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#006886-00 (Grey Co): John ABERCROMBIE, 21, farmer, Euphrasia, St. Vincent, s/o John ABERCROMBIE & Sarah CLARKE, married Lulu TAYLOR, 21, St. Vincent, same, d/o James TAYLOR & Ellen SMITH, witnesses were Jennie E. MADDEN & Annie TOMLINSON, both of Meaford, Jan. 24, 1900 at Meaford #007090-1900 (Grey Co): Archibald ADAMS, 25, farmer, St Vincent, same, s/o Wm ADAMS & Ann BUMSTEAD, married Rebecca JOLLEY, 24, St Vincent, same, d/o Robert C JOLLEY & Martha FLETCHER; witnesses Herbt H DUMMELL, Edith M JOLLEY. 20 Jun 1900 at St Vincent.
6695-00William ADLAM,27, not listed, Bentinck, same, s/o George ADLAM & Martha BRITTON married Selena HAZLETT, 23, Bentinck, same, d/o William HAZLETT & Mary Ann ARMOUR, Wtn: William HAZLETT & Sarah HOPKINS both of Bentinck December 5, 1900 at Elmwood (also 7258-01) 7413-01 William A.B. AHRENS, 24, labourer, Hanover, same, s/o John AHRENS & Mary MONTO married Elizabeth STADTLANDER, 24, Hanover, same, d/o G. STADTLANDER & Amelia GUSE, Wtn: Henry & John STADTLANDER both of Hanover December 28, 1900 at Hanover.
#006834-00 (Grey Co): Robert AITKEN, Robert, 34, miner, Ontario, Rossland B.C., s/o John AITKEN & Elizabeth MACKIE, married Mary Jane STAFFORD, 23, Holland twp., same, d/o Thomas STAFFORD & Elizabeth MORRISON, witnesses were Tenie ELDER & Susan LITTLE, both of Chatsworth, June 12, 1900 at Chatsworth #007122-00 (Grey Co): James George ALEXANDER, 30, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Alexander ALEXANDER & Margaret CURRIE, married Margaret Mary KEELING, 22, Michigan USA, Sydenham, d/o David KEELING & Catherine TURNER, witn: Alexander J. CAMPBELL & Annie KEELING, both of Sydenham, 4 July 1900 at lot 15, con 1 of Sydenham
#006670-00 (Grey Co): Elijah ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o Elijah ARMSTRONG & Margaret POLLOCK, married Beulah COUTTS, 18, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o John COUTTS & Elizabeth BOYLE, witn: Malcolm McCOLLUM (or McCallum) & Jennie COUTTS, both of Bentinck, Jan 1900 at Bentinck twpq #006973-1900 (Grey Co.): David ARMSTRONG, 28, Farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Charles and Isabella ARMSTRONG married Mary McLEOD, 29, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Robert and Annie McLEOD, witn. C.O. ARMSTRONG, St. Vincent and Sarah McLEOD, Osprey, 26 Dec. 1900 at 12th Line, Osprey twpq
#007033-00 (Grey Co): George ARNOTT, 25, teamster, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John ARNOTT & Maria HARRISON, married Jennie GIBSON, 20, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Sinclair GIBSON & Mary McKAIG, witn: John JASPER & Eliza MAYHEW, both of Owen Sound, 16 May 1900 at Owen Sound #007042-00 (Grey Co): John Brunell ASHOPE, 21, laborer, Lions Head, Wiarton, s/o Charles ASHOPE & Elizabeth DUKE, married Louisa DAVIS, 19, not given, Creemore, d/o James DAVIS & Flora McARTHUR, witn: John PARKER & Mrs. A.J. BROWN, both of Owen Sound, 22 Aug 1900 at Owen Sound
#006876-00 (Grey Co): Herbert BALDWIN, 27, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Thomas BALDWIN & Margaret CONNELL, married Lillie P. SMITH, 27, house keeper, Mount Forest, Keppel, d/o George SMITH & Elizabeth GAY, witn: C. W. SMITH of McLennan Algoma & Minie BALDWIN of Keppel, 10 Oct 1900 at Keppel #006672-00 (Grey Co): James BALL, 26, farmer, England, Manitoba, s/o James & Eliza, married Elizabeth CLARK, 30, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o Thomas CLARK & Jane LAISLEM? (Raislenn?), witn: George CLARK & Lucy BOTT, both of Bentinck, 20 Feb 1900 at Bentinck twp
#006846-00 (Grey Co): James BARRON, 30, blacksmith, Medonte, Sullivan, s/o William BARRON & Isabella LANDER, married Elizabeth DOWLING, 30, Michigan USA, Holland, d/o Elisha DOWLING & Sarah S--ALLS, witnesses were Norman & Maud DOWLING, both of Holland, 25 Dec., 1900 at Holland #006874-00 (Grey Co): Eugene BEALS, 40, widower, painter, Wellington, Eastnor, s/o Stephen BEALS & Charlotte BOWMAN, married Alice KEEP, 29, widow, Elderslie, Eastnor, d/o Thomas HAYES & Mary SMITH, witn: E.W. GEDDES & Helen THOMPSON, both of Hepworth, 20 July 1900 at Hepworth
6807-00 (Grey Co): Benson BELROSE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sarawak twp., s/o William BELROSE & Isabella RICE?, married Edith ALTON, 21, Ontario, Brant twp.,, d/o John ALTON & Elizabeth TINDALE, witn: Alfred & Bertha ALTON of Brant twp., 15 Nov 1900 at Hanover #006721-1900 (Grey Co): Hugh BLACK, 21, farmer, Canada, Tp of Sullivan, s/o William BLACK & Flora CLARK, married Hannah MANFORD, 25, Canada, Tp of Sullivan; witnesses were William BLACK, Sarah MANFORD, of Sullivan. 13 Jun 1900 at Kilsyth.
#007034-00 (Grey Co): William Henry BOSWELL, 24, farmer, Canada, Hepworth - Keppel, s/o Henry James BOSWELL & Elizabeth TUCKER, married Hannah SCURRAH, 22, Canada, Hepworth, d/o George SCURRAH & Hannah DRIFFEL, witn: Herbert PATTISON & Edith TERRYBERRY, both of Hepworth, 23 May 1900 at Owen Sound #006894-00 (Grey Co): Herbert BOWERMAN, 27, laborer, St. Vincent, Owen Sound, s/o Gideon BOWERMAN & Annie BEBEE, married Bertha May McCAULEY, 21, Walters Falls, Owen Sound, d/o Alex McCAULEY & Louisa WINTER, witnesses were Sheldon BOWERMAN & Jennie McCAULEY, April 18, 1900 at Meaford
#007094-00 (Grey Co): James Elliott BOWES, 29, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Lawrence BOWES & Jane DONALD, married Mary Edith BRACKEN, 22, St. Vincent, same, d/o Christopher BRACKEN, farmer, & Mary Jane CLARKE, witn: Robert D. BOWES & Elsie V. BRACKEN, both of St. Vincent, 25 Sept 1900 at St. Vincent #006776-00 (Grey Co): Sheldon BOYD, 23, farmer, Euphrasia, Artemesia, s/o James BOYD & Maria WARD, married Clara QUINTON, 23, Euphrasia, same, d/o Samuel QUINTON & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: John BOYD & Maggie Mary PATTERSON, both of Euphrasia
#007087-1900 (Grey Co): Christopher BRACKEN, 23, farmer, St Vincent, same, s/o Christopher BRACKEN & Mary Jane CLARK, married Susan Amelia LAMB, 21, of St Vincent, same, d/o Henry LAMB & Susan GAMBLE; witnesses Robert BRACKEN, Ellen LAMB, of St Vincent. 6 Mar 1900 at St Vincent. #006893-00 (Grey Co): James Evert BRADFORD, 22, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Robert BRADFORD & Eliza BOOTH, married Frederica Brenner KERR, 20, St. Vincent, same, d/o Robert KERR & Eliza SHAND, witnesses were Arnold G. MAIN & Isabel EASTMAN, both of Meaford, April 18, 1900 at Meaford
#006825-00 (Grey Co): Joseph Edward BRADLEY, 21, laborer, Shelburne, Owen Sound, s/o Edward BRADLEY & Mary Ann COLLIS, married Martha Louisa LOWE, 20, Grey Co., Sydenham, d/o Edward LOWE & Catherine E. THONER?, witn: R.C. HOWEY & M. SWANSON, both of Owen Sound, 28 March 1900 at Walters Falls #006751-00 (Grey Co): James BROWN, 28, farmer, Orchardville, same, s/o William & Janet, married, Martha HOPKINS, 22, Mt. Forest, same, d/o James & Martha, witnesses were Alvin BROWN & Mary ROWE, both of Orchardville, Oct. 10, 1900 at Durham twp
#006680-00 (Grey Co): James BROWN, 35, carpenter, Ontario, Baltimore USA, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret McKINNON, 27, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o John McKINNON & Mary McCALLUM, witn: Malcolm BEATON & Agnes MILNE, both of Bentinck, 11 April 1900 at Bentinck twp #006747-00 (Grey Co): John BURNS, 27, farmer, Bentinck twp., same, s/o Joseph BURNS & Ellen RYAN, married Ellen McAULIFFE, 27, Normansby, same, d/o David McAULIFFE & Margaret JONES, witnesses were Robert BURNS & Margaret McAULIFFE, both of Durham Ont., July 6, 1900 at Durham twp.
