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Haldimand Co, 1923


12268-23 Robert Charles ARCHER, 57, farmer, Seneca twp., Caledonia, s/o Samuel John ARCHER (b. Devon England) & Christena PETCH, married Frances Irene TREDWEN, 30, England, Oneida twp., d/o William Henry TREDWEN (b. Cornwall England) & Harriet Ellen ROWE, witn: William Henry TREDWEN & Peter Norman COURAGE, both of Oneida twp., 2 Jan 1923 at Caledonia 12267-23 George ASHLEY, 27, laborer, Victoria Rd Ont., Hagersville, s/o Joseph ASHLEY (b. Barrie) & Hannah HICKS, married Ina Greer MONROE, 24, teacher, Welsh Ont., Hagersville, d/o James MONROE (b. Norfolk Co) & Martha HUTCHINSON, witn: Charles J. LYTLE of 272 Gerrard St. in Toronto & Ada MONROE of Manor Rd in Toronto, 1 Sept 1923 at Hagersville
12280-23 Walter Emerson BALDWIN, 23, gas lineman, Canboro twp., Dunnville, s/o George BALDWIN (b. Canada) & Jennie STRINGER, married Florence Muriel LINT, 20, cashier, Haldimand Co., Dunnville, d/o George LINT (b. Canada) & Jennie Ann MITCHENER, witn: George G. BALDWIN of Attercliffe Station & Viola DAHN (Dohn?) of Buffalo, 6 June 1923 at Dunnville 12269-23 George Alfred BALLENTYNE, 26, laborer, Lincoln Co., Stamford twp., s/o Irvin Earnest BALLENTYNE (b. Jordan Ont) & Mary Evelyn HOLDITCH, married Ethel Elizabeth JENNINGS, 19, Caistor twp., same, d/o William T. JENNINGS (b. Canboro twp) & Arvilla JONES, witn: William JENNINGS of Williamsport & Earl E. PLETCH of Attercliffe
12278-23 Harold Oakley BANNISTER, 20, farmer, Brant Co., Vanessa, s/o George BANNISTER (b. Brant Co) & Gertrude CRADDOCK, married Alison Sarah ROWNTREE, 19, Oneida twp., same, d/o John ROWNTREE (b. Haldimand Co) & Sarah LISHMAN, witn: Wilbert ROWNTREE of RR4 Cayuga & Fayette BANNISTER of RR3 Ayr, 27 June 1923 at Hagersville 12279-23 Sidney Osmer BARRICK, 25, heater, Lowbanks Ont., Welland, s/o Benjamin Franklin BARRICK (b. Moulton twp) & Minerva Elizabeth OTT, married Nettie Vera HARE, 20, Rainham twp., Rainham Centre, d/o William Arthur HARE (b. Rainham twp) & Rosetta KING, witn: Benjamin BARRICK of 157 William St. in Welland & Gertrude Aletha SNIDER of RR2 Fisherville, 20 June 1923 at Selkirk, Rainham twp
12270-23 Silas BARTLETT, 30, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o George BARTLETT (b. Walpole) & Lizzie JACQUES, married Myrtle DUXBURY, 23, Walpole, same, d/o George (b. Oneida twp) & Janie, witn: Oral & Annie DUXBURY, 14 Nov 1923 at Cheapside 12275-23 Charles Duncan BEAMER, 26, merchant, St. Anns Ont., Rainham twp., s/o Edward BEAMER (b. Silverdale Ont) & Ida DUNCAN, married Minnie Catherine EMERSON, 21, Moulton twp., same, d/o J. W. EMERSON (b. Moulton twp) & Effie M. OVERHOLT, witn: Murray & Lean M. SENSABAUGH of RR2 Dunnville, 8 Aug 1923 at Moulton twp
12277-23 Reginald Ernest BELTS, 30, mason, England, Walpole twp., s/o George Edward BELTS (b. Stafford Lincolnshire England) & Mary Hannah LESLIE, married Sarah Elizabeth HUNT, 29, Ireland, Walpole twp., d/o Edward HUNT (b. Sligo Ireland) & Elizabeth McNEILL?, witn: William HUNTER & Violet BROW, both of RR5 Hagersville, 3 Aug 1923 at All Saints Church, Hagersville  
12276-23 Harold Hammond BERRY, 23, Canada, Seneca twp., s/o William Nixon BERRY (b. Seneca twp) & Mary Elizabeth HAMMOND, married Katie Celesta GRIMGER, 28, Canada, Seneca twp., d/o William John GRIMGER (b. Bruce Co) & Eliza POWELL, witn: Philip NORTON & Essie Belle GRIMGER, both of Caledonia, 9 Aug 1923 at Caledonia 12283-23 Thomas Henry BILTON, 28, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Thomas H. BILTON (b. mid Atlantic Ocean) & Isabella HARROP, married Hazel Eleanor LISHMAN, 22, post office assistant, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o John LISHMAN (b. Walpole twp) & Alison ROWNTREE, witn: Austin & L. A. POND of Nanticoke & Esther POND, 14 Feb 1923 at Walpole twp
12272-23 Andrew Herbert BOOTH, 22, farmer, Ontario, Seneca twp., s/o William James BOOTH (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth Hannah TOWN, married Laura Myrtle CARVER, 18, Glanford twp., Hamilton, d/o Charles CARVER (b. Caledonia Ont) & Matilda LEWIS, witn: Kathleen & Eliza W. LYON of Caledonia, 5 Dec 1923 at Caledonia 12273-23 Atchison BOOTH, 54, widower, Innisfil twp., Oro twp., s/o Robert BOOTH (b. Ireland) & Cynthia NIXON, married Viola Priscilla WEBSTER, 44, Bell Ewart, Hagersville, d/o Seymour WEBSTER (b. USA) & Jane WILLSON, witn: G. F. CHISNE? of 236 Chatham Rd in Columbus Ohio & Mrs. J. F. DINGMAN of Hagersville, 10 Oct 1923 at Hagersville
12274-23 Walter Hedley BOWINS, 23, tel operator, Canboro, Bridgeburg, s/o John William BOWINS (b. Cayuga) & Rosa Rosanna SCHWEYER, married Pearl Alletha ALLEN, 22, Canboro, Bridgeburg, d/o Frank ALLEN (b. Cayuga) & Mabel Alletha BOUGHNER, witn: Floyd Stanley BOWINS of Buffalo NY & Vera Belle HANNINGAN of Dunnville, 5 Sept 1923 at Darling Road 12282-23 Kenneth Austin BRADT, 23, farmer, North Cayuga twp., RR1 Cayuga, s/o John BRADT (b. Ont) & Margaret DONNELLY, married Ora Susan Elsie WINDECKER, 21, knitting mill employee, North Cayuga twp., Dunnville, d/o Herbert WINDECKER (b. Ont) & Martha GIFFORD, witn: Nellie WINDECKER of Dunnville & J. A. CROFT of Buffalo, 4 April 1923 at Baptist Parsonage, Dunnville
12271-23 Gordon Lawton BRAY, 35, painter, Burlington, same, s/o Henry BRAY (b. London Ont) & Lavina LAWTON, married Gladys Jane SMITH, 26, telephone operator, Strathroy, Burlington, d/o Calvin SMITH (b. Strathroy) & Margaret ROOT, witn: Sadie SMITH & Lucy EMERSON, both of Dunnville, 1 Dec 1923 at Dunnville 12284-23 William BRAY, 23, farmer, England, Walpole, s/o Thomas BRAY (b. England) & Rose BARNES, married Pearl Edith LOFTHOUSE, 21, Walpole, same, d/o W. P. LOFTHOUSE (b. Walpole twp) & Tryphena WEDRICK, witn: Christopher LOFTHOUSE of RR3 Jarvis & Mrs. McCLELLAND of RR1 Nanticoke, 17 Jan 1923 at Walpole twp
