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Haliburton Co, 1918 & 1919

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Haliburton 1918

009951/1918 (Haliburton) Stanley Samuel BARNUM, 24, farmer, Muskoka District, Guilford Twp, s/o Andrew BARNUM & Harriet WILSON, married HAZEL Marguretta BARRY, 19, Guilford Twp, same, d/o George BARRY & Mary SAWYER, witn: Wilbert BARRY & Iva SISSON both of West Guilford, 13 Mar 1918 at West Guilford


009948/1918 (Haliburton) Ernest James BARRY, 26, farmer, Glamorgan Twp, Minden, s/o William BARRY & Helena LOUGH, married Irene ARCHER, 23, school teacher, Minden Twp, Minden, d/o T J ARCHER & Ada ARCHER, witn: Russel ARCHER of Minden & Kathleen GAINER of Elsie, 11 Sep 1918 at Minden.

009950/1918 (Haliburton) Robert Clossen BARRY, 29, farmer, widower, Minden Twp, Guilford Twp, s/o George BARRY & Mary SAWYER, married Beatrice Ida HENDERSON, 18, Guilford Twp, same, d/o John HENDERSON & Laurette BARNUM, witn: Wilbert BARRY & Iva SISSON both of West Guilford, 24 Apr 1918 at West Guilford.

009949/1918 (Haliburton) Joseph Alvin BLAIR, 18, farmer, Minden Twp, Blairhampton, s/o Joseph BLAIR & Edith ARCHER married Audrey Viola COOK, 18, Minden Twp, Blairhampton, d/o Holden COOK & Elizabeth A McKNIGHT, witn: John A PUFFARD of Toronto & Marguerite McKNIGHT, of Maple Lake, 26 Jun 1918 at Minden.

009952/1918 (Haliburton) George CONGDON, 63, farmer, St Marys Ont, Lochlin, s/o Joseph CONGDON & Harriet HOLDEN, married Annie HOLMES, 73, not known by applicant, Lochlin, widow, d/o James MacCORMACK & Mary Jane COCHRANE, witn: Daisy & Vera FIERHELLER both of Minden, 9 Oct 1918 at Minden

009953/1918 (Haliburton) Samuel CRAWFORD, 28, farmer, Stanhope Twp, same, s/o John CRAWFORD & Matilda KEERS, married Wilhelmina KENT, 19, Minden Twp, Stanhope Twp, d/o Frances KENT & Letta COBURN (COBOURN?), witn: Mrs George E FIERHELLER of Minden & Irene FIERHELLER of Newmarket, 4 Sep 1919 at Minden.

009954/1918 (Haliburton) William Percy CROWE, 21, contracting for wood, Harvey Twp Peterboro Co, Haliburton, s/o Edgerton CROWE & Eliza Jane BEATTY, married Eva May PRESTON, 18 past October, Haliburton, same, d/o Thomas PRESTON & Florence Nightingale MASSALES, witn: A SEWELL & Lavina BAKER both of Haliburton, 30 May 1918 at Minden. [Divorced 1950]

009957/1918 (Haliburton) Wesley George DAGG, 27, farmer, Minden Twp, same, s/o George DAGG & Elizabeth GAINER married Mary HOPKINS, 20, Snowden Twp, Minden Twp, d/o Joseph HOPKINS & not given, witn: John DUDMAN & Bertha BURNS both of Minden, 23 Jul 1918 at Minden

009958/1918 (Haliburton) Milton Leslie DAWSON, 24, farmer, Stanhope Twp, same, s/o Richard DAWSON & Mary BEATTY, married Berta Victoria McBRIEN, 20, Stanhope Twp, same, d/o Robert John McBRIEN & Theressa SISSON, witn: Sarah Beatty DAWSON & Dorothy Cella Evelyn McBRIEN both of Maple Lake, 19 Jun 1918 at Maple Lake

