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Frontenac Co., 1884

birth place is given before residence


3363-85 Frank ABBY, 35, widower, boat builder, Brockville, Gananoque, s/o Joseph & Catherine , married Elizabeth DAINOW, 30, widow, Valleyfield, Gananoque, d/o Paul & Joe (Zoe?) [no surname given] , wtn: William PUGH & Mrs. COOKE both of Kingston, 24 December 1884, Kingston

3174-84, Albert ADAMS, 27, labourer, Maine U.S., Anglesea, s/o John & Ann ADAMS, married Julia Ann MILLER, 17, Newburg, Cloyne, d/o Adolphus & Mary MILLER, wtn: George ROY & Margaret WADE both of Cloyne, 25 December 1884, Cloyne

3245-84, Adam AMEY, 27, farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Grance AMEY & Rhoda PIXLEY, married Mary GIBS (GIBBS?), 20, Loughborough, same, d/o John GIBS & Margaret VALLIER, wtn: Mary MCQUADE & James JAMES, both of Sydenham, 21 April 1884, Sydenham

3342-84, George AMEY, 21, farmer, Canada, Loborough, s/o Frank AMEY & Rosilla PIXLEY, married Catherine Elbie JOHNSTON, 0, Canada, Loborough, d/o Symon JOHNSON & Mary Ann SILLS, wtn: Annie TODD of Kingston, 6 May 1884, Kingston

3310-84, Francis ARMSTONG, 29, farmer, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, same, s/o Francis ARMSTRONG & Ann ARMSTRONG, married Mary Jane CUMMINGS, 24, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, same, d/o James CUMMINGS Mary CUMMINGS, wtn: Richard YOUNG & Lucinda YOUNG both of Kingston, 20 March 1884, Kingston

003410, Daniel ANDERSON, 34, Kingston, Kingston, laborer, s/o Daniel ANDERSON & Catherine DUNN married Catherine BRUCE, 20, Kingston Twp, Kingston, d/o Michael BURKE & Catherine FARRELL, Wit: Thomas ANDERSON & Julia BURKE both of Kingston, Nov. 5, 1884, Kingston 3465-85 (Frontenac Co): Charles Hardin ANDREWS, 31, widower, engraver, USA, Vermont USA, s/o William Henry ANDREWS & Electa COFFEE, married Esther Rebecca MALONE, 27, Canada, Kingston, d/o George MALONE & Dora HANES, witn: Martha E. MALONE & Edward A. BOOTH & L.W. BRECK, all of Kingston, 31 Dec 1884 at Kingston

3368-84, William Henry ASSELSTINE, 27, widower, salesman, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Louis & Nancy , married Fannie WARWICK, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Charles & Maria , wtn: George F. BRIDEN & Jennie WARWICK both of Kingston, 2 July 1884, Kingston

003211-84 ( Frontenac Co.) Miles ASSELSTINE, 28, Kingston, Olden, Farmer, s/o Samuel DAVIDSON (sic) & Eve ASSELSTINE, married Annie SHULTS, 18, Camden, Olden, d/o William & Ellen SHOLTS (sic), Witn.: John SCOTT, Matilda SCOTT, of Olden, November 6, 1884, at Hinchinbrooke

3320-85, James L. BABCOCK, 21, yeoman, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, s/o Henry & Mary Ann BABCOCK, married Mary Ellen REDMOND, 21, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o John & Ann REDMOND, wtn: John & Annie IRVEY of Sydenham, 24 December 1884, Sydenham

3243-84, John M. BABCOCK, 50, widower, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Robert BABCOCK & Nancy JOHNSTON, married Manda FREDENBURG, 40, widow, Bastard, Leeds, d/o Dow MCCALLEN & Fannie EMMERSON, wtn: John FREEMAN & Jane FREEMAN both of Loughborough, 22 March 1884, Sydenham

3230-85 (Frontenac Co): Joseph BABCOCK, 25, farmer, Bedford, Plevna, s/o Cornelius BABCOCK & Rebecca, married Elizabeth WATSON, 26, North Elmsley, Palmerston, d/o Alexander WATSON & Mary Ann, witn: Margaret WATSON of Ompah & Ephraim BABCOCK of Plevna, 17 Sept 1884 at Palmerston 003210-84 ( Frontenac Co.) Carson BAR (BARR?), 24, Ontario, Bedford, Labourer, s/o William & Sarah BAR, married Margaret BERTRIM, 19, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, d/o William & Caroline BERTRIM, Witn.: Robert BARR (sic) of Bedford, Abigail HARTMAN, res. not given, November 6, 1884, at Hinchinbrooke

3378-85, Thomas Henry BARRETT, 22, farmer, Eng, Ernestown, s/o John & Mary Ann , married Sarah REDDEN, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o William & Sarah Ann , wtn: Daniel BARRETT of Ernestown & Annie HOLLAND of Kingston, 31 December 1884, Kingston

003408-84, - Alexander BARTON, 30, Kingston, Kingston, mechanical engineer, s/o John & Frances Arabella BARTON married Frances Arabella BENNINGHAM , 24, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh d/o James & Eliza, Wit: Ellen WILSON & Sarah WILSON of Kingston, Oct. 14, 1884, Kingston

3378-84, Daniel BATES, 29, widower, sailor, Port Dalhousie, Kingston, s/o William BATES & Annie MADDOCK, married Emily Mary DEROCHE, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Fabian DEROCHE & Leonore BEAUPRIE, wtn: William MAIDEN & Adeline DEROCHE both of not given, 11 August 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral

3439-84, William George BATTEN, 29, butcher, Prescott, Barriefield, s/o blank Isabella BREDEN, married Sarah WELLS, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Henry WELLS & Sarah PUGH, wtn: William George BATTEN & Sarah WELLS & H. P. WELLS & Sarah E. PUGH, 17 December 1884, Kingston

3352-84, James BEGG, 26, clerk, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander BEGG & Harriett SHAW, married Caroline CANNON, 23, Quebec, Kingston, d/o William CANNON & Charlotte Eliza FORD, wtn: N. JACKSON & G. A. REID, 11 June 1884, Kingston

3445-84, John Hooper BIRKETT, 32, accountant, Newfoundland, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Emily BIRKETT, married Victoria Kate WILSON, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James & Maria WILSON, wtn: Mary VOIGHT & Maria WILSON both of Kingston, 31 December 1884, St.. James Church

003214-84 ( Frontenac Co.) Andrew BLACK, 21, Winchester, Hinchinbrooke, Labourer, s/o William & Jenette BLACK, married Letitia KENNEDY, 31, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Joseph & Sarah J. KENNEDY, Witn.: James KENNEDY, Elizabeth McMAHON, of Hinchinbrooke, October 1, 1884, at Hinchinbrooke

3191-84, Richard BOLTON, 38, widower, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Richard & Ann BOLTON, married Mary Ann BROWN, 20, Wolfe Island, same. d/o James & Catherine BROWN, wtn: James ABBOTT & Lucy ABBOTT both of Wolfe Island, 5 January 1884, Wolfe Island

3462-85 (Frontenac Co): Charles Edward BOOTH, 29, provincial land surveyor, Canada, Kingston, s/o John K. BOOTH & Emma BLAGG, married Jessie Grace GREAVES, 20, USA, Kingston, d/o Joseph W. GREAVES & Helen LOCKE, witn: George BOOTH & Douglas STORMS of Loughboro twp and Jennie GREAVES of Kingston, 18 Dec 1884 at St. Paul's Church, Kingston 003421-84, - John BRISTER, 24, England, Brockville, dock hand, s/o John & Jane, married Annie HUSKINGS, 20, England, Adolphustown, d/o Caleb & Annie, Wit: Caleb HUSKINGS of Adolphustown & Louisa PUGH of Kingston, Nov. 27, 1884, Kingston

3207-84, Alder Gibbons BROUSE, 25, carpenter, New York U.S., Portsmouth, s/o Michael H. & Sarah Ann BROUSE, married Christina WOODHOUSE, 23, widow, Portsmouth, same, d/o Robert & Ellen PRIESTLY, wtn: J. SCOTT & Charlotte PRIESTLY both of Portsmouth, 2 January 1884, Portsmouth

3189-84, Samuel George BROWN, 25, carriage maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o George L. BROWN & Catherine BROWN, married Letitia ENGLAND, 21, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, d/o William ENGLAND & Letitia ENGLAND, wtn: John NEWMAN of Kingston City & Sophia ENGLAND of Oso Tp, 18 September 1884, Oso Tp

3405-85, Alfred BROWN, 49, widower, gentleman, Montreal, Pittsburg, s/o Christian & Eliza , married Mary Jane HUNTER, 33, widow, Kingston. Kingston, d/o John & Lydia [no surname given], wtn: Thomas G. RUDD & S.S. BLAND B.A. both of Kingston, 4 December 1884, Kingston

3355-84, Rev. George BRUCE B.A., 43, clergyman, Pitsligo Scotland, St.. John N.B., s/o John BRUCE & Elsie CADGER, married Catherine Emily DICKSON, 29, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John R. DICKSON & Anne BENSON, wtn: N. BRUCE & Catherine Emlie DICKSON & C.R. DICKSON & Susan E. BRUCE all of Kingston, 18 June 1884, Kingston

3444-84, Henry BRYANT, 48, widower, farmer, England, Amboy U.S., s/o Thomas BRYANT & Mary LUCK, married Dora SHORT, 32, Sand Lake N.Y., Amboy U.S., d/o Joseph SHORT & Esther SICKLER, wtn: Samuel JENKINS Jr & William ELDER both of Kingston, 25 December 1884, Kingston

3234-85 (Frontenac Co): Henry BUFFAM, 26, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o William BUFFAM & Martha, married Bella McDOUGALL, 21, Ompah, same, d/o James McDOUGALL & Jane, witn: Margaret McDOUGALL of Ompah & Pat ROGERS of Fallbrook, 24 Dec 1884 at Ompah  

3373-84, James Charles BURNS, 28, lumberer, Canada, Cadlac Michigan U.S., s/o James BURNS & Mary BOYLE, married Maggie WATTS, 22, Canada, Syracuse United States, d/o Thomas WATTS & Helen WELCH, wtn: John BRADDEN & Manely WILLIAMS both of Kingston, no date, Kingston

#003398-84 (Frontenac Co) William John BURNS, 27, Kingston, same, Dry Goods Salesman, s/o John BURNS & Ellen MYERS, married Marion MONTGOMERY, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Stewart MONTGOMERY & Eliza WHITE, witn; Thomas D. MINNES, Addie FERGUSON, both Kingston, married 15 October 1884, Kingston

3358-84, James Godfrey BUTTERILL ,21, labourer on railway, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, s/o George BUTTERILL & Elizabeth BUTTERILL, married Nancy McKEEVER, 21, Bedford Tp, Hinchinbrooke Tp, d/o James MCKEEVER & Ann MCKEEVER, wtn: Sally HUNTER of Hinchinbrooke & H.E. WILSON of Kingston, 10 June 1884, Kingston

#003260-84 (Frontenac Co): Harvey CAMPBELL, 21, sailor, Jones Falls, Seeleys Bay, s/o James & Sarah, married Maggie MOSEHAM [Mosham?], 21, Pittsburgh, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Clara J. & Lena J. RILANCE of Pittsburgh, 24 Nov 1884 at Methodist Parsonage, Pittsburgh

3283-84, Philip CANTIN, 25, sailor, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Honore CANTIN & Mary FORTIN, married Mary Anne CUMMINS, 21, Kingston Tp, Kingston, d/o Denis CUMMINS & Norah MADDEN, wtn: Edward GIRARD & I. NOLAND, 7 January 1884, Kingston St.. Mary's Cathedral

003422-84, - James Arthur CARROLL, 27, Kingston, Kingston, tinsmith, s/o Robert CARROLL & Ealins? MOORE married Jane KNOX, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John KNOX & Catherine WILSON, Wit: James KNOX of Kingston & Emily GRIMASON? of Kingston, Nov. 17, 1884, Kingston

3279-84, Joseph W. CARD, 26, farmer, Camden Tp Ont, Clarendon Tp., s/o Egerton F. CARD & Mary A. BROWN, married Mary Jane STALKER, 25, Kennebec Tp Ont, Miller Tp, d/o James STALKER & Eliza MCGARVEY, wtn: John CARD & William MCCORMIKE & Alice DAWSON & Bella MCCORMIKE all of not given, 4 June 1884, Miller

3356-84, Fred William CARLETON, 24, store clerk, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth , married Agnes Mary CAMPION, 22, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Charles & Mary Jane , wtn: Isaac ASSELSTINE & Susan ASSELSTINE both of Kingston, 19 June 1884, Earl St..

