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Frontenac Co., 1878

birth place is given before residence


002861-78, George William ALLEN, 29, United States, Pittsburgh, farmer, s/o Lewis ALLEN & Mary ALLEN married Elizabeth RUSSELL, 21, Scotland, Kingston, d/o John RUSSELL & Jessie (no maiden name), Wit: Maurice COLLINS- Kingston & Margaret COLLINS, July 27, 1878, Kingston 002854-78, Nathaniel ALLEN, 34, Canada, Amherst Island, mariner s/o Edward ALLEN & Mary KERR married Mary Howard PRESTON, 24, Canada, Amherst Island d/o David PRESTON & Jane HOWARD, Wit: William ALLEN & Martha MIRRON- Amherst Island: Feb. 12, 1878, Kingston
002839-78, John ALLINGHAM, 24, Canada, Kingston, harness maker, s/o John & Mary ALLINGHAM married Ruth HAMILTON, 21, Canada, Kingston, d/o Robert & Martha Ann HAMILTON, Wit: Samuel HAMILTON & Mary Ann HAMILTON - Kingston, Nov. 30, 1878, Kingston 2717-78 John ANDERSON, 32, soldier, Chambley, Kingston, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth ENGLISH, 23, Pittsburgh, Kingston, d/o William & Jane, witn: Timothy & Ellen CARROLL of Kingston, 1 Jan 1878 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
002857-78,  James Edgar ASHLEY, 23, Canada, Kingston, trader s/o John ASHLEY & Margaret CHRYSLER married Anna Ethel HAIGHT, 20, Canada, Kingston d/o E. B. HAIGHT & Alice JOINER, Wit: Gladhill ASHLEY - Kingston & Maria JOINER of Loborough, Feb. 20, 1878, Kingston 2601-78 Edward Horace ASSELSTINE, 24, carriage builder, Kingston, Portsmouth, s/o William Lewis & Nancy, married Caroline Amelia CULCHETT, 23, England, Portsmouth, d/o John & Mary, witn: George Samuel ASSELSTINE of Harrowsmith & Mary A. COLCHETT of Gananoque, 29 May 1878 at Portsmouth
2818-78 Edward George AUBIN, 21, cabinet maker, Canada, Kingston, s/o father dead & Mary J. AUBIN, married Margaret DEAN, 20, England, Kingston, d/o father dead & Margaret DEAN, witn: Catherine S. JOLLIFFE & Christena McINNES, both of Kingston, 8 Nov 1878 at Kingston 2647-79 George AYKROID (s/b Akroyd?), 22, Farmer, Storrington, Loughboro, s/o Benjamin & Jane, mar. Eltha SPAFFORD, 21, Loughboro, same, d/o Elijah & Eliza Jane. Witn Nelson (Wilson?)  KNAPP & Elizabeth KNAPP, both of Loughboro, on 13 Nov., 1878, at Spaffordton
2692-78 Thomas A. BABCOCK, 21, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o A?ial & Ann, married Victoria SNIDER, 25, Loughborough, Portland, d/o J. B. & Rebecca. Witn William BURNETT & A. TRYON, both of (blank), on 04 Feb., 1878, at Verona. 2806-78 William John BAGUS, 23, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Jacob BAGUS & Mary MOORE, married Sarah Jane PHILLIPS, 18, Kingston, same, d/o William P. PHILLIPS & Elizabeth DOHERTY, witn: William C. PHILLIPS & Annie E. MEACHAM, 3 Sept 1878 at Kingston
2650-78 Arthur C. BARNETT, 21, mechanic, Durham twp - Que., Sydenham village, s/o William & Emily, married Sophia Adelaide WOOD, 21, Loughboro twp., same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Fred W. BARNETT of Loughboro & Clayton F. ASH of Newburg, 16 Dec 1878 at Loughboro 2707-79 Joseph BECKFORD, 25, farmer, Franktown - Lanark, Brewers Mills, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Mary CHAGNET (Chaynet?), 22, Brewers Mills, same, d/o Maxim & Mary, witn: James LYERNY? & John McMULLEN, both of Seeleys Bay, 25 Nov 1878 at Brewers Mills
  002772-78  Samuel Clark BELL, 34, Camden Twp., Camden Twp., Farmer, s/o Luke BELL & Ann CLARK, married Maretta Ann KEEOH (Keech? Keogh?) 36, widowed,, Camden Twp., Camden Twp., d/o Robert MILLIGAN & Sarah GARRISON, witn: R.W. VANDERWATER of Kingston, Grant NOXON of Prince Edward Co., July , 1878, at Kingston
2814-78 Walter BELL, 40, widower, farmer, Waterloo, Pittsburgh twp., s/o Thomas BELL & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Margaret BROWN, 35, widow, Waterloo, Wolfe Island, d/o Andrew BROWN & Margaret McCOMB, witn: John JOHNSON & Mary Ann BOYD, both of Pittsburgh, 16 Oct. 1878 at Kingston 002780-78,  Henry BERNY, 29, Brantford, Kingston, Grand Trunk Employee, s/o Edward BERNY & Caroline DIXON married Margaret BENOIT, 24, Montreal, Kingston, d/o Thomas BENOIT & Margaret BOULANGER, Aug 13, 1878, Kingston
2637-78 George BINNINGTON, 22, Farmer, Kingston Tp., same, s/o Ralph & Jane, married Alice WALKER, 20, Kingston Tp., same, d/o George & Eliza. Witn Mary A. AMEY & Rhoda BALFOUR, both of Sydenham, on 15 May, 1878, at Sydenham. 002755-78  George BIRCH, 42, Wid, Ireland, Kingston, Carpenter, s/o George BIRCH & Elizabeth COLE, married Mary C. TAYLOR, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Joseph TAYLOR & Maria J. CAMPBELL, witn: George P? TAYLOR, Ada A. KILVINGTON, both of Kingston, May 16, 1878, at Kingston
2627-78 George Paul BOOMHOWER, 19, Yeoman, Kennebec, same, s/o Nelson BOOMHOWER & Elenor PETERSON, married Eliza J. SCOTT, 18, Kaladar, same, d/o John SCOTT & Mercy A. PARKS. Witn Henry WOODCOCK & Jane WOODCOCK, both of Kennebec, on 06 May, 1878, at Kennebec. 2634-78 Harvy BOYCE? (Boyer?), 26, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Caleb & Margaret, married Flaney? (Flossey?) WALKER, 23, Portland, Loughborough, d/o George & Catharine. Witn William BOTTING & Fanny BOTTING, both of Loughborough, on 28 Jan., 1878, at Loughborough.
  2810-78 Barnett C. BRADLEY, 22, farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Maggie DAVID, 21, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o Isaac DAVID & Mary NEWLANDS, witn: Agnes SMITH of Appleton & F. B. SMITH of Kingston, 27 Sept 1878 at Kingston
2727-79 George W. BRADSHAW, 22, farmer, Kingston, Bedford, s/o George BRADSHAW & Margaret FRAIN, married Margaret SHILLINGTON, 21, Bedford, same, d/o Joseph SHILLINGTON & Sharlot BELL, witn: Henry SHILLINGTON & Anna BRADSHAW, 30 Dec 1878 at Bedford #002814-79 (Frontenac Co): George BRADSHAW, 22, farmer, Kingston, Oso twp., s/o George & Margaret, married Margaret SHELLINGTON, 20, Bedford twp., same, d/o Joseph & Charlotte, witn: Henry SHELLINGTON & Emily Elizabeth BRADSHAW, 30 Dec 1878 at not given (registered in Kingston)
002707-78  Philip BRADY, 58, Ireland, Kingston Mills, Wid. Lock Laborer, s/o B. BRADY & J. MOONEY, married Liza WOODS, 42, Brewers Mills, Brewers Mills, d/o Owen WOODS & Ellen O'NEIL, witn: Patrick DEANE, Jane BREWER, of Brewers Mills, January 7, 1878, at Brewers Mills  
2654-78 Thomas BRETHEN, 20, farmer, Ernestown twp., Kingston twp., s/o Thomas & Ann, married Mary PHILLIPS, 28, Hungerford, Kingston twp., d/o David & Ann Jane, witn: James BELL & Fanny BRETHEN, 24 Dec 1878 at Kingston twp 002859-78, - Maurice James Herbert BROWES, 26, England, Kingston, shoemaker, s/o James John BROWES & Eliza SANITY, married Margaretta MOLE, 21, England, Kingston, d/o John MOLE & Margaretta COX, Wit: H. HITCHENS- Kingston & Sarah DRIVER, Apr. 22, 1878, Kingston
2795-78 James Benjamin BROWN, 48, widower, gentleman, Canada, Menomoneehis US, s/o James W. & Lucy Maria, married Rosaline Stewart SMYTH, 38, Canada, Watertown NY, d/o John Stuart & Caroline SMYTH, witn: Dr. M. J. BROWN & Caroline BENNETT, both of Kingston, 10 June 1878 at Kingston #002832-79 (Frontenac Co): Frederick N. BRYAN, 25, plasterer, Kingston, same, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza Jane HULL, 21, Kingston, same, d/o David & Bridget, witn: D. HULL & Hannah ROBB, both of Kingston, 18 Dec 1878, "privately", at not given (registered in Kingston)
002753-78  William BURKE, 26, New York, Prescott, Gardener, s/o Conrad & Maria BURKE, married Mary Ann BUSHEY, about 22, Kingston, Williamsville, d/o Francis & Alice BUSHEY, witn: Iassaw? MORRISON, Annie TODD, both of Kingston, June 3? (or 9?), 1878, at Williamsville 002735-78  John Sanford BURLEY, 50, Ernestown, Kingston Twp., Farmer, s/o Freeman & Nancy BURLEY, married Elizabeth COMPTON, 28, Kingston Twp., Kingston Twp., d/o James & Sarah COMPTON, witn: Robert James COMPTON, Letitia COMPTON, of Kingston, January 3, 1878, at Kingston
002863-78, - John Wesley BURNETT, 22, Canada, Kingston, s/o Orlanda BURNETT & Sarah GREENFIELD married Augusta HINES, 20, Canada, Pittsburgh d/o George HINES & Sarah Ann PERCY, Wit: Thomas GREAVES- Kingston & Sarah QUINN, Sept 12, 1878, Kingston 2803-78 Charles BURNS, 21, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Matthew BURNS & Fanny JACOBS, married Annie BROWN, 20, Amherst Island, same, d/o Samuel BROWN & Mary Ann GIBSON, witn: Bernard BURNS & Hellen BROWN, both of Amherst Island, 29 Oct 1878 at Kingston
2804-78 Bernard BURNS, 26, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Mathew BURNS & Fanny JACOBS, married Hellen BROWN, 26, Amherst Island, same, d/o Samuel BROWN & Mary Ann GIBSON, witn: Charles BURNS & Annie BROWN, both of Amherst Island, 29 Oct 1878 at Kingston 002837-78, - James Alexander BUTLER, 28, Harrisburg Penn. USA, Kingston, barber, s/o James BUTLER & Maria BROWN married Wilhelmina DUTTON, 21, Ogdensburgh N.Y., USA, d/o William DUTTON & Hannah NASH, Wit: H. N. JACKSON - Montreal & Bella JACKSON- Kingston, Nov. 28, 1878, Kingston
2811-78 Alfred CALLACOTT, 24, carpenter, England, Kingston, s/o James CALLACOTT & Ann LLOYD, married Emma GROGNUE, 18, South Leith, South Gananoque, d/o John GROGNUE & Hannah DE ROLFE, witn: R. GROGNUE of Gananoque & R. BOYD of Kingston, 10 Sept [1878] at Kingston 2812-78 John James CALLACOTT, 30, carpenter, London England, Kingston, s/o James CALLACOTT & Ann LLOYD, married Caroline DAWSON, 24, Kingston, same, d/o Richard DAWSON & MARGARET McGICHIE, witn: Alfred CALLACOTT, Frederick HUDSON & D. HARROLD, all of Kingston, 21 Feb 1878 at Kingston
  002790-78  David Augustus CAMPBELL, 25, Kingston, Kingston, Baker, s/o J. CAMPBELL & wife, married Marcelline De ROCHE, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o De ROCHE & wife, witn: John TWIGG, Dec. 31, 1878, Registered at Kingston
002768-78  Thomas Moore CAVAN, 34, Picton, Toronto, Commercial Traveller, s/o James CAVAN & Margaret McCUTHEN, married Adelaide CREIGHTON, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George CREIGHTON & Adelaide SCOBLE, witn: George CREIGHTON, W. CREIGHTON, S. SHANNON all of Kingston & E. BAGLEY of Montreal, July 11, 1878, at Kingston 2816-78 Alexander Carton CHAMBERS, 34, clergyman, Ireland, Napanee, s/o John C. & Dora Bustard, married Elizabeth Jane BAKER, 20, Storrington, Kingston, d/o William & Esther Cunningham, witn: Rev. J. C. CROZIER & Hannah BAKER, both of Kingston, 13 Aug 1878 at Kingston
2688-78 Minard Wesley CHARLTON?, 23, Bachelor, Machinest, Or??ll, Clarendon, s/o Denis CHARLTON & Mary Ann VANALSTINE, married Laura Adaline McGREGOR, 29, Widow, Camden, Clarendon, d/o Jethro CARD & Amrilla McCUMLER. Witn Edgerton CARD & Mary Adelia PLAYFAIR, both of (blank), on 22 Sept., 1878, at Plevna. 2693-78 Henry CLARK, 22, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Calista SHULTS, 20, Bedford, same, d/o Parker & Mary. Witn Herbert ROGERS & E. ROGERS, both of (blank), on 04 Mar., 1878, at Verona.
