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Haliburton Co, 1923 to 1927

birth place is given before residence


Haliburton 1923

12396-23 Harry ADAMS, 58, clerk, England, Haliburton, s/o George ADAMS (b. England) & Maria REEVE, married Sarah DUMMETT, 49, widow, Blairhampton, Haliburton, d/o Alex MORRISON (b. England) & Mary CRAIG, witn: Mr. & Mrs W. R. CURRY both of Haliburton on Dec. 25, 1923 at Haliburton  
12398-23 Lawrence Calvin BARKWELL, 21, laborer, Lutterworth, same, s/o George BARKWELL (b. Maluns? Ont) & Mary Jane MACKEE, married Rosie BELL, 18, Lutterworth, same, d/o George BELL & Louisa DEMOE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. S. DEMOE both of Lutterworth Tp. on Oct. 11, 1923 at Minden 12399-23 Samuel Joseph BARTON, 45, farmer, Anson Tp., same, s/o Reuben BARTON (b. England) & Betsy RUMBLETON, married Annie Louisa GOSLIN, 36, Minden Tp., Anson Tp., d/o James GOSLIN (b. Port Hope) & Margaret VOICEY, witn: Thomas HARRISON of Boskung & Margaret E. WALKER of Peterson's Corners on June 20, 1923 at Lot 1 Conc V11 Anson.
12400-23 John BOYD, 61, farmer, widower, Ireland, Hindon Tp., s/o John BOYD (b. Ireland) & Nancy GRACHEN, married Sarah TAGGART, 60, widow, school janitor, Ireland, Hindon Tp., d/o William McCONACHIE (b. Scotland) & Martha S. MOORE, witn: William J. & Elizabeth COULTER of Hindon Hill on June 26, 1923 at Lot 1 Conc 1v of Hindon Tp. 12397-23 Charles Ernest BROHM, 26, laborer, Lutterworth, Haliburton, s/o John BROHM (b. Ontario) & Rose DEMAR, married Laura DENNSION, 22, Minden, Haliburton, d/o Jack DENNISON (b. Ontario) & Mary BANE, witn: Therm DENNISON of Elsie & Addie TURNBULL of Haliburton on Nov. 28, 1923 at Parsonage Haliburton
12401-23 Norman Harvey CLARK, 26, printer, Gelert, Lindsay, s/o Asa CLARK (b. Stanhope) & Mary HARRISON, married Alice Gertrude WELCH, 23, nurse, Minden, same, d/o John WELCH (b. Sherbourne England) & Elizabeth EPTON, witn: Ronald CLARK of Lindsay & Ethel WELCH of Minden on June 19, 1923 at Minden 12402-23 Albert Edward FIELD, 23, fire ranger, England, Dorset Ont., s/o Albert FIELD (b. Berkshire England) & Teresa SMITH married Adeline Eva CUNNINGHAM, 23, Dorset, same, d/o Thomas James CUNNINGHAM (b. Toronto) & Esther Ann STEWART, witn: Sidney LOUCKS & Elsie CUNNINGHAM both of Dorset on June 27, 1923 at Dorset.
12403-23 James Mortimer GRAHAM, 27, farmer, Lutterworth, Anson, s/o John H. GRAHAM (b. Orangeville Ont) & Mary MORTIMER, married Nellie Eveline PRITCHARD, 30, Stanhope, Anson, d/o Joseph PRITCHARD (b. Cavan) & Elizabeth HOBDEN, witn: Fred GRAHAM & Bertha N. PRITCHARD both of Minden on June 7, 1923 12404-23 Clarence GIBSON, 21, farmer, Athol Tp., Toronto, s/o John R. GIBSON (b. Prince Edward Co.) & Etta J. FARRINGTON, married Leone Genevieve THOMPSON, 21, teacher, Adolphustown, Toronto, d/o Arthur THOMPSON (b. Bloomfield Prince Edward Co) & Ida LOYST, witn: Alvin McCRACKEN & Mrs Georgina H. PARKER both of Minden on March 10, 1923 at Minden
12407-23 Alphonsus HOGAN, 27, farmer, Highland Grove, same, s/o James HOGAN & Mary PETERS, married Margaret Irene AYOTT, 17, Highland Grove, same, d/o William AYOTT & Lucy SCOTT, witn: Mary AYOTT & Ambrose CONNAGHAN both of Highland Grove on Feb. 13, 1923 at Highland Grove 12406-23 Frederick William HOPE, 22, farmer, Gooderham, Demorestville, s/o William HOPE (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth G. DUNSFORD, 21, Wilberforce, Demorestville, d/o Joseph DUNSFORD (b. Burleigh Tp) & Mary MacCREA, witn: Jesse SHORT & Katie MacCREA both of Tory Hill on Jan. 31, 1923 at home of bride at Wilberforce
  12405-23 Cecil Henry HUGHES, 31, motorman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Joseph HUGHES (b. Ontario) & Helen THOMPSON, married Margaret Edith WALKER, 19, Ontario, Petersons Corners P.O., d/o John Albert WALKER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca ROSS, witn: Agnes Mae WALKER & John HUGHES both of Minden on June 27, 1923 at Minden Tp.
12408-23 Walter C. KELLETT, 31, barber, Haliburton, same, s/o William KELLETT (b. Minden) & Annie ERSKINE, married Hilda LITTLE, 20, Allsaw, Haliburton, d/o Alexander LITTLE (b. Port Hope) & Eva WARREN, witn: John J. KELLETT & Miss. SMITH both of Toronto on Dec. 24, !923 at Allsaw 12409-23 John Franklin LOWE, 63, farmer, widower, Uxbridge, Haliburton, s/o John LOWE (b. Markham) & Harriet VANDERBILT, married Sarah PARISH, 65, widow, Ireland, Haliburton, d/o William GILMOUR (b. Co. Jerome Ireland) & Sarah WYLEY, witn: Evan SISSON & F. W. POWELL both of Haliburton on Nov. 14, 1923 at Haliburton
12412-23 John Lebert McCALLUM, 32, carpenter, Bexley, Toronto, s/o Duncan McCALLUM (b. Eldon Victoria Co) & Victoria DAVIES, married Margaret Mildred COULTER, 20, Stanhope, Toronto, d/o Archie COULTER (b. Hindon Hill) & Lily WALKER, witn: Alice McCALLUM of Kirkfield & Mable COULTER of Boskung on June 19, 1923 at the Parsonage Maple Lake 12411-23 Herbert McKELVEY, 29, barber, Minden Tp., Minden Village, s/o George McKELVEY (b. Haliburton) & Bella GOLDIE, married Irene KELLETT, 20, Snowdon Tp., Minden Village, d/o Stanley KELLETT (b. Minden) & Ida BURLEY, witn: Elsie McKELVEY & Steve HARRISON both of Minden on July 25, 1923 at Carnarvon
12410-23 Clarence C. MILLER, 26, student, Ernestown Tp., same, s/o Benjamin B. MILLER (b. Ernestown Tp) & Edith E. CARSCALLEN, married Olive Ethel HARRISON, 27, Stanhope Tp., same, d/o William H. HARRISON (b. Peel Co.) & Margaret M. WARNER, witn: Blanch HARRISON & G. B. ALLCORN both of Carnarvon on Oct. 4, 1923 at Carnarvon 12413-23 Frederick Hanson ROGERS, 45, farmer, widower, Thurlow Tp, Minden, s/o Nelson ROGERS (b. Trenton Ont) & Jennie CORNELIUS, married Shirley Estella HOGG, 21, Minden, same, d/o Robert H. HOGG (b. Cobourg) & Amy FREED, witn: Mr & Mrs Bert HARRISON of Minden on April 4, 1923 at Minden
12416-23 Charles Warren SCHELL, 25, engineer, Burys Green Ont., West Guilford, s/o William John SCHELL (b. Port Perry) & Christina CRAIG, married Sarah Jane SISSON, 18, West Guilford, same, d/o Mark SISSON (b. W. Guilford) & Jane BARNUM, witn: Jack SCHELL & Mary SISSON both of W. Guilford on June 6, 1923 at the home of the bride at W. Guilford 12414-23 Harry Wilbert SISSON, 36, farmer, Stanhope, same, s/o James SISSON (b. Manvers) & Emma DAVISON, married Leatta Louisa SCOTT, 18, Guilford, Stanhope, d/o Richard Thomas SCOTT & Mary DUNCAN, witn: Leigh S. & Minnie SISSON both of Boskung on Oct. 22, 1923 at the Parsonage Maple Lake.
12415-23 Wendel Montrose SMITH, 23, trackman, Essonville, Haliburton, s/o James SMITH & Matilda McCARTIN married Emily Attenborough MOORE, 23, England, Haliburton, d/o J.S. & Clara, witn: John S. & Clara MOORE both of Haliburton at St. Georges Church at Haliburton 12417-23 Harry STEWART, 22, sawyer, Lucknow, Monmouth, s/o William H. STEWART (b. Duncannon Ont) & Margaret McNEIL (McKill?), married Jennie COOMBS, 18, Tory Hill, Monmouth, d/o George COOMBS (b. Redfield Ont) & L. CRAIGIE, witn: N. PARKER & Annie COOMBS both of Tory Hill on May 16, 1923 at South Wilberforce.
12418-23 William Howard THOMPSON, 35, farmer, Stanhope, Haliburton, s/o William James THOMPSON (b. Quebec) & Sarah Henrietta Jane PETHICK, married Kate Laura POPE, 19, Kent England, Haliburton, d/o Alfred James POPE (b. England) & Marie Louisa KING, witn: Albert CARPENTER & Jessie POPE both of Gelert on Dec. 24, 1923 at the parsonage, Haliburton 12419-23 Albert Frederick WALSH, 18, laborer, Toronto, Haliburton, s/o Fred WALSH (b. Collingwood?) & Florence CURRY, married Hazel Blanche JOHNSTON, 18, Monmouth, Haliburton, d/o William JOHNSTON (b. near Lindsay) & Annie ATWELL, witn: Albert & Greta CURRY both of Haliburton on Oct. 23, 1923 at Minden.
12421-23 Clarence Roy WATT, 17, laborer, Haliburton, same, s/o Donald WATT (b. Haliburton) & Annie OTTO, married Elsie FETTERLY, 15, Haliburton, same, d/o Ernest FETTERLY (b. Trenton) & Rhebecca FADER, witn: Roy FETTERLY & Violet DEAN both of Haliburton on April 19, 1923 at Haliburton 12420-23 Ralph WHITNEY, 21, laborer, Chandos Tp., Anstruther, s/o Willard WHITNEY (b. Peterboro) & Ellen PUFFER, married Mable CUTTING, 16, Owen Sound, Monmouth, d/o Frank CUTTING & Annie DE FOREST [now Dingman], witn: Wilfred CROFT & E. OGDEN both of Wilberforce on June 13, 1923 at South Wilberforce.


