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Hastings Co., 1903


#009326/04, (Hastings), George AKEY, 22, yeoman, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o Rodric AKEY & Nancy CAR, m. Rosie PARKS, 20, Tamworth, Hungerford, d/o Wesley PARKS & Sarah J. WOODCOCK, w: C M & BB HORTON of Bridgewater, 19 Oct 1903, Bridgewater  
#009398-03 (Hastings Co): George ANDREWS, 28, farmer, not given, Kaladar twp., s/o Samuel ANDREWS & Agnes J. WRIGHT, married Edith May WOODS, 16, not given, Kaladar, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas WOODS & Mary THIBAULT, 12 Aug 1903 at Hungerford #009502-03 Hugh ANGER, 25, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Hector ANGER & Mary GORDON, married Hannah SULLIVAN, 28, Marmora, same, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Margaret CALLAGHAN, witn: John & Margaret SULLIVAN, both of Marmora, 15 June 1903 at Marmora, RC
009583-03 (Hastings Co) Ira Oscar Mallory BASSETT, 19, shingle joiner, not given, Campbellford, s/o William. BASSETT & Eunice KIMBERLEY, married Emma Melissa HUBBLE, 22, not given, Campbellford, d/o Ezekiel HUBBLE & Sarah REDDEN, witn: Sanford HUBBLE & Mrs. Nellie HUBBLE of Rawdon, 8 July 1903 at Stirling. #009402-03 (Hastings Co): William George BOOTH, 26, farmer, Richmond, Huntingdon, s/o William BOOTH & Mary SEXSMITH, married Margaret Jane ADAMS, 23, Hungerford, same, d/o Johnston ADAMS & Caroline SPAFFORD, witn: William M. ADAMS of Huntingdon & Florence L. BATEMAN of Hungerford, 23 Sept 1903 at Hungerford
#009327/04, (Hastings), John A CANNIFF, 28, farmer, Madoc, Madoc, s/o John CANNIFF & Mary Ann McGILLAND?, m. Alice LANGMAN, 22, Madoc, Madoc, d/o Esau LANGMAN & Maggie OSTLER, w: Frank REYNOLDS & Lillie ROLLINS of Madoc, 28 Dec 1903, Queensboro #009399-03 (Hastings Co): William CHALK, 28, farmer, England, Hungerford, s/o John CHALK & Anna GROVES, married Mary Amelia SWITZER, 17, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o John Douglas SWITZER & Eleanor Margaret HALL, witn: Thomas MILBURN & Jennie P. CHALK, both of Hungerford, 2 Sept 1903 at Hungerford
#009484-03 Timothy CLEMENT, plasterer, Belleville, Marmora, s/o Dorphes CLEMENT & Bridget CARNWRIGHT, married Margaret FOLEY, 30, tailoress, Marmora, same, d/o Thomas FOLEY & Mary SHANNON, witn: John C. MCGEE, Stirling & Mary DEVINE, Marmora, 14 Oct no year given at Marmora, RC #009392-03 Hastings Co): David CLEMENT, 26, blacksmith, Hungerford, same, s/o Elysium CLEMENT & Angelique COURNOYER, married Mary NOLAN, 23, Hungerford, same, d/o Owen NOLAN & Sarah COLLINS, witn: Gabriel CLEMENT & Mary COLLINS, both of Hungerford, 23 Feb 1903 at St. Edmonds RC Church, Stoco
#009497-03 Norman COOPER, 23, labourer, Marmora Twp, same, s/o James COOPER & Mary Ann CADGERS, married Arigins COOPER, 22, Rawdon Twp, same, d/o Henry COOPER & Almira GODFREY, witn: Albert & Carrie EMPEY, both of Marmora Twp, 11 Mar 1903 at Marmora #009404-03 (Hastings Co): Joseph COURNOYER, 38, wine clerk, Hungerford, Tweed, s/o Paul COURNOYER & Catherine ETHIER, married Clemence LABARGE, 32, Hungerford, Tweed, d/o Peter LABARGE & Rachel LACROIX, witn: John CHARBONNEAU & Addie LABARGE, both of Tweed, 7 Oct 1903 at Hungerford (Rom Cath)
