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Halton Co, 1919

Birth place is given before residence if it was on the registration.

12006-19 William Alfred ACKERS, 21, Nashville Tennessee, London Ont., s/o John ACKERS & Bella JONES, married Margaret Mary BATES, 19, Buffalo NY, Guelph, d/o William H. BATES & Annie SNIDER, witn: Mrs. J.C. & D. WILSON of Acton, 13 Aug 1919 at Acton  
12007-19 Alexander Cassells ALLAN, 30, Copeston Ont., Leaside, s/o John (deceased) & K.J. HENRIDE?, married Marjorie Isabel IRWIN, 21, Toronto, Sheridan Ont., d/o John (deceased) & Alice DYSON, witn: A.D. IRWIN of Sheridan & J.H. MINCHIN of Toronto, 9 Aug 1919 at Sheridan 12002-19 Alfred Weiland ALLEN, 23, paper coater, Glenwilliams, same, s/o Samuel ALLEN & Katherine CAMPION, married Mary B. HARTSHORNE, 27, England, Glenwilliams, d/o Thomas HARTSHORNE & Elizabeth MacFARLANE, witn: Marion HARGREAVES & William HARTSHORNE, both of Glen Williams, 24 Dec 1919 at Glen Williams
12004-19 John Lorne ANDERSON, 38, dentist, Oakwood Ont., Oakville, s/o Donald L. ANDERSON & Sarah McLEOD, married Flossie WHITLOCK, 24, Fergus Ont., Oakville, d/o John WHITLOCK & Samantha LEPARD, witn: W.S. DAVIS & Joseph WALSH, both of Oakville, 8 Oct 1919 at Oakville 12003-19 Robert ANDERSON, 26, livery man, Milton, same, s/o Robert B. ANDERSON & Mary Elizabeth KITCHEN, married Marjory Jean HARTLEY, 24, Nelson twp., same, d/o Peter D. HARTLEY & Mabel LUSH, witn: Cora & Norman WIGGLESWORTH of Georgetown, 22 Oct. 1919 at res of the bride
  12008-19 Arthur J. ANGUS, 42, traveler, Hamilton, same, s/o James ANGUS & Elizabeth HENDERSON, married Dorothy H. PHILP, 22, Dundas Ont., Hamilton, d/o Harry W. PHILP & Mary NEWIGING, witn: Marshall PHILP & Emma J. ANGUS, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1919 at Burlington Beach
12005-19 Charles Montague ARMSTRONG, 20, farmer, Haldimand Co., Brant Co., s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Ruth FINK, married Eliza Josephine PLUMSTEAD, 20, Brant Co., same, d/o Martin PLUMSTEAD & Annie JARVIS, witn: Sarah & Edgar SEXSMITH of Oakville, 20 Sept 1919 at Oakville 12009-19 John Gordon ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, Dundas, Nelson twp., s/o John ARMSTRONG & Sarah TERRY (Derry?), married Nettie Elizabeth PICKETT, 23, Nelson twp., same, d/o William PICKETT & Barbara HARVEY, witn: Norman Clark ARMSTRONG of RR2 Milton & Emma Shaw SNOWDEN of Lowville, 15 April 1919 at Lowville
12017-19 James Paterson BARTLEMAN, 39, manufacturer's agent, Dunedin New Zealand, Timmins Ont., s/o Alexander [no surname given] & Christina BAIN, married Laura May HEMSTREET, 34, Milton, same, d/o George Albert HEMSTREET & Eliza Adelaide LEACH, witn: Bertha A. LEACH of Hamilton & R.L. HEMSTREET of Milton, 12 Aug 1919 at Milton 12022-19 Robert Edward BAUMANN, 28, broker, Glarus Switzerland, Hamilton, s/o August BAUMANN & Katherine FELDMAN, married Gladys Victoria HUTCHINSON, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas HUTCHINSON & Alice ALLINSON, witn: Ruth MERNIER & Jessie RYMAL, both of Freeman, 18 April 1919 at Burlington
12025-19 Arthur Gwinnett BECK, 40, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Gwinnett BECK & Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, married Georgie Evelyn MADDEN, 32, Toronto, Oakville, d/o James Thomas MADDEN & Laura WYNN, witn: Homer WALKER of Toronto & Minerva CASTLE of Oakville, 10 May 1919 at Oakville 12020-19 John Reginald BELYEA, 28, laborer, Bronte, same, s/o Emmanuel BELYEA & Annie HOPCOTT, married Leah JENNINGS, 22, Toronto, Bronte, d/o Joseph JENNINGS & Reunette HUNT, witn: Harry G. BELYEA & Vera JENNINGS, both of Bronte, 28 June 1919 at Bronte
12018-19 William Henry BOICEY, 32, salesman, Shamrock Ont., Toronto, s/o Alexander BOICEY & Mary BARTELL, married Lillian McMULLEN, 25, Lisle Ont., Georgetown, d/o Richard McMULLEN & Victoria STOREY, witn: Howard & Florence COBOURN of Toronto, 23 July 1919 at Georgetown 12021-19 Howard Milton BRADLEY, 31, farmer, King twp., Esquesing, s/o John BRADLEY & Elizabeth BRADLEY, married Mary Ann GIVENS, 20, Esquesing, same, d/o David GIVENS & Elizabeth May BELL, witn: Mr. Veenie BRADLEY & Charlotte Myrtle BRADLEY, both of Hornby, 12 June 1919 at St. Pauls church, Norval
12012-19 Vincent Benjamin BRANSFIELD, 29, telephone lineman, Elgin Mills, Newmarket, s/o Patrick BRANSFIELD & Mary (deceased, name unknown), married Edith Mabel FENEMORE, 22, London England, Milton, d/o William FENEMORE & Ada SHARPE, witn: John Spence KERR of Elmvale & Ada Winifed FENEMORE of 18 Chapman St. in Galt, 20 Nov 1919 at Milton 12015-19 William Vernon BRAY, 29, motorman on electric railway, Burlington, same, s/o Henry James BRAY & Lavinia LAWTON, married Velma May RUSK, 29, Waterdown, Burlington, d/o Richard RUSK & Mary HACKNEY, witn: H. BRAY of Burlington & H. RUSK of Appleby, 11 Sept 1919 at Nelson twp
