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Haliburton Co., 1899


#007187-99 (Haliburton Co.) Samuel ANDERSON, 31, b. Minden Twp, Farmer, s/o Alex ANDERSON & Isabella POCKET(?), married Annie SIPE, 19, b. Minden Twp, of same, d/o Charles SIPE & Jane ROBERTSON, witnesses: Ferdinand SIPE of Allsaw & Ellen ANDERSON of Ingoldsby, on 15 March 1899 at Allsaw #007188-99 (Haliburton Co.) Robert ARCHER, 28, b. Monaghan, of Minden, Widower, Farmer, s/o Alfred & Isabell ARCHER, married Sarah A. COX, 21, b. Minden, of same, d/o Thomas & Mary COX, witnesses: Atkin COX & Ethel COX, both of Minden, on 29 March 1899 at Minden
7168-99 Fenton BAKE, 50, widower, carpenter, England, Stanhope twp., s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Catherine E. MELVILLE, 60, widow, Canada, Stanhope twp., d/o William CLARK & Rebecca, witn: D. KELLETT & M.M. LANE, both of Haliburton, 6 June 1899 at Haliburton 7181-99 Benjamin BARTLEY, 30, farmer, Wellington Co., Lutterworth, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane GREER, 28, Muler?, Lutterworth, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: William GREER & Mary PORTER, both of Lutterworth, 1 May 1899 at Lutterworth
#007191-99 (Haliburton Co.) Frank BERRY, 26, b. Dawn Twp, of Guilford, Farmer, s/o James BARRY & Catherine DO??IE, married Gertrude BARNUM, 20, b. Guilford, of same, d/o William & Catherine BARNUM, witnesses: William WRIGHT & Nellie WRIGHT, both of Minden, on 24 May 1899 at Minden 7167-99 William B. BROWN, 28, farmer, Toronto, Dysart twp., s/o James L. BROWN & Isabella HENDERSON, married Hannah J. ARCHER, 30, Minden, Minden twp., d/o W. G. ARCHER & Alvina STEPHENS, witn: Henry & Isabella ROBSON of Minden, 28 April 1899 at Dysart
  #007189-99 (Haliburton Co.) Lewis BURK, 23, b. Minden, of same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Annie BURK, married Catherine Alberta LOUCKS, 20, b. Minden, of same, d/o John & Mary LOUCKS, witnesses: John DELEWRY(?) of Lindsay & Miss A. BURK of Minden, on 12 April 1899 at Minden
#007179-99 (Haliburton Co.) John CARY, 23, b. Cartwright, of Monmouth, Farmer, s/o Charles CARY & Nellie WARD, married Janett Amanada ROBERTS, 30, b. Harcourt, of Monmouth, d/o Charles ROBERTS & Annie STEWART, witnesses: Walter TRAVISS & Victoria ROBERTS, both of Monmouth, on 20 December 1899 at Haliburton #007175-99 (Haliburton Co.) Oswald CLEMENT, 25, b. Monmouth, of Dysart Twp, Farmer, s/o Martin Luther & Elizabeth CLEMENT, married Florence H. PARISH, 21, b. Dysart, of same, d/o Walter & Catherine PARISH, witnesses: F.A. FOX of Haliburton & E.M. McEVERS of Dysart, on 19 September 1899 at Dysart
#007190-99 (Haliburton Co.) Archibald COULTER, 30, b. Stanhope, of same, Farmer, s/o Hugh COULTER & Margaret TAYLOR, married Lily Rebecca WALKER, 19, b. Minden, of same, d/o William WALKER & Rebecca COULTER, witnesses: Johnston WALKER & Sarah COULTER, both of Minden, on 26 April 1899 at Minden 7208-99 Archibald COULTER, 30, farmer, widower, Stanhope, same, s/o Hugh & Lillie Rebecca, married Lillie Rebecca WALKER, 19, Minden twp., same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Johnson WALKER of Minden twp & Sarah COULTER of Stanhope twp., 26 April 1899 at Stanhope twp
