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Grey Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


011736-27 Joseph ABERCROMBIE, 46, traveler, Euphrasia twp, Meaford, s/o John ABERCROMBIE (b. Fermanagh Ireland) & Ann Elizabeth BRADLEY; married Mary Elizabeth PENROSE, 53, Wid, St. Vincent twp, d/o Albert WATSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann BOWES; wit Mrs. John A. HICKS & J.A. HICKS, both Owen Sound, 20 Apr 1927, Owen Sound

011737-27 Stuart John ACHESON, 24, insurance agent, Sydenham twp, Holland twp, s/o Robert ACHESON (b. Sydenham Twp) & Margaret Victoria MURRAY; married Louise Vincent MOORE, 24, Meaford, same, d/o Thomas MOORE (b. Schomburg) & Helen Victoria GRANT; wit Joycely W.B. DALE, Meaford & Mary L. ACHESON, 15 Aug 1927, Meaford

011738-27 Abraham Wilbert ACTON, 30, Machine Operator, Chesley, Owen Sound, s/o Abraham ACTON (b. Bentinck Twp) & Mary Ann BROWN; married Violet Victoria SMITH, 28, Housekeeper, Deseronto Hastings Co, Owen Sound, d/o Martin John SMITH (b. Gloucestershire England) & Elgie Laura WATSON; wit Jean STEPHENSON & Paul REED, both Owen Sound, 3 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

011739-27 Alex Murdock ADAIR, 23, Clerk, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Alex ADAIR (b. Ontario) & Isabel MCGILVERY; married Rhoda Margaret KEELING, 23, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o James KEELING (b. Ontario) & Mary TROTTER; wit Grace CRUICKSHANK, Owen Sound & F. Harold TEDFORD, Brampton, 28 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011740-27 David Ernest AIKEN, 21, Carpenter, Allenford Bruce Co, same, s/o William T. AIKEN (b. Ontario) & Isabelle BEATTIE; married Mavor A. DORMAN, 19 ½, Public School Teacher, Amabel Twp Bruce Co, same, d/o Duncan C. DORMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary SCOTT; wit Mrs. W.B. PHILLIPS & Mary J. STRACHAN, both Owen Sound, 12 Oct 1927, Owen Sound

011741-27 Thomas Harold AIKENS, 35, Salesman, Howick twp - Huron Co, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas AIKENS (b. Ontario) & Mary A. WIGGINS; married Catherine STRONG, 27 9/12, Howick Twp, Owen Sound, d/o John STRONG (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth CALKINS; wit: illegible AIKENS & Mrs. J.T. STRACHAN, both Owen Sound, 14 May 1927, Owen Sound

011742-27 William Arthur ALEXANDER, 27, Accountant, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Robert ALEXANDER (b. Ontario) & Mary OLIVER; married Ruby ATKINS, 35, Stenographer, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o Alfred ATKINS (b. Ontario) & M. Elizabeth JAMES; wit Pansy ATKINS & P.O. ALEXANDER, both Owen Sound, 14 Apr 1927, Owen Sound

011743-27 Robert John ALMOND, 22, Farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Robert ALMOND (b. Meaford) & Rose HELSTROP; married Dorothy Rose ASHBY, 16, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Thomas ASHBY (b. Bowmanville) & Martha Mary STOREY; wit Muriel PAINTRING & Charles TAYLOR, both Meaford, 4 Jun 1927, Meaford

011744-27 Reginald ANDERSON, 20, Plasterer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Duncan ANDERSON (b. Bruce Co) & Catherine MCDONALD; married Hazel Irene ROURKE, 20, Waitress, Park Head, Owen Sound, d/o George ROURKE (b. Parkhead Bruce Co) & Martha MCCULLOUGH; wit Mrs. Andrew BEATTIE & Beth LAIDLAW, both Owen Sound, 26 May 1927, Owen Sound

011745-27 Robert William ANDERSON, 23 2/12, Motor Mechanic, Garragh Donagnmon? Tyrone Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o William ANDERSON (b. Codyla Ireland) & Jane ARMSTRONG; married Maria Rosa ROCH, 29 1/12, Housekeeper, Berlin Germany, Holland Twp, d/o Fred ROCH (b. Germany) & Amelia ROUTENBURG; wit Mrs. Sarah ATKINS, Owen Sound & Mrs. Brant THOMAS, Owen Sound, 14 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

011746-27 Henry ARBOUR, 23, Sailor, of Victoria Harbour, s/o Joseph ARBOUR (sailor) & Victorine TOURNIERE; married Florette MORNEAU, 22, Operator, of Owen Sound, d/o Joseph MORNEAU (machinist) & Helen BLONDIN; wit Lawrence ARBOUR, Victoria Harbour & Marie MORNEAU, Owen Sound, 26 Dec 1927, Owen Sound

011747-27 George Hammond ARCHER, 20, Provincial Traffic Officer, South Africa, town of Essex, s/o William J. ARCHER (b. England) & Margaret E. O'NEILL; married Ellen Elizabeth PERKINS, 20, Ontario, Markdale, d/o Walter S. PERKINS (b. Canada) & May Agnes WILSON; wit T.B. PERKINS, Toronto & M. MCEACHNIE, Flesherton, 28 Sept 1927, Markdale

011748-27 Edward Stanley ARTHUR, 25, Farmer, South Norwich, Otterville, s/o Thomas John ARTHUR (b. St. Paul) & Mary ARTHUR; married Ethel Brown YOUNG, 26, Teacher, Normanby Twp, Durham, d/o Thomas YOUNG (b. Normanby) & Helen FIDDES; wit Clayton Hunter ARTHUR, Otterville & Hazel Misty? YOUNG, Durham, 21 Sept 1927, Durham


011749-27 Lawrence Alexander BAKER, 24, Farmer, Mills Twp, St. Vincent Twp, d/o William Thomas BAKER (b. Ontario) & Margaret ROBERTSON; married Alma Pearl BOYES, 20, St. Vincent Twp, St. Vincent Twp, d/o Charles Thomas BOYES (b. Ontario) & Harriett ALLAN; wit Mrs. Ethel GILLESPIE & John GILLESPIE, both Meaford, 31 Dec 1927, Meaford

011750-27 William George BAKER, 24 (22 Sept), Sydenham Twp, Meaford, s/o Ruel BAKER (b. Ontario) & Lillian MCMILLAN; married Margaret Fern SCAMMELL (nee MCINTYRE), 24 (Jul 5), Wid, Sydenham Twp, Owen Sound, d/o John MCINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Alice FRIZZELL; wit Mrs. Adeline STRACHAN, Owen Sound & William BELL, West City, 3 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011753-27 Emmerson Earl BARFOOT, 24, Farmer, Keppel Twp, Shallow Lake, s/o Thomas BARFOOT (b. Keppel Twp) & Mary SUTTON; married Margaret HINDMAN, 23, Keppel Twp, Springmount - Derby Twp, d/o William HINDMAN (b. Derby Twp) & Effie MCEACHNIE; wit Evelyn HINDMAN, Owen Sound & Neil BARFOOT, Shallow Lake, 24 Aug 1927, Owen Sound

011754-27 Gordon Joseph BARFOOT, 23, Farmer, Sarawak Twp, Derby Twp, s/o Joseph BARFOOT (b. Sarawak Twp) & Rita CROZIER; married Dorothy Robina MARSHALL, 21, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, d/o William MARSHALL (b. Derby Twp) & Jeanet FORGRAVE; wit James D. SINCLAIR & Mrs. J.D. SINCLAIR, both Owen Sound, 10 Dec 1927, Kilsyth

011752-27 Earl Enos BARFOOT, 19, Farmer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Enos BARFOOT (b. Owen Sound) & Janet Rebecca CROZIER; married Amy Edith HOWELL, 21, Housekeeper, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Robert B. HOWELL (b. Owen Sound) & Louisa SHAWELL; wit Dow SARGEANT & May C. HOWELL, both Owen Sound, 13 Jun 1927, Owen Sound

011751-27 Cecil Stanley BARFOOT, 27, Farmer, Keppel Twp, Tara, s/o James BARFOOT (b. Ontario) & Charlotte HASTINGS; married Cora Lola BARCLAY, 19, Domestic, Arran Twp, Tara, d/o George BARCLAY (b. Ontario) & Ida SHERRIFF; wit Leotta BARFOOT & S.E. MCPHERSON, both Owen Sound, 16 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011755-27 Willis Everett BARWICK, 23 (Mar 5), Labourer, Sault Ste Marie, Owen Sound, s/o Solomon John BARWICK (b. Winthrop Huron Co) & Sarah Ellen STOREY; married Agnes Mary KIVELL, 22 (Jun 18), Owen Sound, Sydenham, d/o Lewis Charles KIVELL (b. Durham Co) & Fanny Elizabeth JAMES; wit Mable N. COOKE & C.B. POTTER, both Owen Sound, 23 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011756-27 Alfred BATESON, 30, Clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Joshua BATESON (b. Keswick England) & Sara ATKINSON; married Nelly Marie FALKINGHAM, 24, Telephone Operator, Durham, Toronto, d/o Newell FALKINGHAM (b. England) & Margaret HOPKINS; wit Margaret FALKINGHAM & Newell FALKINGHAM, both Durham, 12 Aug 1927, Durham


011757-27 Robert Henry Edward BEANEY, 24, Cabinet Maker, England, Keppel Twp, s/o Robert BEANEY (b. England) & Ellen Rose SAUNDERS; married Mary Eva Jane EARHART, 25, Housekeeper, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, d/o Samuel EARHART (b. Ontario) & Sarah RATHWELL; wit Mrs. William EARHART & William EARHART, both Shallow Lake, 5 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

011758-27 Gordon Alexander BEATON, 26, furniture dealer, Ontario, Markdale, s/o Malcom BEATON & Mary Jane MITTON (Milton?) married Jennie WRIGHT, 28, Teacher, Ontario, Dundalk d/o D.T. WRIGHT & Martha MCLEAN; wit Marjorie SUDDEN, Dundalk & Wilfred WRIGHT, Alliston, 17 Aug 1927, Dundalk

011759-27 George Elmer BEATTY, 20 9/12, Dairyman, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o George Nelson BEATTY (b. Arran Twp) & Beatrice Pearl BARBER; married Olive Vona MILLS, 20 7/12, Housekeeper, Sullivan Twp, Keppel Twp, d/o Joseph Arthur MILLS (b. Ontario) & Lily HALL; wit Gladys CUMMINGS & Clarice (Clarence?) J. JONES, both Owen Sound, 11 Oct 1927, Owen Sound

011760-27 Ion Shaun BEGGS, 21, Mortgage Broker, Ontario, 6 Jean St. in Toronto, s/o Neil George BEGGS (b. Ireland) & Agnes FLEMING; married Margaret Olive KENNY, 21, Milliner, Saskatchewan, 288 Yonge St., d/o Charles Richard KENNY (b. Ontario) & Eliza Samantha TRACY; wit Mrs. E. KENNY & Miss D. KENNY, both Owen Sound, 3 Aug 1927, Owen Sound

011761-27 Frederick John BEIGHTON, 39, Section Man, Heckmondike Yorkshire England, Berkeley, s/o Thomas BEIGHTON & Margaret SWINBANK; married Winifred SLACK, 20, Stenographer, Leicestershire England, Hanover, d/o Arthur SLACK & Minnie BROWN; wit George BEIGHTON, Owen Sound & Clara Henrietta BROWNLEE, Hanover, 31 Aug 1927, Hanover

011762-27 George Andrew BELL, 33, Checker at National Grocer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o William J. BELL (b. Owen Sound) & Elizabeth J. KIRKPATRICK; married Ellen THIRD, 24 4/12, Housekeeping, Assiginack Manitoulin Island, Owen Sound, d/o William THIRD (b. Ontario) & Margaret SPARROW; wit Edna NEVILLS, & Raymond BASSINGTHWAITE, both Owen Sound, 27 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

011763-27 John Edwin BELL, 28, Clergyman, Glenelg Twp, Durham, s/o John M. BELL (b. Glenelg Twp) & Mary Ann BINNIE; married Mary McDonald MCILRAITH, 27, Cromarty Perth Co, Durham, d/o John T. MCILRAITH (b. Lanark) & Mary HAMILTON; wit Elizabeth R. HAMILTON, Toronto & Dr. Alex M. BELL, Durham, 11 Aug 1927, Durham

011764-27 William Walter BELROSE, 23, Cabinet Maker, Sarawak Twp, Owen Sound, s/o illegible; married Velma D. JACKSON, 22, Bookkeeper, Alpina Michigan, Owen Sound, d/o illegible [rest of reg'n is too faded to read]

011765-27 Henry Graydon BERRY, 25, Farmer, Caistor Twp, Caistor Twp, s/o William C. BERRY (b. Caistor) & Martha PARKHAM; married Jeanette CAMPBELL, 21, Housemaid, Proton Twp, Egremont Twp, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Proton) & Christina ELLIS; wit Ritchie Albert CAMPBELL, Holstein & Mary G. FIDDES, Durham, 27 Dec 1927, Durham

011766-27 George Thomas BEST, 23 (Feb 12), Farmer, St. Vincent Twp, Sydenham Twp, s/o George BEST (b. Canada) & Margaret ARMSTRONG; married Hazel Irene MCCLEAN, 20 (13 Nov), Bognor, Bognor, d/o Robert MCCLEAN (b. Canada) & Margaret YEADELL; wit Jay illegeible of Chatsworth & Velma McCLEAN of illegible, 17 Oct 1927, Ethel