12285-23 Bruce BURKETT, 28, farmer, Moulton twp., same, s/o William (b. Lowbanks Ont) & Louella, married Maud McINTYRE, 20, widow, Toronto, Moulton twp., d/o Peter McINTYRE (b. England) & Caroline, witn: Ada & Charles PEW of Lowbanks, 5 Jan 1923 at res of Lincoln Pew, 12281-23 Horace Frederick BURTON, 20, miler, England, Caledonia, s/o Joseph BURTON (b. England) & Amy STOKES, married Mary Lora SHEA, 22, Ontario, Caledonia, d/o Charles SHEA (b. Beverly twp) & Bridget GRAHAM, witn: James Wilfred SHEA of Caledonia & Teresa GOSLIN of Seneca twp., 15 May 1923 at Caledonia
  12289-23 John Ross CARPENTER, 34, farmer, Norfolk Co., RR2 Dunnville, s/o John CARPENTER (b. Norfolk Co) & Margaret NEWBY, married Ida May JONES, 36, Lincoln Co., RR2 Wellandport, d/o Hezekiah JONES (farmer, b. Lincoln Co) & Georgina DOCHSTADER, witn: Norman JONES of RR2 Wellandport & Mary Ann PLETCH of Attercliffe Station, 6 June 1923 at Attercliffe Station
12288-23 Herbert Joseph CLARK, 26, miller, Tilbury, Caledonia, s/o Joseph William CLARK (b. Glanford twp) & Jennie UPTON, married Jessie Ethelwyn NELLES, 25, Oneida, same, d/o John Frederick NELLES (b. Oneida twp) & Eliza Jane CLARK, witn: Alexia M. NELLES & Walter H. CLARK, both of Caledonia, 25 July 1923 at York, Seneca twp 12291-23 George H. CLARK, 35, merchant, Caledonia, same, s/o Hugh CLARK (b. Ont) & Dorothy LANG, married Jessie Mae MOORE, 29, clerk, Seneca twp., Caledonia, d/o Wallace MOORE (b. Ont) & Amy CHESSUM, witn: Frank S. SUTER & Amy Irene MOORE, both of Caledonia, 2 April 1923 at Caledonia
12293-23 William Victor CLAUS, 24, farmer, Clinton twp., Vineland, s/o William Wallace CLAUS (b. Vineland) & Elizabeth MONSINGER, married Anna Rebecca McBAY, 26, South Cayuga twp., RR4 Dunnville - South Cayuga twp., d/o James J. McBAY (b. Dunn twp) & Mary Alice KING, witn: Edward James & Elizabeth DUNCAN of 279 Hunter St. West in Hamilton, 7 March 1923 at Dunn twp 12292-23 Barney CLINCH, 25, farmer, Ohsweken, same, s/o John CLINCH (b. Ont) & Nancy BENNETT, married Laura JAMIESON, 23, Ohsweken, same, d/o James JAMIESON (b. Ont) & Minnie McNAUGHTON, witn: Maria CONDELL & Bernice LOFT, both of Six Nations, 12 March 1923 at Six Nations
12290-23 Earl Robert COOPER, 25, assistant engineer, Moulton twp., Port Colborne, s/o Thomas COOPER (b. Welland Co) & Catherine SHELLEY, married Hilda Celia FOSTER, 16, domestic, Moulton twp., Dunnville, d/o Burton FOSTER (b. Moulton twp) & Hanna RUSSELL, witn: Edna Elizabeth COOPER & Ward James FOSTER, both of Moulton, 30 May 1923 at Dunnville 12287-23 Gordon COSBY, 23, knitter, Wainfleet twp., Dunnville, s/o Baxter COSBY (b. Canada) & Etta Belle NESBITT, married Mildred May ANGER, 18, knitting mill employee, South Cayuga twp., Dunnville, d/o Silas ANGER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CLARIDGE, witn: S. SUTER of South Cayuga & Thelma FUNK of Dunnville, 29 Aug 1923 at Dunnville
12294-23 Alexander William CROZIER, 26, salesman of manufactured goods, Montreal, 2200 Prospect Ave in Cleveland, s/o George CROZIER (b. Montreal) & Ellen HARRIS, married Flora HOUSE, 26, clerk, Dunnville, same, d/o Mack HOUSE (b. Dunnville Ont) & Flora SHEAN?, witn: W. T. CROZIER of Toronto & Ethel HOUSE of Dunnville, 10 March 1923 at Dunnville 12286-23 Milen Frederick CULP, 25, mechanic, Oneida twp., Caledonia, s/o Frederick M. CULP (b. Binbrook) & Sarah A. SNIDER, married Anna Bernice MEIER, 18, Seneca twp., Caledonia, d/o John MEIER (b. Switzerland) & Carrie L. BASKARD, witn: Gerald T. MEIER & Gertrude BOUN, both of Caledonia, 3 Sept 1923 at Caledonia
012353-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Harvey Matthew CUTLER, 25, steamfitter, birthplace not given, Hamilton, s/o Francis CUTLER & Agnes MEEGAN, married Elizabeth Anna DOYLE, 28, birthplace not given, Dunnville, d/o John DOYLE & Elizabeth FEUER, witn - Roy CUTLER of Hamilton & Josephine M. DOYLE of Dunnville, 12 June 1923 at Dunnville 12297-23 Dalton Josiah DEAMUDE, 22, farmer, Rainham twp., South Cayuga twp - RR4 Dunnville, s/o Orsin DEAMUDE (b. South Cayuga) & Hannah FEATHERSON, married Marion Ruth LINK, 19, South Cayuga twp., RR5? Dunnville - S. Cayuga, d/o William LINK (b. Rainham twp) & Nettie ROWE, witn: Vernon LINK of Dunnville & Francis MILLER of Burford, 25 July 1923 at Evangelical Parsonage,
12299-23 William Edward DEAN, 21, laborer, England, Port Colborne, s/o William (b. England) & Mary, married Luella Bell McINTEE, 18, Merritton, Dunnville, d/o William McINTEE (b. Canada) & Annie MORRIS, witn: Mrs. William CLIFFORD & W.M. CLIFFORD, both of Dunnville, 22 June 1923 at Dunnville 12298-23 Lloyd Nelson DEVINE, 26, salesman, USA, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Simpson DEVINE (b. Hamilton) & Cora May AUGUSTINE, married Frances Geraldine NEWELL, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Rev. John Robert NEWELL (b. Springfield) & Annie Letitia BOURNE, witn: Charles NEWELL of Helen St. in Hamilton & Miss Elsie BOURNE of 213 Roxton Rd in Toronto, 23 June 1923 at St. Paul's Church, Jarvis
