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Haliburton Co., 1909

NO birth place was given on the marriage registrations


011003-09 George William ANDERSON, 22, Laborer, Harcourt Tp., s/o David ANDERSON & Bella GILMOUR, married Nellie Grace GILLBARD, 32, Minden, d/o William GILLBARD & Matilda FISHER. Witn: G. & Amy FINCH both of Haliburton. April 8, 1909, Haliburton.  
011016-09 Henry Allison BAKER, 26, Farmer, Ingoldsby Minden Tp., s/o Richard Henry BAKER & no first name given EASTMAN, married Dorothy Abigail HICKS, 19, Ingoldsby Minden Tp., d/o John HICKS & Martha McKNIGHT. Witn: Bruce McKNIGHT of Allsaw & Elva BAKER of Minden. September 22, 1909, Lochlin 012017-10 Matthias John BARRY, 23, farmer, of Stanhope Tp, s/o James BARRY & Eliza SAWYER, married Sophia FAULKNER, 19, of Stanhope Tp, d/o Jacob FAULKNER & Elizabeth BLAKEY, witn: William James COOPER & Margaret DEACON both of Halls Lake on Dec. 23, 1909 at Halls Lake, Stanhope Tp.
10999-09 John Herbert BENTLEY, 36, farmer, of Burks Falls, s/o James BENTLEY, farmer, & Frances C. H. BILLINGS, married Elizabeth McGILLIVRAY, 33, teacher, of "Wood tp. of Cardiff", d/o Malcolm McGILLIVRAY, farmer, & Catherine McEACHERN, witn: Hugh McGILLIVRAY of Wood & Ethel OGILVIE of Deer Lake, 30 June 1909 at Wood 11021-09 John BIRD, 22, farmer, of Guilford twp., s/o William BIRD, farmer, & blank, married Laura BARNUM, 19, of Guilford twp., d/o William BARNUM, farmer, & blank, witn: Herbert BARNUM & Ethel GRIFFIN, both of West Guilford, 19 July 1909 at Haliburton Co
11020-09 Herbert CLARKE, 21, farmer, of Stanhope twp., s/o George CLARKE & Fanny BURROWS, married Ida May BAKER, 22, of Stanhope twp., d/o Robert BAKER, farmer, & blank, witn: Frederick DAWSON & Wesley WELCH, both of Maple Lake, 7 May 1909 at Haliburton Co 011008-09 Thomas Jas. CONAGHAN, no age given, Farmer, Monmouth Tp., s/o Thomas CONAGHAN & Margaret BOYLE, married Bertha Matilda WHITMORE, no age given, Monmouth Tp., d/o John WHITMORE & Annie HILTS. Witn: Mr. & Mrs. William HANCOCK of Haliburton. October 18, 1909, Haliburton.
10015-09 Thomas COWEN, 24, farmer, of Haliburton, s/o William COWEN, farmer, & Mary HOWELL, married Elsie HOBDEN, 25, of Haliburton, d/o Henry HOBDEN, farmer, & Ann Jane SCOTT, witn: James COWEN of Carnarvon & Sylva HOBDEN of Minden, 23 Nov 1909 at res of the bride, Minden twp 011011-09 William James P. DAVEY, 31, Farmer, Mariposa, s/o George DAVEY & Elizabeth HICKS, married Rosalie GAINER, 21, Minden Village, d/o Robert GAINER & Eliza BURT. Witn: Percy GAINER & Pearl PALMER both of Minden. February 24, 1909, Minden
011001-09 William DEAN, 38, Mill Hand, Haliburton, s/o George DEAN & Annie MILLER, married Mary WATT, 22, Haliburton, d/o James WATT & Elizabeth FERGUSON. Witn: Fred DEAN & Annie ILEA, both of Haliburton. March 13, 1909, Haliburton. 011018-09 Albert James EARLE, 32, Blacksmith, Wilberforce, s/o Wilson (Nelson?) EARLE & Emma NEWBATT, married Edoria Violet BICK, 26, no place of residence given, d/o Thomas A. BICK & Martha Victoria COULTER. Witn: George WEBBER of Pusey & Mable (sic) HUGHEY of Cheddar. September 1, 1909, Essonville
011005-09 Milton GAITSHORE (GARTSHORE?), 22, Lumberman, Minden, s/o Robert GAITSHORE & Jane ROGERS, married Amy WELCH, 20, Halls Lake, d/o James WELCH & Sarah JONES. Witn: Lizzie COOPER of Halls Lake & Herb COX of Minden. July 14, 1909, Haliburton 011000-09 Arthur William HAINSWORTH, 35, Farmer, Dysart, s/o Charles Hainsworth & Emma WILKINSON, married Elizabeth Dodds STOTHART, 33, Dysart Tp., d/o William STOTHART & Elizabeth DODDS. Witn: Edgar BENTHANE & Maggie GAINSFORTH, both of Haliburton. March 3, 1909, Haliburton.
