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Haldimand Co., 1909

Birthplace is usually not given in these registrations


010845-09 (Haldimand) Manfred BARBER, 27, banker, Jarvis, s/o Manfred G. & Jennie BARBER, married Laura Caroline BENNETT, 25, Jarvis, d/o Dr. John Henry BENNETT & Esther Jane ALDERSON, witn - Mr. & Mrs. James NOBLE of Jarvis, 20 March 1909 at Jarvis  
010757-09 (Haldimand) Joseph BEACHIN, 24, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, s/o Henry BEACHIN, farmer & Corinthia GIBSON, married Pearl MONTANIO, 18, Wainfleet Twp, d/o Leonard MONTANIO, farmer, & Nellie COSBY, witn - Alice STEPHENS of Byng & Marjori MCDUGALD of Brantford, 25 March 1909 at Dunn 010755-09 (Haldimand) Irwin W. BINGLEMAN, 23, farmer, Rainham, s/o Eli BINGLEMAN, farmer & Mary Jane NABLO, married Nancy Alice DOSSER, 23, Selkirk, d/o William DOSSER, farmer & Mary HARRIS, witn - Ivan STODDER & Nellis E. HELKA of Selkirk, 15 December 1909 at S. Cayuga
10837-09 James F. BIRD, 29, farmer, of Seneca, s/o William BIRD, farmer, & Mary A. GRAY, married Margaret E. JOHNSTON, 25, of Seneca, d/o Robert JOHNSTON, farmer, & Margaret BURGES, witn: Cecil A. BIRD & Hazel E. JOHNSTON, both of Empire, 27 Oct 1909 at Seneca 010751-09 (Haldimand) Henry BOOKER, 48, farmer, widower, Dundurn Saskatchewan, s/o George BOOKER, (mother's name not given), married Fredia EVERLEY, 42, Selkirk, d/o George EVERLEY, farmer, (mother's name not given), witn - John WINGER of Selkirk & Leona WARDELL of Cheapside, 11 August 1909 at S. Cayuga
10760-09 Eli BRETZLER, 29, farmer, of Rainham twp., s/o John BRETZLER, farmer, & Susana SNIDER, married Nettie BOYER, 28, of Dunn twp., d/o John BOYER, farmer, & Mary KENZLI?, witn: Frederick STUNTS & Emma GRUETTER, both of Buffalo NY, 22 Sept 1909 at Dunn twp 010846-09 (Haldimand) Earl Isaac BROWN, 22, farmer, Walpole, s/o Isaac BROWN & Esther Frances BUCKLEY, married Caroline May FLETCHER, 21, Woodhouse Twp, d/o John FLETCHER & Eliza HALLIGAN, witn - Walter S. FLETCHER of Port Dover & Elena BAILEY of Nober, 31 March 1909 at Walpole
10848-09 Charles Garfield BUCHANAN, 23, farmer, of Manor Sask., s/o Duncan M. BUCHANAN, clergyman, & Amanda PERKINS, married Eva Ethel KEEN, 26, of Walpole twp., d/o Daniel KEEN, farmer, & Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn: Annie KEEN of Balmoral & A. B. SMITH of Sheffield England, 23 June 1909 at Haldimand 010741-09 (Haldimand) Lorne BURNISON, 21, blacksmith, Niagara Falls, s/o George BURNISON, laborer, & Margaret TAGGART, married Erie DENNIS, 18, Niagara Falls, d/o Hilliard DENNIS, labourer, & Eliza CLARK, witn - Elizabeth MOORE of Toronto & Louise B. MACPHAIL of Cayuga, 23 September 1909 at Cayuga