12014-19 Wilfred Charles Worth BROKER, 27, farmer, England, Bronte, s/o John W. BROKER & not given, married Maggie Adeline BROWN, 27, Canada, Oakville, d/o John BROWN & M. SMALL, witn: Herbert BROWN & Ada CLIFTON, both of Oakville, 3 Dec 1919 at Trafalgar 12013-19 Bradford Ead BROOKS, 25, electrician, Ballantrae Ont., Toronto, s/o Jeremiah BROOKS & Mary DUCK, married Ada Blanche THOMPSON, 28, glove operator, Acton, Toronto, d/o George THOMPSON & Charlotte BURNSIDE, witn: Jessie THOMPSON & Gladys THOMAS, both of Toronto, 20 Sept 1919 at Glen Williams
12011-19 John Herbert BROWN, 30, carpenter, East Flamboro, Oakville, s/o John BROWN & Mary Ann SMALL, married Ada Hazel CLIFTON, 29, Trafalgar twp., Oakville, d/o Thomas CLIFTON & blank CARPENTER, witn: Wilfred BOOKER of Palermo & Margaret BROWN of Oakville, 3 Dec 1919 at Oakville 12016-19 Norman Earle BROWN, 25, telephone lineman, Eramosa twp., Acton, s/o George Herbert BROWN & Mary Ida PRATT, married Bessie Elzina COON, 25, Acton, Guelph, d/o Isaiah COON & Tabitha MASALES, witn: G.H. & Mary Ida BROWN of Acton, 18 Sept 1919 at Acton
12019-19 Gower Wilson BROWNELL, 26, contractor, Moulinette Ont., 59 Castlefield Ave in Toronto, s/o W.W. BROWNELL & Dora STATA, married Muriel Elizabeth MacDOUGALL, 26, Oakville, same, d/o Allan McDOUGALL & Margaret PATTON, witn: Laura B. MacDOUGALL & illegible HARRIS?, both of Oakville, 9 July 1919 at Oakville  
12024-19 Erald Ross BURT, 28, farmer, Erin twp., Esquesing twp., s/o William BURT & Mary E. SMITH, married Virena May MASALES, 21, Erin twp., Acton, d/o Peter MASALES & Hannah RAMSHAW, witn: George Wesley MASALES & Penelope A. MOYER, both of Acton, 12 March 1919 at Acton 12010-19 Norman Percival BURTT, 33, railroader, Trenton, Burlington, s/o Abraham BURTT & Elizabeth BECKWITH, married Ada HOOPER, 33, widow, Freeman, same, d/o William PAGE & Sarah WADE, witn: William & Reta Alice PAGE of Freeman, 23 Dec 1919 at Burlington
12023-19 Melvin Morrow BUSH, 28, accountant, Binbrook, 123 Delaware Ave in Toronto, s/o George BUSH & Eliza MORROW, married Charlotte SCOTT, 22, Milton, same, d/o William Graham SCOTT & Elizabeth McMASTER, witn: George BUSH of Burlington & W.N. SCOTT of Milton, 10 May 1919 at Trafalgar twp 12029-19 Duncan CAMERON, 44, clerk, Peel twp., La Forest, s/o Hugh CAMERON & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Mary A. McDUFF, 36, Trafalgar, same, d/o Peter McDUFF & Margaret BIGGAR, witn: R. Henry McDUFF & Richard McDUFF, both of Milton, 1 July 1919 at Omagh
12030-19 John Gundry CHURCH, 28, soldier, England, Hamilton, s/o J.G. CHURCH & Lucy HERRING, married Mildred Lucille HURD, 22, Minneapolis, Burlington, d/o C.W. HURD & Lucy WALKER, witn: John Gundry CHURCH of Burlington & F.M. FREDERNBURG of Armories Hamilton, 7 May 1919 at St. Lukes Church, Burlington 12026-19 Harold Fraser COLMER, 31, carpenter, Brantford, same, s/o William Gregory COLMER, b. Cornwall England & Rachel A. TINDAL, married Nancy AYCHBOURN, 30, Hastings England, London England, d/o Horace Edward ACHBORNE (sic), b. London England & Levina AMEY, witn: Mary Ann AMEY of Burlington & Rachel Ann TINDALE (sic) of Brantford, 28 Oct 1919 at Burlington
12031-19 Frank Murray COOK, 19, farmer, Halton Co., Glen Williams, s/o John COOK & Catherine MURRAY, married Lulu Loretta BELL, 17, Glen Williams, "not decided", d/o James BELL & Irena Delila MINO, witn: Mrs. James BELL & James BELL, both of Glen Williams, 7 Jan 1919 at Glen Williams 12027-19 Hugh Cecil COOPER, 26, farmer, England, Burlington, s/o James COOPER & Emma GRICE, married Jane Nicholson McCASLIN, 26, clerk, Centreville Ont., Burlington, d/o William McCASLIN & Margaret FLEETHAM, witn: Rachel McCASLIN of Burlington & John S. STEPHENSON of Hamilton, 1 July 1919 at Burlington
  12028-19 Raymond Clark COWLES, 29, electrician, Minneapolis Minnesota, Georgetown, s/o Frank D. COWLES & Julia FARROW, married Gertrude Beatrice WRIGGLESWORTH, 35, Esquesing, Georgetown, d/o George WRIGGLESWORTH & Mary McDOWELL, witn: Harvey & Anna McDOWELL of Esquesing, 15 Feb 1919 at Georgetown
12035-19 Joseph Albert DORION, 23, clerk, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Charles Alexander DORION & Josephine LEBRECHE, married Nora Emily O'BOYLE, 24, dry goods clerk, Oakville, same, d/o Edward O'BOYLE & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Clarence Anthony DURST of Toronto & Edna Eliza O'BOYLE of Oakville, 14 Oct 1919 at Oakville 12034-19 Anson Hugh DRYDEN, 21, steel worker, Bronte, Hamilton, s/o William DRYDEN & Emma ARMSTRONG, married Mary Eliza McCASLIN, 20, cashier, Caledon East, Burlington, d/o William McCASLIN & Margaret FLEETAM, witn: R.C. McCASLIN of Burlington & C.J. HAMMOND of RR1 Aldershot, 25 June 1919 at Burlington
12033-19 Wilfred Eben Pinkerton DUNCAN, 28, civil engineer, Glasgow Scotland, Milton, s/o Sam DUNCAN & Isabella PINKERTON, married Beatrice Margaret PANTON, 21, Milton, same, d/o William PANTON & Lily MacKENZIE, witn: David FORGAN of 29 Ellerby Rd & Marjorie A. NEWTON of Wychwood, both of Toronto, 24 July 1919 at Grace Church, Milton 12032-19 Edgar Vernon DYNES, 20, mechanic, Nelson twp., Oakville, s/o Charles S. DYNES & Ada Z. HESLOP, married Gladys Elmina TAYLOR, 19, Oakville, same, d/o Ernest E.O. TAYLOR & Helena MORDEN, witn: S. Wyvern TAYLOR of Oakville & Elsie DYNES of Burlington, 20 Aug 1919 at Oakville