3347-84, John CARNAGIE, 29, sailor, Lansdowne Ont, Rockport Leeds Ont, s/o Robert & Susan , married Sophia CARNAGIE, 19, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o William & Fannie , wtn: William CARNAGIE & Ellen CARNAGIE both of Kingston, 4 June 1884, Kingston

3369-84, Robert CARR, 27, farmer, Oso, same, s/o Robert & Christina , married Patience BUTLER, 32, Oso, Oso, d/o Perce & Sarah , wtn: Perce BUTLER of Oso & Laura Clan CASTOR of Kingston, 23 June 1884, St. James

003223-84 ( Frontenac Co.) Theodore A. CARTER, 28, Wolfe Island, Chippewa Co. Wisconsin, Farmer, s/o James L. & Almetta CARTER, married Margaret HOLDER, 21, Storrington, Storrington, d/o John & Abigail HOLDER, Witn.: Stephen & Minerva ACKROYD, both of Loborough, November 24, 1884, at Inverary 3300-84 John CARVER, 21, Mechanic, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o William & Olive Maria, married Sarah Ann DAVEY, 21, Wolfe Island, Garden Island, d/o Benjamin & Charlott. Witn David & Sarah NICK (?) (Vick?) of Kingston, on 18 Feb., 1884, at Kingston.

3326-84, Thomas Richard CASEY, 23, clerk, Ontario, Montreal , s/o Richard CASEY & Bridget CAMPBELL, married Agnes CUNNINGHAM, 22, Ontario, Kingston, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Catherine CASEY, wtn: Edward ROBB of Montreal & Sophia BICOLARI of Kingston, 29 April 1884, Kingston


3325-84, William Henry CASSIDY, 23, ship carpenter, Howe Island, Kingston, s/o William Henry CASSIDY & Anne MUNROE, married Maryann NELLIGAN, 23, blank, Kingston, d/o Bartholomew NELLIGAN & Mary LANGAN, wtn: Francis CASSIDY & Margaret NELLIGAN both of Kingston, 30 April 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston

3345-84, John CASSIDY, 24, piano carver, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Andrew CASSIDY & Bridget BURNS, married Mary EGAN, 22, Ireland, Kingston, d/o James EGAN & Anne Jane COYLE, wtn: James COYLE & Catherine EGAN both of Kingston, 3 June 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston

3275-84, William E. CHEETHAM, 25, farmer, Morton Ont, Clarendon Tp, s/o George & Esebella (Isabella?) CHEETHAM, married Amsetha CHEETHAM, 18, United States, Clarendon Tp, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth JOHNSTON (sic), wtn: A. CHEETHAM & E. JOHNSTON both of Clarendon Tp, 24 December 1884, Clarendon Tp

3382-84, Albert P. CHOWN, 25, druggist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Edward CHOWN & Amelia CHOWN, married Emma L. OFFORD, 22, Ottawa, Kingston, d/o George OFFORD & Susan OFFORD, wtn: George Y. CHOWN & Bessie OFFORD both of Kingston, 19 August 1884, Kingston

3453-84, Thomas William CHRISTIAN, 29, messenger, Portsmouth England, Kingston, s/o Thomas Francis CHRISTIAN & Esther NEWHAM, married Annie PRITCHARD, 26, Pennsnett England, Kingston, d/o John PRITCHARD & Ann PARFITT, wtn: A.M. ROGERS & Minnie YOUNG both of Kingston, 12 May 1884, Kingston

3346-84, William CHRYSLY (CHRISTLEY?), 31, widower, cab driver, Kingston, Kingston, s/o George CHRYSLEY (sic) & Bridget McCANN, married Mary ONGE, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William ONGE & Eliza ANDERSON, wtn: Alex & Mary O'BRINE both of Kingston, 2 June 1884, St.. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

003400-84, - William John CLARK, 23, City of Kingston, Kingston City, shoemaker, s/o William & Sarah married Margaret ALDERDICE, 24, Prince Edward Co. Ont, Kingston (city), d/o John & Margaret, wit: John PIGEON of Kingston & Maggie HINDS, Cataraqui Ont, Oct. 13, 1884, City of Kingston 003212-84 ( Frontenac Co.) William B. CLOW, 23, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, Farmer, s/o Oliver & Ellen CLOW, married Grace LEE, 24, Redwood N.J., Adams N.Y., d/o John & Elizabeth LEE, Witn.: William ESTES, Alma ESTES, of Hinchinbrooke, July 6, 1884, at Hinchinbrooke
3222-85 (Frontenac Co): William COCHLIN, 24, farmer, Palmerston, same, s/o Thomas COCHLIN & Jane, married Elizabeth SCOTT, 22, Oso twp., Palmerston, d/o Cashel SCOTT & Jessie, witn: Neil DONNELLY & Charlotte SCOTT, both of Zealand, Oso twp., 24 Dec 1884 at Oso twp 003414-84, - John COCHRANE, Jr., 27, Storrington, Storrington, farmer s/o John COCHRANE & Jane ORR married Sarah Jane STINSON, 26, Storrington, Storrington Twp, d/o John STINSON & Eliza CAMMUCK: Wit: Isabella O'BRINE (O'Brien?) of Kingston & Charles COCHRANE of Storrington, Nov. 5, 1884, Kingston
3290-84 Thomas Anderson CONNER, 28, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Sarah Jane PIGEON, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Nathanael & Jane. Witn: John PIGEON & Nath. PIGEON, both of Kingston, on (blank), at St. James, Kingston. (reg'd 18 Feb., 1884.)

3448-84, Matthew CONNOR, 24, labourer, Dublin Ireland, Gananoque, s/o George CONNOR & Margaret DOYLE, married Emily ETHERINGTON, 21, Jury's Gap England, Gananoque, d/o Jesse ETHERINGTON & Sarah BARTLETT, wtn: Andrew ELDER & Margaret HOOKER both of Kingston, 16 January 1884, Kingston

3439-85 (Frontenac Co): John Alexander COOKE, 22, University student, Cataraqui, same, s/o Edward COOKE & Eliza, married Laura Christena WALKER, 21, Cataraqui, same, d/o George WALKER & Mary, witn: Emma COOKE & Charles A. WALKER, 11 June 1884 at Cataraqui

3338-84, Charles COTTENDEN, 27, commercial traveller, England, Garden Island, s/o Charles COTTENDEN & Mary WEBBER, married Emma COTTENDEN, 19, England, Garden Island, d/o George COTTENDEN & Maria NETHERSTREET, wtn: George COTTENDEN & Maria COTTENDEN, date not given, at St.. George's Cathedral, Kingston

3348-84, Adam CRAIG, 21, labourer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o James CRAIG & Margaret CRAIG, married Mary Jane HURST, 23, Canada, Kingston, d/o William HURST & Jane HURST, wtn: John DENISON & Jane HURST both of Kingston, 11 June 1884, Kingston

14636-85, Joseph CRAMER, 27, cheese maker, Kingston Tp, Glenvale Ont, s/o Abram & Margaret, married Emma R. WALKER, 23, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o George & Eliza , wtn: James BEATTIE of Winchester & Rose WALKER of Kingston Tp, 24 December 1884, Florida, near Wilton

003432-84, - John James CRAWFORD, 28, Canada, Kingston, cutter s/o John CRAWFORD & Elizabeth JOHNSON married Laura Ann (WADDELL)? , Canada, Kingston, d/o D. A. WADDELL & Sarah HOLLIDAY, Wit: George McMAHON & Evylin M. McDONALD - Kingston, Sep. 30, 1884, Kingston

3452-84, David Samuel CURTIS, 28, druggist, Cleveland Ohio U.S., New Westminster B.C., s/o Samuel CURTIS & Jane GOODHUE, married Harriett CUNNINGHAM, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Jane WRIGHT, wtn: Henry CUNNINGHAM & Margaret CUNNINGHAM both of Kingston, 8 May 1884, Kingston

3361-85, John DACEY, 26, trader, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Martin DACEY & Honora HANLEY, married Mary T. BYRNE, 32, Kingston Tp, Kingston, d/o Simon BYRNE & Anne BYRNE, wtn: Simon BYRNE & Catherine BYRNE both of Kingston, 11 December 1884, St.. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3304-84 Ira DARLING (the younger), 32, Widower, Blacksmith, Loboro Tp., same, s/o Ira & Jemima Jane, married Mary Matilda KNAPP, 21, Spinster, Loboro Tp., Storrington Tp., d/o John & Mary Ann. Witn Dixon KNAPP & Elizabeth CHARN (?), both of Kingston, on 01 Mar., 1884, at Kingston.
003403-84, - Wesley Elias DAVID, 21, Kingston, Kingston, broker, s/o Samuel & Sarah Ann, married Annie BURLEY, 16, Loughboro, Kingston, d/o Freeman & Emily, Wit: Sylvanus C. BURLEY & Annie DAVID both of Kingston, Aug. 11, 1884, Kingston  

3266-85, William James DEA, 25, farmer, Ontario, Loughboro Tp, s/o Schuyler & Elizabeth DEA, married Louise Elizabeth GENGE, 21, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Frances & Ann GENGE, wtn: Joseph GENGE of Hinchinbrooke & Jennie DEA of Loughboro, 24 December 1884, Verona

3437-84, Samuel John DEMPSEY, 30, widower, general merchant, Larkhills Ireland, Bagot Tp Renfrew Co, s/o William DEMPSEY & Margaret SHANNON, married Ida VIRGIN (Vrigen?), 17, Bagot Tp Renfrew Co, Bagot Tp Renfrew Co, d/o William VIRGIN & Eliza HOLDER, wtn: Joseph WAGGONER & Mary WAGGONER both of Kingston, 9 December 1884, Kingston

3365-84, David DEMPSTER, 24, farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Thomas & Jane , married Mary DEMPSTER, 25, widow, Lansdowne, Leeds, d/o Charley & Elinor , wtn: James GORMLEY & Emma BLAND both of Kingston, 9 April 1884, Kingston

003412-84, - John DENNISON, 21, Kingston City, Kingston City, carpenter, s/o James & Mary, married Rebecca HURST, 21, Twp. of Kingston, Portsmouth, d/o William & Jane, Wit: John HOLLAND of Portsmouth & Margaret Ann HURST of Portsmouth, Sep. 3., 1884, Kingston
3232-85 (Frontenac Co): Eusebe DESCHAMPS, 26, laborer, Lanark Co., Palmerston, s/o Toussant DESCHAMPS & Annie LAROCQUE, married Josephine LAFRAMBOISE, 25, Ottawa, Palmerston, d/o Camille DESCHAMPS & Lenore LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Antoine LAFRAMBOISE & Mary STRIKEFOOT, both of Palmerston, 26 Nov 1884 at St. Leos Church, Palmerston (Rom Cath) [note: witnesses & bride's parents were reversed on the registration] #003249-84 (Frontenac Co) Charles Henry DEVLIN, 21, Perth, same, salesman, s/o William Ford & Margaret DEVLIN, married Emma GLOVER, 18, Ashton Ont, Gananoque, d/o Wm Marshall & Mary Ann GLOVER, witn: William C. GLOVER, Edwin FLUNDN?, married 9 July 1884, Barriefield, Pittsburgh Twp

3375-84, John DOMPIERCE dit BURNSTONE, 23, labourer, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Pierre DOMPIERCE & Mary COUCILLARD, married Bridget SINNOTT, 20, Newfoundland, Kingston, d/o Edward SINNOTT & Margaret FLYNN, wtn: Mr & Mrs CHRISTMAS both of Kingston, 7 August 1884, St. Mary's Cathedral

#003257-84 (Frontenac Co): William DONAHUE, 26, widower, farmer, South Lake, Marble Rock, s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret BRADY, 24, Brewers Mills, Burnt Hills, d/o Edward & Margaret, witn: James NOBBS & John BOYLE, both of South lake, 21 April 1884 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)

3655-88, Sanford DONNELLY, 21, machinist, Canada, Kingston, s/o John DONNELLY & Margaret Ann DOLAN, married Caroline ELMER, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o John Edward ELMER & Caroline AUBIN, wtn: George L. ELMER & Mappie (Maggie?) DONNELLY both of Kingston, 4 April 1884, St.. Paul's Church, Kingston

