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Halton Co., 1893


004717-93 (Halton) William Henry ADAMS, 28, merchant tailor, Everton, Esquesing, s/o William H. & Mary ADAMS, married Rebecca WATSON, 29, Esquesing, same, d/o Robert & Mary A. WATSON, witn; Thomas E. PRICE and Minnie PRICE both of Esquesing, 15 Mar 1893 at Acton.  
4699-93 (Halton Co): Alfred C. ALLISON, 25, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane KING, 23, Nelson, Nassagaweya, d/o Benjamin & Isabella, witn: John EASTERBROOK of Nassagaweya & Mrs. John RUSK of E. Flamboro, 25 Oct 1893 at res of John EASTERBROOK, Nassagaweya 004735-93 (Halton) John AKITT, 23, farmer, Caledon, Erin, s/o Robert AKITT & Margaret WANLESS, married Aggie SHORTILL, 19, Acton, Esquesing, parents unknown, witn; Bella AKITT of Erin and J.B. SHORTILL of Ballinafad, 24 Feb 1893 at Ballinafad.
004714-93 (Halton) William C. ANDERSON 26, laborer, Nassagaweya, same s/o Henry & May ANDERSON, married Nancy McCALL, Widow, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Neil & Mary McMULLEN, witn; D. McMULLEN and Mary ANDERSON both of Nassagaweya, 22 Nov 1893 at Milton. 4656-93 Francis F. AYERST, 23, farmer, Southwold twp., Trafalgar, s/o William & Margaret, married Annie SECORD, 20, Trafalgar, same, d/o William & Jennie, witn: Columbus CARRIQUE & Ida SECORD, both of Trafalgar, 9 Feb 1893 at Trafalgar
  4665-93 Charles Robert AYRE, 25, assistant in a hotel, Yorkshire England, 537 Parliament St. in Toronto, s/o John AYRE & Mary BROWN, married Maggie PRICE, 28, Trafalgar, Hornby, d/o Alexander & Ann, witn: J. PARKS of Toronto & Nina J. PRICE of Hornby, 26 Oct 1893 at St. Stephens Church, Hornby
466793 Thomas S BETT, 26, farmer, Alliston, same, s/o James & Annie, married Margaret Fleming SANDERSON, 21, Streetsville, same, d/o Richard & Julia Ann, witn: Edward SANDERSON of Streetsville & Fannie SLOAN of Toronto, 19 Dec 1893 at Streetsville [reg'd in Trafalgar twp] 4765-94 (Halton Co): Francis Willet BETTS, 26, baker, Mariposa twp., Georgetown, s/o John & Ruth, married Jessie McDERMID, 25, Georgetown, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Allen CLARRIDGE & Maggie McDERMID, both of Georgetown, 27 Dec 1893 at Georgetown
4674-93 William P. BIGGER, 30, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Andrew PETTIE & Jennie BIGGER, married Emma C. PRENTICE, 22, Scotland, Trafalgar, d/o Thomas & Emma Mary, witn: T. T. HARRIS of Oakville & Nellie BIGGER of Trafalgar, 10 Aug 1893 at St. Judes Church, Oakville 4664-93 Charles P. BISHOP, 26, teacher, Canada, Beachville, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Annie J. BEATTIE, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: William FORREST & Tena M. ROWE, both of Trafalgar, 23 Aug 1893 at Trafalgar
4694-93 (Halton Co): Thomas Wesley BLACK, 29, farmer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Elizabeth WILKINSON, 19, England, Nassagaweya, d/o John & Ann, witn: Norman JONES of Guelph & Eliza Jane BLACK of Nassagaweya, 24 May 1893 at Parsonage, Nassagaweya  
004744-93 (Halton) Edward BLAGDEN, 38, farmer, Tp. E. Flamboro, same, s/o Edward & Mary BLAGDEN, married Jennie E. BUFORTH, 26, Nelson, same, d/o Wm BUFORTH, witn; Henry GHENT of Burlington and Agnes Jane BLAGDEN of Flamboro, 14, Feb 1893 at Nelson. 004741-93 (Halton) Joseph W. BRECKON, 27, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Ralph & Bridget BRECKON, married Annie WOOD, 21, England, Nelson, adopted d/o John & Olive WOOD, witn; Edwin WOOD and Josephine ALTON both of Nelson, 18 Jan 1893 at Nelson.