12036-19 John Alexander ELLIOT, 30, farmer, Nassagaweya twp., same, s/o William James ELLIOT & Christena AGNEW, married Olla Neilena McPHAIL, 26, stenographer, Nassagaweya twp., Milton, d/o Neil McPHAIL & Mary McLEAN, witn: Thomas E. McPHAIL & Jessie ELLIOT, both of Campbellville, 4 June 1919 at Milton 12041-19 Charles Ernest FEATHERSTONE, 45, widower, farmer, Trafalgar twp., same, s/o Emerson FEATHERSTONE & Mary BELL, married Ada MOUNTAIN, 30, York twp., Nelson twp.., d/o Albert MOUNTAIN & Hanna GRANT, witn: Horace FRITH & Mary E. FRITH, both of Hamilton, 5 April 1919 at bride's home, Nelson twp
12042-19 George Norman FISH, 24, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o John Nelson FISH & Ellen Elizabeth FORD, married Rena Beatrice LUNAU, 23, dress maker, Trafalgar, same, d/o Robert LUNAU & Mary DIXON, witn: Edith Caroline LUNAU of RR1 Oakville & Mrs. Ella E. SHAW of Trafalgar, 12 Feb 1919 at Trafalgar 12038-19 John Wellington FLEETHAM, 32, mechanic, Cheltenham Ont., Freeman, s/o William FLEETHAM & Isabella GILMER, married Ellen Maud FRENCH, 22, Northampton England, Freeman, d/o Harry FRENCH & Emma GREEN, witn: George D.C. BIRD & E. Verena FLEETHAM, both of Burlington, 25 Dec 1919 at Burlington
12037-19 Alexander Marvin FLEMING, 24, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o Alexander FLEMING & Etta KERR, married Elsie Blanche WOODS, 21, England, Esquesing twp., d/o John WOODS & Agnes PRESTON, witn: Flora HAGYARD & Mary FLEMING, both of Esquesing twp., 3? Dec 1919 at Boston? Church Manse 12040-19 Frederick Robert FRINK (Funk?), 29, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o John FRINK & Isabella MILLS, married Lottie Arabelle MOORE, 34, Acton, same, d/o James MOORE & Eliza Jane SPEIGHT, witn: John S. MOORE of 31 Homewood Ave & May Beatrice FRINK of 663 Broadview Ave., both of Toronto, 20 Nov 1919 at Acton
12039-19 William Henry FRYER, 24, laborer, Georgetown, Glenwilliams, s/o William FRYER & Mary A. HODGINS, married Eliza MARSALES, 27, widow, England, Glenwilliams, d/o George A. SWEETMAN & Eliza SHAW, witn: Eva BRENNAN & James HILL, both of Glen Williams, 1 Nov 1919 at Georgetown 12047-19 John Henry GALBRAITH, 43, farmer, Trafalgar, Tansley, s/o Archibald GALBRAITH & Isabella Helen FORD, married Leona Elizabeth BRIDGEMAN, 29, Tansley, same, d/o Burwell BRIDGEMAN & Mary Elizabeth WALKER, witn: Arthur A. SMITH of Palermo & Mabel BRIDGEMAN of Freeman, 11 Jan 1919 at Burlington
12043-19 Ronald Basil GARNHAM, 24, employee of Dom. Cannery, Burlington, same, s/o Henry GARNHAM & Mary Adelaide BLANCHARD, married Florence Gwelda GRAYLING, 21, Whitby England, Burlington, d/o Frank GRAYLING & Florence HARRIS, witn: Louise A. TEBBS & Anna SKELTON, both of Burlington, 31 May 1919 at St. Lukes, Burlington 12046-19 Irvine GIBSON, 33, farmer, Guelph, Tubrose? Saskatchewan, s/o Bruce GIBSON & Jennie McKEGG, married Barbara Reta COOK, 24, stenographer, Eramosa, Esquesing, d/o Thomas COOK & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: M. Louise COOK of 292 Robert St. in Toronto & Thomas COOK of Limehouse, 22 Jan 1919 at Acton
12044-19 William GILLMAN, 57, widower, farmer, Gloucestershire England, Glenwilliams, s/o William GILLMAN & Mary HAND, married Ruth Hannah TAYLOR, 47, widow, Rochdale Lancashire England, Acton, d/o Edward TWEEDALE & Sarah Ann FOULDS, witn: Sarah Alice GREGORY & Mrs. J.M. MAYER, both of Acton, 17 June 1919 at Acton 12045-19 Frank GOLDEN, 27, laborer, Freelton, same, s/o John GOLDEN & Jane GIVENS (Swim?), married Ganilla WEDGE, 19, Freelton, Campbellville, d/o Robert WEDGE & Bertha TEEBOW, witn: Mrs. J.F. STRACHAN & G. ELLIOT, both of Campbellville, 5 March 1919 at manse, Campbellville
12051-19 Reginald Stanley HALL, 24, laborer, Eastham Kent Co England, St. Catharines, s/o William HALL & Cordelia WHERRY, married Ada Blanche CHURCHILL, 22, London England, Bowmanville, d/o Robert CHURCHILL & Mary Ann MERCHANT (Marchant?), witn: Richard & Mary A. BLANCH of Acton, 12 Oct 1919 at Acton 12048-19 Robert Beatie HALL, 27, milk man, Scotland, Oakville, s/o Alexander HALL & Margaret BEATIE, married Helen CALDER, 24, dairy maid, Scotland, Oakville, d/o John CALDER & M.S. CAMPBELL, witn: Helen McM. REID of Burlington & Roland George LAING of Toronto, 27 Dec 1919 at Oakville
12060-19 Percy HARDING, 24, farmer, Erin Ont., Georgetown, s/o William HARDING & Minnie MEREDITH, married Jeannie MILLER, 27, Sault Ste. Marie, Georgetown, d/o Matthew MILLER & Sophia LAKE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. L. HARDING of Georgetown, 7 April 1919 at manse, Norval 12053-19 Edwin HARROP, 29, farmer, Manchester England, Milton, s/o Sam HARROP & Agnes HARVEY, married Maud HARTLEY, 27, Milton, same, d/o William James HARTLEY & Rosetta LUCCKESI, witn: Sam HARROP & W.J. HARTLEY, both of Milton, 17 Sept 1919 at bride's house
12058-19 David HARTIN, 28, physician & surgeon, Bells Corners Ont., Oakville, s/o Gilbert HARTIN & Hannabella TORNEY, married Edith Irene WILLIAMS, 26, Oakville, same, d/o Murray H. WILLIAMS & Henrietta ROBINSON, witn: Clara WILLIAMS & Elma HAGERMAN, both of Oakville, 23 July 1919 at Oakville 12054-19 Robert Simpson HEATHERINGTON, 26, farmer, Nelson twp., same, s/o Robert HEATHERINGTON & Hannah Elizabeth PRUDHAM, married Sarah Elizabeth BELL, 23, Nelson twp., same, d/o George BELL & Elizabeth POWELL, witn: William ROBERTSON of RR2 Milton West & C.L. BELL of Nelson twp., 17 Sept 1919 at Nelson twp
