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Grey Co., 1875

birth place is given before residence


3205-76 Frederick ABBOTT, 23, harness maker, Whealthamstead England, Heathcote, s/o Henry ABBOTT & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth Harford SILCOCKS, 25, Lortworth? England, St. Vincent, d/o Charles Hurford SILCOCKS & Mary, witn: Mary CAMERON of Meaford & David MILLS of St. Vincent, 27 Dec 1875 at St. Vincent 3138-76 (Grey Co): Alex ABERCROMBIE, 23, yeoman, St. Vincent, Euphrasia, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Catherine Ann TAYLOR, 20, St. Vincent, Priceville, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Ormenda M. BLANSHARD of Meaford & James REYNOLDS of St. Vincent, 24 Dec 1875 at Meaford
#002770-75 (Grey Co.) Andrew ABRA 23, farmer, Co. Norfolk Eng., Sydenham twp., s/o Thomas & Sarah ABRA, married Jane McKINLEY 20, Pennsylvannia USA, Sydenham twp., d/o William & Beatrice McKINLEY, wit: Christopher HAMMILL of Holland [twp.] & Isabella McKINLEY of Sydenham twp., 24 May 1875, at Meaford. 2702-75 George ADDISON, 36, widower, hotel keeper, England, Owen Sound, s/o James & Jane, married Maggie ATCHESON, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Charles & Fannie, witn: Owen REILY & Annie HOWETT, 10 March 1875 at Owen Sound
#002721-75 (Grey Co.) Edward AGNEW 24, farmer, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o William & Mary AGNEW, married Mary Ann GLASS 19, Eng., Owen Sound, d/o Thomas & Catherine GLASS, wit: James GLASS & Emma GLASS both of Owen Sound, 18 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound #002727-75 (Grey Co.) Alexander Adam AINSLIE 25, farmer, Galt, Leith Grey co., s/o Adam & Isabella AINSLIE, married Charlotte Emma SPENCER 23, Sydenham twp., Owen Sound, d/o George & Charlotte SPENCER, wit: John McWHIRTER of Owen Sound & Mary McNAB of Southampton, 23 Dec 1875, at Owen Sound
  3178-76 William James ALDRED, 23, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Ezekiel & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth Jane LINNELL, 19, Egremont, same, d/o Joseph & Nancy, witn: William LINNELL of Egremont & John Alex ALDRED of Bentinck, 22 Dec 1875 at Egremont
2586-75 (Grey Co) John ALLEN, 47, widower, farmer, United States, Artemesia, s/o John ALLEN & Rebecca ALLEN married Ann Elizabeth SHACKLEFORD, 44, widow, England, Amabel, d/o William & Amelia GOWLAND, witn: James HALLEN & Ellen ALLEN of Artemesia, 20 July 1875, Artemesia 2658-75 Joseph ARCHER, 27, farmer, Niagara, Holland, s/o Ezekiel ARCHER & Jane IMRIE, married Hannah CLARK, 20, Holland, same, d/o Robert CLARK & Martha McGILL, witn: Patrick HAMILTON & Margaret ARCHER, both of Holland, 25 Feb 1875 at Chatsworth
#002725-75 (Grey Co.) Charles William ARMSTRONG 26, ship carpenter, St. Catherines Ont., Owen Sound, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary SETON, married Elizabeth BURNHAM 17, Toronto twp., Owen Sound, d/o Robert BURNHAM & Julia CASEY, wit: Joseph RAMSEY & Mary MacKAY both of Owen Sound, 22 Sep 1875, at Owen Sound. (RC) 3021-76 John F. ARNOTT, 27, mechanic, Newcastle Ont. Euphrasia, s/o Daniel & Jane, married Catherine LARGE, 16, Ottawa, Artemesia, d/o John & Eliza, witn: William BRODELL & Susanna? DAVIS, both of Artemesia, 23 Dec 1875 at Markdale
2631-75 (Grey Co) Richard ASHLEY, 30, carpenter, England, Walkerton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ASHLEY married Emily SMITH, 21, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o John & Eliza SMITH, witn: James SMITH & Hannah SMITH of Bentinck, 5 May 1875, Durham 2846-75 (Grey Co) John AUHN, 33, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Frederick & Catharine AUHN married Margaretta KAUFMAN, 23, Germany, Normanby, d/o Louis & Catharine KAUFMAN, witn: Louis DOMMERLING & Dorothea KAUFMAN of Normanby, 11 April 1875, St. Mary
2850-75 (Grey Co) John R. BACKHOUSE, 24, farmer, Canada, Bentinck, s/o Richard & Mary BACKHOUSE married Elizabeth MARSHALL, 17, Barton, Normanby, d/o Alexander & Mary MARSHALL, witn: John SMITH & Barbara MARSHALL of Normanby, 18 Jan 1875, Normanby 2806-75 David S. BADGERO, 20, farmer, Artemesia, Osprey, s/o Samuel & Sarah Ferrier BADGERO, married Eliza Jane STOCK, 19, Markham, Osprey, d/o William STOCK & Mary Ann FERGUSON, witn: William M. STOCK of Osprey & Sarah M. HICKLING of Artemesia, 28 Dec 1875 at Osprey
2587-75 (Grey Co) Lyman BADGEROW, 43, widower, farmer, Markham. Artemesia, s/o David & Heziah BADGEROW married Ann BOYCE, 34, Canada, Artemesia, d/o David & Dedana BOYCE, witn: David WRIGHT & Mary Ann WRIGHT of Eugenia, 15 July 1875, Artemesia 2806-75 David S. BADGEROW, 20, farmer, Artemesia, Osprey, s/o Samuel & Sarah Ferrier BADGEROW, married Eliza Jane STOCK, 19, Markham, Osprey, d/o William STOCK & Mary Ann FERGUSON, witn: William M. STOCK of Osprey & Sarah M. HICKLING of Artemesia, 28 Dec 1875 at Osprey
#002747-75 (Grey Co.) Daniel BAGLEY, 20, labourer, Eng., Meaford, s/o John & Jemima BAGLEY, married Mary Ann SMALLEY, 19, Eng., Meaford, d/o Robert & Sarah SMALLEY, wit: Seymour PURDY & Reginald POLLARD both of Meaford, 28 Oct 1875, at Meaford. #002715-75 (Grey Co.) John Emery BARNARD 20, farmer, Can., Derby twp., s/o John & Lucy BARNARD, married Mary SANDERSON 17, Ireland, Derby twp., d/o William & Ann Jane SANDERSON, wit: John W. BARNARD & Mary J. BROWN both of Derby twp., 7 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound.
  2631-75 (Grey Co) Frank BARNES, 19, laborer, Brantford, Durham, s/o Seth N. BARNES & Alzeira Jane BARNES married Mary Jane QUEEN, 19, Montreal, Durham, d/o John QUEEN & Grace CAMPBELL, witn: Martin LEAVENS & Irmella H. ALLAN of Durham, 2 April 1875. Durham
#002735-75 (Grey Co): Joseph BARNES, 21, laborer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o John & Ann, married Mary Jane BARNES, 24, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o William & Ramah, witn: Robert & Ellen JOHNSON of Meaford, 1 June 1875 at St. Vincent 2690-75 James BARTLEY, 25, farmer, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o George BARTLEY & P. MAINE, married Catherine GRAHAM, 26, Ireland, Owen Sound, d/o Christopher & Jane, witn: Robert & Martha J. PATERSON of Owen Sound, 4 Feb 1875 at Owen Sound
2589-75 (Grey Co) John George BATCHELOR, 21, farmer, England, Proton, s/o Samuel & Henrietta BATCHELOR married Eliza Jane FERRIS, 18, Ireland, Proton, d/o James & Jane FERRIS, witn: John FERRIS & Sarah Ann FERRIS of Proton, 9 Feb 1875, Flesherton 2797-75 Joseph BEAMISH, 23, farmer, Minto, same, s/o Richard & Margaret BEAMISH married Mariah HUGHES, 20, Bentinck, same, d/o Henry & Margaret HUGHES, Wtn: C. BEAMISH of Minto & Sidney HUGHES of Hanover July 24, 1875 at Hanover.
2808-75 Thomas Waldridge BELL, 18, farmer, Nottawasega, same, s/o Angus & Jane, married Eliza Jane BATES, 17, Artemesia, Feversham, d/o John & Jane, witn: John BATES of Collingwood & Elizabeth BELL of Singhampton, 16 Dec 1875 at Feversham 2552-75 George BENNETT, 27, widower, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann TURNER, 27, England, Sydenham, d/o Lewis & Ann, witn: Jon & Mary J. BURNS of Sydenham, 8 Aug 1875 at Sydenham
#002682-75 (Grey Co): Wilson BENSON, 24, wagon maker, Ontario, Markdale, s/o William & Jemima, married Hettie PAGE, 24, Ontario, Markdale, d/o Ephraim & Eleanor, witn: W. J. SMITH & Leata McARTHUR, both of Markdale, 7 April 1875 at Owen Sound 2626-75 (Grey Co) Henry BERRYMAN, 21, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o William & Margaret married Susan CARSON, 21, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Jacob & Sarah CARSON, witn: Benjamin & Rodney CARSON of Glenelg, 17 Dec 1875, Durham
  2802-75 David BEST, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Robert BEST & Mary COLLINS married Margaret HUMPLING, 25, Keppel, same, d/o John HUMPLING & Sarah SPEACE, Wtn: John & Rebecca MCKRAGE OF Keppel October 4, 1875 at Keppel
#002683-75 (Grey Co.) John S. BLACK 37, wid., farmer, Scotland, Glenelg twp., s/o Joseph BLACK & Catherine BUCHANAN, married Catherine McDONALD 23, Can., Genelg twp. d/o Archibald McDONALD & Christina MONK, wit: Neil McDONALD & Mary BLACK both of Glenelg twp., 3 Mar 1875, at Owen Sound. #002879-76 (Grey Co.) Thomas BOLAND 30, farmer, Canada, Artemisia, s/o James & Ellen BOLAND, married Mary Margaret GIMBY 26, Canada, Derby, d/o Joseph & Eliza GIMBY, wit: Henry Wilson ADAIR-? & Martha GIMBY both of Derby twp., 25 Nov 1875, at Derby twp.
003135-76 (Grey Co.) John BOWES, 27, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o James BOWES and Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Hannah Mary BARR, 18, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Thirkell BARR and Sarah WATSON, witn., Joseph BOWES and Sarah Jane BARR both of St. Vincent, December 22, 1875 at Meaford 2657-75 (Grey Co) Charles BOYLE, 28, farmer, Ireland, Glenelg (Grey Co.), s/o of Francis BOYLE & Elisa RAE married Sarah WHITE, 25, Canada, Holland, d/oWilliamWHITE & Nancy DAVIDSON, witn: Francis BOYLE (Glenelg) and Alex ?,October 9, 1875, at Holland
003134-76 (Grey Co.) Robert BRADLEY, 28, cabinet maker, Ireland, Markdale., s/o Robert BRADLEY and Esther QUINN, married Hannah RICHARDSON, 25, Cobourg Ont., Markdale Village, d/o Thomas RICHARDSON and Elizabeth ALLEN, witn., Jennie WHIMSTER and Harriett BOYES both of Meaford, September 15, 1875 at Meaford. 002732-75 (Grey Co): Peter BRADY, 24, baker, Ireland, Meaford, s/o Thom BRADY & Elizabeth QUINN, married Alice Ann MARSH, 21, St. Vincent, same, d/o John MARSH & Mary DOUGLAS, witn: Daniel & Janet MARSH of St. Vincent, 5 May 1875 at St. Vincent (also #002739-75)
#002641-75 (Grey Co): George BRANT (or Brunt), 29, manufacturer, Ireland, Chesley, s/o George BRANT & Mary LAW, married Elizabeth BAKER, 25, England, Williamsford, d/o Henry BAKER & Elizabeth WHITAKER, witn: J.H. ARMSTRONG & Mary J. BAKER, both of Williamsford 2700-75 William BRAY, 27, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o Francis BRAY & Mary Ann GEORGE, married Mary Ann McCUTCHEON, 21, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Robert McCUTCHEON & Ann YOUNG, witn: Joseph BRAY of St. Vincent & James McCUTCHEON of Sydenham, 23 Feb 1875 at Owen Sound
3137-76 (Grey Co): William BRITTAIN, 23, yeoman, England, St. Vincent, s/o William & Tabatha, married Annie Maria KNIGHT, 19, England, St. Vincent, d/o Philip & Christiana, witn: Thomas & Eliza Ann PORTER of St. Vincent, 23 Dec 1875 at Meaford .
2596-75 (Grey Co) Walter BROUGHTON, 23, farmer, England, Proton, s/o Thomas & Eliza BROUGHTON married Elizabeth COPELAND, 21, Canada, Proton, d/o William & Eliza COPELAND, witn: George SNELL OF Albion & Mary MCLEAN of Proton, 8 Feb 1875, Proton 002816-75 (Grey Co.) William George BROWN, 24, farmer, Hamilton Tp., Northumberland Co., s/o Thomas & Ellen BROWN, married Lucinda ALLEN, 20, Haldimand Tp., Osprey, d/o Ira & Naty ALLEN, wtn: David & Annie HORNER, both of Osprey, on January 27, 1875 at Maxwell
#002760-75 (Grey Co.) David BROWN 22, wid., woolen manufacturer, Canada, Meaford, s/o David & Elizabeth BROWN, married Christina JONES 20, Canada, Meaford, d/o James & Susan JONES, wit: William & Amelia BROWN both of Meaford, 11 Mar 1875, at Meaford. #002769-75 (Grey Co.) Robert H. BROWN 25, harness maker, Ont., Thornbury, s/o Robert & Mary BROWN, married Lena LOVE 18, Ont., Meaford, d/o Alfred & Phebe LOVE, wit: John H. DICKINSON of Thornbury & Mina RAYMOND of Meaford, 5 May 1875, at Meaford
#002640-75 (Grey Co): Charles P. BROWN, 29, insurance agent, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Charles R, BROWN & Jocibo GOODWIN, married Levinia H. THOMPSON, 28, Canada, Mimico, d/o James THOMPSON & Mary TIVEY (or Fivey), witn: Jessie THOMPSON of Mimico & Jane BROWN of Owen Sound, 3 March 1875 at Chatsworth 2556-75 William BROWN, 23, plasterer, England, Holland, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Eliza FELTES, 18, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Benjamin George BROWN of Holland & Ann FELTES of Sydenham, 31 Dec 1875 at Sydenham