3187-84, Cornelius DONNELLY, 21, farmer, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, s/o John DONNELLY & Mary CHAMBERS, married Margaret Ellen WEIR, 19, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, d/o Alexander WEIR & Jane GIBSON, wtn: Samuel M. CHAMBERS & Sarah Jane DONNELLY both of Oso Tp, 12 June 1884, South Sherbrooke

3269-84, Patrick DOYLE, 20, Soldier B.B., Ireland, Kingston, s/o Patrick & Maggie , married Rose WALTER, 18, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Patrick & Rose , wtn: William WILLIS & Mary WALTER both of Kingston, 26 February 1884, Barriefield

003430-84, William DRURY, 27, Canada, Twp of Camden, widower, hardware merchant, s/o William DRURY & Dopha PEARSON, married Alice Labina JONES, 21, England, Kingston, d/o William JONES & Ellen Elizabeth JUDSON, Wit: John ROBINSON, Harriet May JONES & John ROBERTSON Sr. all of Kingston, Dec. 3, 1884, Kingston
003433-84, Joseph DUFF, 23, Canada, Storrington, farmer, s/o William DUFF & Eliza FOLAND married Annie FERGUSON, 20, Canada, Storrington d/o William FERGUSON & Rosella CHITTON, Wit: John FOLAND & Ruth DUFF both of Storrington, Nov. 5, 1884, Kingston 003419-84, - Hew Ramsey DUFF, 27, Kingston, Newburgh, physician s/o John DUFF & Jepil B. MOWAT married Amy STRANGE, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Maxwell STRANGE & Charlotte A. CAMPBELL, Wit: H. Ramsey DUFF, Amy STRANGE, A CAMPBELL & G.E. STRANGE, Nov. 19, 1884, Kingston
3296-84 Edward DUMPHY, 19, Painter, Kingston, same, s/o James & Ursula, married Alice RENDLE, 18, England, Kingston, d/o Edward & Charlotte. Witn Enoch TRAINER & Sarah TRAINER, both of Kingston, on Saturday 02 Feb., 1884, at 182 Queen St., Kingston

3164-84, Edwin DUNDAS, 30, farmer, Ontario, Middlesex Co Ont, s/o not given, married Emma Eliza AIKEN, 21, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o John AIKEN & Eliza AIKEN, wtn: Charles AIKEN of Kingston Tp & Hattie BAKER of Kingston City, 26 March 1884, Collins Bay

3295-84 Robert DUNLOP, 27, Farmer, Can., Pittsburgh Twp., s/o Robert DUNLOP & Hannah PATERSON, married Charlotte ROBINSON, 23, Can., Storrington, s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Sarah Jane BREWER. Witn James & Sarah McGILLEVARAY (s/b McGillivray?) of Kingston, on 04 Feb., 1884, at Kingston

3381-84, Wiliam DUNNETT, 24, fireman on Grand Trunk Railway, Scotland, Kingston, s/o James DUNNETT & Janet MCIVOR, married Isabella Gardiner MONTEITH, 27, Scotland, Kingston, d/o William MONTEITH & Margaret FERGUSON, wtn: Alex THOMPSON & Christina MCDOUGALL both of not given, 7 August 1884, Kingston

3346-85, James ESFORD, 24, labourer, Barriefield, same, s/o Thomas & Rose Ann ESFORD, married Mary Ann DUFFY, 22, Pittsburgh, same, Samuel & Elizabeth DUFFY, wtn: Robert ESFORD of Barriefield & Jane DUFFY of Pittsburgh, 2 December 1884, Birmingham St. James Church

3195-84, James EVES, 25, labourer, Wolfe Island, Simcoe Island, s/o John & Mary Jane EVES, married Mary Lavinia ORR, 19, Cole Lake?, Simcoe Island, d/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth ORR, wtn: Thomas BUSCH & Earnest BUSCH both of Simcoe Island, 20 January 1884, Wolfe Island

003431-84, - Alfred Wilson FAIRMAN, 25, Canada, Twp of Palmerston, Frontenac, lumberman, s/o Warren FAIRMAN & Elizabeth BARNETT, married Mina Ruth DUNHAM, 22, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Charles DUNHAM & Margaret DAVIS, Wit: M. J. DUNHAM of Palmerston & W. M. FAIRMAN of Pittsburg, Sep. 3, 1884, Kingston

3404-85, William FARRELL, 21, teamster, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James & Mary , married Mary LANIGAN, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Catherine , wtn: John CARD & Kate MCMAHON both of not given, 29 November 1884, Kingston

3361-84, Adolphus D. FAUCHER (Fancher?), 22, hotel keeper, Peterboro, same, s/o Adolphus & Heather FAUCHER, married Mary SHARPE, 18, Ottawa, Kingston, d/o Joseph & Ann SHARP (sic), wtn: William G. FERGUSON of Peterboro & Elizabeth URQUART of Kingston, 18 June 1884, Kingston

3194-84, John FERGUSON, 24, sailor, Garden Island, same, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Sarah BRADLEY, married Jane Leora ALLEN, 21, Cleveland Ohio, Kingston, d/o James ALLEN & Leora MORTON, wtn: Thomas FERGUSON & Caroline FERGUSON both of Garden Island, 27 November 1884, Wolfe Island

3305-84 George FERGUSON, 23, Farmer, Canada, Twp. of Portland, s/o Robert & Zelpha, married Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, 24, Canada, Portsmouth, d/o John & Mary. Witn Schyler FRASER of Bath Road & Lewis HARRIS of Kingston, on 05 Mar., 1884, at Kingston.

3360-84, Alexander FERGUSON, 21, labourer, Pittsburgh Ont, Kingston City, s/o John & Nancy , married Mary STACEY, 21, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o John & Tamar , wtn: Henry BEECH & Capt Sarah ABERY both of Kingston, 1 July 1884, Kingston

3161-84, David FOOTE, 21, painter, not given, Napanee Town, s/o Benjamin & Catherine FOOTE, married Kate MURPHY, 19, not given, Newburgh, d/o Michael & Mary MURPHY, wtn: Alice DAY& Lida BAKER both of Kingston Tp, 16 January 1884, Collins Bay

003405-84, - James FORSYTH, 26, Portland, Portland, farmer, s/o James & Margaret, married Charity STORMS, 24, Portland, Portland, d/o Abraham & Alicta, Wit: C. J. PHILLIPS & M CHARLTON- Portland, Sep. 17, 1884, Kingston

3384-84, Arthur Vincent FRAY, 23, soldier, England, Kingston, s/o James FRAY & Georgina PERCY, married Matild MCLENNAN, 19, Gananoque, Kingston, d/o John MCLENNAN & Mary MCGIVENS, wtn: James D. BERDEN & Minnie SULLIVAN both of Kingston, 26 August 1884, St.. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3447-84, James Thomas GAFFNEY, 33, soldier, Manchester England, Kingston, s/o James William GAFFNEY & Rosana MURRAY, married Annie DAVIES, 24, London England, Kingston, d/o Richard DAVIES & Annie BROTHERSTON, wtn: George BAUGH & Elizabeth BAUGH both of Kingston, 15 January 1884, Kingston

#003391-84 (Frontenac Co) Francis GALLAGHER, 27, Ireland, Kingston, currier, s/o Patrick H. GALLAGHER & Sarah KENNY, married Mary Ellen MARVIN, 19, Kingston, same, d/o William MARVIN & Mary MONTAGUE, witn: William FINN, Martha MARVIN, both Kingston, married 30 September 1884, St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)

3271-85, Levi GALLAGHER, 24, farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o James & Margaret GALLAGHER, married Ann E. J. PATTERSON, 20, Portland, Portland, d/o Robert & Ann PATTERSON, wtn: J. W. PATTERSON & Miss E. DENNISON both of Portland, 23 December 1884, Harrowsmith

3353-84, Patrick GALLAHER, 21, Sergt C Art. Battery, Montreal, Kingston, s/o James GALLAHER & May GALLAHER, married Margaret MACDOUGALL, 29, widow, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Mary CONLAN, wtn: William PUGH of Kingston, 30 June 1884, not given

3403-85, Jerad GANCE, 45, white washer, Maryland U.S.A., Kingston, s/o Leonard & Henny , married Jennie TAYLOR, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Henry & Anna , wtn: George TAYLOR & Adeline TAYLOR both of Kingston, 5 November 1884, Kingston

3231-84, Joseph H. GARDINER, 32, farmer, Odessa, Westbrook, s/o William & Mary GARDINER, married Frances E. PECK, 25, Lansdowne, Harrowsmith, d/o William & Eliza PECK, wtn: William GARDINER & Jennie GRAHAM both of Westbrook, 19 November 1884, Harrowsmith

003218-84 ( Frontenac Co.) George H. GIBSON, 24, Storrington, Young (Yonge?), Farmer, s/o John & Jane GIBSON, married Mary HANLEY, 23, Storrington, Storrington, d/o George & Lucinda HANLY (sic), Witn.: John HANLY & Sarah HANLY of Storrington, March 19, 1884, at Storrington

3284-84, Michael GOODMAN, 21, locomotive works mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o John GOODMAN & Ellen POULS (Power?), married Ellen MCFADDEN, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James MCFADDEN & Catherine COYLE, wtn: Edward LOVE & Margaret MCFADDEN both of not given, 14 January 1884, Kingston

003406-84, - Joseph GORRIE, 40, Scotland, Cataraqui, widower, farmer, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Mary McROW, 24, Cataraqui, Cataraqui, d/o Jacob & Winifred, Wit: Henry WARREN- Cataraqui & Jannie GORRIE- Toronto, Sept. 22, 1884, Cataraqui

3168-84, Henry Grass GRAHAM, 60, widower, jobber, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Catherine GRAHAM, married Mary Jane CLARK, 45, widow, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o William & Elizabeth JACKSON, wtn: Harriett CORD & Ernest JONES both of Kingston City, 5 August 1884, Cataraqui

3383-84, Johnson GRAHAM, 29, stoker, Canada, Portsmouth Ont, s/o Edward GRAHAM & Mary Ann IRVINE, married Elizabeth KEMP, 22, East Indies, Portsmouth Ont, d/o William KEMP & Margaret MILLIGAN, wtn: D. DONNELLY & H. M. MCQUAIG both of not given, 2 August 1884, Kingston

3259-85, John D. GRAHAM, 22, labourer, Portland Tp, Verona, s/o John & Mary GRAHAM, married Agnes REYNOLDS, not given, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o Edward & Amelia REYNOLDS, wtn: George & Elizabeth REYNOLDS both of Portland, 24 December 1884, Portland Tp

3183-84, Albert Edmund GREEN, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, s/o William C GREEN & Jane Ann GREEN, married Mary Ann BOOMHOUR, 24, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o Andrew BOOMHOUR & Eliza Ann CLARK, wtn: James HYMERS of Tamworth & Charity GREEN of Kennebec, 2 July 1884, Kennebec Tp

3377-84, Harry Monro GRIER, 29, gentleman, Australia, Toronto, s/o Charles & Maria Agnes , married Mattie Ambrose WILSON, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James & Maria , wtn: Alex Monro GRIER & Minnie Louise KIRKPATRICK both of not given, 5 August 1884, St.. James Church, Kingston

3169-84, Silvester HAGERMAN, 24, farmer, Loborough, Loborough, s/o not given, married Victoria GOSSAGE, 19, Sydenham, Kingston Tp, d/o George & Mary , wtn: Annie ELY & Susie SHOREY both of Cataraqui, 13 October 1884, Cataraqui

3450-84, John HARDING, 21, farmer, Pittsburgh Tp, same, s/o Henry HARDING & Ann COWAN, married Jane ANDERSON, 20, Leeds - Leeds Co, same, s/o James ANDERSON & Ann Jane CONNOR, wtn: Archibald COWAN & Emma COWAN both of Pittsburgh, 19 February 1884, Kingston

3441-84, Nicholas HARMAN, 40, doctor, Norway Europe, New York State, s/o Hains & Eliza , married Resy BOILEN, 20, St.. Louis, Kingston, d/o Anthony & Reaine , wtn: Edith & Elenor CALDWELL both of Loborough, 6 December 1884, Kingston

3288-84 John HARRIGAN, 28, Blacksmith, Kingston Twp., same, s/o George HARRIGAN & Anne FAREN, married Mary REGAN, 28, Kingston, same, d/o John REGAN & Mary DRISCOLL. Witn Thomas REGAN of Kingston & Mary M. E. DRISCOLL of Portsmouth, on 28 Jan., 1884, at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston

3457-84, Henry HARRIMAN, 27, mechanic, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Richard HARRIMAN & Mary CONDY, married Mary BROCK, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, d/o John BROCK & Barbara FORREST, wtn: William MOORE & Maggie STEVENSON both of Kingston, 3 September 1884, Kingston

#003463-85 (Frontenac Co): George MacRerel HAZLET, 26, S.B. engineer, Canada, Kingston, s/o William HAZLET & Eliza McLEAN, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Sarah BATESON, witn: James MILLER of Kingston & Jane CAMPBELL of Belleville, 18 Dec 1884 at St. Pauls Church, Kingston  
3309-84 James HENERY (s/b Henry?), 23, Black smith, Co. Armagh Ireland, Deseronto, s/o John & Ellen, married Christena PAINTER, 19, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary. Witn David GILCHRIST & Maria PAINTER, both of Kingston, on 14 Feb., 1884, at Kingston. [Pointer?] 003217-84 ( Frontenac Co.) William Henry HEPBURN, 24, Loborough, Storrington, Farmer, s/o Henry & Frances HEPBURN, married Alice WILLIAMS, 18, Storrington, Storrington, d/o Cornelius & Mary WILLIAMS, Witn.: William CONVERY, Mariah DENNEE, of Storrington, January 17, 1884, at Inverary
003411-84, - Samuel Richard HINCKLEY, 24, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, sailor, s/o Dexter Henry & Nancy HINCKLEY married Caroline Ethel SCOTT, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Mary Jane SCOTT, Wit: Harry FULFORD- Brockville & Agnes SCOTT - Kingston, Sep. 11, 1884, Kingston

3442-84, Robert HOLDEN, 30, weaver, Manchester, Kingston, s/o Joseph HOLDEN & Martha ALDRED, married Annie CAMPBELL, 29, widow, Belfast, Kingston, d/o James KIDD & Annie KIDD, wtn: Abraham SPENCER & H.R. JACKSON both of not given, 20 December 1884, Kingston

#003392-84 (Frontenac Co) Joseph HOLDSW (cut off, Holdsworth? ), 31, Haddersfield England, Kingston, steam fitter, s/o Thomas & Selina?, married Eliza SWIFT, 30, Essel Eng, Kingston, widow, d/o Daniel & Sarah SIMMONDS, witn: William NUGENT of Kingston, Annie NEVEN of Sto (cut off), married 1 October 1884, St. James, Kingston

3196-84, Charles HOLLIDAY, 23, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o John & Margaret HOLLIDAY, married Bella May BAMFORD, 22, New York, Wolfe Island, d/o Wells & Aleeny? BAMFORD, wtn: names not given, of Wolfe Island, 1884 at Wolfe Island [faded reg'n]

#003396-84 (Frontenac Co) Henry HOPLEY, 24, Silops England, Kingston City, drayman, s/o Richard & Fanny, married Mary BOYD, 18, Carrickfergus Ireland, Kingston City, d/o James & Annie, witn: G. WHITNEY, Elizabeth WILSON, both Kingston, married 1 October 1884, Kingston #003251-84 (Frontenac Co) Charles HOSKIN, 23, Cornwall England, Howe Island, farmer, s/o William & Jemima HOSKIN, married Cara ROOT, 24, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth ROOT, witn: Smith BAKER, Isabella ROOT, Pittsburgh, married 4 June 1884, Bride's father's residence, Pittsburgh
003399-84, John HOSKINS, 24, England, Tp. of Bedford, miner, s/o John Wallace HOSKINS & Mary SIMONDS married Mary ANDERSON, 18, Norway, Tp. of Bedford, d/o Peter ANDERSON & Bertha ARNISTORE, wit: Edie SPANGENBERG & Dettie McCUAIG both of Kingston, Oct. 16, 1884, Kingston

3349-84, Charles HOSKINS, 23, farmer, Cornwall England, Howe Island, s/o William & Jemima , married Clara ROOT, 24, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth , wtn: Smith BAKER & Isabella ROOT both of Pittsburg, 4 June 1884, the residence of the bride's father

3229-85 (Frontenac Co): Joseph HUGHES, 27, farmer, South Sherbrooke, Palmerston, s/o William HUGHES & Mary BOWLES, married Mary HANNAH, 27, Palmerston, same, d/o John HANNAH & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Daniel HANNAH of Palmerston & Margaret HUGHES of S. Sherbrooke, 23 April 1884 at Palmerston

3181-84, John Thomas HUGHES, 24, farmer, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, s/o Peter & Mary Ann HUGHES, married Ettie Charlotte THOMPSON, 23, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o Isah (Isak?) THOMPSON & Mary WOOD, wtn: George HUGHES & Charlotte HUGHES both of Kennebec, 10 July 1884, Kennebec Tp

3277-84, Gotfris HULLER, 21, labourer, Germany, Ontario, s/o Peter HULLER & Barbara SHAULDICE, married Philimena BITTENER, 20, Germany, Ont, d/o John Valentine BITTENER & Anna Mary KICHNER, wtn: Michael WEBER & Catherine WEBER both of Clarendon Tp, 10 March 1884, Clarendon Tp

3190-84, Alfred John HUMPHRY (Humphrey?), 21, yeoman, Cape Vincent, same, s/o Alfred John & Harriet HUMPHRY , married Anna FURNER, 22, not given, Wolfe Island, d/o Henry & Ann FURNER, wtn: Harriet FURNER of Wolfe Island & E.R. HUMPHREY of Cape Vincent, 7 September 1884, Wolfe Island

3241-84, James Alfred HUNTER, 28, farmer, Glenburnie, Glenburnie, s/o George & Sarah HUNTER, married Mary Ann DAY, 28, widow, Loughborough, same, d/o Lewis W. & Catherine PURDY, wtn: George NICHOL of Cataraqui & Kate JAQUETH of Sydenham, 10 December 1884, Sydenham

3438-84, John Thompson HUNTER, 30, farmer, Storrington, Storrington, s/o George HUNTER & Sarah FERGUSON, married Eliza Jane COCHRANE, 21, Storrington, Storrington, d/o John COCHRANE & Jane ORR, wtn: Jane FERGUSON & Charles COCHRANE both of Storrington, 10 December 1884, Kingston City

3182-84, James HYMERS, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Sheffield Tp, s/o Adam & Elizabeth HYMERS, married Charity GREEN, 22, Ontario, Kennebec twp, d/o William C. & Jane Ann GREEN, wtn: Robert GREEN of Kennebec Tp & Annie REID of Olden Tp, 10 September 1884, Kennebec Tp


3230-84, William David IRISH, 33, farmer, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, s/o Jedediah & Susan IRISH, married Alice Bertha GALBRATH, 21, Camden Tp, Camden Tp, d/o William & Eliza GALBRATH, wtn: Eliza & William PECK of not given, 21 October 1884, not given

3228-84, John IRWIN, 25, farmer, Kingston City, Kingston City, s/o William & Francis IRWIN, married Cassie Jane PURDY, 21, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o Gilbert & Elizabeth PURDY, wtn: David J. MURTON & Anne PURDY both of Murvale, 18 June 1884, Murvale

3343-84, John JACKSON, 26, cheese maker, Canada, Leeds Tp, s/o Henry JACKSON &cMaria RYAN, married Josephine GLENDENNING, 20, Canada, Leeds Tp, d/o Andrew GLENDENNING & Margaret VANEBURG, wtn: Henry JACKSON & Ann GLENDENNING both of Leeds Tp, 14 May 1884, St.. Paul's Church, Kingston

003222-84 ( Frontenac Co.) Robert Thomas JACKSON, 27, Storrington, Storrington, s/o Hiram & Sarah JACKSON, married Margaret LINDSAY, 21, Storrington, Storrington, d/o John & Margaret LINDSAY, Witn.: Robert LINDSAY, Jane Ann LINDSAY, both of Storrington, September 30, 1884, at Inverary

3359-84, Francis JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Pittsburgh Tp, same, s/o Henry JOHNSTON & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, married Dinah CUMMINGS, 21, Pittsburg Tp, same, d/o James CUMMINGS & Mary CUMMINGS, wtn: Frances ARMSTRONG & Mary J. ARMSTRONG both of Pittsburgh Tp, 10 June 1884, Kingston

003415-84, - Edwin Eaton JONES, 38, Livingston N.Y., Toronto, widower, comml. salesman, s/o Richard JONES & Martha SAVAGE, married Emma SWERBOOK, 21, Parham, Parham Ont., d/o Henry & Jane SWERBOOK, Wit: Y. A. SWERBOOK & Mrs. HAMILTON, Sep. 9, 1884, Kingston
#003255-84 (Frontenac Co): Lawrence JOYCE, 29, farmer, Joyceville, same, s/o Lawrence & Jane, married Catherine MILAN, 23, Joyceville, same, d/o Patrick & Catherine, witn: M.J. & Lawrence JOYCE of Joyceville, 25 Feb 1884 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)

3239-84, Stewart JOYNER, 28, farmer, Portland Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Elijah & Susan JOYNER, married Emma Georgina WOOD, 23, Loughborough , Loughborough, d/o James & Jane WOOD, wtn: Ella May CARSCALLION & Henry S. WILDER both of Kingston, 16 September 1884, Sydenham

3443-84, William Harrison KEENE, 21, soldier, Montreal, Kingston, s/o blank & Charlotte FYFE, married Elen Jean Smith CORNFORD, 16, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas CORNFORD & Margaret SMITH, wtn: William LEHEUP & Mary T. BOURNE both of not given, 24 Dec 1884, Kingston

003413-84, - Hurlbut KEESE, 47, Keesville, N.Y., Keesville, N.Y., widower, book keeper s/o Richard & Lydia, married Bessie A. KITTS, 26, Cornwall, Kingston d/o Richard. & Margaret, Wit Richard KITTS & Emma SANDY both of Kingston, Aug. 14, 1884, Kingston

3201-84, Pierce KELLY, 25, saddler, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o James KELLY & Elizabeth HYNES, married Margaret A. DEAUX, 23, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Xavier DEAUX & Harriet DESROBES, wtn: Edward WHITE & Margaret MACKAY, both of Wolfe Island, 21 January 1884, Wolfe Island

3263-85, John H. KENEDAY (KENNEDY?), 25, labourer, Utica U.S., Hinchinbrooke Tp, s/o John & Mary KENEDAY, married Mary C. LOVELESS, 20, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Jacob & Mary LAWLESS., wtn: Robert WELDON & Emley LOVELESS both of Hinchinbrooke Tp, 24 December 1884, Portland Tp

3228-85 (Frontenac Co): George KENNEDY, 22, yeoman, Merrickville, Palmerston, s/o Patrick KENNEDY & Maria GRIMSOL, married Levina HANNAH, 18, Westport, Palmerston, d/o John HANNAH & Sarah STEELE, witn: John HANNAH & Julia KENNEDY, both of Palmerston, 12 Feb 1884 at St. Lex. Church, Palmerston (Rom Cath) 003417-84, Michael KENNEDY, 27, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, penitentiary official, s/o John KENNEDY & Bridget POWER, married Susan CORRIGAN, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Daniel CORRIGAN & Bridget McCUE, Wit: John KENNEDY of Portsmouth & Eliza EGGLETON of Kingston, Nov. 18, 1884, Kingston

3242-84, James KILLEAN, 22, carriage builder, Canada, Camden, s/o John & Ann KILLEAN, married Elizabeth CAVANAGH, 22, Canada, Odessa, d/o Thomas & Mary CAVANAGH, wtn: James MANNING & Ellen CAVANAGH both of Odessa, 18 June 1884, Railston

3176-84, William Robert KNIGHT, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, s/o William KNIGHT & Mariah FOSTER, married Mahala PETERSEN, 18, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o Nicholas PETERSEN & Louise SCHOOLCRAFT, wtn: J. WOOD & S.A. PETERSEN both of Kennebec, 26 March 1884, Kennebec

3204-84, James William KYLE, 24, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Joseph & Mary KYLE, married Caroline BULLIS, 23, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann BULLIS, wtn: Patience & Adelia BULLIS both of Wolfe Island, 21 May 1884, Wolfe Island

3198-84, Cyprien LALONE, 23, yeoman, Clayton N.Y., same, s/o John LALONE & Harriet THEBAULD, married Mary Catherine MORGAN, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o George MORGAN & Catherine MULVANEY, wtn: Thomas CONNELLY & Clara SLOOP both of Wolfe Island, 25 January 1884, Wolfe Island

3436-84, Richard LARUSH, 26, mariner, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Anthony LARUSH & Caroline DAVIS, married Harriet Edith HORNE, 18, Kingston, Wolfe Island, d/o John HORNE & Maggie VANORDER, wtn: Nancy BIGGART & Frances HUNTER both of Kingston, 11 December 1884, Kingston

3273-84, Elijah LAUNDRIE, 23, farmer, Lanark Tp, Abinger Tp, s/o Andrew LAUNDRIE & Christina KING, married Catherine GARRISON, 23, Camden Tp, Abinger Tp, d/o James GARRISON & Jane BROWN, wtn: A.M. BEBEE & Ellsie Ann BEBEE both of not given, 30 June 1884, Plevna

003418-84, - Edward LAWLESS, 36, Ireland, Kingston, laborer, s/o (bad print) Patrick? LAWLESS & Mary KENNY married Margaret ENGLISH, 30, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas ENGLISH & Mary Ann ROGERS, Wit: Patrick LAWLESS & Mary GALLIVAN?, Nov. 18, 1884, Kingston

3203-84, Frank LAWYER (Sawyer?), 25, butcher, Brownsville, same, s/o Fred & Catherine , married Amanda SLEEMAN, 25, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Gilbert & Phelene , wtn: Emma & unreadable, 24 April 1884, Wolfe Island,

3307-84 Alexander LIDDY, 23, Farmer, Watertown U.S., Jefferson Co. N.Y., s/o James & Mary, married Harriet Eleanor ARMSTRONG, 19, Pittsburgh Frontenac Co., same, d/o Francis & Anny. Witn Richard YOUNG & Lucinda YOUNG, both of Kingston, on 12 Mar., 1884, at Kingston..

