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Haliburton Co, 1916 & 1917

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10490-16 Ernest Walter ADAMS, 31, boiler maker, England, Lindsay Victoria Co, s/o William ADAMS & Martha TAYLOR, married Hildred Margaret WALLING, 24, Haliburton Co, Haliburton, d/o Henry WALLING & Annie CLARK, witn: James Henry COOMBS of Lindsay & Irene CONEYBEARE of Haliburton on Oct. 25, 1916 at Haliburton

10491-16 John ADAMS, 21, teamster, Glamorgan, Monmouth, s/o George & Harriet, married Emma May FORBES, 18, Methuen, Monmouth, d/o Edward FORBES & Mattie PUFFER, witn: Maud FORBES of Hadlington Monmouth twp., & Roy COLBY of Central Dummer P.O., on Nov. 1, 1916 at Hadlington

10493-16 William Everett BLAIR, 24, Minden twp., same, s/o Joseph BLAIR & Edith ARCHER, married Teresa PACKARD, 20, Stanhope twp., same, d/o William PACKARD & Isabella SISSON, witn: Harry BLAIR of Blairhampton & Emilie MOODY of Allsaw on Sept. 13, 1916 at Stanhope Tp.

10492-16 Charles Ernest BROHM, 24, farmer, Dysart twp., same, s/o Julius BROHM & Jane WESSELL, married Clarinda Dalmong (?) HUNTER, 27, Guilford twp., same, d/o Ebenezer HUNTER & Mary LITTLE, witn: Amy FINCH & Eliza WHITE both of Haliburton on Oct. 24, 1916 at Haliburton Village

10496-16 John CHAMBERS, 26, farmer, Minden twp., same, s/o William CHAMBERS & Alice HOWELL, married Nellie BROWN, 21, Toronto, Stanhope twp., d/o Edmond BROWN & Clarissa Jane FINKLE, witn: Will & Margaret CHAMBERS both of Carnarvon on May 24, 1916 at Carnarvon

10494-16 Alexander Wesley CLANCY, 25, stationary engineer, Stanhope twp., same, s/o Jacob CLANCY & Jane DEMILL, married Florence Mae WELSH, 28, Stanhope twp., same, d/o William WELSH & Fannie JONES, witn: Violet McPHAIL of Minden & Wesley WELCH (sic) of Maple Lake on Oct. 18, 1916 at St. Peter’s Church at Maple Lake

10497-16 William Henry COWEN, 20, farmer, Stanhope twp., same, s/o William Henry COWEN & Mary HOWELL, married Vera Elizabeth McBRIEN, 18, Stanhope twp., same, d/o Robert John McBRIEN & Teresa SISSON, witn: Milton Leslie DAWSON & Berta Victoria McBRIEN both of Stanhope Tp. on Jan. 19, 1916 at St. George’s Parish Church Haliburton

10498-16 Charles Bruce DUDMAN, 28, farmer, Anson twp., same, s/o Charles DUDMAN & Margaret HUGHES, married Bertha Ellen KERNSHAW, 20, Snowden twp., Anson, d/o Samuel KERNSHAW & Euphemia Jane HOGG, witn: John Alexander KERNSHAW & Lillie TAYLOR both of Minden on Jan. 5, 1916 at Anson Tp

10499-16 John Milton HOBDEN, 22, soldier, Minden twp., same, s/o Henry HOBDEN & Ann Jane SCOTT, married Laura TAYLOR, 21, Anson twp., same, d/o Hugh TAYLOR & Ellen KERNSHAW, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Herbert COX both of Minden on July 6, 1916 at Minden

10500-16 Allan HORSLEY, 22, farmer, Guilford, same, s/o John HORSLEY & Belle BARRY, married Rena SAWYER, 19, Stanhope, same, d/o Henry SAWYER & Lizzie FADER, witn: Anna FADER & Edith SAWYER both of West Guilford on April 19, 1916 at Haliburton

10502-16 Thomas James JOHNSTON, 25, contractor, Haliburton Co., Haliburton, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Maggie COLVAN, married Ellen KIRKPATRICK, 20, Haliburton Co., Haliburton, d/o John KIRKPATRICK & Ellen MADILL, witn: William & Edith B. ROBERTS both of Haliburton on Sept. 20, 1916 at Haliburton Village

10503-16 Richard LINDSAY, 58, farmer, widower, Hungerford twp, Glamorgan twp., s/o Richard LINDSAY & Sarah ROGERS, married Elinora PETERS, 25, Galway twp, Glamorgan twp., d/o Damon PETERS & Mary MOUNTENAY, witn: Sanford LINDSAY & Mrs. R. PARCELS both of Donald on May 21, 1916 at Donald

