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Marriages in the Gore District, 1842 - 1855, Page 3

The following marriages can be found on Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 4

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Rev. Joseph Alexander, Presbyterian Church

Pg 142, 1854, Note: Witnesses not recorded

Jan. 4 William CLARK, Chinguacousy, to Isabella IRVINE, Chinguacousy.

March 2 John MCDEARMID, Derby, to Catherine MILLER, Chinguacousy.

March 4 James STRINGER, Esquesing, to Isabella MCBRIDE, Chinguacousy.

May 10 John LESLIE, Chinguacousy, to Ann MCPHERSON, Esquesing.

July 20 William SLOAN, Esquesing, to Mary Ann MALLER, Esquesing.

Pg 143, 1854

Aug. 23 Henry MCBRIDE, Caledonia, to Mary Ann BURREL, Caledonia.

Nov. 8 Warren FRASER, Esquesing, to Harriet COOK, Esquesing.

Nov. 22 Lachlan MCMILLAN, Arthur, to Mary SMITH, Ore (Oro?)

Dec. 12 John BOYLE, Erin, to Margaret HACKET, Esquesing.

Dec. 13 William FRAZER, Esquesing, to Jane Ann CLARK, Chinguacousy.

Dec. 27 William George STODDART, Chinguacousy, to Susannah WILLIAMSON, Chinguacousy.


Rev. Joseph Clutton, Baptist Church

Pg 21, 1845

June 4 Thomas POWERS, Flamborough, to Hannah WASHBURN, Flamborough. Wit: Jacob Markle, James Easter.

Pg 21, 1844

July 23 John H. DESTON, Hamilton, to Hannah Sophia BOOKER, Hamilton. Wit: William & Alfred Booker.

Aug. 21 James CORNELL/COWELL, Beverly, to Sarah PASON, Beverly. Wit: Joseph Brown, George Neals.

Sept. 5 Daniel CORNELL, Flamborough, to Eliza CRANE, Flamborough. Wit: James Dickson, Peter Riley.

Pg 22, 1844

Sept. 5 James CRAMER, Flamborough, to Jane DIXON, Flamborough. Wit: James Dickson, Peter Riley.

Dec. 9 John TAYLOR, Flamborough, to Elizabeth DOYLE, Flamborough. Wit: Edward & Abraham Page.

Pg 22, 1845

April 2 William FONGER, Ancaster, to Martha HAWKINS, Beverly. Wit: William Head, William Hawkins.

Pg 49, 1845

June 18 David M. RYMAL, Westminster, to Margaret COX, Flamborough. Wit: Joseph Spencer, John Smith.

Aug. 3 Charles MERRILL, Waterford, to Elizabeth HALL, Dundas. Wit: Charles GURNEY, James Field.

Sept. 6 Lewis B. PAYSON, Beverly, to Roxalina MCCARTY, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Sheldrick, Henry Durant.

Sept. 6 Wellington GREEN, Dumfries, to Martha YOUNG, Beverly. Wit: Jacob Shannon, Charles Bennett.

Oct. 4 John EWINS, Flamborough, to Margaret A. SUTTON, Flamborough. Wit: Rachel & Joseph Sutton.

Oct. 25 James EWBANKS, Beverly, to Sarah MCIVER, Beverly. Wit: Joseph & Harriet Clutton.

Nov. 18 William BARLOW, Binbrook, to Emaline CARRICK, Glanford. Wit: Richard & Stephen Barlow.

Dec. 4 James LIGHTFOOT, Flamborough, to Jane MCKEEVER/MCREEVER, Beverly. Wit: Joseph & Harriet Clutton.

Pg 49, 1846

Jan. 21 Robert POLLARD, Saltfleet, to Sarah COOK, Saltfleet. Wit: Caroline & William Cook.

March 1 John FORD, Wilmot, to Maria WHITESELL, Beverly. Wit: Levi & Simeon Copeman.

March 19 James CAREY, Flamborough, to Margaret Ann GREEN, Flamborough. Wit: John Hathoway, Edward Carey.

Pg 70, 1846

June 3 David ALEXANDER, Flamborough, to Margaret ROBERTSON, Flamborough. Wit: William Stewart, Alexander Robertson.

June 3 David Ransom MILARD, Flamborough, to Juliette ELDERKIN, Flamborough. Wit: Joseph Carson, John Sutton.

Oct. 27 Oliver GREEN, Flamborough, to Margaret COCHNEUR, Flamborough. Wit: Jonathon Morden, Frances Cochneur.

Dec. 24 Arthur RYERSE, Flamborough, to Ann DONELLY, Flamborough. Wit: Joseph Carson, Michael Mills.

Sept. 22 Robert COOK, Flamborough, to Sarah BELSCAR, Flamborough. Wit: israel Hopkins, John Davies.

Dec. 31 Thomas WINGROVE, Flamborough, to Mary HUNT, Nelson. Wit: John & George Wingrove.

Dec. 31 Oliver FERRIER, Nelson, to Elizabeth HUNT, Nelson. Wit: John & George Wingrove.

Pg 70, 1847

Jan. 6 William C. WILLSON, Dumfries, to Sarah DYMANT, Dumfries. Wit: John Willson, William Dymant.

Jan. 12 Loami SUTTON, Flamborough, to Mary BRATT, Flamborough. Wit: John Sutton, Samuel Horton.

Jan. 18 Miller PARISH, Beverly, to Julian UBANKS/IRBANKS, Beverly. Wit: Maria Durant, Harriet A. Olerton.

Feb. 12 John FERRIER, Flamborough, to Christina MILLER, Flamborough. Wit: Robert Blythe, Andrew Miller.

March 27 James MARKLE, Flamborough, to Matilda GREEN, Flamborough. Wit: Abraham & Fraser Green.

May 19 William POLLARD, Beverly, to Mary JAMESON, Beverly. Wit: John Westoon, Thomas Ward.

May 23 John SPENTON, Flamborough, to Mary Ann SMITH, Flamborough. Wit: Ira C. Couse, William Turley.

Pg 71, 1847

May 25 James BURNHAN (Burnham?), Beverly, to Harriet NELSON, Beverly. Wit: Phillip & David Burnhan.

Pg 84, 1847

June 21 Ephraim LOGEE, Nelson, to Ellen KEVY, Nelson. Wit: John & Peter Mines.

July 1 Alexander BRYAND, Beverly, to Mary SHARMAN, Beverly. Wit: John Elliot, Thomas S. Powers.

July 25 William CLUTTON, Flamborough, to Elizabeth HUME, Beverly. Wit: Joseph Clutton, Alexander Hume.

Aug. 12 Charles FENTON, Ancaster, to Nancy Agaline HUNT, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Bryand, William Bantenhymene.

Pg 85, 1847

Sept. 3 William LEOPARD, Flamborough, to Jane CASE, Flamborough. Wit: Carlotn Spunnon, David Case.

Sept. 9 Benjamin FARROW, Flamborough, to Clarissa BEEGETT, Flamborough. Wit: George Carlison, Frances Beegett.

Nov. 10 William HAMILTON, Flamborough, to Mary Jane DUNN, Beverly. Wit: Robert Echlin, Jesse Nunn.

Dec. 15 John SHAVER, Beverly, to Ann TITMUS, Flamborough. Wit: George Echlin, William Pollard.

Dec. 28 George COLLESON, Flamborough, to Frances BREGETT, Flamborough. Wit: Warren Adams, John Anderson.

Dec. 28 Peter BEECK/BUCK, Flamborough, to Susan ANDERSON, Flamborough. Wit: Warren Adams, John Anderson.

Dec. 29 John JAMIESON, Flamborough, to Mary POLLARD, Flamborough. Wit: John Weston, William Pollard.

Pg 85, 1848

Jan. 3 Ephraim JOSLIN, Beverly, to Elizabeth HOPKINS, Beverly. Wit: Peter & Elizabeth Green.

