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Frontenac Co., 1889

birth place is given before residence


3947-89 (Frontenac Co): William ALBERTSON, 24, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o David & Mary Jane, married Ida UPHOLD, 19, Kent England, Kingston, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: David & Mary SMITH of Kingston & Edith THURLOW of Cataraqui, 20 July 1889 at Cataraqui  
3874-89 (Frontenac Co) Samuel ALLEN, 34, labourer, Kingston, Palmerston Twp, s/o John & Eliza Jane ALLEN, married Mary MUNDELL, 21, Palmerston Twp, Kingston, d/o William MUNDELL & Mary Jane RYDER, witn: Matwell DONALDSON, Pittsburgh Twp & Robina WALLER, Kingston Twp, 30 Oct 1889 at Kingston 3859-89 (Frontenac Co) Robert ANDERSON, 21, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o William ANDERSON & Elizabeth CHRISTMAS, married Annie WHITING, 21, Bournemouth England, Kingston, d/o James WHITING & Eleanor DELACY, witn: Henry & Louisa COLLINS, both of Kingston, 10 June 1889 at Kingston
3927-89 (Frontenac Co): George ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Eva Letta SPOONER, 27, widow, Odessa, Elginburg, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Annabella DE WOLFE & Gertrude SCAMMELL, both of Sydenham, 10 April 1889 at Sydenham 3892-89 (Frontenac Co) William Gledhill ASHLEY, 33, merchant, Kingston Twp, Kingston, s/o John ASHLEY & Margaret CHRYSLER, married Brigid SULLIVAN, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Margaret O'BRIEN, witn: Edward DWYER & Margaret SULLIVAN, both of Kingston, 14 Oct 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3839-89 Isaac ASSELSTINE, 59, Widower, Carpenter, Twp. of Kingston, City of Kingston, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Harriet SELBY, 43, Spinster, Trenton(?) Devonshire England, City of Kingston, d/o George SELBY & Mary Ann ALLEN. Witn John MARTIN & Harriet BLACKMORE, both of Kingston, on 20 July, 1889, at Kingston. 3931-89 (Frontenac Co): William S. ASSELTINE, 21, farmer, Kingston twp., Oso twp., s/o Peter & Martha, married Turvey WAGER, 28, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, d/o Philip & Aurora, witn: Peter & Jane ASSELTINE of Oso twp., 23 Dec 1889 at Oso twp
3956-89 (Frontenac Co): Ephraim BABCOCK, 28, farmer, Bedford, Clarendon twp., s/o Cornelius & Rebecca, married Emma GERDIS, 21, Clarendon twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Edward BABCOCK & Amelia GERDIS, both of Clarendon twp., 25 Dec 1889 at Holy Trinity Church, Plevna 3951-89 (Frontenac Co): Benjamin BABCOCK, 23, farmer, Hinchinbrooke twp., same, s/o Israel & Nancy, married Etta MARTIN, 15, Portland twp., Clarendon twp., d/o William & Clerilla?, witn: Marion & Francis HOLDEN of Plevna, 10 Aug 1889 at Plevna
3926-89 (Frontenac Co): Wilfred Stanley BABCOCK, 20, farmer, Kingston twp., Loughboro, s/o Daniel & Rachel, married Martha Jane ABRAMS, 21, Loughboro, same, d/o Thomas & Melissa, witn: Joseph HIBBERD & Miriam WELSTEAD, both of Sydenham, 30 March [probably 1889] at Sydenham 3993-89 (Frontenac Co): Robert E. BABCOCK, 25, farmer, Canada, Hartington, s/o John & Mary, married Bessie MARTIN, 19, Canada, Loughboro, d/o Stephen & Margaret, witn: Leslie BROOKS of Bellrock & Cora SNIDER of Verona, 2 April 1889 at Verona
3983-89 (Frontenac Co): Samuel BAIDEN, 29, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Nelson & Charlotte, married Martha DAVEY, 17, Portland, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, witn: Willie DAVEY of Hinchinbrooke & Hulda BAIDEN of Portland, 25 Dec 1889 at Hinchinbrooke 3975-89 (Frontenac Co): Francis BAKER, 27, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o John BAKER & Mary DAWSON, married Caroline FERGUSON, 24, Garden Island, same, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Sarah BRADLEY, witn: Thomas BAKER of Wolfe Island & Catherine WALKERLY of Garden Island, 21 Oct 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3882-89 (Frontenac Co) William Henry BALL, 24, miner, Devonshire England, Lanark Co., s/o William BALL & Elizabeth FURZE, married Catharine Anne JUDGE, 23, Wilbur, Wilbur Lanark Co, d/o William JUDGE & Catharine LEE, witn: John & Mary JUDGE both of Kingston, 5 June 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 4012-89 (Frontenac Co): Henry BARNES, 37, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o James & Mary, married Hannah Maria LANE, 30, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: James R. BARNES & Jane LANE, both of Pittsburgh, 20 June 1889 at Pittsburgh
3879-89 (Frontenac Co) Charles BEAUPRE, 26, sailor, Kingston, same, s/o Edmond BEAUPRE & Ester MOFFETT, married Clara ROCHPORT, 27, Ganangoque, Kingston, d/o Joseph ROCHFORT & Emilia KARCH, witn: Thomas LEAHY & Ellen GALLAGHER, both of Kingston, 23 May 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3941-89 (Frontenac Co): Hiram Edwin BELL, 20, photographer, Kingston twp., same, s/o Alexander & Susannah, married Gretta ROSE, 18, Ernestown, Kingston twp., d/o Benjamin & Mina, witn: William E. WRIGHT of Cataraqui & Maggie BELL of Westbrook, 23 April 1889 at Cataraqui
  3932-90: Washington BISHOP, 28, Farmer, Tp. of Oxford, Tp. of Oso, s/o C.N. & Margaret, married Rachel DONNOLLY, 26, Oso Tp., same, d/o Edward & Agnes.  Witn: Edward BISHOP of S.Sherbrooke, & Mrs. Fred. BISHOP of Oso, on 25 Dec., 1889, at Tp. of Oso. 
