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Marriages in the Gore District, 1842 - 1850


The following marriages can be found on Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 4


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Rev. Alexander Ritchie Presbyterian Church

Pg 13, 1844

Jan. 24 John GRAHAM, Dumfries, to Hannah RODGERS, Dumfries. Wit: James Graham, Robert Walker.

Feb. 16 Sylvanus WRIGLEY, Dumfries, to Isabella STODDART, Dumfries. Wit: George Wrigley, James Gardine (s/b Jardine)

May 31 George ROSS, Dumfries, to Isabella RODGERS, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Tain, Robert Rodgers.

Pg 14, 1844

Aug. 13 John BLACK, Dumfries, to Hannah BARNET, Dumfries. Wit: John Hall Sear, William Barnet.

Sept. 10 William ANSON, Dumfries, to Margaret STEEN, Dumfries. Wit: Archibald & Henry Stoddard.

Sept. 27 Davie SCOTT, Dumfries, to Jennet MCNAUGHTON, Dumfries. Wit: Robert & James Thompson.

Nov. 6 Roger BROOKSBANK, Dumfries, to Licena COTY (Cody?), Dumfries. Wit: Edward Laywell, John Rosenberger.

Nov. 12 John DETWEILLER, Wilmot, to Magdalene HEIGHTER, Wilmot. Wit: John H. Haber, Samuel Heighter.

Pg 39, 1845

Jan. 24 James ORR, Dumfries, to Jane ANDERSON, Blenheim. Wit: James Blair, Walter Anderson.

Jan. 31 Peter HOPE, Dumfries, to Janett OLIVER, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Hope, Thomas Oliver.

Feb. 28 John FARQUAIR, Dumfries, to Janett KITCHIE, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Hope, Thomas Kitchie.

March 27 John HALL, Dumfries, to Robina WILLSON, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Turnbull, Walter Willson.

March 27 Walter K. BROWN, Dumfries, to Sarah WEIR, Dumfries. Wit: Samuel Harvey, James Wier.

May 13 Robert THOMPSON, Dumfries, to Jennett ARMSTRONG, Dumfries. Wit: ?? Thompson, Walter Armstrong.

June 20 Alexander CRANSTON, Dumfries, to Marion DICKIE, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Cranston, Alexander Dickie.

June 27 William LINTON, Waterloo, to Margaret CARUTHERS, Waterloo. Wit: Walter Linton, Thomas Bryden.

July 4 Thomas MARSHALL, Dumfries, to Janett ANDERSON, Blenheim. Wit: Anthony Marshall, Walter Anderson.

Aug. 5 Andrew GRIFFITH, Waterloo, to Susannah LUTZ, Waterloo. Wit: Roger BrooksbanK, Jane Hibson.

Nov. 3 Andrew BOYD, Brantford, to Ann CAMERON, Brantford. Wit: Robert & Peter Gamble.

Nov. 25 Windall CLEMENS, Dumfries, to Catherine HUNGER, Dumfries. Wit: Henry Clemens, Adam Hunger.

Nov. 25 William HALL, Oxford, to Jane WEIR, Dumfries. Wit: Valentine Hall, John Wier.

Dec. 3 George BLACK, Lenheim, to Hellen BAXTER, Blenheim. Wit: William McRae, James Baxter.

Dec. 12 John FILLIE/FRLLIE, Dumfries, to Mary ADAMS, Dumfries. Wit: Francis Fillie, William Adams.

Dec. 18 Donald ANDERSON, Dumfries, to Isabella FRASER, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Anderson, George Wrigley.


Pg 60 Note: Year not recorded, return listed among others dated 1846-1847.

Jan. 1 Benjamin BRUKER/BRICKER, Dumfries, to Esther BECHTEL, Dumfries. Wit: John Bruker/Bricker, George B. Bechtel.

Feb. 17 Jacob DETWILER, Dumfries, to Hannah SLEIGHTON, Dumfries. Wit: Samuel & John Sleighton.

Feb. 19 Robert WALKER, Wilmot, to Esther RODGERS, Waterloo. Wit: Michael Scott, Robert Rodgers.

March 6 Martin BROWN, Dumfries, to Margaret HALL, Blenheim. Wit: James Sword, Thomas Hall.

March 13 Walter ANDERSON, Blenheim, to Mary ANDERSON, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas & Furgus Anderson.

April 24 David GUTHRIE, Dumfries, to Catherine MORTON, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Guthrie, William Morton.

June 19 Thomas ADAMS, Dumfries, to Sarah GILLIE, Dumfries. Wit: William Adams, John Gillie.

Oct. 8 William VANDECAR, Blenheim, to Jane COPE, Beverly. Wit: Nelson Vandecar, Thomas Pier.

Nov. 12 John SHOEMAKER, Waterloo, to Fanny HUBER, Blenheim. Wit: Henry McNally, Christian D. (Illegible).

Dec. 22 Edmund BARTON, Wilmot, to Esther SHERRINGTON, Waterloo. Wit: Solomon Rogers, George Batter.

Dec. 29 Thomas GRIEVE, Dumfries, to Elizabeth BEATTIE, Dumfries. Wit: Charles Roger, Walter Linton.

Dec. 31 George HOPE, Dumfries, to Mary OLIVER, Dumfries. Wit: Andrew Hope, George Oliver.


Pg 78 Note: Residence not recorded, 1847

Jan. 27 George WARD to Pheabe Ann PINE. Wit: Roger Brooksbank, Joseph P. Ingles.

Feb. 12 John KNOX to Agnes PATON. Wit: Andrew Miller, Robert Paton.

Feb. 24 Archibald SCOTT to Isabella SCOTT. Wit: Adam M. Reid, William Scott.

March 2 Joseph COPLAND to Eliza SHEARD. Wit: George & Richard Sheard.

March 11 Peter ANDERSON to Margaret D. WILLSON. Wit: Andrew Bryden, John Goodfellow.

March 17 George WRIGLEY to Janett FRAZER. Wit: Daniel McPhail, James M. Frazer.

March 30 Alexander MATHEWS to Isabella REID. Wit: Walter Matheson, John Reid.

April 1 Jacob CRENMAN to Susannah SNYDER. Wit: Abraham Crenman, Lemuel Snyder.

April 29 John HUNGER to Polly BOWMAN. Wit: Adam Hunger, Wendal Bowman.

May 18 Jacob BOWMAN to Nancy HAMILTON. Wit: Henry Shannon, Ezra Hamilton.

Aug. 31 Alexander JARDINE to Catherine BELL. Wit: Robert Jardine, David Bell.

Oct. 22 Murray WALKER to Ann SCOTT. Wit: John & William Walker.

Dec. 3 William DICKIE to Jane MCNAB. Wit: James Dickie, William Richmond.

Oct. 27 Thomas BRYDEN to Jane BURNET. Wit: William Elliott, W. Davidson.

Dec. 31 George WEIR to Margaret FRASER. Wit: Donald McIntosh, James M. Fraser.


Rev. Alfred Booker Baptist Church

Pg 12, 1844

Feb. 22 Robert LEACH, Oakville, to Mary Ann OAKLEY, Oakville. Wit: William B. Booker, Hannah F. Booker.

March 7 Benjamin JONES, Hamilton, to Pheobe PHILLIPS, Hamilton. Wit: David Galbraith, Esther Phillips.

May 14 William ROLESTONE, Glanford, to Ann HOTRUM, Glanford. Wit: James Fenton, Dolly Hotrum.

May 19 Richard BEACH, Saltfleet, to Mary Eliza BASTON, Saltfleet. Wit: James & Mary Smith.

June 19 Lorenzo SHARP, Hamilton, to Ann Mary FILLMAN, Hamilton. Wit: James & Martha Monroe.

June 23 William MARSHALL, Saltfleet, to Susan CLINE, Saltfleet. Wit: Archibald Morrow, Henry Cline.

Pg 13, 1844

Feb. 19 Charles FOSTER, Hamilton, to Harriet Maria REYNOLDS, Barton. Wit: Richard S. Busby, Sarah Gillesby.

June 26 James FENTON, Barton, to Dolly HOTRUM, Barton. Wit: William & Ann Rolestone.

Oct. 23 James DOWNER, Barton, to Elizabeth TAYLOR, Barton. Wit: James & Harriet Willson.

Oct. 23 Laben CRANDELL, Dumfries, to Elizabeth SHIPMAN, Dumfries. Wit: Labent T. Crandell, William Taylor.

Dec. 5 Joseph MARSHALL, Hamilton, to Sarah BULSTON, Hamilton. Wit: Samuel Marshall, Mary Bulston.

Pg 13,1845

Feb. 3 James STENCHCOMB, Grimsby, to Julia UNDERHILL, Grimsby. Wit: Charles Smith, Charlotte Cortz.