#002746-75 (Grey Co.) Barney BRUNSAN, 43, wid., farmer, Crummie Ont., St. Vincent twp., s/o Barney BRUNSAN & Peggy MASTERS, married Hannah Jane Vina? ?Asalt KINTSELL 37, wid., Ireland, Meaford, d/o William BLACK & Martha BURINGSTON, wit: A. W. HURD & T. W. VANDEBURG both of Meaford, 1 Nov 1875, at Meaford 2624-75 (Grey Co) Walter Ewing BUCHAN, 24, farmer, Dumfries Ontario, Glenelg, s/o Walter Ewing BUCHAN & Annie WINTERBOTHAM married Jane Ellen LAUDER, 21, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o John LAUDER & Janet BELL, witn: Thomas LAUDER Jr. of Bentinck & William BARRETT of Walkerton, 16 Nov 1875, Durham
2633-75 (Grey Co) William BUCHANAN, 27, farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o John & Jane BUCHANAN married Bethier SAUNDERS, 24, Wales England, Sullivan, d/o William & Amelia SAUNDERS, witn: Peter NICHOL & Ann PARROTT of Durham, 26 May 1875, Durham 2554-75 Arthur BUCKLAND, 25, farmer, England, Amabel, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah Ann ADAMS, 19, England, Sydenham, d/o John & Ann, witn: John ADAMS of Sydenham & Fletcher BUCKLAND of Amabel, 19 Oct 1875 at Sydenham
2649-75 George Mark BUCKPITT, 26, miler, Devonshire England, Inver--on?, s/o John BUCKPITT & Margaret Jane STRANGER, married Mart Jane COWAN (Connor?), 24, Newmarket, Tiverton, d/o Thomas COWAN & Frances Ann BRANDON, witn: William James COWAN of Tiverton & Ophelia E. WEBSTER of Chatsworth, 30 Jun 1875 at Chatsworth 2666-75 Thomas BYERS, 29, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o Thomas & Janet, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 29, Canada, Normanby, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George JOHNSTON of Normanby & John BYERS of Bentinck, 14 Jan 1875 at Orchardville
3184-76 (Grey Co): Archibald CALDER, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Egremont, s/o John & Isabella, married Frances A. PATTERSON, 20, Canada, Egremont, d/o John & Nancy, witn: Henry PATTERSON & James GEDDES, both of Egremont, 22 Dec 1875 at Egremont 2623-75 (Grey Co) Thomas CALLIPER, 24, gardener, England, Guelph, s/o Henry & Sarah CALLIPER married Lizzie EVA, 20, Durham, Durham, d/o Philip & Jane EVA, witn: Henry PEARCE of Guelph & Lizzie FOLACE, of Glenelg, 28 Oct 1875, Durham
  #002716-75 (Grey Co.) John CAMERON 21, farmer, Can., Sydenham twp., s/o William & Catherine CAMERON, married Rosetta ADAMS 18, Can., Sydenham twp., d/o John & Ann ADAMS, wit: William HOGG & Mary Ann WAIN, 12 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound
#002684-75 (Grey Co.) Edwin CAMMIDGE 24, farmer, Eng., Keppel twp., s/o Henry CAMMIDGE & Elizabeth COLLEY, married Isabella SIDWELL 21, Eng., Amabel twp., d/o Luke SIDWELL & Elizabeth PENN, wit: Herbert W. JENKINS of Keppel & Nellie MORRISON of Owen Sound, 17 Apr 1875, at Owen Sound 2793-75 Robert CAMPBELL, 19, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Donald & Isabella CAMPBELL married Henrietta SMITH, 20, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o John & Jannett SMITH Wtn; Daniel CAMPBELL & Arnetta THURSTON both of Hanover January 18, 1875 at Hanover
#002971-76 Grey Co): Richard CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Oro twp., Mulmer, s/o James CAMPBELL & Catherine FALLIN, married Elizabeth HODGINS, 25, West Gwillimbury, Proton twp., d/o John HODGINS & Mary LOCKHART, witnesses were George & Maggie LOCKHART of Proton twp., 26 Nov., 1875 at Eugenia, Artemesia twp 2705-75 William CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Canada, Minto twp., s/o William CAMPBELL & Phebe McARTHUR, married Sarah McLEOD, 21, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Alexander McLEOD & Mary McINNIS, witn: Archibald McLEOD & Flora McCORKINDALE, both of Owen Sound, 11 March 1875 at Owen Sound
#002737-75 (Grey Co): Robert CARNAHAN, 27, saddler, St. Vincent, Meaford, s/o Archibald CARNAHAN & Martha PATTS (or Potts), married Mary McCANLEY (or McConley or McCauley), 20, Holland, same, d/o George McCANLEY & Jane McMEIKLE, witn: Benjamin WELLS of Meaford & Isabella McCANLEY of Holland, 2 Sept 1875 at St. Vincent #002741-75 (Grey Co.) Archibald CARNAHAN 29, farmer, York, St. Vincent twp., s/o William & Bratanah CARNAHAN, married Sarah Matilda CLIFTON 25, Toronto twp., St. Vincent twp., d/o Thomas B. & Mary CLIFTON, wit: Robert CARNAHAN of Meaford & Elizabeth CURRIE of Euphrasia twp., 24 Feb 1875, at St. Vincent twp. See also Ref #002730.
2661-75 Walker CARSON, 29, farmer, Ireland, Sullivan, s/o William CARSON & Jane WALKER, married Ellen SPARROW, 21, Canada, Holland, d/o Edward SPARROW & Ruth Ann PAGE, witn: William CROFFORD of Sullivan & Sarah Ellen PAGE of Holland, 5 May 1875 at res of bride's father 2635-75 (Grey Co) Samuel CARTER, 30, farmer, England, Carrick, s/o John & Elizabeth CARTER married Jane SMITH, 19, Oro, Bentinck, d/o Thomas & Elsie SMITH, witn: Benjamin CARTER of Carrick & Bridget BURNS of Bentinck, 8 July 1875, Durham
2810-75 Isaac CASSELLS, 55, widower, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o Mark & Agnes, married Letitia ROSS, 44, widow, Ireland, Osprey, d/o William SIRR? & Ann, witn: Hector McQUARRIE of Osprey & Henry WHITE of Nottawasega, 9 Nov 1875 at Osprey 2565-75 John Henry CASWELL, 24, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Ann Bath CURRY, 21, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o Nathaniel & Margaret, witn: James CURRY & Mary Jane CASWELL, both of Euphrasia, 22 April 1875 at Euphrasia
2924-76 (Grey Co): George CHADWICK, 33, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Hannah HAINSWORTH, 29, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Ruth, witn: John & Ruth THOMPSON of Artemesia, 21 June 1875 at Markdale 2651-75 Arthur CHENEY, 26, farmer, Ireland, Holland, s/o Robert CHENEY & Eleanor McCARON, married Mary DOWERTY, 19, England, Holland, d/o Thomas DOWERTY (Sowerby?) & Jane BYERS, witn: William DOWERTY of Holland & Sarah Jane CHENEY, 14 July 1875 at Chatsworth
  2573-75 (Grey Co) Jacob CLARK, 22, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o William & Eliza CLARK married Margaret Sophia CLARK, 17, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o William & Nancy CLARK, witn: William BUCHANAN & Jane CLARK of Artemesia, 2 Feb 1875, Markdale
2550-75 John CLARK, 29, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent, s/o Ebenezer & Jessie, married Agnes HARKNESS, 30, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Gideon & Margaret, witn: Robert HARKNESS of Sydenham & Elizabeth Margaret CLARK of St. Vincent, 3 June 1875 at Sydenham 2667-75 Malcolm CLARKE, 23, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Duncan & Christena, married Elizabeth AITKINS, 22, Puslinch, Egremont, d/o Alexander & Jane, witn: Andrew AITKINS of Egremont, 10 April 1875 at Orchardville
2638-75 John James COCHRANE, 23, plasterer, Kitley twp., Chatsworth, s/o James COCHRANE & Mary STACEY, married Mary Ann McCOOL, 22 Ireland, Chatsworth, d/o William McCOOL & Nancy BELL, witn: James BELL & Emma McDIARMID, both of Chatsworth, 12 Jan 1875 at Chatsworth 2826-75 Henry COLE, 32, widower, farmer, Bay Quinte, Flos, s/o John & Amanda, married Mary GABERIEL, 31, Merona Bohemia, Melancthon, d/o Matthew & Barbara, witn: James BLACK & Mary TREMAIN, both of Shelburne, 16 Jan 1875 at Shelburne
#002743-75 (Grey Co.) William COLLISON, 25, farmer, Canada, Sydenham twp., s/o George COLLISON & Fanny BERZETT, married Mary NIXON 25, Canada, Sydenham twp., d/o Andrew NIXON & Mary DIXON, wit: John NIXON & Ellen ARMSTRONG both of Sydenham twp., 25 Aug 1875, at Meaford 2805-75 William H. COLQUET, 25, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o Daniel & Mary Ann, married Margaret Jane LONE (Love?), 18, Canada, Osprey, d/o James & Mary, witn: Samuel COLQUET & Janet DUNCAN, both of Osprey, 22 Dec 1875 at Feversham
2575-75 (Grey Co) Thomas COOK, 25, farmer, Wakefield Quebec, Glenelg, s/o Abraham & Mary Jane COOK married Margaret Maria MAITLAND, 22, Elizabethtown, Glenelg, d/o John Richard & Mary MAITLAND, witn: Robert COOK of Glenelg & Sophia MAITLAND of Lucknow, 3 March 1875, Glenelg 2569-75 (Grey Co.) Leonard COX, 31, Farmer, England, Euphemia, s/o Thomas & Francis COX, married Elizabeth HUFFLAMME, 29, Germany, Glenelg, d/o Richard & Annie HUFFLAMME, witn: John SHEY of Glenelg & Kezia MONKMAN of Albion, 2 July 1875 at the village of Markdale
2786-75 Francis CRONAN, 22, farmer, Sullivan, same, s/o John CRONAN & Mary SHEAKLER married Frances KENNEDY, 20, Sullivan, same, d/o Ryan KENNEDY & Ellen BRESLER, Wtn; (not given) April 14, 1875 at Bentinck #002686-75 (Grey Co.) Francis Joseph CRONAN 22, farmer, Canada, Bentinck twp., s/o John CRONAN & Mary SHETLER, married Frances KENNEDY 22, Canada, Sullivan twp., d/o Bernard KENNEDY & Ellen BRUSNAHAT?, wit: Joseph SHETLER of Bentinck & Catherine KENNEDY of Sullivan, 3 Feb 1875, at Owen Sound.
2563-75 (Grey Co) George CROZIER, 22, shoemaker, Holland twp, Meaford, s/o James & Eliza CROZIER married Mary Ann DUNLOP, 22, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o Robert & Mary DUNLOP, witn: John SMITH & Eliza DAVIES of Euphrasia, 29 Jan 1875, Euphrasia 2885-76 Alexander DAVIDSON, 24, brick layer, Brockville Ont., Thornbury, s/o Alexander & Ellen, married Sarah McMILLAN, 23, Caledon, Stayner, d/o James & Christena, witn: Edwin GLOVER of Thornbury & Anni McMILLAN of Stayner, 22 Dec 1875 at Stayner [reg'd in Collingwood]
2956-76 John Mortimer DAVIS, 21, farmer, Young Ont., Artemesia, s/o William DAVIS & Alice BINDWELL?, married Maggie TACKABERRY, 19, Elizabethtown, Artemesia, d/o John TACKABERRY & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, witn: William DAVIS & Catherine TACKABERRY, both of Artemesia, 2 Sept 1875 at Chatsworth  
#002712-75 (Grey Co.) Daniel DENSON (Denison?) 21, machinist, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o George & Ann DENSON, married Elizabeth ANKCORN 20, Eng., Owen Sound, d/o John & Helen ANKCORN, wit: R. H. PURDY & Jane DENSON both of Owen Sound, 21 Jul 1875, at Owen Sound. 003125-77 (Grey Co.) William DIXON, 22, bricklayer, Dunnville, Clarksburg, s/o James and Jane DIXON married Catherine BLANCHARD, 21, St. Vincent, Meaford, d/o Archibald and S. J. BLANCHARD, witn; Daniel LeROY of Clarksburg and David DICK of Invermay, 28 December 1875 at Clarksburg.
#002639-75 (Grey Co): Alexander Russell DOBIE, 27, clerk, England, Sullivan, s/o John DOBIE & Isabella RUSSELL, married Caroline Frances COOK, 21, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Robert COOK & Hannah DAVLING (or Darling), witn: Joseph DAVIS & Mary Ann COOK, both of Sullivan, 29 Jan 1875 at Sullivan twp 2670-75 James DOCHERTY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Proton, s/o Donald & Ann, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 21, Cape Breton, Egremont, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: Donald DOCHERTY of Proton & Archibald McLARTY of Egremont, 7 Dec 1875 at Egremont
2547-75 William DORAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent, s/o John & Amelia, married Anna Maria ABRA, 25, England, Sydenham, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Andrew ABRA & Kezia FARLEY, both of Sydenham, 3 March 1875 at Sydenham #002677-75 (Grey Co): William S. DOUPE, 23, laborer, Blanchard, Egremont, s/o Charles & Rachel, married Susan R. CRANDALL, 17, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Amos & Mary, witn: Henry PATTERSON of Egremont & Catherine DOUPE of Artemesia, 24 March 1875 at Egremont
