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Halton Co., 1897


#006342-97 (Halton Co): George R. ADAMS, 22, merchant, Acton, same, s/o Josiah ADAMS & Alice Jane RAMSHAW, married Minnie SWACKHAMMER, 23, Erin twp., Acton, d/o David SWACKHAMMER & Mary Maria DUKES, witnesses were Wesley MOORE of Acton & Laura SWACKHAMMER of Georgetown, Nov. 17, 1897 at Esquesing twp 6391-97 Scott Thomas ALLAN, 30, laborer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o George ALLAN & Jane ELLIOTT, married Catherine S. WHITE, 25, Nassagaweya, same, d/o James WHITE, farmer, & Isabel STEWART, witn: Andrew ALLAN of Kelso & Annie WHITE of Campbellville, 2 Dec 1897 at Manse, Nassagaweya
#006354-97 (Halton Co) William James ALLEN, 21, spinner, Glenwilliams, same, s/o Samuel ALLEN & Catherine CAUFIELD, married Mary Melinda MOORE, 20, Chinguacousy, Esquesing, d/o William MOORE & Ann MINO?, Nov. 10, 1897 at Georgetown 6368-97 John APPLEYARD, 20, fireman, of Esquesing twp., s/o Albert APPLEYARD & Orilla KEON, married Susannah BRANT, 18, Cornwall Que., Esquesing twp., d/o Raymond BRANT & Mary CHUBB, witn: M. CLEMENS & Lilly SNIDER, both of Milton, 29 July 1897 at Milton
06321-97 (Halton) Henry ATKINSON, 50, currier, England, Acton, W., s/o George ATKINSON & Sarah WOMMLEY, married Mary CRIPPS, 30, Ont., Acton, d/o William CRIPPS & Mary SMITH, witn; John CRIPPS and Jennie COOK both of Acton, 13 Oct 1897 at Acton. 06325-97 (Halton) Walter BABCOCK, 25, engineer, Cambridge England, St. Cathrines, s/o William & Jane BABCOCK, married Mary Jane WEYLIE, 24, Spencerville, same, d/o Alexander & Amelia WEYLIE, witn; A. H. SPURS Md. and S. E. ELLIOT both of Burlington, 11 May 1897 at Burlington
006409-97 (Halton Co) J.P. BEATY, 34, Farmer, Toronto, Trafalgar s/o Catherine & Nathan BEATY married E.E. REID, 20, England, Trafalgar d/o Martha & William REID; Witn: Isaac M. BEATY, Brantford & Annie BEATY, Toronto married Mar 3 1897 at Trafalgar. 6416-97 - W. J. BENSFIELD, 35, farmer, East Flamboro, Trafalgar, s/o William BONSFIELD & C. LOUSLEY, married Florence Tressa RISLEY, 21, England, Trafalgar, d/o J. J. RISLEY & Clara BOOTH, witn: William McANN & Bertha DeMERMAN?, both of Trafalgar, 29 Sept 1897 at Lot 4, Con 3 of Trafalgar twp
06366-97 (Halton) James Henry BOLTON, 26, shoe cutter, Goderich, Milton, s/o Henry & Susan BOLTON, married Grace Elizabeth FREEMAN, 22, Toronto, Mitlon, d/o H. H. & Helen FREEMAN, witn; H. H. FREEMAN and Adam McKAY both of Milton, 21 Jun 1897 at Milton.  