12049-19 John Henry HILSON, 19, laborer, Nassagaweya twp., same, s/o Harry HILSON & Annie RICE, married Phoebe Jane WEDGE, 19, East Flamboro twp., Nassagaweya twp., d/o Robert WEDGE & Bertha TEBOW, witn: Mrs. J. DREDGE & Mrs. J. STRACHAN, both of RR1 Campbellville, 19 Nov 1919 at manse, Campbellville 12056-19 Jessie Ernest HINTON, 22, fisherman, Ontario, Bronte, s/o John HINTON & Margaret COLTON, married Lillan Violet AMBROSE, 20, Ontario, Bronte, d/o Henry AMBROSE & Alice KNIGHT, witn: Arvilla OSBORNE & Edward Thomas HINTON, both of Bronte, 10 Sept 1919 at Bronte
12052-19 Albert Osborne HOFFMAN, 29, farmer, Freelton, same, s/o John HOFFMAN & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, married Mary Ann WATSON, 20, knitter, Freelton, same, d/o Edward WATSON & Ann HAMILTON, witn: Jean CARBERT & Mrs. James McFARLAND, both of Campbellville, 1 Oct 1919 at Campbellville 12055-19 Thomas HOPKINS, 50, widower, Picton Ont., Georgetown, s/o James HOPKINS & Emily MILLER, married Mabel GREGORY, 20, Norval, Glenwilliams, d/o Frederick GREGORY & Margaret McKECHNIE, witn: Mrs. Fred GREGORY of Glen Williams & M.K. CAMERON of Georgetown, 17 Sept 1919 at Georgetown
12050-19 Mathew HOWARD, 24, wire drawer, Nassagaweya twp., Milton, s/o William HOWARD & Margaret Frederic PARKS, married Charlotte Rosina GRANT, 22, London England, Milton, d/o Walter GRANT & Christena VAUGHAN, witn: Annie & Clarence HILL of Milton, 22 Oct. 1919 at Milton 12059-19 Alfred Linford HUBBARD, 44, widower, laborer, Norfolk England, Georgetown, s/o Enoch Alfred HUBBARD & Elizabeth LINFORD, married Bertha Oflen KIRKHAM, 35, widow, Derby England, Georgetown, d/o Henry Arthur KIRKHAM & Rachel HARVEY, witn: Margaret & Hugh Falconer BAMFORD of Toronto, 19 July 1919 at Georgetown
12061-19 Herbert James HUNT, 24, grocery clerk, Clarkson, Oakville, s/o William HUNT & Anna KELLY, married Sarah Jean WILLIAMS, 21, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o George WILLIAMS & Sarah CUNDELL, witn: John Joseph HUNT & Katie HUNT, both of Oakville, 11 Nov 1919 at Oakville 12057-19 William HUNTER, 32, commercial traveler, Auchenstroan Glencairn Scotland, Acton, s/o William HUNTER & Mary Ann MURDIE, married Edith Florence CHAPMAN, 32, Sunnidale Stayner Ont., Acton, d/o George CHAPMAN & Elizabeth BRANKLEY, witn: Percy COLLIER & George CHAPMAN, both of Acton, 13 Sept 1919 at St. Albans Church, Acton
12062-19 Edwin Stanley IRELAND, 28, farmer, Nelson twp., Hamilton, s/o John IRELAND & Eliza Ann NESBITT, married Alice Mary FREEMAN, 29, East Flamboro twp., Nelson twp., d/o Arthur Edwin FREEMAN & Clara Cornelia LONG, witn: Gertrude FREEMAN of Campbellville & G. Leslie PEER of Freeman, 22 April 1919 at St. Johns Church, Nelson 12065-19 Gordon Burgess JACKSON, 30, barrister, Bala Muskoka, Toronto, s/o Alfred JACKSON & Euphemie BURGESS, married Florence Estelle JACKSON, 30, Bala Muskoka, Toronto, d/o James JACKSON & Margaret MATTHEWS, witn: Samuel KIRK & H.E. BURT, both of Georgetown, 12 April 1919 at Georgetown
12063-19 John Taylor JOHNSTONE, 26, farmer, Port Carling, same, s/o Robert JOHNSTONE & Isma JAMES, married Lucy Lannetta GIBSON, 23, Acton, same, d/o Alex GIBSON & Sarah HAND, witn: Josephine LEMEE? of Toronto & James A. GIBSON of Orton, 10 Oct 1919 at Acton 12064-19 Robert JOLLY, 29, pro golfer, St. Andrews Scotland, Acton, s/o James JOLLY & Jane MITCHELL, married Lillian Beatrice BILTON, 28, Nassagaweya, Acton, d/o Robert BILTON & Mary BENNETT, witn: George BEEVERS & Penelope A. MOYER, both of Acton, 1 Oct 1919 at Acton
12070-19 John KELLY, 56, widower, engineer, Derbyshire England, Hamilton, s/o John KELLY, b. Chesterfield England & Hannah TURNER, married Minnie PURNELL, 45, widow, cook, Somerset England, Hamilton, d/o George PURNELL, b. Somerset England & Mary GOVER, witn: Sydney & Edith May BIRD of Burlington, 27 Dec 1919 at Burlington 12068-19 William Robert KELLY, 29, farmer, Clarkson, same, s/o Peter KELLY & Eliza SLOAN, married Edith Curry LYONS, 27, Cheltenham, same, d/o Hamilton LYONS & Annie CLARK, witn: Mabel LAIDLAW of Norval & E. May KELLY of Clarkson, 17 April 1919 at Union Presbyterian Church, Esquesing twp
12067-19 George Douglas Downs KEMP, 32, piano finisher, Toronto, same, s/o Robert KEMP & Elizabeth WHITE, married Mary Jane TUCK, 30, Oakville, same, d/o Joseph TUCK & Linnie GORING, witn: W.H. LUCK & S. SEXSMITH, both of Oakville, 30 June 1919 at Oakville 12069-19 Walter John KENTNER, 26, machinist, Erin, Georgetown, s/o Alva KENTNER & Euphemia McALLUM, married Annie Mae BINGHAM, 20, Erin, same, d/o William BINGHAM & Mary NURSE, witn: C.M. PLANT & M.K. CAMERON, both of Georgetown, 12 March 1919 at Georgetown
