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Frontenac Co., 1886

birth place is given before residence


3329-86 William ABERNATHY, 25, livery keeper, Kingston, same, s/o Alexander & Eliza, married Elizabeth R. URQUHART, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Archibald & Julia, witn: Thomas W. MILO & Helen URQUHART, both of Kingston, 10 Feb 1886 at Kingston  
3391-86, Michael ADAMS, 33, grocer, Richmond Lennox Co, Marlbank, s/o Robert ADAMS & Mary WHELAR, married Emma LOUGHLIN, 21, Marlbank, same, d/o George LOUGHLIN & Elizabeth EDGERTON, wtn: Rev. Donald McRAE & Maria G. CLEARY both of Kingston, 28 June 1886, Kingston The Palace 3441-86, Michael D. ADAMS, 33, grocer, Lennox Co, Hungerford Tp - Hastings Co, s/o Robert ADAMS & Mary WHELAN, married Emma M. LAUGHLIN, 21, Marlbank Ont, Hungerford Tp Hastings Co, d/o George LAUGHLIN & Elizabeth EDGERTON, wtn: William DUNN & Alice CHOWN both of Kingston, 28 June 1886, Kingston
  3565-87, George ADSIT, 29, carpenter, Westbrook, Kingston, s/o William & Mandaine , married Sarah NOLAN, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Amos & Sarah , wtn: John SMITH & Annie ELLIOTT both of Kingston, 13 October 1886, Kingston
3496-86, Robert D. ANGLIN, 47, customs officer, Cork Co Ireland, Kingston City, s/o John ANGLIN & Sarah DUKE his wife, married Elizabeth Jane BROKENSHIRE, 32, Newcastle Ont, Kingston City, d/o John BROKENSHIRE & Elizabeth Jane BEST, wtn: James V. ANGLIN & William BROKENSHIRE both of Kingston, 4 November 1886, Kingston 003450-86  William Gardner ANGLIN, 30, physician, Kingston, same, s/o William & Mary, married Harriet Eva GOULD, 26, Ancaster, Kingston, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were James ANGLIN & Edie SPANGENBERG, both of Kingston, Oct. 20, 1886 at Kingston
003434-86 (Frontenac Co.) Herbert Parker ASSELTINE, 25, Carpenter, Ernestown, same, s/o Davis ASSELTINE & Esther FOSTER, married Margaret GARRETT, 30, Centreville - Addington Co., Camden, d/o William GARRETT & Mary MURPHY, witn: William GARRETT of Camden, Isabella GARRETT of Addington Co., October 4, 1886 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston 3464-86, David Alexander ATKINS, 29, guard in penitentiary, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, s/o William ATKINS & Ann RILEY, married Mary KENNEDY, 26, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, d/o William KENNEDY & Ann CAMPBELL, wtn: David D. ATKINS & Mary KENNEDY & Sarah J. KENNEDY & Frank J. ATKINS all of blank, 24 November 1886, Portsmouth
3249-85, Samuel BABCOCK, 27, farmer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Dennis & Mary , married Ella WALKER, 19, Ernestown, same, d/o Esmond & Jane , wtn: Rev'd J.M. BATES of Yarker & Zi BABCOCK of Camden, 7 January 1886, Yarker 3330-86 Charles BAKER, 21, baker, Plattsburg NY, Kingston, s/o Sylvanus & Martha Jane, married Annie LAMBERT, 19, Nottingham England, Kingston, d/o Samuel & Rebecca, witn: John BURTON & Eliza LAMBERT, both of Kingston, 11 Feb 1886 at Kingston
003576-87 Robert Gill BALDING, 24, England, Gananoque, Carriage Painter, parents deceased, married Jennie McMULLEN, 22, Ontario, Rochester N.Y. USA, d/o Anthony McMULLEN & Mentt (Maretta?) Wtn, Rev A. W. COOKE and William PUGH of Kingston on December 22, 1886 at St. George's Cathedral in Kingston 3493-86, William Lee BARKER, 21, farmer, England, Wolfe Island Ont, s/o Thomas BARKER & Eliza DAVY, married Ellen LOVETT, 21, England, Wolfe Island Ont, d/o Henry LOVETT & Mary Ann LEOY, wtn: Emma BARKER & E. BALL both of Kingston, 26 December 1886, St. Paul's Church, Kingston
3256-86 Robert BARR, 31, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o William BARR & Sarah STINSON, married Susanna THOMPSON, 30, Bedford, same, d/o George THOMPSON & Sarah LYNN, witn: James & Eliza BARR of Bedford twp., 9 May 1886 at Bedford twp 3209-86, Samuel BARR, 26, Widower, Farmer, Ont., Hinchinbrooke, s/o (blank), married Margaret NEDDO, 20, Spinster, Ont., Hinchinbrooke, d/o (blank).  witn: Ann HAYLOCK & Em HAYLOCK, both of Verona, on (blank) July, 1886, at Verona.     
3567-87, John BEATTY, 28, machinist, Ireland, Watertown N.Y., s/o Robert & Margaret , married Mary GODWIN, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Rachel , wtn: James SHAW & Rose McCARTNEY both of Kingston, 20 October 1886, Kingston 3358-86, Charles BEECH, 21, labourer, Brockville, Kingston, s/o Steve & Clara , married Agnes CRAWFORD, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o David & Margaret , wtn: William CLENAHAN & Ida BEECH both of Kingston, 6 April 1886, Kingston
  003575-87 Charles Trumpour BELL, 21, Earnesttown Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Samuel & Charlotte married Alice RAWORTH, 22, Earnesttown, Bath, d/o Henry & Catharine. Wtn, Fredrick William JOHNSTON and Agnes Maud RAWORTH of Bath on December 22, 1886 at Kingston
3310-86 Lewis BELL, 26, yeoman, Tyendinaga, North Fredericksburg, s/o William BELL & Catherine, married Sarah SHANNON, 25, Storrington, same, d/o William SHANNON & Eleanor, witn: William SHANNON of Storrington & Augustus KEECH of N. Fredericksburg, 22 Sept 1886 at Storrington 3322-86 Robert Charles BELL, 24, photographer, Kingston, same, s/o W. P. BELL & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Elizabeth SAVAGE, 31, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas SAVAGE & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Thomas SAVAGE & Frankey A. BELL, both of Kingston, 13 Jan 1886 at Kingston
#003241-86  John BENNETT, 26, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Robert & Mary BENNETT, married Sarah Irvina ARMSTRONG, 24, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Francis & Ann ARMSTRONG, witnesses were Somerville ARMSTRONG & Jane BENNETT, both of Pittsburgh, Feb 24, 1886 at Father's residence, Pittsburgh (also 3236-86) 3210-86, Henry BILLMORE, 23, Labourer, Ont., Tp. Portland, s/o Peter & Martha BILLMORE, married Henriette CHARLTON, 16, Ont., Tp. Portland, d/o Anson & Catharine CHARLTON.  witn: Carrie BILLMORE of Verona, on 16 June, 1886, at Verona.   
003351-86 (Frontenac Co.) William BLOOMFIELD, 23, Sailor, Kingston, same, s/o George & Mary BLOOMFIELD nee ?URTON, married Jennie CONLEY, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Rebecca CONLEY, Nee DEYELL, witn: John CONLEY, Cassa ELLIOTT, both of Kingston, April 1, 1886 at Kingston 003430-86 (Frontenac Co.) William BLYTH, 28, Mechanic, City of Ottawa, same, s/o William BLYTH & Mary ANDERSON, married Annie McCARTHUR, 27, City of Ottawa, City of Kingston, d/o Robert McCARTHUR & Eliza JOSTER (maybe Jester), witn: Robert & Clara McCARTHUR of Kingston, September 22, 1886 at Kingston
3286-86 George Edward BOLTON, 24, carpenter, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Richard BOLTON & Annie BULLIS, married Fannie M. ABBOTT, 16, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James ABBOTT & Sarah Ann SHANNON, witn: Shannon ABBOTT & Lizzie HORNE, both of Wolfe Island, 16 Jan 1886 at Wolfe Island 3437-86, George BONNY, 26, machinist, England, Kingston, s/o George BONNY & Caroline Elizabeth HODGE his wife, married Mary BOSWELL, 30, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Philip BOSWELL & Margaret CARLAN his wife, wtn: Henry BONNY & Jane BOSWELL both of Kingston, 11 October 1886, St. James church, Kingston
3419-86, Joseph BOWDEN, 48, widower, barrister at law, Quebec, Kingston, s/o William Frost & Eliza BOWDEN, married Eveline Esther TURNER, 29, Kingston tp, Kingston, d/o David & Margaret TURNER, wtn: George TURNER & Ella CLIFF both of blank, 14 September 1886, Wellington St., Kingston 3303-86 Archibald BOYD, 24, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o Solomon & Mary, married Jane HOOPER, 22, Cataraqui, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Joseph BOYD of Kingston twp & Lizzie FAGG of Cataraqui, 17 Nov 1886 at Cataraqui
3214-86  Perunel? (Brunel?) BRADSHAW, 27, cheese maker, Ontario, Portland twp., s/o George & Julia Ann BRADSHAW, married Hester A. LEE, 19, Ontario, Portland, d/o Caleb & Priscilla LEE, witn: George BABCOCK & Emma McFARLIN, both of Portland twp., 29 Sept 1886 at Verona 3318-86 Charles BREMNER, 25, farmer, Scotland, Plevna, s/o James BREMNER & Margaret, married Harriet Etta SWITZER, 19, Clarendon twp., Plevna, d/o Calvin SWITZER & Tamar, witn: Herbert WENSLEY of Vennachar & Mary BREMNER of Plevna, 5 Oct 1886 at Plevna
3311-86 George Wellington BREWER, 28, yeoman, Storrington, same, s/o John BREWER & Susannah, married Jane HURLEY, 21, Storrington, same, d/o Joseph HURLEY & Elizabeth, witn: Adah & Alice KRUPP of Storrington, 9 Nov 1886 at not given [reg'd in Storrington twp]  
3435-86, David BROWN, 28, moulder, Kingston Ont, Kingston Ont, s/o John & Mary , married Margaret KELSO, 22, Kingston Ont, same, d/o Ephraim & Isabella , wtn: Thomas H. COFFEE & L. HAMILTON both of Kingston, 13 October 1886, Kingston 3320-86 Melvin BROWN, 20, farmer, Prince Edward, Barrie twp., s/o George BROWN & Matilda, married Rhoda WOOD, 18, Kennebec, Barrie twp., d/o George WOOD & Matilda, witn: Wilson WOOD of Barrie & Louis HICKS of Fernleigh, 24 Dec 1886 at Barrie twp
#003275-86  Robert BRUCE, 24, laborer, Delta, Oso twp., s/o John BRUCE & Jane, married Dorothy HARRISON, 26, Oso twp., same, d/o William  HARRISON & Louisa, witnesses were Henry CHAMBERS & Ellen DODDS, both of Oso twp., April 7, 1886 at Oso twp 3407-86, Robert William BRYANT, 27, carriage trimmer, Kingston, blank, s/o William & Helen , married Ada Elizabeth DAVIS, 20, Battersea, Kingston, d/o Robert & Francis , wtn: Anglo (Anzlo?) BRYANT & Agnes BURNETT both of Kingston, 7 July 1886, Kingston
003352-86 (Frontenac Co.) John Wesley BRYANT, 24, Oil Finisher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o William & Helen BRYANT, married Mary Margaret HATTON, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Jas. & Euphemia BRYANT, witn: William BRYANT & Addie DAVIS, both of Kingston, April 8, 1886 at Kingston 3334-86, Edward BRYANT, 44, widower, Piano maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John BRYANT & Mary GIRARD his wife, married Annie Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 40, widow, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert WOOLLARD & Jane Mary ALLEN his wife, wtn, Thomas R. GRAVES & Charlotte GRAVES both of Kingston, 6 January 1886, Kingston in the school room of St. James Church.