4017-89 (Frontenac Co): John Albert BLACK, 25, farmer, Camden, Kennebec, s/o James & Hannah, married Eliza Ann PARKS, 18, Kennebec, same, d/o George W. & Mary, witn: Charles & Cassie SCOTT of Arden, 12 July 1889 at Arden 4016-89 (Frontenac Co): Gilbert BOOMHOWER, 22, farmer, Kennebec, same, s/o Walter & Flora, married Dorothy KELLAR, 19, Kennebec, same, d/o John & Mariah, witn: John HAYS & Minnie BOOMHOWER, both of Kennebec, 13 March 1889 at Kennebec
3985-89 (Frontenac Co): Jerome M. BOTT, 21, farmer, Kingston twp., Barrie twp., s/o George & Charlotte, married Annie Laura PERRY, 20, Tamworth, Violet, d/o Daniel E. & Fanny R., witn: Emma J. COMBE of Cloyne, 3 July 1889 at Cloyne 3855-89 (Frontenac Co) William C. BOYD, 34, mariner, Donegal Ireland, Wilbur, s/o blank & Mary Ann CRUMLEY, married Catharine MACK, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Wilburn, d/o Richard MACK & Mary MILHANTON, witn: Susan DAVY & James MCCULLA, both of Kingston, 24 Apr 1889 at Kingston
3893-89 (Frontenac Co) Cornelius BRADY, 29, farmer, Leeds Twp Ont, same, s/o George BRADY & Catharine FRASER, married Margaret Ellen KENNY, 22, Leeds Twp, same, d/o Michael KENNY & Sarah LANG, witn: Emily Balfour TIMBERLAKE & Alvira SMITH both of the City of Kingston, 25 Nov 1889 at Kingston 4011-89 (Frontenac Co): Francis BROOKS, 30, farmer, Portsmouth, Pittsburgh, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Mary GILLESPIE, 27, Wolfe Island, Pittsburgh, d/o John & Almira, witn: Annie GILLESPIE of Howe Island & Thomas GILLESPIE of Pittsburgh, 29 May 1889 at Pittsburgh
3896-89 (Frontenac Co) Edwin M. BROUSE, 22, labourer, Williamsburg Ont, Kingston Ont, s/o Michael H. & Sarah A. BROUSE, married Jennie Cecil MILLER, 19, Olden Twp, Ont, same, d/o Wm & Ann J. MILLER, witn: Sarah A. BROUSE, Kingston & Katie BARNES, Canton N.Y., 25 Nov 1889 at Kingston 3870-89 (Frontenac Co) Allen E. BROWSE, 24, carpenter, Canada, Kingston, s/o M. & A. BROWSE, married R. C. SHANNON, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o J.P. & J. SHANNON, witn: G. GRAHAM & E. BROWSE, both of Kingston, 9 Oct 1889 at Kingston
3878-89 (Frontenac Co) James BUGGY, 27, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Patrick BUGGY & Mary RYAN, married Sarah LACEY, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Michael LACEY & Mary BULLOCK, witn: Richard & Anna RYAN, both of Wolfe Island, 7 Jan 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3843-89 (Frontenac Co): John James BURTON, 22, merchant, London England, Kingston, s/o Henry & Emily, married Eva Jane GATES, 20, Pittsburgh Ont., Kingston, d/o William & Lavina, witn: George KENNEDY of Stratford & Esther COFFEY of Kingston, 5 Aug 1889 at Kingston
#014267-90 (Toronto) Frederick Alfred BURTON, 24, Norfolk Eng, Toronto, b, brass finisher, s/o James & Frances Matilda BURTON, married Minnie Eliza CLEAK, 22, Portsmouth Eng, Toronto, s, d/o George W. & Georgina Jane CLEAK, witn Clara Grace CLEAK, William J. BEAKLEY, both Toronto, married 18 December 1889 3916-89 (Frontenac Co): Oscar McCoy CAMPBELL, 28, yeoman, Hinchinbrooke, same, s/o John & Melissa, married Mary KNAPP, 27, Storrington, same, d/o Samuel & Hannah, witn: Benjamin KNAPP of Storrington & Evy E. CAMPBELL of Oso, 3 June 1889 at Storrington
3972-89 (Frontenac Co): Thelesphore CAMPEAU, 19, farmer, Garden Island, same, s/o Milieu CAMPEAU & Julia BO—HORN, married Adeline POTTER, 17, Pitts Ferry, Garden Island, d/o William PATTER & Harriet GARRENT, witn: Patrick FINN of Kingston & Audilda CAMPEAU of Garden Island, 21 Sept 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 3994-89 (Frontenac Co): John Wilson CAMPSALL, 25, lumber merchant, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John & Malissa, married Rachel Jane KITSON, 20, Canada, Portland, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph KITSON & E.E. CAMPSALL, both of Portland, 4 April 1889 at Portland
3890-89 (Frontenac Co) Walter CARNOVSKY, 28, architect, Kingston, same, s/o Robert CARNOVSKY & Hannah HARKES, married Hattie REEVES, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John REEVES & Johanna SLATTERY, witn: Jos T. CATLIN & Hannah REEVES, blank. 17 Sept 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3849-89 (Frontenac Co): James CARR, 27, laborer, Rome Italy, Kingston, s/o Frank CARR & Rosa FIELD, married Nellie HOWARD, 23, Shannonville twp., Kingston, d/o Elisha HOWARD & Mary Ann OLIVER, witn: Frederick THOMSON & Anna ROBINSON, both of Kingston, 7 Sept 1889 at Kingston
3840-89 Harvey CHADWICK, 38, Widower, Carter(?), Ernestown, Kingston, s/o Allan CHADWICK & Amanda ALLEN, married Jane COCKBURN, 28, Spinster, Kingston, same, d/o William COCKBURN & Sarah WHITCOMB. Witn James McGILL & Annie J. CLARK, both of Kingston, on 01 Aug., 1889, at Kingston. 3979-89 (Frontenac Co): John A. CHARLTON, 22, telegraph operator, Portland, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth Ann GRAY, 21, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Hugh & Caroline, witn: George GRAY & Eliza Ann HOWES, both of Hinchinbrooke, 23 Jan 1889 at Parham
3982-89 (Frontenac Co): William L.C. CLARK, 30, farmer, Lennox, Chatham, s/o John & Mary, married Jane WAGAR, 30, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, d/o James & Christena, witn: John WESLEY & Nellie SMITH, both of Hinchinbrooke, 18 Dec 1889 at Hinchinbrooke 3946-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas CLARK, 22, carpenter, Portsmouth, Kingston, s/o William & Jane, married Jane MILLIGAN, 20, Portsmouth, Gananoque, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: George CLARK of Williamsville and Andrew BLACK & Georgia THURLOW, both of Cataraqui, 23 July 1889 at Williamsville
3887-89 (Frontenac Co) Peter CLARKE, 21, long shoreman, Kingston, same, s/o Lawrence CLARKE & Mary CURLEY, married Brigid FANNON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Michael FANNON & Brigid COURTENAY, witn: Patrick & Margaret FANNON, both of Kingston, 5 Aug 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3883-89 (Frontenac Co) Ed CLAYTON, 32, builder, Kingston, same, s/o Daniel CLAYTON & Hannah MANLY, married Margaret MCFADDEN, 26, Kingston, same, d/o Jas MCFADDEN & Cath COYLE, witn, John MITCHELL & Ellen DEVLAN, blank, 9 Jun 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3923-89 (Frontenac Co): William C. COLE, 21, laborer, Portland, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Isabella WALLACE, 15, Portland, same, d/o James & Lydia, witn: Gertrude & Edwina SCAMMELL of Sydenham, 10 April 1889 at Sydenham 3854-89 (Frontenac Co): James CONLEY, 24, confectioner, London England, Kingston, s/o Morris & Mary Ann, married Kate CARR, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Alex & Mary Jane, witn: W.H. & E. PRITCHARD of Kingston, 18 Sept 1889 at Kingston
3936-89 (Frontenac Co): James COOK, 19, farmer, South Mountain, Oso, s/o Ira & Eliza, married Margaret Ann McCOY, 20, Bathurst, Oso, d/o Robinson & Ann, witn: William COOK & Elizabeth ROBINSON, both of Oso twp., 26 June 1889 at Christ Church, Oso twp 4002-89 (Frontenac Co): William J. COOK, 20, farmer, Mountain twp., Oso twp., s/o Ezra & Eliza, married Maggie L. MARTIN, 15, Portland, Verona, d/o Elisha & Ann, witn: S. WALKER of Verona & L. BRECKON of Keswick, 30 Oct 1889 at Verona
3864-89 (Frontenac Co) James COOPER, 27, machinist, England, Kingston, s/o James & Alice COOPER, married Alice Helen LEHEUP, 25, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o Jeremiah ALLCROFT-LEHEUP & Anne WAINWRIGHT, witn: George Hugh WILSON & Emma Louise LEHEUP, both of Kingston, 7 Sept 1889 at St. George's Kingston 4005-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas COWDY, 21, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Ida DELINE, no age given, Portland, same, d/o Hiram & Ann, witn: C. LIDSTONE of Harrowsmith & Annie TOPLIFFE of Kingston, 12 Oct 1889 at Harrowsmith
3960-89 (Frontenac Co): Philander CUMMINGS, 29, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Spencer CUMMINGS & Mary BRAID?, married Margaret HALL, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James HALL & Selina FERGUSON, witn: William HALL & Mary E. BROWN, both of Wolfe Island, 23 Jan 1889 at res f bride's mother, Wolfe Island 4000-89 (Frontenac Co): James CURL, 19, farmer, Canada, Bedford, s/o James & Sabra, married Elena STAFFAUL, 15, Canada, Bedford, d/o Daniel STAFFAUL & Lydia SPARKS, witn: Robert CURL of Bedford & Ida SNIDER of Verona, 24 July 1889 at Verona
3850-89 (Frontenac Co): Duncan Albert DAVIDSON, 23, law student, Storrington, Kingston, s/o Bryce DAVIDSON & Rachel DULMAGE, married Hellen Jane McGOWAN, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas McGOWAN & Jane FRENCH, witn: illegible L. CLEMENTS & William P. JACKSON, both of Kingston, 12 Sept 1889 at Kingston 3863-89 (Frontenac Co) Walter DAVIDSON, 21, moulder, Penn U.S.A., Kingston, s/o George Robert & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, married Elizabeth HALL, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Samuel & Mary HALL, witn: Joseph MCARDRE & Garnet HALL, both of Kingston, 18 Sep 1889 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston
4037-90: John W. DAVIS, 23, Mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o James W. DAVIS & Mary STALEY, married Janet LENNON, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Patrick. LENNON & Margaret McGUIRE.  Witn: George DAVIS & Marg't. LENNON, both of Kingston, on 29 Nov., 1889, at St. Marys Cathedral 3869-88 John (illegible) DAVIS, 35, Mariner, Wolfe Island, Marysville, s/o Rich. & Amy, married Margaret SANDERSON, 25, Wolfe Island, Marysville, d/o Harry S. (?) & Elizabeth. Witn William MATIER & Bella SANDERSON both of Wolfe Island, on 09 Jan., 1889, at Wolfe Island.