011767-27 William Henry BEST, 27, Farmer, St. Vincent, Sydenham Twp, s/o George Edward BEST (b. Euphrasia Twp) & Margaret ARMSTRONG; married Ruby Elizabeth DORAN, 20, Housekeeping, Sydenham Twp, Sydenham Twp, d/o Samuel DORAN (b. Sydenham Twp) & Emma Beata WILLIAMS; wit Mary L. BEST, Woodford & Dayton S. DORAN, Sydenham, 29 Jun 1927, Sydenham Twp

011768-27 David Clarence Dudley BIGGER, 22, Plumber, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o David BIGGER (b. Owen Sound) & Ethel MATCHETT; married Martha Evelyn FENWICK, 20, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Thomas FENWICK (b. Eugenia) & Jane C.G. PARLIAMENT; wit David BIGGER, Owen Sound & Mrs. Thomas FENWICK, Eugenia, 17 Nov 1927, Artemesia

011769-27 Francis Howard BISHOP, 31, Asst Accountant Bank of Montreal, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Allan K. BISHOP (b. Owen Sound) & Florence CARLEY; married Laura Mabel PICKARD, 27, Clerk, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o Frederick PICKARD (b. Owen Sound) & Margaret CAMPBELL; wit Jean BISHOP & William F. PICKARD, both Owen Sound, 30 Apr 1927, Owen Sound

011770-27 Thomas Wesley BOTT, 27, Farmer, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, s/o William BOTT (b. England) & Elizabeth FOX; married Adelaide Catharine GAWLEY, 19, Sarawak Twp, Derby Twp, d/o Thomas Albert GAWLEY (b. East Linton) & Catherine SINCLAIR; wit Jean Scott BEATTIE, Owen Sound & J.A. MACPHERSON, Peterboro, 14 Sept 1927, Derby Twp

011771-27 Lloyd BOWHEY, 25, Machinist, Duncan, Clarksburg, s/o William BOWHEY (b. England) & Mary Grace BOWHEY; married Orel Rita Elva LOUGHEED, 21, Clerk, Collingwood Twp, Clarksburg, d/o Robert LOUGHEED (b. Clarksburg) & Ellen WHEELER; wit Mary Elizabeth CHARLTON & R.A. BURCHILL, both Clarksburg, 7 May 1927, Clarksburg

011772-27 John Taylor BRADLEY, 40, Mail Carrier, Wid, Honeywood, s/o Edward (b. Mansfield) & Elizabeth BRADLEY; married Jessie Watson RUSSELL, 25, Proton Twp, Dundalk, d/o George RUSSELL (b. New Mills Scotland) & Annie STURROCK; wit Murray R. ANNAND & Nina Reade ANNAND, both Dundalk, 24 Dec 1927, Dundalk

011773-27 William BROCKLEBANK, 22, Miller, Gore Bay, Finch Twp, s/o Charles BROCKLEBANK (b. Collingwood) & Sarah THORNTON; married Caroline MCGIRR, 21, Durham, Durham, d/o Thomas C. MCGIRR (b. Durham) & Mary Ann RITCHIE; wit Ellen WEIDNER & Elmer WEIDNER, both Hanover, 28 Nov 1927, Durham

011774-27 Archibald Victor BRODIE, 30, Farmer, Artemesia, Artemesia, s/o Ephraim BRODIE (b. Canada) & Fannie RICHARDSON; married Helen Elizabeth DAVIS, 21, Artemesia Twp, Artemesia Twp, d/o John DAVIS (b. Canada) & Minnie SWANTON; wit Lindon? RICHARDSON, 973 Dundas West in Toronto & Charlie DAVIS, Markdale, 14 Sept 1927, Artemesia

011775-27 John Stewart BROUGH, 20 (Mar 18), Farmer, Lindsay Twp, Holland Twp, s/o Peter BROUGH (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Margaret STEWART; married Wilhelmina Lavern STEPHENS, 21 (Mar 22), Manitoulin Island, Holland Twp, d/o William STEPHENS (b. Keppel Twp) & Barbara Ann MCCOLMAN; wit Cobourn STEPHENS & Eletha STEPHENS, both Holland Centre, 18 Nov 1927, Walters Falls

011776-27 Leo Leander BRUDER, 25, Upholsterer, Carrick Twp, Hanover, s/o Henry BRUDER (b. Carrick Twp Bruce Co) & Robina HOFFARTH; married Mary Kathleen YOUNG, 38, Textile Worker, Carrick Twp, Hanover, d/o Philip YOUNG (b. Germany) & Barbara WEBER; wit Alfred YOUNG & Irma BLUHM?, both Hanover, 1 Jun 1927, Hanover

011777-27 David Lorne BUMSTEAD, 32, Farmer, St. Vincent Twp, St. Vincent Twp, s/o Thomas BUMSTEAD (b. St. Vincent) & Elizabeth ROSS; married Margaret Susannah MILLER, 24, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o John V. MILLER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Harriett RUMLEY; wit Annie A. VAIL & Marion VAIL, both Meaford, 17 Dec 1927, St. Vincent

011778-27 Austin Matthias BUNYAN, 28, Merchant, Arthur, Arthur, s/o Thomas BUNYAN & Sarah NASH; married Anna Maria PICKETT, 34, Proton, Proton, d/o John PICKETT & Maria RICE; wit William PICKETT, Mount Forest & Mary BEDFORD, Guelph, 28 Jun 1927, Proton

011779-27 David Nelson BURNS, 53, labourer, Sarawak Twp, Owen Sound, s/o William BURNS (b. Virginia USA) & Margaret MORTLEY; married Sarah Ann EARLE (nee WOODS), 51, Housekeeping, Wid, England, Owen Sound, d/o William WOODS (b. England) & Sarah FOUNTAIN; wit Mrs. ANDERSON & Mr. G.E. ANDERSON, both Shallow Lake, 4 Oct 1927, Owen Sound

011780-27 George Emmerson BURROWS, 33, Farmer, Melancthon Twp, Egremont Twp, s/o William Marshall BURROWS (b. Millgrove) & Esther Jane JOHNSTONE, married Edith May DINGWALL, 35, Proton Twp, Egremont Twp, d/o Thomas DINGWALL (b. Proton Twp) & Eliza Mary KILSON; wit Eule? DINGWALL & W.N. BURROWS, both Holstein, 23 Feb 1927, Holstein

011781-27 Amos Alvin CAIN, 27, Telegraph Operator, Shallow Lake, London, s/o Thomas CAIN (b. Ontario) & Rebecca CARRIE (Currie?); married Lulu Mable CAVELL, 28, Teacher, Sarawak Twp, Owen Sound, d/o William CAVELL (b. Ontario) & Jessie Ann DUNCAN; wit W.J. CAVELL, Owen Sound & Thomas CAIN, Shallow Lake, 3 Sept 1927, Sarawak Twp

011782-27 Judson Leon CARNAHAN, 26, Sailor, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o William CARNAHAN (b. St. Vincent Twp) & Jane ANDERSON; married Sarah May BELROSE, 17yrs 11 mo & 8 days, Tobermory Bruce Co, Owen Sound, d/o illegible (father b. Owen Sound) [rest of reg'n is too faded]

011783-27 Augustus CARROLL, 45, Farmer, Sydenham Twp, Owen Sound, s/o William CARROLL & Mary REILLY; married Mary CAMERON, 35, Sydenham Twp, Owen Sound, d/o Donald CAMERON & Bridget MATHEWS; wit Joseph CAMERON & Agnes CAMERON, both Owen Sound, 30 Jun 1927, Owen Sound

011784-27 Joseph CARUSO, 20, merchant, Miltra Pa USA, Listowel, s/o Joseph CARUSO (b. Italy) & Johanna SUNGERT?; married Violet Sophia BOLTON, 20, Hanover, Hanover, d/o Albert BOLTON (b. Ontario) & Sara MARRELL; wit Thomas CARUSO, Kincardine & Ross CARUSO, Listowel, 23 Nov 1927, Hanover

011785-27 John Gilbert CASTLE, 28 (Oct 29), Farmer, Holland Twp, Derby Twp, s/o James Henry CASTLE (b. Sullivan Twp) & Annie SHEPHERD; married Eva Elizabeth KING, 21 (Sept 5), Housekeeping, Owen Sound, Derby Twp, d/o William Thomas KING (b. London England) & Martha Jane SARGEANT; wit Mrs. Fred J. JONES & Fred J. JONES, both Owen Sound, 7 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011786-27 Arthur Hugh CATTO, 27, Farmer, Wid, Sarawak Twp, Sarawak Twp, s/o William CATTO (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Mary MCINNES; married Eva Etta BANNISTER, 19, Keppel Twp, Sarawak Twp, d/o John BANNISTER (b. Bruce) & Georgina BUCHANAN; wit Charles CATTO & Jessie CATTO, both Owen Sound, 16 Mar 1927, Owen Sound

011787-27 Robert CEASER, 50, Merchant, Wid, Holland Twp, Holland Twp, s/o Mathew CEASER & Margaret HIGGINSON; married Ada Jean YATES, 39, Fur Finisher, Sydenham Twp, Owen Sound, d/o James YATES & Isabel MCCAULEY; wit Mrs. Werth YATES & Mr. W. YATES, both Owen Sound, 14 Sept 1927, Chatsworth

011788-27 William John CHARLTON, 32, Farmer, Wid, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, s/o Francis CHARLTON (b. Ontario) & Jane BYERS; married Gertrude Alice ROGERS, 24, House Maid, Amabel Twp Bruce Co, Gull Lake Sask, d/o James ROGERS (b. Wiarton) & Annie PENGELLY; wit Clifford MCINTOSH, Viceroy Sask & E. Gertrude FLOYD, Owen Sound, 29 Aug 1927, Owen Sound

011789-27 Henry CHERRY, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia Twp, s/o Joseph CHERRY (b. Canada) & Sarah CORNFIELD; married Mildred May SYMES, 15, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o David SYMES (b. Canada) & Hannah DIXON; wit Edna & John BREASY?, both Markdale, 7 Feb 1927, Markdale

011790-27 Olaf Langraf CHRISTEN, 23 (Sept 24), Moulder, Frederickskall Norway, Owen Sound, s/o Frederick CHRISTEN (b. Norway) & Augusta ANDERSON; married Charlotte Luella HOPKINS, 19 (Jul 14), Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o James Thomas HOPKINS (b. Ontario) & Dorothy Jane NOBLE; wit Ralph B. MCLEAN & Rita E. TENNANT, both Owen Sound, 5 Nov 1927, Owen Sound

011791-27 William Thomas CLARK, 24, Labourer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Richard John CLARK (b. Artemesia Twp) & Mary BOLER; married Mable Elizabeth SCHOPE, 19 8/16, Housemaid, Dyers Bay Bruce Co, Owen Sound, d/o Conrad Henry SCHOPE (b. Detroit Mich USA) & Laura ROSENBERG; wit Mrs. John POTTER & John W. POTTER, both Owen Sound, 23 May 1927, Owen Sound

011792-27 Elmer George CLOCK, 24, Fisherman, Meaford, Meaford, s/o John Jacob CLOCK (b. Michigan USA) & Mary Ann POLLEY; married Amy Marian BARDEAU, 17, Bobcaygeon, Meaford, d/o John James BARDEAU (b. Peterborough) & Edna CROWE; wit Mrs. Edna BARDEAU & Mrs. Muriel PAINTING, both Meaford, 6 Oct 1927, Meaford

011793-27 Horace Alfred COCKS, 32, Farmer, England, Winona, s/o Alfred Martin COCKS (b. England) & Mary BROADBENT; married Bertha Eleanor Ruth STILLWELL, 30, School Teacher, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Rev. Robert John STILLWELL (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Jane STEPHENSON; wit Ada SMITH & E.D. SMITH, both Owen Sound, 7 Dec 1927, Owen Sound

011795-27 Ira COOK, 22, Farmer, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, s/o Charles COOK (b. Sullivan Twp) & Agnes MUMFORD; married Elizabeth Jean SHERMAN, 23, Sarawak Twp, Derby Twp, d/o Wesley J. SHERMAN (b. Sarawak Twp) & Mary SAUNDERS; wit Hugh S. COOK & Euretta SHERMAN, both Tara, 5 Oct 1927, Derby Twp

011794-27 John COOK, 86, Farmer, Wid, Nickle Twp, Collingwood Twp, s/o John COOK (b. England) & Jeannie PICK; married Mary WRIGHT, 79, Housekeeper, Wid, Canada, Collingwood, d/o Gabriel WILLETT (b. Kingston) & Lizzie MARTIN; wit John F. HOLDEN, Ravenna & Mary HOCKLEY, Collingwood Twp, 17 Aug 1927, Collingwood

011796-27 William Henry CORLETT, 30, Farmer, Sullivan Twp, Sullivan Twp, s/o Philip CORLETT (b. Bentinck Twp) & Mary Ann WALKER; married Annie Myrtle BOYCE, 22, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o William Harvey BOYCE (b. Quebec Province) & Mary Urquhart HASTIE; wit Mary LETINGHAM, Durham & Katharine ARMSTRONG, Durham, 9 Nov 1927, Durham

011797-27 Milton John COULTER, 31, Baggage Master CPR, Aurora York Co, Owen Sound, s/o Milton COULTER (b. Ontario) & Sarah MCFEE; married Louisa BELL (nee GENEROUS), 30, Housekeeper, Benfield, Owen Sound, d/o Peter GENEROUS (b. Ontario) & Mary BENNETT; wit Mrs. Rebecca SCRANE, Owen Sound & Victor TYKE, Owen Sound , 18 Jun 1927, Owen Sound

011798-27 George Gordon COUTTS, 24, Farmer, West Luther Twp, West Luther Twp, s/o Peter COUTTS (b. Maryborough Twp) & Isabel DUNCAN; married Marron Christina MACARTHUR, 25, Teacher, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o Donald MACARTHUR (b. Bentinck Twp) & Annie McKinnon SHEWAN; wit Mary E. LAMB of Durham & illegible K. COUTTS of Durham?, 14 Jul 1927, Bentinck

