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Marriages in the Gore District, 1842 - 1855, Page 2

The following marriages can be found on Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 4

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Rev. J. G. Weaver, New Connexion Methodist Church

Pg 103, 1848

Oct. 4 William ROBERTSON, Seneca to Mary J. MCLELLEN, Seneca.


Rev. J.F.A.L. Fayette Presbyterian Church


Pg 37 , 1845

Nov. 11 Samuel HANNON, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth HARRIS, Saltfleet. Wit: Andrew Hannon, Desire Harris.

Dec. 2 William HOTELER?, Barton, to Margaret COLLINS, Barton. Wit: John & Caroline Hoteler?

Dec. 8 Abram LAND, Saltfleet, to Elin BARNS, Saltfleet. Wit: Aaron Land, Elizabeth Soils.

Dec. 25 Isaac SPRINGSTEAD, Saltfleet, to Prudence HAVENS, Saltfleet. Wit: John Schneider, Abigail Parsons.

Pg 37, 1846

Feb. 12 John DEPEW, Barton, to Delia Hall FRINK, Barton. Wit: Farrier Stockton, James Bilinburgh?

Pg 38, 1845

March 1 Robert KREAMER/BREAMER, Ancaster, to Margaret Ann SCRAM, Ancaster. Wit: John Tydd, Sarah Breamer/Kreamer.

March 6 John TYDD, Glanford, to Sarah BREAMER/KREAMER, Glanford. Wit: Margaret Schram, Robert Breamer/Kreamer.

July 17 John KREAMER/BREAMER, Ancaster, to Mary Catherine RYMAL, Barton. Wit: Jacob & Joseph Rymal.

Oct. 13 John YOUNG, Ancaster, to Eliza CRIPPS, Barton. Wit: Edward Blackstone, Margaret C. Maclen.

Pg 50, 1846

May 1 Michael ALMOS, Barton, to Lucinda M. FINK, Gainsborough. Wit: George M. Ryckman, Walter W. Fink.

July 12 John VANDERLIP, Ancaster, to Mary COOK, Brantford. Wit: William Vanderlip, Amasa Weaver.

Nov. 4 John MACHLEN, Barton, to Margaret Ann BLAIN, Ancaster. Wit: John Rymal, Mary Ann Fargberry.

Pg 80, 1847

Jan. 26 Robert INA (Ino?), Brantford, to Mary PEPPER, Ancaster. Wit: Peter WEBSTER, William Pepper.

March 3 William EARLS, Glanford, to Elizabeth M. FINK, Flanford. Wit: William H. Fink, Walter W. Fink.

March 11 Samuel SMITH, Glanford, to Rachel KING, Glanford. Wit: Amos Kelly, Richard Marr.

March 25 Philip HESS, Barton, to Bilhah A. HILL, Barton. Wit: Thomas Mason, Janet Hill.

April 8 Elijah BRINKLEY, Ancaster, to Mary Jane MACKLEN, Barton. Wit: Jacob & Barbara Rymal.

June 13 Thomas MASON, Hamilton, to Gannetta HILL, Barton. Wit: John Campbell, Ann Gilchrist.

Pg 105, 1848

March 16 Joseph GOODAL, Glanford, to Elizabeth WILSON, Glanford. Wit: Jacob Hess, Samuel G. Wilson.

April 2 Joseph COX, Onondaga, to Lucy WATS (Watts?), Ancaster. Wit: Richard & Catherine Dingman.

June 19 Joseph RELTON, Hamilton, Ellen COLLINS, Hamilton. Wit: William Bedford, Joanne Collins.

Oct. 15 George SHAW, Ancaster, to Rebecca SHARP, Ancaster. Wit: Frederick & Margaret Shaw.

Dec. 2 Matthew KREAMER, Ancaster, to Rebecca MYNES, Ancaster. Wit: John Kendrick, Charity Lowry.


Rev. J. J. Haile, Baptist Church

pg 129 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1854

March 7 James JACKSON, Flamborough, to Rebecca SUTTON, Flamborough.

Aug. 22 Hiram FLOWERS, Flambrough, to Isabella WHITEHEAD, Flamborough.

Aug. 30 James GRIFFIN, Ancaster, to Ephemia PURVIS, Ancaster.

Sept. 2 James Aaron PEER, Flamborough, to Eliza WINGROVE, Flamborough.

Pg. 130, 1854

Oct. 26 Charles FEARNLEY, Flamborough, to Phoebe SUTTON, Flamborough.

Oct. 26 Thomas WILBEE, Dundas, to Elizabeth SWAIN, Dundas.

Nov. 30 George DARLEY, Flamborough, to Jane WHEELER, Flamborough.

Dec. 20 Henry FARROW, Hutlett in county of Huron, to Eliza FEARNLEY, Flamborough.


Rev. J.W. Howard, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 136, 1854

April 13 Thomas JOHNSON, Cayuga, to Eliza ERWIN, Hamilton. Wit: William Gilehunt, John Molstead.

April 19 George Stephenson THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Elizabeth Mitchell BUNT, Hamilton. Wit: John P. Beader, John Rose.

June 8 James SAVERY (Lavery?), Hamilton, to Charles JOHNSON, Hamilton. Wit: John Nordiar, William Gilehunt.

June 14 Benjamin T. SMITH, Saltfleet, to Jane BUNT, Hamilton. Wit: Humphrey Arther, John Ruse.

June 22 Joel BRIGGS, Dundas, to Frances NASH, Dundas. Wit: Thomas Stobits, Mary Clement.

June 27 George CARMICHAEL, Hamilton, to Mary A. SWALLOW, Ancaster. Wit: William Latts, Mary Rowland.

July 1 Charles MOUNT, Flamborough, to Rachel DOUGLAS, Flamborough. Wit: Page & Mary A. Mount.

Aug. 1 Dennis MOORE, Hamilton, to Mary HUNT, Hamilton. Wit: Peter Warren, William Hunt.

Aug. 16 George Thrope FRETWELL, Beverly, to Phebe Louisa HUNT, Beverly. Wit: Harvey Edison, Harriet Hunt.

Sept. 1 Samuel NEVEN, Guelph, to Mary FISHER, Dundas. Wit: James Lilley, Richard Fletcher.

Oct. 2 Joseph FISHER, Beverly, to Nancy ALDRIDGE, Beverly. Wit: Alexander Bell, Sarah Aldridge.

Oct. 14 George HARRIS, Ancaster, to Clarrissa OCONNELL, Ancaster. Wit: John J. Howard, Hannah Gilbert.

Oct. 16 William O. BAWTINHIMER, Ancaster, to Sarah HORNING, Ancaster. Wit: George O. Erwin, Maria Weir.

Oct. 26 Isaac NELSON, Grimsby, to Mary FREEL, Flamborough. Wit: Lewis M. Martin, Mary J. Howard.

Pg. 137, 1854

Nov. 2 James P. LONG, Hamilton, to Margaret WILSON, Hamilton. Wit: Cathe McCay, L. Lazier.

Dec. 7 Richard DEMERY, Brantford, to Catherine CURRAN, Brantford. Wit: Nelson Ellison, M. J. Howard.

Pg. 137,1855

Jan. 1 Seth BRADSHAW, Ancaster, to Ann HOWELL, Ancaster. Wit: James Harris, George Howell.

Jan. 4 Conrad QUILMAN, Puslinch, to Hannah HOOD, Puslinch. Wit: M. J. Howard, H. M. Wilson.

Feb. 6 Charles STARCH, Beverly, to Louisa WHITE, Beverly. Wit: William Chambers, Mary Hall.

Feb. 28 Amos W. PARMENTER, Dundas, to Ospha PASSMORE, Dundas. Wit: Walter Gray, Clutton Wright.

March 19 Jeremiah SULIVAN, Ancaster, to Mary A. SANDS, Ancaster. Wit: James Harris, Benjamin Smith.

April 2 Richard KELLINGTON, Hamilton, to Mary WEEKS, Dundas. Wit: Mathew & Alice Brogdon.

April 3 Garrett HOWELL, Ancaster, to Sarah TEMPLAR, Ancaster. Wit: M. J. Howard, Harvey Edison.

May. 1 John PETERSON, Dundas, to Francis MCGILL, Dundas. Wit: William Johns, Samuel Crossly.

May 2 David STYKES, Dundas, to Alice VAN EVERY, Dundas. Wit: James J. Crow, Mary Thompson.

May 5 Emerson PERT, York Village, to Mary A. ROBINSON, Haldimond. Wit: Bernard Collin, J. B. Howard.

May 21 Andrew P. WALKER, Dundas, to Eliza I. BINGHAM, Beverly. Wit: Reuben James, John A. Davis.

June 19 James HARRIS, Ancaster, to Harriet HOWELL, Ancaster. Wit: Aaron Nash, Murray McCay.


Rev. J. W. Jacobs, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 134, 1854

April 20 James STEWART, Binbrook, to Mary GRAHAM, Binbrook. Wit: Mary Ann Phenix, Duncan Graham.

Oct. 10 Morris HENDERSHOT, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth Ann OLIPPANT (Oliphant?), Glanford. Wit: Mary & John Olippant.

Pg 138, 1855

Feb. 6 Rev. S. E. RYERSON, Barton, to Catherine HERSHEY, Barton. Wit: Not recorded.

March 6 Rev. James CARTS, Barton, to Elizabeth L. ADAMS, Barton. Wit: Harriet & Rev. H. Taylor.

June 28 Enoch THATCHER, Glanford, to Elizabeth HENDERSHOT, Glanford. Wit: J. S. Horning, Dorothy Olippant.

May 29 Alexander JOHNSON, Binbrook, to Hannah SWEARZY, Ancaster. Wit: Hiram Cook, Margaret Johnson.

Dec. 26 Horace HENRY, Binbrook, to Earetta GLOVER, Grimsby. Wit: Hannah C. Smith, Joseph H. Glover.


Rev. J. McCallen, Presbyterian Church

Pg 131 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1854

Jan. No John BARTLEY, Trafalgar, to Jane MILLS, Trafalgar.

Jan. 22 Robert TUFFORD, Trafalgar, to Lorintha Jane GAGE, Trafalagr.

Jan. 14 Sylvester INGLEHART, Trafalgar, to Catherine LEE, Trafalgar.

Feb. 2 Arthur ROLSTON, Trafalagar, to Sarah Ann HARTLEY, Trafalgar.

Feb. 28 Anthony MONTGOMERY, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth CARRATGHE, Trafalgar.

March 17 Joseph ALLEN, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth NEWTON, Trafalgar.

April 18 Charles H. THOMPSON, Trafalgar, to Mary Margaret HOWELL, Trafalgar.

April 17 Nelson MCGALWIN, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann FREEMAN, Trafalgar.