2650-75 Archibald DUNCAN, 22, hotel keeper, Scarboro, Owen Sound, s/o Archibald DUNCAN & Margaret DONALD, married Catherine COFFEE, 21, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Patrick COFFEE & Catherine JOHNSTON, witn: John & Agnes JOHNS of Owen Sound, 18 May 1875 at Chatsworth 2557-75 Joseph Albert DUNSEATH, 24, farmer, Markham, same, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Margaret Letitia CLARK, 20, Euphrasia, same, d/o Christopher & Mary, witn: John & Elizabeth Jane CLARK of Euphrasia, 29 June 1875 at St. James Church, Euphrasia
2579-75 (Grey Co) James DUNSMORE, 25, farmer, Glenelg, Glenelg s/o John & Clarisa DUNSMORE married Jane GREENWOOD, 25, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o William & Mary GREENWOOD, witn: Thomas GREENWOOD & Sarah BANKS of Glenelg, 31 Mar 1875, Glenelg 2828-75 (Grey Co) Conrad EIDT, 43, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Ludwig EIDT & Marguarita EIDT married Anna Marguarita YEST (Yost?), 26, Germany, Carrick, d/o John YEST & Anna YEST, witn: Conrad BATY and wife of Normanby, 16 Nov 1875, Normanby
  2571-75 (Grey Co.) Robert Edgar ENGLISH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o John & Letitia ENGLISH, married Catherine Elizabeth FEE, 23, Ontario, Glenelg, d/o William & Elizabeth FEE, with: Jabez J. NOBLE of Artemesia & Sarah B. TOWNSEND of Glenelg, 8 December 1875 at the village of Markdale
2652-75 Levi FARRON, 21, farmer, Canada, Derby twp., s/o William FARRON & Betsy MILLER, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 18, Sullivan twp., d/o William MARTIN & Elisa JORDAN, witn: James CALLAHAN & Agnes MARTIN, both of Sullivan, 24 March 1875 at Chatsworth 2663-75 Adam FELTIS, 28, farmer, Canada, Derby, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Anne COMANDY, 28, Canada, Derby, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Mandy COMANDY (Ormandy?) of Derby, 16 Sept 1875 at Derby twp
2783-75 Frederick FENSCKE, 23, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Gotleib FENSCKE & Henrietta DORNER married Mina WESTFAHL, 23, Germany, Brant, d/o Christian WESTFAHL & Mina PRIESS, Wtn: William FENSCKE & Anna WESTFAHL of Brant April 6, 1875 at Bentinck. 2794-75 Oliver FERRIER, 25, carpenter, Bentinck, same, s/o Oliver & Elizabeth FERRIER married Melinda McCUTCHEON, 20, Bentinck, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth MCCUTCHEON, Wtn: Albert MCCUTCHEON & Mary FERRIER both of Bentinck January 18, 1875 at Hanover
2655-75 James FERRISS (Ferries?), 35, farmer, England, Sullivan, s/o Alge FERRISS & Phoebe DAIRL?, married Sarah A. PRITCHARD, 25, England, Sullivan, d/o William PRITCHARD & Ann FRY, witn: Jessie M. KEYS & Clara EGAN (Eyer?), both of Chatsworth, 29 June 1875 at Chatsworth #002720-75 (Grey Co.) Conrad Henry FERRIS 26, farmer, Ont., Sarawak twp., s/o Lyman A. & Sarah E. FERRIS, married Esther Jane DIXON 26, Eng., Whitby Ont., d/o John & Letitia DIXON, wit: W. C. FERRIS of Sarawak & D. VANDUSEN of Owen Sound, 9 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound.
2570-75 (Grey Co.) James FISHER, 56, England, widower, farmer, s/o Robert & Mary Fisher, married Jannet CAMERON, 45, widow, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Alexander Black & Catherine Cameron, witn: Donald MCDONALD of Proton & James MCDONALD of Glenelg, 3 Sept 1875 at Glenelg 2851-75 (Grey Co) Thomas FRASER, 38, widower, farmer, Scotland, Proton, s/o Thomas & Helen ROBERTSON married Sarah REID, 32, Ontario, Proton, d/o James & Sarah Reid, witn: Robert FRASER & Roderick MUNROE of Proton, 22 Jan 1875, Priceville
#002713-75 (Grey Co.) John FULLERTON 21, farmer, Canada, Sullivan twp., s/o John FULLERTON & Margaret TAYLOR, married Josephine HOLMES 21, Can., Sullivan twp., d/o John HOLMES & Harriet SWITSER, wit: Boulton HOLMES & Hannah CRITCHLEY both of SULLIVAN twp., 7 Jun 1875, at Owen Sound .002822-75 (Grey Co.) John Thomas GALAWAY (Galloway?), 28, farmer, Toronto, Osprey, s/o John & Jane GALAWAY, married Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, 20, Artemesia, Osprey, d/o John & Caroline DAVIS, wtn: Samuel PRICE, Collingwood & Jane B. GALAWAY, Osprey, on April 1, 1875, at Osprey.
2597-75 (Grey Co) Alexander GALLOWAY, 28, farmer, Canada, Essa, s/o James & Isabella GALLOWAY married Jane MOFFAT, 23, Scotland, Osprey, d/o John & Ann MOFFAT, witn: Andrew S. IRVING of Artemesia & Margaret MOFFAT of Osprey, 30 June 1875, Osprey 2782-75 Henry GEISEL, 20, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Henry & Maria GEISEL married Catherine BUNZEL, 19, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Henry & Catherine BUNZEL, Wtn: Adam BAUER & Catherine LAING both of Bentinck February 16, 1875 at Bentinck
2842-75 (Grey Co) Ernest GESELL, 46, laborer, Germany, Normanby, s/o George & Elizabeth GESELL married Elizabeth BETTAF, 36, Germany, Elderslie, d/o Caspar & Ursula BITTAF, witn: Caspar OEF & John WAGNER of Neustadt, 19 Jan 1875, Neustadt #002723-75 (Grey Co.) Adam GLADSTONE 40, farmer, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o James & Barbara GLADSTONE, married Mary WILSON 22, Can., Owen Sound, d/o James WILSON & Elizabeth TURNER, wit: Matthew MURPHY & Margaret CAMERON, 9 Nov 1875, at Owen Sound
2574-75 (Grey Co) William GLENCROSS, 28, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o Joseph & Christena GLENCROSS married Margaret COOK, 26, Wakefield Quebec, Glenelg, d/o Abraham & Mary Jane COOK, witn: Thomas GLENCROSS & Thomas EDWARDS of Glenelg, 3 Mar 1875, Glenelg 2621-75 (Grey Co) Alexander GLENDINNING, 67, widower, farmer, Scotland, Durham, s/o Archibald GLENDINNING & Mary PARK married Jane DAVIDSON, 43, widow, England, Durham, d/o James DAVIDSON & Mary NIXON, witn: Mary H. MCLAREN of Mt. Forest, Ontario & Alethea Grace PARK of Durham, 19 Aug 1875. Durham
2704-75 George GLOVER, 28, brick layer, England, Invermay, s/o William & Charlotte, married Ophelia T. BISHOP, 25, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Avery & Elizabeth, witn: William H. GLOVER of Invermay & Sarah BISHOP of Owen Sound, 24 March 1875 at Owen Sound #002882-76 (Grey Co.) William Henry GLOVER 27, farmer, England, Arran twp., s/o William GLOVER & Charlotte WILLIAMS, married Hester A. NEWMAN 26, Canada, Derby twp., d/o John NEWMAN & Martha MORGAN, wit: John NEWMAN & Marg't NEWMAN both of Derby, 25 Dec 1875, at Derby twp.
  2568-75 (Grey Co) John GOODWILL, 23, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o Anthony & Jane GOODWILL married Mary Jane BATES, 29, Ontario, Mulmur, d/o Samuel & Jane BATES, witn: John FAGON & Jannet GOODWILL of Glenelg, 22 Dec 1875, Markdale
2671-75 William John GORDON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Garafraxa, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Mary HAMILTON, 21, Normanby, Egremont, d/o John & Jane, witn: John GORDON of Garafraxa & Martha McCOLM? of Normanby, 29 Dec 1875 at Egremont 003127-76 (Grey Co.) Charles GOWAN, 22, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Charles and Mary Ann GOWAN married Elizabeth KING, 18, Euphrasia, same, d/o Thomas and Letticia KING, wtn., Thomas KING & John BURNS on December 21, 1875 at Euphrasia
2772-75 James GRAHAM, 20, labourer, Manchester England, Meaford, s/o George GRAHAM & Sarah WATSON married Martha Jane LOUCKS, 18, Keppel, same, d/o John LOUCKS & Amanda HARTE, Wtn: Robert VAIL & Mary STEWART both of Meaford June 1, 1875 at Meaford. 4185-74 Thomas GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Kitley, Sydenham, s/o James GRAHAM & Jane GREEN, married Janet McBRIDE, 22, Holland, same, d/o John McBRIDE & Elizabeth McKAY, witn: William McBRIDE of Holland & Maria GRAHAM of Sydenham, 1 Jan 1875 at Holland
2615-75 (Grey Co) Charles Lynn GRANT, 28, Merchant, Ireland, Durham, d/o John GRANT & Elizabeth FERGUSON married Jemima Janet DAVIDSON, 22, Durham, Durham, d/o John DAVIDSON & Elizabeth HAWKS, witn: Thomas KELBY & James GREER of Durham, 20 Jan 1875, Durham 2668-75 Laban GREY, 19, farmer, England, Mount Forest, s/o George & Ann, married Jane BURGESS, 18, Ontario, Egremont, d/o James & Catherine, witn: William GREY & Isabella BURGESS, both of Egremont, 26 April 1875 at Egremont
2645-75 (Grey Co): James HALES, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, Sarawak, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Janet HOGG, 21, Ontario, Sarawak, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: John GILCHRIST & Hester HUSTON, both of Sarawak, 3 Nov 1875 at Sarawak #001403-75 ( Grey Co.) George HAMIL, 24, Mason, Waterloo Co., Hanover, s/o Heinrich and Katarine HAMIL, married Katharine HETT, 19, Williamsburg Waterloo, Hanover, d/o Conrad and Elizabeth HETT, witn: Christian HOFFERNAN & Nicholas RUHL, Apr. 6, 1875 at Hanover
003126-76 (Grey Co.) Christopher HAMMIL 24, farmer, Ireland, Holland, s/o James and Rachel HAMMILL married Mary Jane KING, 22, Lower Canada, Euphrasia, d/o Thomas and Letticia KING, wtn., Thomas KING & William Albert WALKER on October 13, 1875 at Euphrasia. 2707-75 James HANNAH, 25, farmer, Ireland, Arran, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Christena KERVINE, 18, Canada, Arkwright, d/o Martin & Catherine, witn: John CRAWFORD of Arran & Mary HANNAH of Owen Sound, 5 May 1875 at Owen Sound
2601-75 (Grey Co) James HANNAH, 28, farmer, Canada, Shelburne, s/o James & Mary HANNAH married Margaret JOHNSTON, 22, Canada, Dundalk, d/o James & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Thomas AGNEW of Mono & Susan PATE of Proton, 12 Jan 1875, Flesherton 2856-75 (Grey Co) William Albert HAW, 25, farmer, Ontario, Proton, s/o William & Nancy HAW married Mary MCDONALD, 24, Ontario, Proton, d/o Donald & Catharine MCDONALD, witn: Alexander MCPHAIL & Charles HAW of Proton, 13 April 1875, Proton
#002745-75 (Grey Co.) Richard HAWKINS 23, labourer, Eng., Meaford, s/o James HAWKINS & Elizabeth CATTLE (Cuttle), married Cordelia RANALD (Ronald?), 20, Smithville Ont., Meaford, d/o Duncan RANALD & Ann NADGE, wit: Bicilla NENAGGS & S. J. H. SILCOX both of Meaford, 6 Oct 1875, at Meaford. 2775-75 George HEIBEIN, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co, Bentinck, s/o Frederick HEIBEIN & Sophia GEILMAN married Mary Ann HAZLETT, 20, Bentinck, same, d/o Thomas HAZLETT & Eliza LUCAS, Wtn: Thomas & John HAZLETT both of Bentinck September 24, 1875 at Bentinck.
2798-75 George HELWIG, 23, tinsmith, Germany, Hanover, s/o Conrad HELWIG & Margaret MENTZ married Catherine KERR, 18, Hanover, same, d/o Christian KERR & Mary KOUCK, Wtn: Adam HELWIG of Carrick & John HEIMRICH of Hanover July 2, 1875 at Hanover. #002711-75 (Grey Co.) John HENDERSON 28, farmer, Scotland, Keppel twp., s/o James HENDERSON & Jessie BURR, married Helen Henderson GREIG 19, Scotland, Keppel twp., d/o Peter GREIG & Isabella HENDERSON, wit: Theodore HENDERSON of Sarawak twp. & Peter GREIG Jr. of Keppel twp., 19 Aug 1875, at Owen Sound
2693-75 John Robert HEWER, 23, painter, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John HEWER & Ruth CARTER, married Sarah ROE, 19, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Jonas ROE & Hannah WARD, witn: William SCRIVEN & Hannah NOBLE, both of Owen Sound, 29 May 1875 at Owen Sound 2620-75 (Grey Co) William HILL, 26, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, s/o Thomas & Margaret HILL married Mary ACHESON, 22, unknown, Egremont, d/o John & Margaret ACHESON, witn: Samuel ACHESON & Mary A. ACHESON of Egremont, 24 March 1875, Durham
2771-75 Solon HILTS, 31, carpenter, Grimsby, Meaford, s/o J. H. & Eliza Jane HILTS married Isabella BLINKHORN, 21, Yorkville, Meaford, d/o William & Mary BLINKHORN, Wtn: John & Hannah THOMPSON both of Meaford May 31, 1875 at Meaford 2696-75 John Thomas HOBART, 38, baker, England, Owen Sound, s/o John HOBART & Elizabeth HILL, married Emma Amelia DUGARD, 25, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o William CORBET & Hannah DUGARD, witn: William C. HOBART & E. McCLEAN, both of Owen Sound, 13 Jan 1875 at Owen Sound

