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3405-82 John C. ADAMS, 28, trader, Smith Falls, Flesherton, s/o William H. & Ann Eliza, married Eliza Jane LEAVER, 22, Artemesia, Flesherton, d/o Roger & Rebecca, witn: John HEARD & R. J. SPROULE, both of Flesherton, 2 Aug 1882 at Artemesia  
3561-82 Fredrick AMRELL, 24, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o George AMRELL & Catherine SCHILLING married Elizabeth ECKSTEIN, 22, Normanby, same, d/o Daniel ECKSTEIN & Eva BETZLER, Wtn: John WEPPLER & August ECKSTEIN both of Normanby April 18, 1882 at Neustadt.

3510-82, (Grey Co), William ARCHER, 28, farmer, Canada, Michigan State - Co Isabell, s/o Ezekel ARCHER & Jane IRWIN, married Elisa LAMBERT, 20, Canada, Holland Grey Co, d/o George LAMBERT & Margaret KEIGHTLY, wtn: Henry CROUTHER & Priscilla LAMBERT both of Holland, date not given, at  res of bride's father, Holland

#003444-82 (Grey Co) W.F.C. ARLIDGE, 24, accountant, Bloxham England, Meaford, s/o Christopher & Isabella CONEBEAR, married Ada B SAUNDERS, 23, St Vincent, Meaford, d/o George WASHINGTON & Mary; witnesses G B JOHNSTON, Melissa Perry, of Meaford. 16 May 1882 at Meaford. Note: married at five o'clock in the morning [as written]

3480-82, (Grey Co), William James ARMSTRONG, 38, farmer, Toronto, Mono, s/o William & Catherine ARMSTRONG, married Sarah CLUGSTON, 27, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o John & Rachel CLUGSTON, wtn: Jackson HENDERSON of Mono & Ann Gabella REID of Euphrasia, 23 May 1882, Euphrasia

3754-82 Robert ARMSTRONG, 24, watch maker, Tyrone Ireland, Proton, s/o John & Sarah, married Jane LOCKHART, 20, Proton, same, d/o Albert & Eliza, witn: William J. LOWE & Mary LOCKHART, both of Proton, 17 Oct 1882 at Dundalk 3752-82 Alexander ARMSTRONG, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Jane FARRELL, married Ann THORNTON, 17, Egremont, Proton, d/o John THORNTON & Elizabeth McEWEN, witn: William THORP of Proton & William THORNTON of Mt. Forest, 8 Nov 1882 at Proton
3497-82, (Grey Co), Elijah ATTEART?, 52, farmer, Brock, Osprey, s/o John & Margaret ATTEART, married Susan MILLER, 24, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Obediah & Selina MILLER, wtn: Richard BURK & ELIZA MILLER both of Osprey, 6 Aug 1882, Maxwell 3427-82 Lafayette BADGEROW, 23, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Sarah J. GAINEY, 18, Ontario, Osprey, d/o John & Emily, witn: Thomas GAINEY of Osprey & Emily BADGEROW of Artemesia, 1 Feb 1882 at Flesherton
3389-82 Robert James BALL, 25, teacher, Bentinck, Normanby, s/o James BALL & Jane KOME married R. I. LEONARD, 28, Hamilton, Normanby, d/o Anthony & Mary LEONARD, Wtn :E.W. BALL & Joanna LEONARD August 2, 1882 at Bentinck.

3600-82, William McKenzie BARCLAY, 30, gentleman, Guelph, Owen Sound, s/o Alexander BARCLAY & Jane HARPER, married Mary Jane CREIGHTON, 22, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o George P. CREIGHTON & Helen JOHNSTONE, wtn: George CREIGHTON & Agnes STODART both of Owen Sound, 15 Feb 1882, Owen Sound

3455-82 William BARKER, 27, farmer, Brock, Georgina, s/o William BARKER & Margaret KIRKPATRICK, married Eliza ADAMS, 26, Holland, same, d/o Alex ADAMS & Sarah PRICE, witn: John ADAMS of Holland & Mary BARKER of Georgina on Nov. 2, 1882 at Meaford

3523-82 Thomas BASKET, 28, yeoman, England, Bentinck, s/o Thomas BASKET & Margaret PARKER, married Hannah ARMSTRONG, 28, Ontario, Holland, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: Alex ARMSTRONG & John KENNEDY, both of Holland, 26 July 1882 at Holland
3728-82 Daniel BATH, 28, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o George & Ann, married Annie REAR, 18, Euphrasia, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: William BATH & Mary REAR, both of Euphrasia, 28 April 1882 at Collingwood twp

3475-82, (Grey Co), Alfred BAXTER, 27, farmer, Cambridgeshire England, St. Vincent, s/o Joseph BAXTER & Caroline GREEN, married Margaret Jane McALLISTER, 22, Belfast Ireland, St. Vincent, d/o George McALLISTER & Sarah MATT, wtn: John Archibald PATTERSON of Euphrasia & Bessie BAXTER of St. Vincent, 29 Dec 1882, St. Vincent

3506-82, (Grey Co), George S. BAYLY, 27, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o E. BAILY (sic) & A. STEADMAN, married Martha COULTER, 19, Canada, Holland, d/o D. COULTER & M. EDGAR, wtn: Joseph COULTER of Chatsworth, 4 July 1882, Chatsworth

3491-82, (Grey Co), Charles BELLAMY, 28, farmer, Osprey Tp, Mulmur, s/o Robert & Ruth BELLAMY, married Jane MORROW, 25, Ireland, Mulmur, d/o James & Catherine MORROW, wtn: Robert McGEE & Elizabeth McGEE both of Osprey, 20 June 1882 Osprey

3560-82 Jacob BINKLE, 29, Germany, Carrick, s/o Philipp BINKLE & Elizabeth KEISER married Elizabeth SCHMIDT, 19, Germany, Normanby, d/o Caspar SCHMIDT & Elizabeth DAHMER, Wtn: George BINKLE & Frederick BINKLE both of Carrick march 28, 1882 at Normanby. 3499-83 William BLACKBURN, 28, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o William & Isabella, married Mary Ann THOMPSON, 24, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Joseph BLACKBURN of Flesherton & Mary J. THOMPSON of Artemesia, 23 March 1882 at Artemesia
3551-82 Charles BOEHM, 21, merchant, Hanover, Neustadt, s/o Siegmund BOEHM & Maria HERRMETE married Elisabeth DRUMM, 21, Berlin Waterloo Co, Neustadt, d/o Michael DRUMM & Katherine SIMON, Wtn: Jacob DRUMM & Wilhelmina DONNER both of Neustadt February 1, 1882 at Neustadt. 3440-82 John H. BONESTEAD, 22, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Charles & Sarah, married Elizabeth SMITH, 21, England, St. Vincent, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: R. J. SHERMAN & Fanny A. BONESTEAD, 10 April 1882 at Meaford
3379-82 William BRANNIGAN, 29, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o William & Eliza BRANNIGAN married Margaret WARD, 24, Hanover, same, d/o William & Catherine WARD, Wtn: David & Mary Ann WILLIS both of Normanby March 15, 1882 at Hanover. 3578-82 Michael BRAUN, 29, labourer, Germany, Neustadt, s/o David BRAUN & Margaret BUCHMANN married Elizabeth FRITZ, 22, Waterloo Co, Normanby, d/o Jacob FRITZ & Maria MEISSEL, Wtn: Jacob & Henry FRITZ both of Normanby November 21, 1882 at Neustadt
3782-83 Thomas BRISTOW, 20, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o William & Mary BRISTOW married Olivia SMALL, 19, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann SMALL, Wtn: Joseph FREETHY of Osprey & Mary SMALL of Collingwood December 13, 1882 at Feversham 3370-82 Samuel BROOKS, 28, harness maker, Hanover, same, s/o David & Janet BROOKS married Annie JOHNSTONE, 30, Hanover, same, d/o John & Mary Jane JOHNSTONE, Wtn: Jamie PYKE of Elmwood January 2, 1882 at Hanover
3373-82 James BROWN, 26, farmer, Hanover, same, s/o John & Mary Ann BROWN married Sarah MARSHALL, 23, Hanover, same, d/o Robert & Harriet MARSHALL, Wtn: John & Margaret WARD both of Bentinck January 4, 1882 at Hanover 3836-83 Frederick BROWN, 30, machinist, London England, Owen Sound, s/o David Baird BROWN & Mary Ann SPENCER, married Susan SHAW, 26, Co. Armagh Ireland, Keppel, d/o Gavin SHAW & Susannah GASS, witn: Sarah DEALY of Sydenham & Robert SHAW of Keppel
3741-82 David BROWN, 24, farmer, Fifeshire Scotland, St. Vincent, s/o Robert BROWN & Janet, married Martha WEATHERHALL, 20, Lincolnshire England, St. Vincent, d/o John & Ann, witn: Thomas J. FAWCETT of St. Vincent & Sarah McKENZIE of Collingwood, 11 Oct 1882 at Thornbury

3593-82, William BROWN, 25, yeoman, Arran, Arran, s/o James & Mary BROWN, married Frances WALKER, 24, Mount Forest, Sullivan, d/o William & Frances WALKER, wtn: George WALKER & Victoria WALKER both of Sullivan, 18 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3627-82, Thomas BROWN, 28, farmer, Scotland, Keppel, s/o John BROWN & Barbara SCOTT, married Emma PEARCE, 22, Ontario, Keppel, d/o Francis PEARCE & Eliza BALDWIN, wtn: James SEABRIGHT & Mary Seabright BROWN both of Keppel, 24 May 1882, Owen Sound

