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Haldimand Co, 1913

Haldimand 1911 - 1923

003466-13 (Haldimand Co.) Walter George Hamilton BATES, 22, musician, Charlotteville Twp Norfolk Co., Hamilton, s/o George BATES & Hannah F. HAGEN, married Shirley Inez RODGERS, 23, Jarvis, same, d/o John Wesley RODGERS & Elva FAVEL, witn - Mrs. George BATES of Hamilton & Mrs. Elva RODGERS of Jarvis, 30 September 1913 at Jarvis 003471-13 (Haldimand Co.) Herbert BECKETT, 23, weaver, Blackburn England, Dunnville, s/o William Henry BECKETT & Martha ROOKE, married Dorothy THOMPSON, 27, Sunderland England, Dunnville, d/o William Henry THOMPSON & Matilda CUNNINGHAM, witn - Elizabeth THOMPSON & John James PARKER, both of Dunnville, 18 November 1913 at Dunnville
003467-13 (Haldimand Co.) Walter Harold BENNETT, 23, mason, birthplace not given, Dunville, s/o William BENNETT & Catharine CASSELS, married Agnes Cockburn WOOD, 21, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o George Stuart WOOD & Agnes HUNTER, witn - Lizzie T. HAINING & John Wilson LELEAN, both of Dunnville, 22 September 1913 at Dunnville 003469-13 (Haldimand Co.) Yves BILLER, 29, merchant, Pe?dul France, Niagara Falls, s/o Francis BILLER & Annie Louise PHOUELLE, married Josephine HARTNETT, 29, Canborough Twp, Moulton Twp, d/o Thomas HARTNETT & Margaret HOGAN, witn - Erwin & Mabel HARTNETT of Attercliffe, 2 September 1913 at Dunnville
003470-13 (Haldimand Co.) Cecil Albert BIRD, 27, farmer, birthplace not given, Seneca Twp, s/o William BIRD & Mary Ann GRAY, married Alice Ethel BROWN, 23, birthplace not given, N. Cayuga, d/o Joseph BROWN & Laura MACDONALD, witn - William BIRD & James BROWN, both of Canfield, 15 October 1913 at North Cayuga 003468-13 (Haldimand Co.) Edward Hartley BURRITT, 19, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, Attercliffe, s/o Albert BURRITT & Agnes ROBERTSON, married Nettie May KRICK, 18, Elcho, Gainsborough Twp, d/o George KRICK & Evvie HUMPSTEAD, witn - Margaret Isabella BURRITT of Attercliffe & Mrs. W.A. DOBSON of Dunnville, 17 September 1913 at Dunnville
003477-13 (Haldimand Co.) Charles Henry CAMPBELL, 31, harness maker, birthplace not given, Hagersville, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Elizabeth BIRBECK, married Angelitta NABLO, 33, birthplace not given, Selkirk, d/o Benjamin E. NABLO & Barbara HURST, witn - Netta NABLO of Detroit & John NABLO of Buffalo, 20 August 1913 at Selkirk 003481-13 (Haldimand Co.) R. Yacht CAMPBELL, 28, Restoule, Swastika, s/o W.W. CAMPBELL & A. THOMPSON, married Maude Aileen MOSES, 29, Caledonia, same, d/o Clark MOSES & Maria ALDRIDGE, witn - H.F. MOSES of Mitchell & Minnie E. MOSES of Caledonia, 17 September 1913 at Caledonia
003474-13 (Haldimand Co.) Frank CARRYER, 32, carpenter, Isabellas Co. Michigan, Cayuga, s/o George Alonzo CARRYER & Clarissa SLAGHT, married Jessie Maud STERNAMAN, 19, Cayuga, same, d/o Hoover STERNAMAN & Alice Maud GEE, witn - Lloyd Elliott LYMBURNER & Stella Stewart STERNAMAN, both of Cayuga, 26 March 1913 at Cayuga 003482-13 (Haldimand Co.) Irvin John CASS, 31, Gaspe Quebec, same, s/o Joseph CASS & Agnes COFFIN, married Ida Catharine SCOTT, 30, Nassagawa, Canborough, d/o David SCOTT & Mary MACKENZIE, witn - Mary Isabella SCOTT of Canborough & Minnie A. HODGES of Attercliffe, 21 September 1913 at Canborough
003472-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Lorne CHALMERS, 27, Ontario, Swift Current Sask, s/o George CHALMERS & Annie MANN, married Jessie Elizabeth CHITLEY, 20, Ontario, Moulton, d/o Frank CHITLEY & Jeanette DRYHER, witn - John BLAIR of Regina & Beatrice CHALMERS of Dunnville, 23 January 1913 at Dunn Twp 003476-13 (Haldimand Co.) Samuel Linley CHAPMAN, 32, merchant, Holland Landing, Toronto, s/o Henry James CHAPMAN & Sarah Elizabeth WORSHOP, married Elizabeth LYONS, 22, Dunn Twp, same, d/o Samuel LYONS & Margaret KING, witn - Ella LYONS of Dunn Twp & J.H. CHAPMAN of Toronto, 23 April 1913 at Dunnville
003473-13 (Haldimand Co.) Henry COLE, 19, Selkirk, same, s/o Frederick M. COLE & Annie HOOVER, married Florence DOSSER, 20, Nanticoke, Selkirk, d/o William F. DOSSER & Annie TRUCKEL, witn - Clayton RHORA & Mandie ROSSER, 1 January 1913 at Walpole Twp 003478-13 (Haldimand Co.) Henry James COSLETT, 36, London England, Dunn Twp, s/o William COSLETT & Ann WEBB, married Elizabeth Mary BALE, 46, Dunn, same, d/o Albert BALE & Elizabeth Mary GARDINER, witn - Charles & Emma BALE of Dunnville, 20 August 1913 at South Cayuga
003479-13 (Haldimand Co.) John COSSA, 51, laborer, Oneida, (illegible) s/o William COSSA & Jane RITCHIE, married Emma GORAS, 58, widow, England, (illegible), d/o James ZAYLER & Emma PERMENTA, witn - John CRANSTON & Isabella BRINDRETH, at bride's residence (town not given) 14 August 1913 003483-13 (Haldimand Co.) Charlie Osborne COX, 27, farmer, birthplace not given, Seneca, s/o Richard COX & Lizzie MOORE, married Gertrude LaGACE, 20, birthplace not given, Seneca, d/o Isaac LaGACE & Louisa KELLEY, witn - Vernie COX of Caledonia & Alphetta LaGACE of Tyneside, 8 October 1913 at Caledonia
003475-13 (Haldimand Co.) Claud Edgar CREASEY, 22, machinist, birthplace not given, Dunnville, (does not know parents, was a "Harper" boy), married Sybil MANN, 21, finisher, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o Michael MANN & Susan DOWLAN, witn - David NIMENT & Mrs. Louise REDSHAW, both of Dunnville, 9 April 1913 at Dunnville 003484-13 (Haldimand Co.) Jesse Thomas CREASEY, 21, banker, birthplace not given, Dunnville, s/o Samuel CREASEY (deceased) & Alice Martha SHAVER, married Lucy Jane MARTIN, 20, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o George MARTIN & Margaret MACKEY, witn - John BAILEY of Toronto & Annie HEDDLE of Caledonia, 4 October 1913 at Caledonia
