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Haliburton Co., 1891


004678-91 William Alfred ALLCORN, 25, Farmer, England, Dysart, s/o William & Catherine ALLCORN, married Eliza Jane WILSON, 24, Mono, Harburn, d/o William & Elizabeth WILSON. Witn: William WILSON & F. RUTHERFORD both of Harburn. December 23, 1891. Harburn  
004681-91 Robert ARCHER, 22, Yeoman, Springville, Minden, s/o Alfred John & Isabella ARCHER, married Clara STEVENS, 17, Minden Ont., same, d/o Sidney & Rachel STEVENS. Witn: Daniel STEVENS & Adah ARCHER both of Minden. December 9, 1891, Methodist Parsonage, Haliburton 004671-91 William Stanley AUSTIN, 21, Farmer, Haliburton Village, Snowdon Tp., s/o Willet & Ester AUSTIN, married Emma Jane DANCEY, 18, Minden Tp, same, d/o Samuel & Julia A. DANCEY. Witn: Jane DANCEY & Emma AUSTIN, both of Minden. Jan 5. 1891 Haliburton
004675-91 Mathias BARRY, 25, Farmer, Ont., Guilford Tp., s/o parents names not given, married Bertha J. BARNUM, 17, Ont., Guilford, d/o Charles & Jane BARNUM. Witn: Frank SPIER & Minnie CLARKE, both of Dysart. June 11, 1891, Haliburton 004677-91 Theophilus BELLAIRS, 36, Farmer, Bedsworth Eng., Dysart, s/o Charles & Annie BELLAIRS, married Mary TURNBULL, 29, Cobourg, Minden, d/o James & Johanna TURNBULL. Witn John MOON & May McDONALD both of Dysart. November 3, 1891. Dysart.
004682-91 Joseph BLAIR, 21, Farmer, Minden, same, s/o William & Maria BLAIR, married Edith Ann ARCHER, 19, Minden Ont., same, d/o William & Avila ARCHER. Witn: William Jas. ARCHER & Clara STEVENS, both of Minden. July 8, 1891, Minden 005236-92 William BOLDT, 24, Farmer, Lutterworth, same, s/o John & Mary, married Annie LYLE, 21, Lutterworth, same, d/o William & Anne, witn: Henry BOLDT & Mary FISHER, both of Lutterworth, 23 Dec. 1891, Lutterworth
5149-93 Jesse BOWEN, 31, yeoman, Brighton Ont., Cardiff twp., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Martha E. WILSON, 28, Seymour Ont., Cardiff twp., d/o Alexander & Eliza, witn: James WILSON & Angelina PETERS, both of Cardiff twp., 29 Dec 1891 at lot 26, con 23 of Cardiff twp. 004666-91 Robert A. BRADEN, 26, Farmer, Fenelon Tp., Hotspur, s/o John & Jennet BRADEN, married Addie CLARK, 28, Mariposa Ont., Hotspur, d/o Thomas & Charlotte CLARK. Witn: Thomas CLARK, & Matie IRELAND, both of Hotspur. March 25, 1891 Hotspur , Tp. Monmouth
004696-91 George CHAMBERLAIN, 27, Farmer, Belmont Tp., Cardiff Tp., s/o James Edward & Loucinda Drury CHAMBERLAIN, married Sarah DRURY, 25, Methuen Tp., Cardiff Tp., d/o James Flaxen & Elizabeth McLachlan DRURY. Witn: Joseph & Jemima LEWIS, both of Cardiff Tp., January? 1891. Herschal Tp. 004697-91 James Edward CHAMBERLAIN, 56, Widower, Farmer, Cardiff Tp., same, s/o James & Susan CHAMBERLAIN, married Jane PEAVER, 47, Canada, Herschal Tp., d/o James & Ann PEAVER. Witn: James LUCCEC & Ella CHAMBERLAIN, both of Cardiff Tp. March 2 1891, Cardiff Tp.,
004685-91 David James CHAMBERS, 31, Farmer, Hamilton Tp. Ont., Minden, s/o James & Margaret CHAMBERS, married May Ann HIGGENBOTTOM, 21, England, Minden Ont., d/o Isaac & Annie HIGGINBOTTOM. Witn: Frank WHITE & Isabella CHAMBERS, both of Minden. December 22, 1891, Minden 004676-91 Harry Hawkins CLARKE, 34, Salesman, Port Dover, Ont., Haliburton, s/o Henry Healing & Mary Ann CLARKE, married Fanny Helen BEMISTER, 27, England, Haliburton, d/o James & Jane BEMISTER. Witn: Frederick FALEMAN, Haliburton & Sarah J. CAMERON, Beaverton. August 12, 1891, St. George’s Church, Haliburton.
