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Haldimand Co., 1910

birth place was rarely given on 1910 registrations


011719-10 James Walter ALLEN, 21, farmer, Canboro, s/o Thomas ALLEN, farmer, & Alice BALDWIN, married Martha Jane POTTS, 26, Canboro, d/o Joseph W. POTTS, farmer, & Cynthia TISDALE, witn: Richard POTTS of Canboro & Mable BALDWIN of Dunnville, 29 June 1910 at Canboro  
011717-10 Wallace CARPENTER, 19, farmer, Ohsweken Brant Co., s/o Wallace CARPENTER, farmer, & Rosanna GILSON, married Edna SIDDALL, 18, Dunnville, d/o James SIDDALL , farmer, & Matilda SMITH, witn: David ECKER of Dunnville & Mrs. Henry W. MILLER of Attercliffe Station, 22 May 1910 at Attercliffe Station 011736-10 James CAUGHELL, 27, farmer, Moulton, s/o Jacob CAUGHELL, farmer, & Ellen Jane LAMBERT, married Francis Ann ELLIS, 26, servant, Buffalo NY, d/o Thomas ELLIS, labourer, (mother not known), witn: Thomas JACOBS of South Cayuga & Beulah FURRY of Lowbanks, 30 March 1910 at South Cayuga
011710-10 Ernest Esmonde DAWDY, 21, ice & coal merchant, Hamilton, s/o Lincoln DAWDY & Mandy MINCHIN, married Lillie Estelle YOUNG, 18, Caledonia, d/o Philip YOUNG, printer, & Ellen BARBER, witn: Agnes G. & J. Lavelle SMITH, 12 March 1910 at Caledonia 011742-10 William Robert DOCKER, 42, farmer, Dunn Twp, s/o Arthur Dudley DOCKER, farmer, & Elizabeth REED, married Francis Jane BRADFORD, 26, Dunn Twp, d/o James BRADFORD, farmer, & Ellen DIETTE, witn: Harold Maxwell BATE & Florence PENNY, both of Dunnville, 9 November 1910 at Byng
011748-10 George DRISCOLL, 22, teamster, Welland, s/o James, carpenter, & Mary, married Esther HOWARD, 19, maid, Dunnville, d/o William HOWARD, labourer, & Elizabeth CHRYSTLER, witn: Edgar LAMBERT & Celia HOCKEY, both of Dunnville, 2 March 1910 at Dunnville 011749-10 James DUNBAR, 60, lumber man, widower, Sundridge, s/o George DUNBAR, farmer, & Mary PATTERSON, married Jane GRANT, 45, dressmaker, Toronto, d/o John GRANT, farmer, & Elizabeth BISHOP, witn: Mrs. W.M. FEE & Miss Aimie HERRING, both of Dunnville, 26 March 1910 at Dunnville
011715-10 Frederick DYER, 37, traveler, widower, Toronto, s/o James DYER, farmer, & Hetty ROLLINGS, married Elizabeth Jane GURNSEY?, Toronto, d/o Joseph GURNSEY?, farmer, & Mary THOMPSON, witn: T.J. GURNSEY? & Miss C. RICHARDS, 5 October 1910 at Caledonia 011740-10 William John ELLIOTT, 21, tinsmith, Dunnville, s/o David ELLIOTT, farmer, (mother’s name not given), married Christena VOGELMAN, 20, Buffalo NY, d/o Jacob VOGELMAN & Rosina KUPP, witn: Mildred Helen FRANCIS of Hamilton & Georgena STEPHENS of Byng, 20 August 1910 at Byng
011716-10 Walter H. ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, Seneca Twp, s/o George ELLIOTT, farmer, & Elida LOGAN (Lagace?), married Priscilla JAMES, 21, Seneca Twp, d/o Alfred JAMES, farmer, & blank HODGSON, witn: Percy D. & Gertie BRANDON, 28 December 1910 at Caledonia 011725-10 Benjamin C. ELLIOT, 23, gardener, Cayuga, s/o John ELLIOT & Sarah MANTEL, married Blanche P. LYMBURNER, 19, Cayuga, d/o A.M. LYMBURNER & Phoebe CARRYER, witn: Henry J. ELLIOT of Toronto & Elinora BOYER of South Cayuga, 15 June 1910 at Cayuga
