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Marriages in the Gore District, 1842 - 1855, Page 4

The following marriages can be found on Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 4

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Rev. Philip, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 111, 1848

March 17 Robert A. REED, Esquesing, to Mary S. STANDISH, Esquesing. Wit: John W. Reed, Joseph Standish.

April 18 Robert COPLIN (Caplin?), Esquesing, to Martha MILLS, Esquesing. Wit: T. House, Porl Mills.

Pg 112, 1848

April 25 William R. BOOMER, Esquesing, to Sarah A. MCKENDSEY (s/b McKenzie?), Esquesing. Wit: George W. Sanderson, George C. McKendsey.

July 23 Samuel D. THATCHER, Esquesing, to Sarah C. TOLLMAN, Trafalgar. Wit: Patrick Crawford, John Dolmage.

Aug. 29 William HOWSON, Esquesing, to Margaret KERMICHALL (s/b Carmichael?), Esquesing. Wit: Robert Howson, James Skerrow.

Oct. 12 William CLARK, Esquesing, to Mary Ann NOBLE, Esquesing. Wit: Thomas Smith, George Gibbs.

Oct. 21 Philip WIDMAN, Markham, to Eliza Jane CENTRE, Esquesing. Wit: Asa Hall, Judah Centre.

Oct. 24 Abert POTTER, Esquesing, to Ann CLARK, Esquesing. Wit: Paul Ross, James Barker.

Nov. 1 George MOORE, Esquesing, to Margaret HAMMOND, Esquesing. Wit: Robert Moore, Richard Hammond.

Dec. 28 George GIBBS, Esquesing, to Mary J. CLARKE, Esquesing. Wit: Caleb Griffin, John Clarke.

Pg 112, 1849

Jan. 5 George ALLEN, Peel, to Ann WISMER, Chingaconsy. Wit: Alexander Hutton, Alexander Matson.

March 8 Henry MAY, Chingaconsy, to Mary BELL, Chingaconsy. Wit: George May, Edward Watson.

March 8 George FRASER, Grantham, to Mary E. KENNEDY, Esquesing. Wit: Samuel Stall, Samuel Kennedy.


Rev. R.H. Close

Pg 82, 1846

Feb. 14 John B. HUNT, Grantham, to Frances P. ATKINS, Paint Agate. Wit: James Hull, Hezekiah Hyatt.

July 16 Henry John SMITH, Caistin, to Almina SEVICK (SWICK?), Seneca. Wit: Henry C. Gralick, Erastus Sevick/Swick.

Oct. 21 John SWICK (SEVICK?), Camboro, to Mary SHARMON (s/b Sherman?), Seneca. Wit: John Sevick/Swick, William Sharmon.

Pg 82, 1847

June 24 Peter Morse SMITH, Grimsby, to Harriet CARTER, Grimsby. Wit: Abishai Morse, Henry Smith.

Sept. 18 Hall DAVIS, Drumunwell, to Ellen A. DAWS, Drumunwell. Wit: Joseph R. Brown, John F. Reed.

Oct. 27 Mathew A. BAYLY, Grimsby, to Nancy Jane HOUSE, Grimsby. Wit: John B. Beamer, William Beamer.

July 28 Joseph S. DECLOS, Saltfleet, to Jannet STEWART, Saltfleet. Wit: Daniel Burkholder, William Stewart.

Sept. 7 Joseph LISTER, Hamilton, to Emily MAGILL, Hamilton. Wit: William Lister, Mathew Magill.

Oct. 18 Robert IRWIN, Hamilton, to Jane RUNNING, Hamilton. Wit: Emily Rattonly, Elizabeth Jones.

Nov. 16 Elijah M. LEE, Saltfleet, to Lydia June SMITH, Saltfleet. Wit: John Lindburgh, Thomas C. Lee.

Pg 82, 1848

Jan. 3 Jacob Derby BARON, Hamilton, to Mary DEALCANY, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas W. Lin, Emily Rattony.

Jan. 26 Eli IRWIN, Ancaster, to Catherine VAN EVERY, Barton. Wit: Lewis Hooney, Joseph Rymal.

Feb. 28 James MCCARDY, Saltfleet, to Catherine CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: James Cayles, Emily Rattony.

May 25 William RYMAL, Flamborough to Sarah Ann SEALY, Flamborough. Wit: Sebaston Trainon?, Emily Rattony.


Pg 83, 1848, Witnesses not recorded, some residences not recorded

Dec. 31 Thomas TURNBULL to Margaret MCCOBDEN.

Pg 83, 1849, Witnesses not recorded, some residences not recorded

Jan. 31 Philip GELLARD to Elenor GEIR (Geer?)

Feb. 8 James NICKOLSON to Elizabeth CARMONT.

Feb. 28 Kenneth MCDONALD to Elizabeth MCCREA.

April 7 William GEDDIE (Geddes?), Dumfries, to Margaret REED, Dumfries.

June 16 James CUNNINGHAM, Dumfries, to Rachel MILLER, Dumfries.

Aug. 24 William SWARTZ, Dumfries, to Mrs. WHITE (widow), Dumfries.

Sept. 11 David BEAMER, Dumfries, to Sarah RUSSELL, Dumfries.

Sept. 12 George DENHOLM, Dumfries, to Mary A. GLEESON, Dumfries.

Sept. 12 George MITCHELL, Dumfries, to Margaret JOHNSON, Dumfries.

Pg 92, 1846

Feb. 14 John B. HULL, Grantham, to Frances P. ATKINS, Seneca. Wit: James Tisdale, H. Hyatt.

July 6 John Henry SMITH, Calston, to Almina SWICK, Seneca. Wit: H. C. Fralick, Erastus Swick.

Oct. 21 John SWICK, Camboro, to Mary SHURMON (s/b Sherman?), Seneca. Wit: John Lucorie, William Shurmon.


Rev. Ralph Robb, Presbyterian Church

Pg 74, 1847

Oct. 26 John MCCOY, Hamilton, to Eliza Jane SCOTT, Hamilton. Wit: James Bartholamew, William Baxter.

Oct. 26 Sinclair MEIKLEJOHN, Trafalgar, to Janett MCRAY, Trafalgar. Wit: James A. Skinner, Elizabeth Green.

Nov. 8 Alexander MCFARLANE, Cayuga, to Jane LAWRENCE, Cayuga. Wit: Charles Scott, Hellen Lawrence.

Dec. 22 James WILDS, Hamilton, to Hannah SIMMERS, Hamilton. Wit: Margaret Nutchel, Morgan Willson.

Dec. 24 Alexander MCDONALD, Hamilton, to Rebecca CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Angus, Margaret Robb.

Pg 86, 1848

June 15 John SPROUT, New kesmith, to Jane ROSS, Hamilton. Wit: John Lindsay, James Wilson.

Pg 90, 1847

July 26 Henry A. FROST, Hamilton, to Elizabeth HOPKINS, Flamborough. Wit: Daniel M. & W. Hopkins.

Aug. 20 John STEWART, Hamilton, to Jessie ROSS, Hamilton. Wit: George McKay, Alexander Campbell.

Sept. 20 William FREEMAN, London, to Becca HORNLY, Port Stanley. Wit: Allan Miller, John Hornly.

Oct. 26 John MCCOY, Hamilton, to Elizabeth Jane SCOTT, Hamilton. Wit: James Bartholomew, W. Baxter.

Oct. 26 Sinclair MEEKJOHN, Trafalgar, to Janet MCRAY, Trafalgar. Wit: J. A. Skinner, Elizabeth Green.

Nov. 8 Alexander MCFARLANE, Cayuga, to Jane LAWRENCE, Cayuga. Wit: Charles Scott, John Lawrence.

Dec. 22 James WILDS, Hamilton, to Hannah SUMMERS, Hamilton. Wit: Margaret Mitchell, Mary Ann Wilson.

Dec. 24 Alexander MCDONALD, Hamilton, to Rebecca CAMPBELL, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Angus, Margaret Robb.

Pg 90, 1848

Jan. 29 James LITTLE, Flamborough, to Jane LEATHERSTONE, Flamborough. Wit: Isabella Little, Jacob Leatherstone.

Feb. 16 John MCLEOD, Seneca, to Jane ARTHUR, Binbrook. Wit: William McLeod, Richard Arthur.

March 9 John COOK, Blanchard, to Caroline LINDLEY, Oneida. Wit: William Robb, George Lindley.

June 15 John SPROUT, Tuckersmith, to Jane ROSS, Hamilton. Wit: John Lindsay, Jane Nelson.

Pg 96, 1848

Jan. 29 James LITTLE, Flamborough, to Jane FEATHERSTONE, Flamborough. Wit: Isabella Little, Jackson Featherston.

Feb. 10 John MCLEOD, Seneca, to Jane ARTHUR, Brantford. Wit: William McLeod, Richard Arthur.

March 9 John COOK, Blackwind?, to Caroline LINDLEY, Seneca. Wit: William Robb, George Lindley.

Pg 99, 1848

Aug. 24 John GROVES, Hamilton, to Isabella SLOOP, Hamilton. Wit: William Martin, George Hagden.

Aug. 28 John BEVERIDGE, Hamilton, to Janet REID, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Morrison, Michael Burges.

Pg 104, 1848

Oct. 25 Joseph MORRISON, Hamilton, to Jane WHITELAW, Coburgh. Wit: Dugald C. Norton, John Whitelaw.

Nov. 28 John WEST, Hamilton, to Isabella HOLMES, Hamilton. Wit: Peter West, Meil Nicholson.