Pg 47, 1845

April 14 William DEAN, Dundas, to Alice ROBINS, Hamilton. Wit: Joseph Fletcher, Joseph Robins.

July 14 John PHILLIPS, Hamilton, to Charlotte OWENS, Hamilton. Wit: Ester & William Phillps.

Nov. 14 Duncan CAMPBELL, Cayuga, to Eliza PAIDWON, Cayuga. Wit: Thomas Campbell, Alexander Stewart.

Nov. 14 John MCBETH, Walpole, to Jane CAMPBELL, Cayuga. Wit: Alexander Stewart, John Campbell.

Dec. 18 James PERRIN, Hamilton, to Elizabeth BLYTHMAN, Hamilton. Wit: Bernard Gilespie, John Ward.

Dec. 30 Pamnel MOONY, Hamilton, to Mary RYMAS, Hamilton. Wit: Cornelius Van Buskirk, John Byrnes.

Pg 47, 1846

March 11 John THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Rebecca HOUGHSON, Hamilton. Wit: Charles Hutton, William Clark.

March 12 Jabez BENT, Wellington, to Elizabeth Ann DEPEW, Wellington. Wit: Mary C. Bent, Sidney Depew.

March 18 James BANISTER, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Saltfleet. Wit: Harriet Gonswon?, Samuel Marshall.

April 17 Frederick MANN, Hamilton, to Catherine BARRY, Hamilton. Wit: John Campbell, Murphy Leslie.

April 18 David BOGIE, Onondaga, to Eliza INN/LINN, Onondaga. Wit: Elisha B. Huffman, John S. Hayser.

Pg 72, 1846

May 5 Joshua FREEMAN, W. Square, to Susannah COFFIN, Hamilton. Wit: Elizabeth & Susannah Martyr.

May 7 Mathew LOVELAND, Hamilton, to Mary BLACKNER, Hamilton. Wit: Peter S. Clarke, Ann A. Dayfoot.

June 13 Gerard FITZGIBBONS, Hamilton, to Hannah CALVERT, Hamilton. Wit: Mary Ann Gardner, George Pinkney.

June 22 Thomas NORFORD, Barton, to Isabella EAMES, Barton. Wit: David Lambkin, Mary Smith.

June 29 Thomas DURANT, Barton, to Harriet A. CLUTTON, Barton. Wit: Charles Durant, Joseph Clutton.

Pg 83, 1847

June 5 Henry CHILDS, Hamilton, to Mary BURROWS, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Hott, John Cook.

Sept. 1 Frederick STOUT, Binbrook, to Elizabeth STRUM/ABRAM (widow), Binbrook. Wit: Robert Barlow, J.E. McCrimmon.

Sept. 5 James STEWART, Saltfleet, to Rebecca POTTRUFF, Saltfleet. Wit: A. Harley, E. Stewart.

Pg 84, 1847

Nov. 3 Daniel BRAT, Nelson, to Eliza Jane WILSON, Nelson. Wit: Henry Brat, James Lovey.

Nov. 16 Miles COLEMAN, Brantford, to Susan PAPPLEWELL, Hamilton. Wit: Hugh Spaun, Corney Sanders.

Nov. 11 William W. RICHARDSON, Hamilton, to Julia P. ATTWOOD, Hamilton. Wit: John B. Dogfoot, Sidney A. Suther.

Dec. 10 James HALEY, Hamilton, to Ann SYLVESTER, Hamilton. Wit: Ann Duggan, William Sylvester.

Pg 84, 1848

Jan. 25 George SMALL, Barton, to Ann THATCHER, Saltfleet. Wit: James Small, Ann Booker.

Feb. 24 John BALDEN, Saltfleet, to Eliza Jane HILL, Saltfleet. Wit: Henry & P.S. Van Wagnoner.

Feb. 29 Peter DAVIS, Hamilton, to Emma BURROWS, Hamilton. Wit: Joseph Davis, Edward Markle.

March 8 William ACLAND, Hamilton, to Isabella SMITH, Hamilton. Wit: Christopher Edmondson, William Dalrymple.

Pg 113, 1848

May 10 James CLOW, Hamilton, to Mary OLIVER, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Sanders, Own Bailey.

May 18 William GARDNER, Hamilton, to Amelia BANN, Hamilton. Wit: William Sharb, Mary A. Scott.

Aug. 16 William PRISE, Oneida, to Mary WADE, Hamilton. Wit: M. & J. Wade.

Sept. 12 Thomas HULLORD, Binbrook, to Jemima PETTET, Binbrook. Wit: Otis Whittman, George Pettet.

Oct. 11 Thomas GRAY, Hamilton, to Sarah GEFFERS, Hamilton. Wit: W. G. Kerr, W. A. Kerr.

Oct. 16 James BANISTER, Saltfleet, to Harriet GANNON, Saltfleet. Wit: A. Booker, H. Booker.

Oct. 25 James BUSH, Binbrook, to Sarah A. BARKER, Binbrook. Wit: Otis Whiteman, Frances Mushall.

Nov. 1 James RACE, Grantham, to Johanna THOMPSON, Hamilton. Wit: Richard Steowgeon?, Agnes Race.

Nov. 10 John GILBERT, Hamilton, to Jennet MCDONALD, Hamilton. Wit: Samuel Arthur, Mary A. Waldner.

Nov. 21 Henry MCDADE, Nelson, to Grace TATE, Nelson. Wit: John & Sarah A. Smith.

Oct. 17 Johnson JEX, Brantford, to Elizabeth CLEMENTS, Brantford. Wit: Ann Whiteman, William Clements.

Pg 113, 1849

Feb. 7 Daniel MCCRIMMON, Binbrook, to Mary MILLER, Saltfleet. Wit: Richard Barlow, David M. Lee.

Pg 128, 1854

Feb. 1 James TURKINGTON, Erin, to Mary Ann MCCRAY, Hamilton. Wit: William & Jane Hamilton.

March 6 Christian ALVAS/ALMAS, Beverly, to Margaret HOBSON, Hamilton. Wit: Ann & H. Booker.

June 15 William MORTER, Berlin, to Elizabeth HARWOOD, Hamilton. Wit: Jane & William Harwood.

June 28 Ezekiel THATCHER, Hamilton, to Harriet HEMSTOCK, Hamilton. Wit: Ann & H. Booker.

Sept. 12 Henry FAIRHALL, London, to Caroline GUMB, London. Wit: Thomas & Mary Haws.

Sept. 14 William DICKSON, Flamborough, to Lodiei/Lodici FLETCHER, Beverly. Wit: William James Wheeler Jr., An Jaction.

Sept. 17 Thomas COCHRANE, Ancaster, to Susannah CLIVE, Ancaster. Wit: Harriet Wright, Ann Booker.

Oct. 3 George PARNELL, Flamborough, to Elizabeth Ann ATKINS, Flamborough. Wit: Thomas Parnell, Thomas Atkins.

Oct. 10 James WHEELER, Flamborough, to Esther Ann JACKSON, Flamborough. Wit: Jane Wheeler, George Darley.

Nov. 10 George HEMSTOCK, Hamilton, to Mary Ann SMALL, Hamilton. Wit: Mary Bridges, William Small.

Dec. 3 Isaac B. LEACH, Bayham, to Sarah Jane RATHBUN, Saltfleet. Wit: Henry & Mary Van Wagner.

Pg 128, 1855

Jan. 18 Daniel PERRY, Oakville, to Abigail H. WILES, Oakville. Wit: E. D. Green, C. M. Green.



Rev. A. Gale, Presbyterian Church

Pg 7 1844

March 5 John YOUNG Jr., Hamilton, to Jemima S. STEVENS, Hamilton. Wit: Matthew Young, Ann Niel Stevens.

March 14 James MCMILLAN, Dumfries, to Cassandra MCAFEE, Barton. Wit: Catherine Harmon, N.A. McAfee.

March 21 John SUMMER, Windham, to Agnes BUIST, Hamilton. Wit: Hiram Rogers, Alexander Buist.

March 22 Thomas FARLEY, Galt, to Margaret ROBERTS, Beverly. Wit: W.W. Barlow, Janet Roberts.

April 23 Henry HENRYSHOT, Ancaster, to Maria VAN EVERY, Ancaster. Wit: Henry Alins, John Groom.

April 25 Henry CRESWELL, Hamilton, to Elizabeth BRIDGWOOD, Hamilton. Wit: George Brown, Joseph Stewart.

June 10 Alexander GORDON, Flamborough, to Margaret ROSE, Hamilton. Wit: John McNaughton, John Holm.

June 20 John LINES, Brantford, to Mary Ann WRIGHT, Brantford. Wit: William Salsbury, Maria Atkinson.

July 18 Thomas L. HILL, Hamilton, to Mary WALSH, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Baine, James Drake.