006412-97 (Halton Co) David BURTCH, 53, Widower, Farmer, Trafalgar, same s/o Nancy & Levi BURTCH married Mary Josephine LEE, 53, widow d/o Jacob & Mary TERRYBERRY; Witn : William & Hannah DEVLIN both of Trafalgar, married Mar 31 1897 at Trafalgar. 6403-97 William CALLAUGHAN, 32, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o John & Amanda, married Maggie J. SARGENT, 28, Trafalgar, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: W?. J. SARGENT & Mary CALLAUGHAN, 29 Dec 1897 at Oakville
#006351-97 (Halton Co) Joseph CARTER, 60, widower, merchant, Devonshire England, Simcoe Ont., s/o Joseph CARTER & Anna SEGRASET?, married Louisa BEINCKERHOFF?, 58, widow, Rhinebeck NY, Georgetown, d/o Charles RICE & Catherine REUSS, witnesses were W.J. ROE (M.D.) & A. WABON?, both of Georgetown, Aug. 18, 1897 at Georgetown #006358-97 (Halton Co) Arthur George CLARK, 27, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John CLARK & Jane CURRY, married Nellie Jane COOK, 22 Esquesing, Georgetown, d/o Daniel COOK & Jane NOBLE, witnesses were William J. CLARK of Chinguacousy & Hattie J. COOK of Georgetown, Dec. 29, 1897 at Georgetown
#006357-97 (Halton Co) William COLLIER, 30, widower, toolmaker, Newfoundland, Buffalo NY, s/o William COLLIER & Mary KEA, married Mary MONTOOTH, 27, Pittsburgh PA, Georgetown, d/o James MONTOOTH & Margaret FORGRAVE, witnesses were J.W. BROOKE & Essie DRUMMOND, both of Georgetown, Dec. 27, 1897 at Georgetown  (also 7089-99) 6390-97 Samuel CROZIER, 32, farmer, Normanby, Trafalgar, s/o Robert CROZIER & Susan WOLF, married Sarah Ann CLARK, 25, Chinguacousy, East Flamboro, d/o Thomas CLARK, farmer, & Margaret SMITH, witn: J. J. WOLF of Streetsville & Mary MORRISON of Strabane, 1 Sept 1897 at Manse, Nassagaweya
#006347-97 (Halton Co): Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 29,farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o William CUNNINGHAM & Jane PRESTON, married Lizzie COULSON, 25, East York twp., Esquesing twp., d/o James COULSON & Joan TINGLE, witnesses were John H. BUSSELL of Trafalgar twp & Mary J. CUNNINGHAM of Esquesing twp., Dec. 29, 1897 at Hornby 06315-97 (Halton) James FARRELL 39, farmer, Ont., Eramosa, s/o Maurice FARRELL & Chatherine ABRINE, married Lucinda CUTTING, 19, Ont., Eramosa, d/o John CUTTING & Jane SEYMOUR, witn; Joseph GIBBONS of Glen Williams and Lautie KELLY of Acton, 16 Feb 1897 at Acton.
  006408-97 (Halton Co) J.N. FEATHERSTON, 28, Farmer, Trafalgar, same s/o Jane & Jonathan FEATHERSTON married E.L. FORD, 26, Trafalgar, same d/o Eliza & John FORD: Witn: ?.D. FEATHERSTON & G.M. BIGGER both of Trafalgar married Mar 3 1897 at Trafalgar.
06362-97 (Halton) Henry FERRIER, 22, laborer, Glen Williams, Nassagawega, s/o Henry FERRIER & Elizabeth SPRINGSTEIN, married Margaret SPRINGSTEIN, 18, Nassagawega, same, d/o Adam SPRINGSTEIN & Mary HYATT, witn; John LANSBOROUGH and John MILLS both of MILTON, 18 Mar 1897 at Milton. #006345-97 (Halton Co): Ephraim FERRIER, 21, laborer, Kelso, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Margaret Elizabeth FERRIER, 17, Nassagaweya twp., Kelso, d/o Richard & Lucinda, witnesses were James & W.H. SERVICE of Kelso, Nov. 10, 1897 at Mansewood, Esquesing twp
