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Frontenac Co., 1894


004109-95: (Frontenac): Overton ACKROYD: 31: Carpenter: Canada: Kingston: s/o David ACKROYD & Martha KNIGHT: married Cath E. McGILL: 24: Canada: Kingston: d/o Arch McGILL & Annie SHAW: witn- Nettie KNIGHT & Oscar ACKROYD: Sep 12 1894 at Kingston 3909-94 Robert James ANDREWS, 28, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas ANDREWS & Sarah MARTIN, married Mary Jane BUSTER, 27, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Adam BUSTER & Margaret LESLIE, witn: Martha BUSTER & Robert GRIMSHAW, both of Wolfe Island, 12 Dec 1894 at Wolfe Island
004085-95 Isaiah BABCOCK, 24, farmer, Newburg, Barrie, s/o William & Susanna, married Delmosy? WOODS, 17, Barrie, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: M. W. & Minerva BABCOCK both of Barrie on Dec. 24, 1894 at Myer’s Cove, Barrie

003974-94 (Frontenac) Bostwick Darius BABCOCK, 36, Mechanic, Canada, Camden Twp, s/o William & Ann BABCOCK, married Georgina LOCK, 24, Widow, Canada, Kingston Twp, d/o Darius & Mary BABCOCK, witn - William SMITH & Darius BABCOCK of Kingston twp, 26 February 1894 at Kingston

004120-95, (Frontenac), William L. BALL, 24, Canada, Camden Twp, miller, s/o Eli BALL & Emma HOLDT married Minnie ALLPORT, 25, Canada, Kingston, d/o Abram ALLPORT & Jane REID, Wit: Mary ALLPORT & Lizzie ABBOTT - Kingston, Dec. 25, 1894, Kingston 004117-95: (Frontenac): H. G. BARNES: 26: Farmer: England: Kingston: s/o Thomas BARNES & Jane MORRIS: married Louisa PHELPS: 18: Canada: Kingston: d/o Henry PHELPS & Eliza WARNER: witn- L. L. JOHNSTON & Mrs. AYLSWORTH: Dec 10 1894 at Kingston

003922-94 (Frontenac) Robert BARTREM, 21, Farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Olden, s/o David & Martha BARTREM, married Minnie STORMS, 16, Olden, Olden, d/o Sidney & Elizabeth STORMS, witn - Barney QUINN & Margaret BARTREM, 20 November 1894 at Sharbot Lake

004116-95: (Frontenac): James B. BAXTER: 27: Farmer: Canada: Pittsburg: s/o Peter BAXTER & Kate MORROW: married Margaret H. DAVIS: 25: Canada: Kingston: d/o Ebenezer R. DAVIS & Jane SHARP: witn- W. J. ANDERSON & Kate BAXTER: Dec 04 1894 at Kingston.

003939-94 (Frontenac) William Thomas BELL, 29, Canada, Willetsholme Pittsburgh, s/o Walter & Ellen BELL, married Mary Elizabeth McLEAN, 29, Canada, Willetsholme Pittsburgh, d/o John & Jane McLEAN, witn- Alex McLEAN & Ellen BUCK, both of Willetsholme, 19 December 1894 at Willetsholme

003951-94 (Frontenac) J. D. BENN, 24, Farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o Isaac BENN & Mary BENN, married Emma CLARK, 21, Camden, Camden, d/o Charles CLARK & Martha CLARK, witn- Alex CLARK & Mrs. A. CLARK, 03 Jul 1894 at Verona

#004226-95 (Frontenac Co): John BRANDON, 75, widower, farmer, Ireland, Richmond twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Jane RUTHERFORD, 60, widow, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Mary WHITING & Clara DELL, 1 Aug 1894 at Kingston #003941-94 (Frontenac Co): Henry BROAXIN, 22, farmer, England, Portsmouth, s/o Smith & Rebecca, married Bertha WATTS, 18, Cobourg, Portsmouth, d/o George & fanny, witnesses were Lillian E. WATTS & William MADILL, both of Portsmouth, May 4, 1894 at Portsmouth
3908-94 William Edgar BUCK, 21, cheese maker, Moscow, Wolfe Island, s/o Donford Emery & Mary Victoria BUCK, married Sylvia Diana BARRY, 21, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Charles Albert & Mary Ann, witn: Damond BUCK of Harrowsmith & Mary BARRY of Wolfe Island, 3 Jan 1894 at res of bride's father, Wolfe Island

003973-94 (Frontenac) William BUSTER, 28, Farmer, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, s/o Arthur BUSTER & Matilda LESLIE, married Jennie PHAIR, 23, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Thomas PHAIR & Mary CARTRIGHT, witn: John WILSON & Eliza BOWEN, 01 February 1894 at (not given)

003975-94 (Frontenac) Wesley Leeck (Leech?) CAMPBELL, 23, Railway Foreman, Storrington, Penn US, s/o Thomas B. & Jane CAMPBELL, married Harriet Eleanor HARTMAN, 20, Ernestown, Oro, d/o Adam & Rachael HARTMAN, witn - William GAITSKELL & Jessie CLARK, both of Ernestown 8 March 1894 at Kingston