  011743-10 Freeman FOREMAN, 23, clerk, Hamilton, s/o Joseph FOREMAN, blacksmith, & Caroline SCHIER, married Maude A. BRUNT, 23, Dunnville, d/o Arthur S. BRUNT, barber, & Elizabeth MUTTER, witn: Norman FOREMAN & Ethel BRUNT, both of Dunnville, 5 January 1910 at Dunnville
011726-10 Richard F. GIFFORD, 45, farmer, widower, North Cayuga, s/o Thomas A. GIFFORD & Susan E. TOPP, married Anna Christina GRATZ, 34, dressmaker, Cayuga, d/o M. GRATZ & Mary L. ZUMER, witn: Pearl E. GRATZ of Cayuga & James S. GRATZ of North Cayuga, 20 June 1910 at Cayuga 011722-10 Daniel GLENNY, 34, farmer, Canboro, s/o Thomas GLENNY, farmer, & Theresa SMITH, married Elizabeth Ardelia SHEPHERD, 29, Canboro, d/o Robert SHEPHERD, farmer, & Ardelia ROBINSON, witn: Margaret SHEPHERD & Leslie GLENNY, both of Dunnville, 12 October 1910 at Canboro
011751-10 Charles Edward GOODMAN, 24, butcher, Mount Hope, s/o Isaac GOODMAN, butcher, & Margaret MORTON, married Allie Elizabeth HANNA, 23, lady, Dunn Twp, d/o James HANNA, farmer, & Bella MCCAVER, witn: Irvin Robert HANNA of Dunn Twp, & Pearl GOODMAN of Glanford, 27 April 1910 at Dunnville 011735-10 Albert James Bradbear GOULD, 39, contractor, London, s/o Charles GOULD, farmer, & Alliff HULL, married Maggie Elizabeth SNIDER, 29, Wardsville, d/o Samuel SNIDER, farmer, & Margaret CLEMENS, witn: Charles BILGER of Berlin ON & Gertrude BILGER of South Cayuga, 5 February 1910 at South Cayuga
011747-10 Andrew Scott GRACEY, 46, farmer, Moulton Twp, s/o Thomas GRACEY & Rachael GOURLAY, married Eliza Ann SKIPP, 30, Dunnville, d/o Thomas SKIPP & Eliza HUCKLE, witn: Mrs. James STEVENS & Clara KINGSLEY, both of Dunnville, 16 February 1910 at Dunnville  
011752-10 Joseph Franklin HAMMOND, 21, labourer, Moulton Twp, s/o Alfred HAMMOND, gardener, & Harriett AULPH, married Della WHITE, 16, Moulton Twp, d/o George WHITE, gardener, & Liney SHALLEY, witn: Mr. J.P. HARRISON & Celia HOCKEY, both of Dunnville, 11 May 1910 at Dunnville 011730-10 John Alexander HANEY, 34, farmer, Canfield, s/o John HANEY, farmer, & Janette MOODIE, married Mary Almeda BROWN, 29, housemaid, Canfield, d/o Thomas BROWN, storekeeper, & Nancy A. MCDONALD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas BROWN of Canfield, 8 June 1910 at Canfield
011744-10 Daniel HERLIHY, 32, spinner, Paris Ont, s/o William HERLIHY & Mary TRACEY, married Elizabeth LEAVEY, 34, Dunnville, d/o John LEAVEY & Eliza BREEN, witn: Celia & Timothy LEAVEY of Dunnville, 19 January 1910 at Dunnville 011720-10 Martin HODGKINS, 22, farmer, Moulton Twp, s/o David HODGKINS, farmer, & Elizabeth CORNER, married Gertrude ABELL, 18, Moulton Twp, d/o Johnson ABELL, farmer, & Rebecca HOWARD, witn: Jennie L. HODGKINS & Mrs. Florence L.S. BEAN, both of Attercliffe Station, 27 July 1910 at Attercliffe Station
011737-10 William HOLLAND, 24, farmer, South Cayuga, s/o Robert HOLLAND, farmer, & Martha CAUGHELL, married Almira WARNER, age not given, Rainham, d/o Benjamin WARNER, farmer, & Angeline WATSON, witn: Mr. Amon & Mrs. Helen H. BIRK, 28 December 1910 at South Cayuga 011712-10 James L.C. HONSEGE?, 26, carpenter, widower, Caledonia, s/o James William HONSEGE? & Mary Jane DARBOYE (Darling?), married Jessee JOHNSON, 30, Caledonia, d/o James JOHNSON & Rachel ROOT, witn: J.J. & Hannah E. BLAKE, 27 August 1910 at Caledonia