6323-97 John FORSYTHE, 23, tailor, Ontario, London, s/o Joseph Allen & Malinda, married Kathlene Lillian WARD, 23, England, Pottersburg, d/o James & Elizabeth, wtn: Agnes & G?. J. L. Danford KENNEDY of Acton, 29 Dec 1897 at Acton #006332-97 (Halton Co): Joseph FOWLER, 29, laborer, Appleby - Nelson twp., East Flamboro, s/o Joshua FOWLER & Ellen FANIEL, married Jenney CORNER, 24, Ontario, Nelson twp., d/o Roland & Elizabeth, Dec. 23, 1897 at Burlington
#006356-97 (Halton Co) Henry FRYER, 23, farmer, Kent England, Esquesing, s/o Thomas FRYER & Elizabeth COURT, married Bertha HAWES, 19, Toronto, Esquesing, d/o William HAWES & Louisa PHILIP, Dec. 8, 1897 at Georgetown 06320-97 (Halton) Levi GALLAGHER, 20, laborer, Ont., Nassaguaya, s/o John & Susan GALLAGHER , married Lena DEFOREST, 18, , Ont., Nassaguaya, d/o Peter & Melissa DEFOREST, witn; Robert C. GRAY and Jane GRAY both of Nassaguaya 22 Sep, 1897 at Acton
06319-97 (Halton) Robert C. GRAY, 20, laborer, Ont., Nassaguaya, s/o Hudson & Rebecca GRAY, married Jane DEFOREST, 19, Ont., Nassaguaya, d/o Peter & Melissa DEFOREST, witn; Levi GALLAGHER and Lena GALLAGHER both of Nassaguaya, 22 Sep, 1897 at Acton 6393-97 Elephated GUSTIN, 38, farmer, Ayr Ont., Wainfleet, s/o James GUSTIN & Seliah NELLES, married Roberdie BARRICK, 30, widow, Dunnville, Wainfleet, d/o George WALLACE & Mary ROWE, witn: Mabel & J?. S. CAMERON of Oakville, 16 Feb 1897 at Oakville
#006346-97 (Halton Co): Edward HAGYARD, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy twp., Esquesing twp., s/o Thomas HAGYARD & Flora CRAIG, married Nellie OODING, 22, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Abram WOODING & Isabella BARBER, witnesses were George WOODING of Milton & Maggie HAGYARD of Scotch Block, Nov. 24, 1897 at Esquesing twp  
006411-97 (Halton Co) Alfred Edward HANNAHAM (Hanrahan?), Clergyman, Orangeville, Arkona s/o Mary & George HANNAHAM married Charlotte A. KENNEDY, 25, Trafalgar, same d/o Isabella & William KENNEDY; Witn: Rev. W.M. McRAY, Norval & A.G. TUCKER, Trafalgar married Mar 24, 1897 at Trafalgar 6334-97 William Wallace HARBER, 28, book keeper, Esquesing, Uttoxeter? Ont., s/o Samuel HARBER & Isabella HAMILTON, married Margaret TOWNSEND, 24, Esquesing twp., same, d/o John TOWNSEND & Margaret J. STRINGER, witn: Edward TOWNSEND & Olive A. K. HARBER, both of Terra Cotta, 13 Jan 1897 at Terra Cotta
#006349-97 (Halton Co) George HARDING, 25, farmer, Erin, same, s/o John HARDING & Lucy BEALS, married Anna WAITE, 23, Canada, Markham, d/o Alfred WAITE & Abigail RAND, witness was A.M. SWITZER of Georgetown, March 26, 1897 at Georgetown #006352-97 (Halton Co) William Jonas HARRISON, 30, laborer, Reach, Georgetown, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann DUNN, 28, Dalton Ont., Georgetown, d/o John DUNN & Ann STYLES, witnesses were Charles A.J. & Jennie McGUIRE of Georgetown, Sept. 1, 1897 at Georgetown
6396-97 Calvin HICKS, 50, widower, Picton, Toronto, s/o Joseph HICKS & Mary MINAKER, married Sophrona M. BURTON, 33, Port Hope, Toronto, d/o W. K. BURTON & Sophia LANCASTER, witn: Mrs. S. S. CRAIG & Miss V. BOWERBANK, both of Oakville, 19 May 1897 at Oakville 6400-97 Martin HONSBERGER, 21, butcher, Haldimand, Toronto, s/o Oscar HONSBERGER & Sarah ATKINSON, married Lilia A. HATHAWAY, 21, England, oak, d/o Francis G. HATHAWAY & Annie WATTS, witn: J. MacKINDS? & Louis CHESKIN, both of Oakville, 1 Dec 1897 at Oakville