2618-78 Charles A. CLOWBRIGE, 28, Hotel Proprietor, N.Y.State, Watertown N.Y., s/o Charles & Betsy, married Anna ROBSON, 25, South Shields Eng., Olden Ont., d/o Nichall? (Michael?) & Isabella. Witn Michael & Isabella ROBSON, both of Tp. Olden, on 12 Mar., 1878, at Tp. Olden. [Clowbridge?] 002751-78  Ernest Augustus COLTCHETH , 22, Northampton England, Portsmouth, baker, s/o John & Mary COLTCHETH, married Ellen JACK, 21, Pittsburgh, Portsmouth, d/o John & Elizabeth JACK, witn: Joseph BIRKETT, Susan DAWSON, both of Kingston, April , 1878, at Kingston
2827-78 Michael CONNOLLY, 29, jobber, Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o James CONNOLLY & Eliza KELLY, married Mary DOLAN, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Martin DOLAN & Eliza O'NEIL, witn: Michael & Elizabeth DOLAN of Kingston, 8 Oct 1878 at Kingston 002832-78, - James CONNORS, 26, Storrington, Storrington, laborer, s/o Michael CONNORS & Bridget FARRELL married Hannora KARINS, 41, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Patrick KARINS & Mary CONAN, Wit: Denis KARINS & Ellen KARINS - Odessa, Oct. 21, 1878, Kingston
002740-78  Robert CONWAY, 24, Kingston, Pittsburgh, Sailor, s/o Joseph (CONWAY?) & Ann McKEE, married Anne LAURENCELL, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Joseph (LAURENCELL ?) & Margery La FLEUR, witn: Thomas PLUNKETT of U.S., Margaret NICHOLSON of Kingston, January 9, 1878, at Kingston 002867-78 - William Andrew COON, 21, United States, Kingston, railway conductor, s/o Ed. S. COON & Lyddy CHAUDER married Catherine McDONALD, 22, Canada, Kingston d/o John McDONALD & Catherine HOGAN, Wit: Harry WOOLARD- Kingston, Ed. S. COON & Susan WILLIAMSON - Adams Center N.Y., Dec. 31. 1878, Kingston
002761-78  Thomas CORRIGAN, 22, Kingston, Kingston, Storekeeper, s/o John CORRIGAN & Mary CORRIGAN, married Elizabeth TURCOTT, 19, Wolf Island, Wolf Island, d/o Lavaire TURCOTT & Annie TURCOTT, witn: Thomas TWIGG of Kingston, April 23, 1878, at Cathedral, Kingston  
2687-78 Thomas COUSINS, 27, Farmer, Amherst Island, Tp. Clarendon, s/o Thomas COUSINS & Mary CROMWELL, married Eleanor Lucy SEGRIAN, 25, England, Tp. Miller, d/o John SEGRIAN & Catharine BENNET. Witn Joseph W. CARD & Mary STALKER, both of Clarendon Tp., on 12 July, 1878, at Tp. Clarendon. 002841-78, - Robert Henry COWAN, 31, Canada, Kingston, musician, s/o Jas. COWAN & Ellen COWAN married Lydia SPENCER, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o (Father dead) & Maria SPENCER, Wit: Jas. A. McLAUGHLIN & Anne McLAUGHLIN - Kingston, Dec. 3, 1878, Kingston
002704-78  Frederick A, COWAN, 19, Pittsburgh, Gananoque, Moulder, s/o David & Jane COWAN, married Ida GRICE, 15, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o William & Diantha GRICE, witn: Hugh COWAN, Matilda WOODS, of Pittsburgh, February 7, 1878, at Pittsburgh 002758-78  William John CRAIG, 27, Kingston, Mill Point, Minister of the Gospel, s/o John CRAIG & Agnes CRAIG, married Fanny Gertrude RATHBUN (Rathburn?), 24, Auburn N.Y., Mill Point, d/o H.B. RATHBUN & Louisa S. RATHBUN, witn: W.G. CRAIG & James CRAIG, April 10, 1878, at Mill Point
2808-78 James CRAIG, 32, bookkeeper, Kingston, same, s/o John CRAIG & Agnes CARMICHAEL, married Jennie WARTMAN, 26, Colinsby, same, d/o B. WARTMAN & Catherine McCARTHEA, witn: H. B. RATHBURN & R.T. CRAIG, both of Mill Point and T. A. CRAIG of Kingston, 25 Sept 1878 at Colinsby 2608-78 Solomon CRONK, 22, Farmer, Camden, Hinchenbrooke, s/o Sylvester & Mindwell, married Samantha STORMS, 18, Ernestown, Olden, d/o Henery & Elizabeth. Witn William EATES? & Elma EATES, both of Hinchenbrooke, on 23 Jan., 1878, at Hinchenbrooke.
2718-78 Walter CROSS, 25, soldier, Oxford England, Kingston, s/o Robert & Ann, married Mary O'BRIEN, 18, St. Johns Que., Kingston, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: William KING & Jane SMITH, 1 Jan 1878 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston #002851-79 (Frontenac Co): William CUNNINGHAM, 36, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Hannah NUTTAL, married Agnes HURST, 35, widow, Leeds twp., same, d/o William WALDIE & Isabella LINDSAY, witn: C. HOWELL & Annie KIRK, both of Kingston, 31 Dec 1878 at Kingston
002787-78,  William B. CUNNINGHAM, 30, Canada, Mattawa, preacher, s/o James & Ann CUNNINGHAM married Alice D. WOODWARD, 19, Canada, Pittsburgh, d/o Horace & Mary WOODWARD, Wit: John C. KING & Jane GRAFFTEY- both of Kingston, Sep. 11, 1878, Kingston 002853-78, - John CURE, 29, Canada, Portland, butcher s/o Benjamin CURE & Margaret GOWDEY married Emma REESE, 24, England, Wolfe Island, d/o George REESE & Ann FRY, Wit: George REESE & Emily Jane REESE, Kingston, Feb. 9, 1878, Kingston
2651-78 Joseph Cyrus CUTTON?, 23, farmer, Thurlow twp., same, s/o James J. & Caroline, married Catherine Ann POWLEY, 19, Loughboro, Kingston twp., d/o James W. & Eliza J., witn: George A. KNIGHT of Kingston & Emma A. BELL of Napanee, 13 June 1878 at Kingston 2824-78 James DALEY, 21, printer, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas DALEY & Ellen O'REILLY, married Margaret COLLINS, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph COLLINS & Margaret DONOVAN, witn: John MCKINLEY & Ann COLLINS, both of Kingston, 23 Aug 1878 at Kingston
002833-78, - Patrick DALY, 26, Kingston, Kingston, printer s/o Thomas DALY & Ellen O'REILLY married Mary WOOD, 25, Cornwall, Kingston, d/o Arthur WOOD & Mary CORCORAN, wit: Kiern DALY & Minnie McDONALD, Oct. 21, 1878, Kingston #002657-78 (Frontenac Co): William E. D’ARGENT, 27, theological student, England, Wolfe Island, s/o Edward & Mary E. Maddock D’ARGENT, married Sarah Annette HITCHCOCK, 18, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William D. & Natilla Theresa, witn: Fannie CHARLES & Arabella BARRETT & Georgie SAUNDERS, all of Wolfe Island, 17 April 1878 at Wolfe Island (also 2659-78)
2799-78 Thomas DARLING, 34, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o David DARLING & Isabel BROWN, married Isabella YULE, 30, Demse? Scotland, Leeds twp., d/o William YULE & Jessie FOREMAN, witn: Wynnie & Emma MOWAT and Thomas DARLING & Isabella YULE, Oct 1878 at Kingston #002836-79 (Frontenac Co): John DARLING, 30, farmer, Canada, Leeds, s/o David DARLING & Isabella BROWN, married Janet HAIG, 31, widow, Canada, Leeds, d/o John HAIG & Ann BROW, witn: T. McQUAIG & C. McKINNON, 9 Jan 1878 at Kingston
  002776-78  George DARRAGH, 21, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Farmer, s/o Alexander DARRAGH & Elizabeth SAYERS, married Eliza Jane FOWLER, 20, Glenburnie, Glenburnie, d/o Daniel FOWLER & Esther FARRELL, witn: Patrick FOWLER of Glenburnie, James DARRAGH of Pittsburgh, June 11, 1878, at Kingston
2825-78 James DARRAGH, 29, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Alexander DARRAGH & Elizabeth SYERS, married Margaret CUNNINGHAM, 18, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Edward CUNNINGHAM & Cecilia MURDOCH, witn: Edward CUNNINGHAM & Catherine BRANAGAN, 1 Oct 1878 at Kingston 002844-78, - Chancy DARYAW, 23, Leroux Island, Simcoe Island, sailor, s/o John DARYAW & Maria HADELY married Mary Ann EVES, 21, Wolfe Island, Simcoe Island, d/o John EVES & Mary Jane RANSHAW, Wit: Chancy DARYAW, Thomas MICHEA, Margaret MICHEA & Margaret EVES, Dec. 4, 1878, Kingston
002737-78  George Edward DAVIS, 25, Trenton N.J., Kingston, Laborer, s/o John DAVIS & Mary DAVIS, married Caroline VAMDELL, 22, England, Kingston, d/o Shedrach VAMDELL & Mary Ann VAMDELL, witn: Albert BROUGH, Louria VAMDELL, both of Kingston, February 23, 1878, at Kingston #002844-79 (Frontenac Co): Robert DAVIS, 45, widower, merchant, Oneida Co NY, Wolfe Island, s/o Matthew & Hannah, married Barbara CRAMAND, 47, Scotland, Kingston, d/o James & Margaret, witn: James McFAUL & Alice CRAMAND, both of Kingston, 20 Nov 1878 at Kingston
002775-78  William DEERIN, 50, Ireland, Portsmouth, Farmer, s/o, James DEERIN & Ann BIRD, married Bridget CONNERS, 42, widowed,, Ireland, Portsmouth, d/o John QUINN & Cath. WILLIAMS, witn: Patrick FITZGERALD, Bridget FITZGERALD, June 10, 1878, at Kingston 2643-78 Lester DELINE, 21, Farmer, Belrock Portland, same, s/o Hiram & Hannah, married Elizabeth Alena SMITH, 17, Colebrook Camden, Portland, d/o Ira & Matilda. Witn James McMILLIN & Rob't McCONNELL, both of Sydenham, on 04 Sept., 1878, at Sydenham.