004725-93 (Halton) Henry BRIGDEN, 33, farmer, Esquesing, same, W, s/o William & Maria BRIGDEN, married Jane COFFEY, 26, Tp. Scott, Tp. Esquesing, d/o John & Elizabeth COFFY, witn; John HUSTLER of Tp. Trafalgar and Elizabeth RICHARDS of Hornby, 30 Jan 1893 at Hornby. 4681-93 (Halton Co): H.J. BROWN, 26, carpenter, Oakville, Aurora, s/o Frank BROWN & Ann HEIBER, married Minnie A. LUCAS, 26, Trafalgar, Oakville, d/o R.L. LUCAS & Esther BRECKIN, witn: Charles LUCAS of Oakville & D.V. LUCAS of Grimsby, 10 Oct 1893 at Oakville
4741-94 John P. BROWNRIDGE, 28, clerk, Trafalgar, Gravenhurst, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Louisa Jane BIGGER, 27, Trafalgar, same, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: Robert BIGGER & Aggie BROWNRIDGE, both of Trafalgar, 7 Dec 1893 at St. Judes Parsonage, Oakville 4653-93 William BROWNRIDGE, 36, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Laura Emma McCANN, 29, Trafalgar, same, d/o Edward & Elmira, wit: John P. BROWNRIDGE of Gravenhurst & Kate JARVIS of Binbrook, 15 Jan 1893 at Trafalgar
4687-93 (Halton Co): James BURNS, 31?, farmer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Annie McCURDY, 27, Nassagaweya, same, d/o William John & Alexa, witn: George ALLAN & Jane McCURDY, both of Nassagaweya, 1 Feb 1893 at res of J.W. McCURDY, Nassagaweya 4751-93 Henry A. BURRELL, 29, GTR agent, Ontario, Tecumseth - Essex, s/o Charles & Rebecca, married Mary Jane RENTON, 22, Hamilton, Burlington, d/o George & Mary E., witn: Allen BURRELL of Norwich twp & Bella RENTON of Burlington, 20 Sept 1893 at Burlington
4660-93 John H. CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Trafalgar twp., same, s/o John & Maria, married Maria JONES, 28, Trafalgar twp., same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Jacob DULMAGE & Rebecca WYLIE, both of Trafalgar, 7 June 1893 at Trafalgar twp 4645-93 (Halton Co): Wesley CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, Acton, same, s/o William & Sarah Ann, married Katie McARTHUR, 23, Acton, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: James CAMPBELL & Mary DUXBURY, both of Acton, 5 July 1893 at Georgetown
4704-93 (Halton Co): Ernest Edward CARRINGTON, 28, plasterer, England, Nassagaweya, s/o Thomas CARRINGTON & Louisa WILKESON, married Jane Emily GREEN, 23, England, Nassagaweya, d/o William GREEN & Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Herbert Frederick CARRINGTON of Nassagaweya & Emma GREEN of near Burlington, 18 Jan 1893 at Terra Cotta Works 4706-93 (Halton Co): Thomas CLEAVER, 30, farmer, Lowville, same, s/o James CLEAVER & Jane WATSON, married Catherine MOFFATT, 23, Nassagaweya, Milton, d/o James & Catherine Menzies MOFFATT, witn: W. ROBERTSON of Trafalgar & Maggie MOFFATT of Guelph, 12 April 1893 at Milton
4671-93 Thomas F. COLEMAN, 32, manufacturer, Seaforth, same, s/o T. T. COLEMAN & H. M. CHALK, married Carrie Bell ROBERTSON, 25, Oakville, same, d/o William ROBERTSON & Mary SUMNER, witn: Frank & Grace ROBERTSON of Oakville, 12 April 1893 at Oakville 4652-93 Joseph Edwin COLLINGSWORTH, 48, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann JOYCE, 29, Trafalgar, same, d/o George & Esther, witn: Samuel & Ella M. JOYCE of Trafalgar, 1 Feb 1893 at Trafalgar
4707-93 (Halton Co): Archibald CORSON, 28, laborer, Urr Scotland, Esquesing, s/o James CORSON & Margaret McMURDO, married Ruth J. DOUGLASS, 23, Closeburn Scotland, Esquesing, d/o Robert DOUGLASS & Jane NICHOLSON, witn: Walter H. LINDSAY & George D. MAXWELL, both of Milton, 24 April 1893 at Milton 4669-93 John COWIE, 33, farmer, Abedshire? Scotland, Trafalgar twp., s/o John COWIE & Isabella DAFFTON, married Sarah E. TURFORD, 21, London England, Trafalgar, d/o Jos. TURFORD & Rose HANDCOCK, witn: Nelson LAWRENCE & Annie OUGHTRED, both of Oakville, 15 Feb 1893 at Oakville