3652-82, Albert Jacob BROWN, 22, cutter, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John W. BROWN & Elizabeth E. BENNETT, married Annie WHITNEY, 18, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas WHITNEY & Elizabeth FARLEY, wtn: Charles HALL & Fanny WHITNEY both of Owen Sound, 31 Oct 1882, Owen Sound

3734-82 George Augustus BUNTON, 42, widower, brick maker, London England, Toronto, s/o George BUNTON & Sarah MORAN?, married Annie JOHNSTON, 33, Lancashire England, Toronto, d/o William JOHNSTON & Ann WARING, witn: Henry JOHNSTON of Toronto & Lizzie GALLOWAY of Collingwood twp., 23 Sept 1882 at Thornbury 003430-82 (Grey Co.) John BURNETT, 23 , farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o William and Martha BURNETT married Margaret McAULEY, 22, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o John and Jane McAULEY, wit Alex McLEAN and Sarah BURNETT of Artemesia on February 8, 1882 at Priceville.
3449-82 Joseph BURNS, 24, yeoman, Euphrasia, same, s/o Arthur & Jane, married Isabella LOUGHEAD, 28, Euphrasia, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Joseph DRINKE & Isabella WILCOX both of Euphrasia on July 12, 1882 at Meaford

3822-83 John BURNS, 25, farmer, York Co., Collingwood twp., s/o Thomas BURNS & Frances, married Flora ARBUTHNOT, 24, Collingwood twp., same, d/o Neil ARBUTHNOT & Flora, witn: Edward BURNS & Effie ARBUTHNOT, both of Collingwood twp., 27 Dec 1882 at Collingwood

3700-82, John CABLE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Joseph & Mary CABLE, married Charlotte MONAHAN, 18, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James & Caroline MONAHAN, wtn: George NIXON & Mary Jane MONAHAN both of Sydenham, 30 Mar 1882, Sydenham

3425-82 Francis CAIRNS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o Archibald & Christie, married Annie McLEOD, 22, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Donald & Flora, witn: Angus McLEOD & Janie CAIRNS, both of Artemesia, 25 Jan 1882 at Artemesia
#003609-82 (Grey Co): John CAMERON, 30, farmer, Puslinch, Keppel, s/o Roderick CAMERON & Mary MACKENZIE, married Sarah Jane SPENCER, 22, Derby, Keppel, d/o George G. SPENCER & Eliza GIRLING, witn: Donald McKENZIE of Keppel & Joseph COVEY of Toronto, 19 April 1882 at Owen Sound

3531-82 Hugh CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Scotland, Derby, s/o William CAMPBELL & Isa AGNEW, married Jane HINDS, 20, Canada, Derby, d/o James HINDS & Mary CLARK, witn: Henry MINER of Derby, 10 July 1882 at Chatsworth

3726-82 Evan D. CARSCADEN (s/b Carscadden?), 22, farmer, Peterboro twp., Collingwood twp., s/o Joseph & Jane, married Margaret Ann IRWIN, 18, Collingwood twp., same, d/o John & Ann, witn: David J. & Isabella L. CARSCADEN of Collingwood twp., 15 March 1882 at Thornbury 3454-82 John CARNAHAN, 41, farmer, widower, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o William & Britania, married E. M. ARTHUR, 34, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Mathew & Mary, witn: Archibald & Susan M. CARNAHAN both of Meaford on Oct. 24, 1882 at Meaford
3374-82 Robert J. CASEMENT, 24,tanner , Bentinck, same, s/o William & Agnes CASEMENT married Jane ANGUS, 26, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o Alex & Jennet ANGUS, Wtn: James PARK & Isabella ANGUS both of Bentinck January 9, 1882 at Hanover 3456-82 William Charles CHARTERS, 30, yeoman, Euphrasia, same, s/o James & Maria, married Mary Ettie LONDRY, 18, St. Vincent, Meaford, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: David CARNAHAN of St. Vincent & Lucinda LONDRY of Meaford on Nov. 22, 1882 at Meaford
  #003616-82 (Grey Co): Andrew CLAIRMONT, 25, laborer, Hemmingford Quebec, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas CLAIRMONT & Margaret NORVEL, married Elizabeth JONES, 18, Owen Sound, same, d/o Charles JONES & Sarah Jane LITTLE, both of Owen Sound, 18 May 1882 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath)
3376-82 James CLARK, 28, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o John CLARK & Catherine MCKECHNIE married Catherine CAMPBELL,23, Bentinck, same, d/o William CAMPBELL & Margaret GILCHRIST, Wtn: Malcolm CLARK & Neil CAMPBELL both of Bentinck January 12, 1882 at Bentinck. #003614-82 (Grey Co): George COLLISON, 22, engineer, Hamilton, Owen Sound, s/o George COLLISON & Fanny ROSELLE, married Elizabeth DAVIS, 18, Southampton, Owen Sound, d/o William DAVIS & Mary Jane ANDERSON, witn: James COUCH & Isabella COLLISON, both of Owen Sound, 25 April 1882 at Owen Sound
3737-82 Ephraim CONN, 22, farmer, Garafraxa, Collingwood, s/o Joseph CONN & Margaret GILLEN, married Sarah J. HALLET, 25, England, Collingwood, d/o William HALLET & Jane NIGHT, witn: Andrew GRIERSON & Eliza HAUST, both of Collingwood, 4 Oct 1882 at Thornbury 3750-82 William J. CORBETT, 37, druggist, Kingston, Creemore, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary A. LUDLOW, 26, Artemesia, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Richard LUDLOW of Paris & Maggie WATSON of Shelburne, 1 Feb 1882 at Proton
3426-82 John C. CRANE, 27, grocer, Newfoundland, Owen Sound, s/o George & Mary, married Almeda Adelaide TRIMBLE, 24, Ontario, Flesherton, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Robert BUCHART & Annie FOX, both of Owen Sound, 1 Feb 1882 at Flesherton

3520-82 Alex CRICENE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o William & Sarah, married M. J. WARD, 22, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Christopher & Mariah, witn: W. J?. CRICENE & Martha STEWART, both of Sullivan, 18 July 1882 at Chatsworth

3496-82, (Grey Co), Thomas CROFT, 28, Osprey, Osprey, s/o Charles & Elizabeth CROFT, married, Angeline BLEAKEY, 23, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Henry BLEAKEY & Jane BLEAKEY, wtn: Thomas BLEAKEY & SARAH CROFT both of Osprey, 13 Sept 1882, Osprey

3436-82 John CURRY, 25, agent, Toronto twp., Meaford, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Ida WALLACE, 18, Reach twp., Meaford, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Nelson CURRY of Euphrasia & Jane BARR of Meaford, 24 Jan 1882 at Meaford
3457-82 Charles DAFOE, 26, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o David & Susan, married Nettie WATT, 20, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o James & Mary, witn: James BUTCHART of Walter’s Falls & Allis DILLER of Meaford on Nov. 8 1882 at Meaford 3377-82 Benjamin DANKERT, 23, carpenter, Brant Twp, same, s/o John DANKERT &Dorothea PAMPERIN married Elizabeth WITTHELM, 19, Germany, Hanover, d/o Karl WITTHELM & Maria WENDORF, Wtn: S. GETMAN & Sarah DANKERT both of Hanover January 7, 1882 at Hanover
3435-82 Josiah DAWN, 33, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Mary MATTHEWSON, 30, Vaughan, St. Vincent, d/o Gilbert & Ann, witn: Hugh MATTHEWSON & Mary HUNT, both of St. Vincent, 1 Feb 1882 at Meaford

3529-82 Henry Hamer DICKEY, 25, station master, Canada, Holland twp., s/o Joseph DICKEY & Caroline HAMER (Hainer?) , married Elisa Jane CLOSE, 23, Canada, Holland twp., d/o James CLOSE & Mary Ann DONAGHUE, witn: Samuel J. VOGAN & Catherine M. DEAVITT, 19 July 1882 at Holland

3404-82 Robert J. DINSMORE, 23, farmer, Proton, Euphrasia, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Catherine McLEAN, 21, Osprey, Euphrasia, d/o Alexander & Christena, witn: William H. DINSMORE & Christena McLEAN, 8 Aug 1882 at Euphrasia 3372-82 Richard DOBSON, gardner, 31, England, Hamilton, s/o William DOBSON & Mary BEACH married Ann BROWN, 34, Bentinck, same, d/o John BROWN & Margaret BEATON, Wtn: John BROWN & John MCGILVARY both of Bentinck January 4, 1882 at Bentinck
3458-82 William Nelson DOHERTY, 20, Huron Co., St. Vincent, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth married Mary Effie WOOD, 21, widow, King Tp., St. Vincent, d/o William & Harriet WOOD, witn: R. J. SHERMAN of Meaford on Dec. 12, 1882 at Meaford

3474-82, (Grey Co), George DORAN, 25, yeoman, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Zachariah DORAN, & Delindy DORAN, married Maria Sophia BUTTERS, 23, Reach, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph BUTTERS & Sophia BUTTERS, wtn: Albert LLOYD of Meaford & Phoebe DORAN of St. Vincent, 19 Dec 1882, St. Vincent