2938-76, William James HODGSON, 20, farmer, Pickering, Melancthon, s/o John P. & Rachel HODGSON, married Emily BATES, 18, Melancthon, Melancthon, d/o Henry & Jane BATES, wtn: Rachel HODGSON of Melancthon, 22 Dec 1875, Hornings Mills

2800-75 Andrew HOLLAND, 35, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Robert & Isabelle HOLLAND married Ellen SMITH, 24, Finland, Keppel, d/o William & Ellen SMITH, Wtn; George HOLLAND & Thomas SMITH both of Keppel July 12, 1875 at Keppel
2695-75 David Allen HOPPER, 22, teacher, Canada, Elderslie, s/o John & Mary Jane, married Margaret Jane HANNAH, 20, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Gordon & Jane, witn: John Alexander HOPPER of Elderslie & Minnie BURKE of Owen Sound, 12 Jan 1875 at Owen Sound 2926-76 (Grey Co): William HOPPS, 22, farmer, Bentinck, Glenelg, s/o John & Frances, married Mary MARTIN, 18, Ancaster, Collingwood, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: James ARMSTRONG & Paul SHERWOOD, both of Eugenia, 26 April 1875 at Eugenia
#002749-75 (Grey Co): James HOUSE, 24, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Maggie MUIR, 20, Markham Ont, St. Vincent, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Martin HOUSE and Charlotte McELEAR? both of St. Vincent, Dec 14, 1875 at Meaford 2977-76 John HUGHES, 26, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o Edward HUGHES & Ann McQUADE, married Mary DAVIES, 22, South Wales, Artemesia, d/o Thom DAVIES & Catherine, witn: Thom & Ellen HUGHES of Artemesia, 24 Dec 1875 at Artemesia
3264-76 John McKenzie HUNT, 21, blacksmith, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o James HUNT & Ruth ABEL, married Christian CARMICHAEL, 21, Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o John CARMICHAEL & Mary, witn: John W. McGARY of Owen Sound & Esther HUNT of Derby, 25 Dec 1875 at Owen Sound 2618-75 (Grey Co) Richard IRVINE, 24, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, d/o Samuel & Jane IRVING married Annie AMOS, 17, Egremont, Egremont, d/o James & Hannah AMOS, witn: James & Elizabeth MARISON? of Egremont, 18 Feb 1875, Durham
002972-76 (Grey Co): Scott JAMIESON, 21, farmer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Artemesia twp., s/o Alexander JAMIESON & Ann Jane McMECKIN, married Jane CAMERON, 21, York twp., Artemesia twp., d/o Alex CAMERON & Margaret McINTYRE, witnesses were John JAMIESON & Sarah Ann HAWKINS, both of Artemesia, Nov. 11, 1875 at Artemesia 2581-75 John Cowie JAPP, 27, tanner & currier, Aberdeen Scotland, Bentinck, s/o Alexander & Ellenor, married Elizabeth Ellen EDGE, 22, Glenelg, same, d/o James & Maria, witn: James CRAWFORD & Catherine EDGE, both of Bentinck, 12 May 1875 at Glenelg
2691-75 George JOHNSON, 26, mechanic, Canada, Keppel, s/o William & Ann, married Mary HOGG, 20, Canada, Sarawak, d/o Peter HOGG & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: Janet HOGG of Sarawak & William LAMB of Sydenham, 28 May 1875 at Owen Sound 2549-75 William JOHNSON, 23, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane VANWYCK, 21, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Veart & Esther, witn: Matilda JACK of St. Catharines & Cornelius VANWYCKE (sic) of Sydenham, 1 June 1875 at Lake Short Manse, Sydenham
#002759-75 (Grey Co.) James Taylor JOHNSON 25, farmer, St. Vincent twp., same, s/o James & Catherine JOHNSON, married Eliza Jane BRINKMAN 21, St. Vincent twp., same, d/o William & Hannah BRINKMAN, wit: John TAYLOR & Mary Jane JOHNSON both of St. Vincent twp., 3 Feb 1875, at Meaford. 2593-75 (Grey Co) Andrew JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o John & Ann JOHNSTON married Margaret Jane CLARK, 16, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Mary CLARK, witn: William VOGAN & John JOHNSTON of Artemesia, 21 Jan 1875, Artemesia
#002719-75 (Grey Co.) David KEELING 26, farmer, Eng., Sydenham twp., s/o Joseph & Hannah KEELING, married Catherine TURNER 22, Ont., Sydenham twp., d/o William & Margaret TURNER, wit: George KEELING & Minerva ANN COLLISON both of Sydenham twp., 5 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound. 2706-75 Henry KENNEDY, 44, cattle dealer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o William KENNEDY & Judith CARATHER?, married Mary Jane NIVEN, 22, Canada, Derby, d/o Donald NIVEN & Margaret McPHEE, witn: William LEVENS & Catherine McPHEE, both of Owen Sound, 5 April 1875 at Owen Sound
#002710-75 (Grey Co.) John KERR 25, farmer, Can., Sullivan twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth KERR, married Mary WALLACE 22, Ireland, Sullivan twp., d/o John WALLACE & Margaret LINDSAY, wit: Jas. DOUGLASS of Derby & James BOYD of Sydenham twp., 6 May 1875, at Owen Sound. 2790-75 Henry KLEIN, 20, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Christian & Catherine KLEIN married Wilhelmina WOLF, 16, Carrick, same, d/o Frederick & Mary WOLF, Wtn: M. SMITH of Sheffield & Maria BECHTEL of Hanover January 12, 1875 at Hanover
2787-75 Abraham KNECHTEL, 23,farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Daniel & Anna KNECHTEL married Catherine RUDOLF, 23, Carrick, same, d/o John & Margaret RUDOLF, Wtn: Daniel & Peter KNECHTEL both of Hanover June 20, 1875 at Hanover. 2784-75 Ernst KOBE, 30, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o .Henry KOBE & Mary WILLSCH married Mary DANNEL, 19, Hanover, Brant, d/o John DENNEL & Catherine HAHN, Wtn: Frederick & Louisa SCHULTZ both of Brant April 7, 1875 at Bentinck
2689-75 Andrew James KYLE, 24, tinsmith, Canada, Wiarton, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret Louisa KILBOURNE, 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Billings & Janet, witn: James ROGERSON & Margaret KILBOURN (sic), both of Owen Sound, 19 May 1875 at Owen Sound 2594-75 (Grey Co) Mark Porteous LAMMON, 24, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Philip & Janet LAMONT (sic) married Mary Ann AKITT, 24, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann AKITT, witn: Robert AKITT & Philip AKITT of Artemesia, 29 May 1875, Artemesia
2627-75 (Grey Co) Anthony LAWRENCE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o James & Mary LAWRENCE married Charlotte WRIGHT, 18, Ontario, Glenelg, d/o William & Charlotte WRIGHT, witn: Alex & Susan BELL of Glenelg, 12 July 1875, Durham #002722-75 (Grey Co.) William LAWSON 21, plasterer, Can., Chatsworth, s/o John & Mary LAWSON, married Marian McNABB 21, Can., Derby twp., d/o Joseph McNABB & Elizabeth KELLY, wit: James Henry JACKSON of Chatsworth & Ellen R. McNABB of Sydenham, 5 Nov 1875, at Owen Sound.
2558-75 John LEE, 27, farmer, Holland twp., Euphrasia, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Jane MATHERS, 19, Euphrasia, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Mathew LEE & Mary MATHERS, both of Euphrasia, 7 July 1875 at Parsonage, Meaford #002744-75 (Grey Co.) Amas LEE 22, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent twp., s/o Robert & Eliza LEE, married Anna Maria HARPER 23, Nova Scotia, St. Vincent twp., d/o William HARPER & Catherine YOUNG, wit: Peter BUMSTEAD of St. Vincent twp. & C. S. HARPER of Thornbury, 10 Sep 1875, at Meaford.
2585-75 (Grey Co) John Fletcher LEECH, 22, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Matthew LEECH & Jane LEECH, married Achsah RALPH, 17, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Bartholomew RALPH & Malinda RALPH, witn: William LOVE & Elizabeth LOVE of Artemesia, 11 June 1875, Eugenia Artemesia 2616-75 (Grey Co) John LINES, 27, farmer, Woolwich, Brant, s/o Nathan LINES & Anna HERONS married Fanny Nathkil? MOSS, 20, Brantford, Brant, d/o Francis MOSS & Ann Jane KNOX, witn: George LINES & Ellen SMITH of Brant, 13 Jan 1875, Durham
  #002642-75 (Grey Co): Christian LIPSKEY, 27, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan twp., s/o Gottfried & Anna, married Anne SCHWARTZ, 17, Ontario, Sullivan twp., d/o Jacob SWARTZ (sic) & Catherine? (or Caroline?) LIPSKEY, witn: Frederick & William SCHWARTZ of Sullivan, 21 June 1875 at Sullivan twp
#002681-75 (Grey Co): Robert LITTLE, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Thornbury, s/o Archibald & Jemima, married Carolina ORCHARD, 20, Ontario, Orchardville, d/o John & Sarah, witn: D.P. CAMPBELL of Mt. Forest & Euphemia LITTLE of Orchardville, 8 June 1875 at Orchardville 2824-75 James LOCK, 27, farmer, Proton twp., Melancthon twp., s/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, married Rebekah NETHERCUTT, 19, Melancthon, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Mr. BELL & Mrs. FERRIER, both of Melancthon, 9 June 1875 at Meth. Ep. parsonage, Melancthon
2803-75 David LOGAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Holland, s/o James LOGAN & Lucinda PERRY, married Margaret NOBLE, 23, Canada, Keppel, d/o William NOBLE & Cecelia ORD, witn: George LOGAN of Holland & Cecelia NOBLE of Keppel, 6 April 1875 at Keppel #002763-75 (Grey Co.) William LOUGHEED 24, farmer, Albion twp. Peel Co., Collingwood twp., s/o Joseph & Catherine LOUGHEED, married Frances MAY 19, Cavan twp. Durham Co., Collingwood, d/o Samuel & Ann MAY, wit: Joseph MAY of Collingwood twp. & Susan HUTCHINSON of Euphrasia twp., 11 May 1875 at Meaford
2795-75 Ernst LUEBER, 43, farmer, Germany, Sullivan, s/o Henry & Mary LUEBER married Mina KUTZ, 21, Brant, same, d/o William & Wilhelmina KUTZ, Wtn: John & Catherina KUTZ both of Brant, January 19, 1875 at Hanover #2609-75 (Grey Co): Thomas LYONS, 24, bachelor, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, son of William & Elizabeth LYONS to Rebecca WHITE, 22, Canada, Artemesia, dau. of Charles & Mary WHITE, witnesses: Robert SIMPLE & Sarah WHITE of Artemesia, married 3 February 1875 at Flesherton
2656-75 James LYONS, 28, farmer, Ireland, Holland, s/o Thomas LYONS & Catherine BLACK, married Ellen Jane LYONS, 20, Ireland, Holland, d/o Richard LYONS & Catherine GLASS, witn: Charles WALKER & Catherine McKINNON, 5 Feb 1875 at Holland  
#002765-75 (Grey Co.) George MANSFIELD 35, grain merchant, Perth Ont., Strathroy Ont., s/o Thomas MANSFIELD & Matilda PAUL, married Christina WHIMSTER 23, St. Marys Ont., Toronto, d/o James WHIMSTER & Mary CAMPBELL, wit: James WHIMSTER & Agnes E. ALVIN both of Toronto, 6 Jan 1875, at Meaford 2669-75 David MARTIN, 27, shoe maker, Nichol, Mount Forest, s/o John & Ann, married Frances Jacquinna WHELPHY, 25, Catarake, Egremont, d/o Elijah & Irena, witn: Horace A. WHELPHY of Belleville & Janet J. MARTIN of Mt. Forest, 25 Aug 1875 at Egremont
2646-75 (Grey Co): Theodore MARTINDALE, 24, farmer, Canada, Wiarton, s/o John MARTINDALE & Diana HARRIS, married Roda E.E. OGLINE, 23, Nova Scotia, Keppel, d/o Arthur W. OGLINE & Roda PRICE, witn: Abraham MARTINDALE & Francis CULP, both of Sarawak, 2 June 1875 at Sarawak 2886-76 Richard MATTHEWS, 25, farmer, Quebec, Collingwood, s/o James & Ellen, married Margaret ANDERSON, 20, Ireland, Collingwood, d/o James & Mary, witn: John ANDERSON & Mary Ann MATTHEWS, both of Collingwood, 25 Dec 1875 at Thornbury
2577-75 (Grey Co) Peter MCARTHUR, 31, farmer, Scotland, Euphrasia, s/o Donald & Jane MCARTHUR married Isabella BLAIR, 28, England, Glenelg, d/o Thomas & Anne BLAIR, witn: George BLAIR & Maggie EDWARDS of Glenelg, 25 Mar 1875, Glenelg 2664-75 John McAULEY, 22, plasterer, Canada, Chatsworth, s/o Cochrane McAULEY & Jane McKURDY, married Elizabeth L. SHOULDICE, 18, Canada, Keppel, d/o William SHOULDICE & Jane LOGAN, witn: Martha J. & William J. SHOULDICE of Keppel, 24 March 1875 at Derby twp
2553-75 Archibald McCALLUM, 37, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Dougald & Jane, married Barbara McLEOD, 32, Scotland, Sydenham, d/o Donald & Eliza, witn: John McDONALD of Sydenham & Jane A. McMARTIN of Glengary, 18 June 1875 at Sydenham 2584-75 (Grey Co) Neil MCDONALD, 30, farmer, Scotland, Proton, s/o Donald & Catherine MCDONALD married Charlotte SMITH, 25, Canada, Egremont, d/o Eli & Levina SMITH, witn: John MCARTHUR of Priceville & Agnes MDOUGAL of Egremont, 30 Nov 1875, Artemesia
