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Halton Co., 1909

Birth place was not usually given on 1909 registrations.


10923-09 Wellington Albert BAILEY, 50, widower, saddler, of Toronto, s/o Isaiah BAILEY, tailor, & Mary SMITH, married Eleanor Forbes HARLEY, 36, of Georgetown, d/o John George HARLEY, cartage agent, & Eliza Ann JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. S. A. CLANCEY of Calgary Alta. & Dean S. HARLEY of Georgetown, 2 June 1909 at Georgetown 10902-09 George BEAVER, 21, farmer, of Hartford, s/o Peter BEAVER, farmer, & Caroline, married Emily Lilian LOUIS, 26, of Hartford, d/o Joseph LOUIS, farmer, & Catherine HILL, witn: Sampson GREEN of Hartford & Lily WILSON Ohswekan, 29 Nov 1909 at Burlington
10921-09 David Peter CRICHTON, 26, paper maker, of Georgetown, s/o David CRICHTON & blank THORNE, married Gertrude Mae THOMPSON, 22, of Georgetown, d/o William THOMPSON, paper maker, & Jane WILLIS, witn: Garnet W. & Raymond H. THOMPSON of Georgetown, 26 May 1909 at Georgetown 10935-09 Milton Colin CROZIER, 20, of Toronto, s/o Thomas W. CROZIER & illegible Jane H--?, married Evelyn Muriel PARKINSON, 20, of Toronto, d/o John Marshall PARKINSON & Mary HANNAH, witn: Thomas Victor CROZIER of Toronto & Archie McGIBBON of Milton, 16 Feb 1909 at Milton
  10900-09 John William DALTON, 31, manufacturer, of Burlington, s/o John DALTON, retired gent, & Sarah CARTWRIGHT, married Eva Mary FREEMAN, 26, of Burlington, d/o Joshua Wesley FREEMAN, retired gent, & Minnie DAVIS, witn: Lawrence P. GREEN of Cleveland Ohio & Garnetta FREEMAN of Freeman, 21 Oct 1909 at Burlington
10910-09 Spencer Abner EARLY, 23, merchant, of Saskatoon Sask., s/o Thomas EARLY, farmer, & Margaret WILSON, married Letitia Mary HUNTER, 23, of Esquesing, d/o Francis HUNTER, farmer, & Sarah Ann, witn: Charlotte E. HUNTER of Norval & Arthur S. WILSON of Hornby, 2 Sept 1909 at Lot 2, Con 11 of Esquesing twp 10908-09 Frank EDWARDS, 26, carpenter, of Terra Cotta, s/o Charles Lloyd EDWARDS & Gladys REYNOLDS, married Lucy EVERETT, 24, widow, of Terra Cotta, d/o James CARRINGTON & Lucy DOES, witn: Herbert & Rosa CARTER of Terra Cotta, 14 May 190 at Terra Cotta
10922-09 Robert Hamilton GAULT, 58, lumber man, of Manitouwanig, s/o John GAULT & Sarah NAYLOR, married Mary Harriet SUTTON, 35, of Georgetown, d/o John SUTTON, machinist, & Mary ROBERTSON, witn: William H. GORE of Toronto & Mrs. E. C. ROBERTSON of Guelph, 2 June 1909 at Georgetown 10905-09 Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH, 29, laborer, of Esquesing, s/o William HOLLINGSWORTH & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Catherine EVERTON, 30, of Toronto, d/o William EVERTON & Emma COTGRAVE, witn: Ernest ELLIS of Milton & Bertha TYSON of Toronto, 10 April 1909 at Esquesing
10926-09 Robert Alex HUTCHINSON, 36, teacher, of Port Rowan, s/o Alexander HUTCHINSON, farmer, & Ann CRAIG, married Harriet Innis COOK, 28, of Georgetown, d/o Daniel COOK, gentleman, & Jane NOBLE, witn: W. G. HUTCHINSON of Port Rowan & Josephine WETHERALD of Georgetown, 21 July 1909 at Georgetown 10909-09 Robert John HYNDS, 21, glove maker, of Glenwilliams, s/o George HYNDS, jeweller, & Annie AGNEW, married Christable Irene? GRAHAM, 20, of Glenwilliams, d/o John Thomas GRAHAM & Nellie THOMPSON, wtn: Herbert B. & Bella E. GRAHAM of Glenwilliams, 14 April 1909 at Glenwilliams
