d/o William John PURVIS (b. Kingston) & Ellen AULT, witn: Violet E. & Gladys V. M. BATEMAN both of Kingston on Nov. 25, 1926 at Kingston

36066-26 Harold Jackson STEVENSON, 23, labourer, Sydenham, Cataraqui, s/o Samuel STEVENSON (b. Hartington) & Agness WHALEY, married Mary Ann VANKOUGHNETT, 18, Buck Lake, Cataraqui, d/o Albert VANKOUGHNETT (b. Buck Lake) & Florence RUNNELS, witn: Harry & Isobel WHALEY both of Perth Road on Aug. 28, 1926 at Kingston

36067-26 Robert James STINCHCOMB, 25, farmer, Olden Tp., Mountain Grove, s/o Thomas STINCHCOMB (b. Olden Tp.) & Margaret STONE, married Flora BECKWITH, 23, Sheffield Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o Frank BECKWITH (b. Sheffield Tp.) & Emma MATHER, witn: Sarah A. ROBINSON & Laura RANEY both of Kingston on Nov. 10, 1926 at Kingston. [divorced 19/2/49]

36068-26 Edward STORINGS, 29, farmer, Napanee, Sydenham, s/o John STORINGS (b. Napanee) & Maggie THOMPSON, married Annie McGIFFEN, 23, Scotland, Sydenham, d/o William McGIFFEN (b. Scotland) & Annie McMILLAN, witn: Harold SNOOK & Ethel LINDSAY of Sydenham on June 2, 1926 at Sydenham

36069-26 James Harrower STRACHAN, 27, male nurse, Dunfermline Scotland, Portsmouth, s/o James STRACHAN (b. Dunfermline Scotland) & Margaret HARROWER, married Eunice Amelia RICHARDSON, 21, nurse, Lavant, same, d/o Robert RICHARDSON (b. Ireland) & Eunice PETERS, witn: Helen R. & Isobel STEPHEN both of Kingston on April 20, 1926 at Kingston

36070-26 George Gordon SUFFEL, 22, student, Inkerman Dundas Co., same, s/o George Edward SUFFEL (b. Canada) & Jennie Rose WISTE?, married Florence Aldine McKIBBON, 27, stenographer, Athol Tp. Pr. Edw. Co., Kingston, d/o Hugh Stanley McKIBBON (b. Canada) & Cynthia Ann SCOTT, witn: G. W. WILSON of Perth & Edna N. McKIBBON of Cherry Valley on Sept. 21, 1926 at Kingston

36071-26 Charles James SWEET, 23, farmer, South Fredericksburgh, North Fredericksburgh, s/o John SWEET (b. Ernestown) & Eva FOX, married Iva Mildred PETERS, 20, Ernestown Tp., same, d/o Thomas W. PETERS (b. Ernestown) & mother unknown, witn: J. G. & Gertrude O'ROURKE both of Kingston on Dec. 10, 1926 at Kingston.

36072-26 Robert James TAYLOR, 22, merchant, Chantry, Phillipsville, s/o James Albert TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Margaret WEIR, married Florence Myrtle KNOX, 18, Gananoque, Sydenham, d/o Henry KNOX (b. Scotland) & Harriet M. LLOYD, witn: Albert Edward KNOX of Gananoque & Eva KNOX of Sydenham on June 23, 1926 at Sydenham

36073-26 James Reginald THIRD, 29, physician, Kingston, 12 Wellington St same, s/o James THIRD (b. Canada) & Jean COCK, married Katharine Louise MacPHAIL, 27, Picton, 35 King St. West Kingston, d/o Donald G. MacPHAIL (b. Canada) & Louise BRITON, witn: Helen C. RICHARDSON of Winnipeg Manitoba & Catherine J. WHYTOCK of Madoc on Oct. 9, 1926 at Kingston

36074-26 Thomas Nathaniel THOMPSON, 19, labourer, Kennebec Tp., Point Ann, s/o James THOMPSON (b. Kennebec Tp.) & Violet PARKS, married Evelyn Irene KNIGHT, 19, Kennebec Tp., Elm Tree, d/o Archibald KNIGHT (b. Kennebec Tp.) & Mabel GENDRON, witn: Edna & Frank THOMPSON both of Elm Tree on June 14, 1926 at Elm Tree.

