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Haldimand Co., 1905


9634-05 David Coyne ALLEN, 25, machinist, Walpole, Jarvis, s/o Stephen ALLEN & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Sarah Jane McCARTER, 28, Walpole, Jarvis, d/o John McCARTER & Sarah CRAIG, witn: Andrew L. SMITH & Lula MILLER, both of Jarvis, 15 June 1905 at Jarvis  
9555-05 Robert ANDERSON, 29, builder, Clearbr--?, Hagersville, s/o John ANDERSON & Betsy ARMSTRONG, married Gertrude FEATHERSTONE, 23, dress maker, Rainham, Hagersville, d/o John FEATHERSTONE & Sarah SNELL, witn: John ANDERSON Jr. of Manitoba & Mrs. F. M. MATHERS of Hagersville, 22 Feb 1905 at Hagersville 9482-05 Francis S. ATKINSON, 21, farmer, Mount Hope, Tuscarora, s/o Frank ATKINSON & Ellen POOLE, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, 18, Michigan US, Oneida twp., d/o John SMITH & Mary McCABE (McCale?), witn: L. H. & E.M. SMITH of Caledonia, 14 Aug 1905 at Caledonia
9637-05 Archie C. AUSTIN, 21, mechanic, Woodhouse, Hamilton, s/o Philip W. AUSTIN & Emaline EASTMAN, married Grace A. BOUGHNER, 19, Port Ryerse, same, d/o William BOUGHNER & Gertrude HILLYARD, witn: George F. BOUGHNER of Simcoe & Jennie AMMERMAN of Lynnville, 28 June 1905 at Nanticoke 9614-05 Peter BACHER, 25, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Peter BACHER & Lizzie REICHELD, married Anna Mary SHOEMACKER, 18, Rainham, same, d/o Charles SHOEMACKER & Magdalena FETZER, witn: William BACHER of Berlin & Catherine SHOEMACKER of Rainham, 20 Sept 1905 at Fisherville (Lutheran)
9582-05 Vicand Bridginer BAILEY, 26, farmer, Nober, same, s/o John BAILEY & Mary FLETCHER, married Frances Parkinson COOPER, 26, seamstress, Capac, Garnet, d/o William COOPER & Mary PARKINSON, witn: Mrs. C. J. HEASLIP & Mary CULP, both of Hagersville, 23 Dec 1905 at Hagersville 9485-05 Arthur BAIN, 21, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o James BAIN & Annie DILS, married Nettie Holden YOUNG, 19, Seneca twp., same, d/o David Francis YOUNG & Sarah HOLDEN, witn: Harry David YOUNG of Seneca twp & Clara Anneta POLLOCK of Aurora, 11 Oct. 1905 at Caledonia
009491-05 (Haldimand Co.) Melvin BALDWIN, 22, farmer, Canboro, same, s/o George BALDWIN & Abigal SENSABAUGH, married Pearl TOPP, 19, Canboro, same, d/o Richard TOPP & Elizabeth SMITH, witn – George E. & Nettie TOPP of Canboro, 21 June 1905 at Canboro 9564-05 William BARNHART, 21, farmer, widower, Deseronto, Tuscarora, s/o Charles BARNHART & Susan MARIDE, married Esther CAYUGA, 26, Oneida, same, d/o Jesse CAYUGA & Elizabeth BURNHAM, witn: Mrs. F. COLE & John McDONALD, both of New Credit, 24 May 1905 at New Credit
9565-05 Thomas BARR, 57, widower, farmer, England, Townsend, s/o John BARR & Annie ALLEN, married Margaret MEALEY, 61, Grenville Co., Walpole, d/o Pat MEALLEY (sic) & Eliz. PHIBBS, witn: Clifford & Margaret CHRIST--? of Hagersville, 17 May 1905 at Hagersville 009489-05 (Haldimand Co.) Robert BAUGHMAN, 24, marine engineer, Walsingham, Buffalo, s/o John BAUGHMAN & Nellie SAMBLER, married Catherine TAYLOR, 24, Dunnville, same, d/o John TAYLOR & Mary E. ETHERINGTON, witn – Martha & Gladys STRONGMAN, both of Canboro, 3 April 1905 at Canboro
9577-05 George BENNETT, 24, traveller, Tilbury, Hamilton, s/o Robert BENNETT & Anne MILNE, married Nora Elenor WILSON, 22, Hagersville, same, d/o Joseph WILSON & Dorothy HEWSON, witn: Dorothy & Joseph WILSON of Hagersville, 6 Dec 1905 at Hagersville  