3563-82 John DOUGLAS, 25, farmer, Dumfries Waterloo Co, Normanby, s/o Adam & Mary DOUGLAS married Esther NELSON, 22, Dumfries Waterloo Co, Normanby, d/o William NELSON & Mary THOMPSON, Wtn: David DOUGLAS of Normanby & Mary HELEN of Wingham May 24, 1882 at Normanby 3727-82 Robert DOUGLAS, 39, widower, machinist, Scotland, St. Vincent, s/o John & Ann, married Sarah J. MATTHEWSON, 33, Vaughan twp., St. Vincent, d/o Gilbert & Ann, witn: Hugh & Margaret MATTHEWSON of St. Vincent, 15 March 1882 at Thornbury
3574-82 Ernest DREIER, 65, gentleman, Germany, Normanby, s/o Conrad DREIER & Maria SCHNEIDER married Maria GEIL, 47, Germany, Normanby, d/o Charles & Magdalena GEIL, Wtn: Charles MEYER & Adam PLETSCH both of Normanby October 31, 1882 at Normanby

3538-82, (Grey Co), Alexander DUNCAN, 26, blacksmith, Elora Ont, Mount Forest Ont, s/o George & Barbara DUNCAN, married Ellen Jane WALDEN, 22, Normanby Ont, Egremont, d/o William & Allen WALDEN, wtn: David MUNN of Mount Forest & Lizzie NICHOLSON of Egremont, 4 April 1882, Egremont

3470-82, (Grey Co), Samuel Fields DURANT, 21, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o William DURANT & Sarah FIELDS, married Salina Catherine TAYLOR, 18, Lincolnshire England, St. Vincent, d/o George William TAYLOR & Elizabeth STUBBS, wtn: George TAYLOR & Harriett Ann DURANT both of St. Vincent, 20 Sept 1882, St. Vincent

3805-83 Henry EDMONDS, 25, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Mathew EDMONDS & Elizabeth REVY, married Charlotte E. VAYSON?, 22, Bentinck, same, d/o John VAYSON & Elizabeth DIXON, witn: William LIVINGSTON & Emily KAY, both of Bentinck, 11 Oct. 1882 at Hanover

3493-82, (Grey Co), George EDWARDS, 22, farmer, York Tp, Osprey, s/o Charles & Elizabeth EDWARDS, married Margaret A. THOMPSON, 19, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Archibald & Ann THOMPSON, wtn: Alexander HUDSON & Alice EDWARDS both of Osprey, 5 July 1882, Osprey

#3375-82 George EIDT, 24, wagon maker, Elmwood, same, s/o George & Catherine EIDT married Mary CHITTICK, 18, Allen Park, same, d/o Guy & Sarah CHITTICK, Wtn: Sarah MCLEAN & Hugh CHITTICK of Allen Park & Nicholas EIDT of Walkerton January 10, 1882 at Bentinck.
003615-82 (Grey Co): Claud ELLIOTT, 23, sawyer, Caistorville Ont., Saugeen, s/o S.M. ELLIOTT & Margaret SPENCE, married Isabel McLEAN, 25, Inverness-shire Scotland, Amabel, d/o Hector & Margaret, witn: Jessie M. LAMONT & C. Janet SCOTT, both of Owen Sound, 17 May 1882 at Owen Sound

3814-83 William FAWCETT, 29, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o Robert FAWCETT & Elizabeth, married Mary GOLDEN, 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o Anthony GOLDEN & Margaret, witn: Thomas J. & Minnie L. FAWCETT of Euphrasia, 27 Dec 1882 at Thornbury

3397-82 James FELTIS, 31, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Henry FELTIS & Margaret WILSON married Mary BARBER, 28, Derby, same, d/o Francis & Margaret BARBER, Wtn: Nathaniel BARBER of Derby & Annie BURR of Arron January 31, 1882 at Derby 3429-82 Robert James FERGUSON, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Collingwood twp., s/o Matthew & Isabella, married Sarah Ann CAMACK (Carnack?), naa, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o John & Ann, witn: John CAMACK & Elizabeth WALLACE, both of Euphrasia, 8 Feb 1882 at Markdale
003432-82 (Grey Co.) John FISHER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o John and Mary Ann FISHER to Sarah CORROGAN (Corrigan?), 22, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Hugh and Margaret CORROGAN, wit John CORROGAN of Artemesia and Joanna GRANDY of Eugenia on March 22, 1882 at Artemesia.

3544-82, (Grey Co), William FITZSIMMONS, 25, farmer, Erin Ont, Egremont, s/o David & Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS, married Mary BARBER, 24, Bentinck Ont, Egremont, d/o Robert & Jane BARBER, wtn: James EDEN & Jane BARBER both of Egremont, 29 Nov 1882, Egremont

3398-82 Christopher FLEMING, 24, teacher, Owen Sound, same, s/o John FLEMING & Margaret ROBERTSON married Margaret DONALD, 22, Owen Sound, same, d/o George DONALD & Jessie MCPHEE, Wtn: Annie FLEMING & James DONALD both of Derby March 17, 1882 at Derby 3402-82 George FOGG, 30, widower, tinsmith, England, Toronto, s/o George & Jane, married Martha PARK, 25, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o George PARKS (sic) & Ann, witn: James LANDER & Annie PARKS, 31 July 1882 at Artemesia
3396-82 Thomas FORBES, 24, carpenter, Morris Huron Co, same, s/o George FORBES & Jane CHISHOLM married Christine KINCADE, 25, Ramsay- Lanark, Sullivan, d/o Robert KINCADE & Elizabeth MCGUYVER, Wtn: Adam FORBES of Morris & Fannie KINCADE of Sullivan February 15, 1882 at Derby.

3522-82 James FOSTER, 22, farmer, Canada, Holland twp., s/o William FOSTER & Sarah LITTLE, married Ellen GIVENS, 22, Canada, Holland twp., d/o Robert GIVENS & Mary LESLIE, witn: Alex GIVENS & Mary Jane WEIR, both of Holland, 4 Oct 1882 at Chatsworth

3508-82, (Grey Co), George FRAZER, 23, farmer, United States, Sydenham Tp, s/o Rich P. FRAZER & Ellen A. HAGGARD, married Susan PRICE, 24, Canada, Holland Tp, d/o John PRICE & Margaret STINSON, wtn: John PRICE & Martha HENRY (Howey?), both of Holland, 8 July 1882, Holland, res of John Price

3816-83 William FUGEHEN (Feighen?), 23, farmer, Canada, Collingwood, s/o John FUGEHEN & Sarah, married Eliza ATKINS, 20, Canada, Collingwood, d/o Edward ATKINS & Eliza, witn: Theodore HEMPHILL & Louise FUGEHEN, both of Collingwood, 20 Dec 1882 at Collingwood

3478-82, (Grey Co), Edward GALLOWAY, 28, farmer, Scarborough, Collingwood, s/o Edward & Elizabeth GALLOWAY, married Maggie KERR, 22, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o James & Ann KERR, wtn: Robert LEMOY? of Essa & Sarah Jane KERR of Euphrasia, 15 Feb 1882, Euphrasia

3477-82, (Grey Co), Richie GARDNER, 22, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o Richie & Ann GARDNER, married Maggie Jane MARTIN, 22, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o David & Allice MARTIN, wtn: David CURRY & Elizabeth LOUGHEAD both of Euphrasia, 25 Jan 1882, Euphrasia

3559-82 John M. GEIL, 26, farmer, Lecklenberg Germany, Normanby,s/o John & Frederika GEIL married Rebecca Mary YANDT, 17, Carrick, Minto, d/o Carl & Catherine YANDT, Wtn: Jacob MAUER, Cathy REDDING, Elizabeth IRMEL all of Normanby & Heinrich GEIL of Minto March 24, 1882 at Alsfeldt 3393-82 George H. GEISEL, 25, butcher, Germany, Waterloo Co, s/o Henry GEISEL & Elizabeth PERKE married Elizabeth KOENIG, 21, Bentinck,same, d/o Adam KOENIG & Elizabeth SCHISELER, Wtn: H. KOENIG & C. KIMBALL both of Bentinck December 5, 1882 at Bentinck
3422-82 Thomas GENOE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary HISLOP, 21, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Adam & Isabella, witn: Samuel BOLLS & Isabella HISLOP, both of Artemesia, 20 Jan 1882 at Artemesia 3423-82 Richard GENOE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o William & Sarah, married Margaret HISLOP, 22, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Adam & Isabella, witn: George BOLLS & Joanna HISLOP, both of Artemesia, 20 Jan 1882 at Artemesia
3552-82 Valentine GERBRACHT, 25, painter, Normanby, Neustadt, s/oHeinrich GERBRACHT & Elisabeth BERLET married Katherine BROWN, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Jacob BROWN & Maria GIESS, Wtn; Valentine GLEBE & Katherine HUETHER both of Neustadt February 14, 1882 at Neustadt 3784-83 William GILBERT, 25, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o Thomas & Rosarina GILBERT married Sarah Ann COOPER, 16, Euphrasia, same, d/o William & Catherine COOPER, Wtn; George marling & Samuel GILBERT both of Artemesia October 18, 1882 at Maxwell

3490-82, (Grey Co), Neil GILLIES, 32, farmer, Erin Tp, Collingwood Tp, s/o Dougald & Janet GILLIES, married Catherine BUCHANAN, 35, not given, Osprey, d/o John & Janet BUCHANAN, wtn: Malcolm GILLIES & Christian CAMPBELL both of Collingwood Tp, 31 June 1882, Osprey

3384-82 J. A. GOTLIEB, 26, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Fred & Louise GOTLIEB married Ellen HUDSON, 24, Bentinck, same. d/o Obediah & Jane HUDSON, Wtn: William MILLS & Katie GOTLIEB both of Bentinck, March 30, 1882 at Bentinck.
3395-82 William GRANTHAM, 26, farmer, Thornhill, Sullivan, s/o Joseph GRANTHAM & Ann Maria PONSHERD married Elizabeth MAIN, 25, Ayr, Sullivan, d/o Walter MAIN & Mary ESTON, Wtn: William CAMBRIAR & Mary Ann MAIN both of Sullivan January 3, 1882 at Keady, Derby Twp.