009955/1918 (Haliburton) Willard John DRURY, 20, merchant, Cardiff Twp, Minden Twp, s/o Willard Henry DRURY & Rachel Florilla HARTIN, married Effie Lorine MINAKER, 18, Minden Twp, same, d/o William MINAKER & Annie CASEY, witn; Samuel MINAKER of Gela & Reta DRURY of Gelert, 18 Dec 1918 at Ingoldsby

009956/1918 (Haliburton) John DUDMAN, 24, farmer, Anson Twp, Minden Tp, s/o Charles DUDMAN & Margaret HUGHS, married Bertha Victoria BURNS, 19, domestic, Minden Twp, same, s/o Joseph BURNS & Victoria DAGG, witn: Wesley George DAGG of Minden & Mary HOPKINS of Gelert, 23 Jul 1918 at Minden

009959/1918 (Haliburton) David EMMERSON, 22, farmer, Toronto, Donald, s/o James EMMERSON & Mary BICKER, married Florence Levetta HOWE, 15, domestic, Minden Twp, Donald, d/o Byron HOWE & Margrete WALSH, witn: Duncan EMMERSON & Violet HOWE both of Donald, 8 May 1918 at Donald.

009960/1918 (Haliburton) Albert Russel FOX, 24, farmer, Haliburton, same, s/o William FOX & Amelia GERMAN, married Margaret HARVIE, 16, Rosneath, Haliburton, d/o Henry HARVIE & Cecelia SMITH, witn: Clifford HARVIE & Della SMITH both of Haliburton, 22 Jan 1918 at Haliburton.

009961/1918 (Haliburton) John James GIBSON, 24?, farmer, Thorah Twp, Georgina Twp, s/o Robert P GIBSON & Phoebe Jane SHIER, married Nellie May ROGERS, 19, South Lake, Minden village, d/o Nelson ROGERS & Jennie CORNELIUS, witn: Bert HARRISON of Carnarvon & Libbie ROGERS of Minden, 22 May 1918 at Minden village

009962/1918 (Haliburton) Fred GRIFFIN, 17, laborer Guilford Twp, Haliburton, s/o John Gilbert GRIFFIN & Clara CLARK, married Edith SAWYER, 18, Stanhope Twp, same, d/o Henry SAWYER & Mary Elizabeth FADER, witn: Orman & Ruby FADER both of Guilford, 10 Apr 1918 at Haliburton.

009965/1918 (Haliburton) Bert Floyd HARRISON, 24, farmer, Stanhope Twp, same, s/o William Henry HARRISON & Maggie WARNER, married Mary Elizabeth ROGERS, 23, teacher, Snowden Twp, Minden Twp, d/o Nelson ROGERS & Jane CORNELIUS, witn: Ralph CRYDERMAN & Olive HARRISON both of Carnarvon, 13 Jun 1918 at Minden

009963/1918 (Haliburton) Charles Oliver HODGSON, 23, farmer, Burnt River, same, s/o John HODGSON & E WEST, married Grace Beatrice WOODCOCK, 20, Deseronto, Donald, d/o John WOODCOCK & H SPENCER, witn: Clayton HODGSON of Burnt River & Beatrice WINDRUM of Lindsay, 17 May 1918 at Haliburton

009966/1918 (Haliburton) Patrick KELLY, 36, farmer, cannot decipher, Wilberforce, s/o Patrick KELLY & Annie DOLAN, married Ada Annie GEORGE, 26, school teacher, Bancroft, same, d/o William GEORGE & Mary DICK, witn: George C GRANT of Haliburton Ont & Elizabeth OGDEN of Wilberforce Ont, 25 Sep 1918 at Wilberforce


009964/1918 (Haliburton) Walter KIRK, 22, farmer, Leeds England, Toronto, s/o John KIRK & Hannah Elizabeth FIRTH?, married Jessie Isabella THOMPSON, 22, Cheddar, same, d/o Adam THOMPSON & Mary Ann HUGHEY, witn: James THOMPSON of Cheddar Ont & Elizabeth ODGEN of Wilberforce Ont, 30 Dec 1919 at Wilberforce

009967/1918 (Haliburton) James KIRKPATRICK, 18, laborer, Glamorgan Twp, Haliburton, s/o John KIRKPATRICK & Ellen MADILL, married Gladys Muriel STEVENS, 16, domestic, Minden Twp, Haliburton, d/o Daniel STEVENS & Alma HARRISON, witn: Roy Edward ARCHIE & Nettie May INGLES both of Haliburton, 22 Jun 1918 at Haliburton.