4742-94 William W. CROSS, 33, carpenter & builder, Oakville, same, s/o John CROSS & Jessie HANNAH, married Isabell C. NISBETT, 25, Kildonan Man., Oakville, d/o James NISBETT & Mary McBETH, witn: Robert NISBETT of Oakville & Mary BRADSHAW of Toronto, 20 Dec 1893 at Oakville 4641-93 (Halton Co): Hugh CUNNINGHAM, 28, farmer, Norval, same, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Isabella M. JENKINS, married Elizabeth BARNES, 28, Caledon, Georgetown, d/o Marjaron? BARNES & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Walter ANTHONY of Norval & Hannah BARNES of Georgetown, 4 Jan 1893 at Georgetown
4673-93 Charles G. DAVIS, 20, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Archibald DAVIS & Ann FRAN--?(off page), married L. M. RYCKMAN, 19, Galt, Hamilton, d/o Freeman RYCKMAN & Sarah LUN--?(off page), witn: Calvin DAVIS of Hamilton & Polly GIFFEN of Oakville, 6 May 1893 at Oakville 4657-93 William DEVLIN, 32, farmer, Ireland, Trafalgar, s/o Irvine & Ann Jane, married Hannah Jane HILL, 28, Trafalgar, Palermo, d/o Richard & Julia Ann, witn: G. E. BUCK & Ada A BEATTY, both of Trafalgar, 29 March 1893 at Trafalgar
4748-93 John B. DONALDSON, 26, baker, Stratford Ont., Burlington, s/o Ralph DONALDSON & Jane YOUNGE, married Agnes C. DORLAND, 25, widow, Bronte, Burlington, d/o Richard GILLAM & Catherine CORNFIELD, witn: James DONALDSON of Napanee & Mrs. M. ELLIOTT of Hamilton, 5 April 1893 at Burlington 4677-93 Thomas J. DOWDLE,, 28, laborer, Oakville, same, s/o Thomas DOWDLE & Elizabeth COOPER, married Susan E. CASTLE, 23, England, Oakville, d/o R. W. CASTLE & Rachel CLEMENSON, witn: Emma & William DOWDLE of Oakville, 24 Oct 1893 at Oakville
4685-93 (Halton Co): Peter DUCHIE, 20, fireman, Puslinch, Vancouver BC, s/o George & Joan, married Lizzie RIDDOCK, 21, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o William & Elsie, witn: Charles & Thomas RANNIE of Nassagaweya, 12 Jan 1893 at res of Thomas RANNIE, Nassagaweya 4700-93 (Halton Co): Robert W. ELLIOTT, 24, clerk, Ireland, Montreal, s/o Robert & Lucy, married Alberta WOOD, 20, Ontario, Nassagaweya, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Harris A. BUMBY & Georgina HADLEY, both of Nelson, 1 Nov 1893 at res of bride's father, Nassagaweya
004743-93 (Halton) Henry FETTER, 19, railroad man, Puslinck Tp., Nassagaweya, s/o Nicholas & Mary FETTER, married Minnie HILSON, 21, Nasagaweya, same, d/o Thomas& Maria HILSON, witn; Miss A. SNOWDON of Guelph and Mrs. E.B. STEVENSON of Lowville, 24 Jan 1893 at Lowville. 004726-93 (Halton) Alex FLEMING, 37, farmer, Peel, Milton, s/o John & Mary FLEMING, married Mrs. Ada FLEMING, Halton, Milton, Widow, d/o Andrew & Mary KERR, witn; Belle FINNEY and Mary MILNE both of Mansewood, 22 Feb 1893 at Mansewood.
004747-93 (Halton) Thomas FOTHERGILL, 30, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o John & Charlotte FOTHERGILL, married Lucy MATTHEWMAN, 22, Nelson, same, d/o Joseph & Eliza MATTHEWMAN, witn; Sara E. MATTHEWMAN of Appleby, Fannie M. FOTHERGILL of Nelson, Isaac BAKER, of Waterdown and William A. FOTHERGILL of Nelson, 5 Oct 1893 at Nelson. 4659-93 John Albert FORD, 32, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o James R. & Jane, married Margaret NEWELL, 23, Nelson, Trafalgar, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: Edward McCANN (McLaren?) of Trafalgar & Nellie ROBERTSON? of St. Catharines, 22 March 1893 at Trafalgar
4655-93 James FORD, 40, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o George & Jane Ann, married Margaret Jane FORD, 32, Trafalgar, same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Joseph WILSON & Tillie FORD, both of Trafalgar, 22 Feb. 1893 at Trafalgar 004728-93 (Halton) Robert FORSYTHE, 25, farmer, Dufferin, same, s/o Peter FORSYTHE & Grace WILSON, married Alice BAILEY, 25, New York USA, Toronto, d/o Louis BAILEY & Mary CLARKE, witn; Herbert T. LAIDLAW and Bertha SIMM both of Mono, 25 Jan 1893 at Halton.