Jan. 9 George SOPER, Flamborough, to Matilda MURHEAD, Flamborough. Wit: Thomas Durant, William Marsh.

Feb. 10 William SHAW, Beverly, to Catherine ROBERTSON, Beverly. Wit: James Echlin, John Robertson.

March 28 Edward MARKLE, Flamborough, to Ellen BURROWS, Flamborough. Wit: Edward Carey, William Burrows.

June 8 Stephen WEAVER, Beverly, to Rebecca VAN EVERY, Flamborough. Wit: Alexander Camp, Hugh Van Every.

March 30 Abraham HANES, Flamborough, to Mary BULLOCK, Flamborough. Wit: Henry Weshart, Peter Snye?

Pg 86, 1848

May 28 William BURROW, Flamborough, to Mary CASE, Flamborough. Wit: Thoms Durrant, Charles Seally.

June 10 Alfred BEDFORD, Esquesing, to Lucretia BEECH, Flamborough. Wit: Robert Atkinson, Louesa Beech.


Rev. Joseph Shepley, Methodist Church

Pg 68, 1846

Aug. 13 Robert FORROW, Blenheim, to Martha BIRD, Blenheim. Wit: Dennis Thompson, John Brundel.

Sept. 23 John B. EBY, Berlin, to Rosina SHIFELY, Waterloo. Wit: Lemuel Eby, Barbara Houfman.

Pg 68, 1847

March 4 Josiah WRIGHT, Blenheim, to Harriet LONG, Blenheim. Wit: John Fleming, L.A. Shepley.

March 26 Isaac KITCHEN, Dumfries, to Sarah BRAY, Dumfries. Wit: James Kitchen, Jonah Howell.

March 29 Thomas LITTLE, Beverly, to Jane BROWN, Wilmot. Wit: James & Major Brown.

April 22 Moses R. KRIBBS, Preston, to Hannah SNELL, Preston. Wit: Samuel M. Kribbs, Thomas Bell.

May 3 Charles FLETCHER, Waterloo, to Mary HUFFMAN, Waterloo. Wit: A. H. Monat, Margaret Vance.


Rev. M. Young, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 131, 1854

May 17 Michael BRIMAN, Hamilton, to Sarah SCOTT, Hamilton. Wit: Joseph Irving, Elizabeth Coy.

May 18 Donal FRASER, Hamilton, to Catherine Fraser DRYSDALE, Hamilton. Wit: David McDougal, P. S. Stevenson.


Rev. Kennedy Crieghton, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 86, 1848

Oct. 27 David RYMAL, Flamborough, to Hannah RYCKMAN, Flamborough. Wit: John Housides (Ironside?), Edward Markle.


Rev. L. Warner, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 28, 1844

July 13 Edward H. GATES, Chitangea, to Margaret CARPENTER, Saltfleet. Wit: John & Charles Carpenter.

Aug. 8 George HAGER, Seneca, to Rebecca Maledo SHOOK, Brantford. Wit: David & Rachel Hager.

Aug. 24 Silas SMITH, Saltfleet, to Julia WAUGH, Ancaster. Wit: John Smith, James Waugh.

Pg. 29, 1844

Oct. 24 John BULL, York, to Caroline A. CARPENTER, Saltfleet. Wit: Catherine Clark, William Carpenter.

Nov. 7 Enoch H. TULMORE, Hamilton, to Elizabeth CARBERRY, Hamilton. Wit: Henry L. Cooper, Robert McKay.

Nov. 20 Thomas SMITH, Ancaster, to Mary Ann ARMS, Ancaster. Wit: Ellen Shibley, Thomas Arms.

Nov. 11 Henry G. RIDDLE, Ancaster, to Mary Ann BOOK, Ancaster. Wit: Jane & William Dalby.

Pg. 29, 1845

Jan. 6 Christopher HENDERSHOT, Binbrook, to Synthia MCLENNAN, Binbrook. Wit: Esther Hendershot, Daniel Hilanth.

Jan. 2 Samuel HARVEY, Seneca, to Sophia PARSONS, Seneca. Wit: George Forbes, Maria Ryerson.

Jan. 16 Hamilton RYCKMAN, Glanford, to Alma S. GUSS (Geiss? Goss?), Glanford. Wit: Sarah Ryckman, William Gage.

Jan. 30 Samuel KIRKENDALL, Hamilton, to Euphemia L. LAWREY, Hamilton. Wit: William Smiley, Margaret Taylor.

Jan. 30 John CATTERELL, Nelson, to Mary ANDERSON, Nelson. Wit: Rev. William Coleman, Ellen Shibley.

Feb. 15 Thomas LEE, Saltfleet, to Phesba CLINK, Saltfleet. Wit: Wesley & Caroline Ferguson.

Nov. 10 Elijah STEWART, Binbrook, to Charlotte JONES, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas Williamson, William Jones.

March 14 Henry CHACE, Glanford, to Sarah SMITH, Glanford. Wit: Isabella Leming, Silas Smith.

April 8 Jacob S. SMITH, Glanford, to Margaret STEWART, Saltfleet. Wit: Andrew & Amanda Swazey.

April 15 Hugh MULLHOLLAND, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth JONES, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas Williamson, William H. Jones.

Pg. 54, 1845

Aug. 24 Emory Nelson KELLY, Ancaster, to Olidia SHAVER, Ancaster. Wit: John Kelly, Maria Barons.

Aug. 26 Jonathon KELLY, Ancaster, to Ann SAMPSON, Ancaster. Wit: Christian Muma, Diana Baried.

Sept. 13 James GORDEN, Ancaster, to Alice Jane RIDDLE, Onondaga. Wit: John Firzgerald, William Doely.

Oct. 14 Jacob TRUEMAN, Ancaster, to Catherine Book SHAVER, Ancaster. Wit: Sylvester Beasley, Ann Hoot.

Nov. 7 John LILLEY, Seneca, to Ann FOOT, Seneca. Wit: Jane Warner, Eleanor Shebley.

Nov. 8 Wallace HANTON, Ancaster, to Elanor HAZLE, Ancaster. Wit: William Bolston, Margaret Hallane.

Nov. 11 Philander HOWARD, Glanford, to Rachel HANNEN, Glanford. Wit: Daniel & William Hildreth.

Nov. 11 John MATHEWS, Hamilton, to Mary WILLS, Hamilton. Wit: Abraham Logare, Elizabeth Blithmare.

Pg 55, 1845

Nov. 20 Stephen JONES, Saltfleet, to Beeanna FITZPATRICK, Trafalgar. Wit: William Losequi, Eliza Jane Jones.

Dec. 4 John CLARKE, Gainsborough, to Ann BELL, Gainsborough. Wit: David R. Cloutie, Nancy King.

Dec. 4 Isaac MCMICHAEL, Hamilton, to Sarah MICKERSON, Hamilton. Wit: David Beach, Philo Nickerson.

Dec. 16 Paul SHIPMAN, Brantford, to Ellen BYLE, Hamilton. Wit: Samuel Taylor, Jane Lockhart.

Pg 55, 1846

Jan. 1 John TERVIS/SERVIS, Flamborough, to Caroline BOSTWICK, Hamilton. Wit: Jacob Filmore, Margaret Williamson.

Jan. 13 Richard PAILTE, Hamilton, to Margaret GOW, Hamilton. Wit: Elenor Shebley, Alexander Gowan.

Jan. 3 Richard DALTON, Flamborough, to Mary FRELAND, Nelson. Wit: Samuel & Mary Meadows.

Jan. 24 Edward GRACE, Saltfleet, to Mary A. UTTER/LITTER, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas Lee, Palmer Utter.

Jan. 27 Daniel COOK, Hamilton, to Sarah C. CARPENTER, Hamilton. Wit: Absothor Dykman, Thomas Goul.

Feb. 4 William GOSS, Glanford, to Susan COULTEN, Saltfleet. Wit: Benjamin Giles, Richard Goss.