003480-13 (Haldimand Co.) George CRUMB, 36, Moulton Twp, same, s/o William Benjamin CRUMB & Rosanna ANGER, married Sarah PALMER, 17, Humberstone Twp, Moulton Twp, d/o Frank PALMER & Lizzie NEFF, witn - Sarah ELLIOTT & Florence O. KRAHLING, both of Dunnville, 14 September 1913 at Dunnville (see ** bottom of page) 003488-13 (Haldimand Co.) Frederick DALEY, 21, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Bertha ELFNER, 21, Rainham, same, d/o George ELFNER & Julia KEIFER, witn - Susie ELFNER & William DALEY, both of Rainham, 30 September 1913 at S. Cayuga
003489-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Henry DEAL, 22, carpenter, Walpole, Port Dover, s/o John DEAL & Martha BUSH, married Gertrude Winnifred WERNER, 22, Walpole, Cheapside, d/o William R. WERNER & Elizabeth WALKER, witn - Cecil L. WERNER & Edith M. SNIDER, both of Cheapside, 26 November 1913 at Cheapside  
003487-13 (Haldimand Co.) George DICKHOUT, 21, farmer, Dunn, Moulton, s/o Isaac W. DICKHOUT & Hannah ALAIR, married Nita Ocelia CLARK, 20, Wainfleet, Moulton, d/o William CLARK & Martha JONES, witn - Elmer DICKHOUT & Hazel M. CLARK, both of Dunnville, 8 September 1913 at Dunnville 003491-13 (Haldimand Co.) Elmer DICKHOUT, 24, laborer, Dunn Twp, Dunnville, s/o Isaac DICKHOUT & Hannah ALAIR, married Bertha BARRY, 21, Ridgeway, Dunn Twp, d/o John BARRY & Anna BOWDEN, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Elmer JOHNSTON of Byng, 25 December 1913 at Dunnville
003485-13 (Haldimand Co.) Jessie DOLAN, 19, railway hand, birthplace not given, Moulton Twp, s/o Alonzo DOLAN & Margaret HYLER, married Nellie HARRIS, 20, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o John HARRIS, witn - Steve MCKAY & Maggie DOLAN, both of Dunnville, 12 March 1913 at Canborough 003486-13 (Haldimand Co.) William E. DOYLE, 31, clerk, Cayuga, same, s/o William & Mary, married Julia Agnes REBBLETOY, 30, Cayuga, same, d/o Charles REBBLETOY & Mary FINLAN, witn - Coral REBBLETOY & Thomas P. DOYLE, both of Cayuga, 6 August 1913 at Cayuga
003493-13 (Haldimand Co.) John James EATON, 42, laborer, S. Cayuga, Dunnville, s/o John EATON & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Mary Jennie LAMB, 39, widow, Bradford England, Dunnville, d/o Samuel Holmes THOMAS & Jean OWENS, witn - Albert & Alice CARTER, both of Dunnville, 6 December 1913 at Dunnville 003492-13 (Haldimand Co.) Samuel James EDGAR, 33, farmer, Dunn Twp, same, s/o James C. EDGAR & Margaret HANNA, married Florence May COWELL, 26, Dunn Twp, same, d/o Charles A. COWELL & Fanny BRADFORD, witn - Mabel M. EDGAR & Roy A. COWELL, both of Byng, 25 June 1913 at Dunn Twp
003494-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clark D. FEARMAN, 31, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o John FEARMAN & Hannah CLARK, married Henrietta FLEMING, 21, Toronto, Oneida, d/o Samuel FLEMING & Margaret ALMAS, witn - Harry LENG of Erie & James L. FEARMAN of Hagersville, 12 February 1913 at Hagersville 003497-13 (Haldimand Co.) Winfred Ivan FESS, 24, carpenter, Rainham Twp, same, s/o Peter FESS & Catherine A.E. KIEFER, married Clara HOLROD, 21, Rainham Twp, same, d/o John HOLROD & Lydia FAIRMAN, witn - Alice & William WUETHERICH of Fisherville, 30 September 1913 at Fisherville
003496-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clarence A. FINCH, 21, steel work, Brantford, same, s/o Alfred FINCH & Ida YOUNG, married Maggie Eda MCLEOD, 20, Teeswater, Brantford, d/o John MCLEOD & Catherine HODINGS, witn - Emily YOUNG of Brantford & Bessie SORLEY of Hagersville, 30 August 1913 at Hagersville 003499-13 (Haldimand Co.) Sanford FLEMING, 33, farmer, birthplace not given, Erie, s/o Henry FLEMING & Francis LENG, married Catharine Brown LAIDLAW, 26, birthplace not given, Erie, d/o Robert George LAIDLAW & Jane ANDERSON, witn - James B. LAIDLAW of Erie & May SMITH of Hagersville, 2 September 1913 at Walpole
003500-13 (Haldimand Co.) George A. FOGARTY, 27, manufacturing manager, birthplace not given, Toronto, s/o Thomas F. FOGARTY & Ellen SHADE, married Celestine CAST, 24, birthplace not given, Cayuga, d/o Nicholas CAST & Mary FOLVILLE, witn - Theresa CAST of Cayuga & William FOGARTY of Toronto, 29 October 1913 at Cayuga 003495-13 (Haldimand Co.) Roy Hamilton FORD, 22, Oneida, same, s/o John James FORD & Mary Ann HEROD, married Edith Pearl AWDE, 22, Walpole, same, d/o Joseph AWDE & Martha Jane WHITELAW, witn -Thomas HARRIS & Mrs. H. CALDWELL, both of Hagersville, 23 April 1913 at Hagersville
003498-13 (Haldimand Co.) Alfred FOREMAN, 22, barber, Rainham, Bridgeburg, s/o Joseph L. FOREMAN & Caroline SHIER, married Vella Kathleen ROBINS, 20, Toronto, Dunville, d/o George ROBINS & Elizabeth E. YOUNG, witn - Hazel ROBINS of Dunnville & Norman FOREMAN of Bridgeburg, 18 September 1913 at Dunnville  
003505-13 (Haldimand Co.) Joseph Earl GILES, 19, machinist, Springvale, Toronto, s/o Eneno GILES & Elen HAGEN, married Grace May COLE, 18, Selkirk, Walpole, d/o Frederick M. COLE & Annie ROSIMER, witn - Garnet COLE & Amy TRUESDALE, both of Walpole, 8 October 1913 at Hagersville 003502-13 (Haldimand Co.) Milo Llewellyn GILLAT, 32, Dunnville, same, s/o John GILLAT & Caroline GREEN, married Ethel Jane CRUMB, 21, Dunnville, same, d/o John Nelson CRUMB (deceased) & Mary Ann JAMES, witn - John NELSON & Clara GILLAT, both of Dunnville, 23 June 1913 at Dunnville