6982-00 Charles BURTON, 20, laborer, London England, Owen Sound, s/o Charles BURTON & Mary Ann STANSON, married Hannah MORROW, 18, Owen Sound, same, d/o William MORROW & Hannah BRASON, witn: Mr & Mrs. Joseph, 1900 at Owen Sound 6690-00 John CALVIN, 34, surgeon, Bentinck, same, s/o William CALVIN & Martha MARTIN married Sarah Jane HARDY, 23, Bentinck, same, d/o George HARDY & Nancy AYR, Wtn: John & sarah CALVIN both of Bentinck, June 20, 1900 at Durham
#007117-00 (Grey Co): Seymour B. CAMPBELL, 27, miller, St. Vincent twp., Markdale, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Julia BENSTRESHAW?, married Rebecca WARD, 27, Sydenham twp., same, d/o William WARD & Sarah MOFFATT, witn: Thomas J. CAMPBELL of Midland & Emma WARD of Sydenham, 21 Feb 1900 at Bogner 6981-00 William G. CAMPBELL, 37, farmer, Perth, Holland Centre, s/o William CAMPBELL & Margaret SOMERVILLE, married Margaret McCANN, 35, Holland twp., Holland Centre, d/o Francis McCANN & Ann ELLIOT, witn: Mrs. H. T. FERGUSON & Mrs. William KEEFER, both of Owen Sound, 15 Jan 1900 at Owen Sound
#006838-00 (Grey Co): William Joseph Thomas CEASAR, 26, station agent, Orangeville, Proton, s/o John CEASAR & Jane ROOKE, married Ida Jane Gertrude ALLEN, 25, Berkeley, same, d/o James ALLEN & Sarah STINSON, witn: John CEASAR of Markdale & Addie ALLEN of Berkely, 10 Oct 1900 at Berkeley 6805-00 (Grey Co): George A. CHRISTIE, 36, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck twp. twp , s/o Alex CHRISTIE & Sophia HAINER, married Agnes PARK, 35, Ontario, Bentinck twp. twp , d/o John PARK & Margaret PATERSON, witn: James PARK & Martha CURTIS?, both of Bentinck twp. twp , 17 Oct 1900 at Hanover
#006770-00 (Grey Co): James CLARK, 33, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Thomas CLARK & Ann GAULEY, maried Mary Jane CLARK, 35, Euphrasia, same, d/o James CLARK & Phebe JAMIESON?, witnesses were William & Henrietta CLARK, both of Euphrasia, Jan. 14, 1900 at Euphrasia #007118-00 (Grey Co): John Telford CLARK, 36, architect, Sydenham twp., Owen Sound, s/o Robert CLARK & Isabella TELFORD, married Margt Isabella HARKNESS, 30, Sydenham twp., same, d/o John HARKNESS & Elizabeth KEEFER, witn: E.A. RIXON of Owen Sound & J.C. TELFORD of Chesley, 28 March 1900 at Leith
#006844-00 (Grey Co): Charles CLOSE, 26, widower, RR fireman, Holland, Toronto, s/o Charles CLOSE & Mary A. CONSTABLE, married Elizabeth McCLEMENT, 33, Glenelg, same, d/o Alex McCLEMENT & Bella APPLEBY, witn: Maggie CAMPBELL of Aberdeen, 7 Nov 1900 at Dornock #006836-00 (Grey Co): Robert J. CORBETT, 32, farmer, of Bentinck, s/o John CORBETT & Elenor Jane MACKENZIE, married Maggie CAMERON, 23, of Bentinck, d/o Malcolm CAMERON & Mary Ann GREENWOOD, witnesses were R.L. CORBETT of Williamsford & Maggie BELL of Dornock, June 30, 1900 at Dornock
#007086-1900 (Grey Co): George Kingswell COSE, 26, farmer, England, St Vincent, s/o Henry COSE & Alice KINGSWELL, married Eliza Ellen JAMIESON, 21, Nottawasaga Tp, St Vincent, d/o John JAMIESON & Hannah ROBINSON; wit: Thomas JAMIESON, Bertha COSE, of St Vincent. 28 Feb 1900 at St Vincent. #006826-00 (Grey Co): James COTTON, 42, laborer, Co. Derry Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o John COTTON & Rachel DONALDSON, married Maria McLEAN, 30, Sydenham twp., Holland twp., d/o Martin McLEAN & Margaret ADAMS, witn: Ruth REILLY & Lillie McCONVEY, both of Chatsworth, 3 April 1900 at Chatsworth
#006845-00 (Grey Co): Thomas COUPLAND, 54, widower, farmer, Peel, Markville (Mackville?), s/o Thomas COUPLAND & Ann CRADDOCK, married Eliza C. MINION, 33, Albion, same, d/o Robert MINION & Ann WELWOOD, witn: James MINION & Kate McLAUGHLIN, both of Holland, 21 Nov 1900 at Strathaven #006968-1900 (Grey Co.): James COUSINS, 27, Laborer, Osprey, Singhampton, s/o John COUSINS and E.L. GREEN, married Christena ZEGGIL, 25, Seamstress, Osprey, Osprey, d/o D.H. ZEGGIL and I. McALLISTER, witn. R.J. McPHERSON, Pretty River Valley and Elizabeth COUSINS, Singhampton, 26 Sept. 1900 at 10 Con., Osprey twpq
#006888-00 (Grey Co): William John Flynn COX, 23, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o William S. COX & Agnes FLYNN, married Ethel Maud CHANTLER, 22, Bracebridge, Meaford, d/o William Henry CHANTLER & Mary Emily SAUNDERS, witnesses were Ernest E. ELLIS & Emily Victoria FALLS, both of Meaford, Feb. 14, 1900 at Meaford #007035-00 (Grey Co): James COX, 33, farmer, Canada, Collingwood, s/o William COX & Eliza HOLLIDAY, married Ethel PLEWES, 18, Canada, Collingwood, d/o John PLEWES & Eliza THOMPSON, witn: M.A. WAILS of Owen Sound & W. GHENT of Collingwood, 24 May 1900 at Owen Sound
6952-00 Thomas CULLETON, 28, mechanic, Normanby, Lockport NY, s/o James CULLETON & Catherine DOYLE married Margaret MCMAHON, 26, Normanby, same, d/o Edward MCMAHON & Bridget MARONEY, Wtn: John FINNIGAN of Arthur & Mary CULLETON of Ayton November 19, 1900 at Aytonq. 7011-00 Percy Field CUNNNINGHAM, 25, piano tuner, Kitchen - Staffordshire England, Owen Sound, s/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Susan FIELD, married Mary M. McKAY, 19, illegible (blot), Owen Sound, d/o John McKAY & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. J.T. FERGUSON of Owen Sound & Sue KLIPPERT of Batteau, 24 May 1900 at Owen Sound
6984-00 John Bain CURRIE, 39, mariner, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Donald CURRIE & Janet BAIN, married Margaret LEANEY, 32, widow, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Alex D. CAMERON & Anna DOWNEY, witn: Mary FOWLER & Harry LEANEY, both of Owen Sound, 10 Jan 1900 at Owen Sound (also 7030-00 & 6992-00) #006675-00 (Grey Co): Adolphus DAVIS, 29, laborer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o John DAVIS & Margaret McTAVISH, married Margaret BLANEY, 27, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Rebecca BALL of Normandy & Mrs. M. WEBER of Elmwood, 13 March 1900 at Bentinck twpq
#007081-1900 (Grey Co): Robert DAVIDSON, 21, farmer, Manitoulin Island, St Vincent, s/o John DAVIDSON & Mary Jane STOREY, married Ida FARREL, 21, Collingwood, same, d/o George FARREL & Mary NIXON; witnesses Elizabeth DAVIDSON, of Blantyre, Beatrice WILSON, of Bagnor. 10 Jan 1900 at St Vincent. #006892-00 (Grey Co): Cicero DAY, 25, farmer, Clarke twp., St. Vincent, s/o Coleman DAY & Eliza RUMSEY, married Annie FLYNN, 26, St. Vincent, same, d/o James FLYNN & Mary Ann DAY, witnesses were Fred RUMSEY & Sarah FLYNN, both of St. Vincent, Apr. 4, 1900 at Meaford
#006823-00 (Grey Co): Thomas George DENNEY, 26, cook, Wallace twp., Owen Sound, s/o Leonard DENNEY & Ann Jane McNIGHT, married Margaret Jane ELDER, 22, Eastnor twp., Holland, d/o James ELDER & Janet FRASER, witn: Robert M. ELDER & Maggie FRASER, both of Arnott, 27 Feb 1900 at Holland twpq #006819-00 (Grey Co): Thomas DENNISON, 30, mason, Peel Co., Manitoba, s/o James DENNISON & Mary Ann McBRIDE, married Lean WICE, 25, Holland, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Adam WICE & Susannah HUTTON, both of Holland Centre, 16 Jan 1900 at Holland Center
6927-00 Conrad DERBECKER, 25, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o George DERBECKER & Sophia GEIL married Caroline FEICK, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Valentine FEICK & Elizabeth DAMM, Wtn; Andrew PLETSCH & Martha DERBECKER both of Normanby March 27, 1900 at Normanby 6944-00 John DIETZ, 28, mason, Perth Co, Carrick, s/o John DIETZ & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER married Matilda SEIP, 20, Normanby, same, d/o Adam SEIP & Caroline WINTER(?), Wtn: Adam SEIP of Normanby & Katherine WEBER of Clifford September 25, 1900 at Normanby
7021-00 Isaac DIXON, 25, farmer, Canada, Holland, s/o William DIXON & Eliza SEABROOK, married Margaret Jane YOUNG, 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o James YOUNG & Margaret MURRAY, witn: John MURRAY of Walters Falls & Kate YOUNG of Owen Sound, 14 March 1900 at Owen Sound (also 6997-00) #006773-00 (Grey Co): David Truman DORAN, 29, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Araheland? DORAN & Ann SEAMAN, married Margaret KELLY, 31, Euphrasia, same, d/o Thomas KELLY & Jane CLARK , witnesses were Benjamin DORAN of St. Vincent & Hattie E. KELLY of Toronto, Jan. 3, 1900 at Euphrasia (also registered as #006887-00 where David's birth place & place of residence is given as St. Vincent)
#007091-00 (Grey Co): Benjamin DORAN, 22, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Archelaus DORAN & Ann SEAMAN, married Eliza Ann PATTERSON, 27, Collingwood twp., St. Vincent, d/o James PATTERSON, farmer, & Alice MASON, witn: Edward DORAN & Mary DEVITT, both of St. Vincent, 20 June 1900 at St. Vincent 6800-00 (Grey Co): William J. DOUKER (Dowker?), 28, teacher, Ontario, Welland, s/o William DOUKER & Amelia RISBOROUGH, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 24, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Joanna P--? (Pirons?), witn: John McKECHNIE of Durham & Mary CAMPBELL of Hanover, 28 Aug 1900 at Hanover
#007036-00 (Grey Co): James DOWNING, 22, chair maker, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Simon DOWNING & Elizabeth CORBETT, married Jennie HENDERSON, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Mary WILSON, witn: Charles WOOD & Mary HARBER, both of Owen Sound, 6 June 1900 at Owen Sound #007131-00 (Grey Co): Michael J. DUGGAN, 39, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Cornelius DUGGAN & Mary COLEMAN, married Mary W. CAHOON, 33, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Samuel CAHOON & Johanna TWOMEY, witn: M.E. GODFREY & Sarah A. CAHOON, both of Sydenham, 23 Oct 1900 at St. Michaels Church, Sydenham (Rom Cath)
#006835-00 (Grey Co): Bert EDMONDS, 23, farmer, Holland twp., same, s/o Stephen EDMUNDS & Sarah DANIELS, married Mary SHEA, 25, Elderslie, Holland, d/o David & Mary Jane, witnesses were Walter EDMUNDS & Anna SHEA, both of Holland, June 27, 1900 at Chatsworth #007116-00 (Grey Co): William Francis EDMONSTON, 24, fisherman, Sydenham twp., same, s/o Robert EDMONSTON & Hannah DUKE, married Maggie BELL, 21, Proton twp., Owen Sound, d/o Duncan BELL & Sarah McMILLAN, witn: Arthur CAMERON & Ellen DESSON, both of Leith, 31 Jan 1900 at Leith
6929-00 Thomas EDWARDS, 28, farmer, Howick, Palmerston, s/o Janse EDWARDS & Margaret WATT married Charlotte NEWMAN, 23, Pilkington, Palmerston, d/o George NEWMAN & Isabella ALLEN, Wtn: Charles BLACK & Mary EDWARDS both of Palmerston March 28, 1900 at Normanby. #006784-00 (Grey Co): Robert Hugh ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Robert ELLIOTT & Flora McPHERSON, married Carrel Jane TAYLOR, 21, Euphrasia, same, d/o Frederick TAYLOR & Sarah Jane ROBINSON?, witn: William & Louise TAYLOR of Euphrasia, 21 Nov 1900 at Euphrasia twpq
#007092-00 (Grey Co): Frederick ELLIS, 24, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o George ELLIS & Margaret CHAMBERS, married Harriet ATKINS, 24, St. Vincent, same, d/o Levi ATKINS & Mary PORTER, witn: John A. COX, Newton ROBINSON & Minnie LONG, all of St. Vincent, 2 Oct 1900 at St. Vincent #006671-00 (Grey Co): John David EWEN, 28, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o John EWEN & Christine McEACHERN, married Margaret Ann WADE, 28, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o Robert WADE & Matilda McCARTNEY, witn: M.G. McKINNON & Matilda WADE, both of Bentinck twp., 14 Feb 1900 at Bentinck twpq
6813-00 (Grey Co): William H. EYDT, 27, mason, Ontario, Hanover, s/o Louis EYDT & Rosina PUROT?, married Elizabeth KAEFKE, 24, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Charles KAEFKE & Lena DERMER?, witn: Benjamin & Rosina EYDT of Hanover, 27 Nov 1900 at Hanover #006974-1900 (Grey Co): Hugh S. FENWICK, 25, Farmer, Osprey, Osprey, s/o Robt. Jas FENWICK and Caroline E. SPAFFORD, married Charlotte E. KERTON, 27, Osprey, Osprey, d/o William KERTON and Elizabeth RADLEY, witn. Chas FENWICK and Mary HERON, both of Maxwell, 12 Dec 1900 at Maxwell