009969/1918 (Haliburton) Wilmer Louis MACARTHUR, 27, school teacher, Tiverton, Minden village, s/o Angus McARTHUR & Mary J TURNER, married Louisa May WELCH, 21, printer, Minden, same, d/o John WELCH & Elizabeth UPTON, witn: John WELCH father of the bride & Ellen WELCH both of Minden, 27 Mar 1918 at Minden.

009968/1918 (Haliburton) Milton Earnest MILLER, 22, farmer, Lutterworth Twp, same, s/o Earnest MILLER & Caroline SCHROTER, married Lillian Beatrice DUGAN, 17, Snowden Twp, same, d/o James DUGAN & Elizabeth Ann HOLMES, witn; William E DUGAN of Lochlin & Mabel M Miller of Gelert, 1 May 1918 at Snowden Twp.

009970/1918 (Haliburton) Clayton Percival ROGERS, 32, merchant, Anson Twp, Minden Twp, s/o T H ROGERS & Ella UNGER, married Ida MOORE, 24, Stanhope, Stanhope Twp, d/o Robert MOORE & Mary CRYDERMAN, witn: very faded, 15 Dec 1918 at Stanhope Twp.

009971/1918 (Haliburton) William Egerton ROGERS, 21, lumberman, Anson Twp, Minden Twp, s/o Thomas Henry ROGERS & Ellen UNGER, married Ruth Beatrice CHAMBERS, 22, Minden Twp, Toronto, d/o William CHAMBERS & Alice HOWELL, witn: Clayton P ROGERS & Charlotte CHAMBERS both of Carnarvon, 1 May 1918 at Carnarvon.

009974/1918 (Haliburton) Joseph Isaac SEDGWICK, 53, farmer, widower, Snowden Twp, Gelert, s/o William J SEDGWICK & Martha DAWSON, married Isabella HORNELL, 43, widow, Dysart Twp, Gelert, d/o Walter DOIG & Julia MELDRUM, witn: John Barr Dawson SEDGWICK of Gelert & Margaret HORNELL of Toronto, 3 Apr 1918 at Gelert.

009975/1918 (Haliburton) William Francis SEDGWICK, 31, farmer, Haliburton, Minden, s/o Edward SEDGWICK & Samantha HUGHES, married Annie Jane TAYLOR, 26, Minden Twp, Minden, d/o Robert J TAYLOR & Carrie HAMILTON, witn: E E McELWAIN of Gelert & Estella TAYLOR of Minden, 27 Mar 1918 at Minden.

009976/1918 (Haliburton) Ivan Elsworth SISSON, 25?, farmer, Minden Twp, Guilford Twp, s/o Clair SISSON & Rachel BOICE, married Sophia Jane TAYLOR, 21, Stanhope Twp, same, d/o William TAYLOR & Sarah BEATTY, witn: Charles TAYLOR & Sophena Z SISSON both of Maple Lake, 2 Jan 1918 at Maple Lake

009972/1918 (Haliburton) Oliver STEVENS, 23, farmer, Stanhope Twp, same, s/o William Henry STEVENS & Phoebe BARNUM, married Minnie Elizabeth COULTER, 17, Stanhope Twp, same, d/o Archibald COULTER & Louie WALKER, witn: May COULTER of Book--? & Andy SISSON of West Guilford, 16 Jul 1918 at Maple Lake.