011799-27 John Dawson CRABTREE, 28, Auditor Accountant, Euphrasia, Toronto, s/o George CRABTREE (b. Euphrasia Twp) & Elizabeth HUBBARD; married Grace Love BROWN, 27, Teacher, Meaford, Meaford, d/o Dorval BROWN (b. Napanee) & Lottie LOVE; wit Frank A. BROWN, Meaford & Dorothy E. CLUGSTON, Columbus, 9 Jul 1927, Meaford

011800-27 George Wesley CRAMPTON, 26 (Nov 17), Farmer, Keppel Twp, Woodrow Sask, s/o William CRAMPTON (b. Ontario) & Phoebe BROWN; married Violet Flora SPRINGHAM, 19 (Sept 20), Dental Assistant, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o William SPRINGHAM (b. England) & Esther MILES; wit Dr. W. BIDELL & Lily Helen BIDDELL, both Owen Sound, 7 Dec 1927, Owen Sound

011801-27 Earl CRANDON, 27, Farmer, Amabel Twp, Wiarton, s/o John CRANDON (b. Keppel Twp) & Jemima HENDRY; married Jennie Mildred MORRIS, 26, Teacher, Keppel Twp, Presque Isle, d/o Harman or Norman MORRIS (b. Lyn Twp- Leeds Co) & Susan CRAMPTON; wit John E. WARREN?, Presque Isle & Margaret GRAHAM, Balaclava, 25 Apr 1927, Owen Sound

011802-27 William Oliver CROCKFORD, 23, Farmer, Parry Sound District, Artemesia, s/o Ernest E. CROCKFORD & Mercy VOWELS; married Mary Christina NICHOLLS, 25, Artemesia Twp, Artemesia Twp, d/o W.H. NICOLLS (sic) & Mary BELL; wit Walter H. NICOLLS & Ethel M. NICOLLS, both Dundalk, 6 Jul 1927, Dundalk

011803-27 Noble CROFT, 38, Farmer, Wid, St. Vincent Twp, Sydenham Twp, s/o Ambrose CROFT (b. Essex England) & Eleanor LAUDER; married Lillian BYERS, 21, Housekeeping, Arran Twp Bruce Co, Derby Twp, d/o William BYERS & Emma WHITE; wit Fred CROFT & Blanche KENNY, both Owen Sound, 3 Mar 1927, Owen Sound

011804-27 John Thomas CROMPTON, 33, auto mechanic?, Keppel Twp, Owen Sound, s/o George CROMPTON (b. Keppel) & Ida PEASE; married Isabel MINK, 30, Dress Maker, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Charles MINK (b. Germany) & Kathleen CAMPBELL; wit Russel BURCHILL? & Mary E. CHARLTON, both Clarksburg, 21 Jul 1927, Clarksburg

011805-27 Otto J. DAMM, 35, Machinist, Normanby, Ayton, s/o Conrad DAMM (b. Canada) & blank; married Pearl Elisabeth KOENIG, 25, Domestic, Normanby, Ayton, d/o William KOENIG (b. Canada) & Sophia GRASSER; wit Mrs. W.H. LEIBOLD & Clara LEIBOLD, both Ayton, 11 Jun 1927, Normanby

011806-27 Herbert Louis DANARD, 26, Farmer, Derby Twp, Keppel Twp, s/o Louis B. DANARD (b. Ontario) & Ada C. PARSONS; married Eunice Eileen Grace TAYLOR, 23, Teacher, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, d/o Adam M. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Jennie E. GARDINER; wit Edna BREEN (BRIEN?), Tara & James G. TAYLOR, Kemble, 28 Sept 1927, Keppel Twp

011807-27 William Herbert DARGAVEL, 43, Builder, Dornoch, Vancouver (or Dornoch - both given), s/o Robert McAdam DARGAVEL (b. Dumfries Scotland) & Emily FARRIER; married Sarah Florence MACDONALD, 29, School Teacher, Bentinck Twp, Durham, d/o Hugh MACDONALD (b. Scotland) & Janet HOBKIRK; wit Annie HAY, Durham & E.B. DARGAVEL, Dornoch, 2 Nov 1927, Durham

011808-27 St. Clair John DAUM, 23, Farmer, Normanby Twp, Normanby Twp, s/o Henry J. DAUM (b. Ayton) & Annie Margaret KOENIG; married Edna WEBER, 23, Normanby Twp, Normanby d/o Louis K. WEBER (b. Hanover) & Minnie WITTICK; wit Clayton DAUM, Normanby & Adeline WEBER, Neustadt, 7 Sept 1927, Dromore

011809-27 Carroll Frederick DAVEY, 23, Salesman, Ontario, 437 Montrose Ave in Toronto, s/o Fred DAVEY (b. Ontario) & Frances E. SPARLING; married Florence Jean MCARTHUR, 21, Ontario, Annan, d/o Charles MCARTHUR (b. Ontario) & Mary CATHRAE; wit Stuart S. DAVEY, Weston & Rae MCARTHUR, Annan, 19 Jul 1927, Sydenham Twp

011811-27 Thomas DAVIS, 68, Labourer, Wid, Warwickshire England, Owen Sound, s/o Henry DAVIS (b. England) & Mary PINFOLK; married Eliza MACINTOSH (nee MEDDAUGH), 58, Housekeeper, Wid, Amable Twp Bruce Co, Owen Sound, d/o George MEADOUGH (b. Caledon Twp) & Mary ROGERS; wit J.R. illegible & Mrs. Edith BELROSE, 25 Mar 1927, Owen Sound

011810-27 Claire Swanton DAVIS, 24, Farmer, Artemesia Twp, Artemesia, s/o John Wesley DAVIS & Minnie SWANTON; married Marjorie Bell HISLOP, 20, Artemesia Twp, Artemesia, d/o Adam HISLOP & Jean MILNE; wit Thomas Edward DAVIS & Annie HISLOP, both Markdale, 21 Jun 1927, Dundalk

011812-27 Edward P. DICKERT, 27, Farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o George DICKERT (b. Ontario) & Caroline SEIP; married Emma R. FISCHER, 21, Domestic, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Jacob N. (b. Ontario) & Catherine FISCHER; wit Elisabeth FISCHER, & Theophil K. DICKERT, both Ayton, 30 Nov 1927, Neustadt

011813-27 William Strong DINSMORE, 41, Farmer, Wid, Manitoulin Island, Clarksburg, s/o Thomas DINSMORE (b. Proton Twp) & Isabella GRIFFITH; married Hazel Kathleen HAINES, 18, Domestic, Kimberley, Kimberley, d/o George HAINES (b. England) & Lucy PERRINS; wit George A. DINSMORE, Thornbury & Stanley C. HAINES, Kimberley, 20 Apr 1927, Kimberley

011814-27 Emanuel Laurence DOBSON, 23, Farmer, Collingwood Twp, Osprey, s/o John DOBSON & Elizabeth MOORE; married Lulu MILNE, 18, Artemesia Twp, Artemesia, d/o James MILNE & Elizabeth RADLEY; wit Mrs. F.N. BOWES & Muriel HEATHERS, both Markdale, 7 Mar 1927, Markdale

011815-27 Wilbert Reuben DOBSON, 27, Farmer, Collingwood Twp, Ravenna, s/o Joseph DOBSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret MCCULLOUGH; married Mary Agnes KERR, 16, Domestic, Wigtown Scotland, Ravenna, d/o John G. KERR (b. Scotland) & Mary HERON; wit Mrs. Emanuel DOBSON & Samuel DOBSON, both Ravenna, 22 Jun 1927, Collingwood Twp

011816-27 Hubert Ewart DONALD, 29 (Jul 13), Motor Office Manager, Winnipeg, Owen Sound, s/o George DONALD (b. Ontario) & Edith HORTON; married Jean MacMurchy SINCLAIR, 29 (23 Mar), Stenographer, Sullivan Twp, Owen Sound, d/o Duncan H. SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Emma HALL; wit S.H. BUCHANAN & Mrs. Janet BUCHANAN, both Owen Sound, 22 Dec 1927, Owen Sound

011817-27 James Browne DUFFIELD, 27, Accountant, Claverton St. in Glasgow, Durham, s/o Benjamin Harry DUFFIELD (b. Brighton England) & Elizabeth Horrocks BIRCH; married Louise Edna TROTTER, 21, Stenographer, Sydenham Twp, Owen Sound, d/o James TROTTER (b. Ontario) & Mary LIVINGSTON; wit Margaret HASTON, Owen Sound & J. DUFFIELD, Owen Sound, 11 Jan 1927, Owen Sound

011818-27 John Wesley DUNNELL, 50, Farmer, Wid, Meaford, Thornbury, s/o John DUNNELL (b. Cobourg) & Catharine Ellen NUTT; married Jessie Tryphena DEAN, 52, Wid, St. Vincent Twp, Thornbury, d/o Robert HILL (b. Devonshire England) & Mary PRATT; wit William Franklin DEAN, Thornbury & Elsie JOLLEY, Clarksburg, 19 Apr 1927, Thornbury

011819-27 Donald Charles DURMAN, 29, Medical Doctor, Indianapolis Ind, Detroit, s/o Lods Lawrence DURMAN (b. United States) & Grace SMALLWOOD; married Nora Eileen MILLS, 20, Nurse, Hanover, Hanover, d/o John MILLS (b. Ireland) & Annie Laurie HILL; wit Marie MILLS, Hanover & William H. WINDRUM, Detroit Mich, 6 Sept 1927, Hanover

11935-27 William Murdock McDONALD, 35, contractor, Aurora, Thornhill York Co, s/o Murdock McDONALD (b. Temperanceville Ontario) & Sarah THOMPSON, married Nellie Margaret RADLEY, 25, operator, Maxwell, Lansing, d/o James E. RADLEY (b. Osprey twp) & Elizabeth COUTTS, witn: Cyril BRILLINGER of Thornhill & Mildred RADLEY of RR#1 Flesherton, 28 Dec 1927 at Maxwell

11936-27 Norman McEACHREN, 28, factory hand, Parry Sound, Meaford, s/o Archie McEACHREN (b. Collingwood) & Matilda BOTTREL, married Ada ARMSTRONG, 20, St Vincent twp (Griersville), Meaford, d/o John ARMSTRONG (b. Norman) & Maud ANDERSON, witn: Mrs Maud ARMSTRONG & Mrs E. BAKER both of Meaford, 27 Apr 1927 at Meaford

11937-27 Cecil Elmer McILVEEN, 22, porter, Wiarton, Owen Sound, s/o Gilbert McILVEEN & Temperance CASE, married Henrietta Marie DE MOULDER, 23, stenographer, Amsterdam Holland, Owen Sound, d/o Joseph DE MOULDER & Theodora METZ, witn: James HASTFORD & Mrs David ROBERTS both of Owen Sound, 10 Oct 1927 at Owen Sound

11938-27 Robert James McKAY, 34, farmer, Holland twp, same, s/o James McKAY (b. Sullivan) & Hannah LEE, married Alice Jessie MITCHELL, 20, Sullivan twp, same, d/o David MITCHELL (b. Sullivan) & Elizabeth FENTON, witn: Clara GIFFEN & S.C. MACWILLIAM both of Chatsworth, 31 Aug 1927 at Holland twp

11939-27 Joseph Ernest McKEE, 49, farmer, Artemesia twp, same, s/o John McKEE (b. Ireland north) & Jane McLEOD, married Christina Euphemia McKINNON, 43, Artemesia twp, same, d/o Charles McKINNON (b. Scotland) & Henrietta MACQUEEN, witn: L.M. McKINNON of Calgary Alberta & Emma Rae McLEOD of New Brunswick NJ, 11 July 1927 at home of bride near Priceville

11940-27 William Stanley McKEE, 27yr 9mo, farmer, Sydenham twp, lot 7 con 8 Sydenham twp, s/o Benjamin McKEE (b. Sydenham twp) & Annie LAMONT, married Evelyn Victoria LAYCOCK, 26yr 3mo, registered nurse, Dufferin twp Manitoba, 1528 9th Ave East Owen Sound, d/o William Edgar LAYCOCK (b. Sydenham twp) & Margaret McCUTCHEON, witn: Henry McCUTCHEON & Gladys McKEE both of Woodford Ontario, 6 Apr 1927 at Owen Sound

11941-27 George Donald McKENZIE, 30, widower, factory hand, Keppel twp, Meaford, s/o William Lyon McKENZIE (b. Keppel twp) & Katherine JOLEY, married Clara Jean WILLIAMS, 29, domestic, Toronto, Meaford, d/o Richard WILLIAMS (b. Toronto) & Annie WILLIAMS, witn: Mrs W.E. LONG & William E. LONG both of Meaford, 14 Oct 1927 at Meaford

11942-27 William Duncan MACKINNON, 25, engineer, Village of Allenford, same, s/o Duncan C. MACKINNON (b. Ontario) & Isabella ROWE, married Annie Florence McDONALD, 24, stenographer, Owen Sound, same, d/o D.A. MACDONALD (sic) (b. Ontario) & Jennie R. McCLINTOCK, witn: C.A. MACDONALD & Eileen MACDONALD both of RR#5 Owen Sound, 27 Aug 1927 at Derby twp

11943-27 John Duncan McLEAN, 38, farmer, Sydenham twp, Holland twp, s/o Alex McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Flora McQUEEN, married Mary Jane FARLEY, 37, Sydenham twp, same, d/o James FARLEY (b. Canada) & Frances BROWN, witn: Mrs David CAMPBELL & Mrs Alex McLEAN both of RR#1 Bognor, 20 Apr 1927 at Sydenham twp