Dec. 8 Alexander TURNBULL, Hamilton, to Jane M. BICKWILL, Hamilton. Wit: J. Turnbull, E. Turnley.

Pg 108, 1848

Aug. 24 John GROVES (GRAVES?), Hamilton, to Isabella STOOPS, Hamilton. Wit: William Mortin, George Hayden.

Aug. 28 John BEVERAGE, Hamilton, to Janet REID, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander Morrison, Michael Burges.

Oct. 25 Joseph MORISON, Hamilton, to Jane WHITELAW, Coburg. Wit: Dugald C. Norton, John Whitelaw.

Nov. 28 John WEST, Hamilton, to Isabella HILMER, Hamilton. Wit: Peter West, Neil Nicholson.

Dec. 8 Alexander TURNBULL, Hamilton, to Jane M. BECKWELL, Hamilton. Wit: J. Turnbull, E. Turnly.


Pg 115, 1849, Note: Witnesses & residence not recorded

Jan. 18 Charles GRAVILL (NAVILL?) to Emily BLAGDEN.

Jan. 18 Edward BLAGDEN to Eliza NEVEL.

Jan. 23 James DAVIDSON to Maria ALLAN.

Feb. 12 William SMITH to Mary A. MATHEW.

Feb. 12 James CUNNINGHAM to Mary A. SNIDER.

Feb. 15 John WHITE to Louisa KNIGHT?

Feb. 15 John MCPHERSON to Sarah MCPHERSON.

Pg 116, 1849

Feb. 29 William IRONSIDE to Cathann AIRTH

March 8 James PARK to Mary Ann MALINA.

March 21 William BOYLE to Catherine ROBINSON.


May 7 John RYCKMAN to Henrietta SANGE.


Rev. Ferguson

Pg 114, 1846

Oct. 6 Austin WILLMOTT, Trafalgar, to Jane A. BOWS, Trafalgar. Wit: Levi Willson, James Bows.

Pg 114, 1847

Feb. 26 James REID, Trafalgar, to Sarah BELL, Trafalgar. Wit: William Hanson, William Atkinson.

Dec. 14 George ANDERSON, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann RYAN, Trafalgar. Wit: William Willmatt, Edward Bows.

Pg 115 , 1847

Dec. 10 Joseph MARTIN, Trafalgar, to Mary M. TEETZEL, Trafalgar. Wit: Edward & John Martin.

Pg 115 , 1848

Jan. 28 John SHARRING, Nassugawaga, to Caroline SCRIVER, Trafalgar. Wit: Thomas Newton, William Buchanan.

Feb. 9 John ELLIOT, Esquesing, to Mary J. MUTHOLE, Trafalgar. Wit: William Phelps, Henry Wright.


Rev. Fisher, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 111, 1848

Feb. 22 William RAMSHAW, Esquesing, to Isabella MICHIE, Esquesing. Wit: Thomas Fisher, Margaret Michie.


Rev. Killbee, Presbyterian Church

Pg 111, 1848

Jan. 8 Walter GLADSTONE, Dumfries, to Jane EASTON, Dumfries. Wit: Robert Black, William Easton.

March 21 Adam MILLER, Blandford, to Mary CAMERON, Blandford. Wit: John Fairbain, John Cameron.

March 5 John BROWN, Blenheim, to Margaret KNOX, Wilmot. Wit: Hugh Brown, Luther Head


Rev. Robert Irvine, Presbyterian Church

Pg 157, 1856

Jan. 10 James FLATT, Hamilton, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Hamilton. Wit: John Flatt, Duncan Ferguson.

Jan. 11 George PERIE, Eramosa, to Gordon MILNE, Hamilton. Wit: William Strongman, John Milne.

Jan. 11 Samuel MCEWIN, Hamilton, to Sarah CARSON, Hamilton. Wit: Isaac McMillen, Thomas Armstrong.

Jan. 11 William DOW, Hamilton, to Margaret MCKECHEN, Hamilton. Wit: James Alexander, Lachlan McPherson.

Jan. 16 George ATKIN, Hamilton, to Ellen GRANT, Hamilton. Wit: David & Thomas Limnen.

Feb. 19 John ROCTOR, Hamilton, to Rachel DYNES, Hamilton. Wit: William Armstrong, S. Spence.

Feb. 27 James STARKS, Oneida, to Mary DALE, Arthur. Wit: Andrew & Elizabeth Dale.

Pg 158, 1856

March 13 Isaac ZIMMERMAN, Nelson, to Bridget MCCAE, Hamilton. Wit: Phillip Zimmerman, James McKeaugh.

March 20 John Noble AGNEW, Toronto, to Catherine GUNN, London. Wit: William Baily, Robert J. Knobb.

March 20 John TAYLOR, Hamilton, to Carline COOMBS, Hamilton. Wit: William McDonega, George Coumbs.

March 26 Daniel GRAY, Hamilton, to Elizabeth CURTIS, Hamilton. Wit: George Duncan, William Young.

April 2 Thomas GRUNDY, Hamilton, to Isabel JACKSON, Hamilton. Wit: T. March, Mary Atchinson.

April 19 Daniel PALMER, Wellington Square, to Mary SMITH, Flamborough. Wit: Jane Kennedy, Jane Thompson.

April 23 William RICE, London, to Mary MCKENZIE, Hamilton. Wit: William Hall, Janet Thompson.

April 25 Robert MILLER, Hamilton, to Hannah MCCAW, Hamilton. Wit: John Lindsay, Mary Ann Hughes.

May 25 John Backer EAGER, Hamilton, to Jane MCDOWAL, Hamilton. Wit: James Walker, Minnie McDowell.

May 23 Andrew MCBETH, Hamilton, to Jane ROBERTSON, Hamilton. Wit: Isabella & D. Robertson.

June 7 Frederick LIGGS/RIGGS, Hamilton, to Jane PARSON, Hamilton. Wit: George Riggs, Catherine Fraser.

June 27 William CONDY, Hamilton, to Janet ADDISON, Hamilton. Wit: John Fraser, James Condy.

Pg 159, 1856

July 28 Charles BEVERIDGE, Hamilton, to Rebecca ROOTS, Hamilton. Wit: James Beveridge, John Byke.

Aug. 1 William DOUGLAS, Hamilton, to Jane GUTHRIE, Hamilton. Wit: Jessie Douglas, Andrew Wood.

Aug. 4 Thomas ALLEN, Hamilton, to Elizabeth JAMESON, Hamilton. Wit: Peter Bannerman, Margaret Donaldson.

Aug. 18 Donal BETHUNE, Toronto, to Jessie MCINTOSH, Toronto. Wit: W. H. Glass, Janet Wilson.


Rev. Stenk, Presbyterian Church

Pg 111, 1848

Dec. 15 Walter ARMSTRONG, Ancaster, to Joanna SCOTT, Ancaster. Wit: Alexander McLaren, James Scott.

Pg 111, 1849

Feb. 7 Richard KINNING, Nelson, to Mary Ann HILL, Dundas. Wit: Andrew Prout, Robert Higginson.


Rev. Tufford, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 112, 1848

Nov. 15 George FAWBEST, Hamilton, to Phoebe CROSSETT, Hamilton. Wit: William Lewis, William Bell.

Pg 112, 1849

Jan. 31 Joseph OLIVER, Trafalgar, to Hannah M. CAWLISHAW?, Barton. Wit: Charles Depew, John Munro.

March 20 James MEADOWS, Nassugawaga, to Ann CHAMBERS, Galt. Wit: Ed Ecclestone, John Chambers.


Rev. Meyne, Presbyterian Church

Pg 115, 1848

April 2 James BARKER, Saltfleet, to Harriet LONG (LING?), Saltfleet. Wit: Jane Ambridge, S. M. Cheyne.

May 19 William DEGROW, Binbrook, to Margaret BROWN, Binbrook. Wit: William Thompson, George Linder.

July 16 William LANG (LONG?), Saltfleet, to Martha DAWSON, Saltfleet. Wit: Cheyne, Mary A. Dawson.

Nov. 29 David YOUNG, Barton, to Luesa YOUNG, Barton. Wit: Samuel Hess, Samuel Taylor.

Rev. Terrcer (Ferrier?)

Pg 109, 1848, Note: Witnesses & residence not recorded

Jan. 25 John AMOUR to Elizabeth E. MINOR.

March 28 M.S. WATSON to Elizabeth MATTICE.

Dec. 28 John SMITH to Jane FERGUSON.

Rev. Way

Pg 108, 1847

Dec. 29 Thomas HUNTER, Chingaconsy, to Sarah REVES, Toronto. Wit: John Hunter, Jophia Reves.

Pg 108, 1848

Jan. 25 James AGNEW, Nassugawaga, to Elizabeth KNOWLES, Nassugawaga. Wit: Margaret Agnew, Hugh Atkins.

March 9 Joseph DUNBAR, Chingaconsy, to Susan BLACKSTOCK, Chingaconsy. Wit: Alexander Hutton, Abigail Blackstock.

March 23 Robert MARKS, Chingaconsy, to Jane PHILIPS, Chingaconsy. Wit: Christiana & Benjamin Petch.

Pg 109, 1848

Sept. 20 John BEATY, Chingaconsy, to Margaret BROWN, Chingaconsy. Wit: James & Robert Brown.

Sept. 27 Samuel BROWN, Esquesing, to Rhoda MATTHEWS, Chingaconsy. Wit: George Johnson, William Cooper.

Dec. 6 John S. FRAZER, Esquesing, to Isabella MCNAB, Norval. Wit: T. B. Frazer, J. McNab.