May 5 Ralph BRICKON, Trafalgar, to Bridget R. STEVENSON, Traflagar.

May 27 Charles B. CORNER, Trafalgar, to Eliza Jane BULLOCK, Trafalgar.

May 27 James DAVIDSON, Trafalgar, to Ann ROMLEY, Trafalgar.


Rev. James Dalrymple, Presbyterian Church

Pg 101 Note: Date & witnesses not recorded. Return among others dated 1847/1848

Alexander LOTHIAN, Trafalgar, to Ann CONWAY, Trafalgar.

John HERROD, Hamilton, to Eliza ROBINSON, Hamilton.

Octavius THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Phoebe DOWNING, Hamilton.

George WILSON, Hamilton, to Ellice TAYLOR, Hamilton.

James DUFFERS, Hamilton, to Ann DANBY, Hamilton.

Gideon F. DODGE, N.H. U.S., to Sarah A. BALDWIN, N.H. U.S.


Rev. Jacob Pattison, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 16, 1844

Feb. 18 James PRETTY, Ancaster, to Rebecca CASE, Ancaster. Wit: Enoch B. Burkholder, Ralph Jones.

Feb. 19 James CUTTER, Gainsborough, to Lucy Euphemia HILLS, Grimsby. Wit: John cutter, John Hills.

March 20 Joel Elijah KELLY/KELLOG, Ancaster, to Fanny LEWIS, Ancaster. Wit: Seth M. Kellogg, Samuel Lewis.

May 15 Isaac KITCHEN, Ancaster, to Mary BEARD, Beverly. Wit: Whaley & Joseph Kitchen.

June 2 Samuel LANDBURN, Ancaster, to Abigail STREET, Ancaster. Wit: Enoch B. & Harry Burkholder.

Aug. 5 David RYCKMAN, Trafalgar, to Mary G. DARLAND, Trafalgar. Wit: Samuel Morrison, Henry Philip.

April 17 James POTTNIFF/POTTRUFF, Saltfleet, to Sarah J. JONES, Saltfleet. Wit: Robert Pottniff/Pottruff, Joseph L. Dealop.

Aug. 28 Samuel POPPINS, Glanford, to Jennet BRIGHT, Glanford. Wit: John & William Waters.

Sept. 2 Nelson HODGSKIN, Gainsborough, to Margaret BEASE, Gainsborough. Wit: Enoch Burkholder, Richard Dawdy.

Sept. 2 Richard INNERSON?, Barton, to Marida P. PATERSON, Barton. Wit: Enoch Burkholder, Richard Dawday.

Oct. 3 John Nichol SCHRAM, Gainsborough, to Rebecca DAWDY, Gainsborough. Wit: Cornelius Detman, Richard Dawdy.

Dec. 10 Jonathon THATCHER, Barton, to Sarah CILLENES, Barton. Wit: M. Secord, S. T. Davis.

Pg. 17, 1844

Dec. 3 William JOHNSON, Barton, to Sarah GRIFFIN, Flamborough. Wit: John & Robert Johnson.

Pg. 17, 1845

Jan. 15 James CROOKER, Flamborough, to Eunice E. VAN NORMAN, Flamborough. Wit: Francis & John K. Crooker.

Pg 33, 1845

March 11 John James MURRAY, Flamborough, to Barbara ENGLISH, Nelson. Wit: Isaac Trumbel, George Land.

March 20 Robert BABCOCK, Nelson, to Barbara SIMMERMAN, Nelson. Wit: Hiram Davis, Philip Simmerman.


Rev. J.B. Howard, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 23, 1844

Aug. 29 Thomas SINGLE, Ancaster, to Elen MOTHERSILL, Ancaster. Wit: Philip Spann, Richard Young.

Oct. 10 William A. LOTHRIDGE, Saltfleet, to Margaret STEWART, Saltfleet. Wit: Harriet Lothridge, Robert Biggar.

Oct. 16 Archibald MORROW, Binbrook, to Susanna MARSHALL, Binbrook. Wit: Jonathon Van Norman, Joseph Marshall.

Oct. 31 Dennis MOORE, Hamilton, to Ann MARREN/WARREN, Hamilton. Wit: Linsay Crawford, David Williamson.

Oct. 31 Obediah TAYLOR, Hamilton, to Mary GOODFELLOW, Hamilton. Wit: Linsay Crawford, David Williamson.

Pg 23, 1845

Feb. 6 David ROSS, Barton, to Anna YOUNG, Barton. Wit: Lewis Horning, George Macrem.

Feb. 7 John B. OWEN, Simcoe, to Arabella N. WALKER, Paris. Wit: Daniel Sterling, David Beach.

Pg 24, 1845

May 7 John WESLEY, Whitechurch, to Margaret COOK, Whitechurch. Wit: James Cole, Aaron Torl.


Rev. James Belton, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 95, 1848

Jan. 1 Alva Green JAMES, Saltfleet, to Matilda FIZTPATRICK, Saltfleet. Wit: Stephen James, Thomas Williams.

March 15 William MCKAY, Ancaster, to Margaret CLEMENTS, Hamilton. Wit: Apheas Crude, John Bevle.


Rev. James Brennan, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 51, 1845

Dec. 2 Edward EVERILL, Flamborough, to Christine IRONSIDE, Flamborough. Wit: Harcar Lyons, Archibald Green.

Pg 51, 1846

Feb. 5 George EASTERBROOK, Nassagaweya, to Mary YONART, Nassagaweya. Wit: James Easterbrook, Jeremiah Fletcher.

March 3 John YONART, Nassagaweya, to Ann EASTERBROOK, Nassagaweya. Wit: James Fletcher, John Watson.

May 15 Peter BILLINGTON, Flamborough, to Susan BURNS, Ancaster. Wit: Benjamin Pichard, John Forsyth.

June 18 Nathaniel HUGHSON, Binbrook, to Mary HARRISON, Seneca. Wit: Jane & Nathaniel Hughson.

Aug. 2 Jacob HENDERSHOT, Ancaster, to Charity HARNING, Ancaster. Wit: John Daniels, Joseph Ceteril.

Oct. 20 John WALTON, Flamborough, to Mary PERIN, Flamborough. Wit: Rev. E. Williams, Harcar Lyons.

Nov. 3 Henry ERINSDRAUGH, Dumfries, to Loyd SPINNER, Barton. Wit: Alexander Durant, William Monson.

Nov. 3 Henry KITCHEN, Ancaster, to Sarah Jane STENEBOUGH, Ancaster. Wit: Reuben Drothre?, John Stenebough.

Nov. 3 Robert LAND, Barton, to Ann HUNT, Hamilton. Wit: Peter Land, William Depew.

Pg 127, 1855

May 15 Jacob CROW, Glanford, to Elizabeth TEEPLE, Glanford. Wit: H. Brennan, James Teeple.

June 7 Collin MCDEARMID, Binbrook, to Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: George Secord, W. W. Waddell.

June 13 Angus EATON, Flamborough, to Elizabeth CUMMINGS, Flamborough. Wit: John M. Gage, William M. Markle.

June 21 John ALDHOUSE, Hamilton, to Martha BUSH, Niagara. Wit: Henry Aldhouse, H. Brennan.

July 30 Isaac HUGHSON, Binbrook, to Emale MAIN, Camboro. Wit: Robert Hughson, H. Brennan.

Sept. 18 James SMUCK, Glanford, to Eliza M. REDAN, Glanford. Wit: Joseph Hall, Elizabeth Bryans.

Oct. 2 Peter LAMPMAN, Ancaster, to Mary SMITH, Ancaster. Wit: Alexander Campbell, Crowel Smith.

Dec. 25 Joshua DARLING, Esquesing, to Ann G. DUNN, Beverly. Wit: James McKay, George Dunn.

Dec. 28 Thomas DALTON, Hamilton, to Bridget JOISE (Joice?), Hamilton. Wit: George Hughson, John Holland.


Rev. James Caswell, New Connexion Methodist Church

Pg 95, 1846

Nov. 16 Peter DOUGHERTY, Nassagaweya, to Mary PERKINS, Nassagaweya. Wit: John Shadaker, Harlow Stewart.

Pg 95, 1847

Jan. 21 David EVERITT, Flamborough, to Mary A. STEWART, Flamborough. Wit: Zinnis Everett, William Stewart.

March 1 Alexander MCCANN, Nassagaweya, to Jane MURRAY, Waterdown. Wit: Sidney English, James Murray.

April 28 William MORDEN, Flamborough, to Harriet DAVIS, Flamborough. Wit: Isabella & John Davis.

May 29 Joseph BUNSTONE, Eramosa, to Mary J. MCCANN, Nassagaweya. Wit: Alen Tillman, Alexander McCann.


Rev. James Rose, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Pg 101 Note: Residence not recorded, 1847

Oct. 7 Michael FIEHT to Catherine HOUSE. Wit: Garret Howells, Samuel Oles.

Oct. 8 John JACKSON to Catherine GEDDES. Wit: John German, Walter Mascroft.

Oct. 15 Robert SWAIN to Caroline SMITH. Wit: Francis Kent, William Smith.

Pg 101 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

Jan. 6 Silvester SMITH to Eunice ROSEBROOK. Wit: William & Catherine Smith.

Jan. 7 David GREEN to Elizabeth JACKSON. Wit: Mary Rose, M. Street.

May 14 Robert ECHLIN to Amanda WOOD. Wit: John Echlin, Robert Wood.

Pg 102, 1848

May 20 James BARKER to Elizabeth SNIDER. Wit: Joseph & Sarah Barker.

June 22 Jeremiah FOSTER to Susan MUNROE. Wit: Willos Fierman, Julia Trozer.

July 3 Stephen PIPER to Frances A. FREDERICK. Wit: Isaac & Jane Green.

Aug. 6 John BERNARD to Ann JESSENINE (Jessmine?). Wit: Adam Forbes, William Geme.

Aug. 6 John NEWMAN to Clarinda KENNEDY. Wit: James Mortin, James Kennedy.

Aug. 6 John HEARTLEY to Sarah BROKEY. Wit: James Trusdale, Mary Rose.

Sept. 4 Harker KNOWELS (Knowles?) to Mary J. HUNTER. Wit: Mary & Amelia A. Rose.

Sept. 4 Edward LYONS to Nancy ENGLISH. Wit: John Wave, Mary Binkley.


Rev. James Elliot, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Pg 135 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1854

Sept. 15 John WELSFORD, Wentworth Co., to Mary WRAY, Wentworth Co.

Sept. 20 Thomas CLARK, Wentworth C., to Maria DAVISON, Wentworth Co.

Oct. 12 William JAMES, Wentworth Co., to Sarah BALL, Wentworth Co.

