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Haliburton Co, 1914 & 1915

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Haliburton 1914


11927-14 Percyval Harold BOLENDER, 25, manufacturer, Toronto, Haliburton, s/o George W. BOLENDER & Kate BRANDSON, married Claudia LE BOUTILLIER, 15, Jersey Island, Haliburton, d/o W. P. LE BOUTILLIER & Mary Jane BOUDIEN (?), witn: Augusta & Peter J. BORDEN both of Haliburton on June 24, 1914 at Haliburton 11928-14 Sydney Clarence BRADLEY, 25, farmer, not given, Monmouth Tp., s/o Frederick BRADLEY & Frances LAMBERT, married Elsie Georgina HENRY, 19, Monmouth Tp., same, d/o Robert HENRY & Victoria STEEL, witn: John LIBBY & Anna Mary HENRY both of Monmouth Tp. on June 24, 1914 at Essonville.
11929-14 James COWAN, 30, farmer, not given, Stanhope Tp., s/o William COWAN & Mary HOWELL, married Gladys COOK, 18, not given, Maple Lake - Stanhope Tp., d/o Joseph COOK & Elizabeth OWEN, witn: Vera McBRIEN of Maple Lake & William COWAN of Haliburton on July 15, 1914 at Village of Haliburton 11930-14 Dunn GIBBS, 43, laborer, widower, Middlesex Co., Fenelon Falls, s/o John GIBBS & Sarah Jane DUNN, married Annie PRENTICE, 35, widower, illegible, Minden, d/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Elizabeth HOBDEN, witn: Louis & Nellie PRITCHARD both of Minden on Nov. 18, 1914 at Minden tp.
11931-14 William HADLEY, 73, not given, widower, Reach Tp., Monmouth, s/o William HADLEY & Mary SHAW, married Susan YOUNG, 74, Murray Tp., Monmouth, d/o William YOUNG & Nancy TERRY, witn: C.S. SPENCE & Kate CLARK both of illegible on Feb. 17, 1914 at Monmouth Tp. 11933-14 William Seneca HANCOCK, 27, farmer, Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o James Henry HANCOCK & Caroline PLAYTER, married Stella Lila SPIERS, 18, Haliburton, Wilberforce, d/o Frank SPIERS & Emily EARL, witn: H. C. WOLFRAIN & Myrtle SPIERS both of Wilberforce on June 23, 1914 at Wilberforce
11932-14 Clifford HARRISON, 24, farmer, not given, Carnarvon Minden Tp., s/o John (farmer) & Mary, married Iva Florence FRY, 19, not given, Minden Tp., d/o Richard FRY (blacksmith) & Isabella CRAIG, witn: Fred HARRISON & Julia FRY both of Carnarvon on June 17, 1914 at Minden Tp. 11934-14 William Floyd HENDERSON, 21, farmer, not given, Stanhope Tp., s/o William HENDERSON (farmer) & Lizzie MORRISON, married Ethel Ellen DAVIS, 18, not given, Minden Tp., d/o James DAVIS (farmer) & Letitia LITTLE, witn: Benjamin DAVIS of Stanhope Tp. & Ellan DUNNETT (?) of Minden Tp. on July 22, 1914 at Haliburton Village
11935-14 Frederick JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Monmouth Tp., Dysart Tp., s/o George JOHNSTON & Jane MADILL, married Cassie KIRKPATRICK, 18, Monmouth, Minden, d/o John KIRKPATRICK & Ellen MADILL, witn: Mr & Mrs William SCHOLER both of Minden on Mar. 30, 1914 at Minden Tp. 11936-14 William LEWIS, 26, farmer, Cardiff, Highland Grove, s/o George LEWIS & Evelyn McMURRAY (McEvoy?), married Hazel Gertrude SUCEE, 17, Highland Grove, same, d/o John SUCEE & Lizzie MUNDLE, witn: Leila & Marshall SUCEE both of Highland Grove on Sept. 30, 1914 at Highland Grove
11938-14 Wallace Bruce McDOUGALL, 33, farmer, Minden, same, s/o Alexander McDOUGALL & Elizabeth McINTYRE, married Margaret May GRAHAM, 20, Anson Tp., Minden, d/o John GRAHAM & Mary MORTIMER, witn: William James HARTTE of Minden Village & Louisa May WELCH of Anson Tp. on Feb. 9, 1914 at home of the bride at Minden. 11937-14 William Arnold McMAHON, 26, farmer, Galway, Galway & Purdue Sask., s/o John McMAHON & Mary SMITH, married Elizabeth Virginia GRAHAM, 23, Snowdon, same, d/o Arthur GRAHAM & Sarah Isobel BATEMAN, witn: Marie SMITH of Orillia & T. C. GRAHAM of Snowdon Tp. on Feb. 26, 1914 at Haliburton.