#007106-00 (Grey Co): William Henry FERNS, 29, farmer, Quebec, Hanover USA, s/o James FERNS & Diana BLANCHFORD, married Hannah McCRACKEN, 28, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Alex McCRACKEN & Sarah Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Hamilton H FERNS of Reading USA & Mary Jane McCRACKEN of Sullivan, 29 May 1900 at Sullivan 6989-00 John FINDLAY, 37, farmer, of Owen Sound, s/o William FINDLAY & Mary MILLAR, married Emmaline SHOULDICE, 24, of Owen Sound, d/o William SHOULDICE & Jane Ann McKEOWN, witn: David M. & Mrs. D. FINDLAY of Owen Sound, 28 Feb 1900 at Owen Sound
6926-00 Jacob FISCHER, 22, farmer, Waterloo Co, same, s/o Christian FISCHER & Maria BRAUN married Catherine FISCHER, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Valentine FISCHER & Ann SCHWAB, Wtn: Jacob FISCHER of Normanby & Caroline FISCHER of Waterloo March 20, 1900 at Mildmay. #006658-00 (Grey Co): Louis Alexander FISHER, 35, lumber man, illegible, Artemesia, s/o John FISHER & Louisa PARSONS, married Samina Elizabeth WATSON, 22, Artemesia, same, d/o Joseph WATSON & Margaret PARK, witn: Joseph WATSON Jr. of Artemesia & Hepsy WRIGHT of Durham, 12 Sept 1900 at Priceville
6803-00 (Grey Co): Joseph FORD, 30, farmer, Ontario, Normanby twp., s/o William FORD & Rachel (Roslie?) BOYLE, married Margaret HUGHES, 31, Ontario, Normanby twp., d/o John HUGHES & Isabella HUDSON, witn: John HUGHES & Rachel FORD, both of Normanby twp., 3 Sept 1900 at Hanover #007109-00 (Grey Co): William FORSYTH, 28, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o Roderick FORSYTH & Anna ANDERSON, married Georgina PATTERSON, 22, Canada, Sullivan, d/o George PATTERSON & Isabella McCANN, witn: Elizabeth & Bella PATTERSON of cull, 27 June 1900 at Sullivan
6689-00 William FORSYTHE, 29, hotel keeper, Bentinck, same, s/o Alex FORSYTHE & Ann SCHWALM married Ida M. FORSYTHE, 19, Bentinck, same, d/o James FORSYTHE & Sarah MIDDLETON, Wtn: William & Ida FORSYTHE both of Bentinck June 20, 1900 at Durham #006842-00 (Grey Co): William John FOWLER, 22, clerk, Owen Sound, same, s/o James FOWLER & Mary STEPHENS, married Bertha BENNER, 19, West Montrose, Owen Sound, d/o John BENNER & Helen STRUTHERS, Sept. 25, 1900 at Chatsworth
6931-00 Harry Watts FOWLS, 34, farmer, Hastings, same, s/o William FOWLS & Mary HEIKLE married Sarah Elcota CAMPBELL,(no age given) Oxford Co, Normanby, d/o C.B. CAMPBELL & Esther HUNT, Wtn: C.R. CAMPBELL of Hastings & Cora CAMPBELL of Normanby May 1, 1900 at Normanby. #006669-00 (Grey Co): John Henry FOX, 38, farmer, Ontario, Derby twp., s/o James & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann ALLAN, 27, Ontario, Holland twp., d/o James & Ellen, witn: William H. ALLAN & Hannah LITTLE, both of Holland, 5 Jan 1900 at Bentinck twp
#007119-00 (Grey Co): John Samuel FREEBOURN, 25, farmer, Holland Center, same, s/o Johnston FREEBOURN & Jane McLELLAN, married Eliza Jane JOHNSTON, 19, Arthur Ont., Chatsworth, d/o John Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary COAD, witn: E.J. STILLWELL & Sarah Alma WILLIAMS, both of Woodford, 18 May 1900 at Woodford #006896-00 (Grey Co): William W. FRIZZELL, 24, St. Vincent, same, s/o Aniss? FRIZZELL & Margaret YOUNG, married Mary E. BUMSTEAD, 18, St. Vincent, same, d/o Alf BUMSTEAD & Fanny ROBINSON, witnesses were David H. FRIZZELL & Sarah E. BUMSTEAD, both of St. Vincent, June 27, 1900 at Meaford
#006779-00 (Grey Co): Edward FUGHEN, 34, farmer, West Gwillumbury, Collingwood twp., s/ John George FUGHEN & Sarah PADFIELD, married Lizzie Ann BOYD, 20, Euphrasia, same, d/o James BOYD & Mascilla SPARLING, witn: George F. TAYLOR of Toronto & Eunice POMFREY of Meaford, 3 Oct 1900 at Euphrasia 6674-00 Charles FURSMAN, 35, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o charles FURSMAN & Bridget WILSON married Elizabeth MUIR, 30, Bentinck, same, d/o John MUIR & Elizabeth WHITEFORD, wtn: Janet WATERS of Bentinck & Azias SNIDER of Normanby March 8, 1900 at Hanover
#006748-00 (Grey Co): Ernest GADD, 22, farmer, Normansby, same, s/o Thomas GADD & Margaret THOMPSON, married Jane PETTY, 17, Normansby, same, d/o Henry PETTY & Catherine READING, witnesses were William G. LAUDER and M. PETTY, both of Varney, Sept. 4, 1900 at Normansby #006656-00 (Grey Co): James GALAGHER, 30, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o Thomas GALAGHER & Ann NOLAN, married Elizabeth HAYS, 35, widow, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Thomas AVERILL & Mary A. LEITCH, witn: Mrs. F.G. COLE & Mrs. WATT, both of Flesherton, 30 July 1900 at Flesherton
#006967-1900 (Grey Co): John GARVEY, 25, Farmer, Osprey, Osprey, s/o John GARVEY and Sarah WILSON married Ella SPAFFORD, 24, Seamstress, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Matthew SPAFFORD and Francis JOHNSON, witn. John J. LITTLE, Wareham and Maud SPAFFORD, Osprey, 15 Aug 1900 at 8th Con, Osprey twpq #006665-00 (Grey Co): Wesley GIBSON, 23, saw miller, Wellington Co., Holland, s/o Thomas GIBSON & Jane McCAULEY, married Mary Jane SUMMERS, 21, Leeds Co., Artemesia, d/o James SUMMERS & Elizabeth SLY, witn: Henry SUMMERS & Lillie BIRE, both of Artemesia, 12 Dec 1900 at Artemesia
#006895-00 (Grey Co): James Herbert GILMOUR, 23, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Matthew GILMOUR & Mary Jane ANDERSON, married Gertrude HAM, 22, Bowman, St. Vincent, d/o William HAM & Agnes Jane PRIOR, witnesses were Myrtilla STEPHEN & Jennie E. MADDEN, both of Meaford, March 28, 1900 at Meaford 6808-00 (Grey Co): Frederick GLEBE, 48, miler, Ontario, Mildmay, s/o John GLEBE & Catherine RELING?, married Sarah SIELING, 33, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Nelson? SIELING & Anna DUSEBACHER?, witn: Charles & Elizabeth DIEBEL of Hanover, 13 Nov 1900 at Hanover
#006777-00 (Grey Co): John Robert GOULEY, 27, banking, Toronto, same, s/o William GOULEY & Sarah CLUFF (or Chiff), married Maria Ann SEWELL, 24, tailoress, Euphrasia, same, d/o James SEWELL & Lydia PASTILL, witn: Harry CLUFF of Toronto & Edith SEWELL of Euphrasia, 28 July 1900 at Euphrasia #007044-00 (Grey Co): Andrew GRAY, 38, carpenter, Oxford Co., Southampton, s/o Andrew & Georgina, married Elizabeth THOMSON, 33, Sydenham twp., same, d/o Alexander THOMSON & Rebecca JOLLEY, witn: John THOMSON of Sydenham & Agnes Maud THOMSON of Owen Sound, 5 Sept 1900 at Owen Sound
#007045-00 (Grey Co): Daniel GREEN, 28, cook, Owen Sound, same, s/o John GREEN & Mary Ann GORDON, married Emma ROY, 25, Owen Sound, same, d/o Philip ROY & Julia ARLY?, witn: George W. & Flora RINGS of Owen Sound, 18 Sept 1900 at Owen Sound 6925-00 Theodore GRUETZNER, 28, furniture finisher, Cleveland, Preston, s/o Edward & Freda GRUETZNER married Emma WITTER, 25, Carrick, same, d/o George & Annie WITTER, Wtn: Armand KIMMEL of Berlin & Emma GRUETZNER of Nuestadt March 14, 1900 at Nuestadt.
6812-00 (Grey Co): John HAEFLIN, 49, widower, illegible maker, Ontario, Hanover, s/o Jacob HAEFLIN & Elizabeth WEINMILLER, married Wilhelmina ZURER (or Zinn?), 37, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Henry ZURER & Amelia H--?, witn: Benjamin ZURER & Annie LYNN, both of Hanover, 29 Nov 1900 at Hanover #006878-00 (Grey Co): Anthony Wellington HAHN, 28, farmer, Amabel, Keppel, s/o Christian HAHN & Mariah VAN NORMAN, married Samantha KENNEDY, 25, Keppel, same, d/o William KENNEDY (farmer) & Sarah SHAW, witn: Robert W. SHAW of Lions Head Ont. & Edith KENNEDY of Keppel, 5 Dec 1900 at Keppel
6676-00 Henry HALBERG, 27, farmer, Brant, same, s/o John & Mary HALBERG married Mary Ann BOERSMAN, 26, Elmwood, same, d/o Amos & Barbara BOERSMAN, Wtn: Joseph BOERSMAN & Matilda HALBERG both of Elmwood March 14, 1900 at Elmwood. #007129-00 (Grey Co): George HAMILTON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Derby twp., s/o Henry HAMILTON & Ellen McINNIS, married Agnes BELL, 27, Scotland, Sydenham twp., d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Alfred WATTS of Chatsworth & Nellie CARMON (or Camron) of Sydenham, 24 Oct 1900 at lot 30, con 2 of Sydenham
#006837-00 (Grey Co): William John HAMMEL, 36, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o James HAMMEL & Catherine COOK, married Matilda Maud BEATTIE, 19, Ontario, Elderslie, d/o John BEATTIE & Catherine HAMEL, Sept. 12, 1900 at Chatsworth #006660-00 (Grey Co): Robert HANEY, 23, farmer, Elderslie, Greenock twp., s/o Thomas & Jane, married Louisa DUCKETT, 22, Artemesia, same, d/o Henry & Louisa, witn: Sarah DUCKETT & Thomas FENNOCK, both of Eugenia, 4 Oct 1900 at Eugenia
6948-00 James HANEY, 28, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o James HANEY & Agnes O’HARA married Mary GOLDEN, 21, Normanby, same, d/o William GOLDEN & Ellen ROONEY, Wtn: Willie GOLDEN & Mary HANEY both of Normanby October 30, 1900 at Aytonq  
#006875-00 (Grey Co): William D. HANNAH, 26, merchant, Wentworth, Shallow Lake, s/o William HANNAH & Mary DODDS, married Rose CORDINGLY, 27, England, Shallow Lake, d/o James CORDINGLY & Emma HATCH, witn: D.J. HUNTER of Wiarton & Nellie CORDINGLY of Shallow Lake, 8 Aug 1900 at Shallow Lake 6969-00 Robert Henry HARRISON, 28, widower, farmer, Alton, Melancthon, s/o Robert HARRISON & Jane ALLEN, married Minnie MORTIMER, 29, seamstress, Chatsworth, Osprey, d/o Robert MORTIMER & Jane BELL, witn: William ALLEN of Melancthon & Maggie STEWART of Maple Valley, 7 Oct. 1900 at Osprey
#007083-1900 (Grey Co): JosephqHARTMAN, 32, farmer, St Vincent, same, s/o John W HARTMAN & Susan MACHEL, married Susan Isabella SHORTT, 23, St Vincent, same, d/o Wm SHORTT & Mary JUDGE; witnesses William HARTMAN, Emma SHORTT, of St Vincent. 1 Feb 1900 at St Vincent. #007104-00 (Grey Co): Edward T. HARWOOD, 30, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Andrew HARWOOD & Margaret C--illegible, married Mary Alice HENRY, 17, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o William J. HENRY & Alice BENEDICT, witn: William A. HARWOOD of Derby & Sarah J. HENRY of Sullivan, 1 May 1900 at Sullivan
#006971-1900 (Grey Co.): Thomas George HAWTON, 28, Farmer, Osprey, Osprey, s/o Richard HAWTON and Agnes TENNET, married Jane M. HUDSON, 23, Osprey, Osprey, d/o John HUDSON and Sarah SAIGSON (?), witn. Frank HAWTON, 12th Line Osprey and Elizabeth HUDSON, Feversham, 17 Oct 1900 #006676-00 (Grey Co): Henry HELBERG, 27, farmer, Ontario, Brant twp., s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann BOWMAN, 26, Ontario, Elmwood, d/o Amos & Barbara, witn: Joseph BOWMAN & Matilda HELBERG, both of Elmwood, 14 March 1900 at Bentinck twp
6930-00 Charles HELLWIG, 26, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Henry & Wilhelmina HELLWIG married Katharine EVERS, 26, Carrick, same, d/o Frederick & Caroline EVERS, Wtn; Adam HELLWIG & Louise EVERS both of Carrick April 10, 1900 at Nuestadt. 6705-00 Alexander HAMMOND, 30?, farmer, Collingwood twp., St. Vincent, s/o John HAMMOND & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Margaret Ellen COOK, 23, St. Vincent twp., Collingwood twp., d/o Richard COOK & Elizabeth CHARTERS, witn: Robert FERGUSON & Lizzie HAMMOND, both of Clarksburg, 14 March 1900 at Collingwood twp
6923-00 Alesander HENRY, 28, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Francis HENRY & Ellen HARDY married Catherine MCQUARRIE, 29, Normanby, same, d/o Malcolm MCQUARRIE & Effie MCPHEE, Wtn: Hector MCQUARRIE & Lizzie HENRY both of Normanby March 7, 1900 at Normanby. 6935-00 Henry HESCH, 31, labourer, Carrick, same, s/o John HESCH & Therese FLACK married Annie BECKER, 29, Normanby, same,d/o Christian BECKER & Sophie KOSZ, Wtn; John FLACK of Walkerton & Mary BECKER of Normanby May 30, 1900 at Normanby.