11944-27 William Chester McLEAN, 21yr 11mo, machine hand, Algoma District, 1198 1St Ave West Owen Sound, s/o James McLEAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane RICHARDSON, married Olive Eliza SEABROOK, 18yr 5mo, housemaid, Algoma District, 150 13 St West Owen Sound, d/o Archie SEABROOK (b. Ontario) & Martha Elvira Mable CANN, witn: Mrs A.D. CORNETT of 228 9th St West Owen Sound & Mrs R.J. CORNETT of 271 McNab St South Hamilton Ontario, 21 July 1927 at Owen Sound


11945-27 William John McLEOD, 29, school teacher, Ontario, Lambton Mills, s/o Neil McLEOD (b. Ontario) & Annie McLELLAN, married Elda Annie PARSLOW, 25, school teacher, Ontario, Hopeville, d/o George W. PARSLOW (b. Ontario) & Rachel FERGUSON, witn: Frank SANDERS of St David's Ontario & Ivy PARSLOW of Proton, 24 Aug 1927 at Proton twp

11946-27 Angus McMILLAN, 30, farmer, Keppel twp, lot 2 con 10 Keppel twp, s/o Angus McMILLAN (b. Sydenham twp) & Isabel CAMERON, married Annie Elizabeth HILLS, 24, housekeeping, Amabel twp Bruce Co, same near Hepworth, d/o Thomas James HILLS (b. Derby twp) & Annie Elizabeth GATES, witn: George A. HILLS of Park Head & Ernest G. HILLS of RR#1 Hepworth, 3 Apr 1927 at Owen Sound

11947-27 George Ian McMILLAN, 23, farmer, St Vincent twp, same, s/o Dugald McMILLAN (b. Stormont Co) & Elizabeth GEDDES, married Lola Louise TAYLOR, 21, domestic, Meaford, St Vincent twp, d/o Charles James TAYLOR (b. St Vincent twp) & Louise PATRICK, witn: Norman Dougall McMILLAN of Meaford & Myrtle Agnes TAYLOR of RR#4 Woodford, 12 Apr 1927 at St Vincent twp

11948-27 John Cooper McNAUGHT, 40, farmer, Sarawak twp, lot 26 con 3 Sarawak twp, s/o Peter C. McNAUGHT (b. Scotland) & Jemima SAUNDERS, married Florence Louise Maud McALLISTER, 33yr 10mo, painting & book binding, Owen Sound, 868 4th Ave ‘'A" West Owen Sound, d/o Findley McALLISTER (b. Scotland) & Anna PHILLIPS, witn: Herbert Phillips McALLISTER & Beatrice Jean McALLISTER both of Owen Sound, 2 Mar 1927

11949-27 Donald McNEIL, 27, mechanic, Keppel twp, same, s/o John A. McNEIL (b. Canada) & Lenore DEWAR, married Edith Ellen LEONARD, 20, Keppel twp, same, d/o William H. LEONARD & Jennie Lucenda DEWAR, witn: Albert LEONARD of RR#1 Wiarton & Isabel McNEIL of RR#2 Kemble, 17 Dec 1927 at Keppel twp

11950-27 Harry Gladstone McNEILL, 29, sailor, Victoria British Columbia, Derby twp, s/o Angus McNEILL (b. Scotland) & Flora MUNN, married Winnie Laura COOK, 24, Derby twp, same, d/o Wilfred COOK (b. Sullivan), farmer & Catherine BLACK, witn: Wilmer COOK of RR#5 Tara & Daniel illegible BLACK of Chatsworth, 26 Mar 1927 at Derby twp

11951-27 Albert G. McRONALD, 25, farmer, Bentick, Bentick twp, s/o James McRONALD (b. Bentick twp) & Jane TURNBULL, married Elizabeth Ford HUGHES, 27, dressmaker, Normanby, Grey Co, d/o John HUGHES (b. Normanby twp) & Elizabeth FORD, witn: Janet E. McRONALD & H.J. HUGHES both of Hanover, 15 June at Durham

11952-27 George McVITTIE, 28, farmer, St Vincent twp, same, s/o Albert McVITTIE (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth DINSMORE, married Edna Alice Rozella LAMBE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen LAMBE, witn: Della McVITTIE & Ernest ALMOND both of Meaford, 26 Jan 1927 at Meaford

11953-27 William Henry NEWBURN, 39 on 28 Apr 1927, factory hand, Tecumseth twp Simcoe Co, Town Plot of Brook Sarawak twp, s/o George NEWBURN (b. Ontario) & Margaret SMART, married Laura CAVELL, 35 on 29 Sept 1927, public school teacher, Sarawak twp, same, d/o Samuel CAVELL (b. Ontario) & Maria BRIGGS, witn: Anna W. NEWBURN & Howard H. CAVELL both of RR#7 Owen Sound, 15 Nov 1927 at Owen Sound

11954-27 Lewis NEWELL, 30, mechanic, Bentinck twp, Durham, s/o George NEWELL (b. State of Maine USA) & Margaret STEWART, married Mary Marguerita ALEXANDER, 21, housekeeper, Bentinck twp, Durham, d/o Alexander ALEXANDER (b. Grey Co) & Ella WARNICK, witn: Isabel NOBLE & Maisie WHEELER both of Durham, 26 Apr 1927 at Durham

11955-27 Alvin Fred NOBLE, 21, farmer, Glenelg twp, Egremont twp, s/o Fred NOBLE (b. Bentinck twp) & Ella PICKERING, married May Victoria HOPKINS, 18, Bentinck twp, same, d/o Charles Alexander HOPKINS (b. Bentinck twp), farmer & Eliza Jane SMITH, witn: Frank HOPKINS & Sara Lucile SHARPE both of RR#2 Durham, 1 June 1927 at Durham

11956-27 Thomas Ralph NOBLE, 25, farmer, Shallow Lake Keppel twp, con 7 Keppel twp, s/o William Thomas NOBLE (b. Blanchard twp Perth Co) & Frances HYATT, married Beatrice Marie YATES, 18yr 3 mo, domestic, Owen Sound, lot 12 con 3 Keppel twp, d/o Edmund James YATES (b. Springmount Ontario) & Alice Jane MOLLOY, witn: George Edward ANDERSON & Mrs George ANDERSON both of Shallow Lake, 14 Sept 1927 at Shallow Lake

11957-27 Wesley Walter NOBLE, 24, farmer, Bentinck twp, same, s/o William NOBLE (b. Bentinck) & Emma BRIESE, married Bertha Christina RITCHIE, 18, domestic, Glenelg twp, Durham, d/o David RITCHIE (b. Artemesia) & Christina HUNTER, witn: J.R. LAWRENCE & Pauline LAWRENCE both of RR#1 Hanover, 9 Feb 1927 at Durham

11958-27 Henry George OLDFIELD, 33, employee of Minnesota State Board of Health, Inglewood Ontario, same (or Minneapolis - both given), s/o Richard OLDFIELD (b. Ontario) & Alice OWENS, married Lilla Jane FREEBORN, 32, dietitian, Bruce Co, Owen Sound, d/o John FREEBORN (b. Ontario) & Essie VANCE, witn: Alma HETHERINGTON of Pontiac Michigan & J.W. FREEBORN of Walkerton, 2 Aug 1927


11959-27 Robert Albert PAGE, 29, widower, baker, Melancthon twp, Alliston Simcoe Co, s/o William Henry PAGE (b. Melancthon twp) & Elizabeth FERRIS, married Margaret Ethel McGRATH, 29, Proton twp, Alliston, d/o Peter McGRATH (b. Arthur twp) & Mary DUNN, witn: Sadie DUNN of Proton twp & Earl PAGE of Alliston, 8 June 1927 at Proton twp

11960-27 Richard PALMER, 78 widower, road foreman, Dalton in Furness Lancashire England, Meaford, s/o N.A. PALMER (b. England) & Agnes DUKE, married Mary Elizabeth FLYNN, 70, widow, Erin twp, Meaford, d/o Joseph SMITH (b. USA) & Mary C. ROBINSON, witn: Mrs A. Marie HANNA of Thornbury & Christina BROWN of Meaford, 21 Sept 1927 at Thornbury

11961-27 Harvey Charles PARKINSON, 25, farmer, Grey Co, Chinguacousy twp, s/o Charles PARKINSON (b. Ontario) & Nancy GARDENER, married Gladys Elsie KNOTT, 24, Grey Co, Chinguacousy twp, d/o Dawson KNOTT (b. Ontario) & Georgina BLACK, witn: Robert PARKINSON of RR#1 Brampton & Aileen KNOTT of 20 Gerrard St East Toronto, 22 Sept 1927 at Collingwood twp

11962-27 Percy PARSONS, 21yr 5mo, farmer, Keppel twp, Shallow Lake, s/o Walter PARSONS (b. Ontario) & Margaret SISSON, married Elva WILSON, 16yr 8mo, housemaid, Shallow Lake, same, d/o David WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary FLOOD, witn: Mrs W.B. PHILLIPS of 1062 3rd Ave West & Mrs J.T. STRACHAN of 1052 3rd Ave West, 28 Mar 1927 at Owen Sound

11964-27 Roy Wilbert PATTON, 28, laborer, Artemesia twp, Durham, s/o James Oscar PATTON (b. Grey Co) & Minnie REID, married Mildred Irene EALES, 27, England, Toronto, d/o George Edward EALES (b. England) & Catherine GILBERT, witn: Howard C. RITCHIE of Durham & Irene SHARPE of Toronto, 24 May 1927 at Village of Flesherton

11963-27 Hugh Alexander Russel PATTON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia twp, s/o Hugh PATTON (b. Euphrasia twp) & Mary MELLAFONT, married Mabel Eugenia Dora RICH, 34, Ontario, Euphrasia twp, d/o William RICH (b. Osprey) & Jemima TRUDGEON, witn: William James McLAREN of RR#3 Corbetton & Mary Ellen RICH of RR#3 Dundalk, 11 June 1927 at Village of Dundalk

11965-27 Stanley William PAXMAN, 25, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o William PAXMAN & Minnie CUDNEY, married Mary Ambrozine McLEAN, 23, Proton twp, same, d/o Samuel McLEAN (b. Hungerford twp), farmer & Eliza McMURDO, witn: William John McLEAN & Edna Perl McLEAN both of RR#1 Dundalk, 7 Dec 1927 at Proton twp

11966-27 Oliver PEAREN, 25, farmer, Collingwood twp, Ravenna, s/o William PEAREN (b. Collingwood twp) & Edward ROBINSON, married Verbell HOGG, 21, Collingwood twp, Thornbury, d/o John HOGG (b. Collingwood twp), farmer & Emily WHEELER, witn: Mrs R.E. MORTON & Annie HOGG both of Thornbury, 21 Dec 1927 at Thornbury

11967-27 Henry John Louis PFEFFER, 31, blacksmith, Brant twp, Guelph, s/o Conrad PFEFFER (b. Normanby twp) & Barbara MULLER, married Emma Elizabeth POLFUSS, 29, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o William POLFUSS (b. Carrick twp) & Catherine FISCHER, witn: George W. PFOHL of Carlsruhe & Bertha E. POLFUSS of Kitchener, 3 May 1927 at Hanover

11968-27 John Wesley POINTON, 25yr 11mo, wood carver, St Vincent twp, 312 18th St West Owen Sound, s/o Herbert Isaac POINTON (b. Norfolk England) & Rhoda Amelia WRIGHT, married Ida Frances BEARD, 21yr 11mo, knitter, Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire England, 1836 3rd Ave West Owen Sound, d/o William BEARD (b. Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire England) & Louise BURMAN, witn: Edward BURMAN of Bredenbury Saskatchewan & Elsie POINTON of Owen Sound, 1 Jan 1927 at Owen Sound

11969-27 Albert Ernest PORTEOUS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Osprey twp, s/o John PORTEOUS (b. Artemesia twp) & Caroline BETTS, married Annie Samuel Thomson DAVIDSON, 21, Scotland, Osprey twp, d/o Thomas DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Christina THOMSON, witn: Jane C. PORTEOUS of Maxwell & Catherine DAVIDSON of Markdale, 29 Sept 1927 at Village of Markdale

11970-27 Edwin PREISS, 25, butcher, Normanby twp, Clifford, s/o Noah PREISS (deceased) & Christina Jenny WICKENS, married Marie ALLENSEN, 26, domestic, Minto twp Wellington Co, same, d/o Henry ALLENSEN, farmer & Margaret KRAFT, witn: Norman ALLENSEN of RR#3 Clifford & Rebecca ALLENSEN of RR#1 Neustadt, 5 Oct 1927 at Normanby twp

11971-27 Percy Alexander PRIDDLE, 30, farmer, Osprey twp, same, s/o John H. PRIDDLE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MUIRHEAD, married Freda Iva Adella SCUTT, 28, Osprey twp, same, d/o Mathew SCUTT (b. Canada), farmer & Ida JEMISON, witn: Joseph SCUTT of Badgeros & Elizabeth LOUGHEED of Singhampton, 28 Sept 1927 at Osprey twp

11972-27 Roy Stanley PRIDDLE, 28, farmer, Badgeros Osprey twp, Melancthon twp, s/o Stephen PRIDDLE & Helen B. MILLER, married Jessie Margaret BADGEROW, 18, Wareham Osprey twp, Melancthon twp, d/o Joseph BADGEROW, farmer & Margaret SHIERS, witn: Walter H. CROFT & Margaret M. CROFT both of Proton RR#2, 30 Nov 1927 at Village of Dundalk

11973-27 Albert Earl RAE, 23, farmer, Egremont twp, same, s/o Alex RAE (b. London Ontario) & Mary QUINN, married Emma GREEN, 20, Proton twp, same, d/o Charles GREEN (b. Arthur twp) & Elizabeth MACLAREN, witn: Everett HUNT & Mrs Everett HUNT both of Mount Forest, 16 Nov 1927 at Durham