4008-89 (Frontenac Co): Samuel DAY, 31, farmer, Lansdowne twp., Leeds twp., s/o Jacob & Eliza, married Mabel FARQUHARSON, 21, Pittsburgh twp., same, d/o not given, witn: Lizzie ORSER of Kingston & David HERBISON of Leeds twp., 2 Jan 1889 at Pittsburgh 3971-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas DEE, 26, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Daniel DEE & Ellen BEATTY, married Margaret KELLY, 23, Clayton NY, Wolfe Island, d/o Patrick KELLY & Elizabeth PRIMROSE, witn: James KELLY & Ann DEE, both of Wolfe Island, 8 July 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
004117-90, Henry Moses DE LACEY, 53, widower, shoemaker, England, Kingston, s/o John M DE LACEY & Fanny DE LACEY, married Catherine DULMAGE, 52, widow, Canada, Kingston, d/o William Gennair? SCOTT & Catherine BEECHNER, witn: Barbara CULPACK of Kingston , 25 April 1889 at St. Pauls Ch Kingston  
4036-90: Ulric DISEAU, 18, Barber, Montreal, Kingston, s/o Jos. DISEAU & Anydic(?) LAFRANCE, married Mary Ann MAINVILLE, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Joseph MAINVILLE & Flavie VERNICE.  Witn: Jos. DISEAU & Jos. MAINVILLE, both of Kingston, on 15 Nov., 1889, at St. Marys Cathedral 3912-89 (Frontenac Co): Robert DIXON, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Margaret J. PATTERSON, 22, Storrington, same, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Frances H. CROWE & Martha HANLEY, 20 March 1889 at Inverary
4013-89 (Frontenac Co): Joseph R. DONALDSON, 20, merchant, Pittsburgh, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth CONNELL, 18, Storrington, same, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: J.W. ARMSTRONG of St. Lawrence NY & Elizabeth WOODS of Pittsburgh, 1 May 1889 at Pittsburgh 003982-90, John DOUGHERTY, 34, farmer, Kingston, Elginburgh, s/o James & Mary DOUGHERTY, married Caroline RAY, 34, Widow, Kingston, Elginburgh, d/o William & Maria ALBERTSON, witn: John ELMER & Nellie Y ELMER, 11 December 1889 at Kingston.
3829-89 Robert DOWNEY, 22, Laborer, Twp. of Portland, City of Kingston, s/o Robert & Esther Ann, married Mary Ellen Cecelia GLENN, 23, City of Kingston, same, d/o Patrick & Margaret. Witn Sarah PITTS & Viney SMITH, both of Kingston, on 26 June, 1889, at Kingston. 3891-89 (Frontenac Co) John DOYLE, 24, railroad, Pittsburgh, same, s/o James DOYLE & Helen BRADY, married Lucy HARRISON, 23, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Chas HARRISON & Mary DALEY, witn: George HARRISON & Theresa DOYLE, both of Pittsburgh, 25 Sept 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3999-89 (Frontenac Co): Edwin H. DUCET, 28, cheese maker, Loughboro, Storrington, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Maggie J. GOODBERY, 19, Hinchinbrooke, Portland, d/o Lorenzo & Margaret, witn: William GOODBERY & Clara REYNOLDS, both of Portland, 2 Sept 1889 at Portland 3838-89 William Emerson DUNLOP, 21, Gunner of a Battery, Canada, Kingston, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Mary Jane McEWEN, 18, Canada, Kingston, d/o William & Mary. Witn Mary WHITING & Lillie PHILIPS, both of Kingston, on 16 June, 1889, at Kingston.
4038-90: Martin Vincent DUNPHY, 23, Carriage Painter, Kingston, same, s/o James DUNPHY & Ursula STALEY, married Martha Mary McAULEY, 21, Portsmouth Tp., same, d/o George McAULEY & Mary HOWARD.  Witn: Daniel Jos. McGUIN & Margaret McAULEY, both of Portsmouth, on 30 Nov., 1889, at St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston.  3828-89 David FALLY, 27, Railway Agent, Newport England, Dalhousie Mills, s/o Jarvis FALLY & Mary WALKER, married Elizabeth FORSTER, 23, Iren(?)(Irena?), Kingston, d/o William FORSTER & Rosanna FOSTER(?). Witn James MUNSH & Nellie LATURNAY, both of Kingston, on 26 June, 1889, at Kingston.
3869-89 (Frontenac Co) William Mac FEADRIDGE, 24, butcher, Nfdland, Kingston, s/o William John & Catharine, married Annie GREEN, 26, Kingston, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel GREEN & Maude THORNTON, both of Kingston, 15 Oct 1889 at Kingston 3974-89 (Frontenac Co): John FLANNIGAN, 25, laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas FLANNIGAN & Mary QUINN, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 22, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Mich JOHNSTON & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Daniel EVES of Kingston & Catherine JOHNSTON of Wolfe Island, 23 Sept 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3921-89 (Frontenac Co): William Henry FLYNN, 18, farmer, Olden, same, s/o Gilbert & Elizabeth, married Annie J. LOYST, 18, Olden, same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Andrew LOYST & Addie GARBUTT, both of Mountain Grove, 8 March 1889 at Mountain Grove, Olden twp 3969-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas FLYNN, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o Thomas FLYNN & Margaret McCARTHY, married Jane GREENWOOD, 40, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Martin GREENWOOD & Elizabeth YOTT, witn: James KEGAN & Josephine GREENWOOD, both of Wolfe Island, 23 April 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
4001-89 (Frontenac Co): John E. FREEMAN, 21, farmer, farmer, Canada, Portland, s/o Stephen & Phoebe Jane, married Maggie LANIX, 21, Canada, Canonto, d/o James & Samantha, witn: Hannah & Bertie ROADHOUSE of Verona, 4 Oct 1889 at Verona 004116, John GASKIN, 48, widower, forwarder, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Robert GASKIN & Margaret BURTON, married Isabella MACDONALD, 29, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hector K MACDONALD & Jane NORVAL, witn : Thomas GASKIN & Flora MACDONALD of Kingston, 27 February 1889 at Kingston
  3978-89 (Frontenac Co): Chester D. GODFREY, 25, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, same, s/o Chester H. & Margaret, married Ann L. GRIFFITH, 20, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o John A. & Mary Ann, witn: William GRIFFITH of Sharbot Lake & Mary E. GODFREY of Hinchinbrooke, 23 Jan 1889 at Parham
4010-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas GORDON, 28, cheese maker, Cape Vincent USA, Pittsburgh, s/o John C. & Ann, married Annie KIRKWOOD, 28, Pittsburgh, same, d/o John & Eliza Ann, witn: Alfred KIRKWOOD of Pittsburgh & Robert HAGERMAN of Mallorytown, 17 April 1889 at Pittsburgh 3904-89 (Frontenac Co) Donald B. GORDON, 21, tinsmith, Odessa, Kingston, s/o Billings GORDON & Ann SILVER, married Jessie Ann SPOONER, 19, Sunbury, Kingston, d/o James SPOONER & Margaret CURL, witn: Edward SPOONER, Sunbury & Emma MCGRATH, Kingston, 24 Dec 1889 at Kingston
3842-89 (Frontenac Co): Ruliff GRASS, 44, widower, retired merchant, Sidney twp., Trenton, s/o Robert GRASS & Nancy PURDY, married Sarah Minerva JONES, 30, widow, Collins Bay, same, d/o David RANKIN & Eliza J. PURDY, witn: Joseph & Ida LOSEE of Collins Bay, 5 Aug 1889 at Collins Bay 3944-89 (Frontenac Co): John GREEN, laborer, Lincolnshire England, Williamsville, s/o John & Eliza, married Ida Bella HEFNER, 20, Kingston, Williamsville, d/o Eckard & Hannah, witn: Philip HEFNER & John HOOPER, both of Williamsville, 28 Oct 1889 at Williamsville
3973-89 (Frontenac Co): John GREENWOOD, 21, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Maxime GREENWOOD & Elizabeth YOTT, married Henrietta Agnes STALEY, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o William STALEY & Henrietta BOLDT, witn: Fred STALEY & Annie DEE, both of Wolfe Island, 16 Sept 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 3962-89 (Frontenac Co): Ulysses Grant GRIMSHAW, 24, vet. surgeon, Wolfe Island, Cape Vincent, s/o Thomas & Annie S., married Phoebe Diana WATTS, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Job & Mary, witn: John HOME & Fannie WATTS, both of Wolfe Island, 15 May 1889 at res of bride's parents, Wolfe Island
4015-89 (Frontenac Co): John Fennel HAINES, 25, farmer, Richmond, Clarendon, s/o Donald & Ann, married Hulda HAINES, 21, Kennebec, same, d/o George & Delilah, witn: Alexander & Flora Maud STORRINGS of Clarendon, 5 March 1889 at Kennebec 3961-89 (Frontenac Co): William Abel HALL, 26, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o James & Selina, married Mary Esther BROWN, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James & Martha, witn: James HALL & Emma C. BROWN, both of Wolfe Island, 4 March 1889 at Marysville
3996-89 (Frontenac Co): Daniel S. HANNAH, 23, farmer, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, s/o John & Sarah, married Ellen Elizabeth PETERS, 16, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Benson & Jane, witn: Peter BOTTING & Rebecca PETERS, both of Cole Lake, 15 May 1889 at Verona 3837-89 James Albert HARPER, 30, Widower, Quarryman, England, Kingston, s/o John & Harriet, married Julia Ann McEWEN, 21, Spinster, Loughborough, Kingston, d/o William & Mary. Witn William DUNLOP & Jennie McEWEN, both of Kingston, on 08 July, 1889, at Kingston.
