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Haliburton Co, 1911

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05270-11 Arthur BATCHELOR, 27, farmer, of Haliburton, s/o Thomas BATCHELOR & A? M. BUDD, married Mary E. WALLING, 31, of Haliburton, d/o R. F. WALLING & Harriet RUBY, witn: Bing & Mildred WALLING both of Haliburton on Aug. 23, 1911 at Baptist Church in Haliburton 5269-11 Charles Elmer BOLENDER, 32, farmer, of Dysart twp., s/o George W. & Catherine, married Agnes ELSTONE, 18, of Dysart twp., d/o W.J. & Elizabeth M., witn: Lottie C. McCLARY (?) & Percy BOLENDER both of Dysart Tp. on June 28, 1911 at Dysart Tp.
5271-11 Robert BOWERS, 21, farmer, of Cardiff twp., s/o John & Mary, married Jessie VANSICKLE, 23, of Cardiff twp., d/o William & Mary, witn: John BOWERS of Highland Grove & Violet BOWERS of Harcourt on Dec. 19, 1911 at Cardiff Tp. 5267-11 John BRYSON, 30, farmer, of Somerville twp., s/o John William BRYSON & Mary FRANCESS, married Mary McELWAIN, 22, widow, Somerville twp., d/o William McDONALD & Maggie SAWYER, witn: Mrs George FINCH & Mrs E. WHITE both of Haliburton on Jan. 11, 1911 at Haliburton.
5269-11 Frank BURFORD, 21, sawyer, of Haliburton Village, s/o Henry BURFORD & Elizabeth POCKLINGTON, married Daisy DEAN, 22, of Haliburton Village, d/o George DEAN & Annie WELLER, witn: Walter Chester KELLETT & Jessie Bell WATT both of Haliburton on July 17, 1911 at Haliburton Village. 5272-11 William COX, 24, laborer/farmer, of Minden, s/o Jonathon COX & Jane THOMPSON, married Annie Amelia STAMP, 19, of Minden, d/o William STAMP & Ellen TRUMBELL, witn: Clarence TRUMBELL & Ella May STAMP both of Minden on Oct. 25, 1911 at Minden Tp.
5273-11 George Wesley DAGG, 49, farmer, widower, of Hallow Lake, s/o Thomas DAGG & Mary SAWYER, married Margaret McDONALD, 47, widow, of Hallow Lake, d/o David SAWYER & Eliza HADVERD, witn: W. J. & Mary Ann CONWAY & Charlotte McDONALD all of Dorset on April 10, 1911 at Sherburne Tp 5274-11 Edward Burt (Bush?) FIELDING, 23, farmer, of Minden, s/o William FIELDING & Sarah BURT, married Edna Amelia BAKER, 23, of Minden, d/o Richard Henry BAKER & Bella GILL, witn: Don J. HARTLE of Minden & Bella HOGG illegible residence on May 24, 1911 at Minden Village.
5275-11 John GRAHAM, 28, farmer, of Minden, s/o George GRAHAM & Eliza HARRISON, married Alberta WILSON, 19, of Minden, d/o Francis WILSON & Alberta (?) LOUCKS, witn: Clarence TRUMBULL & Jessie GRAHAM both of Minden on July 12, 1911 at Minden Village 5277-11 William Henry HEWITT, 25, farmer, of Stanhope twp., s/o William George & Harriett, married Alice Helena COOPER, 27, of Stanhope twp., d/o William & Fanny, witn: Joseph BEATTY & Hazel Aileen BRICE both of Stanhope Tp. on Sept. 20, 1911 at Stanhope Tp.