July 22 James GRAHAM, Woodstock, to Jane MCPHERSON, Woodstock. Wit: David Buchanan, Robert P. Marack.

July 28 John LANSBOROUGH, Tuckersmith, to Eliza LANSBOROUGH, Tuckersmith. Wit: Mary Lansborough, John Arinows.

Sept. 13 William PARKES, Hamilton, to Mary PATON, Hamilton. Wit: John & Agnes McKinnon.

Pg 8, 1844

Sept. 3 Andrew MISTJOURNEY, Hamilton, to Emily CROCKER, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Lyman, Thomas Joyce.

Sept. 20 Adam BEGG, Flamborough, to Jannet HOWIE, Flamborough. Wit: Richard Alexander Steel, Henry Thompson.

Sept. 21 Robert PRINGLE, Hamilton, to Eliza MOSSMAN, Hamilton. Wit: John Abel, John McKillop.

Sept. 24 Ezekiel JONES, Flamborough, to Jane THOMPSON, Flamborough. Wit: Russell Rice, John Thompson.

Oct. 14 William WATT, Hamilton, to Elspeth CRUCKSHANK, Hamilton. Wit: James Nicol, John Black.

Nov. 18 George MURISON, Hamilton, to Ann FARQUHAR, Hamilton. Wit: James Merrilee, James Walker.

Nov. 12 James MCROBERT, Barton, to Sarah ALLAN, Ancaster. Wit: John McRobert, Peter Reid.

Nov. 13 Joseph VANDUSAN/VANHUSAN, Ancaster, to Susan DURFY, Ancaster. Wit: Abram Young, Henry Durfy.

Nov. 21 Robert MCKAY, Hamilton, to Harriet THOM, Hamilton. Wit: John McKay, Margaret Gale.

Nov. 25 Alexander WILSON, W. Square, to Margaret SMITH, W. Square. Wit: Alexander Mitchell, A. S. Smith.

Dec. 12 Kenneth MCKEZNIE, Puslinch, to Jane CANDY, Barton. Wit: J.G. McKenzie, W. Simpson.

Dec. 19 William DAVIS, Nelson, to Lucinda EVERETT, Hamilton. Wit: D. K. Pringer, George Ghent.

Dec. 23 William BENT, Nelson, to Sophia BRADT/BEAST, Nelson. Wit: Frederick & Sarah Tilley.



Pg 58 Note: Not all dates recorded, 1845

Jan. 11 Benjamin J. WHEATE, Hamilton, to Margaret BEALLY (Beatty?), Hamilton. Wit: William & Isabella Halligan.

Feb. 18 Davie TERRYBERRY, Saltfleet, to Sarah Ann SWEET, Saltfleet. Wit: Margaret Gale, Richard Angus McIntosh.

Feb. 19 George PRINGLE, Cayuga, to Margaret HENDERSON, Cayuga. Wit: John T. Fraser, John L. Henderson.

Feb. 22 Robert ROY, Hamilton, to Ann N. STEVEN, Hamilton. Wit: John Young Sr., Andrew Steven.

Feb. 24 William HISLOP, Burlington Bay, to Anna BROWNE, otherwise FEREMAN, Burlington Bay. Wit: James McDougal, Margaret Gale.

John LIVINGSTON, Nelson, to Matilda Maria CONDON, Nelson. Wit: David & Eliza Penfold.

Robert LAMPLE, Hamilton, to Mary Ann SMITH, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Willson, Alexander Steel.

John PACE, Hamilton, to Harriet CHAPMAN, Hamilton. Wit: William & Jane McFrier.

George DRUMMOND, Ancaster, to Amy SHAW, Ancaster. Wit: John Drummond, Rev. W. Leishman.

John MCNAUGHTON, Flamborough, to Mary AIRTH, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Gorden, John Reid.

James HILLOCK, Toronto, to Ann CLARKE, Seneca. Wit: Rev. W. Leishman, Jacob Clarke.

John HARRISON, Downie, to Isabella CONNELL, Downie. Wit: John King, Hugh Connell.

Alexander BAIRD, Brantford, to Janet GORDON, Brantford. Wit: James Walkinshand, Jacob Gordon.

James WALKER, Erin, to Ann DAVIS, Chatham. Wit: Joseph Fell, James Davis.

William MCLEAN, Hamilton, to Jane BRODIE, Hamilton. Wit: John Vessie, Margaret Brodie.`

John MCCULLOCH, Brantford, to Ellen MCDONALD, Brantford. Wit: John Livingston, Alexander Gibson.

Adam STOCKS, Flamborough, to Isabella MCGREGOR, Hamilton. Wit: James Armitage, James Farquhar.

John MCLAGHLAN, Saltfleet, to Agnes MCCACHEEN, Saltfleet. Wit: William Ogg, Donald McNevan.

Andrew HANNAH, Seneca, to Mary Ann HANNAH, Seneca. Wit: Barnard & Morgan McSherry.

James HUTTON, Hamilton, to Ann DUNLAN, Hamilton. Wit: Ralph Sherwood, William Hammond.

James MONTGOMERY, Hamilton, to Nancy MOSSMAN, Hamilton. Wit: James & Susannah McLelland.

William HALL, Nelson, to Ellen CARR, Nelson. Wit: Agnes & Samuel Carr.

William Alexander MCDONALD, Toronto, to Elizabeth MCNAPPY, Onondaga Wit: Abel McDonald, Davis Whyte.

John BURIDGE, Hamilton, to Margaret JOHNSTON, Hamilton. Wit: George Sinclair, David Kirk.

William SUTHERLAND, Nelson, to Mary Elizabeth MAHONY, Nelson. Wit: Donald Uguhart, William Elder.

John CURRAN, Traflagar, to Hannah CHARTER, Trafalgar. Wit: Margaret Gale, Edward Charter.


Rev. A. Lillie

Pg 7 1843

Nov. 16 Frederick Thomas WILKES, Brantford, to Harriet THOMPSON, Brantford. Wit: J. A. Wilkes, Thomas Baker.


Rev. Alexander Drumond, Presbyterian Church

Pg 100, 1848

May 22 Alexander GLASS, Brantford, to Elizabeth HARRISON, Brantford. Wit: Thomas Robson, Ann Harrison.

Oct. 6 Thomas ROBSON, Brantford, to Margaret JOHNSON, Brantford. Wit: John Baptie, Malcom McMine.


Rev. Alexander McLean Presbyterian Church

Pg 100, 1848

May 18 George WATERBERRY, Saltfleet, to Mary CUMMINGS, Wellington Square. Wit: W. H. Waterberry, John Allen

Nov George REID, Flamborough, to Sarah RICE, Flamborough. Wit: Mrs. McLean, Russel Reid.

Pg 101, 1848

Nov. Isaac SMOKE, Flamborough, to Catherine GARDNER, Flamborough. Wit: Mrs. McLean, Russel Reid.

Oct. 22 Walter EVANS, Hamilton, to Mary KNOWLS, Hamilton. Wit: Walter Bastedo, Elcenth? Pier.

Pg 113, 1848

Dec. 7 John JAQUES, Flamborough, to Margaret SMOKE, Flamborough. Wit: Ann Jaques, James Thompson.

Pg 113, 1849

Jan. 15 George ROBINSON, Trafalgar, to Isabella RIGGS, Trafalgar. Wit: Alexander Anderson, John Riggs.

Pg 114, 1849

March 19 Alexander Hudson PEARSON, Woodstock, to Elizabeth M. SPENCER, Dundas. Wit: John Douglas, Samuel Anderson.


Pg 124 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1852

Jan. 1 Charles LONG, Brantford, to Phoebe L. LUCAS, Brantford.

Feb. 10 John MCCORMICK, Nelson, to Jane STEWART, Nelson.

March 6 W. J. FORSYTH, Wellington Square, to Sarah Ann KERNS, Wellington Square.

March 24 James SMITH, Flamborough, to Ann Eliza HARKER, Trafalgar.

April 15 James EMERY, Flamborough, to Susan KING, Flamborough.

April 20 Benjamin ACKNEY, Flamborough, to Mary BOWERS, Flamborough.

May 4 George AGNEW, Nelson, to Sarah Jane DYCE, Nelson.


Pg 125 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1853

May 19 Stafford DEAN, Saltfleet, to Maudana Elizabeth FULLER, Nelson.

Aug. 19 Donald COOPER, Wellington Square, to Catherine THOMPSON, Wellington Square.

Nov. 30 Alexander DONALDSON, Nassugawaga, to Mary (Reid) SMITH, Nassugawaga.


Pg 139 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1854

March 7 James REACH, Hamilton, to Elizabeth Ann LINLEY, Nelson.

April 21 Edward CARLETT, Nelson, to Ellen BARNET, Nelson.

April 26 Phillip P. TRILLER, Nelson, to Elicia THOMPSON, Nelson.