12296-23 Stanley Lewis DOUGHTY, 24, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o William DOUGHTY (b. Walpole twp) & Agnes ARNOTT, married Flossie Lillian HENNING, 23, Walpole, Jarvis, s/o William HENNING (b. Walpole twp) & Margaret NORRIS, witn: John WALTERS & Mable HENNING, both of Jarvis, 12 Sept 1923 at Jarvis 12301-23 George DOXSTADER, 24, laborer, Muncey Ont., Oneida twp., s/o Wilson DOXTATER (b. Ont) & Anneline CROW, married Lillian LONGBOAT, 21, Oneida twp., same, d/o Joseph LONGBOAT (b. Ont) & Elizabeth HENRY, witn: Russell LONGBOAT of Caledonia & Maria CONDELL of Six Nations, 12 April 1923 at Six Nations
12302-23 James Belford DRAPER, 21, lineman, Ancaster, same, s/o James DRAPER (b. Ancaster) & Louisa O'REILLY, married Mildred Maude WOODWORTH, 19, Ancaster, same, d/o Alen WOODWORTH (b. Ancaster) & Agnes BECK, witn: Mrs. Marguerite DILS & Mrs. Lillian DILLS, both of York, 26 April 1923 at York 12295-23 George Davy DUNNET, 36, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o James DUNNET (b. Markham Ont) & Mary KILPATRICK, married Jean Ferguson SMITH, 28, Oneida, same, d/o John SMITH (b. Oneida twp) & Mary GIBSON, witn: Knud WODSTEON & Catherine SMITH, both of Oneida twp., 25 Dec 1923 at Oneida twp
12304-23 Edward EDMONDSON, 56, laborer, Woodhouse twp., Dover twp., s/o Thomas EDMONDSON (b. Ireland) & Catherine Alice BOTHWELL, married Susanna FITZGERALD, 52, widow, Rainham twp., Selkirk, d/o Paul EFFINGER (b. Germany) & Catherine SHERK, witn: James H. BROCK of Port Dover & Ada HILKA of Selkirk, 1 Dec 1923 at Selkirk 12306-23 Charles Russell EDWARDS, 30, farmer, Brantford, Seneca twp., s/o Charles EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Martha PERKINS, married Evelyn HAZZARD, 24, widow, Gainsboro twp., Dunnville, d/o James Alexander BLACK (b. Canada) & Mary Alice NELSON, witn: John James EDWARDS of Hamilton & Elda BLACK of Silverdale Station, 7 July 1923 at Dunnville
12305-23 Wilfred Jacob EVERETT, 22, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Henry EVERETT & Amelia SCHNEIDER, married Olive MOERSCHFELDER, 19, Rainham, same, d/o Joseph MOERSCHFELDER (b. Rainham twp) & Louisa Jane ULLMAN, witn: Mrs. A. F. STOLTZ & Mrs. Ernest LINDSAY, both of Selkirk, 12 Sept 1923 at Selkirk 12303-23 Howard Vincent EYERS, 18, Moulton twp., RR2 Lowbanks, s/o James Wellington Eugene EYERS (b. Lowbanks) & Sarah Fenella ROOT, married Eula Hellen PUTNAM, 22, Moulton twp., RR2 Lowbanks, d/o Charles William PUTNAM (b. Wainfleet twp) & Minnie Bell SHAPLEY, witn: S. A. PUTNAM of RR8 Dunnville & Mrs. Jemima McCOLL of RR1 Wainfleet, 19 Dec 1923 at Moulton twp
12311-23 Lorne FARR, 28, farmer, Moulton twp., RR8 Dunnville, s/o Millage FARR (b. Wainfleet twp) & Minnie McIVOR, married Blanche Marguerite LYONS, 19, Dunn twp., RR9 Dunnville, d/o Samuel LYONS (b. Dunn twp) & Margaret KING, witn: Mrs. Emery SHANK & Mrs. Jacob McCLUNG, both of South Cayuga, 6 June 1923 at Evangelical Church, [South Cayuga?] 12312-23 George Albert FEATHERSTONE, 23, electric driller, Rainham twp., Kitchener, s/o Emerson FEATHERSTONE (b. Rainham twp) & Rose BIDER, married Catherine Leonard McLEISH, 23, textile worker, Dundee Scotland,, Dunnville, d/o Andrew McLEISH (b. Dundee Scotland) & Jessie ADAMS, witn: John McLEISH of Dunnville & Mrs. Rose LUMSDEN of Hamilton, 21 April 1923 at Rectory, Dunnville
12313-23 James Bernice FETTERLEY, 37, widower, battery mechanic, Dundas Co., St. Catharines, s/o Jeremiah FETTERLEY (b. Dundas Co) & Jane SHAVER, married Margaret Irene SHAW, 26, Caledonia, same, d/o John SHAW (b. Ireland) & Ann Jane McCOMB, witn: Mrs. Wesley HULL & Mrs. Minnie McKINNON, both of Caledonia, 11 April 1923 at Caledonia 12310-23 Harry John FLEMING, 25, clerk, Oneida, Hagersville, s/o James C. FLEMING (b. Halton Co) & Mary Elizabeth COLBERT, married Erie Matilda HOUSE, 21, Walpole, Selkirk, d/o Aaron Alexander HOUSE (b. Walpole twp) & Martha Matilda GOODMAN, witn: Mildred F. HOOVER of Hagersville & Clara E. SMITH of Selkirk, 30 June 1923 at Selkirk
12309-23 James FORREST, 22, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o James FORREST (b. Oneida Ont) & Sarah Ann MIKA, married Annie Elizabeth HILL, 19, Waterford, same, d/o Nicholas (b. Norfolk Ont) & Eliza, witn: Joseph & Eliza GROAT of Hagersville, 19 Dec 1923 at Hagersville 12308-23 David John FRYETT, 29, Walpole, Detroit, s/o James FRYETT (b. England) & Eliza PARKINSON, married Clara Lillian SHRUTT, 25, Oneida, same, d/o George SHRUTT (b. Canada) & Clara WINDRUM, witn: Albert Emerson FRYETT of Hagersville & Jessie Beatrice SHRUTT of Oneida, 25 Dec 1923 at Cayuga
  12307-23 John Dalrymple FULSOM, 22, teacher, Wainfleet twp., Wellandport, s/o John ANDERSON & Nancy ABELL, married Reva Margaret NELSON, 19, Dunnville, same, d/o Alfred NELSON (b. Canada) & Winnifred FOX, witn: Crutes? H. HAINES of Wellandport & Nellie BROOKS of Erie St. in St. Thomas, 25 Dec 1923 at Dunnville [with note: "John Dalrymple Fulsom has legally taken the name of his adopted father, hence the difference in name"]
12314-23 Ellis James GARNER, 57, widower, telegraph operator, Canboro twp., Perry Station - Wainfleet twp., s/o Philip B. GARNER (b. Ont) & Elsie SMITH, married Mary TAYLOR, 67, widow, Pelham twp., Wellandport, d/o William DISHER (b. Pelham twp) & Adelia HODGINS, witn: Lyla M. WRIGHT & Daisy E. WEBBER, both of Dunnville, 8 Oct. 1923 at Dunnville 12318-23 John GATES, 43, widower, farmer, Wainfleet twp., RR1 Lowbanks, s/o James GATES (b. Wainfleet) & Rohama DAVIS, married Agnes Grant DAVIDSON, 36, widow, Aberdeen Scotland, Dunnville, d/o William GRANT (b. Scotland) & Agnes SMITH, witn: George P. & Gertrude E. BROWN of Dunnville, 30 march 1923 at Dunnville