004674-91 James W. CUMMINGS, 23, Cheese Maker, Ont., Dysart Tp., s/o Anson & Matilda CUMMINGS, married Martha J. CLARKE, 20, Ontario, Dysart, d/o Robert & Jane CLARKE. Witn: Frank SPIER & Minnie CLARKE, no place of residence given. April 15, 1891. Haliburton 004672-91 James Edward DANCEY, 20, Farmer, Minden Tp., same, s/o Samuel & Julia DANCEY, married Emma Nora AUSTIN, 18, Snowdon Tp., same, d/o Daniel & Lucy AUSTIN. Witn: Stanley AUSTIN & Emma Jane DANCEY, both of Snowdon. Jan. 5, 1891, Haliburton
004693-91 Richard DAVIS, 29, Shoe Maker, Whales (Wales?), Minden, s/o Steven DAVIS & mother’s name not known, married Annie STEINKRAUS, 20, Lutterworth, same, d/o John & Amelia STEINKRAUS. Witn: A. L. MOONEY, Minden & Louise SCHRODER, Lutterworth. December 23, 1891, Lutterworth [Steinhaus?] 4700-91 Thomas HENDERSON, 24, farmer, Peterborough Ont., Galway twp., s/o John & Sarah R., married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 22, New York, Stanhope, d/o George & Jane G., witn: John Thomas FLEMING of Muskoka & Nettie JAMESON of Stanhope, 6 May 1891 at Minden village
004670-91 Robert HENRY, 40, Farmer, Widower, Ireland, Essonville, s/o James & Ann HENRY, married Victoria STEELE, 26, Anson, same, s/o Robert & Isabella STEELLE. Witn: James & Flora MORROW, both of Minden. Sept 22 1891 Anson 004687-91 John Wood HINCHIFFE (Hinchcliffe?) 28, Mechanic, England, Philadelphia, s/o James & Jane HINCHIFFE married Clementa LOFTHOUSE, 27, England, Gelert, d/o James Rently & Esther LOFTHOUSE. Witn: John LOFTHOUSE, Philadelphia & Cora LOFTHOUSE, Gelert. July 12, 1891, Gelert.
004683-91 William HOGG, 32, Farmer, Northumberland Co. Ont., Minden, s/o Robert & Agnes HOGG, married G. Jane HARRISON, 19, Plympton, Minden, d/o Nicholas & Agnes HARRISON. Witn: William HARRISON & Agnes Ann HOGG, no place of residence given, both of Minden. August 17, 1891. Minden. 004688-91 Lucien Barne HOWLAND, 26, R. R. Superintendent, Lambton Mills Ont., Mondale, s/o F.A. & L. M. HOWLAND, married Annie Eugenia PUSEY, 27, Peters Ville, Mondale, d/o C.J. & R. A. PUSEY. Witn: W. G. HOWLAND, Toronto, Sarah HUGHES, Mondale. May 12, 1891, Mondale.
4694-91 Henry HUGHES, 28, laborer, Manchester England, Minden, s/o William & Jemima, married Annie Dawson SOUTAR, 23, Dundee Scotland, Lutterworth, d/o Andrew & Ann, witn: Alexander & Isabella SOUTAR of Lutterworth, 25 March [1891] at res of the bride's parents 004669-91 Robert HUGHES, 21, Farmer, Hastings Co. Ont., Anson, s/o Robt. & Janet HUGHES, married Christiana HAY, 18, Anson, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth HAY. Witn: John George LUILL & Elizabeth E. SMITH, both of Minden. July 13, 1891 Minden
004686-01 John H. HULBIG, 24, Farmer, Montreal, Lutterworth, s/o John & Louisa HULBIG, married Algie? Minnie HOLLEFREUND, 24, Snowdon, same, d/o Rudolph & Charlotte HOLLEFREUND. Witn: William Frenthaus, Lutterworth, & Mary HOLLEFREUND, Snowdon. April 29, 1891. Snowdon. 004699-91 Hamilton HUXTON, 26, Farmer, Beckwith Tp., Cardiff Tp., s/o James & Elizabeth HUXTON, married Martha M. WATT, 25, Admaston Tp., Cardiff Tp., d/o Malcolm & Margaret WATT. Witn: William & Margaret WATT, both of Harcourt Tp. May 11, 1891, Deer Lake, Cardiff Tp
004690-91 John James KIRKPATRICK, 21, Farmer, Anson Tp., Lutterworth, s/o James & Jane KIRKPATRICK, married Ellen MADILL, 18, Oro Tp. Lutterworth, d/o John & May Ann MADILL. Witn: Joseph & Catherine VOZEY (VOGEY?) both of Lutterworth. July 15, 1891. Lutterworth 004668-91 John George LUILT (LUILL?) 21, Farmer, Simcoe Co. Ont., Anson, s/o Christopher LUILT & Ann SNELL, married Elizabeth E. J. SMITH, 20, Ontario, Anson, d/o Walter & Harriet SMITH. Witn: Robert HUGHES, & Christiana HAYS, both of Minden. July 13, 1891 Minden
004667-91 Matthew A McCREA, 25, Farmer, Maynooth Ont., Monmouth, s/o James & Elizabeth McCREA, married Mary M. BURTON, 18, Harcourt Tp. Ont., Monmouth, d/o William & Sarah A. BURTON. Witn: Joseph ALSOP, Glamorgan & Mary Mc CREA, Monmouth. Oct 19 1891. Monmouth 004698-91 John MITCHELL, 34, Farmer, Widower, Kingston Canada, Cardiff Tp., s/o William A. & Mary MITCHELL, married Mary SARGINSON, 19, Canada, Cardiff Tp., d/o John & Margaret Watson SARGINSON. Witn: William OGILVIE & Ana GOULD both of Cardiff Tp., April 1, 1891, Cardiff Tp.
