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Haldimand Co., 1908


009836-08 (Haldimand Co.) William George AIKENS, 30, farmer, birthplace not given, Wainfleet, s/o William AIKENS, farmer, & Jane MCOUETT, married Annie Charlotte FARR, 25, damsel, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o Millage FARR, farmer, & Minnie MCIVOR, witn: William J. AIKENS of Marshville & Berta FARR of Franconia, 9 December 1908 at Moulton Twp

009791-08 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas George ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Caistor Twp, Moulton Twp, s/o Thomas George ANDERSON & Emeline E. ULMAN, married Elsie Margaret ZIMMERMAN, 20, N. Dacotah, Moulton Twp, d/o Jacob ZIMMERMAN & Alice THOMPSON, witn - Gordon WALLACE & Eliza ANDERSON, both of Moulton Twp, 29 January 1908 at Dunnville
10814-09 Paul ANGLE (Augle?), 25, agriculturist, of Seneca, s/o William ANGLE, farmer, & Corrie MOORE, married Jessie M. McIVOR, 27, of Moulton, d/o John McIVOR, farmer, & Mary OLAUGHIN, witn: Hugh McIVOR & Katie FERGUSON, both of Franconia, 4 Aug 1908 at Franconia 010566-07 - Harry Eugene ARDERLAY, 27, clerk, Dunnville, same, s/o Francis ARDERLAY & Amanda THURBER, married Kathaleen Beatrice MILLER, 19, Dunnville, same, d/o Sopha MILLER & Ellen JEWHURST, witn - John J. CLEARY & Elizabeth MILLER of Dunnville, 1 January 1908 at Dunnville
009853-08 (Haldimand Co.) Percy ARMSTRONG, 24, merchant, Oneida Twp, Jarvis, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Mary HILLARD, married Iva KING, 22, Rainham, same, d/o William KING & Ellen DICKHOUT, witn: Robert EVERINGTON of Welland & Lina ARMSTRONG of S. Cayuga, 26 February 1908 at Rainham 009777-08 (Haldimand Co.) Charles O. AWDE, 23, farmer, Canada, Wilson NY, s/o Henry AWDE & Jane FLEMING, married Minnie ANGUISH, 20, Canada, Niles Corners (Nelles Corners?), d/o William ANGUISH & Elizabeth HELD, witn - D. WILKINSON & B. LYMBURNER, both of Cayuga, 3 June 1908 at Cayuga

009843-08 (Haldimand Co.) Sperry Percy BABCOCK, 22, motor man, Odessa, Toronto, s/o Peter BABCOCK & Amelia WALKER, married Rose Margaret PEART, 22, Oneida, same, d/o Thomas PEART & Jessie BERTRAM, witn: Mungo & Bertram PEART of Oneida, 10 June 1908 at Oneida

009776-08 (Haldimand Co.) Alfred BEST, 28, farmer, Canada, Walpole, s/o Albert BEST & Sarah VANDERBURG, married Mary MCDONALD, 24, Canada, Oneida, d/o James MCDONALD & Janet CLARK, witn - J.H. VANDERBURGH & Clara BEST, both of Walpole, 20 May 1908 at Cayuga

009830-08   James Garfield BUNDY, 22, farmer, of Walpole Twp, s/o Henry BUNDY & Sarah Jane YOUNG, married Caroline May SWING, 23, of Walpole Twp, d/o James SWING & Mary SNELL, witn: Henry LIVING of Walpole & L.G. LOWRY of Hagersville, 5 November 1908 at Hagersville

009888-08 (Haldimand Co.) Harvey BUSH, 21, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o Albert BUSH & Lydia TRIPP, married Tina LISCOMB, 19, Woodhouse, same, d/o James LISCOMB & Ellen FADJET, witn: Myron & Edith PROSSER of Port Dover, 17 February 1908 at Jarvis

009818-08   William White CAMELFORD, 22, dyer, of Dunnville, s/o James CAMELFORD & Ann WHYTE, married Edith Florence NEFF, 24, of Dunnville, d/o E.J. NEFF & Rhoda BURSE, witn: Mary A. BROWN & Garnett R. BLACKMAN, both of Dunnville, 31 December 1908 at Dunnville 009852-08 (Haldimand Co.) Orie CAMPBELL, 19, tinsmith, Balmoral, Selkirk, s/o Hugh CAMPBELL & Hannah JOHNSTON, married Elsie KERR, 18, Selkirk, same, d/o Harry KERR & Fidelia YAGER, witn: Murray & Fidelia KERR of Selkirk, 26 February 1908 at Selkirk

009801-08 (Haldimand Co.) Edward CATES, 30, laborer, Rainham, Dunnville, s/o Edward CATES & Margaret Ellen COWELL, married Margaret FERRIER, 32, widow, Kilboil, Dunnville, d/o Richard FERRIER & Cindy? SERVICE, witn - William FRIESMAN & Mrs. Laila COWELL, both of Dunnville, 18 May 1908 at Dunnville

009833-08   Clinton Cloid CLAUS, 21, farmer, of Oneida, s/o Isaac CLAUS & Phoebe JOHNSON, married Lilly GARLOW, 21, of Oneida, d/o Joseph GARLOW & Ella RUSSELL, witn: Isaac & Phoebe CLAUS of Oneida, 21 December 1908 at Hagersville