Oct. 13 Thomas BUGNELL, Wentworth Co., to Susan MILLS, Wentworth Co.

Oct. 16 Thomas WHITNEY, Wentworth Co, to Mary FOWLER, Wentworth Co.

Nov. 2 William H. ROBINSON, Wentworth Co., to Caroline M. BAKER, Wentworth Co.

Nov. 2 William H. ALFOUD, Wentworth Co., to Sarah Ann FISH, Wentworth Co.

Nov. 29 Thomas B. TWEEDY, Wentworth Co., to Sarah A. KIRKENDALL, Wentworth Co.

Dec. 27 William BROUGHTON, Wentworth C., to Elizabeth PHILIPOT, Wentworth Co.

Pg 135 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1855

Jan. 1 Jonathon QUIPP, Wentworth Co., to Emma WADE, Wentworth Co.

Jan. 2 George NEWBERRY, Wentworth Co., to Mary JOHNSON, Wentworth Co.

Pg 159, 1855

Jan. 11 William RUMFOW, Walpole, to Ellen MALONE, Haldimond. Wit: George Pittenger, Elizabeth Bellamy.

Jan. 11 James RANDALL, Hamilton, to Mary STAMP, Hamilton. Wit: James N. Coll, Thomas Gruish?

Jan. 12 Benjamin BURKS, Hamilton, to Eliza TRIMLET, Hamilton. Wit: George & Mary Jane Miller.

Pg 160, 1855

Jan. 26 George SHEPPERD, Hamilton, to Margaret MCRAE, Hamilton. Wit: George Sterling, George McRae.

March 19 Robert MCMANN, Hamilton, to Elizabeth DAWLING, Hamilton. Wit: William J. Taylor, William Atkinson.

March 19 John Smith CRAWFORD, Hamilton, to Mary Jane RESPUS?, Hamilton. Wit: William & John Respus.

April 17 Alexander STEPHENS, Oneida, to Jane MCDONALD, Oneida. Wit: Victoria Leech, Alexander McDonald.

April 23 Frances HOLMAN, Hamilton, to Mary MCCORMICK, Hamilton. Wit: Joseph Cook, John McCabe.

April 25 Joseph B. BOUSHANX, Barton, to Mary HOWARD, Barton. Wit: Waddell O. Gage, Alfred Secord.

April 26 John Byron ELSON, London, to Louisa Mary COLLEY, Hamilton. Wit: William Springer, Norris F. Bireley.

May 1 Richard MORGAN, Hamilton, to Susannah TAYLOR, Hamilton. Wit: James Reid, Alfred Cooper.

May 2 Alexander CAMPBELL, Hamilton, to Ann MCLEOD, Hamilton. Wit: James & Harvey Seargent.

May 31 Humphrey HODGES, Hamilton, to Elizabeth BIDASON/BIDERSON, Hamilton. Wit: Rev. H. Dewart, Richard Trevoskes?

June 26 John HOPKINS, Hamilton, to Alice Ann SECOMB, Hamilton. Wit: Henry Thomas, William L. Secomb.

June 28 William J. FAWKES, Paris, to Elizabeth K. SKINNER, Hamilton. Wit: Frederick Fawkes, Charlotte Kent.

July 13 Edward JOHNSTON, Hamilton, to Hannah JONES, Hamilton. Wit: Henry Johnston, Sarah Calamy.

Pg 161, 1855

Aug. 16 Aelxander MCLEOD, Hamilton, to Ann LEWIS Hamilton. Wit: R. D. Wadsworth, John Lewis.

Aug. 24 John A. WILLIAMS, Oakville, to Ann Eliza DANIEL, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander McKinnon, John Young.

Sept. 24 Malcolm LISHMAN, London, to Mary Frances KERR, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Gray, William J. Kerr.

Sept. 8 Thomas BEASELY, Hamilton, to Charlotte HILLS, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Carpenter, Titus ??

Sept. 18 William HENCOCK, Hamilton, to Rosana GRAHAM, Hamilton. Wit: John Hooper, Mary Harris.

Oct. 16 Andrew W. GAGE, Hamilton, to Margaret Jane CARTER, Barton. Wit: Lewis Younger, Smith P. Morse.

Oct. 22 Robert Finford COWARD, Barton, to Elizabeth EBRY, Barton. Wit: L. J. Elliott, Matilda Kent.

Nov. 9 Robert MATTHEWS, Hamilton, to Jane SCOBIE, Hamilton. Wit: William Irwin, R. C. Cooper.

Dec. 8 Thomas WATSON, Hamilton to Susannah SPICES, Hamilton. Wit: Lawrence Mercer, Jannet Wright.

Dec. 18 Arthur MCDONNELL, Caledonia, to Mary Ann MCCOMMON, Caledonia. Wit: Oliver Knipe, John Hamilton.

Dec. 24 William NEWCOMB, Hamilton, to Eliza Harriet ARMSTRONG, Hamilton. Wit: Richard Donnelly, Robert Langden.

Dec. 31 Samuel S. ROLLS, Hamilton, to Elizabeth WALKER, Hamilton. Wit: Joseph Rolls, William Goer.


Rev. James Hutchinson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 68, 1846

Feb. 26 William T. HUTTON, Esquesing, to Catherine BECK, Esquesing. Wit: Jacob Williams, James Hutton.

Dec. 17 James GUEST, Trafalgar, to Margaret Jane RUTLEDGE, Trafalgar. Wit: William & Mary Rutledge.

Pg 68, 1847

Jan. 12 David LOWES, Trafalgar, to Ann SMITH, Trafalgar. Wit: Richard Sparling, James Black.


Rev. James Jackson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 49, 1845

Dec. 17 William W. BATES, Barton, to Mary LOTRIDGE, Barton. Wit: Ashel Davis, William Horning.

Dec. 18 George FLETCHER, Saltfleet, to Susannah S. WATERBURY, Saltfleet. Wit: John G. Harris, George S. Waterbury.

Pg 49, 1846

Jan. 1 Israel ORRY, Binbrook, to Elizabeth RYMAL, Binbrook. Wit: John Weaver, David Ecker.


Rev. James Nisbet, Presbyterian Church

Pg 129, 1854

March 2 John COOTE, Trafalgar, to Eliza Jane HUNTER, Trafalgar. Wit: Charles Coote, Margery Hunter.

Aug. 28 James MCCLELLAN, Oakville, to Mary Ann LAWSON, Oakville. Wit: James & Jane McLachlan.

May 23 George ABRAHAM, Toronto, to Eliza COOTE, Trafalgar. Wit: Margery Hunter, Charles Coote.

Aug. 30 James TRIMBLE, Trafalgar, to Alice COTTER, Trafalgar. Wit: James Hanson, Isabella Nisbet.

Sept. 19 Thomas GILES, Trafalgar, to Anna HABBET, Trafalgar. Wit: James 7 Deborah Hill.

Nov. 16 Walter HALLIDAY, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Trafalgar. Wit: John Stacer, Marion Marshall.

Dec. 14 James ROBINSON, Garafraxa, to Elizabeth TROUGHTON, Oakville. Wit: James & Matilda Calvin.

Dec. 25 Henry William JACKMAN, Oakville, to Charlotte BAY, Oakville. Wit: James Jackman, Charles Davies.


Rev. James Proy, Presbyterian Church

Pg 33, 1844

March 1 George ELLIOTT, Beverly, to Eliza THOMPSON, Beverly. Wit: Alfred Dalglish, John Scott.

July 3 Thomas REID, Dumfries, to Mary PRELL, Dumfries. Wit: B. Micklejohn, John Fronez.

Nov. 19 James AGNEW, Brantford, to Ann STEVENSON, Brantford. Wit: Mrs. Renwick, William Stevenson.

Pg 33, 1845

Jan. 23 Thomas RUDDLE, Beverly, to Isabella TRUEMAN, Beverly. Wit: Alexander Dalglish, George Elliott.

March 21 William DRONE, Beverly, to Robina STEWART, Beverly. Wit: John Harkness, Richard Stewart.

March 22 William SIMPSON, Brantford, to Eliza HOPKINS, Brantford. Wit: L. Shipman, ?? Hopkins.

June 22 Patrick LOGAN, Dumfries, to Euphemia WRIGHT, Dumfries. Wit: David & William Closertie.

June 23 Elias ALWIN, Brantford, to Margaret PRESTON, Joan Twp Western District. Wit: Joseph Marshall, Robert Ellins.

Sept. 22 Elias SUSSEY, Brantford, to Abigail WARD, Brantford. Wit: William Vanider, Samuel Wiers.

Pg 91, 1847

Jan. 7 Alexander SPOTTSEWOOD, Dumfries, to Catherine LALSHOW?, Dumfries. Wit: Ellen Proy, D. M. Hinnon.

March 15 James MCKNIGHT, Beverly, to Sarah DRAY, Beverly. Wit: Malle Smith, William Wilson.

Oct. 7 Charles ANDERSON, Brantford, to Ann HOMES, Brantford. Wit: Joshua (illegible), Charles Ashwin.


Rev. John Armour, Congregational Church

Pg 32, 1845

June 3 Samuel RYCKMAN, Esquesing, to Margaret LEE, Esquesing. Wit: John & Hannah Ryckman.

July 3 John COOK, Esquesing, to Agnes NICHOL, Esquesing. Wit: Hugh & Margaret Duff.

Sept. 2 William RILES, Esquesing, to Elizabeth HURD, Erin. Wit: David Mack, Elizabeth Armstrong.

Sept. 12 James WATSON, Esquesing, to Ann MITCHELL, Esquesing. Wit: Nathaniel Jones, Ann Watson.

Pg 32,1846

Feb. 11 David MACK, Esquesing, to Ann ROSS, Esquesing. Wit: Alexander Mack, Alexander Ross.


Rev. James Roy, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 105, 1848

Feb. 18 David CHRISTIE, Dumfries, to Isabella TURNBULL, Dumfries. Wit: William McKenzie, William Barns.

March 31 John SINCLAIR, Dumfries, to Esther SCOTT, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Lindsay, Rebecca Dorick Kerr.

Pg 106, 1848

Dec. 26 John PROPER, Dumfries, to Maria WAUGH, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Wentwood, Ural O. Howell.

Pg 106,1849

Jan. 2 Samuel PROPER, Dumfries, to Matilda CHAMBERS, Dumfries. Wit: Jacob Brown, John Chambers.


Rev. James Spencer, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 5, 1843

Sept. 23 Thomas MOUNTAIN, Ohio, to Sarah LACEY, Dundas. Wit: O.R. Wells, Hardy Gregory.

Nov. 25 Orin R. WELLS, Dundas, to Sophia LACEY, Dundas. Wit: Matthew Camp, Hardy Gregory.

