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Haliburton Co, 1912

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9226-12 George Edgar BARRY, 21, not given, Maple Lake, same, s/o James BARRY & Eliza SAWYER, married Zelda Blanche KING, 16, Keswick, Carnarvon, d/o Richard KING & Margaret CRYDERMAN, witn: W. M. FAULKNER of Halls Lake & Julia FRY of Carnarvon on July 12, 1912 at Minden Tp. 9227-12 John L. BOOMHOUR, 40, not given, widower, Cardiff, same, s/o Walter BOOMHOUR & Flora WOODCOCK, married Jessie May BOOMHOUR, 20, Faraday, Cardiff, d/o Martin BOOMHOUR & Sarah WOODCOCK, witn: Matthew BRESARTIN (?) of Wood & Alma BOOMHOUR of Monk Road on Dec. 12, 1911 at home of the groom Cardiff.
9225-12 John Oscar BOWEN, 25, not given, Cardiff twp., same, s/o George Washington BOWEN & Arzillia POST, married Sarah Violet BOWERS, 17, Cardiff twp., same, d/o John BOWERS & Mary Ellen TOWNSEND, witn: George BOWERS & Effie BOWEN both of Highland Grove on April 3, 1912 at Cardiff Tp. 9228-12 John DAVIS, 21, laborer, of Minden twp., s/o James DAVIS & Leticia LITTLE, married Theressa COX, 20, of Minden twp., d/o Jonathon COX & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Robert McKNIGHT of Allsaw & Ettie DAVIS of Blairhampton on May 1, 1912 at Minden Village.
9231-12 Roderick EASON, 26, not given, Somerville, Lutterworth, s/o Daniel EASON & Annie O'BRIEN, married Annie Bella Jane POGUE, 22, Lutterworth, same, d/o Samuel Dysart POGUE & Evelyn MIDDLETON, witn: Albert & Mary POGUE both of Lutterworth on Dec. 23, 1912 at Lutterworth Tp. 9230-12 John EMMERSON, 22, not given, Toronto, Donald P.O. Dysart twp., s/o James EMMERSON & Mary BECKER, married Lizetta May ROBERTSON, 19, Minden twp., Lochlin P.O., d/o John Blaine ROBERTSON & Elizabeth illegible, witn: Erastus ROBERTSON of Lochlin & Sadie EMMERSON of Toronto on Sept. 18, 1912 at Minden Tp.
9229-12 William ENGLISH, 40, laborer, widower, of Donald Ont., s/o Robert ENGLISH & Elizabeth STANFORD, married Mary NEWMAN, 20, of Lochlin Ont, d/o Clifford NEWMAN & Ellen SHELL, witn: John EMERSON of Donald & May ROBERTSON of Lochlin on Feb. 7, 1912 at Minden. 9233-12 James Milton FADER, 21, farmer, of Maple Lake, s/o George FADER & Phoebe JONES, married Ethel COOK, 18, of Maple Lake, d/o Joseph COOK & Elizabeth OWENS, witn: James COWEN & Gladys COOK both of Maple Lake on Nov. 20, 1912 at Minden Village
9232-12 Arthur Mallet Couling FLEMING, 28, farmer, of Wilberforce, s/o A. W. FLEMING & Charlotte COULING, married Mamie MICK, 21, of Wilberforce, d/o Charles MICK & Sarah WHITE, witn: A. M. SPEARS & H. WILKINSON both of Wilberforce on May 1, 1912 at Monmouth 9235-12 William HENRY, 24, farmer, of Essonville Monmouth twp., s/o William & Mary Jane, married Ellen Carrie MADILL, 23, of Glamorgan, d/o William & Emma, witn: Sydney BRADLEY of Essonville & Sarah MADILL of Glamorgan on Dec. 25, 1912 at Essonville Church Monmouth Tp.