010841-09 (Haldimand) George Harvey CLARK, 34, farmer, Walpole, s/o George Henry CLARK & Rebecca HERD, married Mary Isabella WILSON, 25, Walpole, d/o James A. WILSON & Jane MCFARLANE, witn - Fred W. CLARK of Clanbrassil & Etta E. WILSON of Hagersville, 30 December 1908 at Walpole 10746-09 Jacob CLINE, 28, farmer, of Stevensville, s/o Nicholas CLINE & Sarah BURGAR, married Sarah Ann WINGER, 27, of Kohler, d/o Benjamin J. WINGER & Annie SIDER, witn: Albion WINGER & Lizzie CLINE, both of Stevensville, 29 Dec 1909 at Haldimand Co
010770- 1909 (Haldimand Co.) Leroy CUDNEY, 20, pipe fitter, not given, Humberstone, s/o William CUDNEY & Priscilla NEFF, married Mae Blanch HILL, 18, not given, Wainfleet, d/o Joseph HILL & Marjorie MINOR, witn: R. H. DRURY of Humberstone & H. J. MINOR of Bennaly?, 16 Jun 1909 at Dunnville. 010768- 1909 (Haldimand Co.) John Francis DASHWOOD, 23, machinist, not given, Dunnville, s/o Daniel DASHWOOD & Margaret GROBB, married Millie Mae VANKEUREN, 20, not given, Dunnville, d/o James VANKEURIN & Elsie BESSEY, witn: Curtis D. DASHWOOD & Annie M. VANKEURIN, both of Dunnville, 14 Apr 1909 at Dunnville.
10733-09 Herman DICKHOUT, 31, farmer, of Sherbrooke, s/o Lorenzo Wilson DICKHOUT, farmer, & Elmira ERVIN, married Myrtle Lovella BALDWIN, 22, of Canboro twp., d/o George Alexander BALDWIN, farmer, & Alberta Catherine MELICK, witn: Peter Earnest DICKHOUT of Stromness & Mabel Alberta BALDWIN of Dunnville, 16 June 1909 at Canboro 10815-09 Francis W. DICKSON, 21, farmer, of Moulton, s/o John DICKSON, farmer, & Charlotte Ella SWITZER, married Lottie L. LEE, 21, of Moulton, d/o Edward LEE, farmer, & Sarah FARR, witn: William McPHERSON of Moulton & Ada WIGNELL of Pt. Colborne, 2 Nov 1909 at res of bride, Haldimand Co
10744-09 Harvey E. DILSE, 21, of Canboro twp., s/o William DILSE, farmer, & Ellen BIRCH, married Catherine J. HUMFRIES (Humphries?), 21, of North Cayuga, d/o George HUMFRIES, farmer, & Susana WATSON, witn: Thomas & Pearl E. HUMFRIES of Canfield, 2 June 1909 at North Cayuga 10732-09 John Wilson DOUGHTY, 23, farmer, of Nanticoke, s/o William DOUGHTY, farmer, & Agnes ARNOT, married Edith Rose STREADER, 25, of Caledonia, d/o Andrew STREADER & Mary MIDFORTH, witn: Willie Reggie THOMPSON & Agnes Gracey SMITH, 25 Dec 1909 at Caledonia
010749-09 (Haldimand) Robert EDDINGTON, 29, farmer, Welland, s/o John EDDINGTON, farmer, & Janet SCOTT, married Lena Pearl ARMSTRONG, 21, S. Cayuga, d/o Joseph ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Mary HILLIARD, witn - Arthur RILEY & Maggie ARMSTRONG of Cayuga, 23 June 1909 at Cayuga 010738-09 (Haldimand) Harvey EVANS, 21, farmer, S. Cayuga, same, s/o Edward EVANS & Mary BARNUM, married Zella M. MICHENER, 18, Moulton, same, d/o George MICHENER & Catharine ZIMMERMAN, witn - Joanne GRANDY & Jessie GRANDY of Cayuga, 31 July 1909 at Cayuga