Pg 5,1844

Sept. 4 William REYNOLDS, Ancaster, to Catherine WAUGH, Ancaster. Wit: Henry Buckner, John R. Waugh.

Pg 17, 1844

Nov. 13 Andrew CORNELL, Beverly, to Elizabeth HAMILTON, Beverly. Wit: William Aldridge, Jacob Temple.

Pg 17, 1845

Feb. 25 John JONES, Dundas, to Elizabeth WARE, Dundas. Wit: Benjamin Thomas, David T. Ware.

March 25 John HORNING, Ancaster, to Mary SHANNON, Beverly. Wit: Gideon Horning, John Howell Jr.

April 17 Joseph MARLETT, Ancaster, to Emely MCMURDY, Ancaster. Wit: Major Shepherd, George Norton.

May 28 James CHRISLER, Ancaster, to Mary WAUGH, Ancaster. Wit: Isaac L. Howell, James Waugh.

Pg 61, 1846

Feb. 17 Manuel FREEMAN, Flamborough, to Agnes LAFFERTY, Flamborough. Wit: Solomon Mills, Edward Lafferty.

July 15 Alexander THOMPSON, Trafalgar, to Isabella PROCTOR, Trafalgar. Wit: james Noser, Robert Leach.

Sept. 1 Frederick HEISSE, Nelson, to Sarah HOWLEY, Nelson. Wit: William Heisse, Catherine Thomas.

Nov. 26 George Thompson SLOAN, Oakville, to Isabella KENNEY, Trafalgar. Wit: Abraham Walton, Margaret Secord.

Pg 93, 1847

April 29 Lanson BULLOCK, Trafalgar, to Elenor DEXTOR, Trafalgar. Wit: James Denmore, Richard Riches.

July 21 Richard WILLIAMS, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth HOWE, Oakville. Wit: Turner Waggoner, Barnabus Jackson.

Nov. 10 George HERSHY, Nelson, to Sarah M. BULLOCK, Nelson. Wit: Thomas Baxter, Thomas Hopkins.

Nov. 15 John ATKINSON, Esquesing, to Sarah L. TISDAL, Trafalgar. Wit: George Reynolds, John Tisdal.

Pg 93, 1848

Jan. 1 Richard H. RICHES, Trafalgar, to Mary G. CLARK, Oakville. Wit: Justus W. Williams, John Clark.

Feb. 10 John WILLSON, Nelson, to Elanor CLINE, Nelson. Wit: Hugh Hunter, Robert Kirby.

March 29 Jacob BOOK, Trafalgar, to Eliza MEADS, Trafalgar. Wit: James Applebee, Michael Snider.

Pg 114, 1848

May 1 William YOUNG, Oakville, to Ann FYFE, Oakville. Wit: Francis & John Barclay.

May 8 Clark WILBUR, Trafalgar, to Catherine MCDONALD, Trafalgar. Wit: Samuel Carnell, George Buck.

May 28 Thomas WALLACE, Hamilton, to Rabina LERMOND, Hamilton. Wit: John Willows, Andrew Spratt.

Sept. 18 George DUFFETT, Toronto, to Deborah HEMPHILL, Cooksville. Wit: Justus W. Williams, J. Stephens.

Sept. 20 James KELLY, Oakville, to Eliza RIBBLE, Oakville. Wit: Harriet J. Oreily, William Ribble.

Nov. 8 William HOUSE, Oakville, to Rebecca E. CHISHOLM, Oakville. Wit: Helen Severthorn, Robert H. Chisholm.

Nov. 28 John AVORD, Trafalgar, to Mary J. FINK, Trafalgar. Wit: George Seagraves, Elizabeth Nethercott.

Pg 114, 1849

Feb. 22 Solomon WINTER, Nelson, to Ann CULP, Nelson. Wit: Norman Hamburgh, Robert Bell.

April 16 William HENRY, Oakville, to Rebecca RANDALL, Oakville. Wit: John Jeffrey, William Cronkrite.

April 17 William B. GRAINGER, Trafalgar, to Charlotte PHOENIX, Trafalgar. Wit: George Grainger, George Travis.


Rev. James Strang, Presbyterian Church

Pg. 18. 1844

March 26 Thomas C. BATTERS, Dumfries, to Nancy THORNTON, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph Shesorck?, Dransfield Thornton.

April 26 James YOUNG, Dumfries, to Margaret HOGG, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Young, James S. Hogg.

April 30 John MASTER, Wilmot, to Catherine RICHART, Waterloo. Wit: Christopher Richart Jr., Christopher Richart Sr.

June 28 Dominick RAMORE, Dumfries, to Maria AUSSEN, Dumfries. Wit: Henry Smith, William Aussen.

Aug. 5 Thomas HARTWELL, Beverly, to Eliza HOMER, Beverly. Wit: Christopher Richer, Rosanna Strang.

Oct. 3 George QUIGLEY, Blenheim, to Jane NARRIES, Blenheim. Wit: Noah Ross, Rosanna Strang.

Oct. 12 Samuel COULSAN, Flamborough, to Anna Villa GREEN, Flamborough. Wit: James Carey, Olsoin? Green.

Oct. 18 Thomas M. RONALD, Waterloo, to Jennett CRAIG, Waterloo. Wit: John Little, William Craig.

Oct. 18 James WILLSON, Dumfries, to Mary JAMESON, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Willson, John Jameson.

Nov. 14 James BREENTON, Waterloo, to Agnes DICKIE, Dumfries. Wit: Robert McDogall, John Little.

Nov. 22 John SCRIMGER, Dumfries, to Jennet MCKENZIE, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Stewart, John McKenzie.

Dec. 4 John BESSIE, Flamborough, to Jennett LAING, Flamborough. Wit: William Quarry, James Cowan.

Dec. 3 John MCKENZIE, Dumfries, to Margaret BUCHANAN, Dumfries. Wit: John Ronnie, John Buchanan.

Dec. 11 Alexander CURRICK (Carrick?) Dumfries, to Jennet MCBEAN, Dumfries. Wit: William Currick, Francis McBean.

Pg 19, 1844

Dec. 31 John SHIELDS, Wilmot, to Elizabeth BROWN, Wilmot. Wit: Archibald Scott, Robert FORBES.

Pg 19, 1845

Jan. 16 William QUARRY, Waterloo, to Catherine TURNBULL, Waterloo. Wit: William & Alexander Turnbull.

Jan. 17 James SCOTT, Dumfries, to Susanna RANNIE, Dumfries. Wit: John Browne, John Rannie.

Jan. 21 George ORR, Guelph, to Elizabeth ORR, Guelph. Wit: Donald McIntosh, Jennet Melville.

Jan. 31 Robert ARMSTRONG, Dumfries, to Ellen BEATTY, Dumfries. Wit: James Cavers, William Beatty.

Feb. 7 Robert KAY, Dumfries, to Agnes BLACKLEY, Waterloo. Wit: Robert Ferguson, Margaret Sabyarde.

Feb. 1 Simon PATERSON, Dumfries, to Ann LAW, Dumfries. Wit: Rosannah Strong, Rebecca Barton.

Pg 35, 1845

March 19 Alfred ROBERTSON, Beverly, to Ann STEWART, Beverly. Wit: Charles Barmand, Archibald Stewart.

March 21 William MCPHAIL, Dumfries, to Jennet MELVIN, Puslinch. Wit: Daniel McPhail, Hugh Melvin.

March 25 George CALDWELL, Trafalgar, to Julianna HALL, Beverly. Wit: William Kindyar, Robert King.

April 17 W. H. SNOWAS, Dumfries, to Susan GOODALL, Dumfries. Wit: William Griffith, James Jackson.

May 13 John WILLARD, Beverly, to Mary DAVIS, Beverly. Wit: Jonas & John N. Cornell.

July 4 James HUGHS, Dumfries, to Isabella SMITH, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Hughs, William Smith.

Aug. 20 George Avery WHITE, Dumfries, to Mary Ann BROWN, Dumfries. Wit: James White, James Dinsley.

Aug. 22 Henry NORTH, Dumfries, to Elizabeth MCILHOY, Dumfries. Wit: George Sampson, William Barlow.

Sept. 4 Robert MCALISTER, Downie, Susanna SWINERTON, Ellice. Wit: James Montgomery, James Taylor.

Oct. 3 Abraham SHARRICK, Waterloo, to Lucy BUCKLER, Waterloo. Wit: Samuel Sharrick, Abraham Buckler.

Oct. 30 John LITTLE, Waterloo, to Agnes CRAIG, Waterloo. Wit: Walter Broadwod, William Craig.

Nov. 21 John LAKE, Dumfries, to Mary SCOTT, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Lake, Andrew Scott.

Dec. 23 Noah BARINGER, Wilmot, to Maria PAINTER, Wilmot. Wit: Elias Stonfer, John Hope.

Pg 35, 1846

Jan. 16 Roger ROBSON, Dumfries, to Agnes EVANS, Dumfries. Wit: James Roger, James Young.

Jan. 22 James LENOX, Guelph, to Phebe STEWART, Guelph. Wit: Thomas Orr, Samuel Willson.

Jan. 27 John MARTINSON, Waterloo, to Elizabeth CLARK, widow, Waterloo. Wit: William Martinson, Isaac Bepond.

Feb. 8 James DIXON, Dumfries, to Martha GONDIE, Waterloo. Wit: John Cameron, David Gondie.

Feb. 18 Nelson BEEMER, Beverly, to Sarah MERIAM, Beverly. Wit: Jonathon Beemer, Brian Meriam.

Pg 64, 1846

March 24 John BECHTEL, Dumfries, to Sarah WOOLER, Waterloo. Wit: Joseph Clemens, Isaac Wooler.

April 7 John MILROY, Blenheim, to Ann MCINTYRE, Blenheim. Wit: James Milroy, James McKie.

April 8 John MINNIS, Waterloo, to Sarah ORR, Waterloo. Wit: Donald McIntosh, George Orr.

May 1 Archibald BUCHANEN, Dumfries, to Mary MCGREGOR, Dumfries. Wit: Anson Hemphill, Dransfield Thornton.

May 5 Adam SHAW, Waterloo, to Margaret FORBES, Dumfries. Wit: Walter Shaw, David H. Forbes.

May 5 Andrew LOCKERBY, Dumfries, to Agnes MCAULEY, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Mathewson, George Stockatt?

May 16 Isaac SALZERDS/SALYARDS, Waterloo, to Caroline WHITESELL, Waterloo. Wit: John Young, Emanuel Whitesell.

May 20 Henry COPE, Puslinch, to Nancy KAY, Puslinch. Wit: William Birch Jr., William Birch Sr.