36075-26 James THOMSON, 39, engineer, Escott Village, Kingston, s/o George THOMSON (b. Front Escott Tp.) & Sophia MALLORY, married Loretta LOGAN, 25, dressmaker, Rocksprings, Kingston, d/o Ambrose LOGAN (b. Rocksprings) & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Miss Sarah J. THOMPSON of Earl St. & Mrs. D. R. LAING of 172 Alfred St both of Kingston on Oct. 2, 1926 at Kingston

36076-26 Victor Lloyd THROOP, 28, radio mechanic, Toronto, 149 Riverdale Ave same, s/o Wellington THROOP (b. Ontario) & Nellie FRANCIS, married Beatrice Fern CUMPSON, 24, telephone operator, Ontario, 135 Union St. Kingston, d/o James CUMPSON (b. Ontario) & Jennie FERGUSON, witn: Nellie THROOP of Toronto & Jennie McLEAN of Leland on Nov. 6, 1926 at Kingston

36077-26 John TOMKINS, 31, civil engineer, London England, Hawkesbury, s/o Richard TOMKINS (b. London England) & Annie COLLINS, married Laura Alma Nicolle HUTCHINS, 36, widow, Kingston, same, d/o John NICOLLE (b. Isle of Guernsey) & Minnie RATTENBURY, witn: Sidney C. SMITH of Kingston & Alda N. ARMSTRONG of Hamilton on June 2, 1926 at Kingston

36078-26 Michael Gordon TRAYNOR, 25, farmer, Westport, same, s/o Edward TRAYNOR & Catherine BENNETT, married Julia Anne COULTER, 26, Glendower, same, d/o Daniel COULTER & Catherine FITZGERALD, witn: Veronica TRAYNOR of Westport & James COULTER of Godfrey on June 15, 1926 at Bedford

36079-26 William James TRENKAILE, 41, caretaker, Kingston, 230 Princess St same, s/o William James TRENKAILE (b. England) & Eliza SNELL, married Sarah Ellen McLAUGHLIN, 37, banker, Oswego NY, 527 Dupont St. Kingston, d/o William J. McLAUGHLIN (b. USA) & Elizabeth CORBETT, witn: Arthur PALLEN (Pullen?) of 369 Alfred St & Mary J. HARTMAN of 131 Colborne St both of Kingston on Nov. 4, 1926 at Kingston

36080-26 John Arlington Spencer TRICKEY, 22, farmer, Escott Tp., same, s/o Jason TRICKEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Lennie Elizabeth LAPPEN, 18, Lansdowne Tp., same, d/o George LAPPEN (b. Canada) & Ida CROSS, witn: Annie & George PUTTENHAM both of Perth Road on June 3, 1926 at Perth Road

36081-26 Bernard George TURCOTTE, 25, mariner, Kingston, 481 Barrie Rd same, s/o Nicholas TURCOTTE (b. Garden? Island Kingston) & Elizabeth SCHAEFFER, married Isobel Pearl PETERS, 18, Sydenham, 598 Montreal St Kingston, d/o Adam PETERS (b. Sydenham) & Myrtle LEE, witn: James & Wilda POPLE both of 108 Montreal St Kingston on May 15, 1926 at Kingston

36082-26 John Henry TURSELL (Tussell?), 39, labourer, England, 31 King St West Kingston, s/o John TURSELL & Martha SUMMERS, married Annie CROOK, 26, England, 31 King St. West Kingston, d/o William CROOK & Alice HERBANE, witn: Elizabeth LEE of 167 Montreal St & Robert CROOK of 31 King St West both of Kingston on Oct. 28, 1926 at Kingston