004130-95, (Frontenac), William R. CAMPBELL, 27, Kingston, Kingston, confectioner s/o Thomas & Annie married Isabella SAVAGE, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Kingston, d/o Richard & Maggie, Wit: Hugh McNAMEE & James McGAW- both of Kingston, Apr. 4, 1894, Kingston
004033-94 ( Frontenac Co.) John CHRISLEY, 28, Storrington Twp., Storrington Twp., Farmer, s/o Patrick & Anne CHRISLEY, married Frances Morrison HAMILTON, 24, Portland Twp., Harrowsmith, d/o Robert & Martha HAMILTON, Witn.: Mary HALL of Kingston, June 28, 1894, at Kingston 4015-94 Allan Samuel CHURCH, 32, lumberman, Albion Oswego Co. NY, same, s/o John B & Melanie, married Ellen TREADWAY, 37, widow, Richland NY, Albion Oswego Co. NY, d/o Byers & Harriett HOLMES, witn: Julia J. SANDERSON & Jane HARPER both of Kingston on May 2, 1894 at Kingston.
004163-95, (Frontenac), George Russell CLARE, 36, divorced, Utica N.Y., Watertown N.Y., printer, s/o not given, married Nellie HENNESEY, 22, divorcee, Watertown N.Y, Watertown N.Y. USA, d/o none given, Wit: R. J. EILBECK & Charles BEATTIE, both of Kingston, May 25, 1894, Kingston 4004-95 (Frontenac Co): Lewis CLOW, 28, clerk, Portland, Kingston, s/o Isaac CLOW & Jane SIGSWORTH, married Addie CAMPSAL, 18, Portland, same, d/o Benjamin & Catherine, witn: Harold ANSLEY of Kingston & Catherine M. CAMPSAL of Portland twp., 5 Sept 1894 at Portland twp
004041-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Lewis CLOW, 28, Portland Twp. Kingston, Not Given, s/o Isaac CLOW & Jane SIGSWORTH, married Addie CAMPBELL, 22, Portland Twp., Portland Twp., d/o Benjamin CAMPBELL & Catherine REVELL, Witn.: Harold ANSLEY of Kingston, Catherine M. CAMPBELL of Portland Twp., September 5, 1894, at Portland Twp.

003924-94 (Frontenac) William COLLINS, 35, Miner, Kingston Tp, Kingston, s/o Mr. & Mrs COLLINS, married Katie COTE, 25, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o John COTE & Mary KANE, witn - Henry DOYLE & Margaret COTE, both of Pittsburgh, 5 February 1894 at St. Johns Church, Howe Island

3913-94 Frederick COMPEAU, 21, laborer, Coteau, same, s/o Emery COMPEAU & Ordine LA LONDE, married Zilda COMPEAU, 20, Howe Island, same, d/o Metier COMPEAU & Julia GARRENT, witn: John & Rose GARRENT of Garden Island, 4 Feb 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 004105-95: (Frontenac): Samuel COWDY: 22: farmer: Canada: Portland Tp: s/o Samuel COWDY & Margaret REDFORD (Radford?): married Maggie FREEMAN: 20: Canada: Camden Tp: d/o Henry FREEMAN & Martha WARD: witn-L. L. JOHNSTON & Amy H. JOHNSTON: Mar 14, 1894 at Kingston.
4007-95 (Frontenac Co): Levi CRONK, 30, farmer, Olden, Tichborne, s/o Nathan & Harriet, married Jenith McGREGOR, 27, Bedford twp., Ontario, d/o John & Margaret, witn: H.P. & Lena ABRAMS of Verona, 8 Nov 1894 at Verona

003978-94 (Frontenac) Charles Loomis CURTIS, 46, Physician, Ontario, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Catharine CURTIS, married Frances Theresa HORSEY, 49, widow, New York, Kingston, d/o Isaac & Theresa HAVEN, witn - H. McKENZIE, 15 March 1894 at [not given]

003953-94 (Frontenac) C. W. DAVEY, 23, Tailor, Loughboro Tp, Loughboro Tp, s/o C. W. DAVEY & Jemima DAVEY, married Etta DRADER, 20, Verona, Verona, d/o Nelson DRADER & Nancy DRADER, witn- Etta REID & Charles DAVEY, 14 October 1894 at Verona

004113-95: (Frontenac): George William DAVEY: 42: Carpenter: Canada: Kingston: s/o Peter DAVEY & Sarah J. SMITH: married Sarah HOGAN: 36: Canada: Kingston: d/o George WILSON & Ann WILSON: witn-Jane FARRELL & George FARRELL: Oct 08 1894 at Kingston
3992-94 (Frontenac Co) Alfred Ernest DEAN, 22, school employee, Kingston, same, s/o William DEAN & Margaret CASSIDY, married Ella LAMB, 19, Newcastle Ont., Kingston, d/o Richard LAMB & Alice KEENAN, witn: George PATTERSON & Maud LAMB both of Kingston on Feb. 1, 1894 at Archbishop’s Palace Kingston  
#004227-95 (Frontenac Co): John EVANS, 30, engineer, of Kingston, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ida ORSER, 24, of Kingston, d/o Sidney & Mary Jane, witn: Nina & James EVANS of Kingston, 28 Aug 1894 at Kingston 004031-95 (Frontenac Co.) Thomas Hewton FAIR, 34, Farmer, Glenburnie Kingston Twp., same, s/o James Marshall FAIR & Ann Hewton FAIR, married Mary LANGWITH, 34, Storrington, Storrington, d/o Christopher LANGWITH & Eliza LANGWITH, Witn.: Christopher LANGWITH of Sunbury, Mary HEWTON, December 19, 1894 at Storrington

003923-94 (Frontenac) Charles FANNING, 30, Sailor, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Mr & Mrs FANNING, married Annie GILLESPIE, 21, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o Robert GILLESPIE & Annie BREAKY, witn - Charles McDONALD & Lilian HODGES, both of Wolfe Island, 22 January 1894 at res of bride's parents, Howe Island

004110-95: (Frontenac): Thomas FIFIELD, 25: Cheese Maker: Canada: Newboro: s/o Eugene FIFIELD & Lucy WALTERS: married Nettie M. FRANK: 19: Canada: Ernestown: d/o Robert FRANK & Lorbia SAGAR: witn - Frank Edward KORK (Frank?) & Nettie SCHERMAHORN: Oct 3 1894 at Kingston.