Haliburton 1924


10912-24 William Harold ACKLEY, 22, laborer, Brighton, Wilberforce, s/o Edward ACKLEY (b. Buffalo USA) & Effie WASHBURN, married Hattie May LISCOMBE, 20, Wilberforce, same, d/o Andrew LISCOMBE (b. Hastings Co) & Maud WASHBURN, witn: Mr. & Mrs.. Clarence GODFREY both of Wilberforce on Sept. 29, 1924 at Wilberforce

10944-24 Gordon Benjamin Philip ALLCORN, 22, driver, Ontario, 175 Shaw St. Toronto, s/o William ALLCORN (b. England) & Elizabeth WILSON, married Gertrude Mabel Ilean HARRISON, 17, stenographer, Ontario, Carnarvon, d/o William H. HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Margaret WARNER, witn: Blanche HARRISON of Carnarvon & Bert HARRISON of Minden on June 17, 1924 at Carnarvon

10911-24 John Henry ANDERSON, 43, carpenter, Finland, Minden Tp., s/o Henry ANDERSON (b. Oulu Finland) & Christina KAIKKONEN, married Mildred Amelia HUNT, widow, 35, Minden, Minden Tp., d/o Peter L. HARRISON (b. Picton Ont) & Evangeline MacNEIL, witn: Rev. Archibald S. illegible & Ethel Ardella McLEAN both of Ingoldsby on June 25, 1924 at Ingoldsby

10913-24 Norman E. BOWRON, 37, liveryman, Minden, same, s/o William BOWRON (b. Lakefield?) & Viola Ann FETTERLEY, married Pearl Amanda OLIVER, 18, Stratford, Minden, d/o George Ernest OLIVER (b. England) & Elizabeth BLACKMAN, witn: James & Letitia DAVIES both of Blairhampton on June 11, 1924 at The Parsonage Maple Lake

10914-24 James Henry DAVIES, 29, lumberman, Haliburton, same, s/o John Thomas DAVIES (b. Warwickshire England) & Catherine GILMOUR, married Myrtle HERRON, 20, Snowdon Tp., Haliburton, d/o William Henry HERRON (b. Canada?) (sic) & Mary Jane SHAW, witn: William PARISH of Port Hope & Gertrude HEYRRON? on Dec. 31, 1924 at The Parsonage Haliburton

10915-24 Gordon Alexander ELLIS, 20, farmer, Lutterworth, same, s/o Arthur ELLIS (b. Lutterworth Tp) & Mary PORTER, married Jean Isabella MacAFEE, 18, South River, Lutterworth, d/o Robert MacAFEE (b. New England) & Mary OVERLAY, witn: John HOUNSELL & Mary Kathleen ELLIS both of Lutterworth Tp. on Feb. 6, 1924 at Minden.

10916-24 William John EXON, 26, driver, Ontario, 512 Merton St. Toronto, s/o John Henry EXON (b. Ontario) & Cassie JOICE, married Frances Emma Mae JOHNSTON, 23, Ontario, Haliburton, d/o Sydney F. JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Lottie PESCKER?, witn: George Henry EXON & Jean Luffia? JOHNSTON both of Haliburton on Sept. 16, 1924 at St. George's Church Haliburton

10917-24 Orma FADER, 28, farmer, widower, Stanhope Tp., same, s/o William FADER (b. Winchester Quebec) & Jane REDNER, married Ethel BARRY, 19, Dysart Tp., same, d/o Frank BARRY (b. Dunnville) & Edith BARNUM, witn: Myrtle FADER of Maple Lake & Rachel LANGMAN of Barrie on June 11, 1924 at Carnarvon.

10921-24 Roy Ivan HADLEY, 25, labourer, Gooderham, same, s/o Solomon HADLEY (b. Verulam) & Mabel WAITE, married Lavada Mary ROBERTSON, 17, Michigan USA, Gooderham, d/o Richard William ROBERTSON (b. Benton Harbour Michigan ?) & Annie PETCH, witn: Richard William ROBERTSON of Gooderham & June FOSTER of Haliburton on Oct. 25, 1924 at The Parsonage Haliburton.

10920-24 Cecil Melville HARRISON, 21, farmer, Glamorgan, same, s/o James Hamilton HARRISON (b. Minden) & mother deceased (sic), married Violet Isabella McINTOSH, 26, Minden, Glamorgan, d/o Duncan Gilbert McINTOSH (b. Minden) & mother deceased (sic), witn: Audrey McINTYRE & Catharine BAKER both of Haliburton on Oct. 29, 1924 at Haliburton

10919-24 Frederick Raymond HICKS, 26, farmer, Minden Tp., Snowdon Tp., s/o Charles D. HICKS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Charlotte McKNIGHT, married Edith Winnifred COOK, 23, Minden Tp., Snowdon Tp., d/o Frank L. COOK (b. Minden) & Mabel VINCENT, witn: Melville McKNIGHT & Irene HICKS both of Lochlin on Sept. 10, 1924 at Lochlin Minden Tp.

10918-24 Gordon Reginald HORSLEY, 20, labourer, Guilford, Haliburton, s/o John HORSLY (sic) (b. Trenton) & Isabel BARRY, married Annie May SISSON, 17, Guilford, Haliburton, d/o Mark SISSON (b. Guilford) & Jane BARNUM, witn: Sidney SISSON of West Guilford & Edna HORSLEY of Haliburton on Feb. 20, 1924 at West Guilford

10922-24 Lauri Aho JUNTUNEN, 28, carpenter, Finland, Minden Tp., s/o Jutka (b. Finland) & Kaisa, married Emma TAPIO (?), 28, dressmaker, Finland, Minden Tp., d/o Kalle TAPIO (b. Finland) & Anna HEIKKENIN, witn: John H. & Mildred A. ANDERSON both of Ingoldsby on Aug. 27, 1924 at The Clergy House Minden.