6419-97 Frank Howard HORNING, 29, lumberman, Ontario, Buffalo NY, s/o Philip & blank, married Ida WALTON, 29, Scarboro twp., Bronte, d/o Wallace & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph N. NORRIS of Buffalo & Annie B. WALTON of New York NY, 26 Oct 1897 at Bronte #006341-97 (Halton Co): Gideon Wesley HUFFMAN, 37, farmer, Hillsburg, Esquesing twp., s/o John HUFFMAN & Jane MILROY, married Annie McDONALD, 25, Toronto twp., Esquesing twp., d/o Allan McDONALD & Ann LAIDLAW, witnesses were Lafayette HUFFMAN & Elizabeth J. McDONALD, both of Esquesing twp., Sept. 1, 1897 at Esquesing twp
6395-97 John HUMPHREY, 21, Nelson, Oakville, s/o Charles & Maria, married Mary M. ROBERTS, 16, Guelph, Oakville, d/o Marcus? & Francis, witn: J. A. & Mrs. J.A. JOHNSTON of Oakville, 21 April 1897 at Oakville #006355-97 (Halton Co) Arthur Thomas INGRAM, 27, methodist minister, Hants England, Draper Ont., s/o Charles INGRAM & Mary WEST, married Jean McLEAN, 25, Milton Ont., Georgetown, d/o Peter Alexander McLEAN & Sarah CRAWFORD, witnesses were Barbara McLEAN of Milton & E. Ryerson YOUNG Jr. of Toronto, Dec. 6, 1897 at Georgetown
06318-97 (Halton) Ronald A. JOHNSON, 26, glover, Ont., New York, s/o Angus & Jennett JOHNSON, married Ida Grace CHISHOLM, 24, Ont., Acton, d/o John & Mary CHISHOLM, witn; Alice CHISHOLM and Park DILLS both of Acton, 25 Apr. 1897 at Acton 6318-97 Ronald A. JOHNSON, 26, glover, Ontario, New York, s/o Angus & Jennett, married Ada Grace CHISHOLM, 24, Ontario, Acton, d/o John & Mary, witn: Alice CHISHOLM & Park DILLS, both of Acton, 25 April 1897 at Acton
6373-97 Wharton LANG, 35, farmer, Trafalgar, Walpole, s/o Thomas & Charlotte, married Emily COTTER, 34, widow, Seneca, Trafalgar, d/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Miriam, witn: John F. STEPHENSON of Burlington & Mary T. LANG of Nelles Corners, 7 April 1897 at Nelson  
6397-97 David M. LEWIS, 57, widow, Buffalo, Oakville, s/o David & Sophia, married Mary WALLACE, 37, Oakville, same, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: W. H. YOUNG & M. E. JEFFRIES, both of Oakville, 1 May 1897 at Oakville 6337-97 William John LINDSAY, 27, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o Frank B. & Frances, married Rachel BROOKS, 24, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Jacob BROOKS & Ann Jane, witn: W. C. ARMSTRONG of Drumquir? & Maggie BROOKS of Carlisle, 23 June 1897 at Esquesing twp
#006350-97 (Halton Co) Richard Mountjoy MARCHMENT, 21, weaver, Peel Co., Glenwilliams, s/o William H. MARCHMENT & Maggie NORTH, married Fanny May NORTON, 18, Glenwilliams, same, d/o James NORTON & Mary Jane ALLEN, witnesses were Ann CLARK & Elizabeth M. PERRIN, both of Georgetown, April 28, 1897 at Georgetown 06326-97 (Halton) Charles Wesley MARSHALL, 47, farmer, of Saltfleet Tp, Widower., s/o Samuel & Annie MARSHALL, married Dorothy BURKHOLDER, 44, Saltfleet Tp, same, d/o John & Mary BURKHOLDER, witn; Annie ABRAHAM and Maggie LINDSAY both of Burlington, 2 Jun 1897 at Burlington.