3928-89 (Frontenac Co): David HENDERSON, 42, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Margaret Ann McKAY, 30, Amherst Island, same, d/o Angus & Margaret, witn: Robert HENDERSON & Miriam Jane McKAY, both of Amherst Island, 17 Jan 1889 at Portsmouth 3932-89 (Frontenac Co): John HEPBURN, 27, farmer, Storrington twp., Oso twp., s/o Henry & Mary, married Elizabeth BURNASH, 17, Pittsburgh twp., Oso twp., d/o Maxim & Margaret, witn: Joseph BURNASH & Victoria LAFFINIER, both of Oso twp., 30 Sept 1889 at Clarendon Station, Oso twp
3940-89 (Frontenac Co): George Wilson HEYLAND, 28, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o William & Ann Jane, married Jennie Eleanor BELL, 30, Kingston twp., same, d/o Alexander & Susannah, witn: Philip & Maggie BELL of Kingston twp., 10 April 1889 at Kingston twp 3861-89 (Frontenac Co) Major HILL, 42, farmer, Alexandria U.S., Plassis U.S., s/o Louis HILL & Jane SMITH, married Mary E SCHRAM, 17, New York, Watertown U.S. d/o John SCHRAM & Laura RHODE, witn: Mary & John SCHRAM, both of Watertown, 24 July 1889 at Kingston
3905-89 (Frontenac Co) William HOLDER, 25, carpenter, Storrington Twp, same, s/o William HOLDER & Jane HARTLEY, married Clarinda KNAPP, 20 Storrington Twp, same, d/o Charles KNAPP & Rosemund WALKER, witn: Robert ENNIS, Storrington Twp & Rose FERGUSON, Loughboro Twp, 25 Dec 1889 at Kingston 3826-89 John James HOOPER, 34, Farmer, Port Hope, Cataraqui, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Lena Mary HAFFNER, 21, Kingston Twp., Kingston, d/o Eckhard & Hannah. Witn Joseph BOYD & Lottie HAFFNER, both of Kingston, on 19 June, 1889, at Kingston.
3938-89 (Frontenac Co): John M. HUGHES, 23, miller, Storrington, same, s/o John & Mary, married Lavinia A. CAMPBELL, 23, Storrington, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Mary SIMPSON of Cataraqui & Mary DARLING of Loughboro, 13 Feb 1889 at Cataraqui 3995-89 (Frontenac Co): Philander HUNT, 22, farmer, Canada, Bedford, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth, married Ethel Ellen CAMPBELL, 16, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, d/o James & Ellen PETERS, witn: Joseph B. SHILLINGTON & H.M. BUTTERELL, both of Cole Lake, 16 May 1889 at Verona
3988-89 (Frontenac Co): William A. HUTCHENS, 21, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o William & Esther, married Alice Emily DAVY, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o James William & Emily Ann, witn: Arthur & Louisa HUTCHENS of Harrowsmith, 1 Jan 1889 at Harrowsmith 3848-89 (Frontenac Co): William HYSLOP, 25, farmer, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o Charles HYSLOP & Eliza STEWART, married Hannah Elizabeth HENDERSON, 26, Leeds, Pittsburg twp., d/o James HENDERSON & Elizabeth KENNY, witn: John T. McMAHON & Lizzie HOUSTON, 5 Sept 1889 at Kingston
3825-89 William Thomas JACKSON, 21, Blacksmith, Ontario, Kingston, s/o James & Deborah, married Alice Orila DEYS, 20, Ontario, Portland Tp., d/o Abraham & Sarah. Witn William HALL & Rhoda DEYS, both of Kingston, on 17 June, 1889, at Kingston. 3895-89 (Frontenac Co) G. R. JACOBI, 23, general merchant, Ardock Ont, Ardock Dakota, s/o Ernest R. & Ellen JACOBI, married Amelia HYATT, 18, Kingston, same, d/o David & Jane HYATT, witn: Adelaide GRAHAM, Kingston & Chas Edward MCCRONE, Toronto, Nov 20 1889, at Kingston
3967-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas JAMES, 30, merchant, New York, Buffalo, s/o Louis JAMES Mary EVANS, married Alice McDONALD, 25, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James McDONALD & Mary LACEY, witn: William & Nellie McDONALD of Wolfe Island, 30 Jan 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 003994-90, David JAMIESON, 27, plumber, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Mary A ROBERTSON, married Millicent STORMS, 22, Marysburg, Kingston, d/o Nathaniel & Mary HARRIS, witn: Fred BLACK & Lizzie JAMIESON both of Kingston, 30 Oct 1889 at Kingston.
3945-89 (Frontenac Co): Alexander B. JOHNSTON, 32, Methodist Minister, Hawkesbury, Elginburgh, s/o Alexander & Martha, married Millie M. PURDY, 21, Collinsby, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Hedley V. WRIGHT of Portsmouth and Daniel McDONALD & Emma CLARK, both of Collinsby, 15 Aug 1889 at Collinsby (should be Collins Bay?)  
3922-89 (Frontenac Co): William S. JOHNSTON, 33, farmer, Camden, Olden, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catherine CARR, 20, Camden, Olden, d/o James & Annie, witn: Duncan YOUMANS & Victoria his wife, 4 March 1889 at Olden 3906-89 (Frontenac Co) Alexander J. JOHNSTON, 33, carpenter, United States of Am, Kingston, s/o Napoleon JOHNSTON & Jessie MCINTOSH, married Martha MCKEE, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Wm MCKEE & Mary Jane RAE, witn: Nettie JOHNSON & Joseph MCKEE, both of Kingston,, 26 Dec 1889 at Kingston
3897-89 (Frontenac Co) William JONES, 21, piano finisher, Kingston, same, s/o William & Hannah JONES, married Rose SULLIVAN, 19, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Miss WATSON & Frank ANDREW, both of Kingston, 8 July 1889 at Kingston, RC 3866-89 (Frontenac Co) Clarence Fonton JONES, 25, barber, Montreal, Kingston, s/o James Henry JONES & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Emma Frances JOYNER, 22, Peterboro, Kingston, s/o Charles JOYNER & Maria Jane DUTTON, witn: Jennie WILLIAMS & Wm JOYNER, blank, 26 Sept 1889 at Kingston
3830-89 Walter Richard JONES, 40, Bachelor, Laborer, Kingston, same, s/o Walter Richard JONES & Sarah MILLER, married Clarinda LYMAN, 23, Spinster, Portland Tp., same, d/o Ryle(?) T. LYMAN & Ruth Anne TAYLOR. Witn Andrew CLARK of Cataraqui & Anne BARNS of Kingston, on 30 May, 1889, at St. James Church Kingston 3884-89 (Frontenac Co) John KANE, 29, machinist, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Joh KANE & Mary ERLY, married Alice NUGENT, 25, Kingston, same, d/o Peter NUGENT & Eliza MORAN, witn: Patrick MORAHAN & Mary NUGENT, both of Kingston, 12 June 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3894-89 (Frontenac Co) Samuel KEARNS, 33, carpenter, Pittsburgh Ont, City of Kingston, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Elizabeth MAXWELL, 24, Pittsburgh Ont, City of Kingston, d/o Richard & Duffy, witn: Samuel & Susan WOOD, both of Kingston, 5 Nov 1889 at City of Kingston 3915-89 (Frontenac Co): Sanford KELLER, 30, laborer, Loughboro twp., Perth Road, s/o William John & Elizabeth, married Sarah BRAIDWOOD, 18, Scotland, Kingston, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Marinda ALTON & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Perth Road, 5 April 1889 at Perth Road
3980-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas J. KENNEDY, 25, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, same, s/o John & Ellen, married Almedia V. GRIFFITH, 18, Portland, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Frank & Margaret KENNEDY of Hinchinbrooke, 19 June 1889 at Hinchinbrooke 3844-89 (Frontenac Co): George KENNEDY, 40, widower, boiler maker, Kirkemeighle? Scotland, Stratford, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Esther DOFFEY, 29, Kingston, same, d/o William & Grace, witn: John J. & Eva Gates BURTON of Kingston, 5 Aug 1889 at Kingston
  3833-89 John KINCH, 27, Carpenter, Belleville, Kingston, s/o John & Catharine Ann, married Emily RUTHERFORD, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas & Jane. Witn John STANDLEY, & Harriett RUTHERFORD, both of Kingston, on 26 June, 1889, at Kingston.