009973/1918 (Haliburton) William Roy STUART, 25, farmer, widower, Huron Co, Monmouth Twp, s/o William H STUART & Margaret Ann McNALL [McNally?], married Leita DEWEY, 19, Lindsay, Monmouth Twp, d/o James DEWEY & Mary ADAMS, witn: Leone WHYTE & Laura BURKE both of Haliburton, 22 Apr 1918 at Haliburton

009977/1918 (Haliburton) John Franklin THOMAS, 22, farmer, Minden Twp, same, s/o Alfred THOMAS & Margaret FERGUSON, married Della HARRISON, 21, Minden Twp, same, d/o William HARRISON & Mary MINAKER, witn: Wesley THOMAS & Leitha HARRISON both of Carnarvon, 22 May 1918 at Carnarvon

009978/1918 (Haliburton) William Wesley WELCH, 25, farmer, Stanhope Twp, same, s/o William WELCH & Fanny JONES, married Loretta Elma BAIN, 17 years 11 months, Guilford Twp, same, d/o Duncan BAIN & Rebecca BELL, witn: George JONES & Rena DENISON both of Maple Lake, 25 Jun 1918 at Haliburton.

009979/1918 (Haliburton) John Alfred WENSLEY, 33, farmer, Guilford Twp, Dysart Twp, s/o Charles WENSLEY & Sarah PIERCE, married Amy Elizabeth EASTON, 17, Toronto, Dysart Twp, d/o Albert A EASTON & Frances Emma DUNNETT, witn: Bert Allan McNEIL of Minden Twp & Henry Francis EASTON of Dysart Twp, 12 Jun 1918 Lot 2 Con 7 Dysart Twp.


Haliburton 1919

11965-19 Wesley Victor BAKER, 20, teamster, West Guilford Stanhope Tp., Haliburton, s/o William BAKER & Agnes MILLER, married Catherine Martha CURRY, 18, Irondale, res not given, d/o Andrew J. CURRY & Catherine MAXWELL, witn: Albert George CURRY & Sidney Isabelle BURKE both of Haliburton on Nov. 4, 1919 at Haliburton


11967-19 William Grant BARRY, 19, farmer, Guilford, same, s/o Christopher BARRY & Ada Bernier BARNUM, married Marguerite McKNIGHT, 17, Minden Tp., Stanhope Tp., d/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth BATESON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Stanley S. BARNUM both of West Guilford on Feb. 14, 1919 at West Guilford

11966-19 James Henry Melville BILLINGS, 21, labourer, Gooderham, same, s/o James BILLINGS & Kate WINN, married Maggie May BOWERS, 34, widow, Gooderham, same, d/o Archibald McCOLL & Helena GARTSHORE, witn: Miss Grace WHETTER & Mr. J. M. PICKENS both of Gooderham on April 24, 1919 at Gooderham

11969-19 Percy Harold CASEY, 19, labourer, Minden, Gooderham, s/o Alex CASEY & Mary KIRKPATRICK, married Elsie Jane MAXWELL, 19, Irondale, Gooderham, d/o John MAXWELL & Sarah Jane FORD, witn: Stanley & Maude MAXWELL both of Gooderham on Nov. 24, 1919 at Gooderham.

11968-19 Nelson Benjamin CLARK, 36, livery man, of Minden Village, s/o George M. CLARK & Fannie M. BURROWS, married Mary Louisa McCRACKEN, 38, widow, of Minden Village, d/o Christopher SNELL & Annie STORREY, witn: Russell MORTIMER & Flora SNELL both of Minden on Jan. 29, 1919 at Minden.

11971-19 Angus Cameron COULTER, 21, farmer, Stanhope Tp., Boskung, s/o Hugh COULTER & Margaret TAYLOR, married Lydia Hazel REYNOLDS, 18, Minden Tp., Boskung, d/o James REYNOLDS & Mary McNEIL, witn: Leigh Levina SISSON of Maple Lake & Frances Sophia REYNOLDS of Elsie, on April 23, 1919 at The Parsonage, Maple Lake

11970-19 William John COULTER, 55, farmer, Stanhope Tp., Hinden Hill, s/o Hugh COULTER & Margaret TAYLOR, married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 40, Stanhope Tp., Hinden Hill, d/o John CRAWFORD & Matilda KEERE, witn: Margaret & Joseph KEVITT both of Boskung on March 5, 1919 at St. Stephen's Church, Boskung, Stanhope Tp.