12066-19 Mervyn Douglas Easton KITCHING, 22, funeral director, Halton Co., Waterdown, s/o John KITCHING & Mary Ada EASTON, married Fannie Gertrude LYONS, 29, widow (2 years), West Flamboro, Waterdown, d/o William CHAPPEL & Mary Annie BORER, witn: John & Ada KITCHING of Waterdown, 11 Nov 1919 at Burlington 12073-19 Daniel Ernie LAFORME, 23, tanner, New Credit - Brant Co., Oakville, s/o Chester LAFORME, b. New Credit & Lydia FOWLER, married Maria Agnes CARSON, 18, Hamilton, Aldershot, d/o James CARSON, b. Hamilton & Helen COLLIER, witn: John & Beatrice LAFORME of Aldershot, 3 Nov 1919 at Burlington
12072-19 Alfred Merval LARSEN, 21, clerk, Racine Wisconsin, Burlington, s/o Thomas LARSEN & Elizabeth VAUD (Vand?), married Dorothy May HANNIBALL, 21, Bristol England, Burlington, d/o Thomas HANNIBALL & Annie KENT, witn: Alfred James HUNT & Gertie K. HANNIBALL, both of Burlington, 26 Nov 1919 at Burlington 12077-19 Michael LAWLOR, 34, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William LAWLOR, farmer, & Johanna HANNAN, married Annie Irene O'DONNELL, 26, Newmarket, Milton, d/o John O'DONNELL, crossing watchman & Elizabeth GOULD, witn: George LENNON & Anna O'DONNELL, both of Toronto, 4 June 1919 at Milton
12076-19 Nelson Daniel LAWRENCE, 25, farmer, Dist. of Parry Sound, Trafalgar twp., s/o Daniel H. LAWRENCE & Martha COPELAND, married Mary Maud Margaret FEATHERSTONE, 20, Trafalgar twp., same, d/o Charles FEATHERSTONE & Ethel KINDREE, witn: Maude DAVIDSON of Hornby & Gladys BREARLY of Omagh, 22 March 1919 at Bowes Methodist Church, Trafalgar twp 12075-19 Norman Henderson LAWSON, 32, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o William LAWSON & Annie INCH, married Elizabeth Sarah CLARIDGE, 28, Dist. of Parry Sound, Trafalgar twp., d/o John Alexander CLARIDGE & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Andrew Aitken LAWSON & Harvey Alexander CLARIDGE, both of Georgetown, 11 June 1919 at Trafalgar twp
12074-19 David Henry LINDSAY, 27, miller, Esquesing twp., Acton, s/o Samuel Henry LINDSAY & Hattie COOK, married Gertrude May BROWN, 24, teller in bank, Esquesing, Norval, d/o James BROWN & Mary MAY, witn: Hattie LINDSAY of Limehouse & George BROWN of Norval, 15 Nov 1919 at manse, Norval 12071-19 Charles Leslie LINN, 28, farmer, Nassagaweya twp., Gervons? Saskatchewan, s/o William LINN & Charity JOHNSTON, married Lillian Ruth HURREN, 20, Nassagaweya, same, d/o William HURREN & Mary WISE, witn: Mary BANSFIELD & Charlie HURREN, both of Campbellville, 3 Dec 1919 at Nassagaweya
12080-19 Harold John MAUDE, 25, grocer, Milton, same, s/o Leonard James MAUDE & Elizabeth Jane DALBY, married Jennie Melissa AGNEW, 26, Nelson twp., Trafalgar twp., d/o Joseph AGNEW & Hannah LEYBURN, witn: Kenneth AGNEW & Myrtle MAUDE, both of Milton, 17 Sept 1919 at Trafalgar twp 12078-19 Ernest Thomas MAY, 35, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o George MAY & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Ella Myrtle ROBERTSON, 32, Esquesing twp., same, d/o John M. ROBERTSON & Isabella SCOTT, witn: John ROBERTSON & Mrs. A.B. CHISHOLM, both of Milton 3 Dec 1919 at Mansewood, RR5 Milton
12086-19 William Albert McCLURE, 31, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o John McCLURE & Mary Jane LAUGHLIN, married Sarah ECCLES, 31, Esquesing, same, d/o John ECCLES & Mary McNEVIN, witn: James & Mrs. James ECCLES of RR2 Branpton, 18 June 1919 at manse, Norval 12087-19 James Duncan McCONNACH, 31, fireman, Rosemaskie Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert McCONNACH & Rebecca GILLES, married Lily HARTSHORNE, 29, Crick Derbyshire England, Glen Williams, d/o Thomas HARTSHORNE & Elizabeth McFARLANE, witn: James MARTIN of Toronto & Mary HARTSHORNE of Glen Williams, 5 June 1919 at Georgetown
19090-19 John Daniel MacKENZIE, 27, telegraph operator, Antigonish NS, Walkerville, s/o Adam MacKENZIE & Laura KENNEDY?, married Clarise Alberta HEMSTREET, 24, Ontario, Milton, d/o Alfred HEMSTREET & Frances FOREST, witn: M.J. DAVIS & L. MAINE, both of Milton, 18 March 1919 at Milton 12083-19 Joseph Wasen? McKIE, 63, widower, traveler, Scotland, Oakville, s/o James McKIE & Sarah FRISSON, married Margaret GUILER, 53, Norfolk Co., Oakville, d/o William GUILER & Barbara WINTER, witn: Jessie MUNRO & Jessie GUILER, both of Oakville, 10 Oct 1919 at Oakville
12091-19 Peter Calvin McLEAN, 24, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o Alex McLEAN & Jessie CAMERON, married Susan Gertrude EARLY, 23, Nassagaweya, Puslinch, d/o William EARLY & Lizzie BURNS, witn: Don John McLEAN of RR1 Puslinch & Mrs. J. BLACKLOCK of Campbellville, 5 March 1919 at Campbellville 12088-19 Joseph Alexander McMASTER, 44, widower, soldier, Glenwilliams, same, s/o Samuel McMASTER & Sarah FORGRAVE, married Ada HOARE, 31, widow, England, Glenwilliams, d/o Joseph BURGESS & Harriet TEALE, witn: Janetta McDERMID & M.K. CAMERON, both of Georgetown, 16 April 1919 at Georgetown
12092-19 Frederick McMILLAN, 37, harness & currier, Toronto, Acton, s/o Colin McMILLAN & Sarah Jane CONNELL, married Margaret Jane KALEY, 40, Acton, same, d/o Michael KALEY & Nancy HILTS, witn: Emory PHILLIPS & Elizabeth KALEY, both of Acton, 30 April 1919 at St. Josephs Church, Acton 12082-19 John McMILLAN, 23 (28?), farmer, Nelson twp., same, s/o Neil McMILLAN & Mary HARRIS, married Marie SPEERS, 25, Trafalgar twp., same, d/o William H. SPEERS & Lucy BURNLEY, witn: F.N. & Ida BELYEA of Bronte, 10 Dec 1919 at Bronte