9236-03 (Hastings Co): Alfred COWAN, 27, farmer, Arnprior, Bells Rapids, s/o William COWAN & Mary Ann ALROE?, married B.H. SYYEA, 18, Wilbur, same, d/o John (farmer) & Mary A., witn: Joseph WATSON & Maggie ORIEL, both of Bangor, 6 May 1903 at Bells Rapids #009498-03 Ernest CRONKWRIGHT, 22, labourer, Sidney, Rawdon, s/o William CRONKWRIGHT & Sarah GRAY, married Jane SHARP, 24, Rawdon, same, d/o John SHARP & Fanny GRAY, witn: S.R. HOUCK & Bessie E. PEARCE, both of Marmora, 11 Mar 1903 at Marmora
#009397-03 Hastings Co): James DAVIS, 25, lumberman, Glasgow, Belleville, s/o James DAVIS & Agnes BUSH, married Nettie LUCAS, 22, Hungerford, Tweed, d/o Jacob LUCAS & Sarah WHEELER, witn: D.C. & Sarah S. JOHNSTON of Hungerford, 2 June 1903 at Hungerford, #009204-04, (Hastings Co.), Samuel DONNAN, 66, Yeoman (retired), Ireland, Huntingdon, Widower, s/o Samuel DONNAN & Catherine PEAKE, married Mary DEROLIN, 57, Madoc, Belleville, Widow, d/o John BROWN & Susannah BATEMAN?, witn: W. W. & Hanah EASTON of Thurlow, 20 Dec 1903, Belleville,
008519-02 (Hastings Co) Andrew DORAN, 30, farmer, Hungerford, same s/o Peter DORAN and Ann MURPHY married Anne CASSIDAY, 22, Hungerford, same d/o John CASSIDAY and Ellen McGRATH witness – Michael CASSIDAY and Agnes DORAN, January 19, 1903, Hungerford  
#009495-03 Milson ELLIS, 18, miner, Belmont, Marmora Twp, s/o George ELLIS & Jane REONY, married Agnes FOLEY, 18, Marmora Twp, Belmont Twp, d/o Joseph FOLEY & Elizabeth L.A. HARTS, witn: Mrs F. S. PEARCE & Mrs Randal SNELL, both of Marmora, 14 Jan 1903 at Marmora #009478-03 George Albert FRANKLIN, 27, not given, Madoc Twp, Lake Twp, s/o Richard FRANKLIN & Mary Ann TURNER, married Ethel May WILKES, Marmora Twp, Marmora, d/o Owen WILKES & Susan PONLEY, witn: George BOWMAN & Susie May LAWRENCE, both of Marmora, 14 May no year given at Marmora
#009394-03 (Hastings Co): William Edward GARTLEY, 26, manufacturer, Alton, Tweed, s/o Edward T. GARTLEY & Harriett CURTISS, married Mary Anna CLARE, 29, Hungerford, same, d/o James CLARE, farmer, & Phebe McCAMON, witn: James H. CLARE of Hungerford, & Edith S. GARTLEY of Georgetown, 14 April 1903 at Hungerford twp #009328/04, (Hastings), John GAWLEY, 27, farmer, Madoc, Madoc, s/o Henry GAWLEY & Emma ROBINSON, m. Lizzie MILLER, 21, Madoc, Madoc, d/o James MILLER & Elizabeth WHYTCK, w: William & Katie MILLER of Nelson Co. North Dakota, 28 Dec 1903, Madoc
#009501-03 William GIBSON, 50, farmer, Ontario, Rawdon, widower, s/o Henry GIBSON & Sarah COPELAND, married Mary POLLOCK, 33, Ontario, Rawdon, d/o William POLLOCK & Agnes MUKLEJOHN, witn: S.R. HONCK & Ethel A. TESKY. both of Marmora, 15 July 1903 at Marmora 9592-04 (Hastings Co): James Wesley GREEN, 21, farmer, Ont, Huntingdon, s/o Robert GREEN & Catherine YOUNG, married May Rosey FOSTER, 18, Ont, Huntingdon, d/o William FOSTER & Rosey HUMBESLER?, witn: George & Gerry LANE of Tweed, 29 Dec 1903 at Tweed
#009393-03 (Hastings Co): John Baptiste GUERIN, 38, lumberman, Hudsons Bay, same, s/o Benjamin GUERIN & Mary LAROCHE, married Catherine IRVINE, 25, domestic, Hungerford, same, d/o James IRVINE & Rachel CHARBONNEAU, witn: Charles IRVINE & Minnie BADGLY, both of Hungerford, 23 Feb 1903 at St. Edmonds RC Church, Stoco #009208-04, (Hastings), Chas. Henry HARDWICK, 23, printer, London Eng., not given, s/o William Alford HARDWICK & Elinor Eliza STOREY, marr: Lillie May CARR, 25, Sidney, not given, d/o Samuel CARR & Hannah CROWE, witn: H. A. & S. MacDAIRMID of Belleville, 28 Dec 1903, Belleville