June 5 Thomas ESHDALE/ESKDALE, Dumfires, to Marion SHAW, Puslinch. Wit: James & Walter Shaw.

June 23 William MUNSON, Beverly, to Hannah STAGUEWELL/STAGNEWELL, Dumfries. Wit: John Merion, William Moore.

Pg. 65, 1846

Sept. 1 Henry MUNSON, Beverly, to Jane WATSON, Beverly. Wti: George Whitman, William Abridge.

Sept. 23 James WORKMAN, Blenheim, to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Blenheim. Wit: James Preston, George Quigley.

Oct. 6 John LEMENS, Dumfries, to Mary Ann SCOFIELD, Blenheim. Wit: Benjamin Rosenberger, David Bracker.

Oct. 13 John PATTON, Blenehim, to Margaret BURNS, Brantford. Wit: Willson Little, Andrew Taylor.

Oct. 15 William EDMUNDSON, Dumfries, to Harriet JULL, Dumfries. Wit: John McLean, Matilda Goodall.

Oct. 16 James COCRAN, Waterloo, to Mary SAMUEL, Waterloo. Wit: Alexander & John Henderson.

Oct. 24 William HARROW, Waterloo, to Matilda E. BEES, Waterloo. Wit: Daniel Sulivan, Thomas Grills.

Nov. 6 Richard COMMON, Dumfries, to Ann MALCOM, Dumfries. Wit: John Common, Andrew Malcom.

Nov. 6 David GIBSON, Dumfries, to Sarah Jane JAMIESON, Dumfries. Wit: Andrew Gibson, Alexander Stewart.

Nov. 12 Samuel HOWARDON, Dumfries, to Jessie SHERRIFF, Dumfries. Wit: Rosanna Strang, Ann Douglass.

Dec. 4 Adam SCOTT, Dumfries, to Ellen MORRIS, Flamborough. Wit: James Fraser, Ann Strickland.

Dec. 30 Thomas MARTIN, Dumfries, to Nancy ANDERSON, Dumfries. Wit: George Bell, William Grierson.

Dec. 30 James DRYDEN, Dumfries, to Mary SWANN, Dumfries. Wit: Dillson Dryden, David Robertson.

Pg. 65, 1847

Jan. 5 Isaiah HULL, Blenheim, to Jemima PRESS, Blenheim. Wit: John & Thomas Woods.

Jan. 9 James AINSLEY, Dumfries, to Margaret MCINTOSH, Dumfries. Wit: John Angus, David McIntosh.

Jan. 11 Robert SLIPPER, Wilmot, to Elizabeth Jane RICE, Blenheim. Wit: John Lamb, John Woods.

Jan. 12 Andrew COMMON, Dumfries, to Martha COMMON, Dumfries. William Elliott, John Common.

Jan. 22 Alexander WILLSON, Dumfries, to Agnes BROWN, Dumfries. Wit: James Willson, John Brown.

Feb. 5 David MCINTOSH, Dumfries, to Mary CURRICK, Dumfries. Wit: Agnes McIntosh, William Currick.

Feb. 19 James THOMPSON, Waterloo, to Margaret BRODIE, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph & Thomas Thompson.

Pg 88, 1847

March 5 John MERION, Beverly, to Merion SMITH, Dumfries. Wit: Jonas Cronell, Hiram Smith.

March 4 Henry STODDARD, Dumfries, to Margaret MCDANE/MCBANE, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Currick, Alexander McBane/McDane.

March 23 Henry W. PETERSON, Woolwich, to Fanny BRESTOWE (Bristow?), Woolwich. Wit: David Sarnell, Julianne Peterson.

April 12 Lemuel LAMB, Beverly, to Emily MCPHERSON, Beverly. Wit: John Kirkpatrick, William Webster.

April 30 Thomas ANDERSON, Beverly, to Mary WHITE, Dumfries. Wit: J. Anderson, Hugh White.

May 4 Henry CLEMENS, Dumfries, to Elizabeth SCHLECHTER, Dumfries. Wit: James Turnnly, Theophilus Sampson.

June 10 Thomas MOFFATT, Dumfries, to Susan BUCHANAN, Dumfries. Wit: David Potter, John Buchanan.

June 11 Alexander YOUNG, Dumfries, to Anna E. KEACHIE, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Hevchie, W. Young.

June 29 John JAMESON, Waterloo, to Jane THOMPSON, Waterloo. Wit: Robert Mitchell, John Thompson.

July 3 Charles CHRISTIE, Nassugawaga, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Nassugawaga. Wit: Adam Alexander, John McKenzie.

July 15 Alexander ANDERSON, Dumfries, to Catherine ROSE, Dumfries. Wit: Donald Anderson, Archibald Brown.

Aug. 13 Westly LOUGHEED, Wilmot, to Janet HORNESON/HOMESON, Wilmot. Wit: John Innes, Rossana Strange.

Pg 89, 1847

Aug. 15 Peter MAIN, Waterloo, to Martha HAMILTON, Waterloo. Wit: George Barnhand, Adam Main.

Aug. 18 James KEMP, Waterloo, to Sarah KAY, Dumfries. Wit: F. S. Smith, M. J. Kay.

Sept. 1 Thomas HUTCHINSON, Guelph, to A. E. CLARK, Guelph. Wit: Stephen Pepper, Alexander Goudy.

Sept. 7 Ismoh WILMOT, Wilmot, to Isabella HOSPER/HOOPER, Beverly. Wit: James Ryckman, James Crumlank.

Sept. 24 James HUNTER, Dumfries, to Elizabeth MCLEISH, Blenheim. Wit: Archibald Hunter, Alexander Adair.

Sept. 28 Cornelius GOBLE, Wilmot, to Lydia GAMON, Dumfries. Wit: John Innes, Rossanna Strange.

Sept. 30 Robert TURNBULL, Dumfries, to Elizabeth SCRIMGER, Beverly. Wit: William Scrimger Sr., William Scrimger Jr.

Nov. 5 Archibald LITTLE, Puslinch, to Jemima TURNBULL, Dumfries. Wit: John Little, Robert Turnbull.

Nov. 9 Thomas HALL, Waterloo, to Barbara PALMER, Dumfries. Wit: Phinehas Cornell, E. Roseburgh.

Nov. 13 George VEITCH, Dumfries, to Christian MALCOM, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Common, Robert Malcom.

Nov. 12 Hugh KAY, Waterloo, to Margaret MALCOM, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Common, Robert Malcom.

Nov. 16 Francis DEETON/DECTON, Blenheim, to Margaret BROUSE, Dumfries. Wit: George Brown, John Ford.

Dec. 10 William ELLIOTT, Dumfries, to Christinna COMMON, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Elliott, Richard Common.

Pg 89, 1848

Jan. 18 George DYKEMAN, Beverly, to Matilda O. MAIN, Beverly. Wit: Joseph Cornell, George Main.

Pg 90, 1848

Feb. 8 William HUNTER, Dumfries, to Margaret BLACKLOCK, Dumfries. Wit: John Ransone?, William Tait.

Feb. 19 John CUMMINGS, Nichol, to Jane EMSLIE, Nichol. Wit: Eliza Cummings, Gordon Emslie.

Pg 117, 1848

March 3 Thomas DALGLEISH, Dumfries, to Margaret BARRIE, Dumfries. Wit: James Dalgleish, James Robson.

March 8 William RUDD, Dumfries, to Janet FULTON, Dumfries. Wit: James Goorline, William Fulton.

March 31 Jacob HEWAT, Guelph, to Ann HEWAT, Guelph. Wit: Robert Orr, Betsy Hewat.

April 4 Tobias GENRICH (Gingrich?), Waterloo, to Madeline BECHTEL, Dumfries. Wit: Michael Gingrich, Abraham Bechtel.

April 28 William MERCER, Dumfries, to Mary DAVIS, Dumfries. Wit: Elizabeth Jones, William Davis.

May 9 Isaac GROH, Waterloo, to Mary WARNER, Waterloo. Wit: Abraham Rosenberger, David Bemer.

Pg 118, 1848

May 12 John GOOD, Blenheim, to Jane CARTER, Waterloo. Wit: B. W. Oilschlanger, Priscilla Carter.

May 12 James LAIDLAW, Guelph, to Mary BEATTIE, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Whitelaw, James Beattie.

May 16 John A. LEVAGOOD, Wilmot, to Susannah RICHARD, Wilmot. Wit: James Oliver, Margaret Fingling.

May 30 Andrew GRAFF, Dumfries, to Mary BAUMAN/BANNON, Waterloo. Wit: Isaac Graff, Frederick Guggiling.

June 23 John MARSHALL, Dumfries to Janet RAE, Dumfries. Wit: Anthony Marshall, William Dryden.

Aug. 4 Benjamin PRICTCHETT, Waterloo, to Elizabeth RUDD, Waterloo. Wit: Peter McKenzie, Andrew Rudd.

Sept. 4 Adam MAIN, Wilmot, to Fanny TRUSSLER, Wilmot. Wit: Peter & Martha Main.

Sept. 5 David WENSTONE, Dumfries, to Sarah HUNTER, Dumfries. Wit: Fredrict S. Smith, John Salyerds.

Oct. 20 Thomas LEEK, Dumfries, to Agnes D. HUNTER, Dumfries. Wit: James Leek, Archibald Hunter.

Oct. 24 Leander BROWN, Woolwich, to Jane JOHNSON, Woolwich. Wit: John Binquimire, Mary A. Johnson.

Nov. 3 John BRYDEN, Dumfries, to Mary OLIVER, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander McPhail, John Oliver.

Nov. 7 John HEWIT, Wilmot, to Margaret BROADNECK, Wilmot. Wit: Adam Main, S. Cromwell.

Dec. 19 Hiram BUCK, Waterloo, to Sabrina JOHNSON, Waterloo. Wit: John McKay, Margaret Young.

Pg 118, 1849

Jan. 5 Daniel NORTH, Dumfries, to Abigail CAMP, Dumfries. Wit: David Thornton, Mary A. Gardner.

Pg 119, 1849

Jan. 5 Donald MCLEAN, Dumfries, to Matilda KEACHIE, Dumfries. Wit: Robert McLean, James Keachie.

Jan. 12 Robert PATTON, Blenheim, to Isabella SCOTT, Blenheim. Wit: John Sutton, John Scott.

Feb. 15 William GORRICK, Dumfries, to Janet DIKIE, Dumfries. Wit: John Harris, James Dikie.

Feb. 22 James FINLAY, Dumfries, to Jennet V. MAAS, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Fenlay, Henry V. Muus.

Feb. 22 Augustus BUCHANAN, Dumfries, to Margaret HARVIE, Beverly. Wit: John Horvie, John Buchanan.