10924-24 Lewis Oliver Linton KEEFER, 21, millhand, Haliburton, same, s/o Lewis Oliver KEEFER (b. Markham) & Hannah TITUS, married Ada Amelia WARD, 20, Orillia, Haliburton, d/o George WARD (b. Sarnia) & Mary EARLE, witn: George Harold Wesley KEEFER & Lillian WARD both of Haliburton on Aug. 20, 1924 at Haliburton.

10923-24 Andrew KERNAHAN, 50, farmer, London Ont., Anson Tp., s/o John KERNAHAN (b. Ireland) & Jenny TAYLOR, married Letitia CRAWFORD, 38, Stanhope Tp., Anson Tp., d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Matilda KEERS?, witn: James SMITH & Mrs. William PARKES both of Minden on March 5, 1924 at Minden.


10930-24 Howard Balfour MAGUIRE, 28, farmer, Monmouth Tp., Essonville, s/o Howard MAGUIRE (b. Glamorgan Tp) & Sarah CALVIN, married Mary Pearl McNEELY, 19, Monmouth Tp., Essonville, d/o Alex MAGUIRE (b. Omemee) & Florence RIEL, witn: Florence & Alex McNEELY both of Essonville on Jan. 2, 1924 at Essonville.

10929-24 Thomas MAUGHAN, 38, farmer, Uxbridge, Essonville, s/o Thomas MAUGHAN (b. Whitchurch Tp) & Eliza ROBINSON, married Annie Elizabeth COOMBS, 21, Tory Hill, Essonville, d/o George COOMBS (b. Renfrew) & Lizzie CROZIER, witn: Eliza A. COOMBS & William MAUGHAN both of Essonville on Dec. 17, 1924 at Haliburton.

10927-24 Hijaharan MAKELA, 43, woodcutter, Tetin Pitaya? Finland, Haliburton, s/o Jeremias & Hilda, married Toini Emilia LAURITA, 22, Tetin Pitaya Finland, Haliburton, d/o unknown, witn: Harry HAKONEN of Haliburton & J. W. WILKINSON of Carnarvon on Oct. 10, 1924 at Haliburton

10931-24 Charles Ross McMAHON, 55, labourer, widower, Fenelon Falls, Wilberforce, s/o James Francis McMAHON & Adeline GALLINS, married Rachel Anne KELLER, 56, widow, Mountain Grove, Wilberforce, d/o Walter BUMHOUR & Flora WOODCOCK, witn: Flora May & Thomas Charles MARSHALL both of Wilberforce on Feb. 27, 1924 at Wilberforce.

10926-24 Edward Willard MILLARD, 22, labourer, Thamesville, Bothwell, s/o Gordon Charles MILLARD (b. St. Thomas) & Annie TWIGG, married Florence LA RUE, 18, St. Thomas, Bothwell, d/o James Albert LA RUE & Florence BRYANT, witn: E. B. ROBERTS of Haliburton & Mrs. Georgina H. PARKES of Minden on July 2, 1924 at Minden.

10925-24 Robert Jeffery MOON, 50, farmer, Dysart, same, s/o Thomas MOON & Jane JEFFERY, married Elizabeth OLIVER, 39, widow, Ontario, Dysart, d/o John BLACKMAN (b. Ireland) & Catherine McNAB, witn: Mandell M. & Emily SMITH both of Haliburton on Jan. 23, 1924 at The Parsonage Haliburton.

10932-24 George NESBITT, 21, labourer, Minden, Minden Tp., s/o William NESBITT (b. Minden Tp) & Annie VOICEY, married Kathleen Viola LITTLE, 16, Minden, Minden Tp., d/o Alexander LITTLE (b. Minden Tp) & Eva WARREN, witn: Alfred George & Martha SCHOFIELD both of Haliburton on Aug. 19, 1924 at Haliburton.

10933-24 Harry Claude PAPINEAU, 37, storekeeper, Castleton, Cavanville, s/o Edward PAPINEAU (b. Castleton) & Winifred DAVIDSON, married Jessie May RUSSELL, 28, Toronto, Carnarvon, d/o William RUSSELL (b. Armagh Ireland) & Barbara PARKS, witn: Miss Florence FRAIR? & Mrs. J. HARRISON both of Carnarvon on Jan. 15, 1924 at Carnarvon


10935-24 Edward Albert PLAYTER, 22, farmer's helper, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o Charles PLAYTER & Alice FOSTER, married Lillian ROBINSON, 21, of Snowdon Tp., d/o Thomas W. ROBINSON & Velina A. HOPKINS, witn: Mrs.. T. W. ROBINSON of Snowdon Tp. & Mrs. William PARKES of Minden on Aug. 13, 1924 at Minden.

10936-24 Arthur Argyll PORTER, 21, farmer, Somerville, same, s/o William PORTER (b. Somerville Tp) & Adeline BOWRON, married Bertha Lorine NESBITT, 18, Minden, Somerville, d/o William NESBITT (b. Minden Tp) & Annie VOYCE, witn: Mr. W. H. ROBERTS & Mrs.. William PARKER both of Minden on Dec. 31, 1924 at Minden.

10934-24 William Harold PORTER, 23, farmer, Somerville Tp., Minden Tp., s/o William J. PORTER (b. Lutterworth Tp) & Adeline BOWREN, married Letitia Bertha RIVERS, 18, Stanhope Tp., Minden Tp., d/o John RIVERS (b. Galway Tp.) & Mary TOIE, witn: George RIVERS of Peterson Corner Stanhope & Elizabeth PORTER of Norland on June 25, 1924 at Peterson Corner, Stanhope Tp.

10941-24 Alvin Ronald ST. PETER, 25, farmer, Minden, Snowdon Tp., s/o Theodore ST. PETER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Hannah MINAKER, married Florence Laura COOK, 21, Minden, Snowdon Tp., d/o Frank COOK (b. Minden Tp) & Mabel VINCENT, witn: Mr. W. H. ROBERTS & Mrs.. William PARKES both of Minden on Dec. 2, 1924 at Minden.

10940-24 Percy S. SCOTT, 21, farmer, Cardiff Tp., Harcourt, s/o William James SCOTT (b. Kennaway Harcourt Tp) & May CHRYSLER, married Florence SCHICKLER, 17, Cardiff Tp., Harcourt, d/o Solomon SCHICKLER (b. Elmira) & Mary BRETHAUER, witn: Mrs.. Robert J. ELLIOTT & Mr John SCHICKLER both of Harcourt on Nov. 3, 1924 at Beech Ridge Cardiff Tp.

10939-24 Irwin Carl SIMMS, 21, labourer, Guilford, West Guilford, s/o Samuel SIMS (sic) (b. West Guilford) & Laura GROZELL, married Thelma Elizabeth BARNUM, 21, Guilford, West Guilford, d/o Henry BARNUM (b. Minden) & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Wilma HORSLEY & Bruce SIMMS both of West Guilford on Nov. 5, 1924 at Haliburton.


10938-24 Edwin Arnold SMITH, 26, farmer, Morrison Lake, Yorkston - Temiskaming Dist., s/o John Gilbert SMITH (b. Crysler village Quebec) & Mary Ann WRIGHT, married Rhoda Gordon NORRIE, 22, teacher, Aberdeen Scotland, Minden, d/o James NORRIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret B. TAGGART, witn: Mr. George Gilbert & Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH both of Morrison Lake on Sept. 3, 1924 at Minden

10937-24 Wallace Sidney SMITH, 32, farmer, Anson Tp., same, s/o Walter SMITH (b. Campbellford) & Harriet HYDE, married Annie Tirzah REYNOLDS, 31, widow, Snowdon Tp., Anson Tp., d/o John HOYLE (b. Yorkshire England) & Annie Teressa SHARPLES, witn: Cecil John DAWSON of Anson Tp. & Theresa Viola HOYLE of Snowdon Tp. on June 4, 1924 at Minden

10942-24 Sidney Leonard WHITE, 49, farmer, widower, Burleigh, Wilberforce Monmouth Tp., s/o William WHITE (b. England) & Charity MACFADDEN, married Mary Bertha MINNS, 41, widow, boarding house keeper, Wilberforce, same, d/o James Albert CLARK (b. Markham Ont) & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: Phyliss J. AMES & Alfred WILLOWS both of Wilberforce on May 21, 1924 at Wilberforce.

