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Haldimand Co., 1887

birth place is given before residence


004357-88 (Haldimand Co) Charles ARNOLD, 24, Farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Lawrence & Magdelane ARNOLD married Magdelane ROHRBACK, 25, Rainham, same, d/o Jacob & Barbara ROHRBACK, witn: Christian HELD & Elizabeth ARNOLD both of Rainham, 25 November 1887 at Fisherville 004330-87 (Haldimand Co) William BAND, 22, Weaver, Niagara Falls, Dunnville, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Alice GILLAP, 17, Moulton, Dunnville, d/o Alexander & Liza, witn: Job PHIPPS & Delilala COWELL both of Dunnville, 21 Dec 1887 at Dunnville
4306-87 William BARNETT, 23, farmer, Decewsville, North Cayuga, s/o George BARNETT & Esther, married Sarah Ann MAXWELL, 20, Walpole, same, d/o William MAXWELL & Maria, witn: John DAVIS & Annie MAXWELL, both of Walpole twp., 1 Nov 1887 at Selkirk 004340-87 (Haldimand Co) George BIRDSALL, 28, Farmer, Canboro Sheldon Dakota USA, s/o Samuel & James (sic) BIRDSALL, married Amanda ANGLE, 27 Wainfleet, same, d/o Abraham & Sarah, witn: Edward and Sara ANGLE both of Wainfleet, 23 March 1887 at Dunnville
4312-87 Thomas BONSFIELD, 24, farmer, Wentworth, East Flamboro, s/o William BONSFIELD & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth JAQUES, 20, Norfolk , Walpole, d/o Anthony JAQUES & Elizabeth, witn: Dr. William JAQUES of Jarvis & Maggie BONSFILED of Halton, 28 Dec 1887 at Jarvis 4295-87 Samuel E. BOULTER, 28, vet. surgeon, Walpole, Selkirk, s/o John BOULTER & Jane, married Maria BIGGAR, 28, Walpole, Jarvis, d/o James P. BIGGAR & Priscilla P., witn: Francis BOULTER & Wellington BIGGAR, both of Walpole, 21 June 1887 at res of the bride's father, Jarvis
4305-87 Cyrus Wellington BOWMAN, 21, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Samuel BOWMAN & Ann, married Louisa Jane CAUGHEY, 19, Walpole, same, d/o James CAUGHEY & Jane, witn: Abraham HALLER & Bertha CAUGHEY, both of Walpole, 12 Oct. 1887 at Walpole 4292-87 Jacob G. BROWN, 23, farmer, Canada, Nanticoke, s/o Charles BROWN & Eliza, married Martha C. BOUGHNER, 17, Woodhouse, same, d/o William BOUGHNER & Gertrude, witn: George LIVINGSTON of Jarvis & Miss Celia BROWN of Woodhouse, 24 May 1887 at Methodist parsonage, Jarvis
4310-87 John BUTCHER, 28, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o James BUTCHER & Jane, married Mary E. SMITH, 17, Walpole, same, d/o William F. SMITH & Catherine, witn: Robert W. BUTCHER & Maggie L. SMITH, both of Walpole, 13 Dec 1887 at Walpole 004369-1888 (Haldimand Co.) James G. CARRUTHERS, 28, Thrasher, Kirkcudbright? Scotland, Cayuga, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Ella WHARTON, 22, North Cayuga, Decewsville, d/o George & Mary, witn: George R. COWELL of Cayuga & N. T. CARRS of Decewsville, 27 Dec 1887 at Decewsville
4355-87 Hugh Thomas CHAPPLE, 42, widower, butcher, England, Barton, s/o James CHAPPLE & Sarah, married Margaret Ann BEATTIE, 30, Ontario, Seneca, d/o John BEATTIE & Margaret, witn: John HARKINS of Seneca & Orpha TERRYBERRY of Oneida, 27 April 1887 at Seneca 004317-87 (Haldimand Co) William CLARKE, 20, Farmer, Port Robinson, Moulton, s/o Oliver CLARKE & Annie TRAVIS, married Martha JONES, 22, Gainsboro, Moulton, d/o Geo M. JONES & May DISHER, witn: John S. THOMPSON & Dora D. SPRINGER both of Moulton, 3 Aug 1887 at Dunnville