#006774-00 (Grey Co): James Rutledge HEWSON, 32, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Nicholas HEWSON & Jane ABERCROMBIE, married Ida May CARNEY, 21, Euphrasia, same, d/o Sidney CARNEY & Sarah WATSON, witnesses were Byron CARNEY & Gertrude HEWSON, both of Euphrasia, Jan. 10, 1900 at Euphrasia 6966-00 Frank W. HIBBERT, 25, butcher, England, Osprey, s/o Albert & Mary A., married Ella A. EARLE, 22, Osprey, same, d/o Thomas EARLE & Sarah E. COPELAND, witn: Robert BAILEY of Shrigley & Mary C. EARLE of Badgeros, 20 June 1900 at Osprey (also 6863-00)
#007084-1900 (Grey Co): George E. HILL, 26, yeoman, Sydenham, same, s/o John HILL & Fanny CLEAVE, married Sarah Jane STEWART, 20, St Vincent, same, s/o Donald STEWART & Letitia BRYNS; witnesses Duncan STEWART, of St Vincent, Jennett KING, of Balaclava. 28 Feb 1900 at St Vincent. 6940-00 Henry HILL, 34, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Ennoch HILL & Elizabeth BAETZ married Elizabeth RUPPERTHAL, 22, Normanby, same, d/o Jacob RUPPERTHAL & Elizabeth SCHWAB, Wtn: Jacob RUPPERTHAL of Normanby & Lizzie HILL of Carrick July 1, 1900 at Normanby
6811-00 (Grey Co): Thomas Wilson HILLIS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Normanby twp., s/o James HILLIS & Mary DUKE, married Margaret L. SWITZER, 23, Ontario, Bentinck twp. twp , d/o B.J. SWITZER & Caroline A. KERR, witn: Samuel J. HILLIS of Normanby twp. & Mary E. SWITZER of Bentinck twp. twp , 12 Dec 1900 at Hanover 6928-00 John HORICE, 29, farmer, Arthur, Normanby s/o John HORICE & Elizabeth ALLAN married Hannah Jane FEE, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Edward FEE & Mary BACHUS, Wtn: Andrew PICKEN of Bentick & Lizzie FEE of Normanby March 28, 1900 at Normanby
6953-00 Adam HURAS, 25, farmer, Wilmot, same, s/o Karl HURAS & Margaret WETTLAUFER married Lizzie PETER, 31, Normanby, same, (no parents listed) Wtn: Karl SCHILLING of Brant & Frederika HOLM of Normanby November 20, 1900 at Normanby. 7286-01 Webster IRISH, 27, farmer, Elgin Co, Hanover, s/o Stafford IRISH & Susan HAGLER married Lorah MOYER, 23, Lincoln Co, Collingwood, d/o Allen MOYER & Dinah LIETHOUSE, Wtn: Elder Cyrus & Livie GORD both of Elmwood December 4, 1900 at Bentinck
#006771-00 (Grey Co): Frederick L. IRWIN, 28, accountant, Euphrasia, Nelson BC., s/o John & Mary, married Emma LOUGHEED, 23, Euphrasia, same, d/o William & Eliza, witnesses were Hezekial & Essio LOUGHEED, both of Euphrasia, Jan 3, 1900 at Euphrasia 6806-00 (Grey Co): Fred J. IZZARD, 25 (or 23), painter, Ontario, Hanover, s/o Edward IZZARD & Mary BRIGHTON, married Jeanette LAMB, 21, Ontario, Hanover, d/o George LAMB & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: H.G. & Emma BALTHORP? of Hanover, 25 Oct. 1900 at Hanover
#007093-00 (Grey Co): Thomas JAMIESON, 25, farmer, Nottawasega twp., St. Vincent, s/o John JAMIESON & Hannah ROBINSON, married Annie BRACKEN, 28, St. Vincent, same, d/o Christopher BRACKEN, farmer, & Mary Jane CLARKE, witn: Robert BRACKEN & Lillie May JAMIESON, both of St. Vincent, 4 Sept 1900 at St. Vincent #006722-1900 (Grey Co): William JOHNSON, 30, clerk, England, Owen Sound, s/o Henry & Margaret JOHNSON, married Margaret A. M. SCOTT, 21, Canada, Tp of Derby, d/o John H SCOTT & Elizabeth BARKER; witnesses Job JOHNSON, of Owen Sound, Lavina SCOTT, of Derby. 20 Jun 1900 at Derby.
#007349-01 (Grey Co): Roger James JOHNSTON, 40, widower, teacher, Hornings Mills, Canington, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Susan CULBERTSON, 37, Glenelg & Durham, d/o Thomas & Lesilda?, witn: Maggie SCOTT of Glenelg & Robert SCOTT of Artemesia, 25 Dec 1900 at Durham 6951-00 Robert JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Bentick, same, s/o Edwin JOHNSTON & Ellen FULLERTON married Maggie HENDERSON, 21, Normanby, same, d/o George HENDERSON & Grace MILLIGAN, Wtn: Lena JOHNSTON of Bentick & John HENDERSON of Normanby November 14, 1900 at Normanby
unnumbered-00 (Grey Co): Michael KEATING, 26, Melancthon, same, s/o Patrick KEATING & Mary CORCORAN, married Margaret THOMASON, 19, housemaid, Amaranth, Melancthon, d/o William THOMSON & Mary THORN, witnesses were Patrick MULLIGAN & Alice PRESSICK, both of Melancthon, Jan. 16, 1900 at St. Johns (RC) church, Dundalk 6714-00 William James KELLOGG, 30, railway agent, Belleville, North Bay, s/o Charles P. KELLOGG & Catherine A. PURDY, married Elizabeth Kathleen FOSTER, 28, Vaughan twp., Clarksburg, d/o Emanuel FORBES & Eliza Jane A. KERR, witn: Edgar B.K. FOSTER of Meaford & Asterya Pearl FOSTER of Clarksburg, 22 Nov 1900 at Collingwood twp
7113-00 (Grey Co): Gottlieb J. KLAGES, 21, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Gottlieb KLAGES & Christine MAUER, married Sarah GABERT, 20, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o William GABERT & Caroline SCHWERTZ, witn: Henry & Elfrida KLAGES of Sullivan, 27 Nov 1900 at Sullivan #007103-00 (Grey Co): William KLAGES, 26, farmer, Germany, Sullivan, s/o Henry KLAGES & Georgina AHRENS, married Emma ADLOFF, 20, Ontario, Holland, d/o William ADLOFF & Augusta SCHWARTZ, witn: Henry KLAGES of Sullivan & Marie MALINOVSKI of Holland, 20 March 1900 at Sullivan
6922-00 Daniel KRAFT, 26, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Conrad KRAFT & Margaret SCHNUBEL married Elizabeth FEICK, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Conrad FEICK & Magdalene LANZ, Wtn: George FEICK & Ernest SCHUL both of Normanby February 27, 1900 at Nuestadt 6920-00 Bernhard KROELLER, 45, farmer, Woolwich, Manitoba,s/o Frederick KROELLER & Catherine HERLE married Mary HEIST, 36, Minto, same, d/o Jacob HEIST & Elizabeth DANNONSOUTH, Wtn: Ludwig & Mary KROELLER both of Normanby February 23, 1900 at Normanby
6946-00 Ephram KROHN, 24, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o William KROHNE & Katherine WILFANG married Martha SHANKE, 24, Carrick, same, d/o Charles SHANKE & Frederika ZIERKE, Wtn: Frank KAURAD & Minnie SHANKE both of Carrick October 23, 1900 at Normanby.  
