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Haliburton Co., 1890


004826-90 - W. C. AUSTIN, 60, carpenter, widower, Prince Edward Co., Snowdon, s/o Isaac & Lucy, married Melissa J. MINAKER, 50, widow, Prince Edward Co., Minden, d/o James & Mary Ann SHEPPARD, witn: Edward & Mary Ann MINAKER both of Minden on July 31, 1890 at Minden  
004811-90 Christopher BARRY, 24, farmer, Canada, Guilford, s/o James & Carrie, married Minnie BARNUM, 20, Canada, Guilford, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Tice BARRY & Bertha BARNUM both of Guilford on Sept. 3, 1890 at Guilford 004815-90 David BILLINGS, 23, farmer, Durham Co., Glamorgan, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Margaret Ellen KINNEL, 14, Monmouth, same, d/o Thomas & Matilda, witn: William & Martha BRADEN both of Monmouth on Oct. 30, 1890 at Monmouth.
4804-90 [no name given, BOYCE?], 23, farmer, Victoria, Guilford twp., s/o Isaac & Elizabeth BOYCE, married Mary Ann COOPER, 18, Stanhope twp., same, d/o William & Fanny, witn: George COOPER of Stanhope & Amelia BOICE of Guilford, 18 Dec 1890 at Haliburton 004801-90 Robert CAMPBELL, 23, yeoman, Asphodel, Cardiff Tp., s/o James S. & Margaret, married Annie Jane RAGAN, 19, Hastings, Cardiff Tp., d/o William H. & Susan, witn: Alexander McINROY & Melissa RAGAN both of Cardiff Tp. on Apr. 23, 1890 at Deer Lake Cardiff Tp.
004823-90 Jonas CHICKLY, 23, laborer, Snowdon, same, s/o Richard & Jane, married Charlotte BURNS, 18, Anson, Snowdon, d/o Joseph & Harriet, witn: Henry & Ann Jane BURNS both of Minden on Mar. 25, 1890 at Minden 004824-90 James H. DAVID, 34, pump maker, Prince Edward Co., Minden, s/o Mark & Eliza, married Mary Agnes FREED, 28, Victoria Co., Minden, d/o Jesse & Sarah P., witn: Thomas A. THOMPSON & Amy A. FREED both of Minden on July 2, 1890 at Minden.
004819-90 William FORD, 23, yeoman, Sheffield England, Snowdon, s/o William A. & Esther, married Victoria GERARD, 16, Harvey, Snowdon, d/o Richard & Leann, witn: William A. & Esther FORD both of Snowdon on Dec. 24, 1890 at Snowdon 004820-90 Sol FORD, 25, yeoman, Clarke, Galway, s/o Austin J. & Theresa, married Martha PEACOCK, 18, England, Snowdon, d/o Jonathan & Martha, witn: John FORD of Galway & Martha FINNEY of Lindsay on Dec. 24, 1890 at Snowdon
004822-90 William Ireland FRAISKER, 23, farmer, Minden, same, s/o Robert & Roseanna, married Margaret Jane WILSON, 17, Minden, same, d/o Francis & Altha, witn: William WILSON & Margaret GRAHAM both of Minden on Mar. 3, 1890 at the home of the bride's father at Minden 004825-90 Walter HAY, 31, farmer, widower, Seymour Tp., Minden Tp., s/o Alia & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann MORPHET, 17, Anson, Tp., same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Robert HUGHES Jr. & Christina HAY both of Anson on Aug. 6, 1890 at Minden
004817-90 Stanley KELLETT, 24, yeoman, Lutterworth, same, s/o George & Mary, married Ida BURLEY, 17, Murray, Snowdon, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: John KELLET of Lutterworth & Jennie BURLEY of Snowdon on May 27, 1890 at Snowdon 004827-90 George H. LOUCKS, 26, farmer, Snowdon, Minden, s/o Gordon & Catherine, married Flora Emaline LOUCKS, 17, Minden, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: R. H. & Isabella BAKER both of Minden on Dec. 3, 1890 at Minden
004828-90 George LOSEY, 20, laborer, Lindsay, Minden, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Ann Eliza BARTON, 17, Berlin Ontario, Minden, d/o Reuben & Elizabeth, witn: William LOSEY & Eliza BURNS both of Minden on Dec. 15, 1890 at Minden 004810-90 William MADILL, 22, farmer, Oro, Monmouth, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann CARLEY, 24, Mariposa, Ops, d/o William & Barbara, witn: George JOHNSON & Ella MADILL both of Monmouth on July 3, 1890 at Haliburton.
004813-90 Antoine F. MATHIEU, 32, gentleman, Paris France, Haliburton, s/o Charles & Mary, married Constance I. STEWART, 22, Haliburton, same, d/o Charles Russell & Teresa Mary, witn: Arthur J. BRIGGS & Arabella STEWART of Haliburton & G. GALBRAITH of Bracebridge on Nov. 27, 1890 at Haliburton. (RC) 004802-90 Alexander McINROY, 26, yeoman, Huntington, Cardiff Tp., s/o Mr & Mrs Thomas McINROY, married Melissa Harriet RAGAN, 24, Prince Edward Co., Cardiff Tp., d/o William Henry & Susan, witn: Robert CAMPBELL & Annie Jane RAGAN both of Cardiff Tp. on Apr. 23, 1890 at Cardiff Tp.
004809-90 Hugh Alfred McPHAIL, 22, farmer, Northumberland Co., Stanhope, s/o Hugh & Sarah, married Henrietta ARCHER, 19, Fenelon Falls, Stanhope, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: Duncan & Christina McPHAIL both of Stanhope on May 28, 1890 at Haliburton 004818-90 Walter Sheridan MUNN, 32, farmer, Snowdon, same, s/o Edwin Baldwin & Harriet, married Margaret McKELVEY, 18, Minden, same, d/o Robert & Martha Jane, witn: William McKELVEY of Haliburton & Lena RUNICELLY of Coboconk on Apr. 2, 1890 at Snowdon
4695-91 Richard R. PACEY, 36, widower, farmer, Alnwick, Herschal twp., s/o William & Jane Barnard PACEY, married Elizabeth CHRYSLER, 23, Rhamah (Rama?), Cardiff twp., d/o George & Mary Foster CHRYSLER, witn: William & Esther PACEY of Herschal twp., 28 April 1890 at Herschal twp 004816-90 Simon PRESLEY, of full age, farmer, Essonville, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Emma ROSCOE, of full age, Monmouth, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Orla BURTON & Matilda ROSCOE both of Monmouth on July 9, 1890 at Essonville
004806-90 James SCOTT, 30, gentleman, Millbrook, Kinmount, s/o G. & Emily, married Agnes Elizabeth COX, 29, Colbourne, Haliburton, d/o Edward & Ellen, witn: Jane E. MASSALES of Guilford & George COTTERINGHAM of Kinmount on Feb. 11, 1890 at Haliburton 004812-90 Richard Edward SOUTHBY, 24, gentleman, Brampton, Haliburton, s/o Richard Will