006404-97 (Halton Co) Joseph Switzer MASON, 35, Farmer, Trafalgar Twp, same s/o Catherine & Samuel MASON married Kate Eliza CANTELON, 26, Trafalgar, same d/o Jemima & James CANTELON; Witn: Charles W. CORDINGLY, Trafalgar & Margaret J. BEAMISH (Beamer?), Toronto married Jan 10 1897 at Trafalgar (also 7149-99 with date of mariage as 13 Jan 1897). 006677-98 (Halton Co) Robert E. MAY, 27, Esquesing, same, farmer s/o George & Elizabeth MAY married Eveline Maud STEPHENS, 20, Trafalgar, same d/o Jayes & Jane Ann STEPHENS, witn: Frailen DEWIS, Trafalgar and Mamie MORRISON, Orangeville on Dec 22 1897 in Trafalgar
6392-97 Wellington MAYBEE, 30, widower, jeweller, Cannington, St. Catharines, s/o Wellington MAYBEE & Margaret GRAHAM, married Adeline HAMILTON, 30, widow, nurse, Bradford, Oakville, d/o Robert WALLS & Mary J. RODGERS, witn: Miss S. S. CRAIG & Mabel WALLS, both of Oakville, 4 Jan 1897 at Oakville 06364-97 (Halton) William McCREADY, 32, farmer, Nelson, Trafalgar, s/o Henry Jas. McCREADY & Eliza ALLEN, married Janet BASTEDO, 35, Nelson, Milton, d/o Jacob BASTEDO & Hepzibah OBSILVAS?, witn; M. BASTEDO of Milton and Jamie FORREST of Hornby, 24 May 1897 at Milton
6389-97 James McISAAC, 32, farmer, Scotland, Esquesing, s/o John McISAAC & Isabella McKILLOP, married Elizabeth K. BELL, 24, Nassagaweya, same, d/o John BELL, farmer, & Catherine HOOD, witn: Peter McISAAC of Esquesing & L. Jennie KENNEDY of Nassagaweya, 8 Dec 1897 at Manse, Nassagaweya 006676-98 (Halton Co) Marshall McKENLIE (McKinley?), 58, Nelson Twp, same, farmer s/o Alex & Mary McKENLIE married Emily Biggar CAMPBELL, 43 Trafalgar Twp, same d/o Peter & Sarah Ann CAMPBELL, Witn: Robert N. DEANE & Mary DEANE both of Montreal on Oct. 26 1897 in Trafalgar
  6401-97 William McNEIL, 44, farmer, Oakville, same, s/o Roderick McNEIL & Emma HUTCHISON, married Emma J. BIGGER, 35, Trafalgar, Oakville, d/o Charles BIGGER & Agnes THOMPSON, wtn: John BIGGER & Mrs. R. McNEIL, both of Oakville, 2 Dec 1897 at Oakville
06361-97 (Halton) Peter McPHAIL, 45, laborer, Nassagawega, Trafalgar, s/o Aren McPHAIL & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Margarita GRIFFITH, 27, Trafalgar, same, d/o Hugh GRIFFITH & Elizabeth LANGGIELO, witn; Lizzie GRIFFITH and Edward GRIFFITH, both of Trafalgar, 21 Jan 1897 at Trafalgar. 6335-97 John MOFFAT, 33, widower, music dealer, Nassagaweya, Milton, s/o John MOFFAT & Euphemia LANG, married Agnes McPHERSON, 26, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Malcolm McPHERSON & Janet ROBERTSON, witn: Robert McPHERSON of Esquesing & Mary E. MOFFAT of Campbellville, 20 Jan 1897 at Esquesing twp