011741-10 Harold Henry HORNIBROOK, 21, farmer, Dunn Twp, s/o F.C.S. HORNIBROOK, farmer, & Barbara SHEEHAN, married Ethel BARRY, 20, Dunn, d/o John BARRY, farmer, & Hannah BOWDEN, witn: Mildred FRANCIS & Bertha BARRY, both of Byng, 5 October 1910 at Byng 011728-10 James Hamilton INGERSOLL, 51, barrister, widower, St. Catharines, s/o J.H. INGERSOLL & Francis E. JACOBS, married Harriet Mary MARTIN, 46, Cayuga, d/o Evan S. MARTIN & Annie BLAKENEY, witn: Annie & Francis E. MARTIN, 15 June 1910 at Cayuga
011718-10 Chauncy JONES, 21, farmer, Moulton, s/o Robert JONES & Emma HODGKINS, married Anna Alberta STIER, 18, Rainham, d/o Adam STIER & Susan MOERSCHFILDER, witn: Florence JONES of Moulton & Mrs. J. Wesley BEAN of Attercliffe Station, 15 June 1910 at Attercliffe Station 011732-10 Norman H. KOHLER, 21, farmer, Kohler, s/o Christian KOHLER, farmer, & Barbara NIE, married Dorothy Elizabeth LINT, 23, Kohler, d/o J.J. LINT, tailor, & Carrie SITTER, witn: E.E. DOMM of Pelham & Hettie M. LINT of Kohler, 1 September 1910 at Kohler
011714-10 Edward MANN, 23, farmer, Lowbanks, s/o Archibald MANN & Matilda AYERS, married Alberta MEYER, 24, Lowbanks, d/o William MEYER & Susan CULP, witn: N.M. GODDEN, 19 October 1910 at Caledonia 011753-10 Lawrence Richard MCINTEE, 21, labourer, Dunnville, s/o James MCINTEE, labourer, & Ida HAMMOND, married Florence Mildred LAPP, 18, Dunnville, d/o Samuel LAPP, engineer, & Elizabeth BRADSHAW, witn: Euphemia SWAYZE & J.F. HOCKEY, both of Dunnville, 21 May 1910 at Dunnville
011721-10 Thomas Edwin MELICK, 26, farmer, Canboro, s/o Peter MELICK, farmer, & Phetta CLARK, married Alice Ethel RICKER, 26, Canboro, d/o James RICKER, farmer, & Francis STEWARD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank FULSOM of Dunnville, 28 September 1910 at Canboro 011739-10 Warren MICHAEL, 21, farmer, Humberstone, s/o William MICHAEL & Mary SOMERFIELD, married Nellie Annie BROMLEY, 24, domestic, Sherkston, d/o Edward Abel BROMLEY & Ellen WALKER, witn: Mrs. J. Alice ROSS & Miss Alice WARD, 28 June 1910 at Byng
011750-10 Harris Lloyd MITCHELL, 24, manufacturer, Buffalo NY, s/o William MITCHELL, retired, & Emily NORTH, married Olive Venita LALOR, 22, Dunnville, d/o Francis Ramsey LALOR, manufacturer, & Annie STEVENS, witn: William J. APPLEYARD of Dunnville & Winnifred BOYLE of Niagara Falls, 30 March 1910 at Dunnville  
011733-10 Vernon H. MOORE, 25, implement agent, Dunnville, s/o Ezra M. MOORE & Mary Ann MARR, married Etta May WARDELL, 20, Kohler, d/o John WARDELL, farmer, & Margaret CHRYSLER, witn: A.D. FRY of Dunnville & Elsie WINGER of Fisherville, 14 September 1910 at North Cayuga 011724-10 Thomas MURRAY, 24, section foreman, widower, Nelles Corners, s/o Thomas MURRAY, farmer, & Sarah NICHOL, married Violet DILS, 25, York, d/o Daniel DILS, farmer, & Henrietta SHORT, witn: Frederick DILS of York & Helen MURRAY of Nelles Corners, 4 April 1910 at Cayuga