Dec. 14 Joseph YOUNG, Chingaconsy, to Margaret Young TAYLOR, Chingaconsy. Wit: George Young, Mary B. Frazer.

Dec. 28 Robert LORY (LONG?), Chingaconsy, to Isabella BROWN, Chingaconsy. Wit: Thomas McPherson, James Frazer.


Rev. Samuel Rose Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 76, 1847, Note: Witnesses & residence not recorded

Oct. 5 Michael FIGHT to Catherine HOWELL.

Oct. 8 John JACKSON to Catherine GEDDES.

Oct. 15 Robert SWAIN to Caroline SMITH.


Rev. Robert Lindsay Presbyterian Church

Pg 10 1844, Note: Witnesses not recorded

Feb. 9 John BROWN, Dumfries, to Agnes CALVIN, Dumfries.

Feb. 23 James W. AULD, Proclamation, to Isabella CURRIE, Proclamation.

Sept. 3 Levi BOCK, Blenheim, to Rachel ROSENBERGER, Blenheim.

Sept. 3 Robert BEST?, Niagara, to Ann BIGGAR, Dumfries.

pg 42, 1845

March 14 William SHIELD, Dumfries, to Rebecca WIER, Dumfries. Wit: James Clark, Jane Wier.

April 11 Thomas LEE, Dumfries, to Allison HASTIE, Dumfries. Wit: John Johnston, Walter Hastie.

April 25 James THERSHALL (HERSHALL?), Dumfries, to Mary CRANSTON, Dumfries. Wit: Adam Thershall, Alexander Cranston.

June 13 James MORTON, Dumfries, to Jane MORTON, Dumfries. Wit: Matthew Richmond, William Morton.

Aug. 6 Abram W. CORLIS, Dumfries to Elizabeth CORLIS, Dumfries. Wit: Jane Goldie, Martha Lindsay.

Aug. 15 James GLADSTONE, Dumfries, to Elizabeth EDGAR, Dumfries. Wit: Samuel Anston, Thomas Stewart.

Oct. 2 John GREGORY, Dumfries, to Jane WARD, Dumfries. Wit: George McDonald, Hugh Weight.

Oct. 3 Thomas ELLIOTT, Dumfries, to Hellen ROGERS, Blenheim. Wit: William Thompson, Robert Andrews.

Oct. 21 William MCGREGOR, Nassugawaga, to Mary CAMPBELL, Dumfries. Wit: John McGregor, Duncan McLean.

Nov. 13 Abram BUKLEE, Dumfries, to Bena BOEHR, Wilmot. Wit: William Warden, John Back.

pg 42, 1846

Jan. 6 William CAMPBELL, Dumfries, to Jane CALDWELL, Dumfries. Wit: George Campbell, Alexander Caldwell.

Pg 79, 1846

March 20 James VEITCH, Dumfries to Mary A. HASTIE, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Jamaieson, Thomas & D. Brecker.

Sept. 29 William BROOKSBANK, Waterloo, to Emily PEDDER, Waterloo. Wit: G. Landreth, Thomas Taylor.

Nov. 6 Alexander LELLIES (SELLERS?), Blenheim, to Catherine BAXTER, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas Rutledge, Abram Master.

Nov. 17 Levi SHIRK, Waterloo, to Catherine SHUPE, Wilmot. Wit: Henry Sipes, Joseph Lindsay.

Nov. 18 Thomas GRAVES, Waterloo, to Rachel SIPES, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas Linton, M. McRay.

Dec. 11 Donald MCDONALD, Dumfries, to Jane MCALISTER, Waterloo. Wit: G. McDonald, Joseph Philgower.

Pg 79, 1847

Jan. 22 John LELLIES (SELLERS?), Blenheim, to Eliza MCEWAN, Blenheim. Wit: Michael Scott.

Jan 29 George ELLIOTT, Dumfries, to Mary ROBSON, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Dutrie, D. Mitchell.

Feb. 5 Andrew MCEWAN, Blenheim, to Jane GODDIE, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas Drysdale, D. Mitchell.

April 18 James TROW, Wilmot, to Mary MORE, Blenheim. Wit: Martha Lindsay, Charles More.

June 14 William BUKTELL (BECHTELL?), Dumfries, to Catherine BOCK, Wilmot. Wit: Eliza & Joseph Lindsay.

June 21 James CAIN, Guelph, to Isabella MATHEWS, Guelph. Wit: Eliza Campbell, D. McLellan.

Oct. 19 Joseph REID, Waterloo, to Jane HEWITT, Waterloo. Wit: Samuel Tirarus, Jacob. B. Ereb.

Nov. 13 Andrew MALTUS, Blenheim, to Eliza FAIR, Blenheim. Wit: R. Black, D. Fair.

Pg 106, 1848

May 5 Walter GREERSON, Waterloo, to Christiann BRUNTON, Dumfries. Wit: Walter Turnball, James Brunton.

May 18 William WEAVER, Beverly, to Jane HALIDAY, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph Lindsay, James Haliday.

June 16 Daniel LOID (LOIS?), Dumfries, to Isabella MCLEAN, Dumfries. Wit: William McRae, James McFrazer.

Sept. 1 Thomas LAMB, Dumfries, to Catherine ROBERTON, Dumfries. Wit: Alexander Telfain, J. McLindsay.

Oct. 20 David BROWN, Blenheim, to Isabella LILLIES, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas Taylor, Alexander Lillies.

Pg 106, 1849

Jan. 12 Thomas VEIR, Blenheim, to Isabella ROBSON, Blenheim. Wit: George Simpson, William Easton.


Rev. Rowley Heyland, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 86, 1847

March 9 Thomas FUNN, Tuscarora, to Esther POWLESS, Brantford.

March 21 Nicholas JORDAN, Tuscarora, to Rachel COFFEE, Tuscarora. Wit: Thomas Funn, Samuel Coffee.

Pg 87, 1847

April 10 Philip GARLOUGH, Onondaga, to Sarah MARTIN, Onondaga. Wit: John Garlough, George Martin.

April 22 Alexander OLES, Brantford, to Elizabeth FILES, Brantford. Wit: David & Eliza Misner.

June 23 Denny CLENCH, Tuscarora, to Elanor JOHN, Tuscarora. Wit: John Heaven, Ursula Heyland.

June 27 Samuel COFFEE, Tuscarora, to Mary HILL, Tuscarora. Wit: Christopher Armstrong, Abraham Carpenter.

July 29 Christopher GARLOUGH, Tuscarora, to Dolly DOXTATER, Tuscarora. Wit: George Reed, John Heyland.

Oct. 12 Thomas FAWCETT, Brantford, to Jane MCLARREN, Brantford. Wit: Richard Rawling, Christopher Armstrong.

Nov. 10 John ARMSTRONG, Brantford, to Catherine DANE, Brantford. Wit: Galvill Balfour, Charles Pike.

Pg 87, 1848

Jan. 18 Joseph DUNN, Brantford, to Louisa JULL, Brantford. Wit: Hiram Rettle, John Jull.

Feb. 24 John MCGREGOR, Dumfries, to Sarah CORNELL, Dumfries. Wit: Walter McKay, Margaret Murray.

Pg 125, 1851

Sept. 22 Thomas THOMAS, Tuscarora, to Catherine MARACLE, Tuscarora. Wit: James Givens, David Hill.

Sept. 30 Isaac DAVIS, Tuscarora, to Lucy DOXTATER, Tuscarora. Wit: James Givens, David Hill.

Dec. 16 John BRANT, Tuscarora, to Mary WILSON, Tuscarora. Wit: Thomas Wood, Sarah Henry.

Pg 125, 1852

Jan. 12 John CHECKOLK, Tuscarora, to Louisa WESLEY, Tuscarora. Wit: James Checkolk, Mary Brant.

Feb. 8 James LAFORM, Tuscarora, to Margaret REECE, Tuscarora. Wit: Nicholas Douglass, Margaret Hiland.


Rev. Samuel Fenton, Congregational Church

Pg 27, 1844

Aug. 15 Paul SHAFER, Gainsborough, to Katarah CHOUT, Gainsborough. Wit: Elisha Bingham, David Shafer.

Oct. 10 Jacob SWARTZ, Glanford, to Laoma SMITH, Glanford. Wit: Jacob (illegible), Robert Lemon.

Pg 27, 1845

Feb. 3 James FIELDER, Ancaster, to Margaret KING, Ancaster. Lewis Smith, Charles Banester.

April 10 Jacob FRASER, Glanford, to Ann MCLAREN, Glanford. Jacob & Martha Hartwell.

Pg. 62, 1845

Dec. 11 George KENEDY, Esquesing, to Eliza GOLD, Glanford. Wit: William Earls, Abram Hartwell.

Pg. 62, 1846

Jan. 1 Michael SHAFER, Glanford, to Catherine A. ELDERKIN, Glanford. Wit: David Bradt, John Finton.

Jan. 13 Robert LEEMING, Glanford, to Rebecca SHAW, Glanford. Wit: S. & Catherine Smith.

Jan. 21 John P. LAWRESON, Beverly, to Sarah CRANE, Glanford. Wit: Joseph Bates, Hester French.

March 5 Seth SMITH, Glanford, to Jane MASON, Glanford. Wit: Mathias Smith, George Mason.

April 11 Johnson GOODALE, Glanford, to Leona SPRINGSTED, Saltfleet. Wit: Joseph Goddale, Jacob Springstead.

Nov. 1 W. G. SMITH, Seneca, to Henrietta LONG, Seneca. Wit: Ira & Truman Smith.