3446-84, David William LLOYD, 23, farmer, Leeds Tp Leeds Co, same, s/o Charles LLOYD & Sarah DEAL, married Melissa POWLEY, 23, Kingston twp, Leeds Tp Leeds Co, d/o Thomas POWLEY & Fanny JACKSON, wtn: Edwin CHOWN & Margaret HOOKER both of Kingston, 1 January 1884, Kingston

3236-84, John LONG, 27, farmer, Kingston Tp, Portland Tp, s/o William & Mary LONG, married Sarah Jane COLE, 29, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o Henry & Susan COLE, wtn: Wallace & Eliza PECK both of Harrowsmith, 6 February 1884, Harrowsmith

003213-84 ( Frontenac Co.) William James LOUKS (Loucks?), 25, Camden, Camden, Painter, s/o Francis & Debra LOUKS, married Isadora WAGER, 22, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Phillip E. & Aurora WAGER, Witn.: Phillip E. WAGER of Hinchinbrooke, Mary E. LOUKS of Camden, July 3, 1884, at Hinchinbrooke

3165-84, Thomas O. LOWRY, 25, labourer, Newburgh Ont, Cataraqui, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann , married Barbara PETTIFOR, 25, Cataraqui, Cataraqui, d/o Richard & Ellen , wtn: John BROWN of Cataraqui & Annie BISHOP of Barrie Ont, 27 June 1884, Cataraqui

3208-84, Harvey LOYST, 26, farmer, Sheffield Ont, Olden, s/o William N. & Minerva LOYST , married Caroline C. YORK, 20, Olden, Olden, d/o Gilbert & Sabra A. YORK , wtn: Sabra A. YORK & Amelia A. CRONK both of Olden, 22 February 1884, Olden

  #003253-84 (Frontenac Co) Patrick MADDEN, 23, Brewer's Mills, same, farmer's son, s/o John & Catharine MADDEN, married Margaret FORRESTER, 25, Brewer's Mills, same, d/o Charles & Bridget FORRESTER, witn; James MADDEN, Charles FORRESTER, both Brewer's Mills, married 17 January 1884, Brewer's Mills, Pittsburgh Twp. (Rom Cath)
#003464-84 (Frontenac Co): James Anthony MADILL, 34, traveller, Canada, Kingston, s/o Alexander MADILL & Ann BELL (or Bill), married Alice SANDS, 26, Canada, Kingston, d/o John SANDS & Alice HENNERY, witn: Andrew H. DUNLOP & Wilhelmina SANDS, 31 Dec 1884 at Kingston 003423-84, - Peter MALLEN, 23, Storrington, Storrington, farmer, s/o Michael MALLEN & Margaret BRADY married Emerilla Catherine HEGADORN, 18, Ernestown, Storrington, d/o James HAGADORN & Catherine LYOD, Wit: Simon MALLEN of Storrington & Catherine HAGADORN of Kingston, Nov. 29, 1884, Kingston

3449-84, William Henry MARGETTS, 26, litho draftsman, Doncaster England, New York, s/o Thomas MARGETTS & Mary Elizabeth COOPER, married Eliza BLOOR, 24, Salford Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Charles BLOOR & Ann MCLACHLAN, wtn: James Vicars ANGLIN & Elizabeth Annabella CHOWN both of Kingston, 7 February 1884, Kingston

#003388-84 (Frontenac Co) William J. MARSH, 24, London Eng, Kingston, teamster, s/o John & Elizabeth MARSH, married Sarah May FOLLEOTT, 19, Kingston, Williamsville, d/o W.B. & Maryanne FOLLEOTT, witn; W. PUGH of Kingston, married 15 September (1884), Kingston [Folliott?]

3357-84, Frederick Charles MARSHALL, 27, upholsterer, Isle of Man, Kingston, s/o William & Eliza , married Mary Ann CLARK, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Sarah , wtn: William J. CLARK & Maggie ALDERIC--?(off page) both of Kingston, 20 June 1884, Kingston

3167-84, John Wesley MARTIN, 25, yeoman, Kingston, Storrington, s/o John & Jane Fife MARTIN, married Mary JACKSON, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Mary Pawley JACKSON, wtn: M.M. CHANT & A. CHANT both of Elginburg, 21 May 1884, Kingston Tp

3302-84 William MARTIN, 23, Laborer, England, Wilbur Co. Frontenac, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann BARTRUM, ? BASTREN, 22, North Gower, Wilbur Co. Frontenac, d/o Joseph & Louisa. Witn William GALLAGHER & James HAMILTON, both of (blank), on 28 Feb., 1884, at St James, Kingston 3286-84 Charles MARTIN, 29, Lake Captain, Kingston, same, s/o James MARTIN & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Mary Ann COYLE, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Henry COYLE & Rose McFADDEN. Witn James MARTIN & Catherine MURPHY, both of Kingston, on 22 Jan., 1884, at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston.
003407-84, - Robert MASSIE, 31, Kingston, Kingston, book keeper, s/o William & Agnes, married Laura ALLEN, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Mary Ann, Wit: Louis PERRIN (unable to read residence) & Lillie ALLEN, Kingston, Sep. 17, 1884, Kingston  

3380-84, Thomas MATHEWS, 40, widower, farmer, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Bryan MATTHEWS (sic) & Bridget DUFFY, married Mary SMITH, 36, England, Kingston, d/o Thomas SMITH & Charlotte PARSAGE? (Parry?), wtn: George SWAN & Mary SWAN both of Kingston, 11 August 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral

3337-84, John MAWHINNEY, 28, laborer, Newfoundland, Kingston, s/o John MAWHINNEY & Mary Ann COUGHRAN, married Elizabeth WILSON, 24, Canada, Kingston, d/o William WILSON & Catherine GAYNOR, wtn: Louis MERCIER & Annie BRADY both of Kingston, 25 February 1884, Kingston

3162-84, Archibald MCCALLUM, 35, farmer, Storrington Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o John & Janet , married Elizabeth RISBRIDGER, 30, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Thomas & Mary Margaret , wtn: Joseph DUFF of Storrington & Joseph GARDINER of Kingston, 26 March 1884, Kingston Tp

3166-84, Archibald MCCALLUM (s/b  Archibald Thompson?), 33, farmer, Canada, Pittsburgh Tp, s/o John THOMPSON (sic) & Mary REEVIE, married Barbara MCCALLUM, 30, Canada, Storrington, d/o John MCCALLUM & Janet MCNIVEN, wtn: John MCCALLUM & Archibald MCCALLUM both of Kingston Tp, 11 June 1884, Kingston Tp

#003397-84 (Frontenac Co) Colin Gordon McCAMMON, 23, Canada, Clifton Springs NY, physician, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane McCAMMON, married Hattie Louise JOHNSON, 21, United States, Kingston, d/o J.S. JOHNSTON (sic) & Sarah RAYMOND, witn: W.C. MARTIN, Joseph JOHNSON, both Kingston, married 9 October 1884, Kingston

3188-84, John MCCONNELL, 24, widower, labour, South Sherbrooke, Oso Tp, s/o James MCCONNELL & Elizabeth MCKERACHER married Marion GRAY, 32, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, d/o Archibald GRAY & Mary HUSTON, wtn: Archibald GRAY & Lizzy ARMSTRONG both of Oso Tp, 21 May 1884, South Sherbrooke


3200-84, John MCCORMACK, 23, sailor, Wolfe Island, same, s/o John MCCORMACK & Anne illegible, married Sarah Almeda CATHCART , 21, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Donald CATHCART & Hannah Mary ANDERSON (Henderson?), wtn: James HARRIS of Wolfe Island & Susan ALBERT of Kingston, 8 January 1884, Wolfe Island [faded reg'n]

003429-84, - Robert McELLROY, 25, Canada, Storrington, farmer s/o John McELLROY & Sarah CARTER married Mary Jane JARRELL, 29, Canada, Storrington, d/o Henry S. JARRELL & Mary TUTTLE, Wit: Isaac JARRELL of Storrington & Harriet KIDD of Kingston, Sep. 2, 1884, Kingston 003416-84, - Phillip MACKAY, 20, Kingston, Kingston, moulder, s/o John MACKAY & Mary BROWNE married Margaret DENNISTON, 19, Kingston, Kingston d/o George DENNISTON & Mary BURNS, Wit: John EGAN & Mary REDMOND both of Kingston, Nov. 17, 1884, Kingston

3193-84, Colin McKENZIE, 31, mason, Scotland, Wolfe Island, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Mary CAMERON, married Mary Symon REEL (Keil?), 32, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Peter REEL & Mary Ann ABBOTT, wtn: Robert WATTS & Elizabeth illegible, both of Wolfe Island, can't read, Wolfe Island, [faded reg'n]

3231-85 (Frontenac Co): William McKENZIE, 21, farmer, Palmerston, same, s/o John McKENZIE & Eliza, married Mary Jane WRIGHT, 19, Palmerston, same, d/o Adam WRIGHT & Mary, witn: John WRIGHT & Christena McKENZIE, both of Palmerston, 30 Oct 1884 at Ompah

3246-85, Donald MCLEAN, 33, sailor, Scotland, Port Dalhousie, s/o John & Mary , married Elizabeth MEECHAM, 29, New York U.S., Collins Bay Ont, d/o George & Mary , wtn: Thomas MEECHAM & Julia WARD both of Collins Bay, 3 December 1884, Collins Bay

3386-84, Murdo Y. MCLEAN, 41, widower, journalist, Canada, Seaforth, s/o John MCLEAN & Isabella MCRAE, married Carrie Harriet ROBERTSON, 36, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Rebecca JOHNSON, wtn; J. S. MILLER & Annie R. MILLER both of Centerville, 26 August 1884, Kingston

#003461-84 (Frontenac Co): William Patrick McMAHON, 24, barrister, Belleville, s/o Michael McMAHON & Julia HAGERTY, married Edith Blanch McGUIRE, 17, Thomasburg, Belleville, d/o James McGUIRE & Elizabeth GENETT, witn: Margaret & Bertha HOOKER of Kingston, 18 Nov 1884 at Kingston

3370-84, Charles MEAD, 24, railway employee, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Mathew MEAD & Jane MacAULEY his wife , married Almira GIBSON, 18, Bedford Tp, Kingston, d/o David GIBSON & Elizabeth WARREN his wife , wtn: Mary Larissa SILER of Kingston City & Mrs E.J. SPENCER of Kingston, 21 July 1884, Kingston 186 Queen St..

