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Frontenac Co., 1885

birth place is given before residence


14639-85, William ABERNATHY, 24, blank, Kingston, same, s/o Dawson & Eliza ABERNATHY, married Elizabeth ERKWOOD, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o not given, wtn: Mary M. CHANT & Jennie L. McKIM both of Collins Bay, 5 June 1885, Collins Bay

3458-85 (Frontenac Co): Edward ABERY, 24, printer, Kingston, same, s/o Edward & Catherine, married Jessie SHEPHERD, 22, Edinburgh Scotland, Kingston, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Edward William EVANS of Portsmouth & Georgina ABERY of Kingston, 14 Oct 1885 at Kingston

3339-85, John Quincy ABRAMS, 25, farmer, Kingston, Pittsburgh Tp, s/o Josias & Mary Ann ABRAMS, married Mary Ann McKENDRY, 24, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh Tp, d/o John & Ann McKENDRY, wtn: John McKENDRY & J.S. FOSTER both of Pittsburgh, 25 March 1885, Pittsburgh

003292-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Edmond ALBERTSON, 22, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o George & Julia Ann ALBERTSON, married Sabrina BABCOCK, 18, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o Jeremiah & Nancy BABCOCK, Witn.: Lorenso GOODBERRY & Mary Ellen ALBERTSON of Portland Twp., December 24, 1885, at Verona

3274-85, James ALTON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Storrington, s/o George & Jane ALTON, married Jane DEYO, 22, Ontario, Loughboro, d/o Schulyer & Elizabeth DEYO, wtn: Cornelius & Susannah ALTON both of Portland Tp, 8 July 1885, Verona

3391-85, John AMEY, 54, widower, farmer, Canada, Loughboro Tp, s/o Peter AMEY & Jane ASH, married Ann McCONNELL, 50, widow, Ireland, Loughboro Tp, d/o Matthew ROGERS & Elizabeth GAMBLE, wtn: Effie McCUAIG & Maggie McRAE of blank, 19 May 1885, Kingston

3461-85 (Frontenac Co): James Willoughby ANDERSON, 34, ship broker - commission merchant & forwarder, Pictou NS, Montreal, s/o Dr. William James ANDERSON & Elizabeth DICKSON, married Lelica Alicia ROTHWELL, 23, Kingston, Montreal, d/o Hugh C. ROTHWELL & Lelica S. BATT, witn: W.C. & E.C. ROTHWELL of Kingston and D. ANDERSON of Montreal, 15 Dec 1885 at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston 3444-85 (Frontenac Co): William John ARNEIL, 23, moulder, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas & Mary ARNEIL, married Annie CLARK, 23, Howe Island, same, d/o James CLARKE (sic) & Bridget DUFFY, witn: Mrs. BOUSFIELD (or Bonsfield) & Mrs. GOULD, both of Kingston, 5 Oct 1885 at Kingston

3248-85, George F. ASHLEY, 33, farmer, Kingston Tp, Pittsburgh, s/o John W. & Margaret, married Agnes Eveline WORTMAN, 26, Kingston Tp, same, d/o John & Jane Ann, wtn: Rev. Fred H. SPROULE & John R. WORTMAN both of Kingston Tp, 28 Oct 1885, at John Wortman's, Kingston twp

003283-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Leander BAKER, 28, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o Ira & Mary Jane BAKER, married Jennie Adelaide FORSYTH, 20, Camden, Portland Twp., d/o James & Margaret FORSYTH, Witn.: Fred SOMMERLY & Maggie FORSYTH of Harrowsmith, September 16, 1885, at Harrowsmith
#003484-85 (Frontenac Co): Albert Wellington BALL, 27, druggist, Cavan Ont., Toronto, s/o Joseph BALL & Isabella SANDERSON, married Georgina Alma REID, 22, Kingston, same, d/o James REID & Christy Ann CONKLIN, witn: John HORSEY & Florence REID, both of Kingston, 16 Dec 1885 at Kingston

3310-85, Alfred Ernest BARR, 24, farmer, Olden, Olden, s/o Edward & Mary Ann BARR, married Elizabeth Ann PARKER, 28, New York State, Olden, d/o James & Eleanor PARKER, wtn: Walter W. BARR & Eleanor PARKER both of Olden, 8 April 1885, Olden bride's father's residence

3390-85, Daniel BARRETT, 22, labourer, London England, Kingston, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Amelia Ann HOLLAND, 25, Ernestown, Kingston, d/o William & Zelphia, wtn: Arch R. CLARK & Lydia HOLLAND both of Kingston, 15 May 1885, Kingston

3317-85, Samuel Silas C. Russell BARTON, 20, farmer, Clarendon, Clarendon, s/o Samuel BARTON & Janett Simpson McRAE, married Mary Elizabeth KRING, 19, Clarendon, Clarendon, d/o Leonard KRING & Mary Ann COUSINS, wtn: John Robert KRING & Elizabeth McCORMIC both of blank, 28 January 1885, Clarendon

3432-85, John BELANEY, 22, laborer, Frontenac, Pittsburg Tp, s/o John BELANEY & Anne HOULAHAN, married Ellen TALLON, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John TALLON & Esther HANLON, wtn: William YOUNG & Mary TALON both of Kingston, 22 September 1885, Kingston St. Mary's Cathedral

3419-85, Alphonso H. BENNETT, 28, farmer, United States, Storrington, s/o James H. & Ruth Olive, married Harriet WILLIAMS, 18, Storrington, same, d/o Cornelius & Mary, wtn: William F. HEPBURN & Alice HEPBURN both of Storrington, 16 July 1885, Kingston

#003468-85 (Frontenac Co): Frank Arthur BIRCH, 30 (or 38), clerk, England, Kingston, s/o John BIRCH & Elizabeth, married Emma Agnes DRAPER, 26, England, Kingston, d/o Henry DRAPER & Mary Ann, witn: William SOMERS & Mrs. Alice TRAINOR, both of Kingston, Thurs. 27 Aug 1885 at 186 Queen St., Kingston 3215-85 (Frontenac Co): Charles H. BISHOP, 24, farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Charles BISHOP & Ann, married Sarah YOUNG, 18, Bedford, same, d/o Barney YOUNG & Ann, witn: Mrs. William PECK of Inverary, 17 Dec 1885 at Inverary
#003473-85 (Frontenac Co): Alfred BLACKHALL, 25, farmer, London England, Kingston, s/o Joshua BLACKHALL & Annie BASON, married Grace McILWAINE, 26, Ireland, Kingston, d/o A--? McILWAINE E& Grace FEE, witn: John DAVIDSON & Jane Louise SIMMS, both of Kingston, 18 Nov 1885 at St. James Church, Kingston  

3435-85, James BLAKE, 25, farmer, Loborough, Loborough, s/o Steward & Elizabeth BLAKE, married Mary Jane SHAW, 21, Storrington, Loborough, d/o Christopher & Elizabeth SHAW, wtn: L.J. ELLIOTT & E.M. ELLIOTT both of Kingston, 5 September 1885, Kingston

3203-86: George BLAKE, 29, Farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Daniel & Mary Jane BLAKE, married Ida PIXLEY, 18, Loughborough, Portland, d/o Henry & Ann PIXLEY.  Witn: John BLAKE of Loughborough & Alice PIXLEY of Portland, on 04 Nov., 1885, at Tp. of Portland
3226-85 (Frontenac Co): John BLAKELY, 28, laborer, Kitley twp., Oso twp., s/o William BLAKELY & Margaret, married Hannah Mariah WALROBE, 18, Olden twp., Oso twp., d/o Joseph WALROBE & Hesther Ann, witn: William POPPA & Mary BLAKELY, both of Oso twp., 28 Aug 1885 at Oso twp

3430-85, James Dennis BORDEN, 27, bombardire artillery, New York, Kingston, s/o father dead & Hannah BORDEN, married Margaret ABERY, 22, London Ont, Kingston, d/o William & Margaret ABERY, wtn: William PETERS & James HOWELL & Sara ABERY all of Kingston, 9 September 1885, Kingston St. George's Cathedral

3227-85 (Frontenac Co): James Edward BORLAND, 30, mechanic, Lodes Sando, Oso twp., s/o John BORLAND & Mary, married Hellen GARRETT, 20, Oso twp., same, d/o Matthew GARRETT & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas BURNETT of Carlton & Lully DAVIS of Oso twp., 13 Aug 1885 at Oso twp 3200-85 (Frontenac Co): Charles W. BOTT, 21, farmer, Kingston twp., Barrie, s/o George BOTT & Charlotte, married Estella CLANCEY, 18, Camden, Kennebec, d/o Alexander CLANCEY & Mary Jane, witn: L. CLANCEY of Barrie twp & Ann PRESLEY of Kaladar, 30 Dec 1885 at Cloyne

3325-85, Louis Wilson BOY--? (off page, Boyce?), 29, farmer, Loughborough, Portland Tp, s/o Caleb & Mary BOYCE, married Lucy REYNOLDS, 25, Portland Tp, same, d/o Silas & Mary Jane REYNOLDS, wtn: Aggie STORIE & Ellen May REYNOLDS both of Sydenham, 21 May 1885, Sydenham

3267-85, George W. BOYCE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Portland Tp, s/o David & Elizabeth BOYCE, married Eve Elsie SMITH, 18, Ontario, Portland , d/o Ira & Matilda SMITH, wtn: Elisha MARTIN & Alice HAYLOCK both of Verona, 30 February 1885, Verona

3350-85, James BRADDEN, 26, farmer, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o Edward & Ann BRADDEN, married Sara KENNEDY, 22, Storrington, Storrington, d/o John & Elizabeth KENNEDY, wtn: Alexander MARTIN of Pittsburgh & Philipp DOHORTY of Storrington, 12 January 1885, Brewer's Mills

3216-86 (Frontenac Co): William J. BRADLEY, 34, farmer, Escott, Landsdowne, s/o George & Clara BRADLEY, married Emeline GODFREY, 31, Bedford twp., Olden twp., d/o Edmond & Arabella GODFREY, witn: Susan BRADLEY of Olden, 3 Sept 1885 at Mountain Grove, Olden twp

3349-85, James BRADY, 22, blacksmith, Pittsburgh, Cape Vincent, s/o Thomas & Catherine BRADY, married Frances DONOHUE, 22, South Lake Leeds, South Lake Leeds, d/o John & Mary Ann DONOHUE, wtn: Patrick DEANE of Brewer's Mills & James NOBBS of South Lake, 7 January 1885, Brewer's Mills

3219-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas BRASH, 32, farmer, Bedford, Spallumchene? B.C., s/o William F. BRASH & Margaret, married Dorcas HAMILTON, 20, Bedford, same, d/o Jacob HAMILTON & Margaret Ann, witn: Reynold BRASH & Annie BRADLEY, both of Bedford, 18 June 1885 at Bedford
3244-85 (Frontenac Co): Augustus F. BREBANT, 30, widower, agent, Garden Island, same, s/o Augustus BREBANT & Elizabeth SHARP, married Jessie Stella RONEY, 18, Garden Island, same, d/o Henry RONEY & Mary Ann DIGMAN, witn: Alphens T. BREBANT of Kingston & Catherine RONEY of Garden Island, 2 June 1885 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)

3496-85, David William BREMER, 24, laborer, Renfrew, same, s/o David BREMER & Margaret McLACHLIN, married Mary Ann JAMIESON, 24, Storrington, same, d/o Richard JAMIESON & Henrietta JAMIESON, wtn: Margaret HOOKER of Kingston & P.M. GALLINGER of Cadilac Michigan, 2 July 1885, Kingston

3331-85, Cornelius BRESNEHAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Ernestown, s/o John & Margaret BRESNEHAN, married Eliza Jane CUMMINGS, 21, CANADA, Ernestown, d/o Dennis & Hannah CUMMINGS, wtn: Patrick MAHON & Catherine BRESNEHAN both of not given, 7 7 Jan 1885, Railton (see also 6185-85)

3409-85, Wallace BRIDGE, 24, labourer, Kingston Tp, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Margaret GEAGH, 22, Alabama U.S.A., Kingston, d/o Ethen & Rebecca, wtn: James McMILLAN & Mrs John McMILLAN both of Kingston Tp, 21 April 1885, Kingston

3335-85, Michael BROOKS, 24, labourer, Loughborough, same, s/o George & Mary Ann BROOKS, married Mary VANALSTINE, 23, Loughborough, same, d/o Seave & Sarah VANALSTINE, wtn: Wesley JOHNSTONE & Maria PROVIS both of Loughborough, 12 July 1885, Loughborough

3338-85, Eugene C. BRYANT, 30, miller, England, Loughborough, s/o Henry & Mary Ann BRYANT, married Sarah Ann HOLLAND, 19, England, Loughborough, d/o Thomas & Annie HOLLAND, wtn: Albert E. HOLLAND OF Loughborough, no date, Sydenham St. Paul's Parsonage

3469-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas William BULGER, 29, widower, porter, England, Kingston, s/o Thomas Frans CHRISTIAN & Ester NEWMAN, married Mary Ann BULGER, 28, Canada, Kingston, d/o John BULGER & Mary SMITH, witn: N.S. BROWNLEY & S.J. LANSING, both of Kingston, 17 Sept 1885 at St. Pauls Church, Kingston [as written]