10913-09 William Howard KENTNER, 24, carpenter, of not given, s/o Albert KENTNER, farmer & Fannie Ann MOORE, married Florence Hammond COLE, 24, of Ballinafad, d/o Levi COLE, farmer, & Sarah Jane COLLIER, witn: Thomas H. CAMPBELL of Galt & Elletta GODFREY of Guelph, 1 Dec 1909 at Ballinafad 10904-09 William E. KENTNER, 25, farmer, of Esquesing, s/o Alva KENTNER, farmer, & Euphemia McCOLLUM, married Margaretta HILTS, 29, of Esquesing, d/o Ira HILTS, farmer, & Martha BESWICK, witn: Joseph Allan & Sarah HILTS, both of Ballinafad, 20 Jan 1909 at Ballinafad
  #011857-10 (Halton Co): Roy C. McINTOSH, 28, tanner, of Acton, s/o James McINTOSH, farmer, & Mary Jane GRAHAM, married Hannah MORTON, 28, of Acton, d/o William MORTON, farmer, & Jane McLENNAN, witn: Frank McINTOSH & Jessie MORTON, both of Acton, 15 Dec 1909 at Acton
10925-09 Frank Homer MOORE, 27, dentist, of Toronto, s/o John MOORE & Jennie GREEN, married Elizabeth Elinor McKAY, 24, of Georgetown, d/o William G. McKAY & Fanny BARBER, witn: A. F. McKINLAY of St. Catharines & Frances McKAY of Georgetown, 16 July 1909 at Georgetown 10903-09 Wilbert Maxwell NICHOLSON, 25, carpenter, of Waterdown, s/o William NICHOLSON & Marguerite STEPHENSON, married Ida Catharina HARROD, 27, of Aldershot, d/o John HARROD, farmer, & Latitia THURSTON, witn: Mrs. Mina & Mrs Ida SNEATH of Freeman, 8 Dec 1909 at Freeman
10906-09 George OVERTON, 38, laborer, of Esquesing, s/o Hercules OVERTON & Charlotte ENIPTAGE?, married Mary Ellen PEAKS, 45, widow, of Esquesing, d/o Richard BELL & Elizabeth SMELT, witn: T. Colin CLARK & Edith PEAKS, both of Esquesing, 22 June 1909 at Esquesing 10912-09 George Dousland PEARSON, 29, carpenter, of Esquesing twp., s/o John PERSON & Elizabeth HUDD (Nudd?), married Mary Janet NEILSON, 25, maid, if Esquesing twp., d/o Daniel NEILSON, farmer, & Samantha RICE, witn: Mrs. W. L. MARTIN of Mansewood & Robert HAMILTON of Peru, 23 Sept 1909 at Mansewood
10927-09 George Edward RIDLEY, 32, musician, of Mansewood, s/o William RIDLEY, farmer, & Caroline HILL, married Bertha Annie COX, 25, of Mansewood, d/o John Edward COX, farmer, & Margaret HOPKINS, witn: M. H. & Anna S. CLARK of Georgetown, 11 Aug 1909 10924-09 Thomas Edward ROBERTS, 24, knitter, of Glenwilliams, s/o Thompson ROBERTS & Jane HUGHES, married Charlotte Victoria MARCHMENT, 22, of Glenwilliams, d/o William MARCHMENT & Margaret NORTH, witn: George S. HAYWARD of Georgetown & Nancy HILL of Glenwilliams, 14 July 1909 at Esquesing
10911-09 Thomas ROGERSON, 25, farmer, of Parry Sound, s/o Robert John ROGERSON, farmer, & Mary Jane FRATER, married Leonilla Reid McGREGOR, 25, teacher, of Esquesing, d/o William McGREGOR, farmer, & Catherine Jane REID, witn: Sadie McGREGOR of 423 Ontario St. in Toronto & J. H. BINGHAM of Georgetown, 7 Sept 1909 at Esquesing 10933-09 David R. TIMBERS, 23, brick maker, of Milton, s/o Henry TIMBERS, laborer & Lillian FERRIER, married Mary Edith ATKINSON, 26, of Milton, d/o Jesse ATKINSON, gardener & Alice TEETHER, witn: R.E. & Eleanor SMYTHE of Milton, 20 Jan 1909 at Milton
10934-09 Henry A. WHELHAM, 23, farmer, of Beverley Ont., s/o George WHELHAM & Maggie MULHOLLAND, married Eva WALES, 18, of Trafalgar, d/o Alfred WALES, farmer, & Alice VANALSTINE, witn: Ross WALES of Trafalgar & Eleanor SMYTHE of Milton, 10 Feb 1909 at Milton 10901-09 Russell Howard WILSON, 23, farmer, of Burlington, s/o Leaman WILSON, farmer, & Emma SHAY, married Lillian TUCK, 24, of Appleby, d/o John TUCK, farmer, & Mary ALLITT, witn: Leaman WILSON & Ethel E. HILL, both of Burlington, 27 Oct 190 at Burlington
10920-09 Frederick WILTON, 27, paper coater, of Geor