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Haliburton Co, 1913

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3607-13 Frederick George AGNEW, 27, blank, London England, Gooderham, s/o Herb H. AGNEW & Elizabeth HAMMOND, married Mary Ellen DIXON, 18, Cardiff, Gooderham, d/o David & Agnes, witn: Mrs. G. D. LAKE & George HUNTER, both of Gooderham on July 19, 1913 at Glamorgan Tp. 3609-13 Alexander BAKER, 56, farmer, widower, of Stanhope Tp, s/o Alexander BAKER & Sarah HOLDEN, married Margaret SMITH, 64, widow, of Stanhope Tp., d/o John FULKLES & blank, witn: Barby Ann FULKLES & Mr. & Mrs William BAKER all of West Guilford on Apr. 28, 1913 at Carnarvon, Stanhope Tp
3608-13 Charles William BARTON, 28, farmer, Anson Tp., same, s/o R. BARTON & Elizabeth RUMBALOW (?), married Pearl McKELVEY, 23, Minden Tp., Anson Tp., d/o George McKELVIE & Bella GOULDIE, witn: Walter McKELVEY of Minden & Annie HARDY of Huntsville on Jan. 6, 1913 at Minden 3614-13 Arthur Ernest BOYCE, 35, farmer, of Tory Hill Monmouth Tp., s/o William BOYCE & Matilda PARKER, married Margaret McRAE, 32, of Essonville Monmouth Tp., d/o James McRAE & Elizabeth GOLDEN, witn: Norman DACK of Tory Hill & Myrtle McRAE of Essonville on Dec. 25, 1913 at Monmouth Tp.
3610-13 Robert David BURK, 28, farmer, Minden, New Liskeard, s/o Robert BURK & Anna ARCHER, married Rowena Isabel GIBSON, 19, Minden, Dysart, d/o James GIBSON & Margaret BUTCHART, witn: William GIBSON of Haliburton & Hazel Dell ROBERTSON, of Albion (?) Ontario on June 30, 1913 at Dysart Tp 3613-13 Clarence Llewellyn CARY (Carey?), 21, blank, Port Perry, Monmouth, s/o Charles CARY & Ellen WARD, married Eva Jane PEARSALL, 17, White Lake, Irondale, d/o Manly PEARSALL & illegible Esther CLYDESDALE, witn: Salem OSTERTOG of Hotspur & Ida MINTZ of Glamorgan on July 23, 1913 at Hotspur, Monmouth Tp.
3612-13 Mervyn Edward COLE, 28, farmer, of Coleville Saskatchewan, s/o Charles Edward COLE & Elizabeth MOIER, married Marie Beatrice MARTIN, 29, of Morris Falls Ontario, d/o John MARTIN & Katherine BOYCE, witn: Mrs. S. & Sandy MARTIN residence illegible on Feb. 12, 1913 at Lutterworth Tp 3614-13 Alexander DEACON, 32, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o Robert DEACON & Margaret Jane SISSON, married Maud WALKER, 27, widow, Minden Tp., same, d/o Nicolas HARRISON & mother’s name not given, witn: George DEACON & Edith WALKER both of Stanhope Tp. on Dec. 23, 1913 at Minden Tp.
3615-13 Claude EDWARDS, 28, fireman, Donald - Dysart Tp., Sommerville, s/o John EDWARDS & Emma HALL, married Charlotte Arenina LUFF, 19, Donald, Somerville, d/o Samuel LUFF & Delila FOUNTAIN, witn: Walter LUFF & Mrs James W. HUGILL both of Coboconk on Dec. 17, 1913 at Minden Village, Minden Tp 3617-13 Robert John ELDRIDGE, 21, laborer, Detroit Mich. USA, Snowdon, s/o Francis Arthur ELDRIDGE & Jennie ENGLISH, married Bertha Sophia Ann COOPER, 18, Sommerville, Snowdon, d/o John William H. COOPER & Elizabeth BARCLAY, witn: Sarah HILL of Kinmount & Fred TANSLEY of Burnt River on Dec. 23, 1913 at Snowdon Tp.
3616-13 Willson Richard ELSTONE, 18, farmer, of Dysart, s/o Edward ELSTONE & Lillian Mary HAZZARD, married Winnifred Esther TYLER, 21, of Dysart, d/o Samuel illegible TYLER & Rose RUTHVEN, witn: Ettie Marie RUTHVEN of Toronto & James Edward HARRISON of Glamorgan on Dec. 4, 1913 at Dysart Tp. 3618-13 Albert Edward GAINER, 23, laborer, of Minden, s/o William GAINER & Margaret BARTON, married Ethel Elizabeth SAWYER, 20, of Minden, d/o Frederick SAWYER & Cordelia JONES, witn: William LEWIS & Edith SAWYER both of Minden on June 16, 1913 at Minden.