002789-78  Joshua Anderson DERMOTT, 25, Kingston, Kingston, Farmer, s/o T. & Norah DERMOTT, married Eliza Ann CONWAY, 21, Township, Township, d/o T. & Mary CONWAY, witn: J. TWIGG, September 14, 1878, at , Registered at Kingston 002733-78  Thomas DERRY, 30, City of Kingston, City of Kingston, Laborer, s/o James DERRY & Ann ALLEN, married Elizabeth GAINSFORD, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o Joseph GAINSFORD & Eliza GREEN, witn: John McCOLLOUGH & Sarah J. McCOLLOUGH, January 15, 1878, at Kingston
2792-78 Lewis DERRYAN, 25, sailor, Leeds Canada, Kingston twp., s/o John & Maria, married Annie LADOTTE, 21, Wolfe Island, same, d/o L. & Susan, witn: J. E. TWIGG of Kingston, 15 Sept 1878 at Kingston 002831-78, - James DONOGHUE, 27, Ireland, Bedford, miner, s/o James DONOGHUE & Bridget DUNN married Bridget NEFCY? nee DONOGHUE, 34, widow, Ireland, Bedford d/o James DONOGHUE & Analasea NOLAN, Wit: William CARROLL - Kingston & J. CARROLL, Oct. 9, 1878, Kingston
2668-78 James DONAVAN, 23, Yeoman, Canada, Bath, s/o Richard DONAVAN & Margaret McCARTHY, married Henryetta GREENWOOD, 19, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Mafin GREENWOOD & Elizabeth YOLT?. Witn Francis GREENWOOD & Catherine McGRATH, both of Wolfe Island, on 28 Apr., 1878, at Wolfe Island. 002782-78,  James DOUGLAS, 22, County Derry Ireland, City of Kingston, Brick layer, s/o Robert & Margaret DOUGLAS married Sarah GRASS (Gross?), 21, Waterloo Co., City of Kingston, d/o Lewis & Catharine GRASS, Wit: Edward HARRIS- Williams? (end cut off) & Martha FORBES- Kingston: Aug 18, 1878, City of Kingston
#002831-79 (Frontenac Co): Samuel Stekney DRYSDALE, 23, brewer, Liverpool, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Catherine ANDERSON, 19, Kingston, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William & Mary CHRISTMAS of Kingston, 19 Nov 1878 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston 2675-78 Charles Frederick DUFF, 31, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Charles F. & Ann, married Mary CONVERY, 19, Storrington, same, d/o Michael & Jane. Witn Peter CONVERY & James H. SHERBANS, both of Storrington, on 25 Mar., 1878, at Storrington Tp.
002830-78, - Gerald Christopher EGAN, 29, Province of Quebec, Ottawa , merchant, s/o Christopher EGAN & Ann W. ROBINSON married Margaret GOODWIN, 21, United States, City of Kingston, d/o Patrick GOODWIN & Ann BROPHY, Wit: Luke EGAN- Montreal & Maggie BROPHY- Kingston, Sept. 3, 1878, Kingston 002852-78, - William EDWARDS, 30, England, Storrington, wheel wright, s/o James EDWARDS & Mary DAINES married Sarah HARTLEY, 21, Canada, Storrington d/o James HARTLEY & Esther Ann HOLDER, Wit: J. E. MURPHY- Storrington & M. A. HOLDER- Kingston, Jan. 23, 1878, Kingston
2748-79 (Frontenac Co): Francis EDWARDS, 25, carriage maker, England, Storrington, s/o James & blank, married Emma Jane GUMMER, 18, Storrington, same, d/o John & Almenna, witn: Philander EDWARDS & Nancy GUMMER, both of Storrington, 14 Oct 1878 at Storrington 2809-78 William James ELLIOTT, 25, plasterer, Leeds Co., Leeds twp., s/o William ELLIOTT & Frances WARINGTON, married Jane HARRISON, 20, Leeds twp., same, d/o William HARRISON & Louisa WATTS, witn: Mary P. & Fannie B. SMITH of Kingston, 14 Oct. 1878 at Kingston
2801-78 Robert FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o John & Mary, married Dora Jane GEFFS, 21, widow, Glenburnie, Kingston, d/o James & Sarah BABCOCK, witn: Mrs. BONSFIELD & Miss A. SHEWELL, both of Kingston, 28 Oct 1878 at Kingston 002746-78  Michael FOLEY?, 25, Montreal, Kingston, Carter, s/o Michael & Mary HEFFERIN, married Anne CLITHROE, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George CLITHROE & Agnes BORDEAU, witn: James CONWAY, Agnes CLITHROE, both of Kingston, March 4, 1878, at Kingston
2797-78 Samuel FORBES, 27, farmer, Wolfe Island, Lambton Co., s/o Andrew FORBES & Lucinda KING, married Arabella KENNEDY, 24, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Andrew KENNEDY & Matilda SMITH, witn: William & Mrs. William HAZLETT, 25 Sept 1878 at Kingston #002833-79 (Frontenac Co): Francis FORSYTHE, 23, sailor, Montreal, Kingston, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Helen Victoria HANCE, 35, New York, Kingston, d/o Isaac & Hannah, witn: John BELRAN & Mary Ann Eliza ROURKE, both of Kingston, 18 Dec 1878 at Kingston
2684-78 James FOUBISTER, 26, Gentleman, Scotland, Storrington, s/o George & Ann, married Mary LINSAY, 20, Storrington, same, d/o John & Margret. Witn John WRIGHT of Storrington & Lireinda THORNE of Battersea, on 03 Dec., 1878, at Battersea. 2648-78 Thomas FULLER, 51, widower, merchant, Pickering Ont., Montreal, s/o Thomas & Amanda, married Mary Ann Jane DAWSON, 29, Turon? - Co. Cavan Ireland, Sydenham Loughboro, d/o Rev. A. & Annie Jane, witn: F. E. FULLER & Alice DAWSON, both of Sydenham, 16 Oct. 1878 at St. Paul's Church, Sydenham
  002756-78  George Henry GALWAY, 29, Leeds Twp., Leeds Twp., Farmer, s/o Andrew GALWAY & Mary Ann BERRY, married Fanny Lue KELPIN, 29, widowed,, Leeds Twp., Leeds Twp, d/o James DOWSLEY & Mary Ann SCOTT, witn: W.? H. CHESNUT, Elizabeth TOSSELL, both of Kingston, June 1, 1878, at Kingston
2600-78 John GARRAH, 22, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Israel GARRAH & Adeline GONNEAU, married Angeline COMPOW (Campeau?), 20, Howe Island, same, d/o Michael & Angeline, witn: Serapha COMPOW & Mary GARRAH, both of Howe Island, 18 Feb 1878 at Gananoque [reg'd in Howe Island] 2653-78 William GARRETT, 21, mechanic, Kingston twp., same, s/o Albert & Caroline, married Mary CLARK, 16, New York, Kingston twp., d/o Colborne & Jane, witn: Charles W. GLENN & Neil WOOD, both of Ernestown, 30 Oct 1878 at Colinsby
002846-78, - Thomas T. GIBSON, 22, Storrington, Storrington, farmer, s/o John & Jane GIBSON married Emma MORRISON, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert & Ann MORRISON, Wit: John COCHRANE & Mary Ann MORRISON - Storrington, Nov. 12, 1878, Kingston (also 2822-78) 2655-78 John C. GIBSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Kingston twp., s/o Robert GIBSON & Rosanna REES, married Emma Jane BENINGTON, 20, Ontario, Kingston twp., d/o Ralph BENINGTON & Jane MOORE, witn: Mr.? WARREN of Picton & Miss GIBSON of Kingston twp., 25 Dec 1878 at Glenvale
2620-78 John GODFREY, 21, Farmer, Tp. Bedford Ont., Olden, s/o Edward L. & Arabella, married Asinath SANDERSON, 20, Tp. Sheffield Ont., Tp. Olden, d/o John & Louisa. Witn Robert GODFREY & Mary E. SANDERSON, both of Olden, on 01 July, 1878, at Bride's Father at Olden. 2611-78 George GOOD, 27, farmer, Camden twp., Bedford, s/o John & Margaret, married Cinthia CORNWELL, 20, Jefferson Co NY, Bedford, d/o Edwin & Latitia, witn: Francis GOOD & M. SHELLINGTON, both of Bedford, 7 May 1878 at Bedford
2691-78 Miles GOODBERRY, 21, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o Lorenzo & Margaret Jane, married Edith Aluirel? REVEL, 18, Portland, same, d/o Matthew & Sarah. Witn Matthew REVEL Jr., & Margaret REVEL, both of (blank), on 18 Feb., 1878, at Portland. 002748-78  John GOODFELLOW, 30, Canada, Parham, Farmer, s/o John & Mary GOODFELLOW, married Agnes HAMILTON, 24, Canada, Hinchinbrooke Twp., d/o Thomas & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Christina McINNES, Cath S. JOLLIFFE, both of Kingston, April 8, 1878, at Kingston