#009325/04, (Hastings), William Frederick HENDERSON, 24, yeoman, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o William John HENDERSON & Sarah Ann REID, m. Lillian May CLARKE, 22, Tamworth, Hungerford, d/o William CLARK & Rebecca THOMPSON, w: Sandy ROGERS of Bogart & Lecona ROBINSON of Tweed, 20 May 1903, Bridgewater #009496-03 William Cullon INKSTER, 20, clerk, Fenelon Falls, Marmora, s/o James Albert INKSTER & Maggie CULLON, married Bessie Lydia ARCHER, 20, Campbellford, Marmora, d/o Henry T. ARCHER & Sarah BAILEY, witn: Dougald CONNORS & Mabel ARCHER, both of Marmora, 4 Feb 1903 at Marmora
#009405-03 (Hastings Co): Dennis IRVINE, 30, farmer, Hungerford, same s/o Denis IRVINE & Maria HINCH, married Rose CASSIDY, 26, Hungerford, same, d/o Christopher CASSIDY & Eliza McCRISCOLL, witn: George CASSIDY & Alice IRVINE, both of Hungerford, 26 Oct 1903 at Hungerford (Rom Cath) #009503-03 Albert Henry JACKSON, 27, cheesemaker, Madoc, Marmora, s/o Allen JACKSON & Jane GOWAN, married Margaret LEGROW, 22, Marmora, same, d/o John LEGROW & Mary NURSE, witn: John LEGROW, Marmora & Nina FORRESTEL, Rawdon, 22 Apr 1903 at Marmora, RC
#009386-04 (Hastings Co): Octavie LATONDER (or Latondre), 24, Elziver, same, s/o Joseph LATONDER & Eliza SHANKS, married Margaret ALEXANDER, 20, Elziver, same, d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Mary Ann CANNIFF, witn: Helen CODE & Isabella BEST, both of Madoc, 19 Dec 1903 at Madoc  
9329-04 Charles MALLARD, 32, farmer, Carlow twp., Mayo twp., s/o Samuel MALLARD & Martha McPHERSON, married Robert (sic) RAMSBOTTOM, 23, Mayo twp., same, d/o Robert RAMSBOTTOM & blank WHYTE, witn: James MALLARD & Bella RAMSBOTTOM, both of Mayo, 16 Dec 1903 at Bancroft #009485-03 Hugh MALONEY, 30, not given, Marmora, same, s/o Mich MALONEY & Mary SHANNON, married Anne MCAVOY, 28, Marmora, same, d/o John MCAVOY & Margaret TAFFAN, witn: Jas MCAVOY & Mary MALONEY, both of Marmora, 22 Oct no year given at Marmora, RC
#009406-03 (Hastings Co): James Albert MARCHEN, 24, manufacturer, Camden East, Hungerford, s/o John MARCHEN & Betsy Ann HARRISON, married Sarah Margaret HARRISON, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o Arnold HARRISON & Isabella BLAKELY, witn: Samuel illegible of Hungerford & Florence L. WILSON of Sidney, 2- Oct., 1903 at Hungerford #009500-03 Frank M. MARRETT, 25, salesman, Millbrook, Marmora, s/o Philip MARRETT & Annie STAFFORD, married Mabel OSBORNE, 26, Marmora, same, d/o James OSBORNE & Harriet HAMILTON, witn: John G. BLENKS & Beatrice OSBORNE, both of Marmora, 2 Apr 1903 at Marmora
9235-03 (Hastings Co): Thomas MARTIN, 34, farmer, Lake Dore?, same, s/o John MARTIN & Margaret GRIFFITH, married Margaret BOYLE, 23, Tramore?, Bangor, d/o William BOYLE & Mary BOWES?, witn: Samuel LUCK of Lake Dore & Mary E. BOYLE of Bangor, 17 Feb 1903 at Bangor #009391/03, (Hastings), John McALLISTER, 57, laborer, -, Bancroft, Widower, s/o not given, m. Mos? Gimothy FOLEY, 42, -, Bancroft, Widow, d/o not given, w: William & Katie MEAGHER of Bancroft, 6 Jul 1903, Bancroft