011006-09 Charles Frederick HUNT, 34, Physician, N. Y. City, s/o Geo N. HUNT & Theresa J. ALDRIDGE, married Ida Evelyn JONES, 28, Harcourt, d/o Charles W. JONES & Mary E. PARLIN. Witn: George M. JONES of Toronto & Florence E. CRAGG of Fenelon Falls. August 3, 1909, Haliburton. 011007-09 William LOGAN, 21, Laborer, Lindsay, s/o Andrew LOGAN & Jane ELLSWORTH, married Elizabeth GREGORY, 20, Harburn Tp., d/o William Henry GREGORY & Annie BATESON. Witn: Richard GREGORY & Vida CURRY both of Wickstead. September 20, 1909, Haliburton.
011991-10- O. Leslie MARTIN, 24, farmer, of Glamorgan, s/o William MARTIN & Margaret SADOR, married Theresa May MAXWELL, 19, of Glamorgan, d/o John MAXWELL & Emma Jane FORD, witn: George, Fred & Martha MAXWELL & Ethel PEACOCK all of Glamorgan on Dec. 29, 1909 at Haliburton Tp 11023-09 Harold Allen McDONALD, 21, of Powassan, s/o Edwin McDONALD & Charlotte CHILDERHOSE, married Edith Lavada SAWYER, 17, of Sherbourne twp., d/o George SAWYER, guide, & Miana McDONALD, witn: Charles S. NORTH & Harry JINKINS, both of Dorset, 14 Oct 1909 at Dorset
011004-09 Theo McILLHARGEY, 22, Express Messenger, Haliburton, s/o P. B. McILLHARGEY & Mary WARD, married Lottie May BOLENDER, 16, Haliburton, d/o George W BOLENDER & Kate J. BRANDON. Witn: Amy FINCH, John SPROATS, Dalton SMITH & Owen McAVOY all of Haliburton. July 12, 1909, Haliburton. 011009-09 James PEARSELL, 22, Mill Hand, Haliburton, s/o Munson PEARSELL & Ellen GILESBY, married Cornelia THAYER, 22, Haliburton, d/o Stephen THAYER & Annie SHORT. Witn: Elmer PEARSELL & Amy FINCH both of Haliburton. November 2, 1909, Haliburton Co
11022-09 Ben REYNOLDS, 32, farmer, of Gelert, s/o William J. REYNOLDS, farmer, & M. CAMBELL, married Annie I HOYLE, 16, of Gelert, d/o John HOYLE, farmer, & Annie I. SHARPLESS, witn: M. Alice HOYLE & Alex REYNOLDS, 15 Sept 1909 at Gelert 011002-09 Archie SCOTT, 21, Farmer, Harcourt, s/o father’s name not given, Sophia WILEY (sic), married Ruth PICKENS, 20, Gooderham, d/o George PICKENS, mother’s name not given. Witn: Charles SCOTT of Harcourt & Minnie PICKENS of Gooderham. April 1, 1909, Haliburton
10998-09 Robert James SMITH, 35, widower, farmer, Anson twp., same, s/o Walter SMITH & Harriet HYDE, married Christena MORPHET, 31, Anson twp., same, d/o John MORPHET, farmer, & Ellenor HAIR, witn: John HUGHES & Christena SMITH, both of Minden, 12 May 1909 at Anson twp 011014-09 James A. TAYLOR (GAYLOR?), 28, Farmer, Minden, s/o James A. TAYLOR & Carrie HAMILTON, married Elsie GAINER, 21, Minden, d/o William G. GAINER & Margaret BARTON. Witn: Wesley GAINER & Helena TAYLOR both of Minden. April 14, 1909, Bride’s home at Minden
011013-09 Wellington TOWNSEND, 32, Laborer, widower, Allsaw, s/o George TOWNSEND & Sarah TRIPP, married Susan SIPE, 20, Allsaw, d/o Henry SIPE & Susan TRIPP. Witn: Mrs. J. ROWLAND of Minden. January 14, 1909, Allsaw, Haliburton Co 011010-09 Christopher WAHTROTH, 27, Insurance Official, Toronto, s/o Christopher WAHTROTH & Amelia KELLY, married Minnie Louise BRYANT, 25, Lutterworth, d/o James BRYANT & Annie CAREY. Witn: Frank BRYANT of Norland & Mabel STEINHAUS of Lindsay. June 2, 1909, Lutterworth
011017-09 George E. WILKENS, 22, Bookkeeper, Baysville, s/o Neville WILKENS & Elizabeth DEURNY, married Ellen Hilda PHILLIPS, 21, Baysville, d/o Daniel PHILLIPS & Dorothy ROBINSON. Witn: George S. DOLLIE & Margaret Catherine McKAY both of Dorset. July 28, 1909, Dorset