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Haliburton Co., 1910


012011-10 James ARNOLD, 21, miller, of Toronto, s/o James ARNOLD & Emma COSTER, married Lucy Ann KIRKWOOD, 26, of Minden, d/o Charles KIRKWOOD & Collinetta KIDWELL, witn: Stuart S. TAYLOR & Levinia KIRKWOOD both of Minden on Oct. 26, 1910 at Minden Tp  
011995-10 William Alex BAKER, 25, farmer, West Guilford, s/o Alex BAKER, & Maggie MORRISON, married Lauretta CURRY, 16, of Harburn, d/o P.A. CURRY & Maggie WATT, witn: Dan WATT of Haliburton & Eva CURRY of Harburn on Mar. 23, 1910, at Haliburton No reg. # Robert C. BARRY, 22, farmer, Guilford twp., Guilford, s/o George BARRY & Mary Jane SAWYER, married Myrtle MAGUIRE, 19, widow, Guilford, same, d/o William HENDERSON & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Harry BARRY & Greta SAWYER no residences given on Aug, 3, 1910 at Haliburton
011992-10 Edgar BENTHAM, 23, farmer, of Dysart, s/o Wright & Margaret Jane, married Margaret GAINSFORTH, 32, of Dysart, d/o W. GAINSFORTH & Margaret BOWEN, witn: A. W. NAUS? of Haliburton & May GAINSFORTH of Dysart on March 16, 1910 at Haliburton Tp 012019-10 Gerald CLANCY, 25, farmer, of Stanhope Tp, s/o Jacob CLANCY & Jane REDNOR, married Lena May TAYLOR, 18, of Stanhope Tp, d/o William TAYLOR & Sarah BEATTY, witn: Walter CLANCY & Sophia Jane TAYLOR both of Maple Lake on Dec. 21, 1910 at Stanhope Tp.
012003-10 James Hill COULTER, 34, farmer, of Stanhope, s/o Hugh COULTER & Maggie TAYLOR, married Minnie May BOYD, 22, of Hindon, d/o John BOYD & Mary CRAWFORD, witn: John BOYD of Hindon & Lizzie CRAWFORD of Stanhope on May 20, 1910, at Minden Tp 012010-10 Thomas DAVIDSON, 38, farmer, of Allsaw, s/o David A. DAVIDSON & Anne KERR married Iva CRUICKSHANKS, 24, widow, of West Guilford Tp., d/o William HENDERSON & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Thomas DUNCAN & Ester HAWKINS both of Minden on Nov. 23, 1910 at Allsaw, Minden Tp
  No Reg. # James DEAN, 25, laborer, Haliburton, same, s/o George DEAN & Annie WELLER, married Nellie SAWYER, 20, of Haliburton, d/o William Henry SAWYER & Louise BARRY, witn: Frank BURFORD & Daisy DEAN both of Haliburton on Dec. 22, 1910
011994-10 Malachi EARL, 48, farmer, of Lindsay Ontario, s/o Thomas H. EARL & Mary McCOY, married Lulla HAZZARD, 23, of Haliburton, d/o Joseph & Christine, witn: Charles & Nestine BROHM no residence given on Mar. 9, 1910 at Haliburton 012009-10 Joseph FADER (YADER?) 28, farmer, of Maple Lake Ontario, s/o Joseph FADER & Margaret JONES married Laura BOWRON, 22, of Minden, d/o William BOWRON & Vesta FETTERLY, witn: Dorothy BOWRON of Minden & Harry BARRY of Maple Lake on Sept. 14, 1910 at Minden Tp.