#003390-84 (Frontenac Co) John Gregory MEAGHER, 39, Kingston, Oregon US, widower, Speculator, s/o James & Catherine, married Gertrude Elizabeth MARTIN, 20, Belleville Ont, Kingston, d/o Henry & Mary Jane, witn: William CONY, Emily MEAGHER, both Kingston, married 27 September 1884, St. James, Kingston

3172-84, Davis MEEKS, 27, labourer, Camden Tp, Barrie Tp, s/o Dennis MEEKS & Elizabeth MEEKS, married Christine ROSENBLOTH, 16, Campbellford Ont, Barrie Tp, d/o John & Anne ROSENBLOTH, wtn: Robert & Margaret BANYARD of Cloyne, 18 October 1884, Cloyne

#003395-84 (Frontenac Co) Narcisse MICHAUD, 30, Quebec, Palmerston Ont, laborer at sawmill, s/o Oliver MICHAUD & Julie MARQUIS, married Elizabeth BEAUPRE, 30, Ontario, Palmerston, widow, d/o John BURRCASTA & Margaret SHOPPEE, witn: John TIERNAY, Mrs. CURREN, both Kingston, married 5 October 1884, St. Margaret's Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)

3451-84, John Homer MILES, not given, farmer, Richmond Tp, same, s/o Ezekiel B. MILES & Ann VANDEBOGART, married Julia Maria HAWLEY, 24, Richmond Tp, same, d/o Jacob Q. HAWLEY & Eunice LOUCKS, wtn: Margaret HOOKER & Bertha HOOKER both of Kingston, 3 May 1884, Kingston

3379-84, Cornelius MILLAN, 25, butcher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Jeremiah MILLAN & Catherine RIORDEN, married Theresa FROILAND nee REEVES , 24, widow, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William REEVES & Catherine GALLAGHER, wtn: James HOWLAND of Kingston & Catherine Wager VALLENTINE of not given, 11 August 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral

3245-85, Thomas Hurlburt MILLAR, 22, merchant, York Co Ont, Bridgewater Ont, s/o Garnet & Hannah MILLAR, married Isabella ELY, 19, Cataraqui Ont, Cataraqui Ont, d/o Samuel & Eliza , wtn: Harry BURGESS of Desoronto Ont & Emma ELY of Cataraqui, 30 December 1884, Cataraqui

3455-84, Samuel MILLER, 24, car builder, Nottingham England, Syracuse N.Y., s/o John MILLER & Maria BURROUGHS, married Fanny Laura FUNNELL, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o David FUNNELL & Elizabeth SINTER, wtn: Thomas John THOMPSON & Ida Sinter FUNNELL both of Kingston, 30 July 1884, Kingston

3322-84, Frederick Caleb MILLER, 23, laundry man, Manchester New Hampshire USA, Kingston City, s/o James & Mary , married Anna LEE, 21, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o James & Anna , wtn: John James PATTON & Ester COFFEE both of Kingston, 28 April 1884, Kingston

  #003252-84 (Frontenac Co) James MONTGOMERY, 25, Amherst Island, same, farmer, s/o James & Helen MONTGOMERY, married Henrietta ENGLISH, 24, Pittsburgh Twp., same, d/o William & Jane ENGLISH, witn; Anthony ENGLISH of Pittsburgh, Mary Ann ABERNATHY of Kingston City, married 29 October 1884, Pittsburgh
003402-84, - Francis MOORE, 21, Wiltshire England, Kingston, coachman, s/o Richard & Martha, married Pollena DARRAH, 19, Toronto, Kingston d/o Alexander & Mary , Wit: R. METCALFE & Eliza MOORE both of Kingston, Aug. 9, 1884, Kingston

3454-84, Thomas William MOORE, 24, book keeper, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Joseph MOORE & Margaret SOMERVILLE, married Mary MCLarnen WATSON, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George WATSON & Isabella LITTLE, wtn: Andrew BROWN & Sarah Elizabeth WATSON both of Kingston, 23 July 1884, Kingston

#003238 Parley T. MOUNTYNE, 24, farmer, Bedford, Loughborough, s/o James & Sarah MOUNTYNE, married Phebe BACKUS, 18, Loughborough, same, d/o Sylvester & Elizabeth J. BACKUS, wit: Charles BACKUS, Loughborough, 8 Aug. 1884, at Loughborough  

3435-84, James MURPHY, 22, laborer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James. MURPHY & Johanna , married Margaret MILLANE, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John MILLANE & Catherine , wtn: William PUGH & Andrew MCNEE both of not given, not given, "privately in my house"

3199-84, Jeramiah MURPHY, 24, yeoman, Portsmouth Ont, Wolfe Island, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Ellen MAHONEY, married Clara MORGAN, 23, Howe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o George MORGAN & Elizabeth MORGAN, wtn: John MAHONEY & Mary MORGAN, 21 January 1884, Wolfe Island

  #003254-84 (Frontenac Co) Francis NEDEAU, 23, Brewer's Mills, Seeley Bay, farmer's son, s/o Alexander & Rose NEDEAU, married Hannah Mary BURLY, 21, Brewer's Bay, Seeley Bay, d/o Peter & Mary BURLY, witn: Charles JOHNSTON, Edward NEDEAU, married 14 January 1884, Brewer's Bay, Pittsburgh Twp

3372-84, James Andrew NELSON, 28, boiler maker, Kingston City, Kingston City, s/o John & Christian , married Annie Jane BOWER, 30, widow, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o William BREWSTER & Sarah , wtn: George BARKER & Mary J. BARKER both of Kingston, 21 July 1884, Kingston City

3209-84, James Thomas NELSON, 49, farmer, Pittsburgh Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Neal NELSON & Margaret NELSON, married Louise A. CRONK, 37, Camden, Kingston Tp, d/o William CRONK & Mary CRONK, wtn: Menoah CRONK & Sarah G. CRONK both of Hinchinbrooke, 16 May 1884, Hinchinbrooke

3197-84, Robert J. J. NEWMAN, 23, confectioner, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Emma M.B. MERSIER?, 21, Leeds, Wolfe Island, d/o Hector & Maria, wtn: Charles COLLINS? & Emily Catherine GARKES? 5 March 1884 at Garden Island [very faded reg'n]

3281-84, Henry NICHOLLS, 28, railway agent, England, Chalk River, s/o Stephen & Jane NICHOLLS, married Harriet LAPPAGE, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Ann LAPPAGE, wtn: Fred. M. SPAIDAL of Kingston & Jennie ROGERS of Peterboro, 4 January 1884, St.. Paul's Church, Kingston

3363-84, William NICHOLSON, 28, widower, blacksmith, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Mark & Margaret , married Caroline SILVER, 23, widow, Perth, Kingston, d/o John & Elizabeth , wtn: Harry CAVANAGH & Kitty CAVANAGH both of Kingston, 11 March 1884, Kingston

3354-84, Thomas O'BRIEN, 24, bartender, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Dennis O'BRIEN & Margaret HAYES, married Julia McGinnis Neil CRAWLEY, 28, widow, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John CRAWLEY & Mary DENY, wtn: Henry SMITH & Julia MacDONALD both of Kingston, 9 June 1884, St.. Mary's Cathedral

#003394-84 (Frontenac Co) John O'DONNELL, 28, Portland Ont, Mississippi Ont, Hotel Keeper, s/o Manus O'DONNELL & Margaret McGINLEY, married Mary COLLINS, 27, Loborough Ont, Mississippi Ont, d/o Archibald COLLINS & Christian FAIR, witn: James COLLINS & Catherine DOYLE, both Kingston, married 1 October 1884, St. Margaret's Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath) #003258-84 (Frontenac Co): Patrick O'GRADY, 32, widower, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Michael & Bridget, married Margaret DUNDON, 25, Gananoque, South Lake, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Frank WISEMAN of Kingston & Athanas DENSIN of Brewers Mills, 11 June 1884 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)

3344-84, John OLDFIN, 32, gas sitter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John OLDFIN & Mary BARRET, married Honora O'CONNOR, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John O'CONNOR & Catherine HAUGH, wtn: Patrick GORMAN & Mary OLDFIN both of Kingston, 30 June 1884, Kingston

003425-84, - John OLESON, 26, Norway, Kingston, machinist, s/o Ole OLESON & Ellen Johanna REDESSON married Margaret BLAKE, 23, Pittsburg Twp, Kingston, d/o Francis BLAKE & Maryanne WALSH, Wit: Denis GALROAN & Margaret GALEN, Nov. 24, 1884, Kingston
3371-84, Michael O'MEARA, 58, widower, blacksmith, Clonnet Ireland, Kingston, s/o James O'MEARA & Jane his wife , married Jane MARTIN, 35, Dublin, Kingston, d/o R. MARTIN & his wife Tanny ,wtn: William PUGH of not given, 1 July 1884, at not given

3287-84 George O'REILLY, 21, Laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Patrick O'REILLY & Ellen LAWLOR, married Elizabeth McCULLOGH, 22, Tamworth Ont., Kingston, d/o Charles McCULLOGH & Isabella HILL. Witn Frances DOUGHERTY & Bridget DOUGHERTY, both of Kingston, on 21 Jan., 1884, at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston.

3229-84, Malcolm Cameron ORTH, 28, farmer, Etobicoke, Etobicoke, s/o Jonathan & Catherine , married Sarah Jane RUTLEDGE, 24, Loughboro Tp, Loughboro Tp, d/o George & Mary Jane RUTLEDGE, wtn: Oliver & Ella RUTLEDGE both of Loughboro, 18 September 1884, Harrowsmith

3202-84, Peter O'SHEA, 23, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas O'SHEA & Ann MURPHY, married Isabella BUCKLEY, 26, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Cornelius BUCKLEY & Isabella LAFLEUR, wtn: John BUCKLEY & Catherine MCLAREN both of Wolfe Island, 21 February 1884, Wolfe Island

3458-84, Charles OSTLER, 23, civil engineer, Yorkshire England, Kingston, s/o Frederick OSTLER & Isabella HODGSON, married Sarah Ettie NEVENS, 18, Easton's Corners Leeds Co, Kingston, d/o William NEVENS & Elizabeth TOTTEN, wtn: John WHITEBREAD & Isabel OSTLER both of Kingston, 15 September 1884, Kingston


3312-84, John PAINTER, 23, machinist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Mary Ann , married Rebecca MCNAMEE, 21, Kingston, Port Glanone - Co. Antrim Ireland, d/o James & Mary , wtn: William J. MCCLELLAND & Elizabeth MARSH both of Kingston, 15 March 1884, Kingston

#003237 Joseph PARKIN, 27, painter, Portland twp., Harrowsmith, s/o Richard & Rebecca PARKIN, married Jennie E. MOOR, 20, Loughborough twp., same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth MOOR, wit: W. J. PURDY Cataraqui & Hattie MOOR Sydenham, 30 July 1884, at Sydenham
003224-84 ( Frontenac Co.) John PATTERSON, 25, Storrington, Storrington, Farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Mary Jane COOPER, 23, Storrington, Storrington, d/o George & Mary COOPER, Witn.: Robert DIXON & Frances PATTERSON, December 31, 1884, at Battersea

3244-84, John Wesley PATTERSON, 26, merchant, Portland, same, s/o William PATTERSON & Sarah NEDS, married Frankie WALSWORTH, 20, Portland, same, d/o George WALSWORTH & Julie CLARK, wtn: Milton MCQUADE & Mary MCQUADE both of Sydenham, 2 April 1884, Sydenham

003401-84, - John. G. PATTON, 29, Tecumseh, Kingston, grocer, s/o John & Ann, married Eliza Elizabeth HUGHES, 21, Birmingham England, Kingston, d/o Henry & Harriett, Wit: Sam WALTERS & Emma PATTON both of Kingston, Aug. 6, 1884, Kingston 003426-84, -Thomas PERCY, 32, Kingston, Kingston, blacksmith, s/o John PERCY & Lena McGERY married Annie Elizabeth McINTYRE, 21, Newfoundland, Kingston d/o Alezander McINTYRE & Ann HURST, Wit: John BUNT & Mrs. John BUNT, Nov. 27, 1884, Kingston

3366-84, Agustus PERKINS, 29, not given, Baldingsville, Baldersville N.Y. U.S.A., s/o Augustus & Margaret , married Selina SOCHIA, 29, widow, Brazuse Iron Works N.Y., Baldsenville N.Y. U.S.A., d/o Louis & Margaret , wtn: Charles LOYNS of Kingston & Emma BLAND of not given, 15 May 1884, Kingston