11939-14 Joseph (Guiseppe) MIRANO, 25, laborer, Naples Italy, Village of Donald, s/o Francisco & Joanna (?), married Violet GILLIES, 18, Trout Creek, Village of Donald, d/o Adolph Wilbert & Mary, witn: Stefano & Deborah PASQUINO both of Village of Donald on Nov. 16, 1914 at Village of Donald 11940-14 William Henry NANKIVELL, 25, not given, illegible, same, s/o illegible, married Frances CHEGWYN, 25, illegible, same, d/o illegible, witn: Joseph & Mary E. ALSOP both of Ursa on Nov. 26, 1914 at Dysart Tp. [very faded reg’n]
11941-14 Salem OSTERTOG, 25, not given, illegible, Monmouth, s/o Julien & Lottie Jane, married Katie LA ROCK, illegible, illegible, Monmouth, d/o illegible, witn: Mary Harriet & Joseph E. A. WHITE both of Monmouth on July 7, 1914 at Monmouth. [very faded reg’n] 11943-14 Frederick Hugh PERRY, 37, not given, widower, not given, London (?) Ont., Hadlington Monmouth Tp., s/o George PERRY (printer) & Clara ALLEN , married Florence Elizabeth LANGSTON, 22, illegible, Hadlington, d/o Charles Edward illegible & E DOK (?), witn: Ethel REED of London Ont. & H. CRICKINGTON? of Lanark on March 23, 1914 at Town of Haliburton.
11942-14 Jacob POCKETT, 41, laborer, Dysart Tp., Haliburton, s/o Ed. POCKETT & Mary Ann STEEL, married Elizabeth GILMOUR, 24, Lot 20 Conc X Dysart Tp., Haliburton, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Thomas Henry & Maud Mary PARISH both of Dysart Tp. on March 6 (?) 1914 at Dysart Tp 11944-14 Lewis Cecil PRITCHARD, 23, farmer, not given, Minden, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD (farmer) & Elizabeth HOBDEN, married Myrtle TRUMBULL, 19, not given, Minden, d/o William TRUMBULL (farmer) & Jennie COULTER, witn: Gordon TRUMBULL & Nellie PRITCHARD both of Minden on Dec. 30, 1914 at Minden
11945-14 Hiram Carmel SAWYER, 24, farmer, not given, West Guilford, s/o Benjamin SAWYER (farmer) & Jane MORRISON, married Cora BOICE, 18, not given, West Guilford, d/o William BOICE (farmer) & & Mary COOPER, witn: Lawrence SAWYER & Stella BOICE both of West Guilford on Sept. 23, 1914 at West Guilford 11947-14 William James SCOTT, 36, farmer, widower, Harcourt, Mumford Station Harcourt, s/o Archibald SCOTT & Mary Ann McCREA, married Angelina REGAN, 32, Deer Lake Cardiff, Mumford Station Harcourt, d/o William Henry REGAN & Susanna Maria TOLMAN, witn: Walter GIBSON of Cory Hill & Ada SCHICKLER of Harcourt on Jan. 29, 1914 at Mumford Station, Harcourt.