002739-78  David GOWAN, 29, Canada, Seeley’s Bay, Brick maker, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth GOWAN, married Mary Elizabeth SEARS, Canada, Battersea, d/o William & Orilla SEARS, witn: Edward R. BRAINARD, Almon SQUIRES, both of Gananoque, March 11, 1878, at Kingston 3053-80 Joseph Carter GRAHAM, 28, teacher, Paisley Scotland, Ernestown, s/o John GRAHAM & Harriet COCHRANE, married Mirthia STORMS, 30, Ernestown, same, d/o George STORMS & Margaret BROWN, witn: Fannie & R. L. SMITH of Kingston, 31 Dec 1878 at Kingston
2667-78 Olivier GRAVEL, 24, Merchant, St. Eustash, Montreal, s/o Pierre GRAVEL & Flavie LAVALLIE, married Annie O'CONNELL, 20, Ireland, Wolfe Island, d/o Phillip O'CONNELL & Catherine McGUIRE. Witn Michael O'CONNELL & Catherine FLYNN, both of Wolfe Island, on 02 July, 1878, at Wolfe Island. #002656-78 (Frontenac Co): Silas Arthur GRIMSHAW, 22, carpenter, Wolfe Island, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Julia TURCOTT, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Baptiste & Mary, witn: Miles GRIMSHAW & Virginia TURCOTT, both of Wolfe Island, 5 April 1878 at Trinity Church, Wolfe Island (also 2658-78)
002712-78  Delos GRIMSHAW, 28, Wolfe Island, Pittsburgh, Yeoman, s/o William & Mary GRIMSHAW, married Sarah Jane HUTTON, 20, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o James & Elizabeth HUTTON, witn: Thomas HAMILTON, Minnie J. HUTTON, of Pittsburgh, September 16, 1878, at House of Samuel TODD, Pittsburgh 002836-78, - John GROGAN, 42, widower, Ireland, Kingston, laborer s/o William GROGAN & Mary LAVEY married Catherine WHEELER, 34, Kingston, Kingston d/o John WHEELER & Ann WHEELER, Wit: James WILKINS & Eliza Jane WHEELER - Kingston, Nov. 26, 1878, Kingston
002732-78  William Alex HAMILTON, 24, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Alice HAMILTON, married Margaret CHESNUT, 21, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o Samuel & Mary CHESNUT, witn: Samuel McADAM of Kingston, Mary UNDERS of Pittsburgh, February 5, 1878, at Kingston 2711-79 Thomas HAMILTON, 30, farmer, Pittsburg, same, s/o William & Alice, married Agnes HUTTON, 23, Pittsburg, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William HUTTON of Pittsburg & Margaret BALLANTYNE of Lanark, 24 Dec 1878 at St. James Church, Birmingham
002786-78,  Theron L. HAMMOND, 21, State of New York, Kingston, barber, s/o Washington & Amanda HAMMOND married Christina HALTON, 18, Canada, Kingston, d/o Joseph R. & Letitia HALTON, Wit: Samuel P. WHITE & Eliza GRAFFTEY, both of Kingston, Sep 4, 1878, Kingston 2698-78 Wallace HAMPTON, 24, mechanic, Bedford twp., Hinchinbrooke, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann HAYES, 20, Kennebec, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Nelson & Elizabeth, witn: Leander BAKER & Loretta TALLAR?, both of Harrowsmith, 14 Oct 1878 at Harrowsmith
2712-79 John HANLEY, 25, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o George & Lucinda, married Sarah BALLS, 24, Storrington, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William BALLS & Maggie JOHNSON, both of Storrington, 31 Dec 1878 at St. James Parsonage, Birmingham 002851-78, - Charles HANSON, 25, Canada, Kingston, engineer s/o George HANSON & Elizabeth DOHERTY married Annie SHORTROSS, 23, England, Kingston, d/o John SHORTROSS & Margaret DEMPSEY, Wit: Thomas JEMISON & Catherine HAGER - Kingston, Dec. 28, 1878, Kingston
2642-78 Edward HARKEN, 26, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o George & Mary, married Elizabeth McFADDEN, 21, New Orleans Louisianna, Loughborough, d/o James & Ellen. Witn Nelly DAVIS of Loughborough, & Ths. TOWNSEND of Sydenham, on 29 Aug., 1878, at Loughborough. 2603-78 William James HARRIS, 26, ship carpenter, England, Garden Island, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth ROAGY, 23, Kingston, Garden Island, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: E. S. ANDERSON & M. McCROBIE, both of Garden Island, 20 Feb 1878 at Garden Island
2619-78 Joseph L. HARTEN, 21, Farmer, Camden?, Olden, s/o William M. & Eliza, married Hannah E. YORK, 18, Camden, Olden, d/o Gilbert & Sabra. Witn Martin YORK of Sheffield, & Peter A. SMITH of Olden, on 13 Mar., (blank), at Tp. Olden. 002714-78  Charles Joseph HENSTRIDGE, 24, London England, Pittsburgh, Carpenter, s/o Josephius? William & Amelia HENSTRIDGE, married Isabella Jane McCALPIN, 21, Leeds, Leeds, d/o James & Ann McCALPIN, witn: James Henry McCALPIN of Leeds Ont., Jane HENSTRIDGE of Portsmouth, October 30, 1878, at Leeds [reg'd in Frontenac Co]
2636-78 James HILL, 28, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o James & Julia, married Ellen HAMILTON, 26, Portland, same, d/o Alexander & Ellen. Witn Mary A. AMEY & Rhoda BALFOUR, both of Sydenham, on 23 Apr., 1878, at Sydenham. 002785-78,  Niles Wilber (Miller?) HILLIARD, 32, New York State, Syracuse, hotel keeper, s/o William & Elizabeth HILLIARD married Laura Austin COON, 32, New York, Syracuse, d/o Lorenzo D. AUSTIN & Abantha AUSTIN, Wit: Richard LOSSEL & H.H. CHESTNUT- Kingston, Aug 11, 1878, Kingston
002840-78, - Matthew James HILLIER, 27, Ernestown, Ernestown, farmer, s/o John HILLIER & Julia BROWN married Alzina HILLIER, 21, North Fredericksburgh, North Fredericksburgh, d/o John HILLIER & Elizabeth BABCOCK, Wit: Joseph A. GALLOWAY & Armiralla PETERS - Ernestown, Nov. 26, 1878, Kingston 002706-78  Peter HOGEBOOM, 23, Ernestown, Storrington, Blacksmith, s/o George & Emily HOGEBOOM, married Martha CLARK, 25, Storrington, Storrington, d/o George & Martha CLARK, witn: Isaac LAKE & Mary LAKE of Pittsburgh, June 4, 1878, at Pittsburgh
002771-78  Arthur Reginald HORA, 28, London England, Pittsburgh, Yeoman, s/o Francis H. & Louisa HORA, married Caroline BARKER, 32, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o Edward John & Elizabeth BARKER, witn: J.P. PENSE, Jane PEACOCK, City of Kingston, July 25, 1878, at Kingston 002862-78, - George HOWARD, 32, England, Kingston, laborer, s/o Durfey HOWARD & Susan HOWARD married Agnes COULTER, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George COULTER & Ann Jane HIGGINS, Wit: Frank DELMONS - Clifton & Mary Ann McQUINES (McGuines?) - Kingston, Aug. 3, 1878, Kingston
2694-78 Anson HUGHES, 24, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o John & Mary, married Alice HARTMAN, 24, Ernestown, same, d/o Valintine & Elizabeth. Witn Jehial & Sylinda SNIDER, both of (blank), on 07 Mar., 1878, at Ernestown. 002829-78, - James HURST, 24, Kingston, Kingston, painter, s/o Thomas HURST ( deceased) & Elizabeth MURPHY married Catharine CARROLL, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Patrick CARROLL (deceased) & Anne CLANCY, Wit: James COYLE & Bridget MADDIGAN - Kingston, Sept. 11, 1878, Kingston
  2686-78 William JACKSON, 32, Clothier, England, Tamworth Canada, s/o William JACKSON & Alice SIM, married Mary Jane MALLORY, 35, Tp. Young Canada, Tp. Miller, d/o David MALLORY & Caroline HOTCHKISS. Witn Adam RONEY & Walace MALLORY, both of (blank), on 29 June, 1878, at Tp. Miller.
2683-78 Fergus JARDINE, 27, Farmer, Newtonard Ireland, Storrington, s/o John & Ellenor, married Esther SIMPSON, 18, Storrington, same, d/o Archibald & Ellenor. Witn Andrew McC. JARDINE & Rachel D. JARDINE, both of Battersea, on 07 Nov., 1878, at Battersea. 2645-78 George Edward JOHNSTON, 24?, Farmer, Tp. Loughborough, same, s/o Lymon Edward & Mary Ann, married Jane YOUNG, 21, Tp. Richmond, Tp. Loughborough, d/o John & Sarah. Witn Michael YOUNG & Diana BREWER, both of Loughborough, on 09 Oct., 1878, at Sydenham.