3278-86, Elijah BURKE, 28, Blacksmith, Oso Twp., same, s/o William BURK (sic) & Margaret, married Letitia CHAMBERS, 26, Oso Twp., same, d/o Henry CHAMBERS & Margaret.  witn: Harry CHAMBERS & Dorothy HARRISON, both of Twp. Oso, on 25 Jan., 1886, at Township Oso.    #003268-86  George BURLEY, 27, laborer, Portland twp., Loughborough twp., s/o Sanford & Elizabeth Jane BURLEY, married Laura RUTTAN, 17, Loughborough twp., same, d/o Michael & Dolaney Ann RUTTAN, witnesses were Joseph & Martha BURLEY of Loughborough, Aug. 10, 1886 at Sydenham
3258-86 George CADWELL, 35, millwright, widower, Gananoque, Westport, s/o Stephen Noah CADWELL & Catherine WAGNER, married Isabella Ann THOMPSON, 26, Bedford, same, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Hannah USHER?, witn: George PICKET & Julia Louisa CADWELL, both of Westport, 16 Nov 1886 at Bedford 3295-86 John Meacham CAINES, 19, farmer, England, Kingston twp., s/o James & Mary, married Jane ASH, 26, Kingston twp., same, d/o Dunham & Margaret, witn: James CAINES & Margaret ASH, both of Kingston twp., 14 April 1886 at Kingston twp
3283-86, Alexander CAMMERON (Cameron?), 28, Farmer, Bathurst, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John & Jane, married Martha Jane McMAHON, 26, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Martin FOLEY of Bathurst & Bella McILQUHAM of Drummond, on 12 May, 1886, at Hinchinbrooke.    3492-86, William CARRELL, 31, mariner, Canada, Portsmouth Ont, s/o L.A. CARRELL & Fanny JEROME, married Jane HENSTRIDGE, 26, Canada, Portsmouth Ont, d/o Josephus W. HENSTRIDGE & Amelia RILEY, wtn: H. HORWOOD of Kingston, 11 August 1886, St. Paul's Church, Kingston
3421-86, Eli Loveman CARTTER (Carter?), 45, widower, mechanic, Massachusetts, Gananoque, s/o William CARTTER & Polly FREZBY, married Eliza REDMONT, 35, widow, Kingston Ont, Gananoque, d/o William REDMOND (sic) & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, wtn: John REDMOND & Maggie E. CANE both of Pittsburg, 14 August 1886, Kingston 003343-86, (Frontenac), Henry Havelock CHOWN, 28, Physician, Kingston, Winnipeg, s/o Edwin CHOWN & Amelia ANNING, Catherine FARRELL, 27, Detroit US, Kingston, d/o James William FARRELL & Isobel Greig GRAY, witn:  Belle FARRELL & George Y. CHOWN, Apr 27 1886 at Kingston
3292-86 George F. CLARK, 25, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Charles S. CLARK & Martha MOORES, married Minerva H. RANKIN, 17, Collinsby, same, d/o Hugh RANKIN & Sarah PURDY, witn: E. MOORES of Kingston & Hannah DE MILL of Belleville, 27 Jan 1886 at Collinsby 003349-86 (Frontenac Co.) William James CLARK, 28, Farmer, Pittsburg Twp., Pittsburg Twp., s/o Henry & Hannah CLARK, married Sarah Jane RUTTAN, 19, Loborough Twp., Pittsburg twp., d/o Cramer & Matilda RUTTAN, witn: R. STILLWELL & Josephine KNIGHT, Kingston, Mar. 16, 1886 at Kingston
3401-86, Thomas CLARKE, 18, labourer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Peter CLARK (sic) & Martha BEDOUS, married Mary FALLON, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Michael FALLON & Johanna DRISCOLL, wtn: Mrs TURCOTTE & James NOLAN both of Kingston, 3 July 1886, Kingston St. James Cathedral 3481-86, Nicholas William CLARKE, 30, agent, Manotick, Ottawa, s/o Nicholas CLARKE & Frances MILLS, married Marian Catharine CREEGGAN, 21, Kingston Ont, Kingston Ont, d/o George CREEGGAN & Anne CREEGGAN, wtn: Alfred FORSTER of Elgin & Alfred E. BROWN of Ottawa & Margaret FORSTER of Elgin & George & Anne CREEGGAN both of Kingston, no date, All Saints Church, Kingston
3287-86 Joshua CLIFF, 28, farmer, Yorkshire England, Bath Road, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Emma Gertrude McBRIDE, 17, Bath Road, same, d/o James & Charity, witn: George HUNTER & Bertha CLIFF, both of Kingston, 27 Jan 1886 at Bath Road 3327-86 Joshua CLIFF, 28, farmer, Yorkshire England, Kingston, s/o Joseph CLIFF & Mary SHARP, married Emma G. McBRIDE, 17, Kingston, same, d/o James McBRIDE & Charity HENLEY, witn: George HUNTER & Bertha CLIFF, both of Kingston twp., 27 Jan 1886 at not given [reg'd in Kingston]
3212-86, Matthias CLOW, 31, Farmer, Tp. Portland, Hartington, s/o Isaac CLOW & blank, married Evangeline FREEMAN, 19, Tp. Portland, Loughborough, d/o John & Jane FREEMAN.  witn: Henry RICHARDSON of Tamworth & Anna FREEMAN of Loughborough, on 15 Sept., 1886, at Loughborough.    3378-86, John Bray COCHRAN, 26, Instructor at Royal Military College, Cacouna Que, Kingston, s/o John Charles Thomas COCHRAN & Catherine COCHRAN, married Martha Burritt MERRICK, 38, Merricksville, Kingston, d/o Aaron MERRICK & Mary Perine MERRICK, wtn: Mrs J.S. MUCKLESTON of Kingston & Miss Kate COCHRAN of Brockville, 4 August 1886, St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
3385-86, William H. COLLINS, 35, tailor, Cork Co Ireland, Kingston, s/o William COLLINS & Catherine DRALSE, married Mary MAGINNIS, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Francis MAGINNIS & Margaret O'HARA, wtn: William J. BYRNES & Dora McDERMOTT both of Kingston, 24 May 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston #003274-86  James CONBOY, 35, farmer, Oso twp., same, s/o Daniel CONBOY & Catherine, married Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 23, Oso twp.,same, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Mary Jane, witnesses were Isaac CONBOY & Charlotte ARMSTRONG, both of Oso, 31 March 1886 at Oso twp
  3445-86, Richard Tossell CONLEY, 24, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Thomas CONLEY & Elizabeth TOSSELL, married Annie HICKEY, 21, Quebec Province of Quebec, Kingston, d/o Thomas HICKEY & Annie, wtn: John BEGG & Elizabeth BEGG both of Kingston, 18 August 1886, Kingston
003429-86 (Frontenac Co.) Edward CONLIN, 45, Wid., Stone Cutter, Ireland, Kingston, s/o John CONLIN & Margaret OWENS, married Anastasia RYAN, 38, Wid., Wexford, Kingston, d/o John RYAN & Mary KINELLA, witn: William TAYLOR, Mary Ann RYAN, both of Kingston, September 19, 1886 at Kingston Cathedral #003248-86  James F. CONWAY, 23, tailor, Barriefield, same, s/o James & Ann CONWAY, married Bertha PETERS, 22, Gaspe Quebec, Kingston, d/o Henry & Ellen PETERS, witn: Clarinda RYLANCE of Pittsburgh, June 14, 1886 at Methodist Parsonage, Pittsburgh
3382-86, Mullnet Wilson COOK, 32, labourer, Canada, Watertown N.Y. U.S.A., s/o Richard & Mary Jane COOK, married Hester COSTELLO, 23, Canada, Watertown, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth Ann COSTELLO, wtn: Rev'd E.H. PLEES of Kingston, 23 August 1886, Kingston 3477-86, Joseph Beacon COOKE, 25, market gardener, Loughborough, Cataraqui, s/o William & Hannah COOKE, married Mary Anne MARTIN, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Agnes MARTIN, wtn: Henry COOKE & Nellie PURDY both of Kingston, 14 September 1886, at residence of John Martin
3211-86, James B. COWDY, 24, Farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Tp. of Portland, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Henriette SMITH, 19, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth.  witn: John A. COWDY of Petworth & Annie COWDY of Harrowsmith, on 26 Sept., 1886, at Harrowsmith.  3418-86, James CRAIG, 27, coppersmith, Scotland, Kingston, s/o James & Margaret , married Martha LEWIS, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Mary , wtn: Sarah HOOPER & Grace HOOPER both of Kingston, 3 September 1886, Kingston
3469-86, Henry Joseph CREVLIN, 55, widower, merchant, U.S., Cape Vincent N.Y., s/o Henry CREVLIN & Annetta DUMASTEER, married Minetta Jane CHAMBERLAIN, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o J.C. CHAMBERLAIN & Hester Ann SILLS, wtn: Peter T. MIGNOT & Nettie CHAMBERLAIN & John GASKIN all of Kingston, 22 September 1886, St. James church, Kingston 3413-86, Henry CRONK, 22, brakeman, Canada, Hinchinbrooke Tp, s/o Matthew & Harriet CRONK, married Lavina KILLENS, 24, Hinchinbrooke Tp, same, d/o Robert & Margaret KILLENS, wtn: Frederick WELDON & Emma COPELAND both of Hinchinbrooke, 5 July 1886, Kingston
3459-86, John CULLENS, 33, labourer, Tyrone Co Ireland, Kingston City, s/o John & Elizabeth , married Sarah McCOLLOUGH, 27, Armagh Co Ireland, Kingston, d/o James & Margaret , wtn: Frank GATES & Lizzie KELLY both of Kingston, 19 November 1886, Kingston 3375-86, Kyran DALEY, 30, piano maker, Kingston, London Ont, s/o Thomas DALEY & Ellen O'REILLY, married Elizabeth McGUIN, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Philip McGUIN & Bridget DOONAN, wtn: Philip McGUIN & Lizzie SISSONS both of Kingston, 19 July 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
003286-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Alfred Fredrick DALEY, 21 London England, Sydenham, Cheese Maker, s/o William & Lousesa DALEY, married Hattie SNOOK, 19, Desert Lake, Desert Lake, d/o John M. & Lucinda SNOOK, witn: Nettie BELL & Mrs. Alex MYRES, Harrowsmith, January 4, 1886, at Harrowsmith 3541-87, John Wesley DAVID, 25, farmer, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, s/o Zechariah & Fanny DAVID, married Henrietta BULCH (Balch?), 23, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh Tp, d/o Christopher & Isabella Catherine BULCH, wtn: Robert SMITH of Kingston Tp & Elizabeth Ann MOON of Pittsburgh Tp, 29 December 1886, Pittsburgh
3317-86 William Crillington DARBY, 29, bookkeeper, Plumstead - Kent England, Kingston, s/o Isaac & Maria, married Alice Sophia ORFORD, 28, Birmingham England, Clarendon twp., d/o William Cocknell ORFORD & Annie Sophia ORFORD, witn: W. R. BROOKS of Oompah & Clara ELKINGTON of Ardoch, 15 Sept 1886 at Holy Trinity Church, Plevna 3205-86, William S. DAVIDSON, 24, R. R. Station Agent, Bedford Mills, Verona, s/o Thomas & Sarah DAVIDSON, married Meanda Alice SNIDER, 18, Colbrook, Verona, d/o Elondon & Jane SNIDER.  witn: Robert THOMPSON & L. J. BELL, both of Harrowsmith, on 20 Mar., 1886, at Harrowsmith.   