3619-13 (Haliburton Co): Reuben Garret HAIGHT, 60, Murray twp., Gelert, s/o Roland R. HAIGHT, farmer, & Hannah LEAMUS, married Harriet B.H. SMITH, 65, Hinchenbrook, Anson twp., d/o John HYDE, farmer, & Jane MACDONALD, witn: Wallace SMITH & Maud HOWSE, both of Minden, 15 Jan 1913 at Anson twp 3621-13 (Haliburton Co): John Henry HARRISON, 29, farmer, of Minden twp., s/o Nicholas HARRISON, farmer, & Agnes ALLSWORTH, married Elizabeth COOPER, 23, house keeper, of Halls Lake – Stanhope twp., d/o James COOPER, farmer, & Emma WYATT, witn: Clifford HARRISON & Eva FRY, both of Carnarvon, 26 Feb 1913 at village of Minden
3622-13 (Haliburton Co): James HUGHES, 29, Anson twp., same, s/o Robert HUGHES, farmer, & Jane SMITH, married Myrtle May DUGAN, 17, Snowden twp., same, d/o James DUGAN, farmer, & Eliza HOLMES, witn: Nellie DUGAN & Ruby HILL, both of Lochlin, 20 July 1913 at Snowden twp 3620-13 (Haliburton Co): Raymond Silas HUNT, 26, Ingoldsby, Detroit USA, s/o Alfred E. HUNT, farmer, & Emma L. HILL, married Mildred A. HARRISON, 22, Ingoldsby, same, d/o Peter HARRISON, farmer, & Evangeline McNEIL , witn: Ruby Olive HILL & James Edward HARRISON, both of Lochlin, 5 Feb 1913 at Minden twp
3624-13 George Emmerson Sheridan KELLETT, 19, blank, Lutterworth Tp., same, s/o Stanley KELLETT & Ida RUSLET, married Helen BOLDT, 17, Lutterworth Tp., same, d/o Adolphus BOLDT & Janey CAMERON, witn: Chester KELLETT of Minden & Winnie BALENTINE of Gelert on July 30, 1913 at Lutterworth Tp 3623-13 (Haliburton Co): Edward Emmett KIRKWOOD, 23, Minden twp., same, s/o Charles KIRKWOOD & Colenetta KIDWELL, married Fanny Ellen PAGE, 20, Minden twp., Kinmount, d/o Robert PAGE & Mary ROSS, witn: Edward LYLE & Alsira WATSON, both of Kinmount, March 1913 at Kinmount
3625-13 Adiel Olavi LAHTINEN, 26, blacksmith, of Allsaw Minden, s/o John LATINEN & Tena ALSTEN, married Hanna WALKAWA, (Walkama?) 27, of Allsaw Minden Tp., d/o John WALKAWA & Sarah MOODY, witn: Albert & Sarah MOODY both of Allsaw on Aug. 15, 1913 at Minden Tp. 3628-13 Albert Samuel MADILL, 23, blank, Monmouth, same, s/o David MADILL & Eliza WHITE, married Hannah Belle McCONNELL, 22, Monmouth, same, d/o Joseph McCONNELL & Mary GRAHAM, witn: David John MADILL & Mary Harriet WHITE both of Gooderham on Dec. 24, 1913 at Haliburton Village.
3629-13 James Russel McDUFF, 21, blank, Gooderham, Glamorgan, s/o James McDUFF & Emma ADAMS, married Laura WHITE, 18, Cavendish, Glamorgan, d/o John WHITE & Emma SIMMONS, witn: E. David McDUFF & Charlotte DORELL both of Gooderham on Sept. 29, 1913 at Haliburton Tp. 3627-13 Charles Edward MILBURN, 23, blank, Gelert, same, s/o John MILBURN & Betty HOYLE, married Dora May VICK, 20, Gelert, same, d/o Fred VICK & Ann JOHNSTON, witn: Willie VICK & Lila ST. PETER both of Gelert on June 17, 1913 at Snowdon Tp.