2617-78 Joseph JONES, 22, Miner, Tp. Bedford, Same, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Eurena SEARS, 19, Tp. Bedford, same, d/o Horace & Martha. Witn William JONES & Marey (or) Marcy E. JONES, both of Tp. Bedford, on 12 Oct., 1878, at Tp. Bedford. #002840-79 (Frontenac Co): John JONES, 27, farmer, Nottinghamshire, Ernestown, s/o William & Sarah, married Eliza ARNOLD, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Edward ARNOLD & Maggie HYNDES, both of Kingston, 31 Dec 1878 at Kingston
2685-79 Gilbert JONES, 25, farmer, Canada, Murray twp., s/o Gilbert & Tabitha, married Sarah M. RANKIN, 19, Canada, Collins Bay, d/o David & Eliza, witn: Gilbert JONES Sr. & W. J. JONES, both of Belleville, 3 April 1878 at res of bride, Collins Bay 002791-78  K.L. JONES, 36, Kingston, Aruprin??, Clerk in Holy Orders, s/o Sidney & Susan JONES, married Emily McGill ? STRANGE, d/o Not Given, witn: Beverly JONES of Toronto, Gertrude STRANGE of Kingston, August 8, 1878, at St. Georges Cathedral Kingston
2631-78 Moses KELLAR, 25, Farmer, Sheffield, Kennebec, s/o David & Sarah, married Rosetta J. KIRKPATRICK, 18, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o James & Mary C. Witn Philip PETERSON & Mary C. PETERSON, both of Kennebec, on 20 Oct., 1878, at Kennebec. 002834-78, - Patrick KENNEDY, 27, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, laborer s/o John KENNEDY & Bridget POWERS married Bridget McMANUS, 25, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, d/o Hugh McMANUS & Jane McAULEY, Wit: Michael KENNEDY & Mary Jane McMANUS - Kingston, Nov. 20, 1878, Kingston
2663-78 Thomas Francis KEYS, 29, mariner, Pittsburg twp., Wolfe Island, s/o John & Susan, married Sarah Henrietta Maria BUSCH, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John Henry & Sarah Ann, witn: George W. BRIGGS & Lora B. BUSCH, both of Wolfe Island, 11 Dec 1878 at Wolfe Island 002774-78  Thomas KINCHLER, 25, Watertown, Kingston, Laborer, s/o Richard KINCHLER & Margaret KERNS, married Sarah McILGRAM?, 24, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Robert McILGRAM & Catharine O’HARA, witn: Martin WALSH & Kate McKAY, both of Kingston, June 4, 1878, at Kingston
2750-79 (Frontenac Co): James H. LAKE, 28, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o John K. & Ann Elizabeth, married Susan H. EDWARDS, 25, Ernestown, Storrington, d/o David & Mary, witn: Benjamin GAGE of Ernestown & Emma CROW of Storrington, 19 Nov 1878 at Storrington 2664-78, Polycarp LALONDE, 22, yeoman, Quebec, Wolfe Island, s/o David LALONDE & Adelaid AMENT, married Julia TURCOTT, 30, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Lebert LALONDE & Ann QUIGLEY, wtn: Edward TURCOTT & Rose DERYAN both of Wolfe Island, 29 Feb 1878, Wolfe Island
  002769-78  Benjamin LANE, 22, Pittsburgh Twp., Kingston, Servant, s/o Charles LANE & Mary GATES, married Esther HAWTHORNE, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert HAWTHORNE & Rebecca CARLEY, witn: Donald FRASER, Joseph CATES, both of Kingston, July 9, 1878, at Kingston
002783-78,  Nathaniel LANGDON, 24, Kingston, Kingston, mason, s/o Nathaniel & Willhelmina LANGDON, married Frances GROSS (Grass?), 17, Collins Bay , Kingston, d/o Lewis & Catharine GROSS, Wit: William LANGDON - Kingston & Jemima GROSS, Aug 17, 1878, City of Kingston 002734-78  Charles Henry LAVELL, 22, Peterboro, Kingston, Physician, s/o Michael & Betsey LAVELL, married Amelia Louisa BAMFORD, 27, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alexander & Catherine BAMFORD, witn: E.H. REES, E.C. BAMFORD, of Kingston, February 14, 1878, at Kingston
002749-78  John Norton LAWSON, 21, Canada, Gananoque, Carpenter, s/o John & Elizabeth LAWSON, married Addie PEACOUR, 22, Clayton U.S., Gananoque, d/o Louis & Lonesa PEACOUR, witn: Cath. L. JOLLIFFE, Christina McINNES, both of Kingston, February 23, 1878, at Kingston 2802-78 George LEE, 23, farmer, Loughboro, Bedford twp., s/o William & Sarah, married Alice Claudine WHYTE, 18, New York, Bedford twp., d/o James & Julia, witn: Mrs. BONSFIELD & Miss SHEWELL, both of Kingston, 11 Sept 1878 at Kingston
002849-78, - James D. LEE, 23, Ernestown, Ernestown, farmer s/o George LEE & Ann ALBERTON married Gretta A. SMITH, 18, Township of Kingston, same, d/o William SMITH & Harriet OARSLEY, Wit: Thomas GRAHAM & Caroline LEE -Ernestown, Nov. 2, 1878, Kingston 2766-78 Cooper LENNOX, 23, blacksmith, Kingston, same, s/o George & Catherine, married Agnes Louisa JENMAN, 19, Kingston, same, d/o George & Ann Jane, witn: Archibald H. & Mary Jane WALLWOOD of Kingston, 23 July 1878 at Kingston
2697-78 Charles LEONARD, 30, Farmer, Hartington, same, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Eliza Jane CARSCALLEN, 19, Hartington, same, d/o Edward & Isabell. Witn Edward CARSCALLAN & David LEONARD, both of Hartington, on 10 Oct., 1878, at Hartington 2696-78 - W. H. LEONARD, 38, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, St. Vincent, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Fanny Jane TRUSDALE, 28, Mount Pleasant, Loughborough, d/o Mathew & Mary. Witn William TRUSDALE & Rhodda LEONARD, both of Hartington, on 24 Dec., 1878, at Mount Pleasant.
2800-78 James G. LIDDELL, 24, machinist, Glengarry Ont., Kingston, s/o William LIDDELL & Elizabeth McEWEN, married Elizabeth McBRIDE, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas McBRIDE & Mary A. RUTH, witn: R. Lasae BARBER & Ellen POLLIE, both of Kingston, 16 Oct 1878 at Kingston 002784-78,  Frederick LOYD, 28, Gananoque, Gananoque, laborer, s/o John LOYD & Ann LOYD married Emma McVANEY, 20, Wolfe Island, Gananoque, d/o Thomas McVANEY & Catherine McVANEY, Wit: H. H. CHESTNUT & Carie VIRGL - Kingston, Aug. 12, 1878, Kingston
002754-78  John LYNE, 23, Plymouth England, Loughboro, Miner, s/o Henry & Mary Ann LYNE, married Maria Cecilia COBET (Cubit?), 19, Portsmouth England, Loughboro, d/o Louis Frederick & Annie Elizabeth COBET, witn: William Isaac JONES, Helen Adalaide JONES, May 30, 1878, at Kingston 2749-79 (Frontenac Co): William Henry LYONS, 21, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Daniel & Jane, married Martha SILVER, 18, Loughborough, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Lucy M. WILLIAMS & Henrietta HUGHSON, both of Storrington, 13 Nov 1878 at Storrington
002757-78  Alexander MacGILLAVRY, Charlottenberg, Williamstown, Presbyterian Minister, s/o Not Given, married Alice Helen GLASSUP (Glossop?), Ontario, City of Kingston, d/o Thomas & blank, witn: Revd. Mr. MacGILLAVRY, T. BROTHERS, date not given, at House of Mother, [Registered at Kingston] 002770-78  John Thomas Hamilton MACKENZIE, 41, Kingston, Kingston, Physician, s/o John MACKENZIE & Mary DENNISON, married Mary Hamilton HAMILTON, 31, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hon. J. HAMILTON & Frances P. McPHERSON, witn: Hon. John HAMILTON, George HAMILTON, June 25, 1878, at Kingston
2605-78 William MACUMBER, 24, Farmer, Camden, Hinchenbrooke, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Mary WAGAR, 23, Camden, Hinchenbrooke, d/o James & Catharine. Witn Enoch SIMKINS & Catharine McMULLEN, both of Hinchenbrooke, on 14 Apr., 1878, at Hinchenbrooke.  
002709-78  Patrick MALLEN (Mullen?), 32, Storrington, Storrington, Farmer & Sailor, s/o Michael MALLEN & Margaret BRADY, married Lucelinda KILLROY?, 17, Storrington, Storrington, d/o John KILLROY? & Sara CARTER, witn: James McMULLEN, B. BOYLE, of Pittsburgh, April 10, 1878, at Brewers Mills #002677-78 (Frontenac Co): Robert MARSHALL, 21, farmer, Ireland, Kingston twp., s/o Robert & Margaret, married Margaret SMITH, 19, Storrington twp., same, d/o Charles & Caroline, witn: Simeon SMITH & Simeon McBRIDE, both of Storrington, 15 July 1878 at Sunbury
2695-78 William D. MARTIN, 24, Merchant, Tp. Kingston, Verona, s/o William & Nancy, married Edith LEAMAN, 18, Tp. Kingston, Wilton, d/o Sanfard & Alida. Witn Isabel & Edith TEESAN, both of Harrowsmith, on 12 Nov., 1878, at Harrowsmith. 002779-78 - Charles McAVEY, 35, Ireland, Kingston, engineer s/o James McAVEY & Bridget McCUE married Margaret KELLY, 26, Bedford, Kingston d/o Francis KELLY & Ann JENNINGS, Wit: John Joseph CAMPBELL & Mary GALLAGHER, July 31, 1878, Kingston
002711-78  Archibald McCALPIN, 26, Leeds Twp., Leeds Twp., Farmer, s/o Henry McCALPIN & Jane THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Ellen McCORMACK, 24, Pittsburgh Twp., Pittsburgh Twp., d/o George McCORMACK & Ellen QUINCEY, witn: John McCALPIN of Leeds Twp., Samuel McCORMACK of Kingston, November 6, 1878, at Pittsburgh Twp 002708-78  Daniel McCAREY, 32, Brewers Mills, Brewers Mills, Farmers Son, , s/o Bernard McCAREY & Mary BLACK, married Cath. MURPHY, 23, South Lake Leeds, South Lake Leeds, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary DOHERTY, witn: Philip DOHERTY, Lawrence JOYCE, of Brewers Mills, March 4, 1878, at Brewers Mills
#002839-79 (Frontenac Co): Robert McCORMICK, 27, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Armstrong & Nancy, married Elizabeth GRAVES, 25, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: William JACKSON & Marcilla DRISCOLL, both of Kingston, 7 Nov 1878 at Kingston  
002759-78  John Kenneth McDONALD, 25, Boston Mass. US, Boston Mass. US, Commercial Traveller, s/o Donald McDONALD & Henrietta McKEY, married Hannah E. HEMMERSLY, Plattsburgh N.Y., Plattsburgh N.Y., d/o James HEMMERSLEY & Hannah MEIGHAN (or Meighar), witn: C. McMILLAN & Nellie McMILLAN, of Kingston, June 4, 1878, at Kingston 002745-78  Joseph McDONAGH, 32, Ireland, Kingston, Painter, s/o Brian McDONAGH & Mary COONAN, married Jane DUGAN, Portland twp., Kingston, d/o John DUGAN & Ellen DRISCOLL, witn: John DUGAN of Portland, Cath EVANS of Kingston, February 27, 1878, at Kingston
2823-78 Edward McFADDEN, 22, carter, Kingston, same, s/o James McPHADEN (sic) & Catherine COYLE, married Elizabeth McPHADEN (sic), 21, Kingston, same, d/o William McILHERN & Eliza McPHALL, witn: Hugh McKINLEY & Teresa WHEELAR, both of Kingston, 14 Aug 1878 at Kingston 002845-78, - James R. McFAUL, 23, Glenburnie, Kingston, teacher, s/o A. P. & Sarah M. McFAUL married Francis M. DAVIS, 19, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Robert & Barbara DAVIS, Wit: Robert DAVIS & Barbara DAVIS - Wolfe Island, Nov. 26, 1878, Kingston
002736-78  T? J. McGRATH, 26, Prescott, Prescott, Mariner, s/o Morris McGRATH & Mary McGRATH, married Annie McNEIL, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Neil McNEIL & Laureta McNEIL, witn: Henry MURPHY of Prescott, Elizabeth McELHERN of Kingston, February 25, 1878, at Kingston 002744-78  Patrick James McGRATH, 26, Prescott, Prescott, Farmer, s/o Morris McGRATH & Mary CORELY (Conley?), married Teresa McNEIL, 30, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Neil McNEIL & Lorella O’KANE, witn: Henry MURPHY of Prescott, Eliza McELHERN of Kingston, February 25, 1878, at Kingston
  002747-78  Anthony McGUIRE, 23, Kingston, Kingston, Butcher, s/o James McGUIRE & Mary McGUIRE, married Elizabeth DEER, 25, Lansdowne, Kingston, d/o John DEER deceased & Cath. LOYD, witn: James McGUIRE, Sara DEER, both of Kingston, March 6, 1878, at Kingston
002850-78, - John McKEE, 26, Canada, Pittsburgh, farmer, s/o Joseph McKEE & Mary POTTER married Mary Matilda HAMILTON, 23, Canada, Pittsburgh d/o Thomas HAMILTON & Alice BRADY, Wit: John PATTERSON & Catherine PATTERSON - Pittsburgh, Dec. 12, 1878, Kingston 2646-78 John McKINSTEY, 28, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Sarah Ann WOLSIG (Wolsey?), 25, Portland, same, d/o Robert & Charlotte. Witn Thomas WILSIG (sic), & Lydia J. BROWN, both of (blank), on 21 Oct., (blank), at Sydenham.