3513-82 William John GREENAWAY, 23, carpenter, Holland, Nottawasaga, s/o William & Mary, married Elisa Jane STEVENSON, 20, Caledon, Holland, d/o Joshua & Jane, witn: Paul & Mary A. STEVENSON, 1 Feb 1882 at Holland Centre

3546-82 Adam HAHN, 21, farmer, Germany, Ayton, s/o Valentine HAHN & Elizabeth SIPPEL married Elizabeth OESTREICK, 17, Ayton, same, d/o John OESTREICK & Margaret STROOCH, Wtn: Valentine ROEDER & Mrs. Alex NICHOL January 3, 1882 at Ayton 3783-83 John HALES, 29, farmer, York Twp., Artemesia, s/o Charles & Elizabeth HALES married Ann Jane CROFT, 22, Osprey, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth CROFT, Wtn: William SHARP of Flesherton & Sarah CROFT of Maxwell December 20, 1882 at Osprey

3541-82, (Grey Co), James HALL, 35, widower, merchant, Derby Ont, Owen Sound, s/o Francis HALL & Ann HALL, married Susanna WHITMORE, 34, widow, Esquesing Ont, Egremont, d/o Thomas HARRISON & Jane CRAWFORD, wtn: Thomas HARRISON & Elizabeth HARRISON both of Egremont, 20 Sept 1882, Egremont

3500-82, (Grey Co), Charles HAMLEY, 21, farmer, Artemesia, Osprey, s/o William & Mary Ann HAMLEY, married Frances OTTOWELL, 21, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Philip & Annie OTTOWELL, wtn: George COOPER & Mary DANA both of Osprey, 4 Oct 1882, Maxwell

8442-82 Samuel Warren HAMLEY, 28, agent, Clarke twp., Meaford, s/o John & Susan, married Clara J. ELLIS, 21, Meaford, same, d/o James & Phoebe, witn: Will A. ELLIS & Louisa NEWCOMBE, both of Meaford, 26 April 1882 at Meaford 3406-82 Richard HARGRAVES, 42, farmer, England, Proton, s/o William & Elizabeth, married A. C. LOVE, 21, Artemesia, Eugenia, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William & Elizabeth LOVE of Eugenia, 21 Aug 1882 at Eugenia
3409-82 William HASKETT, 26, mechanic London Ont., Markdale, s/o Robert & Janella, married Ann E. DOUGLAS, 25, Lansdowne, Markdale, d/o William & Mary A., witn: Adam TURNER, William DOUGLAS & George HASKETT, all of Markdale, 31 May 1882 at Markdale 3575-82 Leonard HENDERSON, 22, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o James & Elizabeth HENDERSON married Elizabeth PRESCOTT, 24, Garafraxa, same, d/o John & Sharlot PRESCOTT, Wtn: W. HUNT of Egremont, Sarah ANN & R.J. STEVENSON both of Normanby, J. HENDERSON of Garafraxa November 8, 1882 at Normanby
3556-82 George HENRY, 30, plasterer, Scotland, Normanby, s/o John HENRY & Sarah LITTLE married Mary McOUSLEE? (McAnslie?), 22, Normanby, same, d/o Thomas & Bridget MCOUSLEE , Wtn: James ANDERSON & Jane HENRY both of Normanby March 3, 1882 at Ayton

3525-82 William HEWITSON, 31, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o James HEWITSON & Catherine MARTIN, married Elizabeth PARKER, 26, Toronto, Sullivan, d/o Charles PARKER & Ann HAMMOND, witn: Charles PARKER Jr. of Sullivan, 16 Dec? 1882 at Chatsworth

3447-82 Alexander HILL, 23, painter, Canada, Meaford, s/o John HILL & Margaret LAYCOCK, married Annie BROTHERSON, 22, Canada, Meaford, d/o John & Jane, witn: George A. WATSON & Minnie ELLIS both of Meaford on April 24, 1882 at Meaford 3577-82 Heinrich HOFFMAN, 36,watch maker, Germany, Normanby, s/o Joseph HOFFMAN & Sophia LANGE married Martha BECKER, 29, Clifford Wellington Co, same, d/o John SCHMIDT & Catherine RATZ, Wtn: Eckhart KALFLEISCH & Louise METZDORF both of Neustadt November 13, 1882 at Neustadt
3568-82 Carl HOLM, 51, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Carl HOLM & Margaret JUNGENSEN married Katharina REIMER, 28, Germany, Normanby, d/o Jurgen REIMER & Anna TOENS, Wtn: Margaret HOLM of Normanby September 29, 1882 at Normanby

3502-82, (Grey Co), William HORRICKS, 25, blacksmith, Drummond?, Holland, s/o Thomas HORRICKS & Ann Jane HORRICKS, married Jane WALTERS, 21, Holland, Holland, d/o John WALTERS & Elisabeth WALTERS, wtn: Lucy M. WALTER & Thomas WALTERS both of Holland, 9 March 1882, at res of  John Walters, Holland

3594-82, William HUMBERSONT, 26, yeoman, Albion Ont, Artemesia, s/o William HUMBERSONT & Frances BULLIVEN, married Ellen KENNEDY, 30, widow, King Ont, Artemesia, d/o James O’BRIEN & Mary CARROLL, wtn: James LOWE & Catherine LOWE both of Owen Sound, 19 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3579-82 William HUNT, 25, merchant, Egremont, Normanby, s/o John & Susan HUNT married Christina WAGENER, 18, Normanby, same, d/o Augustus WAGENER & Jennet REID, Wtn: Elinor COPELAND & Elizabeth HUNT both of Egremont November 28, 1882 at Normanby

3479-82, (Grey Co), George Wilson HUTCHINSON, 24, farmer, Collingwood Tp, Euphrasia, s/o John & Margaret HUTCHINSON, married Theresa E. JULIAN, 22, Vaughan Ont, Euphrasia, d/o Thomas & Ann JULIAN, wtn: Matthew HUTCHINSON & Ann Jane JULIAN both of Euphrasia, 29 March 1882, Euphrasia 3424-82 Christopher IRWIN, 26, cooper, Ontario, Dundalk, s/o Christopher & Jane, married Ann FINES, 22, Ontario, Mono, d/o George & Ann, witn: William IRWIN of Mono & Agnes WRIGHT of Euphrasia, 25 Jan 1882 at Markdale

3518-82 H. B. JACKMAN, 27, widower, carpenter, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o James JACKMAN & Margaret WIGGINS, married Elisa HOLMES, 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o R. HOLMES & M. J. STEADMAN, witn: J. CAMERON of Chatsworth, 17 Jan 1882 at Chatsworth

3411-82 James J. JAMIESON, 24, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o James & Grace, married Mary Ellen GEROW, 22, Artemesia, same, d/o George & Ellen, witn: Robert MELDRUM & Jane RUTLEDGE, 18 Oct 1882 at Artemesia

3607-82, Charles JOHNSON, 31, widower, farmer, United States of Am, Keppel, s/o Edward Johnson & Catherine LENN--?(cut off), married Mary Elizabeth SPEAR, 25, Arthur Twp, Owen Sound, d/o John SPEAR & Sarah HARBY (Harty?), wtn: John JOHNSON of Keppel & Mary Jane KIRK of Owen Sound, 4 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3495-82, (Grey Co), James JOHNSTON, 38, farmer, Kent Co, Algoma, s/o William & Maria JOHNSTON, married Grace E. GILBERT, 24, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o William & Josephine GILBERT, wtn: James GILBERT & Rosanna GILBERT both of Artemesia, 11 Jul 1882, Maxwell

3749-82 James F. JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o James E. & Jane, married Sarah FAUCETT, 18, Euphrasia, Melancthon, d/o James & Jane, witn: Hugh CRAWFORD of Albermarle & Rebecca JOHNSTON of Melancthon, 1 May 1882 at Dundalk

3815-83 William JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Canada, Thornbury, s/o Oliver JOHNSTON & Elizabeth, married Susanna WHITE, 26, Canada, Collingwood, d/o Thomas WHITE & Martha, witn: John WHATLEY of Thornbury & Elizabeth J. GORDON of Collingwood, 25 Dec 1882 at Collingwood