003428-86 (Frontenac Co.) William Henry DAVY, 24, Mechanic, Sydenham, City of Kingston, s/o Chester DAVY & Jennina RUTTAN, married Annie Victoria FERGUSSON (s/b Ferguson?), 17, Storrington Twp., same, d/o James FERGUSSON & Sarah FILLON (maybe Dillon), witn: Sylvestra FERGUESON, Eliza FERGUSSON, both of Storrington, September 18, 1886 at Kingston 3390-86, Martin DELANEY, 21, carpenter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James DELANEY & Mary FURLONG, married Mary McQUAID, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John McQUAID & Mary KILLEEN, wtn: William McQUAID & Margaret DELANEY both of Kingston, 23 June 1886, Kingston Cathedral
003451-86  Joseph DEMPSTER, 23, farmer, Leeds Co., same, s/o Thomas DEMPSTER & Jane ANDERSON, married Margaret WEBSTER, 20, Grindstone Island, Landsdowne, d/o John WEBSTER & Margaret CORNELL, witnesses were James FOWLER & Martha C. HOUSTON, both of Kingston, Oct. 23, 1886 at Kingston 003496-87 (Frontenac Co.) Charles R. DEYS, 23, Labourer, Loborough, Verona, s/o Abram DEYS & Sarah DEYS, married Matilda Jane COX, 18, Bedford , Hinchinbrooke, d/o William COX & Lucy Ann COX, witn: Albert WELLS, Martha HEMPTON, December 6, 1886, at Verona
3222-86  John R.E. DOBBS, 31, clerk, Portsmouth, Boston Mass., s/o Francis W. & Maria DOBBS, married Anna B. HARVEY, 28, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John & Anna HARVEY, witn: Casimer VAN STRAUBENZER of Portsmouth & Florence HARVEY of Kingston, 16 Sept 1886 at St. Johns Church, Portsmouth 3414-86, Allen Scott DONALDSON, 26, brakeman, Ontario, Brockville, s/o Samuel & Agnes DONALDSON, married Frances L. GODWIN, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James & Mary Ann GODWIN, wtn: Maxwell DONALDSON & Martha E. DONALDSON both of Pittsburg, 23 August 1886, Kingston
  003426-86 (Frontenac Co.) Phillip DOUGHERTY, 46, Farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Edward DOUGHERTY & Honora DILLON, married Margaret McBRIDE, 40, Cushendall, same, d/o John McBRIDE & Margaret McNEILL, witn: Patrick McBRIDE, Sarah MARTIN both of Cushendall, September 7, 1886 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston
3476-86, Charles B. DRAKE, 27, carpenter, Syracuse N.Y., same, s/o Ellis DRAKE & Margaret YOUNG, married Agnes DAVIDSON, 25, Portsmouth, same, d/o John DAVIDSON & Eliza McILWAINE, wtn: Thomas GRAHAM & Mary DAVIDSON both of blank, 6 December 1886, Portsmouth 3367-86, Alexander DUNCAN, 36, widower, policeman, Sarnia Ont, Kingston, s/o James DUNCAN & Christine CHALMERS, married Jessie STINCHCOMB, 25, Olden Ont, Kingston, d/o Jesse STINCHCOMB & Jane KING, wtn: George ELDER & Sarah GARBAT both of Kingston, 3 June 1886, Kingston
3400-86, Andrew Wallace DUNLOP, 28, confectioner, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Andrew & Isabella , married Isabella ARMSTRONG, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John & Isabella , wtn: Herbert A. DUNLOP & Kate ORR both of Kingston, 28 June 1886, Kingston #003232-86  Hippolyte Joseph DUPONT, 20, farmer, USA, Ompah, s/o Alphonse & Maria DUPONT, married Elizabeth Emma JOHNSTON, 19, Seeleys Bay, Ompah, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witnesses were John & Clara ECKINGTON of Ompah, Nov. 18, 1886 at Ompah
3566-87, Francis Stevens DYON, 24, butcher, Napanee, Hamilton Ont, s/o Charles & Eliza , married Emma Rebecca BARRY, 25, Brantford Ont, Hamilton Ont, d/o William Young & Hannah Charlotte , wtn: George HADDOW & Maud HADDOW both of Kingston Ont, 14 October 1886, Kingston #003255-86  Robert Lunman EATON, 27, stone mason, Seeleys Bay, same, s/o not given, married Mary PURCELL, 35, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o Patrick &Ellen PURCELL, witness was Mary MACAULAY of Kingston, Oct 6, 1886 at Pittsburgh
3412-86, William Thomas EDGAR, 25, painter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o David & Ann , married Emily AGNEW, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hamilton & Mary , wtn: Hugh ALDERICE & Catherine McMAHON both of Kingston, 18 September 1886, Kingston 3488-86, John EGAN, 24, moulder, Canada, Kingston, s/o Michael EGAN & Elizabeth POWER, married Elizabeth S.J. NEWMAN, 18, Canada, Kingston, d/o John NEWMAN & Elizabeth MOORE, wtn: Philip McKAY & Margaret McKAY both of Kingston, 30 January 1886, Kingston Ont
3392-86, Charles EHRLICKER, 26, chemist, United States, Waterdown New York, s/o David & Fanny EHRILCKER , married Zubia Jane KELLER, 24, Canada, Watertown N.Y. , d/o Thomas C. KELLER & Penelope TEEPLE, wtn: Dettie McQUAIG & J.M. McQUAIG both of blank, 2 July 1886, Kingston 3461-86, George ELDER, 32, mechanic, Rochester New York U.S.A., Kingston, s/o William ELDER (deceased) & Jane ELDER, married Sarah GARFAT, 20, England, Kingston, d/o William & Elizabeth GARFAT of Sherbrook Que. wtn: Alexander DUNKIN & Jessie DUNKIN both of Kingston, 4 November 1886, Kingston
3466-86, Richard H. ELMER, 31, hair dresser, Kingston, Kingston, s/o J.D. ELMER & Caroline ELMER, married Catherine SHEPHERD, 25, blank, Kingston, d/o James SHEPHERD & Ellen SHEPHERD, wtn: George HENTIG & Lizzie SHEPHERD both of Kingston, 1 September 1886, St. Paul's Church #003448-86  Michael ENRIGHT, 22, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Mary Ellen SMITH, 21, Cataraqui, Kingston, d/o Lazarus & Emily, witnesses were Robert IRWIN & Emma LONEY, both of Kingston, Oct. 5, 1886 at Kingston
003234-86  John ESFORD, 25, laborer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Thomas & Rose Ann ESFORD, married Ellen DUFFIE, 18, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Samuel & Eliza DUFFIE, witnesses were Harman W. & Viola HUNT of Birmingham, Jan. 28, 1886 at Methodist Parsonage, Pittsburgh (see ** below) 3360-86, Charles EVANS, 23, farmer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Charles & Annie EVANS, married Lydia Ann CAW, 18, Gananoque, Kingston Tp, d/o George Robert & Sarah CAW, wtn: Michael JUDGE & George CAW both of blank, 18 May 1886, Kingston
3571-87, John EVES, 22, farmer, Wolfe Island, Simcoe Island, s/o John EVES & Jane RANSHAW, married Nellie WILLARD, 20, Amherst Island , Simcoe Island, d/o Charles WILLARD & Elizabeth BARRY, wtn: Herman WILLARD of Amherst Island & Sarah ORR of Simcoe Island, 11 November 1886, Kingston 3405-86, Patrick FANNING, 49, widower, labourer, Kilkenny Co Ireland, Kingston, s/o Oliver FANNING & Bridget QUINN, married Mary CUSHEN, 40, Wexford Co Ireland, Kingston, d/o Michael CUSHEN & Catharine FITZHENRY, wtn: Patrick HAWKINS & Catherine CUSHEN both of Wolfe Island, 12 July 1886, St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston
3473-86, Bernard Alexander FARRELLY, 36, farmer, Pittsburgh Frontenac, same, s/o Hugh FARRELLY & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Maud WALKER, 23, Pittsburg Frontenac, same, d/o Joseph WALKER & Elizabeth McEVOY, wtn: James QUINN & Sarah FARRELLY both of Pittsburg Frontenac, 8 November 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3215-86  Alexander FERGUSON, 38, widower, farmer, Storrington, Portland, s/o Robert & Drylphia? FERGUSON, married Martha PETERS, 37, Portland twp., same, d/o Hugh & Rebecca PETERS, witn: Mrs. G.A. BELL & Miss Mary BARSTOW, both of Harrowsmith, 16 Dec 1886 at Harrowsmith
003348-86 (Frontenac Co.) Richard FILTZ, 24, Mason, Chicago U.S.A., Kingston, s/o George & Mary FILTZ, married Hannah Mary BUCK, 20, Twp. of Kingston, Twp. of Kingston, d/o Thomas & Catherine BUCK, witn: Hugh DOUGLAS, Tressa BUCK, both of Kingston, April 7, 1886 at Bride's Father's residence, Twp. of Kingston, Co. Frontenac 003350-86 (Frontenac Co.) John Henry FISHER, 23, Carpenter, Storrington Ont., Kingston, s/o John & Rebecca FISHER, married Elizabeth Ann ARNEIL, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann ARNEIL, witn: J. GOWAN, Flos MILLS, both of Kingston, March 31, 1886 at Kingston, Ont.
003339-86, (Frontenac), Daniel FITZGIBBONS, 56, Guard in Penitentiary, Ireland, Portsmouth, s/o James FITZGIBBON & Catherine FITZGIBBON, Catherine PRINCE, 32, Kingston, Portsmouth, d/o, Thomas MOONEY & Catherine LAWLER, witn- Richard O'NEILL & Maria FITZGIBBON, 9 Mar 1886 at Kingston 3384-86, John FITZGIBBON, 25, labourer, Kingston Ont, Portsmouth Ont, s/o Daniel FITZGIBBON & Mary BURKE, married Mary MACKAY, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John MACKAY & Mary BROWN, wtn: Peter BEAUPRE of Portsmouth & Kate MACKAY of Kingston, 3 May 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
  3219-86  Alexander FRASER, 29, farmer, Scotland, Olden, s/o Ratherell & Ann FRASER, married Elizabeth Ann DREW, 24, Olden, same, d/o George & Ellen DREW, witn: Henry DREW & Ellen FRASER, both of Olden, 22 Sept 1886 at bride's father's, Olden
003333-86, (Frontenac), John Kilburn FREEMAN, 48, Farmer, Loborough, Loborough, s/o John & Jane, married Emily BUCK, 35, Loborough tp, Loborough Tp, d/o Tunis & Elizabeth, witn- Ruben & Emily STILLWELL of Kingston, Feb 25 1886 at Kingston. 003287-85 ( Frontenac Co.) Wesley FREEMAN, 27, Ontario, Ontario, Farmer, s/o Barnabus & Sarah FREEMAN, married Harriet Ann illegible (REWSER?), 18, England, Portland, d/o William & Elise, witn: John & Annie REWSER? of Portland Twp., January 6, 1886, at Portland Twp.
3572-87, John FRIZZELL, 42, widower, farmer, Canada, Kingston Tp, s/o Amos & Margaret , married Rachel GRIER, 29, Canada, Kingston Tp, d/o John & Maria , wtn: William SIMMONS & Annie McNAMARA both of Kingston Tp, 16 November 1886, Kingston 003344-86, (Frontenac), Arthur FROST, 22, Painter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Edward & Ann, married Lillian OTTO, 23, Whitby, Kingston, d/o Joshua & Sarah OTTO, witn-  Edward HORNIBROOK & Emma FROST, (No date given) at Kingston.
3304-86 William Singleton GARDINER, 27, farmer, Ernestown, Kingston twp., s/o William & Mary, married Mary BENJAMIN, 25, Kingston twp., same, d/o Ebenezer & Maria, witn: Malcolm McDONALD of Westbrook & Ann ELY of Cataraqui, 18 Nov 1886 at Kingston twp 3282-86, David R. GARRISON, 22, Farmer, Camden, same, s/o Johnathan GARRISON & Sarah, mar. Charlotte BRADFORD, 22, Portland, same, d/o James BRADFORD & Eliza.  witn: William ESTES & Elma A. ESTES, both of Hinchinbrooke, on 16 Mar., 1886, at Hinchinbrooke.   