002838-78, - Jas. Alex. McLAUGHLIN, 28, Canada, Kingston, mason, s/o Alex & Margaret McLAUGHLIN married Anne BOWDER (Bowden?), 33, widow, England, Kingston s/o John BRINE & Mary BRINE, Wit: Robert Henry COWAN & Lydia SPENCER - Kingston, Dec. 3, 1878, Kingston 002710-78  John McMULLEN, 27, Brewers Mills, Brewers Mills, Farmer, s/o Patrick McMULLEN & Ellen HEIN (or HEISS), married Ellen GALLINAR, 19, Brewers Mills, Brewers Mills, d/o Edward GALLINAR & Joanna QUINLAN, witn: James KYERNEY, James BREWER, of Brewers Mills, April 29, 1878, at Brewers Mills
#002895-79 (Frontenac Co): Alexander McPHERSON, 23, farmer, widower, Glengarry, Matawatchan, s/o Alexander McPHERSON & Christena McMULLAN, married Mary McNEVAN, 21, McNab twp., Matawatchan, d/o Alexander McNEVAN & Margaret McCOLLOM, witn: Archibald ELLIOTT of Palmerston & Jane Ann McPHERSON of Matawatchan, 24 Dec 1878 at Clarendon twp 2821-78 Robert MEEK, 26, journalist, Canada, Kingston, s/o William & Sarah, married Margaret Ellen LANIGAN, 21, Canada, Kingston, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Andrew LANIGAN & Sarah MEEK, both of Kingston, 23 Oct. 1878 at Kingston
002713-78  Amasa Wilkerson MERRIMAN, 21, Elgin, Elgin, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Malissa MERRIMAN, married Maggie HUGHES, 21, Storrington, Washburn, d/o John & Mary HUGHES, witn: Thomas H. HUGHES of Washburn, Martha THORN of Battersea, September 23, 1878, at Washburn 2609-78 Joseph MILLER, 24, Farmer, Tp. Sheffield, Tp. Kennebec, s/o George & Nancy, married Mary A. COX, 19, Quebec, Olden, d/o Thomas & Jane. Witn Joseph COX & Ida COX, both of Olden, on 05 Feb., 1878, at Hinchenbrooke.
2805-78 John MILLS, 26, widower, officer in penitentiary, Scotland, Portsmouth, s/o James MILLS & Mary STEWART, married Annie CUNNINGHAM, 19, Ameliasburg, Olden twp., d/o Charles CUNNINGHAM & Fanny SCRIBER, witn: Richard TOSSELL & H. D. CHESTNUT, both of Kingston, 23 Sept 1878 at Kincardine 2625-78 Glen MONDS, Yeoman, Camden East, Tp. Kennebec, s/o James MONDS & Ann BURNS, married Mahala CLAPPER, 18, Tp. Kennebec, same, d/o Henry CLAPPER & Nancy YEOMANS. Witn Daniel MOSIER & Miss Henrietta A. HAYS, both of Tp. Kennebec, on 03 Mar., 1878, at Kennebec.
002705-78  John MORGANS, 25, Maifod (Marford?) North Wales, Point Frederick Pittsburgh, Staff Sargeant, s/o John & Margaret MORGANS, married Virginia ANDREWS, 26, Topsham Devonshire, Kingston City, d/o David & Mary ANDREWS, witn: James CALLAGHAN & Jane DUFFS of Barriefield, August 26, 1878, at Barriefield Village 002828-78, - James N. MORTON, 28, Kingston, Kingston, brewer, s/o James MORTON & Margaret NICKLE (both deceased), married Jane Ann LEAHY, 22, Kingston, Kingston d/o Michael LEAHY & Jane McGUIRE, wit: Bernard J. LEAHY & Mary E. LEAHY -Kingston, Sept. 23, 1878, Kingston
2674-79 Nicholas MOSIER, 22, Farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Louis MOSIER & May LYONS of Wolfe Island, mar. Margaret-Ann BEEFE, 18, Howe Island, same, d/o Dominick BEEFE & Ann DRISCOLL, both of Howe Island. Witn John BEEFE of Howe Island & Miss ANDERSON of Kingston, on 26 Nov., 1878, at Howe Island. 2622-78 Daniel MOSIER, 25, Farmer, Tp. Kennebec Ont., same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Henrietta HAYES, 23, Tp. Consecon Ont., Tp. Kennebec Ont., d/o William R. & Anna. Witn James H. SEE, of Tp. Olden, & Olive E. McCUMBER (McComber?), of Tp. Kennebec, on 15 Aug., 1878, at Residence of James SEE, Tp. Olden.
002866-78 - John MUNRO, 50, Scotland, Kingston, piano forte maker, s/o John MUNRO & Mary FERGUSON married Margaret BOYD, 30, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John BOYD & Ann CILLESLEY, Wit: N. E. BUSHNELL - Kingston & Bella TROWELL, Dec. 11, 1878, Kingston 2820-78 Daniel H. MURRAY, 25, gardener, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Susie DICKENSON, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Robert DICKENSON of Napanee & Susan LOGIE of Kingston, 30 Oct. 1878 at Kingston
002864-78 - Joseph William NEWMAN, 25, Canada, Kingston, carpenter, s/o William NEWMAN & Lucinda McCARTY married Ellen LYNN, 21, England, Kingston d/o Edward LYNN & Mary LONGHURST, Wit: J. B. SANFORD- Kingston, Oct 10, 1878, Kingston 2626-78 Elisha NEWTON, 23, Yeoman, Camden East, Kennebec, s/o Richard NEWTON & Delilah A. HAYS, married Hannah J. KNIGHT, 19, Camden East, Kennebec, d/o William KNIGHT & Maria J. FOSTER. Witn Philip BAKER & Mary C. BAKER, both of Kennebec, on 18 Apr., 1878, at Kennebec.
2665-78, James O’BRIEN, 25, yeoman, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Michael O’BRIEN & Elizabeth SLACK, married Mary DEE, 22, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o John DEE & Hannah DEE, wtn: john O’BRIEN & Hannah DEE both of Wolfe Island, 11 Feb 1878, Wolfe Island 002773-78  John O'BRIEN, 35, widowed,, Ireland, Kingston, Labour, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Bridget BENNETT, married Frances McGLYNN, 30, Ireland, Kingston, d/o James McGLYNN & Mary McDORIETT, witn: John SHANAHAN, Elizabeth EGGLESTON, both of Kingston, May 25, 1878, at Kingston
2602-78 Edward O'BRIEN, 23, laborer, Oswego US, Portsmouth, s/o John & Bridget, married Carrie B. MOSIER, 20, Edwardsburg, Portsmouth, d/o Hector H. & Marion, witn: Thomas POGUE of Kingston & Minerva MOSIER of Portsmouth, 19 Dec 1878 at Portsmouth 002778-78 - John O'CONNER, 32, Toronto, Kingston, shoemaker, s/o John O'CONNOR & Catherine HOWE married Mary LARRINGTON, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James LARRINGTON & Susan KELLY, Wit: Thomas KELLY- Kingston & Ellen WALSH, July 1, 1878, Kingston
2826-78 Daniel O'CONNOR, 28, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o John O'CONNOR & Catherine HOWE, married Teresa BUNNO, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Anthony BUNO (sic) & Agnes LENEA, witn: Anthony & Bertha MOXAM of Kingston, 1 Oct 1878 at Kingston 2706-79 Michael O'HEAREN, 24, farmer, South Lake, same, s/o Denis & Margaret, married Mary Ann O'NEIL, 21, South Lake, same, d/o Patrick & Bridget, witn: John O'HEAREN Jr. & Patrick O'NEIL Jr., both of South Lake, 25 Nov 1878 at Brewers Mills
002788-78,  Joseph Hayden OLIVER, 23, Kingston, Kingston, musician, s/o Fred OLIVER & his wife Emma married Margaret McGOWAN, 25, Kingston, Kingston, widow, d/o John RAPEL & his wife Jane, Wit: John LIVIGG--? Kingston, marriage privately Aug 1, 1878 ( No place given) 002743-78  George O’MARA, 21, Kingston, Kingston, Cab-driver, s/o Michael O’MARA & Bridget BROPHY, married Mary Ann TROY, 21, Brockville, Kingston, d/o Dennis TROY & Margaret MacNAMARA, witn: Edward SCHAL?, Jane CONNOLLY, both of Kingston, February 6, 1878, at Kingston
  2684-79 Albert H. PARROTT, 25, Farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o John & Hannah, mar. Hester SHARP, 27, Kingston Tp., same, d/o Thomas & Margeret. Witn James SHARP of Sharpton & James PARROTT of Ernestown, on 25 Dec., 1878, at Sharpton.
2604-78 Daniel PERRY, 23, Farmer, Loughborough, Olden, s/o James & Nancy, married Premelia BABCOCK, 23, Sheffield, Olden, d/o Henery & Hester. Witn William EATES?, & Minne? SWITZER, both of Hinchenbrooke, on 17 Mar., 1878, at Hinchenbrooke. 2730-79 Eli PETERS, 24, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke Tp., Olden Tp., s/o Benjamin & Hannah, mar. Alice V. PARKER, 17, Ernestown Tp., Olden Tp., d/o Nelson (?) & Susan. Witn S. CRONK & V. PETERS, both of Olden, on 22 Dec., 1878, at Tp. Olden.
2629-78 David PETERSON, 62, Widower, Shoemaker, North Fredericksburgh, Kennebec, s/o Nicholas PETERSON & Hannah PARKS, married Dianna E. CLARK, 27, Spinster, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o Asiel CLARK & Elenor WOOD. Witn Isaiah WOOD & Charity GREEN, both of Kennebec, on 28 Oct., 1878, at Kennebec. 2666-78, John PHILLIPS, 22, mariner, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Moses PHILLIPS & Catherine QUIGLEY, married Catherine ECCLES, 21, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Alfred ECCLES & Catherine FUREY, wtn: Capt. MILLIGAN & Minerva McCORMICK both of Wolfe & Garden Island Ont, 28 Sept 1878, Wolfe Island
002722-78  William Henry PICKERING, 28, Canada, Kingston, Groom, s/o Thomas & Rebecca PICKERING, married Elizabeth FRIENDSHIP, 28, England Kingston, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann FRIENDSHIP, witn: James FRIENDSHIP, Fannie FRIENDSHIP, both of Kingston, January 29, 1878, at Kingston 2635-78 Harry POTTER, 23, Farmer, Richmond Surrey Eng., Loughborough, s/o Thomas & Lucy, married Margaret KELLER, 22, Storrington, Loughborough, d/o James & Mary. Witn Henry JOHNSTON & Milvina KELLER, both of Loughborough, on 09 Apr., 1878, at Sydenham.