Feb. 4 Caleb MARTIN, Saltfleet, to Elenor C. STAFFORD, Saltfleet. Wit: John & Harriet Cline.

Feb. 7 Thomas MCGRIFFIN, Ancaster, to Christeen KERR, Hamilton. Wit: William & Ellen Evans.

Feb. 25 Daniel B. GALBRAITH, Hamilton, to Mary A. BYRELY, Saltfleet. Wit: Joshua Brethows, Joshua Gage.

Feb. 19 James JONES, Saltfleet, to Jane HARRIS, Saltfleet. Wit: William Walter, Amelia Harris.

May 12 John YOUNG, Barton, to Margaret LAWKE, Hamilton. Wit: John Sesbar, Mary Kirkendall.

May 12 Philip VONWAGGON, Saltfleet, to Eliza Lani CARPENTER, Saltfleet. Wit: Elias Pettit, James Hill.

May 11 James CHAMBERS, Glanford, to Sarah WHALEY, Seneca. Wit: Isaiah Clarke, William Whaley.


Rev. Luther O. Rice, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 30, 1844

Aug. 2 James CRAIG, Trafalgar, to Hannah RAID, Trafalgar. Wit: Lawrence & Jeremiah Raid.

Sept. 12 Cornelius VAN VOLKENBURGH, Erin, to Sarah Ann MOOT, Erin. Wit: John McKee, James Conwin.

Dec. 8 Alexander WATSON, Esquesing, to Emely KNOT, Esquesing. Wit: Asa Hall, Henry Acor.

Pg 30, 1845

Feb. 3 Robert ARMSTRONG, Esquesing, to Mary REED, Esquesing. Wit: Francis Standish, John Reed.

Pg 32, 1845

July 24 Caleb GRIFFIN, Esquesing, to Mary STILL, Esquesing. Wit: Peter Barns, Lewis Hazelton.

Oct. 21 Thomas THOMSON, Erin, to Mary PATTERSON, Erin. Wit: William Taylor, William Clark.

Dec. 10 George PHILIPS, Chinguacousy, to Martha FLEMING, Chinguacousy. Wit: Nicholas Hare, Robert Hartley.

Dec. 24 James GALOWAY, Nelson, to Sarah Jane PEAR, Brantford. Wit: Charles & James Pear.

Pg 32, 1846

Feb. 1 Ambrose WISMER, King Twp., to Ann WATSON, Esquesing. Wit: Alexander & George Watson.

Feb. 5 Thomas REED, Esquesing, to Sarah Ann STANDISH, Esquesing. Wit: Mary Reed, John Thompson.

April 10 Walter GLENDENING, Esquesing, to Mary CUSHMAN, Toronto. Wit: Lewis Hazelton, John Blair.

May 1 Thomas TEMPLE, Esquesing, to Mary Ann GALLWAY, Nelson. Wit: James Pear, James Easterbrook.

May 26 Joseph KENTNOR, Erin, to Elizabeth KENNEDY, Erin. Wit: William Kerr, Thomas Thompson.


Rev. M. Irving, Presbyterian Church

Pg 132, 1854

June 12 William WOOLEY, Hamilton, to Marian MCHARG, Hamilton. Wit: James Copeland, James Walker.

June 13 John MALCOMSON, Hamilton, to Elizabeth MALCOMSON, Barton. Wit: Alexina & John Malcomson.

July 5 John WATTIE, Chippewa, to Rebecca GORMAN, Chippewa. Wit: Margaret Wattie, H. C. Forsyth.

Sept. 20 Robert WILLIAMSON, Galt, to Jessy BETHUNE, Straithpoffer, N. B. wit: James Watson, Angus Polson.

Sept. 28 William F. LIGHTHALL, Ormistown, to Margaret WRIGHT, Hamilton. Wit: John McEackirn, Mary Ludborough.

Oct. 10 William STEANGER, Hamilton, to Martha HOUSTON, Hamilton. Wit: Jand & John Houston.

Oct. 12 Archibald MCKILLOP, Hamilton, to Catherine LIVINGSTON, Hamilton. Wit: Charles McAlister, John McDougal.

Oct. 20 David MURRAY, Hamilton, to Susan MCONNEL, Hamilton. Wit: James Dalrymple, John Thomson.

Oct. 25 Robert MCHARG, Hamilton, to Nancy GRINDON, Ancaster. Wit: Peter McLaggon, Anthony Reerdon.

Nov. 1 James NIXON, Hamilton, to Margaret CRAWFORD, Hamilton. Wit: J. O. Nixon, Robert Osborne.

Nov. 7 William RONALD, Rochester NY, to Ann H. WINGFIELD, Hamilton. Wit: James Omand, Thomas Browne.

Nov. 10 James BANKS, Hamilton, to Susana LEDMAN, Hamilton. Wit: Robert Whitely, Isabella Ledman.

Nov. 23 Alexander BOYED (Boyd?), Hamilton, to Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, Hamilton. Wit: William Boyed, John Ried.

Nov. 30 David WILLIAMSON, Hamilton, to Jane WILLIAMSON, Hamilton. Wit: James Williamson, Stephen Jones.

Pg 133, 1854

Dec. 26 John ROWAN, Hamilton, to Margaret HICKET, Hamilton. Wit: Mary Rowan, Alexander Young.


Rev. M. Whiting, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 1, 1842

Oct. 2 John REPLING, Nelson, to Susan CLINE, Nelson. Wit: Thomas Wilson, Hugh Hunter.

Nov. 9 Smith Griffin WARREN, Grimsby, to Mary Ann GILLET, Flamborough. Wit: George Griffin, James Proctor.

Dec. 22 Charles BOYLEN, Trafalgar, to Jane CLARK, Erin. Wit: Mary Ann Boylen, Austen Melmott.

Pg 1, 1843

Jan. 5 Charles PEER, Nelson, to Eliza GALAWAY, Nassugawaga. Wit: William Peer, Mary A. Galaway.

Feb. 21 Thomas GILL, Esquesing, to Jane HALL, Esquesing. Wit: Mary & Robert Hall.

Feb. 21 Samuel MCGRIFFIN, Oakville, to Matilda SUMNER, Oakville. Wit: Richard Beggar, Emily Williams.

March 30 William KENNEY, Nelson, to Charlotte THOMAS, Nelson. Wit: Ezekiel Kenney, William Wallace.

March 12 Abraham PHENIX/PERRIN, Trafalgar, to Margaret RYAN, Trafalgar. Wit: George Phenix/Perrin, John Ryan.

May 15 John ORR, Trafalgar, to Mary ORR, Trafalgar. Wit: James Armstrong, Ellen Brash.

June 11 Richard BARRISON, Trafalgar, to Jane BELL, Esquesing. Wit: Mary A. Crawford, John Bell.

June 12 Ezekiel H. KENNEY, Nelson, to Elizabeth S. COON, Nelson. Wit: Robert Horning, Elizabeth McCubbin.

July 1 William GRIGGS, Trafalgar, to Louisa GREENCES/GRAMES, Toronto. Wit: George Griggs, Rebecca Patter.

Dec. 1 Philip THOMAS, Esquesing, to Mary Jane MARRADITH, Esquesing. Wit: Charles B. & John Marradith.

Pg 2, 1843

July 1 Richard HOPGOOD, Guelph, to Mary KELLY, Guelph. Wit: William Binkley, Aaron Nash.

Sept. 5 Thomas MCDONALD, Trafalgar, to Lydia MANN/MUNN, Trafalgar. Wit: Garrit Abirtson, Fanny A. Kalow.

Sept. 9 George WARD, Trafalgar, to Jane WILEY, Trafalgar. Wit: Elizabeth WHITING, Caroline Clemens.

Oct. 5 George MCCRANEY, Trafalgar, to Lucretia WAGGONER, Trafalgar. Wit: John Lay, Barbara Wheter.