11974-27 Joshua Benjamin RANDLE, 18, painter, Meaford, same, s/o George RANDLE (b. Creemore) & Rowena KELLOUGH, married Vera Amarilla HILLIS, 20, Meaford, same, d/o Howard Frank HILLIS (b. Meaford) & Eva Annie LEWIS, witn: Wilmer HILLIS & Muriel PAINTING both of Meaford, 20 Oct 1927 at Meaford

11975-27 Elmer Wilson RANSOM, 20 on 23 Apr 1927, laborer, Holland twp, Village of Berkeley Holland twp, s/o Wilson RANSOM (b. Ontario) & Maud DOWLING, married Annie Isabel CAMERON, 18 on 6 Apr 1927, Keppel twp, same, d/o Donald CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Hannah MERVIN, witn: Mrs W.B. PHILLIPS of 1062 3rd Ave & Mrs J.T. STRACHAN of 1052 3rd Ave West, 16 Nov 1927 at Owen Sound

11976-27 John Wesley RANSOM, 23, farmer, Ontario, Holland twp, s/o Wilson RANSOM (b. Keppel twp) & Maud WATTS, married Violet Irene WYVILLE, 18, Ontario, Holland twp, d/o John WYVILLE (b. Euphrasia twp) & Jennie McCLUNG, witn: Sarah MORWOOD of Markdale & Margery Ellen WRIGHT of Clarksburg, 11 Apr 1927 at Village of Markdale

11977-27 Alf Frederick RAPER, 36, commercial artist, Minnedosa Manitoba, Meaford, s/o Frederick John RAPER (b. Lloydtown Ontario) & Edith E. SMITH, married Mona Beatrice WILSON, 27, nurse, Prescott Lancashire England, Wolfville Nova Scotia, d/o John George WILSON (b. St Helens Lancashire England) & Adela Beatrice WILSON, witn: Edith E. RAPER & Frederick John RAPER both of Meaford, 15 June 1927 at Meaford

11978-27 Hugh REA, 29, farmer, Co Antrim Ireland, Clarksburg, s/o William John REA (b. Ireland) & Lizzie ESLER, married Sarah Alice ROBINSON, 30, domestic, Draperstown Co Londonderry, Clarksburg, d/o Edward ROBINSON (b. Ireland) & Rose Mary MUNDLE, witn: Clifford MURRY & Mary REA both of Clarksburg, 19 Oct 1927 at Thornbury

11979-27 Albert REEVES, 24, widower, farmer, Egremont twp, Mount Forest, s/o Walter Alexander REEVES (b. New York State NY) & Margaret WATSON, married Ruby Edna WEISER, 18, Normanby twp, same, d/o Frederick WEISER (b. Normanby twp), farmer & Mary HERZBERGER, witn: Gertrude E. WEISER of Ayton & illegible PICKERING? of Durham, 29 Nov 1927 at Durham

11980-27 John Kenneth REID, 30, linotype operator, Glasgow Scotland, 1050 4th Ave East Owen Sound, s/o David REID (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Elizabeth FLOCKHERT, married Muriel BARFOOT, 23yr 8mo, housekeeper, Keppel twp, Shallow Lake, d/o Charles Anson BARFOOT (b. Keppel twp) & Elizabeth GREIG, witn: Bessie REID of Owen Sound & George ROSS of Chatham, 18 May 1927 at Village of Shallow Lake

11981-27 Neil Percival REID, 35yr 6mo, mill hand, Sydenham twp, 489 14th St West Owen Sound, s/o James REID (b. Ontario) & Annie MORRISON, married Violet Elizabeth BYE, 24yr 11mo, housekeeping, Sydenham twp, top of Creamery Hill south side Derby twp, d/o Thomas BYE (b. Ontario) & Annie BYE, witn: Alex STEWART of 474 14th St West & Mrs W.B. PHILLIPS of 1062 3rd Ave West, 23 Mar 1927 at Owen Sound

11982-27 Roland Alexander REID, 23yr on 29 Sept 1927, sailor, Bayfield Huron Co, 824 4th Ave A West Owen Sound, s/o Edward REID (b. Bayfield) & Effie Mabel BURNSIDES, married Lily Easter BELROSE, 18yr on 11 Apr 1927, packer nut & bolt works, Owen Sound, 345 21st St West Owen Sound, d/o Benson BELROSE (b. Owen Sound) & Edith ATTON, witn: Clara HYSLOP of 149 14th St West Owen Sound & Albert John FURNISS of 594 10th St West Owen Sound, 26 Dec 1927 at Owen Sound

11983-27 (Grey twp) William REIDT, 48, widower, farmer, Howick twp Huron Co, same, s/o Adam REIDT (b. Germany) & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER, married Elizabeth FRENCH, 32, widow, domestic, Carrick twp, Howick twp, d/o John SCHERER (b. Germany) & Christine HOLZHAUSER, witn: Edgar WERNER & Mrs E. WERNER both of RR#2 Ayton, 25 Aug 1927 at Normanby twp

11984-27 Robert George RHODES, 19 (26 Sept 1908), barber, Meaford, King George Hotel, s/o Robert RHODES (b. Ontario) & Gertrude BAKER, married Marguerite Isabel HENRY, 18 (24 Oct 1909), knitter, Owen Sound, 558 14 St West Owen Sound, d/o James HENRY (b. Scotland) & Isabell RICHIE, witn: Mrs W.B. PHILLIPS of 1062 3rd Ave West & Mrs J.T. STRACHAN of 1052 3rd Ave West, 30 Nov 1927 at Owen Sound

11985-27 Albert George RICHARDS, 22, farmer, Arran twp Bruce Co, Derby twp, s/o Victor Charles RICHARDS (b. Guelph) & Sarah Ellen MOORE, married Edith May BARNARD, 20, Derby twp, same, d/o William John BARNHARD (sic) (b. Derby twp), farmer & Nellie Elizabeth WALKER, witn: James VOKES of RR Owen Sound & Mrs James VOKES, 8 June 1927 at Derby twp

11986-27 Alfred Daniel RIES, 30, farmer, Carrick twp Bruce Co, same, s/o John RIES (b. Waterloo twp) & Helene HARBACH, married Alvina PAULINSKI, 26, domestic, Germany, Carrick twp, d/o August PAULINSKI (b. Germany) & Emilie SCHULTZ, witn: Ottilie PAULINSKI of Carlsruhe & Paul F. ADLER of Hanover, 17 Nov 1927 at Hanover


11987-27 Thomas Frederick RILEY, 20yr 9mo, printer, Meaford, Bridge St Meaford, s/o William F. RILEY (b. Meaford) & Carrie OLIVER, married Lizetta ROBBINS, 21yr 11mo, box maker, Owen Sound, 1757 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, d/o William Henry ROBBINS (b. London England) & Caroline LOFTHOUSE, witn: Carrie OLIVER & Muriel PAINTING both of Meaford, 7 June 19[27] at Meaford

11989-27 Robert Wesley ROBB, 29yr 8mo, druggist, Owen Sound, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Alexander ROBB (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Margaret Nichol VAIR, married Jessie Inez AITKEN, 31yr 1mo, housekeeping, Sydenham twp, lot 30, con B Sydenham twp, d/o James AITKEN (b. Sydenham twp) & Margaret McKEEN, witn: Dr. Brock McGREGOR of Detroit Michigan & Margaret AITKEN of Annan Ontario, 24 Sept 19[27] at Sydenham twp

11988-27 Robert ROBB, 32, accountant, Scotland, 352 Wolverleigh Blvd Toronto, s/o Robert ROBB (b. Scotland) & Mary GUNN, married Martha May McBRIDE, 28, bookkeeper, Ontario, 1090 4th Ave A West Owen Sound, d/o William Henry McBRIDE (b. Carlton Co) & Alice Maud OLD, witn: James LIVINGSTON of 314 Locke St South Hamilton & William H. McBRIDE of 1090 4th Ave A West Owen Sound, 5 Oct 1927 at Owen Sound

11990-27 William Edward ROBERTS, 22, author, Meaford, 134 Galley Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick ROBERTS (b. Lefroy) & Margaret McLELLAN, married Helen Jane McRAE, 22, stenographer, New York City, same, d/o Hugh McRAE (b. Meaford) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Catherine MILLER & Muriel PAINTING both of Meaford, 19 Oct 1927 at Meaford

11991-27 Michael ROBERTSON, 44, farmer, St Vincent twp, con 12 lot 39 St Vincent twp, s/o David ROBERTSON (b. St Vincent twp) & Jane LETTERS, married Florence MACGREGOR, 39, teacher, Sydenham twp, con 1 Sydenham twp, d/o Donald MACGREGOR (b. Sydenham twp) & Barbara RAMSAY, witn: Janie WOLSTENCROFT & Dorothy WOLSTENCROFT both of Leith, 10 Sept 1927 at Village of Leith

11992-27 Alexander Ernest ROBINSON, 45, marine engineer, Teeswater, Big Bay, s/o Abraham ROBINSON (b. Puslinch twp) & Catherine McKENZIE, married Verna Silverthorn BAXTER, 39, widow, housekeeping, Keppel twp, Big Bay, d/o William BOYD (b. Owen Sound) & Artemesia LUNDY, witn: Mrs Secord COLE of 564 13th St A West Owen Sound & Mrs T. LAIDLAW of 1124 4th Ave West Owen Sound, 30 Mar 1927 at Owen Sound

11993-27 George Dickson ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Derby twp, con 12 lot 36 Arran twp, s/o David Dickson ROBINSON (b. Lincolnshire England) & Arabella SARGEANT, married Austella Willoughby MOCK, 20yr 5mo, tailoress, Village of Shallow Lake, 1524 5th Ave West Owen Sound, d/o Thomas MOCK (b. Pinkerton Bruce Co) & Mary GREEN, witn: George V. SARGEANT & Elleta M. MOCK both of Owen Sound, 20 Apr 1927 at Owen Sound

11994-27 William McCoy ROBINSON, 25, YMCA general secretary, Belfast Ireland, YMCA Owen Sound, s/o James ROBINSON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Margaret TODD, married Gertrude Ellen DUNCAN, 22yr 6mo, saleslady, Wingham Huron Co, 616 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, d/o James DUNCAN (b. Markdale) & Mary Ellen DONNELLY, witn: Pearl V. COPELAND & C.R. COPELAND both of Wingham, 22 Aug 1927 at Owen Sound


11995-27 Allan Inkerman ROSS, 22, shipper, Owen Sound, 573 13th St West Owen Sound, s/o John William ROSS (b. Ontario) & Margaret HAMMOND, married Bessie Verona GLENDILLEN, 17yr 8mo, housekeeping, Village of Tobermory Bruce Co, 124 5th St East Owen Sound, d/o Andrew GLENDILLEN (b. Ontario) & Julia CAMPBELL, witn: Helen GLENDILLEN of Wiarton & Earl STRUTHERS of Owen Sound, 14 Jan 1927 at Owen Sound

11996-27 Charles August Henry ROSS, 52, widower, merchant, Sullivan twp, Williamsford, s/o Joseph ROSS (b. Germany) & Sophia MANRO (Munro?), married Emma FATUM, 46, domestic, Normanby twp, Waterloo, d/o George FATUM (b. Germany) & Maria DOENAM, witn: Louis FATUM & Mrs Louis FATUM both of RR#2 Ayton , 17 Sept 1927 at Normanby twp

11997-27 Herbert Charles ROUSE, 21yr 8mo, laborer, Lindsay twp Bruce Co, Balaclava Village Sydenham twp, s/o James Thomas ROUSE (b. Acton Ontario) & Catherine Anne McARTHUR, married Eleanor Pearl ROBBINS, 19yr 11mo, dinning room maid, Wiarton Bruce Co, Connaley House Owen Sound, d/o Thomas Robert ROBBINS (b. Canada) & Pearl Rebecca BARTMAN, witn: Alexander WARD & Mrs Alexander WARD both of Balaclava, 11 Aug 1927 at Owen Sound

11998-27 William Spencer RUSSELL, 24, mechanic, Beckenham Surrey England, 285 10th St East Owen Sound, s/o Alfred RUSSELL & Ada RUTTER, married Jessie Amelia STOVELL, 22, waitress, Penge Surrey England, 285 10th St East Owen Sound, d/o Harold STOVELL & Emma MAYGER, witn: Ross McEACHERN, Alfred RUSSELL & Gladys RUSSELL, 1 Jan 1927 at St Thomas Church, Owen Sound

11999-27 James Bernard RYAN, 30, farmer, Proton, same, s/o Michael RYAN & Catherine PICKETT, married Maria CRONIN, 29, Proton, same, d/o Richard CRONIN, farmer & Bridget MURPHY, witn: Martin RYAN & Anna MURPHY both of Proton, 27 June 1927 at Proton

12001-27 Charles Peter SACERTY, 41, farmer, Owen Sound North, RR#2 Hepworth Bruce Co, s/o Charles Peter SACERTY Sr (b. Elgin Co) & Mary Jane BEATTIE, married Ethel Irene MOONEY, 35, housekeeper, Owen Sound, RR#2 Hepworth, d/o Colin MOONEY (b. Mosa twp) & Christine MARTIN, witn: Sarah SACERTY of Hepworth & Russell NELSON of Kemble, 22 June 1927 at Owen Sound

12002-27 Alexander SANGSTER, 41, farmer, Ontario, Carrick twp Bruce Co, s/o John SANGSTER (b. Canada) & Charlotte NEWELL, married Lilly Matilda ORTMAN, 35, Ontario, Howick, d/o John ORTMAN (b. Canada) & Anna BUCKENTHEIN, witn: Mr & Mrs Albert DIETZ of #1 Clifford & Mr & Mrs John SANGSTER of Fordwich, 8 June 1927 at Normanby twp