2815-78 John POTTS, 23, widower, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o William POTTS & Mary MULLIGAN, married Mary Jane GELLOW, 26, Long Island, same, d/o Samuel GELLOW & Annie GILLESPIE, witn: R. GAUGE & Jennie SMITH, 2 Sept 1878 at Kingston 002762-78  Louis PROULX, 45, Three Rivers, Belleville, widowed,, s/o Antoine PROULX & Elizabeth PROULX, married Marguerite HAMEL, 42, Three Rivers, Belleville, widowed,, d/o Eli HAMEL & Lincour HAMEL, witn: J.E. TWIGG, Kingston, June 12, 1878, at Kingston
2662-78 George H. PYKE, 24, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas & Eliza Ann, married Emma GRIMSHAW, 19, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Thomas & Anna S., witn: Miles GRIMSHAW of Wolfe Island, 10 Sept 1878 at Wolfe Island 2616-78 William QUINN, 36, Widower, Farmer, Bedford Tp., Portland Tp., s/o Henery QUINN & Jane BARR, married Ann Jane MATHER, 29, Widow, Bedford, same, d/o Joseph SHELINGTON & Sharbott BELL. Witn Margaret SHELINGTON & George BRADSHAW, both of Bedford, on 09 July, 1878, at Bedford.
002842-78,  John RABITCAN (Robideau?), 63, Canada, Pittsburgh, laborer, s/o Actran & Rosetta married Eliza Jane CHAM--? (Chambers?) , 54, widow, Ireland, Pittsburg, d/o John & Eliza FITZIMONS (s/b Fitzsimmons?), Wit: Samuel WOOD - Pittsburgh & Cath. S. JOLLIFFE - Kingston, Nov. 7, 1878, Kingston  
002781-78,  Isaac RAINS, 24, England, Kingston, book-keeper, s/o Isaac RAINS and Ann RAINS married Ella Lorette DEEKS, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o William Arthur & Mary DEEKS, Wit: Frederick George SHARPE & Ellen CAMERON, both of Kingston, Aug. 14, 1878, Kingston #002682-78 (Frontenac Co): Alexander RANKIN, 24, farmer, Morton, South Crosby twp., s/o Henry RANKIN & Harriet Jane HUCHMORE?, married Margaret CASLOW, 21, Brewers Mills, South Crosby twp., d/o Arthur CASLOW & Elizabeth Ann MAXWELL, witn: George WHITE & Richard J. RANKIN, both of S. Crosby, 4 Nov 1878 at Sunbury
2640-78 Fordnak? RAVANNA, 58, Widower, Farmer, England, Loughborough, s/o Lawrence & Fanny, married Rebecca McFADDEN, 48, Widow, England, Loughborough, d/o William & Anna SMITH. Witn Miriam HADLEY & Ginnia? (Ginell?) JORORLAND?, both of Loughborough, on 30 Apr., 1878, at Loughborough. #002678-78 (Frontenac Co): Charles REA, 26, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Brant, Loughboro, d/o William & Eliza Jane, witn: John REA & Mary R. DARLING, both of Loughboro, 25 Aug 1878 at Storrington
  002865-78 - Charles Cooper REID, 27, England, London Ont., merchant, s/o Charles Cooper REID & Sarah SLATER married Elizabeth BUNT, 25, Canada, Kingston d/o Richard BUNT & Elizabeth RONDON, Wit: Richard BUNT, John BUNT & Mary Ann HOLDER- Kingston, Dec. 9, 1878, Kingston
2612-78 Stephen REILEY? (Keiley?), 36, Farmer, Prince Edward Island, Bedford, s/o Edward REILY (sic) & Mary RANDVILL? (Kandvill?), 33, Bagot, Bedford, d/o Peter RANDVILLE (SIC), & Mary MUNROE. Witn Peter RANVILLE (sic) of Ticborn? (Tichborne?), & Ida BERTRAN of Parkham, on 30 Jan., 1878, at Bedford. 2764-78 Samson REYNOLDS, 22, broom maker, Kingston, same, s/o Samuel REYNOLDS & Ann CLAYTON, married Mary POLLEY, 21, St. John NB, Kingston, d/o William POLLEY & Mary GORDON, witn: Edward HARRIS & Ester Mary COFFEY, 4 June 1878 at Kingston
2614-78 John RITCHEY?, 31, Farmer, Burgess?, South Sherbrooke, s/o John & Jane RITCHIE (sic), married Samantha WILLIAMSON, 21, Bedford, same, d/o Fsae? (Isac?) & Mary Ann. Witn William RITCHIE of South Sherbrooke & Mary Ann THOMPSON of Bedford, on 20 Mar., 1878, at Bedford. 002752-78  Robert ROBINSON, 38, Armagh, Camden, Farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Margaret LOCKHART, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Mary LOCKHART, witn: John SHIELS, Mary LOCKHART, both of Kingston, March 28, 1878, at Kingston
2638-78 John ROBINSON, 29, Widower, Carpenter, Kingston, same, s/o Robert & Martha, married Mary L. V. BLAKE, 30, Spinster, d/o Israel & Martha. Witn Kenneth JAQUITH & Marion JAQUITH, both of Sydenham, on 11 June, 1878, at Sydenham. 2647-78 Ashbell Starr ROCKWELL, 31, doctor, Ernestown, Rochester US, s/o Ashal & Hannah, married Caroline Rosamund BOOTH, 26, Ernestown, Sydenham, d/o John K. & Emma Jane, witn: Andrew F. ROCKWELL of Ernestown & Pethick Ethel BOOTH of Sydenham, 26 June 1878 at St. Paul's Church, Sydenham
2621-78 William RUSSELL, 23, Street Car Conductor, Scotland, Kingston City Ont., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Alma CRONK, 15, Tp. Olden Ont., same, d/o William & Mary. Witn Peter A. SMITH of Olden, on 11 Oct., 1878, at Tp. Olden. 2796-78 Thomas RUTHERFORD, 24, moulder, Canada, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Mary Jane LEE, 21, Canada, Kingston, d/o James & Ann RUTHERFORD (sic), witn: John & Margaret RUTHERFORD of Kingston, 20 June 1878 at Kingston
2633-78 John W. RUTTAN, 26, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Annie M. AMEY, 21, Loughborough, same, d/o John & Irena. Witn Edward LAWRENCE & Louisa AMEY, both of Loughborough, on 27 Jan., 1878, at Loughborough. 2819-78 William Wilson SANGSTER, 27, baker, Canada, Kingston, s/o John & mother dead, married Martha SMITH, 23, Canada, Kingston, d/o Archibald & Ann, witn: Susan ASH & Catherine S. JOLLIFFE, both of Kingston, 24 Oct 1878 at Kingston
002868-78 - William J. SAVAGE, 22, Kingston, Kingston, painter, s/o W. H. S. SAVAGE & Hannah ASSELINE (Asselstine?) married Annie JONES, 23, Kingston, Kingston d/o John JONES & Jane ESCOD, Wit: Stinston WILSON- Kingston & Jenet SAVAGE, Sept. 18, 1878, Kingston 002856-78, - Richard SEARLE, 28, Ireland, Little Falls, N.Y., s/o Robert SEARLE & Susan LOW, married Sophia Elizabeth SHOREY, 24, Canada, Kingston d/o David SHOREY & Rebecca HICKS, Wit: J. W. FERGUSON- Napanee & J. E. HOLLAND- Kingston, Feb. 18, 1878, Kingston
2628-78 Charles Allen SEE (Lee?) 24, Bachelor, Yeoman, Sheffield, Kennebec, s/o Martin & Elizabeth, married Caroline CLARK, 24, Widow, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o John & Laura PARKS. Witn Flora PARKS & Neal PAUL, both of Kennebec, on 20 Nov., 1878, at Kennebec. 2681-79 Lucas SHARP, 23, Farmer, Canada, Ernestown, s/o John & Margeret, mar. Catharine Mary BELL, 21, Canada, Tp. Kingston, d/o Francis & Catharine. Witn P. D. WARTMAN & Catherine SHARP, both of Tp. Kingston, on 24 Sept., 1878, at Residence of Bride.
2607-78 George P. SILLS, 23, Farmer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o Martin H. & Elizabeth, married Ellen VANVOLKENBURGH, 21, Camden, Olden, d/o Gilbert & Areeneth?. Witn William EATES? & Elma EATES, both of Hinchenbrooke, on 06 Jan., 1878, at Hinchenbrooke. 2685-78 David SLY, 21, Sailor, Crosby, Storrington, s/o Nathaniel & Mary, married Melissa TUTTLE, 19 Storrington, same, d/o John & Mary. Witn Joseph McILROY & Sophia MOREHAN, both of Storrington, on 07 Dec., 1878, at Storrington.
2669-78 James SMITH, 24, Blacksmith, Jefferson Co. N.Y., Inverary Ont., s/o Charles & Annie, married Ann VANDAWATER, 24, Richmond, Inverary Ont., d/o William & Jerusha. Witn John Henry HUGHSON of Storrington & Mary Eliza WOODRUFF of Kingston, on 23 Jan., 1878, at Inverary #002681-78 (Frontenac Co): James SMITH, 26, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Adam & Jane, married Elizabeth HARTLEY, 18, Storrington, same, d/o James & Esther, witn: William & Matilda JOHNSTON, both of Storrington, 2 Nov 1878 at Battersea
2649-78 George M. SMITH, 28, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Thomas & Lovina, married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 23, Harrowsmith, Portland twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Fred W. BARNETT & Susan Ann BINGHAM, both of Loughboro, 3 Dec 1878 at Loughboro #002834-79 (Frontenac Co): Edwin Adolphus SPINNING, 47, widower, farmer, Canada, Wolfe Island, s/o Demetrius & Olivia, married Rachel Ann ASHLEY, 36, Canada, Wolfe Island, d/o Augustus & Christena, witn: John & Margaret ASHLEY of Kingston, 31 Dec 1878 at Kingston
2606-78 John STEEL, 42, Widower, Black Smith, Agusta?, Bedford, s/o Samuel & Trophen, married Orilla PETERS, 17, Spinster, Portland, Hinchenbrooke, d/o Henery & Jane. Witn George PETERS & Mary? (Marg?) PETERS, both of Hinchenbrooke, on 24 May, 1878, at Hinchenbrooke. 002763-78  Martin Davidson STRACHAN, Pittsburgh Twp., Pittsburgh, Clerk, s/o Martin STRACHAN & Isabella BEETH?, married Ellen Margaret FERGUSON, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Not Given, witn: L.W. McCUAIG, Effie McCUAIG, July 3, 1878, at Kingston
002760-78  George Joseph STOKES, 23 (or 28), London England, Kingston, Printer, s/o William STOKES & Sarah GROVES, married Jane BLACKLEY, 25, Port Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, d/o John BLACKLEY & Sarah McFARLAND, witn:  June 1878, at Kingston 002742-78  John SWIFT, 27, Kingston, Kingston, Engineer, s/o John SWIFT & Ruth McLUITTY (McLenty?), married Elizabeth McARTHUR, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John McARTHUR & Elizabeth TURNER, witn: Frank RIGNEY, Jessie McCOLL, both of Kingston, January 29, 1878, at Kingston
  2798-78 Charles Porter TAFT, 27, builder, Fulton NY, Kingston, s/o Nathaniel TAFT & Lydia SEAMDRE?, married Martha ROBINSON, 24, Kingston, same, d/o William ROBINSON & Margaret DECK, witn: William ROBINSON & William J. DECK, both of Kingston, 18 Sept 1878 at Kingston
2615-78 Joseph TAGGART, 23, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Joseph M. TAGGERT (sic), & Jane Ann DART, married Maggie A. CAMERON, 19, Bedford, same, d/o John A. CAMERON & Eliza MATCHET. Witn William WRIGHT & Lotetia CAMERON, both of Bedford, on 03 June, 1878, at Bedford. 2671-78 Joseph George TAIT, 31, Mason, Kingston, Storrington, s/o John & Mary, married Annie JOHNSTON, 22, Storrington, same, d/o John & Sarah. Witn Sarah JOHNSTON & William JOHNSTON, both of Storrington, on 24 Jan., 1878, at Storrington
002848-78, - John TAYLOR, 22, England, Kingston, tailor s/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth HARKER married Francis DAVIDSON, 21, Kingston, Kingston d/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Elizabeth McILWAN, Wit: Thomas DAVIDSON & Mrs. Thomas DAVIDSON- Kingston, Nov. 19, 1878, Kingston 2660-78 Samuel Campbell TAYLOR, 19, plumber, Kingston, same, s/o Joseph & Mariah Jane, married Carra Josephine WILSON, 19, Eureka NY, Kingston, d/o John F. & Sarah, witn: William NORRIS & Bella GALLAWAY, both of Wolfe Island, 17 Sept 1878 at Wolfe Island
#002679-78 (Frontenac Co): Alexander TEACHOUT, 20, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o James & Lucinda, married Georgina SLEITH, 17, Storrington, same, d/o George & Christena, witn: William HUTCHINSON & Jane TEACHOUT, both of Storrington, 16 Sept 1878 at Battersea 002858-78, - Andrew THOMPSON, 28, Canada, Portsmouth, farmer, s/o Andrew THOMPSON & Margaret VANORNER (Vanorder?) married Ruth Carruthers TODD, 26, Canada, Kingston, d/o John TODD & James LONG--?, Wit: Josh BALLARD- Kingston & Annie TODD, Feb. 21, 1878, Kingston
2639-78 Manly TIMMERMAN, 27, Farmer, Tp. Portland, Tp. Bedford, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Emily ALBERTSON, 23, Tp. Portland, same, d/o George & Julia. Witn George TIMMERMAN of Bedford & Charlotte BABCOCK of Portland, on 05 June, 1878, at Loughborough.  