2625-75 (Grey Co) David MCDOUGALL, 24, farmer, Dartmouth, Sullivan, s/o Allan MCDOUGALL & Catherine CAMERON married Catherine MCINTOSH, 18, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Donald MCINTOSH & Elizabeth MCDOUGALL, witn: Hugh MACKAY of Durham & John CAMERON of Glenelg, 25 Nov 1875, Durham 3185-76 (Grey Co): Robert McDOUGAL, 30, farmer, Canada, Egremont, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Jane CORDHOOKS, 21, Canada, Egremont, d/o Thomas & Frances, witn: William McDOUGAL & Thomas MULLARKY, both of Egremont, 29 Dec 1875 at Egremont
#002675-75 (Grey Co): James McEACHERN, 29, blacksmith, Islay Scotland, Egremont, s/o Neil & Mary, married Isabella McDONALD, 24, Ontario, Egremont, d/o John & Ann, witn: Archibald McEACHERN of Egremont & John McKENZIE of Proton, 22 Jan 1875 at Egremont #002676-75 (Grey Co): John McEACHERN, 40, widower, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Mary McFADYEN, 35, Scotland, Egremont, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Duncan CALDER & Catherine McFADYEN, both of Egremont, 25 Feb 1875 at Holstein
2628-75 (Grey Co) George MACKAY, 24, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o John & Sarah MACKAY married Kerenhapperch? LEPARD, 19, Ontario, Egremont, d/o George LEPARD & Catherine MCLEAN of Egremont, 4 Aug 1875, Durham 2578-75 (Grey Co) John MCKECHNIE, 30, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o John & Ann MCKECHNIE married Mary BOAK, 24, Ontario, Glenelg, d/o Jesse & Jane BOAK, witn: Donald MCKECHNIE of Priceville & Hugh MCDONALD of Glenelg, 30 Mar 1875, Glenelg
2602-75 (Grey Co) William Thomas MCKEE, 25, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o John & Eldon MCKEE married Selena Jane PEDLAR, 21, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Joseph & Elsie PEDLAR, witn: Samuel MCKEE & Samuel PEDLAR of Artemesia, 4 Feb 1875, Artemesia 2588-75 (Grey Co) John MCKEE, 23, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o John & Eldon MCKEE married Mary Hannah PEDLAR, 19, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Joseph & Elsie PEDLAR, witn: William GALLOWAY & Patrick MCKEE of Artemesia, 4 Feb 1875, Artemesia
#002688-75 (Grey Co.) Daniel P. McLAURIN 27, editor, Ont., Kincardine, s/o Peter A. & Margaret McLAURIN, married Phoebe Rebecca DOYLE 24, Ont., Owen Sound, d/o John & Sarah Ann DOYLE, wit: Charles Thomas DOYLE of Owen Sound & Daniel S. McEWEN of Tiverton, 12 May 1875, at Owen Sound.  
2629-75 (Grey Co) John MCLEAN, 24, carpenter, Glenelg, Bentinck, s/o Donald MCLEAN & Christina DEWAR, married, Elizabeth KRESS, 21, Hamilton, Durham, d/o George KRESS & Catherine MCEWEN, witn: James CRAWFORD of Bentinck & George KRESS of Durham, 9 Aug 1875, Durham #002974-76 (Grey Co): John McLEAN, 24, farmer, Guelph, Artemesia, s/o Allen & Isabella, married Elizabeth PORTEOUS, 19, Artemesia, same, d/o John & Susan, witnesses were Justus Paul SHERWOOD & Janet PORTEOUS, both of Artemesia, Nov. 20, 1875 at Artemesia
2701-75 William McLEOD, 23, laborer, Canada, Sarawak, s/o Roderick & Catherine, married Phebe MORTON, 19, Canada, Sarawak, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James BROWN & Mary McPHEE, both of Sarawak, 9 March 1875 at Owen Sound #002685-75 (Grey Co.) Thomas McLEOD 24, farmer, Can., Sullivan twp., s/o Alexander McLEOD & Mary McINNES, married Flora McCORKINDALE 16, --, Sullivan twp., d/o Allan McCORKINDALE & Mary BROWN, wit: Donald McARTHUR of Derby & John McCORKINDALE, 22 Apr 1875, at Owen Sound.
2595-75 (Grey Co) Donald MCMILLAN, 25, farmer, Scotland, Artemesia, s/o Colin & Catherine MCLEAN married Isabella MCLEOD, 19, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Donald & Flora MCLEOD, witn: Dougald CAMPBELL & Malcom MCMILLAN of Artemesia, 4 Feb 1875, Artemesia 2827-75 John McNABB, 27, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o John & Hannah, married Mary Jane TIMBERRY, 18, Melancthon, same, d/o George Henry & Sarah Jane, witn: Joseph DICKEY of Adjala & Malida ROBINSON of Orangeville, 24 March 1875 at Shelburne
2660-75 George McNABB, 23, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o William McNABB & Margaret HARWOOD, married Letitia KEELER, 26 (20?), USA, Sullivan, d/o John KEELER & Letitia McNABB, witn: William ARNOLD & Ruth WALTON, both of Sullivan, no date given, at St. Paul's Church, Chatsworth 2692-75 Henry MACPHERSON, 42, widower, county court judge, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Lowther Pennington MACPHERSON & Eliza Isabella Louisa McLEAN, married Eliza McGill McLEAN, 32, Canada, Walkerton, d/o Allen Neil McLEAN & Catherine Isabella STRANGER, witn: James Allan WALKER & Amelia Johanna CHATWIN, both of Owen Sound, 31 May 1875 at Owen Sound
2855-75 (Grey Co) William MCQUAY, 24, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o William & Catharine MCQUAY married Eliza Jane FERRES (Ferris?), 18, Canada, Proton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth FERRES, witn: Robert MCQUAY & Margaret FERRES of Proton, 14 April 1875, Proton #002726-75 (Grey Co.) Peter MELENEY 45, farmer, Ireland, Sullivan twp., s/o Lawrence MELENEY & Bridget KENNEDY, married Ellen NEIL 22, Ireland, Glenelg twp., d/o Michael NEIL & Mary TOMPIN (TOMSSIN?), wit: William MALONE & Bridget MULDOON both of Sullivan twp., 8 Nov 1875, at Owen Sound. (RC)
3204-76 James MERCER, 25, saddler, England, Flesherton, s/o blank MERCER & Mary McDONALD, married Hannah Elizabeth BRYAN, 22, Rochester, St. Vincent, d/o James BRYAN & Annie, witn: Peter RITCHIE & Jemima KILGORE, both of Christie, 18 Nov 1875 at St. Vincent 2583-75 (Grey Co) John MERCER, 23, farmer, United States, Artemesia, s/o Alexander & Mary Jane MERCER married Elizabeth FOSTER, 23, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Henry & Margaret FOSTER, witn: Henry FOSTER of Markdale & Margaret FOSTER of Artemesia, 13 Oct 1875, Artemesia
2647-75 (Grey Co): Norman MERRIAM, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o John MERRIAM & Loretta ALLEN, married Elizabeth CRANE, 20, Canada, Holland, d/o Rick CRANE & Lillie? Ann DEAN, witn: William EDGAR & Jane CRAVEN, both of Holland, 8 Dec 1875 at Chatsworth 2598-75 (Grey Co) James MIDDLETON, 23, Blacksmith, Canada, Artemesia, s/o John & Mary Jane MIDDLETON married Jane JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Ann JOHNSTON, witn: John MIDDLETON of Holland & Eliza JOHNSTON of Artemesia, 5 May 1875, Artemesia
2630-75 (Grey Co) James MILAN, 29, mechanic, Ireland, Kincardine, s/o John & Catherine MILAN married Ida SCOTT , 21, Durham, Durham, d/o John & Isabella SCOTT, witn: Eliza Jane & Charles SCOTT, 5 May 1875, Durham 2605-75 (Grey Co) Daniel MILLER, 25, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, Timothy & Charlotte MILLER married Margaret FREEMAN, 20, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Elizabeth FREEMAN, witn: John FREEMAN & Elizabeth FREEMAN of Artemesia, 4 Dec 1875, Artemesia
002762-75 (Grey Co.) David R. MITCHELL 22, tinsmith, Eramosa Wellington co., Meaford, s/o James & Grace MITCHELL, married Elizabeth SMITH 19, St. Vincent twp., Meaford, d/o John & Frances SMITH, wit: David WARK of Stayner & Lydia BURNS of Meaford, 7 Apr 1875, at residence of John SMITH Meaford. 2634-75 (Grey Co) Alexander MOFFAT, 47, farmer, Ireland, Normanby, s/o Edward & Elizabeth MOFFATT married Matilda IVES (Iver?), 38, widow, Ireland, Normanby, d/o William & Mary Ann LUCAS, witn: John & Jane HAMILTON of Egremont, 14 June 1875, Durham
003175-76 (Grey Co.) William James MONAGHAN, 21, mason, Ontario, Feversham, s/o Michael & Elisa MONAGHAN married Sarah Jane SCILLEY, 21, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Michael & Elisabeth SCILLEY, wtn., Thomas MONAGHAN & Elisa SCILLEY both of Feversham on October 27, 1875 at Osprey. 2978-76 Joseph MOONEY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o Joseph MOORE & Catherine, married Mary TUCKER, 21, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Benjamin TUCKER & Susan, witn: George A. MOORE & Sarah TUCKER, both of Egremont, 28 Dec 1875 at Priceville
2807-75 Robert MORISON, 24, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mariah KERNACHEN, 21, Canada, Osprey, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Hugh MORISON & Kesiah KERNASHEN (sic), both of Osprey, 10 Nov 1875 at Osprey 2807-75 Robert MORRISON, 24, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mariah KERNACHAN, 21, Canada, Osprey, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Hugh MORRISON & Keziah KERNACHAN, both of Osprey, 10 Nov 1875 at Osprey
#002756-75 (Grey Co.) Anson Cadd MOULTON 23, farmer, Sydenham twp., St. Vincent twp., s/o Francis & Emily MOULTON, married Elizabeth Ann CHALLIES 21, Portland Leeds co. Ont., St. Vincent twp., d/o John & Sarah CHALLIES, wit: Hiram VAIL & Christina BROWN both of Sydenham twp., 27 Jan 1875, at Meaford. 2617-75 (Grey Co) Robert MUNDELL, 27, farmer, Smith Falls - Kitley Ontario [as written], Derby, s/o William MUNDELL & Jane SIEVWRIGHT married Mary Elizabeth LAUDER?, Humberstone, Glenelg, d/o Thomas SAUDER? & Susan GRABELL, witn: William Johnston CREIGHTON of Owen Sound & John LAUDER of Bentinck, 2 Feb 1875, Glenelg
2979-76 Walter MURDOCH, 34, farmer, Scotland, Caledon twp., s/o William MURDOCH & Ann McFARLANE, married Catherine MUIR, 25, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o William MUIR & Margaret CAIRNS, witn: Adam McFARLANE of Artemesia & Margaret MUIR of Caledon, 30 Dec 1875 at Artemesia #002748-75 (Grey Co.) David MURDOCK 26, farmer, Canada, Sydenham twp., s/o James MURDOCK & Margaret SCOTT, married Jannet DRUMMOND 23, Canada, Sydenham twp., d/o Peter DRUMMOND & Margaret BAXTER, wit: John DRUMMOND & Lizzie McCOMB both of St. Vincent twp., 12 Oct 1875, at Meaford.
2796-75 Alex MURRAY, 29, farmer. Scotland, Sullivan, s/o Robert MURRAY & Margaret MCGREGOR married Mary Ann CLARK, 26, Bentinck, same, d/o Dugald CLARK & Mary MCFARLANE, Wtn; William MURRAY & Donald BLUE both of Sullivan January 19, 1875 at Hanover 2653-75 George MUSTARD, 24, carpenter, Markham Ont., Holland twp., s/o James & Jane, married Catherine MORGAN, 19, Sullivan, Holland, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: M. W. M--? of Sullivan & Thomas ANDERSON of Sydenham, no date given, at res of bride's father Holland
2813-75 Joseph G. MYERS, 19, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o Joseph & Harriet, married Nancy HANLEY, 25, Canada, Osprey, d/o John & Catherine, witn: William PAUL & Rebecca HANLY (sic), both of Osprey, 12 (17?) Dec 1875 at Osprey #002733-75 (Grey Co): John Wesley MYLES, 21, hotel keeper, Euphrasia, Meaford, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Jane DEW, 18, Sydenham, Meaford, d/o John & Sarah, witn: James BUCKLEY & Robert BERRY, both of St. Vincent, 14 April 1875 at St. Vincent
2774-75 Samuel NEAL, 26, farmer, Toronto, Egremont, s/o George NEAL & Susanna KENDLE married Charlotte VOLLETT, 19, Bentinck, same, d/o Harry VOLLETT (no mother listed) Wtn: John & Susannah SCHNEIDER of waterloo co. September 23, 1875 at Bentinck 002823-75 (Grey Co.) John NEWLOVE, 23, farmer, Markham, Osprey, s/o Love NEWLOVE & Bridget NEWLOVE, married Jane DUNCAN, 22, Mulmer, Osprey, d/o John & Janet DUNCAN, wtn: Benjamin SMITH & Thomas NEWLOVE, both of Osprey, on January 1, 1875, at Feversham
2835-75 (Grey Co) John OBENBACH, 29, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Adair & Barbara OBENBACH married Maria NEHN, 27, widow, Canada, Normanby, d/o John & Marguareta NICOLAI, witn: John NEHN & William REHKEOFF of Normanby, 13 April 1875, Neustadt