14645-85, John Johnston BURNIP, 39, farmer, Ontario, illegible, s/o John Johnston & Ann Mariah BURNIP, married Elizabeth McGARVEY, 43, widow, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Andrew LOYST & Elizabeth PRINGLE, wtn: John LYMAN & Catherine COLE both of Kennebec, 7 June 1885, Kennebec

3369-85, Patrick BURNS, 52, widower, baker, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Catherine FREEMAN (sic), married Johanna DALY, 35, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Thomas DALY & Bridget RYAN, wtn: George BEECHER & Ellen O'DONNELL of blank, 4 February 1885, Kingston St. Mary's Cathedral

3371-85, William John BUSHELL, 23, piano maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Catherine BUSHELL, married Jennie NEWLANDS, 19, Chicago, Kingston, d/o John & Mary NEWLANDS, wtn: Mrs. BOUSFIELD of Kingston, 3 February 1885, Kingston

3203-85 (Frontenac Co): Wesley P. CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Oso twp., s/o John CAMPBELL & Malissa, married Jane JOHNSTON, 24, Storrington, same, d/o John JOHNSTON & Sarah, witn: Oscar CAMPBELL of Hinchinbrookee & Sarah JOHNSTON of Storrington, 4 March 1885 at Storrington 3206-85 (Frontenac Co): Samuel W. CAMPBELL, 26, mechanic, Storrington, same, s/o James CAMPBELL  & Margaret, married Maggie SUTHERLAND, 19, Storrington, same, d/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Mary, witn: John EDWARDS & R.A. OLIVANT (Oliphant?), both of Inverary, 27 May 1885 at Inverary

3275-85, William D. CAMPSELL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John & Melissa CAMPSELL, married Helen REYNOLDS, 22, U.S. , Hinchinbrooke, d/o Henry & Emily Ann REYNOLDS, wtn: John M. & Ida REYNOLDS both of Hinchinbrooke, 16 July 1885, Verona

3265-85, John CAMPSELL, 30, widower, mechanic, Florada (Florida?), Hinchinbrookee, s/o Robert & Adline CAMPSELL, married Zelpha BABCOCK, 23, Portland Tp, Portland Tp, d/o George & Ann BABCOCK, wtn: William & Mary CAMPSELL both of Hinchinbrookee, 18 February 1885, Portland Tp

3437-85, William CAN (Car?), 32, gardener, Scotland, Portsmouth, s/o Maxwell CAN & Mary MORELAND, married Letitia FORSYTH, 29, Antrim Co Ireland, Portsmouth, d/o Joseph FORSYTH & Elizabeth FORSYTH, wtn: John WATT & Ellen PRESTH both of Portsmouth, 30 September 1885, Kingston

#003272-86 (Frontenac Co): Herbert CANNON, 23, merchant, Peterborough, Oso twp., s/o William James CANNON & Eliza Victoria DAY, married Adda WARTMAN, 17, Iowa USA, Oso twp., d/o Ramond WARTMAN & Eliza, witnesses were Albert COOPER & Elizabeth CANNON, both of Oso twp., 31 Dec 1885 at Oso twp

14641-85, Robert CAR (COE?), 24, labourer, Canada, Kingston Tp, s/o Robert & Nancy, married Margaret Jane POWLEY, 23, Westbrook, Kingston Tp, d/o James B. & Catherine, wtn: Martha PURDY & Hattie SHOREY, 7 February 1885, Cataraqui

#003447-85 (Frontenac Co): Robert CARTWRIGHT, 24, gentleman, Frontenac Co., Brantford, s/o Richard J. CARTWRIGHT & Frances Jane, married Ivy Maria DAVY, 24, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Benjamin L. DAVY & Ellen Eliza, witn: Jessie GRANT of Kingston & Mary L. CARTWRIGHT of Portsmouth, 20 (or 28) Oct 1885 at res of Mrs. LAWSON, Kingston
#003481-85 (Frontenac Co): Solomon CHANCY, 28. farmer & carpenter, Camden, same, s/o William C. CLANCY (sic) & Isabella, married Charlotte WARTMAN, 24, Camden, same, d/o Peter Secord WARTMAN & Ester, witn: Edmond BRUAULT & Bertha CLANCY, both of Camden, 23 Dec 1885 at Kingston 3209-85 (Frontenac Co): Alfred W. CHAPMAN, 22, farmer, Leeds, same, s/o John CHAPMAN & Jane, married Sarah VANVOLKINBURG, 18, Storrington, same, d/o Washington & blank, witn: Charles C. GILBER & Eliza VANVOLKINBURG, 24 June 1885 at Storrington

3247-85, Alfred E. CHRISTOPHER, 24, farmer, Storrington Ont, Loborough Ontario, s/o Mary (sic) & Hannah, married Hattie SMITH, 18, Odessa Ont, Loughboro Ont, d/o Noah & Clarissa, wtn: Catherine LEDSTONE of Elginburgh, 28 January 1885, Elginburgh

3216-85 (Frontenac Co): William CHRISTOPHER, 44, widower, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Daniel CHRISTOPHER  & Hannah, married Percilla WILLIAMS, 45, Storrington, same, d/o Nelson WILLIAMS & Mary, witn: Mr. & Mrs. TOLLS of Storrington, 24 Dec 1885 at Storrington
3426-85, Francis CICOLARI, 23, printer & publisher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander CICOLARI & Anne O'NEIL , married Elizabeth WALSH, 21, Quebec, Kingston, d/o James J. WALSH & Mary Anne O'NEIL, wtn: Edward DWYRE & Agnes WALSH of blank, 26 August 1885, St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston

3402-85, Charles Carlson (Corolan?) CLANCY, 27, doctor of medicine, Middlesex Co Ont, Port Huron Mich U.S., s/o Patrick CLANCY & Mary CROWELL, married Margaret Elizabeth Murray McNEILL, 25, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, Kingston, d/o Patrick McNEILL & Mary FLANAGAN, wtn: James Redmond O'REILLY of Toronto? & Fred C. HEATH & Mary McNEILL & Sarah FLANAGAN all of Kingston, 17 June 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

14640-85, John CLARK, 41, widower, farmer, Quebec, Kingston Tp, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Emily Sarah SMITH, 23, Loboro Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o George & Sarah SMITH, wtn: Andrew CLARK & Annie SMITH both of Kingston, 29 April 1885, Glenvale

#003446-85 (Frontenac Co): William CLENAHAN, 20, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o William & Susan, married Elizabeth McMAHON, 19, Kingston, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Charles BEECH & Chloe HARRIS, both of Kingston, 17 Oct 1885 at Kingston
003288-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Matthias CLOW, 25, Ontario, Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o Henry & Charlotte CLOW, married Amelia Jane SALSBURY, 18, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o William & Sarah SALSBURY, Witn.: Banjamin BABCOCK & Mary CHALLACE of Portland Twp., October 8, 1885, at Verona  
3246-86 Daniel COCHRANE, 27?, telegraph operator, of Pittsburg, s/o John & Jane COCHRANE, married Catherine BLANEY, 19, of Pittsburg, d/o John & Ann BLANEY, witn: Mrs. J. H. NIMMO of Kingston, 26 Oct 1885 at not given [reg'd in Pittsburg twp] 003353-86 (Frontenac Co.) Thomas COCHRANE, 23, Painter, Amherst Isle, Kingston, s/o James & Mary Ann COCHRANE, married Myrtie CLAPP, 20, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Jonas & Mary CLAPP, Witn.: John A. BELCH, Emma D. BELCH, Kingston, December 30, 1885 at Kingston
3218-85 (Frontenac Co): William J. COFFEY, 23, carpenter, Kingston, Carthage NY, s/o William COFFEY & Grace, married Ann J. MacALLISTER, 22, Cushendall Ireland, Portsmouth, d/o James McALLISTER & Jane, witn: Charlotte WATTS of Portsmouth & F.H. COFFEY of Kingston, 9 June 1885 at St. Johns Church, Portsmouth

3487-86, Samuel Jeffry COLEMAN, 32, farmer, Canada, Artemisia Tp Gray Co, s/o Samuel COLMAN & Sarah WRIGHT, married Mary COLEMAN, 25, Canada, Leeds Tp Leeds Co, d/o William COLEMAN & Margaret WRIGHT , wtn: Annie TODD of Kingston, 14 December 1885, Kingston

3485-86, George COMPER, 21, piano maker, Canada, Kingston, s/o John COMPER & Maria HAWKSHAN, married Johannah LAKE, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o Thomas LAKE & Elizabeth TOBIN, wtn: Thomas J. HOWLAN & Angeline McILROY both of Kingston, 16 November 1885, Kingston

3341-85, James CONLEY, 36, widower, farmer, Goulbourne, Westmeath Renfrew Co, s/o Thomas & Ester CONLEY, married Harriet CONNOR, 35, Pittsburgh , Pittsburgh, d/o Thomas & Jane CONNOR, wtn: Holland CONNOR & S.J. ATKINSON both of Pittsburgh, 2 April 1885, Pittsburgh

  3225-85 (Frontenac Co): Robert CONORIE (Connery?), 29, farmer, Westneath twp., same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Sophia ENGLAND, 26, Oso twp., same, d/o William ENGLAND & Latitia, witn: Samuel CONORIE of Westneath & Sarah J. CHAMBERS of Oso twp., 3 June 1885 at Oso twp
3220-86 (Frontenac Co): William COOPER, 24, farmer, England, Kingston twp., s/o Edward & Jane COOPER, married Isabella THOMPSON, 27, Ireland, Portsmouth, d/o William & Ann THOMPSON, witn: Rebecca MURPHY & Charles DARLEY, 1 Dec 1885 at Portsmouth

3490-85, Henry William COOPER, 21, farmer, Hampshire England, Kingston Tp , s/o Joseph COOPER & Elizabeth FLIGHT, married Amanda BULCH (Balch?), 17, Pittsburgh Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Christopher BULCH & Isabella TAYLOR, wtn: Margaret HOOKER & Bertha HOOKER both of Kingston, 13 January 1885, Kingston

3366-85, Patrick CONNOLLY, 24, butcher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Patrick CONNOLLY & Mary Ann TAYLER, married Anne McSORLEY, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Edward McSORLEY & Elizabeth CALEY, wtn: Patrick TURNAY & Mary McSORLEY both of Kingston, 26 January 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3428-85, Francis CONWAY, 33, passenger & freight agent K & P RR, Ernestown, Kingston, s/o John CONWAY & Bridget BRESNEHAN, married Sophia CICOLARI, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alexander CICOLARI & Anne O'NEIL, wtn: Bernard J. LEAHY & Caroline CUNNINGHAM both of Kingston, 8 October 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3412-85, James Scott COULSON, 45, widower, diver, Richmond Tp Ont, Pittsburgh Ont, s/o George & Elizabeth (Scott) COULSON, married Louise Josephine BROQUIN, 23, Switzerland, Kingston, d/o Louis & Emma (Cuendel) BROQUIN, wtn: Mrs. Corden FORDER of Kingston, 9 June 1885, Kingston

3315-85, Robert COUSINS, 29, farmer, Amherst Island, Plevna, s/o Thomas & Mary COUSINS, married Annie MITCHELL, 17, Escott, Plevna, d/o Samuel & Hannah MITCHELL, wtn: John CARD & Bella McCORMIC both of Plevna, 27 May 1885, Plevna

3236-85 (Frontenac Co): John CRAIG, 19, lumberman, Darling, Wilber Mines, s/o Adam CRAIG & Christiana, married Harriet A. CAMPBELL, 17, Bathurst, Wilber Mines, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & blank, witn: Robert CAMPBELL & Christiana A. CRAIG, both of Wilber Mines, 27 Jan 1885 at Wilber Mines 3477-85 (Frontenac Co): John CRAIG, 24, railway conductor, Portland twp., Renfrew, s/o Robert CRAIG & Matilda McFARLANE, married Adeline JOHNSON, 21, Beachburg - Renfrew, Verona, d/o James W. JOHNSON & Christena McLEAN, witn: William & Margaret ROUSDALE of Verona, 2 Dec 1885 at Kingston

3429-85, James Goldie CRANSTON, 48, widower, physician, New York State, Arnprior Ont, s/o William CRANSTON & Jane GOLDIE, married Annie May FRASER, 37, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hugh FRASER & Catherine DRUMMOND, wtn: James G. CRANSTON & Annie May FRASER & Ella Isabel FRASER & Henry Reanmont SMALL all of blank, 9 September 1885, Kingston

3212-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas CRAWFORD, 22, sailor, Storrington, same, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Eliza, married Catherine DUEQUETTE, 17, Loughboro, Storrington, d/o Joseph DUEQUETTE & Mary, witn: Samuel & Sarah A. BATES of Inverary, 12 Aug 1885 at Inverary
#014657-85 (Frontenac Co): William CRONK, 51, farmer, widower, Canada, Olden twp., s/o David & Nancy, married Sabra YORK, 46, widow, Canada, Olden twp., d/o Jacob & Hannah, witn: Reuben & Emma STILWELL of Kingston, 18 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3298-85, Marineus CRONK, 26, farmer, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Sylvester CRONK & Minnie CRONK, married Elizabeth M. McCLOUD (McLEOD?), 17, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o John M. McCLOUD & Susan McCLOUD, wtn: Jerome WAGER & Matilda CARD both of Hinchinbrooke, 15 march 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3201-85 (Frontenac Co): Edward CUMMINGS, 22, farmer, Kaladar, Barrie, s/o Charles CUMMINGS & Ester, married Annie BISHOP, 18, Barrie twp., same, d/o George BISHOP & Rebecca, witn: P.A. WICKWARE & Maggie BISHOP, both of Barrie, 26 Dec 1885 at Barrie twp