Pg 77, 1847

Jan. 26 Frances DAWSON, Barton, to Elizabeth PERKINS, Barton. Wit: Samuel Canklin, Hannah Hewitt.

Feb. 7 Norton SAUNDERS, Glanford, to Mary SHAFER, Glanford. Wit: Margaret & Abram Shafer.

Feb. 18 John CARVER, Glanford, to Harriet SMOKE, Glanford. Wit: William Leeming, Mary A. Smith.

Feb. 18 John SMITH, Binbrook, to Charity HORTON, Binbrook. Wit: George Smith, Elizabeth Todd.

Feb. 24 Samuel CANKLIN, Seneca, to Hannah HEWITT, Seneca. Wit: Francis Dawson, Mary Willson.

May 22 Amos KELLY, Glanford, to Hannah LONG, Glanford. Wit: George Mason, Phoebe Kelly.

June 24 George MASON, Glanford, to Pheobe KELLY, Glanford. Wit: Joseph Hagerman, Jonathon Kelly.

June 28 Silas SMITH, Glanford, to Catherine GAGE, Glanford. Wit: Abram Heartwell, Lewis Smith.

July 21 Charles RUNELS, Ancaster, to Eliza Ann DURFY, Ancaster. Wit: George M. Ryckman, David Durfy.

Sept. 1 William PRETTY, Glanford, to Susan CASE, Glanford. Wit: Isaac Frazier, G. Choate.

Dec. 31 William SNIDER, Binbrook, to Mary RAMBO, Barton. Wit: Henry Durfy, Henry Snyder.

Pg 77, 1848

Jan. 13 John B. SHAFER, Ancaster, to Eliza KINCEL, Ancaster. Wit: Henry McNally, Maria Kincel.

Pg 110, 1848

Feb. 11 Peter SMITH, Ancaster, to Mary CASE, Ancaster. Wit: A. McCrimon, Mary Hotram.

March 26 Stephen YOUNG, Glanford, to Elizabeth SMITH, Glanford. Wit: Lewis & Silas Smith.

Pg 111, 1848

May 9 Robert MOFFAT, Barton, to Sophia BURKHOLDER, Barton. Wit: Margaret McKewin, Elijah Burkholder.

Pg 133, 1854

Feb. 6 George GELDON, Ancaster, to Elizabeth SMITH, Ancaster. Wit: Daniel Shaw, Mary Cameron.

Dec. 2 Jacob FRASER, Glanford, to Frances MCKEE, Glanford. Wit: David Shafer, Duncan McKee.


Rev. Samuel Morrison, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 138, 1854

Jan. 11 Harmon FISHER, Nelson, to Elizabeth FISHER, Nelson. Wit: Henry Taylor, Andrew Fisher.

Feb. 7 James JOHNSON, Flamborough, to Mary Ann KENNEDY, Flamborough. Wit: Henry Taylor, Alen Kennedy.

May 23 John RUDDY, Nelson, to Mary MCKENZIE, Nelson. Wit: Joseph Ruddy, Daniel McLeod.

Sept. 7 Joseph BOTSFORD, Trafalgar, to Frances E. EARL, Trafalgar. Wit: Mary A. Botsford, John W. Earl.


Rev. Samuel Porter, Presbyterian Church

Pg 31, 1843

March 1 Thomas FEATHERSTON, Trafalgar, to Margaret FORD, Trafalgar. Wit: Thomas Ingram, George Ford.

May 8 William MCDONALD, Esquesing, to Margaret EARLEY, Esquesing. Wit: James Miller, James McHerd.

Pg 31, 1844

Sept. 28 George COIN, Trafalgar, to Jane FOREST, Trafalgar. Wit: Robert & John Forest.

Feb. 13 John JARVIS, Trafalgar, to Margaret WHITE, Trafalgar. Wit: Boline, Caldwell, Thomas White.

Sept. 25 Henry D. SMITH, Trafalgar, to Elenor THOMPSON, Trafalgar. Wit: James & Benjamin Thompson.

Sept. 26 Charles ORR, Trafalgar, to Clem? DANIELS, Trafalgar. Wit: Joseph Orr, William Beattie.


Rev. Thomas Christie, Presbyterian Church

Pg 17, 1844

April 17 John ROSS, Ancaster, to Christienn HAWTHORNE, Ancaster. Wit: George Henderson, George Robertson.

July 16 David HENRY, Beverly, to Jennet HALL, Beverly. Wit: George Henderson, John Turnbull.

Oct. 17 Thomas FERGUSON, Dundas, to Rachel MCKECHNIE, Dundas. Wit: Charles Smith, William Green.

Nov. 17 Thomas PATERSON, Ancaster, to Ann THOMPSON, Ancaster. Wit: Stephen Nesbet, William Thompson.

Dec. 12 Andrew MILLER, Flamborough, to Helen CONDON, Flamborough. Wit: George Miller, Robert Blithe?

Pg 34, 1845

Jan. 23 Elonozo KING, Dundas, to Mary JURINE, Dundas. Wit: M. L. Dean, David Christie.

Feb. 17 David TAIT, Flamborough, to Mary ROBERTSON, Flamborough. Wit: Daniel Brehan, Thomas Gilchrist.

April 24 Robert INKSETTER, Beverly, to Sarah Ann COPE, Beverly. Wit: William Tought, Thomas Moses Hunt.

Sept. 24 Robert STEVENSON, Flamborough, to Elizabeth Ann KEMINGHAM (Cunningham?), Flamborough. Wit: William Stevenson, Thomas Kemingham.

Dec. 25 Thomas THOMPSON, Beverly, to Margaret Jane PATTERSON, Beverly. Wit: Stephen Moffot, Stephen Nesbet.

Pg 60, 1846

Feb. 27 John HARKNESS, Beverly, to Jane STUART, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Nichol.

May 11 Charles BEEMAN, Beverly, to Ann MAIN, Beverly. Wit: Josiah Beeman, Wesley Main.

May 12 Robert RIDDLE, Barton, to Charlotte BARTON, Barton. Wit: William Henderson, John Rutherford.

May 28 William LOGIE, Hamilton, to Isabella TAIT, Hamilton. Wit: Malcolm Langhton, Isabella Nesbet.

July, Alexander COOPER, Dundas, to Mary Ann SMITH, Dundas. Wit: Robert White, James Cooper.

Oct. 1 Hamilton Park HILL, Dundas, to Mary Ann BERINGHAM, Dundas. Wit: Joseph Park Hill, James McNight.

Pg 61, 1846

Oct. 20 Rboert FRASER, Hope, to Jane WADDLE, Flamborough. Wit: John Fraser, John Waddle.

Oct. 30 Malcolm FOLSETTER, Dumfries, to Janet BIRD, Hamilton. Wit: Walter Bain, Colin D. Bird.

Nov. 6 Thomas MCKNIGHT, Dumfries, to Jane HALLIDAY, Esquesing. Wit: Andrew McKnight, James Loughby.

Dec. 7 Bossone A. MITCHELL, London, to Ann LITTLE, Beverly. Wit: Archibald Conner, Thomas Little.

Dec. 22 Alexander LEATHMORE, Nichol, to Jane WILSON, Flamborough. Wit: John Glendenning, William Wilson.

Pg 81, 1847

July 1 James GRAY, Beverly, to Alison JAVINE, Ancaster. Wit: Alonzo King, Alexander McKie.

Sept. 1 Joshua BRINTON (BUNTON?), Dundas, to Eliza GRAHAM, Flamborough. Wit: Thomas Soyers, William Graham.

Pg 81, 1848

Jan. 6 William TURNBULL, Hamilton, to Mary CHISHOLM, Dundas. Wit: John Tunrbull, John Farrgrieve.

Jan. 13 John DUTRIE, Dumfries, to Jesse JAVINE, Dundas. Wit: David H. Forbes, Alonzo King.

Pg 111, 1848

March 22 Henry HULBERT, Blenheim, to Martha PRESS, Blenheim. Wit: John Woods, Barbara Christie.

May 3 Samuel G. HOWELL, Ancaster, to Mary HOWELL, Ancaster. Wit: Peter S. Howell, William Temple.

July 20 William WILLIAMS, Beverly, to Susan A. WEAVER, Beverly. Wit: William Flock, C. Hall.

Aug. 28 George KENARD, Beverly, to Mary B. COCHRAN, Beverly. Wit: Alexander Kenard, Barbara Christie.

Sept. 20 George CHIPMAN, Brantford, to Jane ROBERTSON, Beverly. Wit: John Pitton, Joseph Bogle.

Pg 140, 1854

April 17 John KENT, Dundas, to Katherine RONALDS, Dundas. Wit: James & Jane McKay.

May 11 Robert ROBERTSON, Beverly, to Elizabeth THOMPSON, Beverly. Wit: Isabella Martin, John Thompson.

July 4 Stephen HARVEY, Dundas, to Minnie NICHOL, Beverly. Wit: William Murray, James Nichol.

July 14 John ANDERSON, Dundas, to Agnes ALLEN, Dundas. Wit: William Kyle, Thomas Oliver.

Pg 141, 1855

Jan. 5 James HETHERINGTON to Ellizabeth EWART. Witnesses not recorded.

Pg 164, 1855

May 24 Edward Liddy COATE, Ancaster, to Eliza DIMOND, Ancaster. Wit: Isabella Martin, Euphemia Christie.

May 26 John MCINTOSH, Dundas, to Christian WHITE, Dundas. Wit: William Ross, Alexander Duff.

July 4 Charles LITCH, Beverly, to Catherine M. MANN, Beverly. Wit: mary & Barbara Christie.