10505-16 George W. McDONALD, 23, farmer, Monteagle Hastings Co, Dungannon twp., s/o Alexander McDONALD & Eliza ROBINSON, married Gertrude May SWEET, 21, Faraday Hastings Co., same, d/o James SWEET Annie WOODCOCK, witn: Henry M. CARD & Evelyn Roxy SWEET both of Bancroft on Dec. 20, 1916 at Cheddar

10506-16 Earl William McKAY, 25, farmer, Minden twp, Guilford twp., s/o George McKAY & Minnie GARTSHORE, married Effie Jane PRESTON, 22, Haliburton Co., Dysart twp., d/o Thomas H. PRESTON & Flossie MASSALLES (Marsalles?), witn: Thomas & Lena PRESTON both of Haliburton on July 19, 1916 at Haliburton

10504-16 William Robertson Shersby MILLIGAN, 29, farmer, of Newtonville, s/o William P. K. MILLIGAN & Margaret H. ROBERTSON, married & Mamie Sophia TAYLOR, 18, of Hindon Hill, d/o Daniel TAYLOR & Catherine LINDSAY, witn: Lorraine MILLIGAN of Newtonville & Daniel TAYLOR of Hindon Hill on Feb. 1, 1916 at home of Ann TAYLOR at Haliburton

10507-16 Frederick PEEL, 31, farmer, Highland Grove Cardiff twp., same, s/o Robert PEEL & Jemima HENDRON, married Anneta BARTLETT, 17, Monteagle, same, d/o James BARTLETT & Dellmar YORK, witn: Alma BARTLETT of Hybla Ont. & Howard PEEL of Highland Grove on March 14, 1916 at residence of Mr. R. Peel at Highland Grove

10508-16 George Albert PETERS, 32, blank, Cardiff twp., same, s/o George PETERS & Mary BRECKENRIDGE, married Jane Sarah AYOTTE, 23, Chandos, Cardiff, d/o William AYOTTE & Lucy SCOTT, witn: Patrick PETERS & Margaret HOGAN both of Highland Grove on June 28, 1916 at the residence of James Hogan at Cardiff

10510-16 Walter John RAYNER, 25, soldier, London England, Haliburton, s/o Walter RAYNER & Charlotte GENEY, married Ethel Jane Harriett WALLING, 25, Haliburton, same, d/o Henry James WALLING & Ann Eliza CLARKE, witn: Lieut. James LECKEY of Haliburton & Lieut. W. MARK of Kinmount on April 19, 1916 at Methodist Church Haliburton

10509-16 William James ROWBOTTOM, 21, farmer, Monmouth twp., Essonville, s/o Mathias ROWBOTTOM & Margaret TOWNSEND, married Annie SWANTON, 23, Burnt River, same, d/o John SWANTON & Esther Watson HODGSON, witn: Ena ROWBOTTOM of Essonville & William MILLEN of Harcourt on Dec. 28, 1916 at Wilberforce

10512-16 Lenard Isaac STAMP, 26, labourer, Minden twp., same, s/o William STAMP & Ellen TRUMBULL, married Lavina DAVIS, 17, Minden twp., same, d/o James DAVIS & Letitia LITTLE, witn: Rev. A. G. & Ella RONDEAU both of Minden on Oct. 28, 1916 at Minden

10513-16 James Daniel SWINSON, 27, farmer, Kinmount, Ridgedale Alberta, s/o George SWINSON & Mary Jane SILVER, married Alvena Sophia Jane BOLDT, 21, Kinmount, same, d/o William Charles T. BOLDT & Annie LYLE, witn: Victoria HUNTER of Burnt River & Wesley BOLDT of Kinmount on Jan. 26, 1916 at Kinmount

10514-16 Thomas WALKER, 42, farmer, Anson twp., Minden twp., s/o William WALKER & Rebecca COULTER, married Margaret HOYLE, 28, Snowdon twp., same, d/o John HOYLE & blank SHARPLES, witn: Bessie HOYLE of Gelert & Walter CORBETT of Minden on June 27, 1916 at Gelert

10515-16 James Eakins WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Minden twp., Minden, s/o Walter E. WRIGHT & Margaret BEATTY, married Annie Isabel HOGG, 20, Minden twp., Minden, d/o Henry HOGG & Margaret GILBERT, witn: Hector HUGHES of Minden Tp. & Gertrude HOGG of Lutterworth Tp. on Dec. 25, 1916 at Lutterworth




9599-17 Charles BARRY, 21, farmer, Guilford, same, s/o Mathias BARRY & Bertha BARNUM, married Bertha Delta McKNIGHT, 20, Minden, Stanhope Tp., d/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth BATESON, witn: Grant BARRY of West Guilford & Marguerite LAKE of Maple Lake on Oct. 31, 1917 at Haliburton