  009883-08 (Haldimand Co.) Alfred Russel COLEMAN, 30, veterinary surgeon, Jarvis, Milestone SK, s/o Alfred R. COLEMAN & Annie E. GODFRY, married Sarah Ida MCCARTER, 23, Sombra, Jarvis, d/o Robert A. MCCARTER & Martha J. IRWIN, witn: Sydney Craig EVANS of Hagersville & Edith Louisa MCCARTER of Jarvis, 1 January 1908 at Jarvis

009802-08 (Haldimand Co.) John COOK, 26, fruit farmer, Moulton Twp, Pelham Twp, s/o William J. COOK & Emma PLAY, married Clara MCDOWELL, 26, S. Cayuga Twp, Dunnville, d/o Francis MCDOWELL & Barbara DOHN, witn - John MCDOWELL & Maude COOK, both of Dunnville, 20 May 1908 at Dunnville

009772-08 (Haldimand Co.) Edward COSENS, 44, laborer, widower, Canada, Cayuga, s/o Edmund COSENS & Elizabeth CHURCH, married Martha BROWN, 32, Canada, Cayuga, d/o Thomas BROWN & Annie PARKER, witn - Rev. D.G. & L.B. MCPHAIL of Cayuga, 29 June 1908 at Cayuga

009790-08 (Haldimand Co.) Samuel DOEL, 27, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o Samuel DOEL & Martha Jane AULPH, married Mellisa Ann BENNETT, 22, Dunnville, same, d/o Charles BENNETT & Mary REYNOLDS, witn - Lorne ELSWORTH of Marshville & Mary POWERS of Dunnville, 22 January 1908 at Dunnville

009884-08 (Haldimand Co.) Samuel Boyd DOHERTY, 35, farmer, Ballymoney, Rapid City Manitoba, s/o William DOHERTY & Ann WARNOCK, married Esther SHOUP, 35, Cheapside, same, d/o Oscar E. SHOUP & Margaret HEDGES, witn: George W. HEDGES of Selkirk & Margaret SHOUP of Cheapside, 8 January 1908 at Cheapside

009764-08   Herbert Bruce DOUGLAS, 21, farmer, of North Cayuga, s/o John DOUGLAS & Elizabeth VOLLICK, married Agnes Ellen CARRUTHERS, 18, of North Cayuga, d/o Isabella Agnes HOPE, witn: John DOYLE & Iva CARRUTHERS, both of Cayuga, 29 October 1908 at North Cayuga

009812-08 (Haldimand Co.) James Herbert DOWNEY, 21, baggage man, of Dunnville, s/o Charles DOWNEY & Elizabeth HILES, married Kathleen MANLEY, 19, of Dunnville, d/o James MANLEY & Matilda BOOTH, witn - E. MELICK of Canborough & W.W. LAMBERT of Wainfleet, 28 October 1908 at Dunnville
009855-08 (Haldimand Co.) Osborne EBERT, 25, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o George EBERT & Margarett NAGEL, married Calida LINT, 21, Rainham, same, d/o Lewis LINT & Martha SPIES, witn: Charles EBERT & Ada LINT, both of Fisherville, 1 July 1908 at Rainham  

009813-08 (Haldimand Co.) John FAWCETT, 21, farmer, of Moulton Twp, s/o Edward FAWCETT & Phillis SEAYSE, married Martha POOLE, 19, of Moulton Twp, d/o William POOLE & Mary INMAN, witn - Francis CONWAY of Buffalo NY & Althea WALKER of Dunnville, 4 November 1908 at Dunnville

009782-08 (Haldimand Co.) Manford FEATHERSTONE, 20, farmer, of S. Cayuga, s/o D. FEATHERSTONE & Barbara SCHIER, married Grace MEADOWS, 20, of S. Cayuga, d/o Arthur MEADOWS & Sarah FRADENBURG, witn - W. ARIELL, M.D. of Cayuga, 4 October 1908 at S. Cayuga

9747-08 (Haldimand Co.) Samuel Orloff FLEMING, 20, farmer, of Hagersville, s/o William John FLEMING & Harriet CARRICK, married Laura May BURKE, 20, of Hagersville, d/o George D. BURKE & Martha HALL, witn - George CHARTERS & Annie Margaret RUSSELL, both of Hagersville, 3 December 1908 at Caledonia 009756-08 (Haldimand Co.) James Agustos FOLLICK, 30, farmer, birthplace not given, Canborough Twp, s/o Fred FOLLICK, married Almeda Nancy LENDT, 17, birthplace not given, Canborough Twp, d/o Augests LENDT & Liddie HILES, witn: Alexander FOLLICK of Canborough & Allie HILES of Attercliffe, 18 November 1908 at Canborough
009820-08 (Haldimand Co.) James FRANZ, 35, farmer, Hamilton, Walpole Twp, s/o Michael FRANZ & Elizabeth HOUP?, married Mary CLARK, 26, Newcastle on Tyne England, Walpole Twp, d/o Thomas CLARK & Mary A. LEE, witn - Mrs. S. Emma POWELL of Little Current & E. Evelyn KELLY of Hagersville, 25 January 1908 at Hagersville

009739-08 (Haldimand Co.) George Thomas FRENCH, 21, fireman, Hamilton, Port Dover, s/o Francis FRENCH & Mary Jane HYSLOP, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 22, Seneca Twp, Caledonia, d/o Henry THOMPSON & Eliza ELLIOTT, witn - Annie THOMPSON of Caledonia & Robert WILSON of Hamilton, 3 June 1908 at Caledonia

009837-08 (Haldimand Co.) John GATES, 32, farmer, birthplace not given, Stromness, s/o James GATES, farmer, & Rohura DAVIS, married Emma Powell TWEED, 38, birthplace not given, Stromness, d/o William TWEED, farmer, & Katherine EVERINGHAM, witn: James GATES of Moulton & Edith Bell GIFFORD of Wainfleet, 11 November 1908 at Moulton Twp  