10943-24 Scott WINDSOR, 19, farmer, Apsley, Highland Grove, s/o Peter WINDSOR & Margaret SCOTT, married Mary AYOTTE, 19, Wilberforce, Highland Grove, d/o William AYOTTE & Lucy SCOTT, witn: Loretta & William AYOTTE Jr. both of Highland Grove on April 22, 1924 at Highland Grove



Haliburton 1925


11403-25 Robert Sidney Charles ARCHER, 38, labourer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Robert Sidney ARCHER (b. Minden Tp.) & Hannah STEVENS, married Hildred Elfreda Averil Lillian HOGG, 20 (b. 19 Jan 1905), Minden Tp., same, d/o Robert Henry HOGG (b. Norwood (Harwood?) Ont) & Amy Adella FREED, witn: Henry STEVENS & Mrs William PARKER both of Minden Ont. on Dec. 18, 1925 at Minden

11404-25 Charles Sydney BARNUM, 20, farmer, West Guilford, same, s/o John Andrew BARNUM (b. Haliburton Co) & Ina JONES, married Myrtle Ethel SCOTT, 17, Binbrook, West Guilford, d/o Wilbert Manson SCOTT (b. Haliburton Co) & Amelia Susan FLETCHER, witn: Petra BOICE & Arnold BARNUM both of West Guilford on Dec. 23, 1925 at Haliburton

11405-24 Arthur Everitt BARRY, 20, farmer, Guilford, Carnarvon, s/o Christopher BARRY (b. Dunnville) & Ada BARNUM, married Myra COWEN, 17, Stanhope Tp., Carnarvon, d/o Harry COWEN (b. London England) & Rose HARRISON, witn: Alice RUSSELL & Rex COWAN both of Carnarvon on Nov. 17, 1924 at Haliburton

11410-25 William BARRY, 61, farmer, Haldimand Co., Verulam, s/o James BARRY (b. London England) & Caroline DOMAN (Dornan?), married Margaret FRASER, 51, widow, Minden, Verulam, d/o Francis WILSON (b. Ireland) & Alti LOUCKS, witn: Edgar A. ROGERS & Mrs William PARKES both of Minden on Oct. 8, 1925 at Minden.

11406-24 Bertram Ernest BLAIR, 20, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Joseph BLAIR (b. Germany) & Edith ARCHER, married Viola Victoria MILLER, 17, Lutterworth Tp., Minden Tp., d/o Ernest August MILLER (b. Minden Tp.) & Caroline SCHROTER, witn: Ross BLAIR of Blairhampton & Lena E. MILLER of Gelert on Nov. 4, 1925 at Ingoldsby

11408-25 Norman BOWERS, 25, woodsman, Harcourt, same, s/o John BOWERS (b. Canada) & Mary TOWNSEND, married Evelyne Marjory CONNAGHAN, 19, Toronto, Harcourt, d/o Manley CONNAGHAN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: Mr & Mrs Fred GRAY both of 7041 Plymouth Rd. Detroit Michigan on Aug. 12, 1925 at St. Margaret's Church Wilberforce.

11409-25 James Gordon BROCK, 34, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o John BROCK (b. Lindsay Ont) & Matilda MOORE, married Lila Estella TAYLOR, 28, music teacher, Minden Village, same, d/o Robert J. TAYLOR (b. Ireland) & Carrie HAMILTON, witn: Ellsworth CHEBADER (?) of Oakwood & Hazel BROCK of Lindsay on June 2, 1925 at Minden

11407-25 Earl Anson BURK, 23, clerk, Huntsville, Dorset., s/o Charles Hamilton (b. Lincoln Co) & Ina Isadora, married Elsie Evelyn AVERY, 19, Village of Dorset, Dorset Dist. of Haliburton, d/o James Alonson? (b. Haliburton Co) & Ellen A., witn: Kathleen V. BARRY & Gordon N. AVERY both of Dorset on Oct. 13, 1925 at Dorset.

11412-25 David Mitchell CARNOCHAN, 25, teamster, Glamorgan, New Ontario, s/o William CARNOCHAN (b. Port Perry) & Janet THOMPSON, married Ida KIRKPATRICK, 21, Dorset, New Ontario, d/o John KIRKPATRICK & Ellen MADILL, witn: Jessie POPE of Gelert & Sydney JOHNSTON of Haliburton on June 24, 1925 at Haliburton.

11411-25 Gordon Roy CHESNEY, 40, labourer, Harvey Tp., Peterboro Co., same, s/o William CHESNEY (b. Quebec) & Margaret SIMPSON, married Mary Lucretia ALSOP, 23, Gooderham, Glamorgan Tp., d/o Joseph ALSOP (b. Uxbridge Ont) & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Lucy C. WOODCOCK of Haliburton & Clarence V. ALSOP of Gooderham on Sept. 29, 1925 at Gooderham

11413-25 Stanley Walter Edward ENGLISH, 19, farmer's son, Fenelon Falls, Minden Tp., s/o Walter ENGLISH (b. Dunsford Ont) & Alicia JUNKIN, married Annetta Hazel HICKS, 17, Minden Tp., same, d/o Charles HICKS (b. Picton) & Charlotte McKNIGHT, witn: W. Walter ENGLISH of Lochlin & Marion MINER of Callander on July 20, 1925 at Haliburton.

11414-25 Gordon GRIFFIN, 25, carpenter, Guilford, Niagara Falls, s/o Joseph GRIFFIN (b. Uxbridge) & Jane HORSLEY, married Annie Vera ROBERTSON, 25, mill hand, Haliburton, Niagara Falls, d/o Edmund ROBERTSON (b. Minden) & Annie HOLLAND, witn: Bert BOICE of West Guilford & Mrs. Ed ROBERTSON of Haliburton on June 16, 1925 at Haliburton.

11415-25 Stephen Thomas HARRISON, 26, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Levi James HARRISON (b. England) & Mary Jane HAMERICK, married Elsie Lillian McKELVEY, 20, Minden Tp., same, d/o George McKELVEY (b. Haliburton) & Isabel GOULDIE, witn: Norman McKELVEY & Eva Alice WALKER both of Minden Tp. on Aug. 12, 1925 at Minden

11417-25 Oliver HIGGINS, 28, labourer, Peterborough Co., Haliburton, s/o David HIGGINS (b. Lindsay) & Minerva CARD, married Irene Mabel EASTON, 19, Haliburton, same, d/o Albert Arthur EASTON (b. England) & Frances DUMMITT, witn: Walter THOMAS & Ruby WALLING both of Haliburton on June 6, 1925 at Moore's Settlement

11416-25 Harry Clayton HOBDEN, 30, farmer, Minden, same, s/o William Henry HOBDEN (b. Brighton England) & Anne Jane SCOTT, married Ivy Irene STEVENS, 23, Snowdon, Minden, d/o William Henry STEVENS (b. Mariposa Ont.) & Margaret Sophia MINAKER, witn: Mrs. Andrew STEVENS & Miss Olive HOBDEN both of Minden on June 3, 1925 at Minden.

11418-25 Sidney JOHNSTON, 28, cook, Essonville, Haliburton, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON (b. Janetville) & Margaret CALLVIN, married Jessie POPE, 19, Seven Oaks England, Haliburton, d/o Alfred POPE (b. England) & Mary KING, witn: Gladys & Russell JOHNSTON both of Haliburton on Nov. 11, 1925 at Haliburton.

11420-25 Basil LANGMAN, 32, labourer, Flos Tp. Simcoe Co., Maple Lake, s/o Joseph LANGMAN (b. Orillia) & Grace BAYCROFT, married Myriel FADER, 22, Stanhope, Maple Lake, d/o William FADER (b. Quebec) & Jane REDNER, witn: Violet FADER & Charles SAWYER both of Maple Lake on June 17, 1925 at Haliburton.

11419-25 William John LENNOX, 26, bank clerk, London England, Haliburton, s/o John LENNOX (b. Scotland) & Annie Dewar TAYLOR, married Florence Evangeline PRESTON, 28, bank stenographer, Haliburton, same, d/o Thomas H. PRESTON (b. Cobourg) & Florence MASSALES, witn: J. A. LUCAS & A. BATCHELOR both of Haliburton on Dec. 2, 1925 at Haliburton.