#003460-84 (Frontenac Co): Leonard Sidney PETERS, 30, teacher, Camden, Ernestown, s/o Andrew PETERS & Rachel BABCOCK, married Matilda Jane PETERS, 27, Ernestown, same, d/o Thomas PETERS & Cinderella HILLER, witn: Ida FRIAR of Kingston, 30 Sept 1884 at Kingston
#003464-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas PHALAN, 34, currier, widower, Canada, Kingston, s/o William PHALAN & Mary FLANIGAN, married Georgina CHERBONOIS, 26, Canada, Kingston, d/o Joseph CHERBONOIS & Emily DURAN, witn: John ALDERDICE & Nellie KALON, both of Kingston, 31 Dec 1884 at Kingston

3313-84, Walter Henry PIPE, 22, soda water manufacturer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o William PIPE & Mary Jane GILLESPIE, married Hattie TYO, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Stephen & Ann TYO, wtn: Sarah & Ralph HOOPER both of Kingston, 26 February 1884, Kingston

3376-84, John George PORTER, 22, painter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John PORTER & Margaret FERGUSON, married Mary Elizabeth HOLMAN, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Samuel HOLMAN & Mary COUGHLAN, wtn: Hugh James PORTER & Matilda HOLMAN both of Kingston, 17 July 1884, Kingston

003221-84 ( Frontenac Co.) John PORTER, 34, Ireland, Kingston Twp., widowed,, Farmer, s/o Joseph PORTER & Margaret LITTLE, married Margaret Ann STOKES, 26, Storrington, Storrington, d/o William STOKES & Sarah HOOPER, Witn.: J. F. BROWN of Kingston, J.W. STOKES of Storrington, September 30, 1884, at Storrington

3364-84, Samuel Jesse POTTER, 44, widower, livery stable keeper, Prince Edward Co, Campbellford, s/o Samuel & Kezia, married Margaret Jane ANGUS, 32, Percy, Campbellford, d/o George & Elizabeth , wtn: Emma BLAND & Helen WILSON both of not given, 27 March 1884, Kingston

3171-84, Fred Eugene REDICK, 26, barrister, Wisconsin U.S., Belleville, s/o Fred G. & Louisa , married Elizabeth Frank WORTMAN (Wartman?), 22, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Sidney WORTMAN & Mary Jane WORTMAN, wtn: G.H. ANDERSON of Belleville & Ida BAILIE of Kingston, 3 September 1884, Lake Shore

3206-84, Joseph REDMOND, 24, yeoman, Loborough, Cape Vincent, s/o William REDMOND & E.J. BARFOOT, married Annie CARD, 26, Kingston, Wolfe Island, d/o H.E. CARD & Mina OLD, wtn: William REDMOND of Cape Vincent & Hattie DAVIS of Wolfe Island, 15 July 1884, Wolfe Island

3180-84, Peter REID, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Olden Tp, s/o Adam REID & Elizabeth NEELY, married Amelda NEELY, 21, Ontario, Olden Tp, d/o John NEELY & Eva ASSELSTINE, wtn: Alpheus NEELY & Wilson NEELY both of not given, 3 January 1884, Arden

3257-85, William H. REYNOLDS, 26, farmer, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, s/o Edward & Amelia REYNOLDS, married Willena SNIDER, 19, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o Elanson & Jane SNIDER, wtn: Daniel & Mary SNIDER both of Portland Tp, 24 December 1884, Verona

3260-85, George REYNOLDS, 21, farmer, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, s/o Edward & Amelia REYNOLDS, married Elizabeth BURCH, 19, New York, Bedford Tp, d/o John & Mary BURCH, wtn: John D. GRAHAM & Agnes REYNOLDS both of Portland Tp, 24 December 1884, Portland Tp

3184-84, Levi Lemuel ROSS, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Reach, s/o James & Margaret ROSS, married Frances OSBORN, 18, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o David & Mary Jane OSBORN, wtn: Adam CLARK & Mary Evelina OSBORN both of Kennebec, 24 December 1884, Kennebec Tp

003420-84, - John RUSSELL, 32, England, Kingston, widower, coach painter, s/o Philip & Regina, married Sarah Jane STONE, 32, widow, England, Kingston, d/o John & Harriet STONE, Wit: William RUSSELL & Maggie McILGONN?, Nov. 21, 1884, Kingston

3266-84, Walter J. RUTTAN, 30, farmer, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o John C. & Sarah RUTTAN, married Agnes Emily MCLEAN, 25, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o John & Ann MCLEAN, wtn: Isaac WOOD & Annie MCLEAN both of Kingston, blank, Pittsburgh [with note: "Mr. Gallagher omitted to give date of the marriage in return. The event took place on January 30th 1884"]

3318-84, John RYAN, 28, labourer, Ontario, Kingston, s/o John RYAN & Elizabeth BROWN, married Elizabeth BYRNE, 22, Ontario, Kingston, d/o Simon BYRNE & Anne BYRNE, wtn: William BYRNE & Cecelia BYRNE both of Kingston, 11 February 1884, St.. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3303-84 Thomas Rice SARGENT, 21, Factory Machinist, Woolwich, Kingston, s/o William & Susanah, married Helen Sarah SHORTLAND, 20, Woolwick, Kingston, d/o Ch. & Elizabeth. Witn W. PUGH of Kingston, on 28 Feb., 1884, at Private.

3319-84, Robert SARGENT, 26, labourer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o John SARGENT & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Ellen JENNINGS, 26, Ontario, Ontario, d/o John JENNINGS & Mary HASTINGS, wtn: John JENNINGS & Nora JENNINGS, 22 April 1884, St.. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3278-84, Lawrence SCHINNOUR, 33, labourer, Germany, Clarendon Tp, s/o Joseph SCHINNOUR & Ferries SCHINNOUR, married Magdelena HELLER, 24, Germany, Clarendon Tp Ont, d/o Leonherd HELLER & Annie May HELLER, wtn: John SHINNOUR & Jacob GUNSINGER, 10 March 1884, Clarendon

3314-84, John Henry SCOTT, 44, mariner, Loughborough, Kingston, s/o John SCOTT & Margaret SMYTH, married Jane RUSSELL, 27, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Sidney RUSSELL & Mary TOTTEN, wtn: Jane DENNERY & James G. SMYTH both of Kingston, 1 April 1884, Kingston

3317-84, John SCRIVEN, 25, farmer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Joseph & Hannah , married Margaret MCCARRISTON, 24, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o John & Mary , wtn: Joseph SCRIVEN & Amelie SCRIVEN both of Kingston Tp, 16 April 1884, St.. James, Kingston

003428-84, - George SELLERS, 25, England, Twp Lavant, engineer, s/o Jas. SELLERS & Ann COOKE married Sarah Ann FORDEN (Jorden??) , 25, England, London, England, d/o William FORDEN & Elizabeth NORMAN, Wit: Joseph WAGGONER & Mary WAGGONER, Sep. 2, 1884, Kingston
#003259-84 (Frontenac Co): James SHAPPER, 26, farmer, Brewers Mills, same, s/o Manice? & Mary, married Ann MALLEN, 36, Burnt Hills, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Alexander BARTON of Kingston & Patrick DEANE of Brewers Mills, 23 Sept 1884 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)

3240-84, George Thomas SHAY, 21, labourer, Portland, Loughborough, s/o Daniel & Martha SHAY, married Lucinda MARTIN, 21, Portland, Loughborough, d/o Stephen & Margaret MARTIN, wtn: John Nelson BABCOCK of Portland & Annie SHAY of Sydenham, 24 November 1884, Sydenham

3291-84 William Evans SHERLOCK, 31, Iron Molder, Kingston, Canton Ohio, s/o John M. & Eliz. Ann, married Mabel Catherine BARRY, 24, Kingston, same, d/o Robert & Fanny. Witn John M. SHERLOCK Jr. & Eliz. M. BARRY, both of Kingston, on 29 Jan., 1884, at Kingston.

3385-84, Charles John SHORT, 26, major "B" battery, Serbrooie (Sherbrooke?) Que, Kingston, s/o Edward & Anne , married Angeliginea A. CARRUTHERS, 31, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Mary , wtn: Maud H.M. CARRUTHERS & Valerie GUNN & Captain SHEPARD (B Battery), all of Kingston, 17 June 1884, Kingston

#003389-84 (Frontenac Co) Sidney SILVER, 25, Kingston Twp., same, farmer, s/o Louis & Emiline, married Sarah Ann MILSAP, 23, Kingston twp., Ernesttown twp., d/o David & Matilda, witn: Annie HICKEY, Emma MAVETY, both Kingston, married 17 September 9 (1884), Kingston #003393-84 (Frontenac Co) James Hammond SMITH, 39, England, Bagot Twp - Renfrew Co, butcher, s/o Thomas SMITH & Elizabeth EVERET, married Margaret Mary Ann EMON, 25, Canada, Bagot Twp, d/o Louis EMON & Janet McFARLANE, witn: Janet EMON, Elias "X" HOLDON, married 2 October 1884, Kingston

3170-84, James SMITH, 31, farmer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Nelson & Frances , married Sarah Letitia BENJAMIN, 31, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Ebenezer & Mariah , wtn: William S. GARDINER & Mary BENJAMIN both of Westbrook, 25 December 1884, Westbrook

3320-84, Charles SMITH, 25, farmer, Loborough, Loborough, s/o Thomas & Louisa , married Sarah MCMILLAN, 22, Loborough, Loborough, d/o William & Christiana , wtn: Thomas CALDWELL of Loborough & Emma MAVETY of Kingston, 3 April 1884, Kingston

003424-84, - John SMITH, 47, Armagh Ireland, Kingston, Widower, merchant s/o Hugh SMITH & Mary O'NEILL, married Maryann Forbes WEST, 29, Kent England, Kingston, d/o Michael WEST & Hannah HUTCHINSON, Wit: John HALLIGAN & Ellen COLEMAN, Nov. 28, 1884, Kingston

3323-84, Robert SMITH, 52, shoemaker, North Sherbrooke, same, s/o James SMITH & Agnes MCAULLEY, married Agnes GILCHRIST (as Gilchriest), 30, North Sherbrooke Ont, Palmerston, d/o James GILCHRIST & Agnes TWEDDLE, wtn: C.A. PARKYN & J. ROBERTSON both of not given, 28 April 1884, Kingston

3374-84, Marshall SNIDER, 21, agent K & P RR, Canada, Verona, s/o Wesley & Ann SNIDER, married Bella STEWART, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Charlotte STEWART, wtn: William STEWART & William PUGH both of Kingston, 28 July 1884, Kingston,

3262-85, John D. SNIDER, 40, widower, mechanic, Portland Tp, Leeds Co, s/o George & Sarah SNIDER, married Amelia REYNOLDS, 24, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o Edward & Amelia REYNOLDS, wtn: Harry & Henriette? SNIDER both of Portland Tp, 24 November 1884, Portland Tp

3315-84, Hunter STALEY, 22, book-keeper, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Martin & Delphene STALEY, married Louisa LEADBEATER, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Margaret LEADBEATER, wtn: Hugh James SPENCER & Charlotte Ellen SPENCER both of Kingston, 8 April 1884 Tuesday, 182 Queen St., Kingston

3301-84 W. R. STEWART, 21, Railroader, Kingston, same, s/o W. & Mary, married Jane HALLIGAN, 20, Kingston, same, d/o W. & Mary. Witn W. PUGH of Kingston, on 09 Feb., (blank), at Privately. [Kingston?]
003219-84 ( Frontenac Co.) John H. SUTHERLAND, 28, Scotland, Storrington, Farmer, s/o Alexander & Mary H. SUTHERLAND, married Lorinda HARRISON, 23, Storrington, Storrington, d/o Christopher & Sarah HARRISON, Witn.: Samuel JAMIESON, Maria H. HARRISON, No residences given, April 2, 1884, at Storrington #003387-84 (Frontenac Co) Thomas SWENING, 20, England, Kingston, groom, s/o Eli SWENING (or Swining) & Sarah PRATT, married Alice NASH, 19, England, Kingston, d/o Alfred NASH & Eliza KANE, witn: William WATHEN, Alice WATHEN, both Kingston, married 2 September 1884, Kingston
003427-84, - Mark SWIFT, 30, Pro. of Quebec, Kingston, baker, s/o James & Rachel, married Annie SIMS, 25, England, Kingston d/o William H. & Annie, Wit: John VEALE & Janet SIMS both of Kingston, no date or location given  

3205-84, William TAIT, 40, widower, yeoman, Caithness Scotland, Wolfe Island, s/o Robert TAIT & Jane SINCLAIR, married Marinda RANKINS, 40, widow, Belleville, Wolfe Island, d/o William & Susie RANKINS, wtn: Maryann MARSH & Asa HUFF both of Wolfe Island, 24 June 1884, Wolfe Island