009778-08 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas GIFFORD, 31, farmer, Canada, S. Cayuga, s/o George GIFFORD & Mary WINDECKER, married Addie LYMBURNER, 28, Canada, Cayuga, d/o A.M. LYMBURNER & Phoebe CARRYER, witn - B. LYMBURNER & B. ELLIOTT, both of Cayuga, 24 June 1908 at Cayuga

009825-08   George Alexander GILBERTSON, 28, horse man, Vittoria, Hagersville, s/o John GILBERTSTON & Isabella MILLER, married Nellie NICHOL, 20, Walpole, same, d/o Robert NICHOL & Martha WILLIAMSON, witn: William E. & Mrs. M. WILLIAMSON of Hagersville, 20 April 1908 at Walpole Twp

009838-08   Charles GILMORE, 23, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o Robert GILMORE & Elizabeth CARTER, married Clara E. MCIVOR, 23, Moulton Twp, same, d/o John MCIVOR & Mary O'LAUGHLAN, witn: A.F. GILMORE of Wainfleet Twp & E.M. PATTERSON of Smithville, 25 March 1908 at Moulton

009835-08 (Haldimand Co.) James GILSON, 22, farmer, birthplace not given, Onondaga, s/o Nelson GILSON & Maria MCDONALD, married Eva LODGE, 18, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o Enoch LODGE, farmer, & Elizabeth ROBINS, witn: Enoch LODGE Jr., of Moulton & Hattie GILSON of Oswegan, 6 December 1908 at Moulton Twp

009841-08 (Haldimand Co.) James Cornelius GLAVES, 22, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, Moulton Twp, s/o James Cornelius GLAVES & Margaret GRACEY, married Sarah Keturah MARR, 19, Wainfleet Twp, Moulton Twp, d/o Thomas C. MARR & E.M.R. PUTMAN, witn: Hillyard GLAVES & Nina Margaret MARR, 3 June 1908 at Moulton Twp 009817-08   Wilfred Osborne GLOYDE, 23, machinist, of Buffalo NY, s/o Ambrose GLOYDE & Robina REICHELD, married Mable Marie VAN DE PELTE, 18, of Buffalo NY, d/o Eduard VAN DE PELTE & Mary MATHEWS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H.A. BRAKE of Chicago, 24 December 1908 at Dunnville
10813-09 Alfred Putman? GOODELL, 31, salesman, of Adams Mass., s/o Aube? GODELL (sic) & Martha PUTMAN, married Mary Ann MOSSIP, 34, nurse, of Moulton, d/o Richard MOSSIP, farmer, & Ellen GILMORE, witn: Nellie C. MOSSIP of Stromness & J. R. MOSSIP of Dunnville, 14 Oct 1908 at Dunnville

009826-08 (Haldimand Co.) Charles H. GREEN, 46, farmer, widower, birthplace not given, Oneida, s/o Nicholas H. GREEN, farmer, & Hannah GARLOW, married Hannah HESS, 46, widow, birthplace not given, Tuscarora, d/o Battier POWLESS, farmer, & Christina HILL, witn: N.C. SHARPE & Mrs. TRAPP, both of New Credit, 17 August 1908 at New Credit

  009805-08 (Haldimand Co.) Oscar GRITSKE, 25, bridge builder, Germany, Buffalo NY, s/o John D. GRITSKE & Annie POGAL, married Louise Maude ROGERS, 27, Welland Co, Dunnville, d/o William ROGERS & Sarah AULPH, witn - Sarah ROGERS & Mrs. Jane MURDY, both of Dunnville, 8 July 1908 at Dunnville

009773-08 (Haldimand Co.) Andrew E. HANNAH, 26, mason, Canada, Cayuga, s/o D. HANNAH & Margaret EDINGTON, married Jean Aubrey MCMORRAN, 26, Canada, Oneida, d/o James MCMORRAN & Elizabeth EASTON, witn - Mary MCMORRAN & Robert HANNAH, both of Cayuga, 1 January 1908 at Cayuga

009800-08 (Haldimand Co.) George Lawrence HARDY, 23, contractor, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Robert HARDY & Emma BRYANT, married Eva Gertrude OWEN, 23, Pelham Twp, Marshville, d/o Richard OWEN & Sarah SILVERTHORN, witn - Ephrim HOOVER & Sadie HONSBERGER, both of Dunnville, 8 April 1908 at Dunnville

009759-08   Karl Herman HARTWICK, 24, merchant, Rainham Twp, Fisherville, s/o John HARTWICK & Emilie KEMPF, married Frieda MEHLENBACHER, 21, Kohler, same, d/o Andrew MEHLENBACHER & Catherine BACKER, witn: Robert ELGIN of Acton & Naomi MEHLENBACHER of Kohler, 23 June 1908 at Kohler

009889-08 (Haldimand Co.) James Howard HAWKE, 26, painter, Hagersville, same, s/o John HAWKE & Jane HOWARD, married Anna Caroline SCHWEYER, 21, Walpole, same, d/o Henrich SCHWEYER & Emma KEEFER, witn: Gordon & Nettie SCHWEYER of Walpole, 26 March 1908 at Walpole
9832-08 John HERKMIER, 26, farmer, of Tuscarora, s/o David HERKMIER, farmer, & Rachel YOUNG, married Mary BRANT, 23, of Tuscarora, d/o Robert BRANT, farmer, & Lydia LOURS, witn: Ambrose HERKMIER of Toronto & Charlotte BRANT of New Credit, 30 Dec 1908 at New Credit  