11422-25 Harvey MINIKER, 24, farmer, Snowdon Tp., Lochlin, s/o Charles MINIKER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Louisa CLARKE, married Annie Irene DUNCAN, 22, Minden Tp., Lochlin, d/o Edward DUNCAN (b. Lanark Co) & Annie DAVIDSON, witn: Janet DUNCAN of Allsaw & Laurence McKNIGHT of Haliburton on June 24, 1925 at Haliburton

11421-25 Warren MINTZ, 33, section foreman G.T.R, Somerville Tp., Kinmount, s/o Henry Lane MINTZ (b. Lennox Co) & Annie Jane SHELL, married Mary Jane TEBBUTT, 16, Nottingham England, Kinmount, d/o Mr. M--? TEBBUTT (b. Kent England) & Annie GLOSSOP, witn: William BROWN & Sarah TEBBUTT both of Kinmount on Jan. 1, 1925 at Minden.

11425-25 Thomas Cyril RIVERS, 33, labourer, Anson Tp., same, s/o John Cyril RIVERS (b. either Montreal or Quebec City) & Mary Ann STEELE, married Lucy Lorena KERNOHAN, 23, Snowdon Tp., Anson Tp., d/o Samuel KERNOHAN (b. London Ont.) & Euphemia Jane HOGG, witn: Andrew KERNOHAN of Anson Tp. & Elsie Marion HOGG of Minden on Aug. 5, 1925 at Anson Tp.

11423-25 Stuart Winwood ROBERTS, 27, teamster, Harburn, Glamorgan, s/o Thomas K. ROBERTS (b. Harburn) & Edna BOWEN, married Della SMITH, 26, Glamorgan, same, d/o Johnston SMITH (b. Roseneath) & Caroline POCKETT, witn: Charles & Hazel PARISH both Haliburton on Dec. 17, 1925 at Dysart Tp

11424-25 Clarence Arthur RUTTLE, 19, farmer, Coboconk, Snowdon Tp., s/o William Daniel RUTTLE (b. Mallorytown Ontario) & Ida Victoria REED, married Florence Alberta STATA, 20, Baysville, Snowdon Tp., d/o Melville Orne STATA (b. Snowdon Tp.) & Margaret Helena SMITH, witn: Ernest Leslie EASTMAN of Gelert & Ida Lauretta RUTTLE of Snowdon Tp. on July 9, 1925 at Snowdon Tp.

11428-25 Owen SIMS, 20, teamster, Guilford, same, s/o William J. SIMS (b. Stanhope) & Sarah JAMES, married Verley SISSON, 17, Guilford, same, d/o Luke SISSON (b. Guilford) & Hattie BARNUM, witn: Keith SISSON & Violet SIMS both of West Guilford on July 8, 1925 at The Parsonage Maple Lake.

11426-25 Richard Sidney SISSON, 23, labourer, West Guilford, same, s/o Luke SISSON (b. West Guilford) & Hattie BARNUM, married Edna Irene HORSLEY, 20, West Guilford, same, d/o Harry HORSLEY (b. West Guilford) & Ethel BRICE, witn: Keith SISSON & Wilma HORSLEY both of West Guilford on Oct. 7, 1925 at The Parsonage, Maple Lake.

11427-25 Albert John SMITH, 28, broker, Ireland, 247 Silverbirch Ave. Toronto, s/o John William illegible SMITH (b. Ireland) & Jane ADAMS, married Agnes Dorinda McBRIDE, 29, Ontario, 11 George St. in Waterloo Ont., d/o Arthur Byron McBRIDE (b. Ontario) & Agnes illegible, witn: George Rutherford McBRIDE of 301 Jedburgh Rd. & Jane Adams illegible of 247 Silverbirch Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 29, 1925 at Mic Mac Cottage, Hollow Lake

11429-25 Manson TOWNSEND, 62, labourer, widower, Murray Tp., Cardiff Tp., s/o George TOWNSEND & Cherie TRIPP, married Harriet WASHBURN, 60, widow, Cramahe Tp., Cardiff Tp., d/o Garret H. PUFFER & Phebe CARROLL, witn: Miss Violet WASHBURN of Cardiff Tp. and Mrs. Charlie TOWNSEND of Harcourt Tp. on Jan. 22, 1925 at Cardiff Tp.

11430-25 William Leonard UPTON, 26, farmer, Stanhope, Maple Lake, s/o James UPTON & Annie illegible, married Greta Gertrude SAWYER, 17, Stanhope, Maple Lake, d/o Benjamin SAWYER & Florence POWELL, witn: Gordon SAWYER & Maymie UPTON of Maple Lake on Aug. 19, 1925 at The Parsonage at Maple Lake.

11431-25 Charles James Morland YOUNGS, 25, farmer, Tory Hill, same, s/o Dairs Nelson YOUNGS (b. Canada) & Florence DOXTATOR, married Celia Catherine WINN, 23, Gooderham, Tory Hill, d/o Isaac WINN (b. Canada) & Nellie MORRISON, witn: Frank PARRISH & Mabel FETTERLY both of Haliburton on July 29, 1925 at St. George's Church Haliburton.



Haliburton Co. 1926


36663-26 George Edward ADAMS, 37, labourer, Glamorgan, Gooderham, s/o George ADAMS (b. USA) & Harriet HANCOCK, married Myrtle Viola SEVERN, 26, widow, Nova Scotia, Gooderham, d/o Oliver LEWIS (b. Nova Scotia) & Maud LOCKHART, witn: Bruce DEWEY & Esther BUNTING both of Gooderham on Sept. 24, 1926 at Gooderham


36664-26 Edward Alfred ARCHER, 21, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o William George ARCHER (b. Omemee) & Emma HOBDEN, married Edna Pearl HARRISON, 18, Minden Tp., same, d/o George Edward HARRISON (b. Wyoming Ont.) & Bertha STEVENS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clarence STEVENS both of Minden Tp. on July 7, 1926 at Minden Tp.

36665-26 Thomas Harold ARCHER, 23, township clerk, Stanhope, same, s/o Thomas (?) Edgar ARCHER (b. Stanhope) & Lily CLARKE, married Della BOICE, 27, Stanhope, same, d/o Wesley BOICE (b. Stanhope) & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Lillian TAYLOR of Maple Lake & Stanley ARCHER of Boskung on June 23, 1926 at Haliburton

36666-26 Olliver Lytton AUSTIN, 25, supervisor, Ontario, 138 Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o Aaron AUSTIN (b. Canada) & Frances Clara TITUS, married Annie Evelyn HOIDGE, 25, supervisor, Ontario, 11 North Markham St. Toronto, d/o Richard James HOIDGE (b. Canada) & Annie Kate WELCH, witn: R. J. HOIDGE of 11 North Markham St. & W. G. RUTTAN of 51 Hazelton Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 24, 1926 at Lutterworth Tp.

36667-26 Nicholas BALL, 43, stock keeper, widower, Totnes Devon England, Ingoldsby, s/o Samuel BALL (b. England) & Harriett COOMB, married Olive HOBDEN, 35, Minden Tp., Ingoldsby, d/o William Henry HOBDEN (b. Brighton England) & Anne Jane SCOTT, witn: Fay & Donald Clair HOBDEN both of Minden on Sept. 6, 1926 at The Parsonage Maple Lake

36668-26 Herkless Theodore BARRY, 26, farmer, Maple Lake, Guilford, s/o James BARRY (b. Dunnville) & Elizabeth SAWYER, married Leona Jane COOPER, 16, Guilford, same, d/o John COOPER (b. Stanhope) & Mary Jane SAWYER, witn: Lorna COOPER of West Guilford & Albert CARR of Maple Lake on Dec. 22, 1926 at Haliburton

36669-26 Hughey Douglas BILLINGS, 21, farmer, Gooderham, same, s/o James BILLINGS (b. Clerck) & Kate WINN, married Mildred Ethel SWITZER, 18, Gooderham, same, d/o William Henry SWITZER (b. Bellrock) & Levine Jane MINTY, witn: Irene HICKS of Lochlin & Blanche HARRISON of Carnarvon on Sept. 14, 1926 at Haliburton

36670-26 William James BOWERS, 37, farmer, Harcourt, same, s/o John BOWERS (b. Lower Canada) & Mary TOWNSEND, married Millie Florence BEAUDRIE (or Budery - both given), 21, Raglan, Harcourt, d/o Alex BEAUDRIE (b. Canada) & Milly Jane MAYES, witn: Elizabeth & Robert GODFREY both of Wilberforce on May 5, 1926 at Wilberforce

36671-26 William Leslie BRIGGS, 26, truck driver, Ontario, 90 Hogarth Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas BRIGGS (b. Ontario) & Minnie SMALLEY, married Alma Rebecca WALKER, 22, Ontario, 198 Inglewood Drive Toronto, d/o Robert WALKER (b. Ontario) & Agnes Annie HOGG, witn: Redvers James BAYNTON & Agnes Mae M. WALKER both of Toronto on Dec. 25, 1926 at Minden Tp

36672-26 Ray Laverne CRUICKSHANKS, 27, labourer, West Guilford, Guilford Tp., s/o William CRUICKSHANKS (b. Peterboro Co) & Ella May BARNUM, married Frances Catherine May UPTON, 19, Halls Lake, Guilford Tp., d/o James UPTON (b. Lower Canada) & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: Harold UPTON of Eagle Lake & James CRUICKSHANKS of West Guilford on June 2, 1926 at the Parsonage Maple Lake.