May 16 Isaac CLINGSTON, Nelson, to Mary PATTERSON, Nelson.

May 17 Thomas HARRIS, Nelson, to Mary Jane CARGILL, Nassugawaga.

May 30 Robert JOHNSTONE, Trafalgar, to Marion BASTEDO, Dundas.

June 8 John NICHOL, Beverly, to Margaret BROATCH, Beverly.

Pg 140, 1854

Sept. 5 John M. CAMPBELL, Toronto, to Marion MILLER, Picton.

Sept. 20 George MCCARTHY, Nelson, to Margaret CAMPBELL, Nelson.

Sept. 21 Isaac Horning WILL, Malahide, to Isabella RICHARDSON, Nelson.

Sept. 21 William KING, Nelson, to Mary BUCHAN, Nelson.

Oct. 4 John SMALL, Nelson, to Margaret EMERSON, Nelson.

Oct. 10 Donald MCDOUGALL, Flamborough, to Isabella CADDELL, Flamborough.

Nov. 23 George MCCARTHY, Nelson, to Sharah Ann SHERWOOD, Nelson.

Dec. 13 Thomas C. ANDERSON, Nelson, to Isabella BLACKWOOD, Nelson.

Dec. 21 Charles COOTE, Trafalgar, to Marjory HUNTER, Trafalgar.

Dec. 21 James MCMORRIES/MCMONIES, Waterdown, to Isabella LITTLE, Wellington Square.


Rev. Bold C. D. Hill

Pg 92 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

May 18 William THOMSON to Margaret WHALAR. Wit: Ellen Stack, Margaret Jeffry.

June 19 Elishal JAMES to Elizabeth COX. Wit: Elijah James.

Jan. 4 John BURGESS to Mary MCCLELAND. Wit: Hugh Birch.

Feb. 3 Henry SHERK to Elizabeth A. TROBBS. Wit: George Baker, Jeremiah Martin.

Feb. 3 Henry IRWIN to Selina TROBBS. Wit: George Baker, Jeremiah Martin.

Feb. 3 Stephen J. MARTIN to Amelia WALKER. Wit: William & Thomas Walker.

Feb. 11 James COOK to Sally MOTLY. Wit: John A. & Philip Nebbs.

Pg 93, 1848

Feb. 22 Arthur CHURCHILL to Agnes FITZGERALD. Wit: Robert Tamer, James D. Fitzgerald.

Feb. 28 William BELL, to Mary A. CHOATE. Wit: Berney & Thomas Choate.

March 3 Frederick LEWIS to Jane A. BACON. Wit: George Robinson, Ira Bacon.

March 6 William MCLEOD to Mary MCLEE. Wit: Not recorded.


Pg 98 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

July 24 John SHERLOCK to Mary/Mony KERR. Wit: William & John Kerr.

July 24 John Francis TAYLOR to Elizabeth CARSWELL. Wit: Sarah & John Carswell.

Aug. 9 Augustin FRENCH to Ann ARMSTRONG. Wit: John French, Amos Smith.

Aug. 14 George WALTON to Mary MITCHELL. Wit: Joseph Pert, Thomas Martindale.


Pg 102 Note: Residence not recorded,1847

July 3 George AUGER to Elizabeth CROFT. Wit: Peter Spansback, Isabella Hill.

July 4 David Kearns CHOATE to Nancy KING. Wit: Isaiah & John Clark.

July 21 David MORROW to Mary J. ALEXANDER. Wit: Rachel Green, Mathew Alexander.

Aug. 7 George HILMIER to Ann C. KILLINS. Wit: Pamella Helmier, Daniel Treddenley.

Aug. 20 William RAMGAY to Isabella CLARK. Wit: Martha Glinn, David Clark.

Oct. 29 David GOULD to Margaret COOK. Wit: William Davis, John Cook.

Pg 103, 1847

Nov. 6 George CLEVELAND to Margaret WARD. Wit: John A. & Isaac Nelles.

Dec. 1 Samuel WILSON to Mary HAMILTON. Wit: Robert Glenn, Ralph Hamilton.

Dec. 20 Christopher ALLEN to Mary A. JOHNSON. Wit: Thomas Dalton, Daniel McCarthy.


Rev. Amos Brennan, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 141, 1854

Jan. 4 Augstis T. WRIGHT, Blenheim, to Loisa COPE, Saltfleet. Wit: Gilbert Fields, John Elliott.

Jan.12 Amos FELKER, Beverly, to Mary MCCUCHIE, Beverly. Wit: Sarah Johnson, H. Brennan.

Jan. 25 Erastus DORLAND, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth STEVENSON, Saltfleet. Wit: Daniel & M. Campbell.

Jan. 27 Rev. James SHAW, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth B. HANNON, Trafalgar. Wit: James Cummings, Joseph Hannon.

Feb. 17 David KNOX, Barton, to Agnes NICHOLS, Flamborough. Wit: Archibald Green, William Morden.

Pg. 142, 1854

Feb. 17 Elijah MORDEN, Flamborough, to Mary KNOX, Flamborough. Wit: Archibald Green, William Morden.

Feb. 23 James HARPER, Flamborough, to Mary CARSON, Flamborough. Wit: H. McClin, H. Brennan.

March 8 Thomas BUMP, Louth?, to Jane BIRCH, Louth? Wit: Joseph Crane, James Spencer.

July 10 Jeremiah ROBIN, Flamborough, to Sarah Jane KITCHEN, Flamborough. Wit: Caleb & William Kitchen.

Aug. 29 Andrew HART, Hamilton, to Catherine HARRIS, Hamilton. Wit: S. Rowlands, Sarah Bryans.

Oct. 4 Lewis LOTRIDGE, Barton, to Mary TRUSDAL, Saltfleet. Wit: Rev. George Chien, Jonah H. Williams.

Dec. 26 Henry FLOOR, Flamborough, to Hannah STONEHOUSE, Flamborough. Wit: Horkan Lyons, John Stonehouse.

Dec. 31 James MCMASEANY, Flamborough, to Isabella KARTSEY, Flamborough. Wit: George Kirk, H. Brennan.


Rev. Andrew Pringle, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 22, 1844

April 25 Joseph LANDMAN/LEADMAN, Binbrook, to Martha SCHOOLEY, Binbrook. Wit: Martha Leadman/Lendman, Aaron Schooley.

Aug. 22 Morris LOWREY, Ancaster, to Catherine WESTBROOK, Ancaster. Wit: William Pringle, Catherine McMoody.


Rev. Barnabus Brown Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 71 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1846

Sept. 29 William FREWSTER, Walpole, to Harriet LAWRENCE, Walpole.

Pg 71 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1847

March 18 Duncan OLAPHANT, Toronto, to Elizabeth Ann HITE, Toronto.

May 31 William BURTON, Nassugawaga, to Rachel ALLASON, Nassugawaga.

July 1 William KERR, Flamborough, to Annsenda EARL, Flamborough.

Pg 103, 1847

Dec. 2 David WELLS, Beverly to Hanna BEEMER, Beverly.

Pg 103, 1848

Jan. 3 Joseph MORLEY, Dumfries, to Jane VINCENT, Dumfries.

Jan. 3 Samuel MORDEN, Dumfries, to Hannah VINCENT, Dumfries.

Feb. 6 Wesley VAN SICKLE, Ancaster to Ann MANN, Ancaster.

June 21 Andrew KITCHEN, Brantford, to Jane MILLER, Ancaster.

Oct. 19 James WATSON, Puslinch, to Mary Ann ROBBS, Beverly.


Rev. Barney Markle, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 10 1844, Note: Residence not recorded

Aug. 15 William HUNTER to Rachel PEER. Wit: David Young, Euphema Glover.

Nov. 3 John WHALEY to Elizabeth PORTRUFF. Wit: Jonathon & Levi Potruff.

Dec. 24 Henry ROAVE/ROANE to Mary A. HOWARD. Wit: John & James Howard.

Dec. 24 John BUCKBERRY to Jane TEEPLE. Wit: Alexander Howes, William Buckberry.

Pg 36, 1845

Jan. 7 Henry MINERS, Gainsborough, to Elizabeth SCOTT, Gainsborough. Wit: Elijah Stewart, Mary C. Jones.

Jan. 1 James ARNOLD, Flamborough, to Sarah CORNWALL, Flamborough. Wit: John Kitchen, Margaret Cornwall.

Jan. 15 Jonathon P. CLINE, Glanford, to Mary Jane STEWART, Glanford. Wit: Thomas Hewitt, Samuel Hemmon.

Jan. 19 Robert WOLRUFF, Saltfleet, to Nancy Jane STUART, Saltfleet. Wit: William Spird, Nathaniel Jones.

Feb. 23 Joseph BEVEL, Flamborough, to Margaret HELZ/HELY, Flamborough. Wit: Abraham Markle, Cornelius Armstrong.