12319-23 George Clayton GEE, 33, farmer, Walpole twp., Rainham twp., s/o Abraham GEE (b. Rainham twp) & Mary HOOVER, married Leta Dorcas TRUCKELL, 17, Haldimand, Walpole twp., d/o Mark TRUCKELL (b. Walpole twp) & Mary Luella BARTLETT, witn: Violet Fern FEATHERSTON of Fisherville & William James Solomon HURAT? of Selkirk, 7 Feb 1923 at Walpole twp 12316-23 John McRae GIBSON, 22, textile worker, Scotland,, Dunnville, s/o James GIBSON (b. Dunnoon Scotland) & Jean McNAUGHT, married Bertha ALAIR, 22, textile worker, South Cayuga twp., Nelles Corners, d/o Charles ALAIR (b. South Cayuga) & Carrie GIFFORD, witn: Aletha TRAVIS & Neil GIBSON, both of Dunnville, 4 June 1923 at Dunnville
12315-23 Norman Roy GIFFORD, 28, farmer, Wainfleet twp., RR1 Wainfleet, s/o John GIFFORD (b. Canada) & Catherine TWEED, married Stella Irene DREHMER, 25, book keeper, Rainham twp., Dunnville, d/o Ezra Philip DREHMER (b. Canada) & Mable SHAVER, witn: Orton D. & Mrs. Orton DREHMER of Toronto, 4 Aug 1923 at Dunnville 12317-23 Joseph Orrin GREEN, 32, farmer, Ohsweken, same, s/o James GREEN (b. Ont) & Madeline DAVIS, married Charlotte Lorene LEWIS, 22, RR1 Wilsonville, same, d/o Jacob LEWIS (b. Ont) & Ellen JAMIESON, witn: David Albert GREEN & Maria CONDELL, both of Six Nations, 27 May 1923 at Six Nations
12326-23 William Robert HALL, 20, farmer, Moulton twp., RR2 Lowbanks, s/o William HALL (b. Stromness - Moulton twp) & Isabel SMEATON, married Pearl Eliza OVERHOLT, 18, knitting mill employee, Delhi Ont., Dunnville, d/o Robert OVERHOLT (b. Smithville) & Mary DICKER, witn: Edward OVERHOLT of Dunnville & Mrs. Martha MANN of Sherbrooke twp., 29 March 1923 at Dunnville 12320-23 Frederick James HAMPTON, 24, merchant, Manitoba, Hartford, s/o James Henry HAMPTON (b. Welland Ont) & Harriet COOPER, married Myrtle Minerva WALKER, 18, Hartford, same, d/o Ephraim WALKER (b. Charlotteville) & Eleanor HONEY, witn: Evan WALKER & Lola McKELLAR?, both of RR4 Hagersville, 3 Dec 1923 at Hagersville
12321-23 Cecil Robert HEDGES, 25, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o James G. HEDGES (b. Haldimand Ont) & Rosa LAMB, married Lena Lavinia CRAWLEY, 19, Walpole, same, d/o William CRAWLEY (b. England) & Erie PERRITT, witn: G. B. BAGLEY of RR2 Hagersville & Mrs. J. C. McCLELLAND of RR1 Nanticoke, 10 Nov 1923 at Cheapside 12322-23 Walter Emerson HENDERSON, 23, banker, Port Huron Mich., Canfield, s/o Walter R. HENDERSON (b. West Luther Ont) & Ella EMERSON, married Erie WINDECKER, 24, North Cayuga twp., Canfield, d/o Peter WINDECKER (b. North Cayuga) & Sarah GIFFORD, witn: Harold W. & Clara BRAND of Caledonia, 1 Sept 1923 at Caledonia
12324-23 Edward James HINES, 25, delivery man, Moulton twp., Dunnville, s/o Louis HINES (b. Canada) & Janey DYER, married Maudie WOLFE, 28, widow, Brantford, Dunnville, d/o blank WINTHROP, witn: John LINK & Eva HINES, both of Dunnville, 1 Aug 1923 at Dunnville [with note: (bride) "has no knowledge of the name of father and mother only that father was called Winthrop", father possibly born in England]  
12325-23 Edward Blake HODGKINS, 38, salesman, Bismarck Ont., Selkirk, s/o Nelson HODGKINS (b. Bismarck Ont) & Jessie SCHRON, married Mary Estella DERBY, 39, clerk, Selkirk, same, d/o M. F. DERBY (b. Rainham twp) & Anneta SMITH, witn: Edith Mae SMYTH of Caledonia & Imogene CAMPBELL of 181 Gillard Ave., 30 June 1923 at Selkirk 12323-23 Robert Bruce HORNE, 23, motor company employee, Haldimand Co., Jarvis, s/o Robert HORNE (b. Ont) & Bella PHIBBS, married Lannie Fiona WILLIAMSON, 24, Elgin Co., Jarvis, d/o William WILLIAMSON (b. Scotland) & Susanna PETTMAN, witn: Miss F. HORNE & Mrs. Oris WILLIAMSON, both of Jarvis, 15 Sept 1923 at Jarvis
12328-23 Frederick Leslie JAMES, 40, divorced, dyer, Caledonia, same, s/o George JAMES (dec, b. England) & Dorothy WINTERMUTE (dec), married Maud Mary LINDSTROM, 39, widow, Stephensville Ont. (dec, b. Ont) & Ellen Louise BERDAN, witn: Mrs. Beatrice BUNTON & Marjorie L. WILSON, both of Caledonia, 28 Aug 1923 at York, Seneca twp 12327-23 Donald Edwin JOHNSON, 29, chauffeur, Canboro twp., Dunnville, s/o Robert Edwin JOHNSON (b. Canada) & Laura HUGHES, married Rhea Winnifred GILBERT, 21, clerk, St. Thomas, Dunnville, d/o Trueine Alonzo GILBERT (b. Canada) & Laura BADGELY, witn: George Alvin & Irene NOTT of Dunnville, 18 Sept 1923 at Dunnville
12329-23 Cecil Arthur JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Seneca, same, s/o Thomas J. JOHNSON (sic) (b. Middlesex Co) & Elvy SWICK, married Ethel Lorraine BISBEE, 20, St. Marys, res not given, d/o Sydney B. BISBEE (b. Seneca twp) & Rose BLACKWELL, witn: Edward JOHNSTON & Ena Grace BISBEE of Seneca, 29 May 1923 at Seneca 12340-23 Evan JONES, 41, optometrist, Jarrow On Tyne England, Moosomin Sask., s/o Samuel JONES (b. England) & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Ella Gertrude STEPHENS, 35, Dunn twp., same, d/o George STEPHENS (b. Canada) & Alice FLOWER, witn: T. Vincent STAMP of Bridgeburg & M. Ellen THRUSH of Dunnville, 1 Jan 1923
12332-23 Samuel KAUFMAN, 38, farmer, Waterloo Co., RR2 Canfield, s/o Leonard KAUFMAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth OPENSIDER, married Coral LYMBURNER, 35, Canboro twp., RR5 Dunnville, d/o James LYMBURNER (farmer, b. Canada) & Theresa BRIGGS, witn: Jean M. MURRAY of Dunnville & Raymond SIMSER of Canboro, 26 May 1923 at Dunnville 12331-23 Asa KLINE, 43, boiler maker, Fenwick Ont., Welland, s/o James KLINE (b. Welland Co) & Mary AUSTIN, married Mary C. YOUNG, 46, widow, Roden Ont., res not given, d/o Elijah DELIKE (b. Hastings Co) & Sarah GREEN, witn: Mrs. W. ALMACK & Mrs. W. WEDDS, both of Cayuga, 15 Dec 1923 at Cayuga Parsonage