Nov. 29 Rarison/Ramson LEACH, Trafalgar, to Mary Jane HUFF, Trafalgar. Wit: Isaac Mulholland, Eboner Dexter.

Dec. 9 Peter LYON, Nelson, to Sarah ANDERSON, Oakville. Wit: James & Richard Reid.

Dec. 2 John BOTHMAN, Nelson, to Elizabeth MOONEY, Nelson. Wit: James Ross, Tamer Peast.

Pg 2, 1844

Jan. 29 Garrett ALBERTSON, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth BEGGAR/BIGGAR, Trafalgar. Wit: Margaret Albertson, Charles Beggar/Biggar.

March 14 Barnabus GRIGGS, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann FLOOD, Trafalgar. Wit: Geroge & Catherine Griggs.

March 4 John BENT, Esquesing, to Mary Ann KENNEDY, Esquesing. Wit: George Bent, Margaret Ann Kennedy.

April 2 John GRAHAM, Trafalgar, to Lamson/Tamson Ann BOWBIER, Trafalgar. Wit: George Stephenson, Mary Ann Wales.

April 8 Justus MINERS, Trafalgar, to Ann WRIGHT, Trafalgar. Wit: Alice Thompson, Alexander Wright.

March 6 William KENNEY, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann CRAWFORD, Trafalgar. Wit: Eliza BOOMER, Andrew Crawford.

Pg 3 1844

March 20 Lewis JOHNSON, Trafalgar, to Eliza ALLAN, Trafalgar. Wit: Jordan & Eliza Munn.

June 3 Daniel HARTLEY, Nelson, to Frances ATKINSON, Nelson. Wit: Joseph & Thomas Atkinson.

Sept. 16 James MOORE, Saltfleet, to Emely WHITE, Saltfleet. Wit: John Combs, Lydia H. Fandezar.

Pg 116, 1847

Nov. 3 John W. NEO/MO, Beverly, to Amelia LAWRASON, Dumfries. Wit: William Parsons, Sarah Shook.

Pg 116, 1848

March 3 Daniel LOTRIDGE, Saltfleet, to Eliza STEWART, Saltfleet. Wit: William Latredge, Robert Bigger.

March 10 David MIRNER/MAINER, Brantford, to Eliza OLES, Brantford. Wit: Samuel & Alexander Oles.

Pg 117, 1848

Nov. 20 Alexander STEWART, Brantford, to Sarah LOTRIDGE, Brantford. Wit: James TOREN, Peter Glover.

Nov. 25 Dennis BAUSLAUGH, Dumfries, to Margaret PATTEN, Dumfries. Wit: M. Bauslaugh, John Patten.

Oct. 19 Hiram GRAHAM, Dumfries, to Catherine MCLIN, Brantford. Wit: Emund & W. Palmer.

May 28 Duncan MCGREGOR, Dumfries, to Almira INGLIS, Brantford. Wit: Joseph & Sarah Richards.

Sept. 19 John SHOUPE, Dumfries, to Hannah VAN EVERY, Dumfries. Wit: John Bell, Mary Parsons.

Sept. 19 John BELL, Dumfries, to Mary PEARSONS, Dumfries. Wit: John & Hannah Shoupe.

Pg 117, 1849

Feb. 7 Abert ALDRIDGE, Beverly, to Jane MULHOLLAND, Beverly. Wit: Benjamin & Samuel Armstrong.

May 30 James CANADA, Dumfries, to Caroline ALGER, Dumfries. Wit: Stephen & Elizabeth Houghton.


Rev. Peter Kerr, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 22, 1844

July 19 William SERVICE, Waterloo, to Margaret BOYLE, Waterloo. Wit: Thomas McMillan, William Baldwin.

Sept. 9 Matthew BEASLEY, Waterloo, to Rachel SMITH, Waterloo. Wit: Isaac Sours, Sarah A. Sours.

Sept. 16 James LAWREL, Wilmot, to Sarah BURTON, Wilmot. Wit: Robert & Eliza Took.

Oct. 22 Ephraim W. WILSON, Waterloo, to Catherine OBRIEN, Waterloo. Wit: Thomas Sparrow, John Ware.

Oct. 27 Joseph LYONS, Flamborough, to Jonna ROSEBURGH, Dumfries. Wit: Oliver P. Knox, William Roseburgh.

Nov. 1 Mark ROBINSON, Blenheim, to Avice DODMAN, Blenheim. Wit: William Sales, Lilian Duncan.

Nov. 24 Joseph RICE, Beverly, to Sarah M. INGLES, Beverly. Wit: Amos Martin, Rachel Ingles.

Pg 23, 1844

Nov. 26 Gabriel BOWMAN, Waterloo, to Louisa BOWEN, Waterloo. Wit: Lydia Fry, Isaac Bowen.

Pg 23, 1845

Jan. 6 William SALES (s/b Sayles?), Blenheim, to Leticia DUNCAN, Blenheim. Wit: Robert Sales, Margaret Duncan.

March 25 John HUFFMAN, Waterloo, to Nancy SMITH, Waterloo. Wit: Betsey Levergood, Alfred Smith.

April 1 Cyrus HUNTLEY, Dumfries, to Amelia A. COOPER, Dumfries. Wit: benjamin Beamer, Alexander T. Cooper.

April 29 Orin TRUMBULL (s/b Turnbull?), Dumfries, to Elizabeth WILLS, Dumfries. Wit: Elias Conklin, Donald Grove.

June 1 Rev. William WILLOUGHBY, Dumfries, to Permelia BENHAM, Dumfries. Wit: Peter German, Eliza F. Kerr.

Pg 68, 1845

Dec. 18 Isaac Reed HOWELL, Trafalgar, to Nancy MARLATT, Trafalgar. Wit: Garrett Howell, William Kenney.

Pg 68, 1846

June 16 Conrad B. SHOOK, Trafalgar, to Christeen MARLATT, Trafalgar. Wit: Ellen Shook, Joseph Marlatt.

Sept. 16 William J. STEVENSON, Trafalgar, to Margaret ALBERTSON, Trafalgar. Wit: George L. Stevenson, Garret Albertson.

Nov. 3 John Harmon INGLEHART, Nelson, to Mary Jane LEE, Nelson. Wit: Henry & Sylvester Inglehart.

May 4 Timothy HOSKINS, Ancaster, to Ann MCARTER, Nelson. Wit: Bridget & Murray McCoy.

Pg 68, 1847

May 6 Robert K. BELL, Neslon, to Susan Celeste SPRINGER, Nelson. Wit: Abner E. Van Norman, Oliver Springer.

Pg 69, 1846

Nov. 18 John SMITH, Nelson, to Mary Ann TATE, Nelson. Wit: George Findall, Robert Brecker.

Dec. 10 Robert BOOTH, Trafalgar, to Catherine MCFARLAND, Trafalgar. Wit: John Ask?, George Chalmers.

Dec. 29 George FINDELL, Nelson, to Mary LOSEE, Nelson. Wit: Daniel Wallace, George M. Howell.

Pg 69, 1847

Jan. 7 John COVERDALE, Nelson, to Jane COVERDALE, Nelson. Wit: Thomas Esfley, Robert Conerdale.

Jan. 28 George CHILTON, Nelson, to Eliza ELLEY, Nelson. Wit: Sarah Calling, John Elley.


Rev. Morris Kennedy, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 3 1844

Dec. 6 John COPELAND, Eramosa, to Ann TALBOTT, Eramosa. Wit: Walter Scott, Thomas Talbott.

Jan. 7 Andrew SCHRAM, Erin, to Elizabeth CAMP, Esquesing. Wit: Allen Kennedy, Moses Kennedy Jr.

Jan. 10 John THOMPSON, Erin, to Elizabeth HILLS, Erin. Wit: Edward McMullen, William McKnight.

Feb. 8 James STORK, Erin, to Rachel MCDERMIT, Erin. Wit: James Coyen, Samuel McDermit.