003954-94 (Frontenac) Thomas R. FLAKE, 30, Farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Thomas & Mary FLAKE, married Clara REYNOLDS, 21, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Ira & Margaret REYNOLDS, witn - Edmond REYNOLDS & Laura SCALES, 24 September 1894 at Verona

3994-94 (Frontenac Co) Joseph FOWLER, blank, farmer, Glenburnie, same, s/o Michael FOWLER & Ellen SHORTALL, married Mary DOOLAN, 21, Kingston, same, d/o John DOOLAN & Anne TIERNEY, witn: Joseph SHORTELL (sic) & Anne DOOLAN no residences given on Feb. 5, 1894 at Kingston
004164-95, (Frontenac), Robert Edward GENGE, 32, Kingston, Kingston, post office clerk, s/o Richard & Mary Ann GENGE married Mary DAVIDSON, 29, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Eliza McILWAIN, Wit: Miss KEYES - Kingston & Dr. NORTHMORE - Bath, Jul, 19, 1894, Kingston 004119-95, (Frontenac), J. G. GODWIN, 22, Canada, Kingston, teamster, s/o J. GODWIN & M. A. GLIDDEN married Agnes LEOUTON? (Landon?), 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o Levi LEOUTON & Grace SPOONER, Wit: Amy JOHNSTON & Olive JOHNSTON, Dec. 12, 1894, Kingston
004032-94 ( Frontenac Co.) James B. GOODRICH, 29, Colborne - Northumberland Co., Arnprior, Miller, s/o Robert GOODRICH & Margaret GOODRICH, married Annie Eliza Brock ALFORD, 25, London England, Belleville, d/o Walter ALFORD & Emily ALFORD, Witn.: Walter ALFORD of Belleville, January 20, 1894, at Kingston 004114-95: (Frontenac): Edward GRAVES: 23: Livery: Canada: Kingston: s/o Rueben GRAVES & Mary McGRATH: married Louisa MARTINELLI: 22: Canada: Kingston: d/o Lucian MARTINELLI & Emily MARCOLI: witn-Mrs. CLANSHAD & Graves REED: Oct 29 1894 at Kingston
004162-95, (Frontenac), Samuel Jas. GRAY, 35, widower, Kingston, Kingston, clerk, s/o none given, married Mary Anne HURST, 30, widow, not given, Kingston, d/o none given, Wit: Mary DEVINE & A. PALMER - both of Kingston, Mar. 26, 1894, Kingston

003952-94 (Frontenac) Fred D. GREEN, 25, railway, Adams Centre US, Pennsylvania, s/o Edward GREEN & Louisa GREEN, married Emma C. SCALES, 24, Ontario, Watertown US, d/o Benjamin SCALES & Charlotte SCALES, witn- Fred SCALES & Frank SCALES of Verona, 23 August 1894 at Verona

004039-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Samuel GREEN, 30, Kingston, Kingston, Butcher, s/o John GREEN & Eliza KINTON (or Kenton), married Emma REYNOLDS, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William REYNOLDS & Elizabeth LEE, Witn.: Eliza DUCK, Ethel EDWARD, no residences given, August 29, 1894, at Kingston 004036-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Peart GREENWOOD, 23, Wolfe Island, Brownville N.Y., Teamster, s/o Charles & Harriet GREENWOOD, married Sophia Ann SCOTT, 19, Storrington, Watertown, N.Y., d/o William & Salina SCOTT, Witn.: Bruce GREENWOOD of Brownville, Harriet E. SCOTT of Kingston, August 15, 1894, at Kingston
004166-95, (Frontenac), Thomas GRIMASON?, 38, Kingston, Kingston, Island Revenue Officer, s/o not given, married Annie LAMB, 27, Kingston, Kingston, d/o not given, Wit: S. S. CORBETT & Martha REID - both of Kingston, Sep. 12, 1894, Kingston

003921-94 (Frontenac) John HALL, 26, Farmer, Maberly, Maberly, s/o Nicholas & Catherine HALL, married Maggie BADORE, 27, Frontenac, Lanark Co, d/o Louis & Annie BADORE, witn - Thomas & Helen HALL, 25 April 1894 at Sharbot Lake

004003-94 (Frontenac) William Dafoe HART, 28, Bank Manager, Ontario, Kingston, s/o Lucien & Annie HART, married Laura E. FOLGER, 24, Ontario, Kingston, d/o Benjamin W. & A. L. FOLGER, witn - B. W. FOLGER & Edith FOLGER of Kingston and George HART of Toronto, 6 June 1894 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston

3916-94 Oliver Joseph HAWKINS, 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o William HAWKINS & Julia FANNING, married Henrietta SMITH, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Edward SMITH & Louise HORNE, witn: Rodney SMITH & Clementia HORNE, both of Wolfe Island, 1 Oct 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
004074-95 William Andrew HAYES, 26, farmer, Sheffield Tp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Maggie PARKER, 23, Pittsburgh Tp., Oldham Tp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: George DREW & Mary PARKER both of Oldham on Dec. 24. 1894, at the residence of James Parker 4012-94 Adelbert HAYES, 23, blacksmith, Napanee, same, s/o William & Clarissa, married Maggie E. POPE, 23, Kingston, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Mary J. GARBUTT & Hannah HUNTER both of Kingston on Mar. 8, 1894 at Kingston.
3912-94 William HEALY, 32, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o David HEALY & Rebecca FRY (Try?), married Dena Agatha McDONALD, 25, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James & Barbara, witn: Patrick HAWKINS & Elizabeth HEALY, both of Wolfe Island, 6 Feb 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)

003931-94 (Frontenac) William HENDERSON, 24, Section Foreman, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Jane HENDERSON, married Ohra WARD, 20, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o George & Mary Ann WARD, witn - William McKANE & Minnie Alma WARD, 07 March 1894 at Birmingham