4676-93 Joseph FULLERTON, 44, widower, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o James & Jane, married Lizzie MILLS, 34, Ireland, Trafalgar, d/o William & Martha, witn: Lizzie SLOANE & Moses STRONG, both of Oakville, 3 Oct 1893 at St. Judes Rectory, Oakville 004732-93 (Halton) Neil GILLIES, 30, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o John & Margaret GILLIES, married Lilly L. HUMPHREY, 30, Esquesing, same d/o John & Margaret HUMPHREY, witn; none, 7 Jun 1893 at Esquesing.
004723-93 (Halton) James GRANT, 36, express man, Ontario, Acton, W, s/o James GRANT & Mary Jane TURNER, married Emma MERRIT, 24, Ontario, Acton, d/o James MERRIT & Jamima ISMOND, witn; Lizzy EDGE and Kate LIND both of Acton, 5 Jul 1893 at Acton. 004736-93 (Halton) Smith GRIFFIN, 24, farmer, Erin, same, s/o William GRIFFIN & Eliza PROCTOR, married Mavilla SWACKHAMMER, 21, Esquesing, same, d/o Christopher SWACKHAMMER & Elizabeth DENNY, witn; James SPROWL of Esquesing and Nellie GRIFFIN of Erin, 27 Dec, 1893 at Esquesing.
4686-93 (Halton Co): George GRUMMETT, 35, farmer, Beverly Ont., Nassagaweya, s/o Mathew & Harriet Lucy, married Catherine Jane ANDERSON, 24, Nassagaweya, same, d/o George & Janet, witn: William ANDERSON & Adah WILLIAMSON, both of Nassagaweya, 11 Jan 1893 at Presbyterian manse, Nassagaweya 4764-94 (Halton Co): George Scott GUTHRIE, 24, butcher, Esquesing, Georgetown, s/o James & Jane, married Margaret E. McMASTER, 23, Glenwilliams, same, d/o Samuel & Sarah Ann, witn: Edward J. GUTHRIE of Acton & Annie McMASTER of Glenwilliams, 26 Dec 1893 at Glenwilliams
004709-93 (Halton) Robert HADDOW, 32, clergyman, Dalhousie NB., Milton, s/o Geo HADDOW & Christiana McCREADY, married Eleanor CALDWELL, 27, Milton, same, d/o William CALDWELL & Annie DOWNS, witn; Rev. Calibb PARKDALE of Ontario and Mattie CALDWELL of Milton, 11 July 1893 at Milton. 004729-93 (Halton) James HALL, 46, farmer, Scotland, Peel, W, s/o David HALL & Ann BLACK, married Mary Ann STEWART, 35, Halton, Esquesing, d/o John STEWART & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn; Robert HALL of Peel and Minnie BUCK of Georgetown, 1 Feb 1893 at Esquesing.
4647-93 (Halton Co): William HARDING, 21, farmer, Erin, Esquesing, s/o John & Lucy, married Minnie MEREDITH, 23, Esquesing, Limehouse, d/o Samuel & Faith, witn: Charles JACKSON & Isabella FOOTE, both of Georgetown, 9 Aug 1893 at Georgetown 4692-93 (Halton Co): George HARWOOD, 26, farmer, Ireland, Eramosa, s/o Moses & Ann, married Susanna McLEOD, 20, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Kenneth & Beatrice, witn: Robert MOORE of Eramosa & Beatrice McLEOD of Nassagaweya, 7 June 1893 at Nassagaweya
004737-93 (Halton) Robert HAY, 50, farmer, Leatland, Esquesing, W, s/o George HAY & Mary McKARLY, married Sarah Jane McNALLY, 24, Esquesing, same, d/o Hugh & Sarah McNALLY, witn; Christina SMITH & John McNALLY both of Esquesing, 25 Dec 1893 at Esquesing. 004746-93 (Halton) Wm Richard HEADON, 35, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o Thomas & Hannah HEADON, married Mary Elizabeth BELL, 22, Nelson, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza BELL, witn; Mrs. JOYCE of Niagara Falls and Geo HEADON of Nelson, 1 Nov 1893 at Nelson.
004719-93 (Halton) James HILLIS, 26, machinist, Co. Dufferin, Guelph, s/o Hill? & Jane HILLIS, married Ester RICHARDSON, 24, Co. Wellington, Rockwood, d/o Ralph and Ester RICHARDSON, witn; Hattie MOORE of Acton and Orphie HOWSON, of Toronto Junction, 21 May 1893 at Acton. 4750-93 Edwy Rierson HOWELL, 53, widower, farmer, Jerseyville Ont., Ancaster, s/o G. M. & Rebecca Belle, married Charlotte Ann GALLOWAY, 25, Carlisle, Burlington, d/o John & Mary, witn: Cynthia ALLEN & Harry GALLOWAY, both of Burlington, 24 May 1893 at Burlington
  004730-93 (Halton) George W. HUFFMAN, 31, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o John HUFFMAN & Jane MULROY, married Elizabeth JOYCE, 27, Esquesing, same, d/o Thomas JOYCE & Mary STARK, witn; Robert JOYCE and Jane HUFFMAN both of Esquesing, 22 Feb 1893 at Esquesing.