#009401-03 (Hastings Co): Edward MEEKS, 23, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Edward MEEKS & Diana DELINE, married Annie MILBURN, 24, Richmond, same, d/o Charles MILBURN & Maria YOUNG, witn: Daniel BOWEN & Mrs. William MCKNIGHT, both of Hungerford, 10 Sept 1903 at Hungerford #009474-03 George MUMBY, 41, farmer, Rawdon, Rawdon Twp, s/o William MUMBY & Georgannia BARLOW, married Clara M. MOORE, 21, Limirick, Rawdon Twp, d/o James MOORE & Phoebe HAMM, witn: Herbert & Maggie SPRY, both of Deloro, 1 Jan no year given at Marmora
#009386/03, (Hastings), Jacob POLLARD, 24, bookkeeper, Ontario, Lindsay, s/o not given, m. Maria AUSTIN, 22, Ontario, Cardiff, d/o not given, w: Frederick & Alice MULLETT of Bancroft, 9 Jul 1903, Bancroft #009473-03 John Vernor PRINGLE, 37, barber, Marmora, same, s/o not given PRINGLE & Minerva VARMAN, married Eliza Sophia EASTWOOD, 25, Marmora, same, d/o Edgar EASTWOOD & Hannah HAUGHTON, witn: Millington MCWILLIAMS & Hettie EASTWOOD, both of Marmora, no date given at Marmora
#009396-03 (Hastings Co): J. Wesley PRINGLE, 22, cement worker, Richmond, Marlbank, s/o Riley PRINGLE & Elizabeth SEDORE, married Rebecca YATES, no age given, Hungerford, same, d/o Truman YATES, farmer, & Olive DESHANE, witn: William YATES & Annie PRINGLE, both of Marlbank, 7 July 1903 at Hungerford #009403-03 (Hastings Co): Robert David RICHARDSON, 26, laborer, Ireland, Chaumont NY, s/o Robert RICHARDSON & Fanny Ann TURKINGTON, married Matilda Blanche BURLEIGH, 31, Hungerford, Tyendinaga, d/o Nelson BURLEIGH & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: David TURKINGTON of Hungerford & Minnie BURLEIGH of Tyendinaga, 30 Sept 1903 at Hungerford
#009400-03 (Hastings Co): William RIVERS, 28, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Edward RIVERS & Bridget CAUL, married Elizabeth LABARGE, 17, Hungerford, same, d/o John B. LABARGE & Addie ALLARD, witn: Charles & Mary LABARGE of Hungerford, 14 Sept 1903 at Hungerford (Rom Cath) #009388/03, (Hastings), George ROBINS, 29, farmer, Dungannon, Dungannon, s/o William ROBINS & Elizabeth PARKS, m: Martha PARKS, 29, Elziver, Dungannon, , d/o Thomas PARKS & Margaret Rose OSBORN, w: Mrs. Allen WAY of Dungannon & Paul ROBINS of Monteagle, 8 Jul 1903, Bancroft
9482-04 (Hastings Co): Harold Theo RUTHERFORD, 24, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o Robert RUTHERFORD & Miss ROBB, married Maggie MEIKLEJOHN, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o William MEIKLEJOHN & Rosa McKEOWN, witn: Mr. NIXON of Stoney Lake & May MEIKLEJOHN of Rawdon, 3 June 1903 at Rawdon #009476-03 George Henry SCARLETT, 20, farmer, Ont, Marmora Twp, s/o George SCARLETT & Martha A. JOHNSTON, married Ella May DOWNES, 22, Ont, Marmora Twp, d/o Robert DOWNES & Adelia GEROW, witn: Martha A. JOHNSTON & Mrs. S.K. HOUCK, both of Marmora, 16 Apr no year given at Marmora