March 27 William SPERON, Saltfleet, to Sarah POTRUFF, Saltfleet. Wit: Nathaniel Jones, Jonathon Potruff.

April 1 George HUNTER, Ancaster, to Elizabeth SMITH, Ancaster. Wit: Mary Piper, Elizabeth Smith.

Pg 51, 1846

March 15 James H. BENNET, Beverly, to Cicelia SCOTT, Beverly. Wit: Daniel R. B. Bennet, Mary Scott.

June 15 Joseph MORLEY, Brantford, to Amanda MCWILLIAMS, Brantford. Wit: Mary & William McWilliams.

Pg 74, 1847

June 21 Samuel W. SMITH, Beverly, to Mary MCKEY, Beverly. Wit: George Hall, David Chambers.

Sept. 3 Jesse CROWELL, Brantford, to Eliza BUTLER, Brantford. Wit: David Van Sickle, David Butler.


Pg 105 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

Jan. 4 William FONGER to Julianna WOOD. Wit: J. Miller, D. Putnell.

Pg 164, 1855

Jan. 31 Isaac BENNETT, Wanlenlow, to Castine HAYMAKER, Wanlenlow. Wit: Ann Henderston, Henry Bechtel.

March 6 Thomas NOAKES, Beverly, to Eliza Jane HOWARD, Beverly. Wit: Morris Hendershot, Henry Howard.

Oct. 28 Daniel MARKLE, Ancaster, to Rachel VINSONT/VINSON, Ancaster. Wit: George Grimmet, John Larason.


Rev. Benjamin Lawrence, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 71, 1847

Sept. 9 William SMITH, Beverly, to Hannah BENNETT, Beverly. Wit: John Coleman, James H. Bennett.


Rev. Edward Ebbs, Congregational Church

Pg 159 Note: Residence not recorded, 1855

June 6 William Scott STEWART to Catherine MILLS. Wit: Peter Idington, Alexander Campbell.

July 23 James ARDLE to Ann SCOTT. Wit: Anthony Leonard, Richard Harper.

July 28 Hector DODGSON, to Sarah MOULDER. Wit: Mary Ann Dodgson, James Reed.

Dec. 18 William B. GREEN to Catherine H. DOWNING. Wit: Octavius & Phebe Thompson.


Rev. Browniel, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 80, 1847

Jan. 28 Christian SHOUP, Walpole, to Mary SHERK, Walpole. Wit: Rachel Hager, Benjamin Sherk.

April 18 Alexander NERIN, Onondaga, to Sarah LAWREY, Ancaster. Wit: Joseph Goodbon, Ottmiel? Browbridge.


Rev. D. A. Ferrier, Presbyterian Church

Pg 52 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1846

Feb. 19 John LEE, Oxford, to Christina MORRISON, Woodstock.

Feb. 27 David BLAIN, Caledonia, to Mary WATSON, Barton.

June 25 Alexander SUTHERLAND, Ancaster, to Allison BENTON, Ancaster.

Oct. 22 Thomas MCMORRIN, Onondaga, to Elizabeth MITCHMOORE/WITCHMORE, Onondaga.

Nov. 12 William MCGUIR, Caledonia, to Isabella LEEMING, Gainsborough.

Nov. 26 James DUFF, Hamilton, to Ann FERGUSON, Tuscarora.

Dec. 4 William FINDLAY, Ancaster, to Grace SMITH, Glanford.


Pg 82 Witnesses not recorded, 1848

Feb. 5 Henry CHUNWICK, Seneca, to Ann MCKINNON, Seneca.

March 9 Alexander BAIRD, Oneida, to Catherine MCDONALD, Oneida.


Rev. D. Hughson, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 81, 1846

Dec. 2 Joseph PETRIE, Ancaster, to Catherine VAN SICKLE, Ancaster. Wit: Joseph & Lemon Petrie.

Dec. 6 Henry EPPS, Ancaster, to Ann Barbary SHAVER, Ancaster. Wit: Richard Epps, Enice Kelly.

Dec. 7 Henry HUDSON, Dumfries, to Mary A. VINCENT, Dumfries. Wit: John Yardington, Peter Dennis.

Dec. 15 John WEAVER, Brantford, to Lany LAY, Brantford. Wit: Henry Near, Henry Kitchen.

Pg 81, 1847

Jan. 5 James BANCEAR, Ancaster, to Sarah J. KITCHEN, Ancaster. Wit: Adam Almos, John Kitchen.

Jan. 6 James HOWARD, Ancaster, to Harriet HALER, Beverly. Wit: John M. Ferby, Joseph Abbott.

Jan. 26 James DYMON/DYNISON, Brantford, to Sarah GORDON, Wilmot. Wit: George & Mercy Brysacker.

Feb. 3 David CORNEL, Beverly, to Hannah WILL, Beverly. Wit: Benoney Cornel, Rachel Will.

Feb. 22 Isaac B. RICHARDSON, Barnham, to Emma MILLER, Ancaster. Wit: Peter Stenehaugh, Margaret VanSickle.

May 14 Robert MULLEN, Beverly, to Euphemia CORNELL, Beverly. Wit: William & Synthia Clement.

May 4 Jacob NEARE/WEARE, Ancaster, to Martha MORDEAN, Brantford. Wit: Edward & Thomas Mordean.

May 18 Benjamin SYBURN, Thorald, to Cordela HOPKINS, Blenheim. Wit: John Bray, Henry Gardner.

April 21 Elisha STEWART, Onondaga, to Zela HOWELL, Onondaga. Wit: John Bontinhimer, Daniel Howell.

Aug. 29 John H. CILL, Brantford, to Martha MILLER, Brantford. Wit: George Fonger, Ann hill.


Rev. David Caird, Presbyterian Church

Pg 73 Witnesses not recorded, 1846

Nov. 24 Walter MARKLE, Dumfries, to Sophia SMOKE, Dumfries.

Dec. 4 James WAIN, Dumfries, to Jannette REID, Dumfries.

Dec. 21 William LATTIMER, Burford, to Betsey VAN SICKLE, Beverly.

Dec. 24 Peter WILLSON, Dumfries, to Agnes HUDSON, Dumfries.

Pg 73 Witnesses not recorded, 1847

Jan. 13 John SMITH, Dumfries, to Mrs. Widow NESBET, Hamilton.

Feb. 23 Robert SHIELS, Dumfries, to Janette TURNBULL, Dumfries.

April 8 John P. FISHER, Dumfries, to Minerva ALLEN, Dumfries.

June 30 John CUSIN, Dumfries, to Mary Ann BARKER, Dumfries.

July 13 George WALLACE, Dumfries, to Margaret ANDERSON, Dumfries.

July 13 George BURWELL, Dumfries, to Jane DAVIDSON, Dumfries.

Pg 74, 1847

Sept. 14 John MUIR, Burford, to Agnes HODGE, Burford.

Nov. 18 John JAMIESON, Dumfries, to Agnes MOSCRIP, Dumfries.


Rev. David Culp, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 4, 1843

Oct. 5 David BLAIN, Flamborough, to Dorothy Ellen SMOCK, Flamborough. Wit: John Bumbaryer, Samuel Kirkendale.

Oct. 19 John ASHBOUGH, Flamborough, to Sarah Jane EARL, Flamborough. Wit: William Jarvis, James Earl.

Pg 4, 1844

Jan. 28 James TRUEDELL/TRUSDALE, Flamborough, to Elizabeth CAINY/CAING, Flamborough. Wit: Amos Reid, Anthony Fonger.

Feb. 13 Samuel HORTON, Flamborough, to Elizabeth Jane BRATT, Flamborough. Wit: Rachel Pears, James Vollick.

April 11 Samuel FORSYTH, Ancaster, to Mariah MOORISON, Barton. Wit: Hiram L. Cassedy, David Blain.

Pg 57, 1845

Dec. 10 Walter STOCK, Flamborough, to Susannah REED, Flamborough. Wit: John Stock, Jacob Lang.

Pg 57, 1846

June 8 Solomon HUFFMAN, Flamborough, to Harriet ANDERSON, Flamborough. Wit: Abraham Flatt, John Anderson.

Feb. 4 James W. CROOKER, Townsend, to Margaret GRANLESS, Nelson. Wit: James Crooker, Thomas Granless.

March 23 Jonathon SNOOK, Flamborough, to Rosanna CRISSORD, Flamborough. Wit: Matthew & Alexander Burns.

March 10 Abraham FLATT, Flamborough, to Elizabeth LANG, Flamborough. Wit: William Flatt, Jacob Lang.

Pg 104, 1848

Feb. 10 Tobias KIRY/KING, Flamborough, to Iris LEWAN, Flamborough. Wit: J. K. Millard, Syrain Culp.