3569-87, Thomas Jonathan GENGE, 47, widower, farmer, England, Hinchinbrooke Tp Frontenac Co, s/o Edward GENGE & Harriet, married Martha Jane ASSELSTINE, 30, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Lewis & Nancy, wtn: blank, 9 November 1886, Kingston  
3465-87, Thomas Walker GIBSON, 28, fitter, Kingston, Kingston City, s/o James & Matilda , married Mary Rebecca BRYANT, 28, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o John & Sarah , wtn: Milton S. BAILEY of Barriefield & Unice HENTIC of Kingston, 4 November 1886, Kingston Tp dupe see also 3457-86 3457-86, Thomas Walter GIBSON, 28, steam fitter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James GIBSON & Matilda NELSON, married Mary Rebecca BRYANT, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John BRYANT Jr & Sarah BURGESS, wtn: Milton BAILEY of Pittsburg Ont & Unice HENTIC of Kingston, 4 November 1886, Kingston dupe see also 3465-87
3470-86, Thomas GILBERT, 43, widower, carriage maker, Canada, Gananoque, s/o Nicholas GILBERT & Isabella BROWN, married Mary MOULTON, 36, widow, Ireland, Gananoque, d/o Alegan GRAHAM & Elizabeth HANNAH, wtn: M.A. HOLDER of Kingston, 11 October 1886, Kingston #003233-86  Edward GILMORE, 28, lumber merchant, North Sherbrook, same, s/o James & Janet GILMOR (sic), married Ellen Elizabeth WATKINS, 23, Clarendon, Ardoch Ont., d/o Beamark? & Mary WATKINS, witnesses were Robert WATKINS of Clarendon & Elizabeth GILMORE of N. Sherbrook, Dec. 29, 1886 at Ompah
#003267-86  James K. GODFREY, 31, widower, farmer, not given, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Chester H. GODFREY & Margaret, married Lillian Ann DAVIS, 22, Bathurst, Oso, d/o William & Catherine DAVIS, witnesses were David TAGGART of Sharbot Lake & Olive GODFREY of Hinchinbrooke, June 16, 1886 at Sydenham 003355-86 (Frontenac Co.) Timothy GOLDING, 20, Laborer, London England, Portsmouth Frontenac, s/o Michael GOLDING & Mary HOGAN, married Catherine NEWMAN, 23, Portsmouth Frontenac, same, d/o George NEWMAN & Susannah KENNING, witn: John NEWMAN, Mary E. NEWMAN, both of Portsmouth, January 11, 1886 at Kingston
  3472-86, Francis GOOD, 39, farmer, Canada, Bedford Tp, s/o John GOOD & Margaret HOWS, married Alice Maud LEE, 18, Canada, Hinchinbrooke Tp, d/o George LEE & Sarah McKINLEY, wtn: William LEE of Hinchinbrooke & A. DUNBAR of Kingston, 2 November 1886, St. Paul's Church, Kingston
3297-86 James H. GORDON, 31, farmer, Clarks Mills, Kingston twp., s/o William & Nancy, married Elizabeth TOWNSEND, 25, St. Catharines, Kingston twp., d/o John J. & Mary J., witn: George METZLER & Roxie Ann JOHNSON, both of Odessa, 8 Sept 1886 at Kingston twp 3398-86, John GORDON, 25, mason, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Alexandrena, married Harriet Amanda DOHERTY, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hugh & Maria, wtn: William GREY of Odessa & Mary GERRARD of Kingston, 21 June 1886, Kingston
#003251-86  William GORMAN, 31, farmer, Ireland, Burnt Hills, s/o Patrick & Ann GORMAN, married Hannah BLACKBEE, 21, Kingston, Seeleys Bay, d/o John & Sara BLACKBEE, witnesses were Patrick & Elizabeth GORMAN of Burnt Hills, Sept. 4, 1886 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath) 3300-86 James GOWAN, 21, sail maker, Kingston, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Minnie BOYCE, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Caleb & Margaret, witn: Catherine LIDSTONE of Elginburgh, 11 Nov 1886 at Elginburgh
003424-86 (Frontenac Co.) John GOWDY, 59, Wid., Yeoman, Belfast Ireland, Waterloo Waterloo Co., s/o Joseph GOWDY & Annie SMALL, married Mary Gertrude BROKENSHIRE, 33, Newcastle Ont., Kingston, d/o John BROKENSHIRE & Elizabeth Jane BEST, witn: Elisha HOSSWELL of Rochester N.Y., Robert D. ANGLIN of Kingston, August 13, 1886 at Kingston 003336-86, (Frontenac), Arthur Wanton GRASETT, 32, Gentleman, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Henry James GRASETT (deceased) & Sarah Maria , Catherine Frances HEWETT, 21, Halifax NS, Kingston, d/o Edward Osborne HEWETT & Catherine Mary, witn - Catherine & Mary HEWETT of Kingston and H. J. GRASETT & John H. HAGERTY both of Kingston, Mar 17 1886 at Kingston
#003253-86  Samuel James GREER, 26, farmer, Frontenac, same, s/o John & Margaret GREER, married Mary Ann GERMAIN, 21, Frontenac, same, d/o William & Elizabeth GERMAIN, witnesses were Robert Henry HUGHES of Kingston & Emma TONER of Pittsburgh, Nov. 3, 1886 at Pittsburgh #003269-86  John Nelson GUESS, 36, yeoman, Loughborough twp., same, s/o Joel C. & Ann GUESS, married Hattie LAWRENCE, 30, Loughborough twp., same, d/o Timothy & Eliza LAWRENCE, witnesses were William RUTLEDGE & Lizzie LAWRENCE, both of Loughborough twp., 22 Sep 1886 at Loughborough
3293-86 John James GWATKINS, 25, laborer, Wales, Kingston twp., s/o James & Jane, married Maria WHAN, 19, Kingston twp., same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Robert JOCE? (Ice?) of Kingston twp & Letitia SYKES of Kingston, 28 April 1886 at Cataraqui 3395-86, Philip Alfred HAFFNER, 27, mason, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Eckhard & Hannah, married Catherine BOYD, 28, Glenburnie, Kingston, d/o Solomon & Nancy, wtn: James BOYD & Florence MILLS both of Kingston, 16 June 1886, Kingston
3217-86  George HAGAN, 23, mechanic, Gibraltar, Mountain Grove - Olden, s/o William & Ann HAGAN, married Martha FLYNN, 20, Mountain Grove, same, d/o Robert & Eliza FLYNN, witn: Henry PHILLIPS & Mary FLYNN, both of Olden, 6 Oct 1886 at res of bride's father, Olden #003249-86  Samuel HALL, 22, Kingston, same, s/o William & Mary HALL, married Gertrude MOORE, 23, England, Kingston, d/o Fred & Gertrude MOORE, witnesses were Robert CRAWFORD & Margaret HAMILTON, both of Kingston, Sept 15, 1886 at Pittsburgh
003432-86 (Frontenac Co.) Richard HALLIGAN, 26, Laborer, Kingston, Kingston, Bernard HALLIGAN & Ellen DRISCOLL, married Anne THOMAS, 26, Michigan, Kingston, d/o George THOMAS & Margaret PHILIPS, witn: Patrick ROONEY & Eliza MacGOWAN, both of Kingston, September 28, 1886 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston 003342-86, (Frontenac), William HAMILTON, 28, Painter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Edward HAMILTON & Mary WALSH, Margaret McCONNELL, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Joseph McCONNELL & Mary GARDENER, witn- Francis HENDERSON & Mrs. BONSFIELD, Mar 25 1886 at Kingston
3446-86, Gustav HANSSON, 35, bricklayer, Hansted Sweden, Kingston, s/o Hans & Johanna , married Helena CARLSSON, 21, Calscrona Sweden, Kingston, d/o Charles & Annie, wtn: M.J. WALSH & Peter DEVLIN both of Kingston, 26 September 1886, Kingston 3399-86, Thomas HARDING, 22, farmer, England, Kingston Tp, s/o Ralph & Mary , married Lily FRIZELLE, 17, Canada, Kingston Tp, d/o John & Elizabeth , wtn: Frank GATED & Sarah WOOD both of Kingston, 22 June 1886, Kingston
3259-86 William HAWTHORN, 23, engineer, Pennsylvania USA, Bedford, s/o Samuel HAWTHORN & Sarah Jane, married Martha Jane HEMPTON (Kempton?), 21 (23?), Bedford, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: Joseph HEMPTON of Bedford & Susan TUTTLE of Oso, 23 Nov 1886 at Bedford 3380-86, David HAY, 42, widower, labour, Edinburgh, Kingston, s/o John HAY & Elen MILLER, married Mary McCLUNE, 27, widow, Cryvade Ireland, Kingston, d/o David McCLUNE & Margaret WILKENSON, wtn: Henry BURTON & Frances BURTON both of Kingston, 16 August 1886, Kingston
003573-87 William HEARN, 22, England, Kingston, Laborer, parents unknown, married Hannah ANDREWS, 17, Scotland, Kingston, d/o George & Isabella. Wtn, Emma STILWELL and Reuben STILWELL of Kingston on November 23, 1886 at Kingston 3402-86, Charles Herbert HENRY, 30, cabinet maker, Oxfordshire England, Kingston, s/o George Edward HENRY & Elizabeth PLASKETT, married Mary SANDS, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Henry SANDS & Margaret FLANAGAN, wtn: Henry SANDS & T.A. KELLY both of Kingston, 10 July 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
#003240-86  Henry HOGAN, 23, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o Patrick & Persis HOGAN, married Martha MOORE, 24, Kingston twp., same, d/o Denison & Jane MOORE, witnesses were Henry & Sarah BABCOCK of Pittsburgh, April 13, 1886 at Pittsburgh 3482-86, John HOLLAND, 22, carpenter, London Ont, Kingston, s/o George & Eliza , married Anne LANGRIDGE, 23, Brighton England, Kingston City, d/o John & Susannah , wtn: Stephen LANGRIDGE & Lizzie HOLLAND both of Kingston, 21 December 1886, Kingston City
3363-86, John George HOOPER, 28, lay reader, Camden Ont, Frankford Ont, s/o Felix HOOPER & Mary Jane EMPEY, married Jenny Harriet GREAVES, 23, New York State, Kingston, d/o Josephine GREAVES & Helen LOCKE, wtn: William F. COY & Charles BOOTH both of Kingston, 4 May 1886, St. James church, Kingston 3499-87 Abram HOPPINS, 29, Farmer, Camden, Portland, s/o Aaron & Jane, mar. Hester Ann SNIDER, 18, Portland, same, d/o Jacob & Abigail. Witn Lanson KILBORN of Bedford & Margaret HOPPINS of Portland, on 19 Dec., 1887, at Verona. (s/b 1886; Registered 01 July, 1887.)
3364-86, Timothy HORGAN, 22, switchman G.T.R., Toronto, Pittsburgh Tp., s/o John HORGAN & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Bridget O'DONOHUE, 22, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o Patrick O'DONOHUE & Catherine LEONARD, wtn: P. BRANIGAN & Margaret SWAN both of Kingston, 10 May 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3285-86 Randolf HORNE, 43, yeoman, Wolfe Island, same, s/o John HORNE & Jamima, married Jane Ann PRETTIE, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Oliver PRETTIE & Hannah WINBURN, witn: Thomas A. GIBSON & Maggie MARSH, both of Wolfe Island, 20 Jan 1886 at Wolfe Island
3440-86, Thomas HUDDERS, 28, cotton mill overseer, Lancashire Eng, Kingston, s/o William & Rachel HUDDERS, married Harriet SAWBERRY, 17, Derbyshire, Kingston, d/o Samuel & Sarah Ann SAWBERRY, wtn: Samuel SMITH of Kingston, 21 October 1886, St. Paul's Church, Kingston 003285-85 ( Frontenac Co.) William HUDSON, 28, Richmond, Hartington, Mechanic, s/o John & Caroline HUDSON, married Blanche TAYLOR, 27, Newburgh, Newburgh, d/o Joseph & Susan TAYLOR, witn: J. C. WOOD & wife of Hartington, January 13, 1886, at Hartington
3422-86, John W. HUNTER, 23, merchant, Waterdown, Kingston Tp, s/o John HUNTER & Manerva McLAUCHLIN, married Georgiana ALLPORT, 20, Kingston Tp, same, d/o Henry ALLPORT & Harriet PRESSLY, wtn: Emma MAVETY & Prosy KELLER both of Kingston, 16 August 1886, Kingston #003247-86  George James HUTTON, 25, merchant, Pittsburgh, Kingston, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth TROTTER, 19, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Robert & Margaret Jane, witnesses were John B. HUTTON of Barrienfield & Mary DEVLIN of Perth, July 7, 1886 at Pittsburgh
3357-86, Arthur Edwards IMRIE, 23, soldier, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Margaret , married Rosa Bella SMITH, 18, Melbourne, Storrington, d/o Hugh & Lucy , wtn: William MURRAY & Ida REACH both of Kingston, 10 March 1886, Kingston 003574-87 John INGLIS, 36, Scotland, Kingston, Grocer, s/o John & Catharine married Isabella REGAN, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John & Elizabeth. Wtn, James DORAN and Elizabeth BRADLEY of Kingston on December 14, 1886 at Kingston
3315-86 Alexander JACKSON, 23, farmer, Dalhousie Ont., Vennachar, s/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth, married Flora ALBERT, 22, Plevna, same, d/o John ALBERT & Hannah, witn: James JACKSON of Vennachar & Maggie ALBERT of Plevna, 10 Aug 1886 at Plevna 3480-87 James JARRELLS, 23, Farmer, Pittsburg, Storrington, s/o Henry & Mary, mar. Mary Rebecca HURLEY, 19, Storrington, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth. Witn Isaac JARRELLS & Minnie PETERS, both of Storrington, on 24 Dec., 1886, at Storrington.
3444-86, Frederick William JOHNSON, 26, clergyman, L'Orignal Ont, Chaumont N.Y., s/o William JOHNSON & Margaret KIRKPATRICK, married Frances Augusta BELL, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William P. BELL & Elizabeth SCOTT, wtn: Robert McKELVEY of Kingston & Jessie McDUNNOUGH of Montreal, 7 July 1886, Kingston 3279-86, John JOHNSTON, 27, Farmer, Twp. Oso, same, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Ellen, married Matilda LINTON, 23, North Sherbrooke, Oso Twp., d/o Andrew LINTON & Elizabeth.  witn: Robert JOHNSTON & Amelia Ann CONBOY, both of Twp. Olden, on 16 Nov., 1886, at Oso Township.   