  004032-95 (Frontenac Co.) Edward HITCHCOCK, 28, Teamster, Washburn, Kingston, s/o John HITCHCOCK & Sarah GOOD, married Margaret GORDON, 23, Storrington, Storrington, d/o Joseph GORDON & Annie ROBB, Witn.: Joseph GORDON of Sunbury, Aggie ROBB of Battersea, September 25, 1894 at Sunbury
4016-94 George David Ross HOLDER, 23, book keeper, Kingston, same, s/o Benjamin HOLDER & Sarah BOYES, married Charlotte KINCAID, 22, Brockville, Kingston, d/o John Byron KINCAID & Mary SEYMOUR, witn: Julie J. SANDERSON & John B. HOLDER both of Kingston on May 24, 1894 at Kingston 4009-94 Richard James HOLDER, 23, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William & Jane, married Catharine JARDINE, 21, Storrington, same, d/o Andrew & Rachel, witn; Wesley HOLDER & Maggie DIXON no residences given on Jan. 17, 1894 at Kingston
3910-94 Charles Arthur HOREY, 25, widower, farmer, Henderson NY, Adams NY, s/o George E. & Ellie E., married Lephie E. GREEN, 20, Adams Centre, same, d/o De Alpin & Ann Eliza, witn: R. J. ARMSTRONG & Hattie GAMBLE, both of Wolfe Island, 15 June 1894 at Wolfe Island 3976-95 (Frontenac Co): Andrew HOWIE, 24, farmer, Westbrook, same, s/o Archibald & Jenett, married Lucy Amerilla BRIDGE, 24, Westbrook, same, d/o Andrew & Mahala Ann, witn: Joseph & Agnes HOWIE of Westbrook, 28 Nov 1894 at Westbrook
#003945-94 (Frontenac Co): Frank HUBBELL, 26, farmer, Wisconsin USA, Rawdon twp., s/o Silomas & Mary A., married Hattie TROUSDALE, 20, Portland twp., same, d/o Thomas & Olive, witn: P.W. TROUSDALE & Annie SNIDER, both of Sydenham, 13 June 1894 at Portland twp

004004-94 (Frontenac) Edward Paul JACKSON, 33, Engineer, England, Kingston, s/o John Jackson & Catharine CHARLTON, married Mabel Vaughn BRYANT, 17, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Robert BRYANT & Annie JOHNSTON, witn - Robert John BRYANT & Mary Elizabeth LAKE of Kingston, 11 June 1894 at Kingston

  #003944-94 (Frontenac Co): William Thomas JAMES, 20, hostler, Kingston, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary CARR, 19, Kingston, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witnesses were Ann SPOONER & Mary MARTIN, both of Elginburgh, Nov. 8, 1894 at Elginburgh, Kingston twp
004103-95: (Frontenac): Albert JOYCE: 25: farmer: Ontario: N. Fredricksburg: s/o Wm H. JOYCE & Amelia GAGE: married Ellen McCABE: 26: Canada: N. Fredricksburg: d/o Eli McCABE & Sarah HOWELL: witn-Thomas C. ALLEN & Maud HILLIER: Feb 26 1894 at Kingston. 3914-94 Patrick KEARNS, 41, laborer, Tyendinaga, Kingston, s/o Patrick KEARNS & Mary COLLINS, married Ann COSTELLO, 40, Amherst Island, Wolfe Island, d/o James COSTELLO & Bridget FARLEY, witn: Charles J. RYAN & Ann Elizabeth KEOUGH, both of Wolfe Island, 9 April 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
3907-94 William George KEMP, 29, laborer, Wolfe Island, Thousand Island Park, s/o James C. KEMP & Mary Ann BROWN, married Emma Louise BOYD, 28, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Jacob BOYD & Mary WINBURNE, witn: Etta BOYD of Kingston & Thomas FRIEND of Wolfe Island, 17 Jan 1894 at Wolfe Island 3995-94 (Frontenac Co) Michael KENNEY, 48, stone mason, Que., Montreal, s/o Denis KENNEY & Ellan MEEHAN, married Margaret SHEEHAN, 28, Westbrook Kingston Tp., same, d/o Michael SHEEHAN & Honora CALLAGHAN, witn: Ranald McALLISTER of Richmond Tp. Lennox Co. & Elizabeth SHEEHAN of Westbrook on Apr. 2, 1894 at St. Mary’s Cathedral Kingston

004002-94 (Frontenac) John Richard KERR, 22, Mechanic, South Crosby, Newboro, s/o Edward KERR & Sarah Ann STANTON, married Agnes Maude SHARMAN, 23, Barriefield, Kingston, d/o Jacob SHARMAN & Isabella MENARY, witn - R. KING of Newboro & Ada May SHARMAN of Kingston, 6 June 1894 at Kingston

003932-94 (Frontenac) John KIDD, 29, Woodworker, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Ann KIDD, married Laura Jane BURKE, 23, Belleville, Kingston, d/o Richard & Emma BURKE, witn - Mrs. WORRELL of Barriefield, 30 March 1894 at Barriefield

3911-94 Robert KNIGHT, 21, laborer, England, Wolfe Island, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary ARCHER, 19, Garden Island, same, d/o Joseph ARCHER & Ada COMPEAU, witn: James SULLIVAN & Elizabeth ARCHER, both of Garden Island, 7 Jan 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)  
004034-94 ( Frontenac Co.) John Charles LANDERYOU, 22, Kingston, Kingston, Carpenter, s/o John Charles LANDERYOU & Charlotte Anne MATTHEWS, married Wilhelmine Gertrude THURSTON, 19, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William THURSTON & Sarah ROBBS, Witn.: Robert Alfred TELLMAN, Mable LANDERYOU, Mable AINSLIE, all of Kingston, August 14, 1894, at Kingston 3973-95 (Frontenac Co): Elwood H. LAPP, 34, widower, medical, Lindsay, Deseronto, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Annie TOPLIFF, 29, Kingston twp.,, same, d/o Thompson TOPLIFF & Mary PHILLIPS, witn: George & Martha TOPLIFF of Kingston twp., 25 Sept 1894 at Kingston twp
3996-94 (Frontenac Co) Patrick John LAWLESS, 24, hotel clerk, Kingston, same, s/o Michael LAWLESS & Nora DWYER, married Catharine Sophia TUTTLE, 22, Seeley’s Bay Leeds Co., Kingston, d/o John TUTTLE & Mary JARRELL, witn: James G. NEVILLE & Catharine LAWLESS both of Kingston on Apr. 17, 1894 at St. Mary’s Cathedral Kingston 3974-95 (Frontenac Co): Edwin Porter LAWSON, 40, widower, Cataraqui, Kingston twp., s/o Joseph & Jane, married Lucinda TOPLIFF, 35, Wilton, Kingston twp., d/o Thompson & Mary, witn: Susan C. SHIBLEY & Margaret ASH, both of Elginburg, 4 July 1894 at Elginburg
004035-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Arthur John LEADER, 26, Barriesfield, Barriesfield, Millhand, s/o Edward & Sarah ? LEADER, married Minnie Georgina NYLAND, 23, England, Kingston, d/o blank & Charlotte NYLAND, Witn.: Martha Ann LEADER of Barriesfield, August 15, 1894, at Kingston 4010-94 William James LEE, 25, broom maker, Kingston, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Gertrude FLEMING, 20, Ernestown, Kingston, d/o John & Eunice, witn: Herbert H. COOK & Agnes FLEMING both of Kingston on Feb. 7, 1894 at Kingston.