#007177-99 (Haliburton Co.) Levi COWENS, 40, b. Cavan, of Stanhope, Farmer, s/o Richard COWENS & Mary Jane HOPKIN, married Mary BROWN, 38, b. Scotland, of Stanhope, d/o John BROWN & Mary NELSON, witnesses: Edna STAPLES & Essie H. COOK, both of Coboconk, on 3 October 1899 at Haliburton 7192-99 David Alexander DAVIDSON, 30, farmer, Minden, same, s/o David DAVISON (sic) & Ann CARR, married Catherine MORRISON, 20, Rosemount, Gilford, d/o Alex MORRISON, farmer, & Mary CREIG?, witn: Lawrence HOLLAND of Haliburton & Lizzie BAKER of Stanhope, 4 Oct 1899 at Minden
#007163-99 (Haliburton Co.) Andrew DOUGAN, 23, b. Dysart, of same, Farmer, s/o William DOUGAN & Christina KIDD, married Mable Altha GOULD, 19, b. Cardiff, of same, d/o Oscar D. GOULD & Emily Maria MAIDEN, witnesses: William DOUGAN of Dysart & Olive D. GOULD of Cardiff, on 15 June 1899 at Lot 29 Con 9 Cardiff Twp #007169-99 (Haliburton Co.) James EXON, 50, b. England, of Dysart Twp, Widower, Farmer, s/o George EXON & Faith MODDLEY, married Henrietta WALLACE, 42, b. Canada, of Dysart Twp, Widow, d/o Gasper BROHM & Hannah FISER, witnesses: Julius BROHM & Jane BROHM, both of Dysart Twp, on 27 February 1899 at Dysart Twp
#007176-99 (Haliburton Co.) William H. GAINFORTH, 24, b. Dysart, of same, Farmer, s/o William & Margaret GAINFORTH, married Lily E. MAGUIRE, 23, b. Manvers, of Monmouth, d/o James & Sarah MAGUIRE, witnesses: W.H. MAGUIRE of Monmouth & M. GAINSFORTH of Dysart, on 15 November 1899 at Dysart 7195-99 Richard E. GILL, 22, farmer, Glamorgan, same, s/o John STAYLEY & Mary STAYLEY, married Cora Bella STAYLEY, 15, Glamorgan, same, d/o W. GILL & Eliza GILL, witn: James & Emma BRADEN of Fenelon Falls, 24 Feb [1899] at Tory Hill (LDS) [as written]
7182-99 Edward GREER, 30, Muler?, Lutterworth, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Annie PORTER, 18, Bexley, Lutterworth, d/o Lewis & Effie, witn: Edward & Christiana BROHM of Lutterworth, 1 May 1899 at Lutterworth 7193-99 Samuel HAWKINS, 30, farmer, Minden, same, s/o George HAWKINS & Jennifer? HAMBLY, married Ester DAVIDSON, 27, Minden, same, d/o David DAVIDSON, farmer, & Ann CARR, witn: David DAVIDSON of Minden & Catherine MORRISON of Guilford, 4 Oct 1899 at Minden
07287-99 (Haliburton Co) William Edward HERON (HIERON?), 28, farmer, Ontario, Snowdon, s/o Thomas HERON & Elizabeth HOLDEN, married Mary Jane SHAW, 18, Ontario, Snowdon, d/o John SHAW & Ann Jane LIVINGSTONE, witn: William H. SHAW & Sarah Mary TAYLOR both of Snowdon on September 13, 1899 at Snowdon. 7207-99 William Edward HERRON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Snowden, s/o Thomas HERRON & Elizabeth HOLDEN, married Mary Jane SHAW, 18, Ontario, Snowden, d/o John SHAW & Ann Jane LIVINGSTON, witn: William H. SHAW & Sarah Amy TAYLOR, both of Snowden, 13 Sept 1899 at Snowden
007286-99 (Haliburton Co) Ira HOWE, 21, laborer, Ontario, Snowdon, s/o Matthew HOWE & Sara LONG, married Minnie SCHROTEN, 21, Ontario, Snowdon, d/o Chas. SCHROTEN & Minnie KYRTE, witn: James & Annie HOWE of Snowdon, on August 16, 1899 at Snowdon (also 7206-99) #007174-99 (Haliburton Co.) William HUGHEY, 36, b. Quebec, of Monmouth, Widower, Farmer, s/o George & Jane HUGHEY, married Helena C. PAULL, 26, b. Haliburton, of Dysart, d/o Joseph & Alice PAULL, witnesses: William PAULL & Lottie DAVIES, both of Haliburton, on 13 August 1899 at Dysart