011734-10 Albert George NAGLE, 29, farmer, Rainham, s/o John M. NAGLE, farmer, & Rosina REICHHELD, married Lillian Josephine MEHLENBACHER, 26, Kohler, d/o Nicholas MEHLENBACHER, blacksmith, & Mary GARDENER, witn: Ernest MEHLENBACHER of Kohler & Laura BIRK of Buffalo NY, 15 October 1910 at Kohler 011713-10 Joseph C. OAKMAN, 24, carpenter, Caledonia, s/o Robert OAKMAN & Margaret McCLARIN, married Annie D. JOHNSON, 24, Caledonia, d/o James JOHNSON & Rachel ROOT, witn: J.J. & Hannah E. BLAKE, 27 August 1910 at Caledonia
  011729-10 M.J. REBBETOY, 30, hotel keeper, s/o Charles REBBETOY, hotel keeper, & Mary FINLEN, married Coral JACK, 23, milliner, d/o William JACK, contractor, & Ellen HOSNER, witn: William E. DOYLE & Julia REBBETOY, both of Cayuga, 31 August 1910 at Cayuga
011727-10 Robert RENSHAW, 21, labourer, York, s/o W.J. RENSHAW & Mary HOLBROOK, married Minnie Beatrice RILEY, 20, Brantford, d/o William RILEY & Sarah C. FLETCHER, witn: A. RILEY of York & Louise B. MACPHAIL of Cayuga, 14 June 1910 at Cayuga 011723-10 Lewis Elmer RICKER, 22, farmer, Canboro, s/o David James RICKER, farmer, & Francis STEWARD, married Hazel GREEN, 21, Attercliffe Station, d/o Harry GREEN, labourer, & Eliza SHELLY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William STROHM of Attercliffe Station, 14 December 1910 at Attercliffe Station
011738-10 Edward SIMPSON, 23, farmer, North Cayuga, s/o Frederick SIMPSON & Elizabeth HADMAN, married Gertrude EGMAN, 23, Dunn, d/o David EGMAN, farmer, & Sarah STONER, witn: Henry EGMAN of South Cayuga & Annie MAUL of Byng, 6 April 1910 at Dunn  
011709-10 Harvey James SMART, 29, farmer, Oneida Twp, s/o David SMART, farmer, & (no given name) BATEMAN, married Laura Elizabeth MITCHELL, 28, Caledonia, d/o William MITCHELL & Elizabeth JONSEN, witn: Agnes G. & J. Lavelle SMITH, 1 March 1910 at Caledonia 011731-10 Calvin SMITH, 34, farmer, North Cayuga, s/o George SMITH, farmer, & Elizabeth HERRINGTON, married Maggie Bell JOHNSON, 30, cook, North Cayuga, d/o Hector JOHNSON, farmer, & Maria VASBINDER, witn: A.F. BROWN of Niagara Falls & R. WIGLE of Kingsville, 18 June 1910 at North Cayuga
011745-10 Wilfred STEINMAN, 28, labourer, Dunnville, s/o David H. STEINMAN, gardener, & Philisena MIDDLEFELT, married Ella Ann DOWNEY, 25, Dunnville, d/o Vina DOWNEY (father’s name unknown), witn: Ann PADDON & Maude L. LAFLAIR, both of Dunnville, 26 January 1910 at Dunnville 011708-10 Oliver Mowatt STEWART, 25, farmer, North Cayuga Twp, s/o Michael STEWART & Elizabeth IRVINE, married Ethel Maude NELLES, 21, Oneida Twp, d/o James NELLES, farmer, & Catharine YOUNG, witn: Agnes G. SURICH & J. Lavelle SMITH, 23 February 1910 at Caledonia
011711-10 George W. THORNE, 21, farmer, Seneca Twp, s/o Henry THORNE & Clara BEAL, married Emily E. CANN, 28, Seneca Twp, d/o A. CANN & Fannie STECKBERRY, witn: Agnes G. SMITH & Ethel A. LAIRD, 2 April 1910 at Caledonia 011746-10 George Chester VANKEUREN, 32, farmer, Moulton Twp, s/o George VANKEUREN, farmer, & Annie HARRIS, married Barbara OSTRANDER, 18, Canboro Twp, d/o John OSTRANDER, farmer, & Barbara SHAW, witn: Mrs. George PADDON & Mrs. Maude L. LAFLAIR, both of Dunnville, 9 February 1910 at Dunnville