012018-10 Walter FAIRFIELD, 27, farmer, of Minden Tp, s/o Walter FAIRFIELD & Mary STEELE, married Annie DEACON, 21, of Stanhope Tp, d/o Robert DEACON & Mary Jane SISSON, witn: William DEACON of Halls Lake & Annie FAIRFIELD of Minden on Oct. 5, 1910 at Stanhope Tp. 011993-10 Charles Edward HEWITT, 28, farmer, of Stanhope, s/o W.G HEWITT & Harriett COLLINS, married Elizabeth GODURIE, 30, of Stanhope, d/o . GODURIE & Ann DAVIES, witn: Harriet COLLINS, Alice COOPER & W. H. HEWITT all of Stanhope on Mar, 23, 1910 at Haliburton Tp
012007-10 Walter G. HOLINSHEAD, 37, farmer, Brunel Tp., s/o William HOLINSHEAD & Lucy Jane COLLYER married Annie Alida ROGERS, 24, of Minden Tp, d/o George A. ROGERS & Alida POMEROY, witn: Delbert & Cora C. ROGERS both of Minden on Sept. 7, 1910 at Minden Tp No Reg. # Herbert HORSLEY, 22, farmer, of Maple Lake, s/o John HORSLEY & Bella BERRY, married Fannie CLARK, 18, of Maple Lake, d/o George CLARK & Fannie BURROWS, witn: Harry McGUIRE & Ethel GRIFFIN both of West Guilford on Aug. 17, 1910 at Haliburton
No Reg. # James Gurdwood Anderson INGLIS, 28, laborer, widower, Haliburton, same, s/o George INGLIS & Janet Elizabeth Frazer ANDERSON, married Nettie Ethel ANDERSON, 21, Harburn, same, d/o David Hustin ANDERSON & Isabella GILMOUR, witn: Thomas LANE of Haliburton & Isabella J. ANDERSON of Harburn on Oct. 25, 1910 at Haliburton 012006-10 Albert KAY, 28, fireman, of Toronto, s/o Joseph KAY & Isabel PAR married Margaret CHAMBERS, 29, of Carnarvon, d/o William CHAMBERS & Alice HOWELL, witn: W. A. BROWN of Toronto & Isabelle CHAMBERS of Carnarvon on July 27, 1910 at Carnarvon Minden Tp.
No Reg. # John Clive MADILL, 26, farmer, of Glamorgan twp., s/o Thomas MADILL & Emma CASTLE, married Clara BILLINGS, 18, of Glamorgan twp., d/o William BILLINGS & Anna WINN, witn: George PICKINS & Mrs G. W. PICKINS both of Gooderham on Dec. 26, 1910 at Gooderham  
012016-10 Albert McKAY, decorator, of Toronto, s/o John McKAY & Mary Ann FIELD, married Amelia STUART, 24, of Gelert, d/o S. R. STUART & Emma Elyse SACKROYD, witn: Robert McKAY of Toronto & Florence STUART of Gelert on Dec. 28, 1910 at Gelert Tp 012015-10 Edward Henry PEACOCK, 21, farmer, illegible, s/o John PEACOCK & Martha FRANKS, married Alice Theresa MILBURN, 18, of Gelert, d/o John MILBURN & Becky HOYLE witn: Charles MILBURN of Gelert & Kate PEACOCK of Frontenac on Dec. 28, 1910 at Gelert Tp.
012012-10 Joseph E. PRITCHARD, 22, farmer, of Minden, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD, no mother’s name given, married Margaret TRUMBALL, 18, of Minden, d/o William E. TRUMBALL, & Jennie COULTER, witn: Lewis PRITCHARD & Myrtle TRUMBALL both of Minden on Dec. 28, 1910 at Minden Tp. 012013-10 Alexander REYNOLDS, 36, farmer, of Minden, s/o William REYNOLDS & Maggie CAMPBELL married Ida WHISTLE, 25, of Anson, d/o David WHISTLE & Anne HAY, witn: Earnest SNELL of Anson & Lena LOTT of Minden on Oct. 13, 1910 at Minden Tp.
012005-10 Charles David RICHARDSON, 22, farmer, of Minden, s/o Charles RICHARDSON & mothers name not known, married Pearl PALMER, 21, of Minden, d/o Alfred PALMER & Nancy HAGAN witn: Arthur WIDMORE & Theresa LOUCKS, both of Minden on July 12, 1910, at Minden Tp 012002-10 Frederick Jonathan SNELL, age not given, farmer, of Anson, s/o Christopher SNELL, mother’s name not given, married Laura Josephine HUGHES, no age given, of Minden, d/o Joseph HUGHES & Ellen Thompson, witn: Robert RAWSON of Lindsay & Pearl PALMER of Minden on Mar. 18, 1910 at Minden Tp.
012008-10 Arthur WADMORE, 24, labourer, of Minden, s/o John WADMORE & mother’s name not known, married Emma Theresa LOUCKS, 19, of Minden, d/o George & Flora LOUCKS, Witn: Walter WELSH & Alberta Wilson both of Minden on Sept. 27, 1910 at Minden Tp 012004-10 James WALKER, 34, farmer, of Gelert, s/o William WALKER & Rebecca COULTER, married Edith Alice MILBURN, 31, of Gelert, d/o Thomas MILBURN & Margarett JOHNSTON, witn: Charles MILBURN of Gelert & Nellie CORBITT of Minden on May 5, 1910 at Gelert Snowdon Tp.
012014-10 Wm Arthur WELSH, 28, merchant, of Minden, s/o John WELSH & Elizabeth UPTON married Helen Cristina PECK, 27, of Snowdon, d/o Francis PECK & Kate CLINE, witn : Walter WELSH & Cora W. PECK both of Minden on Oct. 12, 1910 at Snowdon Tp