36083-26 Lionel S. TWEEDALE, age not given, shipper, Norwich England, Brockville, s/o Henry James TWEEDALE & Lotty SUGGENS (Suggars?), married Edith Violet PEEBLES, age not given, North Augusta, Brockville, d/o William David PEEBLES (b. Frankville Ont) & Caroline BAKER, witn: Estelle F. ST. JOHN & Etta Margaret OAKES both of Kingston on Nov. 27, 1926 at Kingston

36084-26 Duncan Ferguson TYSIC (Tysick?), 25, farmer, Palmerston Tp., Clarendon, s/o Peter TYSIC (b. Oso Tp.) & Margaret FERGUSON, married Barbara Edna DONNELLY, 20, Oso Tp., Clarendon, d/o Ephraim DONNELLY (b. Oso Tp.) & Mary HUGHES, witn: John DONNELLY of Clarendon & Jean McDONNELL of Maberley on June 23, 1926 at Sharbot Lake

36085-26 Ellwood VALLIER, 22, truck driver, Stone's Corners, 292 Montreal St Kingston, s/o Thomas VALLIER (b. Canada) & Ida YOUNG, married Eva FERRIS, 21, spinner, Storrington Tp., 105 Charles St Kingston, d/o James FERRIS (b. Canada) & Lena HOWELL witn: Earl KEATES of 14 Lower Rideau St & Edna FERRIS of 105 Charles St both of Kingston on Oct. 18, 1926 at Kingston

36086-26 Claude Henry VANKOUGHNETT, 20, labourer, Watertown NY, Kingston, s/o John VANKOUGHNETT (b. Sydenham) & Ada BARTLETT, married Agnes Loretta CORCORAN, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas CORCORAN (b. Canada) & Margaret WILLETT, witn: Henry POPLE of 134 Stephen St & Rhoda VANCOUGHNETT of 214 ½ Rideau St both of Kingston on Sept. 23, 1926 at Loughboro Tp.

36087-26 Manford VANKOUGHNETT, 24, farmer, Sydenham, Harrowsmith, s/o William VANKOUGHNETT (b. Ontario) & Amber Zine BURLEY, married Ada WHITTY, 22, Petworth, Harrowsmith, d/o William WHITTY (b. Ontario) & Anita YEOMANS, witn: Greta WHITTY & Arthur VANCOUGHNETT (sic) both of Harrowsmith on Sept. 22, 1926 at Kingston

36088-26 David James VELEY, 24, farmer, Olden Tp., Long Lake, s/o Albert VELEY (b. Hinchinbrooke Tp.) & Mabel BERTRIM, married Lena Hattie BAIN, 16, Crow Lake, same, d/o Joseph BAIN & Vina HAMPTON, witn: Edward QUINN of Long Lake & Bertha SLY of Olden Tp. on March 31, 1926 at Sharbot Lake

36089-26 Elgin WAGAR, 23, farmer, Wagarville, Harrowsmith, s/o Clinton (b. Canada) & Johannah, married Mary YEOMANS, 18, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Pellusier YEOMANS (b. Canada) & Victoria WAGAR, witn: Edith F. DOGGETT & Francis ALLEN both of Harrowsmith on March 10, 1926 at Harrowsmith.

36090- 26 Frank WALKER, 75, butcher, Kingston, Harrowsmith, s/o George John WALKER (b. England) & Hannah BRYAN, married Cynthia Jane ASHLEY, 68, widow, Portland Tp., Odessa, d/o John HUGHES & Mary Ann BRYAN, witn: John WARNER & Edith F. DOGGETT both of Harrowsmith on Feb. 17, 1926 at Harrowsmith

36091-26 William Patrick WALSH, 33, farmer, Canada, Loughboro Tp., s/o Patrick WALSH & Sarah JOHNSON, married Grace Rose McAULEY, 21, Canada, Loughboro Tp., d/o William McAULEY & Jane NUGENT, witn: Edward WALSH of R. R. 1 Sydenham & Grace DELANTY of Cobourg on Sept. 6, 1926 at Loughboro Tp.