2936-76, Joseph OLIVER, 24, farmer, Michigan U.S., Melancthon, s/o William & Mary OLIVER, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 18, Melancthon, Melancthon, d/o John & Rachel JOHNSTON, wtn: Robert JOHNSTON & Emma OLIVER both of Melancthon, 15 Dec 1875, Melancthon

2799-75 Christian OSWALD, 21,carpenter, Normanby, same, s/o Sebastian & Margaret OSWALD married Mary Ann THOMAS, 20, Minto, same, d/o George & Sarah THOMAS, Wtn: Melissa PETERSON & David GOTTRAB both of Hanover July 28, 1875 at Hanover #002714-75 (Grey Co.) George Frederick PAIN 34, accountant, Eng., Owen Sound, s/o George PAIN & Elizabeth KIRBY, married Wilhelmina Josephine MULHOLLAND 23, Can., Owen Sound, d/o Arthur Hill Ringland? (Kingland) MULHOLLAND & Jane Scott SMITH, wit: W. B. VENNOR & John W. ELWELL both of Owen Sound, 21 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound.
2637-75 (Grey Co) Samuel PALMER, 24, Cordwainer, England, Sullivan, s/o Thomas PALMER & Elisabeth ESWORTHY married Martha BEDFORD, 23, England, Sullivan, d/o Joseph BEDFORD & Ann BUTCHART, witn: John PALMER of Sullivan & Ellen SMITH of Owen Sound, 26 Jan 1875, Chatsworth 2637-75 Samuel PALMER, 24, cord wainer, England, Sullivan twp., s/o Thomas PALMER & Elizabeth ESWORTHY, married Martha BEDFORD, 23, England, Sullivan twp., d/o Joseph BEDFORD & Ann BUTCHART, witn: John PALMER of Sullivan & Ellen SMITH of Owen Sound, 26 Jan 1875 at Chatsworth
#002736-75 (Grey Co): William PATERSON, 29, farmer, Scotland, Euphrasia, s/o James PATERSON & Jane STEPHENSON, married Elsie Eliza STEPHEN, 20, Cape Rich Ont., St. Vincent, d/o Adam S. STEPHEN & Elizabeth RALPH, witn: James PATERSON of Euphrasia & Adam H. STEPHEN of St. Vincent, 8 June 1875 at St. Vincent 2590-75 (Grey Co) Thomas John PATTON, 25, Merchant Clerk, Scotland, Priceville, s/o John & Margaret S. PATTON married Agnes Mary WRIGHT, 24, New York US, Priceville, d/o Ferguson & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: David A. GHENT & Ann WRIGHT of Priceville, 30 April 1875, Priceville
#002973-76 (Grey Co): Samuel PAUL, 54, widower, stone mason, England, Artemesia twp., s/o John PAUL & Mary GEORGE, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 44, widow, Ireland, Artemesia twp., d/o Thomas CONDAY & Elizabeth MOORE, witnesses were Mary CURRY & James ARMSTRONG, both of Eugenia, Nov. 12, 1875 at Eugenia, Artemesia twp 2582-75 (Grey Co) Silas PHILIPS, 30, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o William & Sarah PHILIPS married Eliza CLARK, 25, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Robert & Margaret CLARK, witn: James CLINTON of Osprey & Margaret CLARK of Artemesia, 22 Sept 1875, Artemesia
2613-75 (Grey Co) Martin B. PHILLIPS, 23, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o William & Sarah PHILLIPS married Sarah Ann PEDLAR, 17, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Samuel & Susan PEDLAR, witn: Sarah C. MATTHEWS & Alice BELLAMY of Flesherton, Artemesia, 31 March 1875, Artemesia 2801-75 John PHIPPS, 22, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth PHIPPS married Ann Marilla BURFOOT, 17, Keppel, same, d/o Charles & Eliza BURFOOT, Wtn: James LENNOZ & Laura PHIPPS both of Keppel September 10, 1875 at Keppel.
2654-75 John PICKET, 23, laborer, Canada, Holland, s/o Michael PICKET & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Mary Jane McCLELLAND, 22, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Angus McCLELLAND & Mary McDONALD, witn: Pat HAMILTON & Margaret PICKET, 28 June 1875 at Chatsworth #002764-75 (Grey Co.) Emmanuel PITTS 36, --, Yorkshire Eng., St. Vincent twp., s/o Joseph PITTS & Sarah SHERWIN, married Pamela OLIVER 24, Co. Kent Eng., Meaford, d/o James OLIVER & Anna ELLIS, wit: John EMURY & Cassia OLIVER both of Meaford, 13 May 1875, at Meaford.
  3007-76 John PLESTER, 24, farmer, England, Proton, s/o William & Amelia, married Sarah Ann FERRIS, 18, Ireland, Proton, d/o James & Jane, witn: John FERRIS & Mary Ann CLUFF, both of Proton, 26 Oct 1875 at Proton
2848-75 (Grey Co) Lewis PLETCH, 26, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Henry & Catherine PLETCH married Elizabeth HERMANN, 19, Canada, Normanby, d/o cannot say & died long ago, witn: Peter DIERLAM of Minto & Elizabeth PLETCH of Normanby, 12 Jan 1875, Normanby 2785-75 Adam PLETZER, 23, farmer, Huron Co, same, s/o John PLETZER & Mary KOCH married Elizabeth STUMPF, 25, Germany, Hanover, d/o Conrad STUMPF & Mary YOST, Wtn: George LORENZ & Amanda SLAVERNAGEL both of Hanover March 24, 1875 at Hanover
2831-75 (Grey Co) George Alfred PREBBLE, 26, farmer, England, Normanby, s/o Stephen PREBBLE & Letitia PREBBLE married Isabella JEFFREY, 18, Ontario, Normanby, d/o James JEFFREY & Isabella JEFFREY, witn: James JEFFREY of Normanby & Phebe Letitia PREBBLE, 4 Aug 1875, Normanby 3099-76 August Bernhard PUSCHENSKY,27, shoemaker, Germany, Normanby, s/o Jacob & Caroline PUSCHENSKY, married Anna-Maria SCHOEFER, 24, Germany, Normanby, d/o Henry & Catherine SCHOEFER, Wtn: Heinrich HEIMBECKER & August WERTAL both of Neustadt September 25, 1875 at Neustadt
#002976-76 (Grey Co): Alexander PURDY, 40, "Esq. J.P.", Elizabethtown - Leeds Co., Eugenia, s/o Thomas & Ann Nelson PURDY, married Henrietta EKINS, 19, Artemesia, Eugenia, d/o William John EKINS & Margaret LITTLE, witnesses were David BRETT of Wellington Co.& Mary Ann CURRY of Eugenia, Dec. 13, 1875 at Eugenia 2849-75 (Grey Co) Charles RECHIN, 25, carpenter, Prussia, Normanby, s/o Frederick William & Louisa RECHIN married Rosia KABEL, 21, Woolwich, Neustadt, d/o Matthias & Elizabeth KABEL, witn: John Fred JUCKECH & Maria KALBFLEISCH of Neustadt, 12 Jan 1875, Normanby