12085-19 John Douglas McNABB, 26, farmer, Eramosa twp., same, s/o John McNABB & Annie McCALLUM, married Margaret MILNE, 27, Saginaw Michigan, Nassagaweya twp., d/o Alex Gibson MILNE & Christena MITCHELL, witn: William McNABB of Rockwood & Blanche MILNE of Brantford, 26 June 1919 at Nassagaweya twp 12089-19 James McNAIR, 55, farmer, Erin twp., Campbellville, s/o Hugh McNAIR & Mary McTAVISH, married Mary McTAVISH, 43, domestic, Nassagaweya twp., Campbellville, d/o Archie McTAVISH & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.A. McTAGGART of Campbellville, 26 Nov 1919 at manse, Campbellville
12084-19 Gilbert Graham McNICOL, 24, paper maker, Inberurie Scotland, 315 Don Mills Rd in Toronto, s/o James Leslie McNICOL & Mary Ann ROBERTSON, married Sylvia Gwendolyn ARNOLD, 24, teacher, Acton, Georgetown, d/o Herbert Thomas ARNOLD & Mary GRAHAM, witn: B.G. ARNOLD & Annie M.M. HICKEY, both of Georgetown, 1 Oct 1919 at Georgetown 12081-19 Richard MOORE, 28, farmer, Woodville, Uptergrove, s/o Robert MOORE & Annie McMILLAN, married Kate WAMSLEY, 20, England, Oakville, d/o James WAMSLEY & Kate BETTS, witn: Frances WAMSLEY of Oakville & Ida LADLE of Burlington, 4 Aug 1919 at Burlington
12079-19 Peter Albert MURRAY, 49, widower, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o Andrew MURRAY & Amelia RYDER, married Katie LYND, 43, Grey Co., Acton, d/o William LYNN, farmer, & Flora CAMPBELL, witn: Margaret A. GOULD & Mary E.D. WILSON, both of Acton, 29 Oct 1919 at Acton 12093-19 Harry NICHOLDS, 37, landscape gardener, Meriden - Warwickshire England, Burlington, s/o John NICHOLDS & Charlotte HIGGINSON, married Elizabeth ABERY, 33, Exeter England, Burlington, d/o Charles ABERY & Annie BALL, witn: William WRAY & Isabel WRAY, both of Burlington, 27 Aug 1919 at St. Lukes Church, Burlington
12094-19 Renaldo ONGARATO, 24, laborer, Treviso Italy, Guelph, s/o Agostino ONGARATO & Carolina BORLOLON, married Eva PEARSON, 17, domestic servant, Leeds England, Milton, d/o Oliver PEARSON & Edith LAZENBY, witn: Alfredo BELLINATO & Edith PEARSON, both of Milton, 26 April 1919 at Grace Church, Milton 12096-19 Albert Edward PETTY, 32, widower, agent, Guelph, same, s/o Peter PETTY & Catherine SALTER, married Beatrice Mary BRACEY, 27, Guelph, Hamilton, d/o George BRACEY & Bridget POWER, witn: Annie & Evelyn COOKE of Milton, 13 Sept 1919 at Milton
12099-19 Emory PHILLIPS, 41, currier, Warren Pennsylvania, Acton, so John W. PHILLIPS & Emma BATES, married Elizabeth KALEY, 29, Esquesing, Acton, d/o Michael KALEY & Nancy HILTS, witn: Frederick & Mrs. F. McMILLAN of Acton, 18 June 1919 at the Catholic Rectory, Acton 12095-19 Albert Sidney PILLEY, 29, farmer, London England, Palermo, s/o Joseph James PILLEY & Elizabeth SMITH, married Lottie Marion PEER, 26, Palermo, same, d/o Duncan PEER & Katherine SHERIDAN, witn: W.M. WRIGHT of 5 Logan Ave in Toronto & Edna J.C. BAIN of 648 Parliament St., 27 Sept 1919 at Bronte
12100-19 Hector Franklin PINKNEY, 20, farmer, Caledon twp., Erin twp., s/o unknown & Minnie PINKNEY, married Verna Alta DAVIDSON, 19, Erin twp., same, d/o William DAVIDSON & Sarah HUNTER, witn: Janetta McDERMID & M.K. CAMERON of Georgetown, 25 Feb 1919 at Georgetown 12098-19 Clifton PORTER, 30, brakeman, Wellington Co., Toronto, s/o John David PORTER & Frances JACKSON, married Margaret Stella BURGESS, 23, Terra Cotta Ont., Toronto, d/o Alexander BURGESS & Annie May MITCHELL, witn: Ernest GRAY of Elmvale & Jean Elizabeth BURGESS of Terra Cotta
12097-19 Harry Louis PRETER, 29, accountant, Hanover Ont., Courtright, s/o William PRETER & Charlotte CLAGES, married Carolyn Maude HAYNES, 29, milliner, Oakville, same, d/o George HAYNES & Mary SKELLEY, witn: W.J. CHAMBERLAND & A.C. LUCK, both of Oakville, 8 May 1919 at Oakville 12107-19 William REID, 33, farmer, High Bluff Manitoba, 138 Mutual St. in Toronto, s/o William REID & Eliza MOGGY, married Jean Winifred SMYTH, 27, Campbellville, same, d/o Joseph SMYTH & Jane DONALDSON, witn: Alice M. KING of Campbellville & John RUTHERFORD of RR4 Dundas, 28 Jan 1919 at Campbellville
12108-19 Henry George REYCE, 24, automobile mechanic, Hamilton Scotland, Milton, s/o Jeremiah REYCE & Agnes FORSYTH, married Eleanor Alice DAVIES, 18, helper in screw works, London England, Milton, d/o William Alfred DAVIES & Lucy BAULCH, witn: Hugh Forsyth REYCE of 11 Trinity Square & Mary Clara ANDREWS of 478 Gerard St., both of Toronto, 19 April 1919 at Milton 12101-19 Gordon Osborne ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o George ROBINSON & Margaret R. PEWTRESS, married Millicent Marie DOWNS, 20, Trafalgar, same, d/o Oscar DOWNS, farmer, & Jane Elizabeth GALBRAITH, witn: Albert ROBINSON of RR5 Brampton & Mabel DOWNS of Galt, 15 Oct. 1919 at bride's home, 7th line in Trafalgar twp