11946-14 Neil Franklin SMITH, 29, customs broker, Lorneville Junction, Toronto, s/o John Carmichael SMITH & Christina CAMPBELL, married Hannah Kathleen McPHEE, 29, Coboconk, Ingoldsby, d/o John Frederick McPHEE & Mary Jane HARRISON, witn: Walter HARRISON of Ingoldsby & N(?) Olive HILL of Lochlin on June 17, 1914 at Ingoldsby 11948-14 John Alfred THOMPSON, 20, laborer, Carnarvon, Minden, s/o William THOMPSON & Eliza THOMAS, married Viola Lillian DAGG, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o George DAGG & Elizabeth GAINER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Stewart DAGG both of Minden on Aug. 26, 1914 at Minden Tp
11949-14 Joseph H. VOYSEY, 46, farmer, widower, Minden Tp., Minden, s/o James VOYSEY & Ellen LITTLE, married Elizabeth Ann COOK, 32, widow, Minden Tp., same, d/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth BATES, witn: John A. McKNIGHT & Hazel D. ROBERTSON both of Minden Tp. on March 25, 1914 at Minden Tp 11951-14 Dalton WRUTH, 26, farmer, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o D. WRUTH & Emily MOORE, married Mary Effie Jane TRIPP, 18, Lutterworth Tp., Stanhope Tp., d/o Peter TRIPP & Jane PORTER, witn: Percy TRIPP of Lochlin & Bertha LINDSAY of Donald on Dec. 23, 1914 at Minden Village

Haliburton 1915


5676-15 Vance ARCHER, 20, farmer, Minden, same, s/o William George ARCHER & Emma HOBDEN, married Mabel Laura COX, 18, Minden, same, d/o John COX & Jean THOMPSON, witn: Edward COX & Rose Alice ARCHER on Oct. 06, 1915 at Minden. 5677-15 Wilbert ARCHER, 26, farmer, Minden, Ingoldsby, s/o William G. ARCHER & Emma HOBDEN, married Florence May VINCENT, 24, Ingoldsby, same, d/o Elias VINCENT & Elizabeth BURNEY, witn: Vance ARCHER & Lillian E. LOUCKS both of Ingoldsby on Sept. 8, 1915 at Ingoldsby
5682-15 Leslie Guy BAIN, 22, farmer, Guilford Tp., same, s/o Duncan BAIN & Rebecca BELL, married Sadie HENDERSON, 17, Guilford Tp., same, d/o John HENDERSON & Lauretta BARNUM, witn: Johnny HENDERSON & Elena BAIN both of Guilford on Dec. 22, 1915 at Haliburton 5681-15 George Henry BARRY, 29, farmer, of Maple Lake Stanhope, s/o George BARRY & Mary Jane SAWYER, married Agnes Muriel KERNSHAW, 24, teacher, of Minden, d/o John KERNSHAW & Ellen HOAG, witn: Robert Clossen BARRY of Maple Lake & Laura TAYLOR of Minden on Jan. 1, 1915 at Minden.
5680-15 Joseph Thompson BEATTY, 35, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o Joseph BEATTY & Anne Jane MORTON, married Rachel FERGUSON, 24, Stanhope Tp., same, d/o Robert F. FERGUSON & Jennie TAYLOR, witn: Ethel SISSON & William FERGUSON both of Carnarvon P.O. Stanhope Tp. on Sept. 1, 1915 at Stanhope Tp. 5679-15 Wesley Ethelbert BOICE, 24, farmer, Guilford, same, s/o William BOICE & Mary COOPER, married Ethel GRIFFIN, 24, West Guilford, same, d/o Joseph GRIFFIN & Jane HORSLEY, witn: Alma BOICE & Lena SAWYER both of Haliburton on Sept. 22, 1915 at Haliburton Village
5678-15 Darius Herman BOOMHOWER, 21, laborer, Faraday, Cardiff, s/o Martin BOOMHOWER & Sarah WOODCOCK, married Margaret BOOMHOWER, 16, Faraday, Cardiff, d/o John C. BOOMHOWER & Hannah CREIGHTON, witn: Sandy WOODCOCK & Alma BOOMHOWER both of Monk Road on Dec. 23, 1915 at the home of the bride at Cardiff. 5684-15 Edward CAMERON, 25, farmer, Laxton Tp., Lutterworth Tp., s/o Murdoch CAMERON & Jane BAILEY, married Agnes Jane BOYD, 24, Hindon Tp., same, d/o John BOYD & Mary CRAWFORD, witn: Roddie CAMERON of Kinmount & Letitia CRAWFORD of Hindon Hill on June 14, 1915 at Hindon Tp
5683-15 Walter Edwin CLARKE, 29, farmer, of Monmouth Tp., s/o James Alfred CLARKE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Mable May HUGHEY, 22, of Monmouth Tp., d/o William HUGHEY & Millie BARRAGER, witn: William Henry & Emma Alice SIPE both of Haliburton on Aug. 30, 1915 at Village of Haliburton. 5688-15 James Benjamin DAVIS, 21, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o James DAVIS & Leticia LITTLE, married Mary Rose Ella DUMMIT, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o William DUMMIT & Sarah MORRISON, witn: Abner TRUMBULL of Minden & Vina DAVIS of Blairhampton on Sept. 8, 1915 at Blairhampton Minden Tp.
5685-15 William John DOVELL, 32, not given, widower, Gooderham, Glamorgan Tp., s/o William DOVELL (farmer) & Mary Ann MADILL, married Frances Louise RABY, 21, Gooderham, Glamorgan Tp., d/o Francis RABY & Lucy Lavinia HALL, witn: Fred & Blanche RABY both of Gooderham on Aug. 4, 1915 at Village of Gooderham 5691-15 Oliver HUBBELL, 27, laborer, Chandos Tp., Cardiff Tp., s/o Richard HUBBLE & Annie POST, married Mary E. (Nellie) PETERS, 18, Cardiff Tp., same, d/o George C. PETERS & Minnie BRECKENRIDGE, witn: Victoria WILSON of Omemee & Bruce McINROY of Belleview P.O. on Nov. 10, 1915 at Highland Grove Cardiff Tp.