3931-90: George KIRKHAM, 27, Farmer, Bathurst, N.Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Jane TIMMS, 22, Oso Tp., N.Sherbrooke, d/o John & Mary Ann.  Witn: James LAYDEN & Sarah KIRKHAM, both of N.Sherbrooke, on 04 Dec., 1899, at Residence of Joseph SARGENT 3889-89 (Frontenac Co) Patrick LAWLESS, 25, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o James LAWLESS & Ellen DORAN, married Catharine MCCLOSKEY, 23, Ireland, Kingston, d/o James MCCLOSKEY & Murty BRADLEY, witn: Peter LAWLESS & E. MCCLOSKEY, both of Kingston, 2 Sept 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3877-89 (Frontenac Co) Joseph LECLUS, 25, cook, Quebec, same, s/o Eli LECLUS & O'Dilla BENLAN, married Delia LECTAN, 18, Trenton Ont, same, d/o Demas LECTAN & Pauline LEBEC, witn: Fred & Mrs Fred BENLAN, Kintston, 7 Jan 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3970-89 (Frontenac Co): David LEFEVRE, 23, mariner, Garden Island, same, s/o David LEFEVRE & Adel LAVIOLETTE, married Josephine LAWRENCE, 18, Garden Island, same, d/o Francis LAWRENCE & Lucy MARLEAU, witn: Frank & Emily LEFEVRE of Garden Island, 22 April 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3952-89 (Frontenac Co): Gustave Otto Emil LEMKE, 30, farmer, Prov. Pommen? Germany, Plevna, s/o Carl & Caroline, married Caroline Wilhelmine Margarette HARTMANN, 19, Ardock, Plevna, d/o Wilhelm & Sophie, witn: Julius LEMKE of Plevna & Caroline HARTMANN of Ardock, 28 Aug 1889 at Ardock (Lutheran) 3953-89 (Frontenac Co): Julius Ernst LEMKE, 23, farmer, Prov. Pommen? Germany, Plevna, s/o Carl & Caroline, married Caroline Adolphine HARTMANN, 17, Ardock, Plevna, d/o Wilhelm & Sophie, witn: Gustave LEMKE of Plevna & Wilhelmine HARTMANN of Ardock, 28 Aug 1889 at Ardock (Lutheran)
.  3868-89 (Frontenac Co) Reuben Wells LEONARD, 29, civil engineer, Brantford Ont, Springhill N.S., s/o Francis Key LEONARD & Mary Elizabeth CATTON, married Kate ROWLANDS, 28, Kingston, same, d/o John ROWLANDS & Jane LESSLIE, witn: Key Francis LEONARD, Brantford & Jennie ROWLANDS, Kingston, 11 Oct 1889 at St James Church Kingston 3831-89 Joseph LITTLE, 35, Hotel Keeper, Kingston, same, s/o Francis LITTLE & Sarah McCULLOGH, married Isabella F. CHAPMAN, 28, N.Y.State, Kingston, d/o E.F.CHAPMAN & Sarah BLACKMAN. Witn George G. ROBINSON of Kingston & Alice CAREY of Rochester, on 06 June, 1889, at Kingston. (see ** bottom of pg)
3824-89 Calvin LOWRY, 32, Widower, Currier, Prince Edward Co., Kingston, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann, married Cecelia WRIGHT, 30, Spinster, Kingston, same, d/o Fadoe(?) & Mary Ann. Witn George Hubbard WRIGHT & Sarah HUSTON, both of Kingston, on 17 June, 1889, at Kingston. 4018-89 (Frontenac Co): Frederick H. LOYST, 21, farmer, Sheffield, Kennebec, s/o Calvin & Catherine, married Margaret E. FRAZER, 18, "Tyntinag", Kennebec, d/o Duncan & Rachel, witn: Philip & Mary S. BAKER of Kennebec, 3 Aug 1889 at Kennebec
3832-89 Rowland John LYE, 28, Railway Clerk, England, Kingston, s/o John & Louisa, married Annie Fraser MEDLEY, 23, Barriefield, same, d/o William & Jane. Witn Ralph CHARLTON of Gananoque & Jennie MEDLEY of Kingston, on 24 June, 1889, at Kingston. 3847-89 (Frontenac Co): John Walton LYTTE (or Lytle?), 26, painter, Kingston, same, s/o John & Alice Walton, married Bridget Alicia FALLON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Michael & Hannah, witn: R.H. WALKER & S. E. GUNN, both of Kingston, 4 Sept 1889 at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston
3942-89 (Frontenac Co): James A. MARSH, 23, laborer, England, Kingston, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jennie HETHERING—(off page), 18, Kingston, same, [could be Kingston twp], d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander FINDLEY & Charlotte MAR—(off page), 30 Oct 1889 at Cataraqui 3939-89 (Frontenac Co): Edward Revel MARTIN, 27, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o William & Mary, married Alma Elizabeth CLARK, 20, Kingston twp., Ernestown twp., d/o Ezra & Emily, witn: William E. ELY & Mary SIMPSON, both of Cataraqui, 28 Jan 1889 at Cataraqui
4007-89 (Frontenac Co): Stephen MARTIN, 24, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Stephen & Margaret, married Adie CLARK, 19, Loughboro, Portland, d/o Alexander & Charlotte, witn: C. LIDSTONE of Harrowsmith, 16 Dec 1889 at Harrowsmith 3997-89 (Frontenac Co): John E. MARTIN, 60, widower, mechanic, Portland, Verona, s/o Elisha & Thankful, married Hannah M. IRISH, 51, Portland, Petworth, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Silas MARTIN & wife of Verona, 17 May 1889 at Verona
3989-89 (Frontenac Co): Samuel J. MARTIN, 24, farmer, widower, Portland, Kingston twp., s/o Laxton & Fermelia, married Mary Ann BARSTOW, 33, Kingston, Harrowsmith, d/o John & Mary, witn: Dr. E. McLAUGHLIN & Nellie BARSTOW, both of Harrowsmith, 30 Jan 1889 at Harrowsmith 3937-89 (Frontenac Co): Andrew N. McDONALD, 29, engineer, Prescott, Cleveland Ohio, s/o William & Charlotte, married Mary Elizabeth MARSH, 23, Portsmouth, Kingston twp., d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Mac McDONALD of Westbrook & George MARSH of Collinsby (Collins Bay?), 8 Jan 1889 at Kingston twp
3934-89 (Frontenac Co): Robert McDONELL, 26, farmer, Robertsville, same, s/o John & Alice, married Mary SARGENT, 25, Oso twp., 7th con of Oso, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Joseph McDONELL & Jessie HUGHES, both of Robertsville, 27 March 1889 at res of Jane Sargent, 7th con of Oso twp 4035-90: Martin McDONNELL, 50, Widower, Laborer, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Dominic McDONNELL & Cathrine KILBOYNE, married Mary SCANLAN, 40, Widow, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Michael HENNESSY & Ellen O'BRIEN.  Witn: Patrick EGAN & Mary SCANLAN, both of Kingston, on 20 Oct., 1889, at Kingston. 