12333-23 Roy Ernest KNOX, 30, Canada, Onondaga twp., s/o John KNOX (b. Onondaga) & Elizabeth POLLOCK, married Helena Hattie DOUGLAS, 20, Canada, Caledonia, d/o James DOUGLAS (b. Onondaga) & Isabella SOLLITT, witn: Clarence DOUGLAS & Isabella McBAY, both of Caledonia, 21 March 1923 at Caledonia 012342-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Ross Martin KOHLER, 21, drover, Cayuga, same, s/o Jacob KOHLER, b. Ontario, & Sarah Jane PARSONS, married Mary Kathleen DIXON, 19, stenographer, Hagersville, same, d/o Edwin DIXON, b. Ontario, & Jennie IRWIN, witn - Jacob Robert KOHLER, Pearl G. KOHLER & Mrs. J.H. MEHLENBACHER, all of Cayuga, 18 April 1923 at Hagersville
12334-23 Charles Phillip KRICK, 17, Dunnville, same, s/o John KRICK (b. Dunnville) & Cora COOK, married Lillie ZIMMERMAN, 18, knitting mill employee, Dunnville, same, d/o Harry ZIMMERMAN (b. Dunnville) & Margaret DUNHAM, witn: William & Delia COOK of Dunnville, 10 Feb. 1923 at Dunnville 12336-23 John Wesley LAFORME, 27, farmer, Tuscarora, same, s/o John Henry LAFORME (b. New Credit) & Lydia MIRACLE, married Olive Muriel SHULER, 18, Tuscarora, same, d/o David SHULER (b. Six Nations) & Amelia LA FORME, witn: Mary CLARK & S. WHITELAW, both of Hagersville, 24 Nov 1923 at Hagersville
012343-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Frank LAIDLAW, 22, farmer, Oneida, Walpole, s/o Robert George LAIDLAW, b. N. Cayuga, & Jane ANDERSON, married Ellen McNeill THOMSON, 27, Townsend, same, d/o William THOMSON, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland, & Margaret GAULE, witn - Freeman Lloyd NIXON of Hagersville & Dorothy LAIDLAW of Jarvis, 7 March 1923 at Hagersville 12335-23 Arthur Roy LAMBERTON, 29, mariner, Sherbrooke twp., Port Maitland, s/o Cyrenius LAMBERTON (b. Ont) & Delila LINDSAY, married Susan DICKHOUT, 30, widow, Sherbrooke twp., Dunnville, d/o Hugh CHALMERS (b. Ont) & Jessie KING, witn: Lyla M. WRIGHT & Pearl WERNER, both of Dunnville, 24 Dec 1923 at Dunnville
012339-23 (Haldimand Co.)  George David LANG, 23, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o George LANG, b. Walpole & Isabel CLARK, married Emily Marion SMITH, 22, Walpole, same, d/o John Irwin SMITH, b. Norfolk Co., & Martha Jane MILLER, witn - Alexander LANG of Hamilton & Ida JACQUES of Jarvis, 20 June 1923 at Walpole Twp 012346-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Michael Francis LEAVY, 26, farmer, Cayuga, same, s/o John LEAVY & Sarah MARTIN, married Margaret Mary MONTAGUE, 22, Walpole, same, d/o Nicholas C. MONTAGUE & Bridget COLUMBUS, witn - William C. & Anna LEAVEY of Cayuga, 5 February 1923 at Walpole Twp
012344-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Ernest Gordon LEE, 21, farmer, Toronto, Caledonia, s/o Robert LEE, b. Seneca, & Mary COOKE, married Myra Edith WALLER, 20, Ancaster, Caledonia, d/o Frank WALLER, b. Caistorville, & Edith A. GOSNEY, witn - John WALLER & Lena DOUGLAS, both of Caledonia, 21 February 1923 at Caledonia 012338-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Louis LOGAN, 41, farmer, widower, Moraviantown, same, s/o John LOGAN, b. Moraviantown, & Mary JOHN, married Annie Elizabeth STONEFISH, 39, widow, Brant Co., Moraviantown,, d/o Joseph F. MOUNTAIN, b. Hagersville & Elizabeth RYAN, witn - A.W. & Flora Maria CRAIN of Hagersville, 2 June 1923 at Hagersville
012345-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Patrick Joseph LONG, 28, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o Patrick LONG & Rose MCLAUGHLIN, married Elizabeth LONE, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Seneca Twp, d/o Maxwell LONE & Alice FINLAYSON, witn - James MCLAUGHLIN & Rose C. LONG, both of Canfield, 10 January 1923 at Cayuga 012341-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Mervyn Cedric LYMBURNER, 21, barber, Canboro Twp, Seneca Twp, s/o John LYMBURNER, b. Canfield, & Jennie LOUNSBURY, married Clara Edith ROBINSON, 21, school teacher, Seneca Twp, same, d/o William ROBINSON, b. Geneva ON, & Harriet Annie CUMMINGS, witn - Leland LYMBURNER of Canfield & Mrs. Ernie HARRISON of Glanford Station, 5 June 1923 at Seneca
012340-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Curtis Moore LYNN, 22, bookkeeper, USA, Toronto, s/o Charles Robert LYNN, b. England, & Fanny MOORE, married Muriel Alma KAUFMAN, 21, Ontario, Dunnville, d/o Constant KAUFMAN, b. Ontario, & Flora GRAINGER, witn - Vera Marguerite KAUFMAN of Dunnville & Lorne Fullerton WEBSTER of Toronto, 13 June 1923 at Dunnville  
012350-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Harry Victor MARSHALL, 23, clerk, Dunnville, same, s/o George Mark MARSHALL, b. England, & Elizabeth HAYDEN, married Jennie Myrtle HOUSER, 20, clerk, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, d/o Phil HOUSER, b. Bavaria Germany, & Maria DOLAN, witn - Charles A. & Lillian B. ERVIN of Dunnville, 4 April 1923 at Dunnville 012347-23 (Haldimand Co.)  John D. MASON, 24, farmer, Quebec, Seneca Twp, s/o James MASON, b. Quebec, & Margaret KELLY, married Minnie H. SWAY, 18, United States, Seneca Twp, d/o Blane? SWAY, b. United States, witn - Alma & E.J. MOYER of Hagersville, 13 October 1923 at Hagersville