36673-26 Cecil John DAWSON, 23, farmer, Stanhope Tp., Anson Tp., s/o Frederick John DAWSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Adeline SMITH, married Sadie Jane BULL, 19, Stanhope tp., Anson Tp., d/o William Eldon BULL (b. Ontario) & Harriet Jane HARRISON, witn: witn: William Peter SMITH & Audrey Irene REYNOLDS both of Anson Tp. on Sept. 15, 1926 at Minden

36674-26 Gordon Langford DOLLAR, 35, carpenter, Scotland, Dorset Ont., s/o Robert A. DOLLAR (b. Scotland) & Emma LANGFORD, married Helen Ruth LOCKMAN, 30, Ontario, Dorset Ont., d/o Erastus W. LOCKMAN (b. Ontario) & Agnes M. MURDOCK, witn: Alice M. LOCKMAN & Percival P. YOUNG both of Dorset on Oct. 27, 1926 at Dorset.

36675-26 Andrew Gladstone FINNIE, 25, student, South Monaghan Northumberland Co., New York City USA, s/o Walter FINNIE (b. Northumberland Co.) & Elizabeth Ball TRUSCOTT, married Florence Gertrude McMULLEN, 28, secretary, London Ont., 32 Hewitt Ave. Toronto, d/o George McMULLEN (b. Middlesex Co.) & Laura CREIGHTON, witn: Isabel CREIGHTON of 32 Hewitt Ave Toronto & Thomas C. McMULLEN of Albert College Belleville Ont. on Sept. 1, 1926 at Haliburton

36676-26 John Stafford FLAHERTY, 28, labourer, Galway Peterboro Co., Dorset Ont., s/o Daniel FLAHERTY (b. Peterborough) & Elizabeth TOLL, married Myrtle Augusta McKAY, 23, Purbrook Draper Tp. Muskoka, Dorset Ont., d/o Alexander McKAY (b. Draper) & Margaret WHETLAUFFER, witn: Lawrence Edward FLAHERTY of Vankoughnet & Violet McKAY of Dorset on June 9, 1926 at Dorset

36677-26 Thomas Wilbert FLETCHER, 27, farmer, Bobcaygeon, Eldon Tp., s/o Samuel FLETCHER (b. Belfast Ireland) & Martha ADAMS, married Mabel Letrecca FETTERLY, 20, waitress, Stanhope, Eldon Tp., d/o Ernest Franklin FETTERLY (b. Stockton Ont) & Rebecca FADER, witn: Annie FLETCHER of Eldon Station & John MacLACHLAN of R. R. 5 Woodville on Aug. 14, 1926 at Haliburton.

36678-26 Allan Bruce GRAHAM, 32, barber, Glamorgan, same, s/o William John GRAHAM (b. Reach Tp.) & Mary Jane McCONNELL, married Mary Ellen LOUGH, 26, Neepawa Manitoba, Glamorgan, d/o William LOUGH & Eliza Jane GRAHAM, witn: Ethel HORSLEY of Haliburton & Wallis GRAHAM of Gooderham on Jan. 19, 1926 at Haliburton

36679-26 Francis William HASKINS, 26, Baptist Minister, Bedminster England, Louisville Ont., s/o William George HASKINS (b. Bristol England) & Mabel Frances Mary ALLEN, married Hazel Blanche WALLING, 24, nurse in training, Haliburton, Louisville Ont., d/o Thomas WALLING (b. Haliburton) & Laura LONG, witn: Eric George & Ruby Rose WALLING both of Haliburton on June 3, 1926 at Haliburton

36680-26 Alexander HEWITT, 22, farmer, Boskung, same, s/o Joseph HEWITT (b. Boskung) & Margaret Ann COUTLER, married Muriel Jane COWEN, 20, Carnarvon, Boskung, d/o John COWEN (b. Carnarvon) & Edna STEVENS, witn: Ernest HEWITT of Boskung & Mrs George JAMES of Maple Lake on July 7, 1926 at The Parsonage Maple Lake

36683-26 Lorne Richmond HOGG, 24, farmer's son, Minden Tp., same, s/o William HOGG (b. Ontario) & Jane HARRISON, married Catherine Alta Verlie LOUCKS, 24, Minden Tp., same, d/o George Henry & Flora Emmaline, witn: Mrs. A. WADMORE & Mrs. William PARKER both of Minden on Jan. 20, 1926 at Minden

36682-26 George Allan HOBDEN, 28, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Henry HOBDEN (b. Brighton England) & Anna Jane SCOTT, married Helen Isabell Windover BLAIR, 18, Harvey Tp., Minden Tp., d/o Joseph BLAIR (b. Minden Tp.) & Edith ARCHER, witn: Irene COWEN & Ross BLAIR of Blairhampton on May 19, 1926 at Minden Tp.

36681-26 Donald Clare HOBDEN, 26, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o William Henry HOBDEN (b. Brighton England) & Anne Jane SCOTT, married Muriel Fay HARRISON, 22, Minden Tp., same, d/o William HARRISON (b. Wyoming Ont.) & Mary Ellen MINAKER, witn: Clayton W. HARRISON & Olive HOBDEN both of Minden Tp. on June 15, 1926 at Minden.

36684-26 Fred James JONES, 26, clerk, Wiarton, Haliburton, s/o James JONES (b. Stratford Ont.) & Annie POLLOCK, married Anna Bell ARCHER, 23, Allsaw, Haliburton, d/o William George ARCHER (b. Minden) & Margaret E. ROBERTSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William ARCHER both of Haliburton on July 17, 1926 at Haliburton

36685-26 Malcolm KENT, 31, farmer, Minden, Hindon Tp., s/o William Francis KENT & Sarah Z. TAYLOR, married Jennie Elizabeth AUSTIN, 21, Hindon, Hindon Tp., d/o James E. AUSTIN & Eliza M. LUNAN, witn: John AUSTIN of Hindon Hill & Agnes TAYLOR of Minden on Dec. 29, 1926 at clergy house at Minden.

36686-26 Chester Angus LOUCKS, 30, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o George Henry (b. Snowdon Tp.) & Flora Emmaline, married Louisa Isobell SAWYER, 22, Lutterworth Tp., Minden Tp., d/o Frederick Arthur SAWYER (b. Lutterworth Tp.) & Cordelia Rebecca JONES, witn: Leslie George LOUCKS & Hazel S. POGUE both of Minden on May 19, 1926 at Minden

36687-26 William MADILL, 53, widower, Oro Tp., Essonville, s/o John (b. Oro) & Mary, married Cora Maud McNEILLY, 27, Monmouth, Essonville, d/o Alexander McNEILLY (b. Omemee) & Florence RIEL, witn: Edward & Norah McNEILLY both of Essonville on Aug. 12, 1926 at Haliburton

36688-26 Lionel Earl McCRACKEN, 24, farmer, Anson Tp., Minden Tp., s/o Richard McCRACKEN (b. Anson) & Eliza BROWN, married Florence Ellen Amelia ROBERTSON, 20, Minden Tp., same, d/o John Blaine ROBERTSON (b. Minden Tp.) & Elizabeth M. HICKS, witn: Edward Russell ROBERTSON & Florence L. McCRACKEN both of Minden Tp. on Sept. 29, 1926 at Minden Tp.