9572-05 John BLACK, 31, engineer, Abingdon, Kenora, s/o William BLACK & Susan MILLAR, married Rose Jane NICHOL, 32, Walpole, same, d/o William NICHOL & Mary WEBB, witn: Mrs. C. H. LOWRY of Hagersville & Sarah NICHOL of Walpole, 12 Sept 1905 at Hagersville 9622-05 Robert Stacey BOYD, 29, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o David BOYD & Sarah BOYLSTON?, married Florence RUNCHEY, 21, teacher, York, same, d/o Melvin RUNCHEY & Margaret McCLURE, wit: J. B. BOYD of Jarvis & Melvin RUNCHEY of York, 2 Aug 1905 at York
9636-05 Charles Emerson BROWN, 22, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o John BROWN & Ann Jane FIELD, married Lena Lucy HENNING, 24, Walpole, same, d/o John HENNING & Mary Jane WOOD, witn: Arthur HENNING of Walpole & Ethel A. WALKER of Nanticoke, 28 June 1905 at Walpole 9626-05 Thomas L. BUCKTON (Brickton?), 31, farmer, Port Dalhousie, Olds Alberta, s/o Leonard BUCKTON & Susanna ELDERS, married Mabel Jane IRVINE, naa, domestic, Seneca, same, d/o George IRVINE & Mary Ann BURGESS, witn: Hectr E. BEATTIE & M. E. IRVINE, both of Seneca, 20 Dec 1905 at Seneca
009487-05 (Haldimand Co.) Benjamin CAUGHELL, 23, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o George W. CAUGHELL & Mary ENGLEHART, married Sara Jane FOULE, 30, Clinton, Dunnville, d/o Jacob & Dariah, witn – Mrs. N.S. METHFIELD & Edna GOOD, both of Attercliffe, 25 January 1905 at Attercliffe 9566-05 Charles CLAIR, 22, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o James CLAIR & Margaret MACKLEM, married Clare May HASTONT?, 20, Walpole, same, d/o John HASTONT? & Emma HALL, witn: Wallace H. MASON & Mary A. HIND, both of Hagersville, 25 May 1905 at Hagersville
9480-05 Leonard M. COOPER, 19, farmer, Tuscarora, same, s/o Leonard COOPER & Mary MURRAY, married Mary E. LEGACY, 19, Tuscarora, same, d/o Dennis LEGACY & Martha IRELAND, witn: Mrs. & Miss DOBSON of Caledonia, 25 May 1905 at Caledonia 9579-05 George Chester CORLIS, 22, farmer, Townsend, Brant, s/o Albert & blank, married Catherine PEAT, 21, Onondaga, Brant, d/o John & blank, witn: John H. & Mrs. John HANNAH of Walpole, 18 Dec 1905 at Hagersville
9499-05 John William DENNIS, 29, farmer, Canada, North Cayuga, s/o John DENNIS & Jane DOCHSTADER, married Catherine C. LAWRENCE, 39, Canada, North Cayuga, d/o Henry LAWRENCE & Sarah RYAN, witn: Elwood DENNIS of Oneida & Hortense McFADDEN of Cayuga, 22 Feb 1905 at Cayuga 9557-05 William Robert DENNIS, 34, rancher, Walpole, Calgary, s/o Wilson DENNIS & Margaret WARDELL, married Emma Caroline BIER, 25, Rainham, same, d/o James BIER & Caroline SITLER, witn: George E. BIER & Margaret FESS, both of Rainham, 18 Jan 1905 at Hagersville
9558-05 Ensley DENNIS, 32, rancher, Walpole, Calgary, s/o Wilson DENNIS & Margaret WARDELL, married Persie ROOKE, 32, Walpole, same, d/o Joseph ROOKE & Sophia DOAN, witn: Sarah MASON & Hannah MARTINDALE, both of Hagersville, 11 Jan 1905 at Hagersville 009495-05 (Haldimand Co.) Orin DICKOUT, 27, farmer, Sherbrooke Twp, Dunn Twp, s/o Byron DICKOUT & Sara J. BRAVIN, married Winnifred BALDWIN, 21, Canboro Twp, same, d/o George A. BALDWIN & Alberta MELICK, witn – Ezra DICKOUT & Myrtle BALDWIN, both of Dunnville, 6 September 1905 at Canboro