6402-97 James C. MORROW, 30, sailor, Bronte, same, s/o Thomas & Eliz., married Norma McDONALD, 18, Bronte, same, d/o Samuel & Agnes, witn: M. H. McLEAN & Samuel McDONALD, both of Oakville, 23 Dec 1897 at Oakville #006344-97 (Halton Co): Charles Henderson MOWAT, 32, clerk, Shetland Island, Vancouver BC, s/o John MOWAT & Elizabeth BRUCE, married Robertina McDOWELL, 29, Hornby, Vancouver BC, d/o Robert McDOWELL & Mary Ann DOHERTY, witnesses were James MURRAY of Mansewood & Isa IRVINE of Brampton, Oct. 27, 1897 at Esquesing twp
06363-97 (Halton) George William NEWMAN, 25, farmer, Ashton ? England, Trafalgar, s/o John & Lucy NEWMAN, married Harriet WHAITES, 21, Milton, same, d/o John & Jane WHAITES, witn; Jane WHAITES and Tammy Jane WHAITES both of Milton, 31 Mar 1897 at Milton. #006330-97 (Halton Co): Charles OGG, 44, farmer, Saltfleet twp., Barton twp., s/o Charles OGG & Elizabeth GRASSET?, married Amanda E. Kerns OAG, 44, widow, Nelson twp., Burlington, d/o Nicholas KERNS & Mary A. WATERBURY, witnesses were E.C. KERNS of Burlington & Mrs. John WILSON of Hamilton, Nov. 10, 1897 at Burlington
6417-97 Alfred PALMER, 30, farmer, England, Trafalgar, s/o William PALMER & Ellen BROWN, married Eliza Fanny HOSKINS, 34, England, Trafalgar, d/o John W. HOSKINS & Lousia Fanny FULLER, witn: John PALMER & Mary E. SIDNEY, both of Trafalgar, 4 Sept 1897 at Omagh, Trafalgar 006413-97 (Halton Co) Joseph PEACOCK, 27, Motorman, Nelson, Buffalo New York s/o Mary Jane & Robert A. PEACOCK married Mary C. SLACER, 27, Trafalgar, same d/o Martha & John SLACER; Witn: Robert PEACOCK & Martha SLACER both of Trafalgar married Mar 29 1897 at Trafalgar
6399-97 William H. PATTERSON, 26, farmer, Trafalgar, Nelson, s/o John PATTERSON & Jane A. DUNCAN, married Lizzie E. GAMMON, 23, Halifax, Chilliwhack BC, d/o William GAMMON & Emily BRODIE, witn: A. F. & D. M. DAWSON of Oakville, 5 Oct. 1897 at Oakville  
#006331-97 (Halton Co): Walter PETT, 23, silver plater, Hamilton, same, s/o James & Martha, married Bertha Easton STOTT, 19, Montreal, Dundas, d/o Peter & Sarah, witnesses were Melvin SMITH & Howard ABRAHAM, both of Burlington, Nov. 11, 1897 at Burlington #006329-97 (Halton Co): William PICKARD, 22, laborer, Bronte, same, s/o Elijah & Mary, married Alma OSBORNE, 21, Bronte, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witnesses were Jennie PICKARD & William BAIN, both of Bronte, Sept 15, 1897 at Burlington
#006339-97 (Halton Co): Edward A. PRIME, 23, commercial man, Harrowsmith, Toronto, s/o Rev. Frederick & Sophia, married Christine PRESTON, 30, Hornby, same, d/o Christopher Proctor & Margretta Isabella, witnesses were F. SEAR of Toronto & Maggie PRESTON of Hornby, May 5, 1897 at Esquesing twp 06367-97 (Halton) David Joseph REED, 25, farmer, South Wales Eng., Trafalgar, s/o William REED & Martha Jane LEWIS, married, Frances Emily KEA, 31, Tp. of Toronto Ct. Peel, Trafalgar, W. d/o Mathew & Catherine BEATTIE, witn; Mrs. MAHAFFY and Mrs. Jos. FLEMING both of Milton, 28 Jun, 1897 at Milton.