3412-82 John JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Belmont, Osprey, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Fannie Levina HENDERSON, 21, Artemesia, same, d/o Robert & Frances, witn: Samuel HENDERSON & Martha Levina MORTON, both of Artemesia, 18 Oct 1882 at Eugenia 3378-82 Thomas JOHNSTONE, 26, farmer, Brant Twp, same s/o Thomas JOHNSTONE & Ann MCBRINE married Nina FOUNTAIN, 21, Brant Twp, same, d/o Louis & Esther FOUNTAIN, Wtn: William & Mrs. PORTER February 7, 1882 at Hanover
3548-82 John KACKLE, 24, farmer, Haldimand Co, Carrick, s/o Daniel & Anna KACKLE married Catherine HOIST, 21, Minto, Normanby, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth HOIST, Wtn: Peter KOENIG & Margaret DAMEN OF Normanby & Simon & Martha HOIST of Minto January 3, 1882 at Alsfeldt Village #003613-82 (Grey Co): Robert P. KENNEDY, 27, machinist, Port Hope, Owen Sound, s/o William KENNEDY & Agnes STARK, married Susanna MILLER, 21, Owen Sound, same, d/o Edward MILLER & Rebecca CLARKE, witn: F.N. LE PAN & Kate McDOUGALL, both of Owen Sound, 19 April 1882 at Owen Sound
3371-82 Christian KIBLER, 23, harness maker, Huron Co, same, s/o Martin & Mary KIBLER married Leah HOLZMAN, 20, Hanover, same, d/o Henry & Christina HOLZMAN, Wtn: Rev. F. MEIER & Christina HOLZMAN both of Hanover January 3, 1882 at Hanover 3557-82 Heinrich KLEIN, 24, farmer, Wellesley Waterloo Co, Carrick, s/o Heinrich & Katherine KLEIN married Wilhelmina GRASER, 24, Wellesley Waterloo Co, Carrick, d/o Wilhelm & Phillipina GRASER, Wtn: John KLEIN & Caroline HAHN both of Carrick March 7, 1882 at Ayton.
3410-82 Robert D. KNOWLES, 27, mechanic, England, Muskoka, s/o Anthony & Elizabeth, married Mary E. CUNNINGHAM, 24, Artemesia, same, d/o William CUNNINGHAM & Rosanna RAINEY, witn: Samuel THOMPSON & Agnes CUNNINGHAM, both of Artemesia, 13 Sept 1882 at Artemesia 3572-82 Peter KOENIG, 22, mason, Normanby, same, s/o Ludwig KOENIG & Elizabeth GRIEN married Magdalene HOIST, 19, Minto, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth HOIST, Wtn: Simon HOIST OF Minto & Mary DAMM & Ludwig KOENIG of Normanby October 17, 1882 at Normanby
3550-82 Charles KUGLER, 23,butcher, Waterloo Co, Carrick, s/o Julius KUGLER & Maria JUCHS married Barbara RUDOLF, 21, Carrick, same, d/o George RUDOLF & Margaretha SCHADE, Wtn: George & Maria RUDOLF both of Carrick January 31, 1882 at Neustadt. 3473-82, (Grey Co), Moses LAW, 27, farmer, Pickering Twp, St. Vincent, s/o John LAW & Mary THOMAS, married Susie CUMMINGS, 23, Meaford, St. Vincent, d/o Archibald CUMMINGS & Caroline FRANK, wtn: Archibald CUMMINGS & Minnie LAW both of St. Vincent, 15 Aug 1882, St. Vincent

3466-82, (Grey Co), John LEGATE, 22, teacher, Mulmur, St. Vincent, s/o Benjamin LEGATE & Dorothea DELANEY, married Elspet Elizabeth INGLIS, 20, Sydenham, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph INGLIS Ann STEPHEN, wtn: James THOM & Margaret LEGATE both of St. Vincent, 6 April 1882, St. Vincent

3413-82 James LEPPARD, 22, farmer, King, Glenelg, s/o James LEPPARD & Rosie OMELIA, married Mary Ann MEGGITT, 22, Caledon, Glenelg, d/o Philip MEGGITT & Mary Ellen FEET, witn: Joseph MEGGITT & Mary LEPPARD, both of Glenelg, 18 Nov 1882 at Markdale
3452-82 David LEWIS, 24, yeoman, Nova Scotia, Euphrasia, s/o Owen & Margaret, married Priscilla Brown TEDDER, 25, widow, Georgetown, Euphrasia, d/o Henry & Ursula BROWN, witn: Frances CLARKE of Meaford on Oct. 4, 1882 at Meaford 3394-82 David George LIVINGSTONE, 28, farmer, New York, Derby, s/o David & Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE married Anna DETZELL, 23, Wisconsin , Derby, d/o John & Jane DETZELL, Wtn: James BALFOUR & Margaret DETZELL both of Derby December 21, 1882 at Derby Twp.
3441-82 Marshall B. LLOYD, 24, trader, St. Pauls, Meaford, s/o John & Margaret, married Emma CROSKILL, 19, England, Meaford, d/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, witn: John CUNNINGHAM of Rockwood & Martha J. LARGE of Meaford, 15 March 1882 at Meaford 3443-82 Appleton J. LONDRY, 22, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o John LONDRY & Esther GOULD, married Sarah H. FIRTH, 2, Canada, Meaford, d/o Neil BOYLE of St. Vincent & Lottie BURNS of Meaford, 12 April 1882 at Meaford
3450-82 Robert Grant LONEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Nottawasaga Tp., s/o James LONEY & Susanna POWELL, married Mary Jane HOWIE, 20, Ontario, Nottawasaga Tp., d/o Robert HOWIE & Harriett SIMPSON, witn: A. G. LONEY & Jemima HOWIE both of Meaford on July 12, 1882 at Meaford

3515-82 James LOUCKS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Holland, s/o John & Amelia, married Sarah Ann GRAHAM, 21, England, Strathaven, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Andrew HEPBURN & Mary Alice LOUCKS, both of Holland, 28 Feb 1882 at Strathaven

3732-82 John LOUGHEED, 56, widower, farmer, Ireland, Thornbury, s/o Smith & Helenor, married Margaret J. LOUGHEED, 40, widow, Canada, Collingwood, d/o John GALLOWAY & Jane, witn: Edgar G. & Norman LOUGHEED, 31 May 1882 at Collingwood 3465-82, (Grey Co), William H. LOWDEN, 24, carpenter, Ontario, St. Vincent, s/o John LOWDEN & Margaret SIMMONS, married Susan LEADER, 19, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Jonathan LEADER & Mary LEADER, wtn: Margaret SMITH of St. Vincent, 1 Feb 1882, St Vincent

3407-82 George LUMLEY, 35, farmer, England, Priceville, s/o Thomas LUMLEY & Sarah WELLS, married Harriet WYLD, 32, widow, Virginia USA, Artemesia, d/o John VADEN & Harriet WELLS, witn: John & Elen LUMLEY of Priceville, 15? Aug 1882 at Priceville

3744-82 John R. MARSHALL, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Hope twp., s/o Andrew MARSHALL & Margaret, married Maggie McAULEY, 25, Esquesing twp., Dundalk, d/o Donald McAULEY & Catherine, witn: W. G. BULL & A. McAULEY, both of Dundalk, 23 Feb 1882 at Dundalk
#003611-82 (Grey Co): John MATHESON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o John MATHESON & blank McKAY, married Margaret MORRISON, 23, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Gilbert MORRISON & Janet McINTYRE, witn: James JACKSON of Owen Sound & Margery McMILLAN of Sydenham, 26 April 1882 at Owen Sound

3467-82, (Grey Co), Hugh MATTHEWSON, 28, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o Gilbert & Ann MATTHEWSON, married Mary S. HUNT, 24, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o William & Ann HUNT, wtn: George J. MATTHEWSON & Sarah J. HUNT both of St. Vincent, 31 May 1882, St. Vincent

3583-82, Hugh McARTHUR, 35, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o James & Jannet McARTHUR, married Flora McKECHNIE, 20, Canada, Glenelg, d/o John & Sarah McKECHNIE, wtn: Charles McARTHUR & Angus CAMERON both of Glenelg, 16 Mar 1882, Glenelg

3399-82 Mathew McCAWLEY, 23, carpenter, Ontario, Sarawak, s/o John & Flora, married Ellen SPENCER, 18, Ontario, Hepworth, d/o William & Mary, witn: Margaret & Martha JOHNSON of Lindsay, 14 Sept 1882 at Sarawak

3512-82 William McCLELLAND, 30, plasterer, Holland, Owen Sound, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Ann WILLISCROFT, 26, Holland, same, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, witn: John W. HENRY & Lizzie WILLISCROFT, 8 March 1882 at Holland

3517-82 Peter McCORMICK, 23, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o James McCORMICK & Jane GAMBLE, married Isa Elda MITCHEL, 16, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Andrew MITCHELL (sic) & Sarah H. FOSTER, witn: James LOWE of Sullivan, 30 March 1882 at Chatsworth
#003445-82 (Grey Co) William McFARLANE, 31, farmer, Canada, St Vincent, s/o Alexander McFARLANE & Jane CORLEY, married Sarah Ann LOVATT, 19, England, Meaford, d/o Wm H & Ann LOVATT; witnesses F C & E S LOVATT, of Meaford. 15 Jun 1882 at Meaford.

3751-82 John McINNIS, 66, widower, farmer, Scotland, Sydenham twp., s/o Gilbert & Mary, married Mary PETERSON, 45, widow, Ontario, Dundalk, d/o James & Sarah [no surname given], witn: John BLACK & William EAKINS, both of Dundalk, 14 Sept 1882 at Dundalk

3537-82, (Grey Co), Peter McINTYRE, 25, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, s/o Alexander & Flora McINTYRE, married Lacy GORDON, 24, Wallace Ont, Egremont, d/o William & Mary GORDON, wtn: Gilbert McINTYRE of Lucknow & Rachel GORDON of Egremont, 22 march 1882, Egremont 3382-82 Benjamin MCKAY, 62, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o John MCKAY & Anna HENDERSON married Christine IRVINE, 42, widow, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o George YEALS & Jane PATTERSON, Wtn: John & Alex PROCTOR both of Hanover February 11, 1882 at Hanover.
3387-82 Donald McKECHNIE, 40, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o Charles MCKECHNIE & Janet MCDONALD married Ann MCDONALD, 24, Bentinck, same, d/o Lachlem MCDONALD & Catherine BROWN, Wtn: Donald MCGIBNEY of Glenelg & Arch MCKECHNIE of Chesley July 6, 1882 at Bentinck. 3408-82 Alexander McKECHNIE, 25, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Alex McKECHNIE & Janet McINTYRE, married Annie McDONALD, 19, Artemesia, same, d/o Donald McDONALD & Emma McLEAN, witn: Neil & Annie McLEAN of Artemesia, no date given, at Artemesia

3498-82, (Grey Co), William H. McKEE, 28, farmer, Erin, Erin, s/o Samuel & Mary McKEE, married Mary TUPLING, 20, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Louden & Harriet TUPLING, wtn: Andrew McGIRR & Harriet McKEE both of Osprey, 20 Sept 1882, Osprey

3488-82, (Grey Co), Robert McKEE, 50, widower, farmer, Mulmur, Osprey, s/o Robert & Martha McKEE, married Betsy CLARY, 31, widow, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Robert & Ruth CLARY, wtn: Benjamin BRITTON & Esther BELLAMY both of Osprey, 10 March 1882, Osprey

3386-82 William McKNIGHT, 50, farmer, Ireland, Bentinck, s/o Thomas & Ann MCKNIGHT married Jannet WALLACE, 20, Hanover, same, d/o Mungo & Elizabeth WALLACE, Witn: Francis BRYDEN of Hanover June 24, 1882 at Hanover.