003503-13 (Haldimand Co.) Martin GLENNY, 39, Michigan, Canborough Twp, s/o Thomas G. GLENNY & Theresa SMITH, married Nellie HARDMAN, 23, Manchester England, Dunnville, d/o H. HARDMAN & Mary WALKER, witn - Mrs. A. GLENNY of Canborough Twp & Mrs. D. CLIFFORD of Dunnville, 30 June 1913 at Dunnville 003501-13 (Haldimand Co.) William GOODFELLOW, 26, Humberstone, Dunnville, s/o David Martin GOODFELLOW & Elizabeth FLECK, married Agnes PICKEN, age not given, Glasgow, Dunnville, d/o James PICKEN & Harriet KEE, witn - J.C. & Ellen LOVEGROVE of Dunnville, 3 June 1913 at Dunnville
003504-13 (Haldimand Co.) Richard GRILLS, 28, Dunnville, same, s/o Andrew GRILLS & Elizabeth LYONS, married Francis B. DRAKE, 28, Cayuga, Dunnville, d/o Peter DRAKE & Elizabeth COWELL, witn - Meta DRAKE & Thomas GRILLS, both of Dunnville, 25 June 1913 at Dunnville 003517-13 (Haldimand Co.) Rice Townsend HADLEY, 21, farmer, birthplace not given, Oneida, s/o Herman HADLEY & Fanny TOWNSEND, married Ida May INMAN, 23, birthplace not given, Oneida, d/o Carlos INMAN & Lavina TRUESDELL, witn - Mary Minnie MCKINNON of Caledonia, 31 October 1913 at Caledonia
003513-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Joseph HAMILTON, 26, Dunwich, Dunnville, s/o William HAMILTON & Lizzie RYAN, married Priscilla COULTER, 20, Seneca, residence not given, d/o Harry COULTER & Elizabeth MORRIS, witn - Mr. & Mrs. F. LATHAM of Dunnville, 8 September 1913 at Dunnville 003511-13 (Haldimand Co.) Andrew HARMISTON, 37, farmer, Algoma, same, s/o Michael HARMISTON & Isabella PATTERSON, married Rachel BARKER, 30, Hagersville, same, d/o Robert & Ellen Jane, witn - Holden & Mabel A. BARKER of Hagersville, 3 September 1913 at Hagersville
003516-13 (Haldimand Co.) Sydney Ellsworth HARRIS, 26, farmer, Seneca, Glanford Twp, s/o William HARRIS & Elizabeth LOBB, married Isabella HANNAH, 23, Seneca, Caledonia, d/o Thomas HANNAH & Annie DARLOW, witn - Albert M. HANNAH of Blackheath & Cecil B. HARRIS of Tyneside, 29 October 1913 at Caledonia 003507-13 (Haldimand Co.) Fred HARVEY, 22, Ancaster, Hagersville, s/o C.H. HARVEY & M. BLANCHARD, married Margaret TROUSDALE, 19, Walpole, same, d/o John TROUSDALE & Ellen PHILLIPS, witn - James William & Lillian TROUSDALE of Jarvis, 5 March 1913 at Walpole
003519-13 (Haldimand Co.) Jerome Henry HEASLIP, 21, Walpole, same, s/o William Eugene HEASLIP & Alice BOWMAN, married Elizabeth Mary WIEDRICK, 24, Walpole, same, d/o Lewis WIEDRICK & Mary Jane WALKER, witn - John WALKER & Mrs. Walton SLACK, 22 December 1913 at Walpole 003512-13 (Haldimand Co.) Alfred M. HENRY, 33, farmer, Muncy Middlesex Co., Oneida Twp, s/o Joseph HENRY & Sophia WOLF, married Violet KING, 18, Tuscarora, same, d/o George KING & Maggie HOAG, witn - Jacob KING & Joseph F. MAITOUR of Hagersville, 4 September 1913 at the home of Joseph HENRY, Oneida
003518-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clarence HEWITT, 22, carpenter, Sinclairville, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HEWITT & Minnie OVEREND, married Cora Mae ANGUISH, 22, Rainham Twp, Caledonia, d/o Jacob ANGUISH & Margaret FOSTER, witn - Myrtle ANGUISH & Mr. G.W. SENCE, both of Caledonia, 26 November 1913 at Caledonia 003508-13 (Haldimand Co.) Alfred Jacob HOFFMAN, 25, farmer, N. Cayuga, S. Cayuga, s/o Jacob HOFFMAN & Margaret SILLER, married Laura E. REICHHELD, 23, Rainham Twp, same, d/o George REICHHELD & Sarah BRICK, witn - Ansey REICHHELD & Alfred SILLER, both of Fisherville, 24 June 1913 at Fisherville
  003509-13 (Haldimand Co.) Daniel Bertram HOLMES, 22, railway clerk, birthplace not given, Toronto, s/o Henry HOLMES & Sara NOLAN, married Ina Catharine DOUGHERTY, 23, bookkeeper, birthplace not given, Toronto, d/o William J. DOUGHERTY & Catharine START, witn - Frank J. HOLLERAN of Detroit & Mary Margaret DOUGHERTY of Hagersville, 16 June 1913 at Caledonia
003510-13 (Haldimand Co.) Sherman HOOVER, 21, mail carrier & farmer, no birthplace given, Rainham, s/o Adolphus HOOVER & Harriet ANGER, married Ethel M. YAGER, 19, birthplace not given, Rainham, d/o Alfred YAGER & F. CULVER, witn - Rev. E.G. & Lily BELAMY of Selkirk, 9 July 1913 at Selkirk 003506-13 (Haldimand Co.) William HOOVER, 29, farmer, widower, birthplace not given, Rainham, s/o Leonard HOOVER & Martha YAGER, married Esther HENDERSON, 18, birthplace not given, Rainham, d/o Kelse HENDERSON & Annie MCKAY, witn - Mary EVERETT & Bert HOOVER, both of Rainham Center, 19 February 1913 at South Cayuga
003515-13 (Haldimand Co.) Andrew Franklin HOSKIN, 24, farmer, Rockford, Jarvis, s/o Andrew HOSKIN & Martha WELLS, married Lillian TROUSDALE, 26, Jarvis, same, d/o John TROUSDALE & Ellen PHILIPS, witn - William John TROUSDALE & Harriet M. MACCRIMMON, both of Jarvis, 8 October 1913 at Jarvis 003514-13 (Haldimand Co.) James Alfred HOWEY, 20, merchant, birthplace not given, Nanticoke, s/o John Calvin HOWEY & Maria TRUCHEL, married Mary Catharine ROSS, 20, birthplace not given, Nanticoke, d/o Charles ROSS & Eliza LOZE, witn - George HALLAM & Lucy ROSS, both of Nanticoke, 24 September 1913 at Nanticoke
003523-13 (Haldimand Co.) Rachid Thomas Jacob JABOUR, 25, Austria, Dunnville, s/o Nimas Jacob JABOUR & Rose ABDULLAH, married Mary GAUDOUR, 16, Brantford, Dunnville, d/o Michael & Frosine, witn - Onah? & Susan KOURI of Dunnville, 22 October 1913 at Dunnville 003522-13 (Haldimand Co.) Henry JACKSON, 51, merchant, widower, birthplace not given, Jarvis, s/o William JACKSON & Sheva ANDERSON, married Anne Jane BOUSFIELD, 68, widow, birthplace not given, Jarvis, d/o George COWAN & Sarah MCAMOS, witn - Bruce JEFFRIES of Lyndvale & Bessie BOUSFIELD of Jarvis, 30 August 1913 at Jarvis