3948-89 (Frontenac Co): William McFADRIDGE, 24, butcher, Newfoundland, Kingston, s/o William John & Catherine, married Emma GREEN, 26, Kingston, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel GREEN & Maud THORNTON, both of Kingston, 15 Oct 1889 at Kingston 3846-89 (Frontenac Co): George McGOWAN, 57, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o Joseph McGOWAN & Catherine CARR, married Eliza Jane PUGH, 37, Rice Lake Ont., Kingston twp., d/o Robert PUGH & Isabella SOMMERVILLE, witn: C. PORTEOUS of Kingston & Mrs. G. BELL of Headsburgh NY, 28 Aug 1889 at Kingston
3898-89 (Frontenac Co) Charles McLEOD, 23, fireman, Battle Creek Mich, West Farnham, s/o Thomas & Henrietta MCLEOD, married Matilda NELSON, 20, Kingston, same, d/o John & Christina NELSON, witn: John & Nettie Y. ELMER, both of Kingston, 24 July 1889 3856-89 (Frontenac Co) James McMILLAN, 32, teacher, Belfast Ireland, Clack? River, widower, s/o James MCMILLAN & Maria FURLONG, married Sophia MURLOW, 44, Wolfe Isl, same, d/o James MURLOW & Margaret KEEL, witn: Robert L.MINNES, Kingston & James MCLENNAN, Port Hope, 25 Apr 1889 at Kingston
3920-89 (Frontenac Co): William McMANN (or McMunn?), 23, farmer, South Sherbrooke Ont., Olden, s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth, married Keziah Jane A. SOULES, 15, Camden twp., Olden, d/o Thomas S. & Delilah E., witn: Martin L. SWEET & Mary Jane DAVEY, both of Olden, 25 March 1889 at Olden 3901-89 (Frontenac Co) William McNEICE, 40, carpenter, Kingston, 52 Rideau Street, widower, s/o John & Sarah MCNEICE, married Sarah Ann DARBYSHIRE, 21, Ellesmere, Kingston, d/o George & Elizabeth DARBYSHIRE, witn: Thomas CASWELL & Elizabeth ARNOLD, both of Kingston, 25 Nov 1889 at Kingston
3935-89 (Frontenac Co): Richard McPHERSON, 33, farmer, Olden twp., same, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Sarah BURK, 25, Oso twp., same, d/o not given, witn: James McPHERSON & Margaret BURK, both of Oso twp., 22 May 1889 at Christ Church, Oso twp 3963-89 (Frontenac Co): George McREADY, 28, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas McREADY & Agnes O’LAUGHLIN, married Lucinda Caroline BOLTON, 21, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Richard BOLTON & Ann BULLIS, witn: Thomas McREADY & Adeline BULLIS, both of Wolfe Island, 13 Nov 1889 at Trinity Church, Wolfe Island
3965-89 (Frontenac Co): James MICHEA, 24, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Alice ESFORD, 19, Barriefield, Wolfe Island, d/o William & Alice, witn: George & Eliza Jane MICHEA of Wolfe Island, 25 Dec 1889 at Wolfe Island 3902-89 (Frontenac Co) John MILTON, 28, farmer, Barriefield, same, s/o Thomas MILTON & Caroline ALLEN, married Emily Ann ALLEN, 24, Barriefield, same, d/o William ALLEN & Catharine MILLEN, witn: George ALLEN & Nancy MILTON, blank, 18 Dec 1889 at Barriefield
3867-89 (Frontenac Co) Thomas David MONNES, 30, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o W.P. & Agnes MINNES, married Emily SUTHERLAND, 29, Kingston, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn: James MURRY & Lizzie SUTHERLAND, both of Kingston, 2 Oct 1889 at Kingston 3900-89 (Frontenac Co) Deniston MOORE, 55, weaver, Ireland, Cataraqui, widower, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Rebecca VANHOOSER, 40, Canada, Cataraqui, widow, d/o Jonahan & Hannah BABCOCK, with: Emily JONES, blank, Dec 6 1889 at Kingston
3930-89 (Frontenac Co): John W. MORRISON, 30, farmer, Camden, Portland twp., s/o Robert MORRISON & Mary TAYLOR, married Victoria BOTTING, 20, Bedford, Portland twp., d/o Richard BOTTING & Mary A. ALESWORTH, witn: Rufus BOTTING of Hartington & Sarah THOMPSON of Fermoy, 27 Nov 1889 at Bedford 3933-89 (Frontenac Co): David MORROW, 21, farmer, Maberly, same, s/o John & Agnes, married Mary CAVANAGH, 20, Bathurst, Maberly, d/o Benjamin & blank, witn: John S. ROBINSON of Sharbot Lake & Elizabeth MORROW of Maberly, 5 March 1889 at Sharbot Lake
3860-89 (Frontenac Co) Samuel MORROW, 26, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o John & Martha MORROW, married Margaret Ann GLENN, 30, Amherst Island, same, widow, d/o Daniel WEMP & Eliza BAKER, witn: Elizabeth MACKIE, Kingston & Isabella BROWN, Edinburgh Scotland, 1 July 1889 at Kingston 3888-89 (Frontenac Co) Edward MULLEN, 24, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o John MULLEN & Isab. KENNEDY, married Anna H. O'DRISCOLL, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Jeremiah O'DRISCOLL & Margaret MCCARTTEY, witn: P. HOWLAND & M. DRISCOLL, both of Kingston, 20 Aug 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC
3881-89 (Frontenac Co) Lewis NEWELL, 23, machinist, Wolfe Island, Kingston, s/o Robert NEWELL & Sophia TURCOTTE, married Ellen WALSH, 22, Sheffield, Kingston, d/o Thomas WALSH & Catharine LESARGE, witn: John S. QUINN, & Susan WALSH, both of Kingston, 4 June 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3987-89 (Frontenac Co): John Augustus NEWTON, 21, farmer, Kennebec twp., same, s/o Richard & Delilah, married Jessie Etta MEEKS, 16, Barrie twp., Kennebec twp., illegitimate d/o Amelia MEEKS, witn: John W. WINTERS & Emma COMBE, both of Cloyne, 17 Aug 1889 at Cloyne
  003983-90, Albert John NOKES, 22, shoemaker, Toronto, Kingston, s/o Harry NOKES & Martha NOKES, married Mary Jane LEE, 21, Loughboro, Kingston, d/o William LEE & Delia LEE, witn: RJ COOPER & Carrie HERBERT both of Kingston, 24 December 1889 at not given
3875-89 (Frontenac Co) Peter O'CONNOR, 21, carter, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Anna O'LOUGHLIN & John O'CONNOR, married Maggie WILSON, 21, Ireland, Kingston, d/o Mary Jane JOHNSTON & William WILSON, witn: Joseph BUSE & Agnes WILSON, both of Kingston, 19 Oct 1889 at Kingston   4039-90: James Redmond O'REILLY, 27, Bachelor, Barrister at Law, Kingston, Prescott Ont., s/o James O'REILLY & Mary Jane REDMOND, married Rose Mary PHILIP, 28, Spinster, Port Hope, Kingston, d/o James PERMINGHAM & Mary Anne CONNOR.  Witn: George J(?) PHILLIP, Beja. MORTIMER & Kathleen HARTY, on 31 Dec., 1889, at Bishops Palace, Kingston. 
3968-89 (Frontenac Co): Edward PAYNE, 17, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Robert PAYNE & Jane ROGERS, married Hannah CASEY, 17, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Patrick CASEY & Mary Ann MURPHY, witn: John CASEY & Ellen MAHONEY, both of Wolfe Island, 4 March 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 3880-89 (Frontenac Co) John Henry PEARSON, 23, machinist, Brisbane Australia, Kingston, s/o Samuel PEARSON & Mary Anne COLLINS, married Elizabeth FANNON, 17, Kingston, same, d/o Michael FANNON & Bridit COURTNAY, witn: Peter CLARKE & Bridit FANNON, both of Kingston Ont, 26 June 1889 at Bishop's Palace Kingston
3990-89 (Frontenac Co): Michael PERCY, 25, laborer, Canada, Portland, s/o John & Matilda, married Cynthia MILLER, 20, Canada, Portland, d/o James & Phoebe, witn: Etta ROADHOUSE & Nettie GRANT, both of Verona, 5 March 1889 at Verona  
3834-89 Irvin POGUE, 33, Laborer, Kingston, same, s/o John & Jane, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 21, Loughborough, Storrington, d/o William & Elizabeth. Witn Frank BRYANT & Mary GUESS, both of Kingston, on 21 July, 1899, at Kingston. 3827-89 Thomas POLLITT, 37, Widower, Baker, City of Kingston, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Rachael VANLUVEN, 20, Spinster, Sydenham, City of Kingston, d/o Fred & Alicia J. Witn John James & Elizabeth PATTIN, both of Kingston, on 25 June, 1889, at Kingston.