36689-26 Lawrence McKNIGHT, 22, farmer, Minden Tp., Blairhampton, s/o Walter McKNIGHT (b. Minden Tp.) & Ethel JOHNSTON, married Janet May DUNCAN, 19, Minden Tp., Blairhampton, d/o Edward DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Anne DAVIDSON, witn: Gertrude McKNIGHT of Ingoldsby & John DUNCAN of Haliburton on Jan. 27, 1926 at Haliburton

36690-26 James Edward OLIVER, 18, labourer, Owen Sound, Blairhampton, s/o George OLIVER (b. England) & Elizabeth BLACKMAN, married Beatrice Elizabeth Mary EDWARDS, 16, Blairhampton, same, d/o Morley EDWARDS (b. Glencoe) & Ethel Elizabeth COWEN, witn: Miss Alice J. BROWN of Kincardine & George W. EDWARDS of Blairhampton on Dec. 29, 1926 at Haliburton Village

36691-26 Frank PACY, 37, farmer, Belmont, Harcourt, s/o Joseph (b. Monaghan Tp.) & Eliza, married Bella Blanch FOSTER, 27, widow, Cardiff Ont., Harcourt, d/o Robert James DRURY (b. Peterboro Co.) & Nettie CHRYSLER, witn: Bert MUMFORD of Harcourt & Hazel DRURY of Highland Grove on Jan. 13, 1926 at Harcourt

36692-26 John Wesley SARGENT, 26, labourer, Madoc Tp., Warsaw Village, s/o John Atwood SARGENT (b. Madoc) & Jane Elizabeth WARDROP, married Margaret May SCHROTER, 21, Snowdon, Gelert Village, d/o Robert Christopher SCHROTER (b. Trenton) & Levillia Grace BOWIE, witn: Robert Henry SCHROTER of Snowdon Tp. & Dorothy C. JARVIS of Galloway Tp. on Nov. 1, 1926 at Snowden Tp.

36693-26 John Henry Carleton SCHRODER, 24, farmer, Snowdon Tp., Norland, s/o Richard SCHRODER (b. Montreal ) & Mary Ann BOWIE, married Grace Alice PRIDMORE, 21, London England, Norland, s/o Arthur PRIDMORE (b. England) & Elizabeth KITE, witn: Ernest SCHRODER & Etta TUTTLE both of Snowdon Tp. on March 10, 1926 at Snowdon Tp.

36694-26 John SHOVE, 70, farmer, widower, Minden Tp., same, s/o Frederick Lewis SHOVE (b. London England) & Emma WEST, married Mrs. Mary Grace PFENNIG, 68, widow, Mariposa, Minden Tp., d/o Richard BUVNEY (Bunney?) (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann HONEY, witn: Mr. W. H. ROBERTS & Mrs. William PARKES both of Minden on Nov. 22, 1926 at Minden Village

36695-26 Harvey Gordon SILVER, 24, farmer, Lutterworth Tp., same, s/o William John SILVER (b. Lutterworth Tp.) & Liza CHALMERS, married May Edna STATA, 18, Lutterworth Tp., same, d/o William Pembroke STATA (b. Myrtle Tp.) & Eva Edith Ella DUFTY, witn: Percy BROWN & Hazel SILVER both of Kinmount on March 31, 1926 at Lutterworth Tp.

36696-26 Nelson Keith SISSON, 25, labourer, West Guilford, same, s/o Luke SISSON (b. West Guilford) & Hattie BARNUM, married Violet May SIMMS, 17, West Guilford, same d/o William SIMMS (b. West Guilford) & Sarah JONES, witn: Emily SIMMS & Brant SISSON both of West Guilford on Dec. 15, 1926 at Dysart Tp.

36697-26 Clifford SMITH, 23, farmer, Glamorgan, Dysart Tp., s/o Johnston SMITH (b. Roseneath) & Carrie POCKETT, married Roseina SISSON, 22, Stanhope, Dysart Tp., d/o Herbert SISSON (b. Carnarvon) & Sarah McPHAIL, witn: Stuart & Della ROBERTS both of Haliburton on Dec. 22, 1926 at Dysart Tp

36698-26 Roy Victor STATA, 19, farmer, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o William STATA (b. Snowdon Tp) & Edith DUFTY, married Muriel Lecresa WOOD, 16, Lutterworth Tp., Snowdon Tp., d/o Charles WOOD (b. Port Hope) & Agnes Viola THOMAS, witn: W. L. STATA of Lutterworth Tp. & Clara M. KELLETT of Snowdon Tp. on March 26, 1926 at Minden.

36699-26 Reuben SWITZER, 22, farmer, Gooderham, same, s/o William H. SWITZER (b. Bellrock) & Jane MINTZ, married Katherine Jane RIEL, 15 (16?), Gooderham, same, d/o Edward RIEL (b. Gooderham) & Anne MORRISON, witn: Miss B. HARRISON & G. H. WINSOR, both of Haliburton on Feb. 25, 1926 at Haliburton

36700-26 Henry Alfred TITUS, 21, Reach, Uxbridge, s/o Robert TITUS (b. Markham Tp) & Agnes NICHOLLS, married Merle TITUS, 19, Guilford, Uxbridge, d/o James TITUS (b. Scarboro Tp.) & Martha PACKARD, witn: A. SCHOFIELD & R. V. MARK both of Lindsay on Oct. 29, 1926 at Village of Haliburton

36701-26 Herbert Roy VANCLIEAF, 24, labourer, Baysville, same, s/o Henry VANCLIEAF (b. Baysville ?) & Agnes MORROW, married Hilda Jane SISSON, 20, teacher, West Guilford, same, d/o Alfred SISSON (b. Guildford) & Frances BIRD, witn: Dixon & Violet VANCLIEAF both of West Guilford on Dec. 25, 1926 at Stanhope Tp.

36702-26 Harold Rodney WALKER, 23, farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o James WALKER (b. Minden Tp.) & Edith MILLBURN, married Mary Pearl RIEL, 22, Glamorgan Tp., Minden Tp., d/o Alexander RIEL (b. Monmouth Tp.) & Martha MADILL, witn: Alberta RIEL & Wallie MADILL both of Gooderham on July 6, 1926 at Haliburton.

36703-26 William Alfred WILLOWS, 35, lumberman, Carleton Place, Wilberforce, s/o Colin WILLOWS (b. Carleton Place) & Harriett BAILEY, married Phyllis Isabelle AMES, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o Ezrom AMES (b. Northumberland Co) & Alice GRAHAM, witn: Isabella & W. M. SHAY both of Wilberforce on Sept. 1 (?), 1926 at Haliburton.