12106-19 Roy Woodford ROSS, 24, fruit grower, Cooksville, Oakville, s/o Benjamin Paul ROSS & Sarah Amelia LEACH, married Clennis Leora DICKER, 23, Harbour Beach Michigan, Oakville, d/o Charles Andrew DICKER & Kate CARKRIFF, witn: Albert William TAYLOR of Lorne Park & Flossie WHITLOCK of Oakville, 5 March 1919 at Oakville 12102-19 Arthur ROWLAND, 30, farmer, England, Bronte, s/o Arthur B. ROWLAND & Elizabeth KERBY, married Frances HECKS, 28, Canada, Trafalgar twp., d/o Alfred HECKS & Catherine KELM, witn: Ellen HECKS of Bronte & Adeline BRADLEY of Hornby, 18 June 1919 at Bronte
12105-19 Frederick Louis RUDDELL, 37, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o Francis RUDDELL & Maria RITER, married Janet Euphemia MOORE, 37, Esquesing, same, d/o James MOORE & Thomasin HUME, witn: J.M. BENNETT & Isabelle MOORE, both of Georgetown, 27 March 1919 at Georgetown 12103-19 Cecil Featherston RYAN, 25, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Charles E. RYAN & Emma FEATHERSTONE, married Ella M. LAWRENCE, 22, Oakville, same, d/o Peter LAWRENCE & Sarah BAIN, witn: Peter & Isa BLACK of Oakville, 4 June 1919 at Oakville
12104-19 John Oscar RYCKMAN, 55, widower, gentleman, Barton twp., Hamilton, s/o Hamilton RYCKMAN & Alma GAGE, married Mary Elizabeth BLAGDEN, 59, Wentworth Co., Burlington, d/o Edward BLAGDEN & Elizabeth NEWELL, witn: Mary FLEMING & Mrs. A. HEALY, both of Burlington, 10 April 1919 at Burlington 12117-19 Arthur SEMPLE, 48, paper maker, Ireland, Georgetown, s/o James SEMPLE & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Lenora STEELE, 47, Ireland, Georgetown, d/o James STEELE & Catharine CUNNINGHAM, witn: James & Mrs. LACKEY of Georgetown, 7 June 1919 at Georgetown
12114-19 Henry Harold Palmer SHEPHERD, 26, farmer, Nelson, Freeman, s/o John SHEPHERD & Annie PALMER, married Eva Edna EASTON, 29, Freeman, same, d/o John EASTON & Martha CULP, witn: Morley S. EASTON of Freeman & Ethel M. SHEPHERD of Nelson, 10 Sept 1919 at Nelson 12115-19 Allen Russel SHEPPARD, 25, Burlington, same, s/o John Thomas SHEPPARD & Mary Jane HOLLAND, married Florence Jane DEARING, 26, Jerseyville, Burlington, d/o Samuel DEARING & Susannah PEER, witn: Aletha E. PEER of Toronto & Maud R. SIFTON of St. Catharines, 11 Sept 1919 at Burlington
12119-19 Patrick SHERIDAN, 29, teacher, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Patrick SHERIDAN & Catherine McGEE, married Mary V. MILLAR, 22, Georgetown, same, d/o William A. MILLAR & Frances HUGHES, witn: P.L. O'BRIEN of Hamilton & Norma MILLAR of Georgetown, 1 July 1919 at Georgetown 12109-19 John William SKELTON, 26, farmer, Kingsbridge England, Erindale, s/o John SKELTON & Mary Jane NEWLYN, married Blanche DENNIS, 21, Newdigate England, Erindale, d/o William DENNIS & May Annie WELLER, witn: William Clarence DENNIS of Erindale & Frances E. TAYLOR of Lorne Park, 15 Oct. 1919 at Oakville
12110-19 Neil Campbell SMITH, 27, farmer, Moffatt, same, s/o Archibald SMITH & Ellen CAMPBELLVILLE (sic, s/b Ellen CAMPBELL), married Maggie Etta Jennie SIMPSON, 24, Campbellville, same, d/o John SIMPSON & Maggie SIMPSON, witn: Eswelll S. SIMPSON of Campbellville & Ella SMITH of Moffat, 4 Nov 1919 at Moffat 12111-19 Archie Thomas SMITH, 25, oil refiner, Hamilton, Burlington, s/o Thomas SMITH & Ruth AIKEN, married Annie Haskett HENDERSON, 24, house maid, Scotland, Burlington, d/o Henry HENDERSON & Jeane HASKETT, witn: Mrs. H.M. & Miss Helen ANDERSON of Burlington, 5 Nov 1919 at Burlington
12113-19 Arthur James STEEDS, 28, motorman, Shepton Mallett England, Toronto, s/o Joseph STEEDS & Elizabeth VENN, married Daisy Gertrude MINS, 28, Limehouse, same, d/o George W. MINS & Margaret STEWART, witn: Helen ROSS & M.K. CAMERON, both of Georgetown, 24 Sept 1919 at Georgetown 12118-19 James STOKES, 25, farmer, Nelson twp., Nassagaweya twp., s/o Joseph STOKES & Sarah Matilda ELLIOTT, married Maude Irene POWELL, 21, Nelson twp., same, d/o Henry POWELL & Sarah BELL, witn: Joseph STOKES of Campbellville & Bell POWELL of Milton, 4 March 1919 at Campbellville
12112-19 Norman Winfield STOVER, 22, machinist, Milton, same, s/o John Albert STOVER & Selina TRIMBLE, married Grace Louise BAYLIS, 21, screw factory employee, London England, Milton, d/o Joseph BAYLIS & Louisa BARETT, witn: George Walter BAYLIS of Milton & Henrietta Maud WILLIAMS of 26 Caroline Ave in Toronto, 8 Oct 1919 at Milton 12116-19 Charles Richard STROOD, 25, farmer, Midford Ont. Burlington, s/o Charles STROOD & Charlotte JOY, married Eliza Anne Maxwell MITCHELL, 24, Scotland, Burlington, d/o Allan MITCHELL & Jemima JACKSON, witn: Allan MITCHELL of Burlington & Ellen SPRAXMAN of Hamilton, 25 June 1919 at Burlington
12120-19 Charles John TAYLOR, 44, piano tuner, England, Oakville, s/o John TAYLOR & Emily Jane MARION, married May MARKS, 44, widow, Brantford, Oakville, d/o Eli CHATWELL & Sarah Ann NICHOLSON, witn: Arthur William HODGES of 208 Dovercourt & Maud HODGES of 308 Dovercourt, both of Toronto, 25 June 1919 at Oakville 12121-19 Cornelius Johannes VAN GOOZEN, 22, farmer, Holland, Georgetown, s/o Johannes VAN GOOZEN & Elizabeth BOSMAN, married Frances Mary CUTTS, 23, book keeper, England, Georgetown, d/o J.E.K. CUTTS & Emma PEACOCK, witn: W.F. BRADLEY & Dorothy CUTTS, both of Georgetown, 25 Nov 1919 at Georgetown