April 1 William LEARS (SEARS?), Erin, to Christean ROSZELL, Erin. Wit: Joseph Kentner, Benjamin Roszell.

April 7 Isaac FORBES, Townsend, to Mary UPTHAGROVE (UPTEGROVE?), Esquesing. Wit: Allan Kennedy, James Upthagrove/Uptegrove.

April 10 Daniel MCLELLAND, Erin, to Catherine SINCLAIR, Erin. Wit: Charles McLelland, Archibald McArthur.

Pg 4, 1844

May 15 George LANE, Esquesing, to Mary Eliza WILLIAMSON, Esquesing. Wit: James Clendenning, Theophilus A. Peas.

June 24 Robert CAMPBELL, Erin, to Matilda FARSWELL, Erin. Wit: Duncan Campbell, George Burt.

July 8 Alexander READ, Eramosa, to Isabella TURNER, Eramosa. Wit: William Hodgkinson, Lasarus Parkinson.

Aug. 27 Robert YOUNG, Erin, to Sarah PARDON, Erin. Wit: William Howe, William Everwell.

Oct. 15 Archibald THOMPSON, Erin, to Mary MCKINNON, Erin. Wit: John Thompson, Neil McKinnon.

Oct. 30 Elijah BAILEY, Esquesing, to Elizabeth KENNEDY, Esquesing. Wit: William Davidson, Allen Kennedy.

Oct. 31 Malcolm MCGILL, Erin, to Mary BURT, Erin. Wit: John McGill, George Burt.

Nov. 26 George PATERSON, Esquesing, to Margaret BUCK, Esquesing. WIT: James Uptegrove, Christopher Case.

Pg 36, 1844

Dec. 26 David MORAY, Erin, to Nancy CAWTHREY?, Erin. Wit: John Dolson, John Morey.

Pg 36, 1845

Jan. 29 Levi ALLEN, Erin, to Ann GREASLEY, Esquesing. WIT: Stephen Lyman, John Greasley.

March 30 Calvin LYMAN, Erin, to Ann LIPBY, Erin. Wit: Thomas Bush, Caleb Griffin.

May 28 John BETREY (Belfrey?), Erin, to Ann BOTT, Erin. Wit: Peter Morey, Henry Smith.

Oct. 9 John McDOUGALL, Nassugawaga, to Christeen ANDERSON, Nassugawaga. Wit: Robert McPherson, Alexander McQuarry.

Nov. 6 Abraham OSBURN, Eramosa, to Donnabella DRUDGE?, Eramosa. Wit: Conrad Holman, John Ramsey.

Dec. 25 David OGILVIE, Erin, to Catherine MCMELLON (McMillan?), Erin. Wit: Robert Barden (Borden? Baiden?), Robert Young.

Pg 52, 1846

Jan. 12 Israel DANIEL, Esquesing, to Jane ERWIN, Esquesing. Wit: Henry B. Webster, Richard Bennett.

July 17 George FERGUSON, Erin, to Catherine MCGULFREY, Erin. Wit: Dougald Ferguson, Robert Lyman.

Aug. 11 James SHARP, Esquesing, to Lidia SCRAM, Esquesing. Wit: John Doloon, Joseph Barber.

Dec. 21 Samuel Webb WERNER, Esquesing, to Matilda SWACKHAMMER, Esquesing. Wit: Joseph Driswell, Morris Kennedy.

Dec. 27 Thomas GREEN, Erin, to Ann STEVENS, Erin. Wit: Elijah Bailey, Morris Kennedy.

Pg 70, 1846

Dec. 27 Thomas GREEN, Erin, to Ann STEPHENS, Erin. Wit: Eliza Bailey, Morris Kenedy Jr.

Pg 70, 1847

Feb. 8 James HULL, Erin, to Eliza STERLING, Esquesing. Wit: Robert Copling, James Sterling.

May 10 John ANDERSON, Esquesing, to Martha KELLY, Nassugawaga. George Anderson, William Barber.

June 8 William MORRISON, Esquesing, to Ann NOBLE, Erin. Wit: James Walker, William Noble.

Aug. 12 Robert HOWS, Trafalgar, to Rebecca Matilda KENNY, Trafalgar. Wit: Nathan & Henry Robins.

Pg 103, 1848

Feb. 14 John ACHER, Erin, to Catherine HENRY, Esquesing. Wit: Conrad Misner, Munson Peck.

March 2 Duncan MCCLAIN, Erin, to Flora MCGIBFRY, Erin. Wit: Willson & David McWilliams.

April 9 William HESMAN, Erin, to Elizabeth MERSELBY (MISSELLY?), Erin. Wit: Henry Hudson, Daniel McWilliams.

Pg 104, 1848

June 10 George MCELWAIN, Esquesing, to Phoebe HYATT, Esquesing. Wit: John & Angeline Wyatt.

July 18 George SHARP, Esquesing, to Catherine MCCARTHUR, Erin. Wit: Thomas Fraser, Alen McCarthur.

Sept. 15 Walter WILLSON, Esquesing, to Mary A. ATCHESON, Esquesing. Wit: Isaac Foster, William Wiarson.

Oct. 6 John WATTERS, Esquesing, to Catherine BARNEY, Esquesing. Wit: Thomas Badley, Barnabus Jackson.

Dec. 9 Duncan JOHNSON, Basingwest, to Flora THOMPSON, Erin. Wit: Archibald & Dugal Thompson.

Pg 125, 1852

Jan. 21 Richard WARNER, Niagara Co., Lincon, to Juliann WARNER, Peel. Wit: Alexander Colter, Elisha Draper.

May 25 Charles ROGERS, Halton, to Eliza Jane MCGRIFFIN, Halton. Wit: George Jeffery, James McGriffin.

Nov. 30 Christian FOX, Erin, to Margaret M. SINGERLAND, Erin. Wit: Mathew Smith, John Clink.

Pg 133, 1854

April 17 James FIN (KEE?), Chinguacousy, to Mary REE, Chinguacousy. wit: Stewart Grafton, Edwin Campbell.

April 21 Alexander THOMPSON, Esquesing, to Belinda MEREDITH, Esquesing. Wit: James Connel, John McKensie.

Sept. 20 Christopher VANMATER, Erin, to Sarah LINDON, Esquesing. Wit: James Johnston, Mary Thompson.

Sept. 20 Paschel E. KNOX, Esquesing, to Amy RAVEN, Esquesing. Wit: Hiram Bedford, Maria Doyle.

Sept. 23 John PEAVEY, Erin, to Mary MOON (Moore?), Erin. Wit: George Peavey, Thomas Moon.

Pg. 134, 1854

Sept. 27 Joseph GERVIN, Eramosa, to Eliza GLASIER, Esquesing. Wit: Robert Grindell, John Hanledge.

Oct. 4 Jeremiah YOUMANS, Eramosa, to Christina STRINGERT, Eramosa. Wit: Colman & Isabella Youmans.


Rev. Newton Bosworth, Baptist Church

Pg 57, 1845

July 3 John DODD, Dumfries, to Christina BRUCE, Dumfries. Wit: John spencer, Andrew C. Bruce.

July 28 Matthew SPENCER, Brock, to Jemima BRAGGS, Brock. Wit: Jane Spencer, Tracy & Jane Luddington, Charles Foster.

Sept. 22 Robert CARRICK, Air, to Agnes AITCHESON, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Thompson, James Blain, Adam Miller, Peter Mackey.

Oct. 21 George H. WINDSOR, Paris, to Mary WILTSE, Paris. Wit: James M. Fisher, Emanuel Vansickle, Fracis C. Fisher, Eliza F. Sovereign.

Pg 72, 1846

March 10 David REECE, Brantford, to Jane ROSS, Brantford. Wit: Daniel Kipp, Phabe Reece.

March 10 John HIRSLEY/HUSLEY, Burford, to Hannah REECE, Burford. Wit: Daniel Kipp, Phabe Reece.