10743-09 William F. EYRE, 35, farmer, of Huntley Sask., s/o George EYRE & Mary STONE, married Susan A. OXLEY, 34, of Canfield, d/o William OXLEY, farmer, & Hannah BALDWIN, witn: George A. OXLEY of Harley Sask. & Hannah OXLEY of Canfield, 6 Jan 1909 at Lot NE pt 16, 1C, North Cayuga 10747-09 Christian FINKBEINER, 29, farmer, of Dunn, s/o Christian FINKBEINER, farmer, & Christena GAISER, married Ilma RITTENHOUSE, 27, of South Cayuga, d/o Christopher RITTENHOUSE, farmer, & Elizabeth LAPP (Tapp?), witn: Eugene RITTENHOUSE & Carrie FINKBEINER, both of S. Cayuga, 15 Feb 1909 at South Cayuga
10737-09 George FISSETTE, 27, dry goods clerk, of Cayuga, s/o George FISSETTE, teamster, & Sarah COULTER, married Alma P. CARRYER?, 20, of Cayuga, d/o Charles CARRYER, carpenter, & Martha VINCENT, witn: Frank CARRYER of Parmell Mich & Blanche LYMBURNER of Cayuga, 18 Jan 1909 at Cayuga 10736-09 William FORSYTH, 21, farmer, of Walpole, s/o James FORSYTH, farmer, & Margaret McDONALD, married Elizabeth MAKEY, 20, of Rainham, d/o Frederick MAKEY, farmer, & Catherine ARNOLD (dead), witn: Laura McPHERSON of Cayuga & Herbert MATTHEWS of Decewsville, 8 Jan 1909 at Cayuga
010748-09 (Haldimand) Sidney HALLMAN, 33, millwright, Banff Alberta, s/o Benjamin HALLMAN, farmer, & Lucy EBY, married Alice Elizabeth SNYDER, 32, S. Cayuga, d/o Henry SNYDER, farmer, & Barbara HINSBERGER, witn - Edward HALLMAN of S. Cayuga & Minnie HALLMAN of New Dundee, 9 June 1909 at Cayuga 010739-09 (Haldimand) James Anthony HARRIS, 38, farmer, widower, Rainham, s/o Anthony HARRIS, farmer, & Mary STICKLE, married Catherine REI, 23, Rainham, d/o Leonard REI & (mother's name unknown), witn - J.J. & Jennie M. MURRAY of Cayuga, 18 August 1909 at Cayuga
10745-09 Edmund S. HARRISON, 26, farmer, of Seneca twp., s/o Henry E. HARRISON, farmer, & Catherine McCLELAND, married Peril Isabella WALKER, 26, of North Cayuga, d/o William A. WALKER, farmer, & Elizabeth ACHESON, witn: R. J. RUSSELL of Black Heath & Alma? J. WALKER of Canfield, 16 June 1909 at North Cayuga 10838-09 E. F. HARRISON, 21, farmer, of Seneca, s/o Harry HARRISON, farmer, & E. BROWN, married E. J. ROBINSON, 21, of Seneca, d/o William ROBINSON, farmer, & H. A. CUMMINGS, witn: H. A. HARRISON & Elva ROBINSON, 15 Dec 1909 at Seneca
10821-09 John HILL, 19, laborer, of Tuscarora, s/o Rebe? HILL & Susannah THOMAS, married Margaret HENRY, 18, of Tuscarora, d/o William HENRY, farmer, & Catherine JORDAN; witn: Mrs. William HENRY & Nancy JOHNSON, both of Tuscarora, 17 Oct 1909 at Tuscarora [reg’d in Oneida twp] 10839-09 Peter E. HODGSON, 37, farmer, of Saskatoon Sask., s/o Thomas HODGSON, farmer, & Mary J. ELDER, married Clara J. PHIPPS, 28, of Seneca, d/o David PHIPPS, farmer, & M.J. McVALE, witn: J.J. HODGSON & Edna PHIPPS, 29 Dec 1909 at Seneca