Rev. James Vincent, Congregational Church

Pg 75 Note: Residence not recorded, 1847

Jan. 17 Andrew DELANEY to Sophia ABBOTT. Wit: Henry W. Delaney, John Little.

Jan. 24 Sidney SMITH to Sarah FERRY. Wit: George Marsh, Angus Chisholm.

Sept. 20 James LAYCOCK to Jane DUTTON. Wit: Hartley Laycock, Joseph Dutton.

Dec. 9 Thomas KNIGHT to Judy SMOKE. Wit: Jacob C. Crane, Charlotte Showers.


Pg 107 Note: Residence not recorded, 1848

March 6 Samuel HAIGHT to Rebecca DALTON. Wit: W. S., Joseph Dalton.

April 8 James G. HANMER to Mary WILLSON. Wit: W. H. Gould, Henry Ross.

June 15 George FRENNAMAN to Eliza Ann HORLEY/HARLEY. Wit: William Griffiths, John Ballard.

Aug. 6 Erastus C. FOOTEY, to Elizabeth PEAT. Wit: Jane Vincent.

Dec. 23 A. J. FARMER to Betsey AXTELL. Wit: George Brunson, Jacob Mile.

Oct. 6 Alan BEDFORD to Emmaline BUCHANAN. Wit: Thomas G. Thompson.

Oct 26 Charles MOTT to Ersula EMIGH. Wit: Frederick Emigh.


Rev. John Addymam, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 11, 1843

Aug. 9 Timothy Case KENNEY, Trafalgar, to Emely ORILLY, Trafalgar. Wit: Alfred Wright, Thomas Ogden.

Pg 11, 1844

Feb. 15 Thomas Bett CHAMBERS, Barton, to Sarah WARD, Barton. Wit: Caroline E. Bedchambers, G. Anen.

Aug. 20 George MURRAY, Oneida, to Catherine HOUSE, Oneida. Wit: Geroge Moss, Phoebe House.

Pg 12 1844

Aug. 20 Jonathon QUIPP, Hamilton, to Eliza MEWSTEAD, Hamilton. Wit: Benjamin Paken, Mary Arens.

Pg 27, 1844

Sept. 5 James CARTER, Hamilton, to Susanna MCCONNEL, Hamilton. Wit: George Leight, Eliza Hanegan.

Dec. 19 James CUMMINGS, Hamilton, to Catherine HANNON, Hamilton. Wit: David Galbraith, Celista Case.

Dec. 31 Robert HORNING, Nelson, to Kalula Lanning TRILLER, Trafalgar. Wit: Matilda Triller.

Pg 27, 1845

March 29 James MARKLE, Glanford, to Eliza LAIRD, Ancaster. Wit: John Scott, John Daniels.

April 17 Joseph FALKNER, Hamilton, to Sarah HOLBROOK, Hamilton. Wit: M.C. Serdfield, David Hard.


Rev. John Osborne, Congregational Church

Pg 9, 1844

Jan. 9 George C. YOUNG, Barton, to Ann Maria BURTCH, Lorith. Wit: George J. Young, Jacob Keep.

Jan. 20 William GOULDING, Hamilton, to Ann NEWPORT, Hamilton. Wit: James Kreen, Percival Upton.

May 23 Richard SMITH, Oakville, to Sarah Seal CLARK, Oakville. Wit: William R. Mills, Robert Johnstone.

June 19 John L. SPARON, Hamilton, to Margaret SECORD, Barton. Wit: Thomas Child, James Hill.

June 24 Russell STEWART, Hamilton, to Marian MCLEAN, Hamilton. Wit: Robert Moore, James Drake.

July 2 Robert MOORE, Hamilton, to Jane BROWN, Hamilton. Wit: James Osborne, Joseph Filney.

Sept. 19 John RYMAL, Barton, to Agnes RYMAL, Ancaster. Wit: Jacob & Joseph Rymal.

Oct. 30 Obediah Kendel LIVINGS, Hamilton, to Jane BLIZARD, Hamilton. Wit: David Titus, Addison Bowon.

Nov. 4 David WILLIAMS, Hamilton, to Jennet WALKER, Hamilton. Wit: John Oxborne, James Stewart.

Dec. 7 Robert GREEN, Hamilton, to Mary MCKEOUGH, Hamilton. Wit: William Green, John McKeough.

Pg 30, 1845

Jan. 29 Samuel YOUNGMAN, Barton, to Sarah ARMSTOCK, Hamilton. Wit: John Bridge, Thomas Armstock.

March 28 Alexander SMITH, Flamborough, to Elizabeth JENKINS, Hamilton. Wit: William Goulding, Benjamin Jones.

April 25 Thomas BELL, Hamilton, to Mary Ann CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: Nathan Lootin, George Osborne.

April 16 Peter HESS, Hamilton, to Ruth PARSONS, Hamilton. Wit: William J. A. Carr, James Cahill.

April 24 William GLASS, Hamilton, to Agisail SWADDLE/TWEEDLE, Hamilton. Wit: David Farley, James Carter.

May 13 James PATTELLS, Hamilton, to Elizabeth STUART, Hamilton. Wit: William Synd, James R. Stuart.

June 1 Richard DANIELS, Saltfleet, to Sarah RAE, Saltfleet. Wit: George Jardin, Robert Osborn.

June 3 Thomas SYLVESTER Hamilton, to Jane DODD, Hamilton. Wit: John Osborne, Daniel M. Van Scholen.

July 15 Francis WYATT, Hamilton, to Mary WELSH, Hamilton. Wit: William Simpson, John Cook.

July 22 James K. GRIFFIN, Waterdown, to Almyra DYKE, Hamilton. Wit: Ebenezer Griffin, Thomas Dyke.

Pg. 31, 1845

Aug. 27 Richard H. WARD, Hamilton, to Ann Maria BAKER, Hamilton. Wit: David Murry Osborne, George Murray Osborne.

Nov. 1 John STEVENSON, Saltfleet, to Sarah Maria DOAN, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas & Elijah Doan.

Nov. 5 Donald MCKENZIE, Puslinch, to Catherine MCKENZIE, Puslinch. Wit: John Cameron, Kenneth McKenzie.

Nov. 19 John STAPLETON, Hamilton, to Elizabeth PELLOW, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas & Elizabeth Holdgate.

Dec. 22 Colin MCDEARMAID, Binbrook, to Ellen MCLEAN, Barton. Wit: Duncan McDonell, Grace Linton.

Dec. 24 Charles DOUGLASS, London, to Agnes FINLEY, London. Wit: W. Bloddworth, Jane Hall.

Pg 53, 1846

Jan. 6 John CANT, Hamilton, to Rebecca FLEMING, Hamilton. Wit: John Cook, James Cameron.

Feb. 12 Joseph RYMAL, Barton, to Lydia Ann TERRYBERRY, Barton. Wit: George Mchlin, Patrick Obrien.

June 8 Henry A. GUSTIN, Delaware, to Eliza Jane BEAZO, Lorith. Wit: James Deynan, John A. Spencer.

July 13 Evan GRIFFITHS, Dumfries, to Rebecca JOHNSON, Dumfries. Wit: James Stuart, David Pyle.

July 23 Thomas SMITH, Hamilton, to Caroline DOWNIE, Hamilton. Wit: Timothy Wyte, James Scott Elliott.

July 24 John STUART, Hamilton, to Margaret ARNDT, Hamilton. Wit: Nicholas F. Power, William Finch.

Aug. 21 Robert THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Sarah HODERS, Hamilton. Wit: David White, David Fairley.

Sept. 8 John PHIBBS, Hamilton, to Jane LOVE, Hamilton. Wit: Donald Fraser, Robert Campbell.

Sept. 17 James GREEN, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth OCONNOR, Saltfleet. Wit: Neil McKinnon, John Thomas.

Sept. 25 John PALMER, Brantford, to Mary HALLET, Brantford. Wit: William Palmer, Edmund Townsend.

Pg 54, 1846

Oct. 15 Charles GATT, Nelson, to Mary BELL, Nelson. Wit: William Palmer, Edmund Townsend.

Oct. 19 Benjamin ALDONS, Galt, to Susan LINN, Onondaga. Wit: David Ross, John Rump.

Nov. 12 John THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Louisa Ann DOWNING, Hamilton. Wit: Octavius Thompson, Legette Downing.

Dec. 3 David ARNDT, Hamilton, to Elizabeth WILLSON, Walpole. Wit: William Haggert, Grace Gowains.

Dec. 10 Patrick POSTEWILLE, Hamilton, to Hellin GANN, Hamilton. Wit: John Dine, Alexander Ross.

Dec. 24 James FORAM, Hamilton, to Ann STUART, Saltfleet. Wit: D. Osburn, Charles C. Henry.

Dec. 24 Henry FLEMING, Niagara, to Janett MITCHELL, Canger. WIT: John Hartie, James Mitchell.

Pg 75, 1847

Jan. 3 James SMALL, Hamilton, to Eliza HEMSTOCK, Hamilton. Wit: John Kinsler, John Osbourn.

Feb. 4 Thomas MAXWELL, Flamborough, to Nancy KING, Flamborough. Wit: Charles Langford, William Frazer.

March 1 John BURGESS, Hamilton, to Ruth STUART, Hamilton. Wit: josiah Schram, Newyear Pashall.

March 10 George BROWN, Hamilton, to Margaret GOWAN, Hamilton. Wit: Roert More, John Scott.

March 11 Samuel KERN, Glanford, to Fanny KERN, Glanford. Wit: R. Stuart, Richard Riche.

Sept. 9 Richard SPEAR, Hamilton, to Sarah STEVENS, Whitby. Wit: D. W. Osborne, John Flood.

Dec. 10 Isaac PRIOR, Barton, to Catherine DOLAN, Barton. Wit: James Gage, John Osborne.

Pg 107, 1848

Jan. 1 Richard GOLDIE, Hamilton, to Catherine DINCE/PINCE, Hamilton. Wit: William & A. Portill.

Feb. 4 John MCKILLOP, Hamilton, to Jane DUFFRY, Hamilton. Wit: Joshua Brethom, Samuel Prout.

April 13 William CAMLIN, Walpole, to Sarah WILSON, Walpole. Wit: John McCarle, John Wilson.

April 28 John MCGARTIN, Dundas, to Grace WATSON, Dundas. Wit: John Haggert, Alexander Watson.

June 29 John TAYLOR, Hamilton, to Sarah J. WILSON, Hamilton. Wit: John Wulvee, Ann Gordon.

Pg 108, 1848

July 5 Jacob RYMAL, Barton, to Mary STOCK, Barton. Wit: Isaac Filman, Joseph Samith.

Sept. 18 John THOMPSON, Hamilton, to Mary HONE, Hamilton. Wit: W. B. Fyfe, Robert Hone.