009498-05 (Haldimand Co.) Charles DICKSON, 23, farmer, Dunn Twp, same, s/o John DICKSON & Deborah TALLMAN, married Mary Lenora KEELY, 21, Canboro, same, d/o John KEELY & Caroline MERRIMORE (Merriman?), witn – Arthur O. TUFT & Mrs. Rev. COLE, both of Canboro, 11 October 1905 at Canboro 009588-1905 - William DOWNEY, 21, Laborer, Moulton, same, s/o Charles DOWNEY & Elizabeth HILER, married Cora OVERHOLT, 18, Dunnville, same, d/o Joseph OVERHOLT & Mary McINTEE, witn: Harold & Mary A. McCOMBS both of Franconia, 27 Sept 1905 at Franconia
9479-05 Harry Melvin DRAPER, 23, mechanic, Iowa US, Caledonia, s/o James DRAPER & Dora Jane JONES, married Mary Caroline LOGIE, 25, Toronto, Caledonia, d/o George LOGIE & not known, witn: Rutherford SMITH of Glanford & Lillie WEBB of North Seneca, 1 March 1905 at Caledonia 9623-05 George Arthur DYKE, 27, miner, England, Cayuga, s/o Arthur DYKE & Annie CHAFT, married Grace Alma COX, 22, teacher, Seneca, Cayuga, d/o Richard COX & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Harvey PARSONS of Cayuga & Clara E. ROBINSON of Cainsville, 4 Oct 1905 at Seneca
9642-05 Chauncey William EVANS, 30, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Ephraim EVANS & Maria BROWN, married Edith JOHNSON, 27, Walpole, same, d/o James JOHNSTON (sic) & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Roman JOHNSON of St. Thomas & Hattie EVANS of Walpole, 4 Oct. 1905 at Walpole 9644-05 Francis FAGAN, 25, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o Thomas FAGAN & Mary CAMPBELL, married Susanna FITZGERALD, 24, Walpole, same, d/o Richard FITZGERALD & Amelia COLUMBUS, witn: Edward FAGAN of Oneida & Mary FITZGERALD of Walpole, 27 Sept 1905 at St. Anns Church, Walpole
9569-05 George B. FRANKLIN, 29, pulp maker, London, Niagara Falls, s/o Ben FRANKLIN & Car. HANKER, married Elizabeth Cecilia CARTER, 24, Hagersville, Bealton, d/o Edward CARTER & M.A. STEWART, witn: James CARTER & Pearl DAVIS, both of Bealton, 21 June 1905 at Hagersville 009606-1905 - Jacob FRY, 27, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Jacob FRY & Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, married Clara FORSYTH, 19, Rainham, Walpole, d/o John FORSYTH & Catharine SITTER, witn: John MacKERIN of Walpole & Lizzie FRY of Rainham, 24 May 1905 at Rainham Centre
  9638-05 Albert GARRETT, 29, farmer, London E., Simcoe, s/o William & Mary, married Bessie VAUN, 18, Windham, Woodhouse, d/o William VAUN & Jane GLOVER, witn: Norman C. & Clara L. HOLCOMB of Woodhouse, 19 July 1905 at Jarvis
9578-05 John James GILBERTSON, 23, farmer, Fishers Glen, Hagersville, s/o John GILBERTSON & Isabella MILLER, married Elizabeth CARPENTER, 19, Dunnville, Hagersville, d/o Wallace CARPENTER & Rosanna GIBSON?, witn: Isa A. HARRISON of Hagersville & L. G. LOWRY, 6 Dec 1905 at Hagersville 9575-05 Eden Wilber GOWAN, 25, farmer, Springvale, same, s/o William GOWAN & Catherine J. illegible (Play? Slack?), married Nora Myrtle WATSON, 22, Springvale, same, d/o Thomas WATSON & Lydia IVEY (Gray?), witn: Otto GOWAN & Ollie WATSON, both of Springvale, 25 Oct 1905 at Springvale
9581-05 William James GREEN, 32, educational director, Dresden, Buffalo, s/o John GREEN & Frances NEWMAN, married Laura Gertrude SHELDRICK, 24, (occupation = M.C.A.), Hagersville, same, d/o James SHELDRICK & Georgina ORMEROND, witn: Harold M. SHELDRICK of Toronto & Ernest? M. SHELDRICK of Berlin, 26 Dec 1905 at Hagersville 009589-1905 - Harvey James HALL, 44, Mackenzie Agt, Wisconsin, Dunnville, s/o James A HALL & Martha A BASSETTS, married Minnie Bable HICKS, 30, Moulton, same, d/o Richard HICKS & Elizabeth MAINE, witn: Emma WRAY of Queenston & Richard G. HICKS of Moulton, 11 Oct 1905 at Moulton