3223-76, James REELING (Keeling?), 28, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o Joseph REELING & Hannah REELING, married Sarah TROTTER, 26, Canada, Sydenham, d/o James TROTTER & Jane TROTTER, wtn: Peter REELING & Jane TROTTER both of Sydenham, 22 Dec 1875, Owen Sound

3098-76 Christian REHKOPF, 28, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o august & Johanna REHKOPF married Elizabeth NEVLAI?, 25, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Margaret NEVLAI, Wtn: Heinrich & Jacob REHKOPF September 14, 1875 at Neustadt 2673-75 Robert RENWICK, 23, wagon maker, Scotland, Downie, s/o James & Jane, married Jane HASTIE, 19, Dumfries Ont., Egremont, d/o James & Agnes, witn: William HASTIE & Margaret RENWICK, both of Egremont, 29 Dec 1875 at Holstein
2708-75 William RIDDELL, 25, millwright, Sydenham, Owen Sound, s/o William RIDDELL & Janet TELFORD, married Agnes M. STARK, 25, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander STARK & Agnes HISLOP, witn: John RIDDELL & Robert STARK, 7 July 1875 at Owen Sound 2728-75 Templeton C. ROBINSON, 25, teacher, Hamilton, Owen Sound, s/o Robert & Mary Ann C, married Annie Grant CAMPBELL, 25, Owen Sound, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Duncan W. MORRISON of Owen Sound & Thomas WHITE of Nottawa, 23 Dec 1875 at Owen Sound
#002761-75 (Grey Co.) Michael ROBINSON 27, farmer, Quebec, St. Vincent twp., s/o John & Zohana (Zohane) ROBINSON, married Mary McDONALD 27, St. Vincent twp., same, d/o Miles McDONALD & Anne DEVINE, wit: Donald McDONALD & Ann Catherine WARD both of St. Vincent twp., 8 Feb 1875, at Meaford. (RC) 2614-75 (Grey Co) William ROE, 26, farmer, Canada, Holland, s/o Peter & Ann ROE married Mary Jane STENSON, 25, Canada, Holland, d/o Thomas & Margaret STENSON, witn: James GILLESPIE & Isabella BOYD of Holland, 4 May 1875, Holland
2551-75 Jonathan Ferris ROGERS, 30, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Levi & Amelia, married Georgina JACK, 22, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James & Barbara, witn: Joseph M. & Martha Jane ROGERS of Sydenham, 7 July 1875 at Sydenham 2884-76 William Henry RORKE, 32, widower, farmer, Picton, Collingwood, s/o William & Martha, married Ann ROGERS, 39, widow, Pickering Ont., Collingwood, d/o James RICHARDSON & Elizabeth, witn: Jeremiah & Sarah LAPP of Euphrasia, 16 Dec 1875 at Collingwood
#002680-75 (Grey Co): William ROSE, 28, laborer, England, Mount Forest, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Harriet BENTLEY, 24, Normanby, Egremont, d/o James & Nancy, witn: Thomas BENTLEY & Ann SHEAREN, both of Egremont, 10 April 1875 at Egremont  
2703-75 William James ROSS, 23, clerk, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John & Catherine, married Margaret KENNEDY, 25, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o William & Judith, witn: William LEVINS & Annie HENRY, both of Owen Sound, 17 March 1875 at Owen Sound 2672-75 John ROSS, 27, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Roderick & Ann, married Ann Jane CAULFIELD, 19, Egremont, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Alex MURDOCH of Egremont & Elizabeth SMITH of Dumfries, 29 Dec 1875 at Egremont

3209-76, John ROUSE, 25, yeoman, Weston, St. Vincent, s/o William & charlotte ROUSE, married Mary Ann CRAMP, 24, England, St. Vincent, d/o Amos & Eliza CRAMP, wtn: Walter ROUSE & Harriett BOYES both of St. Vincent, 27 Dec 1875, St. Vincent

2619-75 (Grey Co) William RUNNING, 29, farmer, Ireland, Bentinck, s/o Benjamin RUNNING & Isabella GORDON married, Jane HILLIS, 24, Ireland, Bentinck, d/o William HILLIS & Mary BOYD, witn: John WHITE & Rebecca HILLIS of Bentinck, 9 Mar 1875, Durham
2773-75 William SCHILDROTH, 22, farmer, Germany, Listowel, s/o Christopher SCHILDROTH & Philipine RUPPEL married Sophia HASBACH, 19, Bentinck, same, d/o George HASBACH & Louisa DUCHARDT, Wtn; George BECKER & August WILCHEN both of Brant Co. July 6, 1875 at Bentinck. 2847-75 (Grey Co) Jacob SCHMIDT, 22, farmer, North Easthope, Howick, s/o John & Margaret SCHMIDT married Elizabeth SCHMIDT 18, Wilmot, Normanby, d/o Christian & Anna SCHMIDT, witn: John & Frederick SCHMIDT, 2 May 1875, Normanby
2832-75 (Grey Co) Christian SCHNEIDER, 23, shoemaker, Waterloo, Normanby, s/o Christian & Catharina SCHNIDER married Frederica MEIER, 21, Wellesley, Normanby, d/o Jacob & Barbara MEIER, witn: Carl WEBER & Carolina SCHNIDER of Normanby, 27 Sept 1875, Normanby 3095-76 Heinrich SCHUTER, 23,farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Caspar & Barbara SCHUTER married Maria WEISSHUHN, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John & Maria WEISSHUHN, Wtn: George & Christian SCHUTER both of Carrick December 27, 1875 at Normanby
2659-75 David SCOLLON, 23, farmer, Toronto twp., Holland, s/o William E. SCOLLON & Catherine HALLEY, married Maria LITTLE, 25, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o James LITTLE & Catherine OWENS, witn: A. McCAULY & Margaret LITTLE, both of Holland, 18 Feb 1875 at Chatsworth

2939-76, David SCOTT, 21, farmer, Chinguacousy, Melancthon, s/o Isaac & Sarah SCOTT, married Ellen McCORMICK, 22, Ireland, Melancthon, d/o John & Tamer McCORMICK, wtn: William McCORMICK & Hester Ann HALL both of Melancthon, 29 Dec 1875, Melancthon

2559-75 (Grey Co) James Henry SEWELL, 22, Ontario, Artemesia, farmer, s/o Arthur & Ann SEWELL, married Lydia Mary POSTILL, 17, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o Thomas & Ann POSTILL, witn: William SEWELL & Isabella BLAIN of Artemesia, 28 Jan 1875, Euphrasia twp #002643-75 (Grey Co): Thomas SHARP, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o William B. SHARP & Sally Ann JAMIESON, married Mary GORDON, 20, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Hyram GORDON & Mary Ann LAMPMAN (or Lampson), witn: Susannah OWEN Of Bentinck & Elizabeth YOUNG of Owen Sound, 9 June 1875 at Sullivan
002643-75 (Grey Co): Thomas SHARP, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o William B. SHARP & Sally Ann JAMIESON, married Mary GORDON, 20, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Hyram GORDON & Mary Ann LAMPMAN (or Lampson), witn: Susannah OWEN Of Bentinck & Elizabeth YOUNG of Owen Sound, 9 June 1875 at Sullivan 2567-75 (Grey Co) Nicholas SHAVER, 28, Lumber Merchant, Vaughan, Vaughan, s/o Nicholas & Mary Addison SHAVER married Annie MATTHEWS, 24, Toronto, Vaughan, d/o John & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, witn: George MATTHEWS & Jane MATTHEWS of Glenelg, 21 Dec 1875, Glenelg
#002644-75 (Grey Co): Jacob SHERK, 24, clergyman (United Brethren), Waterloo, Sullivan twp., s/o Abram & Lucy, married Elizabeth Ann BAKER, 22, NY state, Sullivan, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Abram SHERK & Joseph Henry BAKER, both of Sullivan, 28 July 1875 at Sullivan

2937-76, Isaiah SHERMAN, 25, farmer, Hastings Ont, Mulmur, s/o John & Elizabeth SHERMAN, married Margaret Jane LOCKHART, 23, King Twp Ont, Mulmur, d/o Mathew & Margaret LOCKHART, wtn: William SHERMAN & Elizabeth LOCKHART both of Mulmur, 15 Dec 1875, Horning Mills

#002975-76 (Grey Co): Justus Paul SHERWOOD, 25, yeoman, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Theodore William SHERWOOD & Charlotte DONNER, married Janet PORTEOUS, 17, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Susan, witnesses were John McLEAN & Elizabeth PORTEOUS, both of Artemesia, Nov. 20, 1875 at Artemesia 2709-75 Thomas A. SHORTREED, 20, miller, Fergus, Salem Ont, s/o Robert SHORTREED & Elizabeth BARCLAY, married Katie REUTER, 16, Salem, same, d/o Jacob REUTER & Mary MILLER, witn: William M. BARCLAY of Owen Sound & F. E. SHORTREED of Salem, 4 Aug. 1875 at Owen Sound
2612-75 (Grey Co) John SIMPLE, 22, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Andrew & Matilda SIMPLE married Rebecca Ann HEMPHILL, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o James & Margaret HEMPHILL, witn: James HEMPHILL of Artemesia & Margaret SIMPLE of Normanby, 17 Mar 1875, Artemesia #2610-75 (Grey Co): Robert SIMPLE, 23, bachelor, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, son of Andrew & Matilda SIMPLE to Sarah WHITE, 17, Canada, Artemesia, dau. of Charles & Mary WHITE, witnesses: Thomas & Rebecca LYONS of Artemesia, married 2 Feb 1875 at Flesherton

3221-76, Frank George SIMPSON, 21, banker, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o ?? & Annie SIMPSON, married Margaret STEPHENS, 20, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander N. STEPHENS & Margaret STEPHENS, wtn: William Boyd STEPHENS of Owen Sound & ? SIMPSON, 15 Sept 1875, Owen Sound