10759-09 Richard HOLZHEY, 24, knitter, of Buffalo NY, s/o Carl HOLZHEY, knitter, & Gracey HAUKE, married Martha Almeda SCHWARZ, 25, of Dunn twp., d/o John SCHWARZ, farmer, & Christena GISER, witn: Carrie SCHWARZ & George FRANKLIN, both of S. Cayuga, 24 June 1909 at Dunn 010844-09 (Haldimand) Percy Grant IONSON, 26, farmer, Walpople, s/o James IONSON & Ellen ALLEN, married Myra Alexina MILLER, 26, Walpole, d/o George MILLER & Jessie LAIRD, witn - Ina A. MILLER of Vauncy & Charles IONSON of Jarvis, 24 February 1909 at Walpole
10735-09 James Andrew JAMIESON, 29, mechanic, of Gainsboro, s/o Byron JAMIESON, farmer, & Elizabeth LAUGHFIELD, married Annie Marie VANKURAN, 26, of Dunnville, d/o James VANKURAN & Elsie BESSIE, witn: Will J. & Mrs. W. J. GOODWIN of Canboro, 20 Oct 1909 at Canboro 10816-09 Thomas JEFFERSON, 33, yeoman, of Regina, s/o John JEFFERSON & Annie NEWTON, married Annie SPITTLE, 24, of Seneca, d/o John SPITTLE, farmer, & Ann Jane MORROW?, witn: Nellie SPITTAL (sic) of Seneca & Jennie FORBES of S. Cayuga, 3 March 1909 at Haldimand
010842-09 (Haldimand) Harvey Daniel KEEN, 27, farmer, Walpole, s/o Daniel KEEN & Margaret WILLIAMSON, married Elizabeth LAIDLAW, 24, Walpole, d/o Robert LAIDLAW & Jane ANDERSON, witn - Annie M. KERR of Balmoral & Frank LAIDLAW of Erie, 6 January 1909 at Walpole 010750-09 (Haldimand) John KRATZ, 47, farmer, Vineland, s/o Andrew KRATZ, farmer, & Margaret HIGH, married Esther E. SHERK, 54, housekeeper, S. Cayuga, d/o Abraham SHERK, farmer, & Elizabeth STORM, witn - Mr. & Mrs. John LINK of S. Cayuga, 30 June 1909 at Cayuga
10742-09 Thomas Edward MILLER, 30, farmer, of Bridgeburg, s/o Edward K. MILLER, farmer, & Lucy H. JAMES, married Sarah E. ANGUISH, 30, of Nelles Corners, d/o John ANGUISH, farmer, & Priscilla STROHM, witn: John C. FLEMING of Nelles Corners & Lilas M. VANALSTINE of Crowland, 20 Oct 1909 at Nelles Corners 10758-09 John James MILLER, 30, farmer, of Rainham twp., s/o William MILLER, retired farmer, & Charlotte GIDDES, married Ellen ROWE, 25, of Dunn twp., d/o William ROWE, farmer, & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: William & Annie ROWE of Dunnville, 19 May 1909 at Byng
010769- 1909 (Haldimand Co.) John NEWMAN, 32, farmer, not given, Dunn Twp., s/o James NEWMAN & Catharine FOX, married Beatrice HARNETT, 23, not given, Moulton Twp., d/o Thomas HARNETT & Margaret HORAN, witn: Joseph NEWMAN of Byng & Ellen HARNETT of Attercliffe Station, 1 Jun 1909 at Dunnville. (Rom Cath) 10831-09 Daniel REICHELD, 25, farmer, of North Cayuga, s/o Jacob REICHELD, farmer, & Nancy GLOYD, married Alberta FOESS, 22, of Rainham twp., d/o Henry FOESS, farmer, & Mary HOLROD, witn: Jos. FOESS of Fisherville & Almeda REICHELD of Decewsville, 8 Sept 1909 at Haldimand