11972-19 Andrew James CURRY, 26, labourer, Irondale, Haliburton, s/o Andrew James CURRY & Catherine MAXWELL, married Jennie BURKE, 23, Dysart, Haliburton, d/o Archie BURKE & Jane STOTHART, witn: Albert CURRY & Laura BURKE both of Haliburton on Sept. 2, 1919 at Haliburton


11974-19 Peter Frederick DAWSON, 42, farmer, widower, Stanhope Tp., Minden Tp., s/o John DAWSON & Frederica Louisa BURT, married Dorothy Jane OWENS, 35, Minden Tp., same, d/o Richard OWENS & Mary Jane HOPKINS, witn: John PACKARD & Georgina OWENS both of Carnarvon on June 11, 1919 at St. George's Church Haliburton.

11973-19 Collis Everett DOLMAGE, 30, bridge builder, Huntsville, same, s/o Collis R. DOLMAGE & Elizabeth STEPHENS, married Euphemia MacKAY, 28, Dorset, Huntsville, d/o Angus MacKAY & Mary CROZIER, witn: Alexander McKAY & Elizabeth BIGELOW both of Dorset on Sept. 18, 1919 at Presbyterian Church at Dorset.

11976-19 Joseph FADER Jr., 37, widower, Dundas Co., Stanhope Tp., s/o Joseph FADER & Margaret JONES, married Minnie May PARCELS, 19, Belmont, Stanhope Tp., d/o Richard PARCELS & Sarah Jane ROBERTSON, witn: Mrs. Richard PARCELS & Myrtle FADER both of Maple Lake on May 14, 1919 at Haliburton.

11975-19 Orma FADER, 24, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o William FADER & Jane REDNER, married Audrey Dell COOPER, 18, Stanhope Tp., same, d/o Ernest COOPER & Lewella SAWYER, witn: William LEWIS of Minden & Mrs. William LEWIS of Maple Lake on June 4, 1919 at Haliburton.

11979-19 William Norman HARRISON, 20, Minden Tp., same, s/o William HARRISON & Mary MINIKER, married Mary Velma SAWYER, 20, Minden Tp., Stanhope Tp., d/o Benjamin SAWYER & Florence POWELL, witn: James E. SAWYER of Maple Lake & illegible HARRISON of Carnarvon on July 2, 1919 at Maple Lake Methodist Church at Maple Lake.

11977-19 Samuel HILLIAM, 39, clerk, Stauningley? Yorkshire England, 99 William St. Toronto, s/o Samuel HILLIAM & Eliza DENT, married Annie HATON, 33, Pudsey England, same, d/o Thomas HATON & Sarah Ann FARRAR, witn: Charles & Harriett HILLIAM both of Kinmount on Oct. 11, 1919 at Kinmount

11978-19 William HILLIS, 37, farmer, widower, Courtland, Wilberforce, s/o Henry HILLIS & Hester Teressa PEARL, married Mary MITCHELL, 47, widow, Seamore (Seymour?), Wilberforce, d/o John SARGISON & Margaret WATSON, witn: Elizabeth OGDEN & Mrs James PATTERSON both of Wilberforce on Sept. 2, 1919 at Wilberforce.

11980-19 Hector HUGHES, 23, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Joseph HUGHES & Ellen THOMPSON, married Gertrude HOGG, 19, Minden Tp., same, d/o Henry HOGG & Margaret GILBERT, witn: Kathleen GAINER of Elsie Stanhope Tp. & Harold HOGG of Minden on April 30, 1919 at Minden.