9600 -17 Harry Hughes BLAIR, 21, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Joseph BLAIR & Edith ARCHER, married Emeline MOODY, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o Albert MOODY & Sarah WENSLEY, witn: Aloisia BLAIR of Minden & Emily MOON of Haliburton on Sept. 12, 1917 at Minden Tp

9601-17 Earnest CASEY, 29, lumberman, Minden Tp., same, s/o John CASEY & Malisa FRED, married Rita STEVENS, 19, Minden Tp., same, d/o Henry STEVENS & Margaret MINAKER, witn: Leslie McGUYRE (?) of West Guilford & Ivy STEVENS of Minden on Aug. 29, 1917 at Minden

9602-17 Ernest Elgin COBEN (Cohen?), 25, farmer, Galway Tp., same, s/o Charles COBEN & Sophia LONG, married Margaret Jane CROWE, 21, milliner, Harvey Tp., Haliburton, d/o Ed. CROWE & Eliza Jane BEATTY, witn: William Percy CROWE of Haliburton & May COBEN of Kinmount Galway Tp. on June 28, 1917 at Haliburton Village.

9603-17 Arthur James COOKE, 33, farmer, Deptford London England, Essonville Monmouth Tp., s/o George COOKE & Harriett MOULTON, married Sophia SAUNDERS, 44, widow, Chelsea London England, Essonville, d/o George Frisby HODGSON & Mary Ann MOULTON, witn: Albert SAUNDERS & Bertha NOBLE both of Essonville on July 2, 1917 at Essonville

9604-17 Sydenie FAIRFIELD, 28, farmer, Minden Tp., same, d/o James FAIRFIELD & Mary STEEL, married Edith Violet McPHAIL, 24, Stanhope twp., same, d/o John McPHAIL & Olive REDNER, witn: Daniel McPHAIL & Charlotte E. COOPER both of Maple Lake on Aug. 22, 1917 at Stanhope Tp

9605-17 William FERGUSON, 35, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o Robert FERGUSON & Jane TAYLOR, married Ethel Jane SISSON, 25, Stanhope Tp., same, d/o James H. SISSON & Emma DAWSON, witn: Benson SISSON & T. STRINGER both of Maple Lake on April 4, 1917 at Stanhope Tp

9606-17 Alexander GILBERT, 30, farmer, Minden Tp., Lochlin, s/o Samuel GILBERT & Isabel THOMPSON, married Mary Louis BLOOMFIELD, 20, d/o Joshua BLOOMFIELD & Carrie CONGDON, witn: Guy BLOOMFIELD of Lochlin & Eva LONG of Kinmount on May 30, 1917 at Lochlin

9607-17 Earnest GRIFFIN, 27, farmer, Guilford Tp., same, s/o Joseph GRIFFIN & Jane HORSLEY, married Della PAULL, 18, Guilford Tp., same, d/o William PAULL & Lydie BARNUM, witn: Gordon GRIFFIN & Elva G. SISSON both of West Guilford on Dec. 19, 1917 at West Guilford

9609-17 Frederick HARRISON, 40, farmer, Lambton Co., Minden Tp., s/o John HARRISON & Mary Ann HARE, married Margaret Ann RUSSELL, 24, Toronto, Minden Tp., d/o William RUSSELL & Barbara Parker SINCLAIR, witn: Margaret SOUTHWORTH of Lakefield & Margaret E. GRANT of Minden on Oct. 31, 1917 at Minden.

9610-17 Walter Henry HARRISON, 24, farmer, Dysart Tp., Lochlin, s/o James Hamilton HARRISON & Rebecca DOIG, married Ella Esther DUNCAN, 20, Minden Tp., Haliburton, d/o Edward DUNCAN & Annie DAVIDSON, witn: Russell H. HARRISON of Donald & Annie Irene DUNCAN of Allsaw on May 2, 1917 at Allsaw

9611-17 Edward LEE, 38, farmer, Ops Tp., Somerville Tp., s/o Edward LEE & Esther MURPHY, married Edyth Effie Jane PORTER, 21, Lutterworth To., Somerville Tp., d/o Lewis & Mary Catherine, witn: Lena VALENTINE of Miners Bay & Percy TRIPP of Rocklin on April 4, 1917 at Minden

9613-17 William MAXWELL, 32, merchant, Glamorgan Tp., Wilberforce, s/o John MAXWELL & Sarah Jane FORD, married Ruby HADLEY (Hedley?), 17, Gooderham, same, d/o Samuel HADLEY & Mabel Ellen WAITE, witn: Grace LAKE & Roy HEDLEY both of Gooderham on Dec. 26, 1917 at Gooderham.