April 4 Jacob MARKLE, Flamborough, to Sarah SPRINGER, Flamborough. Wit: D. E. Markle, P. Y. Rymal.

June 8 Richard BERDIN, Flamborough, to Hester GAREY, Flamborough. Wit: Thomas Hatley, Sarah Bertin.

July 11 William BAKER, Flamborough, to Ellen A. SPRINGER, Flamborough. Wit: Daniel Howels, Joseph Markle.

Aug. 16 Adam DEPORICE/DEPORIEC, Nelson, to Sarah BIGHTMAN, Flamborough. Wit: Edward Ruckman, Josiah Bigelow.

Feb. 25 Edward BROWN, Flamborough, to Frances FLOAT, Flamborough. Wit: Abraham Binkley, Robert Brown.

Feb. 25 George FRETWELL, Flamborough, to Sarah FLOAT, Flamborough. Wit: Samuel Anderson, W. Float.

May 2 William VALLECK, Nelson, to Eliza SHELLER, Nelson. Wit: David & Margaret Burkholder.

May 9 Jacob BURKHOLDER, Nelson, to Eliza LIGHTHART, Nelson. Wit: Isaac Burkholder, Albert Brott.

Pg. 105, 1848

Aug. 28 James FLINN, Flamborough, to Sarah BURTIN, Flamborough. Wit: Thomas Meattly, John Burtin.

Dec. 21 Sarah GRIFFIN, Flamborough, to Elizabeth EATON, Flamborough. Wit: Robert Parrows, Philander Barton.


Rev. Ezra Adams, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg. 66, 1845

June 2 Rev. Francis COLEMAN, Esquesing, to Emeline M. ADAMS, Esquesing. Wit: Rev. W. Coleman, Mary E. Adams.

Pg. 66, 1846

Jan. 28 John MCGREGOR, Esquesing, to Eliza CAMERON, Esquesing. Wit: Alexander Brown, William C. Adams.


Rev. Edmund Shepherd, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg. 48, 1845

July 14 John WILLSON, Flamborough, to Margaret MILLER, Flamborough. Wit: Robert Hastings, Robert McClure.

July 30 John FISHER, Dundas, to Catherine CAMPBELL, Dundas. Wit: Eli Varey, David Ware.

Nov. 11 William WALKER, Beverly, to Rachel WEAVER, Beverly. Wit: Anna & George Weaver.

Nov. 13 Adam SMITH, Beverly, to Delilah HALL, Beverly. Wit: John & David Smith.

Dec. 7 Stephen CORNELL, Beverly, to Sarah NEVIN/MAIN, Beverly. Wit: Jonas Cornell, Amy Nevin.

Dec. 9 William WHITELY, Hamilton, to Sarah WIDOWSON, Ancaster. Wit: John Ware, Thomas Newton.

Pg. 48, 1846

Jan. 29 John SUTTON, Dundas, to Maria GLADDEN, Dundas. Wit: W. L. Wood, John G. Tyler.


Rev. Emerson Bristol Methodist Church

Pg 57, 1845

March 1 William COMFORT, Toronto, to Lemira LEWIS, Chingaconsy. Wit: Elizabeth & Jabes Lewis.

May 6 James HUTTON, Chingaconsy, to Jemima WORTZ, Chingaconsy. Wit: Joseph Hutton, Jonathon Cowplon.

Feb. 5 Philip OLIPHRANT, Toronto, to Eliza GILBRETH, Toronto. Wit: John Willson, Henry McGill.

June 1 George CLARRIAGE, Chingaconsy, to Adaline MICHAEL, Chingaconsy. Wit: William Ceasneigi?, Zena Blackman.

Oct. 7 Andrew TATE, Nelson, to Zeriah CULP, Nelson. Wit: George Bush, Hugh Rice.

Oct. 15 Francis CROOKER, Flamborough, to Elenor VAN NORMAN, Flamborough. Wit: John Crooker, Joseph Van Norman.

Dec. 30 William BRADLEY, Trafalgar, to Hannah MERCEY, Trafalgar. Wit: Levi & Mary Barch.

Pg 58, 1846

Jan. 20 John WINGMORE, Flamborough, to Elizabeth JOHNSON, Flamborough. Wit: John & William Johnson.

March 9 Alexander JOHNSTON, Erin, to Sarah Ann KENEDY. Wit: John & William Kenedy.

March 11 James CASPEL, Esquesing, to Elizabeth Ann LORIE, Esquesing. Wit: Andrew Warner, Thomas Parkinson.

Pg 70, 1846

April 7 Robert STEVENS, Caledonia, to Margaret Jane CUNNINGHAM, Esquesing. Wit: George Bennett, Thomas Stephens.

April 17 Barnard GRIFFIN, Flamborough, to Jane MOUNT, Flamborough. Wit: Benjamin & James Johnson.

June 29 Thomas COUPLIN, Chingaconsy, to Mary DUGAN, Chingaconsy. Wit: Henry & Sarah Grass.

July 1 Thomas C. HAGARMAN, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth D. MERROLD/HERROLD, Trafalgar. Wit: Benjamin Hagarman, Jacob Triller.


Rev. Ephraim Evans, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 94 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1847

Sept. 7 John GUNDY, Brantford, to Elizabeth Selina RICHARD, Beverly.


Rev. Ephraim B. Harper Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 43, 1846

Jan. 7 Israel S. HOPKINS, Flamborough, to Eliza GREEN, Flamborough. Wit: Ezra & Frances Hopkins.

Feb. 26 William MCMAHON, Dundas, to Mary Ann FORSYTH, Ancaster. Wit: Charles Jennings, Samuel Forsyth.


Rev. Ephrain Van Norman, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 20, 1844

Dec. 25 John INGLEHART, Nelson, to Sophia DAVIS, Nelson. Wit: Richard Mills, Hezekeah Persons.

Pg 20, 1845

Feb. 15 Joseph KNOWLES, Flamborough, to Margaret HAWLEY, Flamborough. Wit: John Tunis, James Crooker.

March 4 John GARDNER, Hamilton, to Mary BURNSTONE, Hamilton. Wit: William Gardiner, Joseph Marshall.

April 2 Alpheus DECKER, Beverly, to Elizabeth FREESE, Beverly. Wit: John Ironsides, John Harding.

May 7 William W. CORBETT, Flamborough, to Mary DAVIS, Flamborough. Wit: William Hendel, Abigail Lachlan.

May 29 Goerge STEWART, Nelson, to Sarah BARTLOW, Nelson. Wit: William Stewart, Absolam Kenney.


Rev. George Murray, Presbyterian Church

Pg 54 Note Year not recorded. Return listed among others dated 1845-1846.

July 7 Robert FAIR, Paris, to Elizabeth MILLAR, Brantford. Wit: George Bursnall, James Millar.


Rev. George A. Bull

Pg 143 Note: Witnesses not recorded,,1855

Jan. 30 Robert GORDON, Glanford, to Mary KELLY, Glanford.

Feb. 27 William H. C. SECORD, Barton, to Charlotte Ann (Last name not recorded), Barton.

Feb. 28 Samuel FORRIST, Walpole, to Isabella MULHOLLAND, Glanford.

June 28 Frederick Stevenson WOODS, Brantford, to Jane BAILY, Ancaster.

Aug. 11 Samuel MANN/MAME, Glanford, to Catherine MCKEE, Glanford.

Sept. 8 John Edward START, Hamilton, to Arabella SECORD, Barton.

Sept. 18 George BANKS, Barton, to Ann BURK, Hamilton.

Pg 144, 1855

Nov. 23 Joshua WELLS, Barton, to Elizabeth STODDART, Barton.


Rev. George Chayson, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 162, 1855

Jan. 13 Dennis CLINDERSIN/CLINDERIN, Caistor, to Mary Ann HEARD, Binbrook. Wit: Joseph A. Bowman, George White.

Feb. 23 Francis TRUESDEL, Saltfleet, to Mary Ann GAGE, Saltfleet. Wit: Sarah Ann Gage, Peter Gage Jr.

April 30 Thomas STUART, Grimsby, to Agnes MUIR, Grimsby. Wit: John Gowan, Martin Muir.

Aug. 1 Sidney Mann ELLIOTT, Camboro, to Margaret Lui SPENCE, Binbrook. Wit: Mary Jane Elliott, Alexander Spence.

Aug. 10 Mathew TAYLOR, Hamilton, to Maria LANG, Binbrook. Wit: William Falconer, Mary Harvey.

Oct. 2 Ransom SAUELS (Sanels?), Saltfleet, to Margaret WEBSTER, Saltfleet. Wit: John Saules, Jessie Cotortle?

Oct. 2 Thomas WEBB, Binbrook, to Jane PTOLEMY, Binbrook. Wit: Joseph Webb, Jannet Ptolemy.