Oct. 15 Frectrict HOTRAM, Glanford, to H. L. SMITH, Saltfleet. Wit: Oliver Sprinted, David Smith.

Oct. 31 Frances RUNILL, Hamilton, to Hannah Ann WILLIAMS, Hamilton. Wit: George Osborn, M. Hagan.

Dec. 14 William GRILL, Hamilton, to Mary LATHIN, Hamilton. Wit: George Downing, Ann Golding.


Rev. John Douse, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 48, 1845

July 3 James HOBBS, Hamilton, to Mary Ann BAKER, Hamilton. Wit: Owen Johns, Charles Potterill, Elizabeth Holgate.

July 21 George LITTLE, Barton, to Sophia DAVIS, Barton. Wit: Jane Smith, Thomas Baldwin.

Aug. 4 James GOODLEY, Hamilton, to Mary MAKER/MAHER, Hamilton. Wit: Richard Robinson, John Ward, Bryce McRoberts.

Aug. 18 Levi PATMORE, Montreal, to Elizabeth P. BASTEDO, Guelph. Wit: Harriet Patmore, James Hobb, Jacob Bastedo.

Oct. 20 William Nelson MILLARD, Blenheim, to Jane ORR, Hamilton. Wit: Charlotte Millard, R. Millard, James A. Orr.

Nov. 18 John Shrieve SMITH, Ancaster, to Elizabeth WOOD, Ancaster. Wit: Daniel Smith, Elizabeth Lewis, Mary Ann Milner.

Nov. 20 Samuel MEADOWS, Hamilton, to Mary WHITE, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Dobin, Esther Armstrong, John Williamson.

Pg 48, 1846

Jan. 1 John F. BEED/REED, Hamilton, to Hannah R. JACKSON, Hamilton. Wit: William Tickling, Ann Williams, James Walker.

March 11 Alexander J.S. MCDONALD, Hamilton, to Maria Howard OFFARD, Hamilton. Wit: Roert Bard, William Waddslove.

April 18 Elias BAMBO (Rambo?), Barton, to Susannah SMITH, Barton. Wit: Alrenn? Depew, Susannah Bambo.

April 24 George James LAGAN, Hamilton, to Ann LEMBLY, Hamilton. Wit: Daniel & Mary Smith.

June 23 Joseph HUBBARD, Hamilton, to Margaret FARR, Hamilton. Wit: David Bhambers?, Catherine McIntyre.

Pg 67, 1846

July 16 William SNELLING, Hamilton, to Ann WILLIAMS, Hamilton. Wit: Edward C. Fearnside, John F. Reed, Eliza M. Hale.

Aug. 3 David CHAMBERS, Hamilton, to Elizabeth GARRETT, Hamilton. Wit: William Scott, Jane Child.

Sept. 25 Stewart BEGGS, Hamilton, to Ann MORGAN, Hamilton. Wit: John Malcomson, Mary Kirkpatrick.

Oct. 24 Elias RAMBO/BAMBO, Hamilton, to Ann MORGAN, Hamilton. Wit: Stephen Huson, Jane Miller.

Pg 67, 1847

Jan. 5 George William NEWMAN, Hamilton, to Harriet ARNOLD, Hamilton. Wit: Josiah & Edna Parsons.

July 10 Samuel CREECH, Hamilton, to Sophia Arnold FISH, Hamilton. Wit: John Kirkland, Margaret Long.

Pg. 92, 1848

April 10 Daniel DEO, Glanford, to Ellen BROWN, Glanford. Wit: Joseph Miller, Barbara Jerome.

May 4 Thomas D. RICHMOND, Hamilton, to Catherine FULLERTON, Hamilton. Wit: Samuel Creech, Jane Miller.

May 12 Hiram DUFFIELD, Hamilton, to Mariah DENSON, Hamilton. Wit: Herbert Dalley, Elizabeth Smith.

Pg 96, 1847

Sept. 7 James MEAD, Flamborough, to Bridget DAGIN, Flamborough. Wit: Luther Adams, Mary Kingsland.

Sept. 11 William BROWN, Hamilton, to Ann MOSSOP, Toronto. Wit: Thomas Dunn, John C. Gilden.

Nov. 3 Cornelius TERWILLIGER, Hamilton, to Ann JOHNSON, Hamilton. Wit: Charles McDonald, Susannah Garrett.

Nov. 9 Christopher HUFFMAN, Toronto, to Elizabeth THOMPSON, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Powell, Eliza Douse.

Nov. 10 John WORNINGTON, Dunville, to Jane LOGAN, Dunville. Wit: Andrew Thompson, William Gamble.

Nov. 10 Abraham TEEPLE, Glanford, to Jane CASE, Glanford. Wit: James Smuck, Sarah Sinchliff.

Pg 96, 1848

Feb. 3 Asbury SPARON, Ancaster, to Mary A. TERRYBERRY, Ancaster. Wit: Samuel Howell, Rachel Gage.

Feb. 3 James WHINSTER, Hamilton, to Mary CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: W. Morrison, Eliza Douse.

March 24 John MURRAY, Glanford, to Catherine EVE, Glanford. Wit: James Quin, Jane Telfair (Telfer?)


Rev. John Hogg, Presbyterian Church

Pg 125, 1854

William MALCOMSON, Hamilton, to Jane MALCOLMSON, Hamilton. Wit: John & Daniel Malcolmson.

Jan. 12 Wilson HADDARD, Walpole, to Caroline BARTONDALE, Javis, C.W. wit: John Coombs, George Conlin.

Pg 126, 1854

Jan. 14 James YOUNG, Hamilton, to Ellen MCKENZIE, Hamilton. Wit: Lachlin McPherson, William Perie.

May 24 David HOVE/DOVE, Hamilton, to Margaret DIXON, Hamilton. Wit: David Warde, Andrew Wilson.

May 26 James CHISHOLM, Hamilton, to Margaret TAYLOR, Hamilton. Wit: James Williamson, William Chisholm.

May 31 John WEBSTER, Hamilton, to Hellen MORRISON, Hamilton. Wit: James Webster, William Robertson.

June 2 Thomas BUTERS/BUTEN, Hamilton, to Mary WALLACE, Hamilton. Wit: William Somerville, John Pootears.

June 5 James FRASER, Hamilton, to Jean MITCHELL, Hamilton. Wit: David Smith, Alexander Mitchell.

June 20 Richard FLYERS, Woodstock, to Elizabeth DAWSON, Woodstock. Wit: John Spruls, Robert Culin.

July 5 Charles Appleton STEVENS, Hamilton, to Eliza FRAZER, Hamilton. Wit: William Dixon, Thomas Hogg.

July 26 Alexander MCKENZIE, Hamilton, to Jane Ann ROY, Hamilton. Wit: James Lockland, Thomas Hogg.

Sept. 9 James HARDING, Caledonia, to Ann JOHNSTON, Caledonia. Wit: David Edwards, Thomas Hogg.

Sept. 27 John MALCOMSON, Hamilton, to Catherine CAMERON, Hamilton. Wit: James Deanon, Thomas Hogg.

Oct. 3 Donal DAWSON, Hamilton, to Margaret WINCHESTER, Hamilton. Wit: Donald Stewart, John H. Hogg.

Oct. 4 Andrew HENDERSON, St. Catherine, to Janet Lee YOUNG, Hamilton. Wit: Robert Roy, Andrew Stevens.

Oct. 7 John MCCOLLOUGH, Hamilton, to Ann SMITH, Hamilton. Wit: George White, Thomas Hogg.

Pg 127, 1854

Nov. 1 Isaac DILTON, Guelph, to Margaret DALAGAL/DALAYAL, Hamilton. Wit: Archibald McIntyre, William Coe.

Dec. 5 Arthur ARMSTRONG, Hamilton, to Ruth HETHERINGTON, Hamilton. Wit: Isaac Armstrong, John Waugh.

Dec. 28 John ROSIE, Hamilton, to Elizabeth LANGTON, Hamilton. Wit: John & Malcolm Langton.


Rev. John Law, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 34, 1845

July 15 David R. DAVIS, Dumfries, to Martha CORNELL, Dumfries. Wit: John Wait, Smith Cornell.

Aug. 12 William ELLIS, Dumfries, to Dorothy HOWELL, Dumfries. Wit: David Ellis, Jonah Howell.

Sept. 28 James HOWELL, Dumfries, to Francis COPE, Dumfries. Wit: Barnabus & David Sonnel.

Oct. 14 Stephen HOWTON, Dumfries, to Elizabeth ALGAR, Dumfries. Wit: Jonathon Thomas, Isaac Algar.

Oct. 16 Edward PALMER, Brantford, to Elizabeth MACLIN, Brantford. Wit: William Palmer, Samuel Maclin.

Nov. 7 Donald MCKAY, Dumfries, to Sarah DARRENT, Dumfries. Wit: Samuel Weste, William Baldwin.

Pg 34, 1846

Feb. 4 William P. HOWELL, Dumfries, to Jane GREEN, Dumfries. Wit: Wiolez Howell, Joseph Steel.

Feb. 8 William STRONG, Dumfries, to Sarah FRAZER, Dumfries. Wit: Hugh Willson, James Frazer.

Feb. 17 Reuben TUPPER, Saltfleet, to Susan WILLSON, Saltfleet. Wit: Robert Henry, Thomas Daniels.

June 30 John PICKWILL, Dumfries, to Lamar BATTER, Dumfries. Wit: George Batler.

Pg 50, 1845

Dec. 27 John RUTLEDGE, Wilmot, to Mary HORNING, Wilmot. Wit: Thomas Rutledge, James Nixon.

Pg 50, 1846

Feb. 22 Levi CARROL, Waterloo, to Lucrecia BROOK, Waterloo. Wit: Samuel Moxley, Joseph Sonder.

June 30 Aaron REYNOLDS, Blenheim, to Magdalen HAGEY, Blenheim. Wit: Jered Hilborn, Moses Johnson.

July 20 Peter BUFFOUR, Dunville, to Louesia CRUSO, Dumfries. Wit: David Reid, John Niell.

Aug. 17 Jacob CASSADA, Dumfries, to Martha COPE, Beverly. Wit: James Cassada, Jacob Cope.

Sept. 20 Daniel JERVIS, Dumfries, to Anna GREGORY, Dumfries. Wit: Henry L. Mans, Orin Lamberton.

Sept. 20 Robert GRIGG, Blenheim, to Hannah NIGHT, Blenheim. Wit: George Grigg, James Clark.

Sept. 29 William W. CORNELL, Dumfries, to Sarah A. COOPER, Dumfries. Wit: Smith Cornell, Cyrus Huntly.