3494-82, (Grey Co), Hector McLEAN, 31, farmer, Brock Ont, McIntyre, s/o Donald McLEAN & Sarah McKINNEY, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 25, Osprey, Feversham Ont, d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Ann McPHAIL, wtn: Alexander McDOUGAL of Badgeros & Flora CAMPBELL of Feversham, 9 Aug 1882, McIntyre

3566-82 Dugald McLELLAN, 30, farmer, Scotland, Proton , s/o Duncan & Sarah MCLELLAN married Susan CROZIER, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Robert & Susannah CROZIER, Wtn: William MCLELLAN of Proton & Elizabeth SMITH of Normanby July 12, 1882 at Normanby 3524-82 William McQUARKER?, 35, sawyer, Wigtonshire Scotland, Holland, s/o Andrew McQUARKER & Mary ADAMS, married Elizabeth SEABROOK, 29, Chinguacousy, Holland, d/o John & Susan, witn: William Isaac SEABROOK of Holland & Mrs. Mary SURTLE? of Sydenham, 1 Dec 1882 at Holland

3487-82, (Grey Co), James McWILLIAMS, 28, medical, Waterloo Co Ont, Dundalk, s/o William & Martha McWILLIAMS, married Kate McCONACHIE, 21, Peteboro, Osprey Tp Ont, d/o John & Christian McCONACHIE, wtn: William & Mary McCONACHIE both of Osprey, 8 Feb 1882, Osprey

3539-82, (Grey Co), James MILLER, 20, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, s/o John MILLER & Ellen MILLER, married Elizabeth WADDELL, 20, Egremont, Egremont, d/o Thomas & Ellen WADDELL, wtn: William WADDELL of Egremont & Selina GILCHRIST of Luther, 12 April 1882, Egremont
#003612-82 (Grey Co): Alexander MITCHELL, 35, fireman, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Edward & Barbara, married Sarah A. HAND, 29, widow, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Mathew & Susan BOKS, witn: John ARMSTRONG & Thomas BAKER, both of Owen Sound, 21 April 1882 at Owen Sound 3729-82 William Ramsay MITCHELL, 25, farmer, Collingwood twp., same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth LEARY, 23, Innisfil, Clarksburg, d/o Thomas C. & Margaret, witn: George MITCHELL & Walter HUNTER, both of Clarksburg, 20 April 1882 at Clarksburg
3536-82, (Grey Co), John MOODY, 24, farmer, Churchill Ont, Chinguacousy, s/o William & Ann MOODY, married Catherine McARTHUR, 23, Egremont, Egremont, d/o Alexander & Isabella McARTHUR, wtn: William H. MOODY of Chinguacousy & Margaret Jane ANDERSON of Amaranth, 1 March 1882, Egremont

3489-82, (Grey Co), Henry MOORE, 30, farmer, Ireland, Singhampton, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth MOORE, married Margaret BOOTH, 25, Osprey, Osprey, d/o James & Elizabeth BOOTH wtn; William SMITH & Margaret SMITH both of Osprey, 28 Mar 1882, Osprey

3392-82 Daniel MORLEY, 31,shoemaker, Bentinck, same, s/o James MORLEY & Catherine MASSER married Elizabeth URSTADT, 21, Germany, Elmwood, d/o John URSTADT & Elizabeth GEISEL, Wtn: Henry URSTADT of Elmwood & Lavinia MORLEY of Bentinck December 5, 1882 at Elmwood

3678-82, Alex MORTON, 24, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o Tho’s MORTON & Marion CONNER, married Rachel Catherine LUNNEY, 20, Bentinck, Durham, d/o James & Frances LUNNEY, wtn: George MORTON of Glenelg & Mary D. HOUSTON of Bentinck, 22 June 1882, Durham

3731-82 Freeman MOULTON, 38, mechanic, Canada, Meaford, s/o Francis & Emily, married Julia A. FRASER, 24, Canada, Meaford, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: John M. BOLE & Esther FRASER, both of St. Vincent, 3 May 1882 at Thornbury 3433-82 Donald Sutherland MUNROE, 25, teacher, Ontario, Dungannon, s/o John & Christena, married Annie E. WRIGHT, 20, Ontario, Flesherton, d/o William & Martha, witn: Carty WRIGHT of Flesherton & Margaret MUNROE of Sydenham, 15 March 1882 at Flesherton

3540-82, (Grey Co), Charles NELSON, 34, widower, farmer, England, Egremont, s/o William & Mary NEILSON, married Mary Ann NIXON, 22, Elma Tp, Egremont, d/o John NIXON & Rebecca NIXON, wtn: Isaac DOYLE & Margaret A. NIXON both of Egremont, 28 June 1882, Egremont

#003610-82 (Grey Co): Robert P. NELSON, 22, teamster, Galt, Owen Sound, s/o Robert NELSON & Mary MOORE, married Martha BELFOURD, 20, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o William BELFOURD & Mary WILCOX, witn: William ADAIR & Jennie McVANNEL, both of Keppel, 13 April 1882 at Owen Sound
3448-82 Rufus OLIVER, 27, mason, St. Vincent, Meaford, s/o James & Anna, married Jane BARR, 21, Ontario, St. Vincent, d/o T. & Sarah, witn: Alexander SMITH of Meaford & Christina BARR of St. Vincent on June 30, 1882 at Meaford

3598-82, Wilson PALMER, 25, engineer, Wardsville, Owen Sound, s/o William L. & Malvina PALMER, married Alena E. CREIGHTON, 19, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o John & Ann CREIGHTON, wtn: George MOONEY & July JOHNS both of Owen Sound, 8 Feb 1882, Owen Sound

3400-82 James Ruben PATTERSON, 21, carpenter, Ontario, Keppel, s/o Garet (Garel?) W. & Caroline, married Allace M. MOUCK (Monck?), 22, Ontario, Sarawak, d/o William & Jane, witn: Letitia JOHNSON & Catherine McNAB, both of Sarawak, 3 April 1882 at Sarawak

3543-82, (Grey Co), Joseph PATTERSON, 25, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, s/o John & Mary PATTERSON married Martha Eliza ACHESON, 17, Ireland, Egremont, d/o Joseph & Eliza Jane ACHESON, wtn: John ACHESON & Sarah Jane PATTERSON both of Egremont, 15 Nov 1822, Egremont

3743-82 William Edwin PATTERSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o Edward PATTERSON & Catherine BLAKELY, married Margaret BELL, 19, Ontario, Proton, d/o John BELL & Margaret MATHEWS, witn: Robert LOWRY of Proton & John PATTERSON of Egremont, 25 Jan 1882 at Proton 3492-82, (Grey Co), Benjamin PATTERSON, 26, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o James & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Mary WALKER, 25, Ireland, Osprey, d/o John & Margaret WALKER, wtn: James PATTERSON & Ellen ARMOUR both of Osprey, 22 June 1882, Osprey

3507-82, (Grey Co), John F. PEARSE, 26, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o William PEARSE & Ann Jane WILCOX, married Mary CRITCHLEY, 26, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Charles CRITCHLEY & Sarah WELKER (Walker?), wtn: George SIMPSON of Derby & Emma PEARSE of Sullivan, 18 April 1882, Chatsworth

3521-82 William PERDUE, 25, laborer, Canada, Holland twp., s/o Joseph PERDUE & Isabella PAGE, married Emily TRAFFORD, 23, England, Sullivan twp., d/o Robert TRAFFORD & Elisa BALDWIN, witn: Robert & Fannie TRAFFORD of Sullivan, 5 Oct 1882 at Chatsworth

3519-82 Joseph RAMSAY, 27, clerk, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Joseph RAMSAY & Margaret GREIG, married Kesiah PRESTON, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o H. PRESTON & Mary RODEHOUSE (Roadhouse?), witn: Elisa CAMERON of Chatsworth, 15 Feb 1882 at Chatsworth

3388-82 John RAMSHAW, 26, labourer, Brant, same, s/o Robert RAMSHAW & Hannah ESTON married Barbara Jane HURRELL, 23, Bentinck, same, d/o Robert HURRELL & Jane SIMES, Wtn: George BOYES of Brant & Maria HURRELL of Bentinck July 5, 1882 at Bentinck
3439-82 George REAR, 28, farmer, Gwillimbury twp., Collingwood twp., s/o John & Hannah, married Elizabeth O’DELL, 20, Weston, Thornbury, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel BATH of Euphrasia & Mary O’DELL of Thornbury, 22 Feb 1882 at Meaford 3547-82 Thomas REED, 21, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Thomas & Lucy REED married Mary Jane MARSHALL, 20, Normanby, same, d/o Alexander & Matilda MARSHALL, Wtn: John ALLAN & Mrs. John MCFARLANE both of Normanby January 9, 1882 at Normanby.