Oct. 12 William PATTERSON, Binbrook, to Margaret THILORICK, Saltfleet. Wit: Alexander Patterson, Jane Ambredga?

Oct. 16 William H. TRUESDEL, Saltfleet, to Sarah H. PETTIT, Saltfleet. Wit: Archibald Spire, William Pettit.

Dec. 19 John D. BEAMER, Grimsby, to Catherine LEMON, St. Catherines. Wit: Richard D. Dunn, Wilfis Weir.


Rev. George Cheyne, Presbyterian Church

Pg 77, 1847

Feb. 10 William WOOLEY, Townsend, to Jane CONDON, Saltfleet. Wit: John Temple, Jane Saules.

May 5 Stephen J. JONES, Hamilton, to Margaret WILLIAMSON, Saltfleet. Wit: Eliza J. Jones, Thomas Williamson.

Sept. 29 Richard JOHNSON, Saltfleet, to Maria PROTT (Pratt?), Saltfleet. Wit: James Lee, John Prott.

Nov. 16 Silvanus STEVESON, Saltfleet, to Adaline Celinda THOMAS, Saltfleet. Wit: Silas Shower, Elizabeth Arm.


Rev. George Ferguson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 44, 1845

May 29 James ACHLIN, Beverly, to Jane ROBINSON, Beverly. Wit: James Craig, John Neff.

Sept. 26 Robert FAWCETT, Toronto, to Martha ROGER, Trafalgar. Wit: Robert Bows, James Cross.

Nov. 12 John HAMILTON, Trafalgar, to Catherine FELLIS, Trafalgar. Wit: Robert Hamilton, Robert Bowes.

Pg 44, 1846

June 9 Joseph SHEPLY, Seneca, to Sally Ann GENDFEL (Grenfel?), Willoughby. Wit: Adam Beam, Joshua Farriss.


Pg 109 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

Jan. 24 W. R. MCNEIL to Eliza ELLIOT. Wit: John Brand, John McNeil.

Feb. 11 James HARRISON to Mary ELLIOT. Wit: John Nicholl, Atlah Falls.

Feb. 24 Thomas ELLIOT to Margaret SCOTT. Wit: William Elliot, John Scott.

Pg 110, 1848

Feb. 24 James SHOW/SHAW to Ellen MCGILIVOY (McGillvray?). Wit: Peter Law, Andrew Crickshanks (Cruikshanks?)

March 16 Alexander C. WINLAW, to Agnes MCDUGALL. Wit: George Winlaw, John McDugall.

March 9 Joseph STANDISH to Caroline CLARK. Wit: Thomas Spunow, Robert Reid.

March 30 John NELSON to Isabella WILLIE. Wit: Andrew Nelson, John Willie.

April 29 James MOFFAT to Mary MCPHENAN (McPherson?). Wit: John Moffat, James Stewart.

May 3 W. MCGREGOR to Sarah STINSON. Wit: Thomas Bradley, Thomas Graham.

May 11 Robert HILL to Eliza HUFFMAN. Wit: Charles Hill, John Huffman.

May 23 Joseph BROWNRIDGE to Agnes FISHER. Wit: William Brownridge, Thomas Fisher.

May 28 Richard MONTGOMERY to Elizabeth FREEMAN. Wit: Edward Martin, Thomas W. Thompson.

June 17 William SHANKS to Ellen LAWSON. Wit: J. Summerville, John Lawson.

Aug. 14 Anthony WELLER to Sarah BROWN. Wit: Joseph Preston, Robert Brown.

Dec. 28 James JOHNSON to Mary ROBINSON. Wit: George Ledsdall, William Taylor.


Rev. George McDonald, Church of Scotland

Pg 130, 1854

Jan. 2 Adam BAIRD, Flamborough, to Elizabeth PHILLIPPS, Ancaster. Wit: William Hobbs, Charles Phillips.

Feb. 1 James MCLAREN, Nelson, to Mary Sophia MCBRIDE, Trafalagar. Wit: William McLaren, Clarkson Freeman.

Jan. 18 James PETTEGREW, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth LUSK, Nelson. Wit: John Harrison, Mary McDonald.

Feb. 7 William Barker CUST, Nelson, to Barbara BLAGDON, Nelson. Wit: Eli Johnston, Joseph Blagdon.

Feb. 23 William Tacit GRESSON, Flamborough, to Janet MITCHELL, Flamborough. Wit: Joseph Dickson, David Mitchell.

May 27 Richard WALLIS, Flamborough, to Georgina GEORGE, Flamborough. Wit: William Nichols, Charles Maynard.

Oct. 10 Fred HAMBURGH, Nelson, to Jane HARRIS, Nelson. Wit: Jessie Harvey, Mary McDonald.


Rev. Isaac Jackson, Methodist Church

Pg 5, 1844, Note: Residence not recorded

Jan. 9 William DUGGAN to Charity MARTIN. Wit: Joseph Smith, John Kelly.

May 26 John LONG to Emily SHANNON. Wit: William Long, David Labar.

Nov. 26 John SPEAR to Ann BURGESS. Wit: William Spear, William North.

Pg 5, 1845, Note: Residence not recorded

Feb. 12 Robert ADAMS to Harriet MOUT. Wit: Daniel Gregory, Robert Mout.

Feb. 25 Peter A. HORNING to Hannah J. BATES. Wit: Thomas Lothridge, Joseph Bates.

March 6 Daniel SMITH to Rachel WOOD. Wit: Jane & Robert Smith.

March 20 William SPEER to Charity WILL. Wit: John Brewer, George Will.


Rev. George Poole Wesleyan Methodist Church


Pg 28 Note: Residence not recorded, 1844

Aug. 16 Valentine PEAS to Susanna WILLSON. Wit: James Graham Bacon, Sarah Jackson.

Sept. 8 William LONG to Mary Ann MITCHELL. Wit: William Woodgate, William Ede.

Sept. 27 Thomas EDMUNSON, to Jane DOAN. Wit: Joseph Edmunson, Elam Bonham.

Sept. 29 Robert WIGGINS to Martha MARIGOLD. Wit: John Nelson Freeland, Amos Marigold.

Oct. 20 James GETTESO? to Lucretia WRIGHT. Wit: Ann Jemima Horne, George Wright.

Pg 28 Note: Residence not recorded, 1845

Jan. 14 Darius LEWIS to Amanda PELTEN. Wit: James Ross, Jane Showers.

Feb. 10 George HALL to Mary MONTEITH. Wit: David Chambers, James Monteith.

March 25 Lot Strange TISDALE to Sarah Ann NELLES. Wit: Thoms Cooper Ward, John Nelles.

May 7 James MCSTAY to Susan SHANNON. Wit: Henry Blos Linit, Elizabeth Pool.

April 30 Calvin FOX to Catherine GREER. Wit: William Matthews, Elizabeth Scott.


Pg 56 Note: Residence not recorded, 1845

July 16 John WILLSON to Mary THOMPSON. Wit: George Watson McAlpine, John Sutherland.

July 20 John BATTY to Clarissa Ann SCOTT. Wit: James Batty, James Campbell.

July 23 Hugh BATSON to Margaret BATTY. Wit: Alexander Campbell, Ellen Batty.

July 19 William PLACE to Elizabeth STOCKWELL. Wit: Gilbert Vasbinder, Nelson Langs.

Aug. 19 Peter BUCHNER to Mary Ann STAGE. Wit: William Lustie, Oliver Slaught.

Sept. 9 John Thomas CHARLTON to Amanda FONGER. Wit: James Charlton, Ralph Fonger.

Oct. 1 Rev. Thomas JAFFERS, to Emeline STURGIS. Wit: James Lyons, William R. Sturgis.

Oct. 22 George MILES to Julia Catherine LAMPMAN. Wit: Russell Church, Abraham Johnson.

Oct. 28 Cornwall SAKRIDER to Phoebe BINGHAM. Wit: Patrick Grace, Jacob Bingham.

Dec. 8 Henry FONGER to Isabella TAWSE. Wit: John Gunn, Charles Parker Murray.

Dec. 31 Nelson SHACKLETON to Ann FREEMAN. Wit: William Shackleton, Horace Sovereign.

Pg 56 Note: Residence not recorded, 1846

Jan. 14 William BARON to Elemena POWERS. Wit: John Fyel Sage, John Powers.

Jan. 17 John DOXSTADER to Lucy HILL. Wit: Richard Doxstader, Thomas Conn.

Feb. 8 Nelson VANDECAR to Elenor COPE. Wit: William Vandecar, Gilbert Churchill.

Feb. 8 Joshua ELSON to Ruby Ann VANDECAR. Wit: William Vandecar, Gilbert Churchill.

Feb. 10 Peter MCPHERSON to Susan BAMFORD. Wit: John Gunn, Charles P. Murray.