Haliburton 1927


12221-27 Lorne BARRY, 18, farmer & labourer, West Guilford, same, s/o Mathias BARRY (b. Dunnville) & Bertha BARNUM, married Marjory JONES, 15, Maple Lake, West Guilford, d/o Thomas JONES (b. Maple Lake) & Ila McFADDEN, witn: Violet FABER & Wesley DAWSON both of Maple Lake on Dec. 21, 1927 at Haliburton Village. 12222-27 Ross Lee BLAIR, 19, farmer, Minden twp., same, s/o Joseph BLAIR (b. Blairhampton) & Edith ARCHER, married Lena Etta MILLER, 16, Lutterworth twp., Minden twp., d/o Ernest MILLER (b. Germany) & C. SCHISTES (deceased), witn: Mrs. Violet & Bert BLAIR both of Allsaw on Sept. 14, 1927 at Minden twp.,
12223-27 John Harry COWEN, 21, farmer, Minden twp., same, s/o John COWEN & Jennie B. HOLDEN (Hobden?), married Emma Helena HOGG, 21, Minden twp., same, d/o Ralph HOGG & Emma LOUCKS, witn: Gordon? Sylvanus HOGG of Elsis? & Mona Irene COWEN of Blairhampton on Aug. 31, 1927 at Minden twp 12224-27 William Alfred DAVIES, 25, farmer, Verulam. Verulam twp., s/o William DAVIES (b. Orangeville) & Laura INKPRINT (Inkpen?), married Catherine Rubena HOGG, 19, Minden, Verulam twp., d/o Ralph HOGG (b. Minden) & Emma Eva LOUCKS, witn: William KINNEAR of Verulam & Meda HOGG of Ingoldsby on Dec. 21, 1927 at Minden twp.
12225-27 Henry Roy DUNBAR, 24, sawyer, Nova Scotia, 643 Queen St East Toronto, s/o John R. DUNBAR (b. Nova Scotia) & mother’s name not given, married Eva Jean CAMERON, 19, ironer, Ontario, 643 Queen St East Toronto, d/o Archie A. CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ida CAMERON, witn: Archie R. & Mary Ida CAMERON both of Buller on Nov. 7, 1927 at Minden twp 12226-27 Edward Erastus EARLE, 24, labourer, Monmouth twp., Wilberforce, s/o William John EARLE (b. Ottawa) & Ida SOMERVILLE, married Maggie Allen TIGHE (Lighe?), 21, Dummer twp., Wilberforce, d/o Dawson EARLE (b. Wilberforce) & Maggie ALLEN, witn: Ellen EARLE & Leonard HOLMES both of Wilberforce on May 31, 1927 at Monmouth twp.
12227-27 Joseph GIBBS, 20, labourer, Maple Lake, same, s/o Thomas Dunn GIBBS (b. Middlesex Co.) & Euphemia THOMPSON, married Reta Isabella CROSS, 15, Norwood, Maple Lake, d/o Charles Henry CROSS (b. Dummer twp.) & Vasa Lena HUBBEL, witn: Rex W. COWEN & Elizabeth Annie COOPER both of Maple Lake on June 8, 1927 at Minden Village 12228-27 Edward Hilton HADLEY, 19, labourer, Gooderham, same, s/o Solomon Sylvester HADLEY (b. Verulam twp.) & Mabel Ellen WAIT, married Iva MINTZ, 17, Gooderham, same, d/o John Maguire MINTZ (b. Cameron) & Ida Ellen CARD, witn: Percy PROCTOR & Edith DEYELL both of Irondale on March 13, 1927 at Haliburton Village.
12229-27 Victor Everett HAGAN, 24, farmer, Snowdon twp., same, s/o William HAGAN (b. Camden East) & Maria ANDERSON, married Frances Florence MILLER, 23, Snowdon twp., same, d/o Ernest MILLER (b. Germany) & mother’s name not given (deceased), witn: Mrs. Lena E. & Ross L. BLAIR both of Blairhampton on Sept. 21, 1927 at Haliburton Village 12230-27 Lawrence Leo HARRISON, 22, labourer, Minden twp., Oshawa, s/o Levi James HARRISON (b. Minden twp.) & Mary Ann HAMERIT, married Reita WALKER, 17, Minden twp., Oshawa, d/o Robert WALKER (b. Minden twp.) & Annie HOGG, witn: Mrs. Cecil WALKER & Ben HARRISON both of Minden twp. on Sept 21, 1927 at Minden twp.
12231-27 Herbert Percy HENRY, 29, farmer, Essonville, Tory Hill, s/o William HENRY (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane SMITH, married Hildred Myrilla LAWRENCE, 18, Toronto, Tory Hill, d/o Fred LAWRENCE (b. Fenelon Falls) & Annie WILLCOTT, witn: Ross JOHNSTON & Nellie STUART both of Tory Hill on May 25, 1927 at Tory Hill 12232-27 James ILES, 21, teamster, Haliburton, same, s/o Elwood ILES (b. Lindsay) & Annie DEAN, married Dora CLARKE, 17, Haliburton, same, d/o William CLARKE (b. Haliburton) & Rose HOBDEN, witn: James & Nellie DEAN both of Haliburton on Feb. 7, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12233-27 Clifford Lawrence MACKEY, 34, farmer, Quebec (Erle), Gooderham, s/o Lawrence William MACKEY (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Dorothy Maud Pearl MAXWELL, 22, Irondale, Gooderham, d/o John MAXWELL (b. Quebec) & Sarah FORD, witn: Elizabeth BORDEN & Thomas CARRUTHERS both of Haliburton on April 7, 1927 at Haliburton Village 12236-27 James Russell McDUFF, 39, farmer, widower, Glamorgan, Gooderham, s/o James McDUFF (b. Scotland) & Emma ADAMS, married Margaret MacDANELLE, 35, widow, Glamorgan, Gooderham, d/o William GRAHAM (b. Lindsay) & Betsy ADAMS, witn: Blanche ARCHER & Blanche HARRISON both of Haliburton on May 2, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12237-27 Clayton McKAY, 32, farmer, Minden, Stanhope twp., s/o Archie McKAY & Tena WARRENER, married Ruby Henrietta RIVERS, 18, Stanhope, Stanhope twp., d/o John RIVERS & Mary TOYE, witn: Ida RIVERS & Royce COWAN both of Stanhope on Oct. 26, 1927 at Minden Village 12234-27 Ernest A. MILLER, 60, farmer, widower, Germany, Snowdon twp., s/o John Daniel MILLER (b. Germany) & Minnie HARMEN, married Minnie RUSH, 51, widow, King twp., Snowdon twp., d/o John HARMEN (b. England) & Whilelmina HARTMAN, witn: W. R. CURRY & Mrs A. E. MILLER both of Haliburton on May 24, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12235-27 Ephraim MINAKER, 30, farmer, Minden twp., same, s/o William E. MINAKER & Elizabeth A. CASEY, married Katharine Elizabeth Burton NEATH, 35, widow, Lindsay, Minden twp., d/o Joseph COX & Bertha SHARP, witn: Victor & Donna COX both of Minden on March 23, 1927 at home of the bride in Minden 12238-27 Melvin NEWELL, 19, labourer, Snowdon, Snowdon twp., s/o William NEWELL (b. Snowdon twp.) & Marjory CURRAH married Pearlie FOUNTAIN, 16, Somerville twp., Snowdon twp., d/o Samuel FOUNTAIN (b. Fenelon twp.) & Lavina NEWELL, witn: Doris FOUNTAIN & Clifford NEWELL both of Snowdon twp. on Dec. 28, 1927 at Snowdon twp.
12239-27 Orval Whitney RIVERS, 23, labourer, Stanhope twp., same, s/o John RIVERS & Mary TOYE, married Donella Margarite HOWE, 18, assistant housekeeper, Donald Ont., same, d/o Barney HOWE & Margaret WALSH, witn: Ida RIVERS of Stanhope twp & Garney KELLETT of Donald on Nov. 24, 1927 at Minden Village 12240-27 William John RUTTER, 21, labourer, Coboconk, same, s/o Thomas RUTTER (b. Port Hope) & Lena BOWEN, married Jessie SIMS, 16, Guilford, Coboconk, d/o Samuel SIMS (b. Stanhope) & Laura GROZELLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Bruce SIMS both of West Guilford on Oct. 19, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12241-27 Ernest Leslie SIMS, 22, lumberman, West Guilford, same, s/o Samuel SIMS (b. Guilford) & Laura GROZELLE, married Phoebe Jane HENDERSON, 17, West Guilford, same, d/o John HENDERSON (b. Everett) & Laurette BARNUM, witn: Ruby BAIN & Clayton BARNUM both of West Guilford on July 6, 1927 at Haliburton Village 12243-27 Wilbert Bruce SIMS, 26, labourer, West Guilford, same, s/o Samuel SIMS (b. West Guilford) & Laura GROZELLE, married Wilma Eileen HORSLEY, 20, West Guilford, same, Harry HORSLEY (b. West Guilford) & Ethel BOICE, witn: Jessie SIMS & Myrvin HORSLEY both of West Guilford on Oct. 12, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12242-27 Frank SIMS, 20, labourer, Guilford twp., same, s/o Sam SIMS (b. Stanhope twp.) & Laura GROZELLE, married Gladys Merryle MORRISON, 18, Guilford twp., same, d/o John MORRISON (b. Deseronto) & Sarah DAVIDSON, witn: Jessie SIMS of West Guilford & D. DAVIDSON of Haliburton on Aug. 31, 1927 at Haliburton Village  12244-27 Albert SWITZER, 28, farm labourer, Gooderham, same, s/o William H. SWITZER (b. Camden East) & Lavina Jane MINTZ, married Alberta RIEL, 17, Gooderham, same, d/o Alexander RIEL, (b. Monmouth twp.,) & Martha MADILL, witn: Myrtle HARRISON of Carnarvon & G. H. WINDSOR of Haliburton on Dec. 22, 1927 at Haliburton Village
12245-27 James Harold WEIR, 30, clerk, Roslin, Oshawa, s/o George WEIR (b. Kingston) & Hannah COULTER, married Valma Lyla ROBERTS, 27, stenographer, Oshawa, Haliburton, d/o Thomas ROBERTS (b. Haliburton) & Edna BOWEN, witn: Gladys WATT & Morris ROBERTS both of Haliburton on Sept. 3, 1927 at Haliburton Village. 12246-27 Clifford Samuel WHITTAKER, 21, labourer, Haliburton, same, s/o Samuel WHITTAKER (b. Gooderham) & Ella GOULD, married Elenore Pauline DEAN, 18, Haliburton, same, d/o Frederick DEAN (b. Haliburton) & Jennie WHEELER, witn: Fred DEAN & Emma MADILL both of Haliburton on July 1, 1927 at Haliburton Village