003981-94 (Frontenac) George LEWIS, 23, Carpenter, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Calvin & Annie LEWIS, married Nancy ATWOOD, 24, England, Kingston, d/o Horace & Mary Ann ATWOOD, witn - James McCAMMON & Charlotte LEWIS, 26 March 1894 at Kingston

003937-94 (Frontenac) Robert Madin LEWIS, 25, Farmer, Canada, Olden, s/o Henry & Sarah LEWIS, married Edith BRADLEY, 21, Canada, Pittsburgh, d/o George & Annetta BRADLEY, witn - David COX & Jennie BRADLEY, both of Pittsburgh, 20 November 1894 at Pittsburgh

  004037-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Henry LOWE, 30, England, Rochester N.Y., Clerk, s/o Charles LOWE & Elizabeth COUPE, married Maria KEEN, 28, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George KEEN & Anna FRYE, Witn.: William ANGROSE of Rochester, Bessie KEEN of Kingston, August 15, 1894, at Kingston
#003940-94 (Frontenac Co): Lymon LYON, 30, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth Ann no surname given, Storrington, same, d/o Arnold & Sarah, witnesses were William HORNING & Emily CAVERLY, both of Storrington, April 4, 1894 at Storrington

4046-95 (Frontenac Co): William Richard McALPINE, 26, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o James & Ann, married Olive Elizabeth BELL, 21, Pittsburg twp., same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: James BELL & Gertrude SPENCE, both of Pittsburg, 24 Oct 1894 at Pittsburg

003999-94 (Frontenac) John Peter McARTHUR, 34, Farmer, Paisley, Paisley, s/o Peter McARTHUR & Mary McARTHUR, married Martha Annie JONES, 31, Shropshire, Broseley Shropshire England, d/o Thomas JONES & Martha JONES, witn - Rev. John GRENFELL of Athens Ont & Rev. T. B. CONLEY of Mallorytown, 29 May 1894 at Kingston

003935-94 (Frontenac) David Henry McCAUGHERTY, 30, Farmer, Pittsburgh, Streetsville, s/o Hugh & My. Jane McCAUGHERTY, married Sarah Irvine HUTTON, 27, Pittsburgh, Barriefield, d/o William & Sarah HUTTON, witn- W. McCANN of Streetsville & M. DONALDSON of Kingston, 13 June 1894 at Barriefield

4008-95 (Frontenac Co): John McCAULEY, 20, farmer, Wolfe Island, Yarker, s/o David & Hannah, married Ida Mary WARNER, 18, Ontario, Yarker, d/o William & Mary, witn: M. CAMBRIDGE & Augusta WARNER, both of Yarker, 27 Nov 1894 at Harrowsmith

003976-94 (Frontenac) Joseph McCONNELL, 44, Hotel Keeper, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Mary McCONNELL, married Sarah AYLESWORTH, 25, Kingston Twp, Kingston Twp, d/o Albert & Elizabeth AYLESWORTH, witn - William MARSHALL & May AYLESWORTH, 8 March 1894 at Kingston

004122-95, (Frontenac), George McCORMACK, 27, Canada, Pittsburgh Twp, farmer, s/o George McCORMACK & Hulda QUINN married Agnes SCOTT, 24, Canada, Gananoque, d/o William SCOTT & Agnes HUNTER, Wit: Ada LANE- Napanee & Lettie WALKER- Kingston, Dec. 26, 1894, Kingston  
004086-95 John McDONALD, 29, farmer, Dalhousie, Ardoch, s/o Jabez & Maria, married Catherine MUNRO, 22, Lanark, Ardoch, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Alex & Maggie MONRO both of Ardoch on Dec. 26, 1894 at Ardoch 3918-94 Malcolm McDONALD, 28, widower, carpenter, Cornwall, Wolfe Island, s/o James & Barbara, married Emma Elizabeth KEOGH, 20, Liverpool, Wolfe Island, d/o Martin KEOGH & Mary Ann MONAGHAN, witn: Andrew RYAN of Wolfe Island & Rose GIBSON of Amherst Island, 19 Nov 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
004108-95: (Frontenac): John McDONALD: 34: Baker: Canada: Kingston: s/o Alex McDONALD & Bella SINCLAIR: married Fanny KERR: 28: Canada: Kingston: d/o Alex KERR & Jane IRWIN: witn-Sarah ORRELL & James CARR: 27 Jun 1894 at Kingston 3993-94 (Frontenac Co) John Patrick McFEE, 28, bricklayer, Ottawa, Kingston, s/o John & Catharine, married Martha Teresa KEENAN, 25, Ireland, Kingston, d/o no parents given, witn: James KEENAN & Margaret CIRAIN (?) on Feb. 5, 1894 at Kingston
3997-94 (Frontenac Co) Thomas Chambers McKENDRY, 26, Gananoque, same, s/o John McKENDRY no mother’s name given, married Annie ROGERS, 27, Gananoque, same, d/o Holmes ROGERS no mother’s name given, witn: Lizzie HUSTON & Elizabeth THORNTON both of Kingston on May 29, 1894 at Kingston. 004106-95: (Frontenac): D. G. MacPHAIL: 30: Clergyman: Canada: Picton: s/o Donald MacPHAIL & Christina THOMPSON: married Annie L. BRITTON: 23: Canada: Kingston: d/o B. M. BRITTON & Mary HOLTON: witn-Ed SMITH & Alice BRITTON: Apr 17 1984 at Kingston.
4095-94 C. James Granville MOYLE, 39, gentleman, Kingston, same, s/o Granville Richard MOYLE & Martha ATKINSON, married Augusta Jane ROCHE, 38, Kingston, same, d/o George William ROCHE & Harriet FORSTER, witn: John M. RICHMOND of Kingston & Florence MacDOUGALL of Picton on June 11, 1894 at St. James Church in Kingston #004230-95 (Frontenac Co): Ethelbert OFFORD, 25, accountant, Ottawa, Kingston, s/o Jonathan & Emily, married Harriet S. SQUIRE, 21, Sutton Quebec, Kingston, d/o George H. & Harriet M., witn: George H. SQUIRE & Emily OFFORD, both of Kingston, 13 Nov 1894 at Kingston
004118-95, (Frontenac), Arthur P. PAGE, 23, England, Garden Island, farmer, s/o Henry PAGE & Lizzie WALTER married Maria HARPER, 25, Canada, Garden Island, d/o Henry HARPER & Mary DOWLEY, Wit: Rosie REID & Thomas HARPER - Garden Island, Dec. 11, 1894, Kingston  