9619-05 John W. HEDLEY, 31, clergyman, Seneca, Cayuga, s/o Thomas HEDLEY & Elenor KIPLING, married Lillian De Cew KING, 26, domestic, Cayuga, Seneca twp., do Robert KING & Margaret J. DE CEW, witn: William Anthony KING of Canfield & Annie HEDLEY of Cayuga, 14 June 1905 at Seneca  
9571-05 Lemon Valance? HITCHCOCK, 25, farmer, Walpole, Windham, s/o Israel HITCHCOCK & Rhoda Maoma SCHRAM, married Elsie Anna ROBINS, 25, Walpole, same, d/o Charles ROBINS & Agusta JONES, witn: May E. MASON of Hagersville & Effie ROBINS of Walpole, 9 Aug 1905 at Hagersville 9560-05 Peter HOAGERS?, 39, laborer, Oneida, same, s/o George HOAGERS & Jane MIKE?, married Mary Ann FARMER, 36, Oneida, same, d/o Jacob FARMER & Elizabeth GARLOW, witn: William & Mrs. William FARMER of Oneida, 1 March 1905 at New Credit
9615-05 Arthur Chase JACKSON, 33, contractor, Indiana USA, Detroit, s/o not given, married Lille M. FRY, 33, teacher, Selkirk, Detroit, d/o John FRY & Caroline OVERHOLT, witn: Gordon RHUSTON & Minnie FRY, both of Selkirk, 17 Aug 1905 at Selkirk 009493-05 (Haldimand Co.) Conrad J. JOHANNES, 29, vet surgeon, Waterloo Co, Milverton, s/o John JOHANNES & Fredrick SCHMIDT, married Loretta SHEARD, 23, Waterloo Co, New Dundee, d/o Arthur SHEARD & Hannah SARARAS, witn – Mr. & Mrs. Henry FROWN of Berlin, 20 July 1905 at Canboro
9612-05 - W. H. JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Walpole, Nanticoke, s/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth JACKSON, maried A. R. LEIST (Lint?), 20, Rainham, Fisherville, d/o Lewis LEIST & Matilda IPICO?, witn: Osborne EBERT & Calida LEIST, both of Fisherville, 30 Aug 1905 at Fisherville 009492-05 (Haldimand Co.) James H. JONES, 39, farmer, widower, Moulton, same, s/o Alex JONES & Rebecca GREAR, married Minnie B. HALL, 19, Moulton, Canboro, d/o James HALL & Margaret FISHER, witn – John R. & Edith B. HALL of Dunnville, 28 June 1905 at Canboro
9617-05 Michael KEEFER, 32, farmer, Ontario, Seneca twp, s/o Lewis KEEFER & Elizabeth OSWALD, married Margaret E. ROBINSON, 23, domestic, Ontario, Seneca twp., d/o John ROBINSON & Mary PETTIGREW, witn: W. J. ROBINSON & Sarah A. KEEFER, both of Seneca, 12 April 1905 at Seneca 9484-05 James Stephen KELLY, 31, clerk, Hagersville, same, s/o John KELLY & Elizabeth LYNCH, married Josephine BARRINGTON, 26, milliner, Seneca twp., same, d/o John BARRINGTON & Margaret DUFFY, witn: George T. LYNCH of Rochester NY & Marcella BARRINGTON of Toronto, 14 Sept 1905 at Caledonia
9568-05 Frederick Albert KETT, 24, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o Albert KETT & Jennie LO--?, married Alma LONG, 21, Walpole, Townsend, d/o blank & Eliza RALTON?, witn: Mabel SANITH? & W. A. RUSSELL, both of Hagersville, 7 June 1905 at Hagersville 9609-05 Ernest John Karl KLOPP, 25, teacher, Prussia, Fisherville, s/o Karl KLOPP & Henrietta POCTOSH?, married Annetta Franziska NABLO, 20, Fisherville, same, d/o George NABLO & Barbara Miller INCH?, witn: Otto NABLO of Fisherville & Clara NABLO of Buffalo, 19 July 1905 at Fisherville (Lutheran)