009819-08 (Haldimand Co.) John Edward HOFFMAN, 27, railway employee, Townsend, same, s/o John HOFFMAN & Eliza LEMRY, married Ida Hannah SWINBURN, 29, widow, Saltfleet, Hamilton, d/o John HARRISON & Maggie CLINE, witn - E.J. KELLY of Hagersville & S. Emma POWELL of Little Current, 15 January 1908 at Hagersville

009750-08 (Haldimand Co.) Joseph M. HOOVER, 25, farmer, S. Cayuga Twp, same, s/o Simon HOOVER & Elizabeth HESS, married Cora Beatrice MILLER, 20, Canborough Twp, same, d/o John Wesley MILLER & Martha M. VAUGHAN, witn: Rudolph MILLER of Attercliffe Station & Annie R. HOOVER of Rainham Twp, 5 February 1908 at Attercliffe Station

09779-08 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas HUMFRIES, 38, laborer, of Cayuga, s/o John HUMFRIES & Mary MCDONALD, married Annie HOCKLEY, 29, widow, of Cayuga, d/o Hiram SHELL & Mary FLOCKER, (witnesses names cut off), 1 July 1908 at Cayuga 009751-08 (Haldimand Co.) Mark HYATT, 26, painter, Gainsborough Twp, Welland, s/o James HYATT & Edna ERICKSON, married Effie DOLAN, 18, Attercliffe Station, same, d/o Alonzo DOLAN & Maggie HYALLS, witn: George DOLAN of Attercliffe Station & Agnes HYATT of Welland, 9 June 1908 at Attercliffe Station
009885-08 (Haldimand Co.) Harry Arthur JACKSON, 26, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o George JACKSON & Isabel PORRITTS, married Lydia Jane LINDSAY, 23, dress maker, Walpole, same, d/o William LINDSAY & Sarah PUGSLEY, witn: Middleton THOMPSON of Port Dover & Bertha LINDSAY of Walpole, 26 February 1908 at Walpole

009757-08 (Haldimand Co.) James JEFFERY, 45, farmer, birthplace not given, Canborough Twp, parents names not given, married Elizabeth EGGINTON, 46, birthplace not given, Canborough Twp, d/o William EGGINTON & Elizabeth HORTON, witn: Richard J. DAVIS of Hamilton & Clarie BARKER of Canborough, 25 December 1908 at Canborough

  009828-08 (Haldimand Co.) Charles KELLY, 30, farmer, birthplace not given, Tuscarora, s/o John KELLY & Emily BOWDRA, married Anne SHULER, 23, birthplace not given, Tuscarora, d/o Henry SHULER, farmer, & Rachel BROWN, witn: Mary D. BLAGDON & A.A. STRINGFELLOW, both of Hagersville, 7 September 1908 at Hagersville

009803-08 (Haldimand Co.) John Alexander KERR, 39, medical doctor, Elora, Dunnville, s/o William KERR & Ann THOMPSON, married Helen Bessie BROWN, 25, Butte City Montana, Dunnville, d/o John BROWN & Katie PARSONS, witn - Alex S. KERR of West Hill Ontario & Annie SWAYZE of Dunnville, 3 June 1908 at Dunnville

009796-08 (Haldimand Co.) George Bulver KITTS, 23, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o George D. KITTS & Nellie MEADOW, married Lena JOHNSON, 19, Canboro Twp, Moulton Twp, d/o Walter JOHNSON & Rachael SWICK, witn - Mrs. Emma FORRESTER & Mrs. Maude LAFLAIR, both of Dunnville, 4 March 1908 at Dunnville

009760-08   William Arthur KNISLEY, 22, farmer, Rainham Twp, Nelles Corners, s/o John KNISLEY & Catherine NABLO, married Laura Almeda FESS, 21, Rainham Twp, Nelles Corners, d/o Adam FESS & Mary SCHWEYER, witn: Fred FESS, Ida REICHELT & Pearl KNISLEY, all of Nelles Corners, & Allan BOWMAN of Hamilton, 24 June 1908 at Nelles Corners

009783-08 (Haldimand Co.) Elmer KUSEY (Kersey?), 27, driller, of Selkirk, s/o Thomas KUSEY & Maria HERMI, married Loretta MATTICE, 18, of Cheapside, d/o Reuben MATTICE & Sarah EVANS, witn - W. H. TAGGART, residence not given, 16 April 1908 at Cayuga

009811-08 (Haldimand Co.) William Wesley LAMBERT, 22, farmer, of Wainfleet, s/o William LAMBERT & Emma HANNIGAN, married Elizabeth MANLEY, 23, of Wainfleet, d/o James MANLEY & Matilda BOOTH, witn - J.H. DOWNEY of Dunnville & E. MELICK of Canborough, 28 October 1908 at Dunnville

009781-08 (Haldimand Co.) Zebulon LASH, 30, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Z. A. LASH & Bessie MILLER, married Alice Maud UPPER, 30, nurse, of North Cayuga, d/o M.C. UPPER & Louisa COOK, witn - A. R. MCMURICH of Toronto, 7 October 1908 at Cayuga

