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Frontenac County Marriages, 1858, second part

transcribed from MS248 reel 6, vol. 10, Frontenac Co. 1858 - 1869

format: Birth place is given before residence


page 14, return 24: by Rev. John FOLEY, Minister of the RC Church, parish of Wolfe Island

Baptiste CHATABRIEN, about 42, Lower Canada, Wolfe Island, s/o Joseph CHATABRIEN & Margaret TURPIN, married Judith GELBOE, about 36, Lower Canada, Wolfe Island, d/o Gabriel GELBOE & Judith L. ROCHE, witn: Angus & Florence GELBOE of Wolfe Island, 18 Jan 1858

Louis HAINOUT, 40, Lower Canada, Wolfe Island, s/o Louis HAINOUT & Judith GUNAN, married Sophia RODRIGUES, no age given, Lower Canada, Garden Island, d/o Antoine RODRIGUES & Rosette D’EAU, witn: Francis LALONDE & Adeline D’EAU, both of Wolfe Island, 15 Feb 1858

Louis BILLIETTE, 29, Lower Canada, Garden Island, s/o Amable BILLIETTE & Sophia DU QUEST, married Elizabeth DIGNUM, 21, Lower Canada, Garden Island, d/o John DIGNUM & Elizabeth CROLLY, witn: Gabriel BILLIETTE & Mary Ann DIGNUM, both of Garden Island, 16 Feb 1858

John MACKEY, 25, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o James MACKEY & Margaret KELLY, married Rosanna McALLISTER, 20, Ireland, Wolfe Island, d/o George McALLISTER & Mary MEHO, witn: Richard DAWSON & Ann McALLISTER, both of Wolfe Island, 13 April 1858

Daniel COUGHN, 24, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o Michael COUGHN & Ellen HAGERTY, married Emily BROWN, 20, Upper Canada, Wolfe Island, d/o William BROWN & Margaret KINES, witn: Hugh & Catherine CROWLEY of Wolfe Island, 29 May 1858

William KINSELLA, 21, Ireland, Garden Island, s/o John & blank, married Mary DOYLE, 19, Ireland, Garden Island, d/o Patrick DOYLE & Catherine KEOUGH, witn: Terence QUINN & Jane PHAIR, both of Garden Island, 28 Sept 1858

William HENNESSY, 29, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o not given, married Rosanna MULLVILLE, 32, Ireland, Wolfe Island, d/o James MULLVILLE & Margaret HYLAIR, witn: James LOWRY & Elizabeth HUTTON, both of Wolfe Island, 10 Oct 1858

Samuel CUNNINGHAM, 21, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o Peter CUNNINGHAM & Rosanna HAWKINS, married Bridget DOLAN, 19, Ireland, Garden Island, d/o John DOLLAN (si) & Ann McDONNELL, witn: Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Ann McDONNELL, both of Garden Island, 18 Oct 1858