3229-86  Alfred JONES, 23, machinist, England, Tamworth, s/o Charles & Mary JONES, married Agnes MORGAN, 24, Camden, Tamworth, d/o Daniel & Mary MORGAN, witn: G.H. BOLGER & Kate MORGAN, of Tamworth & Barrie, 23 Dec 1886 at Barrie twp 3331-86 Michael John JOYCE, 28, blacksmith, Pittsburg twp., same, s/o Michael JOYCE & Mary, married Ellen COLLINS, no age given, Kingston, same, d/o John COLLINS & Catherine DUHANE, witn: P. F. O'HARE of Gananoque & Catherine JOYCE of Kingston, 16 Feb 1886 at St. Marys Cathedral,, Kingston
3511-87 Dennis JOYNER, 27, Farmer, Loborough, same, s/o Charles & Maria (?), mar. Hester GRANT, 20, Loborough, same, d/o James & Mary Jane. Witn Richard JOYNER of Loborough & L. J. BALL of Harrowsmith, on 22 Dec., 1886, at Harrowsmith. #003263-86  Daniel B. KEELER, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Daniel & Sarah Ann KEELER, married Emma ROUSHORN, 22, not given, Loughborough, d/o Almina & Rebecca ROUSHORN, March 15, 1886 at Sydenham
3490-86, Sylvana KEITH, 26, doctor, Stellarton N.S., Kingston, s/o James KEITH & Catharine LOGAN, married Sarah Jane MOORE, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas MOORE & Sarah HILL, wtn: William J. KIDD of Carp Ont & William NEISH of Port Royal Jamaica, 9 June 1886, at 148 Earl Street 3299-86 Charles KELLAR, 23, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o James & Mary, married Mary CLARK, 21, Kingston twp., same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Catherine LIDSTONE of Elginburgh, 1 Oct 1886 at Elginburgh
3335-86, Samuel John KELLY, 25, painter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o David KELLY & Catherine GRAVES, married Olivia Ann IRWIN, 23, Wolfe Island, Kingston, d/o John IRWIN & Ann DAVIS, wtn, Samuel MILLER & Sarah S. KELLY both of Kingston, 24 March 1886, Kingston. 3495-86, James Patterson KELLY, 24, railway clerk, Ireland, Pattersonville Schenectady to New York State, s/o James KELLY & Ann J. HAMILTON, married Jane STEWART, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o Alexander STEWART & Jane FARR, wtn: John MURRAY of Belleville & Mary J. FAIR of Kingston, 29 December 1886, Kingston
3494-86, James KIRKPATRICK, 21, machinist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James KIRKPATRICK & Julia Emily BROWN, married Janet McILQUHAM, 31, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alexander McILQUHAM & Mary McFARLANE, wtn: A. James KIRKPATRICK, Janet McILQUAHAM, Sarah McILQUAHAM & John A. HUBBARD, 30 December 1886, Kingston 3379-86, Jeremiah LANGOR, 49, widower, hardware dealer, Illinois, Mass U.S., s/o Sam & Lucy Ann , married Mary KENNEDY, 33, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William & Hannah , wtn: W.H. BRUMLEY & Maud LANSING both of Kingston, 11 August 1886, Kingston
#003239-86  William Wallace LATIMER, 30, farmer, Lansdown Ont., Turtle Mountain Manitoba, s/o Robert & Jane LATIMER, married Catherine McCORMACK, 27, Lansdown, Pittsburgh, d/o George & Ellen McCORMACK, witnesses were George McCORMACK of Pittsburgh & Eliza LATIMER of Lansdown, March 30, 1886 at Pittsburgh 3319-86 Joseph LAUNDRY, 22, farmer, Clarendon twp., same, s/o Andrew LAUNDRY & Christina KIN--?(off page), married Adaline TOOLEY, 18, Michigan, Palmerston twp., d/o John TOOLEY & Rose Ann McDONALD, witn: John FERGUSON & Mrs. John McGUIRE, both of Clarendon twp., no date given, at Plevna [reg'd 31 Dec 1886]
3389-86, Theophaste LEDUC, 28, sailor, Valleyfield, Valleyfield, s/o Peter LEDUC & Olive DESCHANEYS, married Corrine BRADLEY, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Joseph BRADLEY & Symphoruse MERCIER, wtn: Emmanuel MORRIS of blank, 21 June blank 1886?, Kingston Cathedral 3332-86 Felix LENNON, 28, widower, fireman, Kingston, same, s/o Patrick LENNON & Margaret McGUIRE, married Hannah DUNLOP, 27, Montreal, Pittsburg twp., d/o Robert DUNLOP & Hannah DONOHUE, witn: Timothy PALMER & Elizabeth LENNON, both of Kingston, 17 Feb 1886 at Bishops Palace, Kingston
3328-86 John LINAUGH, 25, driver, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas LINAUGH & Mary BARRETT, married Catherine MARCEAU, 26, Kingston, same, d/o John MARCEAU & Mary REDDY, witn: John MARCEAU & Margaret FALLEN, 3 Feb 1886 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston #003231-86  John LONG, 56, farmer, Smiths Falls, Clarendon twp., s/o William & Jane LONG, married Rachel DAW, 39, North Elmsley twp., South Canonto, d/o Anthony & Mary DAW, witnesses were James DAW of South Camonts & Bertha LENNOX of Palmerston, July 19, 1886 at South Canonto
3225-86  Joshua LOYD, 25, widower, yeoman, South Fredericksburgh, Kaladar, s/o Elias & Martha Mary LOYD, married Mary Ann WHITEMAN, 19, Barrie twp., same, d/o Thomas & Ellen WHITEMAN, witn: Edward & Mrs. Caroline MORGAN of Barrie twp., 5 April 1886 at Barrie twp 3366-86, Richard LUDLOW, 36, widower, carter, Armagh Co Ireland, Kingston, s/o Thomas LUDLOW & Sarah WILEY his wife, married Sarah STRACHAN, 30, Pittsburgh Ont, Kingston, d/o James STRACHAN & Anne McADAM his wife, wtn: William. STOTHERS & Mary STRACHAN both of Kingston, 25 May 1886, St. James church, Kingston
3257-86 Thomas LYNN, 27, farmer, Bedford twp., same, s/o William Robert LYNN & Mary Ann MATCHET, married Lena THOMPSON, 18, Bedford twp., same, d/o Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret SPARKS, witn: William BYGROVE of Sherbrooke twp & Jane THOMPSON of Bedford twp., 26 May 1886 at Bedford twp #003449-86  Herbert Ira LYON, 26, school teacher, Norwich, Storrington twp., s/o Lymon LYON & Abigail Ann, married Evelyn Margaret EDWARDS, 29, Storrington twp., same, d/o George EDWARDS & Elizabeth Jane, witnesses were Sarah Ross WEBSTER of Quebec City & Susie R. SPARLING of Kingston, Oct. 16, 1886 at Kingston
#003250-86  Simon MALLEN, 22, farmer's son, Burnt Hills, same, s/o Michael & Margaret MALLEN, married Ellen MURRAY, 21, Brewers Mills, same, d/o Patrick & Catherine MURRAY, witnesses were Patrick DEANE & James BRADY, both of Brewers Mills, Jan 18, 1886 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath) 3284-86, Richard MANDERS, 25, Farmer, Oso, same, s/o William MANDERS & Eliza, married Ida May KENNEDY, 19, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Joseph KENNEDY & Sarah Jane.  witn: Thomas MANDERS of Oso & Annie KILLINS of Hinchinbrooke, on 05 May, 1886, at Hinchinbrooke.
3324-86 James MARTIN, 30, mariner (captain), Kingston, same, s/o James MARTIN & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Mary Ann SWAN, 26, Kingston, same, d/o George T. SWAN & Sarah Ann TWIGG, witn: John MARTIN & Margaret SWAN, both of Kingston, 20 Jan 1886 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3308-86 Henry McCADDEN, 26, yeoman, Kingston, Loughboro, s/o William & Rebecca, married Abbie STONESS, 19, Storrington, same, d/o Robert & Fannie, witn: John MILLER of Perth Road & A. A. STONESS of Battersea, 3 Feb 1886 at Storrington
003433-86 (Frontenac Co.) Thomas McDERMOTT, 24, Baggage Master, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Lawrence McDERMOTT & Dora McKEON, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 20, Cushendal (Ireland), Kingston, d/o William MARTIN & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Lizzie MARTIN of Cushendal, no date given, at Kingston Cathedral #003261-86  William E. McFADDEN, 23, farmer, not given, Loughborough, s/o Thomas & Charlotte McFADDEN, married Frances REA, 22, not given, Loughborough twp., d/o William & Margaret REA, witn: Eva POYSER & Ada SOUTHNELL, Jan 20, 1886 at Sydenham
3372-86, James McILQUHAM, 12, plasterer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Mary McILQUHAM, married Mary CRUSE, 23, London England, Kingston, d/o unreadable, wtn: William CRUSE & C. BRYANT both of Kingston, 30 June 1886, Kingston 3474-86, Samuel McILWAINE, 27, machinist, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James McILWAINE & Agnes McILWAINE , married Margaret BURKE, 26, Kingston, Portsmouth, d/o Edmund BURKE & Mary BURNS, wtn: Edmund BURKE & Sarah McILWAINE both of Portsmouth, 22 November 1886, Kingston Cathedral
3532-87, William McKENNA, 30, farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Bernard McKENNA & Bridget McKNIFF, married Isabella SMITH, 21, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Edward SMITH & Louisa HORNE, wtn: Rodey SMITH of Wolfe Island & Margaret McKENNA of Kingston, 10 May 1886, Wolfe Island #003252-86  James McKENNA, 36, farmer, Kingston, Brewers Mills, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth GORMAN, 22, Brewers Mills, Burnt Hills, d/o Patrick & Ann, witnesses were Patrick DEANE & John DOCKRILL, both of Brewers Mills, Oct. 18, 1886 at Brewers Mills (Rom Cath)
3417-86, John McKENZIE Junior, 26, farmer, Canada, Palmerston Tp, s/o John & Eliza McKENZIE, married Annie Adelaide DONALDSON, 16, Kingston, Palmerston Tp, d/o William John & Mary Elizabeth DONALDSON, wtn: James McKENZIE of Palmerston & Catherine E. DONALDSON of Pittsburg, 29 September 1886, Kingston 3570-87, Nelson Washington McKIM, 45, mechanic, Addington co., Westport, s/o Hiram & Sarah , married Frances Adelia IRWIN, 31, widow, Frontenac, Frontenac, d/o Israel & Elizabeth , wtn: J.E. LIDSTONE of Elginburg & Lida BAKER of Kingston, 10 November 1886, Kingston
#003237-86  John McMASTER, 25, farmer, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o Edward & Mary McMASTER, married Margaret McFADDEN, 25, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth McFADDEN, witn: blank HUTTON & Martha McFADDEN of Pittsburgh, 16 Mar 1886 at Pittsburgh 003427-86 (Frontenac Co.) James McWATERS, 26, Laborer, Twp. of Storrington, Village of Portsmouth, s/o James & Catherine McWATERS, married Mary Altheda BEARANCE, 26, Twp. of Kingston, Village of Portsmouth, d/o William BEARANCE & Eliza Jane AGNEW, witn: Alexander BEARANCE of Kingston, Margaret Jane McWATERS of Portsmouth, September 16, 1886 at Kingston
3227-86  Edward MEEKS, 20, farmer, Barrie, same, s/o Dennison & B. MEEKS, married Sarah LANSING, 15, Kaladar, Barrie, d/o J. & M. LANSING, witn: Alex MITCHELL & Sarah TAPPING, both of Barrie, 25 July 1886 at Cloyne, Barrie twp 3226-86  Beriah MEEKS, 37, farmer, Camden, Barrie twp., s/o Dennison & Elizabeth MEEKS, married Kalie LANSING, 17, Kaladar, Barrie twp., d/o John & Melissa LANSING, witn: John & Rilda WINTERS of Barrie, 21 March 1886 at Cloyne
3460-86, William MERCER, 26, machinist, Toronto, Kingston, s/o James MERCER & Eliza McDOUGAL, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 23, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Samuel MARTIN & Hannah COUNTRYMAN, wtn: Harold J. HORSEY & Maggie HENLEY both of blank, 19 November 1886, Kingston 3468-86, John Charles METCALFE, 28, butcher, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John METCALFE & Gladwise BRIDGET (Bridget GLADWISE?), married Mary WAGGONER, 22, Glenburnie Frontenac, Kingston, d/o William WAGGONER & Mary DALY, wtn: John WAGGONER & Mary DOLAN both of Kingston, 15 September 1886, Bishops Palace, Kingston
3370-86, Alexander Joseph MILL, 27, paving cutter, Scotland, Gananoque, s/o Alexander MILL & Mary BRASH, married Agnes HANLAN, 25, Scotland, Grindstone Island, d/o John HANLAN & Jessie BROWN, wtn: Robert BROWN & Alice GRIER both of Thurso -Grindstone Island, 16 June 1886, Kingston  