July 9 Benjamin GEORGE, Beverly, to Martha SANDERS, Beverly. Wit: Agnes & John George.

July 17 James ALLEN, Beverly, to Mary Ann (Last name not recorded), Beverly. Wit: William Jarrow, John Clark.

Aug. 30 James SERVICE, Hamilton, to Julia H. HOGGAN, Dundas. Wit: James Diron, George James Joostin.

Aug. 21 John THOMPSON, Beverly, to Deborah CAMP, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Harris, B. J. Stipes.

Oct. 8 Robert ARMSTRONG, Brant, to Hannah IRVILL, Dundas. Wit: John Willeys, Robert Twille.

Oct. 17 David NICHOL, Beverly, to Elizabeth WHITEHILL, Beverly. Wit: John R. Miller, George Revell.

Oct. 24 Robert Alexander HILBORN, Beverly, to Ann CATHAM, Beverly. Wit: Joseph Cornell, William H. Barnett.

Pg 165, 1856

Jan. 18 Robert WRAY, Beverly, to Lydia Ann HUNT, Beverly. Wit: George Wray, John Hunt.


Rev. Simon Huntington, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 141, 1853

Nov. 24 Joseph GIBBS, Flamborough, to Maria COVEL, Flamborough. Wit: John Watson, Sarah Huntington.

Dec., Thomas SHAW Jr., Glanford, to Maria Jane CHOAT, Glanford. Wit: Harriet B. Hilbourne, Tacchins? B. Choat.

Pg 141, 1854

Jan. 23 William M. LOTT, Glanford, to Mary COOPER, Glanford. Wit: Sarah & William Huntington.

March 13 Alexander SOUTHERLAND, Onondaga, to Ann FISHER, Onondaga. Wit: Sarah Huntington, William Copeland.

April 28 James BLUER, Ancaster, to Margaret LONG, Glanford. Wit: Sarah Huntington, Michael Blower.

Sept. 5 Abram D. MARTIN, Glanford, to Sarah Jane BURKHOLDER, Glanford. Wit: E.S. Street, Ferviah Martin.

Pg 163, 1856

Feb. 12 John ALDRIDGE, Beverly, to Margaret MAIN, Beverly. Wit: Aaron Cornell, Stephen Main.

March 12 James COOPER, Beverly, to Margaret DEARY, Beverly. Wit: Seth Holcomb, Thomas Deary.

March 25 James ELLIOTT, Blandford, to Jane MORE, Beverly. Wit: William Morrison, William More.

May 27 David TANSLEY, Beverly, to Isabella BABCOCK, Beverly. Wit: David Cornell, Ephas Bennet.

July 27 Joseph CAMP, Beverly, to Ann PATTEN, Beverly. Wit: Stephen Mann, John Ackin.

July 25 Jacob CROW, Tetham, to Harriet WILSON, Saltfleet.


Rev. Sylvester Hurlburt, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 50, 1845

July 22 Nathan BEAL, Seneca, to Caroline EGBERT, Seneca. Wit: Margaret Hurlburt, George Raymond.

Oct. 16 Francis BYLOW, Oneida, to Jane PARKER, Oneida. Wit: Adam & Ann A. Beam.

Pg 67, 1846

Nov. 29 George WILLETT, Seneca, to Elizabeth SIMMS, Seneca. Wit: David MITCHELL, Phillip Christie.

Pg 67, 1847

March 17 Charles ERWIN, Binbrook, to Harriet BORLAND, Seneca. Wit: John J. Burgess, Eli Wilcox.

March 23 Jacob TAGGART, Oneida, to Aurilla BALL, Oneida. Wit: Peter Ostroser, Philo Burch.

April 13 Hugh MCCOLLOUGH, Seneca, to Isabella GRAHAM, Seneca. Wit: Edward C. Haywood, Jane Harrison.

April 26 John BEATTIE, Seneca, to Margaret CRANEY, Seneca. Wit: William Shields, Margaret A. Beattie.


Rev. Thomas Adams Primitive Methodist Church

Pg. 45, 1845

Sept. 17 Moses JOHNSON, Hopal, to Ann THOMAS Oakville. Wit: Thomas Johnson, William Carleson.

Pg. 45, 1846

March 10 William MILES, Trafalgar, to Mary SHERBOURN, Trafalgar. Wit: Ezra Bray, William Sherbourn.


Rev. Thomas Battrey, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 71, 1846

July 13 John SMITH, Hamilton, to Sophia PARKER, Hamilton. Wit: Emily Battrey, Elizabeth Cummings.

Sept. 8 John WEAVER, Beverly, to Catherine PEW, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Young, Thomas Brown.

Nov. 25 John HUNTER, Barton, to Jennet ROGER, Barton. Wit: Martha Meggat, David Young.

Dec. 3 Thomas LEVEREY, Hamilton, to Charlotte IRWIN, Hamilton. Wit: John Edmundston, Agnes Irwin.

Pg 71, 1847

Jan. 27 Samuel MARSHALL, Binbrook, to Ann SAVAGE, Saltfleet. Wit: Elijah Smith, Andrew Savage.

April 15 James BINGHAM, Glanford, to Charlotte GAGE, Oneida. Wit: Alfred & Christopher Bingham.


Rev. Thomas Campbell, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 138, 1854

Nov. 4 William FROGGATT, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann CLENDENNAN, Trafalgar. Wit: Robert & Sarah Jane Camp.

Nov. 24 John JOHNSON, Toronto, to Sarah Ann JACKLIN, Peel. Wit: William H. Collar, Bianay? Ashley.

Pg. 139, 1854

Dec. 27 Anson BUCK, Trafalgar, to Kelura Adelaid HOWELL, Trafalgar. Wit: Jacob Lawrence, John T. Howell.

Pg. 139, 1855

Jan. 17 George SHEPPARD, Oakville, to Sarah DELANEY, Oakville. Wit: Paschel E. & William E. Knox.

Jan. 23 John Sheppard BURGER, Trafalgar, to Caroline CRAWFORD, Halton. Wit: Thomas Jull, Solomon Savage.

Feb. 15 Samuel KIRKHUFF, Trafalgar, to Catherine MCFEE, Trafalgar. Wit: J. C.C. Campbell, D. McFee.

April 3 William LUCAS, Nelson, to Jane CLIVE, Nelson. Wit: Daniel Lucas, Jacob Clive.

Pg 162, 1855

June 18 Joseph METCALF, Brantford, to Mary Jane MCELROY, Oakville. Wit: James Ruddell, Charles McElroy.

Oct. 17 William Alexander HACKNEY, Trafalgar, to Phoebe Emeline BAKER, Trafalgar. Wit: William R. & Frederick A. Baker.

Nov. 2 Thomas DIBLEY, Trafalgar, to Charlotte WRIGHT, Trafalgar. Wit: John Slicer, Justus Munn.

Pg 163, 1855

Nov. 7 Abner Griffis HOPKINS, Nelson, to Esther Ann INGLEHEART, Nelson. Wit: Daniel Lucas, Isaac Van Norman.


Rev. W. Geffers (Jeffers?) Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 98, 1847

Sept. 1 Alphews D. CHRYLETS, Ancaster, to Sarah J. CLEMENT, Hamilton. Wit: Norval Simons, James Ackman.

Sept. 1 John BAWLERTHORNES, Ancaster to Jane CLEMENT, Dundas. Wit: Norval Simons, James Ackman.

Pg 98, 1846

July 22 James WOOD, Dundas to Caroline M. SIMONS, Dundas. Wit: Norval Simons, Benjamin Spencer.

Oct. 7 Samuel COOK, Flamborough, to Mary Ann HUNT, Beverly. Wit: George Brown, Pelts Deeker.

Nov. 10 Samuel KELSO, Dundas, to Elizabeth HALL, Dundas. Wit: William Young, George Kelly.

Pg 99, 1846

Nov. 10 Thomas BAXTER, Dundas, to Mary MCCLINTOCK, Westminster. Wit: William Young, George Kelly.

Pg 99, 1847

Jan. 19 Isaac L. HOWELL, Ancaster, to Harriet E. WAUGHT, Ancaster. Wit: Wesley Howell, John K. Waught.

April 14 John MCLAUGHLIN, Esquesing, to Martha BARCLAY, Ancaster. Wit: James Smack, Samuel Barclay.

April 28 Alexander CUDNEY, Beverly, to Louisa J. FLETCHER, Beverly. Wit: James Snow, Morgan Reed.

Pg 106, 1847

July 19 Lewis GERMAN, Dumfries, to Christiana STEWART, Beverly. Wit: Barney Markle, Joseph Stewart.

Pg 106, 1848

Feb. 23 Charles COMBS, Dumfries, to Harriet DODGE, Dumfries. Wit: George Howell, Thomas Steel.

Aug. 6 Samuel ARMSTRONG, Dumfries, to Elizabeth LAWRISON, Beverly. Wit: Abert Aldridge, Emeline Geffers.

Oct. 1 John WARD, Dumfries, to Mary BEAMER, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph Lawrison, John Wood.

Oct. 21 Robert BALDWIN, Dumfries, to Elizabeth GOODMAN, Dumfries. Wit: Robert & Ellen Goodman.

Dec. 21 George MULHOLAND, Beverly, to Elizabeth BUCHANAN, Dumfries. Wit: William Galloway, John Buchanan.

Pg 107, 1849

March 26 W. KUMPF/KUNIFF, Galt, to Margaret YOUNG, Galt. Wit: Ann Irwin, Mark Young.

March 6 John BOICE, Ancaster, to Lucinda ADAMS, Dumfries. Wit: William Boice, John Adams.