11981-19 William JEFFREY, 22, farmer, North Kelsey Lincolnshire England, Cheddar Cardiff Tp., s/o Herbert JEFFREY & Elizabeth NICKLESON, married Gertrude Evelyn BAUMHAUER, 19, Bancroft, Cheddar, d/o Cornelius Nelson BAUMHAUER & Julia GAEBEL, witn: W. R. GAEBEL of Bancroft & Mrs. Sabrina V. SCHAP of 396 Second Ave Rosemount Montreal Que., on May 14, 1919 at Cheddar

11983-19 Cyril Louis KEATING, 27, clerk, Mulgrave Nova Scotia, Y.M.C.A. College St. in Toronto, s/o James Patrick KEATING & Elizabeth WEBB, married Lottie Bell REYNOLDS, 28, Winnipeg Manitoba, Highland Grove Ont., d/o Stanley W. REYNOLDS & Jessie Campbell FRASER, witn: Elizabeth SINCLAIR of 80 Dawson St. Toronto & Vera I. G. MITCHENER of 62 Alvin Ave. Toronto on April 21, 1919 at Highland Grove.

11982-19 James KNIGHT, 31, farmer, Gooderham, same, s/o George KNIGHT & Elizabeth MINTZ, married Jessie Ellen SWITZER, 21, Black Lake, Gooderham, d/o Edward SWITZER & Elizabeth A. KIVEL, witn: Gladys & Vera FURHELLER both of Minden on March 11, 1919 at Minden

11984-19 William Kenneth LEWIS, 33, painter, Georgetown Ont., Minden, s/o Charles LEWIS & Jean NEWCOMB, married Fleda FADER, 23, Stanhope Tp., Minden, d/o William FADER & Ellen REDNER, witn: Orma FADER & Audrey COOPER both of Maple Lake on June 4, 1919 at Haliburton.

11986-19 John Gilbert MARTIN, 37, electrician, Toronto, 296 Sackville St. Toronto, s/o F. G. MARTIN & Marion JARDAINE, married Sophie Jane BOLDT, 34, Bobcaygeon, Toronto, d/o A. H. BOLDT & J. G. HILL, witn: William BOLDT & Inice Hazel ARCHER both of Minden on July 14, 1919 at Minden

11989-19 Leslie Alfred McGUYRE, 26, farmer, Laxton Tp., Guilford Tp., s/o Joseph McGUYRE (McGuire sic) & Drucilla POWELL, married Sabina Jane SISSON, 16, Guilford Tp., same, d/o Mark SISSON & Sarah Jane BARNUM, witn: Earle McGUIRE & Ida SISSON both of West Guilford on Oct. 15, 1919 at "The Home" Haliburton.

11990-19 John Albert McKNIGHT, 34, farmer, Blairhampton, same, s/o Samuel McKNIGHT & Elizabeth PETERSON, married Louise Maud Tressa COWAN, 21, Blairhampton, same, d/o George COWAN & Elizabeth WARREN, witn: Mrs. Alan BLAIR & Miss Annie COWAN both of Blairhampton on Oct. 7, 1919 at Minden

11987-19 Manuel MINIKER, 20, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o William MINIKER & Elizabeth Ann CASEY, married Katie Elizabeth DRURY, 17, Snowdon Tp., same, d/o Willard Henry DRURY & Rachel Florence HARTEN, witn: John & Effie DRURY both of Gelert on June 11, 1919 at Gelert

11985-19 John Wesley MOORE, 27, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o Robert MOORE & Mary CRYDERMAN, married Christina Maude HUGHES, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o Joseph HUGHES & Helen THOMPSON, witn: Oliver STEVENS of Peterson's Corners & M. E. GRANT of Haliburton on Oct. 8, 1919 at Haliburton

11988-19 John Arthur MUMFORD, 20, farmer, Harcourt, same, s/o John Potter MUMFORD & Alice PACEY, married Annie DRUMM, 17, Coe Hill, Harcourt, d/o Thomas Patrick DRUMM & Florence FITZGIBBON, witn: Edward DRUMM & Florence FITZGIBBON both of Wilberforce on April 22, 1919 at Wilberforce.