004329-87 (Haldimand Co) Hugh CHALMERS, 22, Farmer, Sherbrook, same, s/o William & Susan, married Jessie KING, 21, Sherbrook, same, d/o Mark & Susan, witn: Fred KULOW & Clara KILMER both of Humberton, 14 Dec 1887 at Dunnville 004326-87 (Haldimand Co) Daniel CLIFFORD, 26, Farmer, Canboro, same, s/o Maurice CLIFFORD & Mary BARRY, married Catharine BILLINGTON, 23, Port Maitland, same, d/o William BILLINGTON & Catharine SCAIFE, witn: Ann BILLINGTON of Pt Maitland & Tim CLIFFORD of Canboro, 7 Nov 1887 at Dunnville, Catholic
4299-87 John CORRIGAL, 25, blacksmith, Scotland, Walpole, s/o John CORRIGAL & Isabella, married Grace HARRIS, 26, Walpole, same, d/o William HARRIS & Mary, witn: Robert McMILLAN & Ellen McLAIN, both of Walpole, 28 Dec 187 at Nanticoke 4291-87 Thomas CRAWFORD, 32, blacksmith, Houghton twp., Simcoe - Norfolk Co., s/o Andrew CRAWFORD & Jane WALLACE, married Lizzie ABRAHAM, 32, Walpole, Jarvis, d/o Joseph ABRAHAM & Rachel CRAIG, witn: William John FALLIS of Walpole & Ellen McNEILL of Norfolk Co., 12 May 1887 at Jarvis
004347-87 (Haldimand Co) John CUMMINS, 36, Labourer, Canada, Sherbrook, s/o Patrick & Catharine, married Esther TELLER, 35, Canada, Moulton, d/o Garrett & Jane, witn: Maria WILSON & Alberta ROBINS both of Dunnville, 24 June 1887 at Dunnville  
004343-88 Alexander DALE, 55, farmer, widower, Ayrshire Scotland, Oneida, s/o Andrew DALE & Mary REID, married Margaret HAMILTON, age not given, Oneida, same, d/o William HAMILTON & Beatrice MURRAY, witn: John STACK of Oneida & Isabella TEMPLETON of Seneca, 28 December 1887 at Oneida 004344-87 (Haldimand Co) David DALEY, 25, Walpole, Rainham, s/o Charles & Jane, married Ada FRANKLIN, 21, Rainham, same, d/o Samuel & Overholt FRANKLIN, witn: E. & Hattie A. BRONSON both of Dunnville, 2 May 1887 at Dunnville
4302-87 William DAVIS, 25, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o John DAVIS & Martha, married Margaret MARR, 23, Walpole, same, d/o Charles MARR & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas MARR of Sunbury? twp & Lydia LONG of Windham, 21 Sept 1887 at res of the bride's father, Walpole 4353-87 Francis DAWSON, 59, widower, farmer, England, Ontario, s/o David DAWSON & Frances, married Harriet A. GEMYER, 42, England, Ontario, d/o George GEMYER & Mary M., witn: William & John B. HULL of Seneca, 16 March 1887 at Seneca twp
4290-87 John FEATHERSON, 23, Rainham, same, s/o William FEATHERSON & Jane, married Mary HOLLAND, 18, Rainham, same, d/o Robert HOLLAND & Martha Jane, witn: Omri DEANRED? & Hannah FEATHERSON, both of Rainham, 9 Feb 1887 at Selkirk  
004336-87 (Haldimand Co) George GAPES, 30, Farmer, Dunn, same, s/o Geo & Mary, married Nancy EMERICK, 24, North Cayuga, Canboro, d/o Daniel & Mary Ann, witn: John GAPES of Dunn & Allie JAMES of Canboro, 22 Feb 1887 at Dunnville 004339-87 (Haldimand Co) Peter GRANT, 27, Farmer, Ont, Dunn, s/o Lewis GRANT & Mary Ann BUCKMASTER, married Maggie HAMILTON, 24, Ont, Dunn, d/o William HAMILTON & Martha PATTON, witn: Isaac HAMILTON of Dunn & Addela HOUSE of Dunnville, 23 March 1887 at Dunn