004739-93 (Halton) Thomas HUNTER, 38, farmer, Esquesing, Trafalgar, s/o John HUNTER & Elizateth THOMSON, married Sarah Elizabeth TRIMBLE, 24, Toronto, Esquesing, d/o Joseph TRIMBLE & Sarah CLARK, witn; Maggie TRIMBLE of Esquesing and James H. Fletcher of Brampton, 12 Apr, 1893 at Esquesing. 004710-93 (Halton) Joseph HUSTLER, 49, gentleman, Trafalgar Tp., Milton, s/o William HUSTLER & Mary CORDINGLY, married Eliza Royce BUTCHART, 36, Rockwood, Milton, d/o David BUTCHARD & Catherine ROYCE, witn; D. BUTCHART and L. E. MORTON both of Milton, 29 Sep 1893 at Milton.
4672-93 John M. IRVINE, 31, station agent, Canada, Toronto Junction, s/o Robert & Rachel, married Mary C. HILLIARD, 24, Canada, Oakville, d/o Albert & Abie, witn: Albert & Al--? HILLIARD of Oakville, 25 May 1893 at Oakville 4715-93 Henry Hector JOHNSON, 33, manufacturer, Trafalgar, Milton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Adelaide ANDERSON, 33, Trafalgar, Milton, d/o William & Ellena, witn: Annie VAN ALLEN & Robert E. HARRISON, 22 Nov 1893 at Milton
4663-93 Samuel JOYCE, 21, plasterer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Fanny, married Rachel JOYCE, 24, Trafalgar, same, d/o George & Esther, wit: Samuel JOYCE & Mary A. CALLINGSWORTH, both of Trafalgar, 31 July 1893 at res of the bride, Trafalgar  
4670-93 John Henry KEENS (Kerns?), 28, cutter, widower, Woodstock, Toronto, s/o Henry KEENS & Mary BROGLEY, married Margaret H. GALLIE, 28, Oakville, same, d/o John GALLIE & Catherine McKAY, witn: William SIMPSON of Toronto & Annie GALLIE of Oakville, 1 March 1893 at Oakville 4646-93 (Halton Co): Angus KENNEDY, 30, tanner, Acton, Buffalo NY, s/o Donald KENNEDY & Ann McDONALD, married Mary Henrietta TYRRELL, 25, Morriston Ont., Buffalo, d/o Edward TYRRELL & Catherine RYAN, witn: Martin McCANN of Acton & Christena KENNEDY of Acton, 25 July 1893 at Georgetown (Rom Cath)
4678-93 John KINCADE, 24, laborer, Isle of Man, Oakville, s/o William KINCADE & Margaret LOWIE, married Maria CARRIN, 28, Isle of Man, Sheridan, d/o Richard CARRIN & Mary CULLE?, witn: Mrs. J. FREESTONE & Mrs. S. S. CRAIG, both of Oakville, 2 Nov 1893 at Oakville 4807-94 Scott Patterson KIPPEN, 30, merchant, Esquesing, same, s/o John KIPPEN & Jane PATTERSON, married Mary McGAW, 30, widow, Mariposa twp., Esquesing, d/o John MUGFORD & Fannie MAY, witn: Nellie C. HADDAN & Kate WYLEY, both of Milton, 23 Nov 1893 at Milton
004740-93 (Halton) William KIRKWOOD, 23, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Robert KIRKWOOD & Martha McEMERY (McEnery?), married Mary McKAY, 22, Esquesing, same, d/o Donald MCKAY & Jessie CONBROUGH, witn; William COOPER and Kate McKAY, 27 Dec 1893. 004711-93 (Halton) John LAVERETY, 22, shingle maker, Rockwood, same, s/o John LAVERETY & Mary Ann LUMLEY, married Lillie SMITH, 25, Esquesing, Acton, d/o Alexander F. SMITH & Ann McDONALD, witn; James SMITH and Mary Ann SMITH both of Acton, 10 Oct 1893 at Acton.