009494-05 (Haldimand Co.) Clayton KRATZ, 22, farmer, Jordan, same, s/o Ephraim KRATZ & Hannah VAUGHN, married Alice DOLAN, 21, Moulton, same, d/o Alonzo DOLAN & Margaret NILES, witn – Ervin DOLAN & Lillie KRATZ, both of Moulton, 9 August 1905 at Attercliffe 009496-05 (Haldimand Co.) Elias Wesley KRICK, 25, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o John KRICK & Charlotte SCHRAM, married Clara FISHER, 18, Gainsboro, same, d/o John FISHER & Sarah ENGLETON, witn – Matilda & Wilfrid BROWN of Attercliffe, 27 December 1905 at Attercliffe
  9639-05 John Wesley LAW, 38, laborer, Port Dover, Thamesville, s/o John LAW & Ann Jane AIKENS, married Emma Elizabeth DELLER, 31, Jarvis, same, d/o David DELLER & Elizabeth Ann CHURCH, witn: James W. & Mrs. J. W. JONES of Jarvis, 19 July 1905 at Jarvis
9563-05 Homer LINDSAY, 21, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o D. J. LINDSAY & M. A. HER--?, married Erie FORSYTH, 22, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o James FORSYTHE & Fanny ATKINSON, witn: Mrs. F. W. HOEY & Nellie FORSYTHE, both of Hagersville, 3 May 1905 at Hagersville 9643-05 Francis E. MARR, 45, farmer, Port Dover, same, s/o Francis MARR & Esther BUCK, married Maggie JACQUES, 41, Walpole, same, d/o Joseph JACQUES & Mary WINN, witn: Robert HAMBLETON of Hagersville & Bella GUTCHER of Pt. Dover, 10 Oct. 1905 at Walpole
9618-05 Joseph MARTINDALE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Oneida, s/o Emerson MARTINDALE & Batta HOWARD, married Mary Amelia GILL, 19, domestic, Ontario, Seneca twp., d/o Robert & Gill, witn: W. J. LOWERY of York & A. WARRING of Seneca, 26 April 1905 at Seneca 9631-05 George Albert McBRIDE, 30, farmer, Townsend, Woodhouse, s/o James McBRIDE & Isabel AUSTIN, married Annie Frances MARR, 39, Woodhouse, same, d/o Robert MARR & Jane HEWSTON, witn: Oliver MARR & Abbie McBRIDE, both of Woodhouse, 1 Feb 1905 at Jarvis
009506-05 (Haldimand Co.) Walter MCCASKILL, 27, blacksmith, Beamsville, same, s/o Roderick MCCASKILL & Mary MCCAULEY, married Maria LEROY, 18, Deans, Cayuga, d/o William LEROY & Nora DOHERTY, witn – Robert WIGG of Cayuga & Mrs. BRIGGS of Bridgeburg, 25 December 1905 at Cayuga 9483-05 George B. McCONACHIE, 28, barrister, Oneida twp., North Bay, s/o A. McCONACHIE & Marg C. TEMPLETON, married Ethel B. ARRELL, 25, Onondaga twp., Caledonia, d/o Samuel ARRELL & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: J. T. ARRELL of Caledonia & M. J. McCONACHIE of Oneida twp., 13 Sept 1905 at Caledonia
9613-05 Herbert MERRIT, 24, grocer, Lincoln, Hamilton, s/o Egner? MERRIT & Isabella GRANT, married Elizabeth BEEMER, 26, tailoress, Rainham, same, d/o William BEEMER & Lida NABLO, witn: John J. & Alice HOEY of Hamilton, 12 Sept 1905 at Fisherville 9632-05 George METCALFE, 30, blacksmith, England, Toronto, s/o William METCALFE & Margaret BELT, married Annie Mabel JOHNSON, 25, Walpole, same, d/o James JOHNSON & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: W.M. SMITHSON of Jarvis & Mabel E. EVANS of Cheapside, 19 April 1905 at Walpole
9562-05 John Arthur MIKE, 22, soldier, Hagersville, same, s/o John MIKE & Hannah CRYSLER, married Marie DELAHAYE, 21, London, same, d/o John DELAHAYE & Marie NIXON, witn: John MIKE & illegible, both of Hagersville, 13 April 1905 at Hagersville 9610-05 James Sidney MITCHENER, 31, teacher, Clear Creek, Selkirk, s/o Henry MITCHENER & Catherine RUSS--?, married Alice Helena GEE, 30, teacher, Selkirk, same, d/o Eph GEE & Mary Ann HALL, witn: A .H. PLYLEY of Selkirk & Sarah VANCE of Toronto, 22 July 1905 at Selkirk