3535-82, (Grey Co), Henry REID, 26, farmer, Egremont, Egremont, s/o William & Hellen REID, married Catherine ALLES, 19, Egremont, Egremont, d/o Andrew ALLES & Elizabeth ALLES, wtn: Godfrey REID & Annie ALLES both of Egremont, 9 Feb 1882, Egremont

3468-82, (Grey Co), Thomas Clifton REID, 28, farmer, Ontario, Dakota U.S., s/o George REID & Elizabeth CLIFTON, married Minnie ELLIS, 28, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Marmaduke ELLIS & Mary H. BARTON, wtn: Charles LITTLE & Priscilla J. KNAGGS both of Meaford, 9 Aug 1882, St. Vincent

3571-82 Andreas Ludwig REIS, 21, blacksmith, Carrick, same, s/o Hartman REIS & Dorothea HALLER married Barbara RINGEL, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Adam RINGEL & Margaret LERCH, Wtn: Adam RINGEL & Elizabeth O'DONNELL both of Normanby October 17, 1882 at Normanby 3558-82 Peter Carl REUBER, 28, farmer, Hartenbach Germany, Normanby, s/o Peter & Maria REUBER married Maria Mathilda DAMM, 20, Normanby, same, d/o Henry DAMM & Elizabeth GREICO, Wtn: Henry REUBER of Carrick & Margaretha DAMM of Normanby March 21, 1882 at Ayton.
3464-82 Edward ROTHWELL, 24, yeoman, Perth, St. Vincent, s/o Edward & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann WRIGHT, 19, North Dumfries, St. Vincent, d/o Josiah & Harriett, witn: Jacob WRIGHT & Ellen LONG both of St. Vincent on March 1, 1882 at St. Vincent 3553-82 James RUANE, 24, yeoman, Eramosa, Normanby, s/o John RUANE & Julia CARROLL married Elizabeth Margaret CASEY, 21, Limerick Ireland, Normanby, d/o Thomas CASEY & Johanna O'DONNELL, Wtn; Thomas FARRELL & Mary RUANE both of Normanby Febraury 2, 1882 at Ayton.
3562-82 Jacob RUPPENTHAL, 32, carpenter, Germany, Harriston, s/o Michael RUPPENTHAL & Margaretha LUTHER married Emma RUPPENTHAL, 19, Normanby,same, d/o Jacob RUPPENTHAL & Elizabeth SCHWAB, Wtn: George HOPF & August SCHMIDT both of Normanby May 21, 1882 at Normanby 3852-83 William W. RUSSEL, 23, farmer, Artemesia, Uxbridge, s/o John & Annie, married Martha DREWERY, 20, Uxbridge, Egremont, d/o George & Annie?, witn: Eliza DREWERY of Egremont & illegible, 27 Sept 1882 at Egremont [faded reg'n]
3569-82 James RYAN, 21, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Cornelius RYAN & Anne FLYNN married Ellen TONE, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o James TONE & Margaret ROONEY, Wtn: Patrick RYAN & Mary TONE both of Normanby October 2, 1882 at Ayton. 3421-82 Alexander SAMPLE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o Andrew & Matilda, married Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, 16, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o James & Sarah M., witn: Andrew SAMPLE & Lydia WILLIAMSON, both of Artemesia, 27 Sept 1881 at Artemesia

3618-82, George SANDERSON, 29, blacksmith, Dungannon Ont, Algoma, s/o George & Jane SANDERSON, married Minnie E. RIARDON, 21, Oshawa, Algoma, d/o John & Margaret RIARDON, wtn: William E. BATEMAN & Margaret E. HAGAN both of Algoma, 19 May 1882, Owen Sound

3428-82 Frederick SARGEANT, 32, butcher, England, Flesherton, s/o William & Mary, married Maria BURNS, 27, Ontario, Flesherton, d/o Walter & Charity, witn: John WURTS & Jennie BURNSIDE, both of Artemesia, 8 Feb 1882 at Artemesia

3499-82, (Grey Co), George SAUL, 23, merchant, Toronto Tp, Shelburne, s/o John & Mary Jane SAUL, married Annie SLOAN, 21, Grey Co, Eugenia, d/o Jacob & Margaret SLOAN, wtn: Mary Jane STEWARD & John MUIR both of Flesherton, 27 Sept 1882, Maxwell 3576-82 Peter SCHAUSS, 26, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Jacob SCHAUSS & Christine DAHMER married Mary Elizabeth BINKLE, 20, Carrick, same, d/o Philip BINKLE & Elizabeth KAISER, Wtn: Charles KAHL & D. SCHAUSS of Normanby & Elizabeth WAGNER & Elizabeth BINKLE of Carrick November 16, 1882 at Neustadt
3570-82 Gottfried SCHLOTZHAM, 29, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Nicholas SCHLOTZHAM & Rosina HARTMAN married Henrietta LUEDKE, 21, Carrick, same, d/o Freidrich LUEDKE & Maria MOSER, Wtn: Isaac LUEDKE of Carrick & Elizabeth GERHARD of Normanby October 15, 1882 at Normanby 3385-82 William SHARPE, 34,farmer, Normanby, same, s/o W. B. SHARPE & Sarah JAMEISON married Agness Jane LAIDLAW, 22, Bentinck, same, d/o Thomas LAIDLAW & Jane SCOTT, Wtn; Hugh FULTON of Normanby & Janet LAIDLAW of Bentinck april 12, 1882 at Bentinck
3505-82, (Grey Co), John SHUTE, 24, farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o Anthony SHUTE & Elizabeth SHUTE, married Elisabeth McCAULY, 24, Holland, Holland, d/o Cochren McCAULY & Jane McCAULY, wtn: Eliza Jane SHUTE & George McCAULY, 24 May 1882, Holland

3390-82 George SLAY, 24, stone mason, Wiarton, same,s/o Charles & Mary SLAY married Eve HALLMAN, 19, Hanover, same, d/o Christian & Leah HALLMAN, Wtn: Jessie HALLMAN & Martha TAYLOR both of Toronto November 28, 1882 at Hanover

3511-82, (Grey Co), William SMITH, 23, wagon maker, Scotland, Holland Tp, s/o John SMITH & Ann STEPHENS, married Ann Jane CRAWFORD, 22, Canada, Sullivan Tp, d/o Thomas CRAWFORD & Janet BECKET, wtn: William STEPHENS & Agnes CRAWFORD both of Sullivan, 25 July 1882, Chatsworth

3469-82, (Grey Co), William Edwin SMITH, 24, carpenter, Mount Forest, Meaford, s/o George SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH, married Margaret Jane TOMLINSON, 22, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o George TOMLINSON & Mary Ann TOMLINSON, wtn: Francis KNAGGS of Meaford & Ellen STEWARD of Brookholm, 12 Sept 1882, St. Vincent

3817-83 Alexander SMITH, 28, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o William SMITH & Charlotte, married Isabella KENNEY, 23, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o George KENNEY & Ruth, witn: William KENNEY & Henrietta VICKERS, both of Euphrasia, 1 Nov 1882 at Euphrasia

3481-82, (Grey Co), John Wesley SPARLING, 23, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas & Frances SPARLING, married Mary Ann DILLON, 21, Ireland, Euphrasia, d/o Michael & Mary Ann DILLON, wtn: James BENSON & Mary Ann DILLON both of Euphrasia, 11 Oct 1882, Markdale

3588-82, Archibald Rollton SPEERS, 24, cattle dealer, s/o not given, married Ethel DUNDAS, 18, Markdale, Markdale, d/o William & Susan DUNDAS, wtn: William DUNDAS of Markdale & William John SPEERS of Winnipeg, 13 Dec 1882, Markdale Christ Church

3545-82, (Grey Co), John SPICER, 25, stone mason, Ancaster Ont, Dundalk, s/o John & Susan SPICER, married Mary Jane ROBBIE, 23, Egremont, Egremont, d/o Charles & Elizabeth ROBBIE, wtn: Robert SPICER & Margaret ROBBIE both of Egremont, 27 Dec 1882, Egremont
3453-82 Albert SPIKE, 22, shoemaker, Canada, Meaford, s/o Robert SPIKE & Nancy ASHLEY, married Sarah McDONALD, 16, Canada, Meaford, d/o William & Ellen, witn: William & Lucinda McLAUGHLAN both of Meaford on Oct. 11, 1882 at Meaford 3740-82 John M. STEEL, 25, merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Thornbury, s/o William & Agnes, married Mary FERGUSON, 23, Thornbury, same, d/o Robert James & Sarah, witn: John HUTTON of Thornbury & Kate SHEARER of Collingwood twp., 11 Oct 1882 at Thornbury
3746-82 William Henry STEINHOFF, 24, painter, Markham, Dundalk, s/o William & Lydia, married Mina C. PHILLIPS, 20, of Waterdown, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: James PHILLIPS of Melancthon & Selina PHILLIPS of Dundalk, 8 Feb 1882 at Dundalk 3383-82 William STEVENS, 22, farmer, Bruce Co, same, s/o Alfred & Sarah STEVENS married Elizabeth BAMFORD, 20, Bentinck, same, d/o John & Sarah BAMFORD, Wtn: Martin HAYE & Margaret CHITTICK both of Bentinck April 19, 1882 at Bentinck