6415-97 Bennett R. RICHARDS, 24, perfume manufacturer, of Buffalo, s/o David RICHARDS & Honor OXENHAM, married Charlotte Louisa BELL, 23, of Buffalo, d/o Jacob B. BELL & Sarah WALKER, witn: Charles F. WAID of Toronto & Lizzie EMERSON of Zimmerman, 4 Sept 1897 at Trafalgar 6414-97 Ernest E. ROBINSON, 25, butcher, England, Trafalgar, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Clara Melissa PEER, 23, Trafalgar, same, d/o Duncan & Catherine, witn: Walter & Adeline PEER of Trafalgar, 18 Aug. 1897 at Palmero
#006333-97 (Halton Co): Arthur ROSS, 23, druggist, Oshawa, Hamilton, s/o John & Edna, married Minnie WAGNER, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, April 12, 1897 at Burlington 6316-97 Charles SANDERSON, 23, laborer, Ontario, Oustic, s/o William SANDERSON & Elizabeth ELLIS, married Mary Jane BOLTON, 19, Ontario, Shiloh, d/o James BOLTON & Annie BURN, witn: James MULLEN & Mary HALEY, both of Acton, 29 (sic) Feb 1897 at Acton
  006410-97 (Halton Co) David SARGANT, 26, Farmer, Trafalgar, same s/o Ann & George SARGANT married Mary Eliza PEARCE, 25, Brampton, Trafalgar d/o Mary & William PEARCE: Witn: Edward HILL & Susan PEARCE both of Trafalgar married Mar 10 1897 at Trafalgar
6328-97 Henry SCARCLIFF, 38, railroad employee, Ontario, Niagara Falls, s/o James & Helen, married Jennie MATHESON, 37, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William & Mary, witn: A?. E. ABRAHAM & Maggie LINDSAY, both of Burlington, 30 June 1897 at Burlington #006359-97 (Halton Co) John Palmer SHORTILL, 33, laborer, Esquesing, Georgetown, s/o John SHORTHILL & Sarah McEMERY, married Lily PETERS, 22, Surrey England, Georgetown, d/o James PETERS & Louisa A. YOUNG, witnesses were Daniel & Hattie GILIVER? of Georgetown, Oct. 20, 1897 at Georgetown
6398-97 John SIMS, 23, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward & Tillie?, married Henrietta REID, 20, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o Theodore & Ellen, witn: M. H. MacLEAN & M. HANNAH, both of Oakville, 7 June 1897 at Oakville  
06327-97 (Halton) W. A. T. SMITH, 27, gardiner, Hamilton, Nelson Tp, s/o William & Elizabeth SMITH, married Lilly BRYANT, 25, Hamilton, Barton Tp, d/o Harry & Emma BRYANT, witn; Rebecca BASTEDO and Annie ABRAHAM both of Burlington, 22 Jun 1897 at Burlington. #006343-97 (Halton Co): John TEBOW, 21, laborer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Phoebe Jame SCHRAM, 17, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Angus SCHRAM & Margaret DE FOREST, witnesses were Tillie BONES & Robert DE FOREST, both of Nassagaweya, June 22, 1897 at Esquesing twp
#006340-97 (Halton Co): Frederick William THOMPSON, 28, minister, Esquesing twp., Guelph, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Margaret L. HOOD, 29, Ashgrove, same, d/o William & Martha, witnesses were S.K. RIDDELL of Ashgrove & William BROWN of Acton, June 29, 1897 at Ashgrove 06360-97 (Halton) Adolph UBERG, 25, laborer, S. Easthope, same, s/o Adolph UBERG & Elizabeth BROWN, married Tessie YANFLEET (Vanfleet?), 18, Puslinch, same, d/o Nelson YANFLEET & Phoebe Ann SMITH, witn; Mrs. Mahaffy and T. MCJANTE? both of Milton, 18 Jan 1897, at The Manse Milton.
6322-97 Thomas UREN, 27, tanner, Ontario, Acton, s/o David & Jane, married Mary Eadie LAWSON, 22, Ontario, Acton, d/o Andrew & Ann, wtn: Robert WALLACE & Agnes LAWSON, both of Acton, 29 Dec 1897 at Acton 06317-97 (Halton) Andrew VANCE, 26, farmer, Ont., Cheltenham s/o Alexander & Eliza VANCE, married Bertha RYDER, 22, Ont., Acton, d/o James & Frances RYDER, witn; Alice CHISHOLM and Fred E. RYDER both of Acton, 10 Feb 1897 at Acton.