004322-87 (Haldimand Co) Isaac HAMILTON, 24, Farmer, Canada, Dunn, s/o William & Martha HAMILTON, married Adella HOUSE, 27, Canada, Dunnville, d/o Walter & Mahala HOUSE, witn: William CATHCART & Seth MOOT both of Dunnville, 28 Sept 1887 at Dunnville 004319-87 (Haldimand Co) William HAMILTON, 32, Yeoman, Dunn, same, s/o William & Martha HAMILTON, married Ella AUSTIN, 25, Rainham, same, d/o Juda & Eliza AUSTIN, witn: William AUSTIN of Rainham & Augusta LAMBIER of Canfield, 7 Sept 1887 at Dunnville
004423-88 John HANEY, 27, miller, St. John, Dunnville, s/o Stephen & Melissa, married Anne Charlotte SMITH, 20, Stamford, Moulton Twp, d/o George SMITH & Elizabeth SHRIMPTON, witn: Eliza SMITH of Moulton Twp & Eliza J. MCCARTNEY of Dunnville, 21 December 1887 004328-87 (Haldimand Co) Salem HAYMES (s/b Haynes?), 28, Farmer, Wainfleet, Same, s/o Robert & Liza, married Emma Retta Cordelia DICKHOUT, 27, Sherbrook, same, d/o Peter & Catharine, witn: Peter Angus DICKHOUT & Alfretta Jane AUGUSTINE both of Sherbrook, 14 Dec 1887 at Sherbrook
4311-87 Joseph J. HOOVER, 25, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Dedrick HOOVER & Catherine, married Alberta Eugene COOPER, 18, Rainham, same, d/o Thomas COOPER & Debora, witn: John COOPER of Rainham & Almedia HOOVER of Rainham, 20 Dec 1887 at Selkirk 004335-87 (Haldimand Co) Robert Edwin JOHNSON, 28, Farmer, Canboro, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Lena HUGHES, 22, Grimsby, Canboro, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Maria SMITH & Emma CLARKSON both of Dunnville, 26 July 1887 at Dunnville
004320-87 (Haldimand Co) Thomas MARR, 20, Farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o John MARR & Gerilda THOMAS, married Emily PUTMAN, 18, Caistor, Wainfleet, d/o Henry PUTMAN & Jane OVERHOLT, witn: Mrs. E. BRONSON & E. J. McCARTNEY of not given, 21 Sept 1887 at Dunnville 004338-87 (Haldimand Co) Henry MARSHALL, 25, Farmer, Ont, Dunn, s/o Henry MARSHALL & Mary BOOTH, married Eliza Jane McCONNELL, 20, Ont, Dunnville, d/o Jomaes McCONNELL & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Aggie SCOTT & Frank McCONNELL both of Dunnville, 9 March 1887 at Dunnville
4315-87 George A. McBAY, 26, farmer, Dunn twp., South Cayuga twp., s/o James McBAY & Jane, married Etta McINTEE, 21, Louth twp., Moulton twp., d/o Stephen McINTEE & Martha, witn: C.W. & Annie WINSLOW of Dunnville, 27 July 1887 at Dunnville 004430-88 John MCCARTHY, 36, farmer, Walpole Twp, same, s/o John MCCARTHY & Bridget PHIBBS, married Mary Jane SUTTOR, 22, North Cayuga Twp, same, d/o Robert SUTOR (sic) & Mary TOPP, witn: W.D. ROLSTON of Jarvis & Phemie HINDS of Cayuga, 27 December 1887 at Cayuga
004342-87 (Haldimand Co) Samuel McCLEAN, 60, Labourer, Widower, Ireland, Dunnville, s/o Samuel & Rachel, married Sarah INMAN, 50 Widow, Canada, Moulton, d/o William & Mary ROY, witn: Maria HILSON of not given, 25 April 1887 at Dunnville 004341-87 (Haldimand Co) Norman MICHENER, 22, Carriage maker, Campton(?), Dunnville, s/o Jacob & Eliza, married Emma STEVENS, 22, Dunnville, same, d/o James & Jane, with: Wesley EGBERT & Mary COLLINS both of Dunnville, 13 Apr 1887 at Residence of Bride