Rev. Thomas Robson, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 44, 1845

Nov. 11 Samuel HANNON, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth HARRIS, Saltfleet. Wit: Andrew Hannon, Desire Harris.

Dec. 2 William HATCHER, Barton, to Margaret COLLINS, Barton. Wit: John & Caroline Hatcher.

Dec. 8 Abel LAND, Saltfleet, to Elin BARNS, Saltfleet. Wit: Aaron Land, Elizabeth Souls.

Dec. 25 Isaac SPRINGSTEAD, Saltfleet, to Prudence HAVENS, Saltfleet. Wit: John Schneider, Abigail Parson.

Pg 44,1846

Feb. 12 John DEPEW, Barton, to Delia Hall FRINK, Barton. Wit: Enoch Burkholder, Farmer Stockton.

Pg 45, 1846

March 9 James HINTON, Saltfleet, to Elizabeth J. RITINBURGH, Saltfleet. Wit: Mary Ann Munn, James Ritinburgh.

March 10 Hugh M. HANNON, Saltfleet, to Ann Eliza LOTYE/LOTSE, Saltfleet. Wit: Margaret Hannon, David Smith.

May 10 William GREEN, Saltfleet, to Martha MORRISON/HARRISON, Saltfleet. Wit: Edward C. Whaley, Faney Thomas.

May 12 Jonathon POTRUFF, Saltfleet, to Catherine MORRISON, Saltfleet. Wit: George Fletcher, Elizabeth Waterberg.

June 21 Thomas LUFF, Grimsby, to Hannah GRIFFIN, Grimsby. Wit: Robert & Anne Miller.

June 24 Isaac COON, Saltfleet, to Barbara Ellen JONES, Saltfleet. Wit: George Darby, Charlotte Jones.

July 2 Thomas WEAVER, Grimsby, to Magdalin LAMBIER, Grimsby. Wit: John Tufford, Malinda ??

Aug. 19 John W. SCHNEIDER, Burford, to Rhoda KINNEY, Burford. Wit: Richard Churchill, Susan Kinney.


Rev. Thomas Rump, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 9 1842, Note: Witnesses not recorded: Oct. 22 Henry ANDERSON, Trafalgar, to Sarah HALL, Trafalgar.

Pg 9, 1843: March 20 Alexander MCDOWELL (MCDONELL), Trafalgar, to Faithee KERR, Trafalgar.

Pg 13, 1844: May 18 Emmerson COLLINS, Nelson, to Jane MARTINDALE, Oneida. Wit: Samuel Collins, William Davis.

Pg 13,1845

Jan. 22 John BRAZIER, Walpole, to Louise LOCKE, Walpole. Wit: Mary An Dean, Josiah Locke.

March 7 John KNOX, Oneida, to Isabella MURRAY, Oneida. Wit: John Harper, Jennet Anderson.


Rev. Thomas Williams, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 144, 1855

Oct. 24 Zacheus Burnham CHOATE, Glanford, to Margaret BATES, Glanford. Wit: Broathwaite Lessing, Sally O. Loane.

Nov. 1 Henry PRETTY, Glanford, to Mary MCKEE, Glanford. Wit: David Shafer.

Nov. 8 Andrew COOK, Chandage, to Lydia Margaret AKERT, Chandage. Wit: James & Jane Cook.

Pg 144, 1856

March 4 William Henry WARD, Woodstock, to Frances COVERLY, Seneca. Wit: Ann & Thomas Coverly.

May 27 Charles WALKER Jr., Cayuga, to Rachel KERR, Cayuga. Wit: Thomas Baldwin Jr., Jane P. Douglas.

May 13 William THOMPSON, Seneca, to Phebe SHAW, Glanford. Wit: Daniel Clark, Eliza Coon.


Rev. W. F. Clarke, Congregational Church

Pg 45, 1845

July 1 Thomas Isaac HODSKIN, Saltfleet, to Eliza Flora TAYLOR, Saltfleet. Wit: George & Thomas Taylor.



Rev. William Martin, Methodist New Connexion Church

Pg 10 1844

Jan. 17 David MCKERSE, Eramosa, to Rodah BRIDGES, Eramosa. Wit: George McKerse, Donabel Bridges.

Feb. 6 John KERNAL, Nassugawaga, to Mary KNOWLES, Nassugawaga. Wit: James Aynes, Anna Cargill.

March 19 Alexander MARSHALL, Nassugawaga, to Elicia LARKER, Nassugawaga. Wit: Anna Carr, Robert Larker.

Dec. 16 Othnael Zidley MADDOCK, Eramosa, to Mary Ann BILTON, Eramosa. Wit: John Duffield, Deborah Marlin.

Pg 67, 1847

Nov. 10 William HOWE, Nassugawaga, to Ann PAYTON, Nassugawaga. Wit: Joshua Lang, Mary Anderson.

Pg 67, 1848

Jan. 21 Benjamin WALLACE, Nassugawaga, to Ann MENARY, Nassugawaga. Wit: James McCurdy, William Menary.

June 28 Jacob HEWMAN, Nassugawaga, to Eliza NAPPER, Nassugawaga. Wit: William Almshand, Eliza Humphrey.



Rev. W. Stephens, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 155, 1855

July 26 James F. QUACKENBUSH, Dundas, to Harriet ROSEBURGH, Dundas. Wit: James Lazier, Anthony Puffy.

July 30 George WEAVER, Hamilton, to Elizabeth MISSENY, Hamilton. Wit: Frangott Richter, Joseph Unsicker.

Sept. 22 John H. MASON, Toronto, to Sarah Jane DARRACOTT, Dundas. Wit: William T. Mason, John S. Darracott.

Oct. 10 Edward KARROW, Dundas, to Mary JONES, Dundas. Wit: William H. Shannon, Rachel Millward.

Oct. 11 Edgar J. FERRILL, Dundas, to Dezire A. PARMANTER, Dundas. Wit: William E. Parmanter, A. W. Parmanter.

Oct. 14 Joseph A. DINGLE, Hamilton, to Selina A. BALL, Hamilton. Wit: William & Elizabeth Hallett.

Nov. 8 William CARTNER, Dundas, to Sarah BINKLEY, Dundas. Wit: Simon Peter Stipes, William Binkley.

Nov. 12 Jacob SHICK, Dundas, to Mary FAHRNER, Dundas. Wit: Alexander Mercer, John H. Hulan.

Nov. 21 Moses MILLER, Con. U. S., to Lucy BATEMAN, Dundas. Wit: John Watson, Joseph Beasley.

Nov. 21 John WATSON, Dundas, to Elizabeth BATEMAN, Dundas. Wit: Moses Miller, Joseph Beasley.

Dec. 4 Jacob Hess RYMAL, Flamborough, to Emma BARLOW, Flamborough. Wit: John M. Thornton, Joseph Carson.

Dec. 14 Charles JENNINGS, Dundas, to Isabella YEOMAN, Dundas. Wit: Anson Goodins, Mary Condon.

Pg 156, 1855

Dec. 19 David S. HORNING, Ancaster, to Clarrissa BLASDELL, Beverly. Wit: John Horning, S. A. Erwin.

Dec. 20 Andrew JOHNSON, Dumfries, to Eliza CUDNEY, Ancaster. Wit: Anson Goodwin, William Williams.

Dec. 25 Thomas W. CLAREN, Flamborough, to Margaret GRAY, Dundas. Wit: John Rutherford, Margaret Willis.

Dec. 27 John Balmer FAIRGREWER, Hamilton, to Sylvia Elizabeth DAVIS, Dundas. Wit: Robert H. Bongrough?, William M Davis.

Pg 156, 1856

Jan. 1 Ebenezer B. PARKER, Dundas, to Rosetta PLUM, Dundas. Wit: George Bickle, Thomas Sheldwick.

Jan. 8 Leonard H. RANDALL, Georgia, to Mary Jane BYRNE, Dundas. Wit: W. H. Byrne, Robert Byrne.

Feb. 16 William CROSS, Dundas, to Elizabeth SHEARMAN, Clinton. Wit: Thomas Maw, Henry Carter.

Feb. 19 Patrick ONEIL, Flamborough, to Martha WINGROVE, Flamborough. Wit: Page & Mary Morent.

March 27 David MARKLE, Flamborough, to Eliza TUNIS, Flamborough. Wit: Archibald Markle, Elizabeth Ann Casey.

April 9 James WOOD, Dundas, to Elizabeth MALONEY, Dundas. Wit: Henry S. Young, Johanna Maloney.

Feb. 16 Charles ROSTRA/KESTRIA, Hamilton, to Jane JAMES, Hamilton. Wit: James Natz Arthur, Reganny Arthur.

April 16 Himy KINTEAL, Seneca, to Mary Jane BLACK, Barton. Wit: A. R. Stephens, Emily Hannah Actel?

May 30 Charles RANDLESHANG, Hamilton, to Hannah MILLS, Hamilton. Wit: George Randleshang.

Pg 157, 1856

June 6 William REID, Hamilton, to Ellen DWYER, Hamilton. Wit: George & Mary Ann Reid.

June 24 James Land HUGHSON, Hamilton, to Elizabeth KNOX, Hamilton. Wit: Charles & Sarah Parrott.

July 16 Richard ETTICOTT (Endicott?), Hamilton, to Elizabeth MAYES, Hamilton. Wit: Robert Dowand, Isabella Mayes.

Oct. 2 John RIDDLE, Hamilton, to Anna HARVEY, Hamilton. Wit: Alexander & Mary Graham.