003521-13 (Haldimand Co.) Robert JOHNSON, 26, England, Caledonia, s/o George JOHNSON & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Christina MCALPINE, age not given, Caledonia, same, d/o James MCALPINE & Margaret Jane FIELDER, witn - George & Jane MCALPINE of Caledonia, 14 June 1913 at Caledonia 003525-13 (Haldimand Co.) Elmer Walter JOHNSON, 27, laborer, Canborough, Dunn Twp, s/o Walter JOHNSON & Rachel SWICK, married Nellie BARRY, 19, Ridgeway, Dunn Twp, d/o John BARRY & Anna BOWDEN, witn - Elmer DICKHOUT & Mrs. Elmer DICKHOUT (nee Bertha BARRY), of Dunnville, 25 December 1913 at Dunnville
003524-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Wayne JOHNSTON, 29, widower, Avooso Michigan, Bow Island Alberta, s/o George JOHNSTON & Harriett CANBIS, married Sarah Annie KIRK, 29, Moulton, same, d/o John KIRK & Mary PENNY, witn - John & Mary KIRK of Moulton, 17 December 1913 at Moulton Twp 003520-13 (Haldimand Co.) Richard JONES, 27, farmer, birthplace not given, Rainham Twp, s/o Solomon JONES & Elizabeth EVERET, married Lilian DUXBURY, 18, birthplace not given, Walpole Twp, d/o George DUXBURY & Jane TROUSDALE, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Isaac TROUSDALE, 22 January 1913 at Walpole
003526-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Gordon KETT, 20, Oneida, same, s/o Thomas M. KETT & Margaret STEAK, married Susan Margaret REID, 19, Medicine Hat Alberta, Oneida, d/o James REID & Dinah EARL, witn - Wilfred MASON & Mrs. H. CALDWELL, both of Hagersville, 22 April 1913 at Hagersville 003527-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Manford LEGETT, 24, Rainham, same, s/o Jacob LEGETT & Mary STINGLE, married Clara Belle SHANK, 20, Rainham, same, d/o Mathias SHANK & Catherine EVERETT, witn - Elva STUART & Clayton SHANK, both of Rainham, 5 February 1913 at South Cayuga
003529-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Edward LAMBERT, 25, laborer, Ontario, Dunn Twp, s/o Edwin LAMBERT & Susan HOWARD, married Mabel BEEBY, 22, England, Dunnville, d/o Jacob BEEBY & Margaret COCHRAN, witn - Sylvester LAMBERT & Jennie AITKEN, both of Dunnville, 30 July 1913 at Byng  
003592-13 (Haldimand Co.) Harry Earl LEEPER, 25, Buffalo, same, s/o Robert D. LEEPER & Emma A. HOUSE, married Marion Viola WARREN, 18+over, Guelph, Dunnville, d/o Thomas Henry WARREN & Maggie WILSON, witn - Bessie GARDINER of Hamilton & F. Minard LAPP of Buffalo, 3 June 1913 at Dunnville 003530-13 (Haldimand Co.) Chelious LEGGATT, 25, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Samuel LEGGATT & Elizabeth SEVENPIPER, married Lydia NORMAN, 23, Rainham, same, d/o John C. NORMAN & Suzanna WEAVER, witn - Allan & Loella NAUMAN of Fisherville, 12 August 1913 at Rainham
003532-13 (Haldimand Co.) Richard Smalley LIGHTHOWN, 30, Eccles Lancashire England, Canboro Twp, s/o James Henry LIGHTHOWN & Sarah Elizabeth COOKE, married Elizabeth Gertrude WASDELL, 23, Canboro Twp, same, d/o Douglas WASDELL & Rachael C. SOUTHERLAND (Sutherland?), witn - Victor WASDELL of Canboro & Bertie PATTERSON of Dunnville, 8 October 1913 at Dunnville 003531-13 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas LISHMAN, 34, teacher, Durham England, Cayuga, s/o George & Jane, married Mary Violet QUMSEY, 24, Seneca, same, d/o William & Agnes Maud, witn - Martha Lulu QUMSEY & Fred W. CLARK, both of Oneida Twp, 23 August 1913 at York
003528-13 (Haldimand Co.) Rowland MacDonald LOCKHART, 46, widower, Sherbrooke Twp, Stromness, s/o Alexander LOCKHART & Mary YARNY, married Cornelia Annie NIECEL, age and birthplace not given, Stromness, d/o Eben NIECEL & Hannah KING, witn - John FORRESTER & Mrs. William RAITHBY, both of Dunnville, 2 April 1913 at Dunnville 003534-13 (Haldimand Co.) James Adam LOUDON, 26, machinist, birthplace not given, Milton, s/o Adam LOUDON & Hannah MOLSON, married Lucetta OTTERMAN, 28, birthplace not given, Fisherville, d/o Frederick OTTERMAN & Catherine SCHMELZER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. John OTTERMAN of Fisherville, 11 December 1913 at Fisherville
  003533-13 (Haldimand Co.) Arza LYMBURNER, 26, blacksmith, birthplace not given, Caistor, s/o Hiram LYMBURNER & Henrietta SENSABAUGH, married Anne Beatrice JOHNSON, 23, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o R. JOHNSON & Emma Jane CARTER, witn - Eckel SENSABAUGH of Dunnville & Roy TAFT of Attercliffe, 16 October 1913 at Moulton Twp
003542-13 (Haldimand Co.) Victor Harold MACAULAY, 24, dentist, Peterborough, Calgary, s/o Robert MACAULAY & Agnes GIROUX, married Margaret Gertrude KOHLER, 24, birthplace not given, Seneca Twp, d/o Jacob KOHLER & Sarah Jane PARSONS, witn - Robert Vernon MACAULAY of Montreal & Emma KOHLER of Cayuga, 27 December 1913 at Cayuga 003537-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Franklin MARTIN, 27, Dunnville, same, s/o David MARTIN & Maggie RITTENHOUSE, married Mary Jane ECKER, 18, St. Catharines, same, d/o Daniel ECKER & Lydia YAGER, witn - Mrs. M.A. MAITLAND & Mrs. William RAITHBY, both of Dunnville, 8 May 1913 at Dunnville
003539-13 (Haldimand Co.) Robert Edward MAY, 22, baker, Cayuga, same, s/o Robert MAY & Dora SKINNER, married Hazel Gertrude PETTIGREW, 21, E. Seneca, same, d/o Wesley PETTIGREW & Margaret HAWSON, witn - E.S. & Adeline CLEMENT of Tyneside, 17 September 1913 at Seneca Twp 003544-13 (Haldimand Co.) James D. MCALLISTER, 34, farmer, birthplace not given, Binbrook, s/o Peter MCALLISTER & Sara QUINLAN, married Margaret SMILEY, 25, birthplace not given, Seneca, d/o Patrick SMILEY & Mary A. WEIS, witn - John SMILEY of Seneca & Mary Isabella MCALLISTER of Binbrook, 18 June 1913 at Caledonia