7186-99 Michael LOUCKS, 29, widower, Minden, Bobcaygeon, s/o John & Mary A., married Margaret SAWYERS, 18, Anson, Lutterworth, d/o William SAWYERS & Esther COCKBURN, witn: Beri SAWYERS & Ida STATA, both of Lutterworth, 23 Aug 1899 at Lutterworth #007162-99 (Haliburton Co.) Thomas LOWRY, 27, b. Douro, of Cardiff, Cheesemaker, s/o John LOWRY & Eliza CAMPBELL, married Agnes McFADDON, 19, b. Belmont, of Cardiff, d/o Robert McFADDON & Adeline LOWE, witnesses: Thomas McFADDON of Cardiff & Annie B. WILSON of Lifford, on 9 Mar 1899 at Lot 27 Con 22 Cardiff Twp
7202-99 Walter LUMSDEN, 30, lumberman, Seaforth, Penetanguishene, s/o James LUMSDEN & Elizabeth SMITH, married Martha BRETT, 21, servant, Mulmur, Dorset, d/o Thomas BRETT & Mary Ditt? TAIT, witn: Herbert McKELVEY of Hamilton & Mabel VALE of Dorset, 29 March 1899 at Dorset #007197-99 (Haliburton Co.) Thomas MILLS, 25, b. Grey Co., of Essonville, Farmer, s/o Feiny(?) MILLS & ---- ATTWILL, married Martha HAMILL, 22, b. Manvers, of Essonville, Domestic, d/o George HAMILL, witnesses: Wesley MILLS & Lizzie HAMILL, on 19 April 1899 at Essonville
7164-99 Alexander MITCHELL, 23, farmer, Cardiff twp., same, s/o John MITCHELL & Eliza ROSEBROUGH, married Susan SWEET, 19, Canada, Herschall, d/o William SWEET, farmer, & Matilda STORE, witn: Mary A. WILSON of Campbellford & John A. CALDWELL of Watsons Corners, 6 Sept 1899 at Lot 23, con 22 of Cardiff  
#007198-99 (Haliburton Co.) William MONROE, 31, b. Brighton, of Hadlington, Farmer, s/o Lewis & Hannah MONROE, married Mary SMYLIE, 18, b. Dummer, of Monmouth Twp, Domestic, d/o Saml. & Frances SMYLIE, witnesses: Edwin SMYLIE of Hadlington & Ethel THOMSON, on 4 August 1899 at Essonville #007161-99 (Haliburton Co.) Charles NICOLL, 28, b. Norwood, of Cardiff, Farmer, s/o James NICOLL & Margaret McMILLAN(?), married Minnie McFADDON, 20, b. Asphodel, of Cardiff, d/o Samuel McFADDON & Emma Jane ENNIS, witnesses: Samuel McFADDON & Emma Jane McFADDON, both of Cardiff Twp, on 8 January 1899 at Lot 22 Con 21 Cardiff Twp
7183-99 James H. POGUE, 27, Lutterworth, same, s/o Alex POGUE & Sarah MORTIMER, married Mary J. WEISE, 31, Montreal, Lutterworth, d/o Fred WEISE & Sophia HULTYS?, witn: Frances & Sarah M. MUSET? of Kinmount, 23 June 1899 at Lutterworth (also 7184-99) 7185-99 Lewis D. PORTER, 23, farmer, Lutterworth, same, s/o Lewis & Effie, married Ada GILBARD, 20, Lutterworth, same, d/o William GILBARD & Matilda FISHER, witn: Peter TRIPP & May LINDOSS, both of Lutterworth, 20 July 1899 at Lutterworth
  7201-99 Herbert John PREST, 26, farmer, Simcoe Co., Livingston twp., s/o John PREST & Hannah ROBINSON, married Elizabeth Jane KNOTT, 20, Hastings Co., Livingston twp., d/o Samuel KNOTT & Hulda HICKS, witn: Willie & Ella KNOTT of Livingston twp., 1 March 1899 at Livingston twp
#007170-99 (Haliburton Co.) Henry READ, 33, b. 'not given', of Monmouth, Widower, Carpenter, s/o Alfred READ & Eliza HOUSON(?), married Annie HICKEY, 23, b 'not given', of Monteagle, d/o Michael HICKEY & Annie DOYLE, witnesses: Alfred READ & Emily READ, both of Monmouth, on 5 April 1899 at Dysart #007172-99 (Haliburton Co.) Thomas RICHARD, 61, b. Scotland, of Stanhope, Widower, Carpenter, s/o Thomas & ELizabeth RICHARD, married Sophia Jane TAYLOR, b. England, of Stanhope, Widow, d/o Peter & Jane DAWSON, witnesses: Isaac W. BOICE & M.A. BOICE, both of Stanhope, on 12 July 1899 at Haliburton