012355-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Kenneth Cecil MCCLUNG, 30, wholesale butcher, Cayuga, Stoney Creek, s/o Maxwell MCCLUNG, b. Canada, & Sarah Ann LEISHMAN, married Marion BRYSON, 27, sales lady, Dumfries Scotland, Stoney Creek, d/o Robert BRYSON, b. Scotland, & Elizabeth BRASH, witn - Marguerite BLAKE & Greta MCCLUNG, both of Cayuga, 20 September 1923 at Cayuga 012357-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Thomas Albert MACDONALD, 24, farmer, Oneida, same, s/o Henry MACDONALD, b. Ontario,  & Margaret MURRAY, married Olive Edna WATERMAN, 28, housekeeper, widow, Middleport Ont, Oneida, d/o Lemuel CRESSWELL, b. Ontario, & Mary Ann DEAGLE, witn - Emma & Vera DEAGLE of Caledonia, 29 March 1923 at Caledonia
012356-23 (Haldimand Co.)  William George MCINTEE, 21, painter, Dunnville, Niagara Falls, s/o Price MCINTEE, b. Canada, & Jennie MURPHY, married Blanche Clara CHEVALIER, 18, house maid, Greenfield Ont Stamford, d/o Sinei? CHEVALIER, b. Canada, & Angelina MENERD, witn - Lilian HOUK & Ina AWDE, both of Dunnville, 20 August 1923 at Dunnville 012358-23 (Haldimand Co.)  John MCLEISH, 26, barber, Dundee Scotland, Cayuga, s/o Andrew MCLEISH & Jessie ADAMS, married Milly Georgina HODGKINSON, 28, Preston England, Dunnville, d/o John HODGKINSON & Aurelia Georgina BROCKBANK, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Edward FOLLICK of Dunnville, 8 October 1923 at Dunnville
012354-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Duncan W. MCPHAIL, 21, electrician, W. Lorne, Oneida Twp, s/o William MCPHAIL, b. Scotland, & Elizabeth GROSE, married Ethel HUSTON, 21, Village of Florence, Oneida Twp, d/o Wilbert HUSTON, b. Cranton? & Lottie PAUL, witn - Anna J. LEONARD & Grace BRAND, both of Caledonia, 8 October 1923 at Caledonia 012349-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Robert MILLER, 38, carpenter, Ontario, Smithville, s/o William MILLER, b. Ontario, & Symantha KRAMARDY, married Ella May LYMBURNER, 42, practical nurse, Ontario, Dunnville, d/o Allison LYMBURNER, b. Canboro, & Anna M. WHITWELL, witn - Lois E. LYMBURNER of Dunnville & Lois E. MILLER of Smithville, 27 June 1923 at Canboro Twp
012352-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Frank Matthew MINGAY, 32, clerk, London Ont, Hamilton, s/o Frederick MINGAY & Madeline MATTHEW, married Gladys HUMFRIES, 23, clerk, Canfield, Hamilton, d/o David HUMFRIES & Agnes STARNAMAN, witn - Roscoe HUMFRIES of Cayuga & Edith E. ALBRIGHT of Dunnville, 2 October 1923 at St. Johns Church, Cayuga 012348-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Clarence William MONTGOMERY, 22, farmer, S. Cayuga Twp, same, s/o William MONTGOMERY, b. Caledonia, & Mrs. BOWDEN (remarried), married Hattie HOUSER, 21, Dunn Twp, same, d/o William HOUSER, b. S. Cayuga, & Grace CLINE, witn - Percy & Arletta HOUSER of Dunnville, 29 August 1923 at S. Cayuga
012351-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Thomas Richard MURPHY, 27, machinist, Dublin Ireland, Flint Michigan, s/o Richard John MURPHY, b. Dublin Ireland, & Helen Mary FINN, married Jessie Arletta PARKINSON, 21, clerk, Walpole Twp, same, d/o Richard PARKINSON, b. Walpole, & Jessie Laird MILLER, witn - John PARKINSON of Walpole & Teresa DYER of Hamilton, 12 February 1923 at Walpole  
012359-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Joseph Leo NEWMAN, 24, electrician, Niagara Falls, same, s/o William NEWMAN, b. Ontario, & Mary KEARNS, married Zita Marie COLUMBUS, 27, Jarvis, same, d/o Daniel COLUMBUS, b. Ontario, & Mary MCCARTHY, witn - James COLUMBUS of Walpole Twp & Nellie POOLE of Toronto, 16 May 1923 at Caledonia 012360-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Frederick Elson OTTERMAN, 17, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Frederick OTTERMAN, b. Haldimand Co., & Catherine SNUBAR? (Scular?), married Emma Margaret HELD, 15, Rainham, same, d/o Frederick HELD, b. Haldimand Co., & Emma SCHURR, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Edgar MACHELL of Fisherville, 15 November 1923 at Fisherville
012361-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Charles PARKINSON, 25, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Thomas PARKINSON, b. Ontario, & Mary Sophie AWDE, married Pearl Beatrice HARROP, 25, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o Thomas HARROP, b. Ontario, & Elizabeth Ella MIELL, witn - Willis HARROP of Hagersville & Vera F. FORREST of Jarvis, 14 December 1923 at Hagersville 012365-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Joseph Edward PATTERSON, 30, driller, Michigan, Port Maitland, s/o Joseph PATTERSON, b. Burrits Rapids Ont, & Margaret Ann NICHOLSON, married Daisy Agnes GRANT, 25, stenographer, Dunn Twp, Port Maitland, d/o James McKean GRANT, b. Dunn Twp, & Elis Mariah GATES? (Gapes?), witn - George Francis GRANT of Port Maitland & Della PATTERSON of Dunnville, 10 September 1923 at Dunnville
012363-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Thomas Gordon PATTISON, 29, barber, Caledonia, same, s/o Thomas Alexander PATTISON, b. Haldimand, & Phobia YOUNG, married Alice Matilda CAIN, 24, stenographer, England, Caledonia, d/o George CAIN, b. England, & Harriet SARTANO, witn - Ramsford PATTISON & Jessie CAIN, both of Caledonia, 25 September 1923 at Caledonia 012364-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Ernest Carl PORRITT, 31, express clerk, Walpole Twp, Toronto, s/o Francis PORRITT, b. Walpole, & Mary Jane EVANS, married Frances Eva May THOMPSON, 26, clerk, Walpole Twp, Nanticoke, d/o Samuel Albert THOMPSON, b. Walpole, & Emma RICHARDSON, witn - Mabel E. THOMPSON & Wilfred EVANS, both of Nanticoke, 19 September 1923 at Nanticoke