009793-08 (Haldimand Co.) Albert MCBAIN, 45, farmer, Peterborough Co., Perth Co., s/o J.H. MCBAIN & Rachael WOOD, married Ellen HAMILTON, 37, Perth Co., same, d/o Robert HAMILTON & Ellen ROBB, witn - Mrs. MCBAIN & Mrs. GRAY, both of Dunnville, 12 February 1908 at Dunnville 009753-08 (Haldimand Co.) John MCBAY, 22, farmer, birthplace not given, Moulton, s/o John MCBAY & Mary COSBY, married Ada STRINGER, 21, birthplace not given, Wainfleet, d/o Joseph STRINGER & Martha SAUNDERS, witn: Charles STRINGER of Wainfleet, 7 October 1908 at Attercliffe Station

009807-08 (Haldimand Co.) Arthur G. MCDOWELL, 24, grocer, Dunnville, same, s/o Francis MCDOWELL & Barbara DOHN, married Florence E. EWING, 22, Pembina Dakota, Dunnville, d/o Joseph EWING & Agnes CARTWRIGHT, witn - George M. WATTS & Gladys EWING, both of Dunnville, 25 August 1908 at Dunnville

009748-08 (Haldimand Co.) Robert James MCFARLAND, 25, GTR fireman, of Caledonia, s/o James MCFARLAND & Sarah PARKE, married Maud BURGESS, 20, of Caledonia, d/o David BURGESS & Sarah STINEMAN, witn - George MCFARLAND of Palmerston & Sarah BURGESS of Caledonia, 16 December 1908 at Caledonia

009806-08 (Haldimand Co.) Robert G. MCINTEE, 21, fruit gardener, Dunnville, same, s/o William MCINTEE & Margaret G. HUBBARD, married Mable VANSLACK, 17, Seneca Twp, Dunnville, d/o George VANSLACK & Matilda CRAWFORD, witn -Malissa MCINTEE & Muriel HOCKEY, both of Dunnville, 13 July 1908 at Dunnville

009797-08 (Haldimand Co.) Norman MCINTEE, 21, laborer, Dunnville, same, s/o James MCINTEE & Ida HAMMOND, married Grace CROMWELL, 17, Dunnville, same, d/o James CROMWELL & Ella JONES, witn - Mildred MCINTEE & E.S. HISCOCK, both of Dunnville, 4 March 1908 at Dunnville


009816-08   Thomas Andrew MCKEE, 19, labourer, of Dunnville, s/o Thomas MCKEE & Sarah BROWN, married Florence VANSLACK, 21, of Dunnville, d/o George VANSLACK & Matilda CRAWFORD, witn: Richard VANSLACK & Maude L. LAFLAIR, both of Dunnville, 10 December 1908 at Dunnville

009744-08 (Haldimand Co.) James MCLAREN, 34, carpenter, of Geneva NY, s/o James & Mary, married Annie MITCHELL, 32, of Caledonia, d/o Alexander MITCHELL & Elizabeth SHAND, witn - Arthur & Elizabeth YOUNG of Caledonia, 23 December 1908 at Caledonia 009804-08 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas MCQUILLAN, 30, farmer, Port Colborne, Moulton Twp, s/o Mathew MCQUILLAN & Amelia Elizabeth CHRISTMAS, married Maude Florence KING, 27, Beceles? Suffolk England, Dunnville, d/o Arthur Edward KING & Jane Eliza WATSON, witn - Theodore TICE & Mary MCQUILLAN, both of Dunnville, 3 June 1908 at Dunnville

009823-08   Robert MILLER, 30, farmer, Walpole Twp, same, s/o Robert MILLER & Elmira WOOD, married Margaret GILBERTSON, 27, Fisher's Glen, Hagersville, d/o John GILBERTSON & Isabella MILLER, witn: George GILBERTSON & Nellie NICHOL, both of Hagersville, 12 February 1908 at Hagersville

009814-08   Charles MILLER, 28, labourer, of Dunnville, s/o Jeremiah MILLER & Mary ROBINS, married Cora Eveline MCINTEE, 18, of d/o James MCINTEE & Cora BAUERS, witn: Mary J. PADDON of Chicago & M.L. LAFLAIR of Dunnville, 4 November 1908 at Dunnville

009761-08   John A. MILLER, 25, farmer, of Bridgeburg, s/o Edward Kerr MILLER & Lucy JAMES, married Ida Bell FLEMING, 21, of Nelles Corners, d/o John FLEMING & Permilla AUGUST, witn: Harry MILLER of Bridgeburg, 10 September 1908 at Nelles Corners

009765-08   Joseph Frederick MILLER, 27, engineer, Dunnville, same, s/o Sopha MILLER & Annie EDGAR, married Mattie CAUGHELL, 25, South Cayuga, same, d/o Alexander CAUGHELL & Barbara WARNER, witn: W.E. SNYDER of Buffalo NY & Jean CAUGHELL of South Cayuga, 28 January 1908 at South Cayuga

009749-08 (Haldimand Co.) Wilfred R. MILLER, 24, farmer, Moulton Twp, same, s/o Anantes MILLER & Alice June HOTCHKIN, married Ethel Maud DOUGHTY, 23, Moulton Twp, same, d/o George Alfred DOUGHTY & Phoebe Catherine JONES, witn: Frank DOUGHTY & Carrie MILLER, both of Moulton Twp, 8 June 1908 at Attercliffe Station  

009787-08 (Haldimand Co.) Anson K. MINOR, 30, farmer, Sherbrooke, same, s/o Reuben MINOR & Catharine KINNARD, married Candace Irene NIECE, 29, Sherbrooke, same, d/o Hosea NIECE & Louisa BURKETT, witn - H.K. MINOR of Toronto & S.J. KING of Sherbrooke, 1 January 1908 at Dunnville