4684-93 (Halton Co): John LOCKER, 31, farmer, Ontario, Nassagaweya, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Margaret Ann AIKINS, 22, Ontario, Nassagaweya, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: George T. LOCKER & Mary AIKINS, both of Nassagaweya, 4 Jan 1893 at Nassagaweya 4662-93 Thomas LYON, 25, farmer, England, Oakville, s/o George & Mary, married Fannie GRICE, 23, England, Palermo, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: E. LYON of Oakville, Mary E. & Joseph GRICE of Palermo and Charlotte LYON of Korlie?, 14 June 1893 at Palermo
  4642-93 (Halton Co): Samuel MARSEILLES, 22, carpenter, Acton, Georgetown, s/o Peter MARSEILLES & Mary THATCHER, married Lily BATCHELOR, 18, Norval, Georgetown, d/o Thomas BATCHELOR & Elizabeth SURTEES, witn: Thomas & Mary Ann BATCHELOR of Georgetown, 15 May 1893 at Georgetown
4648-93 (Halton Co): James McCARTNEY, 26, trackman, Brampton, Georgetown, s/o William & Margaret, married Catherine RANCIER, 19, Speedside, Georgetown, d/o Frederick & Phoebe, witn: Edward MAWHIRTER & Sarah J. McCARTNEY, both of Georgetown, 25 Oct 1893 at Georgetown 004716-93 (Halton) Obadiah McCULLOUGH, 34, medical doctor, Tp. Eramosa, same, s/o Allan & Ellen McCULLOUGH, married Mary McCUTCHEON, 24, Tp. Erin, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah McCUTCHEON, witn; Isaac FRANCIS and Jane B. CAMERON both of Acton, 18 Jan 1893 at Acton.
4675-93 John McDERMOTT, 32, laborer, widower, Oakville, same, s/o Thomas McDERMOTT & Bridget GARVEY, married Annie O'CONNOR, 22, Oakville, same, d/o James O'CONNOR & Bridget SHEERIN, witn: Charles McDERMOTT & Emma O'CONNOR, both of Oakville, 31 May 1893 at Oakville 4717-94 Alexander McILWRAITH, 27, farmer, Scotland, Nelson twp, s/o blank & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane TUCK, 20, England, Nelson twp, d/o John & Mary, witn: Fannie & William TUCK of Nelson, 28 Dec 1893 at Nelson twp
4695-93 (Halton Co): Michael McGLAUGHLIN, 22, laborer, Toronto, Nassagaweya, s/o James & Mary, married Margaret HILSON, 33, widow, Nassagaweya, same, d/o William & Maria HILSON, witn: James SERVICE & Edward MILLER, both of Nassagaweya, 21 June 1893 at Nassagaweya 4661-93 William J. McKAY, 36, farmer, Churchville - Toronto twp., Trafalgar, s/o John & Mary, married Mary M. FORD, 32, Trafalgar, same, d/o James R. FORD & Jane McLEAN, witn: Hiram E. TUCK & Lizzie FORD, both of Trafalgar, 13 June 1893 at Trafalgar
4762-94 (Halton Co): Hamilton S. McLAUGHLIN, 28, dentist, Chinguacousy, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Isabella, married Bella J. HUFFMAN, 29, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Henry & Agnes, witn: Edward G. HUFFMAN & Margaret GRAHAM, both of Esquesing, 28 Dec 1893 at Esquesing  
4703-93 (Halton Co): William McLEAN, 32, farmer, Chinguacousy, Esquesing, s/o Gilbert & Mary, married Margaret D. FORD, 34, widow, Nelson, same, d/o George & Jane HUME, witn: Robert & Thomas HUME of Nelson, 29 March 1893 at Nelson 4649-93 (Halton Co): Duncan McTAVISH, 30, carpenter, Erin, Arthur, s/o Peter & Sarah, married Jennie CARTER, 21, Streetsville, Esquesing, d/o James & Jane, witn: Mrs. A.E. DE St. DALENA? & Mrs. N. McLEAN, both of Georgetown, 3 Nov 1893 at Georgetown
4688-93 (Halton Co): Archibald McTAVISH, 28, tailor, Nassagaweya, Acton, s/o Archibald & Mary, married Agnes WREN, 25, Nassagaweya, same, d/o David & Jenet, witn: Thomas WREN & Kate McTAVISH, both of Nassagaweya, 8 Feb 1893 at res of bride's father, Nassagaweya 4680-93 (Halton Co): A.W. MEERS, no age given, tailor (or sailor), England, Oakville, s/o William & Martha, married Henrietta LE BARRE, no age given, Oakville, same, d/o Henry LE BARRE & Eunice RIBBLE, witn: Bert COOPER & Louisa WILSON, both of Oakville, 5 July 1893 at Oakville