003547-13 (Haldimand Co.) David MCBAY, 21, Dunn, same, s/o William MCBAY & E. MCINTEE, married Margaret DOLAN, 18, Moulton, same, d/o Abner DOLAN & Maggie HILES, witn - M. MCBAY & Earl KNIGHT, both of Dunnville, 6 November 1913 at South Cayuga 003545-13 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas MCCLOY, 48, farmer, widower, Oneida, same, s/o Alexander MCCLOY & Margaret BARKER, married Alfretta CHOSIE, 33, widow, Beverley Twp, Hamilton, d/o Firmen HANES & Amanda BOWMAN, witn - Thomas HARRIS & Lizzie MCILROY, both of Hagersville, 8 October 1913 at Hagersville
003548-13 (Haldimand Co.) Earl Wesley MCINTEE, 19, Dunnville, same, s/o Robert James MCINTEE & Ida HAMMOND, married Norah WESSON, 18, Sheffield England, Dunnville, d/o James WESSON & Annie Marie MCGIVEN, witn - Mrs. W.A. DOBSON & Mrs. Robert REID, both of Dunnville, 6 December 1913 at Dunnville 003546-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Eldon MCLAUGHLIN, 21, farmer, birthplace not given, Moulton, s/o Richard Albert MCLAUGHLIN & Jane E. EMERSON, married Lillie Ladima CLURE, 19, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o George Augustine CLURE & Jennie FRANK, witn - Harry MCLAUGHLIN of Moulton Twp & Minnie FRANK of Niagara Falls, 7 October 1913 at Moulton
  003541-13 (Haldimand Co.) Edward John Robert MEDLAM, 22, cement bricklayer, London England, Dunnville, s/o Edward MEDLAM & Mary SALMON, married Rose May Lilly WILLCOX, 23, Birminghamshire England, Dunnville, d/o John Francis WILLCOX & Sarah DODD, witn - Thomas Walker MEDLAM & Marie VAUGHAN, both of Dunnville, 25 October 1913 at Dunnville
003535-13 (Haldimand Co.) John MEEHAN, 32, merchant, birthplace not given, Walpole, s/o William MEEHAN & Mary HILLER, married Elizabeth Alice BRITTON, 21, milliner, birthplace not given, Walpole, d/o Samuel BRITTON & Margaret ANDERSON, witn - Andrew MEEHAN & Nina UNDERHILL, both of Jarvis, 20 March 1913 at Walpole 003538-13 (Haldimand Co.) Paul E. MEHLENBACHER, 33, farmer, birthplace not given, Fisherville, s/o Jacob MEHLENBACHER & Margaret ROTH, married Anzie R. HOOVER, 23, birthplace not given, S. Cayuga, d/o Simeon HOOVER & Elizabeth HESS, witn - George E. & Adeline HUNSINGER of Fisherville, 11 June 1913 at South Cayuga
003540-13 (Haldimand Co.) Ila I. MICHENER, 22, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, s/o Isaac MICHENER & Mary Ann CANSBY, married Elizabeth Sarah Anne BURDEN, 18, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, d/o Abraham BURDEN & Rebecca MARSHALL, witn - Mrs. Rebecca & Edith BURDEN of Dunnville, 24 September 1913 at Dunnville 003543-13 (Haldimand Co.) Charlie Dell MORNINGSTAR, 31, engineer, Willoughby, same, s/o Martin MORNINGSTAR & G. Hanna BUTCHER, married Florence Marie JONES, 18, Moulton, same, d/o Robert JONES & Emma HODGKINS, witn - Fannie Elizabeth JONES of Moulton & Mrs. Charles R. KAUTH of Attercliffe, 24 December 1913 at Attercliffe
003536-13 (Haldimand Co.) George James MORTIMER, 24, England, Hagersville, s/o George James Chester MORTIMER & Hannah Maria JOSIFEE, married Emily Kate SMITH, 27, England, Hagersville, d/o Walter Robert JOSIFEE & Ann COXHEAD, witn - Walter Robert SMITH & Martha Jane GEEVES, both of Hagersville, 20 April 1913 at Hagersville 003549-13 (Haldimand Co.) Arthur Emerson NIEDRAUER, 25, Simcoe, same, s/o George NIEDRAUER (deceased) & Lydia PIETT, married Kitty Rotilla SECORD, 19, St. Williams, Dunnville, d/o John SECORD (deceased) & Catherine SECORD, witn - Mrs. Catherine SECORD & Mrs. William RAITHBY, both of Dunnville, 2 November 1913 at Dunnville
003550-13 (Haldimand Co.) Joseph J. O'CONNOR, 43, veterinarian, Trafalgar, W. Hope North Dakota, s/o Michael O'CONNOR & Francis DONOHUE, married Teresa O'HARA, 32, Trafalgar, Walpole Twp, d/o William O'HARA & Isabella MCCONVILLE, witn - Peter H. O'CONNOR of Freelton & Maude O'HARA of Hamilton, 24 September 1913 at Caledonia 003551-13 (Haldimand Co.) David Cecil O'NEILL, 20, Merritton, Moulton Twp, s/o Thomas O'NEILL & Emma GARNER, married Ella Deliah LAMPMAN, 18, Dunnville, same, d/o Willie LAMPMAN & Hannah AULPH, witn - Willis LAMPMAN of Dunnville & Mrs. O'NEILL of Moulton Twp, 3 November 1913 at Dunnville
003552-13 (Haldimand Co.) Robert John PATTERSON, 20, Seneca, same, s/o John PATTERSON & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Gertrude Barbara YOUNG, 18, Seneca, same, d/o David YOUNG & Sarah HOLDEN, witn - Charles E. PATTERSON & Bessie YOUNG, both of Seneca, 12 April 1913 at Caledonia 003553-13 (Haldimand Co.) Charles Elliott PATTERSON, 26, farmer, Oneida, Seneca, s/o John PATTERSON & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Lillian Alberta BURROWS, 29, Seneca, same, d/o George BURROWS & Elizabeth MCLEOD, witn - Andrew PATTERSON of Caledonia & Marjory BURROWS, 26 August 1913 at Seneca Twp
003555-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Robert PHILLIPS, 22, engineer, Scranton PA, Dunnville, s/o William PHILLIPS & Flora STORM, married Lillian BUSH, 20, Buffalo, Dunnville, d/o Doresten Allen BUSH & Malissa COULTER, witn - Norman HARRIGAN of Forks Road & Florence BUSH of Dunnville, 29 October 1912 at Dunnville 003554-13 (Haldimand Co.) Godfrey William PHIPPS, 25, timekeeper, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Harvey PHIPPS & Annie E. SNELL, married Alice Evalia MACDONALD, 18, Stromness, same, d/o Hiram & Alice Matilda, witn - Mrs. Oliver BURDICK of Buffalo & Austin MACDONALD of Stromness, 14 September 1913 at Lowbanks