March 21 Frederick HUMPHREY, Paris, to Christina MCKAY, Paris. Wit: Hugh Finlayson, Henry Losfford.

July 20 Daniel LUDDINGTON, Blenheim, to Alvina STORY, Zorra. Wit: Tracey & Jane Luddington.

Oct. 15 Charles FISHER, Paris, to Ann CLODE, Paris. Wit: Mary Ann & Charlotte Fisher.

Dec. 30 David WRIGHT, Dumfries, to Rachel MILLER, Dumfries. Wit: Rachel & William Miller.

Pg 97, 1847

Jan. 26 Joseph MARTIN, Blenheim, to May PEW, Brantford. Wit: Elam & Eliza J. Martin.

Feb. 10 James MITCHELL, Palermo, to Ann NELLIS, Palermo. Wit: Charles Mitchell, G. Denholm.

Pg 98, 1847

March 2 William Barnette LEE, Dumfries, to Elenor J. SMITH, Dumfries. Wit: John & Eliza Van Patter.

March 23 Caleb CAMPBELL, Burford, to Phoebe REECE, Burford. Wit: Ira Woodrow, Mary Reece.

May 7 Edward PENFOLD, Palermo, to Jane MCNABB, Palermo. Wit: Robert Rosbrook, James McNabb.

May 12 James LEWIS, Dumfries, to Lydia LEWIS, Burford. Wit: Catherine & Thomas Bosworth.

Aug. 24 Nelso COLE, Burford, to Cynthia CHURCH, Burford. Wit: Maria & David Church.


Rev. N. Y. Stark, Presbyterian Church

Pg. 24, 1844

Sept. 20 Robert WEIR, Dundas, to Jennet MACKIE, Dundas. Wit: William Green, Robert Mackie.

Nov. 20 William RUDD, Dumfries, to Eliza MCKAY, Dumfries. Wit: James Book, William MacKee.

Pg 38, 1844

Sept. 20 Robert WEIR, Dundas, to Janett MACKIE, Dundas. Wit: William McQueen, Robert Mackie.

Nov. 20 William BUDD, Dundas, to Eliza MACKIE, Dundas. Wit: James Book, William Mackie.

Pg 38, 1845

March 14 John MCKAY, Flamborough, to Mary Ann MARTIN, Beverly. Wit: Alexander McDonald, John Frain.

March 22 Robert WALKER, Ancaster, to Hellen ROBERTSON, Ancaster. Wit: James Liddle, James Robertson.

March 27 George HAYDEN, Barton, to Martha MARTIN, Barton. Wit: Scott Land, Henry Martin.

April 9 William KITCHEN, Ancaster, to Jane HANNAH, Ancaster. Wit: John Kitchen, Robert Hannah.

Sept. 24 Hugh WALKER, New York, to Emma Agnes WONHAM (Warham?), Hamilton. Wit: James D. McKay, John Young Jr.

Oct. 11 John GIBSON, Dundas, to Jane SCOBIE, Dundas. Wit: Dawson Bantine, Naomi Stewart.

Nov. 14 Allan MOFFAT, Hamilton, to Margaret TURNBULL, Ancaster. Wit: Robert Fisher, James Drake.

Nov. 18 James BOUGHTINHENER, Ancaster, to Mary MCKEE, Ancaster. Wit: Catherine Forester, Agatha G. Stark.

Pg. 39, 1845

Nov. 27 Henry WITHERSPOON, Dundas, to Elizabeth FORSYTH, Ancaster. Wit: Alexander Witherspoon, Charles Durant.

Pg 61, 1845

Dec. 4 Andrew /YEAMAN, Dundas, to Eliza CASSADAY, Ancaster. Wit: John & Hiram Cassaday.

Dec. 11 Walter CARUTHERS, Ancaster, to Mary Ann MARTIN, Ancaster. Wit: Robert & Henry Martin.

Dec. 17 William MCLEOD, Lorra, to Bridget WARD, Ancaster. Wit: George McLeod, James Chop.

Dec. 22 George Weston BRYANT, Walpole, to Elizabeth M. LOUKS, Walpole. Wit: Eliza & Daniel Papst.

Pg 61, 1846

Jan. 2 James SUTHERLAND, Ancaster, to Isabella COCHRANE, Ancaster. Wit: James Gibson, W. Manson.

April 11 Joseph Park HILL, Dundas, to Mary ALLEN, Beverly. Wit: Robert P. Hill, Patrick Foley.

April 30 John THOMPSON, Dundas, to Margaret BOYD, Dundas. Wit: Duncan McPherson, John Boyd.

June 6 James NICHOL, Beverly, to Isabella MASSIE, Dundas. Wit: James Philps, George Cartinach.

July 18 James HARVEY, Dundas, to Emeline MISERVEY, Dundas. Wit: Alexander Witherspoon, William McLaren.

Pg 62, 1846

Aug. 23 Jarvis HAM (HANS?), Ancaster, to Julia Ann SHARP, Ancaster. Wit: William Dewster, William Miller.

Oct. 28 Thomas FALCONER, Ancaster, to Catchina CROOKS, Ancaster. Wit: John Holmwood, Mathew Crooks.

Nov. 26 John HOOD, Flamborough, to Jane TUNIS, Flamborough. Wit: Jacob D. Surerns, John Tunis.

Pg 73, 1846

Dec. 28 Edward BRANAGAN, Flamborough, to Jane SMITH, Flamborough. Wit: Samuel McNeal, Mary Ann Street.

Pg 73, 1847

Jan. 28 Alexander WITHERSPOON, Dundas, to Louisa C. SMOKE, Dundas. Wit: J. Sproul, J. Latsche.

Jan. 30 Alexander MACKIE, Beverly, to Isabella WEAL, Flamborough. Wit: Robert Chinton, James Grey.

Feb. 19 Thomas DIXON, Flamborough, to Agnes CORNELL, Beverly. Wit: J. F. Douglass, William Cornell.

March 23 James REID, Dundas, to Mary Ann RAWLINGS, Dundas. Wit: James Snow, Robert Hill.

May 19 Norman WIARD, Ancaster, to Elizabeth Agnes RICHIE, Ancaster. Wit: James & William Richie.

Oct. 14 Mammenius OVERILLE, Ancaster, to Maria FOSTER, Ancaster. Wit: George A. Erwin, Barnard Murray.

Oct. 28 Henry MARTIN, Ancaster, to Isabella WILLSON, Ancaster. Wit: William Martin, George Hayden.

Pg 81, 1847

Dec. 16 William McRay BROWN, Ancaster, to Jane BROWN, Ancaster. Wit: George Thompason, John Monaghan.

Pg 100, 1847

April 8 James YONNIE, Ancaster to Margaret BARCLAY, Ancaster. Wit: Alexander Brandes, William Dearns.

Pg 134, 1854

April 10 David KNOX, Dundas, to Agnes BALMER, Dundas. Wit: John Farrgrieve, J. Balmar.

May 23 John JARDINE, Flamborough, to Rachel FERGUSON, Dundas. Wit: Robert McKechnie, Thomas Wilson.

Sept. 7 George RUPEL, New Aberdeen, to Jane BOYED (s/b Boyd?), Dundas. Wit: John & William Boyed.

Nov. 1 John Shaw MEREDITH, Dundas, to Jane VOLMAN, Dundas. Wit: D. McInnis, Thomas C. Racey.

Nov. 23 George DINMAN, Beverly, to Catherine MCQUIRE (s/b McGuire?), Beverly. Wit: Himan & Jane Elliott.

Dec. 8 John FEIGHTONER, Onondaga, to Mary ROWLEY, Onondaga. Wit: James Purce Fuller, James Rowley.

Rev. P. Gray, Presbyterian Church

Pg 75, 1846

Dec. 14 George M. HAWKESWORTH, Chingaconsy, to Sarah BLYTHE, Chingaconsy. Wit: Richard Duckworth, Benjamin M. Miching.