6370-97 Charles VAUGHAN, 27, butcher, Milton, same, s/o William VAUGHAN & Margaret BAINBRIDGE, married Margaret Jane IRVING, 26, Toronto, Milton, d/o Christopher IRVING & Ann CAREY, witn: Frank MORLEY of Milton & Ada DOLBY of Streetsville, 24 Sept 1897 at Milton 6418-97 Edwin WALKER, 24, farmer, Caledon twp., Toronto twp., s/o John WALKER & Jane MORRISON, married Ettie Eveline CONOVER, 23, Trafalgar, same, d/o George A. CONOVER & Margaret E. SNIDER, witn: B. A. & Hattie CONOVER of Trafalgar, 29 Sept 1897 at Trafalgar
  6324-97 William WATT, 27, farmer, Scotland, Dacotah USA, s/o Andrew & Jane, married Maggie MOFFATT, 30, of Burlington, d/o James & Catherine, witn: L. M. TURNBULL of Guelph & J. W. MOFFATT of Aberfoyle, 18 Feb 1897 at Burlington
5062-95 (Halton Co): John Alexander WHEELER, 22, laborer, Limehouse, Glenwilliams, s/o Andrew WHEELER & Margaret MARTIN, married Lizzie DAVIDSON, 19, Caledon East, Glenwilliams, d/o Alexander DAVISON (sic) & Mary MOODY, witn: Miss Mary MILLER & Mrs. W.G. ANNIS, both of Norval, 19 Aug 18896 at Methodist Parsonage, Norval #006353-97 (Halton Co) James Moon WHITEFIELD, 33, press manufacturer, Birmingham England, Brooklyn NY, s/o George WHITEFIELD & Elizabeth HUTTON, married Mary Josephine LITTLE, 22, Chinguacousy, Esquesing, d/o David LITTLE & Isabella SMITH, witnesses were Gertrude WHITEFIELD of Brooklyn NY & W.J. LITTLE of Esquesing, Sept. 15, 1897 at Georgetown
#006338-97 (Halton Co): William Henry WILLSON, 36, watchmaker, Georgetown, same, s/o John G. WILLSON & Maria TRAVIS, married Olive Gertrude WILLIAMS, 22, Glenwilliams, same, d/o Joseph WILLIAMS & Elizabeth FOSTER, witnesses were J.G. WILLSON of Georgetown & Joseph WILLIAMS of Glenwilliam, Feb. 10, 1897 at Glenwilliams 6336-97 James Henry WILSON, 26, farmer, Trafalgar twp., Esquesing twp., s/o William WILSON & Mary COTTRELL, married Mary Alice CAMPBELL, 22, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Charles CAMPBELL & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: William A. WILSON & C. V. CAMPBELL, both of Esquesing, 24 Feb 1897 at Esquesing
6369-97 Erneat John WILSON, 28, clerk, Birmingham England, Milton, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Catherine HANNANT, 22, Milton, same, d/o Solomon & Catherine, witn: W. WILSON & E. HANNANT, both of Milton, 17 Aug 1897 at Milton 06322-97 (Halton) Thomas WREN, 27, tanner, Ont., Acton, s/o David & Jane WREN, married Mary Eadie LAWSON, 22, Ont., Acton, d/o Andrew & Ann LAWSON, witn; Robert WALLACE and Agnes LAWSON, both of Acton, 29 Dec, 1897 at Acton.
  06365-97 (Halton) Charles YATES, 22, ?, London Eng., Milton, s/o Edward & Adelaide YATES, married Eliza MORLEY, 19, Milton, same, d/o George & Eliza MORLEY, witn; Frank MORLEY and Jamie DUNCAN both of Milton, 9 Jun 1897 at Milton.