9234-12 Robert Bruce HOPE, 23, not given, Allsaw, same, s/o George HOPE & Mary DUNCAN, married Elenor HUGHES, 22, Anson twp., Minden P.O., d/o Robert HUGHES & Agnes MORPHETT, witn: John HUGHES of Lutterworth & Clara TRUMBULL of Lutterworth on Dec. 25, 1912 at Anson Tp 9236-12 Bruce KELLETT, 21, not given, Haliburton, same, s/o Douglas KELLETT & Agnes JONES, married Emily McINTYRE, 18, West Guilford, Haliburton, d/o Daniel McINTYRE & Mary JONES, witn: Walter KELLETT & Jessie WATT both of Haliburton on April 30, 1912 at Haliburton Village.
9237-12 Hinrich Alfred KRUGER, 23, laborer, of Alice twp., s/o Martin KRUGER & Christine GUTTKE, married Martha EGGERT, 22, of Wilberforce, d/o Wilhelm EGGERT & Emilie TABORSKI, witn: Lene KRUGER & Bruno EGGERT illegible residences on Oct. 9, 1912 at Lutheran Church Wilberforce. 9238-12 William John MAGUIRE, 33, farmer, illegible, same, s/o illegible, married Iva Mary CLINKSCALE, 22, illegible, same, d/o illegible, witn: illegible, on March 28, 1912 at Haliburton. [very faded reg’n]
9239-12 Samuel MAIN, 36, not given, Glamorgan, same, s/o Alex MAIN & illegible, married Margaret Jane LETHERBY, illegible, Dysart, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Sophia HUTCHINGS & Ephraim PARISH both of Haliburton on Oct. 1, 1912 at Dysart. 9240-12 William Thomas NESBITT, 40, farmer, of Minden, s/o James NESBITT & Margaret LITTLE, married Mary Ann VOYCEY, 32, of Blairhampton, d/o Henry VOYCEY & Lenora WELSH, witn: Robert McKNIGHT of Allsaw & Ettie DAVIS of Blairhampton on May 14, 1912 at Minden Village.
9241-12 Edward POGUE, 25, not given, Minden, Lindsay, s/o Samuel POGUE & Eveline MIDDLETON, married Bessie BOYCE, 20, Stanhope,. Lindsay, d/o Hamilton BOYCE & J. RADNOR, witn: Albert & Mary POGUE both of Lutterworth on May 2, 1912 at Lutterworth 9242-12 Alfred PRITCHARD, 28, not given, Stanhope, Minden, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Elizabeth COBDEN, married Robina HOGG, 27, Minden, same, d/o John C. HOGG & Sarah THOMAS, witn: Richmond HOGG & Nellie PRITCHARD both of Minden on June 19, 1912 at Minden Tp.
9243-12 Frederick SUCEE, 32, not given, Cardiff, same, s/o Joseph SUCEE & Jemima SANDERS, married Ellen DETTMAN, 35, widow, Seymour, Cardiff, d/o John SARGINSON & Marjorie WATSON, witn: Irvyn MUMFORD of Cardiff & Maggie McMANN of Wilberforce on Aug. 20, 1912 at Wilberforce Village. 9244-12 William Wellington SHOLER, 23, not given, Dunsford, Gelert, s/o John James SHOLER & Margaret McNEIL, married Margaret E. JOHNSTON, 16, Dysart, same, d/o George L. JOHNSTON & Jane MADILL, witn: David JOHNSON (sic) of Haliburton & Violet McPHAIL of Maple Lake on Dec. 25, 1912 at Dysart Tp.
9245-12 James TOY, 64, not given, widower, Co. Antrim Ireland, Minden, s/o Neil TOY & Letitia KEERS, married "Diannie TOY (Sawyer)", 51, widow, Pembroke, Sherbourne, d/o George MACDONALD & Jane DOBSON, witn: Harry SAWYER of Hollow Lake & Jennie BOYD of Minden on Nov. 20, 1912 at Minden Tp. 9246-12 Walter WILLIS, 21, not given, Cardiff twp., same, s/o Walter WILLIS & Ann Hartland HARDING, married Elizabeth E. SHAW, 21, Gelert, same, d/o illegible SHAW & Mary LIVINGSTONE, witn: Willie OGILIVIE & Martha BOWEN both of Cardiff Tp. on July 9, 1912 at Cardiff Tp.