3442-86, John MILLER, 25, farmer, Loboro Tp Frontenac Co, same, s/o William MILLER & Ester BRYSON, married Augusta A. STONASS, 21, Battersea Frontenac Co, same, d/o Robert STONASS & Fanny SEARS, wtn: Henry STONASS of Battersea & Sarah VANELSTINE of Kingston, 30 June 1886, Kingston 3393-86, Charles MILLER, 22, farmer, Sharbot Lake, Olden Tp, s/o Isaac & Mary , married Mary BARBER, 22, Pittsburg, Kingston, d/o Benjamin & Mary , wtn: Samuel BABCOCK & Alice BARBER both of Kingston, 3 July 1886, Kingston
3228-86  Joseph MILLER, 22, farmer, Barrie twp., Anglesea Twp., s/o Adolphus & Mary, married Falina MEEKS, 26, Camden, Anglesea, d/o Dennison & Elizabeth, witn: David & Maria CUMMINGS of Anglesea twp., 28 Aug 1886 at Anglesea twp #003452-86  Mathew MILLER, 23, printer, Kingston, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth MILLER, married Elizabeth TEACHOUT, 25, Kingston, same, d/o James & Lucinda TEACHOUT, witn : Sarah R. WEBSTER of Quebec City & J. Kerr SPARLING of Kingston, 27 Oct 1886 at Kingston
3371-86, Frederick H. MOODY, 33, commercial traveler, London England, Kingston, s/o Frederick MOODY & Mary Ann MOODY, married Jane HAYWARD, 27, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William HAYWARD & Christina GOODWIN, wtn: Thomas HAYWARD & Cecelia A. WRIGHT both of blank, 23 June 1886, Kingston 003338-86, (Frontenac), Martin MONCK, 23, Soldier in "A" Battery, Essex Co. England, Kingston, s/o William MONCK & Marion WRIGHT, Elizabeth ROCHE, 24, Co Cork Ireland, Kingston, d/o William ROCHE & Bridget BROWNE, witn- William FINN & Catherine MOCKEY, Mar 7 1886 at Kingston
3325-86 Patrick Joseph MORAN, 27, moulder, Kingston, same, s/o Michael MORAN & Mary HEFFEREN, married Isabella HALL, 21, Scotland, Kingston, d/o Samuel HALL & Mary HURST, witn: Michael FOLEY & Bridget MORAN, 25 Jan 1886 at Bishops Palace, Kingston 3301-86 John MUIR, 28, engineer, Woodstock, Thurlow twp., s/o William & Marion, married Mary STINSON, 21, Storrington, Kingston, d/o John & Margaret Jane, witn: William MUIR of Belleville & H. & W. NICHOLSON of Kingston, 24 Nov 1886 at GTR Depot, Kingston
3314-86 Jonathan MULDOON, 35, yeoman, Kingston, Clarendon, s/o Robert & Jane, married Elizabeth McCORMIC, 24, Amherst Island, Clarendon, d/o Alexander & Deborah, witn: William McCORMIC & Christena MULDOON, both of Clarendon, 4 Aug 1886 at Plevna 3368-86, David E. MUNDELL, 22, doctor of medicine, Kingston, Kingston, s/o David & Mary MUNDELL, married Helen KEYES, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Helen KEYES, wtn: Alice KEYES of Kingston, 15 January 1886, Kingston
3387-86, James MURRAY, 23, mechanic, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Francis MURRAY & Mary WHELAN, married Kate HUGHES, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John HUGHES & Margaret HICKEY, wtn: John HUGHES & Margaret HICKEY both of Kingston, 9 June 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3362-86, John MURRAY, 24, fisherman, Storrington, Pittsburgh, s/o William MURRAY & Mary DOYLE his wife, married Jessie FROST, 19, Arnprior, Barriefield, d/o James FROST & Hannah MALONEY, wtn: Thomas SHARMAN of Kingston & Jessie BETHUNE of Barriefield, 28 April 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
  3397-86, Philip Ketcheson NEWTON, 28, druggist, Tweed, same, s/o John & Mary , married Hettie LEE, 26, Belleville, Kingston, d/o Lyman & blank, wtn: J.L. NEWTON of Tweed & Minnie LEE of Kingston, 15 June 1886, Kingston
003577-87 Alexander NICHOLSON, 23, Kingston, same, Moulder, s/o Mark & Margaret NICHOLSON married Elizabeth FOWLER, 22, Kingston, same, d/o John G. & Jane FOWLER. Wtn, William McKEE and Jennie FOWLER of Kingston on December 27, 1886 at Kingston 3489-86, Thomas William NICHOLSON, 24, carpenter, Canada, Portsmouth, s/o John NICHOLSON & Agnes KEMING, married Elizabeth Ann MOORE, 22, Canada, Portsmouth, d/o John MOORE & Jane WATERS, wtn: William James BYRNE of Yonkers N.Y. & Sarah MOORE of Portsmouth, 27 May 1886, Kingston
3365-86, Frederick Guelph NORTON, 36, mining engineer, Isle of Wight, Kingston Ont, s/o William Guelph NORTON & Eliza WARNER his wife, married Dorothea HARPELL, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John J. HARPELL & Jane FREEMAN his wife, wtn: Eliza WHITE & Fred R. SARGENT both of Kingston, 24 May 1886, St. James church, Kingston 3388-86, Patrick O'CONNOR, 34, widower, miller, Ireland, Kingston Ont, s/o Patrick O'CONNOR & Ellen SCANNELL, married Mary OLDFIN, 32, blank, Kingston Ont, d/o John OLDFIN & Mary BARRETT, wtn: Michael DOLAN of Kingston & Minnie DAVIS of Cape Vincent N.Y., 9 June 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
3386-86, Edward O'DONNELL, 25, engineer, Railton, Manitoba, s/o Manus O'DONNELL & Margaret McGINLEY , married Elizabeth Jane COLLINS, 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Archibald COLLINS & Christina FAIR, wtn: James McKERNON & Christiana COLLINS both of Kingston, 9 June no year 1886?, Kingston Cathedral 3455-86, Patrick O'HERN, 31, widower, plumber, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Patrick O'HERN & Mary DOUR his wife, married Mary Jane SWELL, 30, widow, Garden Island, same, d/o Thomas SUELL (sic) & Sarah FAIR his wife, wtn: Edward W. MURPHY & Sarah ALLEN both of Kingston, 6 December 1886, St. James church, Kingston
#003265-86  Cheshire O'KELL, 38, farmer, England, Loughborough, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Jane RUTLEDGE, 41, not given, Loughborough, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were E.C. PRYER & Ada SOUTHNELL, both of Sydenham, April 7, 1886 at Sydenham 003337-86, (Frontenac), John O'NEILL, 65, Laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o James O'NEILL & Bridget LAWLOR, Margaret BOYLE, 45, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Patrick O'REILLY & Julia RIORDAN, witn - Stephen RICHARD & Mrs. Stephen RICHARD, Mar 8 1886 at Kingston
3245-86 John Frederick OSTLER, 28, farmer, Sheffield England, Easy Saginaw Mich., s/o J. W. & Caroline OSTLER, married Ann Eliza REA, 21, Pittsburg, same, d/o David A. & Eliza REA, witn: Robert MEGGS & Robert FERGUSON of Gananoque, 7 April 1886 at Pittsburg 3276-86, William PAPPA, 24, Laborer, Dalhousie Twp., Oso Twp, s/o Joseph PAPPA & Mary, married Mary Agnes BLAKELY, 24, Kitley Twp., Oso Twp., d/o William BLAKELY& Margaret.  witn: R. H. BLAKELY & M. J. PAPPA, both of Twp. Oso, on 14 June, 1886, at Oso Township.   
3218-86  Francis PARKER, 26, farmer, Olden, same, s/o James & Ellen PARKER, married Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Kingston, Olden, d/o James & Martha WILSON, witn: William MILLER & Margaret PARKER, both of Olden, 1 April 1886 at Olden 3361-86, Cyrille PELLETIER, 35, tailor, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Francois Xavier PELLETIER & Ellen FOURNIER, married Josephine LALONDE, 20, Ontario, Kingston, d/o Leon LALONDE & Catherine VAUDREUIL, wtn: Francis CARON & Mary LALONDE both of Kingston, 3 May 1886, Kingston St. Mary's Cathedral
#003447-86  James Phillips PENSE, 35, widower, post office clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Michael Lorayo & Harriet, married Elizabeth Marshall WILTON, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Henry & Ellen, witnesses were James HOGEL & Emma WILTON, both of Kingston, 29 Sep 1886 at Kingston 3224-86  Samuel PERDUE, 29, widower, baker, Kingston, Toronto, s/o William & Sarah PERDUE, married Sarah Ch. WATTS, 27, Portsmouth, same, d/o Samuel & Annie WATTS, witn: T.H. & M.G. COFFEY and E. WATTS, all of Kingston, 27 Oct 1886 at St. Johns Church, Portsmouth
3568-87, John T. PERRYMAN Jr, 20, labourer, London Eng, Kingston, s/o John & Temperance PERRYMAN, married Emmarilla MONCK, 20, Prince Edward Co., Kingston, d/o William & Jane MONCK, wtn: John & Temperance PERRYMAN both of Kingston, 25 October 1886, Kingston  
3497-87 John E. PETERS, 23, Widower, Farmer, Ernesttown, Kingston, s/o John & Margaret, mar. Catherine A. MARTIN, 25, Spinster, Portland, same, d/o John & Margaret (parents' names sic). Witn Silis KNOWLTON & Manerva KNOWLTON, both of Portland, on 30 Dec., 1886, at Verona. 3296-86 John PETERS, 24, engineer, Loughboro, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Lucinia RANSEARS? (Rosevear?), 18, Kingston, Storrington, d/o Joseph & Elmira, witn: George RICHARDS & wife of Storrington, 8 July 1886 at Elginburgh, Kingston twp
3436-86, John Dulgill PETRIE, 28, bank clerk, Scotland, Kingston, s/o parents deceased, married Hannah Louise YATES, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Octavie YATES M.D. (deceased) & Elizabeth YATES, wtn: Allen JONES of Kingston & Clara STANTON of Cobourg & J. DAINTY of Cobourg, 14 October 1886, St. George's Cathedral, Kingston 003425-86 (Frontenac Co.) Drundonine PILON, 21, Laborer, Ballyfield, Kingston, s/o Damere PILON & Hernigeloh? LALONDE, Married Emma ANDRE, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Perie (Pierre?) ANDRE & Eugene LALWINE, witn: Joseph PILON, Florinda CORLIND, both of Kingston, September 6, 1886 at Kingston
3377-86, James POLLIE, 28, commercial traveller, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander Gowdey POLLIE & Ann McBRIDE, married Bella CORMICK, 24, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William CORMICK & Isabella CORMICK, wtn: Belle GALLOWAY & S.J. HORSEY both of blank, 26 July 1886, Kingston 3463-86, Montague Gower POOLE, 34, widower, priest in holy orders, London England, Aultsville, s/o Rev. Samuel Gower POOLE & Emma his wife, married Hannah LASHER, 26, Bath, Hedge Lawn Kingston, d/o John LASHER & Henrietta his wife, wtn: Henrietta LASHER of Kingston & W.J. STEWART & Clare STEWART both of Ottawa, 18 November 1886, St. George's Cathedral, Kingston
3280-86, George POWELL, 19, Farmer, England, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Thomas POWELL & Hellen, married Matilda A. KENNEDY, 17, Bedford, same, d/o William KENNEDY & Mary.  witn: Abigail J. SWITTZER of Hinchinbrooke & Mary KENNEDY of Bedford, on 11 Jan., 1886, at Hinchinbrooke.    3383-86, Thomas Rice Peter POWER, 26, architect, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John POWER & Charlotte CLEGG his wife, married Francina Kate STUART, 24, Cobourg, Kingston, d/o Charles STUART & Catherine WILSON his wife, wtn: Edith A. POWER of Kingston & Hattie NORTHMORE of Cataraqui & Joseph William POWER of Kingston, 24 August 1886, Cataraqui Christ Church
003356-86 (Frontenac Co.) R. Samuel PYKE, 24, Tradesman, Enterprise, Camden, s/o James PYKE & Martha PYKE, married Kate PURDEAU, 25, Napanee, Napanee, d/o Peter PURDEAU & Mary PURDEAU, witn: Richard T. CONLEY, Charlotte CONLEY, Kingston, January 27, 1886 at Kingston 3403-86, Joseph QUINN, 33, merchant, Kingston, Minnesota U.S., s/o John QUINN & Mary Ann DONOGHUE, married Mary Catherine SMITH, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Patrick SMITH & Mary DONOGHUE, wtn: Frederick T. SMITH & Emily Beatrice McDERMOTT both of blank, 13 July 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
3415-86, George William REES, 22, farmer, Canada, Kingston Tp, s/o Samuel REES & Caroline WAGGNER, married Maggie REID, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o Paul REID & Elizabeth GIBB, wtn: Jennie REID & Henry REES both of blank, 28 September 1886, Kingston 3471-86, Thomas REGAN, 25, assistant to storekeeper, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John REGAN & Mary DRISCOLL, married Mary SMITH, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert SMITH & Fanny McLAUGHLIN, wtn: James WATSON & Mary SULLIVAN both of Kingston, no date, Bishop's Palace, Kingston