004364-88 (Haldimand Co) Lewis W. MILLER, 27, Farmer, Rainham, South Cayuga, s/o Henry & Catherine Luil MILLER married Laverna Augusta LAUBIERE, 31, North Cayuga, same, d/o Clement & Phebe Urquhart LAUBIERE (Limbiere?), witn: Birdie LAUBIERE of North Cayuga & William J. AUSTIN of Rainham, 28 December 1887 at North Cayuga 4352-87 James MOORE, 33, widower, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o James MOORE & Mary Ann, married Annie DILS, 29, Walpole twp., York, d/o Samuel DILS & Rebecca, witn: Daniel DILS of Seneca & Mary WILLIAMSON of York, 12 Jan. 1887 at York
004316-87 (Haldimand Co) Jonas MOYER, 23, Farmer, North Cayuga, Moulton, s/o A B MOYER & Barbara CULP, married Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, 23, South Cayuga, same, d/o Henry ZIMMERMAN & Maria L. MILLER, witn: E. BRONSON & E. J. H. McCARTNEY both of Dunnville, 3 Aug 1887 at Dunnville 004356-88 (Haldimand Co) Martin NAGEL, 25, Farmer, Rainham, same, s/o John & Rosina NAGEL married Margaret ELFNER, 20, Rainham, same, d/o Leonard & Elizabeth ELFNER, witn: George ELFNEW & Caroline NAGEL both of Rainham, 28 Septmeber 1887 at Fisherville
4308-87 George NELSON, 27, butcher, Lennox Co., Hagersville, s/o Peter NELSON & Elizabeth, married Margaret JORDAN, 24, Whitby Ont., Hagersville, d/o Joseph JORDAN & Elizabeth, witn: Henry E. HAMMOND & Catherine PARK, both of Hagersville, 9 Nov 1887 at Hagersville 004327-87 (Haldimand Co) William J. NICHOLSON, 22, Carpenter, Dunnville, same, s/o William & Jennie NICHOLSON, married Jennie GARRAL, 25, Port Maitland, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: E. J. AIKENS & Lizzie DOUGHER both of Dunnville, 7 Nov 1887 at Residence of William DOUGHER
4313-87 Charles E. NOBLE, 29, Canada, Canboro twp., s/o Charles E. NOBLE & Jane, married Malissa DILTS, 20, Canada, Caistor twp., d/o John DILTS & Matilda, witn: Charles BENNETT & Wilson BULLOCK, both of Dunnville, 11 July 1887 at Dunnville 004329-88 James PATTERSON, 34, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Isabella A.C. ROBERTSON, 31, Decewsville, Caledonia, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Robert PATTERSON of Seneca & Annie ROBERTSON of Caledonia, 28 December 1887 at Caledonia
4288-87 Michael Park PATTISON, 21, barber, Niagara, Walpole, s/o Jesse PATTISON & Isabella, married Loretta WINGER, 18, Halton, Walpole, d/o Elias WINGER & Mary, witn: Emmerson EVERETT of Woodhouse & Emma PATTISON of Simcoe, 5 Jan 1887 at Jarvis 4297-87 Walter PEASE (Peace?), 21, farmer, Scotland, Walpole, s/o James PEASE & Margaret, married Florence BRADBURY, 19, London England, Walpole, d/o Edward John BRADBURY & Elizabeth, witn: Mary Jane IVEY & Maggie BRADBURY, both of Jarvis, 20 Dec 1887 at res of Thomas W. Ivey, Jarvis