12003-27 Thornton Nelson William SAYERS, 23, farmer, Osprey twp, RR#1 Ravenna, s/o James N. SAYERS (b. Erin twp) & Martha MOORE, married Alva Frances SHAW, 31, Collingwood twp, RR#1 Clarksburg, d/o Thomas SHAW (b. Collingwood twp), farmer & Edith GEE, witn: John Roy SHAW of Clarksburg & Mrs Walter WILSON of Eugenia, 27 Dec 1927 at Collingwood twp

12004-27 Robert John SCALES, 40, farmer, Albemarle twp, Arran twp, s/o John SCALES (b. Brant twp Bruce Co) & Elizabeth SCALES, married Margaret HAMBLY, 37, Albemarle twp, Owen Sound, d/o George W. HAMBLY (b. Fenelon Falls) & Margaret KENNEDY, witn: Dorothy MUIR of 1232 3rd Ave East Owen Sound & Martha HAMBLY of 4621 3rd St A West Owen Sound, 14 Sept 1927 at Owen Sound

12005-27 John James SCARROW, 22, butcher, Fergus Wellington Co, 1064 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, s/o James Henry SCARROW (b. Garafraxa twp Wellington Co) & Margaret Ann WILSON, married Mary Jane JONES, 18yr 6mo, housemaid, Duck Island Ontario, 1928 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, d/o Joseph JONES (b. Owen Sound) & Charlotte THEBO, witn: Katherine MILLER of 1764 3rd Ave East & James Henry SCARROW of 1064 3rd Ave East, 21 Mar 1927 at Owen Sound

12006-27 Russell Peter SCHOPE, 22, fisherman, Dyers Bay Lindsay twp, Fitzwilliam Island [Manitoulin District], s/o Conrad SCHOPE (b. Hanover Ontario) & Laura ROSENBERG, married Mary Ellen GATES, 24yr 2mo, Hepworth, same, d/o Richard GATES (b. Hepworth) & Ellen BANNISTER, witn: Miss Marie CHRISTIE of 659 4th Ave East Owen Sound & Russell GATES of RR#1 Hepworth, 14 July 1927 at Owen Sound

12007-27 Edward SCHREIBER, 35, farmer, Sullivan twp, same, s/o Oscar SCHREIBER (b. Grey Co) & Barbara EBENAN, married Catherine WALKER, 34, housework, Bentinck twp, same, d/o James WALKER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BRACKNELL, witn: Sandford HENDERSON & Erma HENDERSON both of Elmwood, 26 Feb 1927 at Village of Elmwood

12008-27 William John SCHWALEN, 39, farmer, Ontario, Carrick Bruce Co, s/o William SCHWALEN (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth SCHWALEN, married Sadye WOODS, 31, Ontario, Carrick, d/o William J. WOODS (b. Ontario) & Amelia WOODS, witn: Marguerite WOODS & Norman POMEROY both of Mildmay, 20 Apr 1927 at Hanover

12009-27 Floyd Wesley SCOTT, 26, carpenter, Oro twp Simcoe Co, same, s/o George A. SCOTT (b. Oro twp) & Euphemia ADAM, married Ivy Hazel HAZLITT, 17, Oro twp, same, d/o William HAZLITT (b. Oro twp) & Rebecca A. YOUNG, witn: Mr Lorne SCOTT of Oro twp & Mrs Lorne SCOTT of RR Orillia, 29 June 1927 at Village of Chatsworth

12010-27 Stanley William SEABROOK, 28, farmer, Holland twp, lot 7 con 8 Sydenham twp, s/o William SEABROOK (b. Canada) & Ester MELAPHONT, married Kathleen Emily DEAN, 18yr 3mo, Owen Sound, lot 9 con 6 Sydenham twp, d/o William W. DEAN (b. Canada) & Margaret DYSON, witn: illegible & Albertine DEAN both of Owen Sound, ? Dec 1927 at Owen Sound [faded reg'n]

12011-27 Henry SENG, 45, laborer, Normanby twp, same, s/o William SENG (b. Canada) & Barbara Carn SCHMALZ, married Maria HUTSCHENREITER, 27, domestic, Germany, Normanby, d/o Joseph HUTSCHENREITER (b. Checkoslavakian) & Elise Carn HEROLD, witn: Louis SCHREIBER & Hanna SCHREIBER both of Ayton, 15 Dec 1927 at Ayton Normanby twp

12012-27 Elvin Adrian SEWELL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia, s/o Henry SEWELL (b. Euphrasia) & Elizabeth HEATH, married Myrtle Edna MURRAY, 18, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o John W. MURRAY (b. Euphrasia 9th line) & Mary A. ADAMS, witn: Leta SEWELL of RR#2 Markdale & Elsie MURRAY of RR#3 Markdale, 10 Aug 1927 at bride's home Euphrasia

12013-27 Elgin Isaiah SHERMAN, 26, farmer, Sarawak twp, con 9-10 ½ lot 4 Derby twp, s/o John Wesley SHERMAN (b. Grey Co) & Mary Jane SAUNDERS, married Jean Willis HENDERSON, 26, housekeeping, Derby twp, con 9 lot 1 Derby twp, d/o William Cleary HENDERSON (b. Grey Co) & Elizabeth DUNCAN, witn: Melville Duncan HENDERSON & Elizabeth Jean SHERMAN both of RR#5 Tara, 17 Aug 1927 at Woodford

12014-27 William D. SHIER, 24, laborer, Grey Co, Detroit Michigan, s/o William Wesley SHIER (b. Ontario) & Anne Mae CUDDIE, married Ella M. GUNSON, 19, North Keppel, Owen Sound, d/o Robert GUNSON (b. Ontario) & S. Mae EAMES, witn: Grace SHIER & Bertrand HILDITCH both of North Keppel, 28 Dec 1927 at Keppel twp - divorced 31 Jan 1933

12015-27 Peter Joseph SIMMONS, 28, operator, Bervia Macedonia, Toronto, s/o Staunch SIMMONS & Eva PETERS, married Maria Emily DOYLE, 26, Proton, same, d/o Garrett DOYLE, farmer & Helen PHELAN, witn: Joseph DOYLE & Myrtle DOYLE both of Proton, 25 Apr 1927 at Proton

12016-27 William Herbert SIMPSON, 35, widower, shirt ironer, Berlin (Kitchener) Waterloo Co, RR#3 Kitchener, s/o William M. SIMPSON (b. Ontario) & Caroline REIHM, married Edna Caroline BRENTIGAM, 25, shirt presser, Ayton, 203 Benton St Kitchener, d/o Henry BREUTIGAM (b. Ontario) & Wilhelmina HORST, witn: Edwin HILGARTNER & Lillie HILGARTNER both of Neustandt, 2 Aug 1927 at Village of Neustadt

12017-27 Clifford Albert SLY, 25, bank clerk, Woodhull New York USA, 384 Colvin Park Way Buffalo, s/o William Parker SLY (b. Woodhull NY) & Hattie L. HUSTED, married Gladys Constance BATTEN, 25yr 11mo, teacher, Sault Ste Marie, 745 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, d/o Arthur A. BATTEN (b. Ontario) & Rachel F. FOSTER, witn: Margaret L. FLARITY of 4th St East Owen Sound & Ruth L. WOODFORD of 1246 3rd Ave East, 27 Aug 19[27] at Owen Sound


12018-27 Clarence Henry SMART, 21, farmer, Duncan, same, s/o Samuel SMART (b. Markdale) & Mary LEITCH, married Lillian Veronica PRENTICE, 19, Little Current, Duncan, d/o Benjamin PRENTICE (b. Heathcote Ontario), farmer & Mary Victoria HINDLE, witn: Mildred SMART & Cecil H. PRENTICE both of Duncan, 25 May 1927 at Euphrasia twp

12019-27 Albert Ernest SMITH, 25, mechanical dentist, Owen Sound, town of Simcoe Norfolk Co, s/o Fred SMITH (b. Grey Co) & Margaret SWANSON, married Mary Lillian BEST, 25, school teacher, Woodford, same, d/o George Edward BEST (b. Grey Co) & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: George T. BEST & Margaret V. BEST both of Woodford, 24 Aug 1927 at Sydenham twp

12020-27 Herbert Wesley SMITH, 30, farmer, Artemesia twp, same, s/o Isaac SMITH (b. Artemesia twp) & Martha KENNEDY, married Sarah Matilda Estella ALCOX, 25, Artemesia twp, same, d/o William J. ALCOX (b. King twp) & Mary Elizabeth FRY, witn: Clarence ALCOX & Vina DAVIDSON both of Markdale, 23 Nov 1927 at Village of Markdale

12021-27 Roswell SMITH, 26 on 29 May 1927, farmer, Amabel twp, Amabel twp lot 20 con B, s/o Frank R. SMITH (b. Lambton Co) & Mina CLARK, married Florence Viola CANDLE, 19 on 17 Apr 1927, Amabel twp, same, d/o Robert CANDLE (b. Eastnor twp Bruce Co) & Maude BUCKLAND, witn: Helen SMITH & John SMITH both of Allenford, 16 Nov 1927 at Owen Sound

12022-27 William Burrows SMITH, 23, motor mechanic, Holstein Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o James A. SMITH (b. Glenelg twp) & Esther BURROWS, married Isabella May BYERS, 23, teacher, Normanby twp, same, d/o Michael BYERS (b. Waterloo Co) & Isabella LITTLE, witn: Wilbert BYERS & Nettie BYERS both of Hanover , 19 Jan 1927 at Hanover

12023-27 Louis Charles SOLOMON, 25, salesman, Ontario, 220 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o Richard SOLOMON (b. Ontario) & Annie PROCTOR, married Jean French McDONALD, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 30 Harvard Ave Toronto, d/o John Alex McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Emma SIM, witn: Winifred S. McDONALD of 271 4th St Owen Sound & David L. PORTER of Wiarton, 16 Apr 1927 at Owen Sound

12024-27 Thomas John SOWERBY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Holland twp, s/o Thomas John SOWERBY (b. Ontario) & Minnie MUMBY, married Ruby Edna WALKER, 22, Ontario, Holland twp, d/o Alex WALKER (b. Ireland) & Katherine ELKIN, witn: William SOWERBY & E. WAKEFIELD both of Holland, 11 June 1927 at Holland twp

12025-27 Albert Edward SPARKS, 29, tanner, Southampton England, Artemesia twp, s/o Charles STEWART (b. Artemesia) & Ida COLE (guardians), married Mildred Irene McCALLUM, 22, Osprey twp, Flesherton, d/o Albert Edward McCALLUM (b. Osprey) & Sarah Jane McKEE, witn: Mrs S. McCALLUM of Flesherton & S. ARNOTT of Proton, 15 June 1927 at Flesherton

12026-27 James Wesley SPARLING, 25, plumber, Owen Sound, same, s/o Wesley SPARLING (b. Canada) & Emma LACKEY, married Jennie Hazel MORRISON, 21, housekeeping, Sydenham twp, 6th con Sydenham twp, d/o Angus MORRISON (b. Canada) & Jennie WILSON, witn: Robert SPARLING of Woodford & Christine MORRISON of Bognor, 29 June 1927

12027-27 John George SPENCE, 30, farmer, Proton twp, Girvin Saskatchewan, s/o George SPENCE (b. Proton twp) & Margaret STEWART, married Mary Margaret RUSSELL, 29, Proton twp, same, d/o John RUSSELL (b. Aberdeenshire Scotland) & Margaret GILLIES, witn: Mary TAYLOR of Dromore & Archie RUSSELL of RR#2 Dundalk, 28 Dec 1927 at Proton twp

12028-27 Andrew John SPIELMACHER, 40, farmer, Carlsruhe, Carrick twp Bruce Co, s/o John SPIELMACHER & Catherine SCHWARTZBECK, married Catherine Elizabeth KARL, 30, Hanover, same, d/o Marcus KARL & Theresa FORNWALD, witn: George KARL of Hanover & Mary HIHN of Formosa, 22 Feb 1927 at Hanover

12029-27 Carson Meredith STEEN, 27, D.M. Veterinary inspector, Blakeney, Guelph Wellington Co, s/o James STEEN (b. Ontario) & Harriet TIMMONS, married Ella Dickie McARTHUR, 32, teacher, Euphrasia twp, Meaford, d/o John D. McARTHUR (b. Ontario) & Sarah CLUGSTON, witn: Janet G. McARTHUR of Meaford & Madge PATTERSON of Wiarton, 28 Dec 1927 at Meaford

12030-27 Manley Hilton STEER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Markdale, s/o John STEER (b. Ontario) & Emma Charlotte JORDON, married Louise Alice Ruth JACKSON, 17, Ontario, Markdale, d/o Arthur JACKSON (b. England) & Ruth Edna MACDOUGAL, witn: Gordon STEER & G. WAKEFIELD both of Berkeley, 9 Feb 1927 at Holland twp

12031-27 Gabriel John STEFFLER, 45, teamster, Formosa, Kitchener, s/o John STEFFLER & Catherine HOUSE, married Mary Elizabeth SCHILDROTH, 35, Berlin Ontario, Hanover, d/o William SCHILDROTH & Dora SCHMIDT, witn: Herbert STEFFLER of 235 Wilmot St Kitchener & Viola HENNING of Hanover, 19 Apr 1927 at Hanover

12032-27 John Ross STEVENS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o Albert Levi STEVENS (b. Ontario) & Fannie MINERS, married Annie GILCHRIST, 25, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Andrew GILCHRIST (b. Ontario) & Harriett STEWART, witn: Ellwood STEVENS of Proton & Mabel GILCHRIST of Flesherton, 26 Mar 1927 at Flesherton