009738-08 (Haldimand Co.) William Ionson MITCHELL, 29, farmer, Walpole Twp, Oneida Twp, s/o William MITCHELL & Elizabeth IONSON, married Annie WILLIAMS, age not given, Oneida, same, d/o George WILLIAMS & Agnes CLARK, witn - Annie DIXON of Seneca Twp & Agnes M. WALLIS of Caledonia, 9 January 1908 at Caledonia

009775-08 (Haldimand Co.) Frederick MOORE, 23, farmer, Canada, Seneca, s/o George MOORE & Mary WINTEMUTE (Wintermute?), married Martha HANNAH, 22, Canada, Cayuga, d/o H. HANNAH & Martha MCCANNICK, witn - Joe HANNAH of Cayuga & Kate MOORE of York, 22 April 1908 at Cayuga

009767-08   Osborne MOERSCHFELDER, 23, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Henry MOERSCHFELDER & Mary Ann HESS, married Laura CLINE, 20, Rainham, same, d/o Samuel CLINE & Mary KEIFER, witn: Ernest KEIFER of Walpole & Katie HARTWICK of Rainham, 10 June 1908 at South Cayuga

009746-08 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas MURPHY, 42, supervisor, widower, of Malden Mass., s/o John MURPHY & Mary BARKER, married Mabel CLEARY, 30, of Caledonia, d/o Stephen CLEARY & Ellen RIELEY, witn - J.J. CLEARY & Grace DOYLE, both of Hamilton, 7 October 1908 at Caledonia

009792-08 (Haldimand Co.) William J. NEALS, 23, farmer, Caistor Twp, Canboro Twp, s/o Thomas C. NEALS & Sarah COMFORT, married Hattie M. LYMBURNER, 27, Canboro Twp, same, d/o John R. LYMBURNER & Sarah DAFOE, witn - Charles & M.G. LYMBURNER of Dunnville, 8 February 1908 at Dunnville

009754-08 (Haldimand Co.) Roy NESBITT, 18, farmer, birthplace not given, Springfield, s/o John NESBITT & Eva ALLEN, married Jennett ANGLE, 16, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o Archibald ANGLE & Henrietta SCRAM, witn: Mrs. E.M. GIRCHLER of Attercliffe Station, 21 October 1908 at Attercliffe Station

009794-08 (Haldimand Co.) Albert NIE, 21, carpenter, Dunnville, same, s/o Martin NIE & Wilhelmina HOPE, married Jessie MARTIN, 19, London England, Dunnville, d/o James MARTIN & Annie BETTS, witn - John FOSTER & Mrs. Frank SWARTZ, both of Dunnville, 22 February 1908 at Dunnville

009763-08   Oscar H. OWENS, 20, telegraph operator, of Bridgeburg, s/o John OWENS & Phebie DICKOUT, married Edith M. WALTON, 18, of Gypsum Mines, d/o John WALTON & Margaret DOLAND, witn: William WALTON of Gypsum Mines, 24 September 1908 at Gypsum Mines

009745-08 (Haldimand Co.) Flewellyn PATTERSON, 35, farmer, of Seneca Twp, s/o Joseph PATTERSON & Mary Jane PARKER, married Ida May LUSK, 29, of Seneca Twp, d/o Johnston LUSK & Mary Jane RAE, wit -Mr. & Mrs. W.A. TOMLINSON of Seneca Twp, 30 December 1908 at Caledonia

009774-08 (Haldimand Co.) John PEART, 53, farmer, Canada, Oneida, s/o Emerson PEART & Jane HODGSON, married Mary LINT, 34, Canada, Kohler, d/o Louis LINT & Elizabeth FRY, witn - Lizzie THOMPSON & W.J. QUINSEY, both of Cayuga, 7 April 1908 at Cayuga

009827-08 (Haldimand Co.) John Asher RACHER, 29, driller, birthplace not given, Petrolia, s/o Peter RACHER & Eliza MCLEOD, married Martha FLEMING, age not given, birthplace not given, Hagersville, d/o Joseph FLEMING, labourer, & Isabella UNDERHILL, witn: Mrs. M.A. HOWARD & Mrs. S.E. KOPPELL?, both of Hagersville, 17 August 1908 at Hagersville  

009798-08 (Haldimand Co.) Martin Chester REW, 26, farmer, widower, Canboro Twp, Caistor Twp, s/o Sanford REW & Rachael Ann MELLICK, married Emma Jane FRALICK, age not given, Caistor Twp, Canboro Twp, d/o Walter MELLICK (sic) & Alice LANDON, witn - Mrs. Mary E. ROGERS & Mrs. Maude L. LAFLAIR, both of Dunnville, 11 March 1908 at Dunnville

009851-08 (Haldimand Co.) Gordon RHUSTON, 37, farmer, Selkirk, same, s/o Richard RHUSTON & Susan HOOVER, married Mary STADDER, 27, Walpole Twp, Selkirk, d/o William STADDER & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Ivan STADDER & Gertrude WATERBURY, both of Selkirk, 15 January 1908 at Selkirk

009844-08 (Haldimand Co.) Frank John ROBINSON, 26, miner, England, Oneida, s/o Daniel ROBINSON & Amy BURGESS, married Electriss May SMITH, 28, Oneida, same, d/o William SMITH & Emeline ARMSTRONG, witn: F.J. ROBINSON & Mabel SMITH, both of Oneida, 1 July 1908 at Oneida 009839-08   Lorne Martin ROOT, 21, farmer, Sherbrooke Twp, same, s/o William ROOT & Barbara FURRY, married Mildred TEWSLEY, 20, Moulton Twp, same, d/o John H. TEWSLEY & Velma Victoria EATON, witn: Jean A. ROOT of Sherbrooke Twp & Blanche TEWSLEY of Moulton Twp, 19 February 1908 at Moulton

