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Haliburton Co., 1905


009802-05 Jack ANDERSON, 24, Merchant, Haliburton, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Bessie BOMISTER, married Emma AUSTIN, 27, Saw Miller’s daughter, Haliburton, same, d/o Frank AUSTIN & Nellie RITCHIE. Witn: D.M. McFADYEN, Lindsay & Maud AUSTIN, Haliburton. June 7 1905. Dysart 009811-05 Willmott Allen? BROWN, 23, Porter, Belleville, Toronto, s/o Edmund BROWN & Clarissa HINCKLE, married Annie CHAMBERS, 25, Dressmaker, Minden Tp., Toronto, d/o William CHAMBERS & Alice HOWELL. Witn: James CHAMBERS & Bertha HIGGINBOTTOM, both of Minden Tp. Sept. 4 1905. Minden
009805-05 John BROWN, 67, Widr., Farmer, Scotland, Minden Tp., s/o David BROWN & Margaret SHIELDS, married Dorothy McDONELL, 49, wid., Dressmaker, Kentucky U.S.A., Minden Tp., d/o Henry ROYCE & Sarah TIPONE?. Witn: Nettie CLARRY & Blanch SYMS, both of Haliburton. Sept 1. 1905. Haliburton 009793-05 George A. CHRYSLER, 23, Farmer, Shandosa?, Cardiff, s/o George CHRYSLER & Mary FOSTER, married Maud HUGHEY, 17, Cardiff, same, d/o Isaac HUGHEY & Eva HUSTON. Witn: R. W. HUSTON & Bertha CHRYSLER, both of Cardiff. Apr. 17, 1905, Bancroft
009800-05 William James COOPER, 29, Farmer, Stanhope same, s/o William COOPER & Fannie SIMS, married Annie HENDERSON, 20, Guilford, same, d/o William HENDERSON & Elizabeth MORISON. Witn: John COOPER & Iva HENDERSON, both of Guilford. Apr. 5 1905. Guilford 9791-05 Norman Alex Moore CRAIG, 26, undertaker, Guelph, Toronto, s/o Andrew CRAIG & Eliza KAY, married Florena Winnifred NOICE, 19, Minden, same, d/o Edward NOICE, gentleman, & Mary Jane WELCH, witn: Ross CRAIG of Toronto & Ida Maud NOICE of Minden, 15 Feb 1905 at Minden village
  009801-05 John DOUGLAS, 33, Saw Miller, Scotland, Dysart, s/o Archibald & Euphemia DOUGLAS, married Eleanor BAIN, 19, Dysart, same, d/o John Neil BAIN & Ellen STOTHART. Witn: Edward BURKE, & Elizabeth STOTHART, both of Dysart. May 4. 1905. Dysart.
009796-05 William ELSTONE, 29, Farmer, Dysart Tp., Minden Tp., s/o William J. ELSTONE & Elizabeth NEILLS, married Caroline Mary DUMMITT, 19, Dysart Tp. Minden Tp., d/o Joseph DUMMITT & Elizabeth M. HARRIS. Witn: Fred & Margaret ELSTONE, both of Dysart Tp. Sept 21, 1905. Minden Tp 009812-05 Joseph Henry HEITHER, 28, Farmer, Gelert, Lochlin, s/o John HEITHER, & Susan CONGDEN, married Joanna MINAKER, 34, Housekeeper, Bongard Corners, Ingoldsby, d/o Henry MINAKER & Alice ENRIGHT. Witn: Mr. & Mrs. Samuel CONGDEN, both of Lochlin. Aug. 16 1905. Minden
9816-05 Joseph GODFREY, 33, farmer, England, Anstruther, s/o William GODFREY & Sarah GREEK?, married Angeline DODD, 34, widow, Coboconk, Anstruther, d/o George BOWEN & Roucy?, witn: Willie ROLLINS & Annie OSTERTAG, both of Monmouth, 14 July 1905 at Monmouth 9810-05 John David GRAHAM, 21, farmer, Minden, same, s/o Francis GRAHAM & Margaret Jane SEDGWICK, married Minnie WILSON, 18, Minden, same, d/o Francis WILSON, farmer, & Alta? LOUCKS, witn: Harry ROBERTSON & Bertha GRAHAM, both of Minden, 3 May 1905 at Minden