7112-00 (Grey Co): Charles LANGE, 23, farmer, Germany Sullivan, s/o Wilhelm LANGE & Luise MARX, married Sophia MOEHNKE, 19, Sullivan, same, d/o August MOEHNKE & Sarah ROSS, witn: Albert LANGE & Mary MOEHNKE, both of Sullivan, 4 Dec 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran) #007097-00 (Grey Co): Thomas LANKTREE, 27, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Richard LANKTREE & Margaret LARKE?, married Lillian May JAMIESON, 20, St. Vincent, same, d/o John JAMIESON, farmer, & Hannah ROBINSON, witn: Marshall ABERCROMBIE of Euphrasia & Beatrice JAMIESON of St. Vincent, 7 Nov 1900 at St. Vincent
6937-00 Albert Edward LATINA, 30, book keeper, Artemesia, Toronto, s/o George LATINA & Ester JARRETT married Theresa ACTON, 32, Normanby, Toronto, d/o Robert ACTON & Mariah HOLLIDAY, Wtn: Joseph TOMKIN of Toronto & Maggie ACTON of Normanby June 13, 1900 at Normanby 6693-00 James LAWRENCE, 23, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Anthony & Charlotte LAWRENCE married Eunice NOBLE, 18, Bentinck, same, d/o George & Sarah NOBLE, Wtn: John NOBLE & Ann Jane LAWRENCE both of Bentinck November 6, 1900 at Durham
#006667-00 (Grey Co): William John LAWRENCE, 26, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o Noble LAWRENCE & Margaret RUTLEDGE, married Deborah L. SPRATT, 20, Manitoulin Island, Artemesia, d/o James SPRATT & Louisa STUCKLEY, witn: JT. VOLLETT of Artemesia & Grace PRESTON of Marsville, 19 Dec 1900 at Artemesia twpq 7020-00 Stephen LEACH, 24, farmer, Canada, Holland Centre, s/o George LEACH & Margaret BYERS, married Eliza CROWTHER, 21, Canada, Holland Centre, d/o James CROWTHER & Annie STEPHENSON, witn: John CROWTHER & Jennie LEACH, both of Holland Centre, 5 June 1900 at Owen Sound
7287-01 James LEDINGHAM, 37, farmer, Bentinck, Glenelg, s/o William LEDINGHAM & Elsie APPLEBY married Mary MCQUARRIE, 36, Bentinck, same, d/o Donald MCQUARRIE & Ann CAMPBELL, Wtn: Walter LEDINGHAM of Dornoch & Ann Jane MCQUARRIE of Aberdeen December 26, 1900 at Bentinck #006772-00 (Grey Co): Robert Steel LEE, 30, farmer, Euphrasia, Manitoba, s/o Robert LEE & Isabella McAULEY, married Sarah McAFEE, 21, Euphrasia, same, d/o R.J. McAFEE & Mary Jane WANERY?, witnesses were David Thomas LEE & Mary McAFEE, both of Euphrasia, Mar. 7, 1900 at Euphrasia
6810-00 (Grey Co): George H. LEE, 26, waiter, Ontario, Oakville, s/o illegible LEE & Karimda, married Louisa ROHR, 23, Ontario, Normanby twp., d/o Henry ROHR & Caroline SCHLOTZHAUER?, witn: Andrew REHKOFF of Bentinck twp. twp & Louisa ROHR of Normanby twp., 3 Dec 1900 at Hanover #007128-00 (Grey Co): James Arthur LEMON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham twp., s/o William LEMON & Annie G. ARTHUR?, married Mary MORRISON, 26, Ontario, Sydenham twp., d/o Duncan MORRISON & Janet McINNIS, witn: Audrey LEMON of Balaclava & James MORRISON of Sydenham, 5 Sept 1900 at lot 24, con A of Sydenham
#006749-00 (Grey Co): Joseph LENNON, 20, Harvy, Egremont, s/o William LENNON & Alice illegible, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 21, Egremont, same, d/o Edmond JOHNSTON & Emma J. PONDER, witnesses were William LENNON of Artemesia & Emma AITKINS of Egremont, Sept. 19, 1900 at Egremont #006877-00 (Grey Co): Thomas Alfred LISK, 25, stone mason, Keppel, same, s/o John LISK & Mary LAMBKIN, married Susie CASE, 19, domestic, Keppel, same, d/o Joseph CASE & Hannah COLLISON, witn: Adam CASE of Keppel & Hattie LISK of Amabel, 7 Nov 1900 at Hepworth
#006663-00 (Grey Co): Albert LOBSINGER, 25, engineer, Bruce Co., Mt. Forest, s/o Peter LOBSINGER & Maria MOYER, married Mary Ann FROOK, 23, Brant, Proton, d/o Lewis FROOK & Sophia PALKLOW, witn: Jos. S.L. ERNEST of Walkerton & Sarah FROOK of Swinton Park, 3 Dec 1900 at Priceville #007126-00 (Grey Co): Samuel Wellington LOCKE, 35, farmer, Hoath Head, Sydenham, s/o Walter LOCKE & Annie RAMMAGE, married Alice McKERROLL, 26, Hoath Head, Sydenham, d/o Malcolm McKERROLL & Jessie JOHNSTON, witn: Donald McKERROLL & Kate LOCKE, both of Hoath Head, 3 Oct 1900 at Hoath Head
#007085-1900 (Grey Co): George LOW, 53, iron worker, widower, Scotland, Chicago Ill US, s/o James LOW & Ann GOE, married Margaret Ann McLEAN, 36, Cape Rich St Vincent, Englewood Ill US, d/o Hugh McLEAN & Jane CARSON; witn: John CARSON, of Cape Rich, Sarah CARSON, of Meaford. 7 Mar 1900 at St Vincent #007040-00 (Grey Co): John J. MANCHESTER, 32, laborer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o William MANCHESTER & Elizabeth SMILEY, married Eliza MURRAY, 30, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o William MURRAY & Catherine GRIFFIN, witn: W. MANCHESTER & B. MURRAY, both of Owen Sound, 27 June 1900 at Owen Sound
#007130-00 (Grey Co): Joseph MARSHMAN, 26, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Ben MARSHMAN & Julia O’SULLEY?, married Margaret DUGGAN, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John DUGGAN & Lieta COLEMAN, witn: T.F. & Felecitia DUGGAN of Sydenham, 14 Oct 1900 at St. Michaels Church, Sydenham (Rom Cath) 6976-00 Nelson Vernon MARTIN, 22, farmer, of Meaford, s/o Isaac MARTIN & Maria KERR, married Esther CATCHPOLE, 21, of Owen Sound, d/o Henry CATCHPOLE & Emily WHEELER, witn: Pamelia R. & Maria R. LANGFORD, 2 Jan 1900 at Owen Sound
#006775-00 (Grey Co): Thomas S. McAFEE, 22, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Thomas McAFEE & Rebecca WILEY, married Margaret J. KNOTT, 22, Euphrasia, same, d/o J.W. KNOTT & Mary BOYD, witnesses were Richard ABERCROMBIE & Flossie KNOTT, both of Euphrasia, Mar. 14, 1900 at Euphrasia 6854-00 Hugh McCALLUM, 23, driver, Artemesia, same, s/o Simon McCALLUM & Mary SANDERS, married Millie LINLEY, 20, Artemesia, same, d/o John LINLEY, farmer, & Martha WOOD, witn: William LINLEY of Maxwell & Ada KATTING of Feversham, 10 Jan 1900 at Maxwell
#007037-00 (Grey Co): Lorne McCALLUM, 28, button maker, Canada, Meaford, s/o Alex McCALLUM & Mary BARRETT, married Florence WINDSOR, 23, Canada, Meaford, d/o James & Ophelia, witn: Emsey REGGIE (reversed names?) & Mattie TAYLOR, both of Meaford, 6 June 1900 at Owen Sound #007123-00 (Grey Co): Robert James McCLINTOCK, 21, farmer, Keppel twp., Strathaven, s/o James McCLINTOCK & Rebecca TORRANCE, married Margaret Ann FARLEY, 22, Sydenham, Strathaven, d/o George FARLEY & Barbara BYERS, witn: James McKAY of Hoath Head & Lilly A. THOMAS of Owen Sound, 14 June 1900 at Knox Church Manse, Sydenham twpq
#006778-00 (Grey Co): Thomas K. McCONNELL, 24, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o William McCONNELL & Sarah McKNIGHT, married Annie CHARTERS, 24, Euphrasia, same, d/o James CHARTERS & Martha LONDRY, witn: Walter RECKIE of Heather? & Mabel E. CHARTERS of Euphrasia, 11 Sept 1900 at Euphrasia #006822-00 (Grey Co): John Archibald McDONALD, 36, farmer, Elderslie twp., Napenka Man., s/o Alexander McDONALD & Elizabeth GOODFELLOW, married Margaret Christena McBAIN, 26, Desboro, same, d/o David McBAIN & Annie HEMSTOCK, witn: A.G. McDONALD of Napenka & Jessie A. McBAIN of Desboro, 6 Feb 1900 at Chatsworth
#006664-00 (Grey Co): Donald McDOUGALD, 35, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o James McDOUGALD & Mary SMITH, married Christena McPHAIL, 32, Glenelg, same, d/o Neal McPHAIL & Jane McCONNEL, witn: Mrs. McARTHUR of Priceville & M. ECCLES of Egremont, 12 Dec 1900 at Priceville unnumbered-00 (Grey Co): John McDOWELL, 71, widower, Co. Cavan Ireland, Dundalk, s/o Samuel McDOWELL & Mary Ann STEPHENS, married Charlotte Elizabeth MATTHEWS, 23, Evansville Ind. USA, Toronto, d/o John James MATTHEWS & Charlotte E. WESTON, witnesses were Peter McGREGOR & Henry DAVID, both of Dundalk, Feb. 1, 1900 at Dundalk
7288-01 Duncan MCGILLIVARY, 40, farmer, Bruce Co, same, s/o Alex MCGILLIVARY & Catherine MCPHAIL married Margaret CLARK, 31, Bentinck, same, d/o John CLARK & Catherine MCKECHNIE, Wtn: Colin MCINTYRE of Bruce Co. & Flora MCCORMACK of Aberdeen December 26, 1900 at Bentinck 6924-00 William MCGLIE, 29, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o James MCGLIE & Martha HOLM married Maggie DICKSON, 26, Normanby, same, d/o Joseph DICKSON & Sarah CABERIGH?, Wtn: David & Sarah HOLLIDAY both of Normanby March 7, 1900 at Normanby.
#006889-00 (Grey Co): Duncan McINNES, 25, fisherman, Cape Rich, Meaford, s/o Suncan McINNES & Christine MORRISON, married Elena Ann RONALD, 23, Meaford, same, d/o Duncan RONALD & Caroline TAYLOR, witnesses were David HILLS & Annie McINNES, both of Meaford, March 21, 1900 at Meaford #007124-00 (Grey Co): Hugh McKAY, 45, farmer, Canada, Sydenham, s/o Hugh McKAY & Catherine McINNIS, married Jessie E. SPENCE, 30, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Peter SPENCE & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Donald SPENCE & Euphemia McGREGOR, both of Sydenham, 20 June 1900 at lot 20, con 10 of Sydenham twp
#006843-00 (Grey Co): Richard McKENNET, 30, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Richard McKENNET & Margaret Jane LOVE, married Eliza Ann LYONS, 26, Holland, same, d/o James LYONS & Catherine McNEELY, witn: John McKENNET & Sophia LYONS, both of Holland, 8 Oct 1900 at Holland #007089-1900 (Grey Co): Wm McKENZIE, 33, farmer, Kemble Ont, same, s/o Geo MacKENZIE & Cath Jan McHARDIE, married Mary JOLLEY, 30, St Vincent, Thornbury, d/o Robert C JOLLEY& Martha FLETCHER; witnesses Robert JOLLEY, of St Vincent, Geo JOLLEY, of Elsinore Ont. 14 Mar 1900 at St Vincent
#006843-00 (Grey Co): Richard McKERMIT, 30, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Richard McKERMIT & Margaret Jane LOVE, married Eliza Ann LYONS, 26, Holland, same, d/o James LYONS & Catherine McAULEY, witnesses were John McKERMIT & Sophia LYONS, both of Holland, Oct. 8, 1900 at Holland #007115-00 (Grey Co): John Alexander McKISSOCK, 31, farmer, Sydenham twp., Massie, s/o John McKISSOCK & Elizabeth DOBIE, married Margt MORRISON, 24, Sydenham twp., same, d/o Alexander MORRISON & Catherine ANDERSON, witn: Robert McKISSOCK of Owen Sound & Katie MORRISON of Strathavon, 10 Jan 1900 at Strathavon
#006872-00 (Grey Co): Samuel McKNIGHT, 29, motorman, Port Hope, London, s/o William McKNIGHT & Rebecca DODDS, married Mary Ethel ATKINS, 29, widow, Durham Ont., Keppel, d/o Robert BYERS & Mary POTTER, witn: David H (or K) & J. BYERS, both of Keppel, 2 July 1900 at Keppel #007125-00 (Grey Co): Donald McLAREN, 38, blacksmith, Ontario, Carson BC, s/o Alexander McLAREN & Isabella CARSON, married Mary Victoria BOTHWELL, 25, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o John BOTHWELL & Mary McKERROLL, witn: George A. HUNTER of Owen Sound & Margaret R. BOTHWELL of Sydenham, 25 July 1900 at lot 19, con 10 of Sydenham twp
#006829-00 (Grey Co): Duncan McLAUGHLIN, 30, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Peter McLAUGHLIN & Eliza McCOLMAN, married Melissa SAUNDERS, 28, Holland, same, d/o George SAUNDERS & Elizabeth DUNLOP, witn: Charles SAUNDERS & Maggie McLAUGHLIN, both of Holland, 6 June 1900 at Holland #006677-00 (Grey Co): Lochlan Alex McLEAN, 31, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg twp., s/o Archibald McLEAN & Ann McDONALD, married Eliza McQUARRIE, 23, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o Donald McQUARRIE & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Archibald McLEAN & Mary A. CAMPBELL, both of Glenelg twp., 28 March 1900 at Bentinck twpq
6677-00 Laughlin Alex MCLEAN, 31, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Alex MCLEAN & Ann MCDONALD married Eliza MCQUARRIE, 23, Bentinck, same, d/o Donald MCQUARRIE & Ann CAMPBELL, Wtn: Anh MCLEAN & Margaret CAMPBELL both of Glenelg march 28, 1900 at Bentinck 7019-00 Finlay McLEOD, 24, farmer, Canada, Sarawak, s/o Finlay McLEOD & Catherine McLEAN, married Rose McMILLAN, 23, Canada, Keppel, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Phoebe TURNER, witn: John McMILLAN of East Linton & Rosa McLEOD of Owen Sound, 28 March 1900 at Owen Sound (also 6999-00)
#007038-00 (Grey Co): Dougal McMILLAN, 57, soldier, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John McMILLAN & Mary CAMERON, married Mary STEWART, 30, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Robert STEWART & Mary McLAUGHLIN, witn: D. McKENZIE of Toronto & Rosa McLEOD of Owen Sound, 20 June 1900 at Owen Sound #006752-00 (GreyCo): Alexander McVAINE, 35, farmer, Scotland, Normansby, s/o Robert & Jannett, married Mary TORRY, 22, Normanby, same, d/o John TORRY & Eliza WILDER, Dec. 7, 1900 at Durham twp.,
6809-00 (Grey Co): George H. METCALFE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Brant twp., s/o William METCALFE & Louisa THERNEY?, married Emma G. FARMER, 21, Ontario, Mornington twp., d/o Richard FARMER & Ann WERSTON?, witn: L. & C. WILKINSON of Hanover, 28 Nov 1900 at Hanover 6915-00 Jacob METZGER, 23, miller, Carrick, Ayton, s/o Michael METZGER & Anna REIS married Laura WIDMEYER, 18, Normanby, same, d/o Moritz WIDMEYER & Katherine SCHENK, Wtn: Charles WIDMEYER of Nuestadt & Lizzie WELTZ of Carrick July 21, 1900 at Normanby.