12033-27 Donald Morrison STEWART, 20 (22 Mar 1907), farmer, Sydenham twp, Balaclava Sydenham twp, s/o Donald STEWART (b. St Vincent twp) & Ruby MORRISON, married Elda May LAYCOCK, 19 (3 Apr 1908), Sydenham twp, Annan Sydenham twp, d/o Robert Nelson LAYCOCK (b. Meaford) & Ethelda SNIDER, witn: Marion J. ROSE & Mrs G.W. ROSE both of Annan, 21 Dec 1927 at Sydenham twp

12034-27 Cecil Robert STEWART, 21, laborer, Derby twp, 564 10th St West Owen Sound, s/o George STEWART (b. Ontario) & Rachael McCOY, married Ivey Mildred VAUDNIE, 18 on 2 May 1927, knitter, Owen Sound, 864 10th St West Owen Sound, d/o John A. VAUDNIE (b. Priceville) & Ida A. WILCOX, witn: Belva STEWART & Garfield STEWART both of RR#3 Owen Sound, 26 Oct 19[27] at Owen Sound

12035-27 Fredric David STEWART, 24, mason, Sydenham twp, 290 13th St West Owen Sound, s/o William STEWART (b. Mono twp) & Mary RAMSAY, married Inez BARFOOT, 21, housekeeper, Sarawak twp, con 11 Derby twp, d/o John Edward BARFOOT (b. Keppel twp) & Mary Marilla BARFOOT, witn: Mary Alma BARFOOT of RR#4 Tara & Ernest STEWART of 282 13th St West Owen Sound, 29 June 1927 at Derby twp

12036-27 James Albert STEWART, 28, grocer, Artemesia twp, Flesherton, s/o William James STEWART (b. Artemesia) & Emma Catherine OSBOURNE, married Jenny Margaret WINTERS, 24, grocer's clerk, Osprey twp, Flesherton, d/o Charles WINTERS (b. Osprey) & Margaret HARLEY, witn: Cecil BETTS & Winnifred HARROWER both of Flesherton, 29 Mar 1927 at Flesherton

12037-27 James Elwood STEWART, 26, sailor, Bolton Peel Co, 653 9th St East Owen Sound, s/o William STEWART (b. Toronto) & Matilda ALLISON, married Stella Elizabeth CHEER, 28, stenographer, Owen Sound, 343 6th St East Owen Sound, d/o David CHEER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McKAY, witn: H.A. CHEER of Benton Harbor Michigan & Corena CHEER of Owen Sound, 1 Jan 1927 at Owen Sound

12038-27 Allan Goldwin STITT, 23, laborer, Meaford, same, s/o James STITT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Ann GILMORE, married Elena Janet BOYLE, 22, clerk, Meaford, same, d/o Thomas BOYLE (b. Grey Co) & Janet BROWN, witn: Grace BROWN & Mrs E. BAKER both of Meaford, 21 Apr 1927 at Meaford

12039-27 William Gordon STONEMAN, 28, farmer, Parry Sound District, Grantham twp Lincoln Co, s/o William James STONEMAN (b. Devonshire England) & Elva Georgina McCALL, married Margaret Jean WAUGH, 22, Owen Sound, same, d/o Francis Joseph WAUGH (b. Wellington Co) & Margaret Jane BAIN, witn: Mrs G. FERGUSON of 106 State St Galt & Frank WAUGH of 525 Indian Rd Toronto, 27 Aug 1927 at Owen Sound

12040-27 John Reginald TALBOT, 33, farmer, Osprey twp, same, s/o Robert John TALBOT (b. Smith Falls Ontario) & Anna Jane ARNOTT, married Charlotte Ellen HANNAH, 27, Melancthon twp, Osprey twp, d/o Edmund HANNAH (b. Proton twp), farmer & Janet BROWN, witn: Ethel TALBOT of RR#2 Proton twp & Nelson S. ARNOTT of Dundalk, 21 Dec 1927 at Village of Dundalk

12041-27 Abraham Alexander TAYLOR, 20, barber, Holland twp, Chatsworth, s/o Orrie TAYLOR (b. Euphrasia twp) & Kate MORRISON, married Emily Williams McNABB, 23, Derby twp, same, d/o George McNABB (b. Derby twp) & Mary McCOY, witn: Samuel WALTER of 2056 4th Ave West Owen Sound & Grace THOMAS of St Thomas Rectory Owen Sound, 20 July 1927 at Owen Sound

12042-27 Charles Frederick TAYLOR, 22, cook, Owen Sound, same, s/o Arthur Landson (b. Dresden) & Francis Louise, married Olive THOMAS, 23, Minesing Simcoe Co, Owen Sound, d/o Robert James THOMAS & Edith Harriet, witn: Mr & Mrs George MOLON of 242 11th St West & Mrs I. SMITH of 1251 2nd Ave East, 16 June 1927 at Owen Sound

12043-27 Harold TEASDALE, 40, farmer, Bentinck twp, Salvador Saskatchewan, s/o Joseph TEASDALE (b. England) & Mary Jane TATTERS, married Ethel OWENS, 30, domestic, Bentinck twp, same, d/o William OWENS (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane WALL, witn: Jessie BAILEY of Elmwood & William R. OWENS of RR#4 Elmwood, 2 Mar 1927 at Hanover

12044-27 Joseph Edward TEASDALE, 26, farmer, Elderslie twp Bruce Co, same, s/o Ralph TEASDALE (b. England) & Matilda STANSAL, married Mary Olive SUTCLIFFE, 23, Sullivan twp, Desboro, d/o Matthew SUTCLIFFE (b. Sullivan) & Sadie OSBORN, witn: Emily TEASDALE of Elderslie twp & Clifford SUTCLIFFE of Desboro, 5 Oct 1927 at Village of Desboro

12045-27 John TEETER, 36, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia twp, s/o Aaron TEETER (b. Pennsylvania USA) & Ruth AINSWORTH, married Margaret Ann KINNEY, 29, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o William KINNEY (b. New Brunswick) & Agnes Belle WRAY, witn: J. Aubrey FOSTER & William KINNEY both of Markdale, 22 Oct 1927 at Village of Markdale

12046-27 Russell Allen TEMPLER, 29, farmer, Ancaster twp, Burford twp Brant Co, s/o Russell G. TEMPLER (b. Ancaster twp) & Anna A. BRETHOUR, married Mabel Muriel OLMSTEAD, 24, Walter's Falls, same, d/o Richard H. OLMSTEAD (b. Walter's Falls) & Olive E. BROWN, witn: J.H. TEMPLER of Burford & Baida M. LAWRENCE of 348 Main St Toronto, 26 Oct 1927 at Village of Walter's Falls

12047-27 Cecil Montgomery THOMPSON, 24, dry clerk, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o William H. THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Henrietta NEITHERCUT, married Fanny Christina WOODHOUSE, 21, manageress, Essex England, Owen Sound, d/o Samuel WOODHOUSE (b. England) & Emily CHOWN, witn: Miss Alice CLEWETT of 374 10th St East Owen Sound & Mr W.R. CHESTER of 756 2nd Ave West Owen Sound, 23 June 1927 at Owen Sound

12048-27 Albert Michael TOMLINSON, 32, automobile dealer, Keppel twp, 6th St East Owen Sound, s/o Thomas TOMLINSON (b. Perth Co) & Jane DIXON, married Janet Mary FORGRAVE, 28, registered nurse, Derby twp, lot 8 ½ Mile Step Derby twp, d/o James FORGRAVE (b. Bruce Co) & M. Gilray MARSHALL, witn: James A. GILLESBY & Grace A. RUSK both of Owen Sound, 26 Apr 1927 at Derby twp

12049-27 Archibald TORRIE, 27 on 21 Jan 1927, farmer, Holland twp, lot 2 con 9 Holland twp, s/o Arthur TORRIE (b. Ontario) & Mary CATHRAE, married Elizabeth Jane ROBINSON, 25 on 8 Nov 1927, housekeeping, Owen Sound, 2023 3rd Ave East, d/o John ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JEFFREY, witn: John TORRIE of Chatsworth & Zelma ROBINSON of Owen Sound, 14 Dec 1927 at Owen Sound


12050-27 William TROY, 37, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o John TROY & Anna MORRISON, married Marie Janet REIDY, 34, Proton, same, d/o Thomas REIDY, farmer & Sarah SHAW, witn: Patrick REIDY of Proton & Margaret TROY of Kitchener, 25 July 1927 at Proton

12051-27 Richard Oliver TURNER, 46, widower, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o Solomon TURNER (b. England) & Martha Jane CREW, married Mary Alice MAGEE, 34, Artemesia, same, d/o William MAGEE (b. Ontario) & Margaret Eleanor WOOD, witn: Ila MAGEE & Edgar LINTON both of Eugenia, 27 Apr 1927 at Flesherton

12052-27 Douglas Jessie URQUHART, 19yr 5mo, electrician, Owen Sound, 1041 2nd Ave East, s/o Hugh URQUHART (b. Ontario) & Esther McCOMB, married Stella Blanche PATTINSON, 18yr 9mo, reed worker, Goderich, 349 17th St West Owen Sound, d/o Alexander PATTINSON (b. Ontario) & Edith MARTIN, witn: Georgina A. SARGENT of 1327 2nd Ave West & Ernest E. SPENCER of 195 Rhodes Ave Toronto, 1 Oct 1927 at Owen Sound

12053-27 William James VANCE, 29, marine engineer, Oliphant Albemarle twp Bruce Co, 461 9th St West Owen Sound, s/o James W. VANCE (b. Roslin Hastings Co) & Adeline HUTCHINSON, married Violet Jane CAMPBELL, 24, stenographer, Egremont twp, 1231 3rd Ave East Owen Sound, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Malton Peel Co) & Harriet DINGWELL, witn: Richard NIXON of 769 4th Ave East Owen Sound & James W. VANCE of 461 9th St West Owen Sound, 9 Feb 1927 at Owen Sound

12054-27 Harold Francis VEITCH, 33, harness maker, Clarksburg, same, s/o John VEITCH (b. Ireland) & Margaret WRIGHT, married Sarah Allen COLE, 27, domestic, Dundalk, Clarksburg, d/o James Edward COLE (b. Grey Co) & Mary Amelia HOOD, witn: Edna Irene COLE & Harvey Loran McQUARRIE both of Clarksburg, 25 Oct 1927 at Village of Clarksburg

12055-27 William VEITCH, 37 on 1 June 1927, farmer, Sydenham twp, lot 25 con A Sydenham twp, s/o Walter VEITCH (b. Ayr Ontario) & Fanny WARRILOW, married Lillian Marianne Margaret FOULDS, 37 on 25 May 1927, housekeeping, Sydenham twp, lot 39 con A Sydenham twp, d/o William Henry FOULDS (b. St Vincent Ontario) & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Mrs James E. LEMON of 370 9th St East Owen Sound & William A. FOULDS of RR#1 Owen Sound, 1 Dec 1927 at Owen Sound

012056-27 William Wesley WAITE, 21, Farmer, Keppel, St. Vincent Twp, s/o William WAITE (b. St. Vincent Twp) & Annie LAKE; married Palmalee SMITH, 23, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o James SMITH (b. Euphrasia Twp) & Frances LEE; wit Alice M. SING & Emma HELSTROP, both Meaford, 13 Feb 1927, Meaford

012057-27 Robert Foules WALKER, 21 Accountant, Paisley Scotland, Wiarton Bruce Co, s/o Robert WALKER (b. Scotland) & Marion SAGGIE; married Gerinda ROSS, 21, Telephone Operator, Wiarton Bruce Co, Wiarton Bruce Co, d/o William L. ROSS (b. Park Head) & Georgina DOBSON; wit Jessie BIERNES of Wiarton & Frank O'CONNOR, Owen Sound, 9 Dec 1927, Owen Sound

012058-27 Andress Ostrander WATSON, 21, Farmer, Picton Twp, Picton Twp, s/o Robert John WATSON (b. Artemisia Twp) & Ada OSTRANDER; married Edith Margaret TURNER, 25, Sandwich, Proton Twp, d/o Herbert TURNER & Emma LABRASH; wit Mrs. L. COLLINS, Nashville Tennessee & Ada COLLINS, Meaford, 23 Jun 1927, Meaford

012059-27 Harold Elmer WATSON, 26, Farmer, St. Vincent Twp, St. Vincent Twp, s/o James L. WATSON (b. Kingston) & Harriet RICHMOND; married Martha Georgina ADAMS, 20, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Archie ADAMS (b. St. Vincent) & Rebecca JOLLY; wit Emma F. WATSON, Bognor & Gordon W. ADAMS, Meaford, 13 Jul 1927, St. Vincent Twp

012060-27 William Clark WATSON, 27, Farmer, Egremont Twp, Glenelg Twp, s/o William Robert WATSON (b. Egremont) & Margaret SCOTT; married Fredrica Sarah STAPLES, 19, Glenelg Twp, Glenelg Twp, d/o Frederick STAPLES (b. Glenelg) & Mary PORTER; wit Mary G. FIDDES & Sarah E. GROVES, both Durham, 28 Sept 1927, Durham

012061-27 Robert WATT, 23, Painter, Edinburgh Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Robert WATT (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mary Ann MILLER; married Sarah Coulton CAMMOCK, 25, Display Assistant, Glasgow Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o Charles CAMMOCK (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jane YORSTON; wit Howard B. WATSON & Bessie SPRY, both Owen Sound, 1 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