003556-13 (Haldimand Co.) Arthur Joseph QUINLAN, 44, jeweller, Caistor Twp, Dunnville, s/o James QUINLAN & Maria LYMBURNER, married Annie CAMELFORD, 35, Paisley Scotland, Dunnville, d/o James CAMELFORD & Annie WHYTE, witn - Mr. & Mrs. James CAMELFORD of Dunnville, 12 September 1913 at Dunnville 003557-13 (Haldimand Co.) Ernest David REYNARD, 21, sailor, birthplace not given, Erie PA, s/o Benjamin Ellsworth REYNARD & Kora LIZETTE, married Nellie GREENBURY, 18, birthplace not given, Rainham, d/o James GREENBURY & Mary LYLE, witn - Cecil & Erie GREENBURY of Selkirk, 9 January 1913 at the home of T.W. BAILEY, Rainham
003558-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clayton W. RHORA, 22, farmer, Rainham Twp, same, s/o Christian RHORA & Louisa LINT, married Mandy DOSSER, 18, Walpole, same, d/o William Thomas DOSSER & Annie TRUCKEL, witn -Henry & Florence COLE of Selkirk, 1 January 1913 at Walpole 003560-13 (Haldimand Co.) Gordon Harket? RICHARDSON, 25, cement mill worker, Flinton, Port Colborne, s/o Albert RICHARDSON & Martha J. DAFOE, married Percia Pearl GARRINGER, 20, Marshville, same, d/o Christopher GARRINGER & Mary N. MINOR, witn - Herman R. & Alma FRENCH of Port Colborne, 25 June 1913 at Caledonia
003561-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Alen ROBBINS, 21, butcher, birthplace not given, Dunnville, s/o George ROBBINS & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Clara Caroline FRANKLIN, 19, birthplace not given, Rainham, d/o Joseph FRANKLIN & Barbara FITZGERALD, witn - Alfred FOREMAN & Vella Kathleen ROBINS, both of Dunnville, 8 September 1913 at Rainham Twp 003564-13 (Haldimand Co.) Andrew ROBINS, 22, laborer, Wellandport, Port Colborne, s/o Henry ROBINS & Sarah WILLS, married Lina HINES, 20, Dunnville, same, d/o Jacob HINES & J. SENSABAUGH, witn - George S. & Margaret TRYAN of Dunnville, 24 October 1913 at Dunnville
003563-13 (Haldimand Co.) David ROBINS, 21, farmer, birthplace not given, Rainham Twp, s/o Jacob ROBINS & Catherine WINGER, married Jennie KINDREE, 20, birthplace not given, N. Cayuga, d/o Alexander KINDREE & Agnes HODGSON, witn - Lena & Rosie LEIBOLD of S. Cayuga, 22 October 1913 at South Cayuga 003566-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clem ROBINSON, 24, blacksmith, Hagersville, Simcoe, s/o Martin ROBINSON & Mary JACKELL, married Iva Dell ROBINS, 20, Walpole Twp, same, d/o Charles E. ROBINS & Augusta JONES, witn - William & Lena ROBINSON of Waterford, 24 December 1913 at Hagersville
003562-13 (Haldimand Co.) J. Clyde ROSS, 30, surveyor, birthplace not given, Newport News VA, s/o Donald ROSS & Agnes M. LAIRD, married Florence Ethel Agnes LAIRD, 30, birthplace not given, Caledonia, d/o James LAIRD & Sarah WILSON, witn - Joseph Stanley LAIRD & Maud ATKINSON, both of Caledonia, 2 September 1913 at Caledonia 003565-13 (Haldimand Co.) Richard R. ROTH, 20, railroad, birthplace not given, Moulton Twp, s/o Christian ROTH & Rebecca Jane ROBINS, married Martha GIBBS, 21, birthplace not given, Niagara Falls NY, d/o Robert George GIBBS & Martha CLIFTON, witn - Mr. & Mrs. G. JONES of Attercliffe, 3 November 1913 at the groom's home, Moulton Twp
003559-13 (Haldimand Co.) Herbert H. RUSHTON, 41, farmer, birthplace not given, Rainham Twp, s/o R.W. RUSHTON & Susanna HOOVER, married Harriet ADAMS, 37, birthplace not given, Rainham Twp, d/o William ADAMS & Jane WARD, witn - Joe & Phoebe WARD of Selkirk, 12 February 1913 at Selkirk 003587-13 (Haldimand Co.) Allan Wesley SAULT, 25, seller of medicine, birthplace not given, Toronto, s/o Peter SAULT & Clara WESLEY, married Elizabeth Bella TOWERS, 35, tailoress, birthplace not given, Toronto, d/o George TOWERS & Mary FRASER, witn - Jesse MOSES of Oneida Twp & Mrs. Dora SAULT of Tuscarora Twp, 1 October 1913 at Hagersville. (Comments: This man's home is in Oneida Twp. He has been doing business in Toronto 10 years)
003584-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Edmund SAUNDERS, 25, farmer, birthplace not given, Walpole, s/o Alexander SAUNDERS & Sarah HOLLAND, married Ida May MEADE, 19, birthplace not given, Walpole, d/o Edward MEADE & Mary Elizabeth DAVIS, witn - Edgar MEADE & Mary KIND, both of Nanticoke, 30 September 1913 at Walpole 003574-13 (Haldimand Co.) Frank Ernest SCHULTZ, 25, Cleveland, same, s/o Karl & Bertha, married Pearl Gertrude Marie ARNOLD, 18+, Manistee Michigan, Dunnville, d/o Jesse H. ARNOLD & Lucy JAMES, witn - Sadie BARNES of Dunnville & Charles ARNOLD of New York, 19 May 1913 at Dunnville
003577-13 (Haldimand Co.) Roy SCHUYLER B.S.A., 29, district rep. Ontario Dept of Agriculture, Townsend Twp, Paris Ontario, s/o J. Wesley SCHUYLER & Sarah Ann IRVINE, married Cora Amelia HOWARD, 24, Walpole Twp, same, d/o John Nelson HOWARD & Nancy Ann HOLBROOK, witn - Charles F. HOWARD of Hagersville & Violet G. SCHUYLER of Jarvis, 12 June 1913 at Walpole Twp 003586-13 (Haldimand Co.) Clair SEARLE, 22, spinner, Truro NS, Dunnville, s/o John SEARLE & Emily "(MERCAR?)", married Hannah Lucilla MOORE, 22, Seneca Twp, Dunnville, d/o Samuel MOORE & Annie GILL, witn - Minnie HAUN & Gladys EMMET, both of Dunnville, 23 October 1913 at Dunnville
003578-13 (Haldimand Co.) Murray Laverne SENSABAUGH, 23, farmer, birthplace not given, Moulton Twp, s/o Walter SENSABAUGH & Sarah Jane DOCHSTADER, married Leah May EMERSON, 20, birthplace not given, Moulton Twp, d/o John Wesley EMERSON & Leah May OVERHOLT, witn - John David EMERSON & Ethel SENSABAUGH, both of Moulton Twp, 2 July 1913 at Attercliffe 003590-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Norman SEVENT, 22, gas company employee, Rainham, Walpole Twp, s/o Christopher John Frederick SEVENT & Olivia Ann HOLLAND, married Maude WESTERBY, 22, Sandwich, Walpole Twp, d/o Thomas WESTERBY & Annie WOOD, witn - Thomas & Annie WESTERBY of Sandwich, 2 December 1913 at Walpole Twp