6804-00 (Grey Co): Robert H. MILLIGAN, 40, farmer, Ontario, British Columbia, s/o William MILLIGAN & Margaret McNICOL, married Minnie ESCH, 31, Ontario, Welland, d/o Joseph HODGSON & Mary GOWLAND, witn: John & Sarah MILLIGAN of Bentinck twp. twp , 10 Sept 1900 at Hanover unnumbered-00 (Grey Co): Robert MILLS, 26, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o James MILLS & Margaret STINSON, married Sarah Emily ALLEN, 26, Proton, same, d/o Thomas ALLEN & Margaret SWINTON, witnesses were Christina MILLS & Ethol McCAULAY, both of Melancthon, May 9, 1900 at Dundalk
#007102-00 (Grey Co): Charles MISCHKE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Frederick MISCHKE & Wilhelmina JUNKE, married Rosalie KLAGES, 19, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o August KLAGES & Louise WILLFANG, witn: Charles MISCHKE & Alfreida KLAGES, both of Sullivan, 19 Feb 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran) #06890-00 (Grey Co); William Thomas MOFFATT, 33, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Robert MOFFATT & Mary Ann FRIZZELL, married Margaret Eliza HART, 27, Sydenham, Meaford, d/o Thomas W. HART & Margaret J. LEONARD, witnesses were James MOFFATT of Sydenham & Flo. G. HART of Meaford, Feb. 21, 1900 at Meaford
6717-00 George MOORE, 23, farmer, Osprey twp., Collingwood twp., s/o George MOORE & Ann HOULT, married Rose GLENN, 24, Collingwood twp., same, d/o John GLENN & Jane ALLEN, witn: David SHERIDAN & Jane GLENN, both of Collingwood twp., 5 Dec 1900 at Collingwood twp #007108-00 (Grey Co): George MOORE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Elderslie, s/o Cornelius & Emma, married Melinda CROSS, 22, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Charles CROSS of Sullivan & Olive STEINHOFF of Elderslie, 23 May 1900 at Sullivan
7110-00 (Grey Co): Robert Thomas MOORE, 26, mining foreman, Ontario, Stokes Mines – Nipissing, s/o Samuel CARR & Eliza AGNEW, married Lottie MOORE, 26, Ontario, Sullivan twp., d/o Samuel MOORE & Charlotte INGLE, witn: S.H. CARR of Kradz? & Lillian MOORE of Mooresburg, 29 Aug. 1900 at Mooresburg #007082-1900 (Grey Co): James MOORE, 21, carpenter, St Vincent, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas MOORE & Susan SEABROOK, married Catharine OVERLAND, 23, Euphrasia, St Vincent, d/o John OVERLAND & Elmira EAGLE; witnesses Atchison FERRIS, of Euphrasia, Annie OVERLAND, of St Vincent. 3 Jan 1900 at St Vincent.
#006681-00 (Grey Co): Duncan MORRISON, 34, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o John MORRISON & Isabella McCALLUM, married Bessie CLARK, 34, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o John CLARK & Catherine McKECHNIE, witn: Peter MORRISON of Glenelg & Cassie SMITH of Bentinck, 18 April 1900 at Bentinck twpq #006818-00 (Grey Co): Robert Henry MORTON, 36, farmer, Albion, Holland, s/o Alexander MORTON & Mary CARR, married Hester Jane FEE, 30, Ireland, Holland, d/o William & Anna Maria, witn: Thomas TROUGHTON of Holland Center & E.S?. GREEN of Toronto, 3 Jan 1900 at Holland
6914-00 Otto MOSER, 32, farmer, Peel, Waterloo, s/o John MOSER & Christina GOEBEL married Anna RAHN, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Andrew RAHN & Louise SCHLOTZHAUER, Wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew RAHN of Normanby July 14, 1900 at Normanby. 6860-00 William James MULLEN, 30, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o James MULLEN & Margaret GRAHAM, married Margaret SINCLAIR, 24, farmer, Osprey, same, d/o Alex SINCLAIR & Mary McMILLAN, witn: John A. MULLEN of Osprey & Minnie H. YOUNG of Erin, 28 March 1900 at Osprey
#007105-00 (Grey Co): Edward Ludwig MULLER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Julius MULLER & Pauline SEFTEL, married Anna MALINOVSKI, 21, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o August MALINOVSKI & Louise MINKE, witn: Gottfried SCHULTZ & Louise MINKE, both of Sullivan, 9 May 1900 at Sullivan 6985-00 John MURRAY, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o John MURRAY & Sarah Ann WELSH, married Margaret Agnes ANDERSON, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Andrew John ANDERSON & Eliza BEATTY, witn: M. S. WAITS & Rosa J. McLEOD, both of Owen Sound, 31 Jan 1900 at Owen Sound (also 6993-00 & 7027-00)
006666-00 (Grey Co): Ernest Charles MURRAY, 24, dentist, England, Flesherton, s/o Albert T.W. MURRAY & Emma PRATT, married Frances Elizabeth HENDERSON, 23, Artemesia, same, d/o William J. HENDERSON & Jane MORTON, witn: George MURRAY of Toronto & Teenie? HENDERSON of Artemesia, 27 Dec 1900 art Artemesia #006827-00 (Grey Co): Robert J. NESBITT, 27, chair manufacturer, Brant twp., Chesley, s/o William NESBITT & Annie COOK, married Martha Jane McCOMB, 25, Arnott, same, d/o James E. McCOMB & Isabella GREEN, witn: A.R. NESBITT of Chesley & Isabella McCOMB of Arnott, 7 March 1900 at Holland
#006880-00 (Grey Co): Leander NICKLE, 23, cooper, North Keppel, same, s/o John NICKLE & Charlotte OGILVIE, married Mable VOKES, 22, house keeper, Whitby, Keppel, d/o George VOKES & Emma J. HOPPER, witn: Arthur & Silena VOKES of Keppel, 4 July 1900 at Keppel 6950-00 Francis O'DONNELL, 22, hotel keeper, Rockwood, same, s/o Felix O'DONNELL & Mary HEATHERINGTON married Delia Maggie O’DONOGHUE, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Michael O’DONOGHUE & Jane SHEA, Wtn: Thomas O'DONNELL of Rockwood & Teenir O’DONOGHUE of Normanby November 14, 1900 at Aytonq
6988-00 Alfred Francis ORSER, 25, sawyer, Euprasia, Owen Sound, s/o Samuel ORSER & Annie HARMAN, married Alice Lilian HODSON, 23, Bentinck, Owen Sound, d/o Joseph HODSON & Mary Jane --LAND?, witn: Will HODSON & Minnie DESHANE, both of Owen Sound, 7 Feb 1900 at Owen Sound 6699-00 William Wilkinson OSBORNE, 23, farmer, Osprey twp., Euphrasia twp., s/o John Dale OSBORNE & Emily CRAWFORD, married Alice Amelia DRINKALL, 24, Euphrasia twp., same, d/o John Thomas DRINKALL & Mary ABBEY, witn: Samuel J. OSBOURNE of Osprey twp & Edith Isabella LUSWEN? of Euphrasia twp., 17 Jan 1900 at Heathcote
#006841-00 (Grey Co): Edward PARKER, 50, machinist, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Solomon PARKER & Eleanor AULT, married Esther LEIGHTON, 51, widow, Ireland, Owen Sound, d/o Daniel & Jane McLEAN, Oct. 16, 1900 at Chatsworth #006873-00 (Grey Co): James PATTERSON, 28, carpenter, Keppel, same, s/o Alex PATTERSON & Flora JOHNSTON, married Margaret FORBES, 29, Scotland, Keppel, d/o John FORBES (farmer) & Christina McLEAN, witn: A. FORBES & A. PATERSON, both of Wiarton, 27 June 1900 at Keppel
#006820-00 (Grey Co): William James PEARS, 27, farmer, Holland twp., s/o John PEARS & Rachel WILSON, married Jessie McKAY, 22, Holland twp., same, d/o Roderick McKAY & Catherine BUCHANAN, witn: John McKAY & Lizzie BUCHANAN, both of Williamsford, 3 Jan 1900 at Holland #006678-00 (Grey Co): John J. PEART, 26, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg twp., s/o Emerson PEART & Mary A. ROBINSON, married Isabella HUDSON, 21, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o James & Phoebe, witn: Daniel GOREM? & Margaret LAIDLAW?, both of Hanover, 4 April 1900 at Bentinck twp
  #006661-00 (Grey Co): Thomas James PENDLETON, 23, laborer, Markdale, same, s/o Thomas & illegible, married Mary Ann SEWELL, 21, Artemesia, same, d/o Arthur SEWELL & Eliza FREEMAN, witn: John PENDLETON of Markdale & Eliza FREEMAN of Artemesia, 10 Oct 1900 at Artemesia
#007098-00 (Grey Co): Reuben Arthur PETCH, 25, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Reuben PETCH & Julia SAUNDERS, married Mary Margaret THORNTON, 28, Emily twp., St. Vincent, d/o John THORNTON, farmer, & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Fred E. ABERCROMBIE & Francis E. THORNTON, both of St. Vincent, 7 Nov 1900 at St. Vincent #006828-00 (Grey Co): William Nelson PETCH, 28, farmer, St. Vincent, Griersville?, s/o Reuben & Julia, married Margaret WILSON, 30, Meaford, Holland Centre, d/o Daniel & Annie, witn: W.M. JERRETT of Rocklyn & Annie WILSON of Holland Centre, 29 May 1900 at Holland Centre
6932-00 James PETTY, 26, farmer, Normanby,same, s/o Henry PETTY & Esther RESING married Mary Jane GADD, 20, Normanby, same, d/o Thomas GADD & Margaret Jane THOMPSON, Wtn: George PETTY & Eliza GADD both of Normanby May 2, 1900 at Normanby 6938-00 Henry PFEFFER, 30, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o George PFEFFER & Dorothea MUELLER married Minnie GEBHARDT, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Henry GEBHARDT & Christine DERBECKER, Wtn: Louis PFEFFER & Emma Mueller BOTH OF Normanby June 24, 1900 at Normanby.