11991-19 Edward NEIL, 56, farmer, widower, Moren Que., Glamorgan Tp., s/o Edward NEIL & Sarah SINCLAIR, married Elizabeth LARABEE, 56, widow, Camden East, Glamorgan Tp., d/o James PARKS & Elizabeth Ann WOODCOCK, witn: Mr & Mrs W. H. COLE both of Lochlin on April 24, 1919 at Lochlin

11992-19 Alexander PETERS, 26, farmer, Highland Grove, same, s/o George Exzeva PETERS & Minnie Mabel married Nina Jane CLARK, 19, Highland Grove, same, d/o John Henry CLARK & Emma LEWIS, witn: Mrs Oliver HUBBLE & Alphonsus HOGAN both of Highland Grove on Dec. 16, 1919 at Highland Grove.

11994-19 Arnold Armstrong Knight ROBERTS, 21, labourer, Haliburton, same, s/o William ROBERTS & Liddy WHILEY, married Margaret BURKE, 21, Haliburton, same, d/o Archibald BURKE & Jane STOTHART, witn: Cecil A. ROBERTS & Jennie BURKE both of Haliburton on April 16, 1919 at the home of Archibald Burke at Dysart Tp.

11993-19 Jaime ROBERTSON, 23, labourer, Haliburton, same, s/o Edmund ROBERTSON & Annie HOLLAND, married Laura BURKE, 21, Haliburton, same, d/o Archibald BURKE & Jennie STOTHART, witn: Willie WALSH & Vera ROBERTSON both of Haliburton on Dec. 2, 1919 at Haliburton.


11998-19 Thomas SARGINSON, 23, farmer, Highland Grove, same, s/o Robert SARGINSON & Henrietta DREWRY, married Stella SUCIE, 19, Herschel, Highland Grove, d/o Richard SUCIE & Jane MacGREGOR, witn: Roy SARGINSON & Alma SUCIE both of Highland Grove on Sept. 17, 1919 at Herschel Tp.

11997-19 Andy SISSON, 21, farmer, West Guilford, same, s/o Mark SISSON & Sarah Jane BARNUM, married Shirley Grace COOPER, 18, West Guilford, same, d/o George COOPER & Charlotte Amelia BOISE, witn: Stanley COOPER & Iva SISSON both of West Guilford on Sept. 17, 1919 at "The Home" Haliburton.

11996-19 Leigh Laverne SISSON, 27, farmer, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o Thomas Mac SISSON & Agnes DAWSON, married Minnie OLIVER, 29, England, Stanhope Tp., d/o Robert OLIVER & Mirna DAVIS, witn: Bruce SISSON & Alice OLIVER both of Stanhope on Sept. 23, 1919 at St. Stephen's Church, Boskung

11995-19 Harvey SWITZER, 28, lumberman, Gooderham, same, s/o William SWITZER & Jane MINTZ, married Gyulia CARR, 37, widow, Stanhope Tp., same, d/o James BARRY & Eliza Ann SAWYER, witn: M. E. GRANT of Haliburton & M. E. SOUTHWORTH of Lakefield on Dec. 2, 1919 at Lakefield

11999-19 Stanley Stuart TAYLOR, 36, farmer, Anson Tp., Minden, s/o R. J. TAYLOR & Caroline HAMILTON, married Vera May CRYDERMAN, 27, school teacher, Queensville, Carnarvon, d/o Oran CRYDERMAN & Adeline LONGFIELD, witn: Ralph CRYDERMAN of Carnarvon & Estella TAYLOR of Minden on June 11, 1919 at Carnarvon

12000-19 David WHISTLE, 64, farmer, widower, Dundas Co., Anson Tp., s/o David WHISTLE & Mary FENTON, married Elizabeth KENT, 57, Minden, Anson Tp., d/o William KENT & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Viola KENT & Mr. YOUNG both of Minden on Dec. 24, 1919 at Minden.

12001-19 Thomas WICKHAM, 22, farmer, Yorkshire England, Cavendish Tp. Peterboro Co., s/o William WICKHAM & Sarah SPRAKES (?), married Elizabeth Victoria HIGGINS, 18, Cavendish Tp., same, d/o David HIGGINS & Minerva Alice CARD, witn: Mrs. Agnes C. LANG of Minden & Mrs. W. L. SCROTER of Kinmount on June 11, 1919 at Minden.