36092-26 Lorenzo Howard WARNER, 48, machinist, Baggot Co. Que., Smith Falls, s/o L. B. WARNER (b. Waterloo Co. Quebec) & Jane THURBER, married Florence Doretta GORE, 32, Miller Tp., same, d/o Frank GORE (b. Miller Tp.) & Augusta HANKINSON? (Hartinan?), witn: Herbert illegible of Smith Falls & Grace GORE of Plevna on June 30, 1926 at Holy Trinity Church Plevna

36093-26 John McGinty WATSON, 21, labourer, Gananoque, same, s/o Walker WATSON (b. Scotland) & Jeanette McGINTY, married Agnes Catherine COUGHLIN, 22, cook, Fort Henry NY, Albany NY, d/o Edward COUGHLIN (b. USA) & Elizabeth QUINN, witn: H. G. CARLETON of Norwood & E. M. WALKER of Perth on Aug. 27, 1926 at Kingston.

36094-26 Cecil WATTS, 22, labourer, Kingston, 735 Wellington St same, s/o William John WATTS (b. Kingston) & Margaret POWELL, married Mary Gertrude HEPBURN, 29, packer, Kingston, 140 York St same, d/o William T. S. HEPBURN (b. Kingston) & Margaret SWAIN, witn: William Russell AYLESWORTH of 87 Brock St & Caroline HEPBURN of 140 York St both of Kingston on Sept. 9, 1926 at Kingston

36095-26 Harold WATTS, 30, porter, Kingston, 235 Wellington St same, s/o William John WATTS (b. Canada) & Margaret POWELL, married Arabella Mary PHILLIPS, 30, waitress, widow, Belleville, 34, Rideau St Kingston, d/o William (b. Canada) & Mary CRONK, witn: Harold MONTGOMERY & Violet May RUSK both of Kingston on Sept. 17, 1 926 at Portsmouth

36096-26 Nicholas WEBER, 23, farmer, Ardoch, same, s/o George WEBER & Marguerite SHWAGER, married Rachel JANNERETTE, 17, Ardoch, same, d/o Alcide JANNERETTE & Edith HERMER, witn: Michael & Mary GUNSINGER both of Ardoch on Aug. 16, 1926 at Ardoch

36097-26 Harry Burton WHALEY, 22, farmer, Loughboro To., Perth Road, s/o Archibald WHALEY (b. Loughboro Tp) & Eliza STEVENSON, married Isabella PECORE, 26, waitress, widow, Loughboro Tp., Perth Road, d/o James PECORE (b. Loughboro Tp.) & Mary WHALEY, witn: Annie J. & George A. PUTTENHAM both of Perth Road on Feb. 6, 1926 at Perth Road

36098-26 Carmen Stanley WHAN, 19, farmer, Olden Tp., Mountain Grove, s/o Andrew WHAN (b. Bedford Tp.) & Ellen Eva ASELSTINE, married Frances Emmaline SMITH, 21, housekeeper, Olden Tp., Mountain Grove, d/o George SMITH (b. Olden Tp.) & Lillie BOOMHOWER, witn: Inez WHAN of Sharbot Lake & Harry SMITH o Mountain Grove on April 24, 1926 at Mountain Grove

36099-26 Leonard Duard Wilton WHITE, 22, farmer, Clarenden Tp., same, s/o Edward WHITE (b. Village of Plevna) & Adeline KRING, married Hilda May LAUNDRIE, 19, Palmerston Tp., Clarendon Tp., d/o Joseph LAUNDRIE (b. Ompah) & Lucy KING, witn: Burtin WHITE of Plevna & Zildah HU--? of Ompah on Sept. 29, 1926 at Village of Plevna.