Pg 75, 1847

April 2 Robert SMITH, Chingaconsy, to Eliza Jane MCCANDLESS, Chingaconsy. Wit: C. Moore, Mary Stevens.

March 10 James LINDSAY, Esquesing, to Mary MCCOLL, Esquesing. Wit: D. McLellan, John Lindsay.

May 7 James TODD, Perth, to Allison WILLSON, Perth. Wit: Margaret Brown, John Shaw.

Date not recorded, James A. MILLER, Esquesing, to Harriet Ann MCNAB, Norval. Wit: Jane Miller, James L. Johnston.

Pg 76, 1847

July 21 Lauchlan MCKINNON, Esquesing, to Catherine MCLELLAN, Trafalgar. Wit: Alexander McKinnon, Frank Atkinson.

Sept. 1 James NIXON, Edgemont, to Mary Ann FOX, Esquesing. Wit: Joseph Young, Margaret Taylor.

Sept. 11 John MCPHERSON, Esquesing, to Isabella MCCULLOCH, Esquesing. Wit: James Reed, Susan McCulloch.

Dec. 24 Robert W. MATHEWS, Chingaconsy, to Jane MICKELL (NICKELL?), Esquesing. Wit: Hugh Mathews, Margaret


Rev. Peter Ferguson, Presbyterian Church


Pg 19, 1844, Note: Residence not recorded

Jan. 17 William MECHIE to Ann MCNAUGHTON. Wit: James Mime, John McNaughton.

Feb. 2 Henry PILGRIM to Margaret CAMPBELL. Wit: Duncan Robertson, Dougal McVean.

Feb. 11 Arthur LYNDEN to Fanny RUNNELS. Wit: John & David Brown.

Feb. 23 Thomas BELL to Rachel MERTON. Wit: John Bell, John Standish.

March 7 Adam ALEXANDER to Elizabeth DUFF. Wit: Peter Patent, James Duff.

May 8 Robertson CREELMAN to Mary A. IRWIN. Wit: John Stewart, David Cross.

Pg 20, 1844

May 26 George NICHOLSON to Elizabeth MURRAY. Wit: Abraham Nelson, John Gale.

June 7 William DOBBIE to Mary ALLAN. Wit: John Gale, John Allan.

Oct. 3 Samuel MCGREGOR to Ann CRUICKSHANKS. Wit: Duncan McGregor, Alexander Grant.

Sept. 14 Walter GREEN to Margaret A. KENNEDY. Wit: Robert Main, Fingal Black.

Nov. 14 Abraham NELSON to Louisa LAWSON. Wit: Andrew Nelson, Robert Millan.

Dec. 17 Archibald SINCLAIR to Mary SINCLAIR. Wit: John McDammish?, Alexander Dean.


Pg 37, 1845, Note: Residence not recorded

Jan. 21 Robert BARKER to Mary ATKINSON. Wit: William Richard, John Atkinson.

Jan. 28 William SCOTT, to Mary MOORE. Wit: Thomas Elliot, John Sproul.

Jan. 29 John BALMER to Mary CAMERON. Wit: William Balmer, John Cameron.

Feb. 4 William MCQUEEN to Elizabeth LIVINGSTON. WIT: Robert Miller, J. H. Barnett.

Feb. 4 John MCQUEEN to Isabella LIVINGSTON. Wit: Robert Miller, J. H. Barnett.

Feb. 20 James COVENTRY to Rebecca LANE. Wit: David Coventry, James Clendenning.

March 21 Andrew MCKENZIE to Ann MCANISH. Wit: John Nichol, John McAnish.

March 20 Hugh CAMPBELL to Catherine CAMPBELL. Wit: Peter Campbell, Andrew Mitchell.

May 3 Hugh BROWN to Agnes LOGAN. Wit: Thomas Barboun, William Lyon.

June 20 John SMITH to Martha MCGOUGLE (McGonigle?). Wit: Robert Anderson, James McGougle.

June 26 James DUFF to Nancy SHORTRIDGE. Wit: David Alexander, Robert Shortridge.

June 26 Charles STUART to Hannah CAMPBELL. Wit: Duncan Kennedy, Henry Pilgrim.

Nov. 13 Abraham PROCTOR to Mary A. BROWNRIDGE. Wit: James Moore, William Brownridge.

Dec. 17 William BROWNRIDGE to Jane HOWSON. Wit: John Aitkins, Robert Howson.


Pg 53, 1846, Note: Residence not recorded

Jan. 7 William FLEMING to Elizabeth DARLING. Wit: Alexander Fleming, David Darling.

Jan. 12 Daniel LAWSON to Janet AITKINS. Wit: William Lawson, Thomas Aitkins.

Jan. 15 Richard HOWSON to Mary Isabella MCKINNAN. Wit: Laughlan & Archibald McKinnan.

Feb. 10 Hiram ANDERSON to Ann CUMMING. Wit: John Scott, James Cumming.

March 25 James ELLIOTT to Frances WHARTON. Wit: John Elliott, William Fraser.

May 25 Hugh MITCHELL to Mary HARRIS. Wit: Andrew Mithcell, James Harris.

June 4 Andrew LINDSAY to Jane BRUSH. Wit: John Dunlop, Roland Brush.

Sept. 2 James BUCHANAN to Elizabeth BOOTH. Wit: Robert Howson, Alexander Glen.

Sept. 10 John WOOD to Ann MATHESON. Wit: William Young, Alexander Ross.


Pg 79, 1846, Note: Residence not recorded

Dec. 31 Duncan MCLAULAN to Euphemia MCKINNON. Wit: Farchar & Hugh McKinnon.

Pg 79, 1847, Note: Residence not recorded

Jan. 13 Daniel LIVINGSTON to Elizabeth MASELOS. Wit: John Clink, William Maselos.

Jan. 14 Angus CAMERON to Catherine DELONG (DELANY?). Wit: James Stuart, George Hird.

Feb. 17 James MCMASTER to Sarah MCPHERSON. Wit: Robert Millar, John McPherson.

Feb. 23 Thomas GRAHAM to Rebecca MCGREGOR. Wit: James Sturat, William McGregor.

Pg 80, 1847

March 2 John LOVE to Catherine MCNEIL. Wit: Alexander McIntyre, Hugh Clark.

May 6 Ebenezer LANDON to Janet REID. Wit: Wesley Ferrier, Peter Reid.

Aug. 26 Thomas RENNON to Mary A. REID. Wit: Samuel Kirvan, John Gale.

Nob. 8 Thomas CHARTER to Jane HUME. Wit: Alexander McIntyre, Thomas Hume.

Nov. 17 James MCGREGOR to Janet RUTHERFORD. Wit: Thomas McGregor, Donald Rutherford.

Dec. 29 James EAKINS to Ruth BELL. Wit: Robert Harland, Jeremiah Smith.


Rev. Thomas Rattray, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Pg 84, 1847

May 25 William RYMAL, Flamborough, to Sarah Ann SEELEY, Flamborough. Wit: Silvester Freeman, Emily Rattray.

May 25 Silvester FREEMAN, Trafalgar, to Harriet SEELY, Trafalgar. Wit: William Rymal, Emily A. Rattray.

Pg 100, 1847

July 28 Joseph Smith DUNLOP, Saltfleet, to Jannet STEWART, Barton. Wit: Daniel Burkholder, William Stewart.

Sept. 7 Joseph LISTER, Hamilton, to Emily C. MAGILL, Hamilton. Wit: William Lister, Mathew Magill.

Oct. 18 Robert IRWIN, Hamilton, to Jane RUNNING, Hamilton. Wit: Emily Rattray, E. S. Johns.

Nov. 10 Elijah M. LEE, Saltfleet, to Lydia J. SMITH, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas C. Lee, John Lindeberry.

Pg 100, 1848

Jan. 3 Jacob D. BACON, Hamilton, to Mary DELANEY, Hamilton. Wit: T. W. McLee, Emily Rattray.