9614-17 Robert McKNIGHT, 29, farmer, Minden Tp., Stanhope Tp., s/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth Jane BATESON, married Margaret Agnes PACKARD, 19, Stanhope, same, d/o William PACKARD & Isabel SISSON, witn: Charles Edward PACKARD & Edith Hilda COOK both of Stanhope on June 6, 1917 at Stanhope Tp.

9615-17 William Henry McKNIGHT, 25, farmer, Minden Tp., Stanhope Tp., s/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth Jane BATESON, married Edith VOYCEY (Voisey?), 26, Minden Tp., Stanhope twp., d/o Joseph VOYCEY & Cassie KILPATRICK, witn: Charles & Bertha BARRY both of Maple Lake on Dec. 19, 1917 at Haliburton.

9612-17 Michael MISCIO, 20, laborer, Italy, Donald, s/o Alfonso MISCIO & Mary TAMBURRANO, married Annie VOYSEY (Voisey?), 17, Blairhampton, same, d/o Thomas VOYSEY & Ella NESBITT, witn: Dominick NAPOLI of Donald & W. F. RITCHIE of Gelert on Aug. 30, 1917 at Gelert

9616-17 Lawrence PRITCHARD, 22, farmer, Stanhope Tp., Minden Tp., s/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Elizabeth HOWDEN, married Elsie COULTER, 21, Minden Tp., same, d/o Hugh COULTER & Mariah KARS?, witn: Gordon TURNBULL & Marjorie GOULDIE both of Minden on Oct. 9, 1917 at residence of Will Turnbull, Minden Tp.

9617-17 Henry Ernest RILEY, 43, foreman, Monmouth Tp., same, s/o William RILEY & Harriet KLANSBY, married Winnifred CORNELL, 29, Bridgewater, Monmouth Tp., d/o Wilson (Hebson?) CORNELL & Mary LANSING, witn: Merle CORNELL & Alex RILEY both of Wilberforce on April 4, 1917 at Wilberforce

9618-17 Stanley Herman SILVER, 27, baker, Sommerville Tp., Kinmount Village, s/o John Jefferson SILVER & Elizabeth CHALMERS, married Annie Florence NOBLE, 23, Essonville, Kinmount Village, d/o John James NOBLE & Elizabeth McCAUSLAND, witn: Bertha NOBLE & John SIBLEY both of Essonville on Nov. 6, 1917 at Christ Church, Essonville

9619-17 Allan SMITH, 22, farmer, Dysart Tp., Glamorgan Tp., s/o Johnstone SMITH & Caroline POCKETT, married Mable Victoria PARISH, 18, Dysart Tp., same, d/o Ephraim PARISH & Mary LATHERLY, witn: Mary Sarah & Edwin James PARISH both of Conc 3 Dysart Tp. on Oct. 3, 1917 at St. George’s Church, Haliburton

9620-17 Adam Henry THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Cheddar, same, s/o Adam THOMPSON & Mary Ann HUGHEY, married Edith WHITE, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o Sydney WHITE & Lena WINFORD, witn: Annis Joseph HUGHEY & Wesley Morgan WHITE both of Wilberforce on Dec. 5, 1917 at Wilberforce.

9621-17 James Abner TRUMBULL (Turnbull?), 23, laborer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Freeman TRUMBULL & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Hazel SAWYER, 17, Sherborn Tp., Hinton Tp., d/o George SAWYER & Diana McDONALD, witn: Jessie Corenia GOLDIE & Gordon TRUMBULL both of Minden on Sept. 20, 1917 at Clergy House Chapel, Minden.

9622-17 William John VICK, 22, farmer, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o Frederick VICK & Annie JOHNSTONE, married Bessie Eleanor HOYLE, 20, Snowdon Tp., same, d/o John HOYLE & Annie SHARPLESS, witn: George LEWIS & Jennie HOYLE both of Gelert on June 27, 1917 at Gelert

9624-17 Cecil James WHITE, 33, minister, Lewes England, Long Lake Michigan, s/o Douglas WHITE & Emma J. BECK, married Hannah Maria Maud HOWES, 36, Snowdon Tp., d/o George HOWES & Sarah M. HAIGHT, witn: George A. WILLIAMS of illegible & Margaret E. GRANT of Minden on 17 Dec. 1917 at Snowdon Tp.

9623-17 John WILEN, 19, painter, Toronto East Guilford, s/o John WILEN & Mina PITKAMAKI, married Veta NEAL, 24, teacher, Belleville, East Guilford, d/o Jesse NEAL & Emily SPRY, witn: Ethel CURRY of Haliburton & Betty OSWALD of Lindsay on June 28, 1917 at Haliburton