3775-85, Thomas DALGELL, 28, carpenter, Kingston, Garden Island, s/o James DALGELL & Margaret SMYTH, married Eunice ADSIT, 22, Westbrook, same, d/o William ADSIT & Mandy WALKER, wtn: James HICKEY & Annie ADSIT of blank, 17 February 1885, Kingston

3374-85, Charles DAVID, 55, widower, farmer, Kingston Tp, Chatham Canada, s/o Samuel & Mary DAVID, married Elizabeth SHERBAM, 34, widow, Gananoque, Storrington, d/o John & Pamela HEWITT, wtn: William DAVID & Mrs BOUSFIELD both of Kingston, 17 February 1885, Kingston

3443-85 (Frontenac Co): John DAVIDSON, 25, attendant at lunatic asylum, Portsmouth, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Harriet Lucinda GENGE, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Richard (dead) & Mary, witn: Thomas McCAMMON of Portsmouth & Jennie GENGE of Kingston, 1 Oct 1885 at St. George's Church, Kingston

3408-85, Aaron DAVIS Jr, 24, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Aaron & Alice, married Ida Elizabeth SHURTLIFF, 17, Lansdowne, same, d/o Melvin & Elizabeth, wtn: George SHURTLIFF & Matilda DAVIS both of Lansdowne, 24 March 1885, Kingston

14638-85, Wesley DAWSON, 26, yeoman, Richmond Ont, Ernestown Ont, s/o William DAWSON & Anne DAWSON, married Mary E. MARKS, 23, Ont, Kingston Tp, d/o William & Mary MARKS, wtn: William & Bella MOONEY both of Portsmouth Ont, 3 March 1885, Kingston Tp

#003480-85 (Frontenac Co): Lewis S. DAY, 34, engineer, Cataraqui, Trenton NJ, s/o Barnabas & Susannah, married Ida WALKER, 28, Westbrook, Kingston, d/o James & Nancy, witn: A.H. DAY of Oshawa & H.M. WALKER of Kingston, 30 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3388-85, William DEEKS, 24, labourer, Addington Co, Kingston, s/o William DEEKS & Mary, married Ellen GUIRY, 28, Kingston Tp, Kingston, d/o William GUIRY & Mary CONNORS, wtn: Daniel GUIRY & Alice GUIRY both of Kingston, 6 May 1885, Bishop's Palace, Kingston

3220-85 (Frontenac Co): Ira Y. DERBYSHIRE, 23, farmer, Bastard, Chantry, s/o Levi DERBYSHIRE & Theresa, married Sarah A. BRESEE, 21, North Crosby, Bedford, d/o Daniel BRESEE & Abagail, witn: Wright & Ella BRESEE of Bedford, 20 Feb 1885 at Bedford 3235-85 (Frontenac Co): Alexander James DOBBIE, 29, moulder in iron, Perth, Ompah, s/o James & Margaret, married Hettie Jane TOOLEY, 19, Port Dover, Ompah, d/o John & Rosa Ann, witn: Daniel McLAREN & Martha Ann McGUIRE, both of Ompah, 1 April 1885 at Ompah

3501-85, Daniel DOUGHERTY, 26, labourer, Limevedy - Co. Derry Ireland, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, s/o William DOUGTHERTY (sic) & Isabella CRUMEY, married Hannah GOUGH, 18, Pittsburgh Frontenac Co, same, d/o Richard GOUGH & Catharine CLARK, wtn: William CLARK of Pittsburg & Rhoda MOORE of Kingston, 29 October 1885, Kingston

3355-85, David DOWNIE, 21, teamster, Edinburgh Scotland, Kingston, s/o David DOWNIE & Jessie HEADRIDGE, married Alice HITCHCOCK, 21, Storrington, same, d/o John HITCHCOCK & Elizabeth GOOD, wtn: James CRAIG & Henrietta CRAIG both of Kingston, 1 January 1885, Kingston

#003475-85 (Frontenac Co): John DOYLE, 25, sailor, Leeds Co., Kingston, s/o Moses DOYLE & Ann MURRAY, married Margaret A. MADDEN, 20, Frontenac Co., Kingston, d/o John MADDEN & Catherine LYONS, witn: Terence DOYLE & Catherine MADDEN, both of Kingston, 26 Nov 1885 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)

3307-85, Samuel John DRAFFIN, 28, farmer, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, s/o James DRAFFIN & Hannah DRAFFIN, married Eliza Jane BABCOCK, 21, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Jacob BABCOCK & Harriet BABCOCK, wtn: Frank DAVY & Catherine THOMPSON both of Hinchinbrooke, 16 November 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3433-85, Frederick Herbert DU VERNET, full age, clerk in Holy Orders, Hemmingford Que, Toronto Ont, s/o Edward DU VERNET & Frances Eliza ELLEGOOD his wife, married Stella YATES, full age, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Horatio YATES & Jane BROWN his wife, wtn: A.G. YATES of Rochester N.Y. & George M. WRONG of Toronto, 7 September 1885, blank

3347-85, John DUFFE, 30, yeoman, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth DUFFE, married Sarah Jane GORDON, 26, Storrington, Storrington, d/o Joseph & Ann GORDON, wtn: James BLANEY & Frances DUFFE both of Pittsburgh, 30 September 1885, Kingston


3410-85, Joseph Grey ELLIOTT, 26, editor, Port hope, Kingston, s/o John & Mary Jane, married Ada Victoria WILMOT, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Edward & Mary, wtn: John SMITH & Callie WILMOT both of Kingston, 3 June 1885, Kingston

003279-85 ( Frontenac Co.) William A. EMBURY, 24, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o James & Patience EMBURY, married Sarah E. SCALES, 24, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o George & Mary Ann SCALES, Witn.: Alice & Emily HAYLOCK, Verona, September 13, 1885, at Verona 003280-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Martin Graham EMBURY, 26, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o James & Patience EMBURY, married Mary Elizabeth SCALES, 17, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o George & Mary Ann SCALES, Witn.: Alice & Emily HAYLOCK, Verona, September 14, 1885, at Verona

3494-85, Robert ESFORD, 31, widower, labourer, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, same, s/o Thomas ESFORD & Rosanna JOHNSON, married Elizabeth DUFFE, 21, Pittsburg Frontenac Co, same, d/o Samuel DUFFEE & Elizabeth HENRY, wtn: James BLANEY & Maggie DUFFEE both of Pittsburg, 21 May 1885, Kingston

#003451-85 (Frontenac Co): John "EVERETTE or URATT", 29, sawyer, of Loughboro twp., s/o John EVERETTE & Bridget MEAGHER, married Mary Ann McGOWAN, 22, Loughboro twp., Kingston, d/o John McGOWAN & Mary Ann LEATHEM, witn: John MAY & Mary Ann EVERETTE, both of Kingston, 28 Oct 1885 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)
#003472-85 (Frontenac Co): Frederick William EWARD, 24, blacksmith, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas EWARD & Mary, married Eliza LATURNEY, 26, Kingston, same, d/o James LATURNEY & Ellen, witn: Edgar M. LOREY & Phoebe LATURNEY, both of Kingston, 11 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3351-85, John FAHEY, 22, farmer, Newboro, Newboro, s/o Michael & Catherine FAHEY, married Hannah ROACH, 20, Brewers Mills, Brewer's Mills, d/o Mark & Hannah ROACH, wtn: Patrick FAHEY of Newboro & James ROACH of Brewer's Mills, 16 February 1885, Brewer's Mills

#003260-86 (Frontenac Co): William Thomas FERGUSON, 29, farmer, Storrington twp., Portland twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Isabella BURTCH, 26, NY state, Portland twp, d/o Darius & Elizabeth BURTCH, wtn: Eva POYSER & Ada SOUTHNELL both of Sydenham, 17 Dec 1885 at Sydenham

3354-85, William FERGUSON, 24, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o James & Sarah FERGUSON, married Agnes PROUD, 26, widow, Storrington, Farmersville, d/o George & Elizabeth PROUD, wtn: William DILLON & Maggie DILLON both of Pittsburgh, 4 November 1885, Pittsburgh William Dillon's Residence

3373-85, Pierre FETEAU, 22, soldier, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Edward FETEAU & Filumene (Philomene?) BERNIER, married Marie CLOUTIER, 19, Quebec, Kingston, d/o Remigie CLOUTIER & Marguerite PROTEAU, wtn: Annable EROBERT & Celestian COLOMB both of B Battery Kingston, 16 February 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston


3318-85, Edward FLIELER, 23, farmer, Glengarry, Clarendon Tp, s/o Joseph & Hannah FLIELER, married Nancy Elizabeth WARD, 22, Clarendon Tp, Clarendon Tp, d/o James Garrett & Lydia Jane WARD, wtn: Frederick John FLIELER & Elizabeth Jane STALKER both of Clarendon Tp, 9 September 1885, Clarendon Tp

3319-85, Fredrick John FLIELER, 20, farmer, Glengarry, Clarendon, s/o Joseph & Hannah FLIELER, married Elizabeth STALKER, 19, Clarendon, Clarendon, d/o John & Levina STALKER, wtn: Edward J. & Nancy E. FLIELER, 28 December 1885, Clarendon

3456-85, James FOWLER, 23, tradesman, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Jane, married Mary MORRISON, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Francis & Ann, witn: Rebecca MORRISON & John ABERNATHY both of Kingston, 16 September 1885, Kingston 3373-86, Matthew GALVIN, 42, widower, merchant, Campbellford, Seymour Northumberland, s/o Michael GALVIN & Mary BELL, married Catherine DALTON, 32, Campbellford, same, d/o John DALTON & Ellen DALEY, wtn: Edward DONOVAN of Campbellford & Helen HANLEY of Kingston, 13 October 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3364-85, Alexander GARDINER, 25, Private B Battery, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Jean GARDINER, married Cath Agnes O'HALLORAN, 22, blank, Kingston, d/o Patrick O'HALLORAN & Cath HEALY, wtn W. PUGH of blank, 19 January 1885, blank

3431-85, Joseph GASCOINE, 27, fireman, Ontario, Kingston, s/o William GASCOINE & Anne MARCHAM, married Mary McGUIRE, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James McGUIRE & Bridget McGUIRE, wtn: Michael McGUIRE & Ellen DEE both of Kingston, 21 September 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3445-85 (Frontenac Co): Joseph GATES, 32, drayman, Pittsburgh, Kingston, s/o Abel & Catherine, married Martha Ann YEATMAN, 29, Wiltshire England, Pittsburgh, d/o David & Eliza, witn: Hugh G. GRAVES & Hannah GATES, both of Pittsburgh, 14 Oct 1885 at Kingston

3252-85, Albert GAYLORD, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o Levi & Elsie GAYLORD, married Mary Ann BOMHOUR, 18, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Edward & Jane BOMHOUR, wtn: Emily Jane PENNY & Mary Jane METHERELL both of Kennebec, 17 October 1885, Arden


3356-85, George GEARY, 34, machinist, Dudley Worcestershire England, Kingston, s/o Edward GEARY & Maria DETHERIDGE, married Loretta WALKER, 32, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John WALKER & Jane WALKER, wtn: William John LINDSAY & Amy Beatrice AFFORD?, both of Kingston, 1 January 1885, Kingston

003276-85 ( Frontenac Co.) John Lewis GERALDI, 23, Ontario, Verona, Hotel Keeper, s/o Lewis & Emily GERALDI, married Hattie DRADER, 17, Ontario, Verona, d/o Nelson & Nancy DRADER, Witn.: illegible DEPUIS (Dupuis?), August 3, 1885, at Verona 003278-85 ( Frontenac Co.) William J. GERMAN, 36, Prince Edward Co., Northumberland Co., Farmer, s/o Christopher & Mary GERMAN, married Martha VANNEST, 28, Petworth, Petworth, d/o Vananders & Esther VANNEST, Witn.: James & Minerva? VANNEST of Petworth, September 5, 1885, at Harrowsmith

3333-85, Albert E. GIBSON, 24, medical, Kingston Tp, same, s/o Robert & Roshanna GIBSON, married Annie J. McRORY, 21, Loughborough, same, d/o John & Marian McRORY, wtn: John SIMPSON Jr of Cataraqui & Edith CALDWELL of Loughborough, 16 April 1885, Loughborough

14663-85, James GILLESPIE, 22, baker, Clones Co. Monahan Ireland, Kingston, s/o Henry GILLESPIE & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Mary MONCRIEF, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Peter MONCRIEF & Elizabeth SHAW, wtn: William KELLEY & Esther KELLEY both of Kingston, 31 December 1885, Kingston