009821-08 (Haldimand Co.) James RUSSEL, 22, farmer, Walpole Twp, same, s/o Robert RUSSEL & Annie BROWN, married Allie DOUGLAS, 17, Townsend Twp, Walpole Twp, d/o James DOUGLAS & Mary A. DALY, witn - Mrs. S. Emma POWELL of Little Current & E. Evelyn KELLY of Hagersville, 5 February 1908 at Hagersville

009780-08 (Haldimand Co.) Franz E.R. SABLE, 30, waiter, of Philadelphia PA, s/o Franz E.R. SABLE & Anna SMITH, married Margaret DONALDSON, 25, of Oneida Twp, d/o William DONALDSON (deceased) & Emily CUTHBERTSON,  22 July 1908 at Cayuga
009857-08 (Haldimand Co.) George Frederick SCHAEFFER, 19, farmer, birthplace not given, N. Cayuga, s/o Jacob SCHAEFFER, farmer, & Rosia REICHELD, married Ada Matilda LINT, 19, birthplace not given, Fisherville, d/o Lewis LINT, farmer, & Matilda SPIES, witn: Osborne & Celida EBERT of Nelles Corners, 23 September 1908 at Haldimand 009854-08 (Haldimand Co.) Andreas SCHIER, 35, farmer, Fisherville, same, s/o Nicholas SCHIER & Caroline ROTH, married Fidelia NABLO, 30, Rainham, same, d/o Philip NABLO & Susan BEABION, witn: Henry NABLO & Almeda REICHELDT, both of Fisherville, 6 May 1908 at Fisherville
009856-08 (Haldimand Co.) John H. SCHWEYER, 33, farmer, widower, birthplace not given, Rainham, s/o Jacob SCHWEYER, farmer, & Margaretha FESS, married Magdalena BACHER, 24, birthplace not given, Fisherville, d/o Peter BACHER, farmer, & Elizabeth REICHELD, witn: Paul BACHER of Kohler & Ida SCHWEYER of Fisherville, 7 September 1908 at Fisherville  

009742-08 (Haldimand Co.) Hugh Alexander SCOTT, 25, bookkeeper, Caledonia, same, s/o William SCOTT & Augusta HOTCHKISS, married Elizabeth B. WALKER, 27, Caledonia, same, d/o Robert E. WALKER & Elizabeth MCCLUNG, witn - C.S. SHAW of Caledonia & Eva S. PENNINGTON of Dundas, 24 September 1908 at Caledonia

009815-08   J.E. SCOTT, 23, bank clerk, of Dunnville, s/o J.E. SCOTT & Sophia E. GALBRAITH, married Lilian May KRICK, 23, of Dunnville, d/o William W. KRICK & Margaret CLARK, witn: T.G. GALBRAITH of Dunnville & Minota TODD of Galt, 2 December 1908 at Dunnville

009741-08 (Haldimand Co.) Hugh Kennedy SELI, 29, commercial traveller, Lucknow, Toronto, s/o Thomas Kennedy SELI & Christine HAMILTON, married Lizzie May LAWSON, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o John LAWSON & Mary ROBERTSON, witn - Fred SELI of Toronto & Annie HINGHAM of Walkerton, 22 July 1908 at Caledonia 009810-08 (Haldimand Co.) John Wesley SENSEBAUGH, 52, agent, widower, Hamilton, Dunnville, s/o Peter SENSEBAUGH & Caroline VERBURGH, married Rachael FULSOM, 43, widow, Canboro Twp, Dunnville, d/o Hugh CRAWFORD & Ellen LAIDLAW, witn - Mrs. H. HODGES of Attercliffe & Laura FULSOM of Dunnville, 29 September 1908 at Dunnville

009840-08   Herbis SIDER, 23, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Etta Pearl THOMPSON, 20, Moulton Twp, same, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Annie Elizabeth SIDER, witn: Chauncey SIDER of Wainfleet & Mary A. THOMPSON of Moulton Twp, 4 March 1908 at Moulton Twp

009824-08   Ebenezer SILVER, 23, farmer, Huntsville, same, s/o Ebenezer SILVER & Elena RICHIE, married Isabella HUNTER, 28, Tuscarora, Hagersville, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Thomas HUNTER, witn: Catherine DOUGHERTY & Mrs. C.H. LOWRY, both of Hagersville, 16 April 1908 at Hagersville


009809-08 (Haldimand Co.) Robert SIMONS, 29, farmer, Marshville, same, s/o Duncan SIMONS & Isabella THOMPSON, married Teressa C. LEAVEY, 23, Cayuga, Dunnville, d/o John LEAVEY & Elizabeth BREEN, witn - Michael LEAVEY of Dunnville & Annie M. QUINN of Buffalo NY, 23 September 1908 at Dunnville

009740-08 (Haldimand Co.) Robert SPITTALL, 26, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o John SPITTALL & Ann Jane MORRISON, married Sarah SINGER, 19, St. Thomas, Seneca Twp, d/o George SINGER & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn - George SINGER & Annie SPITTALL, both of Seneca Twp, 3 June 1908 at Caledonia

009788-08 (Haldimand Co.) William STONE, 23, sailor, North Hampton England, Dunn, s/o William STONE & unknown, married Mable Alberta EDEN, 18, Toronto, Dunn, parents unknown, witn - Mrs. May A. CROSBY of Dunn & Mrs. J.S. LAFLAIR of Dunnville, 7 January 1908 at Dunnville