003345-86 (Frontenac Co.) John May REID, 23, Machinest, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Paul REID & Eliza GIBB, married Sarah Jane SIMMONS, 22, Storrington, Kingston, d/o William SIMMONS & Catherine GOULD, witn: William SIMMONS, Celia JOHNSTON, both of Kingston April 22, 1886 at Kingston 3396-86, Frances John REYNOLDS, 21, moulder, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Samson & Ann , married Ellen Mary BLAIR, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James & Samantha , wtn: William BLAIR & Minnie WADDINGTON both of Kingston, 13 May 1886, Kingston
3359-86, Henry Wartman RICHARDSON, 30, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James A. RICHARDSON & Susannah WARTMAN, married Alice FORD, 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert M. FORD & Lavinia J. BARKER, wtn: Frank C. IRELAND & Louise E. CUNNINGHAM both of blank, 14 April 1886, Kingston 3467-87, Archibald A. RICKEY, 27, farmer, Mill haven, Pittsburgh Tp, s/o Horace & Emily , married Mary Eliza DAY, 23, Kingston Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o Henry & Eliza , wtn: G.J. THOMPSON & Cassia NICOL both of Kingston, 7 December 1886, Kingston Tp
  3374-86, Alexander ROBERTSON (sic) s/b ANDERSON, 34, watchman, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George ANDERSON & Jane SIMPSON, married Margaret Calder ROBINSON, 34, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Donald ROBERTSON & Ellen DUFF, wtn: J.E. McCUAIG of blank, 15 July 1886, Kingston
3478-86, Alexander ROBINSON, 23, salesman, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Benjamin ROBINSON & Elizabeth PORTER, married Mary DAVIDSON, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Andrew DAVIDSON & Ann Eliza FEE, wtn: Thomas REGAN & Mary SMITH both of Kingston, 13 December 1886, Kingston 3381-86, Harry Mason ROBINSON, 26, architect, England, Kingston, s/o James Mason ROBINSON & Emma DOWDEN his wife, married Grace Eleanor MARSHALL, 32, England, Kingston, d/o Charles Marshall & Elizabeth TAYLOR his wife, wtn: George BONNY & W.W. CRITCHLY both of Kingston, 15 August 1886, St. James church, Kingston
3302-86 Adam F. RONEY, 24, merchant, Napanee, Rochester NY, s/o James RONEY & Net, married Etta M. VANLUVAN, 21, Kingston twp., same, d/o Anson P. VANLUVAN & Mary E., witn: A. ABERNATHY of Kingston & Nellia VANLUVAN of Kingston twp., 25 Nov 1886 at Kingston twp 3408-86, William Henry ROWE, 25, miner, Cornwall England, Loborough, s/o John & Ruth , married Eliza Ann SACKETT, 18, USA, Loborough, d/o Charles & Rebecca , wtn: Philaney KNIGHT & R. STILWELL both of Kingston, 22 July 1886, Kingston
3448-87 William RYAN, 28, Blacksmith, Ont., Kingston, s/o John RYAN & Elizabeth BROWN, mar. Margret MURPHY, 23, Bedford, Kingston, d/o William MURPHY & Mary Ann NICHELSON (s/b Nicholson?). Witn Patrick BURNS of Kingston & Ellen MURPHY of Bedford, on 22 Nov., 1886, at Bedford. 3420-86, William Edward RYCARD, 21, printer, Oswego N.Y., Kingston, s/o Francis (could not obtain the mother's name) , married Regina Magdalena FELTZ, 18, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George & Margretta , wtn: James McMANCE & Agnes MILLER both of Kingston, 28 July 1886, bride's home, Kingston
3221-86  Thomas H. SCOTT, 26, baker, Kingston, Portsmouth, s/o Henry & Catherine SCOTT, married Charlotte PRIESTLY, 22, Portsmouth, same, d/o Robert & Ellen PRIESTLY, witn: W. HARTRICK & E. PRIESTLY, both of Portsmouth, 15 Sept 1886 at Portsmouth 3454-86, Harry SHARPE, 25, commercial traveller, England, Kingston, s/o Joseph SHARPE & Anne SCOTT his wife, married Hannah KEYS, 21, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o William KEYES & Anne JOHNSTON his wife, wtn: Fred G. SHARPE of Montreal & Joseph DIX of Garden Island, 11 November 1886, Kingston
3277-86, William D. SHAW, 18, Farmer, Turnburry - Bruce Co (sic), Oso Twp., s/o Frederick SHAW & Mary, married Annarah BABCOCK, 21, Ernestown, Oso Twp., d/o Jessie (s/b Jesse?) BABCOCK & Rachael.  witn: Sidney W. ASSELTINE & Delila SHAW, both of Oso Twp., on 23 July, 1886, at Township Oso.    3491-86, William George SHERRY, 24, machinist, Canada, Barriefield, s/o John SHERRY & Maria SMITH, married Annie SCRIMSHAW, 18, Canada, Barriefield, d/o Isaac SCRIMSHAW & blank, wtn: J.D. ROSE & Margaret ROSE both of Pittsburg , 29 June 1886, Kingston
#003270-86  Martin SIGSWORTH, 21, cook, Loughborough twp., same, s/o William & Jane SIGSWORTH, married Hannah Salom McPHERSON, 21, Harrowsmith, Loughborough, d/o Alexander & Harriet McPHERSON, witnesses were George & Matilda SIGSWORTH of Loughborough, 25 Dec 1886 at Loughborough 3453-86, Willet Edmund SILLS, 28, farmer, S. Fredericksburg, same, s/o John Edward SILLS & Rebecca MURPHY his wife, married Victoria Auretta ROWBOURGH, 21, Camden, Camden, d/o William ROWBOURGH & Almeda WILLOWS his wife, wtn: Edith E. McMORINE & John B. McMORINE both of Kingston, 3 November 1886, St. James Cathedral, Kingston
3323-86 William SILVER, 20, butcher, Kingston, same, s/o Charles SILVER & Mary Ann, married Emma Jane HARPER, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary A. HARPER, witn: William HARPER & Aley SILVER, both of Kingston, 13 Jan 1886 at Kingston #003273-86  Schuyler SIMMONS, 24, farmer, Camden, Portland, s/o Jeremiah SIMMONS & Margaret, married Harriet GRANT, 22, Portland, same, d/o James GRANT & Mary, witnesses were Charles & Mrs. C. SIMMONS, of Oso twp., 17 Feb 1886 at Oso twp
3309-86 Robert SIMPSON, 34, widower, farmer, Kingston, South Crosby, s/o James SIMPSON & Mary Jane, married Julia Ann HUSTON, 23, Lansdowne, Storrington, d/o Cornelius HUSTON & Johanna, witn: Elias & Elizabeth TEEPELL of Storrington, 31 March 1886 at Inverary 3312-86 Samuel SIMPSON, 27, farmer, Belleville, Crosby - Leeds, s/o James SIMPSON & Mary Jane, married Louisa BENNETT, 18, Wolfe Island, Storrington, d/o James BENNETT & Ruth, witn: Alonzo BENNETT & Angelina LOUCKS, both of Storrington, 1 Dec 1886 at Inverary
3316-86 Alfred SLATER, 60, widower, ship carpenter, England, Denbigh twp., s/o not given, married Catherine TERRY, 50, widow, of Miller twp., d/o not given, witn: R. H. & C. Jane DOWN of Denbigh twp., 30 Aug 1886 at Plevna 3458-86, George Henry SNIDER, 22, labourer, Demorestville Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o John & Chloe , married Margaret Q. MILLS, 20, Galway Ireland, Picton, d/o James & Margaret , wtn: S. HOUSTON & M.C. HOUSTON both of Kingston, 9 November 1886, Kingston
3208-86, Fredrick SNIDER, 20, Farmer, Tp. Portland, same, s/o Douglas & Lorinda? SNIDER, married Alvira LUDBROOK, 21, Ontario, Tp. Portland, d/o William Henry & Cynthia LUDBROOK.  witn: Allen SNIDER & Amelia THOMPSON, both of Tp. Portland, on 10 July, 1886, at Tp. Portland.   003495-87 (Frontenac Co.) Davis SNIDER, 63, Wid., Farmer, Ernestown, Loborough, s/o William SNIDER & Dorcas SNIDER, married Jane SNIDER, 59, Wid, Ernestown, Odessa, d/o John B. SNIDER & Mary Ann SNIDER, witn: Davis C. SNIDER, Mariah SNIDER, both of Portland, Aug. 29, 1886, at Portland
3281-86, Richard SPARKS, 35, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Ira SPARKS & Martha, married Eliza Jane LUNN, 22, Bedford, same, d/o John LUNN & Susan, witn: William ESTES & Elma ESTES, both of Hinchinbrooke, on 15 Mar., 1886, at Hinchinbrooke.    #003235-86  Thomas W. SPENCE, 33, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o John & Mary Jane SPENCE, married Margaret McKEE, 28, Kingston, Pittsburgh, d/o Joseph & Mary McKEE, witnesses were Holland CONNOR & Sarah Jane SPENCE, both of Pittsburgh, 17 Feb 1886 at Pittsburgh
003340-86, (Frontenac), Wilbur SPINK, 20, Farmer, Ellisburg Twp, Ellisburg Twp Jefferson Co, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, Nettie SPOONER, 19, Kingston, Ellisburg Twp, d/o George & Nellie, witn- Kate JAQUITH & Wilson McVETY, Mar 6 1886 at Kinston. 3542-87, Louis Edgar STAPLES, 28, teacher, Farmersville, Belleville, s/o Jesse & Hannah STAPLES, married Laura Minnie McADOO, 27, Pittsburgh Tp, Pittsburgh Tp, d/o Andrew & Agnes Jane McADOO, wtn: John McADOO & Elizabeth WILMOT both of Pittsburgh Tp, 29 December 1886, Pittsburgh
3404-86, Edward Thomas STEACY, 30, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Benjamin STEACY & Belinda McDONELL, married Isabella Frances NOBLE, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Isaac NOBLE & Anne KELLY, wtn: George POWER & Jennie SHAW both of Kingston, 14 July 1886, St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3394-86, Robert Hardy STEPHENSON, 22, labourer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Adolphus & Margaret , married Minerva Jane HARTLEY, 22, Loborough, Kingston, d/o John & Susan , wtn: John ABERNATHY & Mary McGRATH both of Kingston, 31 May 1886, Kingston
003354-86 (Frontenac Co.) John Mark STEWART, M.D., 27, Physician, Portsmouth Ont., Crosby? Ont., s/o Robert STEWART & Agnes BRASH, married Sarah Elizabeth DOWNING, 22, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James DOWNING & Sarah IRWIN, witn: James STEWART of Portsmouth, Elizabeth SUTHERLAND of Kingston, January 6, 1886 at Kingston 3298-86 William J. STEWART, 23, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Mary, married Clara Louisa LASHER, 24, Bath, Kingston, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: Hannah & Henrietta LASHER and Margaret KELSON, 9 Nov 1886 at Christs Church, Cataraqui
003423-86 (Frontenac Co.) Anthony STONEHOUSE, 27, Merchant, Shirley, Twp. of Reach, s/o John STONEHOUSE & Ann JACKSON, married Alice KELLER, 24, Fredericksburg, Belleville, d/o John KELLER & Alice RUSSELL, witn: John STONEHOUSE, Hannah STONEHOUSE, both of Port Perry, August 17, 1886 at Kingston #003264-86  Orange E. STORMS, 22, Ernestown, farmer, s/o Lemuel & Zulfa (Zilfa?) STORMS, married Mary PARROTT, 20, not given, Ernestown, d/o Wesley & Maria PARROTT, 16 Mar 1886 at Sydenham
3313-86 George SUTHERLAND, 27, farmer, Kingston, Storrington, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Mary, married Matilda JAMIESON, 19, Storrington, same, d/o Richard JAMIESON & Henrietta, witn: Samuel & Kate JAMIESON of Storrington, 30 June 1886 at Inverary 3409-86, Simon Thomas SWEETLAND, 33, railway man, Rome Oneida, Oneida N. York, s/o William & Mary , married Alice Eveline LANNON, 34, Massachusetts, Oneida N. York, d/o Frederick & Keziah , wtn: W. JENKINS & R. STILWELL both of Kingston, 24 July 1886, Kingston
#003262-86  Edington A. TALLEN, 24, railway engineer, Camden twp., Hinchinbrooke, s/o Thomas & Hannah TALLEN, married Florence L. GEORGE, 20, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Thomas & Ann GEORGE, witness was M. M.G. VANDERWATER of Portland, 24 Feb 1886 at Sydenham 003341-86, (Frontenac), Richard Hugh TATHILL (Tothill?), 27, Farmer, Seaford England, Muskoka, s/o Parent dead, Helen Maud SANDS, 35, Cheshire England, Ringwood Kingston, d/o Thomas B. SANDS & (mother dead), witn- Hubert SANDS, Mrs. Mary BANON & Mrs. Julia TAIT, Mar 3 1886 at Kingston
3213-86, Earleton Edgar TAYLOR, 21, tailor, Inkerman Ont., Harrowsmith, s/o John & Maryann TAYLOR, married Ida Anzanitta BAKER, 18, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Ira & Mary Jane BAKER.  witn: William J. BOLTON & Frances CLARK, both of Harrowsmith, on 17 Nov., 1886, at Harrowsmith.  3206-86, Edgar TAYLOR, 24, Farmer, Portland, Hartington, s/o Jesse & Jane TAYLOR, married Clara WOOD, 18, Camden, Hartington, d/o Nicholas & Maryann WOOD, witn: William MORRISON of Hartington & Emma HAYLE of Earnestown, on 16 June, 1886, at Hartington. 