3295-85, Henry S. GODFREY, 34, farmer, Olden Tp, Olden Tp, s/o Edmund GODFREY & Arabell GODFREY, married Margaret BEATY, 24, Castle Blaney, Hinchinbrooke, d/o David BEATY & Annie BEATIE (sic), wtn: William BRADLEY of Lansdowne & Emily GODFREY of Mountain Grove, 2 March 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3301-85, Wilson GODFREY, 34, widower, farmer, Hungerford, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John GODFREY & Eliza GODFREY, married Rhoda PETERS, 19, Pittsburgh, Hinchinbrooke, d/o John PETERS & Mary PETERS, wtn: William L. PETERS & Emily PETERS both of Hinchinbrooke, 2 July 1885, Hinchinbrooke

003293-85 Lorenzo GOODBERRY, 22, farmer, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., s/o Lorenso & Margaret GOODBERRY, married Mary Ellen ALBERTSON, 18, Portland twp., same, d/o George & Julia ALBERTSON, Witn.: Edmond ALBERTSON & Sabrina BABCOCK of Portland Twp., December 24, 1885, at Verona 3450-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas GOODWIN, 22, blacksmith, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o John GOODWIN & Jane HERRINGTON, married Ann DOYLE, 23, Pittsburgh twp., Picton, d/o James DOYLE & Ellen BRADY, witn: John DOYLE & Ellen MORAN, both of Pittsburgh twp., 27 Oct 1885 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)
3211-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas GORMAN, 22, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Patrick GORMAN & Ann, married Sarah Ann JACKSON, 16, Storrington, same, d/o Hiram JACKSON & Sarah L., witn: Alexander CAMERON & Katie DUEQUETTE, both of Storrington, 8 July 1885 at Inverary 3224-85 (Frontenac Co): Archibald GRAY, 24, farmer, Oso twp., same, s/o Archibald GRAY & Mary, married Sarah Jane ENGLAND, 21, Oso twp., same, d/o Alexander ENGLAND & Elizabeth, witn: John GRAY & Sophia ENGLAND, both of Oso twp., 15 April 1885 at Oso twp

3330-85, William GRAY, 35, stone mason, Canada, Ernestown, s/o John & Sarah GRAY, married Catherine FARMER, blank, Canada, Ernestown, d/o Dennis & Mary FARMER, wtn: Daniel FARMER & Ann FARMER both of Ernestown, 28 January 1885, Railton

3387-85, Andrew GRAY, 31, farmer, Cumberland Maryland, Mexico N.Y., s/o Solomon & Mary GRAY, married Cora MARLEY, 21, Colosse N. York, Mexico N.Y., d/o John & Louisa, wtn: Thomas HOWLAND & Mrs. BOUSFIELD both of Kingston, 29 April 1885, Kingston

3395-85, John GRIST, 57, widower, architect, England, Ottawa City, s/o John GRIST & Charlotte ROGERS his wife, married Emma Scobell PHIPPEN, 55, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o Samuel PHIPPEN & Betty SCOBELL his wife, wtn: William PHIPPEN & John HENDRY both of Kingston, 27 May 1885, Kingston City

3288-86 James GUESS, 30, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o Meajah? & Fanny, married Oliva (Alica?) KNAPP, 22, Storrington, Kingston twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: George HORNING of Kingston twp & Annie BREWER of Elginburgh, 3 Nov 1885 at Elginburgh

3398-85, John Thomas HALL, 37, widower, moulder, Lincoln England, Kingston City, s/o Ellis & Jane, married Jeanette HAWKINS, 27, Newbury Ont, Kingston City, d/o Henry & Hannah, wtn: John VEALE & Maggie MAYLORS? both of Kingston, 8 June 1885, Kingston City

3386-85, Charles HALLETT, 24, store founder, England, Kingston, s/o Samuel & Susan, married Elizabeth BIGLOW, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o LOUIS & Sophia, wtn: David E. THORNTON & Sophia BIGLOW both of Kingston, 16 April 1885, Kingston

3448-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas HANSON, 28, carrier, Kingston, same, s/o George HANSON & Elizabeth DOHERTY, married Ellen HUME, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Walter HUME & Rose O'BRIEN, witn: Robert BAKER & Ida HUME, both of Kingston, 28 Sept 1885 at RC Cathedral, Kingston 003282-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Willis HARKER ?, 24, Loughboro, Loughboro, Farmer, s/o George & Martha HARKER ?, married Susannah ALTON, 23, Portland, Portland, d/o George & Jane ALTON, Witn.: James & Jane ? ALTON of Hartington, August 14, 1885, at Verona

3367-85, Alexander HARRIS, 27, clerk, Cupar Fifeshire, Kingston, s/o Alexander HARRIS & Margaret HARLEY, married Kate S. HANNEY, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William HANNEY & Rachel LOGAN, wtn: James CRAWFORD & Eleanor HANNEY both of Kingston, 28 January 1885, Kingston

3396-85, Henry HARRIS, 21, labourer, Canada, Kingston, s/o Henry HARRIS & Sarah SPRINGSTEAD, married Chloe GOODELL, 24, Canada, Kingston, d/o Stephen GOODELL & Priscella CORNELL, wtn: William CLENSHAN & Lizzie McMAHON X her mark both of blank, 1 June 1885, Kingston

14637-85, Richard H. HARRIS, 24, miner, Cornwall England, Loughboro Ontario, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Adelia McFADDEN, 19, Loboro Ontario, same, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, wtn: William H. McFADDEN & Mary THOMPSON both of Loughboro, 22 January 1885, Elginburgh Ont

#003453-85 (Frontenac Co): Edward HARRISON, 76, farmer, widower, North Marysburg, Prince Edward Co., s/o John & Catherine, married Mary MURDEFF, 55, widow, North Marysburg, Picton, d/o Henry & Sarah DINGMAN, witn: Stella MURDEFF of Picton & Emma MAVETY of Kingston, 11 Aug 1885 at Kingston

3411-85, Charles Douglas HART, 29, gent, Marysburg, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Mary McLELLAN, 27, Watertown, same, d/o Patrick & Jane, wtn: Mrs. G.F. WILSON & Annie BROPHY both of Kingston, 18 June 1885, Kingston

3407-85, George HASKEN, 29, miller, Bastard Leeds Co, same, s/o Solomon & Eliza, married Sarah SINCLAIR, 26, Westport Ont, Chicago, d/o David & Sarah, wtn: Salem G. BLAND B.A. & Sarah WILSON of blank, 29 January 1885, Kingston

3199-85 (Frontenac Co): William HEADRICK, 39, lumber man, Lanark, Drummond - Lanark, s/o William HEADRICK & Maria, married Maud PERRY, 24, Barrie twp., same, d/o John R. PERRY & Emily, witn: Francis HALLADAY & Ellen PERRY, both of Barrie twp, 10 Sept 1885 at Barrie twp

3392-85, William HEALY, 35, widower, shoemaker, Ottawa Ont, Kingston City, s/o William & Mary, married Clara BARBER, 24, Canton New York, Kingston City, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, wtn: Thomas HEALY of Kingston City & Katie HERRIMAN of Kingston, 20 May 1885, Kingston City

3372-85, Augustus Nichol HEERMAN (Hermann?), 60, yeoman, New York State, Adolphustown, s/o Jacob & Dorothy HEERMAN , married Mary Grace DARLING, 33, Adolphustown, Adolphustown, d/o John Philip & Eleanor DARLING, wtn: William PUGH of Kingston, Thursday 12 February 1885, St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston

3291-86 William Henry HENDERSON, 29, doctor, Kingston, same, s/o Peter R. & Henrietta, married Ella Rosemond EVERETT, 24, Collins Bay, same, d/o John S. & Eleanor, witn: Dr. John Howard BETTS & James R. HENDERSON, both of Kingston, 30 Dec 1885 at Collinsby (sic)

3382-85, John Strathern HENDRIE, 28, civil engineer, Hamilton Ont, Hamilton Ont, s/o William HENDRIE & deceased, married Lena Maud HENDERSON, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o P.R. HENDERSON & Henrietta J. SWEETLAND , wtn: J. G. MACKLIN of Peterboro & Mary SPARKS of Ottawa, 2 April 1885, Kingston

#014649-85 (Frontenac Co): Alfred Edmund HEROD, 22, shoe maker, England, Kingston, s/o Joseph HEROD & Elizabeth HUTCHISON, married Henrietta BUSSO, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o Anthony BUSSO & Agnes LEANEA, witn: William BUSSO & Theresa O'CONNOR, both of Kingston, 19 Jan 1885 at Kingston

3379-85, Edward Colstan, HILL, 24, traveller, Bristol England, Kingston, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Emily WHITE, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Samuel G. & Harriet, wtn: Thomas John THOMPSON & Elizabeth Russell WHITE both of Kingston, 4 March 1885, Kingston

3370-85, Robert HILLIER, 22, farmer, Odessa, Odessa, s/o John & Julia HILLIER, married Nellie AMEY, 18, Odessa, Bath Ernestown, d/o Arnold & Eliza AMEY, wtn: William PUGH of blank, 31 January 1885, Kingston

3420-85, Henry HOGAN, 40, farmer, Ernestown Ont, Wolfe Island, s/o Thomas HOGAN & Anne O’GRADY, married Mary Anne CLANCY, 26, widow, Howe Island, Portsmouth, d/o Michael MELVILLE & Ellen POWERS, wtn: John MORAN of Wolfe Island & Honora MELVILLE of Howe Island, 20 July 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

3270-85, Samuel George HOGEL, 28, farmer, Ernestown, Ernestown, s/o Jacob & Amanda HOGEL, married Emma WOOD, 24, Camden, Portland, d/o Nicholas & Mary WOOD, wtn: Catherine WOOD & Josephine MURRITAN both of Hartington, 24 March 1885, Portland

3217-85 (Frontenac Co): Isaac HOLDER, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William HOLDER & Jane, married Barbara KEELER, 21, Storrington, same, d/o Joseph KEELER & Ellen, witn: John & Mrs. J. SIMPSON of Storrington, 29 Dec 1885 at Inverary

3294-85, Jonathan F. HOLMES, 27, farmer, Kingston Tp, same, s/o Isaac peter & Catherine HOLMES, married Catherine Mabel ROGERS, 24, Newberry, Portland Tp., d/o Ferdinand & Sarah Ann ROGERS, wtn: Peter J. HOLMES & Elizabeth ROGERS both of Ontario, 30 December 1885, Verona

#003476-85 (Frontenac Co): Abram HOPPINS, 30, lumber agent, widower, NY state, Kingston, s/o Jehiel & Cornelia, married Charlotte MILO, 29, Kingston twp., Kingston, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas W. & Minnie MILO of Kingston, 8 Dec 1885 at Kingston

3327-85, Francis HOWES, 34, farmer, Camden, Bedford, s/o George & Elizabeth HOWS (sic), married Jane McKEAVER, 20, Bedford, Hinchinbrooke, d/o James & Mary A. McKEAVER, wtn: Samuel WALKER of Bedford & Jennie HOWES of Hinchinbrooke, no date, Sydenham St. Paul’s Parsonage

#014652-85 (Frontenac Co): Robert Edgar HUDSON, 21, merchant, Canada, "Columbus Co. Ont. Ont.", s/o Robert HUDSON & Sarah WILCOCKSON, married Ann Eliza ELLIOTT, 22, Canada, Kingston twp., d/o John ELLIOTT & Sarah Jane TOLAND, witn: Etta, Robert F. & Sarah Jane ELLIOTT and W.G. HOPPER, all of Kingston, 11 March 1885 at Kingston twp

3487-85, James HUNTER, 28, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o William & Eliza HUNTER, married Margaret CONLEY, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Rebecca CONLEY, wtn: James EWARD & Jane CONLEY both of Kingston, 30 December 1885, Kingston

3422-85, John Wellington JEFFREY, 22, farmer, Portland Tp, same, s/o George & Margaret, married Rebecca Ann REYNOLDS, 17, Portland Tp, Hinchinbrooke Tp, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, wtn: John GORZLIN & Mary Jane GORZLIN both of Portland Tp, 25 July 1885, Kingston

3308-85, Henry JEFFERY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Portland, s/o Edward JEFFERY & Mary Jane JEFFERY, married Agness CRAIG, 22, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Robert CRAIG & Matilda CRAIG, wtn: John CRAIG of Hinchinbrooke & Adeline JOHNSTON of Portland, 26 October 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3486-86, James JOHNSON, 48, widower, lumberer, Canada, Perth, s/o James JOHNSON & Jane McCONIL, married Kate PARKE, 48, Canada, Perth, d/o William PARK (sic) & Mary WOODWARK, wtn: William H. MEALEY & Evoy MACDONALD both of Kingston, 23 November 1885, Kingston St. Paul’s Church

3205-85 (Frontenac Co): William JOHNSTON, 33, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o John JOHNSTON & Sarah, married Jane KELLS, 23, Storrington, same, d/o Robert KELLS & Jane, witn: James GORDON of Pittsburgh & Isabella KELLS of Storrington, 20 Jan 1885 at Storrington

3328-85, William JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Loughborough, Loughborough, s/o Richard & Amelia Johnston, married Jane MARTIN, 25, Loughborough, same, d/o William & Mary MARTIN, wtn: E.C. POYSER of Sydenham & Elizabeth SIPES of Iroquois, 11 June 1885, Sydenham