Oct. 8 John LAWSON, Hamilton, to Ruth P. BOON, Hamilton. Wit: William Atkinson, Mary Ann McCabe.

Dec. 4 Edward BRAND, Hamilton, to Margaret SMITH, Hamilton. Wit: Richard Wheeler, John Hawes.



Rev. Wentworth Hughson, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg. 62, 1845

Oct. 25 Elind MCLEAN, Beverly, to Sophia BLAWSDALL, Beverly. Wit: Nelson Elliott, Henry Kitchen.

Dec. 16 Nelson ELLIOTT, Beverly, to Jane JEFFERSON, Beverly. Wit: Elind McLean, John Crooker.

Pg. 62, 1846

Jan. 28 Jacob BLAWSDALL, Beverly, to Mearcea BUCKBOROUGH, Beverly. Wit: Thomas Watson, James Buckborough.

Feb. 10 James LONG, Beverly, to Martha BISHOP, Beverly. Wit: William Covegrove, James Bishop.

April 23 Richard QUANCE, Beverly, to Alice DAYMAN, Ancaster. Wit: William & Philip DAYMAN.

June 7 John MILLER, Ancaster, to Jane SHARP, Ancaster. Wit: Robert & Emma Miller.

Aug. 1 James HARRIMAN, Ancaster, to Jemima COOK, Ancaster. Wit: John Robson, Elenor Elison.

Pg 63, 1846

Sept. 3 David TUCKER, Flamborough, to Sharlott CULP, Flamborough. Wit: D. C. Tucker, Charles Steward.



Rev. William Coleman, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 24, 1844

Sept. 4 John DOWLER, Flamborough, to Catherine DONNELLY, Flamborough. Wit: Jeremiah Hunt, Michael Donnelly.

Dec. 26 George ECLIN, Beverly, to Jane SHAVER, Beverly. Wit: Daniel Eclin, Jennet Robertson.



Rev. William H. Landon, Baptist Church

Pg 47, 1845

June 10 Thomas PANTON, Brantford, to Susanna HOWELL, Onondaga. Wit: Donald M. Howes, Enoch Howell.

Sept. 1 William DUTTON, Onondaga, to Catherine BEECRAFT, Brantford. Wit: Mary Ann Dutton, William Beecraft.

Oct. 11 Arial WING, Onondaga, to Catherine PONBY, Onondaga. Wit: William Grot, Nicholas Smith.

June 15 Isaac T. HOPKINS, Brantford, to Emily DUTTON, Onondaga. Wit: Silas Swartz, William Dutton.

June 14 Joseph AXE, Norwich, to Leah LOTRIDGE, Tuscarora. Wit: Philip Garlow, Charlotte Smith.


Rev. William Lumsden Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 12, 1844

Jan. 29 Charles LAUNDRY, Oakville, to Lydia JEFFREY, Oakville. Wit: J. Wraith, J. Young.

Feb. 8 Gilbert HUNTER, Trafalgar, to Barbara Gilles DUNWOODIE, Trafalgar. Wit: John Proudfoot, John Hazelop.

Sept. 20 Daniel WALKER, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth CRAWFORD, Trafalgar. Wit: William McKenzie, James Crawford.

Oct. 8 John M. FERRAN, Palermo, to Caroline JETZEL, Palermo. Wit: John Sorels, Robert Miller.

Pg 12, 1845

Jan. 1 William Henry WALKER, Nelson, to Jane GARBUTT, Nelson. Wit: Adam Culp, John Garbutt.



Rev. William Willoughby, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 42, 1844

Nov. 12 John R. WAUGH, Ancaster, to Mary Ann PLACE, Brantford. Wit: James & Ogden Howell.

Dec. 25 Lewis ALGER, Dumfries, to Levina MUMA, Dumfries. Wit: Ariel Snow, Charlotte Muma.

Pg 42, 1845

Feb. 19 John LEWISON (LAWRISON?), Dumfries, to Elizabeth GREEN, Dumfries. Wit: Amelia Lawrison, Richard Green.

March 18 John MANS, Dumfries, to Ada WENDOVER, Dumfries. Wit: Dorman & James Mans.

June 29 Brian CONNELL, Waterloo, to Lidia HOWELL, Dumfries. Wit: Peter & Philip Howell.

Pg 59, 1846

March 17 Peter BOUSLAUGH, Brantford, to Eliza FOULKS, Brantford. Wit: Elam & Elizabeth Bougham (Boughner?)

April 1 David ELLIS, Dumfries, to Levina HOWELL, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas & Wesley Ellis.

April 2 Usal Ogden HOWELL, Dumfries, to Martha ELLIS, Dumfries. Wit: Thomas & David Ellis.

July 2 Thomas WESTWOOD, Dumfries, to Mary KITCHEN, Dumfries. Wit: Peter & Martha German.



Rev. William McIndoe Presbyterian Church

Pg 163 Note: Witnesses not recorded, 1855: Dec. 12 Henry MCKENSIE, Halton, Town of Milton, to Agnes RITCHIE, Waterdown


Rev. William Phelp, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 11, 1843

Dec. 27 Robert BARBER, Esquesing, to Harriet Ann GREEN, Flamborough. Wit: Walter Markes, Isaac B. Green.

Pg 11,1844

Jan. 7 Wesley FERGUSON, Saltfleet, to Caroline M. LEE, Saltfleet. Wit: Elijah & Thomas Lee.

Feb. 7 William HOWELL, Ancaster, to Mary HORNING, Ancaster. Wit: Isaac L. Howell, Gideon Horning.

March 7 Thomas CLINE, Barton, to Sarah CROSTHWAITE, Barton. Wit: Elizabeth Harris, Robert Crosthwaite.

April 23 Elijah S. THOMAS, Dundas, to Margaret STRIPE, Dundas. Wit: George & Mary Binkley.

April 30 William SHAVER, Ancaster, to Mary HOWELL, Ancaster. Wit: Jacob Shaver, Isaac L. Howell.

May 11 Robert CROSTHWAITE, Barton, to Elizabeth HARRIS, Saltfleet. Wit: Thomas & James G. Cline.

June 26 Matthew C. PHILLIPS, Flamborough, to Maria Jane HOPKINS, Saltfleet. Wit: John K. Simons, John H. Hopkins.

Oct. 16 Jacob R. RYMAL, Flamborough, to Mary RYMAL, Flamborough. Wit: David A. Rymal, Peter N. Rymal.

Dec. 10 Francis FINK, Trafalgar, to Mary THOMAS, Trafalgar. Wit: John McCoy, James Carter.

Pg 40, 1844

Dec. 31 Garret ALBERTSON, Trafalgar, to Elizabeth ROBERTS, Trafalgar. Wit: Luke Teeple, William Jarvis.

Pg 40, 1845

Jan. 28 Joseph M. SNIDER, Trafalgar, to Julia Ann SHAIN, Toronto. Wit: Milo Wilkinson, King H. Munn.

Feb. 4 Jessy G. WARDEN, Trafalgar, to Margaret JACKSON, Trafalgar. Wit: Joseph Doughna, Henry Hinton.

Feb. 4 James GORDON, Trafalgar, to Sarah HINTON, Trafalgar. Wit: Joseph Doughna, Henry Hinton.

Feb. 5 Henry WILLIAMS, Trafalgar, to Eliza C. LUCAS, Nelson. Wit: Orloo Wickwise, John Fleming.

Feb. 8 Joseph FREEMAN, Nelson, to Margaret SMITH, Nelson. Wit: Joshua Freeman, Thomas Smith.

Pg. 41, 1845

March 11 John WAGGONER, Nelson, to Mary UTTER, Saltfleet. Wit: Robert Adams, Joel Utter.

April 22 Thomas KERBY, Nelson, to Catherine DAVIDSON, Nelson. Wit: Elizabeth Van Norman, John Davidson.

May 7 Isaac FREEMAN, Trafalgar, to Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, Esquesing. Wit: Charles Freeman, George McKinley.

May 14 George MCGRIFFIN, Trafalgar, to Jane WRIGHT, Trafalgar. Wit: Charles Freeman, Hugh Mulholland.

Sept. 3 William D. FITCH, Lamsborough, to Hannah L. HOPKINS, Saltfleet. Wit: Daniel Fitch, John Hopkins.

Oct. 1 George GHENT, Nelson, to Anna BRAY, Trafalgar. Wit: Gilbert Davis, Thomas Hagerman.

Oct. 16 Absolom H. HENNEY, Nelson, to Catherine C. SMITH, Nelson. Wit: Ezekial D. Henney, Stephen Coon.

Oct. 21 George B. STEVENSON, Custer, to Mary COON, Nelson. Wit: Pier Burchbee, Moses H. Meritt.

Nov. 18 James MULHOLLAND, Trafalgar, to Eleanor LEACH, Trafalgar. Wit: Hugh Mulholland, William Leach.

Dec. 2 Henry BIRD, Nelson, to Fanny DAVIDSON, Nelson. Wit: John Alton, John Davidson.

Pg 63, 1845

Dec. 31 Robert DORLAND, Nelson, to Catherine HORNING, Nelson. Wit: John Summerman, Robert Horning.

Pg 63, 1846

Jan. 14 David HILL, Trafalgar, to Arimintha REID, Trafalgar. Wit: William Kindree, John Johnson.

Jan. 28 Herman P. BRIDGE, Nelson, to Hellen M. AINSLEY, Nelson. Wit: Walter Bastedo, Andrew Gage.

Jan. 29 William S. SUNLEY, Hamilton, to Margaret E. TAYLOR, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Thompson, John Birrell.