9620-05 John J. MOORE, 28, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o David MOORE & Elenor EAGLETON, married Minnie HYSLOP, 27, domestic, Seneca, same, d/o Thomas HYSLOP & Alice RICHARDSON, witn: Ernest McLAREN & Sadie SELDON, both of Waterford, 28 June 1905 at Seneca 009497-05 (Haldimand Co.) John William MOOT, 23, farmer, Canboro, same, s/o Aaron MOOT & Annie JAMES, married Mary Jane NEVILLS, 20, Caistor, same, d/o Wellington NEVILLS & Alice NEILLS, witn – Rev. E.L. CLEMENT & Mrs. COLE, both of Canboro, 20 December 1905 at Canboro
009605-1905 - Jacob NAGEL, 36, Widower, Farmer, Rainham, same, s/o John NAGEL & Rosane REICHELD, married Rosina ELFNER, 29, Rainham, same, d/o Leonard ELFNER & Elizabeth MEHLENBACHER, witn: Albert & Susanna NAGEL both of Rainham, 14 June 1905 at Fisherville 9616-05 Fred Oswald NAGEL, 28, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Martin NAGEL & Rosanna REICHELDT, married Lea ARNOLD, 22, Rainham, same, d/o Henry ARNOLD & Jane DASHNER, witn: Charles SCHWEGER & Maggie SCHAEFFER, both of Fisherville, 18 Oct 1905 at Fisherville (Lutheran)
9559-05 Frederick NASH, 28, farmer, Tuscarora, same, s/o Pharoh NASH & Mary MIRADE?, married Susan HORNER (Homer?), 18, Tuscarora, same, d/o Jonas HORNER & Julia KEY, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas THOMAS of Tuscarora, 25 Jan 1905 at Hagersville 9627-05 - W. H. NELLES, 26, farmer, Seneca, same, s/o F. A. NELLES & Mary THORBURN, married Helen G. HUTTY (Hatty?), 18, Wentworth Co., Seneca, d/o John HUTTY & Sarah J. CROCKETT, witn: John B. HUTTY & Jessie M. NELLES, both of Seneca, 28 Dec 1905 at Seneca
9570-05 Phillip Patterson PARK, 48, widower, doctor, Garnet, Chesley, s/o Michael PARK & Margaret PATTERSON, married Caroline illegible SEATTER, 24?, Seaforth, Hagersville, d/o John SEATTER & Emily CARDER, witn: Reginald SEATTER of Hagersville Mrs. T. M. McLACHLAN of Bolton, 28 June 1905 at Hagersville 009488-05 (Haldimand Co.) Clifford S. PHIBBS, 31, drayman, Walpole, Hagersville, s/o John PHIBBS & Jane STACY, married Alice Maud SUTOR, 23, Canboro, same, d/o John SUTOR & (blank) GILMORE, witn – Albert GRILL of Hespeler & Mina SUTOR of Canboro, 28 February 1905 at Canboro
9640-05 James Alexander POLLOCK, 26, tlph. operator, Port Stanley, Jarvis, s/o John P. POLLOCK & Elizabeth BEGG, married Martha Lavinia PARKINSON, 24, Jarvis, same, d/o William PARKINSON & Susanna BROWN, witn: J. E. JONES of Glencoe & Maud PEDLOW of Jarvis, 6 Sept 1905 at Jarvis  
9645-05 Amos Culham PORTER, 27, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o James W. PORTER & Esther Ann ROSS, married Sarah Jane KEEN, 28, Walpole, same, d/o Daniel KEEN & Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn: Charles A. ROSS & Winnie B. PORTER, both of Walpole, 25 Oct. 1905 at Walpole 9621-05 Frederick POWELL, 32, farmer, Seneca, West Flamboro, s/o Thomas POWELL & Maria FISHER, married Janet MITCHELL, 32, domestic, Seneca, same, d/o George MITCHELL & M. CLELLAND, witn: Harry HALL of Binbrook & Kate FISHER of W. Flamboro, 28 June 1905 at Seneca