4664-91 - William James MOOR, 29, farmer, Simcoe Co., Stanhope, s/o William & Catherine Ann, married Mary HEWITT, 28, widow, England, Stanhope, d/o Mary Ann CARTER & blank, witn: Robert & Mary MOOR, 4 Nov 1891 at Stanhope  
004691-91 Alfred M. NELSON, 33, Ice Dealer, Keene Peterboro Co., Peterboro. s/o George & Ellen NELSON married Lucy M. FISHER, 23, England, Lutterworth. d/o Alfred & Jane FISHER. Witn: George NELSON, Peterboro, & Ellen GILBARD, Lutterworth. October 8, 1891. Lutterworth 004689-91 William PEACOCK, 25, Yeoman, London England, Snowdon, s/o Jonathon & Mary M. PEACOCK, married Thursa M. FORD, 17, Somerville, Cavendish, d/o Austin & Thursa FORD. Witn: John FORD, Cavendish & M. A. FINNEY, Lindsay. January 19, 1891. Cavendish.
004665-91 Alexander R. RILEY, 28, Farmer, Halifax Eng., Wilberforce, s/o William & Harriett RILEY, married Anne Mary ENNIS, 23, Matilda - Dundas Co., Cardiff, d/o John & Amelia ENNIS. Witn: William RILEY Jr., Wilberforce & Martha ENNIS, Cardiff. Dec 15 1890, Cardiff 004680-91 Heber Samuel ROBSON, 29, Yeoman, England, Dudley, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann ROBSON, married Mary Elizabeth Jane GLIDDON, 19, Manvers Ont., Dudley, d/o Philip & Jane GLIDDEN. Witn: Henry MILLS, Essonville, and Harriet Ellen POTTS, Haliburton. September 28, 1891, Methodist Parsonage, Haliburton
004692-91 Alexander J. SCOTT, 37, Merchant, Creetown Scotland, Coboconk, s/o James & Ann SCOTT, married Mazy? HARTH (HARTTE?), 21, Lutterworth, same, d/o William & Maria HARTH. Witn: John William SCOTT, Fenelon & Emma HARTH, Lutterworth. October 6, 1891. Lutterworth. 004673-91 William TRIPP, 25, Farmer, Verulam, Cardiff, s/o Isaac & Annie TRIPP, married Mary HERD, 21, Dysart, Minden, d/o Joseph & Jane HERD. Witn: Nelson & Aggie IRWIN, both of Haliburton. Feb 17, 1891. Haliburton.
004679-91 Earnest WRIGHT, 26, Laborer, Newcastle Eng., Stanhope Tp., s/o Bowes & Margaret WRIGHT, married Nellie BARRY, 17, Dunville, Guilford Tp., d/o James & Caroline BARRY. Witn: J. R. LUCAS, Haliburton & Emma BOUNDRY, Cobourg. December 24, 1891. Haliburton.  









004684-91 Edward WILSON, 50, Farmer, Widower, Ont., Lutterworth, s/o Joseph & Barbara WILSON, married Matilda GILBARD, 35, Widow, London Eng., Lutterworth, d/o Alfred & Jane FISHER. Witn: E. C. YOUNG, & Mrs. G. McMULLEN, both of Minden. November 11, 1891, Minden.