Jan. 26 Eli ERWIN, Ancaster, to Catherine VAN EVERY, Barton. Wit: Lewis Horning, Joseph Rymal.

Feb. 28 James MCCURDY, Saltfleet, to Catherine CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: James Coyles, Emily Rattray.


Rev. Thomas Cosford, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg. 25, 1844

Aug. 19 James HATTON (Hutton?), Trafalgar, to Elizabeth MULLEN, Trafalgar. Wit: Nancy Cosford, Murray McKay.

Aug. 19 Richard BUNTIN, York, to Ann MONROE, York. Wit: Murray & Henry McKay.

Pg. 25, 1845

Jan. 14 Alexander ACKMAN, Trafalgar, to Sarah Ann MOORE, Trafalgar. Wit: John W. Ackman, Justus W. Williams.

Jan. 15 Joseph WILSON, Nelson, to Eliza Ann PARSONS, Nelson. Wit: Thomas Harrison, Robert K. Bell.

Feb. 26 John FORSTER, Nelson, to Mary Ann BLAGDON, Nelson. Wit: William Forster, Absolom H. Kennedy.

Feb. 26 William LONGRELL, Nelson, to Eliza J. HUSBAND, Nelson. Wit: Robert Dorland, Johnson ??

Pg 26, 1845

May 29 George D. GRIFFIN, Trafalgar, to Synthia A. WILLIAMS, Trafalgar. Wit: Alexander Aikinson, Charles Biggar.

June 15 Daniel DIXON, Whitechurch, to Eliza CARR, Whitechurch. Wit: Mary Dixon, Nancy Cosford.

June 19 Rev. C. W. M. GILBERT, Whitechurch, to Hester A. K. SMITH, Whitechurch. Wit: Thomas Cosford Jr., James Parsell.

Pg 76, 1847

Sept. 23 William WINTERMUTE, Seneca, to Christena OLIVER, Seneca. Wit: Peter Wintermute, Oliver Hartwell.

Nov. 3 John YOUNG, Oneida, to Sarah LENINGTON, Oneida. Wit: Samuel Hare, Isaac Nellis.

Nov. 11 Renel HAWKINS, Seneca, to Jane ROSS, Seneca. Wit: Samuel Meredith, David Ross.

Pg 87, 1848

March 9 Goerge SIME (LIME?), Moulton, to Elizabeth INNON, Moulton. Wit: John Jorran, William Burk.

March 11 James BATES, Seneca, to Mary HAY, Seneca. Wit: Nancy Cosford, Julia Higley.

April 3 Platt CONWAY, Seneca, to Sarah SIMS, Seneca. Wit: Thomas Conway, George Tullock.

Pg 94, 1847

Sept. 23 William WINTERMUTE, Seneca, to Clarissa OLIVER, Seneca. Wit: Nancy Cosford, Oliver T. Hartwell.

Nov. 5 John YOUNG, Onondaga, to Sarah LENNIGTON, Onondaga. Wit: Samuel Hone, Isaac Nelles.

Nov. 11 Renel HAWKINS, Seneca, to Jane ROSS, Seneca. Wit: Samuel Meridith, David Ross.

Pg 94, 1848,

March 9 George SIME, Moulton, to Elizabeth INMAN, Moulton. Wit: William T. Burk, John Inman.

March 11 James BATES, Seneca, to Mary HAY, Seneca. Wit: Nancy Cosford, Julia Higley.

April 3 Platt CONWAY, Seneca, to Sarah SIMS, Seneca. Wit: George Tullock, Thomas Conway.

April 3 David SCOTT, Seneca, to Synthia SIMS, Seneca. Wit: Homer Conway, George Tullock.

Pg 95, 1848

June 12 Edward BARRETT, Seneca, to Martha STURDEL, Seneca. Wit: Robert Pew, Timothy Mundley.

Pg 120, 1848

Sept. 26 Thomas FRESSETTE, Oneida, to Mary JOHNSON, Oneida. Wit: Mathew Gill, Richard Thompson.

Nov. 11 John WAITER, Seneca, to Mary BANN, Seneca. Wit: James Rictchie, Christopher Allen.

Nov. 13 John UPTHAGROVE, Cayuga, to Charlotte LAROSE, Cayuga. Wit: Miles Stemers, Lewis Bylow.

Dec. 1 Ephraim SMITH, Oneida, to Mary Ann F. LANE, Oneida. Wit: G. A. L. McHaman, John F. Lane.

Pg 120, 1849

Feb. 1 Thomas FAWELL, Cayuga, to Mary Jane DEBEW (Depew?), Cayuga. Wit: Leonard Fawell, Edmund Debew.

March 5 Mathew GRAY, Seneca, to Jane RUDD, Seneca. Wit: Richard Green, W. Thompson.

April 29 William EVENS, Seneca, to Lorana BLAYNAY, Seneca. Wit: James Stewart, John Blaynay.

April 29 Daniel YOUNG, Seneca, to Lucinda BLAYNAY, Seneca. Wit: James Stewart, John Blaynay.

May 1 Samuel CORNICK (Cormick?), Seneca, to Sarah JEFFRIES, Seneca. Wit: Joseph Cornick, Nancy Cosford.


Rev. Thomas Demorest, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 86, 1848

Jan. 15 James DEFORIAS, Tuscarora, to Clarissa PAHTUHYUOKUSY (PAHTUHYUAHURG?), Tuscarora. Wit: Adam H. Benn, John Hall.

Jan. 22 William ANDERSON, Walpole, to Isabella RANUN? (Ranner?), Walpole. Wit: Peter Campbell, Nancy Gosford.

Feb. 10 William HOPKINS, Tuscarora, to Sarah BEAMER, Tuscarora. Wit: Adam Benn, William John.

March 14 Leonard FAREWELL, Walpole, to Mary BELL, Oneida. Wit: Edmund De Cem, Richard Liskman.

March 14 Jackson WEATHERSTONE, Oneida, to Margaret BELL, Oneida. Wit: Edmund De Cem, Richard Liskman.

April 3 John HARTSALL, Louth, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Seneca. Wit: Enos Shrighley, Jacob B. Hartsall.

Pg 93, 1848

Jan. 22 William ANDERSON, Walpole, to Isabella RANUN (RAMIN?), Walpole. Wit: Peter Campbell, Nancy Cosford.

March 14 Lenord TOWELL (FAWELL?), Walpole, to Mary BELL, Oneida. Wit: Edmund Decem, R. Lishman.

Pg. 94, 1848

March 15 Jackson FEATHERSTONE, Flamborough, to Margaret BELL, Oneida. Wit: Edmund Decem, R. Lishman.

April 3 John HARTSELL, Seneca, to Elizabeth MARSHALL, Seneca. wit: Enos Shrigley, Jacob Hartsell.

April 26 John CRANSTON, Oneida, to Ellen MURRAY, Oneida. Wit: Adam Helin, William Cranston.


Rev. Thomas Machin, Congregational Church

Pg 5, 1844

Nov. 16 George Samuel WILKES, Brantford, to Caira Robins WILKINS, Brantford. Wit: William Walker, John W. Dorcas.


Rev. Thomas Ogden, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 41, 1844

Dec. 8 Abraham WOODS, Esquesing, to Hannah ALLEN, Esquesing. Wit: Charles Evanson, Louisa McConnell.

Pg 41, 1845

Jan. 24 John SIMPSON, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann HOGG, Trafalgar. Wit: James McMaster, Ann Jane Merritt.

Jan. 17 James GILESPIE, Trafalgar, to Martha IRVIN (QUINN?), Trafalgar. Wit: Margaret Gilespie, John H. Ferrie.

Dec. 7 Thomas NODWELL, Erin, to Amelia WONSBROUGH, Erin. Wit: Nancy Nodwell, William Wonsbrough.

Dec. 7 Richard WONSBROUGH, Erin, to Rachel ORR, Erin. Wit: Robert Nodwell, Agnes Barboin.