9641-05 Ritchie Malcolm PRICE, 22, telephone lineman, Forestville, same, s/o James E. PRICE & Amaret THOMPSON, married Jane Ann STINSON, 22, Palmerston, Forestville, d/o Moses STINSON & Elizabeth STRONG, witn: L. J. & B.B. WASS of Jarvis, 18 Sept 1905 at Jarvis 9481-05 Joseph H. RADDAROY?, 23, conductor, South Wales? Co England, res not given, s/o Albert H. N. RADDAWAY? & Mary PHILLIPS, married Harriet Esther PARKE, 24, Seneca twp., Caledonia, d/o Edward PARKE & Sarah ?--NCHER, witn: Charles POND of Toronto & Lizzie PARKE of Caledonia, 7 June 1905 at Caledonia
009607-1905 - Albert REICHELD, 26, farmer, Rainham, N Cayuga, s/o Jacob REICHELD & Nancy GLOYD, married Laura Ann FESS, 21, Rainham, same, d/o Henry FESS & Mary HOLROD (?), witn: Ian REICHELD of N Cayuga & Alberta FESS of Rainham, 7 June 1905 at Fisherville 009604-1905 - Jacob Henry SCHAEFFER, 27, Farmer, Rainham, N Cayuga, s/o Jacob SCHAEFFER & Francis REICHELD, married Sarah ARM, 23, Norfolk, Walsingham, d/o William ARM & Rosanna WALKER, witn: Charles SCHWEYER of Rainham & Rosa SCHAEFFER of N Cayuga, 11 June 1905 at Fisherville
9611-05 Peter Robert SCHIER, 26, laborer, Buffalo, same, s/o Charles SCHIER & Magdalena REICHELD, married Wilhelmina SCHWEGER, 21, Walpole, same, d/o John SCHWEGER & Caroline SITLER, witn: Jacob SCHIER of Buffalo & Rachel SCHWEGER of Walpole, 30 Aug 1905 at Fisherville (Lutheran) 009490-05 (Haldimand Co.) Abraham SENSABAUGH, 30, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o Hiram SENSABAUGH & Deborah NEVILLS, married Alberta HODGES, 23, Canboro Twp, same, d/o Omar HODGES & Barbara MOOT, witn – Martha & Gladys STRONGMAN, both of Canboro, 21 June 1905 at Canboro
  9630-05 Philip SHAVER, 30, farmer, Charlotteville, Woodhouse, s/o James SHAVER & Catherine GILMOUR, married Mary Elizabeth MATTICE, 21, Townsend, Woodhouse, d/o Vernon MATTICE & Sarah E. BUTLER, witn: Ansley & Olive LAMBERT of Woodhouse, 4 Jan 1905 at Jarvis
9624-05 Alex Yule SMITH, 31, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o George SMITH & Maggie YULE, married Mary Jane ROBINSON, 25, domestic, Seneca, same, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary PETTIGREW, witn: William ROBINSON & Katie DELSE, both of Seneca, 18 Oct 1905 at Seneca 9486-05 Peter Morley SPRATT, 25, butcher, Caledonia, same, s/o Matthew SPRATT & Annie McCONACHIE, married Mary KNIPE, 25, Caledonia, same, d/o Solomon KNIPE & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Frank MURRAY & Alice KNIPE, both of Caledonia, 18 Oct. 1905 at Caledonia
9561-05 James Arnold STALLWOOD, 22, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o Job? STALLWOOD & Matilda GLENN, married Nettie HAGAN, 19, Glanford, Hagersville, d/o Robert HAGAN, farmer, & Adelaide? FINK, witn: William HAGAN of Hagersville & Clara STALLWOOD of Oneida, 19 Jan 1905 at Hagersville 9625-05 Thomas C. STEWART, 28, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o Alex STEWART & Mary Jane BALDWIN, married Sarah E. J. BIRD, domestic, Seneca, same, d/o William BIRD & Mary Ann GRAY, witn: Alex STEWART & William BIRD, both of Canfield, 13 Dec 1905 at Seneca
009502-05 (Haldimand Co.) Urbane A. STEWART, 30, N. Cayuga, same, s/o A. STEWART & M. BALDWIN, married Mabel A. HAYGARTH, 24, milliner, Hamilton, Cayuga, d/o T. HAYGARTH & Alice MORRISON, witn – George WALKER of Williamsburg & J. TESKER of Kilbride, 4 September 1905 at Cayuga 9478-05 Fred H. TERRY, 30, GTR agent, Oakville, Hamilton, s/o Merrick TERRY & Rebecca PEPPER, married Emma May LEITH, 24, Caledonia, same, d/o William LEITH & Margaret KENNEDY, witn: Harry LEITH & Archibald SHERRA, both of Caledonia, 2 Jan 1905 at Caledonia