012062-27 James Elwood WEEDEN, 28, Farmer, Sullivan Twp, Sullivan Twp, s/o James Moses WEEDEN (b. England) & Bertha Celia LEONARD; married Edith Taylor MERRIAM, 27, Holland Twp, Holland Twp, d/o John Henry MERRIAM (b. Holland Twp) & Ellen Latimer TAYLOR; wit Mrs Rita HOLLEY, Holland Centre & John C. DODGSON (Dudgeon?), Chatsworth, 5 Oct 1927, Owen Sound

012063-27 Elmer WEIDNER, 20, Upholsterer, Hanover, Hanover, s/o George WEIDNER & Maud TYNDALE; married Ellen MCGIRR, 19, Durham, Durham, d/o Thomas C. MCGIRR & Mary Ann RITCHIE; wit William BROCKELBANK, Mount Forest & Carrie MCGIRR, Durham, 27 May 1927, Durham

012064-27 Daniel Samuel WEIS, 21, Office Clerk, Hanover, Hanover, s/o Christopher WEIS (b. Bentinck Twp) & Mary COURDT; married Ruby Irene EBERTH, 20, Domestic, Bentinck Twp, Hanover, d/o Jacob EBERTH (b. Bruce Co) & Clara SCHANK; wit Walter T. BUCK, Hanover & Eleanor HICKEY, Galt, 30 Jun 1927, Hanover

012065-27 Elmer Martin WELCH, 21, Cabinet Maker, Norwich, Hanover, s/o Ernest WELCH (b. Ontario) & Bertha TURNER; married Alice Ellen BUCK, 21, Bookkeeper, Bentinck Twp, Hanover, d/o Adam BUCK (b. Ontario) & Sarah HICKLING; wit Mrs. T.B. MCINTYRE, Brussels & Walter T. BUCK, Hanover, 11 Aug 1927, Hanover

012067-27 Robert John WELLWOOD, 28, Factory Hand, Holland Twp, Chester, s/o Richard James WELLWOOD (b. Peel Co) & Lucinda GRANT; married Ida Minnie SCHUTNICHT, 18, Holland Twp, Holland Twp, d/o William SCHUTNICHT (b. Brant Twp Bruce Co) & Annie MILLER; wit Edward U. SCHUTNICHT & Elizabeth WELLWOOD, both Chatsworth, 16 Feb 1927, Holland

012066-27 Robert Harrison WELLWOOD, 27, Barber, Dundalk, Dundalk, s/o James Stanley WELLWOOD (b. Wellington) & Isabel WALLACE; married Margaret Lorrine WILSON, 22, Stenographer, Proton, Dundalk, d/o Daniel WILSON (b. Peel Co) & Agnes BARBER; wit Percy WELLWOOD & Rev. R. CLARIDGE, both Dundalk, 22 Sept 1927, Dundalk

012068-27 Ernest Henry WELSH, 28, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Euphrasia Twp, s/o John WELSH (b. Grey Co) & Clara MORRIS; married Mabel Mildred BURNS, 23, Euphrasia Twp, Euphrasia Twp, d/o John BURNS (b. Grey Co) & Elizabeth LOUGHEED, wit Stewart RAE & Clara Permellia Ann WELSH, both Eugenia, 31 Oct 1927, Flesherton

012069-27 Thomas Smithson WENSLEY, 22, Printer, Collingwood, Collingwood, s/o William WENSLEY (b. Collingwood Twp) & Rebecca Jane SMITHSON; married Ina Margaret MCGINTY, 19, Hair Dresser, Collingwood, Collingwood, d/o William MCGINTY (b. Omemee) & Annie O'BRIEN; wit Blanche KENNY & J.H. CHRISTIE, both Owen Sound, 5 Jun 1927, Owen Sound

012070-27 Eugene Philip WEPPLER, 29, Furniture Maker, Neustadt, Durham, s/o Valentin WEPPLER (b. Normanby Twp) & Catharine HOLLINGER; married Hilda Wilhelmina KRAFT, 19, Domestic, Normanby Twp, Hanover, d/o Conrad KRAFT (b. Normanby Twp) & Mary BETZ; wit Alvin WEPPLER, Neustadt & Lizetta KRAFT, Toronto, 1 Jun 1927, Hanover

012071-27 Harvey Stanley WEPPLER, 32, Electrical Engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Daniel WEPPLER (b. Petersburg) & Elisabeth BESKING; married Nina C. HEIMBECKER, 26, Stenographer, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Fred HEIMBECKER (b. Waterloo) & Rosine ZIEGLER; wit Gertrude HEIMBECKER, Toronto & William BESKING, Windsor, 4 Jul 1927, Hanover

012072-27 Lincoln Frank WEPPLER, 22, Farmer, Neustadt, Neustadt, s/o Valentine WEPPLER & Katherine HOLLINGER; married Wilhelmina Augusta HORST, 22, Domestic, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o John HORST & Elisabeth FISHER; wit Noah HORST & Arnetta WEPPLER, both Neustadt, 8 Jun 1927, Neustadt

012073-27 Herbert Garfield WHEELER, 30, Moulder, Orton Village Wellington Co, Owen Sound, s/o Daniel WHEELER (b. Ontario) & Aramintha MORRIS; married Clara Mabel MORRIS, 21, Waitress, Derby Twp, Owen Sound, d/o Ernest MORRIS (b. Ontario) & Jennett CHARLTON; wit Mrs. Adeline STRACHAN & Miles? C. DUFFY, both Owen Sound, 8 Jul 1927, Owen Sound

012074-27 Francis Ralph WHITE, 24, Farmer & Beekeeper, Euphrasia Twp, Euphrasia Twp, d/o Frank WHITE (b. England) & Sarah Jane ONIA; married Edna Christina ELFORD, 26, Domestic, Meaford, Euphrasia Twp, d/o John ELFORD (b. Ontario) & Annie HARDING; wit Peter James ELFORD & Violet Susannah WHITE, both Meaford, 14 Apr 1927, St. Vincent Twp

012075-27 Herbert Edward WHITE, 25, Farmer, Thessalon - Algoma District, Amable, s/o Edward George WHITE (b. Bruce Co) & Sarah HOTCHKISS; married Ruby Elizabeth ROURKE, 23, Housekeeper, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, d/o William John ROURKE (b. Lennox & Addington) & Hulda Elizabeth MEIER; wit W.S. ROURKE & Mrs. Margaret ROURKE, both Tara, 15 Jun 1927, Keppel

012076-27 George WHITMORE, 30, Farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o Nathaniel WHITMORE (b. Lanark Co) & Catherine TURNBULL; married Ellen Moore MCFADDEN, 30, House Maid, Ontario, Glenelg, d/o William J. MCFADDEN (b. Grey Co) & Catherine LAWRENCE; wit Mary E. WHITMORE & Freeman MCFADDEN, both Priceville, 7 Sept 1927, Glenelg

012077-27 Erwin Frank WIDMEYER, 20, Farmer, Normanby Twp, Normanby Twp, s/o Moritz WIEDMEYER (b. Normanby Twp) & Catharine SCHENK; married Catherine Luella WELTZ, 19, Domestic, Bentinck Twp, Hanover Twp, d/o George WELTZ (b. Normanby Twp) & Louise ROCH; wit Emanuel WELTZ, Allan Park & Melinda WIDMEYER, Ayton, 9 Nov 1927, Hanover

012078-27 Leslie John WILCOX, 19, Farmer, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, s/o William WILCOX (b. Ontario) & Sarah HINDMAN; married Marjory Ellen HAMMOND, 20, Derby Twp, Derby Twp, d/o Joseph HAMMOND (b. Ontario) & Marsha BUCHANNAN; wit Mrs. William THOMPSON, Kilsyth & Percy HAMMOND, Owen Sound, 26 Oct 1927, Owen Sound

012079-27 Herman Daniel WILLFANG, 23, Farmer, Carrick twp., Carrick twp., s/o John WILFANG (deceased) & Minnie WEPPLER; married Clara Christina DICKERT, 25, Normanby Twp, Normanby Twp, d/o George DICKERT (Sr) & Caroline SEIP; wit Theophil H. DICKERT & Pearl SCHAUS, both Ayton, 27 Sept 1927, Normanby Twp

012080-27 Harvey WILLIAMS, 26, Farmer, Egremont Twp, Egremont Twp, s/o Simon Harvey WILLIAMS (b. Egremont Twp) & Minnie WIDEMAN; married Janetta MARSHALL, 20, Normanby Twp, Normanby Twp, d/o William MARSHALL (b. Normanby Twp) & Sarah HILL; wit Stanley WILLIAMS, Holstein & Mrs. William MARSHALL, Durham, 30 Jun 1927, Durham

012081-27 Percy John WILLIAMS, 25, Gas Filling Station Attendant, Maidenhead England, Owen Sound, s/o John WILLIAMS (b. England) & Caroline BURTON; married Margaret Gunn CARNAHAN, 18, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o William CARNAHAN (b. Ontario) & Barbara J. GUNN; wit illegible TAYLOR & illegible, both of Owen Sound, 21 Sept 1927, Owen Sound

012083-27 Thomas WILSON, 33, Farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia Twp, s/o Samuel WILSON (b. Ireland) & Ellen MATHIES; married Myrtle Olive HOLLEY, 28, Ontario, Euphrasia Twp, d/o James HOLLEY (b. Artemesia) & Annie OVERLAND; wit Robert CLARK & Jennie CLARK, both Markdale, 26 Oct 1927, at res of the bride

012082-27 James Russell WILSON, 35 (Sept 7 1927), Moulder, Keppel Twp, Owen Sound, s/o William H. WILSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary PARKS; married Muriel Trengloss HALL, 28 (on Dec 18 1926), Deputy Registrar of Dead, Derby Twp, Owen Sound, d/o Johnson HALL (b. Derby Twp) & Elizabeth BURR; wit Hope B. MCINNIS & Helen M. MCINNIS, both Owen Sound, 15 Oct 1927, Owen Sound


012084-27 Morel WINTERBURN, 33, Farmer, Ontario, Holland Twp, s/o John WINTERBURN (b. Germany) & Jessie MORRISON, married Mary Elizabeth MIDDLETON, 25, Ontario, Holland Twp, d/o William John MIDDLETON (b. Ontario) & Essie LYONS; wit Delas? (Silas?) MIDDLETON & Albert Joseph MIDDLETON, both Berkeley, 24 Aug 1927, Holland

012085-27 Wesley WOODHOUSE, 34, Farmer, Collingwood Twp, Kimberley, s/o Alfred WOODHOUSE (b. England) & Mary GREEN; married Jessie Elizabeth BROWN, 25, Massie - Holland Twp, Loree - RR2 Ravenna, d/o Peter BROWN (b. Duncan) & Maria WARD; wit Janet I. WISEMAN & Agnes J. WISEMAN, both Ravenna, 20 Jul 1927, Collingwood

012086-27 Henry WOODROFFE, 26, Truck Driver, London England, Owen Sound, s/o Henry Nathan WOODROFFE (b. London England) & Annie Maria WELLS; married Susan HENRY, 25, House Maid, Keppel Twp, Keppel Twp, d/o John HENRY (b. Keppel Twp) & Martha COCKWELL; wit William WOODROFFE, Owen Sound & Frances Pearl CRAMPTON, Kemble, 19 Jan 1927, Owen Sound

012087-27 Hugh Wesley WRIGHT, 30, Farmer, Ontario, Glenelg Twp, s/o Harry Shaw Sam WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth FREEBORN; married Ruby May SHAW, 23, Ontario, Glenelg Twp, d/o Harry SHAW (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BELLAMY; wit Edna WRIGHT & George SHAW, both Markdale, 1 Jun 1927, Markdale

012088-27 Thomas Nevan Jamieson WRIGHT, 31, Machine Hand, Glenelg Twp, Hanover, s/o William WRIGHT (b. Grey Co) & Elizabeth Jane DUNSMOORE; married Gladys Myrtle GEORGE, 28, Domestic, Bruce Twp, Hanover, d/o Joseph GEORGE (b. Carrick Twp) & Amelia HELWIG; wit Arthur Angus GEORGE, Hanover & Carrie MCKECHNIE, Durham, 11 Apr 1927, Hanover

012089-27 Norman K. YENSSEN, 25, Farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Charles YENSSEN (sic) (b. Normanby Twp) & Caroline KOEHLER; married Lilly Emma FATUM, 22, Domestic, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Louis (b. Normanby Twp) & Elizabeth FATUM; wit Norman KOEHLER, Clifford & Minnie FATUM, ?, 27 Apr 1927, Normanby

012090-27 Robert George YOUNG, 46, Farmer, Wid, Vaughan Twp, Muskoka Twp, s/o James C. YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Latisha CULLHAM; married Alice Arlene FLEGG, 35, St. Vincent Twp, Meaford, d/o John D. FLEGG (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth A. JOHNSON; wit Carl LAYCOCK & Mrs. Mary LAYCOCK, both Gravenhurst, 21 Jun 1927, Meaford

012091-27 David ZIMMERMANN, 62, veneerer, Wid, Wellesley Twp, Hanover, s/o Andrew ZIMMERMANN (b. Waterloo Twp) & Rose KABEL; married Lena RIES, 69, Domestic, Wid, Neustadt, Normandy Twp, d/o Peter HARBACH (b. Germany) & Catherine MULLER; wit Daniel KNAPP & Mrs. D. KNAPP, both Hanover, 23 Jul 1927, Hanover

012092-27 Jacob John ZIMMERMANN, 38, Farmer, Carrick twp., Minto Twp Wellington Co, s/o John ZIMMERMANN & Emilie FEICK; married Katherine NEEHER (or NECHER?), 32, Domestic, Niedergina Hesen Nassau Germany, Carrick twp., d/o Konrad NEEHER or NECHER & Anna Katharine HOFMAN; wit Henry ZIMMERMANN Clifford & Myrtle BUSH, Kirkdene?, 27 Jan 1927, Normandy Twp