11905-15 Thomas James HUTCHINSON, 21, not given, of Cavendish, s/o James Hill HUTCHINSON & Sarah TRIPP, married Cora Maye GILL, 17, of Cavendish, d/o Jacob STALEY (sic) & Cora May STALEY, witn: Edgar & Mary STALEY both of Gooderham on Nov, 23, 1915 at home of T. H. STALEY at Glamorgan. 5692-15 David James JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Monmouth, Haliburton, s/o George JOHNSTON & Jane MADILL, married Annie McPHAIL, 17, Maple Lake, same, d/o John McPHAIL & Olive DEMILLE, witn: John & Jemima CONEYBEARE both of Haliburton on Aug. 11, 1915 at Haliburton.
5693-15 Owen JONES, 29, farmer, of Guilford Tp., s/o William JONES & Catherine McPHAIL, married Ellen UPTON, 20, of Guilford Tp., d/o James UPTON & Anna JOHNSTON, witn: Leonard UPTON & Alice ALLIRE both of Guildford on March 3, 1915 at Haliburton Village 5695-15 Chester Stanley KELLETT, 24, farmer, Lutterworth Tp., same, s/o Stanley KELLETT & Ida BURLEY, married Lillian Annie SILVERTHORN, 19, Moore Falls, Minden, d/o Richard SILVERTHORN & Florence BRYANT, witn: Noble SILVERTHORN & Maude HOWSE both of Minden on Sept. 22, 1915 at Minden.
5694-15 William Francis KENT, 26, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o William Frank KENT & Sarah Leticia TAYLOR, married Jane Desire STOCKTIN, 19, Minden Tp., same, d/o James STOCKTIN & Mary TOY, witn: Malcolm KENT & Letitia CRAWFORD both of Hindon Tp. on Dec. 22, 1915 at Minden. 5697-15 Ernest Oliver LAKING, 21, book keeper, Mountsburg Ont., Peterboro, s/o William Russell LAKING & Elizabeth OLIVER, married Iva Jean ROBERTSON, 20, Haliburton, same, d/o Ed ROBERTSON & Connie NOLAND (Holand?), witn: Mrs. Ed ROBERTSON & Mrs Hedley FEIR both of Haliburton on April 28, 1915 at Haliburton.
5696-15 Roy Albert LODWICK, 21, clerk, Pefferlaw P.O., Minden, s/o Henry LODWICK & Elizabeth O'NEIL, married Carrie D. WRIGHT, 18, Lutterworth Tp., Minden, d/o Earnest WRIGHT & Nellie BARRY, witn: C. Walter LODWICK of Pefferlaw & Elizabeth JONES of Minden on Oct. 10, 1915 at Minden 5698-15 Frank McINTYRE, 21, laborer, Guilford, Haliburton, s/o Dan McINTYRE & Mary JONES, married Audrey AUSTIN, 18, Haliburton, same, d/o Harry AUSTIN & Aline KELLETT, witn: Mrs. B. KELLETT & Miss Olive IRISH both of Haliburton on April 22, 1915 at Haliburton.
5699-15 Reginald A. PATTERSON, 25, teacher, of Montreal, s/o C. F. A. PATTERSON & Henrietta CRANE, married Eva Maude THOMPSON, 23, book keeper, of Haliburton, d/o Robert F. THOMPSON & Ada H. AUSTIN, witn: Frank AUSTIN of Haliburton & Tredrea E. FLETCHER of Hamilton on Dec. 29, 1915 at Village of Haliburton. 5702-15 William John PARCELS, 21, laborer, Havelock, Haliburton, s/o Richard PARCELS & Sarah E. ROBERTSON, married Bertha Ella LINDSAY, 18, Tweed, Haliburton, d/o James LINDSAY & Annie EMBURY, witn: Ephraim & Catherine LINDSAY both of Haliburton on June 7, 1915 at Haliburton
5701-15 Charles PENROSE, 23, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Henry PENROSE & Anna GRAVES, married Nellie CORBETT, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o William CORBETT & Eliza Jane WALKER, witn: Ed. William BROWN & Margaret E. CORBETT both of Toronto on May 19, 1915 at Minden Tp. 5705-15 Thomas Mark REDNER, 24, farmer, Maple Lake, Carnarvon, s/o John REDNER & Elizabeth Ann DRAPER, married Mary Ann HEWITT, 22, Boskung Stanhope Tp., same, d/o John HEWITT & Clara JOHNSON, witn: John & Lillie HEWITT both of Boskung on Sept. 15, 1915 at St. Paul’s Church at Minden.