004332-87 (Haldimand Co) Ricahrd N PEW, 26, Farmer, Sherbrook, same, s/o William & Malisa, married Sophia Elizabeth RHOAR, 25, Rainham, Sherbrook, d/o Mino & Lydia RHOAR , witn: Edward RHOAR & William MAGEE both of Sherbrook, 28 Dec 1887 at Dunnville. 004342-88 William QUINCEY, 30, farmer, Seneca Twp, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Agnes Maud NELLES, 25, Oneida Twp, same, d/o James & Martha Matilda, witn: Albert N. BELL of Glanford & Rebecca QUINCEY of Seneca, 28 December 1887 at Oneida
004323-87 (Haldimand Co) Henry RESSELMANN, 32, Jeweller, Germany, Dunnville, s/o Henry RESSELMANN & Catharine BRUNING, married Mary Ann EATON, 24, Switzerland, Dunnville, d/o Blandis EATON & Mary Ann BLATHAM, witn: Joseph EATON & Margaret TIMMONS both of Dunnville, 4 Oct 1887 at Dunnville, Catholic 4304-87 George U. REYNOLDS, 30, widower, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Henry Thomas REYNOLDS & Lovena, married Eliza Ann EAGLES, 21, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o George EAGLES & Mary, witn: Frances WATSON of Walpole & Annie M. JACKSON of Jarvis, 13 Oct. 1887 at Methodist parsonage, Jarvis
004066-1886 (Haldimand Co.) James William ROBINSON, 24, Cabinet Maker, Jarvis, Walpole, s/o Charles & Mary, married Emma Rose ROSS, 20, Walpole, same, d/o John C. & Jane, witn: Henry BOSFIELD & Mary Jane ROSS both of Walpole, 5 Jan 1887 at Walpole 004324-87 (Haldimand Co) John H. ROBONS (s/b Robins?), 22, Farmer, Canboro, same, s/o Leonard & Susan ROBONS, married Malinda ZIMMERMAN, 22, South Cayuga, d/o Samuel & Catharine ZIMMERMAN, witn: Miller NEFF & Mary PRIDMORE both of South Cayuga, 5 Oct 1887 at Dunnville
004345-87 (Haldimand Co) Jacob SCHMIDTT, 24, Farmer, Humbertson, Willard, s/o John & Margaret, married Lena CRAMER, 24, Wainfleet, same, d/o Peter & Dorthy, witn: Lizzie & Edna SMITH both of Dunnville, 3 June 1887 at Dunnville 004318-87 (Haldimand Co) William Agustus SHADBOURNE, 23, Farmer, Canboro, same, s/o Samuel SHADBOURNE & Catharine FORSYTH, married Elizabeth MARTINDALE, 17 Caistor, Canboro, d/o Thomas MARTINDALE & Margaret CULP, witn: D. G. & Mrs. D. G. DEAMUDE both of Sherbrook, 3 Aug 1887 at Dunnville
004343-87 (Haldimand Co) John SIDDELL, 34, Farmer, Dunn, Sherbrook, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Henrietta ROSS, 20, Buffalo NY, Sherbrook, d/o Charles & Martha, witn: James FAWCETT of Moulton & Edna B. Smith of Dunnville, 27 Apr 1887 at Dunnville 4356-87 Abraham SIMENTON (Simerton?), 22, farmer, Ontario, Seneca, s/o Arthur SIMENTON & Eliza, married Maggie MITCHELL, 19, Ontario, Seneca, d/o George MITCHELL & Narn, witn: George MITCHELL & Annie SIMENTON, both of Seneca, 9 Feb 1887 at Seneca
4301-87 William Earnest SMITH, 23, farmer, Ancaster, Walpole, s/o James SMITH & Ellen, married Drusilla MINO, 20, North Cayuga, same, d/o Isaac MINO & Mary, witn: Leonard & Mary MINO of North Cayuga, 10 Aug 1887 at Selkirk 004337-87 (Haldimand Co) Ashley SMITH, 38, Widower, Labourer, Caistor, Dunnville, s/o John & Ravey (?), married Nellie CUSHWAY, 19, Aught England, Dunnville, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William & Eta BEECHER both of Dunnville, 1 March 1887 at Dunnville