#007204-99 (Haliburton Co): Charles M. ROGERS, 24, Northumberland Co., Murray twp., s/o Marshall ROGERS & Elizabeth IRELAND, married Margaret Rebecca SEDGEWICK, 18, Haliburton Co., Snowden twp., d/o Henry SEDGEWICK & Mary Ann MILBURN, witn: Walter ROGERS of Minden twp & Mrs. MILBURN of Snowden, 23 March 1899 at Snowden twp #007469-00 (Haliburton Co): Washington Francis SEDGEWICK, 26, farmer, Snowden, same, s/o John SEDGEWICK & Charlotte PUFFER, married Elizabeth CURRAH, 22, Scarboro twp., Snowden, d/o Thomas CURRAH & Jane CHAPMAN, witn: Thomas CURRAH Jr. & Emma SEDGEWICK, both of Gelert, 4 Nov? 1899 at Minden (also 7194-99)
#007171-99 (Haliburton Co.) Luke SISSON, 26, b. Guilford, of same, Farmer, s/o Richard & Ann SISSON, married Harriett F. BARNUM, b. Minden, of Guilford, d/o Nelson & Sarah BARNUM, witnesses: F.H. STRIKE & A. GOODHEART, both of Haliburton, on 12 July 1899 at Haliburton  
7165-99 William Addison SMITH, 25, farmer, Cramahe, Cardiff, s/o William H. SMITH & Emma Jane EDWARDS, married Emma ANNETS, 18, London England, Cardiff, d/o not given, witn: William HUFFMAN & Mary Ann McGILIVARY, both of Cardiff, 20 Dec 1899 at Cardiff #007468-00 (Haliburton Co): John STATA, 35, farmer, Snowden, same, s/o Alonzo SLATA (or Stata) & Mary LOUCKS, married Sophia OGGLESTONE, 32, Snowden, same, d/o Joseph & Dora, witn: Christopher OGGLESTONE of Snowden & Ida STATA of Lutterworth, 17 May 1899 at Snowden (also 7205-99)
#007200-99 (Haliburton Co.) Charles STEVENS, 30, b. Reach Twp, of Duluth U.S.A., Lumberman, s/o John & Margaret STEVENS, married Gertrude DAY, 22, b. Hounslow England, of Monmouth, Domestic, d/o Joseph & Rowena DAY, witnesses: Thomas GRAHAM & Joseph DAY, both of Monmouth, on 3 October 1899 at Essonville #007178-99 (Haliburton Co.) Nelson STEVENS, 23, b. Stanhope, of Guilford, Farmer, s/o James STEVENS & Jane TAYLOR, married Essie GRIFFIN, 17, b. Guilford, of same, d/o Joseph GRIFFIN & Jane HORSLEY, witnesses: Bertha SOUTHWORTH of Cheddar & H. HORSLEY of Guilford, on 11 October 1899 at Guilford
#007173-99 (Haliburton Co.) James STEVENSON, 22, b. Scotland, of Minden, Lumberman, s/o 'not known', married Elizabeth WHISTLE, 18, b. Minden, of same, d/o David & Annie WHISTLE, witnesses: Andrew RANSON & E.A. MORTIMER, both of Minden, on 12 July 1899 at Haliburton 7166-99 James TOY, 53, widower, farmer, of Hindon twp., s/o Neil TOY & Letitia KEARS, married Martha ISLES, 50, widow, "on P.C.", Dysart twp, d/o Ronald ISLES & Nancy HOLT, witn: George & Annie THAYERS of Haliburton, 3 Jan 1899 at Haliburton
7180-99 George WAIT, 52, widower, blacksmith, Wales - Great Britain, Gooderham, s/o James WAIT & Ann USHER, married Jane WAY, 53, widow, hotel keeper, Somersetshire England, Gooderham, d/o George RIDOUT & Elizabeth SWYER?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen KETTLE of Ursa, 28 May 1899 at Ursa, Glamorgan twp (also 7196-99)  
#007199-99 (Haliburton Co.) Julius(?) WINN, 28, b. Port Perry, of Glamorgan, Farmer, s/o (blank), married Mary E. DONNALLY, 18, b. Millbrook, of Glamorgan, Domestic, d/o John & Louisa DONNALLY, witnesses: Alen DONNALLY & Emma WINN of Glamorgan, on 27 September 1899 at Essonville