003982-94 (Frontenac) George PARKES, 39, Farmer, Toronto, Kingston, s/o George & Hannah , married Catharine GARRISON, 29, Camden, Kingston, d/o Henry & Minerva E., witn- Martha EMBERLEY & Lizzie K. STEELE, 31 March 189(page cut off), at Kingston

004138-95, (Frontenac), Allan Bevitt PARLOW, 26, Matilda, Aultsville, physician, s/o George PARLOW & Joanna DEALTRY, married Annie E. HALES, 26, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William HALES & Mary HALES, Wit: Charles Edwin PARLOW- Ottawa & Laura NUGENT- Kingston, Dec. 24, 1894, Kingston
004102-95: (Frontenac): Henry L. PATTERSON: 21: Boiler Maker: Kingston: Kingston: s/o David J. PATTERSON & Margaret THOMPSON: married Marjory HAVELIN (Hamlin?): 23: Scotland: Kingston: d/o James HAVELIN & Annie CONRON: Jan 31 1894 at Kingston 004167-95, (Frontenac), John Robertson PAUL, 25, Lanark, Lanark Twp, farmer, s/o John P. & Agnes ROBERTSON, married Jessie CLOSE, 21, Lanark Twp. Lanark Twp., d/o John C. & Margory QUINN, Wit: Robert R. PAUL & Bella PAUL - both of Lanark, Nov. 28, 1894, Kingston
4009-95 (Frontenac Co): Stewart PERCY, 21, farmer, Bellrock, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Alma? A. YORKE, 21, Camden, same, d/o Frederick & Maria, witn: William & Cora PERCY of Verona, 19 Dec 1894 at Verona 004031-94 ( Frontenac Co.) William PERCY, 30, Kingston, Kingston, Tailor, s/o William John PERCY, Rachael HILL, married Maria PAINTER, 30, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John PAINTER & Mary Ann HALL ?, Witn.: William PETERS, Agnes MacMORINE, both of Kingston, August 8, 1894, at St. James Church, Kingston
4002-95 (Frontenac Co): Palmer T. PETERS, 20, farmer, Camden East, Ernestown twp., s/o William & Lavina, married Ettie BUSH, 18, Kingston, Yarker, d/o James & Blanche, witn: L.M. & J.M. PETERS of Ernestown twp., 18 Oct 1894 at Harrowsmith (also 3956-94) 004040-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Richard T. POMFRET, 27, England, Kingston, Looms Fixer, s/o John POMFRET & Jane GREEN, married Elizabeth R. CAMPBELL, 20, Battersea, Kingston, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Jane SPOONER, Witn.: P.G. BRISON, Aggie J. CAMPBELL, no residences given, September 3, 1894, at Kingston

003934-94 (Frontenac) Abraham POTTER, 37, Laborer, Pittsburgh Tp, Kingston, s/o John & Mary POTTER, married Mary Ann CONNELL, 28, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, d/o Thomas & Catherine CONNELL, witn - Sandy POTTER & Kate CONNELL, both of Pittsburgh, 27 June 1894 at Birmingham

004112-95: (Frontenac): R. R, POWELL. 23: Sailor: Canada: Kingston: s/o R. POWELL & Mary POWELL: married Cath. JOHNSTON: 23: Scotland: Pembroke: d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary SPENCER: witn-L. L. JOHNSTON & Amy JOHNSTON: Oct 06 1894 at Kingston

003977-94 (Frontenac) Thomas REED, 24, Carpenter, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Nettie WARD, 24, Canada, Kingston, d/o Charles and Catherine, witn- George LEWIS & Nancy ATTWOOD, 14 March 1894 at Kingston

004161-95, (Frontenac), Frederick George REEVE, 24, Hareston Norfolk England, Buffalo N.Y., Upholsterer, s/o Robert (REEVE) & Emma SANBY married Cordelia MILLER, 20, Alfa Ont, Minneapolis USA, d/o none given, Wit: Clara D. MACGILLIVRAY- Kingston, Jan. 22, 1894, Kingston

003979-94 (Frontenac) William Duff REID, 27, Contractor, Australia, Montreal, s/o Robert Gillespie REID & Harriet DUFF, married Minnie CORMACK, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o John CORMACK & Jessie SUTHERLAND, witn: John H CORMACK & Robert G. REID, 19 March 1894 at [not given]

003872-94 William Samuel REID, 28, farmer, Ontario, USA, s/o John & Lucinda married Nellie BRADSHAW, 27, Portland, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: John REID & G. BRADSHAW both of Portland on Jan. 24, 1894 at Portland Twp.
004111-95: (Frontenac): Martin RILEY: 24: Farmer: Canada: Kingston Tp: s/o Fred RILEY & Ada KERR: married Phoebe HOUGH: 20: Canada: Kingston Tp: d/o Asa HOUGH & Merinda RANKIN: witn- Fred RILEY & Gertie RILEY: Oct 4 1894 at Kingston. 004075-95 Daniel ROBERTSON, 31, C.P.R. agent, Scotland, Smith Falls, s/o James & Mary L., married Margery BLACK, 40, widow, New Boyne, Mountain Grove, d/o John & Catherine CAWLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. W. SCOTT both of Mountain Grove on Dec. 20, 1894 at Mountain Grove