Feb. 11 John FLEMING, Nelson, to Lucy M. YOUNG, Nelson. Wit: George Lucas, Abner E. Vandusen.

March 3 John DIXON, Nelson, to Hannah KIRBY, Nelson. Wit: Robert & John Kirby.

April 15 William HOW, Trafalgar, to Judy THOMAS, Trafalgar. Wit: John How, Jacob Stevens.

April 21 Adam ZIMMERMAN, Trafalgar, to Phebe SUMNER, Trafalgar. Wit: Joseph Zimmerman, William Moore.

April 29 Henry John JULL, Trafalgar, to Mary C. WILL, Toronto. Wit: John Brecker, Mary Philp.

May 14 Stephen COON, Nelson, to Deborah STEPHENSON, Erin. Wit: Ezekiel Kenney, George B. Stephenson.

Pg. 64, 1846

sept. 10 Thomas DODDS, Erin, to Ann COOKE, Esquesing. witn: Peter & Thomas Cooke.

June 24 Benjamin CREEKMORE, Flamborough, to Sabrina C. HOPKINS, Flamborough. Wit: Charles Creekmore, Ezra Hopkins.

Sept. 24 Charles FREEMAN, Trafalgar, to Sarah Jane KENNEY, Trafalgar. Wit: Ephraim Post, Peter D. Kenney.

Dec. 1 Peter COUSE, Esquesing, to Jane DECOV, Trafalgar. Wit: Peter Biggar, Alexander Kent.

Dec. 3 John JOHNSON, Esquesing, to Esther HOLLINGREEN, Esquesing. Wit: Albert Townsend, David Hill.

Dec. 15 John SINCLAIR, Erin, to Flora MCLAIN, Erin. Wit: Alexander Sinclair, David McLain.

Pg 96, 1847

March 4 Robert WILLSON, Trafalgar, to Jane ELLIOT, Trafalgar. Wit: Thomas Joyce, John Elliot.

March 11 John LAWSON, Esquesing, to Mary Ann CLARK, Esquesing. Wit: William Shook, James Show.

Pg 97, 1847

May 28 Robert S. HALL, Esquesing, to Eliza Jane BOOMER, Esquesing. Wit: John Atkinson, Thomas Boomer.

June 28 John GAMBLE, Esquesing, to Mary A. FARMER, Esquesing. Wit: Morris Kennedy, Michael Farmer.

July 25 Morris KENNEDY, Esquesing, to Sarah FARMER, Esquesing. Wit: John Gamble, John G. Willson.

Aug. 30 George ELLIOTT, Esquesing, to Mary MCDONALD, Cooksville. Wit: William Elliott, Alexander McDonald.

Sept. 7 James HALL, Esquesing, to Mary HALL, Esquesing. Wit: William Hawson, Isabella Hall.

Oct. 21 Nathaniel P. JONES, Esquesing, to Christy MATISON, Esquesing. Wit: John Kennedy, Frances Murray.

Nov. 25 George G. WATSON, Esquesing, Julie Ann SYMNES, Esquesing. Wit: Alexander Watson, H. R. Griggs.

Dec. 9 William ELLIOT, Esquesing, to Maria DUNCAN, Esquesing. Wit: Robert Mow, Alen McIntyre.

Dec. 28 Alexander FLEMING, Trafalgar, to Susannah HATT/HALL, Esquesing. Wit: John Fleming, Isabella Hall.

Pg 97, 1848

Jan. 1 Barnabas JACKSON, Trafalgar, to Ann WALTERS, Esquesing. Wit: George Goodallie, John Walters.

Jan. 25 John G. WILLSON, Esquesing, to Maria C. TRAVIS, Esquesing. Wit: James Collins, Elijah Travis.

Feb. 14 James RYAN, Toronto, to Eliza RUTLEDGE, Toronto. Wit: Wesley & Alice Switzer.


Unknown Clergyman

Pg 109, 1848

Jan. 1 Alexander Green JONES, Saltfleet, to Matilda FITZPATRICK, Saltfleet. Wit: S. Jones, Thomas Williams.

March 15 William MCKAY, Hamilton, to Margaret CLEMENTS, Hamilton. Wit: John Batt, Alpheus Crysler.

Aug. 31 Richard CARY, Flamborough, to Ann MARKLE, Flamborough. Wit: B. Ryckman, Alexander Markle.


Rev. William Pollard, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 69, 1846

July 6 Henry NEWMAN, Hamilton, to Fanny HARRIS, Hamilton. Wit: Thomas Rattsay, Moses Atfield.

July 6 Moses ATFIELD, Hamilton, to Sarah BEVEL, Hamilton. Wit: Henry Rattsey, Henry Harris.

Oct. 22 Lindsey CRAWFORD, Hamilton, to Agnes MCGILL, Hamilton. Wit: David Beach, Edward McGill.

Pg 69, 1847

March 1 Cyrus SMITH, Glanford, to Cristmar SMITH, Glanford. Wit: Mary (illegilble), Mary Newberry.

March 4 Gordon SMITH, Glanford, to Hellen D. MILROY, Glanford. Wit: Case & Sally Smith.

April 13 James CARLTON, Blenheim, to Jane Ann COVERLY, Seneca. Wit: Maria & George E. Coverly.

May 12 Thomas PEET, Hamilton, to Dorothy PARSONS, Hamilton. Wit: James Gage, John Bell.


Rev. William Smith, Baptist Church

Pg 40, 1844

May 19 Jeremiah MALCOLM, Dumfries, to Elizabeth WINTERMOST (Wintermute?), Dumfries. Wit: James & Hugh Patten.

July 28 John HOWARD, Beverly, to Jennett KNOX, Oakland. Wit: John & Malinda Carpenter.

July 31 William SHEAVER, Beverly, to Rachel MCKAY, Ancaster. Wit: William Reynolds, William McKay.

Dec. 4 Richard PAYNE, Dumfries, to Rachel KITCHEN, Dumfries. Wit: Aaron Patten, H. Kitchen.

Oct. 27 John PATTEN, Dumfries, to Rachel KITCHEN, Dumfries. Wit: John Stuart, James Kitchen.

Dec. 4 John STUART, Dumfries, to Mary Ann PAYNE, Dumfries. Wit: Rachel & Richard Payne.

Pg 40,1845

Feb. 13 Alfred KITCHEN, Eramosa, to Rachel HOWELL, Dumfries. Wit: Edward Kitchen, Isaac Howell.

Feb. 16 Albert HUSON, Dumfries, to Lydia Ann CRANDELL, Dumfries. Wit: Elizabeth Ryce, Label Crandell.

March 23 John WELK, Beverly, to Phoebe COLEMAN, Beverly. Wit: Elizabeth Welk, John P. Lawrason.

April 6 William Henry STUART, Dumfries, to Esther WILLSON, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph & Levi Willson.

April 22 James SEGAR (LEGAR?), Beverly, to Elin MINER (MISNER?), Beverly. Wit: Malachi Segar/Legar, Pert Miner/Misner.

June 21 Daniel STURNEMAN, Dumfries, to Mary ARMSTRONG, Dumfries. Wit: Mary J. Smith, William Armstrong.

Pg 91, 1846

June 24 Isaac W. BOWERS, Waterloo, to Jane CAMP, Beverly. Wit: W. Bowers, Andrew Camp.

June 25 Alexander DILL, Dumfries, to Susan ROSEBROOK, Dumfries. Wit: William Griffith, John Rosebrook.

July 24 William BELL, Esquesing, to Mariah KITCHEN, Dumfries. Wit: George Bell, Charles Kitchen.

Sept. 16 Thomas GRAHAM, Dumfries, to Matilda VAN EVERY, Dumfries. Wit: W. Graham, Charles Van Every.

Nov. 11 Thomas PASMORE, Dumfries, to Jane VAN EVERY, Dumfries. Wit: John & Andrew Van Every.

Nov. 19 George LORYE/LOSYE, Dumfries, to Hannah MORDEN, Dumfries. Wit: Jacob Vincent, George Morden.

Pg 91, 1847

Jan. 24 Amos MARTIN, Beverly, to Rachel INGLES, Beverly. Wit: D. McGregor, Andrew Burnett.

May 16 Cyrus GRIFFITH, Dumfries, to Eliza SHUIT, Dumfries. Wit: Simon & Nicholas Smith.

March 10 Robert S. MCCALL, Charlotteville, to Mary J. SMITH, Dumfries. Wit: Daniel McCall, John Carpenter.

June 25 William CRAWFORD, St. George, to Elizabeth SEGOR, Beverly. Wit: John D. Carpenter, M. Segor.

Date not (Not recorded) SMITH, Beverly, to Jane WEAVER, Beverly. Wit: Henry Fisher,

Pg 116, 1847

Aug. 8 Martin BABCOCK, Beverly, to Jane MULHOLLIN (s/b Mulholland?), Beverly. Wit: Duncan McGregor, George Mulhollin.

Nov. 5 George GREER, Burford, to Jemmima JACOBS, Saltfleet. Wit: John Teeple, John McKay.

Nov. 28 Denis BEAMER, Dumfries, to Lydia A. SMITH, Dumfries. Wit: Joseph Beamer, Peter Smith.

July 5 William Joshua MILLER, Beverly, to Mary BENNET, Burford. Wit: Cecelia & James Bennet.

Pg 116, 1849

July 27 Jansh? HOWELL, Dumfries, to Mary E. FARR, Dumfries. Wit: Sampson & Eliza Howell.

July 25 David BATTIE/BABTIE, Dumfries, to Jane VAN EVERY, Dumfries. Wit: Richard Green, Charles Van Every.