3899-89 (Frontenac Co) Douglas POTTER, 24, farmer, Pittsburg, Canonte Twp, s/o John POTTER & Margaret KIRKWOOD, married Jane CAMERON, 20, Canonte Twp, same, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Susanah MCWHINNEY, witn: Julie J. SANDERSON & Janie HARPER, both of Kingston, 31 Oct 1889 at Kingston 3841-89 (Frontenac Co): Frederick Alfred REID, 22, farmer, England, Kingston twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Georgina READ, 20, Canada, Kingston, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Mary WHITING of Kingston & Mary A. JUDGE of Bedford, 1 Aug 1889 at Kingston
3998-89 (Frontenac Co): William REYNOLDS, 30, farmer, Canada, Portland, s/o Edward & Amelia, married Agnes SNIDER, 24, Canada, Verona, d/o Everett & L., witn: George & Annie REYNOLDS of Portland, 16 July 1889 at Verona  (also 3897-90 with groom's mother as Arabella) 3986-89 (Frontenac Co): George ROBERTS, 21, laborer, NY state, Barrie twp., s/o George & Madeline, married Harriet Emma MARTIN, 18, Portland twp., Clarendon twp., d/o Garret & Harriet, 10 July 1889 at Cloyne
3981-89 (Frontenac Co): Frederick Irvine ROGERS, 30, farmer,, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, s/o F.F. & blank, married A. Alice DRADER, 22, Canada, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Jacob & Maria, witn: George DEERE & Zurlieka DRADER, both of Hinchinbrooke, 9 July 1889 at Hinchinbrooke 3871-89 (Frontenac Co) Robert Wm RUTHERFORD, 32, Soldier Captain "B" Battery, Northumberland England, Halifax, s/o John & Mary, married Helen Maud Mary CARRUTHERS, 29, Kingston, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Valliere GUNN, Kingston, E.R. RICHETTS, Montreal Que. & H.C. SHEPPARD "B" Battery 9 Oct 1889 at Kingston
3865-89 (Frontenac Co) Shallam SCOTT, 27, labourer, Olden, same, s/o George & Ruth SCOTT, married Catharine COLTIE, 39, Hinchinbrooke, same, widow, d/o James & Eliza HICKEY, witn: blank, blank, 5 Sept 1889 at St. George's Kingston 3858-89 (Frontenac Co) Robert SCOTT, 21, soldier, London England, Kingston, s/o Charles SCOTT & Sarah PARKER, married Isabella FITZGIBBONS, 16, Portsmouth, Kingston, d/o James FITZGIBBONS & Margaret NEILSON, witn: Margaret FITZGIBBONS & John BENBORN?, both of Kingston, 30 Apr 1889 at Kingston
4006-89 (Frontenac Co): William E. SERSON, 23, farmer, Antrim Co., same, s/o Richard & Mary, married Nelly VANLUVEN, 26, Kingston twp., same, d/o Anson & Mary, witn: Adam RONEY of Kingston & Robert VANLUVEN of Kingston twp., 20 Nov 1889 at Murvale 3873-89 (Frontenac Co) Roscoe Howland SHEPHARDSON, 23, clerk, Sequoit Khoriry? NY, Onandago Co. NY, s/o James A. SHEPHARDSON & Eliza Ann HOWLAND, married Celia JAMIESON, 25, Battersea - Frontenac, Kingston, d/o Isaac JAMIESON & Martha Ann AYKROYD, witn: Alfred Hamilton JAMIESON, Gananoque & Clara JAMIESON, Kingston, 25 Oct 1889 at Kingston
4003-89 (Frontenac Co): James H. SHEPHERD, 27, farmer, Storrington, Inverary, s/o James & Ellen, married Aggie FERGUSON, 21, Storrington, Inverary, d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: Catherine & Arthur LIDSTONE of Harrowsmith, 30 Sept 1889 at Harrowsmith 3845-89 (Frontenac Co): John M. SHERLOCK, 27, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o John M. SHERLOCK & Ann E. ROBSON, married Margaret DUNLOP, 31, Kingston, same, d/o James M. DUNLOP & Catherine TRACY, witn: Thomas A. DUNLOP & Patience H. CAREY, both of Kingston, 8 Aug 1889 at Kingston
3886-89 (Frontenac Co) Arch SIMPSON, 22, hotel keeper, Howe Island, Kingston, s/o Robert SIMPSON & Mary KELLY, married Sarah Anne MARTIN, 26, Pittsburgh, Kingston, d/o Alex MARTIN & M.A. MCHENDRY, witn: John SIMPSON, Watertown & Eliza MARTIN, Pittsburgh, 13 Aug 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3913-89 (Frontenac Co): David J. SLEETH, 37, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William & Susanna, married Frances PATTERSON, 26, Storrington, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & Mrs. R. DIXON of Storrington, 20 March 1889 at Inverary
3914-89 (Frontenac Co): John SLEETH, 45, widower, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Samuel SLEETH & Eliza JACKSON, married Elizabeth Jane SLEETH, 40, Portland, Storrington, d/o William SLEETH & Susannah WALKER, witn: James & Barbara C. LAIRD of Sunbury, 23 Jan 1889 at Sunbury, Storrington twp 4019-89 (Frontenac Co): Andrew J. SMITH, 22, CPR station agent, Ontario Co., Apple Hill – Glengarry, s/o Andrew & Catherine, married Catherine SCOTT, 20, NY state, Kennebec, d/o Norman & Ellen, witn: Archie PARKS & Sally CARD, both of Kennebec, 22 Aug 1889 at Arden
3882-88 Rob't A. SMITH, 25, Labourer, Canada, Loughborough, s/o Cornelius & Catharine, married Susan A. MARTIN, 17, Canada, Loughborough, d/o William & Mary J. Witn Mrs. J. A. DOWLAR & H. E. DOWLAR, both of Inverary, on 03 (?) Jan., 1889, at Inverary. 3984-89 (Frontenac Co): Joshua SNIDER, 32, widower, farmer, Ernestown twp., Barrie twp., s/o Charles & Louisa, married Mary Jane DEMPSEY, 29, Barrie twp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. W. COMBE of Cloyne, 6 June 1889 at Cloyne
3954-89 (Frontenac Co): William John SOULS, 27, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Miller twp., s/o Alphonsus & Sarah SOULES (sic), married Grace Ann PROUDFOOT, 21, Cain Town, Miller twp., d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel H. SOULES of Olden twp & Margaret J. PROUDFOOT of Miller twp., 23 Oct 1889 at Miller twp 3976-89 (Frontenac Co): Archibald STALEY, 43, widower, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Martin STALEY & Catherine LAMBE—(off page), married Ellen McCARTHY, 24, Wolfe Island, same, d/o John McCARTHY & Bridget LYONS, witn: Edward & Jane McCARTHY of Wolfe Island, 3 June 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3885-89 (Frontenac Co) Thomas STANFORD, 21, labourer, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas STANFORD & Mary ENWRIGHT, married Flora GOHIEL, 20, Garden Island, Kingston, d/o Edward & Philomena GOHIEL, witn: George MURAN & Mary GOHIEL both of Garden Island, 13 Aug 1889 at St. Mary's Cathedral Kingston, RC 3835-89 William Amos STEVENSON, 22, Carpenter, City of Kingston, same, s/o Adolphus William & Maggie, married Rosannah HUBBARD, 19, Grantham(?) England, City of Kingston, d/o William & Eliza. Witn John A. HUBBARD & Nellie STEVENSON, both of Kingston, on 02 July, 1899, at Kingston.
3872-89 (Frontenac Co) John STUART, 34, carpenter, Ontario, Kingston, widower, s/o Joseph & Berthenie STUART, married Jane LAWRENCE, 35, Ontario, Trenton Ont, widow, d/o John & Catharine MURPHY, witn: John HANLY & Wm PUGH, both of Kingston, 19 Oct 1889 at St. George's Cathedral Kingston 4034-90: Ephrim SUDRIGUES, 25, Mechanic, Kingston, same, s/o Ephrim SUDRIGUES & Philomine BENSET, married Rose LALONDE, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Leo LALONDE & Kate MONTREIL.  Witn: James GUGET & Alice SUDRIGUES, both of Kingston, on 23 Sept., 1889, at St Marys Cathedral, Kingson.  