003576-13 (Haldimand Co.) Marvin Elmer SHAVER, 32, farmer, birthplace not given, Canborough, s/o Walter SHAVER & Emma BROOKS, married Altie Beatrice MCBAY, 24, birthplace not given, Moulton, d/o John MCBAY & Mary Ann KIRBY, witn - Mrs. C.R. KAUTH & Mrs. H.D. MILLER, both of Attercliffe, 3 June 1913 at Attercliffe 003583-13 (Haldimand Co.) Cecil Elmo SHAW, 24, bank teller, Haldimand Co., Hamilton, s/o William SHAW & Mary RUNCHEY, married Anna Dorcas AVERY, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o John W. AVERY & Cathleen WILSON, witn - J.W. & E.M. AVERY of Caledonia, 2 September 1913 at Caledonia
003575-13 (Haldimand Co.) Eli D. SIBBREL, 52, widower, birthplace not given, Freemont - Sandusky Co. Ohio, s/o Eli D. SIBBREL & Anne Elizabeth NICHOLS, married Bessie LEWIS, 46, widow, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o Thomas H. JARNEY & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn - Merton & Laura HOWE of Dunnville, 21 June 1913 at Dunnville 003585-13 (Haldimand Co.) Roy Wilmer SITTER (Sitler?), 21, farmer, Rainham, N. Cayuga, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Mary FESS, 18, Oneida, Balmoral, d/o Relic FESS & Catharine E. KEIFER, witn - Elizabeth SITTER of Decewsville & Louise MAITLAND of Cayuga, 13 October 1913 at Cayuga
003572-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Ora SMITH, 30, electrician, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, s/o William & Fanny, married Jessie Mabel BECKETT, 26, widow, Wellandport, Dunnville, d/o Amos HEASLIP & Margaret IMMEL, witn -Mrs. Maggie HEASLIP & Sarah E. ELLIOTT, both of Dunnville, 22 March 1913 at Dunnville 003573-13 (Haldimand Co.) Robert SMITH, 49, widower, Oneida, same, s/o John SMITH & Margaret CLARK, married Margaret Embrey RUTHERFORD, 60, widow, Oneida, same, d/o George MURRAY & Margaret STARK, witn - Andrew EDINGTON of Blythewood & Mrs. David SMITH of Oneida, 20 April 1913 at the residence of Robert SMITH, Haldimand County
003582-13 (Haldimand Co.) Walter Joseph SMITH, 22, contractor, Hamilton, same, s/o John Butler SMITH & Margaret FITZGIBBONS, married Ina Jane LEATHONG, 24, Garnet, same, d/o John LEATHONG & Mary Jane CRIMP, witn - A.V. & Mary SMITH of Hamilton, 24 September 1913 at Hagersville 003580-13 (Haldimand Co.) Llewellyn Nathaniel SNYDER, 32, veterinary surgeon, birthplace not given, Dunnville, s/o Salem SNYDER & Sarah M. THORNE, married Mary Francis O'NEAL, 18, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o Felix O'NEAL & Mary Jane BARRICK, witn - George R. THOMPSON & Mrs. R.J. ELLIOTT, both of Dunnville, 17 August 1913 at Dunnville
003567-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Bertram SPROUL, 23, shoemaker, Toronto, same, s/o James SPROUL & Jennie PORTER, married Sadie Pearl PATTERSON, 21, Seneca Twp, same, d/o John PATTERSON & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn - Charles E. PATTERSON & Lillian Alberta BURROWS, both of Seneca, 28 January 1913 at Seneca Twp 003568-13 (Haldimand Co.) Ivan STADDER, 27, farmer, birthplace not given, Selkirk, s/o William STADDER & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Florence L. THOMPSON, 31, birthplace not given, Selkirk, d/o John THOMPSON & Harriet DICK, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Gordon F. RUSHTON of Selkirk, 15 January 1913 at Selkirk
003589-13 (Haldimand Co.) Cornelius Joseph START, 21, railroad fireman, birthplace not given, Hamilton, s/o William START & Margaret DEVINE, married Helen Genevieve GROGAN, 22, clerk, birthplace not given, Decewsville, d/o James GROGAN & Sarah O'CONNELL, witn -Edward START of Erie & Irene GROGAN of Decewsville, 26 November 1913 at Cayuga 003570-13 (Haldimand Co.) Charles David STEWART, 25, farmer, Crowland Twp, same, s/o Alexander STEWART & Frankie HANES, married Maud HOUSER, 22, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, d/o Phillip HOUSER & Maria DOLAN, witn - Harved STEWART of Crowland Twp & Mary WEAVER of Moulton Twp, 19 March 1913 at Dunnville
003588-13 (Haldimand Co.) Melvin STEWART, 22, teamster, birthplace not given, Selkirk, s/o Jerome STEWART & Louise HURST, married Laura Wilhelmina SCHAEFFER, 18, birthplace not given, Fisherville, d/o Frederick SCHAEFFER & Magdalena GERBER, witn - Alvin ARNOLD & Clara SCHAEFFER, both of Fisherville, 24 November 1913 at the bride's residence, Rainham Twp 003569-13 (Haldimand Co.) John William STOCKER, 24, Lewisham England, Dunnville, s/o John William & Nellie, married Agnes JACKSON, 25, London England, same, d/o Charles Henry JACKSON & Adelaide Eleanor BAKMAN, witn - Irene CLOW of Toronto & Gladys E. EMMET of Dunnville, 12 January 1913 at Dunnville
003581-13 (Haldimand Co.) Gordon James Garfield STREET, 21, clerk, Hamilton, Bartonville Wentworth Co., s/o James STREET & Louisa WOODS, married Annie Mable JENSEN, 19, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, d/o Fritz JENSEN & Elizabeth GRANT, witn - Julius JENSEN of Stoney Creek & Florence JACOBS of Winona, 2 August 1913 at Caledonia 003579-13 (Haldimand Co.) Andrew STROHN, 23, miller, N. Cayuga, same, s/o William STROHN & C. Priscilla BAGLEY, married Elsie Elizabeth WARD, 20, Walpole, N. Cayuga, d/o Peter W. WARD & Eliza Ann LEGETT, witn - Malcolm P. SMITH of Hickson & Mrs. Henry CALDWELL of Hagersville, 20 August 1913 at Hagersville