12122-19 William James VEITCH, 42, customs clerk, Galt, same, s/o Robert C. VEITCH & Minnie M. MERCER, married Ethel May BETZNER, 27, West Flamboro, Burlington, d/o John A. BETZNER & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Mary VEITCH of Galt & Mabel BETZNER of Burlington, 4 Sept 1919 at Burlington 12133-19 Frederick WAGSTAFF, 26, mechanic, England, Georgetown, s/o Edward H. WAGSTAFF & Sarah HAYS, married Nellie CANUTE, 24, Esquesing, Georgetown, d/o George CANUTE & Isabell PARK, witn: Archie HILL of St. Catharines & Georgina CANUTE of Peterborough, 21 April 1919 at Georgetown
12124-19 William David WALKER, 24, farmer, Burlington, same, s/o John Henry WALKER & Frances ALTON, married Lucile FOSTER, 21, Nelson twp., same, d/o Henry Arthur FOSTER & Mary Annie CANUTE, witn: Annett C. WALKER of Burlington & Orval A. FOSTER of Campbellville, 24 Sept 1919 at Nelson twp 12130-19 Gilbert Edgar WALLACE, 31, farmer, Frankford Ont., same, s/o Thomas WALLACE & Hannah FALL, married Nellie COULTER, 28, Lowville, Frankford, d/o Thomas COULTER & Emma WALLACE, witn: Robert SHIELDS & Dolores COULTER, both of Campbellville, 24 June 1919 at Campbellville
12129-19 William Harvey WENZEL, 21, farmer, Listowel, Burlington, s/o John WENZEL & Sarah KNECHTEL, married Mary Ethel RUSK, 21, Waterdown, Burlington, d/o Richard RUSK & Mary HACKNEY, witn: H.A. RUSK & F.M. TROUGHTON, both of Burlington, 12 July 1919 at Burlington 12128-19 Garnet Courtland WHITE, 31, teacher, Smithville, same, s/o Ambrose WHITE & Margaret HENDERSHOT, married Jean Aspinall BURT, 26, teacher, Brockville, Brantford (temporary address for summer is Oakville), d/o Arthur William BURT & Mary MEIGHEN, witn: Arthur Chadwick BURT of Brantford & Helen Marjorie YOUNG of Oakville, 19 Aug 1919 at St. Judes Church, Oakville
12126-19 Joseph Miatt WICKSON, 28, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o James C. WICKSON & Mary J. ALTON, married Marion Matilda FEATHERSTONE, 25, teacher, Trafalgar, same, d/o Joseph FEATHERSTONE & Summer FORD, witn: Vera A. WICKSON of R1 Bronte & Josie M. FEATHERSTONE of RR1 Oakville, 17 Sept 1919 at Trafalgar 12136-19 Norman Charles WIGGLESWORTH, 35, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o John WIGGLESWORTH & Mary HALL, married Cora Pearl WALSH, 26, widow, Nelson twp., same, d/o Peter HARTLEY & Mabel LUSH, witn: A. Dell NIXON & Allen McCREADY, both of Milton, 19 March 1919 at Nelson twp
12137-19 William Edgar WILLIAMSON, 36, farmer, Burlington, same, s/o John WILLIAMSON & Hannah WALKER, married Lillian Catherine BROWN, 24, Streetsville, Burlington, d/o George BROWN & Wilhelmina McPHERSON, witn: J.H. WILLIAMSON of 686 Spadina in Toronto & S.L. BROWN of Port Nelson, 5 Feb 1919 at Burlington 12132-19 David Franklin WILLIAMSON, 38, farmer, Nelson twp., Burlington, s/o John WILLIAMSON & Ann Maria WALKER, married Annie HOMEWOOD, 26, Burlington Road, same, d/o Edward HOMEWOOD & Louisa DEELEY, witn: T. & S.E. BLANSHARD of Hamilton, 12 May 1919 at St. Lukes church, Burlington
  12127-19 Digby Arthur WILLSON , 29, US Vie Consul, New York City, same, s/o Henry WILLSON & Hannah KILLEN, married Isabel Mary FARMER, 24, Hamilton Ont. Oakville, d/o Thomas Devey Jermyn FARMER & Annie Diana NASH, witn: H.D. FARMER of Oakville & Beatrice N. Maclean HOWARD of Toronto, 10 Sept 1919 at St. Judes Church, Oakville
12134-19 Samuel Alexander WILSON, 37, widower, Nassagaweya twp., same, d/o John WILSON & Katie MYERS, married Mary Lavinia WEDGE, 17 on 7 March 1919, Flamboro East twp., Nassagaweya twp., d/o Robert WEDGE & Bertha TEBO, witn: Mrs. J.E. DREDGE & Mrs. J. STRACHAN, both of Campbellville, 26 March 1919 at Campbellville 12131-91 James WILSON, 33, cartage agent, Nassagaweya twp., 150 Strachan Ave in Toronto, s/o John WILSON & Katie BUCK, married Agnes STOREY, 39, Nassagaweya, Acton, d/o David STOREY & Frances COXE, witn: Jean WILSON & M. WILSON, both of Acton, 25 June 1919 at Acton
12123-19 David WILSON, 28, machinist, Esquesing twp., Milton, s/o Alexander WILSON & Maggie HANNA, married Daisy ROSE, 21, waitress, England, Milton, d/o Henry ROSE & Matilda NAILS, witn: Ethel M. & Mildred MACKAY of Milton, 29 Dec 1919 at Milton 12135-19 David Harlan WILSON, 25, farmer, Nassagaweya twp., same, s/o David WILSON & Evelyn NORRISH, married Elizabeth Matilda SIMPSON, 21, Nassagaweya twp., same, d/o James SIMPSON & Sarah Ann KITCHEN, witn: Mrs. George LAMB of RR#2 Rockwood & Mary HIGGINS of Campbellville, 22 March 1919 at The Manse, Campbellville
12125-19 Joseph WRIGHT, 56, widower, gentleman, East Flamboro twp., Guelph, s/o Josiah WRIGHT, b. East Flamboro & Margaret ROSS, married Pearl MORRIS, 29, widow, Walkerton Ont., Guelph, d/o James MANSON, b. Huron Co & Katherine PHAIR, witn: Mrs. Janet & Mr. J.W. WINGROVE of Aberfoyle, 2 Dec 1919 at Nassagaweya 12138-19 Howard Anderson YOUNG, 25, clerk, Wellington Ont., 51 Hazelton Ave in Toronto, s/o Benjamin YOUNG, b. Hallowell twp & Annie ANDERSON, married Hazel Augusta TITUS, 25, Mountain View Ont., Erindale, d/o Gregg TITUS, b. Hillier Ont & Margaret LAUDER, witn: Miss Grace TITUS of Erindale & Miss Annie CURRIE of 27 Davenport Rd in Toronto, 31 Dec 1919 at Trafalgar twp