003925-94 (Frontenac) Leon ROCKFORT, 36, Farmer, Howe Island, Howe Island, s/o Joseph ROCKFORT & Amelia KARSH, married Kate SUGHRUE, 30, Howe Island, Howe Island, d/o William SUGHRUE & Lizzie SUGHRUE, witn - James DRISCOLL & Nellie SUGHRUE, 15 January 1894 at St. Johns Church, Howe Island

4005-95 (Frontenac Co): L.H. RUTTAN, 44, widower, farmer, Portland, same, s/o Lorenzo & Mary, married Alice B. WHEELER, 31, Portland, same, d/o Isaac B. & Mary, witn: Byron RUTTAN & Maud WHEELER, both of Portland twp., 21 Aug 1894 at Bellrock 3975-95 (Frontenac Co): William RUTTAN, 23, farmer, Sydenham, Kingston twp., s/o Peter & Sarah, married Mary SHEWALL, 21, Ernestown, Kingston twp., d/o Arthur & Louisa, witn: "The Misses WINTERS" of Sydenham, 2 July 1894 at Parsonage, Sydenham
4011-94 Joseph Arthur RYDER, 23, miller, Camden Tp., Portland Tp., s/o Thomas & Marylen, married Maryann BINGLE (Pringle?), 22, widow, Portland Tp., same, d/o Elias & Elizabeth HUFFMAN, witn: Allan B. PARLOW & Jeanie HARPER both of Kingston on Feb. 23, 1894 at Kingston 004115-95: (Frontenac): R. J. SAVAGE: 23: Machinist: Canada: Kingston: s/o John SAVAGE & Agnes CULLIN: married Mary J. CAMPBELL: 23: Canada: Kingston: d/o Hugh CAMPBELL & Sarah J. RYAN: witn-Mrs. ACKROYD & Overton ACKROYD: Oct 31 1894 at Kingston

003955-94 (Frontenac) Fred SCALES, 22, Farmer, Portland, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Benjamin SCALES & Charlotte SCALES, married Marguarita HAMILTON, 20, Portland, Portland, d/o William HAMILTON & Eliza HAMILTON, witn - S. HAMILTON & H. HAMILTON, 24 September 1894 at Verona

004001-94 (Frontenac) Campbell Valentine SCHUYLER, 29, Salesman, New Jersey, New York, s/o Henry R. SCHUYLER & Ellen P. VALENTINE, married Mary Alice BRITTON, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Byron M. BRITTON & Mary HOLTON, witn - Paul E. VERNON of Brooklyn & Lizzie H. BRITTON of Kingston, 5 June 1894 at Kingston


003938-94 (Frontenac) Robert SEE, 35, farmer, Canada, Pine Grove Pittsburgh, s/o David & Catherine SEE, married Annie JACKSON, 30, Storrington, Sunbury - Storrington, d/o John & Charlotte JACKSON, witn- William John KIDD & Emma A. JACKSON, both of Sunbury, 5 December 1894 at Pine Hill Pittsburgh

4013-94 Frederick SIMMONS, 18, tinsmith, Kingston, same, s/o William & Catharine, married Mary Ann McILROY, 18, Kingston, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Herbert LAWLER & Angeline SHERWOOD both of Kingston on Apr. 4, 1894 at Kingston. #003943-94 (Frontenac Co): A.A. SIMMONS, 45, widower, chandler, London England, Kingston, s/o John & Hannah, married Nancy CAMICK, 26, Kingston twp., same, d/o Samuel & Eliza, witnesses were James VANARDOR & Maud SIMMONS, both of Kingston twp., Sept 20, 1894 at Portsmouth
004165-95, (Frontenac), Robert Harcourt SMITH, 26, Quebec, Quebec, merchant, s/o not given married Mary Valliere GUNN, 25, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alex GUNN & Ang MATTHEWS, Wit: Mary MACNEE - Kingston & SMITH - Quebec, Jul. 25, 1894, Kingston

003936-94 (Frontenac) James Albert SOLES, 27, Farmer, Olden Tp, Olden Tp, s/o Alfonso & Sarah SOLES, married Feenie DORCY, 19, Gananoque Leeds, Pittsburgh, d/o Frank & Mary DORCY, witn - William & blank DORCY, 29 August 1894 at Pittsburgh Tp

3917-94 Frederick STALEY, 31, farmer, Chicago Illinois, Wolfe Island, s/o William STALEY & Henrietta BOLDT, married Mary Agnes McDONALD, 25, Wolfe Island, same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth MOSIER, witn: Louis McDONALD & Elizabeth TROY, both of Wolfe Island, 22 Oct 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath) 003873-94 Samuel STEVENSON, 27, miner, Ontario, same, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Hester E. CONROY, 27, Ontario, same, d/o Jacob & Alvina, witn: Isabella & R. J. WILLIAMSON, both of Verona on Mar. 16, 1894 at Verona.

003933-94 (Frontenac) Isaac STOLEKER, 44, Farmer, Canada, Pittsburgh, s/o James & Mary Ann STOLEKER, married Hannah GREER, 28, Canada, Howe Island, d/o William Jas. & Sarah GREER, witn - Francis DUFFEY & Florence TURCOTTE, both of Pittsburgh, 2 May 1894 at Howe Island