3929-89 (Frontenac Co): Alexander THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Canad? – Bedford, Bedford, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Nancy WALKER, 26, Bedford, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: David WALKER of Bedford & Olive McKNIGHT of Verona, 4 Dec 1889 at Verona 3836-89 Alexander Drysdale THOMPSON, 23, Clerk, Kingston, same, s/o George THOMPSON & Elizabeth FISHER, married Sarah Love WAGGONER, 20, Kingston, same, d/o Charles WAGGONER & Nannie(?) HARRISON. Witn William G. F. & Edith E. McMORINE, both of Kingston, on 03 July, 1889, at St. James Church, Kingston.
4014-89 (Frontenac Co): James Albert THOMPSON, 24 (or 27), farmer, Sheffield, Kennebec, s/o Samuel THOMPSON & Betsy KELLAR, married Mary Patience BARKER, 18, Kennebec, same, d/o Samuel & Lavina, witn: Samuel BARKER & Charity PETERSON, both of Kennebec, 27 March 1889 at Kennebec 3853-89 (Frontenac Co) David THOMPSON, 26, mariner, Stella, same, s/o Archibald THOMSON & Elizabeth DUNNING, married Elizabeth MCCORMAC, 21, Amherst Island, Stella, d/o Hugh MCCORMACK & Ann REID, witn: Jennie MCCORMACK & William BEANHAN, both of Stella, 6 Mar 1889 at Kingston
3903-89 (Frontenac Co) Frederick THOMSON, 19, labourer, London England, City of Kingston, s/o Robert THOMSON & Emma CORBITT, married Hannah RICHARDSON, 17, Village of Enterprise Ont, City of Kingston, d/o name of father unknown & Harriett RICHARDSON, witn: Emily B. TIMBERLAKE & Mary SMITH, both of Kingston, 24 Dec 1889 at Kingston 3977-89 (Frontenac Co): Patrick TOBAN, 24, blacksmith, Loughboro, Wolfe Island, s/o Rich TOBAN & Mary MURRAY, married Catherine O'BRIEN, 26, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Mich O'BRIEN & Elizabeth SLACK, witn: John & Mary O'BRIEN of Wolfe Island, 25 Nov 1889 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3862-89 (Frontenac Co) Wellington TOMKINS, 23, lumberman, Bridgewater, Desoronto, widower, s/o John TOMKINS & Emily SUMMERS, married Margaret YOUNG, 21, Edinburgh Scotland, Desoronto, d/o John YOUNG & Margaret FAIRLEY, witn: John & Annie TOMKINS, both of Desoronto, 12 Aug 1889 at Kingston 3918-89 (Frontenac Co): Edward M. VANALSTINE, 24, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Seacord VANALSTINE & Sarah JOHNSTONE, married Mary SHAULTS, 21, Loughboro, same, d/o not given, witn: Anna ROBESON & Anna YOUNG, both of Battersea, 25 June 1889 at Battersea
3917-89 (Frontenac Co): Wellington VANVALKINBURG, 44, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o David VANVALKINBURG & Lucy MILLER, married Esther Marinda LYNN, 44, Quebec, Storrington, d/o James LYNN & Ann STEVENSON, witn: James LYNN & Edith SLEETH, both of Storrington, 19 June 1889 at Storrington 3925-89 (Frontenac Co): John VOLERY (Valery?), 22, farmer, Loughboro, same, s/o Theodore & Margaret, married Margaret A. THOMPSON, 22, Loughboro, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Samson DARLING & Mary J. THOMPSON, both of Loughboro, 18 Feb 1889 at Sydenham
3823-89 George Frederick WALKER, 22, Farmer, Florida Kingston Twp., same, s/o George WALKER & Eliza BEATTIE, married Rose ELDRIDGE, 21, England, Kingston, d/o Stephen & Mary. Witn Abbie WALKER & Edward ELDRIDGE, both of Kingston, on 19 June, 1889, at Kingston. 3949-89 (Frontenac Co): Jackson Pierpont WATKINS, 31, widower, yeoman, Kingston, Clarendon, s/o Bramwell & Mary, married Sarah MILLER, 20, near Lindsay, Clarendon, d/o Alexander & Annie, witn: Henry Walter IRWIN of Bathurst, 23 Jan 1889 at Holy Trinity, Plevna
3950-89 (Frontenac Co): Thomas WATSON, 31, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Joseph & Ellen Sigsworth WATSON, married Frances SLIMMOR?, 22, Williamsburg twp., Clarendon, d/o John & Annie, witn: William SLIMMOR & Rosa SCHWAGER, both of Clarendon twp., 27 March 1889 at Clarendon twp 3907-89 (Frontenac Co): Robert James WEBB, 27, farmer, Ontario, Sheffield twp., s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Mary Elizabeth PICKLE, 22, Ontario, Sheffield twp., d/o James & Theresa, witn: William PUGH of Kingston, 26 Dec 1889 at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston
3943-89 (Frontenac Co): John WELD, 30, journalist, London, same, s/o William & Agnes, married Florence A. SIMPSON, 26, Cataraqui, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Rev. John RICHARDS of Cataraqui & Isaac SIMPSON of Kingston, 15 Oct 1889 at Methodist Church, Cataraqui 4004-89 (Frontenac Co): James Albert WELLS, 27, railway employee, Portland, same, s/o James B. & Margaret, married Lavina MARTIN, 24, Kingston, same, d/o William & Nancy, witn: William PERCY & Lizzie THOMPSON, both of Verona, 1 Oct 1889 at Harrowsmith
3958-89 (Frontenac Co): David WELSH, 26, farmer, Howe Island, same, s/o Joseph WELSH & Ann GOUGH, married Sarah PATTERSON, 24, Howe Island, same, d/o Robert PATTERSON & Ellen FINEGAN, witn: Robert PATTERSON & Jane WELSH, both of Howe Island, 27 Feb 1889 at Gananoque (Rom Cath) 3855-89 (Frontenac Co): Henry WILMOT, 29, joiner, Kingston, same, s/o Edward WILMOT & Mary FRANKLIN, married Wilhelmina GIVENS, 23, Kingston, same, d/o not given, witn: Annie GIVENS & Thomas HAYWARD, both of Kingston, 27 Feb 1889 at Kingston
3857-89 (Frontenac Co) Clay F. WILSON, 39, house steward, Middlesburgh U.S., Syracuse U.S., widower, s/o Alfred WILSON & Charity BRYANT, married Sarah LANSING, 22, Kingston, same, d/o Eugene LANSING & Frances JONES, witn: Maude LANSING, Kingston & A.O. DICKSON, Toronto, 25 Apr 1889 at Kingston 3964-89 (Frontenac Co): William H. WINBURN--(off page), 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, s/o William WINBURN--? & Olivia MOSIER, married Harriett DAVIS, 23, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Richard DAVIS & Ann BENNETT, witn: Thomas HOME & Susan McAN--(off page), both of Wolfe Island, 26 Nov 1889 at Wolfe Island
3876-89 (Frontenac Co) Gilbert James WOOD, 20, farmer, Portland twp., same, s/o Jane WOLSEY & Barnabas WOOD, married Harriet Elizabeth COLE, 18, Portland Twp, same, d/o William Charles COLE & Sarah THOMPSON, witn: Daniel SMITH, of the Village of Westbrook County of Kingston O. & Mary SMITH of Westbrook Kingston Co Ontario, 11 Nov 1889 4009-89 (Frontenac Co): George WOODS, 27, farmer, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Walter & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth MORRISON, 20, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Isaac & Margaret, witn: W.J. MORRISON & Elizabeth WOODS, both of Pittsburgh, 7 April 1889 at Pittsburgh
  3854-89 (Frontenac Co) James WYLIE, 23, blacksmith, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, s/o James WYLIE & Jane STUART, married Catharine JACK, 25, Braco Scotland, Kingston, d/o Peter JACK & blank, witn: Robert HAY & Annie WYLIE, both of Kingston, 18 Apr 1889 at Kingston


3831-89 Little - Chapman: Footnote by Pastor "After the marriage had been celebrated, the bride, whose maiden name appears on the License, made me aware that she had been divorced in U.S.A. 8 years ago."