36100-26 Roland George WICKENS, 28, commercial traveller, England, 30 King St West Toronto, s/o George T. WICKENS (b. England) & Nellie MATTHEWS, married Mary McDONALD, 23, saleslady, Ontario, Gananoque, d/o Daniel Francis McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Margaret McDOWELL, witn: D. GOODMAN of 82 McLean Ave Toronto & John GRAY of 84 Harding Blvd Kingston on Dec. 21, 1926 at Kingston

36101-26 Arthur Symington WILLIAMSON, 38, rug cleaner, Ontario, 458 Ossington Ave Toronto, s/o Andrew WILLIAMSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret Hambly NICHOLAS, married Jean Isabel CHOWN, 26, professional singer, Ontario, "Edgehill" King St Kingston, d/o Albert P. CHOWN (b. Ontario) & Emma R. OFFORD, witn: R. S. WILLIAMSON of Brantford & Helen L. CHOWN of Kingston on July 31, 1926 at Kingston

36103-26 Walter Cunningham Geale WINDEYER, 25, broker, Toronto, same, s/o Walter F. N. WINDEYER & Madeleine GEALE, married Lois Arnott TAYLOR, 20, Aberdeen, Kingston, d/o R. Bruce TAYLOR & Harriet McKENDRICK, witn: John TOWNSEND of 29 Crescent Rd Toronto & Elizabeth SISE of 295 Peel St Montreal on May 1, 1926 at Kingston

36105-26 Harold Redfield WOOD, 20, labourer, Odessa, Kingston, s/o Gilbert WOOD (b. Portland Tp.) & Harriette COAL, married Florence Evelyn PELOW, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph I. PELOW (b. Quebec) & Delina ANDRE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. GUERE both of Kingston on April 28, 1926 at Kingston

36104-26 George Edward WOOD, 28, painter, Portsmouth, 144 Ontario St Kingston, s/o William WOOD (b. Ontario) & Ellen ORD, married Florence May LEDSAIR, 17, Ogdensburg NY, 87 York St Kingston, d/o Joseph LEDSAIR (b. Ogdensburg NY) & Mabel CHAPIN, witn: Mabel LEDSAIR & Henry A. LESLIE both of 87 York St Kingston on Sept. 6, 1926 at Kingston

36106-26 Robert George WOODCOCK, 24, dairyman, Deseronto, Napanee, s/o George Wellington WOODCOCK (b. Richmond twp) & Martha BIRRELL, married Alice Gertrude PRICE, 23, clerk, Olden Tp., Napanee, d/o James Edward PRICE (b. Richmond? twp - Frontenac Co.) & Sarah Ada ROGERS, witn: Eloise & Roger PRICE both of Mountain Grove on Sept. 4, 1926 at Mountain Grove.

36107-26 George Bryant WOODS, 30, bond statistician, Winchester Mass. USA, New York City USA, s/o George Adams WOODS (b. Boston USA) & Martha Neal HOWE, married Doris Maud McKAY, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John McKAY (b. Boston USA) & Eva WILSON, witn: Helen McKay HYDE of Montreal Quebec & John Howe WOODS of New Haven Conn. USA on June 12, 1926 at Kingston

36108-26 John YEARSLEY, 31, shoe repairer, Sandsworth Birmingham England, 352 Princess St Kingston, s/o Walter Charles YEARSLEY (b. England) & Louise GARBETT, married Amelia CHESTER, 29, dress maker, Regina Sask., 336 Brock St Kingston, d/o Jacob (illegible) (b. abroad (sic) & Catherine KAISER, witn: William S. FOWLER & Miss Effie JACKSON both of Ottawa on July 10, 1926 at Kingston

36109-26 Herbert Norman McDougall YOUNG, 24, doctor of medicine, Peterboro, same, s/o Thomas William Herbert YOUNG (b. England) & Ethel Amelia McDOUGALL, married Florence Fraser BAXTER, 23, Pittsburg Tp., same, d/o John BAXTER (b. Pittsburg Ont.) & Nora WAGGONER, witn: Donald M. CARMICHAEL of 481 Water St Peterborough & Isabel BAXTER of R. R. 1 Kingston on June 12, 1926 at St. Mark's Church Barriefield.

36110-26 James Lloyd YOUNKER, 27, soldier, Charlottetown P.E.I., Kingston, s/o James YOUNKER (b. P.E.I.) & Margaret McANDREW, married Catherine Rose HAWTHORNE, 23, widow, Kingston, same, d/o John NAYLOR (b. Kingston) & Margaret MILNE,, witn: Joseph CADUE of Kingston on July 3, 1926 at Kingston