009762-08   Edgar STROHM, 22, farmer, of Decewsville, s/o William STROHM & Clarissa BAGLEY, married Kate M. CAMPBELL, 20, of Balmoral, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary BROOKS, witn: Andy STROHM of Decewsville, 16 September 1908 at Balmoral

009887-08 (Haldimand Co.) John Leslie SWARTS, 25, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o John SWARTS & Margaret FLEMING, married Edith WATERBURY, 20, Walpole, same, d/o William H. WATERBURY & Mary JEPSON, witn: David A. WATERBURY & Clara E. BEST, both of Walpole, 11 March 1908 at Walpole
009789-08 (Haldimand Co.) George Henry SWICK, 22, shipper, Saltfleet, Hamilton, s/o Henry SWICK & Helen EAGLE, married Margaret HANNA, 22, Dunn Twp, Hamilton, d/o James HANNA & Isabella MCKEEVER, witn - Allie HANNA of Dunn & Robert SOMERVILLE of Hamilton, 8 January 1908 at Dunnville  

009834-08 Silvester UNDERHILL, 26, farmer, of Jarvis, s/o Jasper UNDERHILL, farmer,  & Martha FLEMING, married Annie Pearle SLACK, 19, of Walpole Twp, d/o Anthony & Catherine, witn: Ora B. KELLY & E?.J. KELLY, both of Hagersville, 29 December 1908 at Hagersville

009808-08 (Haldimand Co.) Herbert WALKER, 30, medical doctor, Mapleton Elgin Co., Haliburton Co., s/o Christopher WALKER & Tara Helen BARBER, married Flora Margaret TAYLOR, 32, Dunnville, same, d/o John TAYLOR & Mary HEATHERINGTON, witn - William M. & Jennie GRAY of Dunnville, 30 September 1908 at Dunnville
009755-08 (Haldimand Co.) Allen WALLACE, 24, farmer, birthplace not given, Moulton Twp, s/o George Alley WALLACE & Elizabeth CROWN, married Birdie JAMES, 18, birthplace not given, Canborough Twp, d/o Alexander JAMES & Margaret CAREY, witn: Hannah PAGET, residence not given, 4 November 1908 at Canborough 009758-08   Thomas E. McCloy WHEATLEY, 30, farmer, Sarnia, Saskatchewan, s/o James C. WHEATLEY & Abagail CLARK, married Agnes V. OXLEY, 30, North Cayuga, same, d/o William OXLEY & Hannah BALDWIN, witn: Fred B. RILEY of Dunnville & Hannah L. OXLEY of Canfield, 25 February 1908 at North Cayuga

009799-08 (Haldimand Co.) George WHITE, 37, fruit farmer, widower, North Ontario, Moulton Twp, s/o James WHITE & Eliza MCKEE, married Matilda SIDDELL, 38, widow, Moulton Twp, same, d/o William SMITH & Mary WARDELL, witn - Mrs. C. SWAYZE & Mrs. B. MCBAIN, both of Dunnville, 11 March 1908 at Dunnville

009886-08 (Haldimand Co.) William Edward WILLIAMSON, 26, farmer, N. Cayuga, Walpole, s/o Mark WILLIAMSON & Agnes FORBES, married Janet WILLIAMSON, 41, Walpole, same, d/o Samuel WILLIAMSON & Janet MCFARLANE, witn: Ellen WILLIAMSON of Walpole & Edgar WILLIAMSON of N. Cayuga, 26 February 1908 at Walpole

009771-08 (Haldimand Co.) Cuthbert WILKINSON, 22, railroader, Canada, Cayuga, s/o Henry WILKINSON & Mary ENGLISH, married Martha LYMBURNER, 22, Canada, Cayuga, d/o A.M. LYMBURNER & Phoebe CARRYER, witn - W. WALTON & Dina WILKINSON, both of Cayuga, 24 June 1908 at Cayuga

009766-08   George F. WINDECKER, 23, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o George A. WINDECKER & Elizabeth A. LOCKIE, married Kalista STONER, 22, Dunn, South Cayuga, d/o Henry STONER & Mary A. BINGLEMAN, witn: Clayton STONER of South Cayuga & Arvilla MOERSCHFELDER of Rainham, 6 May 1908 at South Cayuga

009822-08   William Edward WINGER, 24, farmer, Walpole Twp, same, s/o Jacob WINGER & Susannah WALKER, married Eleanor CROZIER, 20, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o William CROZIER & Josephine HOLBROOK, witn: Earnest WINGER of Springvale & Flossie B. CROZIER of Hagersville, 5 February 1908 at Hagersville

009795-08 (Haldimand Co.) Harvey WISMER, 35, farmer, S. Cayuga Twp, Dunnville, s/o Abraham G. WISMER & S. NASH, married Mable Pearl MARSHALL, 28, Hamilton, Dunnville, d/o George M. MARSHALL & Elizabeth HAYDEN, witn - A.A. MARSHALL & Florence WISMER, both of Dunnville, 26 February 1908 at Dunnville

009743-08 (Haldimand Co.) Arthur YOUNG, 25, agent, of Caledonia, s/o Alexander YOUNG & Emma WEIR, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 23, of Caledonia, d/o Alexander MITCHELL & Elizabeth SHAND, witn - James MCLAREN of Geneva NY & Annie MCLAREN of Caledonia, 23 December 1908 at Caledonia