Feb. 25 Henry DONNELLY to Sarah Ann JOHNSON. Wit: Silas Eaton Prior, Alexander Stuart Lafferty.

March 4 William POWERS to Catherine MITCHELL. Wit: David Powers, John Files.

April 26 David BIRTCH to Sarah EGLESTON. Wit: Jerome Birtch, Edward Barry.

April 29 Aaron D. BATSON to Sarah Jane LENNINGTON. Wit: Benjamin & Phoebe Pike.


Pg 99 Note: Residence not recorded, 1847

Nov. 10 Alanson DOUGLAS to Catherine G. LAIRA (Laird?). Wit: Jacob Bingham, Robert Laira.

Dec. 12 Henry DANIELS to Francis CLARK. Wit: Lewis H. Daniels, Jane Martin.

Pg 99 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

Jan. 1 John G. CLARK to Charlotte M. PRIOR. Wit: William Simon, Silas E. Prior.

Feb. 9 Job TRIPP to Jane PRIOR. Wit: John R. Mathews, John G. Cook.

March 11 John VINCE to Rebecca MILLER. Wit: John Campbell, Morris Howell.

June 19 James SCOTT to Jane DALLEY. Wit: Morgan S. & Eliza A. Poole.

Oct. 10 James CAMPBELL to Elizabeth R. SHARP. Wit: Randal S. Sturgis, Nelson Howell.


Rev. Hamilton Biggar, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 24, 1844

June 30 Benjamin SAGE, Brantford, to Sarah REYNOLDS, Brantford. Wit: Mathias Miller, Margaret Mulholland.

July 18 John COLE, Brantford, to Mary Ann NARRAWAY, Brantford. Wit: William Cole, Eliza P. Biggar.

Aug. 19 William SPOOR, Brantford, to Martha FORCE, Brantford. Wit: Ralph Johnson, Jane L. ORielly.

Oct. 6 George HILL, Brantford, to Eliza PETRIE, Brantford. Wit: John Ryerson, Nelson Myers.

Nov. 14 Sampson/Lampson HESS, Grand River, to Mary DOXTADER, Grand River. Wit: Lamson/Samson Hess, Peter Smith.

Nov. 17 John SECORD, Brantford, to Lucy HAGLESTON/HAYLESTONE, Barton. Wit: John & George Omstead.

Nov. 24 Mark BUNDY, Brantford, to Margaret THOMPSON, Brantford. Wit: Patrick Gran, Jacob Kunay.

Nov. 27 Nelson MYERS, Ancaster, to Mary Ann LAMPKIN, Brantford. Wit: John Frances Cox, William Clark.

Dec. 29 John COOK, Brantford, to Jemima ROBINSON, Ancaster. Wit: William Miers,, John Robinson.

Dec. 30 Abraham SEGUS/LEGUR, Ancaster, to Sarah Ann SLEITH, Ancaster. Wit: Thomas Ryan, James Leach.

Pg 24, 1845

March 23 Thomas RYAN, Ancaster, to Sarah SHARP, Ancaster. Wit: Henry Odell, John Sharp.

Pg 46, 1845

July 6 Mathias MILLER, Brantford, to Margaret MULHOLLAND, Brantford. Wit: Simeon Copeland, William Mulholland.

July 25 Peter WAITS, Brantford, to Esther Ann SHERMAN, Brantford. Wit: David & Henry Myers.

Sept. 18 Richard SENIOR, Ancaster, to Ellen CHARLTON, Onondaga. Wit: Eliza Biggar, Thomas Charlton.

Dec. 1 Brockwage Ames ROBINSON, Brantford, to Margaret Matina LEGACY, Brantford. Wit: John Robinson, James Simpson.

Dec. 7 William WILEY, Brantford, to Sarah Ann MILLER, Brantford. Wit: Benjamin Beecroft, Jacob Miller.

Pg 46, 1846

March 22 Charles ODEL Jr., Brantford, to Abigail BOICE, Onondaga. Wit: John Hibbard, John Johnson File.

May 24 Moses ROBINSON, Tuscarora, to Mary JOHN, Tuscarora. Wit: Sampson Hess, Abraham Pickles.

June 27 Benjamin COPERMAN, Brantford, to Hannah FARNSWORTH, Flamborough. Wit: Eliza P. Biggar, Charlotte Racey.


Rev. Henry Gilmore, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 6, 1843

Dec. 26 Zalman HALL, Toronto, to Sarah HOUSE, Trafalgar. Wit: Hiram Hall, Richard Pointer.

Pg 6, 1844

Jan. 3 Daniel DRAKE, Ancaster, to Eliza PILLEN, Beverly. Wit: Vivien Bedow, Arnell Hunt.

Feb. 6 Peter COUSE, Esquesing, to Sarah DECOW, Trafalgar. Wit: James B. Smith, Patrick McLane.


Rev. Henry Lanton, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 6, 1843, Note: Witnesses not recorded.

Oct. 3 William SIMPSON, Kingston, to Catherine Embury FISHER, Quebec.

Oct. 5 John DUNN, Hamilton, to Isabella MILLER, Hamilton.

Nov. 22 Richard WALSTER, Hamilton, to Eliza PALING/PALINY, Hamilton.

Pg 6, 1844

Feb. 9 Thomas TINDELL, Hamilton to Mary SINTON, Hamilton.

Feb. 23 Philip HORNING, Ancaster, to Nancy CAMPBELL, Ancaster.

June 24 Edward Frances ECCLESTONE, Hamilton, to Rhoda MEADOWS, Hamilton.

June 3 James DOAR, Hamilton, to Mary SMITH, Hamilton.

July 23 John MCNAUGHTON, Cayuga, to Elspeth ROBERTSON, Oneida.


Pg 21 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1844

Oct. 11 Alexander MCNAB, Toronto, to Jane PROCTOR, Gore.

Oct. 14 John SLATER/HUTER, Hamilton, to Eliza FORAN, Hamilton.

Oct. 21 George VALCHER, Hamilton, to Martha WOOD, Hamilton.

Nov. 17 William HANNON, Glanford, to Ann CHILDS, Barton.

Nov. 26 Alfred CRIP, Hamilton, to Elizabeth Copeman HOWARD, Hamilton.

Pg 21 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1845

Jan. 18 Samuel WEBB, Toronto, to Jane ALEXANDER, Toronto.

Feb. 13 James WATSON, Hamilton, to Clementia WRIGHT, Hamilton.

March 31 Abraham HALL, Hamilton, to Eliza BRIGGS, Hamilton.

May 30 John BELL, Nassugawaga, to Ann BELL, Nassagawega.


Rev. Henry Wilkinson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 95, 1847

Nov. 23 Ellery V. NORMAN, Nelson, to Eliza CAMPBELL, Nelson. Wit: James & John Campbell.

Dec. 3 William RIBBLE, Nassugawaga, to Sarah CHAPMAN, Nelson. Wit: Morris & Jacob Chapman.

Pg 95, 1848

Jan. 12 Edward LAFFERTY, Waterloo, to Christiana CUMMINGS, Flamborough. Wit: C. H. Van Norman, Manuel Neeman?

Feb. 10 William WATSON, Nassugawaga, to Mary SHERWOOD, Nassugawaga. Wit: Joshua Norrish, John Simpson.

March 23 Jeremiah KITCHEN, Nassugawaga, to Elizabeth DERBY/DEVLY, Nassugawaga. Wit: James Tubble, Robert Derby/Devly.



William WARD of Trafalgar, married Mary Ann HIGGINS of Trafalgar, witn: Thomas WARD Jun'r, Thomas WARD Sen'r, 1 Sept 1848.
Peter HIGGINS of W. Square, married Ellen BARKER of West Square, witn: Henry BYRNES, Catharine HIGGINS, 17 Oct 1844.
John HIGGINS of Esquesing, married Harriet KENEDY of Esquesting, witn: Robert BORDEN?, Robert YOUNG, 6 Nov 1845.
George HIGGIN of Walpole, married Mary Ann WATSON of Walpole, witn: Elliott WATSON, Isabella WATSON, 6 Jan 1847.
Joseph GILMOUR of Gore District, married Miss CHASE of Gore District, 1 Mar 1848.
William HEAD of Dumfries, married Jane GILMOUR of Ancaster, witn: George WATERS, John HEAD, 10 Feb 1843.
Jas H. DISTIN of Hamilton, married Ann CASTIN, witn: Robt WADDELL, Angus McLEOD, 8 April 1854, at Hamilton.
Henry LUCAS of Salt fleet, married Mary Ann GILMORE of Salt fleet?, witn: Wm SMITH, Dennis HENDERSON?, 23 Jan 1854.
John CASTON of Oxford, married Mary Ann NEIL of Oxford, witn: Thomas KINSEAD?, Phillip KELLY, 28 April 1855.