009503-05 (Haldimand Co.) Charles Thomas VANDEWATER, 24, painter, Toronto, Cayuga, s/o William VANDEWATER & Esther KANE, married Lucy Adelina MARTIN, 18, Cayuga, same, d/o Adam MARTIN & Lucy BAKER, witn – Thomas GRAVEN & Mary MOONEY, both of Cayuga, 8 November 1905 at Cayuga 9633-05 John WALKER, 31, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o George WALKER & Julia CULVER, married Hester Lavina TYRRELL, 29, Walpole, same, d/o Walter James TYRRELL & Maria Catherine HEWITT, witn: William E. TYRRELL of Sandusk & May WARD of Jarvis, 7 June 1905 at Walpole
9576-05 Albert Edgar WALKER, 33, farmer, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, s/o John B. WALKER & Orpha MUIR, married Annie CHOATE, 27, Glanford, Hagersville, d/o Oland? CHOATE & Catherine FROUNT?, witn: William & Catherine NEAL of Hagersville, 5 Dec 1905 at Hagersville 009505-05 (Haldimand Co.) Bertram WALKER, 27, farmer, N. Cayuga, same, s/o William WALKER & Elizabeth ACHESON, married Annie HEDLEY, 23, Seneca, Cayuga, d/o Thomas HEDLEY & Eleanor KIPLING, witn – Ernest WALKER of Toronto & M. WILLIAMSON of Cayuga, 27 December 1905 at Cayuga
009504-05 (Haldimand Co.) Robert John WARRING, 23, farmer, Seneca, same, s/o A. WARRING & J. MOORE, married Mary Ann GALES, 23, Moulton, same, d/o James GALES & Rebecca DAVIS, witn – Mary WARRING of Seneca & Mrs. DYKE of Cayuga, 27 December 1905 at Cayuga 009501-05 (Haldimand Co.) Willie WATERS, 21, farmer, N. Cayuga, S. Cayuga, s/o William WATERS & L. PYBURN, married Agnes MORTON (Martin?), 20, Guelph, Hamilton, d/o Elam MORTON & Anna SHULER, witn – Robert WIGG & Mary WALKER, both of Cayuga, 7 August 1905 at Cayuga
009608-1905 - Robert J. WHITE, 26, Transmitter, Mariposa, Hamilton, s/o W. H. & Elizabeth WHITE , married Mabel NAUMANN, 23, Tailoress, Fisherville, same, d/o John C NAUMANN & Susana WEAVER, witn: Wray (?) R. OLDHAM of Hamilton & Katie NAUMANN of Fisherville, 14 June 1905 at Fisherville 9580-05 Calvin WILLIAMSON, 21, farmer, Cayuga, same, s/o Edward WILLIAMSON & Eliza FORBERT?, married Jane CAMPBELL, 21, Varna, same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Louisa EVANS, witn: Mrs. Rev. & Ella MATHERS of Hagersville, 20 Dec 1905 at Hagersville
9635-05 Alexander WINGER, 31, farmer, Walpole, Springvale, s/o Peter WINGER & Sarah WITTERICK, married Mary Agnes ELMORE, 23, England, Jarvis, d/o Walter ELMORE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: John ELMORE of Springvale & Laura ROSS of Jarvis, 14 June 1905 at Jarvis 9573-05 William WOOD, 30, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Robert WOOD & Elizabeth WALKER, married Violet WARD, 32, Walpole, same, d/o V?. C. WARD & Catherine JACKSON, witn: Mrs. F. W. HOEY & Miss Zelma RODGERS, both of Hagersville, 6 Sept 1905 at Hagersville
9567-05 Joseph W. WOODMAN, 52 (62?), farmer, widower, Caugh--aya?, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Betsy TURKEY, 66, widow, Grand River, same, d/o Ab & Mary HALL, witn: Mary HIND & Mary FARMER, both of Hagersville, 4 May 1905 at Hagersville 9574-05 Peter YULE, 24, farmer, Oneida, Caledonia, s/o James YALE (sic) & Mary SMITH, married Annie May BUNDY, 21, Oneida, Cranston, d/o Charles BUNDY & Maggie HALE?, witn: James YULE of Caledonia & Nettie BUNDY of Cranston, 18 Oct 1905 at Hagersville