4307-87 Robert SNOWDEN, 30, farmer, Yorkshire England, Walpole, s/o John SNOWDEN & Sarah J., married Sarah Jane HANBURY, 20, Staffordshire England, Walpole, d/o Henry HANBURY & Ann, witn: Thomas HARRIS & Charles E. DANN, both of Selkirk, 24 Oct 1887 at Selkirk 004331-87 (Haldimand Co) Jesse SORGE, 21, Farmer, Wellandport, Caistor, s/o Frederick SORGE & Julia DAUGNA, married Adelaid SWAZYE, 19, Canboro, Caistor, d/o Daniel SWAYZE & Catharine MOONEY, witn: Mary Ann COYNE & Eugene SWAYZE both of Caistor, 21 Dec 1887 at Dunnville
004321-87 (Haldimand Co) John Williamson STANLEY, 36, Widower, Commercial Traveller, Niagara, Toronto, s/o James STANLEY & Isabella WILKINSON, married Emma MOSS, 24, Port Maitland, Dunnville, d/o James MOSS & Susan LOGAN, witn: James D. YOUNG of Toronto & John W. EGBERT of Dunnville, 24 Sept 1887 at Dunnville 4294-87 Ellison Robert SUMMERS, 25, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o John SUMMERS & blank, married Margaret McCARTER, 23, Walpole, same, d/o John McCARTER & blank, witn: Charles McCARTER of Walpole & Minnie SUMMERS of Townsend, 23 March 1887 at Walpole
4354-87 John THOMSON, 25, farmer, Scotland, Seneca twp., s/o William THOMSON & Elizabeth, married Ellen VERTH, 25, Ontario, Seneca twp., d/o John VERTH & Agnes, witn: Thomas THOMSON & Adelaide VERTH, both of Seneca, 6 April 1887 at Seneca twp 4314-87 Arthur TROTT, 22, minister, Harperhay, Seaforth, s/o Samuel TROTT & Henrietta ROACH, married Mindwill Jane Alfrata BENSON, 18, Sherbrook twp., same, d/o Albert BENSON & May EASTMAN, witn: Mable McKNIGHT of Stromness & George R. CURZON of Forks Road, 15 July 1887 at Dunnville
4298-87 Robert B. WALDBROOK, 24, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Robert WALDBROOK & Sarah BIGGAR, married Mary Jane SWING, 26, Walpole, same, d/o John SWING & Mary Jane FISTER, witn: Annabella WELLS & Catherine STEWART, both of Jarvis, 24 May 1887 at Jarvis 4303-87 Guy WALKER, 22, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o George WALKER & Gertrude, married Minnie Bell JACKSON, 18, Walpole, same, d/o Wilson JACKSON & Jessie, witn: Wilson JACKSON of Walpole & Mrs. J. SEAMAN of Nanticoke, 20 Sept 1887 at Christ Church, Nanticoke
004346-87 (Haldimand Co) John WARREN, 24, Farmer, Diltz Rd. Dunnville, same, s/o Patrick WARREN & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth SCAIFE, 21, Dunn, same, d/o Frances SCAIFE & Elizabeth BEGAN, witn: Daniel GIFFORD & B Warren both of Dilts Rd Dunnville, 20 June 1887 at Dunnville, Catholic 4309-87 Daniel WINGER, 30, widower, farmer, Rainham, Walpole, s/o John WINGER & Elizabeth, married Margaret KIMMET, 19, Rainham, same, d/o Charles KIMMET & Catherine, witn: Paul & Catherine BOBENER, 1 Dec 1887 at Walpole
4296-87 Thomas Kilburn WOODWORTH, 34, widower, farmer, Trafalgar, Canfield, s/o John Kilburn WOODWORTH & Margaret, married Armenia Annie ATKINSON, 27, Walpole, same, d/o William ATKINSON & Ann, witn: George GOWLING & A.M. ATKINSTON, both of Walpole, 8 June 1887 at Walpole 4298-87 William YOUNG, 29, farmer, Burlington Ont., Manitoba, s/o Dareas (Darius?) YOUNG & Mary, married Frances R. WATSON, 27, Walpole, same, d/o Elliott WATSON & Eliza J., witn: James KENNEDY of Townsend & Addie WATSON of Walpole, 28 Dec 1887 at res of the bride's father, Walpole