3418-85, Edward Alexander JONES, 33, woollen manufacturer, Richmond Lennox Co, Tamsworth, s/o Richard & Mariah, married Deborah FILES, 20, Lennox & Addington, Tamsworth, d/o Thomas & Brigid, wtn: Emma & Lillian MAVETY both of Kingston City, 11 July 1885 Kingston

3449-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas KANE, 24, telegraph operator, NY state, Kingston, s/o James KANE & Johanna SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth McMILLAN, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Malcolm McMILLAN & Catherine MURPHY, witn: Alfred BREBAND & Maggie KANE, both of Kingston, 20 Oct 1885 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston (Rom Cath)

3326-85, Alfred KAVANER (Kavana?), 25, farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o Fredrick & Maria KAVANER, married Jannia ASHLEY, 24, Loughborough, same, d/o Abraham & Rachel ASHLEY, wtn: F. KAVANER & Ella ASHLEY both of Loughborough, 3 June 1885, Loughborough

3357-85, John KEATES, 22, railroad employee, Canada, Calabogie Frontenac Co, s/o Thomas KEATS (sic) & Rachael BABCOCK, married Ellen STEELE, 20, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Biddy WELSH (sic), wtn: James STEELE & Emma Lavina KILLINS of not given, 6 January 1885, Kingston

#003271-86 (Frontenac Co): Louis KEATH, 26, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Louis & Mary, married Margaret CASTLE, 22, Oso twp., same, d/o John & Margaret, witnesses were James CASTLE of Oso & Mary JUDGE of South Sherbrook twp., 29 Dec 1885 at Oso twp

3342-85, Robert KEATING, 25, farmer, Lansdowne, Pittsburgh, s/o Edmund & Eliza KEATING, married Annie BEATTIE, 27, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o John & Maria BEATTIE, wtn: James ANDERSON of Leeds & Annie KIRKWOOD of Pittsburgh, 15 April 1885, Pittsburgh

3324-85, James KELLER, 57, widower, farmer, Loughborough, same, s/o blank, married Caroline PROVIS, 30, Loughborough, same, d/o C & M PROVIS, wtn: M. PROVIS & B. PROVIS both of Loughborough, 12 April at Loughborough

3312-85, William KENNEY, 52, widower, labourer, Ireland, Olden, s/o James & Margaret KENNEY, married Sarah W. DAVID, 47, widow, Ontario, Olden, d/o Daniel & Sarah SWITZER, wtn: James W. DAVID & Harriet E.V. DAVID both of Olden, 12 November 1885, residence of Bride, Olden

3385-85, Thomas KIRKPATRICK, 26, merchant (grain buyer), Storrington, Kingston, s/o Samuel KIRKPATRICK & Catherine BOYCE, married Annie KING, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Patrick KING & Annie HALL, wtn: Robert HUGHES & Christina KING both of Kingston, 15 April 1885, Kingston

3340-85, John Wilson KIRKWOOD, 25, farmer, Pittsburgh, Portage La Prairie, s/o John & Eliza KIRKWOOD, married Sarah THOMPSON, 25, Kingston Tp, same, d/o James & Mary THOMPSON, wtn: Sylvester FERGUSON of Kingston Tp. & Annie KIRKWOOD of Pittsburgh, 4 February 1885, Pittsburgh Methodist Parsonage

#003466-85 (Frontenac Co): George KINNEER, 29, printer, Canada, Chicago, s/o John KINNEER & Elizabeth SHORE, married Margaret LEMMON, 24, Canada, Kingston, d/o William LEMMON & Margaret CARSON, witn: W. JACKSON & Aggie M. SCOTT, both of Kingston, 12 May 1885 at Kingston
3207-85 (Frontenac Co): Samuel KNAPP Jr., 32, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Samuel KNAPP & Hannah, married Anna E. MATTHEWS, 20, Prince Edward Co., Storrington, d/o Benjamin MATTHEWS & Sarah Jane, witn: Mrs. Rev. W.W. MILLER of Battersea, 17 June 1885 at Storrington 3307-86 Charles N. KNAPP, 43, widower, wheel wright, Storrington, same, s/o Samuel KNAPP & Clarinda, married Sarah LILLIE, 27, Leeds, Storrington, d/o William LILLIE & Eliza Ann, witn: Thomas & Sabra HARTLEY of Battersea, 30 Dec 1885 at Battersea
3309-85, William KNOX, 24, farmer, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, s/o William KNOX & Mary KNOX, married Eva Elore DRADER, 17, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Jacob DRADER & Maria DRADER, wtn: Albert WELS of Verona & Allice DRADER of Hinchinbrooke, 25 November 1885, Hinchinbrooke #003474-85 (Frontenac Co): Amos Knapp LAKE, 23, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o John K. & Ann H., married Susan ASH, 29, Kingston twp., same, d/o Dunham & Margaret, witn: Jennie ASH & Annie BARFORD, both of Kingston, 23 Nov 1885 at Kingston
#014650-85 (Frontenac Co): Richard Henry LAKE, 25, musician, Canada, Kingston, s/o Thomas LAKE & Elizabeth TOBIN, married Catherine AGGER, 23, Canada, Kingston, d/o Charles AGGER & Mary KEOUGH, witn: John McMASTER & Maggie A. COBURNE, both of Kingston, 7 Feb 1885 at Kingston

14647-85, Christopher Thompson LAKE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Olden, s/o Moses & Samantha LAKE, married Matilda BOMHOUR, 18, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o David & Emma BOMHOUR, wtn: David & Emma HARTWICK both of Kennebec, 7 November 1885, Kennebec

3389-85, William Henry LANDERYOU, 21, carpenter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John C. & Charlotte, married Julia PACKER, 20, Island of Corfu, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, wtn: Nelson RAYMOND & Sarah GILCHRIST both of Kingston, 13 May 1885, Kingston

3376-85, Alfred LANGDON, 26, mason, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Nathaniel LANGDON & Whilemina SCRIBER, married Mary Ann COLLINS, 20, England, Kingston, d/o John COLLINS & Mary BROWN, wtn: Thomas ENGLISH & Mary McCUAIG both of blank, 4 March 1885, Kingston

#014651-85 (Frontenac Co): William LAPPAGE, 28, stone mason, Canada, Kingston, s/o William LAPPAGE & Annie McARTHUR, married Caroline WOOLLARD, 28, Canada, Kingston, d/o Robert WOOLLARD & Jane Mary ALLEN, witn: W.J. WOLLARD (sic) & Isabella H. ROGERS, both of Kingston, 21 April 1885 at Kingston 3240-85 (Frontenac Co): John LAUGHLIN, 3-, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Arthur LAUGHLIN & Catherine illegible, married Mary HANLON, 24, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Michael HANLON & Mary DOYLE, witn: Benjamin HANLON & Johannah LAUGHLIN, both of Wolfe Island, 10 Feb 1885 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)

3334-85, John LAWRENCE, 28, farmer, Loughborough, Manitoba, s/o William & Mary LAWRENCE, married Delphenhenia S. MOORE, 25, Loughborough, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Ann MOORE, wtn: O.G. RUTLEDGE & H.A. MOORE both of Loughborough, 17 June 1885, Loughborough

3492-85, John Joseph LAWSON, 21, fireman, Whoplode-drove- Lincoln Co England, Kingston, s/o John LAWSON & Martha Elizabeth BRE--?(cut off), married Sophrenia HARPELL, 21, Harpells Corners - Frontenac Co, same, d/o John James HARPELL & Jane FREEMAN, wtn: Edna C. HOOKER & Nettie ANGLIN both of Kingston, 27 April 1885, Kingston

#003440-85 (Frontenac Co): George Wellington LENNOX, 24, farmer, Prescott, South Caronto, s/o James & Nancy, married May Dempster SHANKS, 21, South Caronto, same, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: P. LYONS of Kingston & R.D. SHANKS of S. Caronto, 8 Sept 1885 at Kingston 003290-85 ( Frontenac Co.) William James LILLIE, 25, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., Farmer, s/o David & Eliza LILLIE, married Dorthy SCALES, 20, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o George & Margaret SCALES, Witn.: A.M. & E.E. HAYLOCK of Verona, November 14, 1885, at Verona

3484-86, Charles LIVINGSTON Jr, 27, merchant, Canada, Kingston, s/o Charles LIVINGSTON & blank, married Caroline Elizabeth WILMOT, 23, Canada, Kingston, d/o Nathaniel WILMOT & Frances PATTERSON, wtn: James CRAWFORD & Evelyn MACDONALD & Edward CUMLY all of Kingston, 25 June 1885, Kingston

3305-85, George L., LOT, 28, farmer, Whitby, Olden, s/o Joseph A. LOT & Phebie LOT, married Minnie LOYST, 26, Sheffield, Olden, d/o William A. LOYST & Manerva J. LOYST, wtn: William ESTES of Hinchinbrooke & Annie McCONNEL of Kennebec, 14 October 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3332-85, Michael LOVE, 33, farmer, Ernestown, Ernestown, s/o Michael & Elizabeth LOVE, married Martha Jane REID, 21, Kingston Tp, Loughborough, d/o James & Nancy REID, wtn: R. P. SHANNON & & Marth SHANNON both of Frontenac Co., 28 July 1885, Sydenham St. Paul's Parsonage

3358-85, Wilson MADDEN, 21, soldier, London England, Kingston, s/o William MADDEN & Mary BENSON, married Millie SNOOKS, 20, Inverary Ont, Kingston, d/o Marten SNOOKS & Catherine SHEPPARD, wtn: Mary A. JACKSON & Mary Ann CLENAHAN of blank, 8 January 1885, Kingston

3399-85, Edward John MANNING, 22, harness maker, England, Adolphustown Ont, s/o Edward John MANNING & Mary Anne SPOONER, married Agnes Bridget DOUGHERTY, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas DOUGHERTY & Bridget MULDOON, wtn: Mary Elizabeth DOUGHERTY & D.C. MACRAE both of Kingston, 11 June 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

#014648-85 (Frontenac Co): Oreph MARSHALL, 24, stone mason, Canada, Kingston, s/o Samuel MARSHALL & Ann CORBETT, married Frances PRINCE, 23, Canada, Kingston, d/o Sylvester PRINCE & Eliza PRATT, witn: Richard GRUNDY & Sarah MARSHALL, both of Kingston, 12 Jan 1885 at Kingston

3256-85, Richard Smith MARTIN, 29, widower, labourer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o John & Jennie MARTIN, married Elizabeth CLAPPER, 32, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Henry & can't read CLAPPER, wtn: Harvey CLAPPER & Lavina CLAPPER both of Kennebec, 21 March 1885, Arden

#003441-85 (Frontenac Co): Charles Henry MARTIN, 27, merchant, Cataraqui, Napanee, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Sarah Elizabeth WILSON, 25, Kingston, same, d/o George & Helen, witn: W.G. WRIGHT of Brockville & Lizzie A. CHOWN of Kingston, 28 Sept 1885 at Kingston

3185-84, Andrew MATSON, 29, carpenter, Finland, Kennebec Tp, s/o Matis & Walpor MATSON, married Manerva WOODCOCK, 19, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o David & Ann WOODCOCK, wtn: David & Ann WOODCOCK both of Kennebec, 5 January 1885, Kennebec

3424-85, Robert McCAMMON, 25, baker, Portsmouth, same, s/o Thomas McCAMMON & Martha HENON (Henson?), married Maggie McWATERS, 23, Storrington, Portsmouth, d/o Thomas McWATERS & Margaret SPENCE, wtn: Thomas McCAMMON & Jane McWATERS both of Portsmouth, 17 August 1885, Portsmouth

#003482-85 (Frontenac Co): James Stewart Richardson McCANN, 28, clerk, Canada, Kingston, s/o William McCANN & Sarah BUCK, married Jessie POLSON, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o George POLSON & Jessie CURRIE, witn: G (or Y) B. MAGEE of Merrickville & J. HAYWARD, no date given, probably 1885, at Kingston #003457-85 (Frontenac Co): George Brenton McCLELLAN, 23, machinist, Alton, Toronto, s/o William Johnston & Alta, married Alice Grace Maud JENKINS, 23, Picton, Kingston, d/o John & Annie, witn: Herman McLELLAN of Guelph & Marietta LOWRY of Napanee, 23 Sept 1885 at Kingston

14660-85, Thomas Edward McDONALD, 23, accountant, Port Neuf P.Q, Detroit Michigan U.S., s/o Thomas McDONALD & Martha CADDOO, married Hesther JOHNSTON, 25, Storrington , Dresden Ont, d/o blank, wtn: Archibald ABERNATHY & Mary A. ABERNATHY both of Kingston, 27 October 1885, Kingston

3394-85, John McDONALD, 25, baker, Toronto Canada, Kingston, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Bella SINCLAIR, married Elizabeth BURKE, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Stephen BURKE & Ann MARTIN, wtn: G. GREEN & Annie BURKE both of Kingston, 21 May 1885, Kingston

3241-85 (Frontenac Co): Malcolm McDONALD, 29, carpenter, Cornwall Ont., Wolfe Island, s/o James & Barbara, married Bridget CONNELLY, 21, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Patrick CONNELLY & Catherine MONGAHAN, witn: Thomas & Catherine CONNELLY of Wolfe Island, 27 July 1885 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)