Oct. 25 John ROBES, Beverly, to Margaret MCCLENLAN, Beverly. Wit: Thomas & Samuel Armstrong.

Nov. 17 Levi WAITE, Dumfries, to Hester E. COPE, Dumfries. Wit: Samuel Waite, John W. ??

Dec. 18 David HARDY, Wilmot, to Isabella PICKAWELLE, Blenheim. Wit: Joseph W. Lader, Aaron Deeton.

Pg 66, 1847

Feb. 23 Samuel VANEVERY, Blenheim, to Abigail STEWART, Dumfries. Wit: James Kitchen, John Bacey.

March 9 Thomas HOWELL, Dumfries, to Mary Catherine BOWSLAUGH, Dumfries. Wit: Jonah Howell, James Watson.

March 9 James W. LAWRISON, Beverly, to Unice BUCKBOROUGH, Beverly. Wit: Conrad Misiner, Zachariah Smith.

April 13 Fordas COWELS, Dumfries, to Elenor GOLDRING, Dumfries. Wit: Clarissa J. Cowels, Hannah Lawes.


Rev. John Lees, Presbyterian Church

Pg 138, 1855

Sept. 29 David ADAMS, Hamilton, to Isabella MCKAY, Hamilton., Note: Witnesses not recorded.


Rev. John Oakley, Baptist Church

Pg 6 1843

Nov. 23 Henry LONGSTREET, Esquesing, to Elizabeth LAWRENCE, Trafalgar. Wit: Richard Longstreet, William Lawrence.

Pg 6 1844

May 19 Douglas CAMPBELL, Oakville, to Mary ALBERTSON, Nelson. Wit: Thomas Leach, Elijah Williams.

Pg 51, 1846

Jan. 26 Rev. Alfred BOOKER, Hamilton, to Ann GARDINER, Hamilton. Wit: William Booker, Joshua Freeman.

April 30 Charles SIKENS/LIKENS, Oakville, to Jane BOLAND, Oakville. Wit: James McGunnis, John Dougherty.

Sept. 19 George GRIGGS, Trafalgar, to Haren Happrick CRAMER, Trafalgar. Wit: Alexander Griggs, William Ashman.

Pg 87, 1847

April 29 John FOREMAN, Oakville, to Amanda OAKLEY, Oakville. Wit: Orlaw Weekwine, John H. Oakley.


Rev. Job Moxson, Baptist Church


Pg 163, 1855, Note: Witnesses not recorded

Jan. 18 Daniel EDWARDS, Seneca, to Sarah JAMES, Seneca.

Oct. 27 Jacob GREESON, Onondaga, to Margaret LINZE, Onondaga.

Nov. 19 James BIGHAM, Onondaga, to Martha MATHEWS, Onondaga.

Pg 165, 1855

May 7 Hiram DANIELS, Grimsby, to Margaret CARRIE, Binbrook. Wit: William Johnson, Jannilee More.

Dec. 11 John COTTEN/COTTER, Saltfleet, to Harriet Ann TRAVES (Travis?), Grimsby. Wit: Harriet Althouse, Peter Traves.


Rev. Vandusen, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 119, 1848

Aug. 15 Richard Sylvester REER/KERR, Thorald, to Susan Ann DANDY/DAUDY, Ancaster. Wit: Mesaum Finlay, Isaac Dandy/Daudy.

Nov. 1 Peter STINEBACK, Ancaster, to Caroline VANMEITER, Ancaster. Wit: David Stineback, George Mulholland.

Nov. 9 Jesse MIDDAUGHT, Ancaster, to Jerusa GRAHAM, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Middaught, Deborah Fields.

Pg 119, 1849

Jan. 1 Skeres PAGE, Dumfries, to Margaret HOWARD, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Knox, Rebecca Blasdall.

Feb. 21 Daniel SHAVER, Ancaster, to Amanda PETTIN, Beverly. Wit: Phoebe Mullholland, John Pettin.

March 14 William CARTER, Beverly to Eunice BISHOP, Ancaster. Wit: Thomas Knox, Rebecca Blasdall.

March 12 William MORLEY, Brantford, to Alice ABOTT, Brantford. Wit: James Batton, Helon Campbell.

Pg. 133, 1854

Dec. 14 John KENDRICK, Ancaster, to Ann WILSON, Ancaster. Wit: Sylvester Miller, Samuel Wilson.


Rev. John Winterbottom, Baptist Church

Pg 14, 1844

Jan. 7 Isaac VANLOON, Walpole, to Jane WARN, Townsend. Wit: J.D. Van Loon, A. VanLoon.

Jan. 18 Barzellas BEAL, Tuckersmith, to Mary ARNOLD, Townsend. Wit: Hiram & David Beal.

Jan. 25 William WILKINSON, Oakland, to name not recorded, Middleton. Wit: G. Ryerson, J. Elliott, L. McConnall.

Feb. 20 Nichols C. ELLIS, Blenheim, to Zilpha B. CASE, Blenheim. Wit: A. Ellis, B. Arnold.

May 18 Vincent SETTLES, Brantford, to Elizabeth THOMPSON, Brantford. Wit: John Lyons, Samuel Fanyhill.

June 8 Edward RYERSON, Woodhouse, to Elizabeth BISHOPRICK, Woodhouse. Wit: Matthew Whitham, Hannah Buck.

July 20 Oscar MONTFORD, Pennsylvania, to Mary L. CONRAD, Dumfries. Wit: henry Johnson, D. Capron.

Pg 15, 1844

June 30 Peter CUNNINGHAM, Townsend, to Carolyn VANLOON, Walpole. Wit: W. H. & Melville Kelly.

Aug. 16 John HAY, Brantford, to Nancy BURTCH, Brantford. Wit: Geroge Wilkinson, William Stutterd.

Oct. 17 Thomas EATON, Dumfries, to Esther MCCARTY, Dumfries. Wit: J. Johnson, E. McCarty.

Oct. 28 James CLEMENT, Brantford, to Sarah DUNMAN, Oxford. Wit: Donald McDonald, Nancy Donnelly.

Nov. 19 Henry James MATTHEWS, Brantford, to Sarah BULLOCK, Brantford. Wit: James McMichael, Hordman Randall.

Pg 15, 1843

Feb. 21 Walter Ewing BUCHAN, Dumfries, to Ann WINTERBOTHAM, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Elsworth, Thomas Broughton.

March 5 John ALYEA, Oxford, to Elizabeth CHAMBERS, Brantford. Wit: William Alyea, William Chambers.

April 9 Charles CHAPIN, Oakland, to Lomhama HAVILAND, Tuckersmith. Wit: Triosorice? Edy, Joseph Bales Haviland.

May 27 Thomas PLUMB, Dundas, to Elizabeth WOODS, Brantford. Wit: Matthew Whitham, George Woods.

May 29 Elijah MIERS, Brantford, to Ann MIESSIER, Beverly. Wit; John & James Hammell.

Sept. 19 William CAMERON, Brantford, to Mary HARTLEY, Brantford. Wit: James Cowhand, Hartley Hartley.

Nov. 14 Frederick WESTBROOK, Oakland, to Phebe Ann LENITH, Oakland. Wit: Hiram Westbrook, Isaac Maleslen.

Pg 16, 1843

Nov. 23 Nicholas PICKLE, Blenheim, to Frances HUGHSON, Blenheim. Wit: Robert McLean, C. D. Hughson.

Pg. 43, 1845

Feb. 3 John LIVERICK, Simcoe, to Harriet BARKER, Simcoe. Wit: Robert Curtis, Matthew Whitham.

Feb. 10 Anscom GREEN, Townsend, to Nancy HINES, Townsend. Wit: John & Elizabeth Stutted.

Feb. 18 Thomas LEAPY, Brantford, to Catherine MILLER, Windham. Wit: David Hare, Thomas Datchen.

Feb. 20 John CLYNE, Ancaster, to Margaret HIBBE, Ancaster. Wit: James Sharp, Henry Winterbottom.

Feb. 25 Adam SMITH, Dumfries, to Martha WEAVER, Beverly. Wit: Lewis & Henry Weaver.

Feb. 25 William CRABB, Brantford, to Hannah HARMER, Brantford. Wit: Alexander Dickie, Jacob Darby.

March 9 Edward LOUNSBURY, Brantford, to Rachel ASSOE, Burford. Wit: Thomas Broughton, Mary Winterbottom.

April 1 John VANEVERY, Dumfries, to Mary DICK, Dumfries. Wit: John & Abram Thomas.

May 27 Robert LOVE, Toronto, to Catherine MCINTOSH, Toronto. Wit: Thomas Elliot, David Maitland.

June 10 John Dawson WILLOWS, Paris, to Susan BROWN, Brantford. Wit: Ambrose Gooham, William Dickinson.

June 11 Benjamin HADDON, Onondaga, to Elizabeth Whitmarsh SCOTT, Brantford. Wit: Elizabeth Brown, Francis Foster.

Sept. 3 Samuel EASTMAN, Townsend, to Hannah JACKSON, Townsend. Wit: Charles Bagnoty, Mary Winterbottom.

Sept. 28 Truman HOWELL, Dumfries, to Rachel CASSADA, Dumfries. Wit: Jannett Lord, Daniel Cassada.

Oct. 15 Ephraim CURTIS, Townsend, to Permelia MATHEWS, Oakland. Wit: Reynolds Roger, Isaac Birdsell.

Oct. 28 William OLMSTEAD, Townsend, Jane BARBER, Townsend. Wit: John Woodley, James Persley.

Oct. 29 George CHITTENDEN, Dumfries, to Mary SEARLS, Norwich. Wit: J. H. Carnaby, James Bass.

Pg. 44, 1845

Nov. 1 William ANSCOMB, Brantford, to Emily SIXBY/LIXBY, Brantford. Wit: John Leonard, Mary Winterbottom.

Nov. 1 Joseph BATES, Charlotteville, to Mary Ann SCOVILL, Charlotteville. Wit: Dick Chadwick, Abraham Cook.

Nov. 7 David HYNDHAM, Brantford, to Margaret FALLIS, Brantford. Wit: William Montgomery, John Fallis.

Nov. 30 Alexander CAMPBELL, Brantford, to Sarah LONSISBY, Brantford. Wit: Mary Jones, Mary Lonsisby.

Dec. 1 William GARDNER, Brantford, to Ann HERNSLEY, Brantford. Wit: Nathan Cattle, Daniel Kenney.

Dec. 2 Benjamin WOODLEY, Townsend, to Elizabeth PRASSEY/PRANEY, Townsend. Wit: John Woodley, Hiram Lovely.

Dec. 2 James PERSLEY, Townsend, to Cinthia PRASSEY/PRANEY, Townsend. Wit: John Woodley, Mary Witnerbottom.