6995-00 John PRICE, 32, engineer, USA, Duluth USA, s/o James PRICE & Elizabeth LA FRANCE, married Marion DOW, 29, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Peter DOW & Ann McMURDO, witn: Thomas & Jennie R. GRIMES of Owen Sound, 13 Feb 1900 at Owen Sound #006824-00 (Grey Co): Andrew PRITCHARD, 31, farmer, Sullivan twp., same, s/o George PRITCHARD & Ann CRAIG, married Caroline SPRECHT, 22, Sullivan twp., same, d/o John SPRECHT & Caroline RASER, witn: William DOYLE of Sullivan & Minnie McMITCHELL of Williamsford, 21 March 1900 at Chatsworth
#007132-00 (Grey Co): William Thomas POWELL, 28, widower, engine mounter, England, Owen Sound, s/o William J. POWELL & Martha PARKHOUSE, married Annie Bella NIXON, 20, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Andrew NIXON & Jessie MELLAFONT, witn: George NIXON & S.L. SPEERS, both of Hoath Head, 25 Dec 1900 at Knox Church Manse, Sydenham #007127-00 (Grey Co): John QUINN, 65, widower, farmer, Ireland, Holland twp., s/o Robert QUINN & Elizabeth PARK, married Mary BAILEY, 45, Ontario, Sydenham twp., d/o Robert BAILEY & Mary CASWELL, witn: Mary BAILEY of Bognor & Jessie BAILEY of Meaford, 29 Oct 1900 at Bognor
#006679-00 (Grey Co): John QUINN, 28, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg twp., s/o John QUINN & Isabella CARSON, married Jessie A. DUNSMUIR, 31, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o John DUNSMUIR & Janet CAMPBELL, witn: Campbell DUNSMUIR of Bentinck twp & Maggie QUINN of Glenelg twp., 11 April 1900 at Bentinck 6917-00 Allen REIST, 25, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Joseph REIST & Magdalen SCHOCKMACHER, (s/b Schumacher?) married Catherine MUELLER, 31, Normanby, same, d/o Henry MUELLER & Catherine ZUEKL, Wtn: Henry MUELLER & Sarah REIST both of Normanby July 30 , 1900 at Normanby.
#006972-1900 (Grey Co.): Frederick RADLEY, 24, Farmer, Osprey, Artemesia, s/o John RADLEY and Selina PHILLIPS, married Nabella COUTTS, 18, Osprey, Artemesia, d/o James COUTTS and Catherine UDELL, witn. Robert PHILLIPS, Artemesia and Lydia COUTTS, Port Law, 28 Nov 1900 at Maxwell #006879-00 (Grey Co): William REEKIN, 22, farmer, Ayton, Keppel, s/o Charles REEKIN & Rosina KABEL (or Habel), married Eliza A. EVANS, 18, Keppel, same, d/o William EVANS (farmer) & Rose Ann McGARVEY, witn: William EVANS Jr. of Keppel & Katherine REEKIN of Wiarton, 19 Dec 1900 at Keppel
#007121-00 (Grey Co): Alexander F. REID, 28, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent twp., s/o Alexander REID & Mary FRASER, married Lucy SCOTT, 24, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o John SCOTT & Mary McGREGOR, witn: William A. SCOTT of Sydenham & Mary Ann REID of St. Vincent, 21 Feb 1900 at lot 10, con C of Sydenham twp 6947-00 Wesley REYNOLDS, 26, farmer, Minto, same, s/o Wiliam REYNOLDS & Jane BELL married Martha Arnelda BROWN, 20, Normanby, same, d/o David BROWN & Mary HOWE, Wtn: John BROWN of Normanby & Katherine REYNOLDS of Minto October 24, 1900 at Normanby.
7009-00 John REYNOLDS, 49, widower, merchant, Youngstown NY, Manitouwanig, s/o James REYNOLDS & Margaret MAHAFFY, married Katherine GLASS, 36, Ireland, Owen Sound, d/o James GLASS & Eliza WATSON, witn: P.F. CUNNINGHAM & J. W. GLASS, 15 May 1900 at Owen Sound #006655-00 (Grey Co): John RICHARDSON, 70, widower, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o William RICHARDSON & Hannah ALLISTON, married Mary Jane CLOCK, 51, Canada, Artemesia, d/o William CLOCK & E.S. ANDERSON, witn: R.J. SPROULE & Hubert WARD, both of Flesherton, 30 July 1900 at Flesherton
6987-00 George W. RINGO, 22, cook, Owen Sound, same, s/o Richard RINGO & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Flora WHITE, 21, Owen Sound, same, d/o Jacob WHITE & Elizabeth EADY, witn: Daniel GREEN & Emma ROY, both of Owen Sound, 8 Feb 1900 at Owen Sound #007088-1900 (Grey Co): Wm Franklin ROBINSON, 21, farmer, St Vincent, same, s/o Wm A ROBINSON & Fanny A SHUNK, married Catharine SMITH, 21, Sydenham, St Vincent, d/o Adelbert SMITH & Isabella INGLIS; witnesses Geo S ROBINSON, Isabella SMITH, of St Vincent. 7 Mar 1900 at St Vincent.
#007039-00 (Grey Co): Thomas ROWNTREE, 22, laborer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o William ROWNTREE & Adeline MIDDLETON, married Mary HOPPBRAFT, 19, Canada, Woodbridge, d/o George HOPPBRAFT & Catherine HUSON, 26 June 1900 at Owen Sound 6703-00 George Wallace RUTHERFORD, 29, farmer, Craigleith, Loren?, s/o John H. RUTHERFORD & Charlotte BEATTY, married Sarah Ellen WRIGHT, 26, Loren?, same, d/o William H. WRIGHT & Martha SMITHSON, witn: James WRIGHT & Maud RUTHERFORD, both of Loren, 7 March 1900 at Loren
#007099-00 (Grey Co): Valentine SACHS, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o John SACHS & Sophia PRIES, married Anna SCHILLING, 24, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Frederich SCHILLING & Anna FRIKE, witn: William SACHS of Bentinck & Anna DREWS of Sullivan, 20 Feb 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran) #007100-00 (Grey Co): William SACHS, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o John SACHS & Sophie PRIES, married Anna DREWS, 20, Germany, Sullivan, d/o John DREWS & Wilhelmina PETERS, witn: Frederick DREWS & Christiane KRANTZKEUMP, both of Sullivan, 23 Feb 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran)
6802-00 (Grey Co): John SCHAEFER, 23, merchant, Ontario, Hanover, s/o John C. SCHAEFER & Elizabeth D--(Dimmer?), married Marie H. HALLMANN, 21, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Kemeral? HALLMANN & Margaret KARN, witn: illegible PILING? & Catherine SCHAEFER, both of Hanover, 23 July 1900 at Hanover 6919-00 Philipp SCHAUS, 25, cheesemaker, Normanby, same, s/o Nicholas SCHAUS & Elizabeth NIERGARTH married Wilhelmina RAHN, 18, Normanby, same, d/o Bart RAHN & Catherine HOLLINGER, Wtn: Carl DAHMER of Carrick & Catherine SCHAUS of Normanby July 11, 1900 at Nuestadt
6918-00 William SCHAUS, 28, blacksmith, Normanby, Clifford, s/o Philip SCHAUS & Catherine VOLTZ married Barbara LANZ, 22, Normanby, same, d/o Conrad LANZ & Christina GREIN, Wtn: Edward LANZ & Catherine DIETZ both of Normanby February 4, 1900 at Normanby. 7114-00 (Grey Co): Julius J. SCHULTZ, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Julius SCHULTZ & Luise SLOMKE, married Carry BLEICH, 21, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Frederick BLEICH & Gustine HEFT, witn: Godfried BLEICH of Holland & Cathleen KLACHN? Of Sullivan, 12 Dec 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran)
#007043-00 (Grey Co): Canby E. SCOTT, 34, Minister (Baptist), Lobo, Fort William, s/o Elijah D. SCOTT & Mary CANBY, married Margaret E. DASS, 30, Owen Sound, Ft. William, d/o Robert DASS & Jane ANGUS, witn: Joseph CHRISTIE & Jean DASS, both of Owen Sound, 6 Sept 1900 at Owen Sound #006970-1900 (Grey Co): Robert SCILLEY, 25, Farmer, Osprey, Osprey, s/o John SCILLEY and Mary HAYES, married Elizabeth BAUGHMAN, 21, Caledon, Osprey, d/o David BAUGHMAN and Mary GILLIS, witn. William HAYES and Martha SCILLEY, both of Osprey, 24 Oct 1900 at Maxwell
#006662-00 (Grey Co): Arthur SEELEY, 42, farmer, England, Glenelg, s/o William SEELEY & Elizabeth TUCKER, married Eveline CHISLETT, no age given, Glenelg, Artemesia, d/o Samuel CHISLETT & Isabella illegible, witn: Joseph SEELEY of Glenelg & Anna E. CHISLETT of Artemesia, 19 Oct 1900 at Artemesiaq #006847-00 (Grey Co): David SHEA, 26, lumberman, Elderslie, Corbetton, s/o David SHEA & Mary Jane CROSS, married Elizabeth MADILL, 26, Holland, same, d/o Samuel MADILL & Mary FAIRBAIRN, witn: James MADILL & Emma BATEMAN, both of Holland, 24 Dec 1900 at Chatsworth
#006783-00 (Grey Co): JohnqSHULTUS, 33, widower, physician, Euphrasia, Rockwood, s/o David SHULTUS & Ellen GREENE, married Mary Levina DAWN, 24, Euphrasia, same, d/o William DAWN & Annie KENNY, witn: David SHULTUS of Rockwood & Ruth DAWN of Euphrasia, 25 Oct 1900 at Euphrasia #007107-00 (Grey Co): Karl Ernest SLOMSKI, 34, mason, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Ernest SLOMSKI & Charlotte TIMM, married Hanna ADLOFF, 24, Ontario, Holland, d/o William ADLOFF & Augustina SCHWARTZ, witn: William KLAGES of Sullivan & Emma ADLOFF of Holland, 26 Feb 1900 at Sullivan (Lutheran)
6801-00 (Grey Co): David B. SMALL, 36, farmer, Ontario, Michigan USA, s/o John SMALL & Jessie HAY, married Margaret DAY, 23, Michigan USA, same, d/o William DAY & Hannah BURNS, witn: Etta W. SMALL of Michigan USA & Jeannie DUFF of Illinois USA, 29 Aug 1900 at Hanover 6949-00 Jasper SMITH, 26, labourer, Winterburn, Shallow Lake, s/o Alfred SMITH & Ellen HALL married Agnes CALDER, 29, Normanby, same, d/o Alexander CALDER & Eliza TAYLOR, Wtn: John DICKSON of Holstein & Mary CALDER of Normanby October 31, 1900 at Normanby.