3348-85, William Vanhorn McFADDIN (McFADDEN?), 25, farmer, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh Tp, s/o John & Elizabeth McFADDIN, married Mary Elizabeth McMASTER, 24, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh Tp, d/o Edward & Mary McMASTER, wtn: William VANHORNE & Miss HUTTON both of Pittsburgh, 11 November 1885, Pittsburgh

14642-85, Robert Andrew McGARVAY, 22, labourer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o Peter & Elisabeth MAGARVEY (sic), married Caroline Elisabeth MEEKS, 17, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Dennis & Elisabeth MEEKS, wtn: Albert GAYLORD & Mary Ann GAYLORD both of Kennebec, 19 October 1885, Kennebec

3273-85, William H. McGUIN (McGuire?) 27, carpenter, New York, Ernestown, s/o Robert & Sueart McGUIN, married Loretta BUCK, 19, Ernestown, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza BUCK, wtn: Frank CLARK & Nettie BELL both of Harrowsmith, 30 July 1885, Harrowsmith

3368-85, John MCINTYRE, 22, stove moulder, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander McINTYRE & Ann HURST, married Rose Anne GROOMS, 23, Loboro, Kingston, d/o Michael GROOMS & Bridget KELLY, wtn: Peter GROOMS & Bridget KELLY of blank, 5 February 1885, Bishop’s Palace Kingston

3427-85, William McKEE, 22, moulder, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Robert & Isabella McKEE , married Annie KIRKPATRICK, 21, Storrington, Kingston, d/o Samuel & Catherine KIRKPATRICK, wtn: David REA & Mary KIRKPATRICK both of Kingston, 24 August 1885, Kingston

3413-85, Peter McKUENAN, 24, blacksmith, New Brunswick, Kingston, s/o Peter McKUENAN & Jane TRAIRSTE, married Margaret Anne HALLIGAN, 21, Hastings Co, Kingston, d/o blank HALLIGAN & Ellen DRISCOLL, wtn: Richard HALLIGAN & Jane QUINN both of Kingston, 26 June 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

#003471-85 (Frontenac Co): John McLEAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Hinchinbrookee twp., s/o Daniel McLEAN & Agnes RICHIE, married Lizzie ROBINSON, 27, Canada, North Elmsley twp., d/o John ROBINSON & Ann WALKER, witn: Grant McLEAN of Hinchinbrookee & Fanny ROBINSON, 30 Sept 1885 at St. Paul's Church, Kingston
#014653-85 (Frontenac Co): George McMAHON, 32, electrician, Kingston, same, s/o George McMAHON & Sarah GRAHAM, married Sarah DRIVER, 28, Canada, Kingston, d/o William Thomas DRIVER & Sarah PETTIFAR, witn: Lucy A. & Thomas DRIVER and F. CONWAY, all of Kingston, 30 April 1885 at Kingston

3438-85, John Henderson McMASTER, 28, teamster on K & P.R, Glasgow, Kingston, s/o Peter McMASTER & Janet TURNBULL, married Margaret Ann COBURN, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William COBURN & Margaret CAMPBELL, wtn: John H. McMASTER & James Lamon DAVIS & Maggie A. COBURN & Annie CARR, 7 October 1885, Kingston

#003452-85 (Frontenac Co): William McMILLAN, 69, widower, retired merchant, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Daniel McMILLAN & Elizabeth REID, married Melanie A. LATHAM, 33, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o William LATHAM & Loretta COLE, witn: Patrick J. LAWLESS & Kate McCLOSKEY, both of Kingston, 2 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3313-85, Dexter MEEKS, 17, farmer, Ontario, Barrie Tp, s/o Andrew MEEKS & Hester ASSELTINE, married Rose Ann MEEKS, 19, Camden Tp, Clarendon Tp, d/o Joel MEEKS & Almira ACKERMAN, wtn: Julius LEMKIE & Barbara Ann THOMPSON both of Clarendon, 1 January 1885, Clarendon Tp

14644-85, George A. MILLER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o George E. & Mary MILLER, married Mary Eliza McNEIL, 19, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Simon McNEIL & Margaret DETLOR, wtn: Albert & Mary LOYST both of Kennebec, 8 December 1885, Kennebec

3397-85, Robert James MOONEY, 34, machinist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John MOONEY & Jane ROOTH (BOOTH?), married Jane Elizabeth McILROY, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Wright McILROY & Anne BARRON, wtn Wright McILROY & W.S. MOONEY & W.H. WALDRON all of Kingston, 3 June 1885, Kingston

3380-85, John MOORE, 29, clergyman, Canada, Allenford Bruce Co, s/o James MOORE & Elizabeth HARPER, married Margaret Jane MacKAY, 32, Canada, Kingston, d/o John MacKAY & Henrietta Forbes MacKAY, wtn: R. McKAY of Worcester Mass & W. ANDERSON of Picton Ont, 19 March 1885, Kingston

3202-85 (Frontenac Co): John MORELAND, 25, farmer, Amherst Island, Loughboro, s/o James MORELAND & Jane REID, married Sarah Isabella TOLAND, 20, Storrington, same, d/o D.H. TOLAND & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Hugh J. MORELAND & John TOLAND, both of Storrington,  3 March 1885, Storrington
3213-85 (Frontenac Co): R.A. MORRISON, 30, carriage maker, Kingston, Inverary, s/o Robert MORRISON & Ann, married Eva Inez May CAVERLY, 20, Storrington, Inverary, d/o N. CAVERLY & Mary, witn: Otis GAGE of Ernestown & Mary MORRISON of Kingston, 8 Oct 1885 at Inverary

3416-85, Samuel MOWAT, 28, cloth cutter, Kingston, Syracuse N.Y., s/o John MOWAT & Mary Jane HOLLY, married Mary Elizabeth CROWLEY, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Charles CROWLEY & Theresa COLLINS, wtn: Charles CROWLEY & Margaret CROWLEY both of Kingston, 4 July 1885, Kingston

3365-85, Francis MURPHY, 30, farmer, Ireland, Kingston Tp, s/o William MURPHY & Rose McAULEY, married Mary McGILL, 45, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas McGILL & Sarah McCANN, wtn: William McAULEY of Loboro & Ellen TOBIN of Odessa, 19 January 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

#014654-85 (Frontenac Co): William MURRAY, 27, clerk, Canada, Kingston, s/o William MURRAY & Mary DOYLE, married Mary Jane BURTON, 26, Canada, Kingston, d/o John Vance BURTON & Ann McMAHON, witn: Annie TODD of Kingston, 5 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3497-85, Richard MYERS, 42, widower, farmer, North Crosby Tp Leeds Co, same, s/o Richard MYERS & Laura WING, married Rose WING, 24, Bastard Tp Leeds Co, North Crosby Tp Leeds Co, d/o Samuel WING & Eliza MERKLEY, wtn: James CONLEY & Sybil CONLEY both of Westport, 29 July 1885, Kingston

3489-85, Nathan NEILSON, 33, civil engineer, Canada, Almonte Ont, s/o James NEILSON & Mary McFARLANE, married Mary GIVENS, 27, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William GIVENS & Ann ALEXANDER, wtn: Elizabeth GIVENS & W. G. NEILSON both of Kingston, 31 December 1885, Kingston

14662-85, John NEWMAN, 20, labourer, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, s/o George NEWMAN & Susannah CANNON, married Mary Ellen CLARK, 23, Kennebec Tp, Kingston, d/o Alexander CLARK & Catherine KELLER, wtn: Michael MURPHY & Sarah NEWMAN both of Portsmouth, 15 October 1885, Kingston

#003478-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas NICOL, 25, farmer, Inverary Scotland, Palmerston, s/o Robert NICOL & Elizabeth CROSKEY, married Minnie ALLEN, 23, Perth, Palmerston, d/o John ALLEN & Ann McLEAN, witn: Charles FENNING of Kingston & Lizzie MILLER of Palmerston, 20 Nov 1885 at St. Andrews, Kingston

3377-85, Edward NOLAN, 51, widower, farmer, South Emsley Tp, South Emsley Tp, s/o Peter & Allastatia, married Sarah HOWE, 31, Bedford England, South Emsley Tp, d/o James & Eliza, wtn: Peter John HATTON & William James HATTON both of Kingston, 10 February 1885, Kingston City

3329-85, James NOLES, 30, cheese maker, Canada, Frontenac, s/o Daniel & Mary NOLES, married Mary Ann COSGROVE, 21, Canada, same, d/o James & Bridget COSGROVE, wtn: James DUNN of Brewers Mills & J. COSGROVE of Loughborough, 14 January 1885, Railton

 #003442-85 (Frontenac Co): Marshal William NORRIS, 24, farmer, Storrington, Pittsburgh, s/o James NORRIS & Susan (both dead), married Mary Ann HENRY, 19, Pittsburgh, same, d/o father dead & Margaret Jane BLAKE, witn: David & Mary Ann HENRY of Pittsburgh, 30 Sept 1885 at St. George's Church, Kingston 3242-85 (Frontenac Co): Michael O'BRIEN, 26, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Michael O'BRIEN & Elizabeth SLACK, married Alice HENNESY, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William HENNESY & Rosetta MELLVILLE, witn: John O'BRIEN & Martha HENNESY, both of Wolfe Island, 8 Jan 1885 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)

3493-85, George OLMSTEAD, 24, farmer, Palmerston - Frontenac Co, same, s/o George OLMSTEAD & Eliza PENT, married Emily CHYNOWTH, 17, Durham City England, Kingston, d/o James CHYNOWTH & Jane PAUL, wtn: Frederick R. SCOBLE & Carrie VANDEWATER both of Kingston, 15 May 1885, Kingston

003289-85 ( Frontenac Co.) George PAGE, 26, Loughboro, Loughboro, Farmer, s/o Jeremiah & Ellen PAGE, married Catherine TOAL, 26, Frontenac, Frontenac, d/o William & Mary TOAL, Witn.: Illegible HAYLOCK, Eliza BRADSHAW of Verona, October 17, 1885, at Verona

3311-85, Joseph PAQUAT (Paquette?), 28, labourer, Quebec, Olden, s/o H. N. & Sophia PAQUAT , married Josephine St.PERRUX, 29, Quebec, Olden, d/o Oliver & Victoria St.PERRUX, wtn: Edward TIGHE (Tepho?) & Jane Ann St. PERREX both of Olden, 10 August 1885, Mountain Grove RC

14646-85, Manly PETERSEN, 21, farmer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o Nicholas & Louise PETERSEN, married Hannah M. PARKS, 21, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Nathaniel & Mary PARKS, wtn: Addie CLARK of Kennebec, no date given, Kennebec

3491-85, John PIGEON, 22, piano maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Nathaniel PIGEON & Jane MOORE, married Margaret STEPHENSON, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Adolphus William STEPHENSON & Margaret HARDY, wtn: John ABERNATHY & Agnes Kennedy BOTH OF Kingston, 8 April 1885, Kingston

3214-85 (Frontenac Co): Darius Ambrose Gardiner PIXLEY, 23, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Edward PIXLEY & Sarah Ann REDDEN, married Maria Josephine THORNE, 18, Pittsburg, Battersea, d/o John C. THORNE & Clarinda CLARKE, witn: Bethnel CLARK of Sunbury & Annie V. PIXLEY of Loughboro, 4 Nov 1885 at Battersea
3208-85 (Frontenac Co): William PURVIS, 39, widower, shoe maker, Ireland, Storrington, s/o William PURVIS & Bella, married Mary Ann SMITH, 19, Kingston, Storrington, d/o Hugh SMITH & Lucy, witn: John KELLY & Gordon WALDRON, both of Sunbury, 24 June 1885 at Storrington 3238-85 (Frontenac Co): Dexter William PYKE, 20, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Cornelius PYKE & Lucinda, married Mary WATTS, 18, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Constantine WATTS & Jane, witn: Edward WATTS & Harriet TURNER, both of Wolfe Island, 6 May 1885 at Wolfe Island
3221-85 (Frontenac Co): Joseph QUINN, 23, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Edward QUINN & Ann FLEMING, married Theresa ROBINSON, 22, Portland Ont., Bedford, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary CUMMINGS, witn: James McNEIL & William QUINN, both of Bedford, 31 Aug 1885 at Bedford twp

3499-85, Richard RANDLES, 21, farmer, Battersea, Kingston, s/o James RANDLES & Sarah HARTLEY, married Sarah IRWIN, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alexander IRWIN & Sarah STIGNEY, wtn: Richard PAINTER & Sarah RANDLES both of Kingston, 4 September 1885, Kingston

3417-85, George REED, 25, farmer, England, Kingston Tp, s/o John & Sarah, married Ellen COUZENS, 21, England, Kingston tp, d/o Thomas & Jane, wtn: Edith CALDWELL of Sydenham & Emma MAVETY of Kingston , 11 July 1885, Kingston

14661-85, Joseph William REID, 24, mechanic, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James REID & Christiana CONKLIN, married Georgina Lotton CONLEY, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas CONLEY & Elizabeth TOSSELL, wtn: Samuel HORSEY & Isabella Deacon CONLEY both of Kingston, 21 October 1885, Kingston