009799-05 Harry HORSLEY, 25, Saw Miller, Stanhope, Guilford, s/o Allan HORSLEY & Agnes McPHAIL, married Ethel May BOICE, 21, Guilford, same, d/o Isaac BOICE & Elizabeth BARYARON. Witn: Ernest & Alma BOICE, both of Stanhope. March 29, 1905, Dysart 9795-05 Wellington HUGHEY, 24, farmer, Cardiff, same, s/o Isaac HUGHEY & Prue HUSTON, married Bertha McINROY, 18, Cardiff, same, d/o John McINROY, farmer, & Annie SARGISON, witn: Wesley McINROY of Cardiff & Susan SWINFORD? of Harcourt, 10 Oct 1905 at Bancroft
009794-05 - P. W. HUSTON, 38, Farmer, Hastings Ont., Cardiff, s/o Robert HUSTON & A. OGILVIE, married Bertha CHRYSLER, 17, Cardiff, same, d/o George CHRYSLER & Mary FOSTER. Witn: Wellington HUGHEY & Martha McINROY, both of Cardiff. Apr. 26, 1905, Bancroft. 9817-05 George KELLET, 53?, widower, farmer, Smithtown, Gelert, s/o George KELLET & Mary FISHER, married Margaret Marion DAGG, 22?, widow, Gelert, same, d/o Thomas MILBURN & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: W. S. & Mrs. W. S. JOHNSON of 35 Ontario St. in Toronto Junction 23 Aug 1905 at Gelert
009798-05 Henry JENKINS, 21, Farmer, Mounteagle Valley, same, s/o William JENKINS & Sarah McDONALD, married Sarah Jane McDONALD, 18, Harburn, same, d/o William H. McDONALD & Margaret L. SAWYER. Witn: William McDONALD, Harburn & Caroline V. M. SIMS, Haliburton. March 7, 1905. Dysart 009806-05 John MILLAR, 55, widr., Lumberman, Canada, Haliburton, s/o James M. MILLAR & Caroline FLAGG, married Frances Louisa SKINNER, 25, Housekeeper, England, Haliburton, d/o Ebenezer & Sarah Ann SKINNER.Witn: Bessie BAIN & Nettie CLARRY, both of Haliburton. Sept. 21 1905 Haliburton
009813-05 James PARKER, 26, Farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Fergus, s/o Andrew PARKER & Mary McCOLL, married Jessie Cecilia PRENTICE, 25, Housekeeper, Minden, same d/o John PRENTICE & Christina McCOLL. Witn: H. E. GRAHAM, Lindsay & Maggie HILLIER, Minden. Sept. 14 1905 Minden 009797-05 Archibald ROBERTS, 29, Farmer, Harburn Tp., Dudley, s/o James ROBERTS & Hannah KNIGHT, married Emma DEAN, 23, Haliburton, same, d/o George DEAN & Annie WELLER. Witn: Isaac ROBERTS, Harburn Tp., & Daisy DEAN, Haliburton. Apr. 18. 1905
009792-05 Henry STRUDWICK, 28?, Widr., Land Surveyor, England, Cardiff, s/o George STRUDWICK & Mary STEVENS, married Emily Aimera ORSER, 28, Prince Edward? Ont., Cardiff, Trained Nurse, d/o Joseph Joel ORSER & Phoebe Elizabeth WEST. Witn: Charles COLES & Mara J. BLACK, both of Toronto Ont. Nov. 16, 190? St. Andrews Ch. Toronto (reg in Haliburton Co) 009815-05 Wellington TOWNSEND, 29, Farmer, Cameron - Northumberland Co., Allsaw, s/o George TOWNSEND & Sarah TRIPP, married Mary DAVIDSON, 29, Housekeeper, Minden Tp, same, d/o David DAVIDSON & Ann KERR. Witn: Charles TOWNSEND, Allsaw & Ellen SIPE, Minden Tp. Dec 21, 1905 Allsaw, Minden Tp.
9809-05 Richard Amos TRUMBULL, 34, widower, farmer, Wingham, Minden, s/o Isaac TRUMBULL & Elizabeth RAVANA, married Mary DAVIS,