5703-15 Isaac Alexander ROBERTS, 35, farmer, of Harburn Dudley Tp., s/o James ROBERTS & Hannah KNIGHT, married Lenore WOODCOCK, 20, of Maple Lake Stanhope Tp., d/o George WOODCOCK & Rachel CLANCY?, witn: Luke ROBERTS of Harburn & Elorna WOODCOCK of Maple Lake on July 7, 1915 at Stanhope Tp 5704-15 William James ROBERTS, 30, laborer, Harburn, Haliburton, s/o William ROBERTS & Lydia WILEY, married Edith Beatrice JOHNSTON, 29, Manvers, Haliburton, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Margaret COFOSIE (?), witn: Thomas JOHNSTON & Vera ROBERTS both of Haliburton on Dec. 29, 1915 at Haliburton Village.
5707-15 Walter Llewellyn SCHROTER, 26, carpenter, Snowden Tp., same, s/o William SCHROTER & Mary SCHEFFER, married Jean Amelia HOWSE, 36, Snowden Tp., same, d/o George Frederick HOWSE & Sarah Maria HEIGHT, witn: Percy Wellington SCHROTOR (sic) & Maude M. HOWSE both of Minden on Oct. 6, 1915 at home of bride's parents at Haliburton. 5708-15 Samuel Percival SUCEE, 23, farmer, Cardiff, Highland Grove Cardiff Tp., s/o John SUCEE & Elizabeth MANDELL, married Eva Jane EVANS, 17, Cardiff Tp., same, d/o Alexander EVANS & Eustatia Alice HUGHIE, witn: William & Bertie (?) LEWIS of Highland Grove Cardiff Tp. on Sept. 1, 1915 at Highland Grove Cardiff Tp.
5710-15 Freeman TRUMBULL, 38, farmer, Wingham Tp., Minden, s/o Freeman TRUMBULL & Lizzie PHILLIAN, married Louella KENT, 25, Minden, Hindon Tp., d/o Thomas Francis KENT & Sarah Letitia TAYLOR, witn: Gwendolyn CARMICHAEL & John GRAHAM Jr. both of Minden on Dec. 1, 1915 at Minden.  
5712-15 John Ferguson WATT, 31, mill mechanic, of Haliburton, s/o James K. WATT & Isabell FERGUSON, married Sarah Harriet THOMPSON, 25, of Maple Lake, d/o William James THOMPSON & Harriet Jane PETHWICK, witn: W. THOMPSON & Della Isabella BOICE both of Maple Lake on July 14, 1915 at Stanhope Tp.

5671-16 Arthur Edgar WATTS, 21, London England, Dysart, s/o Edmund Augustus Felix & Elizabeth Sarah, married Myrtle Florence Maud PARISH, 17, Haliburton, Dysart, d/o Thomas Henry & Maud Mary, witn: Edgar BENTHAM & Mary Luella COLBERT (?) both of Dysart on Dec. 24, 1915 at Dysart

5711-15 Nelson WICKS, 52, farmer, Norland, same, s/o Thomas WICKS & Arriet BONS, married Rillie WRIGHT, 47, widow, Burnt River, Fenelon Falls, d/o Robert ENGLISH & Elizabeth LANGFORD, witn: Mrs. John GRAHAM Jr. & Gwendolyn CARMICHAEL both of Minden on Aug. 11, 1915 at Minden. 5713-15 Henry WILKINSON, 28, clergyman, of Wilberforce, s/o William WILKINSON & Elizabeth RENCE, married Mary Ethel SKUCE, 25, d/o Francis SKUCE & Martha GREEN, witn: F. H. WILKINSON of Port Perry & Letitia SKUCE of Wilberforce on June 10, 1915 at Village of Wilberforce Monmouth Tp.
5714-15 William Edgar YOUNG, 19, laborer, Faraday, Frankford, s/o John C. YOUNG & Rachael KERR, married Myrtle Lorene DILLMAN, 18, Wilberforce, Gooderham, d/o Lyman DILLMAN & Eliza RAGAN, witn: Wilfred CROFTS & Inges DILLMAN both of Gooderham on June 29, 1915 at Haliburton Village.