3362-85, Frederick REIL, 25, sailor, Garpe (Gaspe?) Quebec, Kingston, s/o Bridget GERARD, married Emily BISSONETTE nee St. THOMAS, 36, widow, Quebec, Kingston, d/o Louis St. THOMAS & Harriet ROUSSEAU, wtn: napoleon LAFRENIERE & Delina ANDERSON both of Kingston, 13 January 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

#003459-85 (Frontenac Co): Edwin RESCORLA, 21, blacksmith, England, Kingston, s/o Edwin & Rebecca, married Catherine ANGROVE, 21, England, Kingston, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Jane, witn: Thomas ANGROVE & Annie McMULLEN, both of Kingston, 7 Nov 1885 at Kingston

3322-85, Lewis I. RICHARDS, 21, mason, Storrington Tp, same, s/o John & Catherine RICHARDS, married Martha I. CHRISTOPHER, 21, Storrington Tp, same, d/o William & Fannie CHRISTOPHER, wtn: Alfred CHRISTOPHER & Hattie CHRISTOPHER both of Sydenham, 9 February 1885, Sydenham

3381-85, William Louis RICHARDSON, 30, merchant, England, Kingston, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane GRAHAM, 34, Kingston Tp, same, d/o Edward F. & Eliza Jane, wtn: J.R. RATTENBURY of Kingston & Cassie GRAHAM of Kingston Tp, 31 March 1885, Kingston Tp

3253-85, Patrick Henry RIELY, 31, farmer, Montreal Quebec, Kennebec, s/o John & Catherine RIELY, married Ann Eliza GREEN, 23, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o Robert & Catherine GREEN, wtn: L. D. PARKS & Jane A. GREEN both of Kennebec, 24 September 1885, Kennebec

3306-86 George RITCHIE, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Adam RITCHIE & Mary Jane, married Agnes Jane SANDS, 22, Storrington, same, d/o William SANDS & Jennie, witn: William RITCHIE & Mrs. DIXON, both of Storrington, 31 Dec 1885 at Battersea

3323-85, John ROBERSON, 69, widower, farmer, Farmersville, Battersea, s/o blank, married Anna YOUNG, 58, widow, Storrington, same, d/o blank, wtn: L. YOUNG & Mrs L. YOUNG both of Loughborough, 4 February 1885, Loughborough

3455-85 (Frontenac Co): Harry Horatio ROBERTS, 22, hotel keeper, Lancashire, Oso twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie BRUCE, 23, Delta, Oso twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: Alexander MAVETY & Thomas CALDWELL, both of Kingston, 7 Sept 1885 at Kingston

3436-85, Frank ROSS, 31, merchant, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert ROSS & Jane Ann ROSS, married Jane VIRTUE, 25, Donegal Ireland, Kingston, d/o Mathew VIRTUE & Ann VIRTUE, wtn: Robert ROSS of Toronto & Mary VIRTUE of Kingston, 24 September 1885, Kingston

3268-85, Stautts? E. SAGER, 27, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o Robert & Ruth SAGER, married Rhoda Ann VanLUVAN, 21, Portland, Portland, d/o William & Eliza A. VanLUVAN, wtn: Alvin & Ella M. VanLUVAN both of Portland, 4 March 1885, Portland

3415-85, Seymour Wellington SALSBURY, 27, farmer, Canada, Lyme - Jefferson Co U.S., s/o Martin & Eliza, married Cora HAYES, 23, Lyme, Lyme - Jefferson Co U.S., d/o Sylvester & Mary, wtn: Frederick & Ida VINCENT both of Lyme, 5 July 1885, Kingston

3321-85, John SALSBURRY, 20, labourer, Portland Tp, same, s/o William. & Sarah SALSBURRY, married Martha Ann BUSH, 18, Olden Tp, Hinchinbrooke Tp, d/o John & Charlotte BUSH, wtn: Robert DOWNEY & Josephine LEE both of Sydenham, 2 February 1885, Sydenham

3352-85, James G. SCOTT, 45, widower, farmer, Front of Yonge, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Annie M. ROOT, 26, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o Hiram & Mary ROOT, wtn: C.J. RILANCE & Charles D. RILANCE both of Birmingham, 30 September 188(cut off 1885?), Methodist Parsonage, Pittsburgh

#003485-85 (Frontenac Co): William B. SCOTT, 25, merchant, Canada, Gananoque, s/o William SCOTT & Mary, married Maggie A. ELLIOTT, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o John ELLIOTT & Mary A., witn: H.R. SCOTT of Gananoque & Maggie GASKIN of Kingston, 17 Dec 1885 at Kingston
3223-85 (Frontenac Co): Thomas SCOTT, 30, farmer, Drummond twp., Oso twp., s/o Cashel SCOTT & Jessie, married Mary CONBOY, 28, Oso twp., same, d/o Daniel CONBOY & Catherine, witn: Charlotte SCOTT & Isaac CONBOY, both of Oso twp., 6 Feb 1885 at Oso twp

3401-85, John William SEAWRIGHT, 21, baker, Ontario Can, Cape Vincent York State, s/o Rev Thomas & Agnes, married Hattie DRURY, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Orpha, wtn: William DRURY & Mrs. Edwin ARMITAGE both of Kingston, 17 June 1885, Kingston

#003467-85 (Frontenac Co): George SHADE, 50, widower, gardener, England, Kingston twp., s/o George SHADE & Elizabeth, married Annie PARKER, 41, England, Kingston, d/o John PARKER & Fanny, witn: Charlotte Ellen & Emma Jane SPENCER, Sat. 25 July 1885 at 136 Queen St., Kingston

3264-85, Andrew SHAW, 28, blacksmith, Camden Tp, Camden Tp, s/o Andrew & Catherine SHAW, married Emily LOVELESS, 20, Bedford, Bedford, d/o Jacob & Harriet LOVELESS, wtn: Ursula & Manerva KNOWLTON of Portland, 26 January 1885, Portland Tp

3204-85 (Frontenac Co): John SHEPHERD, 34, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o John SHEPHERD & Catherine, married Ida PURDY, 20, Elginburg, Kingston twp., d/o Robert PURDY & Margaret, witn: R.M. & R.A. OLIVANT of Inverary, 27 Jan 1885 at Inverary 3326-86 Philip Henry SHOOK, 36, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o William & Almyra, married Eliza Jane HASKINS, 26, Leeds twp., same, d/o Sydney & Mary, witn: Ruben & Emma STILLWELL of Kingston, 2 Dec 1885 at Kingston

3304-85, Enoch SIMKINS, 42, widower, farmer, Ernestown, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Stephen SIMPKINS & Emily SIMKINS, married Cecelia VANVALKENBURGH, 23, Olden, Olden, d/o Sylvester VANVOLKENBURGH & Ellen VANVOLKENBURGH, wtn: S. HUGABONE & Annie HUGABONE both of Hinchinbrooke, 30 September 1885, Hinchinbrooke

#003486-85 (Frontenac Co): John SLOAN, 23, mechanic, Halton Co., Kingston, s/o William & Ellen, married Rose FOWLER, 25, Kingston, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: John ABERNATHY & Elizabeth FOWLER, both of Kingston, 24 Dec 1885 at Kingston
#003470-85 (Frontenac Co): Samuel SMITH, 36, widower, spinner, England, Kingston, s/o John SMITH & Betty DYSON, married Mary SKELTON, 25, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John Anthony SKELTON & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT, witn: Henry BONNY & Mary Ann BEVAN, both of Kingston, 23 Sept 1885 at Kingston #014655-85 (Frontenac Co): John SMITH, 42, widower, engineer, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Thomas SMITH & Isabella BOYS, married Catherine HOWE, 42, widow, Scotland, Kingston, d/o John SHAW & Mary SMITH, witn: Bertha HOLDER of Kingston, 9 Nov 1885 at St. Pauls Church, Kingston

3495-85, Edward SMITH, 34, widower, labourer, Cicero Onendaga Co NY, Baldwinsville NY, s/o Eli SMITH & Nancy VADER, married Phoebe SMITH, 28, widow, Huntley - Carleton Co Ont., Baldwinsville N.Y. , d/o James ARMSTRONG & Louisa Jane JOHNSON, wtn: James & Jenny LILLEY of Kingston, 11 June 1885, Kingston

3406-85, James Belmont SMITH, 31, architect, New York, New York, s/o of William R.& Caroline, married Anna Marjorie BARRY, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o W. Y. & Hannah, wtn: John BARRY & Emma BARRY both of Kingston, 5 January 1885, Kingston

3337-85, David John SMITH, 23, farmer, Claxtons Mills, Elginburgh, s/o John & Harriet SMITH, married Mary CASTEL, 19, Kingston, same, d/o William & Rachel CASTEL, wtn: Sidney GUNNI--?(cut off) off) of Elginburgh & Adaline SMITH of not given, 29 September 1885, Sydenham St. Paul’s Parsonage

3336-85, William F. SMITH, 22, farmer, Loughborough, Loughborough, s/o Noah & Clarissa SMITH, Estella E. AMEY , 21, Loughborough, Loughborough, d/o Albert & Martha AMEY, wtn: Alfred DALY & Clarissa SMITH both of Loughborough, 8 September 1885, Loughborough

14643-85, Wellington N. SOMERS, 34, widower, farmer, Ontario, Olden, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth SOMERS, married Catherine DELOUGHERY, 24, Ontario, Sheffield Tp, d/o Patric (sic) & Ann DELOUGHERY, wtn: Edgar HAYS & Mary GONYOU both of Kennebec, 27 October 1885, Kennebec

003284-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Fredrick SOMMERLY, 28, Point Claire, Point Claire, Station Agent, s/o William & Lettitia SOMMERLY, married Maggie FORSYTH, 22, Camden, Portland Twp., d/o James & Margaret FORSYTH, Witn.: Thomas SOMMERLY of Brockville, November 11, 1885, at Harrowsmith

3400-85, James STACEY, 30, widower, traveller, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Mary, married Lena Elizabeth KAUFMAN, 35, widow, Prussia, Kingston, d/o George & Elizabeth [no surname given], wtn: William S. GRAVES & Harriet C. GRAVES both of Kingston, 15 June 1885, Kingston

3289-86 George STAFFORD, 38, yeoman, England, Kingston twp., s/o Thomas & Martha, married Phoebe Ann EMMONS, 36, Kingston twp., same, d/o Edward & Esther, witn: Albert & Margaret EMMONS of Kingston twp., 28 Nov 1885 at Kingston twp

3314-85, George STEVENSON, 37, merchant, Donegal Co Ireland, Ardoch, s/o John & Ellen STEVENSON, married Anna Maria WATKINS, 27, Ardoch, same, d/o Bramwell & Mary WATKINS, wtn: Bramwell WATKINS of Ardoch & William & Jane McLAREN of McLarens Mills, 21 January 1885, Ardoch

3254-85, Marenus STORING, 52, widower, farmer, Ontario, Sheffield Tp, s/o George & Eliza STORING, married Jane THORNTON, 45, widow, Ontario, Olden Tp, d/o Jacob & Margaret WOOD, wtn: Andrew KELLAR of Olden & Anna McCONNELL of Kennebec, 28 Jan 1885, Arden

3393-85, James SUDDARD, 27, labourer, Canada, Kingston, s/o Francis & Lucy, married Louise WILLIAMS, 22, Napanee, Kingston, d/o Ellen & George SNIDER (guardians), wtn: Henry BONNEY & Harriet GUNN of blank, 20 May 1885, Kingston

#014659-85 (Frontenac Co): William Henderson SUTHERLAND, 24, farmer, Kingston, Storrington, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Mary HENDERSON, married Jane RIKLEY, 23, Canada, Storrington, d/o Joseph RIKLEY & Charlotte HAGBOOM, witn: J. & D. McCUAIG, 21 Nov 1885 at Kingston
  3243-85 (Frontenac Co): Wilson Ambrose TAYLOR, 35, blacksmith, England, Wolfe Island, s/o George TAYLOR & Elizabeth WILSON, married Catherine McGRATH, 30, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Peter McGRATH & Bridget McDONALD, witn: Daniel GRIFFIN & Margaret McDONALD, both of Wolfe Island, 22 Nov 1885 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
#014656-85 (Frontenac Co): Samuel Edwin THOM--(off page, could be Thorn--), 32, plasterer, England, Kingston, s/o blank & Mary ELLIOTT, married Rebecca BONNEY, 26, England, Kingston, d/o George BONNEY & Sarah HILLS, witn: George BONNEY & Mary BUSWELL, both of Kingston, 11 Nov 1885 at St. Pauls Church, Kingston

3359-85, John TOLAND, 22, farmer, Storrington Tp, Storrington Tp, s/o D. H. TOLAND & Mary McMILLAN, married Martha May MORELAND, 20, Amherst Island, Storrington Tp, d/o James MORELAND & Jane REID, wtn: Alice CHAMBERS of Kingston & John MORELAND of Storrington, 7 January 1885, Kingston

3454-85 (Frontenac Co): Stewart TORBETT, 33, laborer, Ireland, Loughboro twp., s/o Stewart & Ann, married Nancy Jane BROOKS, 24, Loughboro, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Peter AMY of Loughboro & Emma MEVETY of Kingston, 27 Aug 1885 at Kingston

3421-85, Harkman Frank TRACEY, 28, saddler, Canada, Newboro, s/o Benjamin TRACEY & Agnes DONALD, married Isabella SUTHERLAND, 30, Canada, Kingston, d/o John SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth GILMOUR, wtn: Adelaide SUTHERLAND & John R. RATTENBURY both of blank, 22 July 1885, Kingston