  3443-86, Gilbert TEMPLER, 27, paper maker, Jordon NY, Brownville Jefferson Co N.Y., s/o Robert TEMPLER & Elizabeth JEFFERS, married Anna FOLSOM, 20, Brownville, Brownville Jefferson Co. N.Y., d/o Ezra FOLSOM & Adelaide SEEBER, wtn: Thomas WILSON & J.B. McKAY both of blank, 5 July 1886, Kingston
003346-86 (Frontenac Co.) George THOMPSON, 28, Cabinet Maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Mary THOMPSON, married Margaret BAKER, 23, Liverpool England, Kingston, d/o Thomas & Maria BAKER, witn: Robert ARNEIL, Mary ARNEIL, Kingston, April 1, 1886 at Kingston 3508-87 Thomas THOMSON , 20, Farmer, Ireland, Hinchinbrookee, s/o Arthur & Fanny, mar. Charlotte SHILLINGTON, 17, Ont., Hinchinbrookee, d/o John & Eliza. Witn Carrie BELLMORE & Emily HAYLOCK, both of Verona, on 11 Nov., 1886, at Verona.
#003242-86  William TODD, 29, widower, carriage maker, Pittsburgh, Goodwood - Uxbridge, s/o James TODD & Margaret, married Ella TROTTER, 26, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Robert TROTTER & Margaret, witn: J.S. FOSTER & Victoria FRANKLIN, both of Pittsburgh, 14 Apr 1886 at Pittsburgh 3439-86, William Henry TOWSEND, 28, bricklayer, England, Kingston, s/o William & Ann TOWSEND, married Sophia Carminia FARGO, 29, Wolfe Island Ont, Kingston, d/o parents deceased, wtn: John F. BRADY & William PUGH both of Kingston, 19 Oct 1886, St. George's Cathedral, Kingston
3204-86, James N. TRICKEY, 21, Railway Agent, A P ?, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Allen & Jannie TRICKEY, married Mercy Jane McCARTY, 22, Kingston, Clarks Mills, d/o Horace & Ester McCARTY.  witn: George STEDMAN & Lillie SIMMONS, both of Verona, on 02 Feb., 1886, at Verona.    3406-86, George TURCOTTE, 21, carpenter, Long Island, Kingston, s/o John TURCOTTE & Mary BAYRAN, married Bella MARCEAU, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John MARCEAU & Mary BURNS, wtn: James ROBERTSON & Annie McQUAID both of Kingston, 31 August no year 1886?, Bishop's Palace, Kingston
3411-86, Isaac TUTTLE, 24, railroad man, Pittsburg, Sharbot Lake, s/o Isaac & Mary , married Susan HEMPTON, 18, Bedford, same, d/o John & Susan , wtn: James Walker BARNES & Mary LILLIS both of Kingston, 23 August 1886, Kingston 3376-86, John Edward TWIGG, 50, widower, gardener, England, Kingston, s/o John TWIGG & Mary RUSHTON his wife, married Isabella LEES, 44, Bedford Tp, Kingston Tp, d/o William LEES & Eliza CHURCHILL his wife, wtn: Edith McMORINE & Francis Grant KIRKPATRICK both of Kingston, 22 July 1886, St. James church, Kingston
3564-87, Hiram Westly UTTER, 29, joiner, Hamilton Ont, Syracuse N York U.S., s/o John Westly & Lucinda , married Maria Amelia SHARMAN, 23, Barriefield Frontenac Co, Kingston Ont, d/o Jack & Isabella , wtn: Thomas N. SHARMAN of V & Maggie CAIRNS of Perth , 21 September 1886, Kingston  
#003254-86  William VANALSTINE, 29, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Duncan & Jane, married Jane WOODS, 28, Pittsburgh, same, d/o John & Avis, witnesses were Charles & Hattie VANALSTINE of Pittsburgh, 4 Nov 1886 at Pittsburgh 3243-86 Charles VANALSTINE, 33, farmer, Pittsburg, same, s/o Marvin & Sarah Ann VANALSTINE, married Harriet WOODS, 23, Pittsburg, same, d/o John & Avis WOODS, witn: Walter ANGLIN & Jane WOODS, both of Pittsburg, 14 April 1886 at not given [reg'd in Pittsburg twp]
3321-86 James Edward WALLACE, 22, laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Edward Noel WALLACE & Alice THOMPSON, married Lucy Hammins COYNE, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Mathew COYNE & Mary Ann HUME, witn: William BAKER & Mary Ann COYNE, both of Kingston, 8 Jan 1886 at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston 3467-86, Charles Allen WALKER, 29, bar tender, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Henry W. WALKER & Katherine BROWN, married Annie Rebecca CARFERRY (Carberry?), 21, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert CARFERRY & Sarah Jane DYKES, wtn: blank, 13 September. 1886, Kingston
3465-86, George William WALSH, 24, overseer cotton mill, England, Kingston, s/o William WALSH & Margaret HEAP, married Mary Ann ALLEN, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o William ALLEN & Elizabeth FARRELL, wtn: Edwin WALSH & Annie WOODS both of Kingston, 30 August 1886, Kingston 3475-86, James WALSH, 44, fireman, Ireland, Kingston, s/o John WALSH & Catherine LAWLESS, married Sarah Ann LANGWORTHY, 36, widow, England, Kingston, d/o James SCOBELL & Mary TURPIN, wtn: Edwin BELL of Kingston, 26 November 1886, Kingston St. Paul's Church
3294-86 Barton Brewer WARD, 28, electrician, Kingston twp., Hartford Conn., s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Hester Mary Frances GOULD, 22, Kingston twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Philip E. WARD & Henry WARTMAN, both of Kingston twp, 16 June 1886 at Lake Shore 003431-86 (Frontenac Co.) James WATSON, 37, Piano Maker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Thomas WATSON & Frances McLAUGHLIN, married Mary SULLIVAN, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John SULLIVAN & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: Thomas REGAN, Bridget SULLIVAN, both of Kingston, September 28, 1886 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston
3230-86  Andrew George WATSON, 25, yeoman, Elmsley, Palmerston, s/o Alexander & Mary Ann WATSON, married Mary Elizabeth LENNOX, 19, Augusta, Palmerston, d/o James & Samantha LENNOX, witn: James McDOUGAL & Margaret Marian WATSON, both of Ompah, 31 May 1886 at Ompah, Palmerston 3207-86, John Edward WATSON, 29, Farmer, Portland, same, s/o Abram & Mary, married Nina? (Vina?) Melina SNIDER, 20, Portland, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth.  witn: Robert SNIDER & Annie LAKE, both of Portland, on 24 Feb., 1886, at Portland.   
#003266-86  William WATTAM, 25, farmer, of Portland, s/o Wiliam & Martha WATTAM, married Eliza Marinda KINGSTON, 19, of Hinchinbrooke, d/o Paul KINGSTON & his wife, witnesses were Jacob KEER? & Matilda KINGSTON, at St. Paul's church Sydenham, no date given 3507-87 Thomas WATTAM, 22, Farmer, Ont., Portland, s/o William & Martha, mar. Eliza DIXON, 16, Ont., Portland, d/o Jabez & Elizabeth. Witn Ann HAYLOCK & E. M. HAYLOCK, both of Verona, on 10 Nov., 1886, at Verona.
3479-86, Thomas WHITE, 24, farmer, Tyrone Co Ireland, Pittsburg, s/o William & Sarah WHITE, married Ellen HENERY (Henry?), 18, Pittsburgh Ont, same, d/o David & Mary Ann HENERY, wtn: Francis DUFFY & Sarah HENERY both of Pittsburgh Ont, no date, Kingston All Saints Church #003238-86  David James WHITNEY, 24, farmer, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth WHITNEY, married Nancy E. HUTTON, 20, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o Frank HUTTON & not given, witnesses were Sarah A. DONALDSON of Pittsburgh & D.H. McCAUGHERTY of Streetsville, 24 Mar 1886 at Pittsburgh
3624-87, Henry L. WILDER, 28, farmer, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Artemus & Mary , married Ella Mary CARCALLEN (Carscallen?), 21, Sydenham, Kingston, d/o Thomas B. & Ann Eliza , wtn: Thomas SCALES & Lottie WILDER both of Kingston, 22 December 1886, Kingston 3369-86, Henry WILKINS, 25, printer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John WILKINS & Ellen CORCORAN, married Caroline RYDER, 26, Storrington, Kingston, d/o Henry RYDER & Hattie CLARK, wtn: Alice KEYS & C.W. BOUSFIELD both of Kingston, 16 June 1886, Kingston
003347-86 (Frontenac Co.) William George WILKINSON, 30, Nail Maker, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o John & Caroline WILKINSON, married Margaret L. WILSON, 22, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o George & Margaret WILSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. LYONS of Kingston, April 1, 1886 at Kingston 3480-86, John WILLIAMS, 26, livery man, Kingston, Kingston, s/o John & Anne , married Annie MARKLE, 21, Napanee, Napanee, d/o Gilbert & Susannah , wtn: J.A. McNAUGHTON & Anne WILLIAMS both of Kingston, 15 December 1886, Kingston
3416-86, Alexander WILSON, 25, barber, Canada, Picton, s/o Daniel WILSON & Marion JENKINS, married Mary WILMER, 18, Canada, Marysburgh, d/o William WILMER & Margaret ST. PETERS, wtn: J. McCUAIG & E. McCUAIG both of blank, 29 September 1886, Kingston 3456-86, William Henry WOODROW, 28, engineer, Matilda Que, Kingston City, s/o Frank & Margaret , married Isabelle McNaughton Ellswood ELLIOTT, 25, Kingston City, Kingston City, d/o George & Elizabeth , wtn: Thomas DECKER & N. ELLIOTT both of Kingston, 27 October 1886, Kingston
3410-86, John James WOOTEN, 25, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o James & Sarah , married Jessie LEE, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o James & Annie , wtn: James LEE & Harriet WOOTEN both of Kingston, 3 August 1886, Kingston 3438-86, Charles WRIGHT, 50, widower, labourer, England, Kingston, s/o Robert & Mary Ann WRIGHT, married Jane GRAY, 37, widow, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Samuel & Louise PETERS, wtn: Joseph & Mary KEELY both of Kingston, 14 October 1886, Kingston
3462-86, Henry Archibald YOUNG, 66, widower, brick layer, Rochester N.Y, Kingston, s/o blank, married Amelia GATER (Gates?), 45, widow, London England, Kingston, d/o blank, wtn: Richard BEECHER of Portsmouth & Mary GRANT of Kingston, 8 November 1886, St. George's Cathedral, Kingston  


** 3234-86 Esford - Duffie, #, with note, " ... the brides age was represented by the groom as 18 but parents say 15... the marriage was illegal as licence was obtained by fraud. Esford has long since flown the country and is at present in the United States"