7005-00 Innis John SMITH, 39, widower, cutter, Port Dover, Owen Sound, s/o John SMITH & Christine INNIS, married Edith Louise GLASSFORD, 24, Simcoe Co., Owen Sound, d/o John T. GLASSFORD & Elizabeth VANSYCKLE, witn: Rosa GLASSFORD & William. M. CORSTON, both of Owen Sound, 2 May 1900 at Owen Sound #006720-1900 (Grey Co): Cecil St. John SPEARS, 22, farmer, Canada, Tp of Derby, s/o Smith SPEARS & Alice LYNDE, married Margaret Annie HALL, 17, Canada, Derby Tp, d/o John HALL & Mary CUNNINGHAM; witnesses Wm J HALL, L S SPEARS, of Derby. 25 Apr 1900 at Derby
#006821-00 (Grey Co): Samuel STEWART, 28, farmer, Sullivan twp., same, s/o John & Janet, married Maria Louisa COOK, 20, Sullivan twp., same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Richard STEWART of Peabody & Martha COOK of Owen Sound, 31 Jan 1900 at Chatsworth #006719-1900 (Grey Co): Samuel STEWART, 29, artisan, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Duncan STEWART & Eliza GREEN, married Nettie HALL, 27, Canada, Keady, d/o John HALL & Janet HAMILTON; witnesses Richard STEWART, of Peabody. Maggie HALL, of Keady. 17 Jan 1900 at Derby
6979-00 Edmund Roland STRICKEY (Stuckey?), 29, miller, Canada, Otonabee, s/o Frederick STRICKEY & Maria PARKHOUSE, married Eleanor Emeline McKEE, 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John McKEE & Mary Hannah PEDLAR, witn: James LAUGHTON & Priscilla McKEE, both of Owen Sound, 3 Jan 1900 at Owen Sound (also 6991-00) #007107-00 (Grey Co): George SUTCLIFFE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Jacob SUTCLIFFE & Sarah BOX, married Emma D. QUIGLEY, 21, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o George QUIGLEY & Elizabeth CHESTERFIELD, witn: William E. HARPER of Elderslie & Mary J. CHESTERFIELD of Tara, 30 May 1900 at Sullivan
6921-00 Valentine TATUM, 24, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o George TATUM & Mary DOERSAM married Mary LEIPOLD, 38, Preston, Normanby, d/o Martin LEIPOLD & Barbara WILBERT, Wtn: Louis & Emma TATUM of Normanby February 24, 1900 at Normanby. 7003-00 John TAYLOR, 39, farmer, Clarke twp., Sullivan, s/o James TAYLOR & Elizabeth JENKINS, married Alice NICHOLSON, 27, Bruce Co., Toronto, d/o William NICHOLSON & Catherine WHITE, witn: W.J. PARK of Sydenham & Matilda NICHOLSON of Tara, 10 April 1900 at Owen Sound
#007041-00 (Grey Co): William Albert TRAVISS, 27, sawyer, Queensville, Newmarket, s/o Richard? TRAVISS & Mary Jane GLOVER, married Annie Barbara BARKER, 29, Thornhill, Newmarket, d/o Joseph BARKER & Annie Barbara ROBBINS, witn: Robert H. TRAVISS of Midland & Euphemia DARRAH of Meaford, 2 Aug 1900 at Owen Sound (Salv Army) #006839-00 (Grey Co): James TRIBBLE, 27, farmer, Shelbourne, Williamsford, s/o John TRIBBLE & Caroline STEPHENS, married Elizabeth BUCHANAN, 22, Williamsford, same, d/o Alexander BUCHANAN & Jane SCOTT, witn: John BUCHANAN of Williamsford & Vina ELVIS of Paisley, 10 Oct 1900 at Holland
#006674-00 (Grey Co): Charles W. TRUEMAN (or Frusman), 35, widower, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o Charles TRUEMAN & Bridget MILER, married Elizabeth MUIR, 30, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o John MUIR & Elizabeth WHITEFORD, witn: Janet WATSON of Bentinck & Ozias M. SNIDER of Normanby, 8 March 1900 at Bentinck twp 6691-00 Charles URSTADT, 26, famer, Bentinck, same, s/o John URSTADT & Elizabeth GERSEL (Geisel?) married Eleanor CLARK, 22, Bentinck, same, d/o James & Margaret CLARK, Wtn: Bernie & Ann CLARK both of Bentinck October 17, 1900 at Elmwood.
6934-00 Samuel VICKERS, 26,farmer, Bentick, same, s/o John VICKERS & Mary Ann BOYSON married Mary DERBY, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Joseph DERBY & Jane FULTON, Wtn: John VICKERS OF Bentick & Jessie DERBY of Normanby May 23, 1900 at Normanby. 6942-00 William WAKEFIELD, 30, farmer, Angelica New York, same, s/o William WAKEFIELD & Mary PEAVEY married Wilhelmina HEISE, 30, Nuestadt, same, d/o Charles HEISE& Mary GOLDSMITH, Wtn: John SOHRT & Matilda PLOETHNER both of Preston July 4, 1900 at Nuestadt
#006781-00 (Grey Co): Thomas WALPOLE, 50, widower, farmer, Kingston twp., Holland twp., s/o Robert WALPOLE & Phylis GREY, married Alice McNALLY, 42, widow, Artemesia, same, d/o George McNALLY & Martha WALKER, witn: R. SNELGROVE & Anna WILSON, both of Euphrasia, 10 Oct 1900 at Euphrasia 6916-00 Henry WALTER, 28, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Frederick WALTER & Anna Eva WETLAUFER married Catherine BRUSSO, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Ludwig BRUSSO & Magdalene ESOK, Wtn: William & George BRUSSO both of Normanby July 30, 1900 at Nuestadt.
#007095-00 (Grey Co): Robert N. WARD, 39, widower, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o William WARD & Catherine NEELANDS, married Ellen Mary RENFUE, 25, London England, Euphrasia, d/o Robert Alfred RENFUE & Grace EACHARUR?, witn: Elizabeth & Agnes DAVIDSON of Blantyne, 23 Sept 1900 at St. Vincent #007120-00 (Grey Co): George Lee WATSON, 29, saddler, Priceville, same, s/o William & Martha, married Euphemia Harriet RAMSAY, 31, Sydenham twp., same, d/o Maxwell & Julia Ann, witn: Joseph M. RAMSAY & Minnie CAMPBELL, both of Sydenham, 8 March 1900 at lot 22, con C of Sydenham twpq
#006659-00 (Grey Co): Francis Joseph WEBER, 22, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o John WEBER & Isabella GRAHAM, married Anna Elizabeth WICKENS, 20, Euphrasia, same, d/o Rufus & Sarah, witn: John WICKENS & Clara HURD, both of Euphrasia, 11 Sept 1900 at Eugenia 6936-00 John WEBER, 22, labourer, Normanby, same, s/o Carl WEBER & Philippine KNORR married Mary BREHM, 18, Normanby, same, d/o Carl BREHM & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, Wtn: Herman & Elizabeth WEBER both of Normanby June 5, 1900 at Normanby
6694-00 Irish WEBSTER (s/b Webster IRISH?), 21, Hanover, same, s/o Irish STAFFORD (s/b Stafford IRISH?) & Susan HAGLER married Sarah MOYER, 23, Collingwood, same, d/o Allen MOYER & Dinah DULFENHAUSE, Wtn; Cyrus & Levinia GOODE both of Bentinck December 4, 1900 at Elmwood. #006782-00 (Grey Co): William WELLS, 27, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o William WELLS & Margaret CONNER, married Annie CONNOR, 22, Euphrasia, same, d/o Thomas? CONNOR & Mary CLARK, witn: Fannie RICHARDSON & Mary CONNER, both of Euphrasia, 15 Oct 1900 at Euphrasia
6943-00 John WERNER, 24, tailor, Normanby, same, s/o John WERNER & Katherine WEBER married Emily KUESTER, 24, Normanby, Ayton, d/o Frederick KUESTER & Adela HOLM, Wtn: Edward WELTZ of Walkerton & Lizzie KUESTER OF Normanby September 23, 1900 at Normanby. 6941-00 Robert WHITEFORD, 32, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Robert WHITEFORD & M. JOHNSON married Martha Jane FORD, 35, Normanby, same, d/o William FORD & Rachel BOYLE, Wtn: D.W. WHITEFORD & Rachel FORD both of Normanby July 4, 1900 at Normanby
#006657-00 (Grey Co): John Edgar WHITTAKER, no age given, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o Arthur WHITTAKER & May McLEAN, married Anna R. RYAN, no age given, Glenelg, same, d/o George RYAN & Jane WOOD, witn: Isabella McKINNON & F.H. MATHESON, both of Priceville, 22 Aug 1900 at Priceville #006840-00 (Grey Co): Frederick Eugene WICKHAM, 32, widower, farmer, Walters Falls, same, s/o Edward WICKHAM & Esther SEALY, married Mary Jane COLERIDGE, 26, Euphrasia, Walters Falls, d/o John COLERDIGE & Margaret L. QUINLON, witnesses were John H. & Margaret COLERIDGE of Walters Falls, Oct. 10, 1900 at Walters Falls
6913-00 Frederick WIDMEYER, 25, carpenter, Normanby, Wiarton, s/o Engelbert WIDMEYER & Eva SIMON married Wilhelmina KROELLER, 23, Normanby, same, d/o William KROELLER & Dorthea HERMAN, Wtn: Jacob WERNER of Ayton & Maria KROELLER of Normanby July 14, 1900 at Normanby. 6933-00 Carl WIDMEYER, 23, turner, Normanby, Wiarton, s/o Franz WIDMEYER & Barbara HOLLINGER married Elizabeth WELTZ, 29, Wellington, Carrick, d/o Adam WELTZ & Elizabeth FILSINGER, Wtn: Julius WIDMEYER of Normanby & Adeline WELTZ of Carrick May 8, 1900 at Nuestadt.
#006785-00 (Grey Co): Edward WILCOX, 31, carpenter, Euphrasia, same, s/o James WILCOX & Elizabeth DRULE (or Druhe), married not given (registration only half complete), witn: Thomas A. CARUTHERS of Euphrasia, 16 Jan 1900 at Euphrasia #006750-00 (Grey Co): W. S. WILDER, 33, farmer, Stuben Co USA, Egremont, s/o Oliver G. WILDER & May HELMER, married Edith M.H. LEESON, 26, Varney Ont., same, d/o Henry W. LEESON & Sarah POLLEY, witnesses were Fred W. LEESON of Rose Lawn Indiana & Theodore G. LEESON of Varney, Sept. 18, 1900 at Varney
#006780-00 (Grey Co): James Dunn WILSON, 25, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Samuel WILSON & Ellen MATHERS, married Ellen KEYS, 26, Collingwood, same, d/o John KEYS & Susanna LOUCKS, witn: Benjamin WILSON of Euphrasia & Bella KEYS of Owen Sound, 10 Oct 1900 at Euphrasia #006891-00 (Grey Co): Joseph WILSON, 22, laborer, Mulmer twp., Meaford, s/o John WILSON & Helen McG--AN, married Jessie McDONALD, 21, Kemble, Owen Sound, d/o David McDONALD & Mary NICHOLS, witnesses were William & Rachel FOX of Meaford, Jan. 10, 1900 at Meaford
7111-00 (Grey Co): Neil WILSON, 27, lumberman, Ontario, Chesley, s/o John WILSON & Mary BLACK, married Jessie Hannah MILLS, 18, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o James MILLS & Lizzie RIDDLE, witn: Edward KARN of Chesley & Minnie BITTORF of Sullivan, 12 Sept 1900 at Sullivan 6692-00 John WILSON, 29, farmer, Egremont, same, s/o George & Margaret WILSON married Caroline WILLIAMS, 21, Bentinck, same, d/o John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Wtn: Hugh MCRAE & Mary WILLIAMS both of Bentinck November 21, 1900 at Durham.
6986-00 Charles John WOTTEN, 22, farmer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John Martin WOTTEN & Rebecca BOWERMAN, married Jennie Jemison SIMPSON, 24, Scotland, Derby, witn: M. S. WAITS & Rosa J. McLEOD, both of Owen Sound, 7 Feb 1900 at Owen Sound (also 6994-00 & 7023-00) #006673-00 (Grey Co): Elwend? (Olivard?) WYNN, 46, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o Elwend WYNN & Jane WALL, married Lydia ENNIS, 27, Ontario, Wiarton, d/o James ENNIS & Maria THINS?, witn: Henry ELLIS & L.R. WILKINSON, both of Hanover, 2 March 1900 at Bentinck twp
6945-00 William ZIMMERMAN, 24, carpenter, Carrick, Hanover, s/o John ZIMMERMAN & Mary SEIP married Julia LA FRANCE, 22, Carrick, Hanover, d/o George LA FRANCE & Katherine GEIMERT, Wtn: Jacob WALTER of Normanby & Caroline LA FRANCE of Nuestadt October 18, 1900 at Nuestadt