012362-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Joseph Sheridan PRICE, 23, labourer, Staffordshire England, Dunnville, s/o Joseph, b. Wolverhampton England, & Caroline, married Mary Anice STOPARD, 17, knitting mill employee, Nova Scotia, Dunnville, d/o Ernest STOPARD, b. Yorkshire England, & Prudence Elizabeth FROST, witn - Matthew J. GIFFORD of St. Catharines & Ella CAPONE of Thorold, 24 November 1923 at Dunnville 012369-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Ewart Charles RALPH, 25, druggist, London, Dunnville, s/o Thomas James RALPH, b. Canada, & Martha WEBB, married Edith Parry HARRISON, 25, druggist, Hamilton, Dunnville, d/o Richard Anson HARRISON, b. England, & Henrietta PARRY, witn - Ralph E. KIRK of Woodstock & Elizabeth D. GORDON of Toronto, 6 June 1923 at Dunnville
012366-23 (Haldimand Co.) Walter Leo REICHHELD, 24, farmer, Rainham, Walpole, s/o Jacob REICHHELD, b. Rainham, & Anna ROHRBACH, married Katharine Elizabeth P. MACDONALD, 17, Rainham, Walpole, d/o Edward A. MACDONALD, b. Walpole, & Sarah E. EDMONDSON, witn - C.T. REICHHELD of Lawrence Elgin Co., & Edna MACDONALD of Walpole, 19 December 1923 at Hagersville 012370-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Thomas Henry REYNOLDS, 27, farmer, Woodhouse Twp, same, s/o George REYNOLDS, b. Townsend, & Elizabeth Ann EAGLE, married Margaret Blanche BIGGAR, 29, Walpole Twp, same, d/o Wellington James BIGGAR, b. Walpole, & Margaret Jane HAMILTON, witn - Edna REYNOLDS of Norfolk Twp & Robert LAIDLAW of Hagersville, 16 May 1923 at Jarvis
012367-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Everett Lyle RICKER, 23, farmer, Canboro, same, s/o William Arthur RICKER, b. Canada, & Arminta BARTLETT, married Georgina Isabella KAUFMANN, 24, nurse, Kingsville, Canboro, d/o George Delgratia KAUFMANN, b. Canada, & Margaret MILLS, witn - Harold Charles PETTY & Jessie Gill McCALLUM, both of Hamilton, 29 August 1923 at Dunnville 012368-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Richard Percival ROGERS, 31, mail carrier, England, Caledonia, s/o John George ROGERS, b. England, & Elizabeth, married Margaret Jean SHIRRA, 27, Caledonia, same, d/o Archibald SHIRRA, b. England, & Esther Jane LEITH, witn - Robert E. SHIRRA of Detroit & Esther M. SHIRRA of Caledonia, 5 July 1923 at Caledonia
012382-23 (Haldimand Co.)  William SCHIHL, 27, farmer, Stevensville, same, s/o John SCHIHL & Mary WILLICK, married Sarah FAGAN, 31, school teacher, Cayuga, same, d/o Thomas FAGAN & Mary GARRAGHAN, witn - Raymond SCHIHL of Stevensville & Anna FAGAN of Cayuga, 26 September 1923 at Cayuga 012375-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Abraham SEVENPIPER, 48, farmer, widower, Rainham, Walpole, s/o Henry SEVENPIPER, b. Pennsylvania, & Magdalen SCHIER, married Eva Alice REICHELT, 37, widow, Walpole, same, d/o James MCMURCHY, b. Scotland, & Abigail MCCARTHY, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Wesley CARPENTER of Jarvis, 22 September 1923 at Selkirk
012379-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Thomas Philip SHEA, 24, gentleman, Hamilton, Caledonia, s/o Charles SHEA, b. Weston Ontario, & Bridget GRAHAM, married Bertha KETT, 21, stenographer, Hagersville, same, d/o Frank KETT, b. Oneida Twp, & Hannah FLEMING, witn - Elmer KETT of Hagersville & Mary SHEA of Caledonia, 5 March 1923 at Caledonia 012378-23 (Haldimand Co.) Norman SHERLOCK, 23, farmer, England, Oneida, s/o John William SHERLOCK, b. Manchester England, & Amy ELLIOTT, married Amelia May Rhodes NELSON, 27, housekeeper, England, Oneida, d/o William NELSON, b. Birmingham England, & Mary RHODES, witn - Alexander CATHERWOOD & Annie EUBANK, both of Hagersville, 9 April 1923 at Hagersville

012371-23 (Haldimand Co.)  James Norman SMITH, 20, mason, Simcoe Twp, same, s/o George SMITH, b. Pontiac Michigan, & Martha WRIGHT, married Violet SNIVELY, 20, Walpole, same, d/o Archie SNIVELY, b. Townsend Norfolk Co., & Thursa MORTON, witn - Stuart SMITH & Wallace H. REEKER, both of Caledonia, 26 December 1923 at Jarvis.  Divorced 25 June 1952

012372-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Wallis Laverne SMITH, 21, (occupation illegible), Oneida, same, s/o Walter L. SMITH, b. Oneida & Hester MURRY, married Arley? Hazel GRAHAM, 17, Walpole, same, d/o Sidney GRAHAM, b. Walpole, & Mabel KETT, witn - R.W. SMITH, Elam BRASSIL & Mabel GRAHAM, all of Garnet, 24 November 1923 at Jarvis
012377-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Alfred James SMITH, 22, millwright, Buffalo NY, Dunnville, s/o William SMITH, b. Canada, & Catharine CUSHWAY, married Edna May CULP, 18, knitting mill employee, Dunnville, same, d/o Andrew Judson CULP, b. Canada, & Rosetta FOSTER, witn - Albert G. HACKETT of Buffalo NY & Elma CRAIG of Dunnville, 23 June 1923 at Dunnville 012381-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Joseph SOUSA, 24, brakeman, Spain, Hagersville, s/o Frank SOUSA, b. Spain, & Emily ELORIA, married Violet JOHNSON, 22, Ontario, Hagersville, d/o James Bartholomew JOHNSON, b. Hagersville & Margaret LAFORME, witn - Robert Manly HOWARD & Mary Anne ALMAS, both of Hagersville, 15 January 1923 at Hagersville
012376-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Lukan STADNIK, 27, farmer, Russia, Townsend, s/o Nick STADNIK?, b. Konik Russia, & Mary JONOK, married Julia SOWIAK, 17, New Ontario, Townsend, d/o John SOWIAK, b. Poland, & Mary RACHAEL, witn - S. WHITELAW & Maud MCBURNEY, both of Hagersville, 10 July 1923 at Hagersville 012380-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Oscar Allen STEWART, 26, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Benjamin STEWART, b. Walpole Twp. & Margaret DAVIS, married Uzella Mabel SNIDER, 24, Walpole, same, d/o William H. SNIDER, b. Rainham Twp, & Fanny BINGELMAN, witn - Harold William SNIDER of Selkirk & Edith M. WERNER of Nanticoke, 17 January 1923 at Selkirk