010752-09 (Haldimand) Jacob RHORA, 21, farmer, Rainham, s/o Christian RHORA, farmer, & Louise LINT, married Clara SPIES, 19, Rainham, d/o Charles SPIES, farmer & Mary MISSENER, witn - Jacob RHORA & Mary SPIES of Fisherville, 11 August 1909 at S. Cayuga 10734-09 John RICKER, 72, widower, gentleman, of Dunnville, s/o Louis RICKER, farmer, & Rosanan CRISTSINGER, married Mary C. FULSOM, 61, widow, of Canboro, d/o Jacob JONES, farmer, & Elizabeth CROSBY, witn: Mrs. Morley RICKER of Dunnville & Mrs. J. M. COPELAND of Canboro, 28 July 1909 at Haldimand
010740-09 (Haldimand) Daniel D. ST. AMAND, 20, farmer, Port Severn, s/o Francis ST. AMAND, farmer, & Philomene YEDON, married Jane O'Delia GROGAN, 22, teacher, N. Cayuga, d/o James GROGAN, farmer, & Sarah O'CONNELL, witn - James & Ellen GROGAN of N. Cayuga, 31 August 1909 at Cayuga 010753-09 (Haldimand) Emerson W. SENSEBAUGH, 32, farmer, Moulton Twp, s/o Alexander SENSEBAUGH, farmer & Ann PENNY, married Clara May MONTGOMERY, 29, widow, South Cayuga, d/o William BOWDEN, farmer, & Victoria ALAIR, witn - Mr. & Mrs. William BOWDEN of S. Cayuga, 22 September 1909 at S. Cayuga
10822-09 Wilbert Roy SLACK, 21, butcher, of Hagersville, s/o Thomas SLACK & Leonia HUFFMAN, married Mary Bridges KETT, 20, of Oneida, d/o Thomas M. KETT, farmer, & Margaret STARK, witn: David John & Mildred Edith SMITH of Oneida, 31 Dec 1909 at Oneida 10847-09 William Wesley STEWART, 25, widower, of Rainham twp., s/o Adam STEWART, farmer, & Ruth BOCKMAN, married Mary Maud IRWIN, 20, of Rainham twp., d/o George IRWIN, farmer, & Rosie DENNIS, witn: Wesley & Clara EDWARDS of Jarvis, 22 May 1909 at Jarvis
010756-09 (Haldimand) Albert SWENT, 21, gas lineman, Rainham Center, s/o Christian SWENT, farmer & Olivia Ann HOLLAND, married Nellie C. HIGH, 20, S. Cayuga, d/o Albert HIGH, farmer, & Sarah E. CULVER, witn - William SWENT of Rainham Center & Irene HIGH of 19 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, 29 December 1909 at S. Cayuga 010843-09 (Haldimand) Orvil George WIEDRICK, 25, farmer, Walpole, s/o George WIEDERICK & Elizabeth VOKES, married Edna A. FEWSTER, 25, Walpole, d/o William FEWSTER & Mary A. WRAY, witn - Julius O. SLACK & Mabel A. SLACK of Springvale, 27 January 1909 at Walpole
10820-09 Henry WILSON, 26, laborer, of Waterdown, s/o James WILSON & Betsy LOTTRIDGE, married Christena FOX, 28, widow, d/o Elias JOHN, farmer, & Elizabeth LATHAM, witn: Reuben & Mrs. R. TOBIAS of Waterdown, 15 Sept 1909 at Oneida 010754-09 (Haldimand) John WINGER, 23, tinsmith, Selkirk, s/o Henry WINGER, farmer & Annie ARNOLD, married Leona WARDEL, 22, Walpole, d/o William WARDEL, farmer, & Eliza BARTLETT, witn - Gordon FULSOM of Selkirk & Elva MOERSCHFELDER of Rainham Center, 17 November 1909 at S. Cayuga
10840-09 Francis YEO, 22, farmer, of Innerkip, s/o James YEO, farmer, & Susan GLOVER, married Alice M. ROWELL, 20, of Seneca, d/o H.W. ROWELL, farmer, & M. TOWNLEY, witn: Perl BRADT & Edith L. CROWLE, 29 Dec 190 at Seneca