5276-11 Thomas William HOWE, 22, laborer, of Snowdon twp., s/o Joseph HOWE & Eva STABRY (Staley?) married Sophia Ella HOWE, 18, of Snowdon twp., d/o James Mathers HOWE & Edith JOHNSTON, witn: Alfred M. & Alice Greeta HOWE of Snowdon Tp. on Sept. 27, 1911 at Minden Village 5278-11 John Thomas LAKING, 33, lumberman, of Haliburton Village, s/o William LAKING & Martha NEVELL?, married Lila Eugenia HOXIE, 26, of Haliburton Village, d/o E. P. & Alice, witn: Elwood Anthony HOXIE & Bessie LUCAS both of Haliburton Village on Feb. 28, 1911 at Haliburton Village.
5280-11 William Lorenzo LITTLE, 24, lumberman, of Wilberforce, s/o Thomas LITTLE & Isobel KNOX, married Gertrude E. HUGHEY, 22, of Cheddar Ont., d/o David HUGHEY & Matilda HUGHSON, witn: Walter CLARK of Wilberforce & Josie HUGHEY of Cheddar on Dec. 6, 1911 at Monmouth 5279-11 Samuel LUFF, 23, laborer, of Coboconk, s/o Samuel LUFF & Lila FOUNTAIN, married Marion RIVERS, 15, of Anson twp., d/o John RIVERS & Mary STEELE, witn: Edward & Maggie TRAVISS both of Minden on April 13, 1911 at Anson Tp
5281-11 Robert James MARSHALL, 22, miner, of Wilberforce, s/o James Albert MARSHALL & Emma NICHOLLS, married Flora May WEBBER, 18, of Wilberforce, d/o George WEBBER and Jane IRWIN, witn: J. W. CRANDOON (?) & Ella AMES both of Wilberforce on April 19, 1911 at Monmouth Tp. 5284-11 John McGUIRE, 20, lumberman, of Snowdon twp., s/o James McGUIRE & Charlotte FOLLER, married Emma Florence SHERMAN, 18, of Snowdon twp., d/o John Willett SHERMAN & Margaret Ann JOHNSON, witn: Walter SHERMAN of Snowdon & Bertha S. COOPER of Kinmount on Dec. 20, 1911 at Snowdon Tp.
5282-11 Robert Watson McMASTER, 27, factory employee, of Wiarton Bruce Co., s/o William McMASTER & Christina SUTTON, married Violet Ruby GREY, 24, of Snowdon twp., d/o Charles GREY & Annie Kinnear MOFFATT, witn: Alex B. McCAUL of Toronto & Jean HOWSE of Snowdon Tp. on May 24, 1911 at Snowdon Tp. 5283-11 James Edward MINTO, 25, surveyor, of Toronto, s/o William MINTO & Annie SHAW, married Ethel Winifred LINDOP, 17, of Minden, d/o Arthur C. LINDOP & Maria BECHAN, witn: William A. F. LYNDON of Minden & Lucinda A. ASPDEN of Midland on Dec. 27, 1911 at Lutterworth Tp.
5286-11 Robert John PETCH, 29, farmer, of Glamorgan, s/o Robert PETCH & Annie TRUAX married Sarah Jane SHOLER, 20, of Glamorgan, d/o Albert SHOLER & Mary Ann MAPHETY, witn: Amy HIRSH & Eliza WHITE both of Haliburton on April 28, 1911 at Haliburton 5285-11 Joshua Edward PICKENS, 26, livery stable keeper, of Gooderham Glamorgan twp., s/o Joshua Murray PICKENS & Sophia Wyle, married Mary HOPE, 18, of Tory Hill Monmouth twp., d/o William HOPE & Isabella DALLYN, witn: Gordon D. LAKE & Sophia PICKENS both of Gooderham on March 27, 1911 at Village of Haliburton.