002715-78  William TODD, 24, Pittsburgh, Goodwood, carriage maker, s/o James & Margaret TODD, married Caroline TROTTER, 22, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, , d/o William & Sarah TROTTER, witn: Joseph A. TODD of Port Perry, Francis Birmingham of Birmingham?, November 13, 1878, at Pittsburgh 002835-78, - William TOWERS (Sowers?) , 26, West Indies, Kingston, forwarder, s/o James TOWERS & Mary BROPHY married Margaret O'REILLY, 31, Kingston, Kingston d/o Michael O'REILLY & Elizabeth DOYLE, Wit: John ENNIS & Anne TOWERS- Kingston, Nov. 25, 1878, Kingston
2813-78 Matthew TRENSDALE, 28, farmer, Loughboro twp., same, s/o Mathew TRENSDALE & Mary DOWKES, married Ellen Aminda REID, 27, Kingston twp., same, d/o John REID & Ellen REYNOLDS, witn: Matthew & Mary H. REID, 23 Oct 1878 at res of M. Reid in Kingston twp 2817-78 David TROTTER, 32, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o William & Sarah Cocklough, married Mary BRANDON, 33, Kingston, Pittsburgh, d/o John BRANDON & Ann Jane TROTTER, witn: Robert & Caroline TROTTER of Pittsburgh, 24 Sept 1878 at Kingston
2765-78 Nicholas TURCOTTE, 23, sailor, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Locur? & his wife, married Annie Elizabeth PICARDON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: J. E. LOGG of Kingston, 13 July [1878] at Kingston 2676-78 Ira VANCOUGHNANT, 29, Widower, Farmer, Loughborough, Storrington, s/o William & Mary, married Lizzie TEEPELL, 28, Spinster, Storrington, same, d/o George & Elizabeth. Witn Thomas CONKLIN & Jane CONKLIN, both of Storrington, on 11 May, 1878, at Inverary
2652-78 Winard VANHOOSEN, 23 (33?), widower, laborer, Newburg Ont., Bath Road - Kingston twp., s/o Peter & Lou, married Hulda Rebecca BABCOCK, 21, Petworth, Bath Road, d/o Jonathan & Nancy, witn: John FERRIS & Nancy BABCOCK, both of Kingston twp., 8 June 1878 at Kingston twp 2641-78 Edward VANKOUGHNETT, 21, Farmer, s/o William & Mary, married Malissa TUPLES? (Teeples?), 18, Storrington, same, d/o George & Elizabeth. Witn James McMILLEN & George CLAMENT, both of Sydenham, on 13 July, 1878, at Sydenham.
  2680-78, Leonard VANLUVEN, 21, farmer, Battersea, Battersea, s/o Henry & Sarah VANLUVEN, married Jne TEACHOUT, 17, Storrington, Storrington, d/o James & Lucinda TEACHOUT, wtn: Thomas BLACKABY of Battersea & Rachel TEACHOUT of Storrington, 21 Sept 1878, Storrington
002847-78, - Hugh WADDELL, 40, Northumberland Co., same , merchant s/o Robert WADDELL & Sarah McLELLAN married Mary WADDELL, 30, Co. Down Ireland, same, d/o Hugh WADDELL & Margaret REED, Wit: Mrs. A WILSON & Margaret S. WILSON- Kingston, Oct. 25, 1878, Kingston 2610-78 Philip E. WAGER, 24, farmer, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Henry & Pheba, married Cora Abigal BARTRAM, 18, Ernestown, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Alexander BARTRAM & Mary E. HOWSE, both of Hinchinbrooke, 3 June 1878 at Hinchinbrooke
002741-78  Michael WALSH, Not given, Kingston, Kingston, Butcher, s/o William WALSH & Isabella PRINGLE, married Catherine Mary QUINNE (Quinn?), Kingston, Kingston, d/o Michael QUINNE & Margaret MONAHAN, witn: Pierce BROWNE & Elizabeth QUINNE, both of Kingston, January 20, 1878, at Kingston 002777-78 - Patrick, WARD, 23, Sheffield, Sheffield, farmer s/o William WARD & Bridget CARROLL married Margaret McMULLEN nee CURRAN, widow, d/o Bernard CURRAN & Margaret SMITH, Wit: James McCAMMON & Miss ASTON, Jun 4, 1878, Kingston
2661-78 Samuel Ira WATTS, 22, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Job & Mary, married Victoria Cornelia KIRKPATRICK, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James & Julia Emily, witn: William H. WATTS & Sarah H. KIRKPATRICK, both of Wolfe Island, 18 June 1878 at Wolfe Island 002738-78  George WELLS, 25, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, Farmer, s/o Thomas WELLS & Sophia WELLS, married Jane WALKER, 16, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Edward WALKER & Jane WALKER, witn: Thomas CRIDESFORD (CRIDIFORD?), J.E. TWIGG, both of Kingston, March 19, 1878, at Kingston
2767-78 Charles WERNER, 36, Germany, Toronto, s/o F. WERNER & F. KAVE, married Hannah JENNINGS, 19, Waterloo Co., Toronto, d/o not given, witn: John & Mary JENNINGS, 20 June 1878 at Kingston 002860-78, - James R. WHALEN, 33, Ireland, Kingston, widowed, sailor, s/o Peter WHALEN & Margaret McROSS--? (off page), married Marcella MULLINS, no age, Canada, Kingston, d/o James MULLINS & Mary CURTIS, Wit: John INNIS - Kingston & James McLEAN, May 7, 1878, Kingston
2689-78 Robert WHITE, 22, Farmer, "Western Canada", Tp. Clarendon, s/o William WHITE & Charlotte BAWLER, married Jane McDONALD, 22, Ashton, Tp. Matawatchan, d/o William McDONALD & Susan McGREGOR. Witn Robert COUSINS & Elizabeth McCORNKE, both of Tp. Clarendon, on 20 Nov., (blank), at Tp. Clarendon. (1878 Registry) 002843-78, - John WILTON, 28, England, Kingston, machinist, s/o William & Ellen WILTON married Mary FERGUSON, 27, widow, Scotland, Kingston, d/o John & Margaret McNAUGHT, Wit: Thomas HILTON & Jenny TOMPKINS- Kingston, Dec. 4, 1878, Kingston
2807-78 Alfred WINDEN, 23, carpenter & joiner, Kingston, Pittsburgh twp., s/o James WINDEN & Mary BURK, married Martha KINDLE, 23, Kingston, Pittsburgh twp., d/o Francis KINDLE & Mary BLAKE, witn: Alex McGILLONEY of Williamston & Mary Ann SMITH of Kingston, 1 Oct. 1878 at Kingston 2646-79 Cornelius WOOD, 21, Laborer, Loughboro, same, s/o Enoch & Eliza Jane, mar. Elizabeth WAGER, 19, Camden, same, d/o Ebenezer & Susan, Witn Arthur C. BARNETT of Loughboro & Mrs. H. ALEXANDER of Aultsville, on 13 Oct., 1878, at Sydenham
2794-78 William WOODBRIDGE, 22, laborer, England, Leeds twp., s/o Thomas & Susan, married Mary Ann WELTON, 22, Canada, Leeds twp., d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Samuel WELTON & Sarah CANNING, both of Leeds twp., 18 Sept 1878 at Kingston 2613-78 John WOODMAN, 22, Black smith, Burgess, North Crosby, s/o John WOODMAN & Adel LeCOUR?, married Lissie BECKWITH, 19, West Port, Bedford Mills, d/o William BECKWITH & Mary LAFORTY. Witn W. N. MOULLON & Jane BATTERSBY, both of North Crosby, on 05 Feb., 1878, at Bedford Mills.
002750-78  John Henry WRIGHT, 20, Canada, Kingston, Carpenter, s/o John & Caroline WRIGHT, married Annie GLYNN, 18, Canada, Kingston, d/o Patrick & Margaret GLYNN, witn: John ALDERDICE, Margaret GLYNN, both of Kingston, February 4, 1878, at Kingston 2644-78 Michael YOUNG, 28, Farmer, Tp. Richmond, Tp. Loughborough, s/o John & Sarah, married Diana BREWER, 24, Tp. Storrington, Tp. Loughborough, d/o John & Susan. Witn George E. JOHNSTON & Jane YOUNG, both of Loughborough, on 09 Oct., 1878, at Sydenham.
002855-78, - Stephen Richardson YOUNG, 33, widower, Canada, Kingston, currier s/o Michael YOUNG & Margaret SMITH married Susan HAWKSHAW, 28, Kingston, Kingston d/o Oliver HAWKSHAW & Mary Ann SEARS, Wit: Silas SHOREY & Elizabeth GEMORE - Kingston, Feb. 18, 1878, Kingston 2673-78 Moses R. YOUREX, 21, Farmer, Tp. Thurlow Co. Hastings, same, s/o Elijah & Patience, married Mary M. HODGSON, 21, Storrington, same, d/o John R. & Matilda. Witn John M. HODGSON of Storrington & Philip E. WARD of Kingston, on 16 Jan., 1878, at Storrington