009493-03 William Henry SIMMONS, 32, actor, Orillia Ont, Chicago, s/o Thomas F. SIMMONS & Anna PINOSS, married Delta Yvonne AMITLE?, 18, actress, New Orleans, Utica N.Y., d/o David WANCIL & Elizabeth MCNEIL, witn: James F. & Mrs. J. GAULT, both of Pembroke & William F. GOURLEY, Toronto, 5 Jan 1903 at Marmora 9330-04 Herbert SLOAN, 23, farmer, Norwood, Monmouth, s/o Samuel SLOAN & Elizabeth McMILLAN, married Mary LEWIS, 19, Cardiff, same, d/o George LEWIS & Eveline McINROY, witn: William LEWIS & Isabella BOWERS, both of Highland Grove, 23 Dec 1903 at Bancroft
#009499-03 Philip Archell SOPHA, 34, liveryman, Peterboro Co, Marmora, s/o Stephen James SOPHA & Catherine ARMSTRONG, married Cynthia TOMPKINS, 25, Marmora, Cordova, d/o Aaron TOMPKINS & Mary ASTER, witn: Charles SOPHA, Vansickle & Stella TOMPKINS, Cordova, 30 Mar 1903 at Marmora #009475-03 Isaac G. SPRY, 34, miner, Rawdon, Rawdon Twp, s/o Richard SPRY & Harriet NEAL, married Minnie NOBES, 23, Marmora, same, d/o Henry NOBES & Eliza CLARK, witn: J.F. WIGGINS, Cordova & Lydia A. NOBES, Marmora, 23 Apr no year given at Marmora
9331-04 Peter STEWART, 27, farmer, Carlow, same, s/o Peter M. STEWART & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Jennie F. McPHERSON, 22, Mayo, same, d/o William McPHERSON & Jessie GRAHAM, witn: John MATHER of Rowland & Annie GRAHAM of Fort Stewart, 23 Sept 1903 at Bancroft #009390/03, (Hastings), Thomas Curry STOUGHTON, 22, laborer, Mayo, Dungannon, s/o Nathan STOUGHTON & Mary Jane CURRY, m. Margaret BAPTISTE, 22, Baptiste, Baptiste Lake Ont., d/o John BAPTISTE & Madeline BENWAY, w: Samuel BAPTISTE & May STOUGHTON of Baptiste, 9 Sep 1903, Bancroft
#009395-03 (Hastings Co): Charles THOMPSON, 30, farmer, Elzevir, Madoc twp., s/o Archibald THOMPSON & Mary Jane McCOY, married Florence A. COUNTRYMAN, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o John COUNTRYMAN & Mary Jane POTTS, witn: John S. THOMPSON of Madoc & Ethel J. COUNTRYMAN of Hungerford, 3 June 1903 at Hungerford twp  
008520-02 (Hastings Co) James S. WALLBRIDGE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Ameliasburg s/o Elias WALLBRIDGE and Hannah NIGHTINGALE married Jennie M. CASKEY, 21, Ontario, Hungerford d/o Robert CASKEY and Margaret JOHNSON witness – J. Clarence CASKEY and Helen N. WALLBRIDGE, January 28, 1903, Hungerford #009211-04, (Hastings), George A. WANNAMAKER, 30, baker, Marmora, Ameliasburg, s/o William Henry WANNAMAKER & Eliza CANNIFF, marr: Myrtle B. BABCOCK, 20, Cramahe, Ameliasburg, , d/o William John. BABCOCK & Almira CUMMINGS, witn: Almira BABCOCK of Ameliasburg & Annie MASTERS of Belleville, 23 Dec 1903, Belleville
9472-04 (Hastings Co): Hector McLean WHILTON (or Whitton), 26, brakesman, Seymour, Lindsay, s/o James WHILTON & Matilda J. COTTER, married Frances D. THOMPSON, 19, not given, Rawdon, d/o Archie THOMPSON & Miss FOREST, witn: James WHILTON & Archie THOMPSON, both of Rawdon, 22 April 1903 at Rawdon #009389/03, (Hastings), Charles WHITEMAN, 23, farmer, Tweed, Tweed , s/o Charles WHITEMAN & Rebecca RYAN (?), m. Eliza Jane VANDUSEN, 22, Mayo, Mayo, d/o Dennis VANDUSEN & Mary FOSTER, w: William & Annie VANDUSEN of Mayo, 9 Sep 1903, Bancroft
#009387/03, (Hastings), John Henry WILLIAMS, 31, fruit farmer, Melbourne Que., Salmon Arm BC, s/o George WILLIAMS & Charlotte not known, m. Jane Amelia WILSON, 30, Boulter, Boulter, d/o Robert D. WILSON & Jeanette STEWART, w: Randolph & Lizzie WILSON, 27 Jul 1903, Bancroft