003571-13 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas SWARTZ, 21, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, s/o Harry SWARTZ & Francis BATTY, married Elizabeth HUFFMAN, age not given, Cayuga, Dunnville, d/o John & Liddy, witn - Mrs. Robert W. BROSS & Mrs. W.A. DOBSON, both of Dunnville, 20 March 1913 at Dunnville 003595-13 (Haldimand Co.) Theodore TICE, 35, knitter, birthplace not given, Dunnville, s/o Wellington TICE & Annie Margaret FRALICK, married Laura Edna Pearl CLARK, age & birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o James Edward CLARK & Minnie NYE, witn -Sarah E. ELLIOTT & Florence O. KRAHLING, both of Dunnville, 11 October 1913 at Dunnville
003594-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Poole TINSLEY, 28, banker, Yorkshire England, Kingsville, s/o Seth TINSLEY & Isabelle POOLE, married Jean Elizabeth CAUGHELL, 27, S. Cayuga, same, d/o Alexander CAUGHELL & Barbara WERNER, witn - Lloyd G. WERNER & Gertrude CAUGHELL, both of Dunnville, 15 October 1913 at South Cayuga 003593-13 (Haldimand Co.) George Frederick TOPP, 26, S. Cayuga, same, s/o Benjamin TOPP & Emily WINDECKER, married Nellie Myrtle LATTIMER, 22, E. Seneca, same, d/o Creighton LATTIMER & Margaret BLAIN, witn - Edgar RAE of N. Cayuga & Agnes LATTIMER of E. Seneca, 15 October 1913 at Seneca
003591-13 (Haldimand Co.) William Henry TREGASKIS, 31, blacksmith, birthplace not given, Caledonia, s/o William & Emily, married Jessie McKimmie FRASER, 21, birthplace not given, Caledonia, d/o John FRASER & Jessie MCKIMMIE, witn - J.M. STUBBS & Minnie MACKINNON, both of Caledonia, 24 March 1913 at Caledonia 003596-13 (Haldimand Co.) James VALLEE, 55, widower, Sherbrook, S. Cayuga, s/o Dennis VALLEE & Elizabeth DIXON, married Barbara MILLER, 36, Hungary, St. Catharines, d/o Henry Peter MILLER & Mary HANNARSTEIN, witn - Mrs. William RAITHBY & Mrs. M.A. MAITLAND, both of Dunnville, 25 February 1913 at Dunnville
003597-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Henry VANDERBURGH, 34, farmer, Walpole Twp, Balmoral, s/o John VANDERBURGH & Mary Elizabeth BEST, married Mary Catherine SNIDER, 26, Rainham, Balmoral, d/o William SNIDER & Fanny BINGLEMAN, witn - Edith SNIDER & Cecil WERNER, both of Cheapside, 24 September 1913 at Hagersville 003598-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Daniel VAN DER MERWE, 27, Dearr S. Africa, Canboro Twp, s/o Johannas Jacobus VAN DER MERWE & Mary Elizabeth BRODERICK, married Edith Grace WINBUSH, 20, birthplace not given, Canboro Twp, d/o Charles Stephens WINBUSH & Elizabeth Jane PEW, witn - Elizabeth Jane & Charles Stephens WINBUSH of Dunnville, 8 October 1913 at Dunnville
003606-13 (Haldimand Co.) John Ross WALKER, 28, Chatham, same, s/o Joseph Ross WALKER & Minnie BELL, married Carrie May SHELLY, 25, Dunnville, same, d/o Edward SHELLY & Catharine COOK, witn - Gladys E. EMMET & Martha M. LOVEGROVE, both of Dunnville, 11 November 1913 at Dunnville 003601-13 (Haldimand Co.) Oliver Edwin WALKER, 23, Caistorville, same, s/o William George WALKER (deceased) & Nettie SWAYZE, married Agnes MOORE, 22, Perry, same, d/o Daniel MOORE & Ella MATTHEWS, witn - Ethel WALKER & Mrs. Annie ROWE, both of Dunnville, 24 June 1913 at Dunnville
003604-13 (Haldimand Co.) George WALLACE, 39, farmer, Caledonia, Walpole, s/o William & Hannah, married Bertha Lenora CARPENTER, 23, widow, Dunnville, Dunn Twp, d/o Benjamin MORRIS & Harriett May HAMILTON, witn - W.W. & Armina May CARPENTER of Hagersville, 5 October 1913 at Walpole 003602-13 (Haldimand Co.) David Alexander WATERBURY, 29, Walpole, same, s/o William H. WATERBURY & Mary JEPSON, married Annie SHERK, 19, Rainham, same, d/o Josiah SHERK & Eliza YAGER, witn - Amos SHERK & Matilda MOWAT, both of Selkirk, 4 January 1913 at Selkirk
003599-13 (Haldimand Co.) Norman Wesley WHALEY, 27, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o William WHALEY & Mary HAMMOND, married Pearl Millword LEE, 22, Seneca Twp, same, d/o Robert LEE & Mary E. COOK, witn - Harold HOWDEN of Canboro & Maud WHALEY of N. Seneca, 1 January 1913 at N. Seneca 003600-13 (Haldimand Co.) David Stanley WILLIAMSON, 33, Walpole, Nelles Corners, s/o James WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth CALDWELL, married Seatta Jane PHIBBS, 21, Walpole, Garnet, d/o John PHIBBS (deceased) & Nancy CALDWELL, witn - Murray BIGGAR of Erie & Hazel PHIBBS of Garnet, 23 April 1913 at Jarvis
003603-13 (Haldimand Co.) Burnett WILSON, 22, Milton, Dunnville, s/o Hugh WILSON & Winnifred ORTIN, married Birdella Margaret OVERHOLT, 18, Jordan, Dunnville, d/o Joseph OVERHOLT (deceased) & Mary MCCINTE, witn - Allen Stewart WILKINS & Maud Elizabeth OVERHOLT, both of Dunnville, 30 June 1913 at Dunnville 003605-13 (Haldimand Co.) Thomas Harold WITHAM, 22, Buffalo, same, s/o Thomas WITHAM & Mary HEAD, married Myrtle Iola WILLSON, 21, Chatham, Dunnville, d/o Orlin E. WILLSON & Winnie SOWERS, witn - Peter S. WILSON of Dunnville & D. Lorne BALDWIN of Grimsby, 1 October 1913 at Dunnville


**  3480-13 Crumb - Palmer affidavit with marriage registration:  

September 17, 1913

I, Sarah Palmer, am of the age of seventeen years.

When I was six years old my parents gave me to Leonard Young where I lived till I was 13 or 14 years old, when Mrs. Young died and my mother asked for me to go back. I went before Magistrate Bruger? at Welland who said my mother had no claim on me and I went back to Mr. Young. When he got married again they did not want me so I left and have since supported myself by working out. I have recently been living at John Farr and for the past two months at Mrs. Crumbs on the Inman Road, the mother of George Crumb.

I believe my Father is dead, and I have no legal guardian.

Signed Sarah Palmer  & Witness J.H. Riddell