4691-93 (Halton Co): Edward MILLER, 29, laborer, New York, Nassagaweya, same, Joseph & Sally, married Christena SERVICE, 18, Nassagaweya, same, d/o William & Maria, witn: Richard SERVICE of Toronto & Mrs. J. HILSON of Nassagaweya, 3 May 1893 at Nassagaweya 4701-93 (Halton Co): John MILLS, 19, farmer, Canada, Esquesing, s/o Edward & Mary, married Eliza Jane TIMBERS, 18, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o Henry TIMBERS & Lydia Ann FERRIER, witn: A. & M. McKENZIE of Milton, 18 Jan 1893 at Milton
4697-93 (Halton Co): Thomas A. MORTON, 26, barber, Nassagaweya, Milton, s/o William & Jane, married Martha KENNEDY, 22, Nassagaweya, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas KENNEDY & Sarah McBAIN, both of Nassagaweya, 27 Sept 1893 at Manse, Nassagaweya 004713-93 (Halton) Charles Clarke MYERS, 26, farmer, Beverly Tp., Tp. Nassagaweya, s/o John & Ellen MYERS, married Cathleen ROBERTS, 30, Woodburn, same, d/o John & Annie ROBERTS, witn; William ROBERTS and Katherine KING both of Hamilton, 22 Nov 1893 at Milton
004720-93 (Halton) John C. NELSON, 26, merchant, Rockwood, Acton, s/o John & Jane NELSON, married Mary E. BROWN, 27, Tp. Erin, Acton, d/o James & Ruth BROWN, witn; Gertie COOKMAN of Port Dover and Media NELSON of Acton, 11 May 1893 at Acton. 4723-94 Richard John NELSON, 29, vet. surgeon, Galt Ont., Paisley, s/o John & Ellen Jolliffe NELSON, married Catherine McPherson LAIDLAW, 23, Esquesing, Georgetown, d/o John & Catherine Ross LAIDLAW, witn: James LAIDLAW of Harriston & Orlanda NELSON of Paisley, 24 Oct 1893 at Georgetown
  4654-93 Mathew Wesley PICKETT, 32, wagon maker, Seneca twp., Nassagaweya, s/o Abner & Hannah, married Hannah Maria CAMPBELL, 29, Trafalgar, same, d/o John & Maria, witn: Thomas F. & Charles CAMPBELL of Trafalgar, 22 Feb 1893 at Trafalgar
4679-93 Thomas E. POLLARD, 23, tarpaulin maker, London England, Oakville, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Sophia NORTHE--(off page), 20, Oakville, same, d/o Conrad & Catherine, witn: Alfred TERRY? & Rose POLLARD, both of Oakville, 18 Oct 1893 at Oakville 4643-93 (Halton Co): George Christopher PRICE, 24, gardener, Esquesing, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Alice BALDWIN, 19, Toronto, Georgetown, d/o blank & Mary, witn: R.C. ADAMS & Bertha STEELE, both of Georgetown, 6 June 1893 at Georgetown
004738-93 (Halton) Charles REDDY, 25, stone mason, Montreal, Buffalo, s/o John & Jane REDDY, married Frances Emily COOK, 25, Esquesing, Glenwilliams, d/o John & Mary Ann COOK, witn; John MILLER of Esquesing, and Isabella V. COOK of Glenwilliams, 2 Jan 1893 at Glenwilliams. 4702-93 (Halton Co): William E. ROBB, 24, laborer, Nelson, Esquesing, s/o Thomas & Fannie, married Edith BLACKLOCK, 18, Kingston, Trafalgar, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: William BLACKLOCK of Esquesing & Jennie ROBB of Nelson, 15 Feb 1893 at Milton
4799-94 Henry Emmerson ROBBINS, 23, laborer, Flamboro, Nassagaweya, s/o Henry & Rachel, married Mary HILSON, 20, Nassagaweya, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Peter FERRIER & Jane HILSON, both of Nassagaweya, 25 Dec 1893 at Nassagaweya 004722-93 (Halton) James RUSSEL, 55, farmer, Scotland, Acton, W, s/o James & Rachel RUSSEL, married Sarah RAMSHAW, 39, Ontario, Acton, d/o Wilson RAMSHAW & Sarah A EASTON, witn Wilson, RAMSHAW and Clara RAMSHAW, both of Acton, 19 Aug 1893 at Acton.