012374-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Frank Trevylyn SUSSEX, 29, express manager, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Herbert W. SUSSEX, b. Ontario, & Orilla LOCKWOOD, married Olive Marjory FLOWERS, 23, Canada, Caledonia, d/o William J. FLOWERS, b. Ontario, & Elizabeth CLARK, witn - Mary Helen ROSS of Dunnville & W.L. WOOLCOX of Hamilton, 26 September 1923 at Caledonia 012373-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Willie Albert SWANTON, 28, farmer, Townsend Twp, same, s/o William James SWANTON, b. Norfolk Co., & Maggie Ruth SOWERS, married Clerinda Amelia MARTIN, 21, Walpole Twp, same, d/o Robert MARTIN, b. Glasgow Scotland, & Ida May GRANT, witn - David R. VICKERMAN of Hagersville & Clara SWANTON of Villa Nova, 14 November 1923 at Walpole Twp
012385-23 (Haldimand Co.)  John Robert TAYLOR, 50, farmer, widower, England, Walpole, s/o W.S. TAYLOR, b. England, & Maria PICKERGILL, married Rose Evelyn WESTLEY, 28, Canada, Walpole, d/o Henry WESTLEY, b. United States, & Eliza  STARK?, witn - Mr. & Mrs. H. BANDBURY of Waterford, 3 January 1923 at Jarvis 012384-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Edmund TOBICO, 21, farmer, Tuscarora Twp, same, s/o Edward TOBICO, b. Tuscarora Indian Reserve Brant Co., & Bessie KING, married Helen BRADLEY, 18, Tuscarora Twp, same, d/o William BRADLEY, b. Indian Reserve, & Emma MONTAUR, witn - Edeth KING of Hagersville, 4 April 1923 at Caledonia
012383-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Walter Anson TOMLINSON, 23, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o William TOMLINSON, b. Canada, & Margaret LUSK, married Mary Edith FORBES, 23, teacher, Oneida Twp, same, d/o Alexander FORBES, b. Canada, & Mary KETT, witn - W.R. TOMLINSON of York & Zelda I. PARKER of Milton, 26 December 1923 at Oneida Twp 012386-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Charles Michael TOOKEY, 42, farmer, Cayuga Twp, same, s/o Michael TOOKEY & Mary MURPHY, married Margaret Mary MOONEY, 37, seamstress, Bay City Michigan, Dunnville, d/o James MOONEY & Margaret BRADY, witn - John TOOKEY of Cayuga & Zita MOONEY of Detroit, 20 June 1923 at Dunnville
  012387-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Roy Franklin VOKES, 24, labourer, Oshawa, Caledonia, s/o James VOKES, b. Yorkshire England, & Maggie EDDIE, married Florence May WELSBY, 18, Caledonia, same, d/o Frank WELSBY, b. Caledonia, & Margaret LOTTERIDGE, witn - Walter JEPSON & Marie G. VOKES, both of Scottsville NY, 13 November 1923 at Caledonia
012388-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Lorne WALKER, 24, mechanic, Woodhouse Twp, same, s/o James WALKER, b. Canada, & Mary HOLMAN, married Mary Helen FESS, 20, Jarvis, same, s/o Jacob FESS, b. Canada, & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn - Marion & Harold FESS of Jarvis, 20 November 1923 at Jarvis 012393-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Cecil WAPSHOTT, 24, inspector, England, Dunnville, s/o Charles WAPSHOTT, b. England, & Mary CARTER, married Annie Madeline LEROY, 23, stenographer, Ontario, Dunnville, d/o Hugh Scott LEROY, b. Ontario, & Margaret COWELL, witn - A. CHEESEMAN & Mabel LEROY, both of Toronto, 9 June 1923 at Dunnville
012392-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Reginald Joseph WATEROUS, 26, barrister at law, Brantford, same, s/o Julius Edgerton WATEROUS, b. Painsville Ohio, & Annie Margaret VAN  N--?, married Alice Margaret HOUSE, 22, Toronto, Dunnville, d/o Adolphus Walter HOUSE, b. Marshville, & Minnie Olivia ARMSTRONG, witn - F.B. WATEROUS of Brantford & Helen B. HOUSE of Dunnville, 30 June 1923 at Dunnville Divorced 3/5/55 012390-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Albert Ernest WEDRICK, 22, farmer, Walpole Twp, same, s/o Jacob Werden WEDRICK, b. Haldimand, & Amey ABERNATHY, married Mabel Verna SHEPPARD, 22, Rainham, Walpole Twp, d/o Thomas SHEPPARD, b. England, & Alice DAY, witn - Lavina Alice WEDRICK of Nanticoke & Charles Edmund SHEPPARD of Selkirk, 4 September 1923 at Cheapside
012389-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Joseph Henry WELLS, 21, farmer, England, Dunnville, s/o Edward WELLS, b. England, & Ellen MARSHALL, married Hattie May SKELTON, 45, widow, Canboro Twp, Dunnville, d/o Douglas WARDELL, b. Grimsby, & Rachael Cline SUTHERLAND, witn - Victoria & Rhena Jean WEST of Dunnville, 23 October 1923 at Dunnville 012391-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Roy Stanley WILSON, 26, draughtsman, Walpole, Hamilton, s/o Robert WILSON, b. Walpole Twp., & Annie JACQUES, married Aleene Muriel BERTRAM, 24, teacher, Norfolk Co., Hamilton, d/o Fred BERTRAM, b. Norfolk Co., & Emma STICKLES, witn - Clarence Alvin WILSON & Lillian Emma SLATER, both of Jarvis, 3 July 1923 at Hagersville
012394-23 (Haldimand Co.)  Herbert A. YOUNG, 25, drayman, Caledonia, Cayuga, s/o Thomas YOUNG, b. Caledonia, & Maria WELLSBY, married Elsie BELZNER, 21, Cayuga, same, d/o John George BELZNER, b. Cayuga, & Alice SKINNER, witn - John BELZNER of Cayuga & Caroline MUNN of Hamilton, 9 June 1923 at Cayuga 012395-23 (Haldimand Co.)  John ZIMMERMAN, 62, gas driller, widower, S. Cayuga Twp, Selkirk, s/o Peter ZIMMERMAN, b. Germany, & Catharine AVERSAULT, married Maggie DOLAN, 65, widow, Moulton Twp, Dunnville, d/o John HYLER, b. Canada, & Elizabeth OVERHOLDT, witn - Dawill & Elizabeth MARLATT of Dunnville, 26 December 1923 at Dunnville