3500-85, Alfred TRENSDALE (s/b Trousdale), 31, blacksmith, Cataraqui, Verona, s/o John TRENSDALE & Magdalen FIFE, married Frances GRANT, 18, Verona, Verona, d/o Alexander GRANT & Mary Ann HUTCHINSON, wtn: Edna HOOKER of Kingston & Phoebe GALLINGER of Cadilac Michigan, 1 September 1885, Kingston

3498-85, Alexander TURNBULL, 35, painter, Dundas, Toronto, s/o Alexander TURNBULL & Jane Maria BICKNELL, married Sophrenia Craig WILLIAMS, 30, Oxford Tp Grenville Co, Kingston, d/o James WILLIAMS & Eliza CRAIG, wtn: Robert Craig NICHOLSON of Toronto & Sarah CRAIG of Kingston, 29 July 1885, Kingston

3239-85 (Frontenac Co): Mathew VANORDIER (Vanorder?), 32, Kingston, Simcoe Island, s/o Mathew VANORDIER & Elizabeth, married Laura LANCASTER, 25, Durham England, Simcoe Island, d/o John & Elizabeth of Durham England, 30 June 1885 at Kingston 3414-85 Matthew VANORDER, 31, farmer, Kingston, Wolfe Island, s/o Matthew VANORDER & Elizabeth LAIRD, married Laura LANCASTER, 18, England, Wolfe Island, d/o John LANCASTER & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, witn: Isabella REGAN & Eda McFADDEN, both of Kingston, 30 June 1885 at St. James Church, Kingston
3237-85 (Frontenac Co): Philip Elwyn VANWINKLE, 26, telegraph operator, Canada, Ernestown, s/o W (or N. ) VANWINKLE & Catherine MILLER, married Annie Elicia WILSON, 21, Canada, Howe Island, d/o John W. WILSON & Mary Ann GIBSON, witn: Peter HINCH (or Rinch) of Canada, & Bella GALLOWAY of Kingston, 25 Feb 1885 at res of bride's father, Howe Island

3255-85, Alpheus VELEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Olden, s/o John & Eve VELEY, married Asseneth VANVOLKENBURGH, 18, Ontario, Kennebec Tp, d/o Sylvester & Ellen Mariah VANVOLKENBURGH, wtn: Wilson VELEY of Olden & Celia VANVOLKENBURGH of Kennebec, 1 February 1885, Arden

3383-85, Samuel VINCENT, 28, machinist, Canada, Kingston, s/o William VINCENT & Ann JONES, married Florence GARAPEE, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o blank & Catherine CONBERT, wtn: Mrs. GARAPEE of Kingston, 28 March 1885, Kingston

3423-85, Joseph VREALT (Verreault?), 26, labourer, Bedford Ont, Sydenham Ont, s/o John VEALT (sic) & Bridget MEAGHER, married Matilda Victoria McGOWAN, 18, Loughborough, Sydenham, d/o John McGOWAN & Mary Ann LEATHERN, wtn: John VREALT of Sydenham & Mary Ann McGOWAN of Kingston, 31 July 1885, St. Mary’s, Kingston

3296-85, Allen WAGER, 26, farmer, Fredericksburgh, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Hiram S. WAGER & Lydia M. WAGER, married Elizabeth BERTRIM, 21, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o William BERTRIM & Caroline BERTRIM, wtn: Pawley SMITH & Susey WAGER both of Hinchinbrooke, 18 March 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3306-85, Florence L. WAGER, 20, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Walsh Co Dakota U.S., s/o Tillison WAGER & Rachel WAGER, married Keturah SWITZER, 17, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Christopher SWITZER & Elizabeth SWITZER, wtn: Calvin WAGER & Ellen SWITZER both of Hinchinbrooke, 23 December 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3300-85, Osker WAGER, 24, farmer, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Sanford WAGER & Adaline WAGER, married Sarah E. WAGER, 22, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Henry WAGER & Phebe WAGER, wtn: Enoch SIMKIN & Abigail J. SWETTGER (Switzer?) both of Hinchinbrooke, 29 June 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3297-85, Jerome WAGER, 22, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Bedford WAGER & Margaret WAGER, married Matilda CARD, 22, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o John CARD & Elenor CARD, wtn: Mareneus CRONK & Elizabeth CRONK both of Hinchinbrooke, 15 March 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3302-85, Phillip C. WAGER, 26, farmer, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Phillip E. WAGER & Aurora WAGER, married Johanna WAGER, 20, Camden, Camden, d/o Ebenezer WAGER & Susannah WAGER, wtn: John CARD & Elloner CARD both of Hinchinbrooke, 8 August 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3299-85, Wesley L. WAGER, 28, farmer, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Henry WAGER & Phebe WAGER, married Emma Jane WAGER, 20, Hinchinbrooke, Sheffield, d/o John B. WAGER & Charlotte WAGER, wtn: Oscar WAGER & Elida WAGER both of Hinchinbrooke, 1 April 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3251-85, Henry WALKER, 34, labourer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o Johnston & Jane WALKER, married Elizabeth VEASLEY, 21, widow, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o John & Polly Ann KELLAR (KELLER?), wtn: Robeson E. WALKER & Adelaide WALKER both of not given, 16 October 1885, Kennebec

3303-85, Samuel WALKER, 24, farmer, Bedford, Bedford, s/o John D. WALKER & Jane WALKER, married Mary Lavina CAMPSELL, 19, Loborough, Hinchinbrooke, d/o John CAMPSELL & Malessey CAMPSELL, wtn: Oscar CAMPSELL of Hinchinbrooke & Nancy E. WALKER of Bedford, 22 September 1885, Hinchinbrooke

3244-84  D. J. WALKER, 60, widower, yeoman, of Inverary, s/o William & Mary WALKER, married Elizabeth Ann SMITH, 49, of Kingston, d/o Robert & Matilda SMITH, witn: William FERGUSON of Kingston, 17 Dec 1885 at Kingston #003460-85 (Frontenac Co): William David WALLER, 23, farmer, Pittsburgh, Kingston twp., s/o James WALLER & Margaret McFARLAND, married Annie Rachel GUTHRIE, 22, Loughboro twp., same, d/o William GUTHRIE & Essie BRYSON, witn: Lizzie HOUSTON & Victoria GUTHRIE, both of Kingston, 18 Nov 1885 at Kingston
3290-86 Hiram G. WARTMAN, 38, yeoman, Kingston twp., same, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Emeline L. TOPLIFF, 27, Kingston twp., same, d/o Thompson & Mary, witn: Henry DAY & Lucinda TOPLIFF, both of Kingston twp., 30 Dec 1885 at Kingston twp

3269-85, Charles WARTMAN, 22, farmer, Portland, Portland, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth WARTMAN, married Victoria PURDY, 18, Loughboro, Loughboro, d/o Elijah & Ann PURDY, wtn: Ida PECK of Harrowsmith, 25 March 1885, Harrowsmith

3258-85, Abram WATSON, 25, farmer, Portland Tp., Portland Tp, s/o Abraham & Mary WATSON, married Nancy Jane MARTIN, 25, Portland Tp, Petworth, d/o Amos & Mary MARTIN, wtn: Ursula & Manerva KNOWLTON both of Verona, 11 February 1885, Portland

3223-86 (Frontenac Co): John WATT, 27, carpenter, Portsmouth, same, s/o John & Nancy WATT, married Mary Ellen PRIESTLY, 26, Portsmouth, same, d/o Robert & Ellen PRIESTLY, witn: Charlotte PRIESTLY & Thomas SCOTT, both of Portsmouth, 30 Sept 1885 at res of bride's father, Portsmouth

3316-85, Joseph WEBB, 28, farmer, Sheffield Tp, Barrie Tp, s/o Benjamin WEBB & Margaret PICKLE, married Barbara Ann THOMPSON, 19, Camden, Clarendon Tp, d/o Amos THOMPSON & Harriet DAVY, wtn: Dester (Dexter?) & Rose Ann MEEKS of Clarendon Tp, 23 January 1885, Clarendon Tp,

3434-85, John Laing WELLER, 23, civil engineer, Cobourg, Brighton, s/o Edward Du VERNET & Frances Eliza ELLEGOOD his wife (sic, s/b William WELLER & Mercer WILCOX), married Madeline Marcia WHITEHEAD, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o J.J. WHITEHEAD & Sarah Eliza GARRETT his wife, wtn: Herbert CLARK of Fenelon Falls & Kate ROWLAND of Kingston, 30 September 1885, St. James' Church, Kingston

3272-85, Arthur Caton WELLER, 26, widower, blacksmith, Holly N.Y. U.S., res not given, s/o Jacob C. WELLER & Emma LAKE, married Bertha Wertly BROOKS, 19, Bell Rock, Bell Rock, d/o Richard & Harriet BROOKS, wtn: Augusta MILLER & Leslie BROOKS both of Bell Rock, 7 March 1885, Bell Rock

#003479-85 (Frontenac Co): Henry Pugh WELLS, 26, cab proprietor, Kingston, same, s/o Henry WELLS & Sarah PUGH, married Emily GRIMASON, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Henry GRIMASON & Eliza DAKEN, witn: William JACKSON & Aggie ALLEN, both of Kingston, 2 Dec 1885 at Princess St., Kingston 003281-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Edmound WHAYNE (Whan?), 21, Ontario, Bedford, Laborer, s/o Andrew & Mary Elizabeth WHAYNE, married Catherine FOLEY, 19, Ontario, Bedford, d/o Andrew & Catherine FOLEY, Witn.: Alice & Emily HAYLOCK of Verona, August 25, 1885, at Verona

3384-85, Luke WHELAN, 29, engineer, Kingston, Pittsburg Tp, s/o Luke WHELAN & Mary MARTEN, married Elizabeth CASSIDY, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Andrew CASSIDY & Bridget BURNS, wtn: Charles MARTIN of Pittsburg & Mary Ann BARRETT OF Napa, 13 April 1885, St. Mary's cathedral, Kingston

003291-85 ( Frontenac Co.) James WHITTLE, 25, Scotland, Portland Twp., Blacksmith, s/o James & Agnes WHITTLE, married Ortima REYNOLDS, 24, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o Silas & Martha Jane REYNOLDS, Witn.: Howard REYNOLDS & Lillie S--ANS? of Verona, November 11, 1885, at Verona

3360-85, Jabes (Jabez?) WILLEY, 24, farmer, Kingston, Storrington, s/o Jabes WILLEY & Mary CUDDY, married Maggie MORTON, 23, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Joseph MORTON & Mary McCONNELL, wtn: Joseph MORTON of Kingston & Samuel CAIRNS of Bat (cut off), 7 January 1885, Kingston

3488-85, James WILLIS, 23, salesman, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James & Mary Ann WILLIS, married Sarah NEWMAN, 16, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George & Susannah NEWMAN, wtn: John & Mary NEWMAN both of Kingston, 31 December 1885, Kingston

#014658-85 (Frontenac Co): Robert James WILSON, 24, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o George & Ann, married Ella M. RUTHERFORD, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: William THOMPSON & Maria RUTHERFORD, both of Kingston, 18 Nov 1885 at Kingston #003483-85 (Frontenac Co): James WILSON, 22, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Kingston, s/o James & May Jane, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 25, Storrington twp., Kingston twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Elizabeth & James J. CAMPBELL of Kingston, 16 Nov 1885 at Kingston
003277-85 ( Frontenac Co.) John C. WOOD, 23, Camden?, Hartington, Farmer, s/o Nicholas & Mary WOOD, married Josephine? MORRISON, 21, Portland, Hartington, d/o Robert & Mary MORRISON, Witn.: John MORRISON, Clara? WOOD, Hartington, September 6, 1885, at Hartington

3250-85, Reuben N. WOOD, 31, farmer, Ontario, Kennebec, s/o David & Magdaline WOOD, married Hester Davis KELLAR, 16, Ontario, Kennebec, d/o James & Mary KELLAR, wtn: Rheuben WOODCOCK & Ada Caroline GENDRON both of Kennebec, 20 August 1885, Kennebec

3210-85 (Frontenac Co): William WOODS, 28, farmer, Pittsburg, same, s/o Walter WOODS & Elizabeth, married Mary E. FISHER, 21, Storrington, same, d/o Thomas FISHER & blank, witn: Mrs. Sarah MILLER of Battersea & Mary J. MILLER of Napanee Mills, 29 July 1885 at Battersea 3425-85, John Henry WYATT, 22, Staff Capt in Saved Army, Charlottetown P.E.I., Kingston, s/o John WYATT & Martha WYATT, married Mary GIBBINS, 17, Wellington Ont, Lindsay, d/o blank & Mary Ann GIBBINS, wtn: Maggie McGREGOR of Peterboro & Edward blank of Hinchinbrooke Kingston, 11 August 1885, Kingston City

3353-85, William YULE, 29, breakman (brakeman?), England, Ottawa, s/o William & Jessie Foreman YULE, married Isabella S. McLEAN, 26, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o John & Jane McLEAN, wtn: David H. YULE of Leeds & Jane McLEAN of Pittsburgh, no date, no place note: No date given