4708-93 (Halton Co): Frederick RUSTON, 30, druggist, Georgetown, Toronto, s/o Thomas RUSTON & Hannah E. JACKSON, married Bessie DEFOREST, 28, Nelson, Milton, d/o James DEFOREST & Margaret WILSON, witn: W. M. FINCH of Toronto & A.L. HEMSTREET of Agerton? Ont., 3 May 1893 at Milton 4658-93 Charles Edward RYAN, 22, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o George & Harriett, married Emma FEATHERSTON, 18, Trafalgar, same, d/o John & Marian, wit: William FETHERSTON (sic) & Bessie APPLETON, both of Trafalgar, 21 March 1893 at Trafalgar
4689-93 (Halton Co): Morris SAYERS, 36, farm laborer, Maryboro, Nassagaweya, s/o Henry & Mary, married Agnes McLEOD, 33, Glasgow Scotland, Nassagaweya, d/o Kenneth & Beatrice, witn: George HARWOOD of Eramosa & Annie McLEOD of Nassagaweya, 8 Feb 1893 at res of bride's father, Nassagaweya 4693-93 (Halton Co): Norrish SIMPSON, 35, carpenter, Nassagaweya, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah McLENNON, 22, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Albert McLENNAN of Nassagaweya & Janet ELLIOTT of Esquesing, 28 June 1893 at Nassagaweya
4698-93 (Halton Co): George SIRRS, 34, farmer, Bruce Co., same, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Letitia MEADE, 35, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Letitia KENNEDY of Nassagaweya & Robert MEADE of Elora, 11 Oct 1893 at res of bride's father, Nassagaweya 4668-93 Thomas SMITH, 35, farmer, Vaughan tp., same, s/o Thomas SMITH & Annie McGORY?, married Mary SHEA, 26, Trafalgar, same, d/o Thomas SHEA & Frances TOBIN, witn: M. J. DOYLE of King twp & Julia SHEA of Trafalgar, 14 Feb 1893 at RC Church, Oakville
  004724-93 (Halton) William SPROWL, 40, farmer, Ontario, Esquesing, s/o John SPROWL& Jane CUMMINGS, married Annie Agnes WATSON, 34, Ontario, Esquesing, d/o Robert WATSON & Elizabeth COCHRANE, witn, Annie STEPHENSON and Alice CHARLES both of Acton, 20 Dec 1893 at Acton.
4696-93 (Halton Co): Samuel STAGER, 28, farmer, Hespeler, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Sarah VICKEMAN, 31, England, Nassagaweya, d/o Daniel & Mary Jane, witn: Aaron F. STAGER of Sarnia & Blanch WILKINS of Hespeler, 25 July 1893 at Nassagaweya 004731-93 (Halton) James STARK, 28, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o Abraham STARK & Mary WILSON, married Ellen NEILSON, 29, Esquesing, same, d/o Abraham NEILSON & Louisa LAWSON, witn; William STARK of Esquesing and Maggie SCOTT of Teaswater, 25 Jan 1893 at Esquesing.
0047279-93 (Halton) David N. STEWART, 38, farmer, Tp. Nelson, Milton, W, s/o Nelson & Louisa STEWART, married Jane HAY, 36, Tp. Nassagaweya, Milton, d/o Thomas & Jessie HAY, witn; James Ryan of Milton, 28 Feb 1893 at Mansewood. 4705-93 (Halton Co): Walter Ernest STRACHAN, 28, medical student, Indianapolis, same, s/o Charles E. & Mary, married Addie Eliza HICKS, 24, Belleville, same, d/o Lewis & Eliza, witn: Millie MITCHELL & Maria BOULTBEE, both of Milton, 9 Feb 1893 at Milton
004712-93 (Halton) Peter Nelson TANSLEY, 26, lineman, Waterdown, Hamilton, s/o Wesley TANSLEY & Maria BENTON, married Susan MOOREHEAD, 20, Milton, same, d/o Stewart MOOREHEAD & Mary G?SH, witn; Thomas ENGLISH of Hamilton and Mary MOOREHEAD of Milton, 25 Oct 1893 at Milton. 004718-93 (Halton) James L. WARREN, 34, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o John & Helen WARREN, married Margaret H NELSON, 28, Rockwood, Acton, d/o John NELSON & Jane CATTRELL (Cottrell?), witn; John WARREN of Esquesing, and Lillie NELSON of Acton, 7 Jun 1893 at Acton.
004745-93 (Halton) E. Sherwood WATSON, 28, merchant, Nelson, Buffalo, s/o William & Mary WATSON, married Emily M. SPRINGER, 27, Nelson, same, d/o David W. & Elizabeth SPRINGER, witn; Eddie WATSON of Norwich and Laura SPRINGER of Nelson, 27 Jun 1893 at Nelson. 4666-93 Thomas Richard WHITE, 22, farmer, England, Minota, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Isabella COLE, 20, England, Trafalgar, d/o George Richardson & Annie, witn: Mr. & Mrs. HARRISON of Trafalgar, 15 Dec 1893 at Trafalgar
4749-93 Harry WILSON, 29, mec., England, Burlington, s/o John & Hannah, married Minnie R. BAYNES, 30, Burlington, same, d/o J. Henry & M.M., witn: P. E. WEBBER of Burlington & Minnie ALLEN of Rainham Center, 5 Dec 1893 at Burlington 4717-94 Edwin Rufus WOOD, 22, farmer, Nelson twp, same, s/o John & Olive, married Josephine B. ALTON, 21, Nelson twp, same, d/o Samuel B. & Julia Ann, witn: Annie M. ALTON of Appleby & C. E. WOOD of Freeman, 27 Dec 1893 at Nelson twp