3626-13 John McBride MORTIMER, 25, blank, Strasburg Saskatchewan, Anson Tp., s/o John MORTIMER & Isabella RANSOM, married Margaret Anne CAMPBELL, 23, of Anson Tp., d/o Malachi CAMPBELL & Margaret JONES, witn: Dean MORTIMER & Clara TURNBULL both of Minden Anson Tp. on Feb. 5, 1913 at Minden Tp 3630-13 William PLUMLEY, 30, blank, Faraday Tp - Hastings Co., same, s/o Charles PLUMLEY & Sarah REDMOND, married Lulu MITCHELL, 20, Cardiff Tp., same, d/o John MITCHELL & Mary SARGINSON, witn: Frank PLUMLEY of Bancroft & Vera WATSON of Highland Grove on Mar. 26, 1913 at Cardiff
3631-13 Richard PARCELS, 49, blank, widower, Franklin Ont., Haliburton, s/o Rufus PARCELS & Cinderella GRIGURE, married Mary Elizabeth YOUNG, 43, widow, Hungerford, Ivanhoe, d/o Richard LINDSAY & Sarah ROGERS, witn: Joe LINDSAY of Haliburton & Amelia LINDSAY of Haliburton on June 5, 1913 at Minden Village. 3632-13 George Allan PHILLIPS, 20, farmer, Muskoka, Dudley Tp., s/o Harry D. PHILLIPS & Eliza GREGORY (?), married Lena CURRIE, 16, Harburn Tp., same, d/o R. Albert CURRIE & Maggie MALT, witn: Isaac ROBARTS of Harburn & Catherine PHILLIPS of Dudley Tp. on June 21, 1913 at Dysart Tp
3633-13 Erastus Isiah ROBERTSON, 23, farmer, Minden Tp., Lochlin Ont., s/o Blaine ROBERTSON & Elizabeth HICKS, married Myrtle ARCHER, 20, Minden Tp., same, d/o William George ARCHER & Emma (?) HOBDEN, witn: Wilbert ARCHER of Minden & Hazel ROBERTSON of Allsaw on June 11, 1913 at Minden Tp. 3634-13 Bert Edward SCHUTER, 25, carpenter, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o William SCHUTER & Mary SHEFFEE (?), married Lottie May SWINSON, 22, Lutterworth, same, d/o George SWINSON & Mary Jane SILVER, witn: W. SCHUTER of Snowden Tp. & Aline BOLDT of Lutterworth Tp. on Mar. 29, 1913 at Lutterworth Tp.
3635-13 Archibald Matthew SCOTT, 26, blank, Canada, Cardiff, s/o Archibald SCOTT & Mary Ann McCRAY (?), married Lefernnie TRIPP, 19, Cardiff, same, d/o Nicholas TRIPP & Annie Villeida RAY, witn: James W. TRIPP of Cardiff & M. G. SCHICKLER of Harcourt on Apr. 9, 1913 at Cardiff Tp. 3636-13 Clarence Edward SEDGWICK, 29, brakeman, Haliburton, same, s/o Edward SEDGEWICK & Samantha HUGHES, married Lenora WALLACE, 25, Sommerville, Haliburton, d/o John WALLACE & Henriette BROKAN, witn: Burley & Margaret WALLACE both of Haliburton on May 14, 1913 at Haliburton
3637-13 Allan Johnston SHOLER, 21, farmer, Hungerford, Gelert, s/o John SHOELER (sic) & Margaret McNEIL, married Isabella Jane ANDERSON, 19, Dudley Tp., same, d/o David ANDERSON & Isabella GILMOUR, witn: Ruby SMALL & Marjorie PHILIPPS both of Minden on May 31, 1913 at Minden Village 3638-13 Oren SWITZER, 21, blank, Gooderham, same, s/o Philip Robert SWITZER & Annie Marie HARRIS, married Ida Ellen MINTZ, 18, Gooderham, same, d/o Henry Lane MINTZ & Annie SHELVE, witn: Mrs John SPENCE & Sam MINTZ both of Gooderham on Aug. 6, 1913 at Glamorgan Tp.
3639-13 Wilbert UPTON, 21, farmer, Stanhope, Maple Lake (?), s/o James UPTON & Annie JOHNSTON, married Lena SAWYER, 18, Stanhope, Maple Lake, d/o A. Henry SAWYER & Elizabeth FADER, witn: Cecil SCOTT & Rena SAWYER both of Maple lake Haliburton Co., on Feb. 5, 1913 at Minden Tp. 3640-13 George William WEBB, 29, laborer, Minden Tp., Minden Village, s/o William WEBB & Jennie PHILLIPS, married Margaret BURNS, 16, Minden Tp., Minden, d/o Joseph Henry BURNS & Martha Victoria DAGG, witn: Percy & Maud PAGE both of Minden on Oct. 25, 1913 at Minden Village, Minden Tp.