5287-11 Joseph Henry ROBERTSON, 30, merchant, of Haliburton, s/o John Mackmicking ROBERTSON & Annie BELL, married Minnie Maud PENGELLY, 20, of Haliburton, d/o William Henry PENGELLY & Minnie WARD, witn: Henry Herbert PENGELLY & Iva ROBERTSON both of Haliburton on March 8, 1911 at Village of Haliburton. 5288-11 Delbert Franklin ROGERS, 22, farmer, of Minden P.O. Anson twp., s/o Nelson ROGERS & Sarah CORNELIUS, married Cora Estella ROGERS, 31, of Minden P.O. Anson twp., d/o George & Alida, witn: W. G. & Annie HOLINSHEAD both of Huntsville on March 14, 1911 at Minden Tp
5292-11 Bruno SALERNO, 20, laborer, of Dysart twp., s/o Francisco SALERNO & Francisca SIBBEL, married Mary Maud FORREST, 19, of Dysart twp., d/o William FORREST & Grace HUTCHINGS, witn: Florence CLEMENT & Pisani SALVATORE both of Haliburton on Nov. 17, 1911 at Haliburton. 5291-11 Isaac SNELL, 34, farmer, of Minden twp., s/o Christopher SNELL & Ann STOREY, married Lena Hamilton TAYLOR, 24, of Minden twp., d/o Robert TAYLOR & Carrie HAMILTON, witn: Lila IRELAND of Snowdon Tp. & Stuart S. TAYLOR of Minden Tp. on Aug. 2, 1911 at Minden Village
5290-11 Alexander SPICER, 33, laborer, of Haliburton, s/o William SPICER & Jane BEAMISH, married Bertha Adelaide LEITH, 35, of Haliburton, d/o William LEATH (sic) & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: William & B. A. LEITH both of Haliburton on Apr. 18, 1911 at Dysart Tp 5289-11 David STOKES, 25, clerk, of Sherbourne, s/o David STOKES & Anne THOMAS, married Victoria Louise McKNIGHT, 17, of Allsaw Minden twp., d/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth Jane BATESON, witn: John McKNIGHT of Allsaw & Beatrice THOMAS of Haliburton on Feb. 1, 1911 at Haliburton.
5293-11 Albert VANCE, 28, farmer, of Paudash Faraday, s/o Samuel VANCE & Sarah CREIGHTON, married Kathleen MacGILLIVRAY, 28, of Paudash, d/o Malcolm MacGILLIVRAY & Catharine McEACHERN, witn: T. George VANCE of Woods P.O. & Agnes STOUGHTON of Fort Stewart on March 8, 1911 at Cardiff 5294-11 William John WALKER, 46, farmer, widower, of Anson twp., s/o William WALKER & Rebecca COULTER, married Elizabeth DAVIS, 47, widow, of Minden Village, d/o Amos STAMP & Phoebe MAGGISON, witn: William & Ellen STAMP both of Minden on Apr. 14, 1911 at Minden Tp
5295-11 George WEBBER, 32, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o George WEBBER & Jane IRVIN, married Mabel HUGHIE (or Hughey, both given), 29, of Wilberforce (or Cheddar), d/o David HUGHIE & Mabel HUSTON, witn: William LITTLE of Wilberforce & Gertrude Edith HUGHEY (sic) of Cheddar Ont. on April 22, 1911 at Wilberforce. 5497-11 Walter WILKINSON, 24, plasterer, of Toronto, s/o Frank WILKINSON & Katherine GOODCHILD, married Maud E. Le BOUTILLIER, 18, of Dysart twp., d/o Winter (?) Le BOUTILLIER & Mary Jane BOUDIN, witn: Augusta & Peter BOUDIN both of Haliburton on Oct. 30, 1911 at Dysart Tp
5496-11 James WRUTH, 21, Gov’t worker, of Snowdon twp., s/o De Forest WRUTH & Emily MOOR, married Margaret Christine DUGAN, 18, Lot 17 Conc 18 Snowdon twp., d/o James DUGAN & Elizabeth Anne HOLMES, witn: William CONGDON of Lot 23 Conc 6 Snowdon Tp. & Myrtle DUGAN of Lot 17 Conc 18? Snowdon Tp. on June 21, 1911 at home of bride's parents at Haliburton Co. ----------------------------