4003-95 (Frontenac Co): A.L.W. THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Plevna, s/o Peter & Susan, married Mary E. KITSON, 24, Portland, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Fred AYLSWORTH & Alice M. KITSON, both of Portland, 19 Sept 1894 at Verona
003874-94 Wilson THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o John & Isabella, married Flora MECKS, 17, Ontario, same, d/o Mortimer & Visula, witn: J. WILLIAMSON & Mary RIVALL, both of Verona on Aug. 11, 1894 at Verona 3915-94 Mich TROY, 48, widower, farmer, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o John TROY & Bridget KANE, married Mary O’REILLY, 47, Ireland, Wolfe Island, d/o Patrick O’REILLY & Rose McGRAVEY, witn: Thomas O’REILLY & Elen MURPHY, both of Wolfe Island, 1 July 1894 at Wolfe Island (Rom Cath)
004121-95, (Frontenac), J. H. TRUESDELL, 25, Canada, Picton, carpenter, s/o Henry TRUESDELL & Mary THORNTON married Sarah Jane GREY, 22, Canada, Kingston, d/o George GREY & Ellen WINDMILL, Wit: Chester WALLACE & Bertha WALLACE, Christmas, 1894, Kingston #003942-94 (Frontenac Co): Thomas John TURNER, 22, soldier, England, Kingston, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary VIRTUE, 23, Cobourg, Kingston, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witnesses were George & Alfred CROFT of Portsmouth, Aug. 24, 1894 at Portsmouth
004107-95: (Frontenac): Y. J. WADE: 21: Sailor: England: Kingston: s/o James WADE & Emma SMITH: married Theresa GIBBS: 31: Canada: Kingston: d/o John GIBBS & Emmy PERRY: witn-Lusie WARD & Amy JOHNSTON: Jun 26 1894 at Kingston. 4012-95 (Frontenac Co): Byron S. WAGER, 27, carpenter, Penn. USA, Colebrook, s/o William & Matilda, married Hannah BUSH, 26, Petworth, Colebrook, d/o Henry & Lydia, witn: Mathie & S.A. ROBISON of Harrowsmith, 24 Dec 1894 at Harrowsmith

003998-94 (Frontenac) James Geddes WALLER, 35, Farmer, Kingston, Sharpton - Kingston, s/o James WALLER & Margaret McFARLANE, married Maggie Maud SMITH, 34, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Isaac SMITH & Janet NOBLE, witn - George WALLER & Robina WALLER, both of Sharpton, 7 February 1894 at Kingston

4016-95 (Frontenac Co): Fred WALSH, 24, vet. surgeon, Quebec, Portland, s/o William & Mary, married Emma Jane GRANT, 19, Portland, same, d/o John & Emily, witn: E.B. GALLAGER & Grace THOMPSON, both of Harrowsmith, 5 Dec 1894 at Harrowsmith
004030-94 ( Frontenac Co.) William Alexander WANLESS, 25, Waterloo Ont., Kingston Sergt. in Militia, s/o John & Mary WANLESS, married Aggie STOKES, 20, Elginburg, Kingston, d/o Robert & Margaret STOKES, Witn.: Frank KELLY, Elizabeth O’REILLY, Residence not given, August 7, 1894, at English Church, Registered at Kingston 003875-94 Thomas C. WAYAN, 49, farmer, widower, Camden, Hinchinbrooke, s/o James C. & Christiana, married Mary W. HEARNS, 45, Kingston Twp., Hinchinbrooke, d/o Jason & Catherine, witn: Mr & Mrs Jason HEARNS of Hinchinbrooke on Jan. 1, 1894 at Hinchinbrooke Twp
003876-94 Thomas WELLS (WILLS?), 24, station agent. Colebrook, Renfrew, s/o James & Margaret married Mary Emiline GODFREY, 24, Hinchinbrooke, same, d/o Charles H. & Margaret, witn: Thomas C. GODFREY of Hinchinbrooke & Carrie E. WELLS of Portland on March 24, 1894 at Hinchinbrooke.

003980-94 (Frontenac) Thomas Stanley WELLS, 24, Station Agent, Colebrooke, Renfrew Junction, s/o Jas. & Margaret WELLS, married Mary Emeline GODFREY, 24, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Chester & Margaret GODFREY, witn - Thomas J. GODFREY of Godfrey & Carrie E. WELLS of Verona, 24 March 1894 at Godfrey, Hinchinbrooke

  4006-95 (Frontenac Co): Archibald WHALLY, 22, farmer, Portland twp., Loughboro twp., s/o John & Fannie, married Eliza STEPHENSON, 21, Loughboro twp., same, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: Samuel & Hester E. STEPHENSON of Loughboro twp., 5 Nov 1894 at Verona
#003946-94 (Frontenac Co): William WHITBY, 28, farmer, Portland twp., same, s/o Nicholas & Eva J., married Alma YOWMAN, 25, Portland twp., same, d/o Samuel & Rachel, witn: Florence PURDY & A. SOPER, both of Harrowsmith, 14 March 1894 at Harrowsmith 4014-94 John WILLIAMSON, 65, laborer, widower, Wexford Co. Ireland, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Jennie, married Mary WOODS, 50, widow, Kingston, same, d/o William & Jane WOODS (sic), witn: James H. WILLIAMSON & Thomas MILNE both of Verona on Apr. 25, 1894 at Kingston
004038-94 ( Frontenac Co.) Daniel C. WINNER, 72, Bay of Quinte, Evans U.S., widowed,, Farmer, s/o Thomas WINNER & Annie ANTHONY, married Hulda CLARK, 41, Sheffield, Arden, widowed,, d/o Peter J. KELLER & Mary J. KELLY, Witn.: J.H. LANDERVILLE, Edna BONN, of Kingston, August 21, 1894, at Kingston #003947-94 (Frontenac Co): Daniel WOOD, 59, widower, farmer, s/o Henry & Rachel, married Catherine MATHEWS, 51, widow, Portland, same, d/o Robert & Abigail HUSBAND, witn: Isaac WOOD & Annie WILSON, both of Portland, 23 Jan 1894 at Harrowsmith

003920-94 (Frontenac) Hiram Ashton YOUNG, 27, Farmer, Fredericksburgh, Sharbot Lake, s/o Hiram & Melissa YOUNG, married Elnora HUFFMAN, 17, Moscow Ont, Sharbot Lake, d/o Peter & Emma HUFFMAN, witn - James WATSON & Maude BABCOCK, 22 August 1894 at Sharbot Lake

004104-95: (Frontenac): James YOUNG: 32: farmer: Canada: Lennox Co: s/o Wilson YOUNG & Jane MacPHERSON: married Adelia J. MILLER: 31: Canada: Lennox Co: d/o Gideon GARRISON & Hannah SAULSBURY: witn- Nettie DAVIS & T. S. BURTRY: Feb 28 1894 at Kingston.