3248-84, Peter TALLON, 21, labourer, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh, s/o William TALLON & Mrs TALLON , married Mary Anne PATTERSON, 25, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o Robert PATTERSON & Ellen McCORMICK, wtn: Michael CLANCY & Sarah PATTERSON both of Howe Island, 25 February 1884, St.. John's Church, Gananoque

3282-84, Ed TAYLOR, 24, Officer H.M.S., Montreal, Peshajour? Bengal, s/o I. TAYLOR & Mary , married Alice M. CAMPBELL, 21, Gibraltar, Kingston, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary , wtn: M. CAMPBELL & M. DRUMMOND both of not given, 15 January 1884, Cathedral

003434-84, - William TAYLOR, 24, Ireland, Storrington, laborer, s/o Samuel TAYLOR & Jane TAYLOR married Annie BELL, 25, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John BELL & Eliza GALLAUGHER, Wit: John TAYLOR - Kingston & Ellen BALLANTYNE, Nov. 22, 1884, Kingston

3173-84, John THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Camden, Barrie Tp, s/o Douglas & Abbie THOMPSON, married Caroline EUSTACE, 19, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Levi & Margaret EUSTACE, wtn: Joel THOMPSON & Annie CAMPBELL both of Barrie, 4 November 1884, Barrie Tp

003404-84, - Andrew THOMPSON, 24, Londonderry, Ireland, Kingston, builder, s/o John & Irene, married Emma TILTON, 22, Twp. of Cornwall, Ont, Kingston, d/o Joseph & Jane, Wit: Robert CROWIE & Mrs. CROWIE (Crowe? Crown?) both of Kingston, Aug. 13, 1884, Kingston

3280-84, Thomas THOMPSON, 23, farmer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o James THOMPSON & Mary GIBSON, married Annie SHEPHERD, 23, Storrington Tp, Storrington Tp, d/o James SHEPHERD & Ellen HAMILTON, wtn: Emily CHAMBERS & Jennie FOWLER both of Kingston, 2 January 1884, Kingston

3311-84, Roswell TIFFT, 41, widower, carpenter, New York State, Kingston City, s/o James TIFFT & Julia TIFFT, married Sarah MCMULLEN, 30, widow, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o Matthew REVELL & Sarah James REVELL, wtn: T. Webster KELLEY & H. E. WILSON both of Kingston, 19 March 1884, Kingston

3456-84, James Irving TILDEN, 33, merchant, Metford Mass U.S., Chelsea Mass U.S., s/o Edward Franklin TILDEN & Hannah STOTTARD, married Isabella Frances DILLINGHAM, 22, Chelsea Mass U.S. , same, d/o Freeman DILLINGHAM & Louisa Amanda DURELL, wtn: Margaret HOOKER & Ida FRAIR both of Kingston, 13 August 1884, Kingston

3289-84 Nicholas TIMMERMAN, 35, Labourer, Holland Europe, Kingston, s/o Jacob TIMMERMAN & Gertrude Bergen TIMMERMAN, married Margaret RUTHERFORD, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Jane. Witn Thomas & Emily RUTHERFORD, both of Kingston, on 24 Jan.1884, at Kingston.

3440-84, Peter TOMKINS, 30, farmer, Camden, same, s/o William & Susie TOMKINS, married Maggie ROBINSON, 29, widow, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & May LOCKOUT, wtn: Mrs BOUSFIELD of Kingston, 23 Dec 1884, Kingston

#003459-84 (Frontenac Co): William Elijah TOPLIFFE, 23, shoe maker, Inverary - Frontenac Co., Odessa, s/o James TOPLIFFE & Matilda GRAHAM, married Rosanna Amelia SMITH, 20, Kingston, same, d/o George & Eliza, 27 Sept 1884 at Kingston
3297-84 John TRAINER, 22, Cigar Maker, Kingston, same, s/o Frank & Jane, married Alice HAWLEY, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas & Adelia. Witn R. WALKER & Mrs. C. PERRY, both of Kingston, on Thursday 14 Feb., 1884, at 182 Queen St., Kingston

3321-84, Eli Mook TREE, 29, steward, England, Montreal, s/o Dann TREE & Anne WOODRIDGE, married Marie SUTHERLAND, 27, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John SUTHERLAND & J. Elizabeth GILMAN?, wtn: W.F. RENTON & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND both of Kingston, 20 April off page, Kingston

3351-84, William Henry TRIPP, 29, mines, England, Wilfer, s/o James TRIPP & Elizabeth TRIPP, married Milia TONKIN, 28, widow, England, Wilfer, d/o Stephen ROBERTS & Mary ROBERTS, wtn: Belle ARMSTRONG & Minnie GODWIN both of not given, 10 June 1884, Kingston

3233-85 (Frontenac Co): E. David TURCOTTE, 21, farmer, Hungerford, Palmerston, s/o Bruno TURCOTTE & Maria GRENARE, married Olive ARCAL, 17, Pembroke, Ompah, d/o Peter ARCAL & Sophia TREMBLY, witn: Bruno TURCOTTE & Elizabeth KELLY, both of Ompah, 27 Oct 1884 at Ompah (Rom Cath)

3226-84, Norman TURNER, 21, labourer, Lynn Ont, Bedford, s/o Samuel TURNER & Hannah TURNER, married Mary CROW, 24, Bedford, Bedford, d/o Martin CROW & Catheran CROW, wtn: Thomas YOUNG & Dorcas HAMILTON both of Bedford, 25 February 1884, Bedford

003409-84, - Walter Franklin VANALSTINE, 21, Glenvale, Brockville, railroading, s/o Isaac & Annie, married Wealthy ? A. SNIDER, 21, Ernestown, Odessa, d/o Anthony & Elenor, Wit: Mary CLOSE - Switzerville & Emery SNIDER - Wilton, Oct. 1, 1884, Kingston #003256-84 (Frontenac Co): Michael VERELLA, 24, farmer, Italy, South Lake, s/o Francis & Agnes Christina, married Jane FEATHERSTON, 24, South Lake, same, d/o Michael & Ann, witn: William LYONS of Brewers Mills & Michael FEATHERSTON of South Lake, 18 March 1884 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)

3339-84, John WADDELL, 30, widower, harness maker, England, Kingston, s/o D.A. WADDELL & Sarah HOLLIDAY, married Eliza Jane REED, 24, Canada, Kingston, d/o James REED & Christianna CONKLIN, wtn: John J. CRAWFORD & Georgena A. REED both of Kingston, 30 April 1884, Kingston

#003463-84 (Frontenac Co): Simashley WAGER, 25, farmer, Camden, Pittsburgh, s/o William WAGER & Elizabeth SALISBURY, married Ann BROWN, 27, Pittsburgh, same, d/o William BROWN & Jane LAVERTY, witn: John KILDUFF & Ellen BROWN, both of Pittsburgh, 26 Dec 1884 at Kingston

3163-84, Joseph WARD, 56, widower, farmer, Canada, Kingston Tp, s/o Elisha WARD & Phoebe WARD, married Mary Ann STAGG, 39, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o John W. STAGG & Sarah STAGG, wtn: Anderson TOWNSEND & Sarah TOWNSEND both of Loughborough Tp, 8 April 1884, Elginburg

3186-84, Robert WARREN, 27, farmer, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, s/o "Orphan" , married Patience BUTLER, 30, Oso Tp, Oso Tp, d/o Pearce BUTLER & Sarah BUTLER, wtn: Joseph & Sarah BUCK (Burk?), both of Oso Tp, 11 June 1884, Oso Tp,

#003250-84 (Frontenac Co) George Allen WARTMAN, 29, Richmond, Washburn, farmer, s/o John & Jane Ann WARTMAN, married Ann Elizabeth ASHLEY, 30, Kingston Twp, Pittsburgh Twp., d/o John & Margaret ASHLEY, witn: John ASHLEY of Pittsburgh, Agnes WARTMAN of Kingston Twp., married 30 June 1884, Bride's father's residence, Pittsburgh

3274-84, Jackson Pierpont WATKINS, 28, farmer, Kingston Ont, Clarendon Tp, s/o Bramwill WATKINS & Mary HERON, married Lucy Elizabeth ELKINGTON, 17, Clarendon Ont, Clarendon Tp, d/o Henry C. ELKINGTON & Francisce JACOBI, wtn: Robert G. WATKINS & Clara F. ELKINGTON both of not given, 24 December 1884, Clarendon Tp

3232-84, Joseph Edward WATSON, 33, farmer, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, s/o Joseph & Hellen WATSON, married Fanny Margaret MOORE, 19, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o John Samuel & Mary Ann MOORE, wtn: John Samuel MOORE & Henry WHITTY both of Portland Tp, 24 December 1884, Portland Tp

3350-84, William WATTS, 21, horse trainer, England, Kingston, s/o William WATTS & Melia WATTS, married Emily MULLET, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o Daniel MULLET & Bridget MULLET, wtn: Emma ALLEN & Emma SEYERS both of Kingston, 24 May 1884, Kingston,


3345-85, Thomas, WEIR, blank, farmer, Storrington, Storrington, s/o blank, married Mary Jane ATKINSON, 22, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o blank, wtn: blank, 8 September 1884, St.. James Church, Birmingham

3340-84, William John WELLS, 31, livery proprietor, Canada, Kingston, s/o Henry WELLS & Sarah PUGH, married Jerhue FROILAND, 26, Canada, Kingston, d/o J.D. FROILAND & not given, wtn: Herman FROILAND & Sarah E. WELLS both of Kingston, 15 April 1884, Kingston

3261-85, Joseph WELLS, 23, mechanic, Miller, Verona, s/o James & Mary WELLS, married Susa Jane GOODFELLOW, 20, Hinchinbrooke, Pickdilla (Picadilly), d/o James & Ann GOODFELLOW, wtn: George STEADMAN & Mary GOODFELLOW both of Portland Tp, 24 December 1884, Portland Tp

3192-84, Samuel J. WENBORN, 25, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o William & Oleva WENBORN, married Mary Ann BURROWS, 27, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Peter & Jane BURROWS, wtn: William H. WENBORN of F--?, Nov. 1884 at Wolfe Island [faded reg'n]

3362-84, John Thomas WHITEHEAD, 25, civil engineer, Barrie, Kingston, s/o George & Jane , married Anna Rebecca DUNCAN, 17, Peterlia (Petrolia?), Kingston, d/o Alexander & Cristina , wtn: Sarah HOOPER & Ralph HOOPER both of Kingston, 2 July 1884, Kingston

#003462-84 (Frontenac Co): John WIER (should be Weir?), 24, farmer, Storrington twp., same, s/o Hugh WIER & Isabella ANDERSON, married Addie Elizabeth HUTTON, 21, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o James HUTTON & Elizabeth McADOO, 18 Dec 1884 at Kingston

3316-84, Joseph WILKINSON, 22, harness maker, England, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Sarah , married Clara Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 17, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alex & Matilda , wtn: Alex ROBERTSON & Matilda ROBERTSON, 12 April not given 1884? , Earl St., Kingston

3341-84, William WILLIAMSON, 26, tinsmith, Scotland, Ottawa City, s/o George WILLIAMSON & Ann WILLIAMSON, married Margaret WILLIAMSON, 19, Scotland, Kingston Canada, d/o Isaac WILLIAMSON & Charlotte PATTERSON, wtn: William WILLIAMSON of Kingston, 27 May 1884, Kingston

3268-84, William WILLIS, 21, soldier B.B. , Ireland, Kingston, s/o Edwin & Fanny , married Mary WALTER, 19, Kingston, Ireland, d/o Patrick & Rose , wtn: Patrick DOYLE & Rose WALTER both of Kingston, 26 February 1884, Barriefield

3261-84, Edward Francis WILMOT, 24, farmer, Pittsburgh Tp, same, s/o Henry & Anne WILMOT, married Mary Edith WHITNEY, 19, Pittsburgh Tp, same, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth WHITNEY, wtn: Frederick WILMOT of Pittsburgh & Wilhmina GIVENS of Kingston, 26 November 1884, Pittsburgh

3367-84, Robert James WRIGHT, 22, stone mason, Kingston, Kingston, s/o George & Margaret , married Isabella WALKER, 23, New York State, Kingston, d/o John & Ellen , wtn: James A. PERCY & Charlotte WALKER both of Kingston, 25 June 1884, Kingston,