002820-75 (Grey Co.) John SIMPSON, 23, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o Samuel & Mary SIMPSON, married Susannah ARNOT, 18, Osprey, same, d/o William & Melitia ARNOT, wtn: Francis WINTERS & Isabella ARNOT, both of Osprey, on February 15, 1875, at Maxwell
2576-75 (Grey Co) William SMITH, 35, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, John & Mary SMITH married Eliza Margaret HANLEY, 20, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o John & Jane HANLEY, witn: Henry LEVER & Rebecca HANLEY of Artemesia, 3 Mar 1875, Glenelg 2812-75 Donald SMITH, 28, farmer, Oro, Osprey, s/o John & Sarah, married Janet McLEAN, 20, Osprey, same, d/o Donald & Mary MacLEAN (sic), witn: John BUIY & Charles McLEAN, both of Singhampton, 3 Nov 1875 at Singhampton
2555-75 Adelbert SMITH, 25, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent, s/o Barnard & Sarah, married Isabella INGLIS, 22, Scotland, Sydenham, d/o George & Catherine Brown INGLIS, witn: John THORN & Phebe SMITH, both of St. Vincent, 27 Oct 1875 at Sydenham 2622-75 (Grey Co) James SMITH, 22, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o John & Elizabeth SMITH married, Margaret PORTER, 17, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William & Mary A. PORTER, witn: James BRIGHAM & Hannah J. SMITH of Bentinck, 20 Oct 1875, Durham
2600-75 (Grey Co) Edwin SNOOKS, 22, Plasterer, England, Owen Sound, s/o Henry & Charlotte SNOOKS married Mary Ann MOORE, 19, Canada, Artemesia, d/o William & Catherine MOORE, witn: Joseph HENDERSON & William John HENDERSON of Artemesia, 29 March 1875, Artemesia #002679-75 (Grey Co): Thomas SPICER, 24, blacksmith, England, Egremont, s/o John & Susan, married Mary WALDEN, 23, Scotland, Normanby, d/o William & Helen, witn: Robert SPICER of Egremont & Mariah WALDEN of Normanby, 25 March 1875 at Holstein
2841-74 (Grey Co) Abel STAFFORD, 25, farmer, Toronto, Holland, s/o George & Jane STAFFORD married Elenor DOWLING, 20, Eramosa, Normanby, d/o James & Rachel DOWLING, witn: Elisha DOWLING of Minto & Francis DOWLING of Holland, 31 Dec 1874, Normanby #002768-75 (Grey Co.) James Johnston STEELE 27, grain merchant, Scotland, Flamboro Ont., s/o John STEELE & Mary JOHNSTON, married Anne Bertha LAYTON 24, Meaford, same, d/o Davd L. LAYTON & Ellen STEVENS, wit: John G. GARTSHOR of Toronto & Thomas A. McDONALD of W[est] Flamboro Ont., 27 Jan 1875, at Meaford.
2833-75 (Grey Co) Frederick STEPHAN, 26, teamster, Germany, Ayton, s/o not given, married Maria FEICK, 19, Waterloo, Normanby, d/o John & Margaret FEICK, witn: Aaron WEUGER of Ayton & Elizabeth FEICK of Normanby, 19 Oct 1875, Ayton

3207-76, Adam Huntley STEPHEN, 26, school teacher, Moore Twp, St. Vincent Twp, s/o Adam Spence STEPHEN & Elizabeth ROLPH, married Janet DOUGLAS, 23, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o John DOUGLAS & Mary MACKIE, wtn: John M. STEPHEN of Meaford & Mary Elizabeth STEPHEN of St. Vincent, 31 Dec 1875, St. Vincent

  2564-75 (Grey Co) John STERLING, 27, farmer, Huntingdon, St. Vincent twp, s/o John & Elizabeth STERLING married Margery BEST, 22, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o John and Margaret BEST, witn: James Alexander BEST of Euphrasia, 10 Feb 1875, Euphrasia
#002766-75 (Grey Co.) Archibald STEVENSON 33, Presbyterian minister, Sterling Scotland, St. Vincent twp., s/o William STEVENSON & Isabella ROLLS, married Selina HALL, 27, Lisburn Ireland, Meaford, d/o Robert HALL M.D. & Eliza Ann WHITE, wit: William GRAFTY of Montreal & Mary Emma HALL of Meaford, 10 Feb 1875, at Meaford. 2580-75 (Grey Co) Chrispin STONEHOUSE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o Martin & Hariett STONEHOUSE married Jane STEWART, 21, Scotland, Glenelg, d/o John & Jane STEWART, witn: John MOFFAT & John VESSIE of Glenelg, 15 Apr 1875, Glenelg
#002734-75 (Grey Co): John Henry STUBBS, 22, hotel keeper, Caledon Ont., Meaford, s/o Edward & Hannah, married Mary Ann DEW, 21, England, Meaford, d/o John & Sarah, witn: James BUCKLEY & Robert BERRY, both of St. Vincent, 14 April 1875 at St. Vincent 2636-75 Robert John STURGEON, 23, farmer, Canada, Garafraxa, s/o Andrew STURGEON & Susanna McKIBBON, married Ann WILDS, 18, Canada, Sullivan twp., d/o William WILDS & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas TISDALE of Garafraxa & Jane TOMSETT of Sullivan, 20 Jan 1875 at St. Johns Church, Sullivan
#002718-75 (Grey Co.) James SUTHERLAND 53, merchant, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o George & Isabella SUTHERLAND, married Sarah Jane MAUGHAN, 25, Ont., Owen Sound, d/o John & Frances MAUGHAN, wit: George SNIDER & Joseph MAUGHAN both of Owen Sound, 3 Aug 1875, at Owen Sound.  
3210-76 Abraham TAYLOR, 25, yeoman, Albion, Streetsville, s/o William TAYLOR & Margaret, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 23, Griersville, same, d/o Robert & Susanna Liddy MITCHELL, witn: Abraham JOHNSON of Griersville & Amelia WHITELAW of St. Vincent, 24 Nov 1875 at Griersville 2811-75 Richard TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o Joseph TAYLOR & Ann M. DOCKET, married Marion SKINNER (Kinner?), 21, Canada, Osprey, d/o William & Mary, witn: Robert & Annie SKINNER of Osprey, 7 July 1875 at Osprey
#002717-75 (Grey Co.) Henry THOMPSON 24, clerk, Gibralter Spain, Owen Sound, s/o David & Catherine THOMPSON, married Sarah E. GIMBY 20, Can, Owen Sound, d/o Charles & Susan GIMBY, wit: John CRANE & Miss. M. LITTLE both of Owen Sound, 11 Oct 1875, at Owen Sound. #02678-75 (Grey Co): Adam TRAYNER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o Peter & Mary Ann, married Jannet DODDS, 22, Ontario, Egremont, d/o James & Jane, witn: William SIMONS & Agnes DODDS, both of Egremont, 24 March 1875 at Egremont
2840-75 (Grey Co) Isaac TRAYNOR, 28, P. L. surveyor, Egremont, Egremont, s/o Peter & Mary Ann TRAYNOR married Annah BEDFORD, 26, Waterloo, Normanby, d/o John & Mary Ann BEDFORD, witn: Adam TRAYNOR of Egremont & Sarah BEDFORD of Normanby, 20 Jan 1875, Normanby 002821-75 (Grey Co.) James VANMEER, 22, farmer, Mariposa, Osprey, s/o Samuel & Mary VANMEER, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 18, Osprey, same, d/o John & Martha CAMPBELL, wtn: William VANMEER & Annie CAMPBELL, both of Osprey, on March 10, 1875, at Maxwell
2814-75 George B. VANMEER, 25, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Eliza Jane LINDLEY, 21, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: William VANMEER of Artemesia & Sarah CLARK of Osprey, 7 April 1875 at Artemesia 2809-75 W. Henry VANMEER, 24, farmer, Mariposa, Osprey, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Sarah Jane CLARK, 23, Toronto, Osprey, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: James BUCKINGHAM & Catherine GAME--?(off page), both of Osprey, 29 Dec 1875 at Maxwell

3208-76, William Cornelius VAN NOSTRAND 24, yeoman, York Mills, Whitchurch, s/o John & Anna Maria VAN NOSTRAND married Mary Emma GORDON, 19, Whitchurch, St. Vincent, d/o John & Hanna GORDON, wtn: Jonathan GORDON OF St. Vincent & Louise VAN NOSTRAND of Whitchurch, 15 Dec 1875?, St. Vincent

#002687-75 (Grey Co.) William VASEY 36, farmer, Can., Sullivan twp., s/o John VASEY & Honora BARELLE, married Mary Jane LESTER 22, Eng., Sullivan twp., d/o William LESTER & Honor CALAHAN, wit: Hugh VASEY & Mary Ann VASEY both of Sullivan, 17 Apr 1875, at Owen Sound.
2597-75 (Grey Co) William WATSON, 22, Wagon maker, Canada, Priceville Artemesia, s/o William & Martha Lucinda WATSON married Mary Jane HUDDY, 20, London England, Artemesia, d/o George & Ann HUDDY, witn: James WATSON of Priceville & Louisa Ann HUDDY of Artemesia, 20 May 1875, Artemesia  
2829-75 (Grey Co) Johannes WEIMBECKER, 22, farmer, Germany, Wallace, s/o Chaures? NEIMBECKER & Catherine NEIMBECKER married Ivanna ATREUS, 20, New York, Bentinck, d/o Henreich ATREUS & Elisabetha ATREUS, witn: Henry REUHL & Elizabeth NEIMBECKER of Wallace & Conrad BECKER of Hanover, 23 Nov 1875, Normanby 2662-75 James WEIR, 24, farmer, Ireland, Amabel, s/o James & Sarah, married Jane KERR, 36, Canada, Derby, d/o Patrick & Hattie, witn: Samuel MILLER of Amabel & Hannah J. WHITE of Derby, 17 Aug 1875 at Derby twp
#002750-75 (Grey Co.) John WHITE 26, farmer, Dumfries Ont., Sydenham twp., s/o John WHITE & Esther SUDDEN, married Bridget MOORNEY (Mooney?) 23, Owen Sound, Sydenham twp., d/o Andrew MOORNEY & Bridget CONWAY (Connery?), wit: Alexander MOORNEY & Margaret Jane WHITE both of Sydenham twp., 1 (or 15?) Jan 1875, at Queens Hotel Meaford. (also # 002767, both dates clear) 2694-75 Thomas WHITE, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Invermay, s/o David & Mary, married Isabella JOHNSTON, 20, Ontario, Derby, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: William John JOHNSTON of Derby & R. S. LAIRD of Owen Sound, 24 March 1875 at Owen Sound
2566-75 (Grey Co) John WHITTAKER, 26, mechanic, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Richard & Sarah WHITTAKER married Henrietta EDWARDS, 20, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Thomas H.& Eliza EDWARDS, witn: Duncan MCLEOD of Artemesia & Margaret EDWARDS of Glenelg, 8 Dec 1875, Glenelg 2830-75 (Grey Co) Feany WIDMEYER, 22, farmer, Wellesley, Normanby, s/o Linton WIDMEYER & Theresa WIDMEYER married Barbara HOLLINGER, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Phillip HOLLINGER & Phillippa HOLLINGER & Wesley WIDMEYER & Elizabeth HOLLINGER of Normanby, 9 Dec 1875, Normanby
  2648-75 (Grey Co): George Joseph WINSLOW, 28, farmer, Ireland, Glenelg, s/o John WINSLOW & Eliza SOUTHWICK, married Mary Ann KENNEDY, 26, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Patrick KENNEDY & Bridget FLYNN, witn: illegible Joseph KENNEDY & Ann LOWE, 10 Oct 1875 at Holland
2546-75 James WINTERS, 37, widower, sailor, Halifax NS, Owen Sound, s/o John & Mary, married Jessie McMARTIN, 29, Sydenham, North Block - Sydenham, d/o Malcolm & Janet, witn: Edwin WATTS of Owen Sound & John McLAREN of Sydenham, 25 Feb 1875 at res of Malcolm McMartin, Sydenham 2665-75 Cecil WOODSIDE, 21, wagon maker, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas WOODSIDE & Jane HARTLEY, married Margaret F. COCHRANE, 21, Canada, Derby twp., d/o JAMES COCHRANE & Margaret CHRISTIE, witn: Thomas WOODSIDE & John MARSHALL, both of Owen Sound, 17 Feb 1875 at Derby
#002724-75 (Grey Co.) Thomas L. WOOLRICH 21, speculator, Mexico, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas H. WOOLRICH & Francisca PEREZ, married Emilia M. BROWN 22, Eng., Owen Sound, d/o David O. BROWN & Mary Ann SPENCER, wit: Peter O'DONOHOE & Maggie McLURG both of Owen Sound, 15 Sep 1875, at Owen Sound. (RC) 3100-76 Jacob YAEGER, 23, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Jacob & Catherine YAEGER married Margaret WEBER, 17, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Elizabeth WEBER, Wtn: Henry HERBURGER & Jacob SCHAUS both of Normanby December 21, 1875 at Neustadt
2561-75 (Grey Co) David YEOMANS, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Meaford, s/o David & Ann YEOMANS, married Catherine GILRAY, 23, Ontario, Meaford, d/o Robert & Jannet GILRAY, witn: Robert PATERSON & E.J. GILRAY of Euphrasia, 5 March 1875, Euphrasia 2932-76 Alonzo YOKUM, 30, farmer, Crolan, Melancthon, s/o Elijah YOKUM & Catherine, married Sarah GILPEN (Gilpin?), 24, Proton, Mulmur, d/o Joseph GILPEN & Jane, witn: Walter YOKUM & William MASON, both of Melancthon, 24 Aug 1875 at Meth. Episcopal parsonage, Melancthon
2548-75 Archibald YOUNG, 21, farmer, Sullivan, Sydenham, s/o Archibald & Jane, married Susannah ANDERSON, 18, Sydenham, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas ANDERSON of Sydenham & Edward HOWIE of Holland, 17 March 1875 at Sydenham