3514-82 Paul STEVENSON, 24, carpenter, Caledon, Holland, s/o blank & Jane, married Margery A. GREENAWAY, 19, Holland, Nottawasaga, d/o William & Mary, witn: William John & Elisa Jane GREENAWAY, 1 Feb 1882 at Holland Centre

3381-82 John STEWART, 32, yeoman, Bentinck, same, s/o Donald STEWART & Christine MCPHAIL married Catherine CLARK, 29, Bentinck, same, d/o John CLARK & Catherine MCKECHNIE, Wtn: Arch CAMPBELL & John CLARK both of Bentinck March 30, 1882 at Bentinck

3501-82, (Grey Co), Edward STIVER, 43, widower, farmer, Markham, Osprey Con 3, s/o Henry & Margaret STIVER, married Mary Ann SPOFFORD, 33, Markham, Osprey Con 3, d/o Hugh & Sarah SPOFFORD, wtn: George WHITEOAK & Mary WHITEOAK both of Osprey, 24 Oct 1882, Osprey

3542-82, (Grey Co), Walter SWANSTON, 24, merchant’s clerk, Ontario, Michigan, s/o John & Elizabeth SWANSTON, married Jane MURDOCK, 23, Egremont, Egremont, d/o James & Janet MURDOCH, wtn: John SWANSTON & Isabella MURDOCH both of Egremont, 29 Nov 1882, Egremont

3516-82 Walter TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Manchester England, Holland, s/o George & Mary, married Jane WALTONBURY, 20, Tara, Holland, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Elijah MARQUIS & Elizabeth HEWITT, both of Holland, 15 March 1882 at Holland

3403-82 Charles H. TENNY, 25, baggage master, Binbrook, Port Huron USA, s/o Robert & Mary, married Sarah M. DAVIS, 22, Artemesia, same, d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: William H. DAVIS & Robert MORROW, both of Artemesia, 9 Aug 1882 at Artemesia
3380-82 John THALER, 41, farmer, Normanby, same , s/o David & Rosina THALER married Sophia KASBERID, 18, Elmwood, same, d/o August & Mary KASBERID, Wtn: William KASBERID & Mary HILBERG both of Elmwood March 5, 1882 at Elmwood. 3391-82 Fred THEDORF, 34, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o John THEDORF & Elizabeth POHAF married Christina LANG, 19, Bentinck, same, d/o Henry LANG & Maria GERBIG, Wtn: Louis LANG & Maria THEDORF both of Bentinck November 14, 1882 at Bentinck.
3401-82 Isaac THOMAS, 24, mason, Ontario, Southampton, s/o George & Margaret, married Matilda MENARD, 17, Ontario, Sarawak, d/o George & Hanah, witn: Jerry MENARD & Catherine McCAUBB?, both of Sarawak, 6 Oct 1882 at Sarawak

3509-82, (Grey Co), Weller TOMSETT, 21, blacksmith, Canada, Derby Tp Grey Co, s/o William TOMSETT & Hannah GUEST, married Alice Christina HESLOP, 19, Canada, Sullivan Tp Grey Co, d/o John HESLOP & Martha Ann BEEMER (Venning?) wtn: Albert TOMSETT & Martha HESLOP both of Sullivan, 15 July 1882, Chatsworth

3730-82 Joseph UPLAND, 26, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o David & Rosa, married Harriet PHILLIPS, 25, York twp., Meaford, d/o Robert & Susan, witn: B. G. KELLY & David UPLAND, both of Clarksburg, 26 April 1882 at Clarksburg 3573-82 Conrad VELZING, 23, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Valentine VELZING & Elizabeth FERG married Helene HOPF, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Martin HOPF & Elizabeth MANN, Wtn: Herman HOPF & M. GRIEN both of Normanby October 24, 1882 at Normanby.

3526-82 James WALSH, 31, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o H. WELSH & Jane KERR, married Flora McARTHUR, 25, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Neil McARTHUR & Isa FLETCHER, witn: H. S. CAMERON of Chatsworth, 19 June 1882 at Chatsworth

3530-82 Joel L. WARDELL, 20, farmer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o S. WARDELL & T. E. LINDLEY, married R. A. WALLACE, 20, Canada, Keppel, d/o William WALLACE & Catherine WARK, witn: John KIDD of Amabel, 23 May 1882 at Chatsworth  (also 3504-82)

3451-82 John WARRILOW, widower, of Owen Sound, s/o George WARRILOW & Ann DAVIS, married Mary Ann LONG, of Sydenham Tp., d/o John LONG & Sarah Ann GRAHAM, witn: A. W. SMITH & Sara McDONALD both of Meaford on June 6, 1882 at Meaford [other info missing]

3605-82, Thomas WARRILOW, 23, merchant’s clerk, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o John WARRILOW & Frances WILSON, married Priscilla Shaw NEVING, 19, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas NEVING & Susan EVANS, wtn: Daniel NEVING & Diana WARRILOW both of Owen Sound, 22 Feb 1882, Owen Sound

3647-82, George Solomon WATSON, 24, farmer, Portland USA, St. Vincent, s/o Thomas WATSON & Susannah HUGHES, married Martha Ann RAVEN, 18, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o John RAVEN & Georgina HOLLEY, wtn: Hiram RAVEN & Hannah WATSON both of St. Vincent, 20 Sept 1882, Owen Sound

3471-82, (Grey Co), Abraham WATSON, 34, farmer, Ontario Canada, St. Vincent Tp, s/o Charles HATFIELD (sic) & Mary, married Agnes Azuliah WELLER, 30, Ont Canada, St. Vincent Tp, d/o Asa & Azuliah (sic), wtn: Charles WELLER of St. Vincent & Florence ROCK of Wiarton, 27 Sept 1882, St. Vincent

3472-82, (Grey Co), Samuel Davidson WATT, 23, moulder, Meaford, Meaford, s/o Charles WATT & Isabella McGIRR, married Isabella ANDERSON, 24, Island of Malta, Meaford, d/o Thomas Indus ANDERSON & Susan GOWAN, wtn: George Albert WATSON & Isabella Jane WATT both of Meaford, 25 Oct 1882, St. Vincent

#003446-82 (Grey Co) R.W. WATT, 21, cabinet maker, Canada, Meaford, s/o Andrew & Jane WATT, married Rebecca C. LITTLE, 20, Canada, Meaford, d/o John & Margaret LITTLE; witnesses S S & Bella WATT, of Meaford. 21 Jun 1882 at Meaford
3567-82 Carl WEBER, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Normanby, s/o Carl WEBER & Phillipine KNORR married Katherine KRELLER, 17, Normanby, same, d/o Fredrich KRELLER & Maria BRUESTEL, Wtn: William UMBACH & Fredrich KRELLER both of Normanby September 12, 1882 at Normanby. 3564-82 Philipp WEBER, 25, farmer, Waterloo Co, Normanby, s/o Philipp WEBER & Salome SPECHT, married Elizabeth LANZ, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Johannes LANZ & Elizabeth GIESS, Wtn: Henry LANZ & William UMBACH both of Normanby June 13, 1882, at Normanby.

3503-82, (Grey Co), William WEBSTER, 34, farmer, Yorkshire England, Holland, s/o Robert WEBSTER & Elisabeth WEBSTER, married Alice MENIONS, 24, Albion, Holland, d/o William MENIONS & Eliza MENIONS, wtn: Francis TROUGHTER (Laughlin?) & Eliz J. MENIONS both of Holland, 24 May 1882, Holland

3549-82 Frederick WEIGEL, 22, labourer, Michelfeldt Baden Germany, Neustadt, s/o Frederick WEIGEL & Kathrina SCHURGER married Katherina MERKEL, 22, Neustadt, same, d/o Jacob MERKEL & Phillipine GOCKEL, Wtn: Jacob LAUMANN & Elizabeth WEBER of Normanby & Jacob & Minna MERKEL of Neustadt January 24, 1882 at Neustadt. 3555-82 John WEPPLER, 25, farmer, Normanby same, s/o Henry WEPPLER & Margaretha FEICK married Rosina AMRELL, 23, Normanby, same, d/o George AMRELL & Catherine SCHILLING, Wtn: Andrea WEPPLER & Freidrich AMRELL both of Normanby February 21, 1882 at Neustadt.
3554-82 Heinrich WERNER, 29, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Heinrich WERNER & Sophia DOLER married Agnes PLOETHNER, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Frederick PLOETHNER & Augusta LOEFFLER, Wtn: John MOORE & Emma PLOETHNER both of Normanby February 21, 1882 At Normanby 003431-82 (Grey Co.) Leman James WILLIAMSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Artemesia, s/o James and Sarah WILLIAMSON married Margaret SAMPLE, 21, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Andrew and Matilda SAMPLE, wit Andrew SAMPLE and Lydia WILLIAMSON both of Artemesia on March 1, 1882 at Artemesia.
3565-82 Carl WOLFRAM, 24, mason, Pennsylvania USA, Carrick, s/o Gottfreid WOLFRAM & Caroline WEGNER married Caroline WEISEMAN, 23, Carrick, same, d/o George WEISEMAN & Dorthea SACHS, Wtn; Heinrich WEISEMAN & Alvin WOLFRAM, both of Carrick June 20, 1882 at Normanby. 3434-82 William WYATT, 36, farmer, Artemesia, England, s/o John & Eliza, married Sarah Amelia ALLEN, 26, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o James H. & Helen, witn: George & Maria ALLEN of Artemesia, 10 March 1882 at Artemesia
3463-82 Archibald YORK, 21, merchant, Meaford, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Aggie MARSH, 21, St. Vincent, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel Walter & Janet MARSH both of St. Vincent on Feb. 22, 1882 at St. Vincent